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Head aches....?
How can a person improve his memory so that he won't forget in the exam?
When is the best age to lose your virginity?
For a 12 year old face, what would you say is the best skin cleanser Spectro Jel, Clearasil or other?
Am i really going to turn into a chicken because i have chickenpox?
Does your belly button smell bad?
Afraid of the dark, sounds stupid?
I want a job in helping people to deal with real issues please help??????
When your feeling down and fed up what do you do to cheer yourself up?
Can you make yourself get a migrain?
Am a meths addict of 20 years. Am now clean for 7 months. I stay am from old people ,places , and things.?
What makes you sleep?
It takes me about 5 hours 2 fall asleep every night?
How do I get my nails to grow better?
Should I already be dead?
Does anyone know about this quit smoking pill thats now available in australia?
How do i get rid of this?
Upcoming surgery...?
If u knew u will die...............???
Is being short okay?
Cant Sleep, always been like this, 6 nights in a row now iv been awake, any suggestions please ?
Eye sight problems help!!!?
Do u prefer a bath, shower or just a daily fabreeze ?
How does this work?
Why does this keep happening?
Is there a way to stop snoring?
What's worse to do, alcohol or weed and why?
How do I improve my hearing?
What do you do when you are very sleepy at workplace?
If Girls can wear Tampons, Why not guys wear Tampons?
Iv been dizzy all morning?
Will I be better in the morning?
Does anyone know what could be wrong with me???
How many hours are you awake for ?
Whats with all the girls getting breast enhancments?
Why do I need to wee all the time?
How to stop nail biting??
What can help me deal with stress from college?
In hospital, what is that thing they clip on your finger?
How much does cocaine and weed costs in the UK?
I have been experiencing upper abdominal pain and goes into my back. Anyone know what causes this?
My tummy feels squirmish today, is there anyway i can settle it down...?
Weed: I smoked for the first time 2 days ago. Now I want to do it again and again?
How many hours do i need to sleep if im 12?
Terrible mouth pain?
Should i shave my armpits at early age when they are not bad at all??
Is drinking cold coffee drinks going to make your throat bad if u have a sore throat?
I have trouble wakeing up in the moning can you give me a solution?
What makes fart?
8 ball is a name for drug measurement?
When will i get my period?
How do u break ur self from chewing on ur tongue?
Is ASHWARIARAI most beautiful women of tht world?do u like her or not?why?
How many of you are registered organ donors?
Too much iron in my blood is this a bad or good thing what is causing it
Is it harmful to smoke weed once and only once?
This is weird?
How do I get my ear unstopped??
I cant sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
If you are a adult male, would you be considered a dwarf if you are 5 foot 1 inches tall?
What kind of things can you do to fall asleep when you just can't seem to fall asleep?
What is the matter with me?
Why does my face hurt?
Doo Doo......?
Are these good baby names or would you make fun of them??
I am planning on quitting smoking very soon, will that have a positive effect on my complextion?
Why do I burp all the time after eating?
What are the effects of getting too much sleep?
Whats the best thing for upset stomach?
Possibly a sick question?
I use depo control shot my my boyfriend inside me today can i be pernate?
Can anybody give me the facts about hard contact lenses??????
Whats better for the eye, contacts or glasses?
Contact Lenses Today?
Why cant i see when im driving at night?
What is a good excuse for a long-term absence?
I got contact lenses yesterday...?
How do you improve your eyesight?
Is Eyesight Improvement by Laser Technique a good idea? has any one undergone the surgery?
Extremely frustrated?
My eye????
I wear glasses for distance, and i'm considering getting contacts?
Dry eyes red contact lenses?
Whats the most comfortable contact lens?
Why is my big toe growing an eye?
Blurred vision -astigmatism?
Contacts or Glasses...?
In the uk when u ask for ur eye prescription will they tell u?i want to get contacts.?
Colored contacts.?
Which is best for me: eyeglasses or contacts?
Frequent blurred vision?
Is it possible to go blind after years of wearing glasses?
Why am i always ill? Symptoms included...?
Is it unhealthy not to vomit...ever?
I get lots of headaches?
Is it bad to smoke cigarette while i lift weights?
How do i stop smoking skunk?
Why do people start smoking in the first place?
Blood in my sick?
Question about smoking?
Where is a good spot on your body to get a small to medium sized tattoo??
My daughter cut her eyelashes?
How can you tell if your eyeglasses are made right?
At what point do you need to start wearing your glasses all the time?
Eye Problem?
What's wrong with my eyes?
Sun glasses?
How is the cornea cut in laser surgery?
Whats the approximate cost of laser eye surgery?
Does anyone see like black dots in your vision, and they move as you move your eyes around??
Laser Vision Correction?
After Lasik eye surgery, can your vision still worsen?
My daughter has pink eye and was prescribed azasite 1% ophth solution today, I have a couple thgs worrying me
How can you tell if your contact is inside out or not?
Do contact lens need a prescription?
Contact lenses make my eyes red and bother me..?
Can astigmatism be treated with LASIK surgery?
Do contacts hurt?
How To Get Rid Of Glasses?
What are the chances that my eyesight could get worse and worse until I go blind?
Eye surgury?
Is is dangerous to see a strobe-like light with dilated eyes?
Why arn't you asleep?
Can a person just completely stop breathing in their sleep?
Bug bits on butt!?
How can i get rid of freckles?
What can I take temporarily to relieve stress?
How old is the oldest virgin you know?
Do braces hurt? im getting them soon.?
How can i increase my height a bit?
Do you have any suggestions for a stuffy nose?
I am in a terrible mood.?
I don't know whether i wanna.......................
How can i fix this?
Cutting scars?
I feel very alone.how can i overcome my loneliness?????
Wat was the best name u ever heard?
Not sure if i suffer from depression?
Healthy ways of avoiding depression?
I am not really sure how to ask this, perhaps it is silly to ask, I'm sure a lot of you will agree?
Any one have any remedies for a goodnight's sleep.My hubby works nights and i just dont sleep .?
Do contacts make your eyes look different if your perscription is strong?
How long can you really use one pair of contacts before theyre no good? they said 2 weeks for each pair but ..
Why do your eyes hurt after looking at a computer?
Is the prescription for glasses the prescription you use to get contacts?
What is with my eye???????
Why do i see "glittery" specks whizzing around up in the sky?
Why do I have one light blue eye and one dark brown eye?
Contact lenses..?
Does it matter how close you get to the computer or t.v.? (without damaging eyes)?
Do you need comebacks if soemone calls you ''Four eyes''?
How bad is smoking weed? I dont do it but have been around it my whole life?
What color is your hair???????????
How old was the oldest person you have ever known?
I have never done drugs! Why does my doctor think I have acid in my stomach?
Nyquil to help me sleep?
Blood pressure?
What do you do to cover up the smell after you go number 2?
How does the doctor or nurse choose where they will give your injection.?
I have a urine test tomorrow morning?
Im sleepy...?
Would you call 74 pounds underweight?
I have got really bad tooth ache and with it being easter my emergency dentist is closed?
What would happen if you sneezed with your eyes open?
Why do u smoke?what feeling do u get?
How you feel when you don't exercise?
Spring is starting to spring - what are you looking forward to?
How can i make my ear pop?
Avitars whats the deal?
What is the best cure for snoring??
Can You Die???????
Hiccups problems...I get these things and can't get rid of them...been called a "croaking frog" before...HELP!
What can i do to prevent stomach upset while taking erythromycin? (i'm taking 500mg twice a day, i think)?
How often should u have a shower?
My mum said i have Rhesus Negative blood & if i have a baby it would need a blood transfusion?
How many bones are inthe human body?
Why do people die when they jump off a bridge?
What other animals share the same DNA as humans?
At what age do you stop having operations on the nhs?
If you die and you have alot of money, and don't have a family or will who gets the money? How do they decide
How can i be happy?
What to do when you feel pissoff and think there`s nothing left in life for you?
Is killing myself the answerto being raped??
Are you scared of doctors?
A very personal problem. PLEASE help.?
What is the point of continueing to live when we just die later anyways?
Can cutting be a lifestyle choice?
Can someone give me some words of advice?
Does decapitation hurt?
What is your name?
Why do we fart?
The skin on the right ride of my stomach is very hot. about 5". stomach pain last night. What could this be?
If smoking is so bad, why don't they ban cigarettes?
How the hell do you cut the nails on your right hand?!?!?!?!?
Having a debate with 15 year old son: Who is correct?
Does anyone else have a phobia of vomiting (Emetophobia)?
Any tips for swallowing tablets?
Fingernails growing out of neck?
If you know you only have 2 hours to sleep before work, do you sleep or just stay up?
HELP! Very bad palpitations.?
Becoming a nurse....bad experience.what should i do now?
I think i have a stomach virus what should i do.?
Do i smoke too much weed?
Chest cramps// Makes inhaling painful. How do I make 'em go away?
HOw do I make myself throw up? this is not for anorexic reasons. it is for school.?
How old do you want to live until?
Im so depressed i dont know how im going 2 get thru one mo day?
If you are born gay, does that not mean being gay is a genetic disorder?
Unforgiveable sin?
Depression question?
Im Really Scared Please Help?
What's the best way to cure depression, when complicated by anxiety and panic?
Is thoughts on killing yourself a sign of depression?
Is it still bad to think about suicide even if you don't think about actually doing it?
Bored Bored Bored!?
Why do i fart a lot ?
How can i reduce high blood pressure and Cholestoreol without taking any drugs
How to fall asleep early?
3 Cheers for the Smoking Ban !!! Hip hip hooray- hip hip hooray- hip hip hooray :)?
Why Do Woman Think There Farts Don't Stink?
What is this strange bump in my earlobe?
Why is it called take a piss when really your leaving one?
Does an alcoholic who relapses after 4 months sober and drinks for 3 days need to taper off to quit again?
Can a 15yr old buy over-the-counter drugs?
Is this normal?
After vomiting, how to make my sore throat feel better?
When does an girl have her periord?
Too nervous!?
What do you like to do alone?
My love has dropped me because he's depressed... I need to get over him but I can't....?
Is there a possibility that anxiety is linked to smoking a lot of marijuana????
Does anyone know whats wrong with me?
Getting perminant marker off skin?
How do I know if I'm a Pervert?
Why do I feel this way?????
Im Lost Inside MY Own Life! Can Anyone Help Me?
Why am I so paranoid?
Anyone wanna take a crack at this?
What am I here for?
Why do guys smell so weird in the morning after they wake up?
On the bus in London today, i saw a BOY wih a hearing aid and grey hair. He looked 12. Why is this?
Anyone have this same problem as me?.....?
I need help to stop cutting myself and attempted suicide?
My doctor doesn't seem to understand that I need my anxiety to go away right now?
Help i need it badly?
Am I gonna die soon?
Im needing to know if im with child an what's is going to be girl or boy?
I stop smoking?
I was wondering if somebody with a high metabolism can become fat?
What should i do if someone is totally unhappy and wants to kill herself?
When a person starts to get grey hair is there anyway to make it stop?
What are the signs of cocaine use?
I have trouble falling asleep everynight, can you help me?
What is it that stops us rolling out of bed when we are sleeping, specially a restless sleep?
Why do I always have a dry mouth?
What does it mean if you have a green crap?
Can you get tonsilitus if you dont have tonsils?
How much water are people supposed to drink in a day?
To fart, or not to fart?
Can people with mentall illness be together?
Can a person go mentally crazy if they stay in their house and never come out?
Have you ever farted in a store and waited around to watch the faces of the people who walk into it?
Please help me I'm so scared?
Why can't i cry?
I lost my mom through death. I'm having a hard time dealing with it. What is the best way to cope?
Depression and relationships?
How come i think suicide is the fix to all my problems?
Is is unhealthy to be deprived of sleep for a while?
Why does my sore throat really hurt at night, but in the day its fine ?
Why my eyes see invisible floting lines???
If you were hurt badly in an accident and you were on life support...?
If smoking was that harmful they would ban it wouldnt they?
Drugs, like crack and weed...?
When you are alone laying in bed in the dark, what do you think of to help get to sleep when you cannot sleep?
Im in agony, can you help?
Is ice water bad for u?
How do you higher your cholesterol?
How do you survive the first 24 hours of not smoking?
What do you eat to make your fingernails strong?
I work at nights so when I come home I'm tired..?
Is it true that sitting on a slate doorstep will give you piles ?
What make your hair turn grey with age and why does it nornally start around the sides of your head.?
Do you believe in ghosts? i feel like there is someone in my house i get a wierd feeling in my stomach?
Do I need glasses?!?
Everyone in my family smokes besides me, how can I keep some of the smoke smell off of my clothes?
What can i do im adicted to self harm?
Does everybody get depressed at some time (why)?
How can i get rid of some anger???
If youve had a tough, hard life and you feel its turned you into a serious intense person, how do you undo all
What does it mean when someone is described as pathologically jealous??
Do you think it's weird to want to spend the weekends relaxing at home...?
What mental illness is it when your always looking at the negative, have anger problems, and can't control
Is Chronic Lying A Disorder?
How do I stop surfing the internet at work?
Help!!! mine son is swallowed sharp thing and now him is blooding in mouth?
Do you sit on public toilet seats?
How can I make myself sleepy without sleeping pills?
Is is safe to share needles?
Questions about smoking and stuff.... Please help!!!?
Anxiety? Need input?
Whats the best way to sooth an upset stomach?
Do old people fart as much as younge people?
Do you think its normal to talk with yourself?
Okay so if i do have a yeast infection?
What should be do before death?
How can I stop myself sleepwalking?
Why do potheads reject the medical and scientific evidence about marijuana that suggests it isn't harmless?
Do girls have an equivalent to a male wet dream?
Do You Write With Your Right Or Left Hand??
Help I Drank Off Milk???!!!!?
How Do I Gain Weight?
Been on Q&A; all Night Drinking Forgot Time. Excuse For Work?
I'm a 23 year old female with a few grey hairs. Why are they hear & what does this mean?
All I want to do is kill myself, how can i be happy again?
Am I depressed?
I believe that i have the potential to kill?
How to get government assistance for bi-polar disorder?
Can you make someone go into drug rehab?
Hey, my kids say we hear foot steps in the attic! What should I do? Help?
What's wrong with you people?
HOE LONG must i stand the pain ?
Is there such a thing as a noise sensitivity disorder?
Why don't people like self-harmers?
Can anyone give me some ideas on ways to relax?
How do you feel about circumcising?
What do you do when you sleep with someone that has uncontollable flatulance at night?
Glasses or Contacts...?
Health benefits of smoking?
Why wouldnt you want to donate your organs to help give life after your death?
Why don't you sleep?
Why most of Chinese/Italians/french/a... people use a bidet but so few english?
Is showering in and drinking well water bad for you?
My carbon monoxide alarm is going off what should i do?
Please give a quick answer. Just say yes or no if you wan! lol?
In what way we can see ourselves while sleeping?
What do i do if my dog broke its leg?
My girlfriend can't stop hiccuping!?
My mother thinks it's okay to go through a red light.......?
What's the worst thing you have ever done?
My life, DOWNWARD spiral??? What should i do with myself?
My girlfriend has been having anger issue and she has cut herself she asked me to find out what 2 do?
Can someone cheer me up please?
Would it still be suicide?
Can you ever recover from depression?
What are you thinking about right now?
Is it actually possible to die of a broken heart?
I'm 47 yrs. old and I just realized I'm a drug addict a couple days ago. Who do I go to to talk about this?
Whats wrong with me..?
What is your favorite smell?
Be honest...?
I only ate.....for one entire week!?
Could u die of a 114 fever??
A little Cigarette SMoke...Good for you?
If you could do one special thing before you die what would that be?
I stopped smoking and now I feel sick?
I can't fart!!?
Chest pain?
Why do I never get sick?
10 points to those who score highest on this hearing test!?
Do men like a big chest?
Share your tanning tips!?
Does any one else think that sugar is just as bad as weed??
Fart in bed?
My friend says putting warm urine in your ear will cure an ear infection, is this true?
How do you get rid of hiccups?? 10 points for first good answer that works!!?
I noticed i have been squinting when i look at the computer, i dont wear glasses or contacts... should i?
If you keep your eyes crossed for a long time, will they stay like that?
I am the administrator for an eye doctor and would like some feedback.?
Could I need glasses?
To Lasik or not to Lasik...that is my question.?
Is it bad to wear contacts at the age of 15?
How many time can you wear disposible contact lenses?
Doesm msturbation really make you blind?
How do you put your contact lenses in?
Does using computer alot give u bad eyes?
Do you have any tips when applying fake tan?
Ok, do I have the Flu or what?
Am i overweight for 13?
How do deaf people think?
My 22yr old son vomited blood, what is the problem?
Expired chocolate: still edible?
Does sterling silver make u go green on ur skin?
Is it possible that a drug addict don't have HIV virus?
Will I pass my drug test, if i did cocaine 6 days ago?
What 2 songs or tunes would you want to be played at your funeral ?
How can I get help for my depression without telling my parents?
Talks on depression? 10 pts will be given...?
I have a bit of an issue here and really need help..?
I've been having problems with my memory and am not sure why?
Am I to old?
Opinions about spanking?
Suicide, why should someone live?
Anyone else think it would be useful to have a window in our foreheads to see what is going on in our heads?
Alright, let's hear it................?
What's the best way to distract myself from my emotional issues?
Is it normal for a 7 year old girl to pee standing up?
Who belives marijuana is addicting?
Do you think marijuana shud be used to make medicines?
Will her hair grow again?
What are some side effects of caffeine ?????
Why is it that guys fart more?
My pee has been coming out clear/not colored?
Whats in your gym bag?
What does it means when your constipated for weeks, what should I do?
Can I drink any alcohol at all while taking Citalopram?
Painful sunburn....... ????
Help me figure this out, I'm getting hurt too often!?
Bleeding lips?
How do i get rid of stress without doing anything bad like cutting?
My husband smokes pot and goes in a hot tub and falls asleep for two hours couldn't he die in there the temp
What do you use to clean out your ears with ?
Whats the best way to stop yawning?
I'm shortsighted. Is the eye surgery good? does it have any side effect?
How do I convince my mom to let me use contact lenses?
Question About Contacts(for your eyes)?
Contact Lenses help (keep falling out)?
What's wrong with me?
Why do my eyes turn red when I put on my contact lenses?
Contact Prescription?
I'm trying to find some toric contact lenses to buy online...?
How do i purchase prescription eye drops via the internet?
Any idea what makes your eye twitch?
Trouble Sleeping!?
What do you do when your stress level gets too high?
Should mentally ill people reveal their mental illness on a resume, in a job interview, or hide it ?
I believe that everybody is watching me, taping me and trying to slowly kill me, who can help? I am tired.?
My mother thinks I am anti-social?
What should i do?
I can't feel happy because i know me ,my family,my friends and all people i love will all die.?
How can I improve my short term memory?
Don't you hate it when...?
Can you go on disability as a result of depression?
Can your vision really improve if you don't wear your glasses as much?
Can you wear colored (nonperscription) contacts if you have an astigmatism?
What is GNC And CVS?
Is "Color Blindness" a common complication of LASIK?
Lots of questions about contact lenses...?
Why does my eye hurt ?
Those who have blue eye contacts?
What causes the "red-eye" effect from smoking marijuana?
What colored eye contacts will suit my dark brown eyes ?
I want to get a eye test but whose the best?
Can a person drink TOO MUCH water?
How do you get rid of smelly feet besides powder or spray?
What are some good tips on NOT sleeping through the alarm in the morning???
IS drinking Water after Water after Water t he quickess way to pass a drug test?
Why do I get so jealous over everything?
I am covered in mosquito bites what should i do?
Is baby oil good for adults?
Who makes you the most nervous?
Better with age?
My computer is killing my eyes, what do I do?
Best way to clean my contacts?
Contact Lenses In A Theme Park??
What is the line above the eyes called??
What is the best multi-purpose solution for soft contact lenses?
Eye twitches? helpp?
Numbing eye drops?
Daily disposable contact lenses?
Wierd eye question?
How much would?
One of my contacts are stuck in my eye, How can I get it out?
I wear contacts, and say I smoked some weed, how do I get the redness out?
Does anyone drive with contacts and how bad is their vision?
Is too much computer going to ruin your eyes?
New to wearing contacts - is this normal?
If laser eye surgery is as good as it is touted to be, why do most eye doctors still wear glasses or contacts?
Do glasses make your eyes weak or stronger?
How should you wear reading glasses?
Can anyone give me some idea of the cost of Laser Eye Surgery in the UK please.I have short sighted vision?
Whats it mean when you can make a catapult from your own poo?
If you are allergic to Nair what do you do??
Having a drug problem, what to do?
When was the last time you farted?
"Marijuana is harmfull" bigest myth and government lie!?
What is the worst drug of all? Besides alcohol?
I stood up too fast and passed out today. (about 6 hours ago) I still feel woozy, is this normal?
What's the best way to keep energy levels up in an extremely hectic lifestyle?
Should i get glasses or contact lenses?
I need contacts so do i just get an exam and they fit me for my contacts?
I have just been for a laser eye correction consultation. I need information?
What kind of doctor is an O.D.?
Do you prefer to wear contacts or glasses?
Is there any way to change my eye color?
Contacts will make eyes worse?
Headache after wearing glassseS?
How can we stop wearing glasses?
I have severe nearsightedness (-7 diopter) and I wanted to know what the cause is primarily?
I need another year's worth of contacts. Do I need to have a check up?
How did you remove tint from glasses?
I REALLY want contacts but...?
My eye colour is yellow but 1 year ago it was white what to do to make it again white????
Why is there Braille on drive-thru ATM's?
How do opticians tell if you have an astigmatism?
Colored contacts?
My mother is blind in 1 eye...but she still cant be registered as blind ..what do you think?
Can you get glasses without parents if your under 18?
Is anyone else crying right now?
Has anyone thats suffered or suffering from depression get feelings of anxiety?
Sleep Remedies? Other than sleep pills... :3?
I think there's something terribly wrong with me...?
Gay, Young and Hopelessy Lost?
What relives your depression?
Do you think I need help?
What can help me cope with my mothers death?
How long od you spend infront your tv and com a day???
What to do with left over contact lenses?
What would be the best high index glasses for a very high prescription for farsightedness?
I have a prescription with -3.00on my left eye and -2.75 on my right eye. Is this high to normal people?????
Puffy eye?
Why are contact lens cheaper on some sites than others?
Changing your eye color...medically? Is this true?
If you were silly enough to brush your teeth and splash water near your eyes, using the same water, could...?
Anyone ever heard of a lens implant at the back of the eye?
I have -1.5 vision, what's the worse vision possible to get? Like negative what?
I am 34 years married women. i am just 4.11 tall. i desperately want to grow taller?
Would I die if I ate a dog poo sandwich, if not, what would it do to my health?
Does anyone know how to cure stomach flu?
What are the physical effects of smoking marijuana?
I am getting really hot and then really cold why is that?
Does anyone know of anything that can help with excess sweating?
Is coffee good or bad, i think its bad for you what do you think?
I feel depression always. I am only 21. No seriour problems in life.Then how can i get free from this mood?
Why am I getting bad cramps when I run?
Could stopping wearing glassses completely improve eyesight?
Do contacts eventually correct your eyes like glasses do ?
How much do contacts cost?
What is this thing in my eye????
I am seeing halos around lights, white splotchy vision?
"Something" is stuck in my eye. ): I need a deterrent!?
Why are my eyes like this?
I have this small round dark circle moving around when i'm looking at something. ?
Is it bad to stop wearing glasses?
Can tanning hurt vision?
Does anyone own a pair of Transition lenses?
What Is the responsibility of getting Contacts? I am only 12?
Is laser correction for eye advisable.
Do i need glasses?i decided to have my eye a free check up and the following are the result?
Do people with glasses/contacts usually have better vision with those in than people who don't need them?
I am gonna go blind!! Please help me!!!?
How can I safely make my brown eyes look instantly brighter?
Is (are) that stuff you wake up with in your eyes sometimes boogers?
Why is it that when you rub your eyes you start to see a mix of colors or patterns?
How to tell the contact you are about to put in your eye isn't inside out?
Why does the hair under my arms not grow any more?
At what height do you consider a girl to be short?
What is the name of the person who takes x-rays in hospital?
What is the fastest way to get rid of a hickey / lovebite?????
I am having problems getting enough sleep!!!?
Stomach ache after making out?
What is the problem when a 9 year old boy continues to urinate in the bed at night.?
How many cigarettes does the average person smoke in one year.?
Am I pregnant?
Why do I always wake up with a raging stiffy?
What is your favorite place?
Which is worse?
Is anyone familiar with schizophrenia?
Whats the best way to recover from a hang over?
I am addicted....at least i think i am...?? PLEASE HELP!?
Should i confront a friend who found my bottle of effexor in the cabinet?
Does anyong else talk to themselves?
Do you worry about dying?
How do i tell my mom i'm a cutter?
Plzz tell me guys what vitamins for the eyes?
Which color do you like best??
Im about to get contact lens and im really scared?
What does my eye prescription mean?
If you wear contacts for almost all your life, do your eyes get worse?
How long can I wear contacts?
Could i really get blind because of this?????
I barley got my contacts what do i do to were them?
Is it possible to wake up blind?
What bad effect can eyeglass-lenses have on human eye?
Why do my eyes hurt when I go to the cinema?
Hey. I'm very nearsighted. I was wondering if i should play computer with or without my glasses.?
Which is the best contact lens cleaning solution?
New Glasses??
Is my eyeglasses number really severe??
Please have a look at this image, and tell me how near-sighted the person who saw this was?
Do people with slanted eyes have less field of vision than those with wide eyes (not trying to be rude)?
I just got contacts for the first time and am curious if this is normal?
Why is my left eye stronger than my right eye?
I am 15 and i don't feel confident at school?
Does any one know of apple cider vinegar being used for acid reflux?
Sudden urge to whistle??
Are my feet small?
What to give my grandmother in the hospital?
How do I lose the fat in my arms?
Can air conditioner cause headache?
What does the different colors of urine mean?
I'm ab+ blood group my sister is b+ blood group is there any chance we may not be true sisters?
Why does my physician tell me not to use Visine?
My Lenscrafter eyeglasses are cracking at the edges?
Dry Contacts?
Has anybody improved his vision (short sightedness/myopia) through eye exercises ?
How long can you really wear disposable contact lenses?
My grandma wears spectacles for her life long and now her eye sight back to normal...strange?
New glasses...advice needed!?
How long does it take my cornea to grow back?
My left eye is in pain. no gunk, dry, feels like there's something in it. It's not pink eye. What is this?
I'm Near-Sighted do I still need to wear my glasses when I reading or using the Computer?
I think about suicide...I'm sure way too often...but I feel too ashamed & shy to speak up so what should I do
Would i get any benefits for not being able to work because of severe depression/anxiety?
I feel like such a failure that I'm not going to college until a year later?
I suffer from depression and have taken anti depressants on and off, are there any herbal alternatives?
Help!! i need to know about suicide!!! i despretly do!!!?
Is there a natural way to get over laziness and depression.?
What can a depressed 13 year old boy with no friends do 4 fun
Help i am so close to suicide?
Do I have OCD...? Please help me?
I am depressed, what can I do? I don't deserve this, why me?
Contacts questions (you dont have to answer ALL of them if you don't know it)?
What would cause a smokey film when wearing contacts.?
Why is red text on a black background 3D to me?
How do you saftey clean your eye glasses?
What is the cause of sand in your eyes when you wake up?
Eye doctor refuses to give me my lens prescription?
Laser eye surgery...is it safe?
Can u help?...?
Does your left eye hang low?
How should I protect my eyes or make it back to zero?
Embarrassing question but it is worrying me! (SEROUIS ANSWERS!)?
Whatever happened to Doogie Howser M.D.?
I taste stomach acid?
Help help help help?
Is chewing ice unhealthy?
How badly does it hurt to get your blood drawn?
I just tried marihuana recently and found no evident harmful side effects, but a cool sensation.?
Does anyone else ....?
This kid fainted in school has anyone else been knocked out/passed out in school?
Eye infection please help me?
Has anyone out there had Lasic eye surgery?
Am I gonna be blind?
Can answer my problem with contact lenses?
Can you react to contacts?
Colored contacts....???
My Eyelashes!?
Anyone seen ads for prescription glasses that change tint darkness according to light levels?
If my eyes dont need a prescription and i wear glasses that have a -1 prescription will my eyesight become bad
Eye test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Do Contacts harm your eyes !!!?
The liquid behind the lens of my right eye is drying and causes spots.?
Confused about my contact prescription?
Will using the computer too long worsen my eyesight?
I have eye floaters in both my eyes is there anyway i can get rid of this problem.?
Does anyone know some good websites where I can get some cute eye glasses?
Are there really contacts for astigmatism which are comfortable?
How long can a person keep their eyes open?
What ways can you remove contact lenses that don't run the risk of scratching your eye?
Do i have retinal detachment, gray shadow creeping down over left eye's vision?
Contact lens dry and hard still usable?
Does the Bates method restore eyesight? Or is it a load of BS (opinions please from those that know)?
Leaving my contacts in for a month at a time... will it damag my eyes later in life?
Do eye exercises help to redue myopia?
I have brown eyes but I always have red eye in pictures taken of me. Why?
How To Make Home Made Contact Lens Solution?
I need glasses?
Best contact cleaning solution?
What happens when you do not clean your contacts???
When reading a book my eyes become blurry after about 30 minutes. do i need to get my eyes checked, or normal?
What can I do to ward off headaches?
14 and need help?
I'm 5 2' in a half and i have a large body frame. I am 14. How much am i supposed to weigh? Please help!
Is Lasik eye surgery an outpatient procedure, or do you need to remain in the hospital?
What is the longest you have gone without sleep, without chemical help?
Why are my feet so cold and how can I warm them up?
What age do u stop growing?
How long does it take for marijuana to get out of your system so that you can have a clean urine test?
Top part of my legs are fatter than the bottom?
Has anyone got major eye damage from lasik-eye surgery?
Are contact lens save?
What is,"peripheral vision"? and could you explain what it pertains to?
How can I get rid of fear even for small tiny things, despite I know that I can solve but cannot overcome?
What makes your vision bad?
Contacts are really uncomfortable on me?
How do you get rid of astigmatism?
Need glasses?
My eyes hurt what can i put in them so they can feel better?
Have an idea what could be wrong with me?
Please help!!!!?
Average cost of an eye doctor visit?
How much memory does a human brain have?
My 8 year old sister attempted suicide?
What can I do to get sleep when antiety is bad right before bed?
If u were me and u couldnt live like this either wouldnt u ?
How do you get rid of anxiety/panick attacks for good?
I cry myself to sleep at night.....???
How can I go to sleep earlier without medications?
Is there any way to spot a good opticians?
Are the eyeglasses at Walmart?
Don't u wish u cud change ur eye color?
Are these eyeglasses too much of a fashion statement to wear for a job at a medical office ?
So I have a really bad habit...?
Can contact lenses go on the back of the eyes?
Question about my new prescription?
Why does my contact lens move in my eye?
What is the point of an eye appointment?
What do i do with the contact?
When do you think a girl should start behaving maturing-ly ?
Why do i get eaten alive by mosquitos when others i am with dont?
Self-esteem problem?
My daughter is really ill what can these symptoms mean?
How long can a person live without eating?
How can you get marijuana out of your system?
What can you take for fear of flying?
What do you think of your feet?
Can I just do eye washes to help clear up pink eye (conjunctivitis)?
I'm scared I'll go blind?!
Is it bad to read a book while eating or is that a myth and is it bad to read in a car?
Does this prescription of my eyes considered ok or bad?
My child was born with one left eye and one brown eye but both parents have brown eyes and we're black people
What colors am I blind of?
WITH OUT GOING TO THE DOCTOR,Is there any where i can get free color tiral pair contacts?
Colored prescription contacts? o?
At what age is it safe to use contacts?
How can I convince my mom to let me wear contacts?
What is the best brand of daily disposable contact lenses?
At Wits End With Eye Problem! Help Please!?
Hey users who are wearing glasses.......what is your age and what is the power of your spect lenses???
Vision problems, help?
Can you take a pair of frames to your eyeglass provider and have them fit your lenses to them?
Getting contacts, SCARED! I know the eye doctor will show me how, but do any contact wearers have any tips?
Why does my eye feel unconfortable sometimes putting on contact lens?...?
Do i need glasses??? what do they do in the eye appointments??
Hornet Sting!!! On My Eye!!!?
Prednisolone steriod pills can cause Glaucoma and cataracts if not monitored
Why all of a sudden do i hate you all!!!?
Survivor of suicide...What can I do?
How do you stop being lazy??
Kill my self? I really think i should!?
I have been diagnosed with bipolar recently, is it my fualt?, am I crazy?
Can't sleep at night, worrying, depressed, anxious, uncontrolable crying?
How do i control my depression?
Why do people fear clowns?
What can i do?
Name the time in your life where you were in the most PHYSICAL pain???
How early have you got to get up in the morning?
What are the best techniques to stay awake?
Is it a bad sign when the doctor hasn't called with your lab results??
Was I wrong to go to class?
What happens when you get no sleep for 10 weeks?
Whats the best way to get rid of a severe cough that keeps you from sleeping?
Anatomy question?
Eye Dilation how long?
I have scratched a lens of my glasses. They are plastic. What can I use to repair them?
What do you think is better : laser eye surgery or contact lenses?????
Whats actually wrong with my eyesight?
Anyone suffered with a corneal abrasion?
Do you have any tips for me, cus i just got contacts?
Can I choose a frame before visiting the optometrist?
Another question about changing eyesight??
Should i wear contacts to the beach?
Ok well i have contacts and it takes me more than 15 minutes just to put it on can u help me?
How much do contact lens cost?
Where can i get the new color iris implant surgery done?
What causes that burning feeling in your eyes?
Has anyone had eye laser treatment? If yes, how was the procedure and what are the after effects?
How do u improve ur eye vision?
Could i wear my fresh look colour contacts to sleep ? and why is it a bit blurry when i use the green?
Eye color help.?
Contacts...not as clear?
How to deal with eye fatigue?
What are some negative things about contacts?
I am in the military and I am thinking about having Lasik surgery?
Anyone know anything about Dry Eye syndrome?
Was I ripped off for contact fitting?
Visine eye drops help?
HELP!!! My contact soaked in chorine!!!?
Is -1 prescription for eyeglasses bad?
Lasik Surgery?
Do you laugh/snicker point at other people that have a physical disability?
I need to lose weight FAST!! What is the best way??
Why Am I So Jumpy?
How to i prevent myself from getting sick?
What is wrong with me...grrrr??
Why are people so scared of dying?
Occassional Smoking?
Smoking trouble!?
How can i get contacts with only my glasses prescription?
I just had an eye exam and the Ophthalmologist did the pressure test without using the stream of air?
Contact lenses...?
Should parents be allowed to choose the gender of there babies before they're born?
Why is my eye puffy?
Today i took a piss in the school bathroom and...eye question...?
Why can't you sleep with your contacts in?
Are new contacts suppost to be so clear?
Got hit in the eye (when two people jumped me) and my eye moves in and out when i breathe throw my nose.?
URGENT!!!! Pine o clean in eyes.?
Contacts Question!!!?
Crustie red eye?
If you have brown eyes then do green contacts look good?
Eye exam question?
Help for dry eyes! Can I re-build my tear film?
Acuvue Oasys Lenses?
Why is it that when i`m standing still and close my eye ,say to kiss my wife i just lose me balance?
What can i do to improve my eyesight?
I think I have a disease in my eye?
Is there a quick way to dry a small amount of 'leakage' on pants?
Hi im 15 and im 5-9 how tall am i going to be when im done growing?
Why is Honey 'unsuitable for children under 12 months'?
Why do you itch, when you get out of the bath?
I have piles what do i do with them?
Is it bad to pass gas in an elevator ?
I have a plaster on my arm.... which way is best to remove it?
Am I the only one that does not buy into that BS that depression is a disease?
Is there something wrong with me?
Is this a type of phobia?
Why am I so afraid of change?
I am very forgetful! i cannot remember anything! i speak and then all of a sudden just go blank! what can help
I'm lonely and depressed?
Is it depression?
What is wrong with cutting yourself?
Im so scared that I am dieing its ruining my life?
DRY EYES!!!! help!?
Do eye doctors make house calls?
Do i have pink eye????????
Why are glasses better than contact lens?
Contact Question?
My glass prescription seems too strong?
How much do contacts cost?
Does sitting too close to the television really "ruin your eyes?"?
Dry eyes...?
** How bad would a person's eye prescription need to be, in order to be considered legally blind?
Where can i get cheap fake contact lens?
What would cause one eye to be bigger than the other?
What kind of vision do I have?
I have a question about eyeglasses?
Bifocal/reading glasses question?
My contact is stuck in my eye and I can't get it out because my eye is too dry and it really hurts?
One day i woke up with a lazy eye and i was wondering what i should do.?
Best way to put contacts in?
How is using computers a lot bad for your eyes?
Oakleys for prescription?
Is it true the world is going to end on December 21st 2012 at exactly 11:11am GMT?
Why do they say that?
Everyone answer this question please?
Anyone know any good ways to get rid of warts?
How did you quit smoking?
Should your third finger be longer than your index finger?
Hard and dry contatcs?
How long are eye prescriptions good?
Is it rare to have 20/15 vision at 41?
How to get rid of tiny bloodshot blood lines appearances out of your eyes to make them pure white?
Contact lens fell out of eye?
Can I wear contacts over my glasses ?
I'm 16, should I wear contact lens?
Flashing object obstructing my vision?
Anyone tryed to stop smoking?
Y do i have a clicking noise in my ears when i swallow???
Im getting my eyes dilated tomorrow and i was wondering what its like cuz ive never had it done before...?
Every Time I eat any food, i end up my bad stomach cramps, and diarrhoea, can anyone help?
What do you think of my weight?
Glasses or contact lenses?
My Eye Doctor Said To wear My Glasses For "genral use" What Does That Mean??
My eye keeps switching, how do I make it stop?
Choosing my first frames - Should my ethnicity be a factor?
Which would you prefer..glasses or contacts?
Is there something wrong with my brain?
Are contact lenses comfortable?
I have lost my wallet and apparently my prescription for contacts was in it, what should I do now?
How Can I Restore Eye Sight?
If you are a teenage girl and all u have are glasses should u just not wear them and go bump into someone?
Are contacts better than glasses for sports?
What could be signs that a person needs glasses?
I drink too much alcohol. How do i stop or reduce my drinking? I've been binge drinking for about 15 years...
I'm sick,should i eat even if i don't feel hungry?
True or False- "big head means big brain"?
How can you fight midafternoon sleepiness...preferably without chemicals?
What is the best way to detox if you are going to get drug tested for a job?
How to take care of my chapped lips?
Why are ppl on Y!A and it's like 4 in the morning?(i couldn't sleep)?
I have figured my life out....and now I'm bored?
My throat...?
How can u tell that you are a diabetic?
How can I improve my memory status?
Do you think suicide should be legal?
How to control hyperactive child ?
Why dont I feel fully awake?
If you smoke to much cannabis does it cause schizophrenia or other pyschotic problems?
How do you know when you are crazy?
Self Esteem?
Where are all the flakes going?
Why do people cut?
Its almost 3 am and i cant sleep!!!!!!!!?
Which cost more, colored contacts or clear contacts?
Whats wrong with my eyes?
How much do contact lenses cost normally at the eye doctors? The 1 month or 3-6 month kind?
Dry eyes help?
Eye drops to refresh contact lenses?
Glasses or no glasses?
Please advise?
Anyone who uses contact lenses: How long did it take to get use to putting the lenses in/out? Any tips?
Is it harmful to your eyes if you read lying down?
How do I clean dirt and oil off my glasses, without leaving streaks?
Glasses/Contacts- Can I use my prescription to get contacts?
Does visine help you look less high?
Can you surgically change ur eye color?
Is it possible to improve your eye sight naturally?
How do you keep your contacts from sticking to your finger?
My eye doctor told me you shouldnt wear your glasses 24/7?!?
Contact lense PROBLEM?
How do you clean your Glasses?
How can I relax my eyes?
I just took off my right contact that was bugging me and now my right eye is blurry???
I took my daughter out to play and got eaten up by mosquiotos.. anything to make the bites stop itching?
Have you ever try to kill your self! Please tell the truth!?
Why is my cholesterol so high and I am not overweight?
My ankle has rotated 360 degrees, is this normal?
What's the best way to get over procrastination?
Do quiet farts smell more than louder ones?
Im constantly feeling tired any ideas?
How can i stop crying :(?
I have a headache?
What is the worst vision anyone has ever had?
Do carrots really help your eyes?
Can my two year old's astigmatism really change that much in 8 months?
Astigmatism , Can I get contacts that work or not?
Lasik Vs. Contacts Pros and Cons?
Contacts question..plz!! help!!?
I got 4 boxes of unused contacts the place i bought them wont take them is there a way I can sell them?
Will your eyesight get worse if you don't wear glasses for a month?
I have a ? about my eyes?
Why can't the optimitrist correct my vision to 20/20?
What would happen if i shined a lazer pen in someones eye?
What is the main reason that i born with two different coloured eyes?
Color contacts?
Contact lenses....?
Contact lenses ((Read Details))??
How can I cure my sore eye bags?
HELP ME .....part detached from my contact lenses !?
Contact lenses?
Isn't it true that contact lens specialists will exaggerate the dangers of getting your eyes lasered??
Is it true that black people who smoke marijuana usually have light colored eyes?
Which is more important ,Making money or Be good to your health?
Do you like your Transitions lenses?
Im very confused and sad right now about my eye problem?
Contact leneses strength?
What is 20/10 vision exactly?
When you have worn glassses?
Should i invest in glasses?.?
Does wearing glasses actually weaken or strengthen vision??
I don't want to get glasses!! What do i do?
What is astigmatism?
Sleeping and swimming with contacts?
Why is my eye ?
Why did my vision improve?
Disability benefits.?
Is it weird...?
Post cataract surgery?
How to change my eye colorq?
Lens crafter vs pearle vision?
I can see things far away, But what about up close?
I'm -6.00 in both eyes - you?
Does anybody see a blinding glare when they look in to a car's headlights???
Contact Lenses Users?
I am +1.00 in the right eye and + 2.50 in the left. Sometimes I go to the drugstore and when nobody is lookin
Help! The arm of my glasses broke off!
How do u stop constepation?
Can your optometrist legally withhold your contacts prescription?
Are photochromatic spectacles bad for your eyes?
Contact lense question....?
In my eye...?
Glasses color?
Do you HAVE to take out your contacts everytime?
Have you ever seen those fireworks in the lids of your eyes when you squeeze them shut real tight?
I think i need glasses?
Is there anyway to fix an astigmatism without surgary?
Is it okay to go on fast rollercoasters with contacts?
Deteriorating eyesight, please help!?
Do I have to get my eyes mesured to buy colored contacts?
Is anyone ever helped?
I am starting to scare myself?
Is there a way to beat depression naturally?
Does anybody know why I shouldn't kill myself?
Does Depression cause tiredness?
What can cure depression without drugs?
Can you stay a whole day at your house without going out?
I don't know what to do. I am 13 and upset.?
I'm having problems........?
What do you sleep in?
Is i t safe?
8 hous of sleep?
Is there any natural way for reduse my eye vision number i am 30 and my number isplus 4?
Eye Contacts?
I want to get contacts but my dad thinks they might be too expensive?
I'm a 17 year old who wants to know what color contacts would be better if you have black eyes ?
It feels like something is stuck under my eyelid?
Should i be wearing glasses?
Buying Specs on line ?
How do I know that I need glasses?