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Dirty tricks... this will stay posted until i get enough ideas .10 points to the best answer?
Uh-oh! now what?
I want contacts but I can't put them in...any help?
How Can I Cure My Cross Eye?
Can contact lenses in their little case be stored sideways or do they have to be flat?
I wear contacts and no matter what I do, my eyes turn out red...?
If i buy unperscribed glasses/contacts online, could i have them perscribed?
I see everything round shaped with glasses rather with contacts
Eye Floaters!!!!! throughout my field of vision!!!
Contact Lense Question! EASY, Please Help!?
What happens If i use my friend's Colored Perscription Contacts?
How long does it take cataracts to develop that you need surgery?
Do corrective lenses actually correct your eyesight or make it worse?
Does it matter what contactyou put into each eye- mening are there specific ones for your right and left eye?
Why does my left eyelid twich?
Contacts lenses safe?are glasses better??
Blurry eye?
Is there such thing as a contact that can change your eye color without the part that can help you see better?
What do you do if you get cinnamon in your eye?
By what procedures can u change u r eye color? or tell me something that is related to eye color?
I left my contacts in all weekend and went to the beach. Now when i try to take them out it hurts. Whats wrong
How do I wash my eyes?
Something is wrong with my dads eye!! help.?
Huffing Acetone?
Does applying kajal damage our eye?
Why do my eye's change colour instantly?
Why does my eye sometime twitch?
What is a good age to get LASIK surgery for the eyes?
Reasoning behind nearsighted child wearing glasses for reading?
I think i may need glasses..please help?
New to contact lenses at 27yo?
Foggy vision.. constantly ? freaked out as shiiit?
How much should cost at the opticians a single vision lenses for my glasses?
Why does my vision get blurry after reading?
What is best way to remove superglue from eyes?
My Father not seen Doc in 30+yrs!Eye redness,, around eye lids; read on pleaz.?
Has anybody ever left there contacts in their eyes for months?
Lately I've been waking up and my right eye?
If my brother has bad vision, am i in any danger?
How do you explain the colour red to a blind person?
What symptoms develop when you have a cataract in your eye?
This is driving me nuts?
Contact lense Fear?
Could this really help?
I cannot open my eye lids voluntarily, the muscles around my eye seem not to have the strength help?
Pain and pressure behind right eye.....please help?
Red blood vessel burst in my eyes?
Non-prescription Glasses?
I just got new glasses. The Dr. said that I have astigmatism.?
Help- contact lenses during winter. europe.?
Big eyes, ears are they better for seeing, hearing etc?
Is an RX of -3.25 considered to be on the "strong" side?
What's going on with my eye when I suddenly have begun to see a thin, red line on front of it when opened?
Question about contacts BC?
Does a vision correction surgery affects us later in r life?
How much do color contacts cost??
What contact lens do you wear? How long do they last?
Is an 8.3 BC significantly different from an 8.4 BC for contact lenses?
I feel like I have something in my Eye. But there is nothing there.?
How do u put contact lens in and take them out?
Is there a reason why my PUPLES ARE THE SIZE OF MY EYES?
How can i get rid of styes?
Astigmatism disappeared or Is Prescription Wrong?
Would you buy prescription glasses online?
I got sand in my eye today and...?
How much does diameter affect contact lens size?
Wearing sunglasses effect vision?
How to prevent the nose pads on my eye glasses to turn greeenish?
Why do my eyes look so glossy after smoking weed?
Redness and some bumps under eyes?
Quetion about glasses?
Lasik surgery for the eyes?
My 19 year old daughter has dialated pupils????
Omg. I'm so stupid. I am on the computer alot. Is my vision damaged?
Can i get eye contacts without prescription?
Are contacts dangerous if they are not prescription?
I lost one of my contacs, read on...?
Eye question?
How long after you are exposed to you get pink eye?
I'm out of answers. what should I do with the rest of my day?
Can you subconsiously control your dreams in your sleep?
Why don't tatooists or people who engage in body modification go under anaethesia?
I'm depressed, and have no clue what to do?
How powerful are thoughts?
Is there a particular time of year that gets you down?
I am terrified of public speaking, but my new job requires it, what should I do?
Why don't people understand Mental Illness?
Has this ever happened to you!!??!!?
Contacts advice?!?
I am in a lot of pain and have an eye patch full of water because of scratched cornea, is this normal?
Eye boogers...?
What is astigmatism?
How do u tell if a contacts lens are inside out?
Contacts and cleaners?
I had an eye examine at regular Optometrist/optician. Can I get eye glasses from someplace else?
Will reducing the time that i spend using the computer and playing video games improve my eye sight?
What does it mean when i wake up with my eyes closed?
Where do eye boogers come from??
How do I get ride of?
Whats wrong with my eye?!?
Are glasses more comfortable than contact lens?
Is it bad for my eyes?!?
My upper eyelid is swollen on the outside. It hurts when I blink a little. What is it and how do I treat it?
Contact lenses- Shall I choose an 8.7 base curve or an 8.4?There's nothing mentioned in my prescription?
I need my pupillary distance for frames and can't find any one who will do it Cleveland Ohio?
Can you suggest a cheap place for eye glasses and vision exam in SF bay area without insurance ?
I wear prescription eye glasses, and when I wear them I get red irritating eyes.?
Computer glasses needed?
Can ur vision go weird if?
Is He going to go Blind??
Mark on my eye?
Can people wearing glasses be pilot's?
Questions about Contact Lenses?
Dose anyone have eyes that do this?
My new polarized prescription sunglasses are weird!?
Contact lenses?
Getting my eye's tested?
Eye doctor medicine made me farsighted?
What is the wearing schedule for adjusting to my new soft contact lenses? How long should I wear them each day
I was takign a shower and soap got in my eye and it burns?
Clear care vs optifree replenish?
Getting pupillary distance from Opticians...?
I recently got Anti-Glare and Anti-SCRATH ON MY GLASSES (pREC. 3.50 3.25 hOW WILL THIS AFFECT MY EYES?
What is wrong with my eyes?
Is it true that once you get lasik surgery, you have to keep it up over the years?
How much does Lasik/ Laser vision correction cost?
Best Eye Drops for Contact Lenses - UK?
Does laser eye surgery correct all types of vision?
Multi-purpose solution for contacts?
Contact lense solution help!?
Does anyone have eye floaters?
My parents won't allow me to buy contacts! HELP PLS?
Having trouble getting contacts in?
How often is it normal to update the prescription for your glasses?
What do you do during a contact fitting?
When i put my contacts in, i have to take it out of my right eye because it irritates me...?
Why can I see colorful stars?
I have very bad eye sight & insteaed of getting contacts could i get perscripson glasses & wear all the time??
My eyes dont reflect the camera flash, why is that?
Had cataract removed and laser surgery but now pupil scratched. Doctor is blaming me can you help?
How to tell if your contact is inside out?
What happens to the frames you try on at the eye doctor?
I have an Important question about my Eye ?
Ihave eye contacts but i cant put them in my eyes ?
Eye color?
Is it ok to swim in continuous wear lenses? What if I wear goggles when in the pool?
Can your eyes get addicted to wearing reading glasses?
Considering contact lenses. A couple of questions?
When i wear contact lenses my eyes hurt. any recommendations ?
Does anyone have highter astigmatism than me?!?
Girls and boys stuff?
Should i get a laser eye treatment?
Can myopia get worse?
Can people who have astigmatism wear colored prescription contacts?
3 days ago 1 of my contacts started irrtating my eye and after a while my eye turns red and aches what do i do
Can you get red eye from eye strain?
Can i wear glasses to protect my eyes against computer& TV,though my sight is 6\6?
I wore a contact for the first time and....?
Help! 1st time contact advice!!!
Eyes flicker back and forward?
How can i get better vision without doing lazic eye surgery?
Getting contacts for the first time?
2 questions about my eyes?
The best way to rapidly remove protein buildup from colored prescription contact lenses?
I'm getting contacts. I am really scared about the process of putting on and taking my contacts off. Advice?
Guys, i have a weird eye color...?
Can you get cataracks at age 51, female, with history of past eye problems. thanks?
Dialating my eyes?
Im 15 years old and i have a Lazy eye. plz help !?
Is colour blindness is curable ?
Light looks like a star?
How long does it take to get glasses from ASDA opticians?
Should someone wear glasses fulltime if ...
Nail gun injury to the eye?
Soothing painful red eyes?
OTC reading glasses...what age?
Bout lasik eye surgery?
What brand of contacts work best for you?
Flashes and floater?
Wearing Glasses?
Where can i find inexpensive colored contacts no prescription?
When I squint my eyes, my vision gets a little be clearer?
Floating things in eyes?
If I use the new glasses to work, use the old glasses to watch TV, will this way makes eyes worse?
DO NOT OPEN THIS QUESTION!!! I beg of you please dont do it! okay?
Why do i feel like crying sometimes for no reason?
I'm only 19 years old, is it possible to be depressed?
Does anyone else have problems going to the grocery store?
I think i have depression what are the signs?
Wat is the best way to deal with anger?
I think I am deppressed, what should I do?
What is borderline personality?
I.m having depression over going to work becouse of my maneger?
So i got contacts in this little small thing right..?
I have single vision lenses for distance vision - when would I need to wear my glasses?
Are there any difference between farsightedness and presbyopia?
How do you get your eye vision back?
Contact stuck in eye?
I am having problems putting in my contacts lenses?
What is the reason we loose a little bit of our eye sight?
Lasik vs. PRK?
I have a small bump on the inside of my eyelid right in the middle.?
How much does retinal surgery cost?
Can u please tell me about some eye exercises..i have glasses right eye:0.75 n left 1.25?
Can anybody tell me how to increase eye sight efficiancy?
Does reading in dim lighting really make you nearsighted or is it just a myth ?
What type of vision problem is this?
There is something wrong with my eyes ...?
Can you get contacts without a prescription? if so, where?
With photochromic lens, how long does it take to get from lightest to darkest and vise versa?
Just found out i have astigmatism and just got contacts. I feel like things are blurry and its making me dizzy
My eyes hurt so bad!!!!?
What causes high eye pressure and risk of glaucoma? lack of sleep, exercise, stress?
Do I have hazel eyes?
I would like to get extended wear contact lenses -- but is it okay if I DON'T sleep in them?
Eyes sensitive to light?
Can I sue for a LASIK wrong doing?
Confused about lazy eye?
Contact Question(s)?
I can't get my contacts out of my eyes!!?
Something in eye????
Can you contact lens stay inside your eye perminently??
Why does my eye start burning every time I put in a contact?
My left eye twitches?
Eye twitching?
What does a non-colorblind person see?
Isn't it very rare or impossible for a woman to be colorblind?
Is Anyone An Eye Doctor?
Whats the diff between an oculist, an oftalmologist and an optometrist??
Do you like brown eyes?
How much are disposabal contact lenses?
Caffeine and vision?
Glasses or no glasses?
1 day Acuve contacts cause my eyes to swell the next morning and turn red when I put them in the next morning.
Eye twitching and pulsing?
I just had an eye exam 2 hours ago, how long will my eyes be dialated for?
Is there any supplemets, pills or anything natural to improve your eyes condition and eye sight?
Does anyone know of a store in the n.e. of england that sell full page size magnifiers.?
Is it true there's a surgery to change your eye color?!!!!?
Can you reduce your degrees? (see details if you don't understand)?
My Glasses are Making Me Dizzy! Help?
What meds should I take for anxiety?
General question: How long is a course of anti depressants?
Is there a cure for depression?
Is counseling after rape a good idea?
Do you believe in winter depression?
I'm anorexic is this really weird to "normal" people?
This whole year I have been really depressed, and see no joy in life. Should I go to a psychiatrist?
Does alcohol make you depressed?
Boots opticians of Specsavers?
Lasik Surgery at 15?!?
I just got new contacts,and I was wondering if you to put eye drops in your eyes!!!:) <3<3?
What causes eyelashes to irritate and make the bearer feel like uprooting them?
What does this mean?
How do I get contact lenses?
Eye Exam........................
Contact lense question?
What should i do to my eye my eyes are often tired and they are always glossy what should i do?
Help eye glass prescription what does it mean?
Contact lenses help?
What color of Contacts?
Green Eyes?
Baby bitten on her eye?
My eyes are really irritated!?
Glacoma??? i dont know how to spell it?
Opti-Free Multicare Express "No Rub"?
Can eye doctors tell if you've done alot of drugs?
Is it bad if you keep taking your glasses on and off?
What contact lenses should I wear if I seem to have developed an allergy to other ones?
Yes or no?
Which optician provides the best/most comprehensive eye-test in the UK?
Pink eye!!?
What are those holes called that are in peoples eye when u pull thier eyes down and see the pink skin or?
Lesor eye surgery good or bad?
How to get over fear of trying to get contact lens?
If you get your eyes checked at an adjacent optomertist to a store, are you supposed to buy from that store?
Eye color? See Pic?
Can my son's eyesight be permantently damaged by his long hair covering one of his eyes?
My eyes hurt, is this a problem?
Could i need glasses?
Floater in my eye?
What does 20/20 mean for the eyes?
Is Astigmatism cureable?
Dry Eyes? .......................?
Doctor suggested me to hav glasses of +0.25 right eye and +0.25 left eye.Should I use glasses?
I have heard that you can train your eyes so that you won't need glasses. How?
Why aren't our eyes damaged when the eye doctor shines that bright light in our eyes during eye exams?
How much do lenses for astignmatism cost?
Is there laser eye surgery for -1.75 power?????
I think im going sereiously mental i keep doing strange things.?
OCD! I'M FREAKING OUT! will i get hurt or die or something bad, please help?
I know I have a choice, but I'm not sure which is best. How can I decide?
Strong feelings to commit suicide...what to do besides counseling?
What is Wrong with me? I'm Freaking Out?
What makes me want a baby so bad when I'm so young and unmarried ?
What do you do when you feel lonely?
Can't sleep?
Why do we feel happy sometimes and depressed sometimes?
Is there any job with the least amount of stress?
How do I check for Lazy Eye?
Computer hurts my eyes??
Going blind?
Tips For Putting In Contacts?
Contact lense help!!!!?
To people who wear contacts?
What does Third Eye look like?
Contacts or Glasses?
Have you ever had a contact go to the back of your eye?
Do I have to pay for glasses with an exemption card?
Should i get contacts?
Help! Bubblegum stuck in my eye!?
Are your eyes big or small when they're dilated?
Contact under eyelid?
Do I get my contact right away?
I have very dry/ itchy eyes.?
LASIK Eye surgery.... can I get it although I've never worn glasses?
What can u do to get good eye vision and not wear my glasses?
Can i use same prescription for my eyeglasses and contact lenses?
Something in my eye, please help?
I cant swallow my capsule for my eye..
One eye wouldn't focus when I woke up this morning?
Is it bad if my eyes are just getting worse and worse?
What is your eye color?
My eyes re killing me like there is a needle inside.?
Is cigarette smoke better or worse for your eyes than marijuana smoke?
Can staring at a computer screen all day effect your sight?
When i wake up my eyes are stuck together!?
I wear glasses right now but I'm getting rid of them what are some other good alternatives to glasses?
Can a family practice M.D. prescribe medication for depression?
How do I tell my mom I am depressed?
What do YOU do when you've lost all hope?
I just found out that i have adhd at the age of 34.Why at such a late stage in life?
Can i get help to stop drugs?
Do you notice that years of pot smoking has messed up peoples brains?
Do these sound like signs of being molested?
My son passed away in 2005, he was 9. will the pain ever go away and will i ever stop having nightmares of it?
Redness relief eye drops?
Annual Eye Exam ? for those who are in their early 40's?
If i get laser eye treatment,can i join army?
Lasik surgery vs. contact lenses. Your opinion???
Where's the best place to go for glasses apart from Specsavers?
How do you heal stinging, dry eyes from wearing contact lenses too long?
Omg what is happening to my eye?!?!!?!?
Bad vision?
Is it safe to wear 1 month contact lenses?
Can i treat a lazy eye without glasses?
What is Astigmatism int the eyes?
Whats myopia?! and how can i "treat it properly"?
Eye Contacts Question?
I just got soft contact lenses and I feel them in my eyes?
Contacts hurt....??
CONTACT LENSES NOT WORKING!!???help!!please....
Am I becoming more lazy eyed? Is it possible?
Contact lens? =/?
A Question About Eyesight?
Are non-prescription color lenses safe? Where can i buy them?
What color are my eyes?
How much do contacts for kids cost around the ages of 10-12?
I woke up this morning with a throbbing pain in my right eye (In the area just to the right of it).?
Is it bad if you don't clean your contacts every single night??
How do you make those red veins on your eye ball go away?
Lenscrafters $189 EYE EXAM plus one PRESCRIPTION?
Just got contacts?
How much do contact eye exams usually cost?
I wear the type of contact lenses that are the overnight kind where you are suppose to take....?
I have something in my eye what can i do?
Is my eye vision bad??i have my contact prescription so u can tell me.?
Is it possible for eye color to change to your mood?
Should i get eyeglasses online and where?
Colored contacts?
Have you had laser eye surgery what were the results?
If my eye prescription is -5.50 in both eyes how close is that to being legally blind?
Suggest good vitamin supplement for eyes?
How old do you have to be to get laser eye surgery?
Sometimes when i get up too fast in the morning my eyes go black for a sec can anyone explain why?
Lazy eye questions?
I'm not sure if I have depression but I wud lyk 2 hear from ppl who have or have had depression. Please help!!
How do you fight boredom and stress?
Does every body think constantly?
Best way to beat anxiety?
How can i deal with the sadness of being missing someone?
My mom caught me cutting?
Molested as a child..........?
I am only 13, and considering suicide, Help?
I'm scared to go to sleep?
What if i dont wear my contacts that day?
Are Acuvue 2 boxes supposed to have a lot of chinese symbols on it?
What colored contacts should I get (picture)?
Sleepin in my contacts weird..?
Problems with contact lenses?
Contact Lense problem!!!?
What causes involuntary eyelid twitches? And what can I do to make them stop?!?!?
Long hair damage eyesight?
My eye twitches?
Help me. I can't get my contact out of my eye!?
Any posible way to change your eye color without contacts ?
Any tips for enhancing good sight?
First time contact wearer?
Lasik surgery?
Why and how is reading in dim light hurts our eyes?
Is there any way a person can change the color of their eyes without contacts?
What brand of color contacts should I get?
Should i wear contacts while on a cruise ship?
Glasses and sunglasses at the same time?
I have a bad self image?
I think I'm depressed...what do you think?
Being different a mental condisition?
I have a mental illness and my brother and dad don't believe me, what should I do?
Could the wrong medication for my anxiety have caused me to be depressed?
How do you live with (Globophobia) fear of balloons?
My 10 year daughter is very smart and fun. However, she is showing signs of anxiety. Any suggestions?
Can I go without sleep for the rest of my life - Is their a way to train for this?
Anybody could help me please?
Are you evil?
I'm getting contacts soon. How hard is it to learn how to use them?
Is there a way to remove sratches off the lenses of glasses?
What are the disadvantages of using contacts?
Do people that have 20/20 vision see you, the way you see yourself when you have glasses on?
What can contact lense wearers do to prevent hayfever getting to eyes?
Is not blinking harmful for the eyes?
Does squinting make your vision clearer? If so, why?
I want colored contacts?
Color contacts?
Momentarily blind?
Contact lenses for kids?
How To Bypass This Law? Anyone? RX For Contact Lenses.?
What Color Contacts Should I get 4 my B-day?
Could I be nearsighted?
I am having problem focusing (eye matter)?
Color contacts?
Bloodshot eyes?
Color blind?
I wear specticles(glasses) becoze my eyesight is weak frm 13age.now iam 17. is there solution to escape glass.
How much does it cost to get prescription color contacts for acuvue??
I am depressed and have no-one?
Suicide?opinions please.?
What's a good job for someone who can't function in society?
IS it good to pretend your happy all the time even if you know its not true?
What can i do to relax?
Why do people eat ice cream when they are sad?
If you are a cutter, does the problem get worse over time?
Are any of you on anti depressants?
Do i fdrink too much?
Only answer if you have been emotionally abused ...?
It's about my eye?
How much to contacts generally cost?
What are the long term effects of sleeping with your contacts in?
Does astigmatism come and go?
Why have I developed a twitch in my eye?
Contacts......icthy eyes?
Free contacts (the colored ones) were online can i get a free sample?
How can I fix my vision without LASIK eye surgery, contacts or glasses?
Do the size of you eyeglass frames effect your vision? Can it cause your eyesigh to deterioate?
If you have brown eyes will pearl gray contacts dramatically change the color of your eyes?
Contact Lenses?
Strabismus Surgery didnt work It made me ******** instead!!?
Why we don't have red,orange,pink,yellow eyes?
What will happen if you constantly pull down your lower eye lids to remove things that get in your eye?
Can you buy colored contacts at Target?
Do they tint one lens on toric contact lenses so you know which one is which?
Usually when I read a text or book I feel asleep & I cant continue any more if it is related to my eyes?thanks
Can Playing On The Computer For Long Hours Damage The Eyes?
Can some give me some advice on contact lenses?
Wow, I looked in the mirror and saw I had 2 different eye colors?!?
Vintage glasses?
Contacts questions, can you...?
My eyes are really dry?
Does anyone else have this eye oddity?
Are you born colourblind?
Dust in eye?
Contacts for 12 year olds?
Can you wear contact lenses if you have "football eyes"???
Should I tell my eye doctor? and if so how?
My son has eye discharge, but no pink or redness in his eye- could it still be pink eye?
Squigly things in my vision , what are they?
A Question for those who have had this surgical procedure, PLEASE???e?
Testing dyslexic persons eyes?
Best eye color for me?
Conacts and eye infection please help!?!?
Is it possible for my eye prescription is to strong for contacts?
Freaked about contact lenses
Just got contacts?
I left my contacts in for a while. will the doctor be able to notice?
What is pink eye and do you think i have it?
Help! My right eye is sore!?
My friend blinks 8 times in 10 seconds is this normal?
Can I have Lasik Eye Surgery? My eyesight is terrible!!?
Braces & Contacts?
What is wrong with my contact lenses?
Why cant we open our eyes while sneezing?
My boyfriend tried to commit suicide?
Is multiple personality disorder true?
Are you compulsive about anything?
I had a HORRIBLE day. What can I do to make my day better?
How can I remove the sticky goo left by BandAids or medicine patches?
Can somebody help me?
Is this stress or depression?
I need help with my father, what can i do to help him?
Depressed?what did you do today to make you feel better?
Did counseling make u sick? or did it help?
Are there any simple ways improve your (far-sight) vision?
Prescripion Question: Glasses & Contact Lenses?
Can I take my eye prescription and buy glasses at another store without getting my eyes examined again?
Contact Lenses-Help!?
I cant see out of my eye?
I have a question about contacts?
How do i cure a lazy eye?
Is it normal to be able to feel like you have something in your eye when your first get contacts?
How long can i keep daily contacts in?
Does sleeping with glasses damage your eyes?
Do i need glasses?
Switching contact lenses?
Eye twitching?
Scratched lenses??????????
The eye condition with an odd-shaped cornea?
My eyes are pink, but i'm not drunk?
Have anyone had Lasik eye surgery?
Does astigmatism need to be corrected?
Is LASIK and other laser corrective surgery really safe? And how long could it really last?
My eye 'clouds up' and I can't see?
Are colored contact lenses damaging for the eyes?any medical prove?
Kolor eye kontakts...fake ones..?
Where else can I get non-prescribed contact lenses?
Whats the difference between 20/20 vision and say 20/200 vision?
Wrong glasses causing itchy eyes?
Has anyone had lasik eye surgery?? Can you tell me where you live and the cost? I think I am paying too much.
How do I get declared legally blind?
Is There a chance My Eye Sight can Improve?
Where is a good place to get color contacts without a prescription?
I'm colorblind. What is the color of my eyes?
How much does examining eye prescription cost without insurance ?
Transition lenses. HELP please?
Does lasic eye surgery use color contacks?
Where can i find prescription glasses?
All the time glasses?
Swollen eye lid?
Is there any sports glasses ?
Ripped contact lens? Crap?
I have a red, swollen,itchy, eye. Do Eye need glasses?
This is the 7th day in a row that ive had thie twitch-y sensation in my right eye...why?
My right bottom eyelid has been twitching for 2 weeks now?
What is the highest possible prescripton of contacts you can get?
When I wear the glasses of another person (I don't need glasses)?? See below for the rest...?
Is it safe to wear non- prescription contact lense?
Getting contacts help!!!plz?
Why is my eyesight getting worse?
Can contact lenses cause a detached retina?
Should I switch to Contact Lens?
Please hurry up and help me.I think am going blind?
Please help me all you contact-wearers!?
Will you do your part?
What happens if you suddenly come off Anti Depressants?
Are ant-depressants a good road to go down?
Schizophrenia. Mental illness or just highly intellegent with psychic senses?
Do you talk to yourself when you are driving?
I am very depressed about my childhood, what can I do?
Why do people think that people can just stop cutting themselves?
Should I stop being so?
Why have I been having horrific dreams?
I eat meat on a friday during lent. Obviously. What do I do?
Could i get pink eye?
I had retina detachment surgery 2 months ago. What foods or vitamins would be good for my eyes.?
Colored contacts!??IMPORTANT?
Has anyone else had a red spot magically appear in one of their eyes?
Why do my eyes have this?
The first time you wear glasses is it suppose to make your eyes hurt?
Can Lasik eye surgery be performed on a lazy eye, and what's the average cost?
Has anyone ever had a staph infection in their eye?
What do u do when ur contact is stuck in the inside of your eye?
Contact question?
Glasses? please helpp?
Is it true that if you smoke a lot of marijuana it makes your eyes yellower?
Can you eyes ?
I had this terrible nightmare about my eyes...rly gross...help me!?
Anyone have good or bad things to say about laser eye surgery?
I have - lenses and whenever I read with them I get dizzy. Should I just not wear them when reading or what?
I have a scratch on my lens on my eye glasses, is there something that can repair this ?
How do I tell which contact side is the one thats supposed to in my eye?
Try this and let me know what happens.....?
How do you take your contacts out?? lol?
Really scared, am i going blind?
Can you buy the contacts straight away?
Is it now safe to use MoisturePlus contact lens solution from Advanced Medical Optics? It was recalled 5/07.?
Is opti-free replenish better than Aquify?
The ocular pressure in my eye is under 20 Hg. Do I need eyedrops for glaucoma?
How can i improve my vision?
If a 79 year old female has a "vitrectomy" because catract fell into eye is that normal?
Instead of contact lens solution can I use distilled water and salt tablets?
What happens if you put eye drops in some ones drink?
Can an optician tell if i use Amphetamine?
Should I keep my prescription glasses on during the checkup?
What is the best style for women eyeglass lense?
My eyes!? :O?
What constitutes legal blindness?
Which is easier to adjust to: Standard Bifocals or Progressive Lenses?
How long can non presciption color contacts be worn?
Am I odd because I occasionally miaow?
Question about Depression?
I have to beat this depression -- What is the least expensive, most exciting adventure you can come up with?
I'm afraid i might be going crazy ????
What happens when you wear to strong glasses?
Contact lens??
I wish I don't have?
An eye twitch lasting 3 weeks could mean what?
Can i wear colored contacts even though i dont need them?
Am i going to go blind?
How do you put in contacts...for your eyes???
Open your eyes in the morning sun...?
Going on a plane, contacts?
What is it called when a person has two different colored eyes?
How much should I expect to pay for Lasik surgery?
Tomorrow I'm going to a psychologist for the first time any tips?
Any Dads out there or anyone with a Dad that can help me?
Weird Phobias!!!?
What can I do besides cut myself so I can forget about things and get my homework done?
Is it possible to suddenly wake up colorblind?
How much do contacts cost, and how often do you need to buy them?
Is this normal?
Eye detereation??
Is it normal to have vision problems when im NOT wearing my glasses?
Why does my eye twicth?
Well i lost something dear to me my glasses please help me locate them?
Pink eye or something else?
Can vision get better as you get older?
Colored Contacts for 20/20 Vision?
Can Clear Eyes (Maximum redness relief) be used if wearing contact lenses?
Can you cry if you have no eyes?
I think i have conjunctivitus, are antibiotics necessary?
I need to get glasses, i have vsp insurance?
Painful stringy's in eye?
Are glasses and stuff like that covered by most insurances?
How bad is leaving contacts in overnight?
Am I overcorrected?
Lasic eye surgery?
What is the longest length to wear contact lenses?
When you are looking at the white of a person's eye, what are you looking at?
Contacts or Not!?!?!?
Whats up with my boyfriends eye?
Can contacts be inserted in your eyes?
My eyes turn a darker color smoking marijuana?
After being punched in the eye, it appears my pupil is now permanently dilated. Can this be corrected?
If you swapped your eyes over would you still see the same sights?
Which would be better glasses or contacts??????
Why shouldnt you use someone else's prescription eye glasses?
Contact lens question. What does 'power' mean?
I have a prescription for glasses can i use to same for contacts?
Eye problem?
Will the contact lens be taken away?
Will I loose my right eye?
Question about prescription glassesat Costco?
My eye keeps twitching?
Does wearing glasses make your eyes seep back into their sockets.?
Does getting hair in your eyes make you lose your eyesight?
Getting an eye exam this week, I have a couple questions about it?
Does watching computer/tv weakens/affects your eyesight?
Do you rinse your contact lenses case w/ water or the solution?
Eye Drops for Contacts?
What would happen if I wore my glasses all the time?
Has anyone had contact lens ever started to fog up and had to blink every 2 seconds, if so what did you do?
PLEASE HELP worried about eyes?
Contact lenses??????????????
What does it mean when optometrists say you have "a very high eye pressure"?
What's this thing under my eye??? Help!!!?
My eye sight, 13 years old..?
Anyone heard of those contact lens that you put on during the night?
What is wrong with my eye?
Eyes not recovering from lasik eye surgery! Help!?
Rigid gas permible lens!!!!!!!!1
Eye problem?
I'm 59 years old, I wear contacts, (multi-focal) mostly to correct near sightness. Is lasik surgery for me?
I need contact lense help...?
Blue tint to the whites of my daughters eyes???
Can myopia make you go blind.?
What is your favorite brand of contacts?
Would it be better for a mildly nearsighted person to wear glasses instead of contacts?
How old do you have to be to get Lasik Eye Surgery??
Why do people with bad vision STARE?!?
What are the best soft contact lenses you've tried?
Please tell me this happens to someone else besides me!?!?
Is Valium meant to make you feel happier?
What's your opinion on a Gut Feeling?
Is it safe??
Cutting self?
My father is disabled who is legally blind and week. BUT very cruel and verbally abusive to my mother.?
Please answer I feel old!!!?
Whats wrong with me?
Can you drive after you get a glass eye?
Any lasik eye surgery experiences...Good/Bad?
Help! Glasses problem?
I just got my contact lenses yesterday for the first time...?
How important to have an eye surgery?
Can you go blind from contact lenses?
Eye color?
Can a person with glasses or contacts become a pilot?
Contact lenses? glasses?
Scratch on my eye?
Can I return my eye Contacts?
I dare not wear contacts lens): Suggestions to pratice?
Do computers/televisions really affect the vision?
BUGGA ME.... while on holiday last week i found that my eye sight was all blurry when it was sunny.......?
Eyes get teary so easily..?
Glasses/contacts and macular degeneration...?
Disposable contact lenses query: wen to dispose?
How can I put in my contacts??
Why is my left eye twitching?
Is $490 a reasonable price for Oakley prescription eyeglasses?
Colored or regular contacts...GUYS ANSWER ONLY PLZ=)?
Really really desperate!! eye contact problem?
Eye exam and contacts?
What happens when you get fitted for contacts and how much is it?
Do you wear contacts?
I am considering laser eye surgery. Any advise?
If there a particular race that See's in Black & WHite?
Is it ok to read when you have an eye twitch? causes?
Is it bad to sleep in your contacts?
Vitamin C does it help reduce black raccoon eye circles?
What doesn't hurt your eyes?
What do you think of this law that requires a prescription for contacts?
I wear contacts with a 13.8 diameter. if i buy contacts with a 14.0 diameter will they be too uncomfortable?
Why do I need solution for daily contacts?
Contacts and glasses exams?
Stye near eye?
Can I wear just one contact to school tomorrow?
What's the name of the eye disease that can be detected by "red-eye" in photos?
Contact lenses?
My eyes itch so bad! I take Claritan, and use eye drops.?
Is it bad if I slept with my contacts on?
I have a pulse in my eye that has been around for about 3 weeks. A coworker suggested it might be vitamins?
Thin lenses?
I the sensation of a sand grain or foreign body in my eye when I put the contact in?
Blindness and Bad Vision?
How do I fix dry eyes from contacts?
I broke my glasses, will it cost money to fix them?
Blurry vision and headaches? I wear glasses?
Can shining a laser without the cap being on possibly be bad for your eyes?
Failed eye test at dps.?
Why are more people getting glasses?
Contact problems, damage to eye. need help.?
Does anyone know where I can donate childrens used perscription eyeglasses in the USA?
I got brand new glasses after wearing hard, gas permiable contacts for 10 years.?
Is it bad for your eyes to wear monthly contact lenses for longer than a month?
I'm wearing silicon contact lenses and i'm having trouble getting them out!!! help!!?
I cant take sleeping pills because I am a minor and my mother won't let me, what are some other alternatives?
Who ever heard/self experience about the side effect from drink too much soft drink?im a soft drink maniac?
How can we avoid mental depression?
What is a good way for a person to stop worrying?
I have a serious question. only serious answeres please.?
For those of you who do not suffer from depression: How do you 'snap' out of it?
Your thoughts on depression?
I'm playing hooky today (ya know a mental health day). How often do you do this?
Does my partner have bipolar disorder?
How to pick eyeglasses for your face??
Will I need surgery?
Can anyone in here NOT wear their contacts because you eyes get severly dry??
Does LASIK eye surgury hurt??
Is it that true that after lasik the cornea flap never heals?
My son just turned 2. We just found out his rx is -9&-9.25. Is he going to be blind by the time he is grown?
Anyone heard of or had lense replacement surgery?
I have a friend who cuts when she' upset to make her feel better. Does this mean she's mental?
I have astigmatism and trying for contact lens.Please help?
What are the best soft contact lenses for dry eyes, how much per box, and are they disposable?
What is ADHD??? plzzzz?
I just had a panic attack....i feel like cryin my heart out!!plz help!!!?
I cry everyday...i feel like i'm dying inside?
How can I get motivated?
Which is your biggest fear?
Inhaling lighter gas?
Does the mmr jab cause Autism i think it does?
How i admit that?
Can someone please help?
Can depression leave you completely exhausted?
Am i so stupid?
Do you have any strange habits/rituals?
Ive been cutting on and off for about three years and cant stop!?
My friend cuts herself. y does she do that? im scared that something is seriously wrong! HELP!!!?
Is it okay to smoke marijuana while taking medication for bipolar disorder?
What wrong with me and what should i do??
How can I be a happier, less serious person?
I'm so lonely can u help?
Does my ex bf still like me...?
I have bipolar disorder but my husband cannot/will not accept there is anything wrong with me, any suggestion?
Phobias n fears?
Have great trouble getting out of bed and getting going. Ways to do?
What is bipolar how does a person act?
What is best solution for addiction of yahoo answers?
I can never sleep, I do everything I can think of but nothing works. What should I do?
Do i have a real problem? or is it just in my head?
Have you ever known anyone who killed themselves and what was their reason?
What motivates you to answer in this section?
How do you deal with a mother who is bipolar and manipulative?
At the lowest moment of your life was their anyone around to hold your hand or did you go it alone?
How do you handle depression without medication?
Would you live with a monster?
Serious Question: Do You Have a Drug Addiction?
My friend wont eat........(serious answers only!!!!)?
Cannabis and psychological illness?
How safe is withdrawal?
Is it okay to cry??
Why is suicide said asif it is a crime?
What is the right way to getout depresion?
How do I stop taking drugs?
Molested by Uncle What Should I Do?
What can i do to feel better?
My friend wants to commit suicide. Please help?
Has anyone heard of taking Prozac for ADHD in a 14yr old.?
Is Prozac the best anti-depressant out there, or should I try something else?
Do antidepressants change your personality? do they suppress healthy emotions?
I'm afraid to leave my house?
How do you know if you have ADHD?
I am feeling so low at the moment.i dont thing anyone ever their for me when i need them.only helpful answer?
What can I do about my boyfriend's cannabis addiction?
My son met a girl and didn't know she was bipolar call the house all day said she was going to kill him?
Is it worth going to working in the middle of a mental crisis?
Can depression pass on its own?
Is my friend's cutting/burning a cry for attention?
How long do you sleep?
15 year old wondering the truth about smoking pot.?
Antidepressants and suicide?
I hate everything?
My husband just started Zoloft? Anyone else taken it?
Help-am depressed-no one to goto for help- idont know what to do?
When was the last time you cried? And Why?
If your son/daughter told you over and over again that he/she wanted to commit suicide what would you do?
Sighs I am sooooo depressed today what's a New Year's without your family I think i need a hug :(?
Does too much sleep bring depression?
What do you do to cheer yourself up when your feeling lonely and depressed?
What can i do? I feel down and angry lately.I feel tired all the time and sad. what can i do?
Any Suggestions To Cure Anxiety Attacks?
I have a serious addiction?
I have a friend who picks her scabs constantly?
I'm bipolar and in a depression but can't afford my meds. Know any natural remedies to help?
Recovering self harmer being triggered by seeing other self harmers cuts?
What makes a woman stay with a man who abuses her their children?
If you've ever felt like committing suicide but didn't, what changed your mind?
I think I am depressed. I have comtemplated taking my own life.. ?
Whats your biggest problem in life?
I Need Help With Procrastination Problem!?
Can i talk to my GP about self harm?
Do you now any ways to calm nerves?
Why do i act happy at work when really, i'm sad?
How can I stop being so angry all the time over nothing and everything?
Why am i called a freak?
How should I tell my mom I really need mental help?
How to get high without drugs or choking yourself?
I have really low self esteem I need your advice?
Light marijuana use for mood stability?-- bipolar 1 disorder?
I want to start a web site where people who are sad or even suicidal can post there unhappiness.?
I feel too embarrassed to go out in public, I think people are staring at me and think I am ugly and laughing?
Are you afraid to die?
Have you ever attempted suicide?
Help me withdraw from Ativan / Lorazepam?
Can depression turn into bipolar disorder?
Antidepressants vs Marijuana...what's your opinion?
People who are withdrawing from alcohol or drug addiction?
How do I ask my GP about depression?
I know this is selfish and stupid, but I need to know how to successfully kill yourself without pain.?
How do I tell my boyfriend's parents that their son is depressed and possibly suicidal?
How do I deal with my co-worker, she is possibly bi-polar.?
If you had a wish what would it be?
Do any of the rest of you find Yahoo! answers addictive?
Does this count as suicide?
My neighbor needs help what shoul i do!?
I am taking my friend's lithium . . . and I love it!?
Somebody help me! Procrastination problems?
Why don't you all go to sleep?
Is cutting yourself wanting to die or not?
Best suggested medication for anxiety?
Do i leave my job?
I need something to tell my parents... But I'm afraid of the results...how should I tell them?
What do you do when you have a panic/anxiety attack?
How would you recognize a lier?
Lunatics only please, in the far far future, like 2100 or 2200 how will the world deal with mental illness?
Do you belive crazy people?
Somthing is wrong with my head?
What do u do for living?
Can someone please help me what is wrong with the way i look im driving myself insane im on uglynet under ugly
How do you get over the fear of presentations?
Do you find animals therapeutic when suffering from depression?
I feel useless and broken... what should i do?
How can i stop cutting myself??
When your depress how do you know when its time to go on medication?
Time management is my biggest problem, any tips to solve it?
How do you fall asleep when you are emotional?
I feel very depressed lately, what might help me feel better?
Im so stupid?
Why do i see dead people?
I Can't Remember things!?
Failed suicide?
I dont use an alarm clock any more. I just mentally tell myself when to wake up and i do? How can this be ?
Antidepressants- do you gain or lose weight?
Does anyone know what will happen if i drink alcohol with Antabuse?
I think I am schizophrenic. If I am, would I be aware of it?
Do you enjoy physically hurting yourself.?
Depression is all about friends and family. Do you agree.?
Duct Tape Problem?
What Can I Do To Make My Depression Go Away?
Self harm..?
Is it okay for me to sleep with a mentally handicapped person?
Is there a cure to being shy?
If I tell my therapist that I am thinking about suicide, will I go to jail?
Abusive relationship.?
Have you ever gotten so angry that you got physically ill?
How can I cure an adult's video game addiction?
Do you think your going crazy sometimes?
What's the worse poison or medicine that can kill you or make you sick?
Is my husband paranoid? I feel silly asking this but i am curious to see if i can get any helpful advice?
How can I get one night sleep without nightmares?
Ive been bullied my whole life?
I am going to kill myself?
What should I do? My boyfriend has very high anxiety and has panic attacks often and he is sometimes suicidal?
Have you ever thought about killing yourself?
What type of mental illness did Hitler have?
How do I overcome being shy?
My fiance had dilated pupils today, I've never seen them that big before.?
How can I redirect my frustration into something positive?
Is it considered adultery....?
What should you do when your imaginary Friends don't like you anymore?
I've been normal my entire life. Soon as I hit the 7th grade it all began to change. I'm afraid.?
Does blind born people can have dreams?I mean while sleeping.?
I hav small breasts and guys laugh at me because of this??
Am i a bad person?
Is she mental or not?
I have a recurring dream, can anyone interpret it for me?
I am going to doctor & need some advice! 10points.?
Does being told "it could be worse" make you feel any better?
Self harm...?
How can i stop doing this?!?
How well can you handle pressure?
How do I tell my friend he needs to do something about his weight?
What do you think about a person who sleeps 14 hours a day?
Am I crazy?...what happened to me last night?
What do you think about depressed person?
Ok ive lost it due to all those dumb questions ive been answering any tips to gain my sanity back?
Am I loosing it or what?
Should I stop being silly or should somebody stop me? I can't do this on my own!?
Life is a real b----!!?
Why do i have the feeling?
What can i do when i am bored?
My husband snores?
How do i tell my parents??
Why Do So Many People Think That Self-Mutalation Is Wrong?
Is mental illness hereditary?
Why don't gay people take medicine for their disorder?
My friend was physically abused as a child. Is forgiveness the only anwser?
Why is my memory so bad?
Husband wont get help for depression!?
Am I crazy?
Can you get deperssion at the age of 12?
What's wrong with me?
People are inside my brain what do i do?
What according to you is the most NASTIEST smell in the world?
Stage fright, help!?
How do I find out who I am?
I want to kill myself?
Worry Worry Worry?
I keep feeling depressed because of my past?
Whats wrong with me?
How many years in jail would I get for.......?
How do i stop beating them up?
Why is it that people cut themselves?
I think I'm crazy, what should I do?
I get really angry, really easily. My doc says it's depression, could that be?
Do you ever feel......?
Where is your safest place in your life?
Why would a psychiatrist lie?
Can people tell that i'm on prozac?
Do ghosts really exist ???
Please HELP!!!!!?
I think i mite by schitzophrenic?!!?
Is this emotional abuse or am i just being sensitive?
Mental problem.........?
What are you afraid of ?
Im suffering from depression and anxiety, I have lost all feeling....?
Why am I the most lonliness person alive?
What's the best thing that others can do to make you feel good?
Will I eventually Kill Myself?
I cut myself alot and think about suicide daily what do i do i'm scared to tell my parents?
Why do i feel depressed ??
How can i know my date of birth without birth documents?
What are you doing up still?
Im a highschool drop out i cant spell or type so why ?
Does anxiety go together with depression?I feel I have both.Or is it one or the other?
Everytime I hear of something bad happening. I get scary thoughts. Does this happen 2 u?