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Can i 12 yr old get colored contacts?
Are sun glasses harmful to eyes?
Makeup and contact lense questions?
I can't read from further away. ex: when driving i can't read signs. what is this called??
Glasses numbers?
How can I get used to my contacts?
Contacts overwearrrrr?
My ophthalmologist prescribed drops for allergic conjunctivitis, should i not wear eye makeup in a while?
Is smokeing weed good or bad?
Opinion on new glasses...?
I really need an optometrist's opinion?
Need Eye-Contact Tips?
Yes, i wanted to know that 12 year old can wear contacts?
Who is the world tallest man?
My daughter has talked about wanting contacts for years at what age should we get them for her?
Contacts or Glasses???
Glasses vs. Contacts?
Why do I look so different with glasses?
Is there any massage for eye?
What could be wrong with my eyes?
Eyes getting yellowish tint 2 weeks after getting contacts?
Where can i get prescription contacts that change my eye color?
Is it possible to loose a contact lens in your eye?
Eye problem?
Are under age people entitled to get free eyeware (glasses, lenses etc.) in the UK?
Changing frames??
Is it normal for eyes to get lighter in color?
Can I wear contact lenses and eyeglasses at the same time to correct vision?
Hazel eyes?
Contact Lens Question?
Anyone have Lasik eye surgery?
I had lasik a year ago and bought eye drops with Preservatives by mistake.?
How can I get her to?
Contact Lenses. should i buy the lenses online or go to eye doctor.?
If my eye color is deep brown, does it mean that I'm full of ****?
For Opticians, my husband friend was born with a lazy eye,?
Lasik eye surgery.. is it for me?
Can you store contactc lenses in water?
Thoughts on LASIK surgery?
Contacts or Glasses?
Why are they doing this...?
What's it mean when.....?
Safe to leave contacts in longer then the doctor says?
I have a cataract in my right eye?
My mother has been complaining of seeing green when she wakes from naps. Any ideas?
Do people with a lazy eye have better peripheral vision?
How did you tell your parents you needed glasses?
What is involved in the contact lense teaching session, anyone want to tell there stories?
What would happen if an orange peel squirt you in the eye or orange juice?
Where can i get cheap contacts?
Can I use contacts, even if I have a Lazy eye?
Eyeglasse question! please answer!?
Glasses question?
Sometimes I don't feel comfortable with my glasses. Should I switch to contacts?
I have a lazy right eye, only when tired though. Any fixes?
Glasses = Geeky?!?!?
Optician has messed up my eye prescription - how do I get them to pay for it?
Is it possible to have one eye nearsighted and one eye farsighted?
Why cant i remember any dreams and i havent for years?
Am I anti-social or is this just apart of my social anxiety?
Am i "NORMAL"?????
I've taken three days off of work now!!?
Is it normal not to remember every single day of your life..?
Has anyone ever heard about people doing things to drive a person to the mental institution?
Is suicide the only option to get rid of self??
How can i make my nightmares go away?
How do you know when you have depression?
The pixies stole my sleep....how do i get it back??
Any good food for longsighted eye?
How can i get contacts?
Can I still get contact Lenses if I have a squint?
If you were glasses for nine years is it possible that you could were contacts?
Is it true that your eyes will start to depend on glasses?
Urgent medical guidance needed?
What happens if i wear disposable contact lenses way after then what i'm suppose to.?
Refresh my eyes?
Can I strenghten my lazy eye?
My right eye is irritating me!?
Has anybody had laser eye surgery with Optical Express or know anybody who has?
Contact lens?
Help me please!!!! i have sand in my eye how do i get it out?????
I broke my eye glasses?
What color eyes will my kids have? see extra details below.?
Where can i get contacts w/out a prescription.?
What do I do if I have a swollen eye?
Contacts Killing My Right Eye?
Lazy eye??
How to improve my eyesight??..I've been wearing specs for ages and now i want to get rid of it..?
What is the rarest eye colors??
Dry Eyes Help?
Do I need to get a separate exam for eyeglasses?
How do I know the correct sideof the contact when putting them in my eye.?
Is there a way to change your eye color without contacts or surgery?
Can you just go buy contacts?
The whites of my eyes have become bloodshot over a long period of time. what would be causing it?
What color are my eyes!?
How much a damage could a laser pointed being shined at u for a split second cause?
Would a normal 43-year-old man want to sleep with a 19-year-old?
Would you stay with your mate if he/she was verbally abusive but then continued to apolgize every time?
Does stress make you eat MORE or LESS?
Why is it that some people talk to themselves?
How much sleep is required for an ordinary person in 24 hours...??
I'm so bored and I cant sleep...did anything exciting happen to anyone today?
I dont know anymore?
Depression-am i wasting the Dr`s time?
What are my parental rights concerning info from my daughter's therapist?
I think I need a counselor but I'm afraid to tell my mom.?
How can wearing glasses affect your life? would wearing contacts, laser eye be a better alternative?
My eye is swollen due to fight when swollen go away?
Where can i buy cheap prescription contacts on line without Dr. consent?
Contact lenses solution: how many times?
Confused about what type of contacts to get [points to best answer]?
Do you take an eye for an eye before or after turning the other cheek?
Why when i wear my glasses/contact lens i tend to feel dizzy and abnoxious all the time?
Why do i get headaches around my eyes??
My eyes are drying out! Help me?
I have astigmatism in my left eye and i'm nearsighted in my left eye?
Why can't we reuse eye lubricant capsules for dry eyes?
Contact lenses?
What is my eye prescription? OD-2.00 +0.50 x 5 OS-2.00 + 0.50 x 155 add +2.00 from my opthomologist?
Contacts uncomfortable!? Help please!?
Which d&g; eyeglasses color looks better?
How much do contacts cost?
Contact lenses and make up. please help?
How do I know when I need glasses?
What is the name for the types of eys most asian have?
Can I wear two contact lenses for the same eye on both eyes?
I can't see!!!!!! Please help!!!!!?
What are good vitamins for my eyes?
Floating black thinngs in my sight?
How long can i REALLY wear a pair of 2-month contacts for before they go bad?
Is it possible for a squint to come back?
This is weird my whole famly is near sighted but im far sighted?
How long does it take for eye antibotic drops to work?
Contact soluation alternatives?
How to get this thing outta my eye?
What things are good for your eyes?
VERY Itchy eyes help!!?
How do you cure color blindness?
I wake-up with blood-shot eyes?
What ruined my vision?
OPTOMESTRISTS...Do you see straight men getting color contacts?
Is this ok??
Is there such a thing as only needing ONE contact?
Which Type of Contact Lenses shall i buy?
What do you think Mark Speight could have done over the last fortnight that would have stopped him...?
Im afraid of death?
What is the best way to avoid a hang over?
Do i have a problem?
Am I depressed?
Is depression a state that u can tell ur mind to change or is a sickenss??
How do I stop crying?
Is bi-polar the same thing as manic-depressive? And is either the same as schizophrenic?
Why am I so confused at 21 years old?
Flash of bright white spot in vision?
My eye prescription is for Cooper Proclear, can I order Acuvue?
Everyone in my family wears glasses or contacts, but I don't, what am I doing right?
What is my left eye doing?
My eyes start to hurt whenever i watch tv?
My lens fell out of my glasses?
My eyes keep blurring and I get headaches with them, any ideas what might be wrong?
My eyes got hit from Baygon! What do I do??
Questions about contacts....from a first time user!!?
Does lasik improve visual sharpness?
How come your eyes can't look in different directions?
How much does lazer eye surgery cost?
Is -2.25 bad for eye vision?
Contact lens problem! Answer A.S.A.P. please!?
Can some people just not wear contact lenses?
Scared about contacts...?
Is it possible to be nearsighted in on eye and farsighted in the other?
Should the Eyeglasses place pay for my glasses (long explanation)?
Does wearing a glasses improve your eyesight after you take it off?Or does it make ur eye worst?
Can I put on sterile eye drops while I have my contact lenses on?
Which type of contact lenses is better for eyes?hard vs soft?
How long is the Lasik surgery good for after it's done?
Do you need a perscription for colored contacts if you have perfect vision and are under 18?
I want to wear nice sunglasses but I wear glasses(myopia) what can i do?
Should I get contacts...?
How much are contacts.........(color) and eye exams????
What happens to monthly contact lenses if you continue to wear them for over a month?
Should i get laser eye surgery ?
Is watching to much TV bad for your eyes?
Tearing eye?
Changing eye colour with surgery?
Eye Twitching?
Is it possible to get permenent colored contact lenses with corrective eye surgery?
Contact lenses costs?
Can I save my contact lenses?
I'm thinking about getting contacts?
Are Transitions Glasses any good these days? If so which color should I go with?
Please Tell Me Where I Can Get A Pair Of Eye Coverings That Completely Cover My Eyes.?
Does consistently wearing glasses help or hurt your vision?
Almost blind and need help?
Eyes sensitive to light.?
Colored Contacts. PLEASE HELP.?
I'm 47 years old and this year I noticed "specs" in my vision.?
I have no life?
How Long Should I Wear Acuvue Advance Contacts?
Colored Contacts?
Is wearing only one contact lense a pain?
Laset Eye surgery?
What is your reason to wake up everyday and live?
Cutting(self indulgence) what to do?
How to control anger?
How is everyone today?
Do you get sick of horrible people having a nice life?
I smoke weed everyday and have for years and Im a good looking out their happy girl?
Im bored...what should i do??
How do people with multiple personalities get judged in heaven?
Black people and mental health issue?
Lost friends because of drugs?
Where can I get online contacts with no prescription?
Am I obliged to have the glasses i've ordered at an opticians?
Where do you store contacts?
I have -8.00 eye prescription! am I going blind?
Would these glasses look okay on a girl?
Eyes and wearing glasses?
I got new glasses, and right behind my ear hurts (on both sides.)...Why?
Results of Lasik?
How do I convert these numbers?
Contacts making my eyes red, with orange around my iris?
My lower eye lid twitches, is this a serious problem and how can I get rid of it?
Can my eyes (the white part) get sunburned?
I wear contacts. Yellowish gunk comes out of my left eye or extremely teary all the time. What could it be?
Need good contact solution for soft lenses.?
Can i still wear my contact lens?
OMG i think im going blind! HELP!?
When is the earliest I can get LASIK?
Question about my new glasses...?
Do you wear contact lenses??? Help???
I got glasses for the first time today
Troubles with first time inserting contact lenses?
How can i get an eyelash out my eye ?
I have brown eyes and im getting colored contacts , wut color do u think is the prettiest and will stand out?
Can anyone advise if a child wear spects from the age of 6-7 years, will he be required to wear it forever?
Will glasses completely fix your eyed over time?
Are my eyes deceiving me, or is their vision test wrong?
My eyes are a little red what is wrong with it????????
Want to get colored contacts, but only have prescription for clear contacts?
Could this be some eye condition?
I just recieved contacts and there something I don't know about the expiration?
Contact lense question?
How causes your eyesight to worsen?
My 7 year old son wears prescription glasses, Is it possible that my 4 year old son will wear glasses too?
Normal w/ new contacts?
How much does LASIK laser corrective eye surgery cost on average?
My eyes precriptions read OD -250 AND OS -175 WHAT LEVEL OF MYOPIA I AM?
My eye just turned bloody and started hurting a few minutes ago. Anyone have any advice? My optometrist?
How do you put on contact lenses ?
Is it Cheaper to wear contacts or to wear glasses?
What will happen if I wear my contacts for 3 months when I am supposed to change them after 2?
Why do my contacts hurt?
How do i stop closing my eyes when pictures are taken?
Eye test confusion?
Help! blood vessel question!?
How do you improve your vision without glasses, contacts or sugery?
Contact lenses...?
Eye glasses please?
Help!? (details inside)?
My Eyes And Head hurt sooo bad?
Is severe myopia due to dominant genes? If so, how the heck did the ancestor survive??
Is it okay to go swimming with contact lenses in?
Temporary blindness?
Lasik Surgery???
Can you experience a migraine without a bad headache?
Does it hurt your eyes when you take your contacts out????
Eye boogers?
Is it ok to drink Alcohol whilst taking Citalopram ?
What do you do when you desperately need therapy but can't afford it?
Someone please talk to me...?
I think im losing my mind, for real?
If you were a doctor, would you subscribe stupid pills to anyone?
How can a person come out from depression?
What do you do when you find out your freind is cutting herself?
Why when I'm manic..........(serious answers only)?
How does one improve the strength of your eyes thus improving the quality of your vision naturally?
Does it really take longer to get the prescription right for contact lenses than it does for eyeglasses?
Why do people say cross eyed people make them uncomfortable?
What's up with my eyeball?!?!?!?
I dont have glasses, only two-week-term contacts, and now I have pink eye. Help?
How do you pick your eye doctor?
If i get Acuvue contacts, will my contacts never stick to my eye?
What is wrong with my eyes or my contacts or both?
What should i do to improve my myopic condition of eyes?
The anti-reflective coating on my glasses is scratched, is there anything I can do to make them look nicer?
Contact lenses!?
My daughter has been wear glasses since she was two she wants contacts. does hoosier healthwise cover them?
Question about contacts?
Contact lens Help?!?!?
I have a twitch in my left eye. Is this anything to be concerned about?
How do i heal a broken blood vessel in my eye?
Just got contact lenses?
My eye really hurts....?
I have had the stye for a week now, and there's no end in sight!?
Eye floaters ???
Help! Besides having to wear glasses, what does 20-60 vision mean?
Lasik eye surgery?
I go blind for a min?
Scared of going to eye doctor!?
Glasses or lenses?
My eyes wont stop itching and they always feel like there is something in them?
Does rubbing eyes worsen your eyesight?
How old should you be to get Lasik Eye surgery done?
I am a student at university and was wondering am I entitled to free laser eye surgery?Because I am a student?
Is it possible for two green eyed people to have a child with brown eyes?
My eyes are always red?!!?
Contacts Help! Which is worse?
How do you rinse contact lenses?
Can astigmtism first show up around age 40? How long should I try out my new glasses?
What the deference between fanting and pasing out?
Contact lenses?
Info about contacts?
Is 13 old enough for contacts!?!?!?
Laser Eye Surgery: what do people think about it? Please help, opinions!!?
There is a red sploch in my left eye... PLEASE HELP!!?
How to fix a lazy eye?
Eye tests? do they test every bit of the human eye?
Is it safe to sleep in cosmetic contacts??
Is it true that you may damage your eyes if you wash your face/bath after using the computer for many hours?
What is best for my 20/250 vision, Freshlooks, or Acuvue?
Wearing colored contacts over regular contacts?
Can anyone please help me?
Will I need glasses?
So i have really bad eyes.can i get colored contacts?
Lenses- Problem with lens?
What happens when something gets in your eye?
Has anyone ever ordered eyeglasses online?
Can you wear contacts in a pool?
ALLERGIC TO EYE MAKEUP ): conjunctivitis ?
Hard time finding new glasses (glare problem even with anti-reflective coating)?
Scratched my eyes, burns very bad in sunlight?
I have red eye am i turning into a monster?
Contacts lens becomes blurry and eyes go red after an hour of use.?
Baby...almost no eye contact?
What reason or what cause people lost night vision?
Comfortable contacts?
Transition lenses or anti-glare glasses?
Can I still become a plastic surgeon if i undergo lasik eye surgery?
What are some bad things with contacts?
Is there any physical signs for retina detachment and tear?
What are the best eyedrops after lasik surgery for dry eye?
Any cure for LASIK damage?
Can I use reading glasses without side effects?
Why do they blow air into your eyes?
My eyes get really tired after looking at the computer screen all day (at work)...any product suggestions?
Blurred vision with or without contact?
Eye irritation ?
How much can an optometrist overcharge before you can file a claim?
If I have had pink eye, if I don't use my make-up for awhile, will it be safe to use in a month or two?
Help on whether to go for contacts right away or glasses first?
My 9 year old got a 20/30 on her vision exam at her check-up. What are the chances she will need glasses?
How much does it cost a month for contacts?!?
Eye question here. For the last two days, when I look to the side, I see what seems to be a fly or something?
Where can I buy a monacle?
Would wearing contact lenses backwards harm your eyes?
Lasik eye surgery?
I got my contacts...And I guess I forgot to put one inside the saline and its on my des?
What do you do for fun when you are bored?
I don't get how people measure their vision?
I have contacts, how long can I leave them in?
How can I make my eyes more whiter?
Reasons why to get contact lens instead of glasses?
What is the maximum time it takes for eyes to turn 20/20 after Lasik surgery?
Scared of my eye test 2morro?
If you was to look in a small little hole and one eye is open and one eye is close?
There are blurry string on my eye that move in the direction of my eye what are they?
Dirty Glasses?
When i put in eyedrops doe sit matter if i...?
Scratch in eye?
Should I get my eyes checked again?
Where can i get the cheapest laser eye surgery done in the east of england.?
Going to a water park but wear lenses/glasses need some suggestions?
Eye vision check?
Second opinion?
What is the name of the condition that causes bumps on the underside of your eyelids?
Contact lenses. Which is a stronger prescription? -3.5 -3.75 or -4.0?
Does your vision get better as you age?
What is the difference between seeing a certified licensed counselor and a psychologist?
Thinking about killing myself?
How do I stop thinking about suicide.?
Whats the point in trying to get well and achieve my ambitions in life when you feel like people reject you?
Why does noone understand self harm not even those close to u?
Help me get some sleep please?
What to do when extremely bored?
How do you deal with answerers who taunt and make threats on Y A ?
Is there anyone who has beaten depression without medication?
My contact is hard as a rock...is it able to soften up again?
What kind of skills you need to be and opthimoligist?
My eyes are a bit blury and please tell me what happened.And how can I have a better eyesight?
Where would you recommend getting contacts at? I'm switching my glasses for them.?
Optimist or eyedoctor?
My eye perscription is -7.5 will it get worse?
My contact is stuck to one of my eyes at least i think...i have tryed drops and pulling it out but all it is?
Anything wrong with my eye?
When people refer to 20/20 vision, what exactly does this mean?
Eye help?!? Urgent!!!!!?
For those who wear contacts??
Any tips on putting in contacs for the first time?
Were can i buy eyes glasses without prescription lens?
What is it called when you have dark floaters in your eyes?
Is it true that your vision gets worse if you dont get glasses? or does it just stay the same?
I M having pain in my eyes for long?
Is it worth getting anti-reflective coating for my glasses?
Is it ok to have an domenent eye?
Astigmatism and Lasik?
Are contact lenses supposed to be clear right away?
How bad is it to be lazy with contact lense removal?
Do i need my parents to get colored contacts??
Cost for contact lens prescription?
What kind of solution should I get for my contacts?
Has anyone had lasic eye surgery? Whats good and bad about it?
No one else can see them???
Why is my contact irritating my eye?
Why does my eye glasses always take 2 weeks or less to get back to me?
Do i need glasses??
Astigmatism Question?
Is it possible to have 20/28000 eyesight?
What happened to my eye???
How long did it take to put your contacts in the first few times?
Can short-sight get cured?
I'm thinking about having laser eye surgery done...any advice?
Anyone had laser eye treatment. Advice wanted.?
Hi. In my left eye i have sphere -0.25, cyl +0.75, axis 150.do you think i need glasses?
Blurry vision at the end of the day?
My eyes sometimes sting and get out of focus, what does it mean?
Colored contacts???
I have a stye and it is extremely painful.?
Degenerative macular retina disease?
Is it safe for me to undergo LVC (laser vision correction)? Any testimonials...opinions, suggestions...?
How can i get rid of the tint in my glasses??!?!?!?
I think i scratched my cornea?
My eye keeps twitching and I dont know why. Is there anything I can do?
Does anyone have Freshlook colored contacts?
All about eye colors?
Impossible to be happy?
Do you wish you didn;t have to wake up?
Whoever answer's this first will get best answer.What is your answer?
Suicidal people on YA?
I'm bipolar, been extremely depressed for over a month, today running in circles cant think, what to do?
I dont know what to do anymore, im so depressed its messing up everything.?
Help I think my husband is going to kill himself today.?
Why do i always feel so sleepy?
If I cry just about everyday, and sometimes more than once, do I have depression?
My eyes are hurting, is there anything I can do?
Do you have to be a certain age to get Lasik?
Is it possible for ones vision to improve while wearing contacts?
Refuse Pupil Dilation?
What is the difference between prescription glasses and reading glasses?
Color contacts for dark eyes?
Eyes watering when i lay down?
Whenever i blink my eye it feels itchy or sumthing when wearing contact lenses. y is it so?
I already have glasses how can I not get 'blinder'?
This bump under my eye lid?
I love the frames to my sunglasses. Would it be possible to insert prescription lenses?
How can i improve my short sight myself?
Please help with my contact lens frustration!!!!?
How can i improve my eyesight?
How bad is my eye glasses presciption?
Am I color blind!!!!!????
Glasses or contacts?
If I lost my glasses...?
My eye has been twiching for a month now.?
If u poke your eye with a thumb tack, will it start bleeding??
What happens if I wear my contacts for WAY too long?
Do you usually change eye glasses frames when you need to change prescriptions?
I am 16 and should I wear contact lens?
How can i increase my eyesight?
My 4 yr old sons eyes?!?
What are the pros and cons to having contact lenses?
Why is it when I tell the Eye Dr....?
I forgot my contact soulution is there any way i can make a soulution at home or is it possible to use water??
Are eye exams cheaper at chains or independent stores?
Help I cant close my eyes?!?
What exactly is 20/30 vision and will i need glasses?
How long are you supposed to wear soft contact lenses daily?
Flashing Lights in front of eyes 24/7!?
About tears? Do you Know?
If I don't wear my glasses will my eyes adjust?
Does wearing glasses help your eye?
Help I can't get my contact out?
Should I get contacts?
I have contact lenses, can i use my "opti-free replenish" disinfection solution as eye drops?
I scratched my cornea?
Should i get contacts? coloured conatcts?
Eye floaters or something else?
Contact lense advice?
Why do I have floaters?
Ophthalmologist vs Optometrist?
Eye problem?
When was the last time you cried? What did you cry for?
What is your favorite addiction?
Can mental retardation get worse?
Trying to find the brighter side?
I lost my mum 5 years ago and my lifes been a right mess since. Been to doctor, and now im seeing a therapist?
How do I deal with the loss of my fiancee? She took her life 3 months ago and it is not getting any easier.?
How to cure my depression?
Is it neccesaey to sleep 8 hours a day?
Is alcoholism inherited from family?
I am feeling depressed, had some alcohol on New Years eve and felt great. Should I go to the doctor?
Contacts and long fingernails: can they go together?
Can I wear contacts past expiration date?
Is this really bad for your eyes? washing your face after hours of computer?
Which one is lazy eye?
I'm short sighted and have trouble reading with my contacts
Overusing eye drops?
Are there people with purple eyes?
Where can i buy color contacts at a store??????????????
How is it that i can go from 20/20 vision to 20/60 vision in less than six months....?
Please help!?
How do i know if i have a lazy eye?
Is it ok to wear eyeliner if you have contact lense?
I have a question about contact lenses?
How long can u wear contacts?
Hubby got a fire extinguisher blasted into his face, how to relieve the pain/burning/swelling?
Hello peoples?
I need very high prescription eyeglasses. My prescription is -15, prism, so I need high density lenses.?
What should I do if a contact falls out and I have no solution, drops or water and no where to put in back in?
Do corneal transplants really give back sight? please!!!?
30-day contacts - How long can you really wear them for?
Have you had Lasik Eye Surgery? What kind of side effects did you have?
Can wearing glasses make your vision worse?
I just got my contacts a few days ago, and whenever i put them in i get airbubbles. how do you prevent this?
Contacts PLEASE HELP!!!?
Eyes glaucoma?
Sometimes I See a scratch line in my eye, when say i look at the sky, Help!?
A queston about contact lenses?
What do you think about nurses having power over life or death?
I've lost my will to live. I suffer from depression, but this is different. Read on.?
Ever feel too lazy to do anything?
Falling dream?
Why is it that mentally ill people never seem to know they're mentally ill?
Is this stress?
How can I overcome my depression? I feel anxious, unmotivated, insecure, what kind of help is out there?
Death are you scared?
Will there still be any use for Optometrists if people are just going to get LASER surgery?
When speaking with someone that has a "lazy" eye, at which eye should you look?
Can someone with amblyopia (lazy eye) ever be free of glasses? Can they successfully get lasik surgery?
I want contacts OR Lasik surgery! Which one?
When I rub my eye, there's a squishing sound?
In Need of cheap eye surgeon in Nashville?
I need glasses for reading and have had to buy stronger ones over the years. Would laser surgery help?
Do i have pink eye? PLEASE HELP!?
Contacts!!!!!! Eye help?
When will Medicaid and Medicare start covering Lasik eye surgery instead of glasses?
Contacts?? help please =]?
Eye problem.?
Short - sightedness , glasses...?
Question about eye perscription.?
What age is safe to get lasik eye surgery?
Are my eyes still blue?
What should i do when eye boogers keep coming out my daughters eyes?
Contacts question....?
Ahh!! I just got Clear Care contact lens juice in my eye!?
I am new to buying contacts lenses. In what denomination do you buy them?
Lasik eye surgery??
Can I get glasses just for astigmatism?
Flickering in my eyes?
Is it safe to buy prescription eyeglasses online?
Girls and Contact Lenses?
What would happen if i wore daily contacts more than a day?
I went to the after hour clinic because my eye was hurting and running a lot. They said my cornea had?
Is scratching the eye bad?
I got new glasses and they feel weird?
Why do my eyes always burn whenever I put my contacts on?
Why do my contacts get blurry after I a few seconds of staring at something?
My bottom eyelid area is swollen...for a few days now...?
How long do dilated eyes last?
Do you think lenscrafters does a bad job?
Which country is the cheapest for laser eye surgery?
Something wierd with my eyes...?
What happens to your eye if your contact fuses to your cornea or something like that?
Does any one know any way of getting out of grounding?
Cataract surgery - should I get single vision or ReStor lens?
If someone were to ask a WHOLE BUNCH of eye questions, would people eventually start ignoring him/her?
I can not help it i have cross eyes is any one out there have it?
Does anyone know a place online where I can purchase contacts with out a perscription?
Should I get contact lenses? What are the pros and cons?
Eye Contact...?
Squashed optical nerves?
Do your color contacts move and blur vision?
My contact solution??
Will my vision become poor if I read in dim light.?
Is not wearing glasses when you have them bad....?
How messed up am I.?
I have sick imagination.....?
If I smoked a pound of weed and drank a case of beer, would I be more stoned or drunk?
Can anxiety stem from guilt about something a person did wrong in their past??
Does anyone else suffer from emotional issues from not getting that pony they asked for years ago?
Are anti depressants a myth or do they really work?
Can ecstasy kill you?
Can't stand my life at all.??
What exactly causes a person to have a low self esteem?
Guys, how can I help myself? I think I might be mentally challenged.?
What are "hazel" eyes?
Contact lens prescription change?
One month ago, I had the strabismus eye surgery to cosmetically correct my eye-ball position.?
Help my LEFT eyes upper eyelid hurts!?!?!?!?!?
Can I get contacts?
Squinting at the Snellen Chart.?
What is the crease of your eye???
Is it possible for each eye to see colors differently?
What would happen if i wear 1-2 weeks disposable contacts for more than a month?
Eye drops. When using eye drops are you supposed to keep your eye open right after using drops? Blink a bunch?
Improving Eyesight.........?
What happened with my eyes!!?
Contacts cons / dangers / etc?
Eye prescriptions?
Contacts question?
ReNu lens solution - safe to use?
Anyone else have eye floaters?
What is a lazy eye?
Pool/ eye problem!!!?
What colored contacts look great with blonde hair?
How do i persuade my mother to allow me to get contacts?A very hard case.?
Is it ok to wear expired contacts?
Is my 4 yr old colorblind?
Can you return deformed contact lenses?
They charge me $150 for contact lenses exam & fitting fee. ?
If they say computers contrinbute to vision loss how come?
How do I convince my dad to pay for my contact lenses?
Is it bad to wear 3D glasses when not watching a 3D movie?
Naturally improve eyesight?
I have a question about contacts lenses?
Is it ok for boys to wear colored contact lenses?
When do you know when your high?
How can you go blind?
Could someone help me out on this?
Should I get a pair of spectacles for my daughter?
My eye doctor says its ok to wash contacts with water?
Does it hurt!!!!!?????!!??!?
Is it true that you have to wear glasses before you wear contact lenses?
Eye contacts ? ?
Subconjunctival hemorrhage?
Why is it not ok to wear contacts when taking a shower?
Wearing two different prescription glasses = bad?
Can I wear contact lenses on the plane?
Is there a natural way to fix lazy eye
What is the highest magnifying power of contacts?
How trustworthy is laser eye surgery? Do you think it will work in the long term?
What colored eye contacts should i get?
Does reading at night really damage your eyes?
Why do i feel the need too impress other people?
Whats the quickest and painless way to end your own life?
Is this guy dangerous?
Does My Husband Have Tourette Syndrome or something else?
If you went to a beach and it turned out to be a nude beach, would you sit and stare?
How do you "cut all ties" with someone properly?
I like to break into people's house and steal their diapers, Am I a sick person? Do I need counseling?
Can someone PLEASE tell me what's wrong?? ( Serious answers only)?
I suffer from Borderline personality disorder. I need some feedback/help.?
Can you please help me?
Do i need glasses?
What are some of the things that post cataracts patient should look out for in the long run?
My eyes always itch!!?
What would happen to your eyes if you stop blinking for a long time?
I am getting glasses in five days!!!?
A question about contact lenses?
I have 1 day disposable contacts, can i use them in salt water pools?
Are contact lenses safe? should i get them?
Night blindness?
Transition lenses are they any good ?
Should i continuously wear specs eventhough i can`t only see far objects?
Why does vision problems occur?
Can Contact lenses be made for very poor eyesigth?
Do you like green eyes?
I am nearsighted and got glasses ,do they make your eyes better or just help u see better?
I have unopened boxes of soft lens contacts.. Any reason not to throw a box a friend's way??
What are the objects that seem to be floating in my eyes?
Sun glasses do have any negative effect?
Can any frame from sunglasses be used as rx glasses?
Ooow! my eyes!?
Do you get used to wearing contacts the same you would glasses?
Is $2700 a lot to pay for lasek eye surgery?
30-45 day contact lense use?
Broken glasses!!!! help!!?
Help.. Pus in my eye?
Is glaucoma hereditary?
Is this a brain tumor? I need answers!?
Sore Eye??
Does anyone know any good supplements to take that are in the market for helping bad eye sight?
How come my eyes hurt when I am wearing sunglasses?
I seriously think I'm suffering form bipolar depression...?
What do i do about my boyfriend?
Are you depressed what did you do today to make you feel better?
My son is 26, he will sleep for two days, always tyred, why???
Have it all or loose it all??
Please Help Me.....Please.?
How can I reset my dirty mind?
Struggling to get to sleep?
How can I stop hating myself?
Can I wear colored contacts with darkish brown eyes?
Where to go when you don't have optical insurance?
Do you know what is wrong with my brothers eye? is there any help anyone can do?
What are the pros and cons of contacts?
I am thinking of getting contacts. Which type of contacts are better? Hard or soft?
Is my eye 'creepy'?
My eyes are bad.... can someone tell me how to fix it without lens or glasses?
Eyes shut for a year?
Are there glasses available for short sightedness which DON'T make your eyes look smaller?
Contact lenses solution?
Scary blind spot for an hour? No migraine though!?
Dry, bloodshot eyes?
Uncomfortable contacts?
My eye hurts a little when I blink, and it's slightly bloodshot. Anyone know what might be wrong?
How come we cannot sneeze with both eyes open? (don't force them dude)?
If a person drives himself to the optometrist and fails the eye exam...?
How old do you have to be to get the laser eye surgury???
I'm going into Infantry and wear glasses, when should I get laser corrective surgery, or should I at all?
Constant eye twitching?
When I changed my cleaning solution it burnt my eyes?
My glasses...?
How do you tell if you need glasses?
I would like eye laser surgery to correct near sightness. Have they perfected the procedure to correct it?
I'm short sighted?
Sore eyes pls help asap?
Best type of contact lens soultion?
My right eye no. is -0.75 wid cylindrical visionand left eye no. is -0.50can i get rid of spectacles?
I think I have a sty on my eye.?
Are eye contacts hard to put in, take care of? Do they hurt ur eye if you put them in wrong? PLEASE!?
Asian eyes?
What are some careers that you can NOT pursue if you are color blind?
My pink eye won't go away, why?
Having eyes dilated?
Is it possible that the eye doctor did not find the correct contact prescription?
What causes your eye to twitch?
What kind of worm that you see moving inside your eye?
Retinal Detachment?
How to get rid of an lazy eye?
Eye doctors vs. people who sell eye glasses?
Question about contacts?
How to overcome a mental illness?
Why do i dread going to work?
Am i being abused?
I need to stop cutting help?
What is WRONG with laughing?
My life has no direction and i dont know what to do?
Help me, i'm really stressed out?
I got deppression wat should i do?
Will i ever feel happy?
Does ADHD really exist or is it just an excuse for bad behaviour + lack of disclipine?
I have always had trouble putting in contact lenses. How can I make it easier?
If you are 40 or over 50, do you were glasses or ATLEAST reading glasses?
A question about my contacts?
Can you see better if you hold a piece of paper with a dot in it in front of you.?
What causes bad eyesight?
I Have Floaters (Just One) and I Keep Checking On it, I want To Learn to Ignore it, Please Help?
What cause the discoloration of my eye? i mean the white part not the pupil...how can i make it looks whitier?
I'm seeing a flashing curved line of light...(for optometrist, eye doctor)?
Uh blue or green?
Does insurance pay for eyeglasses?
Contacts safety?
Why is it i can see close but not far away?
If I Cross My Eyes Will They Get Stuck That Way?
Who Qualifies For Lasik Eye Surgery?
Can I buy prerscription glasses over the internet?
Anyone ever had a lens implanted into their eye?
If i go to college and major in ophthalmology?
One pupil bigger than the other?
I want to wear glasses....?
I have something in my eye!?
Pink eye won't go away?
Colored contacts?
Pin-pointing my eye color...?
How long do I have to wait before I can get contacts?
I am shortsighted...?
Is this weird or not?
Lasik surgery, can you see the laser during surgery?
When you order color contacts from your doctor how long does it usually take to get to you?
Why do my eyes burn when I get tired?
What are the consequences of not getting enough sleep?
Eye problem.?
Problem with contacts?
My contacts are suppose to last a month, but they always start to feel weird and hurt my eyes after 2 weeks...
What are eye exams like?
Soo depressed, what to do anymore?
Anyone know where I can get some glasses where I can put sun-glass lenses in them?
What bacteria gives you pink eye?
For computer use, would you use reading or intermediate prescription spectacles?
Which contact type is better?
What way would you like to die?
Does Medicaid cover the fee for eye glasses???
I can't wear contacts??
What causes a person to have two different colored eyes?
Am i Ok........ ?
What's the best way to de-stress from work?
How much weed should the average person smoke in a day?
Is major depressive disorder a mental illness?
Normal Eye Pressure?
Putting in contacts?
I think contact got stuck in my eye over three months ago!?
What happens if you do bad in your driver license eye test?
Eye Twitches--what to do?!?
How long does it take to make the contacts right after you buy them?
How can i train my right eye to be open while my left eye shut?
New glasses do you need another eye test?
Contact lenses diameter?
My parents won’t let me wear Contact Lens.?
10pts!! Difference Between Acuvue Advance and Acuvue 2?! Thanks! ?
My eyes hurt! Why? Advice, please.?
What is happening when i close my eyes?
At what age does vision begin to get worse, unnoticeably?
I want to get a lasik eye surgery...?
Can you wear contacts on a rollercoaster??
Eye sight improved at 63?
Non-Rx Reading Glasses...should I use them?
What do I do with my contacts?
Blue eye or brown eye?
What is astigmatism and why would I want it corrected?
Could this be an eye infection?
My friend accidentally scratched my eye with her nail,what do i do?
Upper left eye lid twitching for 6 months. It is driving me crazy. What can it be?
How much does color prescription contact lenses cost?
Should I wear my contacts to an eye exam?
Pink eye?!!!?
How long did it take you to put in your contacts for the first time?
What will happen if I reuse daily disposable contact lenses?
I wear contacts. What is the longterm damage if you were them all the time. Sleep with them on and all??
Do people with cataracts have bad days and 'better' days?
Is this normal?
My contacts presciption is -6.25 u think that my eyesight is unussually bad?
Can I expect to see as well with my contacts as I see with my glasses?
Can My Amblyopia hurt my other eye if i dont wear a contact?
I got new glasses but it makes everything look like I am in a fish bowl, what is wrong?
Question about prescription?
Contact lenses, HELP!!!?
Does anyone know a sight where i can test to see weather I'm colour blind??
Keeping your eyes open without blinking?
Is soaking your eyes under water after long hours (5-10) infront of a computer bad?
What is the easiest way tp remove soft lens contacts?
Why do my eyes always hurt with my new specs?
Contacts Glasses?
Is LASIK for me with my condition?
Are eye exams at lenscrafters free?
Is it worth paying $3400 for laser eye surgery?
What kind of glasses would I need?
Hello how are you today please?
What sweet sayings or things made you fall in love with your partner?
How many hours of sleep do you average a night?
Do you think taking drugs when you were younger has affected the way you are now?
Is a girl who gets drunk every friday night an alcoholic?
Really moody today, How can I snap out of it??
Suicidal thoughts..?
There was a murder where i live?
Depression question.?
Glass Questions!!!?
What do you need to clean your hands when you need to remove contact lenses?
How many hours a day can I wear my contacts?
Folded Contact Lense in the Eye...?
Getting contacts on tuesday?
Colored contacts prescription?
My eye lid hurts and now it's red and swollen looking?
Are you for or against laser eye surgery and why?
What happens if?
..what's wrong with my eye?
Is this even possible???
Somethings up with me eye...?
Do eyeglasses mess up your peripheral vision? Do you use your peripheral vision much when you drive?
Help with contact lenses?
I have wicked dry eyes...?
Which is the best daily wear contact lens?
What does this mean glasses?
Why does my eye sight change alot?
What is the liquid they put in your eye?
Can you wear contacts that are stronger than your prescription?
How can you avoid or alleviate eyestrain when you work on a computer for your job?
Whats wrong with my eyes?
Avoid Bad Eye Sight?
Three month contact lesnes?
My eye brows are bushy help !?
Plaster mix in eye?
How to improve eye sight without lenses or laser treatment?
Dark Circles after contact lens use?
New glasses, Help?
What color are my eyes? please help!?
What professional would you choose to examine your eyes, an optometrist or an ophthalmologist (MD)?and why?
Right eye flutter?
Can u use eye drops when ur wearing contact lences?
Can being near-sighted come from genetics?
White part of my eyes are turning darkish gray/blue??
My eyesight with my contacts seems to be getting worse. Could what I'm doing be the problem?
Do they keep people with the same disease in the same rooms in hospitals?
Does this look like Pink Eye?
Im kinda depressed right now, how do i get un-depressed?
I feel so lousy, advice?
I cant go to sleep so i need someone to tell me how to go to sleep.?
How can I be forgiven and redemed?
What do you do when you are just fed up with everything and everyone?
I've been depressed since at least 3rd grade. i've been on inumerable meds, nothing helps...?
Could I be Biploar?
What am i feeling?
Is 25/25 eye vision normal?
Are contact lenses hard to take out? Are certain brands of lenses easier to take out than others?
How do I find out my visual acuity based on my eyeglass prescription?
Progressive lenses,or the old two liners?
How far should i be sitting away from the computer screen?
Plz give me some good websites for eyes?
Contacts help Please!They are soo dry i tried atleast 20 brands..?
What's the difference between Myopia and Astigmatism. Can you have astigmatism without having myopia?
If I'm near sighted, and I look at my rear-view mirror-?
Where can I get glasses to correct color vision?
Why did my eyes change color?
What does my eye glasses prescription mean?
I have a problem???
Are frameless eyeglasses in style?
Colored contacts?need help?
My contacts get dry and cloudy when I blink?
Is Lasik surgery safe? How much does it cost in PHP?
Central Serous Retinopathy question?
Thinking about getting contacts?
Lasik eye surgery, who did it?
Is it bad for my eyes if I go without glasses? I can see far but my eyes hurt if I don't wear my glasses?
Left eye twitch?
What really does happen if you were to sleep with contacts in?
What should i do if i can't where contacts, but i hate my glasses?
I have an eye problem.. any one know of some really good eye hospitals?
Why do our eyes close when we are asleep?
My contact lens keeps moving around in my eye?
Can peoples eyes?
Contact lenses ok in ocean?
My eye doctor told me i have cataracts, now what, am i going blind?
Have you had a bad experience with LASIK surgery?
How long have contacts been so popular?
Is it possible for a person with 20/20 vision to have a better 20/20 vision than another person?
Have you ever handled hot peppers then take your contacts out or handle them in any way?
I have a scratch on the white part of my eye?
When My Husband was a child they ...?
Is wearing glasses or contacts better???
Eyes have 2 colors?
What causes blurred vision?
How long can I wear soft contact lenses ?
Can anyone recommend eye lazer surgery. Does it hurt.?
Over wearing contacts!?
Is there anything i can use for my tired eyes so they wont look as tired in the morning?
Is something wrong with my eye?
I have been on the computer allot today ( i am not normally on all day) and my eyes are sore?????
Is a prescription for glasses the same as contact lenses.?
Schizophrenia means dellusions and hallucinations, and withdrawal from society?
Do you ever scream at the top of your voice when noone is around and do you feel better or worse after this?
I need help.... plz make my day?
Tips on managing stress/anger?
How should I answer suicidal people?
Has anyone had a deja veu ? if so what was it ?
If you're a teenager, could you please read this?
Do you think I need to see a doctor?
Are there ways to improve hand writing???
Eye health Foods?
Whats the name of the eye drops?
Do you really need a new pair of contacts every 2-3 weeks?
Can people tell if i have contact lense on ???????
Is this weird, getting contacts for my friend?
Why does my optometrist charge me a fitting fee for contacts when I've been wearing them for years?
Eye problem?
Whats wrong with my eyes?
Convergence issues HELP PLEASE!?
Is it safe to open your eyes underwater in a pool if you have contacts in?
I want to becme a comp engineer.i am wearing a spex.will it be a problem to work in computer?
Can you wear contacts even if you do not need them?
Is this pink eye? (picture)?
My eyes always water when I yawn..?
What's wrong to my Eyes?
Where can i buy really cheap prescription glasses?
Wearing Someone Contacts?
Can I wear colored contacts if I have an astigmatism?
Good eyedrop solution for someone with dry eyes and contacts?
Can i buy infected eye drops from the pharmacy directly or will they make me see my GP?
Why are my Contacts Blurry
Can your eyes cross while asleep
When you go to get an eye exam do they have you take your contacts out right away?
How much do contacts cost ?
How can a lazy eye be corrected without surgery for an adult?
I think I have pink eye. Should I replace the contact lense that is in the infected eye?
Can i try my mom's brand new contacts lenses??
I'm 12 and i want contacts (Please click thiss)?
My son is 5 and has a severe astigmatism. We are now being referred to hospital - waiting list 4 months.?
3 year old with no eye problems yesterday cannot open his eyes they are sore could it be to do with food?
How can I stop someone bullying me at work?
My dad has just died and im so depressed what should i do?
What is wrong with me??
Why to people think that everyone who cuts themselves on purpose must be suicidal?
Do I have a booger in my nose???
Anxiety issues.............only serious answers please?
How can i tell someone i self-harm?
Suicide the answer?