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How do you keep nicotine off your fingers?
I am depending on my right eye than left eye for a sight. So, does it mean I have a lazy eye?
My va jay jay smells like fish how do i get rid of the smell?
How common is it for people whom have downsyndrome to get alzheimers?
Why do I twitch?
I'm bulimic...?
Is pee oftenly a syptom for any disease or illness?
My throats almost swollen shut, help?
How do you get rid of a cold really quick?
Do I have Tourette's Syndrome?
How long does it take to detox your body from weed?
When you were little, how did your parents get you to take your medicine?
Cough cough?
Burnt hand?
What keeps making me fall asleep when I've had a good nights sleep already?
Can anyone tell me whats wrong with me??
I'm always tired when I wake up in the morning no matter how much I sleep Why am I always tired? Has anyon any
How to fall asleep?
I have given up smoking im now beginning to struggle any tips?
Ingrown toenail advice- ''v'' ?
I wake up almost every morning feeling like I have a hangover but I don't drink?
Have gone up three lense prescriptions in 5 months.?
I have vision insurance and I get to choose either contacts or new paif of glasses. Which one should I get?
I have regular bausch and lomb toric contact lenses. can I wear them overnight?
URGENT Broken glasses?
Is this bad for my eyes?
A question about my new distance eyeglasses.?
Is it normal for your contacts to feel a bit wierd for a few minutes after you put them in?
Are Progressive lenses unsuitable for use with Computers?
Is there a difference between eye glasses and reading glasses?
I have pain around the eye area and my eyelid is twitching?
How to pass a drug test?
How often do you take a shower?
Can getting drunk just once stunt your growth?
How long does it stay in your urine?
How to overcome constipation problem of my 3 year old daughter?
Has the devil taken over me?!?!? HELP!!!?
How can i grow taller? at least 4 inches?
Can you swallow pills without water?
How can i grow taller??
What is the difference between bulimia and anorexia?
What kind of virus causes pain in the right side when breathing?
What approach can anyone recommend to diagnosing jaundice?
What would over consumption of seafood cause?
IBS (or Irritable Bowel Syndrome)?
When you are prescribed a medication do you check on the internet for side effects of that prescribed drug?
My friend is a drug addict..how can i help ?
How do you ease migrane pain?? Is it my headache a migrane?
My four year old son suffers from headaches wth/vomiting. Our G.P. does not seem too concerned. Should I be?
Does anyone here have/know a child with Asperger's, or other form of Autism?
Really bad sunburn!!?!?
Ear Piering Infection?
I was stung by a wasp on monday on my finger. my hand is very swollen and itches like crazy is this normal?
HELP, stung by a wasp or bee, not sure, it was black and didnt look like either but?
Help! My mom has wood in her foot.?
I Am Hving The Worst Day Ever!! What Should I Do Tonight To Releive Tension?
What is it bug bites or something else?
Can you overdose on aspirin?
How can you manage to sleep well during the entire nightime,with no interruption?
How old does a child have to be to have laser eye surgery?
Can anyone help with my eye prescription?
How can i tell my mom...?
Should I be worried about my eyesight?
Contact lens stuck in eyelid?
Eye Floaters?????????
Contact Lenses are bothering me, 3rd day wearing them?
Sleeping with Contacts: Enhance Vision?
Where can i buy Color Contacts without a Prescription?
I have recently had an eye test and gone from being long sighted to short sighted does that sound right?
I am having paing in the right top arean of my abdoman under the ribs?
How do you get rid of stubborn athletes feet?
Can spray paint hurt you if you breathe it in?
?I'm being serious, how do they diagnose a adult with dyslexia.?
Can we store contact lenses in water?
Why do pple were braces for?
Does dating significantly older men bad for your health??
Who would be the losers with universal healthcare?
Does clorox kill all bacteria?
I can't sleep can anyone give me some good tips on how to fall asleep and quick?
Any ideas on what disease i should write my disease assignment on?
Can cot death be cured?
Crohn's Disease help slash diarrhea help..aka potassium loss?
Ok what's this then coz even me doctor is puzzled?
Does aids kill you?
Numbness in the legs??
Pls b quick.?
Does anyone out there believe prayer heals?
What does T.C.P mean?
Trouble getting to sleep?
What do you think happens when you die?
How to stop your self from getting drunk ?
Do cell phones cause brain cancer?
What does this sound like to you?
How can i grow taller? PLEASE help?
What is the safe amount of cigarettes you can have in a day?
When you splash your face in the morning..do you keep your eyes open or shut .....?
Do blind people see all black or all white?
Is it weird if i just bring a glasses frame to optical?
I cant see out my right eye its gone black?
Should you wear glasses all the time if you are long sighted?
What does 20/20-1 eyesight mean?
Driving at Night?
How bad are my eyes if my glasses Rx is Right: sp+5.50 cyl-2.50 axis170, Left: sp+5.50 cyl-2.25 axis 005?
Eye exam question?
What is black floaters in your eyes?
What causes fuzzy vision? I have fuzzy vision periodically and if I blink my eyes sometimes it goes away.?
How do we breathe?! Help please?
I hate my job it is making me feel like a crap mum and ill all the time but we need the money what can ido ?
Ingrown toenail....help!!!!!!!!??...
What is the first aid to do if you are bitten by a cobra or any other snakes?
Why do we hiccup?
What can I put on mosquito bites to stop them hurting?
How do you get dried blood out from under your fingernails?
I cut myself and i'm bleeding really badly -how do i stop it?
Ear blockage? I have a dried wax in my right ear, and I can't hear that well from it. Any way to get it out? ?
Do your kids have severe mosquito bite reactions?
I really cant stop cutting!?
I hate life?
Help! I'm suffering from SEVERE anxiety, and anxiety attacks!?
Can i drink st. johns wort while taking Prozac?
How old am I? Guess?
Is it normal to have a desire to die?
Do people ever think?
Could this be the last day of my life?
I think my friend is schizophrenic?
I just woke up ..?
I smoke about 10 cigarettes a day just how bad is it and how do i make myself stop?
When you have a bad cold… what is the best over the counter cold medicine to take?
Stomach cramps?
How early did you wake up this morning?
Is coffee a laxative?
Anyone else had the same symptoms?
Why can't I get free healthcare??????!!!!!!?
I'm bleeding heavily and it won't stop! What should I do?
When is the best time to nap?
Today is my first day off cigarettes...........?
I'm only getting 4-6 hrs of sleep!!??
What's the fastest way to get rid of a hickey?
What is the safest way to drive drunk?
I m very lazy :( how can i become active?
Can you donate blood if you have tattoos?
Help me please!?
Penus and vagyna?
What is this that I pulled out of my belly button?
What could it be?
What is the youngest age that a person can be diagnosed with alzehiemers?
What was wrong with me?
Is passing of blood in stool for a 70 year old man suffering from acid reflux Serious ?
Help! My hair is falling out and I am only 24! Why?
My partner has just started to tke Propranolol....?
Is it normal to have a stroke at this age?
Who would get a liver first a person with hep b or a alcoholic with cirrosis of the liver and continue to drin
I do not have health insurance. I have thyroid problem.?
Anybody know how to find out if your child has an eating disorder?
Queston about stitches...?
I just fell and skinned my palm badly?
Can i give my 2 year old milk or soy milk if he has been vomiiting?
If you hold in your farts will you burp them up later?
How do I know if I have an addictive personality?
Should the elderly be expected to pay for residential care out of their own savings or should appropriate?
I found a unknown pill in my teenagers room i need help to identify it its white oval shaped and has the E145?
What is one important thing that you have learnt today?
If you have been stung by a wasp and days later the sting site became more irritated...?
I am looking to buy halloween contacts without a prescription...?
What are advantage and disadvantages of laser eye surgery? Had anyone done it personally & how's night vision?
Help me evry1,i m wearing contact lense frm 5-6 months nowadays rainbow appears while looking at the lights?
Dominate eye?
Can you grow out of astigmatism?
For contact users.....?
What are some exercises to restore your eye sight?
Is it true that your eyes become smaller as you become more nearsighted?
Colored contacts ??
Contacts?10 easy points?
Why are my breasts .............?
Does hypnotism work for quiting smoking?
Would you rather be a genius who was depressed or a stupid person who was happy?
Is spraying Windex on your contacts a quick and cheap way to clear your vision?
If I eat bug spray (small amount) will I get really sick?
Is it bad if you masturbrate more than once a day?
Diarrhea Question?
Will you get brain tumor if you are over exposed to pc monitors?
Reasons why nursing is a good career?
Can you get anything if you share a cigarette?
Does anyone know how to get rid of cold sores?
Stopped smoking 3 weeks ago and have been constipated since then, is this a side effect of stopping smoking?
I can't sleep!?
Why does the Dr. always say"Drink Plenty of Liquids"?
Can you cut the mould off cheese and still eat it?
BIG PRoblem!!! please please help!!!?
Im alwaysss tired..whats wrongg!?
How much are UK prescriptions these days?
I am so constipated. I have the urge to go but the stool is hard and will not pass. What can I do?
Celiac Disease?
Crohns Disease Foods?
If you were dying?
How To Cure Insomnia? I always have sleepless nights!?
I think my tap water is making me sick?
What foods are rich in potassium?
Will cystitis go away? O don't want to go to the doctor's!?
My eye doctor says that i have 20/20 (perfect) vision but i'm squintign to see the board at school.?
Vision change in right eye.....please help!?
Can an eye docter see floaters?
Can you use milk as a substitue for eyedrops?
New Glasses...Headache...Dizz...
My eyes are really sensitive to sun light. Is there something wrong with me?
Where to get help to help pay for eye glasses already ordered?
I've been wearing my contacts too long... is it ruining my eyes?
When someone wears contacts, why can you see their eyes better?
Can i buy glasses at a store without prescription??
What was the most effective way you personally used to quit smoking and not gain weight?
What are the pros and cons of taking a shower twice a day?
If you have a bad toothache and cant get to a dentist, what is the best way to help the pain?
How to pass a drug test?
Hangover help Please?
I'm getting a laptop and i'm 2 exited and its annoying?? waht should i do?
My Mom is smoking ALOT and she doesn't know that I know she smokes what do I do?
What works for you when you have a cold?
I have a a sore throat on the left side of my throat but only really when I swallow. Had it for two/three days
I have to take a unexpected drug test in a couple days, whats the best way to clean my system of THC ?
Hospice is it a blessing or murder?
What do you do for a shore throat...?
Why is swallowing gum bad?
How do you describe a bowl of fruit to a blind person?
Why is this?
Smoking ban?
Whats the most common bloodtype?
My Eye has been twitching non stop?
What should I do about my eyesight problem?
Im 25 & last 2 weeks my eyes r really watery & my vision is blurry, also my eyes r quite crusty in the mornin?
What's the BEST contact lens brand?
About Lazy Eye?
Is pummelling and jocular bellowing an effective cure for a co-worker who is becoming teary-eyed because of a?
What does it cost for a new pair of glasses from opticians nowadays, approx.?
Does anyone know how long you use contact lenses before you replace them with new ones?
Has anyone had Laser Eye Surgery?
Why are my eyes like this?
How can i give up alchohol?
My freind might be hurting themselve?
Ok, i've tried hard and not drank any alcohol all weekend, why do i still feel bored/depressed/lonely?
Why is it not okay for men to hit women.
What do you do at the end of the night when you've had a terrible day?
Serious suicide help needed here?
What are some reasons why I should/not commit suicide?
Is this ok?
I'm going to commit suicide...But I want to convince my girlfriend I wont..?
What causes a stroke?
I had urinary tract infection,treated but private part itches. i my safe?
I keep having a sollen neck and cold like syptoms.but i dont no why?
IS IT TRUE THAT BY EATING FISH AND MILK at the same time makes you cause certain skin diseases..?
Why is my big toe's toenail black?
I'm always sleepy and tired, what's wrong with me?
Is there any problems in occassional drinking?
What could this be?
Plz. name the medician or theropy for quick headache relief?
Why it is dangerous to cover head while (both for kid and elders) in fever conditions?
Do you have any cures for the hiccups?
Where can i get diapers for teens?
Question for those who know about weed or about the body?
How to get rid of a hangover?
What do you think of people who smoke cigarettes indoors?
Is tanning in a salon safe when being preagnant ?
Whats the easiest way to quick smoking... dont give the obvious answer of just stop!?
Please help me, Really bad constipation..?
What foods will ease diarrhea?
Should I shower before I go to bed or when I wake up?
Visually impaired driving help?
Why aren't there as many different colored contacts for people with astigmatism?
How can i reduce the power of my eyes (1.75 in both eyes) ?
What is the best way to not ruin our eyes in the computer?
I hate having bright green eyes ?
The downside of sleeping with contact lens?
Should i wear contact lens in a pool?
Is it possible to have NO pupil in the eye?
Does anyone know, from personal experience, which are the best contacts for people with astigmatism?
Is it true that is you sit to close to the TV it will cause Eye damage?
Please please need help please please help...........?
Bad Habit!!!?
How many hours of sleep does a 24 yr old man need?
Wut r the dangers of going anorexic?
Cant sleep?
What can we do to stop the use of dihydrogen monoxide on our crops?
I cant sleep, any ideas to help me get to sleep?
Do you know any tricks to fall asleep faster?
Umbilical Hernia?
I feel burning sensation during urination. Can anyone suggest a hospital for treatment?
Clicking bones- bone cancer???
IS it TRUE ... Suiciders go to hell ........... ?
If you smoke 2 to 3 times a day for two weeks how long will it take to pass a drug test?
Prayer? Whether Biblical or otherwise? I think we can "Share it?" because it's a Concern?
How to control a child that swears?
Why do i feel dizzy when i smoke?
What's wrong with good cannabis ?
How can I stop my sunburn from peeling?
Real Friends? How do you know if you have some?
My dad is 5'3" and my mom about 4'11, is there any way i can reach 6'4?
Whats the coolest thing about smoking cigarettes?
How can i stop myself from eating alot of greasy foods??
Do we dream when we are under medication while being operated on in surgery?
HELP! Got to pass lab urine test in a week!?
Anyone know how much contacts lenses are?
What is the best brand for contact lenses?
What is dry eye ?
How do you get contacts to stay on your eye once it touches? esp. if you have narrow eye openings...?
Lazy eye? One eye is suddenly higher than the other?
How should I get over my fear of inserting contact lenses?
Does anyone here use non disposable soft eye contacts?
I have a bubble on the white part of my eye, it does not bother me and it is hard to see do you know what this
Do Contact Lenses hurt?
Help with my contacts!?
Why does the brain get harder with age?
What should i do if my eye hurts?
What is good for rheumatiod arthritis?
If you rub your finger behind your ear and sniff, what can you smell?
My ring finger on my right hand has been numb for 2 days from using my mouse so much. What will help?
Is there physical addiction to cigarettes?
Is Fibromyalgia curable?
Some people lick their pencil's lead before they start to write something.. is this bad?
My Doctor will not prescribe Co-Proxamol as he says it has been "withdrawn."Is this true?
What is another way to get calcium in my body besides dairy products?
How many time have you been to the toilet todoay ???
Is Euthanasia wrong..............?
I'm begging for advice.?
What is one way to help not be sad in the month of September?
What do i do when my doctor said i tested positive for cocane but i do not use the stuff?
What do i do for bad headaches?
What is most important in life?
How do you make smoke come out of your mouth?
If I am 5ft 8in and my husband is 6ft how tall will our son and daughter be?
I'm near sighted and when i put on sunglasses, my vision is even worst than when i'm not wearing my glassses
What do 'OD' and 'OS' stand for on the contacts box?
Should i take my contacts out hours before bed?
What am eye seeing?
Is there any food that is good for the eye?
Contact lens wearers, please recomend a deep cleaning soft lens cleaner that really removes the daily scum.?
Is this bad?
Can staring at the computer too long make your eyes bad?
My eyes are blue should I get colored contacts?
Migraines in my right eye?
Could my time of sleep and bad skin be related?
How clean is your house? My boyfriend's house is very very dirty and often smells?
Should a teen boy wear a bra if he has breast development?
Is having 280/130 blood pressure bad?
I'm very concerned that something is really wrong with me?
Should the eight year old boy be taken into care because he is overweight i?
What will happe if i dont do what the doctors say?
Why do doctors feel your fingernails?
Burned throat?
Can someone develop an allergy to penicillin when thay were not allergic as a child or teen?
What is the best way to get rid of arthritis pain during rainy days?
Do you consider anorexia and bulimia a physical illness, mental illness, or both?Explain please!?
Which is worse? A mild case of severe diarrhea or a severe case of mild diarrhea.?
Does coffee cause you to be nauseated and dizzy if you have not eaten?
Numbness & cold feeling in feet, toes & bottoms particulary?
When the scientists will find the medicine to cure AIDS?
What is this disease called?
What is skitzophrenia?
Can someone help me???
I'm gonna try contacts this summer...?
If you wear contact lens and you died with them in your eyes, do they take them out?
Do contacts hurt?
Is it possible for anti-reflective coating on eyeglasses to rub off?
Can Wearing Glasses While?
Slept with contacts in?
I just received new glasses. Now everything on my right seems wider at the top and narrower at the bottom.?
HELP contacts wont come out?
Contact Lens for better vision.?
Can my GP check the health of my eyes or should i go to an optometrist?
When you get home from work or school do you take your shoes off?
Need more answerssss ..?
Need to gain 20lbs in a month can someone help?
What should I do for my sick boyfriend?
If you have a cut that is obviously infected what is the best treatment?
How old are you... just wondering...?
Should fat people have to pay all there own medical bills?
Should i stay home from school?
Do antidepressants make people happy?
Should women have to conceal themselves, or go into a private area when breast feeding?
My daughter is running a fever?
No energy to get my day going any advice or truths?/?
How do I wake up at 5:00am every morning?
I'm 6 months pregnant and I'm having tightening pains in my lower back, what could be the cause of this
I have a hangover it was my b-day yesterday ,and im haveing a slurry speech is that something that i should be
How can i stop sweating, it's not my arm pits, it's my whole body?
My arms always go numb at random times, in random positions. Mainly when sleeping. Should I worry about it?
Do i really want to quit smoking??
How can i beat the effects of flu?
If you have a hard time sleeping what are the best ways to cure it?
Changing your eye color perminatly through hypnosis?
How to keep contacts from sliding?
What will happen if i wear one piece of contact lens?
Does being a Optometrist require a lot of math ?
What is the scientific reason why eyesight gets worse (ten Points)?
How can I deal with itchy eyes?
Anyone have any idea about eye surgery?
Lens.com coupons code?
Our neighbor has red irises! Why is this?
Strange symptoms - docs can't help - vision problems male age 32?
I've found a lump on the ball of my foot, what is it?
Does any body know what to take for the menopause without resorting to pills from the doctor. Also?
Is it hemorrhoids??
Does anyone know what epilepsy is??
Stomach aches?? HELP!!!! Please!!!!!!<3?
How do you get rid of TINNITUS before you go crazy???????
When I finish eating, I always feel like vomiting. Du yu know what the problem might be.?
Anyone have an idea what this could be???
Should I worry about having shingles at this age?
Are farts meant to have lumps in them?
What makes a child have a white furry tongue?
What is the stuff that you put on scars to make the skin appear better?
Neck pain...what could it be?
Whats the old wives tale for having itchy palms?
What is a healthy food that a person can eat when they are sick in a hospital?
In a dream if I pulled grass from my mouth what does it indicate ?
How to stop laziness and feeling sleepy all the time? Any alternatives for caffeine?
Why do you love taking bubble baths?
What can give me energy? i feel weak all the time?
Anyone went through Lasik before?
What are the best foods to eat to help injuries heal?
Have a BM after I eat anything.?
Visine bad?
The nerve under my left eye keeps jumping and it's extremely annoying, any idea what it is?
Why do I feel so rough all the time?
Does sun hurt lighter eyes more?
Since I'am a Doctor , i was wondering, what makes you guys scared of comming in for check ups?
Is This Normal For A Eye?
My left eye keeps twitching. anytime i look down it twitches and i dont know why. i wear contacts i dont know?
Is tiedye poisonous on skin?
Does this happen to you guys too?
Contact lenses hurt!!!!! help?
What makes mosquito bites itchy?
Is steam good or bad for contact lenses?
I am confused about contact lenses?
Have you ever smoked a cigarette out of your nose?
Is there an age requirement for getting Lasik Eye surgery in Georgia (US)? Can I get it at age 14?
Sleep Question?
Have you ever faked an illness?
Girls only!!! Do you like a guy that will paint and massge your toenails?
My little sister has bad body odour?
I really have to go to the bathroom?
How many 'rolls' can a gal have and still look good in one of those belly tops?
Will just one cup of coffee hurt?
I had to have my ears re-pierced and its been to 3 days and my left ear still feels sore, is that OK?
I cant concentrate.im not doing as good in school.im so depressed?
How come some people wear glasses while others dont?
Lasik eye surgery?
Questions about contacts?
Possible eye problem?
Does anyone know some good deals on eye tests and contacts at the moment?
Daily contacts question?
Why and how do the pupils of your eye change size?
Can you put your contact lenses in with one hand?
What can I do about my spectales which are pushing my eyes inward and making me ugly without them?
Does diabities make you blind?
Is it possible to get sun burnt on your hair scalp?
Can eating lettuce before bed really help you sleep better?
Why am i all of a sudden allergic to sea food?
I keep falling out with my Liver and making up again over a drink what can I do?
What is the diffrence?
How can I tell (without going to a Dr.) whether I have a sinus infection or just a head cold?
Sleeping problems, tried MANY things, any other ideas?
So what does your partner do when asleep.......?
Can Mastibaitng Cause Spots?
For wearers of corrective lenses: Just out of curiosity, do you prefer glasses to contacts?
Can this kill you?
Is it true that you can die from drinking too much water?
What would be the worst way to die?
Why can't I sleep I feel sleepy but no matter how I try I can't sleep?
Is it possible to smoke yet not become addicted?
What is the fastest way to clean ur system out after smoking pot?
Allergies anyone?
Want to know should take a bath with cold water or hot water?
I have struggled with depression in my past. What should i do if I am getting depressed again?
Could you please read this and tell me what you think?
When does happy hour start? I can't wait...I'm so damn happy!!?
Why do i feel like this?
Is it bad to spend alot of time thinking about how you want to die?
Terrified of throwing up! Please help!?
My girlfriend suffers from depression and gets suicidal when we have a bad fight & blames me, wat can i do?
Does anyone think anti-depression meds are really necessary for depression?
Anybody ever have days when you just hate people in general...(in traffic, in the grocery line, etc.)?
What is the proper way to clean contact lense cases?
Why you get an eyelash in your eye, where does it go?
If i get contacts, how long will it take to get rid of the ''omg he forgot his glasses today look''
Can I purchase contacts that have different powers than my original one?
Is this an ok way on putting contacts in??
How do i convince my mom to get me contacts?
What can you do to make your eye sight better?
I feel pretty stupid, but....
I have a bright spot of blood on the white part of my eye how serrious is this?
When i am driving at night i have allot of trouble seeing the road?
I can't afford health insurance, what are my options?
Why am i always thirsty?
Can't sleep at night can you help?
Problems staying awake.?
My eyesight is not what it used to be. Should I go to an Optometrist? or an eye doctor?
I live alone, I have recently taken to sleeping under the ?
Cold and cough?
Ways to relieve depression other than antidpressants?
Can opticians tell if you haven,t been wearing your glasses enough?
Im going in to hospital today????
My Husband has something wrong with his eyes?
Can i buy contact lenses online with my prescription for glasses?
What would happen if i slept with my contacts and they are not for sleeping?
Do I need Glasses?
What happens if you have eye power 2.25 and you use contact lenses of 2.50?
School Starts and i need help waking up!?
Is it natural to have acne on your body instead of face?
Why do people write down stupid questions for people to answere?
Is it supposed to itch........?
I have really bad sunburn, help!?
Wondering. I've seen some serious health "Q"s posted, is anyone else frightened for these people?
Do you agree that smoking makes thevoice of a person lower?
What is the best way to get rid of roaches? (eww) I just rented a new apartment and I've noticed these creepy
Do you sleep...?
I just got contacts last week and I have trouble getting them out.?
PLEASE! Is there any- and i mean any- possible way to make your eyes grow naturally? No makeup of anything????
Why does peoples eyesight go bad?
What would happen if i stop wearing my glass.?
Eye injury?
What type of eyedrops do I put in my right eye?
What is the cheapest laser eye surgery can cost, including service in other countries?
Two eye color?
HELP!!!!!!! eye problem!!?
When do i need to wear my glasses?
When will I die?
Do you like this name?
Cosmetic surgery? yes or no?
Are you right handed or left handed?
Does standing in front of a working microwave oven have any negative effect on the body?
Do you have any tips on how to help an alcoholic?
What gets on your nerves?
Have your fingers or toes ever locked up?
Why is it green?
Will your fingers get mangled if your hand gets in a garbage disposer??
How many drinks a day /a week constitute an alcoholic?
Need some helpful advice please?
When some one "cracks" their knuckles, what is actually making the noises?
Is it true that bleach on fingers then put into pee stream will let you pass a drug test?
I would like a home remedy for a sinus infection.?
Shower after food?
Short sighted people......................
Why Do my burps smell all of a sudden?
Eye symptom?
Does pink eye go away without eye drops?
Need help with contact lenses?
Do you HAVE to get your eyes measured before you buy color contacts?
I have just been diagnosed with keratoconus?
How does your eye sustain a picture, after your eyes adjust in a dark room, from a flash from say a camera?
Why do you get sty's on your eye?
Contacts & Glasses!! PLEASE HELP!?
What's the purpose of needing glasses if they don't improve your eyesight?
I had glasses made to a wrong prescription supplied to me by another optician.?
I'm 15 and looking towards getting a nose job. Stupid or Super?
Do you like to kiss onthe first date?
Not just another lame "size" question....?
Swallowed a small sharp piece of chicken bone, how to I get it past my throat?
Can you curl your tongue?
Help my sister with her cough?
My friends said that I drag my feet when I walk, what are some good ways to not drag your feet when walking?
How often do you shower, everyday?
Eye Doctor isn't Open!! And i need my glasses fixed!! HELP!! 5 points for whoever helps me!?
My right eye really hurts, its red and bloodshot hurts when i blick, and i wince at bright light and cold air?
Is this bad and unhealthy for me?
Glasses plz help????
If you read in the dark will it really hurt your eyes?
Can you damage your eyes when you don't turn on the light while being on the computer?
Best opticians?
Contact Lenses?
Would SURGERY Solve the Problem?
Earlier on ...?
I live wit 4 women in a house alone and now this has turn gay by following their footstep? how can i change?
I am tired of every thing in my life, all of my dreams become imposible!!!?
Grown man affraid of the dark???
What's your phobia?
Why does someone hit theirself in the head when upset?
Do people who kill themselves go to hell?
I'm depressed, how can I raise my grades again?
I am really depress can some one help me out ?
Can you really die from not sleeping because you get really exhausted?
Is this a mental disease?
Why is sugar not healthy for us?this white sugar you get at grocers.?
Feels like an air bubble inside my ear, help!?
Shall I go to Sauna and Steam room before or after Swimming?
What form of poor hygiene grosses you out the most, besides not bathing or taking a shower?
HELP!! I had my last ciggarette at 10am this morning.?
I have a sharp pain up under my breast where my rib cage meets,its been there over a week.usualy lasts about a
When you see someone else yawn, why does that make you have the urge to also yawn?
Can you take ibuprofen and aceteminophen at the same time?
Which is best ,sweating thru work or sauna to get rid of alcohol,from your body.?
Why do people feel sick when they read on the bus,but not on the tube or train?
Can you roll your tongue?
Someone has been clean for a few years, and they take one drag from a joint. How long before they are clean?
Skin tags.?
I'm a vegetarian...?
What would you class your self as?
Whats the difference between a girl and a boy?
Is true???
Are there any health implications of sleeping face down?
How do I go to bed when im not tired?
What should I do with the DINOSAUR in my UNDERWEAR?
Hyiegene help?
Should The skull and cross bones be displayed on cigarette packages?
Why the deaf person usually also mute?
How many times can a disposable razor be used before throwing it away and using a new one?
Whats wrong with me?
My daughter has a nervous habit?
A 65 yr. old man has indigestion problems, what can the cause be?
Can you really 'sweat out' alcohol through exercise?
Do women have prostate glands?
What is the most effective way to get rid of acnes?
I suffer from chronic constipation, try all methods but still does not help much?
What piercing hurts the most?
Does our digestive system still work while were asleep?
How do i make myself have nightmares?
Is it true coca cola can clean coins?
Would you rather die awake or in your sleep?
What are your opinions on tanning.... do you think its good... bad... causes no harm...?
Am i going to die?
Why is it okay for girls to wear guy clothes but not for guys to wear girl clothes?
What's wrong with my eyesight?? Please explain..?
Will lasik help lazy eyes?
Why do my eyes itch?
New contacts User; wondering if I can use contacts cleaner IN my eyes while wearing them.?
Is there any way to actuly make your eyes lighter without useing contacts?
About My Eyes They always look So Yellow Help?
How Come My Contact Lenses Become So Dry?
I have glaucoma and im 21?
My eye is red and i get married on saturday?
What happens if a mosquito bites your eye?
How can u change ur eye colour without wering contacts?
Eye twitch?
What do i do i got a peice of steel wool inbeded in my eye?
Why are my eyes yellowish?
I haven't been to an eye doctor in years but my sight is good. Should I visit one for a checkup any way?
Is it true, that a person wearing glasses, can correct their own vision if they stop wearing the glasses??
Why I can see more clearly when I look through tiny hole?
Anyone tried two pairs for $69.95?
Can the blind see lights and shadows?
My eye keeps twitching - why?
Do you know what epodermous means and if it's spelled right?
What is the best way to beat nerves?
Question about Cocaine.?
Why does even the smallest of probems always seem much worse in the middle of the night when you can't sleep?
Has anyone else eaten a whole packet of HobNobs today?
Help me sleep?
Drug addiction?
I'm frustrated right now. What should I do?
When your stressed/worried....?
Im @ work n im bout to fall asleep!?
How do I gain at least 10lbs in the next month? (fast metabolism)?
Why does your voice change when you inhale hilium?
How safe and successful is laser eyes surgery nowadays?
I drank 4 glasses of wine last pm and now I am so hung over. Help me?
What is the worst smell you ever smelled?
My left eye has been constantly twitching for almost a week. Am I turning into a serial killer?
Can u all pray for me?
Why are some people so terrified of clowns?
How would I know whether counselling would benefit me more than life coaching or vice versa?
Help only from somone who has been through this!?
Whats the best way to get rid of depression,?
Please help, My life is in danger?
Is commiting suicide selfish?
Is there a good way to ends ones life?
How can i distract myself from feeling down?
Is it just me or....?
Is there any reason apart from not putting in it in properly?
What should I do about my eyes?
How far under your eyelid can a contact go?
What is lazy eye?
Contact lenses caring?
Does a certain color blind you easier than others?
How do you know if your contact lenses are flipped or not?
Why do every time i go to the opticians to check my eyes....?
What does is it mean when one of your eyes twitches?
I have a small, white bump on the tip of my tongue and it hurts.. What is it and how do I get rid of it?
What do i do?
My 7 year old has diarrhea can some one give me a good remedy other then medicine?
How do I make it where my farts don't stink?
After lovemaking, is it normal for the woman to leak?
How are babies made?
Is it normal to Be nervous when you meet anyone?
I want to hurt myself?
What does it mean if your dog is vomiting up cigarettes, when no one in the house smokes?
Why is blood blue? and why does it turn red when it contacts air?
I dont have enough energy to get me through the day...what should i do?
What can i to fall asleep!!!???!!? heLp!!?
My blood pressure?
Health Question please help????
Trouble Sleeping!!!!!!!!?
What can i do to soothe crackedsoles?
I just went to the doctors yesterday and....?
How do i effing fall asleep?
I don't know were babys are made from and i'm already 16.?
Breathing through your eyes?
Hey - Do you like my new retro white frame eyeglasses ? I do get some complements on new glasses. How are they
Red shot eyes?
Is it dangerous if some1's eye pressure is 38? is it 2 high?
Astigmatism in one eye--Should I wear glasses or contacts?
Do I look better with or without glasses on. I have trouble wearing contacts. My glasses are expensive Italian
Want contacts?
Dark cloud as i see out of my left eye what could this be a sign of?
My 8 months old daughter get nailed in her eye by me,actually i was?
What can I do to help my legally blind mom? PLZ HELP IM DESPERATE!!!!!?
Should I go to the Hospital?
Do u know any tips for dry skin?
Why is there chlorine in water, and is it good or bad for you??
What are some ways to naturally cure insomnia?
How can i grow taller???PLEASE help?
Any good tips to shake a lingering cough?
I am very sick and i am throwing up alot how do i make it stop what should i eat?
What's more dangerous to your health: smoking or drinking?
I want gain weight nearliy 15kg - 20kg what can I do ?
How do you know if you are lactose intollerant?
Progressive lens problem?
I've hurt my eye! Help!?
Bad to wear contacts to long?
Don't you hate it when you're putting in your contacks and solution drips down your arm?
Does Tv really cause bad eye sight?
Is 20/30 vision in one eye cause for corrective lenses?
Eyes changed colour???
Where can I get disposable contacts?
Is it okay to wear contacts swimming at the beach or a pool?
Has anyone seen what can happen to a person if.................?
Why did I wake up so bloomin' cheerful this morning? I'm driving myself nuts!?
Whot action do i take when someone has a cardiac arrest?
Im Sick, HELP!?
Unethical Doctor?
Bladder question. Embarrassing, but I'm concerned.?
I have been having really bad headaches!?
Giving Up Smoking......help with how to cope methods?
Should i complain?
How can i report a store because of health problems?
Help me! this is serious?
Cocaine and Shrooms?
Why do people sniff?
I have some Penicillin VK 500MG tablets that EXPIRED 9/22/07. Are the tablets still safe to take?
Why dose time get faster and faster as you get older?
What should I do when I'm hot and I am already in shorts and a t-shirt?
My feet are always ice cold...why?
I want to grow hair on the bottom of my feet so i dont have to buy shoes, is this possible?
Is it possible to wean yourself from alcohol if you are an alcoholic?
Do housecats need to be vaccinated?
Constant little white dots around eyes.Any info what they are?
My eyes are so dry and I don't have any eye drops, is there a way to make homemade eye solution?
Eye health: are there any basic things you can do to maintain/improve good sight, or is it best just to.....?
Do you have to get weighed at the eye Doctor????
Is poor vision genetic (hereditary)?
Do i have an eye infection?
I'm seventeen and recently I've become very very nearsighted.?
Can I get surgery for a lazy eye?
What Will happen if you put food coloring directly in to your eye?
Does any body like me?
Please tell me is this line make sense to you. please dont just guess.?
Help, Please, Anyone!!?
Now me boyfriend is moody all the time?
Have you ever, just out of no where had the shivers that made your whole body twitch?
Apart from when you were born, how many times have you had to stay overnight in hospital and why?
Why do we have to drink fluids when we r sick?
What are common causes of headaches?
If some one yawns do you yawn?
What time of the day do you normally feel best?
Is there something wrong with my eye/iris?
Lasik eye surgery?
How could the whites in the eyes become yellowish ?
Do you have to get needles when you have laser eye surgery?
Should i get glasses?
How can i convince my parents to get me contacts?
Do contacts hurt when you first put them in?
Where can i buy non-prescribed colored contacts?
I accidently burned my eye!!!?
Will I be eligible for Lasik surgery if my prescription power is -9.00?
How long does it take you to fall asleep at night?
How do you relieve tired eyes ?
After 7 years of medical school and five years as a junior doctor how come the first thing they say to you?
Can one become addicted to Temazepan?
What finger do you use to pick yer nose ?
Any tips on getting to sleep?
Why do you throw up diced carrots even when you havn't eaten them?
What could be wrong with me..?
What can I use to improve my level of concentration?
How do you get rid of gas?
I'v been scarred (cant spell it)for life...someone help me!?
Diagnose me.........? lolz.... plz?
Are you scared of death ?
Do you think children can become depressed?
Teen who has NO ONE to talk to?
High school teachers, eating disorders and cutting.?
What should he do?
Define: 'Mentally Ill' please (In your own words) ?
How do you cope with stress?
How can i hold my pee that long?
How to get Diarrhea?
Does anyone know why?
Would my Heartburn go if i put my two fingers down my throat to be sick?
Whats in hookah?
How Do You Get Rid Of Hiccups?
Can getting wet in the rain really cause colds/flu or is it a myth?
I've got bad breath what shall i do?
How is Cannabis bad?
Does anyone know what to take to improve brain memory?
Im not sure if i have Astimagtism bcuz sumtimes my contacts move but ....?
Eyes Burning! Help please!?
Don't you think it's a little strange how so many people have vision problems?
Why does eye color change?
Why does the bottom of my eye flicker? its creepy?
Can a cataract op be done more than once on the same eye?
I was told by my eye doctor that the pressure?
I have this red dot in my eye right next to my iris. It doesn't hurt, its just there...what could it be?
Is pupil dilatation done before or after the eye exam?
Where do i find a cheap eye exam in san francisco?
Contact problem?
Anyone ever experienced a occular migraine?
Poked myself in eye with paper?
Short sighted?
Lasik -- worth it or not?
How much does 4 hours of gameplay affect someone's eyes?
If I wear Light blue contact lenses will my dark brown eyes show?
Any advice on laser surgery?
Is it true...?
Brush my teeth?
Pain Thresh hold! How do you think this is determined? Are we born with it or do we make our own?
If I go to sleep at 1:30AM what is a good to wake up?
Friend Sick! Help!?
Blood pressure?
Can you actually drink to much water?
Are your fingers cold?
Sorry' but I can't wait for the smoking ban in july,and I am a smoker?
Why are my fingers always cold, and is there anything I can change or do to warm them?
What can I do or say to help my friend who is suicidal??
After 16 years of smoking a pack a day I went cold turkey last?
My mate has caught nits and we are trying to rid them without the use of chemicals .?
How do you get rid of mosquito bite itch?
Should I Miss School Today?
How can i get taller faster?
How do i kill the voices in my head?
Im getting more acne?
What's wrong with me?
I'm 20 & My eyesight...?
Eyesight's getting worse...?
Contact question....?
I have severe astigmatism! Wondering if u's can help me out!??
Do you think it is safe to use eye pencil on the inner rim of your eye?
How can i kill maggots there in my dogs eye?
If you wear contact lenses do your eyes eventually get smaller?
How can i know my dominant eye?
Why is my reading vision getting worse with longsighted prescription?
A sudden headache and now rainbow floaters in both eyes?
How can I convince my Boyfriend of 11 Months to get help for his Cocaine addiction?
Are you off sick today? Whats up?
How do i get rid of a headache without medication?
Why do your ears ring?
My Urine is extremely Heavy. What causes this?
Is there something wrong with fast food?
What helps with migraine?
Dry Lips anyone?mine are really bad.....?
Is crying good or bad?
What is the best way to deal with a break up?
I lost my mind, where should I look first to regain it?
Cheater or not?
I cant sleep. what should i do?
Does anyone else panick about their mum dying?
Has anyone ever farted and burped at the same time?
Will you give me something to sleep on?
What shold one eat or drink after a vomit?
Fast, simple home remedy for earache?
Is it true that an average American is overfed and yet under nourished?
My brother just found out that he is alergic to laundry detergent is anyone else alergic to it?
What is the wierdest thing you have been allergic to?
What can you use to clear bad athletes foot?..we have tried over the counter medicine and it will not work.?
I have episodes of gasping for air , without any notice , why does that happen?
Hi, i feel tired every evening, i have no energy to do anything, can anyone give me some advice,?
What are black eyes?
My right eye......?
In glaucoma, can cutting onions and letting them give you tears, reduce eye pressure?
What Kind Of Glasses Do you like?
Can you still wear the contact lens if it fell on the ground?
Hit my eye, need help?
People with stronger astigmatism, please advise about Contact Lenses.?
Eye Twitching?
My son who is of 4 years of age started `blinking' his eyes too frequently. Any remedy for this?
Problems with blurry and ghosting vision?
How can I stop throwing up when I drink any alcohol?
This is a little stupid?
What if boys had a period and could get pregnant?
Can a banana skin be flushed down toilet successfuly without causing any blockage?.?
How can i get high and then come home wihtout my parents knowing?
Does anyone in here hate mc donalds?
What Is Your Favorite Perfume?
Is soymilk just as good as milk?
How do you get rid of a cold ASAP?
What's the best way to die?
My contacts make my eyes SOOOO dry!!!!!!!
Does laser eye surgery hurt much?
Can the sun be damaging to the eyes?
Lost a piece of contact lens in my eye!?
If I have bad vision in both eyes is it ok to wear one contact lense?
Does honey really lighten the color of your eyes without wearing colored contacts?
Is Bad Eyesight a Problem for being a pilot?
Chances Of Glaucoma?
Is it bad to wear only one contact lens temporarily?
My eyes have red veins?
As a non smoker do you allow smoking in your home?
Whats up with my feet swelling up.....?
Gallstone pain unbearable should i go to hospital when pain is at its worse?
How do I encourage my demenita patient to sit further away from me on the sofa. She wants to sit right next?
What is the best ways for treatment of drugs abuse (addiction) ?
I feel fat but im not fat and i feel concouis !what do i do !!?
Is it true that your intestines are 26 miles long?
What vaccines was it that left a scare on you arm?
My married daughter has 14 budgeries that are in the same room she and her husband sleep in. Is this healthy?
Why does America have such a high proportion of obese people?
I accidently swallowed a spoon?
What do think of the receptionist at your doctors?
How long does it take for marijuana to get flushed out of my system?
How come you can't hold your pee reel long in the morning when you just wake up?
How can I encourage my friend to eat?
I cant sleep. i know it is stress related.?
Should I go to the ER?
Whats Wrong with my eyes?
Is it possible to reduce eye power by eye exercise?
Contacts made eyes red?
Should i get contacts?
Eye Doctors?
Contacts, help?
Questions about my new glasses?
Does eye patching help strabismus?
Would you rather die than be blind,deaf,and unable to speak????
Can you really die from an email that says if you dont responed to 10 people you will die?
I can't sleep : ( How can I get to sleep?
Advice on sunscreen?
Do you have high cholesterol? How high???
Wut does puberty mean?
Should I light my fart on fire?
I say Pennsylvania women are more beautiful than any other state's women, am I right??
Did anybody of you go to a REHAB? I'd like to go but....?
I am having a baby girl please help me with a name pleaseeeeee!! i cant think of anything at this moment?
I'm addicted to my PS3!!Need help haven't slept right in a week! Succide?
I swallowed a standard house key when i was young
If you are bit my mosquitos enough, does your body get use to it?
Last night I smoked like 3-4 cigarettes. Did I do any damage??
My daughter has a 6 inch brownish grayish worm in her poo. shes freakin out. what is it??
I am disabled and my mum is putting me in a care home do i have a choice at all i have spad quad c.p and multy
My left knee keep cracking like its going in and out of the joint. I am 70 years old.?
What happens if you dissolve pills in water before taking them instead of taking them regularly?
I hate sleep...?
I keep waking up in the middle of the night and throwing up. WHY?
I am really worried about the way my life is going right now....?
Why do I feel sad for no reason?
Could sleeping too much be a sign of depression?
I am suffering with sever depression. anyone out there been in the same situation and came through it?
What is an easy way to feel happy that doesn't require money, women, alcohol, ect?
Trouble swallowing?
Will saying "I dont give a **** what anyone thinks about me" help my self confidence?
How can I cope with being better than everyone else?
What's so bad about cutting?
Is vision 8.00 for right eye and 9.50 for left so bad?
Eye helppppp!?
Considering my prescription, should i get contacts?
Colored contacts???
Is it safe to wear contacts in the shower?
Can you become blind if your eyesight gets worse each year?
Do I Put On My Contacts Before Or After I Put On My Eye Makeup?
Do I need glasses?
HELP! why shouldn't you wear contact lenses whilst SWIMMING?
How do i make high eyes go away without eyedrops?
How old were u when u got a period?
What time is it where you are?
What is a hemerriod??
Why do my hands/arms tingle when I have woken up in the morning?
How would you like to die and why?
Blood pressure at 215/115!?
What is the most common bone to break?
Do you jump into clothes as soon as you wake up or do you drink your coffee and shower first?
How can i pass a piss drug test in 3 days???
Wil she get it?
I am having a sleep for 10 hours daily. Is it good for health.?
Does anyone ever see little spots or flashes of light sometimes?
Where in the Human body is the pancreas located?
I can't seem to wake up!?
How does a charm work?
I can't sleep?
Blood pressure?
How do I remove eyebags???
What shoud i do?
What is sneezing, coughing, headache, sore throat and runny nose?
When was the last time you washed your hands?
If smoking is so bad, why dont they just stop making cigarettes?
Who here is certified to do CPR?