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Should you pop blisters or not?
What are you doing when you really cant sleep?
Can anyone tell me what this blister type thing is on my daughters foot?
Oh great is this chicken pox?
What five things have you done in your life that you are most proud of?
I have a cut inside my mouth, what should i do to make it heal faster?
Besides alcohol or Tylenol PM, what is the best way to fall asleep?
Have you ever taken anything to help you sleep?
Is it a good idea to go on antidpressants if your low mood is caused by social isolation?
So i'm deathly afraid of the ocean... whats your phobia?
Does anyone have answers for me?
If you could only keep one of the five senses, which would it be and why?
How to reduce my angry?
How do i tell my mom a man (spirit has been following me sence i was 7?
I'm still mad at something that happened four years ago, what should I do to get over it?
What can you do if you know people look and stare at you when you go out?
Can a 5y/o child be psychologically evaluated for intentional emotional abuse from a parent?
How to go to sleep?
What is the difference in prescription strength Ibuprofen and over the counter non-prescription Ibuprofen?
Would you accept that your organs would be used to save other people's lifes after you die?
I get dizzy and feel off balance if i stand up or sit down too quickly?
Will I become more delicate IF?
I am getting my belly button pierced this weekend. I need help?
I think i might be getting TOO much sleep... Help?
The Cons of cosmetic surgery!!!?
Why do i keep feeling sleepy?
I know # of 911, but what is # fro poison control ?
What are the health benefits of Vitamin C?
I have a problem focusing and paying attention,. any solutions to overcome this.?
Stomach problems?
Does positive thinking really work?
HOW DO I STOP diarrhea--****?
Why does a cold take so long to get over? What the best way to get rid of it?
My sister has been having persistence headache, what could be the cause of it.?
What is the treatment of tiredness,backche and feeling sick espcially in the morning?
Spider bite......What should I do now??
Can anyone share wat to they do when they r very stress ?
I'm always physically/mentally fatigued. Tried nearly every antidepressant with no luck. Any suggestions?
How do i boost my self-esteem?
What disorder is this?
Suicide must i do it and take my son with?
What is the best way of getting rid of "stuff" after having experienced severe emotional abuse as a child.
If someone told u they were psyhsic would u beleive them?
Please help my confidence.?
Well i am 16 yrs. old and i think i have a major problem. i for some reason hate odd numbers. I have been this
How do i know if i have bipolar?
Where is the best place in the world to have Laser Eye Surgery?
I've been having visual disturbances where everything seems to be moving back and forth rapidly?
Im a first time user for coloured eye contacts,do i have to use eye drops to get them out or can i use water?
I accidently sprayed hairsray in my eye!!!?
Is Lasik Eye Surgery a Cosmetic procedure?
Is it ok to take my contacts out & put in the case with NO solution?
What product is safe to use on prescription sunglasses to take off hairspray residue?
Do you think i should have contact lenses?
What was under my eye lid last night? a bump or what?
Exactly what is a stigmatism?
I was bitten behind the ear 2 days ago by an unknown insect.?
My 12yr. old son is sun burned!?
Can a lifeguard perform first aid?
If I am on a clear liquid diet preparing for a colonoscopy can I drink wine?
Any miracle cures for sunburn pain?
How to quickly reduce the swelling around a wasp sting?
Can a woman still continue to perform gymnastic stunts ages 35 -45?
Wiy do people have hands?
Strep throat??
How normal is it to be afraid of ballons? (i cannot be around them or i will freak out)?
Im A Teenager that dosent talk.
I just cant handle it anymore?
I am cutting and lots of people suggested that i talk to my parents but i am really scared to tell them?
What do you tell people who are always complaining?
How can i tell my parents that i think im depressed?
What can i take to stop being anxious and stressed out? How can i stop my nail biting habbit?
I'm having weird thoughts!?
Does anyone have a history of multiple depressions and actually getting beyond them and moving on with life?
Strange question - hallucinations?
How should I overcome my fear of putting in contact lenses??
I have lost over 100 pounds and would like to know if there is a free surgery to have the excess skin removed.
Im forever feeling light headed?
What states have the worst air quality?
So they banned smoking from offices, does this mean they are now going to ban laser printers from offices?
What are tonsils for?
Why is it that my eyes?
I'm so tired, need to go to sleep, is there anything I can do to stop me falling asleep.?
What body temperature do u have to be, to be "sick"?
Are you more likely to catch a cold if you have wet hair?
What is more difficult to quit - Cocaine or nicotine ?
Im obbsessed with robin hood , How do i get over him?
Do i have bipolar?
My boyfriend went to buy some cigarettes...Wednesday evening...he isn't still come back???
Is any one on antidepessants and what ones? Do they work for you ?
Is it possible to cure depression without medication?
I am really down an depressed i have felt like this for the last few years sometimes i can't take it?
Do you want something to cry about???
Would you kill yourself if you were me?
Am I developing some kind of eating disorder?
How do you treat buzzing in the ear?
Earring Trouble!?
Why is alcohol legal?
Need stitches?
What does gay really mean?
School starts in like 3 days, and I have a Huge Sunburn! How can i Make it go away by then?
Which is worst? Being look down as a fat person or a skinny one?
My daughter got what i think is a canker sore?
If you burn your tongue... can you put aloe vera on it?
Am i paranoid?
My wife can't relax or be happy and I don't know what to do.?
I`m very depressed, & therapy does not seem to help. Wonder what I can do. Being over 50 is not easy.?
Do u beleive in the power of prayer and why?
What to do or say to a suicidal ex boyfriend?
How can I make myself laugh again?
From a 0-10 how depressed are you generally?
How can I tell if I am a compulsive liar?
If a person commits suicide, do they deserve to have a funeral?
Do you like yourself? Why or why not?
My son who is 13 months old had 104' F temperature???
HELP!!!! How do you get rid of the hiccups?
What can i use to wake up? i means really get up?Alarm clock does not work!!?
How can I boost my memory?
How do you get water out of the ear?
How do i get his fevor to break?
Is it true that if a person snores loudly, he has heart problem? How can I get rid of snoring?
Would a blood test for cholestrol also detect for diabetes?
I had blood taken 1 day ago is it safe to take ectasy?
Help Drug problems!!!!!!?
I 'm not sure if this will be posted but I've got to ask excactly what color should your seamen be???
What is the significance of having a pulse rate of 191?.. Isn't that a high number?
What is the best way to break a fever and if a 2 years old has temp of 103.5 should i take him to the doctor?
I need help bad!!!!1?
Would you overdose?
I dropped a glass, I cleaned it immediately and then I got cut, should I go to the hospital?
Help please?
How should I go about relaxing?
What are some good erbs to take with on keemo therapy?
For the past 2 -3 weeks i have viginal itching and swelling. i don't mess around but think my husbad has?
Feel drunk/drugged...?
What causes someone to become easily bruised (please read details)?
What cause the restless leg and it feels numb it's like paralyze?
Is it possible to not have the reflex that makes you vomit?
How do you cure a fever of 103 and up?
Is there a scientific term for fear of snot?
When do u go to the dr when you have a bad sore throut?
Got a cold what can i do to speed it up???
Fear of DEATH!! help!?
Do i get panick attacks?
I want to kill myself?
I am a self mutilator. And my mom said that I might not get hired because of that. Is that true? HELP!?
My husband thinks "the people" put a chip in his ear and are keeping him alive for experimentation, Help!
I really need the help of everyone today... Please?!?!?!?!!?!?!?
I am 32 but when adults try to talk to me i burst into tears what is this is their a name for not being able?
My cat died in my arms. I'm so overwhelmed with grief, it's literally devestating. How to cope?
Someone help! i think theres something wrong with me!?
I think drugs may have messed up my memory?
Will marijuana ever be legal in the united states?
How old were you when you figured out that you were no longer a child?
My dad is bald, will that make me bald some day too?
Ok i need help seriously!!!?
Nothing could be wrong.?
I need to find a medical reason to stop me flying for 6 to 8 weeks?
What causes me to bruise so easily?
Is there any safe way to become taller?
What does it mean if ya poo floats??
Any tips on making myself not eat sweets?
What to do with my ranny nose?
Do drugs consume the world?
What is a good way to remedy a sunburn?
What is quickest way to get a rug burn to heal?
What are five ways to stop bleeding?
Can you remove stitches by yourself?
Is vicodin a anti-inflamitory?
Ive found out that my girlfriend self harms :/ what should i do?
How can i make myself sleep by 10pm?
Im 13 and i need your help FAST!?
I'm sick of living, but I'm not killing myself for a week, what should I do?
Is life worth it ?
What's the hardest thing of becoming a teenager?
What is normal?
Why are paedophiles (those that do not act upon said feelings in an illegal way) bad people?
Can you help me analyze this dream?
How many paracetamols does it take and how long before you die?Could you take overdoze and die in your sleep?
Is working a night shift really bad for you?
I've started sweating profusely in my sleep, and about the same time, started getting regular waves of anxiety
Can you live off only drinking ocean water?
Anyone, Dizzy?
Why do we get the hic cups?
Is it okay to be 5'8 and have a 28' inch waist?
Help falling asleep?
When you're having trouble falling asleep?
PLEASE HELP! ...Asthma or Allergies?
How can I cope with the misery of going back to work after two weeks hols.?
If you lost a lot of blood recently what is the best way to restore it?
Anyone know how to apply a plaster cast to a leg,10 points to who ever gets it right.?
I burnt myself, and it REALLY hurts!!! URGENT!!!?
I have recently had my ear piersed. do i have to take out the earring to clean it or do i leave it in?
What makes you dizzy.?
HELP ME! I burned myself? please help! my hand burns!!!?
Wine amounts?
Is there anything wrong in marrying the following relation....[my father's..mom's...sister'...
What is it called when your blood doesn't clot??
Are there any food/drinks that naturally fight stomach acidity, something with alkalais I expect?
I have diarrhea daily, what could it be?
Worst insomnia known to man lately! Any ideas?
What can I do about this horrible habit of twisting my hair?
WHAT ARE the first signs of gall bladder trouble?
Trouble Sleeping!?
Part of my face is swollen and hurts really bad, now im starting to feel ill, what could this possible be?
Is there blood in my stool? SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY!!?
How can I subside diarrhea?
Am I Weird?????????
Is my psychiatrist breaking the law?
What are you scared of?
Help after attempting suicide.?
Im real depressed and i have no reason to live. what will truly help?? please only answer if you understand?
How do you know when someones a psycho?
Anyone want to talk me through my suicidal phase?
How do you face the fear of dying?
Why are the A.B.C.'s most important in first aid ?
What do you all think of aging. Does it bother you the thought of losing your youth?
How long will it take for pot to get out of my system?
I strain my back and the meds are not helping at all, what can I do?
Why do we sneeze 3 times in a row? every time.?
Is there anything i would have in the house besides pepto that would make nausea go away please answer quickly
Help, the inside of my mouth is swollen..?
Child abuse?
How can I make my landlord clean up black mold without being evicted?
Teenage drinking..how bad is it for you?
What is it?
What to drink or eat to stop coughing?
Whats your fave exercise?
How old are U what is your gender and at what age you would like to die at, and what is your stand for that?
How can I make myself THROW UP?
Has anyone had thier gallbladder removed?
What do you recomend for a really bad sunburn?
Coughing up mucus and there is blood.?
Why is my head soo itchy?!?
I'm constipated wat should i do?
Why do I always think I see someone out of the corner of my eye and hear things that no one else hears?
How does caffeine affect your heart rate?
How could I help to stop the war?
Hey! I have fleas in my hair. What can I wash them out with that won't ruin my perm?
Do you think it is sometimes necessary to put aging parents in nursing homes?
If U shouldn't put COTTON buds in your ear because U may damage them, what are they for then?
Can you hallucinate when you are having withdrawals from quitting drugs?
I've just cut myself for the very first time.?
Why do I have poor memory?
Am I slightly obsessive compulsive???
I'm almost 18 and I'm afraid of the dark.?
Im addicted to cocaine?
Trapped miserably in a foreign country; help?
Who out there has had to take medication for depression, and what was it and did it work?
How do i stop my need for pain?
How do you get the swelling to go down from a bee sting?
How does self-hypnosis work?
What is the internation signal that someone is choking?
My left eye is watery with slight pain but is not turning pink. What's wrong?
Burned my hand, what to do ?
What kind of doctor do you see if you think that you have adult ADD?
Sleep Problems?
Am a first aider but i am stuck on this?
What does vitamin b do for the body?
Gastric bypass?
What sleeping pills can help me sleep through a war???
Would inhaling a substance through a straw via mouth have the same effect as snorting it?
You have got to eat a peck of dirt before you die - do you agree?
If a person wanted to live for ever, what would he have to do?
I get a lot of headaches and migraines. What helps relieve them?
Good morning or bad morning?
What are sugns of a blood clot?
Quitting smoking?
What does sleeping do (for people who actually sleep)? Did you know that you do not have to sleep?
How can i find someone to talk to about my problem?
Im kinda depressed at this time and ive been having thoughts of killing myself but talkin make me feel crazy?
I'm confused?!?!?Are Our Bodies Discusting?
When you are depressed, do you hide it well or do people around you know?
What type of product can I use to increase my concentration?
Do u think i suffer from depression?
How do you say no to drugs??
Well guys i feel really weird?? can you help me!?!?!?
Am i weird or what?
What do you eat to have healthy hair?
How do i stop the pain in my back (lower)?
My Golden was bit today (4 mos old)has his shots. Small bite by the ear/puncture. What do I do?
Sleep Remedies?
Does drinking lots of coffee will harm heart?
I think my neighbour is growing weed ...?
My step-dad raped me (untill i was 3 then i left home), and my lil sisters for yrs.....?
How do you know when the bee stinger is out after being stung?
How do you get water out of your year from whenever you go swimming?
What would cause me to feel dizzy or like I'll lose my balance when I move my head or even just standing stil?
I forgot I took Ibuprofen and drank. Should I be okay?
U know sometimes when u pee so fast?
I have been under a lot, lot, lot of stress these last two weeks. Feels like worms are crawling in my head.?
What's the matter with my left big toenail?
How to prevent vomiting after drinking a lot alcohol?
Whats wrong with me?
Does anyone have this diease?
What causes kidney stones?
I have been sick for 3 days now. whats wrong?
Do your toes itch when you take your shoes off?
Do you usually have to whiz really bad and the next rest stop is 45 minutes away?
What is the best way to get rid of GASTRIC problem and other tummy related problems???
Why am I still sleepy after getting about 8 hours of sleep?
I just got facial wash in my eye, how can i make it stop hurting ?!?
Why do eating disorders happen to us?
Is it possible to cry out blood?
What is a grandma seziure?
Is it okay to sleep on an air mattress on a regular basis, or is it bad for your back?
I received a tick bite - should I go to a doctor??
How can i fall asleep easliy?
What should you put on a bee or wasp sting after you got stung?
When a person dies , is their last breath inhalation or an exhalation?
How can I get a better nights sleep?
I have been constipated for two months... what should i do?
I'm sick and my nose is stuffy. Can't sleep... What should I do?
Why does one of my knees make a weird noise when I walk up the stairs?
Why do Kleenex's change colors half way through the box?
Chronic Constipation?
I feel very lonely, my son is mentally ill and my husband treats him with contempt. My heart is breaking.?
How do you cure the fear of public speaking?
Plz explain what my psychiatrist meant when he said this.?
Why do i eat every day? plssssssssssss help me!?
Does therapy help, for a 23 y/o girl who had a very painful life, please answer?
Why should I not kill myself?
What is the best way to get sleep if you have mild insomnia?
Whats your phobia ?
I feel sucidal...?
A spider bit me yesterday in the lip, it's swollen and red, what can i do to make it heal??
What internal conditions could cause dizzyness and light-headedness? no drugs or alcohol injested.?
What is a "sure fire" way to quit smoking without gaining weight?
Help me! i swallowed my tongue piercing. (the barbel part)?
Has anybody ever had?
Why would a very smart person do drugs instead of pursuing a good life???
How do i rid my hands of fungus?
Am going on a first aid course tommorrow, what to expect ?
Is burnt steak safe to eat?
How can i cure a burn?
Do you know how one can get weaned from smoking marijuana?
How long after a Tylenol Overdose is it safe to drink alcohol?
What do u think is the best way to fall asleep?
Do your farts smell different when youre getting older? How so?
I had a bit of a shock today?
What to do if someone overdose near me?
Are injection for blood test painful ?
How tall will i be when i am done growing?
I am so cold today ,,what can i do to warm up ..have left my jacket at home?
When did u lose ur virginity?
What is spit personality?
Are you on any medication?
Does anyone hate being around their own family members?
When an alcoholic is trying to quit drinking...?
I want to quit smoking..Any tips to control my mind and to give away this habbit?
Does "Nessie" (the Loch Ness monster) exist?!?
How do respond when people post ?'s like "how do I kill myself"?
Somebody help please!!?
How can I wean myself from this site? Or should I do it "cold-turkey"?
Why is he doing this to me?
Why do i feel so tired all the time and need to sleep as soon as i finish work?
What are haemorrhoids and how big are they/can they get?
I have a sore throat......................
Sleep Trouble?? Please Help!!!?
Pill stuck in throat?
Will it help to lose weight to heal hearburn?
Is bad eyesight genetic?
Why do u get nose bleeds?
What is the spelling of the career that pertains to the drawing of blood? I know the name, but I can't?
Allergy Sufferers...?
Does anyone have a short but simple effective way to meditate.?
I know someone who is starting to be anorexic, what should i do?
How can I feel better?
OMG! Chigger bite! What do i do?
How do you cope with stress and stressful situations?
Glass splinter in foot, help!?
Very hard wax build up in ear?
Is it normal to feel nervous inside a hospital?
Sad songs about depression?
What can you do if you feel your being persecuted by people and being denied the happiness and life you want?
Can anyone help me.. My mother-in-law has acrophobia (means she cannot go out on her own) myself and my wife?
I have tourettes syndrome?
Have a sleep disorder... help me? :(?
How did you get over being depressed? Joke if you want, but I'm serious. ?
Just needing some friendly encouragement!?
Please read, urgent. Possible harmful mental illness.?
Depression is killing me...?
Why don't you put ice on a burn?
What do I do?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Drank all day in the sun..quit round 7pm..Ive tried eating and drinking water havent puked yet but feel like?
Do i need to get stitches??
Life or death question?
S there any cure for sleep walking?
What is the best way to get a splinter out?
Ahhhh!!!! i got a bright red sunburn!!! home remedies anyone??
Is A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. past down in families?
Who else has a very annoying cough that's gone on for weeks?
I'm a teenager and I'm afraid that I'm at risk of getting anorexia.?
Should I go to the doc?
Anyone suffered with gallstones?
Why have i lost weight?
How do you pass a drug test if you have been doing cocaine and majurna for years?
What are the main reason a person would need a blood transfusion?
What is viral gastritis?
All day hangover cure?
What do you do on hot days when you don't have a pool?
Ive got a hangover...........?
Do different people have different smelling saliva/spit?
Is it a good idea to sleep lying on your front or always(invariably) on your back?
I'm feeling tired all the time. Is they anything i can do to be able to get a good night's sleep?
Compare weed to tobacco?
I have just....?
I cannot sleep, I become very anxious before going to bed?
Is the thumb a finger?
What causes a charlie horse in the calf upon waking up in the morning? How to rid?
I have a bump on the inside of my ear! It hurts!!!!!!! How can i fix this?!!!!!!!?
Any ideas on what to do for a fat lip?
When you get a boo boo?
Whats the best way to get a bandaide off?
Please help me?
I want to take my nose ring out...? help?
How can i become an emt?
Sunburn! HeLp PlEaSe lOoK HeRe!?
How can you wake a person that is drunk...are there any posibilities..?Pls help me?
ADHD in children. Your opinions please....?
Please please help me?
I've been with the same guy for 2 yrs. Is it ok for him to treat me like this?
Help...a little depresssed?
Weird Dream...Terrifying?
What would happen to people, if we didn't have drugs for depression, drugs for anxiety, etc..., etc..., etc..?
I think I have an eating disorder?
HELP!!!! please help?
How can I break a habit I've had for years?
Would u consider this anorexia?
How do I speed up my skin's healing from mosquito bites?
Cut on face, how long do I need to leave Band-Aid on?
Are there any free CPR classes in Charlotte North Carolina?
What is good for bug bites?
Anyone else here an EMT?
What is it?
What is included in a first aid kit?
Spider bite?
What causes mouth ulcers?
I tried many times but i just cant like alcoholic drinks, i dont like the taste, is this a bad thing?
My 12 year old is dizzy, light headed and has broken out in a cold sweat , do I need to panic?
Can you devolop an allergy to alcohol later in life?
Why do we have recurring dreams, and what does it mean?
I get so nervous at the doctor or dentist's office....how can I stay calm?
How do blind people know when they are wiped clean in the tiolet?
Where did aids come from?
How long do you have to wait to get in to see your GP?
Does anyone know the best method to prevent an attack of gout?
How come i can't be pretty?
Do you ever leave your shoelaces untied, just to 'live life on the edge?'?
What is your version off the meaning of life? mine is?
What good does marijuana do?
What are signs you need to be on anti-depressants?
I am having Tinnitus with slight pressure?
POLL: What do you do to get out of depression?
Intense anger, how to cope?
What medication can i take when suffering with acid reflux?
After blood works?
How do I quit having expectations out of life, period?
Do you actually enjoy having Bipolar Disorder?
Where is the strongest muscle in the human body?
My brother suddenly got a sore throat, headaches, and feels dizzy. Is he alright?
Can illegal drugs like cocaine and cannabis cause mental health disorders like depression, bipolar etc.?
How effective is liquid hand sanitizer at killing germs, really?
So, I'm staying with my mum's ex-boyfriend and he notices the bruises on my arms?
Im So depressed?
How did you quit smoking??
How to maintain my Bp normal?
What is cold turkey and any tips to quit SMOKING?
Is there something wrong with my health?
What are some good ways to make people pee in their sleep??
When your trying to fall asleep is it better to drink cold milk or warm milk?
Is cannabis bad for me?
A question about moles on the skin
Have you ever been raped?
Why do some people have too much iron in blood ?
How do i vanish dark circles?
Best remedy for jellyfish stings?
I'm 20 and i'd like to grow pass 5'7, what can I consume/take to grow a couple inches more?
I was baking my grandchildren cookies in the shower and I spilled shampoo on a few. Are they still ok to eat?
Does it hurt donating blood?
How can we develop a good body smell(natural body scent) what does it depend on?
My ear is killing me and yeah will taking over the counter antiboitics make it go away?
Is a bad thing if u peel your scab?
Glass stuck in my foot. HELP PLEASE?
Intense sunburn on face, please help!?
Bee sting help, its an emergency!?
What are your best tips to help me stop SMOKING?
What to do with peeling sunburned skin?
Should i be worried??
Can you be blind and deaf at the same time?
What is the longest length of time you've had a continuous "passing of gas?"?
Home remedy for high blood pressure?
Why do people recommend saltines and clear soda for nausea?
I cant sleep. What will help?
What makes you sleep better?And wake refreshed.?
I don't drink anything all day?
Is it bad or unhealthy to fall asleep watching tv??
I finally found out what's been making me itchy for last 2months, Chigger. Is chigger contagious?
Small lump in my earlobe?
My daughters and son (who recently got their ears pierced) are laughing that I'm scared-will tylenol help?
I have to much sleep...?
Dreaming about teeth falling out - what does it mean?
I quit smoking how long does it take for cravings to go away?
Could someone please tell me the difference between a phycologist and a psychiatrist?
I left my boyfriend after he told me he was physically abused as a child.How do I get him back?
Should i stay or should i go?
Illegal drug question?
What is the feeling of smoking ?
Okay this is strange..why do i keep eating like a maniac but losing weight?
Has anybody heard of aspergus syndrome? what is it?
Please read my story.. and tell me how you would feel!!!!?
My dad has areally bad proble help me please?
Are stress and anger the same?
Sunburn help me?
I bite my lip alot, and now I have a bump on my lip that won't go away? Is it safe to cut it off with scissors
Help plz i need big help?
What is the most common type of cancer for women under the age of 30?
What can help me wake up in the morning? Im always late for work because I don't want to get up......?
Is it healthy to eat 2-3 carrots EACH DAY??
What should I take to help my joints (ankle, knees)? I'm 37-yr-old athletic male. Thank you.?
Anyone Use a Nebulizer?
I can't stop scratching and it's 5 in the morning!!?
I've had hip pain for 2-3yrs; now it clicks when I walk. Should I rest? Or exercise as much as I can?
Is smoking REALLY bad for your health?
I just farted and it smelled like my insides were rotten, am i dying?
How do i avoid nausea when taking percocets?
Why am i so tired everyday i get 8 hours of sleep?
Anyone know of food or a vitamin that could help raise blood pressure?
What is the best remedy for a hangover?
I pulled my babytoe nail completely out of its root, will it grow back?
I fed Max, my 7-year-old a half a sandwitch after school. When he was done, I relized the bread was moldy!!!!!
Infected Ear piercing + Hand Sanitizer?
Hmm...my friend is really drunk and hasn't eaten food all day.... is there a way to help her?
What is fingers names?
Any ways to remove your sunburns/atleast make the pain go away?
Does teething in babies come with a fever?
How do I stop hiccups?
How do i get rid nof acne?
How do I get flexible?
My daughter is suffering from accute pain in her hand while writing her exams. suggest some remedy?
Night Terrors - Why am I getting them?
I get up at 5 sorry 5.30 AM & try to go to sleep by 11 PM. Then Why m i always drowsy and runin out of time?
How harmful is one cigarette?
Why not smoke?
I ate chicken out of date, what should I do?
How do you sleep?
Prescription charges?
Do you think dental & eye care should be free for all in the uk?
Does anyone know whats wrong and ever had this happed to them?
What should you do if your cartilage piercing may be infected?
I just took 3 tylenol. Is that bad?
I think i have a ear infection but im not sure so could you help me please?
How do you get sticky fly-paper off of skin?
My sister freaked out for no reason can anyone tell me why?
What is the best way to treat acne?
Cough syrup , is it effective?
What do you do when a bee/wasp stings u on the finger?
I Might be getting a ingrown toenail operation done but its $400 CA is it worth it?
Night and day contacts???
My eyes sometimes become wet?
What were did contacts feel like when you got them first?
Will give best answer...plz answer my lens question?
-2.50 Eye vision?
Contacts for too long?
12 year old girl getting contacts?
"Double" LASIK?
How does color blindness work?
Are there any risks with removing your appendix out? How can you tell that it has burst, and how can you tel?
If i have a choice to wear they put the IV should i choose my fist area or that crease next to my elbow?
Hypothyroid symptoms persist even with med - solutions?
What does it mean when people says someone has a bipolar disorder?
Name of disease were people dont clot?
Memory problems What could be causing it ?
My sons' eyes are starting to turn yellow...any clues as to why?
IBS cures????????
Greyish green stools for 2 days?
How to test positive for cocaine without doing cocaine.?
Do i have ocd?
Insomnia ::: What is the best medicine out there to help me sleep good?
Do people with parkinson's disease make good lovers?
I lost a kidney in april due to kidney cancer my docters almost lost me because of a blodclot?
What happend to me ?
I have a problem with looking people in the eye. Is this common?
I have this White Thing on my top eyelid!!!?
Blisters from EVERY shoes I wear!?
OUCH !! I have an ingrown finger nail :( How do i treat it? I can't even touch it...?
How do i stop the stinging?
Is It Painful When You Have Your Eyes Lazered?
Will Desitin (for baby's diaper rash) work on an adult rash as well?
Ant up my ***?
Are sunglasses good or bad for your eyes?
How to get a "deep" splinter out of my thumb without paying a doctor a ridiculous amount of mony?
What is the easiest way for a girl to pee into a bottle or other small opening?
In contact lens cases, over night do you leave the cap on?
I lost a huge piece of skin off of my knee and now I see a lot of white stuff should I get this checked out?
What's the easiest way to stop smoking?
What kind of dream does a blind person have?
Why does my fingers sting when i put them in water?
My friends finger is swollen from a ring and now he can;t get it off his finger. Any suggestions?
Is it true that if you wear keep on wearing your glasses, your vision will get worse?
Does anyone know what would cause the nerve heads in my eyes to swell?
Kind of a silly question. . . but is there any way to change your eye color?
Where can I buy mini wrench for eye glasses???
PLEASE HELP! My jaw and my ear both hurt REALLY REALLY bad, and i dont have anyone awake in my house to help!!
What is the right amount of sleep i should be having?
Will I pass my drug test?
I wear glasses and my eyes hurt what could be wrong?
Why am i so tired all the time?
I heard here is a vain on a wrist that if you cut you'll die but is it on the left ot right hand?
Suffer from constipation.dont excrete for 3-4 days. tried cereals,water,honey,dry grapes.no effect. wat to do?
Advice for Staying Awake?
What is this white stuff on my contact lens?
How can I stop biting my nails?
Any ways to fall asleep faster. Its affecting my life.?
Why do when I eat potato chips, I get a small cut on my lips?
How often do you shower or take a bath? Does it change winter to summer?
Cant fall asleep!!?
What is the best cure for a hangover?
Why do I feel so nauseous right now?
How much hours i should sleep?at night?
Is smoking a pipe better (or less harmful) than smoking cigarettes?
I put disposable contacts that i wore three days in solution a year ago. Is it okay to wear them again now?
What are the chances of laser eye surgery messing up?
Answer if you'd like...:-) It's about eyes lol.?
Are green eyes rare?
The optometrist put eye drops to dilate my pupils & now I can hardly see cuz its so bright, how long will last
Does anyone wear contacts? Please help...
Any idea what is affecting my fiances eye?
I have been told that if you eat pumkin seeds that it can lighten your eye colour.?
What does it mean to have your eyes dilated?
Can i wear my contacts this long?
Will a wood splinter dissolve?
Air bubble IVline?
Does EVERYONE know the 3 Simple Signs of A Stroke?
How can I get rid of the hiccups?
What type of bread is the healthiest? Like which one has the best health benefits.?
Why do I get a headache when I cough?
Belly button ball stuck, wont unscrew, so my piercing is just stuck. I've tried plyers wont budge!?
Infected toenail?
Why do my calves hurt every night?
What is the bone or the muscle in the back of your foot?
In general, are brown eyes less likely to require glasses or contact lenses over other colored eyes?
Do color-blind ppl exist?
What happens to my eyesight over time from wearing glasses?
Can an MD not certified in ophthalmology write a perscription for eyeglasses?
Glasses help PLEASE!!?
Eye question?
Colored contacts...?
UK: I want to be able to wear contact lenses but know nothing about them...?
Why are my contact leses a light blue color??
My eye contact moved and it seems to be stuck behind my eye...what do i do?
Why is coca cola soda bad for you?
Sleeping :(?
What do you think ?...........?
Can cordless phones damage your brain if you make long phone calls?
Ecstasy Side Effects??????
Answer QUICKLY! not more than 10' since i ask!!!!?
Why does an itch stop when you scratch it, and how do we know that scratching it will stop it?
How do u get the water out of your ears?
Lose circulation in arm while I sleep ?
When under the influence of alcohol, Does it thicken or thin your blood? I say thins your blood .?
What is the best way to relieve stress?
I lost a fingernail!?
Are there any easy home remedies for yellowing nails?
Should i go to work tonight or pull a sicky?
My left ear wont pop i've tried everything i put hydro peroxide and holding my nose and blowing what should i
What happens to the body 1 hr before and 1 hour after it dies?
Should I get glasses or contacts?
To be a vagin at 25 has it any negative problem on the body?
How can I put on my weight?
What's the best way to find a local Chiropractor ?
How much for a year supply of contacts?
Contacts....will it hurt?
2 questions about vision (not too complicated)?
Blind People?
Help me get my contacts out with these acrylic nails!?
Is applying Kajal or eye liner to our eyes affects our eyes or make our eyes impure?
Should I be wearing my glasses all of the the time?
When you order contact lens, is there a difference between the shape of left eye and right eye?
Eye infection from contacts?
Why do we get eye bogeys?
Getting headache after a sleep...?
Where can I research about having acid reflux at night?
I have a slipped disc and it's painful . what's the best treatment. i use lumbar corsett. not much help though
What is the cause of a headache behind the ears, with losing some taste in your mouth and a watery eye?
What is the best way to cure constipation in children 8 yrs old, for a girl?
How many hours must I fast prior to surgery during which I will receive general anesthesia?
Can drinking coffee make you look older?
How do you know if someone is addicted to cocaine? What signs should one look for?
My ex boyfriend and i are living together, we had a fight, he hit me, we fight for more than 2 hours.?
Can an AB+ blood type come from two poeple with type o blood?
How much sleep should a person get everynight?
Very tired...no energy?
My partner snores like a horse. Know what i mean! Cant stand it!?
How do you safely remove ear wax that has built up?
How can I throw up?
My infant has a rash in her diaper area and has blisters under her tounge. anyone know what this is?
How do you make yourself lose your voice?
Paraceptamol query?
Any tips for getting to sleep?
What exactly is polarised (lenses)sunglasses?
Is there any way to get rid of eyeglasses?
Can a 3yr olds eye to look squint sometimes but not be a true squint?
Do i have "the third eye"?
How can you cure a lazy eye at the age of 15?
Eyes, and the permit test.?
Why does my right eye hurt so much?
Opthamologist gave me drops to dialate pupils?
Glasses situation?
How do you change eye color?
Why after having my coffee in the morning, my stomach goes ballistic and i end up w/diarrhea?
What does it mean when you want to cry, but can't?
What does it mean when the vain in your leg is leaking blood?is it serious ?
Why can't I eat grapefruit while taking certain medication?
Can sinus drainage give you indegestion?
What should i do if i was bitten by a snake?
What would you say are the best (brand) bandages?
My son aged 12 sweats excessively in his head even with the slightest of physical exercise.What's the remedy?
Does high soda consumption increase the risk of diabetes?
Why is it best to take your blood pressure in your left arm?
What's an ideal way to destress without spending money when doing a full time job, being a Mum & doing a degr
What causes a person to feel weak and tired a lot?
Do you have any hot tips for insomnia?
Going to be awake for 21 hours tomorrow. What can I do to get more energy.?
Anyone who watched television today?
Has anyone had a blood clot on the brain and made a full recovery my son suffered one at Xmas in tenerife?
Any easy way to quit smoking cigarettes?
What would you do?
Eyesight improvement. Any vitamins, exercises, lasik?
Blood test?
Is the technology available today that eliminates the look of magnification in eyeglasses?
Reaction lenses or prescription sunglasses?
Do them "reading" glasses you get a "dollar store" make your vision worse?
Is it wearing contact lense is bad?
What eye color would our child have?
My left eye has been tweching for the couple days should i be worried?
Is this okay??
When you first got contact lenses...?
My eye problem?
Are contacts lense expensive?
I recently got a HORRIBLE sunburn, and?
What does it feel like when you get bit by a black widow?
Sunburned lips???
What does it mean if you have a numbness on a side of your mouth, your mouth is tilting toward one side?
Is is better to take a cold bath or shower when you have a bad sunburn?
What is the best way to ease the itching of a bug bite?
I got a verybad sunburn and im 6 months pregg what do i do im in bad pain.?
Is it safe to put Hydrogen Peroxide in your ear?
How do I get my bra straps to stop slipping down my shoulders?
I just quit smoking how long till?
Why do we stay with spouses that are mentally ill?
I realized i don't have confidence in my self, how do i gain it?
I feel lonly and empty tonight as i sit in my one bedroom flat, thinkin about my future an how i want it to go
My father hung himself last nught, my sister screamed and cut himdown while my daughter 6&9 watched , grandpa?
Why am I scared of Death ?
Whats wrong with me??? Do I need help or what?
I am so derpessed and im only 14?
Hi ppl is smoking weed any good for helping ppl who suffer from Bipolar Disorder?
How do I know if im Bi-polar?
Can i wear regular soft contact lens?
I'm worried about my eyesight lately. Do you think something's wrong?
Does anyone have any tips to help me w/ contacts?
What is the best type...?
Can someone explain my eye prescription?
How can I prevent having an infection on my eye when wearing contact lenses?
Getting Contacts?
Hlp glasses???? ASAP!!! PLZ!!?
Are you looking at the inside of your eyelids when you close ure eyes?
What age do midlife crisies start?
Is a physicians assistant just as good as a medical doctor?
Why is it bad to swallow your own blood?
How can i ever mourn for my best friend , when i never knew that she was sick?
Why is it bad to take drugs and take alcohol (beer or spirits) at the same time?
What are things that really make your seeing better.{Please no joke this is very important.}?
Why does my breath smell so bad when I wake up? I dont eat, drink or smoke when I am sleeping?
I got a cold and tomorrow is my math exam !! help plz?
Mattress causing body soreness?
I love to run, but i have asthma?
Am I okay? I have a bump.?
Would you dump someone because they have lots of stretch marks?
How much weight would you like to lose?
What is the best way to relieve backache?
How important are flu shots?
What is the best way to treat a jammed finger?
How deep does a cut have to be to get stiches?
What causes obesity? and how can it be prevented?
Noone ever has anything bad to say about water do they?
Is there an approiate gift for the relative of a person who died?
How do I get a bee stinger out if it wont come out with tweezers?
What kind of glasses (frames/colors/style) go best with blue eyes , pale skin and reddish brown hair?
My eye doctor wants me to stop wearing any eye makeup...What to do?
Do our eyes smell?
Does anyone else see like little colorful floating dots,that move?
Can colour contacts make you go blind?
Can I go to Lenscrafters without an appointment and still get my glasses the same day?
One of my friends told me that it's ok to take a shower with your contacts on. but...?
I have have pink eye....HELP!!!!!!?
Do you get fix stares easily?
Can someone who isn't blind learn how to read braille?
Bad backpains?
How much sleep should a person in their 20's get?
Spider bite?
Is it safe to wear contact lenses inside the sauna?
What does the drug 'St John's Wort' actully do for your health?
After having laser eye surgery. Is it true that you'll probably go blind within 10 years?
Will Nail Bitting will cause any health problem if the nails are clean?
Am i getting sick?
My finger was "crushed" last night -- don't think it is broken, but should I go to hospital? It is swollen.
Can alcoholism be genetic?
I just sneezed and something really weird came out!?
Passing out, diziness?
I am 14 and constantly tired even after I sleep a good 10 hours of sleep.Whats wrong with me?
Heartburn Cure?
I have a really bad pain in by back i can't even lie on it to go to sleep?
How do i change my doctors to a different practise?
How much sleep do you really need?-15 year old boy?
Whats the worse that can happen when you cry so much?
What kind of bite or sting would cause a red welt surrounded by a pink ring at least a week after the event?
I was banging out some knuckle children and got some in my eye! It burns!! What can I do to stop the burning?
Can eighteen year old get eye surgery?
Can your eye twitch due to stress?
Can you use contact solution as eyedrops?
What are the black floating spots i can see?
Can i get eyeglasses even though my eyes have no problems?
A really dumb question?
OMG help!!!!! I got HAIRDYE in my EYE!!!?
It has been a week since I was bite by a bee. The area is still red and itching. Should I go see a doctor?
Why do i have sandy blonde hair and green eyes when all of my relatives have black hair and blue eyes?
What does it mean if mucus has a bluish color to it?
I got a drop of AXE body wash in my eye 2 days ago?
What are the harmful effects of smoking?
Does cocoa butter help spider vains?
Anorexia Nervosa consciously?
How can u lose weight without using special foods or special equipment??
Is it true that eating/drinking diary and eating rice when you have a cold causes more snot/mucus?
Childrens Washing?
Has any body out there got over anxiety.?
Do teenagers need to get flu shots?
Can't fall asleep, lying in bed awake all night?
Why does McDonald's put MSG in their fries?
Does anyone else feel happy when it rains?
Lumps under skin on neck and under arm?
Im tired all the time, Whats wrong with me?
Like an explosion in your head?
I have a really bad cold and I've completely lost all sense of smell and taste. Is this normal?
Does anyone have a trick for putting contact lenses on? Cause my eyes keep on blinking messing things up?
Is there anything really important i should know about contact lenses?
Why is it that when you look at a bright light you have to sneeze?
Will your eyes really pop out if you sneeze with your eyes open?
Does wearing contacts damage your eyes? I noticed since wearing contacts that I have red squiggly lines in eye
Do you think i need glasses??
Getting glasses again?
Laser Eye Surgery ---How old do u have to be-?-?
My lover is addicted to heroin...?
Will the pain and tears ever stop?
Can an emotion be described as a colour? If so, what colour are you feeling right now?
Ok my cutting prblm???
Is eating less than 100 calories a day conduative to an eating disorder?
What is the worst pain you've ever felt physical or emotional?
How To Stop Deep Sadness?
I need some calming things to do if u have any please help me!!!?
What exactly bi-polar means?
What is the best way to calm down when you are angry?
How can you save a choking victim if....?
For the last 10 months my ear is in pain when I lay on my side.?
What does it mean when there is blood in urine?
What are five things to help relieve stress?
When do you use rubbing alcohol?
How To Help Your Earring Hole If It Has Scabs Or Puss Coming Out Of It?
My son is going away to basketball camp this summer in Atlanta. What type of innoculations will he need?
What is TRULY the easiest way to lose weight?
Do you think paying $1600 per both eyes for a Lasik surgery is safe?
Mole on left side of breast wht does it indicate?
Is it true??
What can i do to prevent my contacts from irritating my eyes?
I am 27. The last time I saw an eye doctor I was 15 and he told me I was a little nearsighted.?
Can surgery correct lazy or droppy eyes.?
Whats a good/recommended age to take a child for their first eye examination?
My pupils are always sooo dilated?
Do you have to wear glasses before you are prescribed contacts?
I can't sleep, any suggestion?
Advice on tackling noisy neighbours please.?
How come my husband doesnt tell me when hes sick.?
How do you decide where to have your prescriptions filled (see details)?
I think i have water trapped in my ears...how do i get it out?
I've been getting a cold once a month for TOO long. I eat & sleep enough, take vitamins, what else can I do?
Is it easier to get sick in a cold room with the fan on, or a hot stagnate room?
How can you get over being embarassed about a embarassing problem, if front of doctors.?
Is my toe broke!?
Please HELP?
I've had a splinter in my heel for months--how in the world do I get it out?!?
My toe is still bleeding after 6 hours.?
Do you ever feel like even though people depend on you that you don't have a purpose?
PLease help me!!!!!!!?
Why are cigarettes legal?
How do you........???
When dose my son need his check up?
Does being a vegetarian help you stay healthy.?
Who bites their nails?
How do I get this plank out of my eye?
Can I get glasses that look like sun glasses?
What is the name of the vision where you can see out of the corner of your eyes?
Does a lot of exposure to sunlight lighten or darken your eyes?
Left Contact lense uncomfortable.?
Would my eyes be considered two different colors? (Heterochromia)?
Are contacts hard to put on and will they hurt ?
Why are my contacts hurting my eyes? They're brand new!?
I'm 14...so are contact lenses suitable for me?
Getting contacts soon things to Consider?
I cant sleep for four days straight i stay awake.....?
Boyfriend with Bad Hygiene?
What is the best and easiest was to quit smoking?
I find it realy difficult to sleep on a night some times it take until about 3 in the morning HELP?
Whats worse smokeing cigs a few times a week or geting really drunk every weekend?
How to get rid of the drowsiness in the afternoon timings, so as to work freshly in the office?
What is involved when having a pre-op assessment?
Can you eat hot cheetos when you have a fever?
Is my mother becoming a chain-smoker?
I suffer from panic attacks and have recently been getting knots in my stomach. any advice on how to get rid?
How to read an eye glass prescription?
Do I need glasses?
How can i get rid of red eyes naturally w/o having to buy eye drops?
Am I too young for contacts?
What can be wrong wit my eyes?
Contact Lenses am having some later any advice? PLEASE HELP?
What are some reasons that someone would not be a 'good candidate' for laser eye surgery?
Does it hurt to open your eyes in the ocean?
My left eye...?
How can I get proper and relaxed sleep?
I have nausea, vomitingw/blood,tremors,t... shocks upback of neck w/dizziness & R side abdominal pain?
Is it ok to stink when there's nobody around to smell your stinkiness?
I feel really ill with tonsillitis but do not want antibiotics for it . What do you recommend?
What do u do for a child who refuses to keep their hygeine up?
Is cleaning the anus with a tissue, hygienic?
Who do doctors go to see when they are ill?
If someone is named Aida does it mean she is probably old?
Is there a quick way to get over a cold?
What could be the cause ofyour veins being more visible?
What makes a baby smile in their sleep?
How to handle smelly/noisy gas in the office?
About First Aid?
Piercing your own ear?
Wound won't heal?
What is the difference between poison and venom??
What is the easiest way to quit smoking?
How come sometimes out of nowhere or when I'm walking, I get dizzy or I see black for about a minute?
What causes "Pins and needles"?
If you bite your nails or skin off, is that cannibalism?
Anyone shy of wearing glasses?
When I get a piece of sand in my eye, or an eye lash, and then it goes away...where does it go?
PINK EYE! :/ PLease help!?
Can some1 help me w/ my contacts?
Can you wear eye make-up with Contact Lenses?
Could kids get laser eye surgery?If they could where?
Help....eye appears to be bleeding!?
How long should I wear my contacts?
Have you ever had a bad experience with the eye doctor?
Is putting omega 3,6,9 oil in my eye as lubricant dangerous?
What are health hazards for not getting enough sleep?
What Cause you to fall asleep?
What is the best way to treat a swollen bruise?
Why is my eye twitching?
Can a metal plate in your head get rusty?
What do you do to rejuvenate yourself?
Stomach acid - help?
I wonder if life is really worth living (and please do not theorise)?
Is it bad to go cold turkey on cigarette smoking if you smoke a pack a day? She has been smoking for 15 yrs.?
So whats gonna happen to me if i didnt sleep all night ,i kinda fell tired but not to much ?
My parents will be mad that i have depression?
Im really tired! what should i do?
Whats wrong with my foot?
Im smoking 1 cigarette a day its ok!??
If we were made to wear our IQ's on our chest, what would you do?
I feel I need to die and I don't care about depression.....?
How do i get rid of the hiccups?
I smoke and i dont know what t do!?
Is an IQ of 101 bad for a 19yr old?
Anyone know of any iron-rich foods besides leafy green veggies?
Can I drink water while fasting before bloodwork will be taken?
What the best cure for a hang over?
Are you afraid to be alone? Do you fear being unloved forever or that there might be no one out there for you?
I'm Bipolar - will I ever have a stable relationship?
What is wrong with me?? please help :(?
How can I stop feeling bad about being shy, soft-spoken and sensitive?
Contact lense question???
Laser opration for eyes are safe?
Is a -.5 eye glass prescription worth getting glasses for? ?
Insecure alot. eny tips?
Why put Braille on the drive through ATM?
Do contact lens fall out easily when they are dry?