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Best way to stay alert/awake and to keep your mind focused?
What kind of drugs have you done?
Why do my knees crack everytime i kneel or bend down?
Can you catch any "diseases/infections" by kissing someone?
How can I get by with less than 9 hours of sleep?
Showering too much is bad for you?
Is It Bad To Not Shower After You Get Out Of A Pool?
I cant poo normally please help?
What ear plugs are the best buy for 'trying' not to hear your husbands snoring?
Why do doctors laugh at people while they're in pain?
Do you agree or disagree with Euthanasia?
What should i eat when im sick? this morning i had oatmeal and cranberry juice.?
How many times per day do you shower?
Just given up smoking. What can I do instead of a cig break at work?
Help, Please?
Florida is too hot/humid! Where is a cold & dry state to live in?
Wat is an IQ?
Do most people use deodrant or an anti-perspirant?
What can I put in my mouth instead of a cigarette?
Why do I sneeze so much?
Have you ever saved anyone's life? Briefly tell me only one story.?
What's the best way to get rid of a sty?
Infected tattoo can i sue?
Is it legal for a 16year old girl to donate blood to the Blood Donation Unit?
How much weight did you gain when you quit smoking?
What is the fastest way to bring extremely high blood pressure down???
I have a really bad headache.?
What would you do if you had 1 day to live ?
Im having a bad day what should i do?
How do you overcome depression?
Can we trust young male doctors? They can take advantage of their patients especially if the patient is girl.
I keep feeling bugs all over me..?
Am I Gonna Stay This Short?!?
Is it actually true that the cold causes you to become sick? My father always blames cold weather for..?
What is worse......?
Will I do it today?
I have been taking sleeping pills every night for the past 3 yrs. Tonight I don't want to. Any suggestions?
What is nitrous oxide?
How do I know if my belly button piercing is infected?
If you go to the Emergency room for something does what you go there for show up on the bill?
Chest Pain... Diarrhea... Someone please help?
Do u still sleep wit a night light?
Why am i so tired all the time,even when i wake up?
If someone helps me with this question, I will be soo happy, + you'll get 10 pts..!?
How can I keep my up energy without overdoing it on caffeine?
Help, Can Not Sleep?
What makes me feel like this??
Why dont we sneeze in our sleep?
About how often do you have to smoke cigarettes to become addictive?
I have found lumps on my head which are very tender and uncomfortable. Does anyone know what this is?
How can I find out my blood type??
Of thr 206 bones in a human body where is the smallest?
Candy causes throat sores?
I drink a bottle of wine every nite after work. is it too much?
Dizzy when falling asleep and cant move when wake up?
Im still wide awake here...?
What can someone do that has posion ivy?
Random question about food poisioning...?
What is the best cure for back pains besides medicine?
I can't sleep!?
Is it possible to find the solution to the HIV AIDS?
Why do you sneeze when you look at the sun?
I always forget if i have taken the tablets,what can i do?
Advice...sore eyes and scared i may go blind?
Can someone please explain to me what is wrong ?
Popped blood vessel in eye?
Should I get contacts?
Do you think I look good wearing contacts?
Do these glasses suit me ( my facial features) ?
What color would you say my eyes are?
Why do some sunglasses say they protect 99% UV while others say 100%? Is there a real difference?
Can you be 15 years old and wear contact lenses ?
What do you think happens after death?
Im 16, i drink and smoke. i want to stop, but then i kinda dont want to stop. what do you think?
Can anyone tell me what the brown marks in my panties are????
What can i do to make my eyes smaller ?
Hello, what can i do to boost up my concentration?? I get very tired at afternoons?
What can I do with mercury that spilled out of a broken thermometer?
Necrophilia,Bestiality or Coprophilia?
Why do I get consitpated?
Quit smoking?
How can i make my face less greesy?
I get up in the morning and after i have my first cigarette i get dissy for about a minute?
Do you think that I should be scared? Please Help!?
Getting older ............... ?
What does prozac and zyban do, and what does it cure?
Is it bad if your tears aren't salty?
Good medicine for sore thought and bad cough...?
Any body around cant sleep?
What is the best thing to do about loss of appetite?
BATHROOM POLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
What is the MMR immunization?
What is the best cure for tennis elbow?
What's the best way to restrain a squirming 4 year old, for a Blood Test ? PLEASE, HELP ME PLEASE Desperate !
Is smoking a cigarette worse than smokig weed?
Health care in prisons?
Is drinking water reduces headaches?
I haven't slept in 20 hours...?
Chronic Headaches?
What could it be? very important!!!!?
What's DUI?
How often do you urinate?
Why do I urinate frequently when I drink a lot of water?
How do you get rid of backache?
What do you do when you can't sleep?
What can one do to grow taller?
Witch one is better sugar or honey?
I get tired at night and wake up in the morning whats wrong with me?
What 3 things protect the heart? worth 10 points...........?
For the Marijuana smokers and or medical advisers..??????
Always tired?
Does wearing glasses make it more difficult to do things?
What headache do i have?
Pull an Alnighter? Or have about 5 Hours Sleep?
I really, really want a cigarette?
Help!! I have something in my eye and it HURTS, what do I do?
Colored contact lenses?
Whats some colored contact ideas for me? ?
Air conditioner dries my eyes because I wear lenses?
Why Are Tears Salty?
What Color Contacts Should I Get ?
Would you get contacts for a 12 yr old She will be going into seventh grade and does not want to where glasses
So i'm 14 year old girl n i just pierce my lip at home and i when to buy the ring at hot topic, is that bad?
Laser Eye Surgery Questions?
Contact lens fitting?
Does insurance pay eye contact fitting?
Do we fart in our sleep?
Have you ever farted in your hand and then smelled it?
Is it true, that when you sneeze it stimulates the same part of the brain as when you orgasm?
Help! my dad threw up!?
Can drugs (like cocaine) reduce your lifespan?
How to suicide without any pain?
Is it a bad idea to sell one of your kidneys in Mexico?
When going for a military drug test how long does it take to get weed out of ur system and how can u get rid?
How can I get some cigarettes without my parents finding out??? please answer!!!?
Does aluminum foil, when worn on the head, protect against alien's taking over your mind?
My knee is bothering me . I have RLS so its impossible to rest the knee. What to do for knee pain?
What type of doctor should I see if I am having numbness in my right toes and my right middle two fingers?
Water in ear?
How many glasses of water should you drink a day and what are the effects from not drinking enough water?
Does anyone know...?
How to be tension free?
I've been getting these bumps in my mouth?
Do you think doctors talk behind our backs?
I hate being colorblind?
How bad is pot really?
Can a 14 yr. old take gummy vitamins?
Hard 2 breathe?
Will someone get sick if u fart on their pillow i herd it was true?
My boyfriend smokes pot....?
What method do you use to calm your nerves and relieve stress?
I microwaved my hand on accident. what should i do?
What gets rid of runny or stuffed noses?
I have a brown. Why is it brown?
What kind of shampoo do you use?
Why am i changing? I suddenly feel myself liking romantic comedy films and saying 'aowh' at little babies etc?
List three reasons why young teenagers take drugs?
How can you get rid of excessive earwax?
Daughter is sick - please help?
What is the best thing to drink when your vomiting?
What are some name of prescription drugs that my friend could be using to get high?
Which is worse?!?! weed or alcohol??
I could (should) have gone to bed hours ago, but I stayed up. How will I wake up in the morning?
Passing out?
How many sibblings do you have?
How often do you change your toothbrush? 3 months, a year?
My grandmother is acting really strange... what should i do?
How many times do you wash your hands in a day?
Hey if u started smoking at 13 and u smkoek 5 ciggs each how it is possible u will die soon................?
I need to get myself sick on wednesday?
Terrified of needles?
What do you do to keep your self awake?
Clarification to all those dumb who thought I actually meant sleeping?
Does anyone know the side effect of taking shower at midnight because i took shower everyday around midnight?
Is this normal (see details)?
What time do u get up in the morning?
What type of music makes you sleepy?
Does anybody know some stress releaf techniques?
Please answer?
How long should bruising last after having a blood test?
In communication, what is feedback?
Any Suggestions on what might be happening to me?
Whats the worse thing about hangovers?
Bottled water or filter water?
Is it okay to take outdated antibiotics?
What happens if you drink a little bottle of purell hand sanitiszer?
Whats the fastest way to get clean??
How does your eyesight become worse?
I have trouble sleeping at night, what should I do?
Can't sleep any suggestions?
Watch the video below....what is the stuff that comes out? It is so gross.....?
All i think about is killing myself but couldnt do it to my mum how do I stop thinking about it?
Do people slip back into depression after they are taken off an anti-depressant?
What do u do when u can't fall asleep?
I need help??
Is a menstrual period every 21 days or 28 days? I think mine arrives every 21!?
Who decides who's crazy?
How to avoid suicidal attempts?
I'm having a really bad day; can anyone help me to feel better by telling a joke or giving inspiration?
Have had worst day of my new bout of depression so far - advice to get through evening please!?
I'm only a 15 year old male, and I'm getting hot flashes. Why??
When you fart in bed, do you pull the covers over your spouses head?
Am I left or right handed?
Why do people smoke?
I don't wanna die. what do i do?
Does size really matter?
Proper way to get rid of hiccup?
How long does it take for a black eye to clear up.?
Shouldnt a pack a nicotine patches or chewing gum cost same as pack of cigarrettes for it to make sense using?
Toung piercing?
Sleeping beauty?
I need tips for sleeping. I go to bed at 10pm then would wake up at 3am and take 2 hrs to get back to sleep.?
Do you know of anything to put on before bed to stop or lessen bedbug bites?
This morning I was shaving and I ran out of shaving cream. I pressed the top of the bottle and only air came?
How do you cure constipation in a few hours without having to take medicine for it ?
Whats the longest time somebody has died?
Why do people like to kill themselves by smoking?
How can I get him to sleep?
Whats wrong? (help please)?
IS there an alternative approach to quit smoking?
(Dont ask why) Is there any way to you wet your own bed in your sleep?
How can a black person have blue eyes?
Why do you smoke?
Why do i black out when i stand?
How do i get alcohol out of my system quick.?
How to i get rid of poo stains in my undies with washing?
Should I tell people I ran into a wall?
I smoked 11 days ago for the first time in 3 months can i pass my drug test today???
I have strep throat and just started taking penicillin, how long will it take for it to go away?
Am I going to grow taller?
Whats the best cure for a bad back(CAN BE FUNNY IF YOU WANT)?
Okay this is probably the grosest thing you heard ever..?
Where online can you sell your kidney?
How do cigarettes damage health?
What does sleeping with a pillow between your legs do?
Is pepto-bismol good against nausea?
I tend to lick on my lips a lot; and it is leaving a dark mark above my top lip. What do I do to get rid of it
How long can a person survive drinking only water withuot any food?
Concerned about boyfriend?
What is a mental hospital like and do you think i will be put in one ?
Why are British people so obsessed with tea?
Help! i'm scared of dying!?
In your honest opinion, does medication for depression ever work?
Should I tell my mum?
Smoking Weed?
Is there a natural way to get rid of depression?
Is it pathetic that I cut myself cause I can't do anything right and then I can't even do that right?
Endding it all tonight?
My ex-girlfriend?
If Pls help 10 points!!!!!!?
Does anyone else suffer from panic attacks?
What is the correct posture to sleep?
I think I have the FLu. Throat really hurts?
I heard that getting high on weed the first time feels like.......?
I can see my hip bone?
What are some things you can do to relieve stress?
Which is more harmful marijuana or cigarettes?
I tried smoking weed for the first time, it didn't go well at all?
How old IS old?!?
Why is the smoking doing this to me?
My blood pressure is pretty high and its getting dangerous for me to be on the pill?
Difficult bowel movement? is there solution for easy digestion and release?
How many people think shots hurt?
I think I have a peice of food in my throat?
Should i shower more than once a week because im getting the impression that flies are following me .?
Why do they kidnap kids?
What do you think is the best brand to take for a Multivitamin?
I get up earlier .. why is that??
I can't sleep! Even if I pull all nighters!?
I have scars and scabs on my arm how do i get rid of them??
Can a 14 year old be pregnant?
What can I take to stop peeing?
What liquid can i put in my ears to soften the wax before trying to scoop it out?
What's a home remedy for bee stings?
Is there any way to strengthen kids immune systems?
Plz answer!!?
What is the healthiest position to sleep in?
Have you got a hangover today :)?
I have killed 3 baby rats so far in my kitchen. I have seen the mother it is huge, how do I get rid of it?
Please help - Heart pounding, flushed, tingling sensations....?
What are the street names for cocaine?
Home remedies for a bladder infection?
Do Gay people ever get constipated??
What happens when something goes into your ear?
Is there a way to find out names of people in your state that has aids or hiv?
What has ever gotten on you that truly grossed you out?
Need advice from parents. How do i put Eye Drops,into my 3 year old ?
What are these?
Sore throat?
My German sheperd has a swallon stomach and seems to be very weak?
What is the best thing to do when ones feels sleepy at work, post lunch?
OK this is KINDA urgent.... What should i do!?
Can't sleep-- need to sleep!?
What does it mean when after you poo ,theres blood ont the toilet paper?
Why do I get so Tired?
Do men need a beard for some kind of protection?
Any herbal treatment for migraine?
Do you have bidets in the States/Canada?
What happened when you got your first period?
I think my wife has strep throat?
Why do people joingangs?
Why do we close our eyelids when we sleep?
Anyone know a good way to build up body muscle?
Clear Urine?
Do all men have a hairy behinds?
I am in excrutiating pain...please help me!!!!!!?
Is there any organization that will assist with getting a new pair of glasses. i am legally blind, mine broke.
HELP!~!pros n cons of eye correction surgery???
After playing 2 hours of Halo, will looking at faraway tree tops make your eyes better?
Is it ok to wear my contacts this long?
Contact lenses?
My son is six years old at times he gets severe headaches he tells me when he is getting one.?
How much do glasses usually cost?
Eye twitching!!?
What are contacts like?
Can someone help me understand my eye glasses prescription?
What bones can you crack?
Why is it bad to sleep in contacts?
What can i do to fall asleep faster?
Does anyone have any good tips on falling asleep at night if you are overly stressed and your mind will not?
Does anyone else get depression from pot?
Why do we sweat in our armpits - yet armpits are not exposed to the air so that the sweat can not evaporate?
Which is the best multi-vitamin tablet?
My eye lid has been twitching for several weeks now, why?
This is really embarressing.........?
Red bull????
What is your biggest fear in your life?
What to eat or do to stop stuttering.?
How can I stop being lazy!?
What would happen if you HOLD your breath for 10 minutes?
What is your opinoin of registered nurses?
If you were in a coma do you still need to be feed?
When something die why do it stink????????
Why have men got bigger feet?
Have you ever attempted to end your life?
Has anyone been hypnotised before?
Anyone have tips on keeping it together when you're under a hell of alot of pressure?
Can i put my head teacher in a mental asylum?
How can i stop myself from crying?
I feel bullied and discriminated in work?
Self Injury?
Im very scared of the dark,corners,windows,shad...
I got problem of hernia. what is this and haw can i ger rid from this?
I always feel sleepy...i dont feel fresh even 10 hours of sleep does no help...wat can i do to become active?
Can quiting smoking "cold turkey" give you head aches?
Right when I fall asleep at night I wake up and gasp for air and my heart starts fluttering. Why?
How do you get rid of poison ivy?
How can a sore throat be cured by eating chicken soup?
Can you only get anti depressants by perscription or can you buy them at pharmacys?
How have you dealt with tragedy in your life?
True or false?
Why is it that when i pick my nose, it's full again in 5 minutes?
What should my next steps be?
Why cant people open their eyes when they sneeze?
Feeling Nauseous any suggestions??
Do you think that steve irwin ( the Crocodile Hunter ) took risks that may have been a factor in his death ?
Should i get my tounge pierced?
Should i go to the doctor?
My apt neighbors smoke and I have bad allergies, What are my legal options?
If you go to the emergency room, do you have to pay the bill that day?
My ear's been blocked for 3 weeks, why?
Should we be getting paid???
What do you do when you are nauseous?
What can i do to make my boyfriend (24) shower?PLEASE HELP!!!?
Im 12 and i have sleeping problems?
Why is it that when we close our eyes we fall asleep?
Is it healthier to drink soup before eating dinner, or the other way around, or doesn't matter?
Why can I never find a shoe that fits? All my shoes scrape my heels til they bleed, even the really nice shoes
What do you think the "perfect size" is?
What kind of food can help growing fast.?
I am a short person. Do you have any suggestions for me to increase my height? I still have some time to grow.
Did you ever wash your socks?
How can I stop moths coming in my open window?
Is dream related to reality?
How do you stop panick attacks?
How tall are you...whoever you are?
Why do people wake up with a frown on their face?
Why is it that i feel tired / sleepy all day, but when night-time / bedtime comes, i can't sleep?
What's good for mental stress?
When applying CONDITIONER to YOUR HAIR, do you leave it or rinse it out completely?
My friend came home from the bar?
How to clear earwax for childred in a safe way?
Is dream colorful or white and black?
Other than sleep deprivation, what causes dark circles under the eyes?
How many hours of sleep do you require to perform at your best?
Soft contact lens?
My 4 year old has 20/40 vision in one eye and 20/25 in the other. This was just a screening at his checkup.?
Can anyone tell me the difference between transition lenses & prescription sunglasses?????
Is it possible to get non precription contacts?
Can u go blind if u get tooth paste in ur eye??
If somebody punched in your eye are contact lens safe?
QUSTION FOR THE EYE DOCTOR *answer for 10 juicy points!*?
Do i need glasses?
Does staring in the distance improve near-sighted eyes?
Is it normal to pee in the shower?
Hey im gettin a real bad twitch in my right eye since yesterday for the first time in my life why its jumping?
Gold turns me black???
Is it possible to gain weight just sitting and not eating anything?
How can I get sick???
Has drug binge made me extremly ill
What's The Best Way To Keep Yourself Awake?
How to control rapid diarreha?
Can a tatoo be removed, and if so, how, and how much would it cost?
Why do surgeons use staples to close wounds? Does it reduce scarring?
Does fanta and Miranda orange grow your breasts?????
Why are yawns contagious?
Bulimia help please?
How can I stop biting my lips?
What are the benefits of caffeine?
How can I wake up early and be refreshed?
Staph infection?????
I have been falling asleep a lot when I don't want to, lately. Any suggestions on preventing it?
Can headphones/earphones cause ear related problems?
I feel like I'll never be good enough?
I have anxiety, and depressed but not all the time, mostly at night, why?
Is there a cure for depression and anxiety?
Could anxiety disorder and panic attacks give me a rash and break outs on my body?
Feel so suicidal... What should I do?
To anyone diagnosed with depression......?
I hate other people?
How can i increase my memory fast?
Do you think that religion is a form of psychosis?
How to get deep and pczful sleep???
What happens at the doctors office when?
I think i am addicted to pop...?
What would cause my hair to fall out?
How do I get cigarette smoke out of clothing?
Where can I purchase truth serum?
Why do guys like to cheat when they say they care about you?
What is a good way to stop drinking sodas?
What could motivate someone to terminate their own life?
How come americas getting so FAT?
What makes the heart actually ache or sting during heartbreak?
Is it harmful swallowing gum?
Why can't I sleep?
What can you use for a blister on your eye lid?
How dangerous is the tanning bed?
I can't sleep.......?
Constantly thristy ! !!?
How to get up early without turning off the alarm clock and continue sleeping?
Heart palpitations?
I ate too much cheap ice cream and now I have a stomach ache - what should I do?
This is embarressing... But what's the best way to get rid of bad BO on your armpits?
Which works faster, bulimia or anorexia?
Y is cutting urself so addicting?
Which is the strongest muscle in human body...??
Y called it the funny bone?
Best Treatment for Hiccups?
Smoking V Drinking?
Why an ANT don’t die if thrown from 3rd or 4th floor while a human being dies?
How did i get green eyes?Though my parents are brown eyed.?
Do you pee in the shower (women)?
How to unblock ears that are clogged with wax?
I'm suffering from gout?
How can I stay awake longer?
How do you motivate yourself everytime you feel down?
I heard that apples give you cancer. Is this true?
Cure for oversleeping?
I am dead tired. How can I stay awake and alert another 5 hours?
How do you prevent the area under the nose to become irritated after blowing it a lot?
Did you ever scan your Mind ?
Embarrasing question?!?
Drugs.....what is the worst one that you think??
I'm a 13 year old female...Is there any possible way I can grow taller?
Being cold?
Anxiety attacks....clinical depression ...can anyone relate?
What do you think is the most horrible pain in the world?
How many hours of sleep (on average) do you get a night?
I'm only ten and sometimes i just break out crying over nothing wats the matter?
I can't sleep got ne tricks to get to sleep easy??
Are all Quadriplegics rude and negative?
What is a medical induced coma?
I quit smoking pot two days ago and need help.?
What Causes Nose Bleeds in Humans...?
Help sleep problems?
OMG, how do you get rid of headaches!?
Plz tell some methods to lower ur blood pressureinstantly?
Why did the kamikazi pilots wear helmets ?
Why is it when you have a day off work and you stay in bed for longer your more tired when you wake up ?
Do i need to wear my glasses all the time?
Popped blood vesel in eye?
Do you know any sites about glasses?
Glasses for distance - should I be wearing them all the time?
How do i properly deal with the dirt in my eyes when i wake up, so i wouldn't hurt my eye?
I heard that I can buy eye contacts on line and they are much cheaper?
I work under a computer all day. I have did LASIK, how can I maintain my vision.?
Blood shot eyes?
Conact lenses prescription?
What does it mean when the eye doctor says "my left eye is more powerful than the other"?
HELP!!! I accidentally swallowed half a toothpick. What should I do besides go to the doctor?
Why do we get smelly feet but not smelly hands?
Are you instantly addicted once you start smoking?
I am having a burning feeling in my chest, what is it?
Smoking cigarettes?
Why does your stomach hurt when you start to run?
Ive got a sore throat?
How can i get rid of acne in one night?
When a girl shaves her legs on average how long does it take to grow back??
Twitching eye/eyebrow?
How do you know when you overdose?
Why am I so tired?
My 11 month old has a bad cough when I lay him down for bed and it keeps him up all night. What can I do?
Ingrown toenail?
Will the nicotine show up in my drug test?
Any tips for getting a good night's sleep?
Will smoking weed always make me feel like this?
When people throw their still lit cigarettes out the window... and i drive over them... any danger..can i re?
Any tips on how to fall asleep fast?
How do you stop your mind from thinking?
Do you think suicide is a good idea for people with no future?
I am in a situation in which I need to tell my husband some news that he isn't going to like. Please help?
Does Santa prefer little girls or little boys?
How do u console a friend who has had a friend die?
What is the answer to life the universe and everything?
Will this effect me emotionaly??
I am really depressed and right now I want to jump in front of a car, What should I do?
I want to increase my memory power.what should I do?
Are drugs really wrong?
Is smoking weed bad for you realistically speaking?
Do steroids show up on the military drug test?
What makes us yawn?? :/?
Why am i still tired after i drink coffee?
Does the flu shot really get you sick?
When i'm i hungry what can i do?
Why do i need to wee all the time?
Can anyone help me with this back/kidney area pain? Please!?
10 points to the first person who can sensibly answer this. What is the difference between a phlebotomist and?
Is this bad? please help me?
What are your views? smokers and non smokers?
Did you know that , when people die in the hospital and they?
Ways to prevent "swimmer's ear" from coming back?
My right ear has been sort of vibrating when I make certain movements and feels clogged.?
How can I learn to swallow pills?
I want to be a vegatarian but my parents wont let me. how do i let them let me become one?
Can weed really kill you?
Does quitting smoking get easier as time goes by?
Trapped Wind!!!?
What's wrong?
Please help me!!?
How many hours do you sleep a day?
Why some nights can i not sleep?
What do they call that when your hands shake uncontrollably?
My knee is swollen, what should I do?
I am so tired but when I go to bed I cant sleep and then when I fall asleep I am waking every few hours?
Does staying on the computer for a long time numb you're brain or make it immune to what happens around you
Is 5 hours sleep sufficient? I rarely get the recommended 8 hours sleep.?
Why are there an increasing number of assaults on nhs staff?
Snorting caffeine pills?
Is it OK to work out if I have a cold?
Whats is the medical name for being lazy?
What do you tell a doctor to get a prescription of anti-anxiety medication?
What drinks are good for your liver and kidneys?
Where did i put my mobile phone?
(dope) good or bad?
What sort of person are you?
Stomach acid making me feel sick?
I have a lump in the crack of my leg?
How come we don't include the nine months we were in our mums' bellies in out age?
Is taking of a daily shower good for health?
How can some people read when they're on the toilet?
Why do we get headaches?
What can happen to me if i continue not sleeping?
Do you have a problem with mosquito bites?
Has anyone ever tried hypnosis to quit smoking?
What's a body part that starts with the letter "w"?
I just took an Exlax pill and washed it down with Pepto-Bismol, what do you think the outcome will be?
How come when I eat a certain amount of a certain nut, my throat hurts afterwards the next day?
Is Laughing contagious?
Drug test question?
Your oppinion on smoking.?
At what age did you notice your first grey hair or wrinkle?
I need to get sick!?
How much water should i be drinking?
I have not had a period for 3 months and took 3 pregnancy tests and all were negative. what is wrong?
Can i smoke and still live when i'm 40???
I need to sleep at least at least 9 hours otherwise I am in a horrible bad mood. Is it normal?
What can I do about my Dry Lips from hell?
What happens if i eat mold cause i did and can i die?
What would you rather have, i needle in the mouth off the dentist OR needle in arm like taking blood??
Should I stay awake?
I'm blind in one eye is it true you may still be able to get into the Marines?
Boyfriend having procedure done, but what kind?
I have had a cold (man flu) for the last 5 - 6 days....?
Why people said we have 8 fingers only?
I just got contacts for the first time today, and I was wondering?
Any Health risks using Monthly Contact Lenses?
Are these bug eyes?
Does eye strain (from computer) cause long term bad effects on your eyes?
My right eye hurts?
Will I ever need glasses?
Is there any eye drops that help moisture and nourish eyes?
My daughter has had a sty for months now and it just gets worse.?
Sunglasses - Will they weaken your eyes?
How do i tell my mom I want contacts>?
Is contact lens solution drinkable?
Best shampoo and conditioner to use to get professional quality with out spending a lot of money?
Has anyone ever been in an abusive relationship?
What motivates you to keep going every day?
Help....I just ate a packet of ham that was out of date by about 3 weeks, will I be ill?what should I do?
Which gender do you want to be?
13 weeks pregnant and got a cold.?
Want to stop smoking,,any advice????
Can someone please tell me how to get rid of a headache really, really fast??????? PLEASE HELP ME :(:(:(?
Do i weigh too much??
Im a night shift worker and im tired all the time and always want to sleep what can I do?
What to do when you go to the emergency room for a miscarriage and waited 5 hours with out being seen only tri
Tanning Safe?
I've gotten very little sleep recently and now I'm numb all over?
Do doctors call you back if nothing is wrong with your tests?
Me and these dumb girls in my dorm were arguing, do contacts go in your eyes or on your eyes?
How do you get to sleep fast?
Why do i fall asleep then wake up an hour later?
Are cold sores around the mouth contagious? What herpes type is this?
I have a very bad colds.. how am i going o get rid of it, none of my syrups are working.. im desperatet?
How to avoid sick ppl w/ out skipping school?
I bite my nails. Its getting to be a really disgusting habit.Anyone know a good way to stop this???
Her parents won't care, who should I tell?
I was told that If I ate june bugs I would get high. Is the face swelling normal?
Do you thank i should get a job insted of being a drug dealer?
Do you pee clear or yellow?
Why do we blink?
Is this a panic/anxiety attack?
Worried about daughter's weight?
I can't stop eating today.?
Beating fatigue ?
Do you know how to relax? What is your prefer ed method of slowing down?
Should fat people pay more taxes than slim people to pay for the healrh care they will need later in life?
What do u usually do if u are tired but cant sleep?
Former Smokers - Can You Help a Struggling Quitter?
Are very hot baths good for you?
If you only have one eye...are you blinking or winking?
What are the remedies for gastric problem?
How to cook rice without getting the cooked rice sticking to the bottom?
Should you punish your anerexic child from her friends, for not eating, and hiding food?
If a person took 4 tokes of marijuana will it show up in a test 5 days later.This person has never smoked it.?
What is the strongest muscle in the body?
What would you do if you have no legs?
Anyone know any remedies for hangovers?
Is taking a gift from a patient right or wrong for nurses?
Am i being bullied at work?
I suffer from frequent nosebleeds. 1.) How do I stop them? 2.) What could be the possible cause?
Ringing in my ears...?
What are the side effects of amoxicillin?
Do asians need sunblock cream?
I am 18 and still bed wet.,,,?
If you had the choice to sleep would you?
What is a natural way to physically and psychologically keep yourself awake in the morning?
Im sick any one knows how I can get better for tomorrow?
I cant sleep everynight and need to drink a few beers to go to bed. Is this bad?
What causes reoccuring Laryngitis?
I'm due to go into surgery in a couple weeks, and I've never had to go "under"...I have this crazy phobia!
How can you avoid taking drugs?
Besides a place for earrings, what's the purpose of earlobes?
Whats wrong with me (personaltiy kidna question)?
Can secondhand smoke make you sick?
Is there any good sleeping medication for teens?
Can drinking to much caffeine make your stomach hurt?
Why is your urine yellow and why is your stool brown?
How long in hospital with hip operation?
I took a sip of bad milk ?
How do you get to sleep when your over tyred?
I need a very strong deordorant.?
What causes rotten egg stench belches?
Do you wash and go?
What is the best way to quit biting your nails??
Do some people require more sleep than others?
I need to get to sleep?
Is it bad to cross your legs???
How to get marijuana out of your system??? please help!!?
I am ill and I dunno what it is or what to do to fight it?
What puts people to sleep?
Can anybody define "trustworthiness" please help time running out?
Sleepiness after eating?
What would cause urine to look neon bright yellow?
My side hurts when I laugh, what's wrong with me?
Is it safe to drink fabric softener when you are constipated?
Can you please help me quit smoking?
Is it possible to experience some form of overdose from energy drinks?
Is rectal bleeding only a symptom of problems with the bowel?
Does cracking knuckes have long term side affects?
My husband says that men's ears and noses continue to grow all of their life?
.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.My socks?
How to relive constipation?
If you think someone is self harming, what should you do?
Why do people snort when they laugh???
What happens if you take 9 tylenol?
How do you break this habit??
Do the hives go away nd wht helps them go away?
Everyone answer!?
Is being short Weird??
Sharing a washer/dryer with strangers. Is it healthy & is it only in US?
I'm Very dizzy, and my pupils are very small. what could be going on?
How do I quit smoking?
How often can one take a laxative?
When you go to the Doctors what do you say?
1st time smoking weed!?
Is there a treatment for low blood pressure?
How do I quit smoking, I have tried everything?
What are the side affects of a kidney infection?
Do we have to go one degree high when taking fever of 3 year old kid underarms.?
How to get rid of a flat butt?
Whats the best feeling in the world ??
Do you think 6 stone is fat for a 5ft 2 girl?
What is a part of the body that starts with a G?
Why is your thumb not called a big finger but your big toe is called a big toe?
Nothing is right?
How to help my child with costipation?
Is there any other morning people out there?!?
Is it possible for me to receive disability?
I have a friend who is about 21 weeks pregnant and takes tylenol pm every night to go to sleep is that bad?
Ive been getting cramps at night and i relly dont know what to do?
Why is it so hard to make a doctors appointment nowadays?
I never have energy. Its not from a lack of sleep. I force myself to exercise some but I am so weak.?
When you get blood work done how long does it take for your doctor to have the results?
Why do my fingers swell up during the night or in the heat?
Did the sun always cause skin cancer?
Is it ok to comfort eat every now and then?
A S A P Wat can i give my husband to help stop his hangover vomitting,diarrhea,nausea...
When should you take a 4 year old to the hospital for vomiting?
Is life worth living?
When you die, do they still remove all your organs, even if they do not do an autopsy?
How Do Babies Do It?
What is your worst habit?
Alcohol vs. Marijuana....preferences?... why?
Why do they say smoking ages your skin?
My myspace...?
How do you remove earwax? and what is it?
Can you fall asleep if the pillow isn't coldd?
My 2 year old has a big bump in her head. She had it for over 2 months.?
What is the fluid in a blister?
I cannot wake up and it has made me miss my midterm?
Does beer destroy brain cells?
How can I fall asleep easier...or how can i not be so EXTREMELY ABNORMALY tired in the morning?
What is the medical condition in which a person falls asleep uncontrollably?
Best cough drops to sooth a cough and sore throat?
I had my tonsils removed, am I still able to get strep throat?
How can I stop thinking about stuff at night and be able to go to sleep???
Panic attacks!!!!?
How can motivate my self?
My hubby drives me nuts when he is humming!!?
Why do we want to die???
Really low self esteem?
How long have you been depressed for!?
Please can any one help.am suffering with baby blues.cant take medication,am allergic. any alternatives??
Do woman really have orgasams or is it a a myth?
How do you cope with winter?
Can you have grapefruit whilst on medication?
Is smoking Cannabis really that bad?
Should i take antidepressants?
Too much????
Any known cures for stopping balding and regrowing hair?
Why do people throw their head back when swallowing a tablet?
How do i stop my legs from cramping up.?
Why do people like Tobacco?
Do girls rather ask out a guy or be asked out?
People has been saying after quitting smoking can cause cancer? Is it true? Please help.?
Is my wife pregnant? She is not late in regards to her period but symptons are fluid from one breast.?
Could water be dangerous to my health?
I can't stop fartin!!!!!!!?
My infant has had diareia for several days now, is that normal. He's five days old.?
I think I have an ear infection what do I do?
Why do i sleep too much in "winter" especially?
I have to take a drug test in a couple of days and im not sure the detoxification im takiking will work.?
OMFG!!!!! I am sooo constipated! PLEEEZ help!!!!!!!!!!?
How can i pass a urnie drug test for weed in 24 hours if i smoke like a freight train?
Why do people seem to look down on people with anorexia and bulimia?
What do you do when you can't sleep?
How does stress affect YOU?
What should one eat when he doen't have enough blood in his body, to get enough blood?
How can i get my husband to quit snoring?
Passing School Drug Testing?
I burned my hand with an iron.It's a little burn tho skin came off a little,should I put polysporin?
Has anyone heard of Corn Huskers Lotion? Is it available in Canada?
Laser Eye Surgery verses Permanent/ implantable Contact Lens????
How many hours a night do you sleep?
What exactly is a healthcare practitioner?
*medical problem*?
Does eating overnight hardboiled eggs affect our health?
How to get rid of hiccup?
Are antidepressants like ecstasy?
I am Too tall!!?
Does anyone know how one can quit smoking?
Would you call a deaf person disabled, handy-capped, or unormal?
How long does it take for marijuana to get out of your system to pass a drug test?
How often do you get a headache?
Can any one tell me why we say "BLESS YOU"after we have sneezed?
I need some HELP!?
Why is it hard to get up early in the morning?
Do you think i am sick?
How to make yourself sick?
Health poll!.. Do you need to have regular injections for any reason? surprising how many folk do!?
What's the best non-medical cure for chronic insomnia?
Can you throw away your cigerettes?
Have you experienced hypnosis ?
I am 5'6 and 213 lbs. I know i am fat, but how do i deal with it. do my friends really talk behing my back?
How do you feel about foreign Doctors?
Does anyone else have a really hard time waking up in the morning?
Any sensible tips for a good nights sleep!!?
What do you do when you can't sleep?
When I was a child I ate the lead from a stain glass window, what effect would this have on me long term?
Can I talk to my doctor about depression or will he just tell me to see a counsellor?
How can you make yourself stop crying?
Why do people with depression push the people they love away?
Am i smart or just strange?
Realy bad moods?
Is there something wrong with me?
My boyfriend Can't sleep because of stress from his work.......?
My partner has a phobia of balloons and I hate wet woolly jumpers and cotton wool. What's your phobia?
Should i get glasses or contacts?
Why do teens do suicide?
What colour should I wear for sitting an exam?
My armpits smell, what should i do about it?
On a scale of 1-10 how bad does it hurt to get your nose pierced?
What's the best thing to help nausea and vomiting? please help?
What is vertigo?
Can we lose 3 pounds in a week because of stress and nervousness???
Can you get second hand positive tests from being around someone smoking crack?
Insomniacs unite,you have nothing to lose-except your sleep.....?
Whats A Good Home Remedy To Help With Sleep?
Medical question, really scared please help?
How do you stop lips from chapping ?
How much sleep do you get in a day?
If i travel for more than 5 hours my stomach bloats up ,have pain and want to hit the loo urgent. any solution
How long (time wise) can a human being pee?is there any records for that?
I know you can take stuff that stops you pooing...?
How to get rid of water from my ears which came in when i went to the pool for a swim?
Have any of you girls ever used your battery operated toothbrush for anything other than brushing your teeth?
I have so much ringing in my ears, I have a problem hearing I've noticed, what can I do?
Is it ok to be a big farter?
I pierced my nose by myself. Now it's pussing. How do I clean it without peroxide?
Do you believe in you?
Why is it when we go to do a No.2 we do a No.1, But wen we go 2 do No.1 we dont do a No.2??
My boyfriend just had eye surgery. He is taking Vicadin and it is not helping. Any suggestions?
Prevention of bed wetting?
Advice please, my daughter is unwell, she has been ill for the last 4 days, she vomited on Monday just the?
I've had this bruise for three months. Should I worry?
This is a serious problem and i need serious answers?
Is there anything i could do to make myself fall asleep fast?
How can I remedy difficult swallowing?
I can't sleep! Anyone got any tips?
Lactose Intolerant.. Opinions about Soy Milk? 10pts, best answer!!?
I can taste my?
Why do we sleep lying down?
Did you have a shower or a bath ? this morning.?
Is 60 degrees to hot for a hoodie?
My 4 month old has not had a bowl movment in 5 days and is throwing up everything she eat i think she's impact
Do you floss everyday??
Why has Britain got so many obese people?
Is it true that fat people have no souls?
I need help ASAP ... I HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM !?
Health Or Wealth Which is the best ?
What function does the appendix serve our body?
How to get rid of the smell.....?
What does numbness of the wrist mean?
Does anybody have any suggestions about how to sleep at night?
Why Do We Have Two Ears Why not One On Are 4 Heads?
How to get to sleep if can not get to sleep?
I can't sleep. What can I do to go to sleep??
I was at a party last week and i was abit silly and i put 3 polos inside my bum and its been stinging. Advice?
I'm always tired. i'm 14, and lately i've been getting about 9 hours of sleep. whats wrong with me?
Gross question...?
What part of a chicken has the most fat?
Good ways to soothe a sore throat?
I have just had a medical report back. The specialist says?
Any natural solutions out there for overly sensative skin to dryness and scratches?
I have a bad rash in my armpits. I have applied aloe vera to it and cocoa butter twice. It will not go away.?
Please help me i am sick!!?
I have an urgent question: What is the best way to breathe when your lungs are filling with cement?
When u bathe/shower what part of ur body do u first lather/soap?
What do you think about giving your kid growth hormones to make him/her taller?
I feel sleepy during the day, but once i get to bed at night Im not tired and cant sleep?
Is this blacking out? Or just being tired?
How do you get water out of your ear?
I have a severly clogged ear and ive tried q-tips and hydrogen peroxide...no luck with either. any suggestions
Bad skin and foods to heal?
I am suffering form cracked side lips what should i do is there any vitamin deficiency?
What do you do when you are very tired and can't sleep? I have not slept in 2 days!?!?help?
Why i always blush?
What is the best sleeping position?
Aortic Anuersym??
I'm Thinking About Suicide?
Am i crazy?
Does "counting sheep" work for any of you?
Wish you'd never been born?
Do Black People Self Harm?
What is your best method to acheive a sense of RELAXATION?
I think there's something wrong with me.?
What's the bloddy point in living? all i do is make things worse...?
Okay, so can you have an eating disorder without being the super skinny looking type?
Self harming?
I can't sleep at night...why?
Do you need to smoke weed twice to get high?
Can holding in a fart be unhealthy?
Ok heres the thing...?
Are there any down sides to marijuana?
I'm a single dad and my 16 year old daughter is getting pretty messed up on Ecstasy need some advice?
My daughter pulled out her top eyelashes!!!! will they grow back?
Whats better for a burn, aloe or noxema?
Medical occupations?
Should I change my childrens pediatrician?
What can i do to let me sleep?
Do you need to go to the hospital?
Has anyone ever fallen asleep with their eyes open?
How can i ever quit smoking?
What is the best way to be young and healthy?
How do I break my smoking habit?
When i was blowing my nose, something wierd came out?
Ayone ever bought glasses off the inernet after having a eye test? were they ok?
Help!!! I want to quit smoking.?
If you have one wish?
Why do teers full my eyes while I am not crying?
I know contact lens are better because you don't have to wear glasses but...?
I have a soar eye? (Please read on)?
I want to get contacts, but...?
A serious prayer request?
Where can I get a good yeast infection?
What were u doin an hour ago?
Green Day?Do you want 10 poinds?
Question About Contact Lenses????
How should I convince my mom (who is being hypocritical) to let me try contacts?
Eye Floaters recurrence....?
Why do they make it impossible for people to sleep in a hospital?
My girlfriend was painting and spraypainting furniture without a mask. what are the effects from this?
Will i suit these glasses?
Arthritis or Getting Old?
Has this ever happened to you while you are sleeping or laying down in bed?
At the dollar store across the street there is no air conditioning and some of the food I bought is bad.?
Does salt water help a sore throat?
What should one look for in an alcohol rehab center?
Very important question... i need to know?
Why do I have blurred vision in one eye?
What is the definition of Adultery?
Is percocet safe to take with vicodin?
What is life and death?
Help! random illness?
When I wake up each morning there is a yellow liquid oozing out of my eyes?
If I do not have contact solution, what can i soak my contacts in overnight?? Water does NOT work?
If i was depressed would i lose alot of of weight and my appitite?
Ahh!!!!! I am desperate to know this...!?!?!?!?
Do you prefer a female or male doctor?
What are these strange white spots on my throat?
Do you believe in love?
Urine color?
Seriously... how can a person get back to sleep...?
Why do i be scratching my back passage every night in bed?
What can cause swelling in your hands (usually at night)?
What do symptons could these dark rings under my eyes be?
What causes unexplained bruises?
Should i continue to wear my contacts?
How do i help my mom?
What is the best thing to take for a cold. Itchy throat and coughing. Have got to be better by Mon. for work
When you wake up with a cough is it because you just swallowed a Spider?
Why isn't mandatory organ donation required?
How can I stop someone from snoring?
What's the best way to remove acne which doesn't involve using a cheese grater?
Ouch, ouch, ouch....?
Adult cloth nappies?
Can you break a person's neck if you kick them in hard enough in the head?
I think i have the flu!?
Quitting smoking?
Bit confused about smoking going up to 18...?
Body hair removal?
Can u unscramble this word its killing me and i need it for hmwk?
Why do doctors have messy handwriting?
B12 and side effects?
Why is it when you cry......?
Can I mix Lunesta with vicodin?
Is tight infant swaddling safe?
Whats the best, easiest and quickest way to get rid of a headache?
Does smoke make your lungs dry and durty?
Is it okay to make yourself throw up if you feel sick?
What do you think of United States current helath care?
I cant fall asleep? PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!!!!?
How i know my blood type (a,ab,b,o,....) from my parents' blood type?
I have trouble sleeping?
Isthere a fast way to get rid of sunBurn?
Does anyone else tap their feet uncontrollably when they sit down?
I suffer terribly from bad breath,I seem to have a big lump of Guitar stuck in my throat, does anyone?
15 and Smoking, please help me?
Is a kilo of heroine alot?
Weird question!!?
How do you check blood pressure by only using thier pulse's?
Does drinking milk and alcohol together really have a bad effect?
Alcohol /wine causes pain in limbs?
I smoked 3 hits of pot two weeks ago. Will I pass a drug test???
I have a bad case of the flu and i cant sleep tried parcetemol and most other things can u help??
Any tips for insomniacs?
I can never sleep please help me?
Best way to make my husband quit smoking????
My stomach is not feeling well..looking for at home cures?