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Do you need to wear prescription sunglasses if you wear prescription eyeglasses?
Why do my eyes burn and turn red when I wear my glasses?
Why does my eyesight turn cloudy when I sit on the computer with my contacts lenses on?
My contact?
Why all good tasting foods are bad for health and bad tasting food good?
Is this an infection??
My child is vomiting what do I do?
If you had to choose between being blind or deaf, which would it be?
I need to find a gym rto work out at but doesn't cost more then 20.00 a month. where do i find one? around me?
Fire and clothes?
When you take a bath, do you just stand up and your done? or do you go to the shower to rinse off?
I was bitten by a horse fly or a deer fly or both?
Does anyone know how many OZ's of water are in a gallon.?
How much do colored contacts cost?
HELP ME CONTACT lenses problem!?
My son accidentally hit my eye a couple nights ago and scratched the cornea. Should I see a doc?
Do transitions lenses turn dark in fluorescent light?
Should I get contacts?
Laser eye surgery?
What can it be...? ?
Does anyone know where cheap prescription sunglasses can be bought in the uk?
Helpppp!! how do you het a contact out of your eye!!!?
I want to wear contacts but i'm scared?
What does the Rx mean at the end of different fitness and health related titles?
What's the best way to quit smoking?
Would you agree arthritis can be caused by injury?
I bruise very easy. Any ideas on how to help ease it up? Any certain foods or vitamins?
Why do people consult Y!Answers before their trusty doctors?
Have you ever cut a big chunk of a finger off and did you go get stitches?
Why do women smell worse than a man if she miss one shower?
How to stop a cold from developing?
Immune to flu?
Help!, Why cant i sleep?
What time do you go to bed?
Whats the best way of losing 1 pound of weight every week?
Wierd problems?
I quit smoking weed, but now I feel tired and sleepy?
Heat rash maybe?
First day not smoking how can I keep busy to avoid cravings?
Why do we love to just stare at the Ocean for its beauty and the sound of the waves?
Whats a good cream for back muscle pain that doesn't contain menthol in it that actually does help?
What is causing back and leg pain?
Why do i cough when i use a q-tip?
Why are my eye lashes falling off?????
Change my eye color Without contact lenses?
Eye floaters, Flashes bright spots?
Is LASEK/LASIK safe? How far do you think it will advance within the next six years or so? All answers welcome
Lasik surgery...does it ever make vision worse?
I was doing hw and my eye was near a paper and when i turned the page the tip of the paper hit my eye?
Looking people in the eys while talking to them?
My eyelid is swollen and the eye itself is bloodshot. Started two days ago, eye just starting to get pink??
Anybody know anything about brown eye colouring??
Will astigmatism disappear?
Severe Sunburn...skin is red, hard and cracking?
How to cure severe swelling in legs after insect bite?
How do you care for a nasty bite wound?
HELP! Clumsy me... I burned my face How can I prevent a scar?
How do you resolve insomnia ??? I have so much stress I cant sleep !!! help plz?
My 8 year old has a cold sore (I guess) and it won't stop bleeding. What do I do?
How do you treat a mosquito bite?
What is the best thing to do if you are being attacked by an alligator?
How do you heal a cut or sore in your mouth?
I ate some borax????
Do you think that having only a bath is a bit unhygienic?
I get this feeling..?
Am I going blind?
How do you fight stress?
I forgot how to sleep?
My g/f said i shake and twitch in my sleep.....what does it mean?
My mom said i used to be a happy boy then i suddenly stop being good and stop giving a **** about people?
What difference has giving up smoking made?
What are some signs that my poison Ivy is clearing up?
Is it healthy to cry when your mad?
Didn't sleep since yesterday, and now i am at work!!!!!?
White stuff on my tongue?
How to get off my *** and get things done?
My husband is killing me.......every night he snores and snores and I can't get any sleep. What can he do?
What is the best cure for severe depression?
My boyfriend randomly talks in his sleep.?
Does imagination has any limit?
Help me please?
Eyelash hurts, eye too. it feels like my eye is being poked by an sharp eyelash?
How do you take care of your eyes?
Red eye =[?
For anyone with a lazy eye (or knowledge of them...(!!!))?
Can you blow dry your hair with contacts on?
My daughter broke my glasses at the arm. Is there any way I can get new frames without getting another exam?
Contact users?
Can you wear contact lenses in a sauna or a steam room?
I wear those 30-day contact lenses. However I've had these ones in for about 2 months. Is this VERY dangerous
How is it like having contacts?
How do I cure my Vertigo?
I am an ex-cigarette smoker. Will smoking hooka tobacco get me hooked again?
Is it infected????
How do you get rid of bad breath.?
If a wound is caused by an object imbedded in the body to you remove it as a part of first aid?
Does anyone have suggestions on how to remove stingers from bee or wasp stings?
What anti-depressant really works for preteens?
My cut has been slightly bleeding for two days?
I am getting glasses this Friday...?
What is the treatment / cure for a STYE in the eye?
Want to know about LASIK LASER?
For those who have had laser corrective eye surgury, is it worth it?
Is +1.00 normal for my age?
What people does laser eye treatment not be suitable for?
My eye hurts!! I think i have Pink Eye?? I have a ball where my tearduct is at inside the skin. Please help!??
What is the best contact lens solution to use for sensitive eyes?
How long should I wear a set of contacts?
Is this normal or is it a problem?
Nurses and doctors should change into uniform when they arrive at work,change to go home?
Friend wants to quit drinking is aa the way to go?
How do I get rid of bloated belly before tonight?
Migraine help please?
How do you prevent getting stretch marks?
Ive had a good night sleep but im still so tired,what can i do to wake up,im not usualy like this?
Blood pressure?
What could cause an over frequency of urination urges?
Home Cure for Nail Biting?
Headache prob;em??
Are you mentally sane?
Still have it........?
I want to go to the moon,should i ask permission frm my parents?
My 6 year old has small ear canals and has hard ear wax?
What is the clear liquid that comes from a bad burn on humans?
What is oral medication? what are the procedures and what are the nursing considerations?
Hamster bite, please help?
What can be done about a badly infected cut?
Is it true you can use milk to soothe a sunburn?
What is good to put on a new facial wound to prevent scaring?
Can I wear contacts lens during physical activity?
Why does your eye hurt when water goes in?
Contact lens question...?
Can I go swimming with my contact lenses in?
Is it possible to go from longsight to shortsight?
So tommrow i have a eye exam for contact lenses ...?
Moles in the eyes?
Are kids allowed to wear eye contacts?
IS everyone able to wear lenses or at least suited enough?
When is the best time of day to take a multi-vitamin that contains iron?
Does it really take a month for weed to get out of your system? and is there any way to get it out much faster
I cut my finger...?
What is good to heal severe chap lips?
Black mold problem?
How soon after becoming pregnant should you stop smoking?
How can we get rid of hicups?
Has It Happen To You?
Can you give me some advice?
Why people dehydrate when drink sea water?
Why do I keep having these spasms?
Why is it that my 2 year old son likes to bite his finger nails?
Blocked Nose for a long time please help?
What are apple seeds good for?
Calling all first-aiders ...?
Why do I start to feel better just before my doctors appointment?
Why does your eye sight get effected when your blood pressure is even just above normal?
Does toothpaste(white type paste) help heal burns?
How much is an eyetest, and where to go to get a comprehensive eye test not had my eyes tested before?
Is it possible for a contact to roll behind your eye? URGENT HELP PLEASE?
Need to get eye contacts for soccer but I have no money!?
LASEK eye surgery?
When i wake up i sometimes can't see out my right eye, all i see is bright green?
Hey, i really want to get eye contacts but my mom wont let me. any advice on how i could convince her?
Is it safe to wear contact lens just on one side of the eye?
Contact lens help?
I am going to africa one week after laser eye surgery, how can I protect my eyes?
My 2yr old daughter has a 'Virus' she is not eating and dringing maybe half a litre of fluids a day.?
I am 20 year old boy. my eye power is 15 i can do the laser treatment? is profect in eye thislaser treatment?
What was your first time with contacts like?
Pink Eye ?
How was your Lasik eye surgery?
Is it okay to store my contacts in regular water?
Energy secrets? Aside from getting enough rest, what are your tips? :)?
Do you ever feel uncomfortable when your eye doctor gets really close to your face with that flashlight?
Dropped contacts reusable?
I have a white dot on my eye.?
I have blurry vision after reading is this normal?
When cold I lose feeling in my fingers which turns them white looking like Im dead. Any ideas would be great!?
Would it be better for me to take Ibuprofen or Acetaminiphin for painful sunburn??
I am 5 ft 5 in, I am 13 years 11 months old, How can I grow taller?I wanna be atleast 5ft 8in by 18.?
Is proactive sold in stores if so where at?
What happens to a mole when you scratch at it so much you scratch it off?
What hangover cure works for you?
Should I be okay?
How do i stop a shaving cut from bleeding?
How often do you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day?
Better to sleep an hour or stay up all night with caffeine?
How do you prevent/stop it?
What is best for the chapped skin you get under your nose from too much nose-blowing?
This is gross but...?
I am so tired but I can't sleep. Does this happen to anyone?
Did I have a Panick Attack?
Need some help on falling?
I feel so lonely and desperate, how do I stop these feelings?
What job can keep you young and healthy?
Somebody cheer me up pls :)?
Why do you worry?
Anyone got advice for stopping cutting?
It seems like every college student parties or clubs, is it weird that I don't?
Is it stupid to cry?
Do you know someone who has committed suicide?
What is "normal"?
I hear a lot of voices..does this mean that im insane?
My left eye?
Macular Degeneration: Apparently 85% of people diagnosed with it go blind. Wow, thats a lot.Any comments?
How can i start losing weight now?
Contact Lenses!!! PLEASE HELP!?
New contact wearer: Today I just got a trial pair, they said it lasts about a month...?
Will a hemmoroid?
Should contact lens prescription differ from that of glasses.?
Why are Asians less tolerant to alcohol comsumption?
Why does my child eat salt?
How are my eyes Hazel when my parents have Blue and Brown eyes?
Why does hydrogen peroxide bubble when you put it on a cut, but no where else?
Why is it so hard to loose a weigth?
I can't get my contact lense out of my eye, please help!?
Sleep help?
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... can't sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Can I improve my eyesight?
What is a good thing to put on mosquito bites?
What are some significant uses for olive oil?
How do you know for sure if a contact's still in your eye?
Which is the best source of calcium?
What is the best method to quit smoking?
Whats the best way to ease a 'tickly' cough?
What are ways to unblock your nasal passages so you can sleep without taking meds.?
Is 126/86 a high blo0d pressure?
Is it weird for me to pass out during my first time getting blood taken?
How many times have you tried to quit smoking and been successful?
OK you brainy lot any cure for sciatica?
What things make you want to throw up?
Are contacts dangerous?
Is cataract removal covered by Medicare?
Brain tumors?
Directions on using new contact lenses?
Would it be a good idea to see an eye doctor anyways?
How to make my eyesight worse?
Why have I suddenly developed an eye twitch?
Is there anyway to help a nearsighted person's eye sight get better naturally?
My eye twitches ever since i tried contacts?
Hi can you explain this please?
Why only some people get dimples?
Just curious, how many people believe that people that are "psychotic" "Bi-polar" ect. really are?
Medical marijuana in california: is it legally safe?
Is there lead in the paint on children's wooden alphabet blocks made in China?
How can I give myself pleasure!?
Cut leg with razor on accident while shaving?
If I let all my hairs grow forever, would they grow forever?
Has any one been diagnose with sleep apenea? or scheduled for a sleep study?
Are bicyclists supposed to go with traffic or against traffic ? why?
Can you encourage me? I need to get onboard.?
What is WORSE for your EYES???
How many times should i wash my spectacles and do i have to wash it with soap?
About lasik surgery?
Lazor eye surgery?
I am getting under eye dark circles. for that i m using garnier under-eye cream. wt other remedies will help?
CONTACTS: convincing my mother????????
If you can't see well from far and you don't wear glasses or contacts, does your vision become worse everyday?
I'm planning to do laser eye treatment to correct my eye power. I need information about it.?
Im getting Contacts(Maybe)?
My friend has gout in his foot and was told red wine is bad for gout, why?
Can you please tell me?
What should i take to get more energy i am way too tired for a guy my age.?
Do dreams ever end happily?
What are some basics of strep throat?
Where can i find out about a home test kit for meth to make sure a meth lab wasnt there before i moved in?
How long would a person live, after having a stroke?
Do you start counting from the first day you get your period to know when you will be getting it again?
What is a fasting blood test?
Oh my gosh, i'm gonna ralph?
Mosquito Bites...any way to help them stop itching. I have like 15 bites on each foot and the itching is awful
Name a habit you have you wish you could quit?
What will boost my energy, I feel really drained, and tired for no reason?
What type of doctor specializes in dealing with the back?
Im in england i been up since 2.30 cant sleep got work in 3 hours help its now 5am?
How much bleach can you take before you go in to hospital?
Need a BED cant sleep?
What is the best way to reduce Stress?
Sunburned plz help?
I have a spider bite on my right arm the "infected" area is about 1 and 1/2 inches wide.?
What are the 2 most important things in life?
Is it true hypnonis only works on weak-minded people?
What are some healthy snacks I can buy?
How can i stop my husband from wetting the bed?
Why is my finger numb?
I fell and hit my head on a TV; there's a 3/4" cut that's bleeding a little bit. Do I need stitches?
Why is it soooo hard to loose weight but it is easy to gain it?
I am nearsighted yet i don't wear my glasses?
REALLY freaked out. seeing rainbow spots (i know it sounds insane)?
How many trial pairs of contacts are you allowed to get?
Eye Whitening?
Resting the eyes?
LASIK eye Surgery question???
About Eye Contacts...?
What could be wrong with my eye?
Optical. Are you a leftie or a rightie ?
Do i have pink eye?
My husband has numbness & burning in his leg with no visible affliiction....?
Anyone know a remedy for relieving headaches?
Anybody else like me ? I don't eat much at all (not anorexic).?
I took a nap this afternoon around 12:00 p.m. and I just woke up around 4:03 p.m.; How many hours did I sleep?
Would you take a mole off with wart remover?
Bizarre Heatlh Moment...?
Does anyone have any natural remedies on how to get rid of a really bad cough?
Why do I keep dreaming about tsunamis?
What should I do? My friend just threw up, hit her head and passed out after drinking?
Flaky skin from retin-a, wish I had the confidence to go makeup-free.?
Is there a chance im depressed?
Is this ok to write?
Is it better to say retard or downs syndrome ?
I feel unsatisfied with my life .always want more and more.what to do?
What does this mean in normal words?
I want to kill myself for my ex grilfriend?
How do i kill myself?
If a very small piece of glass is embedded in the tip of your finger how can it be taken out?
How are eye surgeries performed ensuring that the patient doesn't see it ?
What do you think about laser eye surgery such as Lasik/Lasek?
Glasses or no glasses - contact help as well?
Why Do spiders Bite people?????? 10 poinys best answer?
Why do people with bad vision STARE?
How long does it take to get used to glasses?
How to keep my eyes uptodate? my eyesight is getting deamer and deamer everyday?
What do you do for a jellyfish sting?
Does wearing glasses make your eye sight worse and even more dependent on a heavier prescription?
What kind of docter should i go see?
If you pull out a tick.And do not get it all.How can you get the rest out?
I am a 26year female,if my eye prescription is -11.75 in both eyes,are my eyes healthy in the future?
Will the army accept me if i Have one functional eye?
How to prevent nose bleeds?
Eye lid twitching??
I'm sick of my glasses, but contacts scare the heck out of me?
I have an wart and?
Does it???
Can someone give me more reasons to quit smoking?
I fingered a girl then scratch my eyes ,what are the chances of me getting HIV?im getting paranoid about this.
I am a doctor...can I diagnose my son? If so, what are my rights?>?
How can you cure a stomache without taking medicine?
Is it bad for our eyes to read in moving vehicles?
What do you do about insomnia?
Bad pain...?
Is this gross and awkward?
When a baby is in its mothers womb how does it breath? or does it breath?
Anyone suffer from panic attacks?
My 11 year old son has been having headaches lately for the past 3weeks. should i worry?
Is poverty a mental state?
How long after gall bladder surgery should a woman wait to get pregnant?
What causes the hiccups and how do i get rid of thm?
SUNBURN!?? how can i get it to not hurt and to go away...??
Quidk! Quick! I got this liquid on me i dont know what to do! help!?
I got hit in the stomach, do i need mdeical attention?
What can i put on the ulcer on the inside of my lip to make it go away?!?!?!?
Do you think that in 5-7 years ....?
My left eye is turned (lazy eye), does a eye surgery work? and also whats the cost of it?
Did u know your eye moves 50 time a second?
Focus Day and Nights - cleaning every night?
Sometimes my eyes twitch is there something wrong with me?
Can any foods make your eye sight improve?
Seeing blood in eyes?
Has anyone here had laser eye surgery in the UK, preferably London and can you tell me what EXACTLY happened?
My eyes are soo dry :( i DONT wear contacts.. hmm?
What are the toxic effects of marijuana?
Is it just me or do u get less than 4 hours sleep anight?
Needle phobia?
I got Ringworm? What do I do?
I am really tired, and I have to go out tonight, any suggestions to wake me up?
Are Salads good for you ?
What do you usually have when you cough up blood?
I am an idiot but i enjoy it to much -help?
Hey well sometimes i get bags under my eyes. Any suggestions? help!?
Does certain medication actually cause weight gain?
What do you do when you have wood stuck in your toenail?
What will happen if they have a heavy meal before swimming ?
What do we mean by risk reduction behaviors?
Drowning / fireman's carry? Will carrying a person over your shoulder from the shallow water to the beach empt
Can my 2nd degree burn contact with water?
I have acute pain in lower right abdomen. what could it be due to ? Any clues/remidies?
Do you have a way to get rid of ear wax quick and easy?
I want to lose weight what exercise can i do with back injuries knee arm and leg pain?
Is there any reason why a person would gain weigth but only eats 1-2 times a day?
Quick & Easy Way To Remove Hickeys?
I feal tired i cant open my bowels and i get sick when i eat?
Undiagnosed illness...please help...im terrified?
Is hepatitis C a contagious disease? Does it transfer by touch or by other means?
What can i do with burning urination?
What should I do and what is wrong with me?
How much longer, untill they find a cure to autism?
What is this ADHD scam ?
Have you ever been taken with an ambulance? What was the reason?
Can stress and thinking too much cause digestive problems?
I feel sick and I have a fever and I cant empty my bladder. I go a little then I feel like going again......?
I am a 40 yr old female who suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.For the past 6+ months I have had?
I live in Ca. Does my child have to get vaccinated? I heard that vaccines can cause autism.?
Blocked ear.?
How can i cure a cold, FAST!?
Where does the E.coli in the spinach and lettuce come from?
Should obesity be considered a disability?
Can black people have down syndrome?
Is it a problem that I watch TV out of the corner of my eyes?
For those that need help to see, Do you prefer contacts or eyeglasses and Why the choice??
People with glasses?!?!?
What can happen if you wear contacts too long without cleaning them.
Is it OK to use water on your contacts?
Does your vision have to be bad at a certain degree to quality for LASIK?
Not wearing glasses improves vision?
What is a healthy amount of time to spend on the computer each day???
Can Laser Cure a Guy With Astigmatism?
What is bad for your eyes?
I have an eating disorder..?
Advice please....?
Do i have lyme disease? please help!!?
Can you take Imodium to prevent having to #2 on a road trip?
Why do we spend so much money on finding a cure for AIDS?
I wanna be anorexic!?
Fibromyalgia, the Fatigue that comes with this condition...?
Wats wrong with me? Has anyone heard of something like this? Its caused me to fear sleeping.?
About my speech , i am suffering from stammering , not much . How can i get rid of this problem?
Has anyone suffered from?
What should i do?
What are the best otc pain releiver for joint?
Burned my tongue, anything to make it go away more quick..??
How to remove tiny pieces of glasses that are embedded inside the body?
Best way to get rid of a WART on the bottom of my foot?
What would happen if you were to eat a coal?
Is the atkins diet safe and healthy?
What is a crack house?
What do i put on my face for wind burn?
Is it bad to crack your nuckles?
I need to QUIT!!! Can you offer some good advise????
What happens if you take to much tylenol, or advil or stuff like that?
How do you break up/ giet rid of mucus??
Do you think you ever get passed the stage of sleep?
What might it mean if I have a pain under my ribcage on the right side?
The more you wear your glasses, the worse your eyes get. any opinions?
My 2 year old is sick ALL THE TIME...HELP!?
Shall we spread the love?
Arrgh i cant sleep?
Do you think the Govt has the cure for AIDS?
What deseases can be caused by D vitamin deficit?
My immune system is very low.How do I raise it?
What is wrong with me!!!???
Losing blood don't know were its going.?
What's worse? Smoking pot or drinking?
Okay, if you have any medical knowledge at all please please help...?
I believe i have water in my ear but cant get it to come out.?
Woke up from sleep with severe metallic taste in my mouth,shakiness,lip numbness and tingling what is this?
It is very hard for me to wear contact lenses?
Getting contacts soon..help!!!!?
Whats wrong with my eye?!?
Is it true that if your eyes blink a lot you are lying??
What is your Contact Lens Prescription??
What reading glasses should I get?
What are the effect of laser surgery on your eyes?
What exactly is my eye color?
Do you like being a optometrist?
Do carrots really make your eyesite better?
What do you put on your feet if you have fungus?
Does a child with Autism qualify for disability benefits?
If Your Doctor Just Gave You Bad News, Who Would You Tell First?
Can someone as young as 17 develop underactive thyroid?
I need serious help!!?
Anybody know much about gall bladder disease...?
My 16 yr old has a 1 mm kidney stone. Should I keep him home till he passes it?
Pain in abdomen any ideas?
How to convince my doctor to perscribe me xanax ??
I get severe headaches and neckaches ,im tired of taking drugs that make u messed up what else can i do?
Is there a Skin reaction to paint thinner?
I need to start applying for Social Security Disability....what's the best way to get started?
What kind of pill is this?
What are the steps in doing mouth-to-nose resuscitation on a person?
Anybody ever feel like the people are just passing you by?
"Age =25 ,Weight =105........Nee... HELP?"?
Which one is more harmful to human beings: weed or tobacco (cigarretes)?
What should one do?
My one month old baby has black tongue. Is this a cause for concern?
I'm going on 49 hours now with no sleep... will this cause me problems?
Seriously how do you quit smoking?
How many fingers do you have?
"Cracking" sounds from joints?
Do you have any tips on coping with sadness ?
Go to Jail and get Free Medical/Dental care?
Quick Ineed Help for an IBS Problem?
What is wrong with this little girl?
Even if I sleep now, I'm still only going to get 4 hours rest before work...?
Best food for calming the acid in stomach?
What is the best over the counter medicine to use for a 10 month old for coughing?
No appendix, no gallbladder, any one else had them both removed?
PLEASE HELP. How do I avoid fainting? Help, it's important.?
What are some things that help MS ( Multiple Sclerosis)?
Can my boss sack me if i have been off work sick for a while and sending in certs from my GP ?
When I eat citrics like grapefruit, I vomit.... I canĀ“t avoid it, its a disease or something?
I feel like there's a pill stuck in my throat?
How common has the 'vomit bug' been this year..anyone had it?i have a phobia ofvomit u see?
Is there a website where you can type in symptoms and they tell you what you may have?
What causes Hiccups?
I think t.v is a brain washer?
How does a person get schizophrania/?
Vomiting every 2-4 weeks?
Will he wake from his coma?
WHo to pray for?
My 11 year old son has a build up of wax un his ears. we are going to get them syringed, but would like to?
Laser eye surgery or contact lenses?
I have been crying a lot since a few days now. and now my eyes r swollen n i have a fever.?
I have terrible eyesight, I heard about laser eye surgery or something, does that work?
Is there anything I can do to make it easier to put contacts in my eyes?
How old do you have to be to allowed to wear contacts?
Who here has had lasik?
What can you do to prevent red eyes?
Whrere can you get contacts with out needing them?
Does Wearing Eyeglasses Improve Ur Vision?
I want to get contact lenses, but...?
Can an astigmatism cause a headache?
Can I wear glasses over my contacts?
Does anyone have any info on an under active thyroid, signs to look out for?
How do you get rid of hiccups?
How many of u know diahrea is heredity.....?
I have a UTI and Im on medication but I feel like im getting worse?
What kind of tests do they do when you have been throwing up blood?
Stuttering help?
Can a person pause urination inbetween urinating? Just curious.?
The day my world fell apart, My mother was recently diagnosed with SLE Lupus.?
What are the FIRST signs of autism? serious replys only -thank you?
When is a fever to high?
I just quit smoking; how do I not pack on the pounds?
What do you do to keep mosquitoes away?
Which letters can be sting???
Can you use your foot to perform the Heimlich Maneuver if unable or unsuccessful in using conventional method?
Who loves more and more beer?
I have a pain in the foot?
How can i get rid of the hiccups?
If someone was as small as a bee, could that person live inside a beehive without the bees stinging him or her
How to you remove scars?
What Do I Do In This Situation (First Aid)?
Fast Heartbeat?
Any ideas as to what causes morning headachaches?
My right ear keep burning can someone help please?
Hi,my dad is dyig from stomach cancer(and it has spread)?
What is the sickness O.C.D??
Why are the 2nd biggest toe longer than your big toe?
How can i get rid of bags unders my eyes?
What is cure of blood in urine due to kidney stone?
What is the best way to get rid of the common cold really fast?
Why do men always expect?
I really need to quit smoking. Could anyone give some suggestions that worked for them.?
My friends child eats rocks, dirt and leaves all the time. What can we do to stop this behavior?
Why is my girlfriend always so sleepy, she's only 29 but is always ready to sleep!?
If i smoked weed like 12 or 20 times and stop will i be fine?
How do you assure a 16 year old girl shes not fat?
What is guaranteed to put a smile on your face when you are feeling down ?
My penice is not straight what should i do???????
Whay is it soo bad about havein ber at under the age or 21???
If you took a bunch of uppers, and a bunch of downers at the same time, would they cancel each other out?
Do you feel that you are in peace and harmony with your own self?
Why is everyone making a joke of Britany?
I'm so tired today..?
How do I overcome this?
Why Is My Girlfriend Cutting Herself?
You go to the public bathroom go and then find no roll you put your hand in your pocket and all you have is...
When someone close to you has died, do you feal like they are still there?
I need help my dad was diagnosed with guillain-barre syndrome can someone give me info on it, he is in the hos
What can u do to prevent chronic constapation and how can u get things rolling (bowel movement)?
Name some diseases other than cancer that will cause PERMANENT damage if you don't treat it early.?
Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how much attention is being devoted to autism all of a sudden?
How can I put an end to my life? Quick and Painless?
What ingredient found in antacid tablets that causes alzheimers?
How do you cure pinkeye?
My aunt just died from liver problems.?
How to cure piles?
-.75 and -1.25?
How long before i wont need glasses if i wear them all the time?
Is contact lens safe to my eyes?
Glasses and Contacts?
What happened to my eyes...the eye doctor doesn't know I had blue eyes & out of no where they turned green =(!
Just curious about eyes?
How to take care of glasses?
Should i wear glasses?
Adult lazy eye question?
Can I wear my contects if I am treating pink eye?
Whats the best way to cleaning out your body?
Does the offender have to be an adult for it to be considered child molestation?
I found out that my body temprature is lower than average by 2 degrees , is that normal for a 20 year old ?
How can I keep ticks & mosqiutos off of my kids this summer, I have tried just about every bug spray.?
Im bleeding internally what should i do?
I never drink water, don't like it much, will I have problems?
Would you go for 4 months without washing, shaving, brusing your teeth, makeup or using deodorant for $30,000?
Do physicians get a kickback from pharmaceutical companies for the prescriptions they write?
Diabetic with a cut foot?
What's your bedtime?
***** BEGGING for help please - I can't stop biting my tonuge *****?
What should i do with like all these surenges??
Questions on mary jane?
Best way to get rid of ear wax without a visit to the doctor!?
Does anyone know what those white things that form in your throat are??
Why do I get dizzy everytime I get up?
Energy Booster?
How did you quit smoking need tips and ideas .?
I stay so thirsty, if I go 10 minutes without a drink, I cannot even swallow, any clues why?
What do you do to relax after a busy day ?
HELP!!!!! How do you stop itching from a sunburn?????
My feets are dry whats the best thing to soften it?
What is the best way to swallow a pill that tastes gross?
Im so scared!!?
Eye exam for driver's license?
Do you have to be a certain age to wear or get contacts in the US?
How old can a child be to start wearing eye contacts?
What is the average cost of contact lenses?
I am blind in one eye, so if i get a pair of glasses, what will they do for the one lens that im blind in?
I camr back from the pool 2 and 1/2 hours ago and my eyes are really blurry?
Can you use the same presciption for your eye-glasses that was used for your contacts?
Recently discovered I can't read small print up close, but 12 inches away is fine whats up?
Tongue Peircing?
Is it normal for a 10 yr.old boy who has'nt undergone puberty changes to have enlarged breasts?
HELP URGENT!!! I broke wind and now my co-worker is out cold, what do I do?
How long does the swelling from a bug or spider bite last?
Can anyone tell me how to increase my confidence. i am very quiet and scared?
My period of last month lasted three weeks.now this month has not came.when will it come this month?
What can make a child run a fever?
What do you do when you cut your finger right on the knuckle?
What are signs of worrying too much?
Why can't i get treatment for ankylosis spondylitis?
Can someone as young as 35 suffer from shingles?
My 13 yr old is having migraines??
Sick and tired of the doctors. Can anyone help? Please read!!!?
Has anyone heard of Encopresis?
Does getting scarlet fever as a child lead to any long-term health problems?
Alcoholic detox?
How long does it take for fractures on top of foot to heal?
Are these cold or flu symptoms?
For past 4-5 days can't get out of bed or feel dizzy, a whooshing sound in ears, can't hear but okay in bed!!
Why do i get this in the mornings???????
I think my Liver Hurts?
Why is my face swollen when i wake up?
Why is it, the more you sleep the more tired you feel?
I need HELP..i think my nephew has been smoking crack???
Just a bit of advice needed pease?
What the heck happened to me last night? Weird symptoms!?
Giving up smoking?
Ways to increase self-esteem?
Cure for a blister in your MOUTH?
Has anyone tried the contacts with distance in one eye and near vision in another? I think they're too blury.
Contact lense help?
Tell me, what's the danger of wearing your contacts in the shower??
How long will it take to see clearer with contact lenses?
My contacts bother me because they dry out, can i just drop my lens cleaner in my eye?
Does anyone else have trouble wearing contacts?
Eye surgery questions for those who know?
Advice Needed?
What's the best way to clean eyeglasses to keep them scratch free?
How old do you have to be to get Lasik Eye Surgery done?
I have to sleep now, any tips on how?
Help please, i need some advice?
I've been diagnosed with depression...?
Does anyone know how to overcome the cruelty of bi polar disorder? the drugs don't work?
I want to die, but I don't?
What's wrong?
Please Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Difference between depression and biopolar disorder?
Not looking for sympathy...just answers?
Bug Bite Itches So SO Bad!!?
What your home cure for constipation?
Fastest cure for a blister??
What to do if you burn yourself with a clothing iron..?
When i get my hair cut my eyte twiches?
Badly Broken Fingernail?
When it is hot, what type of should one use for bathing i.e cold or hot water?
How do i get what i want i need in life?
My mouth always tastes very metallic, especially when i wake up, does anyone know what's causing this?
I have constant pins and needles in my index finger and my thumb. what is wrong with them?
What is the best way to deal with heat and humidity when you must be outside?
I can not sleep?
How do you become a registered disabled?
I keep getting sick, does anyone know how i can boost up my immune system?
How can I cure peeling fingernails?
What do I tell parentals about missing pills?
Do Fat people stink???
Are contact lenses very expensive to buy and use in the UK?
When to change my contacts? ?
Laser eye surgery.......?
Is this possible?
Could needing glasses cause dizziness???
How do we know we don't all see colours differently?
Is it alright for me to see an eye doctor even though Im 27 weeks pregnant?
Wierd thing in my vision - what could this be?
Can You Please Interpret This Eye Prescription Please!!! 10 POINTS!?
What company makes the best optical lens?
I have a stomach problems, to much gas and inflamation, why?
Whats bronchitus and how do i stop it?
What exactly is HPV is it something serious ?
How to get rid of a lie bump?
Hi all i have a 7 year old that has slight disablity and he is contentley drooling were can i get bibs for him
What is a dingleberry?
Of the 1 in 150 children who have autism how many of them are believed to have gotten it from a vaccine?
Chest Pains??
Need info about severe dehydration. Thanks.?
Yuck! How can I get rid of warts on my hand?
When is the best time to work out? is it before or after a meal?
Were do you place your hands while you preform CPR?
When was the last time you felt happy?
How do we figure out if we're really 'big-boned', and how much of our mass is fat, bones, muscle?
HELP!! I have a blister on my eyeball!?
Why do people who suffer from an anxiety attack breath inside a paper bag?
I want to know what I can do to help get rid of bruises quickly?
Why is it that these new school doctors are telling the young girls not to give the babies water ?
What is the best thing for burns?
Whan you get a bee steng whut do you do?
I want a job where i just have to type all day? Any suggestions?
Contacts or glasses?
Is having "fake glasses" dangerous to your eyes?
Looking at the computer screen ALOT of the time..?
I haven't gone to the restroom in over a week.?
Do carrots help your eye vision? i want to have 20/20 vision?
If it were scientificaly possible to permanently change the color of your eyes would you do it?
Have i just eaten undercooked chicken....if so will i get ill?? :(?
Can anyone tell me what the yellow in my eye color is? I have a picture!?
Survey: How often do you guys brush your teeth?
Everything i see is a shade of green!!?
My eyes get kind of blurry when i read for a long time, i dont have bad vision. they just get tired, help?
Whats wrong with me?
Well Im in 9th grade and everybody says I look like a pothead and its something about my eyes.How can I fix it
I forgot to set my alarm last night, yet this morning I woke up at the right time. How does that happen?
Is 2 peg of alcohol in a week dangerous for health?
I have an eye twitch?
How do you feel about the removal of a feeding tube from a severely demented person?
How much does a vasectomy cost in Las Vegas?
What is the best way to get yourself admitted to the hospital.?
Why do i respond to people with really strong personalites both online and in real life?
What can I do for this?-Help, please!?
What is 30/30 vision?
My wrist really hurts?
Is 111/54 normal blood pressure?
Can a vegan diet be harmful to your body?
Is it physically possible to keep your eyes open while you sneeze?
Is it possible for a 23 year old male to have gallbladder problems?
Remedies for Mosquito Bites!?
Body sore from a cold?
How long does marijuana stay in your system? Will I pass urine test?
What are your thoughts about a possible link between vaccines and autism?
What is a Seizure?
Any hope for an alcoholic dying of kidney failure?
How many people are denied Quality of Life, because of chronic illness?
I have Lupus, diabetes, hypothyroidism. How can someone sit at a desk and decide whether you are disabled?
How do i stop hiccups.?
If the scientists discover a cure, for what disease it would be in your opinion the best choice?
I don't like my eye color, what's a spell I can do to change the color?
Is it true that cataract surgery complications only happen 1 in 1000 times?
Cataract surgery Vs lasik surgery?
I have this weird red dot on my eye.. help!?
I have a red dot size of a tip of an eraser on a pencil. on my eye, it dosnt hurt and i do were contacts.?
Does Lasik eye surgery hurt?
Contact Lenses Online? Whats the cheapest website to order my contacts online?
What does my eye test results mean?
I just got some new soft contacts, and I'm having a hard time getting them out.?
What happens if i leave my contacts on?
I have sores INSIDE the mouth on cheek doc said herpes I read that dont happen with herpes,what gives?
Can i refuse to work with a colleague who has body odour?
Is it possible to get rid of a stye on your eye?
What r ur opinions of immigrants reciving state funded health car?
Would u go to the ER or wait it out?
I'm Always Tired and have a Lack of Motivation, what's wrong with me?
Something on my eye??
Stopped Smoking?
Is it good to have cold baths?
How many cigarettes per day is OK?
I think my child was bite by a spider?
Why can't i sleep at night even though i'm so tried?
Hey, I'm sick.?
Is there any home cures for Bedsores?
My finger just burned in the oven?
Threre is glass in my foot!?
Does B-12 make you hungry?
My Hard lense contacts bug me!?
How can you get a 18 month old to keep his glasses on?
Cure for dry eyes?
Okay, so i went to this eye center place and asked if i can have contacts... they said the examination is $130
Does staying in a computer for a long time can damage your eyes??
Can you return contact lenses?
Is it bad to wear eyeglasses of different prescriptions?
My eyes burn really bad when i take out my contacts!!?
Whats wrong with my eye?
Going blind?
Diagnosis please..?
Why do I get sick all the time?
How do you know for sure if someone has Aspergers syndrome?
Why can't I cure my acid reflux, could it be something else?
Do i have an eating disorder?
Is this kidney pain? What is causing it?
Why cant we isolate HIV virus and find an antitode for it as we do with other pathogens?
The back of my earlobe is all scabby and watery, what is happening?
I get frequent migranes and forget things easily and i didnt used to, should i be concerned?
Wtf did i just pull out of my own arm?
Hi, one of my close friends says she cannot sleep at night, she would only fall asleep...?
Does being sick cause your hair to fall out?
Is asprin and ibuprofen the same thing?
I need to stop smoking marijuana?
PLEASE HELP!!! what to do when someone drank too much alcohol?
Do u believe exercise is the key to loosing weight?
Does anyone know any tricks to getting your voice back quickly?
Does it hurt 2 hiccup and burp @ the same time??
Can i eat ice cream when i have tonsillitis?
Is beer a good blood thinner?
What is the difference between a psyhologist and a pshycotherapist?
Why you are still smoking?
When you have to take pills for anger and depression,are you ill?
What numbs an area before you cut into it?
Where do you see yourself in 10 years, and how do you plan on getting there? Adults ages 24 to 30 only.?
Do you have a drinking proplem?
Is it okay to swallow a little vaseline?
I am looking for the best natural way to clean the toxins out of my body. no drugs no money just home remedie?
Is there a Lasik eye procedure that can help you see clearly while drunk?
About presbyopia?
Should i get colored contacts?!? pictures inside?
Contact Lens Questions...?
Have you had LASIK surgery? Tell me about the experience and results please!?
How am i supposed to see?
Eye Exam Letters?
Where can i get a free eye test? ((in the UK!!!))?
I am an 'Albino' will I be able to get laser eye surgery?
My husband is a drug addict, he also has symptoms of Bipolar. Is there a connection?
What does huffing do to you?
Tell me, what do these symptoms indicate?
Did you ever hear of this condition?
How can you get rid of head lice without the medicine from the store that has chemicals in it?
What nutrient plays an important role in preventing anemia?
Starting Thyroxin .?
Do I have an eating disorder/food related illness
Thoughts of suicide this Holiday....?
Does Dope kill brain cells?
What can I do if I feel so low that I don't want to go on living anymore.?
What is it if you experience these symptoms?:?
If you kll yourself do you go to hell?
Morning All !!?
Why am I more depressed during the winter-time?
I cant sleep?
How do you cope when you are agoraphobic and lonely.?
How can we overcome stress?
Cut my foot on glass...should i be worried?
What kind of repellent works to keep spiders away from me.?
How do I know if my daughters sunburn is second degree?
I wake up tired and feel tired & sluggish all day. Don't drink or smoke. Take B vitamins. What can I do?
Can you show me some tricks on how to enjoy life without spending a penny?
I blistered the inside of my hand with a hot glue gun. Any suggestions on how to treat it & ease the pain?
How remove a roach from my brothers ear?
Question for those who have gotten their cartilage pierced.?
Have any of guys had like blisters inside you lips they are sooo painful...?
Have you ever given yourself stitches?
What is up with hotmail??? if you don't play for about a month your account will get DELETED...?
How do you get a good night's sleep?
I have glasses but I do not wear them?
Can shampoo permanently effect vision?
What is the EASIEST way to quit smoking? and dont say "cold turkey"...?
Should i get contacts?
Can You Wear Contacts While Swimming?
What is causing me to have pins and needles continuously in my right hand?
What does it mean when one eye pupil is bigger than the other one?
What are good ways of combating stress?
Passive Smoking..My Hubby insists on smoking in the bathroom..Im trying to get pregnant, is there...?
I woke up this morning and one eye is all bloodshot red and dry feeling?
Is it possible to soften a stool that is already ready to 'come out' of my anus?
Converting kg into pounds...?
Will d contact lenses come off or will d eye be affected if we wash our face with contact lenses on?
What should a sick person be doing to get better as soon as possible?
Does anyone recommend a product for clearing up fungal toe nails? preferably not a tablet form?
Can I go to Walmart Vision Center for an eye exam then go to some other store to get my frame/lenses?
What is the best thing for migraines???
Does anyone know how human amputations are disposed?? - Just Curios?
OCD with Pennies???
My 4 year old daughter has a lump on the right side of her neck. Has anyone seen something like this before?
Why do we sneeze?
Food Poisoning.....sick 15 times!!!!?
If I am away from my computer for two long I get withdrawal symptoms am I alone with this condition?
I was diagnosed with Bells palsy today and was wondering if anyone has an experiences with that?
Sore Throat!?
Is it safe to put peroxide in your ear?
Water blah?
I got bit by a spider right now , what should i do ?
Anyone have a home remedy for getting rid of headlice? my friends little boy keeps getting it at school!?
Why does it hurt sometimes when you urinate?
How important is it for me to drink water? Can I get enough hydration if I only drink juice & soda?
Found a yellow and black capsule pill with Z 2407 marking. What is it?
Does nerves affect asthma? stress?
Why people smoke when they know that they'll get sick and " quit " ?
How you know what side to wear clear contacts lens? Does it really matter?
Laser Surgery?
Eye question?
Aah whats wrong with my eye?
How do you remove contacts with long nails?
Eyes that are solid black no white on the eyeball?
Can you wear two contacts in one eye?
Contact lens help?
What's worse for your EYES?
What's wrong with me?????
What is recommended for treating toenail fungus?
I had or have a planter wart on the bottum of my foot.?
Does anyone know if it is true that by snorting salt water it will clear up sinus problems?
Sleeping on the floor... weird?....as opposed to my bed?
Do you know Bin Laden was captured?
Why do my eyes keep twitching?
Do Doctors make changes in a person's medical treatment to help the big drug companies sell new drugs?
How is your day?
Under Eye Circles?
Can u drink while on medication for chrons?
I still need some help about stammering(stuttering) is there any way to get rid of it?
Does ibuprofen cause water retention?
If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, does an apple every eight hours keeps three doctors away?
I went to go put on some chapstick and i completly missed my lips.. am i mentally dissabled?
My nephew was born with his intestines outside of his body. they have no insurance, what can we do?
Your happiest moment?
How come some people get dark circles under their eyes and some don't?
Why are my lips swollen?
Sun or Moon?
Help I Dont Have Any Self Esteem!!!!?
What do u think that this means?
Do you spit your gum outside?
Two earrings are stuck in my ear?
Is it true that it's good for help to drink your own urine every morning?
What are the signs or symptoms of asthma?
Really bad sunburn on my back?
What si the healthiest way to lose weight?
Have you ever farted and sneezed at the same time?
Are paint fumes harmful to children?
Which is the rarest blood type?I mean AB,A,B, or 0?
How do u stop sum1 from snoring but they r already sleeping?
What is the best way to relieve stress while you are at work?
What is the best most effective anti-depressant to take?
Has anyone quit smoking cold turkey if so did you get a terrible cough and if so how long does it last?
What time do you sleep and wake up?
I only take showers once a week, is that bad?
What is good for a burn? I burnt my finger on a hair straightner and want to know what will help! thanks much!
Burning sensation?
What is the ideal fruit juice which will not increase the weight?
My eyes are very red from contacts and i dont know why!?
Pain after an eye exam.?
Living a life with Myopia (short sightedness)...?
Im going to walmart vison center for my 1st eye exam ever and im 16!?
When i Put My Reading Glasses On My Pupils Get @$&%ing HUGE, And i Am Afraid To Wear My Glasses?
Artificial eye and DLA?
My eye is swollen?
Can you shower in your contacts for like 5 min.?
Lazy right eye?
Is vinegar good or bad for people with excessive stomach acid?
Can I Sue the Pharmacy for giving me a wrong prescription on Prednisone?
I have an eating disorder what should i do???
How can I get rid of hiccups?
My 4 Month Old Yorkie is walking along the walls and whinning what wrong?
Should I visit my Ear Nose Throat Doctor?
If you were hiv positive and there was the possibility of being pregnant would you consider abortion?
How to help my ADHD child sleep?
Odd question. What is everyone's favorite hereditary disease. I have to do a term project, I can't decide.
For a dying, unresponsive person, can they still hear??
What can It be when you're always tired?
How many different words are there for VOMIT!?
What is a doctor who specializes in hypertension called?
Last call folks. I really need some suggestions on how to quit smoking?
Is it still normal?
My girlfriend gets vile sick from a night of drinking. Health Qustions?
Do i get enough sleep?
Snoring query?
Is this a cyst or could it be cancerous?
My curiosity...how can we know if a guy or a girl has lost their virginity only by looking at them?
How can i stop myself from cracking my nukles??
I'm 18, but found out some bad news that i'm sick?
Quitting smoking?
Does anyone know whats wrong with me.?
What is your biggest physical flaw?
I need tips for falling asleep?
What are some ways or how can you stop biting your fingernails??
How good does nyquill work?
I've been bitten by an ant today.?
I want to get contacts from walmart but they said i need a prescription?
Something in my eye?
I wear Acuvue 2 contact lenses, can I extend their "life" by not wearing them daily?
I have acne and i dont know how to get rid of them any suggestions?
Do contact lenses stop oxygen getting to your eye??? What happens if the eye does not get enough oxygen??
What is your eye prescription?
What color are your eyes? If you have contacts, what color are they?
I have a -7.5 contact prescription.?
Eye color changing?
The best way to release anxiety and stop smoking?
I accidentally got a bit of liquid bleach on my tongue.?
Tips on how to stay healthly and lose weight?
What do drugs do to your system?
I'm 14 years old, and I want to know the BEST way to take care of my acne problem. Please, no jokes!?
Why do I get tired when I get on the phone?
Are tanning beds really all that dangerous?
Does anyone know of a good home remedy for a small blister on the inside of your mouth?
My son was born without his right arm from the elbow down and without both legs. Can he claim disability?
Is it bad to hold in a fart?
What is my life expectancy?
How can i get taller?
Smoking ciggies or charley?
The school social worker thinks I might have unintentional anorexia. What does this mean?
Have you dug out your winter woolies yet? Getting real chilly up here in Scotland!!?