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What does it mean when you burp alot?
Any one know of any natural remedies for clearing excess stomach acid ?
I am in agony with constipation and bloating after an operation. What is the most effective thing to take?
Serious health question about my almost 2 year old....?
Organ donation,would u do it?
Guess how many toes I have?
How long can a person live with out food?
Why do doctors push so many pills?
I took 1 hit of weed 3 days ago(Monday) I have a test on thursday! will it be in me still. how do i get rid?
What do you do if you're allergic to sunscreen?
Is it possible for a 1 year old boy to get a yeast infection?
Why do females where bras?
If you dont have airconditioning, only fans, tips on how you keep cool in the hot summer days.?
What`s the best way to relieve a tickly sore throat?
How come my boxers and bed sheets are all sticky when I wake up in the morning?
I'm your nurse for the night. What can I do for you?
Dilated eye procedure?
Dry eyes please help me ??
My kitten scratched my eye ball, I think directly on my pupil...3 things?
Persistent Pink eye?
Optical - monovision by laser eye surgery?
When you squint your eyes you can see better. Why?
My sis just got new glasses and she is concerned they will look a bit thick... will they?
One blurry contact lens?
Will laser surgery work on my eyes??
Is make-up bad for skin?
Why is it that we live to die?
True or False? People with oily skin are less likely to have premature wrinkles?
What do you do when your really mad?
What are the dangers and effects of smoking marijuana?
Wealth or health?
My hair falls alot speacialy when i take shower please help i have alot of hair but i get sad when they fall?
My feet keep swelling up and going purple... :(?
I quit smoking. How do I take the edge off? I quit before I am doing it again. How do I get rid of withdraws.?
I have been constipated for days now, to the point where my clothes dont fit.How can I get rid of it quick!?
Ppl at my school r bullying me saying that i am fat. all my friends say that i am not.?
Ear ache Solutions?
Anybody have any ways to relax and fall asleep quickly?
WOT is the fastest remedy too get rid of a nasty headcold??half term nxt week got 3 kids,miracle please!!?
I am supposed to be out tonight, but i am due an op soon?
Sleeping problems?
Could stem cells be used to fix a astigmatism?
Bad eyesight embarrasing in school 10 points best answer?
Once you have lasik will you ever need it again?
Do i need to take my broken glasses to a optical store or how can i fix them?
Stuff in eyes?
Eye Color And Attractiveness?
I dont have contact solution?
Accidentally slept with my contacts in. next morning my vision was blurry. is there a problem?
Does the wearing of glasses make your eyesight progressively weaker/worse?
Really Bad Eye Bags?
What are the top medical issues of today?
What is a gynacologist?
How much sleep should i get?
Would you smoke marijuana if you knew the risks?
Do you exercise/go to the gym..how long?
What helps to go to sleep?
Why dont governments ban the sale if cigarettes?
Best ways to quit smoking marijuana?
Do doctors prescribe morphine in medicine form to be taken at home?
It's nearly friday night should I????
How do I become happy?
Is this...?
How do you fall asleep?
What a load of rubbish - anti depressants don't work.?
How should I think possitive? Please help me?
How do you sleep during daytime? (any hints)?
What do you LOVE about YOURSELF?
What is the longest you have ever gone without sleep?
What's the difference between ADD and ADHD?
So, I am basically tired all the time?
Sharing truck with a smoker what are my risks/dangers?
I have injured my knee and it may be a torn miniscus/acl...I do not want to go to dr. .no cutting! help?
How can I stop smoking weed?
[my cousin wants to know] is it bad to take alot of tylenol to help her sleep?
Is Fybromialgia real or just psychological, if real does anyone know a good cure or treatment?
My eye has been twitching for almost a week!!!! What does that mean and should I go to the doctor???
What kind of health troubles can looking at a computer monitor for several hours a day cause?
Has anyone ever stopped taking Paxil? what kind of side effects have you had?
What hormone is released during an emergency?
Can anyone tell me about the drug ectacy "e"?
What is the longest walk you’ve ever taken?
Have you had a good day?
How long does marijuana stay in your system?
Why would a person have their tonsils removed?
We can sue McDonald's for gettin fat, Cigarette co's for cancer can we sue smirnoff for shagging ugly people
How come smokers continue to smoke even though they know that cigarrettes are bad for their health?
How many people die yearly from aneurisms caused from popping zits on their foreheads?
Whats an allergy test? How is it done? Does it hurt? Do u stand up or lay down?
What do you do to help you fall asleep at night when you're having a difficult time falling asleep?
Strong pain in the head when exercising, what could it be?
Palpitations - what causes them and what can help stop them?
Why oh why did i bother!!!!?
Getting carsick easily..?
Since I've never had a catheter before, should I take a picture to remember my first time?
WHY do i wake up with a huge woody every mourning???
What does twitching of left eye mean?
My hearing is getting worse and I'm only 25. Should I try candling to extract ear wax?
Do i have ink poisoning?
Has anyone else had LASIK eye surgery?
What's it like to be color blind? Also, what are the odds/percentage of someone being born color blind?
How can i inrease my eye vision ?
CONTACT LENSES?? please tell me what they do at the exam?
Question about eye contacts.?
Where can i purchase: Colored Contacts?
When i was trying to swallow a pill it got stuck in my throat i tried to drink water but it would come back up
Does it hurt to have surgery on your eye?
Contact lens removers? Also for soft lenses?
Dehydration/starvation suicide?
What's the point of smoking?
What r "cankles"?
How come there are no more skinny people nowadays?
Why do kids grow su much faster today, than when I was a kid?
How can I get motivated to lay off the snooze button in the a.m.?
Is there any way to minimize or eliminate morning breath or bad breath in general?
Is this normal???
NURSES...................... living Angels?
Doctor,what medicine can I buy over the counter for stomach pain?
How do I get my boyfriend to come to bed at a normal hour?
What is a good way to do this?
Doctors or nurses or any one else who might know!! PLEASE ANSWER!!?
What does low pottassium mean?
Who is still awake right now?
Omg IM LIKE 5'4 I WEIGH LIKE 123............IM A FEMALE N 18.............HOW DO I GAIN WEIGHT?
What is the best way to stop HICCUPS?
Does anyone know when the sleep medication Ambien will become available without a prescription?
I have bulimia and am scared as i need more information please help?
Do most people wear glasses or contacts?
How to clean contact lens case?
Why is it dangerous to shower with your contacts in?
Is Spectacles better or contact lens better ? Why ?
Any advice on putting contact lenses in and out of my eye?
Red eye - help - my right eye - started yesturday - what should i do?
Eye color mismatch...?
My pupils are not centered?
Blurred vision?
If you do things in the dark such as read, write, or watch TV, are your eyes going to have priblems later on?
I am 5'3 and 94 lbs....is this unhealthy?
What is the use of a belly button and what is it attached too after birth?
My farts stink . Do yours ?
I sweat ALOT. I need a really good antiperspirant and deodorant (like in 1)...?
My best friend might die what do i do?
Can I get addicted...?
I think am sick..?
Ways to grow taller?!?
Explain THIS!!?
What is the lowest legal temperature for an office environment??
Should I make my doctor take my tonsils out?
All week i have been going dizzy?
If I do 10 pushups, 10 sit-ups, 10 crunches, and 100 seconds of stretching, how many pounds will I lose???????
I know that I need blood work done.But, have no insurance. What agency would help me pay for things like this.
Any tips on how to wake yourself up in the mornings?
Do I need to seek medical help?
UK: Can you get the cervical cancer shot if your not a virgin?
IS there anyone out there that is allergic to friut?
Is 5'3 small for a 16 year old girl?
Do you fall asleep better on your back, side or stomach?
What is wrong with me?
Which side?!?
I have a roommate who dries his sweaty clothes in the dryer after working out w/o washing them. Is this gross?
How can you clean your blood in to days for drug and alcohol test?
I can't help but slam my finger on the mouse and I also hit the keys on the keyboard really hard, whats wrong?
I'm sleepy all the time. How do I stay awake?
Have I told you lately that I love You?
I've got a tummy bug, what should I eat?
Does anyone know of any good sleeping pills? The more natural the better.?
Hav u ever lost a loved one?
How to Stay awake?
I really cant sleep at night, whats the problem here? and any tips?
Im 20..I wanna try regular cigarettes for once, do i have to be 21 to get it?n do u think i should?
What are the best food to clean blood of a person?
What is wrong with my 3yr old daughter?
What can I do to stop being so tired.?
Can any one help me to quit smoking?
How do i get a person who stop smoking for months and has started again to stop smoking again?
What if your mum has green eyes and your dad and brothers have bluey grey have then why do i have brown eyes?
Storing your contact lens?
Contact prescription?
Can I get contacts with this glasses perscription?
Contact lense help?
An odd question but does anybody know for sure if...?
Do Glasses improve your eyesight?
When I get up in the morning.....?
Contact lenses?
What are good ways to prevent a hang over?
I need your help me to calm down!?
I died yesterday?
How long does it take for alcohol to get out of your body?
I dont know my Blood type do you?
Have your eyes changed color over time?
I wake up every morning with a coating on my lips what is it.?
Questions about Smoking?
How much sleep is too much?
Stretch Marks?
If someone is 'mentally deep' what does that make them? explaine in simple terms please!!!?
Anybody , somebody can u help!!!?
How to cure arthritis?
I think I have some sort of acid reflux in my throat area it is like a burning feeling does anyone know ?
Is it just me or is it really cold?
What are some quick ways for a 12 year old to fall asleep?
Do blind people see in their dreams?
What do u do when ur shy?
Which colour is YOUR hair ?
Sleep or study?
What do you see when you die?
Help, I can't hear out of my right ear!?
How does one stop this behavior?
Do you like your feet being touched?
What medicine is good for a hangover?
Why do i get sunburn easily in Australia but not in China?
Anyone else can't sleep?
How do I get rid of soap slime in a face flannel please.What can I soak it in?
Can you suggest any good bedtime drinks?
Please answer only if you know...hair drug testing?
Something gross going on!?
I tried to quit smoking but failed. I need some advice.?
Full time employees: Are you tired or energetic after you get home?
The oldest man in the UK (111) today said his secret to long life was Cigarettes and Whiskey?
Where do you go if you are the sole carer for your disabled husband and need an operation yourself?
What are affects on cocaine in the brian?
Please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
Do You Sleep in Your Knickers (Underwear) ?
Is it true that if you smoke you die earlier?
What's the quickest way to get rid of a sore throat?
Does anyone have a home remedy for helping to get to sleep? one that does not consist of warm milk or drugs?
My fear ... is this normal?
Can we put our death's date off for ever?
Why a part of my stomach is blue (5 stars)?
Whats your mood right now?
What are some good songs to smoke pot to?
What pills do you think of when someone says "happy pills"?
This is a very serious question?
My boyfriend has superpowers, what should i do?
Is this normal?
Whats the meaning of my 3 year old loving red?
How to cure work boredom??
I`m addicted to jaffa cakes..are there any helplines.?
What are the things you do when you're depressed?
Can u get piles from sitting on a cold surface?
Does anyone else suffer from missed or extra heartbeats?
Headaches/Tingly left side of head?
What's the reason why you aren't sleeping now?
What can you tell me about potassium deficiencies?
What is smoking weed like?
Why does an itch stop when you scratch it?
You're in a burning room with fire blocking every exit,?
Scabs on scalp?
Im really tired...?
Is it harmful to use visine every day? if so, why???
Im a guy with brown skin, black hair what color contacts should i get?
My Eyes are hurting me loads :(?
Is there any possible way to make your eyes grow physically bigger?
Wth is wrong with my eye?!?
Does high blood pressure effect eye signt? If so how?
WHy are my eyes red?
Can i wear contact lenses?
If a kid starts smoken at age of 11 wats da worste dat can happen?
Kidney stones... is this possible?
Ive been getting sick alot, does anyone know how to boost my amune system? HELP!!!?
I feel like Im dying....what the hells wrong with me.?
I lost my father....but more so I lost my friend and the most valued guidance and wisdom?
I just farted?
Stopping smoking.......?
How can I get to sleep really fast without using medication?
When I open a box of paracetamol, why do i always open the end with the stupid folded up piece of paper?
I need help....urgently!?
I have a sore throat, but never had one like this before.?
How can I get sleep without much delay when I go to bed?
What does it mean if your veins around your temple stick out or pulsate after exercise?
How do i get rid of the habbit of munching while studying?
Why can't I quit smoking?
Is it that bad for me to give a 14 yr old ciggies using her money if she asks?
How do i force myself to like to drink water?
Whats the best thing to get rid of a black eye?
All I think about is a heart attack and im a 19 year old female. Is it likely to happen! Just scared it will!?
How do I get to sleep?
What is the best scent on earth?
Would you take steroids?
HELP!!!! please!!!!?
How to get rid of bad breathe?
If you had a choice...?
Sleeping, how much is needed?
Do you know anybody with 6 fingers?
I cant sleep ????
Random nose bleeds.. is this normal?
Do you use water or soap first when washing hands??? =]?
How often should you go to the toilet?
What can i expect after getting a Colonoscopy ?
I see the number 44 many times a week. When I wake up in the night its something 44 all the time. ?
Am I gonna pass my urine test?
Whats a good thing to calm my nerves??? driving test!!!?
Why am i keep pulling my hair? Can't stop it,...?
I feel it tear everytime i go to the bathroom. what is wrong?
Am I fat???
How do you get wax out of your ear? I can't hear out of one ear?
My doc has given me fluoxetine, would i better off trying st johns wort 1st?
Marijuana Users (hallucination question)?
What do you normally do when you're home alone?
Can you pee and sneeze at the same time?
How the heck do I stop smoking without using nicorete and a low will power?
What is your addiction?
Give me one reason why i should live to see tomorrow?
Why do you answer questions on mental illnesses that you really don't have much knowledge?
Do you think people get mental illnesses because......?
Should i seek metal help immediately?
Is quick to anger a sign of low I.Q. ?
Im going [email protected]#$%?
Who else finds dark early mornings depressing?
What's the word that means when you are pretend to be sick all the time for pity?
Is this part of my depression?
How do you remove skin tabs?
What is a MRI scan and an EEG?
Help me out here...?
How can I make my cough and cold go away as soon as possible?
Do you think hypnotherapy really works to solve personal problems?
How do you make yourself throw-up!?!?!?
How do I quit?
Cigarette withdrawal?
Whats wrong with me?
Blood in stool?
SMOKERS! Should the NHS treat them?
Why is it OK to put a dog to 'sleep', but not a suffering human?
Teenage drinking kills brain cells?
Is it normal for me to feel tired throught the day even thought i had enough sleep?
Are you underweight, average weight or overweight?
Have you had an M.R.I? Would you mind sharing your experience. What was it like? How long did it take? Thanks!
19 years old girl and im bald?
Can blind people....?
What efect do popers have on you if you sniff them. is it bad for you?
I keep getting heart burn?
Help! my friend drank so much vodka, and alcoholic beverages shes getting so sick?
I m planning to leave smoking?how?
Are herbal cigarettes still harmful to your lungs?
When my boyfriend fingers me it hurrts soo bad! why is that?
Hit my head now headaches, dizziness, nausea and fatigue?
Generally speaking why do our own farts smell sweet to us and those of others smell offensive?
Does anyone know the side effects of a hepatitus b shot? I have to get one for school.?
Why do toe nails grow slower than finger nails??
How many hours of sleep is needed to keep you going?
Anybody quitting?
Can anyone explain to me in simple terms what a migraine actually is?? I think I may be getting them!?
How do you feel? seems like every one is sick?
What is your cure for boredom?
Is there another way to get rid of headaches?
How can i help my boyfriend to quit smoking cigarrettes?
I recently got a fear of death-anybody any suggestions how to overcome this?
Best time to take a nap?
Can anyone tell me how i can get a copy of my medical records?
Will a sinus infection go away by itself, or should I see a doctor?
What else can cause a headache ?
I dont know whats been wrong with me lately?
Where can I get a full medical, would my doctor do it, or would they say they dont have the time?
Am I addicted to laxatives? My stomach always feels bloated.?
How can i prevent bad hangovers?
Why is my eye twitching?
What if u swallow some mercury by breaking thermometer insider ur mouth?
Help is the sun really gonna explode?
What can i eat im ill?
Any tips or ideas?
What is the grossest thing that has ever happened to you?
Out of body experience?
Is an 18-yr old ready for alcohol?
The people who eat flesh of Pork, Why their body stinks, What other -tive effects arise in Ono's life by Pork
How to improve my eye sight?
In UK, it's 5.17am and we aren't sleeping....Why?
My brother was paralyzed about 2 months ago and we are remodeling our house to help fit his needs look inside?
Why is smoking weed is making me feel very weird?
I am so fed up with being in pain. I need something to hang onto.?
Epilepsy can you help?
Any more hypocondriacs out there?
What is the quickest and best way to get rid of a cold?
Omg dude....a hickup for 5 HOURS!!!?
My fiend slept over last night and wet the bed?
Will there ever be human mutants?
How can i stop cutting myself?
How would you feel if a Muslim nurse wearing a headscarf were to treat you?
Does ban deodarant really cause brain damage?
Whats the best remedy for a sore throat and achy body?
Whats the secret to happiness?
Is it unhealthy to breathe in other people's sweat at the weight room?
How long does it take for Marijuana to completly clear your system?
Has anyone ever heard of getting diarrhea from eating too much popcorn? I would think it would do the reverse
What is a quadraplegic?
I have cloudy vision and there are halos and rainbows around lights...?
I have an annoying habit?
What could this be?i woke up on Wednesday with a stiff neck and back and still got it,but its on my left side.
Sleepy whole day.. please help?
I am looking to apply for a donar card to save peolples lives and do not seem to be getting anywhere?
Why can't i get up in the morning??
Is it better to stay awake longer and drink more water or to go to sleep after alcohol?
What does bleeding at the back of the eye indicate?
Grinding my teeth at night?
I cut myself, but not because I hate my life...why do people think that?
Why should I quit smoking?
Is a yogurt and tuna diet healthy?
Why do we shake and tremble when we have a high temperature, I cant stop shaking, its ike I am in shock.?
I have a sting when i pee...?
Why does eveyone think marijuana is bad?
Is it alright to tan at the age of 14? I really need to know~!?
How to get to sleep?
If you think too much will your brain explode?
What happens when you eat loads of hair?
My darkness is growing worse, why are my thoughts turning so negative?
Can angry kill?
Help lose weight!!!?
Why am I unhappy?
I just lost my wife and 3 kids in a tragic accident. how do i cope with this?
Will I ever feel any better?
Help with suicide!!!?
How to forget something that is not pleasant?
I have amnesia, can you tell me what the "TM" in my name stand for please?
Im so tired all the time why? and what can i do to feel better?
What do i do when i don't get enough sleep and have to go work?
I want 2 weeks off work im gonna ring in sick, i need a doctors cert any ideas?
Toe nail fungus treated w/ vicks vapor rub?
I often get cramps in my feet, what could this mean?
Is smoking a cigar worse that smoking cigarettes?
What are some good, effective methods to cure insomnia?
How can i feel happy?
Cannot go to sleep at night just lately tried most things,any good ideas?
What happens if you stop breathing while ur sleeping?
I have a stuffy/runny nose,watery eyes. what is it?
Reasons why the NHS is a good thing?
Why did you start smoking cigarettes?
I have chronic insomnia ....does anyone have any suggestions on getting to sleep without medication?
What could possibly be wrong with me?
What is the age to buy cigarettes now?
Help! I have to teach my 7 yo son how to swallow pills. Any suggestions?
I can't fall asleep because of this...?
Ding Dong, the Psycho's gone!!!!!!?
How can I fall asleep quickly??
Panic Attacks?...?
How to quit smoking Tips on quitting smoking!
Im like a owl ( awake at night and asleep during the day )
What makes you feel better when your sick?
My Blood Pressure is 200/100 should I worry?
Kind of gross but since I ????
I have the Flu, How do I stay hydrated? I can't even keep ice chips down?
Have you ever fallen asleep on the beach and woken up a tiny winy bit red ???
Bedwetting at 16?
AHH! i have a REALLI bad headache n i feel lyk im bout to throw up! help?
Have you got any hangover cures?
Is chocolate dangerous for men?
Does anyone have a remedy for a painful very bloated stomach?
What is the most painfull thing in the world?
I smoked.....?
How much should the average person weigh at 23 and 6'2 tall?
Can you get "hooked''on prescription cough medicine?
Contact lenses?
Quick remedies for a cold?
Should my friend be afraid to kiss?
Can anybody e-mail me a Cadbury's cream egg?
Serious answers ONLY: What qualities make a good doctor?
Through illness, i cant return to work, does anybody know what benefits i could be entitlled to?
Pain over right lung and in shoulder blade?
What time do you get out of bed in the morning huh?
Panic attacks - some advice?
I ate a large amount of sour candies?
True or false. Inside your body your blood is blue, but when esposed to oxygen it turns red.?
What do I do to get CLEAN off of marijuana within one day???
Binge drinking?
Why do people drink hot water? Is there a health advantage?
Why do people use cell phones, even when they know it's radiating their brain?
Feeling abit low at the moment, help me out?
How long does it take before a person becomes addicted to smoking cigarettes?
Cant fall asleep ideas?
Do any of you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome? I am tired all of the time.?
Should organ donors be paid?
Why should I be forced to pay for the healthcare of others?
Can you tell a doctor/nurse no?
If you have a mole that itches really bad. Could this be a sign of cancer?
Where i work they are about to bring in a drug and alcohol policy.?
How can i reduced tiredness?
I'm at work at a computer and falling asleep. Any help how to stay awake?
I need help with my addiction?
Hiccups are?
Should I join the army? I'm a 23 yr old female going nowhere in life.?
What happens if Your suicidal and no one cares about you?
Has any of your dreams came true?
Anyone have any help?
Bloody Egg! I cracked an egg open for my usual breakfast and it had spots of blood...WHAT DO I DO??
Why to hell can't i sleep?
Do u know how to sleep better and longer?
How do i deal with stress-related stomach ache?
Can we stop the agıng process?
After swimming, I can feel water in my ears and it feels weird. How do I get the water out from my ears?
This is very personal and awkward to ask?
Cigarettes and weed. Where do I draw the line? Where do you?
Should I take my anti-depressants?
Should this send me to the hospital?
Why is it, when in bed with your arms above your head,?
If you go outside with wet hair on a cold day will you get sick?
Lifes boring?
The best cure for a tickly throat?
Is 6.5-7 hrs of sleep enough for a 15 yr old?
Going to throw up?
I have weakness on my body what could it be ??
Are you left-handed or right-handed?
Anybody a daydreamer???
What do you do when you cant sleep at night?
How do you get rid of a ........?
Is it healthy for a 13 year old girl to eat less than 500 caleries a day?
I really like weed.....why?
I'm having a hard time sleepng at night. What can help me sleep better?
Drinking coca cola?
When My Dog Drink Water She Though up The Water?
Morning yahoo,s cant sleep r u awake ?
Should I go to bed or stay a bit longer?
Am I Having a Heart Attack at 16?
My arm hurts when I move it like this. What should I do?
How can I discipline myself to go to bed at a decent hour?
Bad breath?
Its about my grandson?
HELP?!?! this REALLY hurts!!?
My sister has a twig stuck in her eye. how do i get it out? im babysitting and cnt drive and no one is home!!!
What do you do when you want to sleep but you cant sleep?
Just before you nod off...?
What does a person suffer from when getting their numbers in the wrong order of writing?
I live alone, who should I contact for the removal of extremely ?
My right side hurts really bad when I pee and I have to pee often with nothing coming out?
I'm so tired all the time, what can I do to feel more alert and awake?
Every time i use the toilet it really stinks!?
Unblock water in ear?
Does anybody know what this means?
How do i deal with butterflies in my stomach?
How does "pot" affect you?
Serious illnesses ?
I can't sleep?
What's the weirdest thing that's been up your nose?
How long will it take for cigarette cravings to pass??
What is the best way to remove a ring that is stuck on your finger?
Will I pass my drug test if I was around people that smoked?
On which side do you sleep?
How do you get your parents 2 stop smoking? I need serious answers plz.?
How do i make myself throw up?
Is it bad to wear used clothes?
How long will marijuana stay fresh?
My hands are tingling like theyre asleep constantly?
Is smoking one Cigarett a day bad for you?
What happens if you get 4 or 4.5 hours of sleep a night?
Hangover cure?
What is this please?
Does biting your nails affect your eyesight?
I have a really hurtful soar in my nose???
What is the best way to stop or at least reduce snoring?
What is the best over the counter sleep aid?
Something wrong with my eye?
Is being "in heat" and "horny" the same thing?
Do you think people should be payed for donating blood? Or should it remain voluntary?
Gas in stomach?
Is it bad for your eyes and body to stay up all night???
What is worse, marijuana, or cocaine?
Chronically cold hands and feet?
Why don't they make plasters for darker coloured skin types?
Can my doctor detect that i smoke when he does a blood test?
My 9 year old gets dizzy spells andd vomits.been going on for yrs?
Common Colds?
How can I stop negative thoughts?? please help me!?
I am 25-yr old and in depression. Plz Help?
Can being bipolar make you unaware of your actions?
When u r depress what should we do???
Okay, this is a question for those who have been abused?
What are the main reasons for insomnia?
How heartless is this?
Commiting suicide?
Can someone deliberately induces psychosis on another person using legal drugs?
What is the best way to get rid of a cold i have had it for about 2 days and i am fed up already lol?
Is having a child a right which should be funded by the NHS?
Is sweat dirty?
My g.p.gave me prescription for 90 tablets 1 a day for 3mths chemist will only give me 3pkts of 28?
Bed Bugs...?
I quit smoking newyears day but it is soooo hard. im so tmpted to take a drag now and then?
Is it bad to fall asleep quickly?
I've been feeling tired and getting many dizzy spells lately, why could this be?
Why is depression and anxiety so common these days?
How can I stop being so bitter and judgemental when it comes to women?
Should I tell my friends at school my embarrassing Health problem?
Does this make me an alcholic?
Whats wrong with me?
Should i just killmyself ?
Does anyone else do this?
I need serious answers only ...please?
What do you do when you feel like you have nowhere to escape to?
How do you tell your family your suffering from depression?
Is there a way of improving your memory? I smoked too much cannabis when i was young and stupid?
Have you ever felt life is meaningless?
What should a person do to reduce tension and stress?
What kind of mental illness do you have?
How do I undo my suicide mistake!?!?
Im having such a horrible day! my good friend of 5 yrs. committed suicide yesterday! there were no signs?
Do you have stupid fears,...?
Hearing voices at night?
IM BORED! iv been made redundunt and start new job in june, how can i keep myself occupied during the day?
Do you reckon this might be a little dangerous and stupid?
I am 17 years old and my height is 5"3, how shall i increase my height without having those tablets?
What is it in cigarettes that calms people down when they're stressed?
What time do you usually go to bed?
Kids DONT Answer?
I have had a headache for sometime now..?
Early cold symptoms,how do i prevent from getting one?
Exercise = Healthy heart, but why Stress = Unhealthy heart, even though they both make your heart beat faster?
£9.million owed?
I was off sick from work for 4 working days, my employers are now saying i need a docs note?
Emotion that almost makes you cry?
Is it bad for your health to sleep on a sofa bed every night?
What does respect mean to you?
How early or late?
What can happen if you wear contacts for a long time without taking them out?
What's your foot type?
Does your Dr. call you to have you come in to discuss test results if nothing is wrong?
I have a big crush on my teacher what shud I do?
Nobody can answer this?
Does SAD (seasonal affective disorder) really exist? If so what's the best way to cure it?
Whats the meanest thing anyone ever said to you?
If I burn myself when I get mad is that like a cry for help?
I cut my wrists tonight because there was too much pain in my head to deal with.?
Does winter cause depression?
Can i trust myself?
I need to go to the doctors but I'm not allowed?
Am bored of my life....PLEASE HELP!!!?
How do i help a teenager that cuts her self?
How can I avoid computer addiction?
How to improve my self-image. Hating the way I look but not doing anything about it!?
What stops you from giving up?
My friends think i need to be in a mental hospital. Are They Right?
Will someone please tell me off?
I'm a little messed up?
How can I help someone who I know is using LSD?
Should my healthy 5 year old child have the flu shot?
Two weeks left to live?
Will I have less heart trouble by eating holy cow?
How long could you survive in the middle of the ocean with no fresh water?
Is it healthy to cry yourself to sleep like almost every night?
Hi I have a daughter she is 11 years old and she is 5'5 is it normal?
Wtf is going on?
Severe case of Strep Throat & Medication isn't working?
Im really depress i cry for hours and days what can i do?
The doctor said im maybe anemic?
How many hours of sleep do you get each night,on average?
How do u get ring worm ? How do you treat it?
Does anyone take Warfarin? What are the good and bad points.?
Has anyone taken aloe vera juice and what are their comments?
Poppers....not the clothing type!!!?
Healthy amount of sleep for teenagers?
Can I get a disease if I give/receive blood?
How to really quit smoking?
Cold cures?? FAST! anyone help plz!?
Do I suffer from depression?
Cutting (help me)?
What is Bi - Polar disorder ?
I'm 12...and think I have depression?
Can a bipolar person ever be really stable?
What should i do i need serious help?
I keep thinking about suicide can anybody help?
Is this Bad [email protected]?
If your are diagnosed with depression...?
Is this a mental health issue or am i just a weirdo??
What is your worst fear? the dark, heights, dogs, cats, etc.?
Is there anyone in your family that pisses you off all the time?
What to take for depression and social anxiety?
Does anyone have weird phobias?
How do I overcome anxiety or paranoia - I don't want to see a psychologist because I dont like answering ....
There is no happy ending, what if you can't be happy?
Im giving up smoking tomorrow any suggestions?
No offence meant, but are Indians aware that their armpits stink?
Oh my gosh! Sinus question help PLEASE!?
How long does it take for marijauna to leave the body after use?
Why is my daughter vomiting all the time?
I swallowed a handful of advils and don't know what to do...?
Are you sleepy?
Can blood be taken from anywhere?
Can u suggest a homeremedy for kidney stone?
Has anyone experimented not washing their hair and letting it maintain itself?
What makes you burp?
Cocaine ?
Im a teenager with acne. Ive tried Proactive and that isnt quite working.Im at the end of my rope.What do I do
After you DIE.....?
Can people pass gas when they're asleep?
Does smoking cannabis cause brain legions or any other PERMANENT physical damage to the brain or other parts?
My tooth hurts. Could I have a toothache?
Do you have to be above a certain age to be admitted into a psychiatric ward, under risk of suicide?
My daughters mood is changing whats up?
Help! What is the use of my life?
HELP! What is a mental disorder called in which you fixate on your appearance? Appearance perfectionist?
Im always nervous jittery and bothered for absolutely no reason, i just want to know what i have?
Big bottom women on the bus.............HELP!!?
My daughter says she keeps her dad locked up in a cage in her brain cuz she is scared of him, is she crazy?
Would you kill yourself if your family weren't alive to make you feel guilty about it?
Does long term Cannabis abuse cause mental illnesses?
How do u pop an ear?
How do you reduce high temperatures?
Biting my nails?
Will strep go away without antibiotics??
Whey does every body have a problem with weed it has never killed any one for how many years and has helped?
Why to Asian people have bad eyesight?
What west african tree's bark is the potent ingredient in an fda-approved drug for impotence?
What does the term absence mean in medical terms?
Are you happy with your health insurance?
Can sugar be considered a drug?
What is that in front of you?
If a 14 year old girl got a CLIP ON non piercing belly ring would you think that wrong ?
What do u do if you HATE to work?
At 51 I am looking for change?
Hey i need to get breast how do i do it with out working out or implants?
Any advice? my life is plummeting?
The coffee is not working--what else could wake me up?
I've just been to a concert and my voice is really bad. Does anyone know any good ways to clear up my throat?
Does size matter in making love?
What happens when you get kidney failure?
How does blood donation effect one's health ?
What's the best method to quit smoking?
Can someone tell me about bi polar?
Am i normal?
Advice. what should i do if my best friend is cutting her self?
Why i feel so much atraction for adult disposable diapers,specialy white?
Hey everyone.. do u know how to calm nerves down?? i get tense quick and i want to know how to reduce it?
Should my dad be disappointed in me?
Cleaning your ears?
Shortness of breathe?
How can I increase my height?
What does it mean when you always feel tingling in your hands?
Which throat drop works better: Halls mentho-lyptus or Luden's great tasting wild cherry?
How did you stop smoking?
CAN SOME ONE HELP ME ASAP 10 points best answer! I dont feel so good after....?
WHY cant I go to sleep at night???
How can i make myslef tired or put myself to sleep?
Husband rubs hand through hair repetitively during sleep?
Your personal experiences on shrooms?
2 Stalkers: What am I doing wrong?
What is the best way to get rid of tension?
Do you feel that you are always influenced by what others think?
Please answer!! - 10 points for best answer!?
Whats so bad about swearing?
Why is my 12yr old boy afraid of night time?
Death fears......?
Ive done it, I just want to no how long it takes thanks ?
How do you want to die?
Why don't you smoke?
Why am i getting headaches?
What are some ways to gain some weight?
Is daily use of a jacuzzi (hot tub) at all a hazard to one's health?
Is it all right to wear contacts when your 12?
If I shoot up with crack everday, is that a bad thing?
What the apropprate age to loose your virginaty!?!? or around what age..?
How do you tell a teacher that you like him?
What's the best way to get ear wax out?
Will they ever find a cure for Dementia?
Jaw pain by ear?
I cant sleep?
What is the best way to quit smoking cigarettes ?
Do you wash dirty towels separately from your other clothes?
Thoughts of starting smoking at 14....?
I have a terrible headache ...?
How do I get my eye to stop Twitching??
Any ideas for boosting energy and a cure for just feeling tired all the time?
I'm so depressed right now. Can anyone share some encouraging words?
Am I Mentaly Disturbed?
Hello friends i can not control my mind flowing . and i am very depressed from life what i do.?
I just cut my self again & i cant stop?
What do you do when you are starting to get bored of life?
How do you earn back your parents trust when you lost it over somthing stupid?
Why are you so ugly?
What causes schitzophrenia?
Am I ugly?
Im depressed, i cant get work.?
What can i say to my friend to make her stop using drugs?
My 11 month old has a suspicious rash that has completely cover her back and is followed by a fever.?
Falling asleep in front of the pc at work?
Is it normal to have weird noises in your ears?
What chew tobacco is the 'healthiest' for you?
Are there any bad effects for having no friends?
What cigarettes do you smoke?
Half of my eye is pink, what is the problem?
How do I hide the fact that I'm smoking from a girl that I'm kissing?
How do you know you need stitches?
How do I get a copy of my medical records?
How can i remove superglue stain from clothing?
I love coca cola?
Is there a problem with cracking knees?
Is it safe to take ibuprofen if you are over 50, what with the recent scare about them?
Why cant I sleep at night?
Waking up in sweat?
Why am i always tired?
Is it normal to sweat like crazy in your sleep?
How do I die? (Don't worry)?
What's the longest you have stayed awake? (without taking any illegal drugs)what is the world record?
When am I ever right?
Is there a way i can get over the guilt ?
Can I get rid of my counsellor?
Is this site addictive?
How do you stop your brain from doing something like.. thinking about a stupid idea that makes you nervous?
I have a suicidal friend, what do I do???
Please help me?
If you havnt had anything to eat for a few hours do you?
Can someone help me i have had a hard on for 3 days now.. im feeling faint..?
Im wondering if someone can help?......?
My son been having constipation for 3wks, seen doctor & took medicine & still the same. Mummy worried, HELP !?
I need to "take a dump" at school. but i dont want to use the restroom.?
Small mouth ulcers, how do I get rid? Over the counter or natural remedies?
How can i die without feel the pain.?
Why am I having trouble breathing?
Which do you think is more important for health - exercise or nutrition?
Have you got any thing to be proud of your self for achieving?
What is the best cure for dandruff?
What does it mean if get dizzy/lightheaded out of nowhere?
What should u do if u got sunburned?
Does anybody know of herbs that help with bad circulation?
I was told that i couldn't wear my rings and my watch.i work at wal-mart in the meat dept. on the 97 wall?
Please help, this is urgent?
Why am i shaking, my legs shake when i bend and my hands shake permanantely?
How many teeth in the adult man?
Can carrots chang your eye color? if not what can?
Will I be able to smoke in bus stops?
What's a good way to wake yourself up when you are so very tired?
Alot of ppl say that theyre scared of death or pain, im more scared of life! wat r u most afraid of?
EMERGENCY: Do I have appendicitis ?
GIRLS ONLY. this seems weird.. but when I sneeze...?
Does smoking really help in keeping your weight down?
My mum always tells me its not good to?
Do i still have time to grow?
How to I avoid getting sore shins when i run?
How do u get head lice eggs out of a 2 yr olds girls hair?
I have a bad case of the shitts, what can I do to fix this problem?
I have had an ear ache for 2 months now!?
Frozen shoulder!?
What is the point of circumcising a baby boy?
What are the vitamins that you can get in banana?
How do you get to sleep? any tips?
Is it anything serious or something to worry about?
I'm sick. Any recommendations?
I have a five year old that asked about veins. How do I explain them to her?
High and low temp?
How can i be honest with a doctor?
Im so hurt, the only way i feel better is the thought of suicide?
Whats the best way to wake up?
I keep crying all day and all night!?
Self harm. Is it ever ok?
Am I going crazy?
Serious answers please!!!!!!!?
Is suicide is an offence?
Is suicide painless or full off regret?
I am experiencing dizzyness for the last 2-3 months every day, what could be causing this?
Left side hurts when I cough?
Bad Posture, what can i do?
How do you crack your knuckles?
Sunburn !?!?!?
I have these wierd dizzy spells !?
What is the top of the head called? The question was in a cross word puzzle and was 4 letters?
How do i cure sweaty palms ?
Does smoking increases metabolism?
Whats a good home remedy to make a bug bite stop itching?
Who founded victorias secrets?
30 days ago i took 5 pulls of weed. I am not a regular smoker. Will i pass a drug urine test?
Would you die if you shot yourself in the head? Or would you be mentally ill?
Why do firetrucks and firefighters come to incidents that does not consist of fires?
Do you think Marijuana should be legalized...be specific with your answers.?
Is it true that eye lashes never grow back?
I have a bad headache?
How many people smoke ciggerettes and if so what brand?
How old are you before it can be said you died of old age?
Does anyone out there suffer from panic attacks and anxiety attacks,i do?
Anyone Know the best way to stop smoking????
How does lack of sleep affect your health?
How can I tell if my boyfriend is using herion? What are some of the signs besides marks on the arms?
Why am I losing weight?
A simple questionnaire for cigarette smokers?
Do you think my marajuana was laced???
I smoked a cigarette?
OK my mom just broke her leg and i need to know if there is anything I can do to help ease the pain?
I burnt my hand!!!!?
Would you be an organ Donner if the time came ?
I'm going to have an breast reproduction soon and i was thinking about what size should i get what is average?
I got sick this morning...?
How can i save money?
Can I PLEASE just have one?
I have had enough, i don't enjoy life and i want it to end. what am i supposed to do?
How many people have thought about sucide?
Can someone please give me some advice as i have lost interest in everything & am doing nothing with my life?
At the moment im under a lot of stress.?
What is your oldest memory? As in your 1st childhood memory?
Bipolar? Or something else?
What are you afraid of ...?
Would you feel guilty when you are not present to see your loved one die in a hospice when you are taking a?
How can I get a good nights sleep with my snoring boyfriend?
What'z the best cure for depresion?
After you use a tissue on your nose, do you look at the tissue (boogers) or just throw it away?
Soul searching?
Why cant i fall asleep and how can I try to fall asleep?
Help i feel really ill ?!?!?
I have a good friend with a giagantic mouth ulcer, what should he do? He's been using bonjela for months.?
Have you ever been to a rude gynecologist or other doctor?
What is the best way to quit smoking?
Do you think doctors should help people suicide themselves?P.S. deatils on bottom?
Do red heads have red pubes?
Marijuana fact? confused...
What do doctors mean by "clear liquids?"?
Do doctors need a doctor?
I have a cold what should i do?
Can i grow taller by skipping? how can i grow taller?
Where did the idea that hearts look like this come from?
How can i naturally cleanse my body of marijuana?
When u get sunburn do u go red or brown?
How many hours of sleep do you get?
Can we pull the whisker from my wifes chin?
Is CRACK Worse Than Meth I Know Both Are Bad But Which Is Worse?
I'm 11. Mom is taking me for a Blod Test. Will it hurt me ? Scared & don't want it.?
Nasty burp?
I get so hot at night i sleep naked, i'm afraid of earthquake happening and me running naked,any suggestions?
I had some blood test done and dont understand the results.?
Do all ex smokers feel better for giving up?
What will cause a person to be constantly thirsty? How does a person get this to stop?
Does anybody suffer from sleep paralysis? What are your thoughts on it?
If some1 smokes weed or used to and now they have bad memory loss or bad effects what to do about it?
Do you think the way my b/f treats me is EMOTIONAL ABUSE?
How can I get suicidal thoughts out of my mind?
Should i drop out???
How high is yr IQ?????
Is anyone out there having an miserable Valentine's Day?
I have no firends and no one seems to like me?
I was abused when I was little, how can I ever trust men again?
I am so bored !! help me HELP?
Why are my legs always aching?
Can anybody describe what a panic attack (or) anxiety attack feels like?
I hate my freckles.is there laser surgery i cud have2 get rid of them?
Am i gross?
What is wrong with me?
Why are nurses allowed to take their uniforms home and wear them back to work?
How to get cool?
Help me!!!!!!! please?!!!?
What makes ur leg go to sleep?
Would you rather...?
What can u put on to prevent sweat bees from biting u?
How doing go about starting to smoke in order to lose weight?
How do YOU cool down?
Can't sleep help?
If I gave up smoking for 1 week,what would happen?Would I notice anything?Would it be worth it?
How bad is the service at your local hospital?
N.H.S takes the P*SS.?
Having gas for over 3 days, any suggestionssss!?
How do i stop eating my boogers? ..?
What is good to eat and easy to make when sick with the flu?
My child holds her breath until she passes out. I have tried everything I can think of to make her stop, help
Im feeling sick,faint and im very hot with my heart racing whats wrong with me?
What is shape am i? Am i curvy? Am i pear shape?
What do I say???
Y r kids more obese now?
Is it possible to change one's skin color from black to white?
How many times can someone getchickenpox?
What is the best cure for sweaty palms?
What types of things would help me fall asleep cause i have trouble sleeping?
After I go to the toilet I feel strange..?
Ugh Hiccups?
I haven seem my period for six months and it have been like this since i turn 15 years old?
Is soap necessary?
Is it good to sleep without underwear?
Arm twitching??
How can i quit smoking???
Anyone suffer from ganglions??
Whats the best bug spray to use?
Has anybody ever used Calms?
Can i smoke weed after just getting my tongue pierced?
What is this green puss coming from my right eye?
How much should a 10 year old boy weigh?
I feel sick...?
Does your mom check that your underwear is okay for the doctor visit ?
How fantastic would it be to have an eyeball on the end of one of your fingers ??? just imagine .....?
Can you get headaches from worrying?
What makes a "good doctor"?
What is a good way for Me to stop Biting my Nails?
If you had to lay VERY still,like when you're getting an MRI at the hospital, what would you think about?
Does anyone know how to cure the hiccups?
Do have any "scratch and sniff" ..... ?
What out of the things you eat make your farts smell the worst?
Why my girlfried say no abortion i no want baby but she wont get one!?
I Hate me, how do i keep myself from killing me?
Why am I always so jealous?
How do I know if I'm suffering from the Multiple Personality Disorder?
What was the most frightning experience you ever had?
How can I tell my mom and dad that I think I need someone to talk to?
Should i quit school?
Is there a cure for being gay?
I want to sleep all the time,what does it mean?
I cant stop lying?
I cant take anymore, please help?
Any ideas why this happened???