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Drinking apple juice or eating apples will this soften or Harden the gall stones?
Hey is there any solution for a confused mind?
Advantages of vaccination?
What is the fastest way to clean your system of marijuana?
Enema. What type of soap should be used ? Constipated real bad.?
What should be the name for my new juice parlour??
I am a longterm sufferer of agoraphobia and want to know ....?
What are some ways to get weed out of your system before 30 days?
Do u have faith on Aurvedic Medicine.R they r better than Allopathic Medicines.?
What is the best over the counter sleep aid?
Is there a natural alternative to Ritalin or similar ADD medication, to aid in concentration?
With what should I google with so that my red sore throat stops hurting?
Treating nervousness?
I am 17 years old.how can i increase my height?
I need to sing 2 days later, but my voice is kind of gone?
A bit of unsavoury question but here goes. A friend of mine has had colonic inrrigation?
Is there a good herbal or natural remedy for a sinus cold or a sinus infection?
What are the strongest energy pill there is?
Anyone who cured Arthritis with diet?
Lortab/Vicodin question?
Where does lekumia come from how do u get it?????????
Which medication is best for kids ? Homoeopathy or Allopathy?
I live in florida and want to go into nursing should i do cna first or just skip it?
What do I do with my cold sore?
Has anyone tried chakra opening/healing for emotional issues? Does it work?
What is the best medicine for a cold?
What is the medicine NUX VOMICA prescribed for?
I've smoked for years, i was wondering how bad pot truly is for memory??
St Johns Wort. Does it really help with depression?
Do herbal supplements require food to be eaten with them?
I want to sell my body parts,& make money,.. where can i sell?.. tell me the website.. or phone number.. help
Increasing libido?
What is a phychartrist?
Acupunture for panic?
Should you take a supplement?
Favorite allergy remedies? anyone tried apple cider vinegar?
Very dry and calloused skin on my hands. I've tried many different lotions. None have worked.?
Is there anything over the counter to treat an earache,not ringing in the ears?
What is good for MS?
What natural herb with make me feel energized?
Do Naturopathic Doctors really work?
Old cold and sore throat remedies?
What are some good drug-free remedies to nasal congestion?
What are the tips to reduce body heat?i mean pitta?
Where to buy rolling paper or other paper for smoking weed?
Can you please suggest herbal remedy for kidney stones.?
How can the Human Aura be Seen?
How can I slowly quit smoking before college? without patches or medicine plz Dx?
What is wrong with me is this normal?
Can crystal healing and reiki healing be used effectively together? If so what is the best way to use them?
Send a man to the moon, but cant cure a cold?
What is the beat way to clean crystals? mine have gathered dust. Will that hinder the power they have?
Are there any alternative remedies to dissolve blood clots?
What medication can you take to get rid of a cold the fastest?
What is the best cure for hiccups?
What is the best homeopathy medicine for anxity and panic attacks?
Sore throat remedies?
Trying to get pregnant. Any suggestions??
What do you do when a dog drinks a pot of cooking oil??
Is there a natural way to treat H. pylori (and ulcers) without taking antibiotics or antacids? I have a?
Is nicotine a narcotic?
What is hydro?(marijuana) i kno its a real strong weed. but what exactly makes it so strong?
Acid and lsd?
Natural herbs to induce labor?
What's a good sore throat remedy?
Has anyone eles heard of the negative effects of Soy?
What is going to happen to my sister?
Sometimes when i look at objects i see the object plus two more right under it and when i squint i see normal?
How do you get rid of an ear infection that stemmed from a cold or flu that is muting my hearing?
What kind of pill has 512 marked on it?
Which gem stone should I wear for energy?
Addicted to poison (coffee) and ideas or suggestions to help me quit?
If i donate blood while high on opium will the blood receiver feel the effects?
Can we say there is really no cure for AIDS? how about prayer?
Is it true that coconut oil is good for u?
What are the best anti aging supplements.?
Does pro-plus work? Does it keep you awake and buzzing?
What is the best home remedy for a migraine?
Wher can you purchase melatonin?
What is the best medicine for insomia?
Im sick any ADVICE?
Kevin Trudeau? your opinions count?
Help! what do you do for Migraines?
What is the difference between all these medical systems Accupressure,Accupunture,...
Does anyone know if there is an over the counter medication to ease stress and tension?
Why do people fart?
Is there a natural way of getting rid of yest infection?
Has cannabis played a part in your life? If so, in which way?
Wat is the best cure for stuff nose?
What is diverticulitis?
Is someing weed bad for you?
Vicodin? ive heard people get high off that? is it true?
Is this true????
Does acupuncture work and is it worth the high price?
I have really bad headaches migraines?
Music to listen to high?
Hangover cure?
Healthy foods.. what are your three best choices?
Why Internet is so addictive ? is it natural or just we love the unknown ?
Addiction ??????????
Rid of Toxins in our body-natural way? how?
Best treatment for an Ear Infection?
Is there any treatment for a gallbladder that is functioning at 22%, but has no gallstones, without surgery?
How do you stop getting headaches without using medicine?
Valium anybody know a reliable source?
How do you take rescue remedy - neat?
I feel very gloom and fatigue lately. What can I do to have more energy and feel better?
Acne on the chin?
Any remedy for inflammation of the stomach? i m havin it for 2 years.?
I am sleepy all the time, What over the counter energy pill really works?
Any Natural Home Remedies for Getting Rid of a Sore Throat?
Natural alternative to calm a child?
Is there a natural or herbal substitution for prozac?
About High Blood Pressure?
Colon Cleansing?
What is the best remedy for a cold? Should I get a flu shot?
Can human growth hormone (HGH) increase height?
My blood type is O+ and a herbal medicine woman (Homologist) said not to drink milk? WHY?
Know of a sub.for Speed/Whizz desperate to come off,but addicted?
What are some good remedies for sore throat?
Has anyone else had success in quitting drugs by getting addicted to spicy foods like kim-chee and jumballiaha
Middle back pain go to chiropractor or physical therapy? Are chiropractors butchers and can they aggravate it?
Does anyone know of any ENEMAS?
Calling all former insomniacs and problem sleepers...please tell me what worked for you?
Do Liver Cleanse's work?
My doctor has told me i have a fungal infection in my toe nail and has prescribed some pills for it?
Any good answers for arthritis of the knee home remedies for pain relief?
Do you take any vitamins or other supplements?
Suggest any medicine for complete cure of migraine?
Are there any known negative side effects of taking flax seed oil?
I want to meditate but I don't know where I should start?
Does anyone know any herbs or cheap medicine that calms your nerves and anxiety?
What are other ways to get high besides weed?
Is there a way to prevent kidney stones?
Bloked stuffy nose?
What are natural remedies for diarhea?
Whats the best way to stay energized when you are so tired and need to be awake?
Is it true that cranberry juice can cure bladder infections?
What is a safe way to do a liver cleanse. how often should a person do a liver cleanse.?
Can acupuncture be used as an aid to diet.?
Nurse salary?
As part of my prep for surgery,I am supposed to take an enema,is there any alternatives I could use?
What are some natural headache remedies which don't involve anti-inflamatories or caffiene?
Can you suggest an anti-inflammatory?
Is there any natural remedy for ADHD (inattentive type, NOT the hyper-bouncing off walls-type)?
Whats the world's healthiest bottled water?
Enzymes vs probiotics - Which is better for chronic constipation?
Does anyone have a remedy for gall stones?
Does anybody enjoy juicing Vegetables?
How do you meditate if your mind cant relax for an instant?
How can you clean cocaine from your system fast in a natural way?
Natural remedies for a sinus infection?
Any suggestions on alternate cures for abdominal bloating after meals and acidity?
Is there any medicine that will make you more focused?
Are there any real hangover cures?
I'm looking for a tall, attractive, intelligent and friendly woman.?
If we appreciate the water we drink, by looking at it and thank it, will water respond?
What is a good consistent way to wake up in the morning without getting high?
Does any body else believe in CRYSTALS and their power of healing???If so?
What is rosacia?
Home remedy for?
Is there anything that will make a headache go away rather than tylenol(and other things of that nature)?
Did you believe that the herbal medicine is the best cure to all sickness?
Remedies For Child's Night Coughing?
I am feeling very anxious and uptight. What kind of oils or fragrances are good to help relax?
Can you beat high blood pressure without drugs? If so how?
How do you treat a sore throat with out the use of OTC meds?
I hate having to use reading glasses and my night vision is so bad. A homoeopathic remedy for helping?
I have acid reflux and need a home remedy! Help!?
Would smoking pot help me manage my psoriatic arhritis pain?
My plan to deal with depression, anxiety and insomnia, will it work?
Do carrots help you to see in the dark, or even improve your vision? ha i was just wondering?
Are chiropractors real doctors?
Sinus infections-Does anyone know any home remedies to help cure this infection?
Hangover remedies?
Is death supposed to be fashionable ?
Does hypnosis work in curing habits?
Is there any alternative cough medicine for diabetics?
What food can i take to improve immunity power?
Does cannabis help the chakras to harmonise ?
Any opinions on euthanasia?
I am suffering from hernia could it be treated throug yoga.?
Does this sound safe?
Should i quit smoking ?and why? green and regular.....?
Natural stool softners?
Tea for sleep?
Sore Throat Remedies!?
CHIROPRACTIC CARE.....scam or legit ?
Is there any cure or old remedy for the ringing of the ear?
Can i smoke on the master cleanse diet?
Any home-remedy seditives?
I am having mouth ulcers since last 3-4 Days , & are extended upto the stomach.Pl suggest home remedy?
How to treat a kideny infection naturally without going to the doctor?
Is there legal ways to get high?
Do you eat only organic food, are you committed to the organic way of life?
How is Cocaine sold?
Can anyone recommend a good natural product to help clean the liver?
Plz help me to solve my constipation problem?
Are healing massage for real?
Do antidepressants work?
What exactly is bad about LSD?
What is the natural cure for insomnia (lack of sufficient sleep)?
What is the most natural way to combat toothache?
Is anti-perspirant unhealthy?
Passing a Drug Test,Can anyone give me the real, deal on how to pass a piss test?
What is the best way of relieving beart burn?
Is it safe to clean out my dog's itchy ears with Tea Tree Oil anticeptic?
Are there any home remedies for pink eye?
Anybody tried acupuncture?
How do i grow my weed and are there male and female plants do all plants bud?
Sleeping Pills?
Does anyone know of any remedy to cure mild depression, preferably a herbal one?
Chiropractic Care and Supplements? Did I get taken advantage of?
Why to pennies "stick" when placed at the temples of your head? Has anyone ever heard of this?
Kevin Trudeau, Natural Cures??
First time on adderall?
Is it normal for your heart to thump for this reason?
Do herbal medicines work?
Will eating carrots improve and cure my vision?
Alternative Pain Releif Solutions To Kidney Stones?
What are ecstasy side effects???
Have the quacks and easily-led who recommend their ineffective treatments here not heard of "observer bias"?
What are some natural remedies for headaches besides caffeine?
How can i stop diarreha?
Sleeping - any ideas?
Anyone trying apple cider vinegar for medical problems?
Has anyone used fluoxetine anti depressants?
What would happen legally if I refuse chemo or radiation?
Arent you mad about this?!?
Do you have fibromyalgia? what medicine do you take that helps? thanks?
Medical Survery: "Family physicians should be trained in the use of alternative (complementary) medicine."
Why are people in denial that tap water and chlorinated water are extremely harmful?
What does prednisone do to you body? I know its a steroid, but what does it do exactly?
Does anyone know where I can get dandelion tea?
What is the best remedy for sever dry skin?
How do you make a homemade emetic (to make you throw up)?
St johns wort?
How do you get weed out of your system?
How to make up your mind to wake up and GET OUT OF THE BED in the morning?
What are some natural remedies?
I ate a vegetarian indian takeaway on friday and my tummy still hurts?
Best hangover cure?
Healing Miracles?
What are the uses of St John's wort??
What are some natural ways to control blood pressure?
What is homeopathic medincine?
I feel like i'm about to get a cold?
Is there anything i can eat or drink to help me sleep?
Does sleeping pills have to be prescribed??
I had a fever for 3 days and took many doses of motrin and tylenol, is this why my kidneys are sore today?
Is it true that twitching of eyelids is a sixth sense which tells people are thinking +ve or -ve about you?
Where can I go to find massage lessons but not to be certified?
Is there really a 100% cure for fibromyalgia?
What is better for killing germs? (hand sanatizer)?
Are there any herbs or natural remedies that act like antibiotics in the body?
Looking for ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE for *hormone imbalance*...?
Help a soldier with, some advice!! IM SICK!?
When is the last time they, us, scientists...whoever!! actually CURED a disease?
How do you know if you have ADD/ADHD w/o being tested for it??
Anyone know of something I can take for back pain and severe muscle tightness without having a prescription?
Do people snore when under anistectic during an operation??
My age is 60, my prostate is slightly enlarged, suggest remedy in homoeopathy?
Another hangover!!?
Does anyone use antiperspirant?
What vitamins are good for calming nerves?
My mother suffers rumitoid arthritis she has pain every where, what can help? is there a cure?please help!!!?
Does Reflexology really work?
Where in London offers deep abdominal massage to treat bloating/constipation? Unable to find anywhere on web.
I am suffering terribly from allergies. What medicine over the counter will help me.?
Do you have Eye floaters?are they getting worse?
Has anyone ever used this Natural Home Remedy for acid reflux remedy by William Lagadyn?
Other than natural causes how would you like to die?
What foods are acidic?
Are Mega-T "green tea pills" really safer than weight loss pills.?
Which drugs make u the most high?
Are there any dangers of eating hemp seeds?
St johns wort?
Anti anti depressant?
What can i do to flush my system?
I am looking for an alternative medicine for gout.?
What is the name of that liquid doctors use to clean the area on the patients body before they cut them?
I take too much advil! What is a healthy alternative?
Is there a herb or homeopathic remedy for making me less gay? Can homeopathy change my constitution?
How can I feel more high from Marijuana?
What treatment other than operation for pinched nerves?
Fish Oil from Wholesale or Major Retailers- do they work?
What natural or alternative things, herbs, and foods will reduce high blood pressure. Was just told I have?
How can I get rid of headaches naturally?
Not sleeping "soundly"?
Why do multivitamins make me sick?
What is a good way to naturally get rid of the heart burn that I get everyday?
What is Chemical Romance?
Any correlation between vaccinations and autism?
Is there a home remedy or alternative medicine for hay fever ?
Home remidies for a cold?
I don't want get sick this winter (cold). I am drinking alot of orange juice and taking 1000mg vitamin C.?
Help me find Herbal medicine of chinese formula "Hoatau Pills". It cures aging human problems?
My grandmother is constapated.?
What will make my scars fade??
Is it safe if someone was to sleep hanging completely upside down?
Good herbal medicine for cancer?
Whats a good way to clear up a soar throat?
How many litres of water should you drink to replace lost sweat during the day?
My room smells like sweat and it stinks whn i walk in how do i get rid of this smell?
I would like to grow taller. Can anybody recommend any pills, or medicine or maybe exercise?
Why is cranberry juice good 4 a uti?
Irritable bowel syndrome any one please give naturopthy remedy for this problem?
Stretch marks. ways to get rid of them?
Need a home remedy for the sore, dry throat and coughing fits - fast!?
So confused by doctors and friends?
Is there a natural supplement for depression/tiredness? I dont have medica ins. & believe dr's poison us.?
What are good home remedies for conjunctivitis?
What type of sleeping medicine is good?
What is Zoloft used for? What are the side effects??
As I am likely to have to wait for the flu jab, can I inject Lemsip instead?
Need a remedy for a stomach ulcer.?
Does any one know a really good natural home remedy for chigger bites treatment? Not Nail Polish.?
Does witch hazel really work on menstrual cramps?
Does anyone have a home remedy for flea bites?
Is there a herbal remedy for hypertension?
Is there any alternative treatment for sciatica beside painkillers?
Anyone here ever tried ?
Whats the best way to stop mosquitoes from biting me?
Help with a cold?
What is the best way to ask for a letter of recommendation from my instructor?
Are there any natural products that burn stored fat and really work?
How do you gain back energy?
Whats better for axiety and depression or calming you down?
My right elbow is inflamed from pitching. How do I reduce the inflammation and pain in a matter of a few days
What is the most nutritious food in the world? is manna from heaven still available today?
Is it legal to buy hemp seeds online?
Alternative meds for menstrual cramps?
Whats the difference in tylenol and aspirin?
Does anyone know how to relieve resless leg syndrome without using Requip?
Herbal for anti depressal?
What is the medicine or household item thats the best for a cold to go away fast?
Does Niacin help rid your body of THC?
I have severe fibromyalgia, are there any natural remedies?
Have you ever colon cleansed? What's the best product?
Whats the best thing to do for chronic pain in the neck?
Any idea how to help child with poor eyesight?
What's the best way to crack your back at home?
Lowering blood pressure?
Can anyone tell me the best and cheapest way to do an internal organ cleanse?
Is there any medicine for removing social anxiety?
Acupuncture for migraine?
Natural treatment for hair loss?
Does anyone know of non-medical treatments for seizures?
Should i just disappear?
What are some diet tips for a child with attention deficit disorder?
Whats the best thing for a ear infection without u needing a perscription?
Does anyone know of a good over the counter allergy medicine?
Home made remedy 4 mosquitoes?no chemicals please.thanks in advance?
What is the best way to quit smoking cold turkey?
What's the best way to cure a hangover?
I want to know if there are any home remedies for the relief of eczema?
Is it supposed to burn when you snort painkillers?
Do WEED USERS ever stop?
My uncle was snorting powder but then said its prescription for blood circulation, what could this be?
Is it safe to put ice in a bong?
How many hours does weed affect you?
What do you think of Kevin Trudeau?
Best Natural Sleep Aids for Chronic Insomnia?
Where can i get amazing back pain remedy?
Plz tell me some good strong sleeping pills name against my insomnia....?!?!!?!?
Any home remedy?
What do you think of colon cleansers? Do they really work? Are they dangerous?
Can you get high off rosemary?
Tips for memory or study... any vitamins, herbs, bach flower essences that are beneficial?
What are your hangover Cures?
What examine do i get for acid reflux ???
What is the best treatment for acne ?
How can I make my body less acidic. I know eating fruits and veggies but how much and what else?
Wat is alternative music?
Has anyone else found that they are sleeping much better after drinking Mona Vie?
Just out of curiosity...?
If i have anxiety, what herbs can I take to help with it?
Sore throat reliever?
Passing a drug test.?
How can we improve our (American) failing healthcare system?
Does anybody know if there is an alternative surgery other than fusion surgery?
Help! I hate the taste of coconut oil.?
If sweetner sachrin tablets are put in a cup of tea instead of sugar is it harmful or has any side effects?
I have bad nails, what can i do?
What are some good natural remedies for stress reduction.?
What's the best way to self-detox your body?
If anyone know some good home tips tip cure migrains. please give ur views.?
What are advantages of herbal medicine?
What's something good to drink/eat to soothe a sore throat?
If one takes antidepressnts (prozac) and they stop (gradually), r they at risk of rebounding?
I smoked marijuana and my stomach hurts...why is this?
Looking for best alternatives for marijuana...?
Reiki: how much would you pay for a Reiki session?
Why don't pharmaceutical companies admit that extacy is a cure for the common cold?
How d you get releif from indegestion?
Found pill in daughters room.it has m358 on it .what is it?
Is it okay to take in calcium supplements even without the doctor's prescription?
Trying to find a primary care doc who encourages diet and nutrition over pharmeseuticals?
How soon do Bach Flower Remedies take effect?
Best remedy for a sore throat?
MARIJUANA QUESTION ~ (stoners only)?
Can Chloroform really make people unconscious?
Im a size 34a and wanted to try some herbal breast enhancers , any ideas or comments?
Has anyone used Noni Juice ?
Is there an alternative to seratonin uptake inhibitors?
I have diabetis i'm 44 years old and have high blood sugar does any one know of any natural ways to lower it
Expiration dates?
Sore throat?
Apple Cider Vinegar?
What is the best NATURAL way to get rid of a headache?
What is watson 333 pill?
SINUS infection - any natural ways to heal it, to recover ?
Vicodin. What do you think about it?
What kind of Dehydration is this?? I drink lots of water?
Is there a home remedy to cleanse your colon or do you have to buy an expensive kit to do the dirty work?
My daughter has acne that isn't responding to ProActiv. Are there any natural remedies that could help her?
Alcohol poisoning!?
What herbs should be used for a colon cleanse?
Does anyone know?
Is Weed good or bad?
Can marijuana be prescribed from doctors?
If I only take one vitamin/supplement a day, which one should I take?
What natural way can i whiten my teeth/serious responses only thanks?
What soft drink has the highest level of caffeine in it?
I smoke weed, how do I NOT, get the black stuff on my lips?
What is your favourite herbal tea? Is it medicinal or just a pleasure drink? Or is it both?
How do i fix a sore throat?????
High from eatin MJ?
Have you ever heard of this? Have you ever did it?
Is self hypnosis safe?
I refused a tetanus vaccination today! Was I right?
How to strenghthen pelvic muscles-natural remedy?
Sunburned need help?
Sore Throat!!! Help!!!?
What are some natural cures for headaches?
Does anyone know of a natural sleep remedy?
Do you think Airborne really works?
I need a remedy for long-term nasal congestion- hard to swallow due to gunk in my throat, & blocks up my nose!
Is Homeopathy treatment effective for depression?
I have parasites. What's a good, quick, natural way to clean out?
What is the best way to dilute demerol from your system?
What is the best home remedies for skin tag removals?
Im looking for an herb to really knock me out, and get into an extremely calm mindset. im talking REAL strong.
Why didn't salvia work?
What is the best natural cure for depression?
What are some possible non-surgical treatments for Carpel Tunnel syndrome?
Does anyone have a home remedy for toenail fungus?
What headache medicines REALLY work?
In very high adrenaline rush situation, is there anything one can take to calm their nerves?
Is it bad to sleep for 12 hours or more?
Need to put a stop to cronic diarrhea?
Is it safe to sleep with ear plugs in?
What medicines should i use to grow in height?
What type of medicine would a doctor prescribe for a mental patient with hallucinations?
The Secret?
Is it possible to overdose on vicodin?
What is the most common used medicine, that is really popular?
Is it true; G.W. Bush is now telling the fixed income people to die and stop buying drugs from Canada?
What is a natural way to have more energy throughout the day?
I may have overdosed on Pepto Bismol...?
IBS and Acupuncture?
Should I take diet pills?I'm currently taking Coumadin .....?
Marijuana - Beneficial if Balanced?
Would like a herbal product to naturally detoxify the body any suggestions would be great thank you!?
Can children take herbal medicine ?
Boost my energy?
Any way to treat cancer? Please help.?
Marijuana should be legal?
Is Prevention better than cure?
Any exercises to reverse Nearsightedness/Myopia?
Do you think that sometimes we can bring about certain illnesses with negative thoughts?
My body seriously retains water-even in the hottest situations I hardly sweat, I can't cry, and in acupuncture
Do you trust the FDA?
My eyesight is -2.50...!!?
Any natural home remedies for getting rid of a cold?
Are Sleeping Pills Harmful?
I am tired all the time, So I take diet pills for the energy and then I can't sleep. I take benedryl?
If you're going to make a parachute jump, how high should you be?
Do you own Kevin Trudeaus Natural Cures books? What is his cure for Gout?
What's the best and most cost effective way to drink pure water?
Is smoking pot everyday really all that bad??
What is the best way to naturally relieve aching muscles in the neck and back without massage/chiropractor??
Where can i find a Doctor who's main practice is back problems?
Whats the best way to cure a sunburn fast?
Help with sleep!?
I was perscribed morphine for pain but had allergic reaction,what else could I take instead?
What was the most effective way of flushing gallbladder stone in a natural way?
I smoked a on saturday night and had a drug test wedesday and smoke not even .1 and havnt smoked in 5 months?
What helps to boost the immune system in someone that has Leukemia?
What can I crush and snort through my nose safely?
Does anyone have chronic headaches? Looking for a homeopathic or herbal remedy that really works!?
Whats the best way to fake sick???? for scool of course?
Is it okay to use an aloe vera plant on my body for a heat rash? Is it also okay to use hand santizer ?
Any Home Remedies to Rid of a U.T.I more quickly??
Surefire quick laxative?, recommendations needed?
What is it like to be on ecstasy?
Does anyone know what the side effects of taking calcium and magnesium?
What sleeping pills work best for you?
Any suggestions for alternaitve therapies to help with severe pain from endometriosis?
Going to pee in a cup on monday,what is the best way to be clean by then?
My daughter has anxiety attacks. she shakes, sweats, heart beat is fast. are there any home or herbal remedies
Whats the best remedy for a hangover? I always heard in Mexico it was Menudo.?
Need a strong laxitive.?
Natural remedies/herbs for a sluggish thyroid?
How do you solve persistent athletes foot sores?
Headaches daily?
How do you receive (or feel) energy from another person?
What is a natural way to ease constipation? How regular should i be?
What are some good ways to get rid of toxins?
Do epsom salt baths really detoxify the body? If so, how?
What is your fascination with smoking marijuana?
How many vicadins can i take before its bad for me? i took 4 in the last hour...help? when do they kick in?
Expired Medication?
What are the best Vitamins?
What is it like to trip on Acid?
Can Reiki hands on healing make you feel dizzy and feeling sick?
I found some pills in an unlabled bottle, would like to know what they are?
Cure for motion sickness?
Is their any medicine/cure for...?
I have a weed question?
What,s the best way to look after my Liver,with a supplement-what kind of supplement?
What can i do to reduce the chances of having a horrible hangover??
What are some natural treatments for migraines?
Can I balance my homeopathic chakra and fight off energy vampires with reiki or acupunctural crystal therapy?
What is the best remedy for a sore throat?
Who thinks there should be universal healthcare.?
What can u use to cure itchy eyes not using medicine?
What do you prefer, all natural products or medication?
What are some PRESCRIPTION Drugs u can get high off of?
Can someone explain why putting a bar of soap in your bed helps with night time leg cramps?
What is the best medicine for hare growth?Is any of them helping on the sides of the head?
Is the expiry month of Medicine is valid upto the last date of month?
Gettin high off....?
Improving eyesight?
Can hypertension be cured in a natural way?
What is the powder called that is used to help lower cholestrol?
I suffer with Arthritis and stress does anyone know how effective copper braclets are?
Quit smoking...?
Cherries: Arthritis pain relief?
Can Animal Organs transplant to Humans?
How do you get ridd of ear aches with out medicine?
Clogged arteries...natural foods to unblock.?
What are the best natural remedies to cleanse your body?
Does this work?
Safe way of putting someone to sleep?
I ate half a vicodin (sp), what now?
What type of hair?
What is the best Alternative Health Approach for ADHD? I do not trust conventional medicine.?
Do homeopathic medicines really work?
Is citrus good for a sore throat?
Which vitamins are toxic if taken in mega doses ?
How do you get over depression, w/o medication??
Heres a list of medications I take my question is, is it safe to take them all at once?
What is the trade name of the tablets which have 'OMEGA3 FATTY ACID'?
Home remedy for a child with constipation?
Is Western medicine total garbage?
How do you find a Adult massage place?
What is the home treatment for tylenol overdose?
How do u smoke a cigarrette. is it the same as a cigar?
What to do?
Can Chinese accupuncture cure a hernia?
Is cinnamon or ginger better at relieving flu symptoms when put with honey and lemon tea?
Do you drink ACV (apple cider vinegar)?
Why doctors dont believe in hollistic medicine?
Does anyone know what I can take as a herbal supplement for overactive bladder?
I work with children all day, What is a good vitamin for energy?
Whats a good short sharp way of feeling really alive?
Who's about to go home and spark up a fat boy as soon as you get off of work?
Is there any way to speed up the healing of a black eye? And how long does it usually take?
Has anyone heard of Melaleuca natural health products? If so, what did you think of the product line?
How much weed would I need to smoke to pass out?
Homeopaths, would this work?
I overdosed...?
I have Gout and I've lived with it for more than a decade and i was wondering if there is any home remedy's?
Pain in the left side of back?
What's the law regarding giving body massage therapy to minors? Is it okay under their mother's supervision?
Alternative medicine for diabetes?
Home remedies to help calm a nauseous stomach?
I keep giving out lot of gas...Smell is bad...Is there a natural remedy?
How can you improve the breathing thru your nose without nasal drugs?
Is taking flax seeds contraindicated if the patient has prostate cancer?
How can you whiten teeth naturally?
Been reading about cleansing. Anyone try it? Suggestions?
Can anyone tell me something i could take to give me energy
Can someone tell me what to take for an throat infection?
The most costly medical drug?
I got sun burn on my lips. I want to know the best thing to heal this without it scabing ?
How can I treat a sore aching throat naturally?
How do you get ride of backne?
Parents and related people only?
Who's afraid of getting a shot (or even getting blood drawn)?
What happens if you use marijuana after surgery?
Anybody have a quick cure for a chest cold?
My daughter is a slow healer any advice on remedies?
How can I improve my eyesight?
Exzema remedy?
Need help to stop smoking pot?
Any tips in reliefing acid in a none medicine way?
Who's had acupunture ? does it work ?
My vision quest with weed?
High blood pressure?
Why does smoking marijuana make your nose stuffy?
Are drugs (tobacco, alcahol, marijuana, meth, crack) really bad or really good?
Hangover cure?
Self Hypnosis Tapes?
Ringing in my ears?
Anyone know about Gallstones? Does the Gallbladder need to be removed?
Herbal Remedies For Verrucas?
Can I cure a UTI at home?
What are some natural ways to ease ADHD symptoms?
What are some home remedies for sore throats?
Alternative detox method (juicing,fasting,yogic cleansing)?
What alternatives work on your panic/anxiety...(continue...
What hapen when my boyfriend and me want to have one baby,but we have the same kind of blood?
What is the best way to treat a slip disc?
What is Magnet Therapy? Is it an effective treatment for Arthritis pain?
Are Homeopathy and Reiki the most evidence-free and improbable of the major types of alternative medicine?
Any one know a good hangover cure??
How can I get rid of this cold?
What kind of herbal supplments should i take for anemia?
Any one know of any eczema releif lotions?
Ive been sick since September!!Can anyone help?!?
Does anybody know what to take for a sinus infection..its sunday and the clinics are closed?
Herb That Makes You Feel Hugged all Night?
What are some good natural means for getting rid of a sore throat and cough?
What is recommended for a complete liver cleanse/detox?
Do you know that the bark of an Indian tree cures diabetes?
Recipe for Apple-cider vinegar taken as a medicine alternative.?
My mother is suffering from osteoarthritis near the foot joint region. What is the best home remedy for?
What is the best all-natural / hollistic remedy for a very dry annoying cough? Nothing seems to work lately!?
What herbs are good to help get rid of a sinus infection?
Has anyone ever tried a "liver flush"?
Does smoking pot make people pale looking?
Is a Vitamin D3 supplement as effective as real sunlight ?
Massage therapists?
Whats wrong with me?
Does hypnosis to stop smokeing work how much and where would i go to get this done?
Anyone know of a good 'cleansing' or 'detox' type tea or such???
Natural remedies/preventative measures for yeast infection?
Does anyone know of any herbal/alternative treatments for ADHD in children???
Can you make me laugh?
Any benefecial web site for Home Remedies, please. THANKS .?
Is it ok if cod liver oil capsules n vitamine e capsules r taken together on the same day?
How much dayquil would it take for a 13yr old to get high?
How can you treat ulcerated legs?
I have a sorethrought AAAAHH help?
Can you get high off of?
Yeast infec.?
What is the best way to take away pain from a long day at work ?? please help i am in pain ???
Does the product 'Airborne' really work?
Can you live off of drinking blood all day?? what about just in your daily diet??
I am trying to find what a pill is?
A way to grow tallness?
Medical Marijuana?
How do you get fluid out of your ears?
If you ever experienced chronic fatigue syndrome did chinese herbs help you?[if you tried them]what helps?
Is it safe to take flagyl with ibuprofen or acetaminophen or vicodin?
Does anyone have a good remedy for sleeplessness?
Water MAssage Cold or Hot?
Do you prefer eastern medical treatment for example acupuncture or western medical treatment by drugs?
Does ginger relieve "morning sickness" during pregnancy??
Has anyone used nux vomica 200 for acid reflux? does it work ? how many times aday can you take it?
Can some one translate this to plain English for me ?
Alternative remedies for sore throat, swollen lymph nodes and post-nasal drip?
How do you cure a jammed neck from Sleep?
Interesting cures?
Any home remedies for stuffy nose and head?
What would happen if you took 10 aleves in a minute?
Is there a taste difference between organic and non-organic food?
Does Abreva really help to heal a cold sore faster?
Do you think its a bad sign when you start to twitch and talk to yourself and do i liste to them the voices?
Best Permanent Treatment without Side Effects for Low Back Pain in Alternative system of Medicine.?
What food useful for anemia?
Any homeopathic remedies for bi-polar child?
Are there any bad effects of taking HORNY GOAT WEED.?
Would you rather take a natural food to help heal your body faster or would you take prescription pills ?
To days Doctors are they in it for healing or money?
Dose green tea counteract the effects of smoking?
Is there anything I can take that will "flush out" gallstones? Anything herbal that the Dr. isn't suggesting?
How can I return my singing voice?
What natural healings do you use?
Hey...im asking for the dosage of cortal do i need to take when trying to abort a baby???
What is a natural remedy for knocking out a sore throat and body aches and how do I keep from getting sick?
What should be taken if one is suffering from cold,,,how about setride?
What should I do about my cat allergies?
Couldn't find Airborne - Is Airbourne found on shelves where typical cold and flu medicine are at Walmart?
What does ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE mean to you?!?
What are some ways to cure my sore throat?
Give specific examples of how marijuana has negatively affected your life directly.?
Is there any ACTUAL herbal remedies for anxiety/panic and depression?
I have an ear infection. can i be suspended from school for bringing pain killer pills to school?
Any suggestions on natural remedies for diarrhea and upset stomach?
What herbal tea is good for tiredness and depression?
Anyone curing a bladder or UTI infection without antibiotics? Please tell me how long it takes & is it normal?
If you have tendinitis, which one will you go to see first.?
How many people visit a chiropractor?
Natural solution for my eye infection?
I want to help my friend, he has migraine. is there a herbal medicine or a natural way to cure it?
Cure of hangovers.?
Marijuana??? PLEASE ANSWER!?
Suffering from right kidney stone wants to know natural cure?
Can you stand on one leg?
I am so healthy! I treat my body so well. =) What is the deal with my acne?
What do you call a joint laced with coke?
Good herbal teas for sleepy time?
Best stop smoking program ?
What happens to your Qi when you die? No, really...what?
Did you know garlic can prevent/cure some infections?
I took 75 mg of diphenhydramine, is that enough for a good high?
Sir i have a very poor vision what shall i do to improve it naturally?
Alternative therapies for severe vomiting?
What should I do make my immune system strong?
I am vegetarian by diet, was wondering which multivatims would be good for me?
What is Homeopathy?
What are your opinions on fasting?
Does vitamin C really make you feel better when sick?
How can i convince her?
Help with constipation?
Alternative Care for ADHD?
I have a little minor cold how can I help it go away, any home remedies?
Is tat true tat garlic seeds help in joint pains?
My friend shattered his ankle in a car wreck....?
Chronic Cough will not Go Away!?
What are hemp products?
How do I grow taller?
Where is vitamin k found?
Hangover help?
Bells palsy vitamins?
Can we improve our eyesight by any natural way?
Do vegans smell better ??? is there any study about this ??? would u go vegan if this was true ???
By no means am I trying to be offensive, but is it safe to say that Magic Johson is cured of AIDS?
I have a stammering ,it can be cure?
GF-CF diet for autistic children?
My right ears turning deff. What can I do to restore the sound?
Why do nurse aides work harder an make less money than R N's and doctors?
Hi. I am in dire need to stop smoking and I am looking for a natural way to do it, any suggestions?
Is Green Tea harmful to the liver?
Is smoking marihuana benficial for you lungs?
Which is the healthiest oil? Soybean, Rice Bran, Red Palm Fruit, Vegetable Oil Concentrate or Olive oil?
What are some natural ways to heal a really bad ulser?
Which herbs or supplements should one take to reduce the damage of alcohol consumption?
Is the sweetner slenda bad for u is there anatural alternative?
Paramedics upset?
I have just had a little girl but she was diagnosed with adhd any cures please?
How safe is herbal medicine?
Does cranberry juice help food poison?
I have a cold.. How can i get rid of it quickly?
Good ways to colon cleanse?
Were can I buy ear candles?
Laxative female?
If you were gonna open a juice bar what would you call it.?
How to cure blood pressure naturally?
I suffer from severe anxiety when i have to make a speech, is there anything; over-the-counter drugs.....?
Is there anything you can eat, drink, take, apply or do to help in the following situatuions ?
What foods, herbs, vitamins.etc can boost ones immune system?
Why am I tired and cranky all the time especially between meals,frequently hungry and shakey?
Is there a home remedy or anyting OTC to tread a brown recluse spider bite?
Funny question, what is the difference between LSD and Acid?
I'm 13 and have been constipated since yesterday. I'm so uncomfortable! I need help!?
Is there an natural overnight or fast acting remedy for face scratches?
How can you balance an inbalance in your root chakra?
Why does horlicks make me sleep so well?
Does anybody know any remedies for insomina? herbal is best, but any. or foods/drinks that help get to sleep?
Do you think Naproxen works?
I drop hot coffee in my upper leg is second degree burn what is the best natural oitment thank you?
What Anti-biotics can you take for strep throat?
I have 2 stones in right kidney with back pain & rarely kidney pain. Suggest home remedy to desolve stone.?
How does a cross kill you !!!!!!!!!!HELP!!!!!!!!!!!...
What natural remedies work for these two ailments?
What is the best way to get rid of kidney stones?
Is it true dinking alcohol helps clean marijuana out of your system?
Do you have any cures for a tooth ache?
A cure for insomnia without drugs or hormone replacement theraphy.?
WOMEN: Have you had bad side-effects from St. John's Wort?
What can i take to help me sleep?
What is a home remedie for a sore throat and loss of your voice?
Does vtamin E help healing wounds?
Natural cure for heartburn?
Sudafed? is this crazy to have to get a prescription?
Does Oxycontin come in intravenously doses?
How long will drug companies continue to get away with conduct their testing in this way?
What's The Best Cure For Hangover?
I need help with a cold. PLEASE HELP! (medicines or home remedies)?
How to kill an infection naturally?
I tried extacy for my frist time, effects lasted for about 1.5 hrs, my friends lasted for about 4.5 hrs, y?
Does acupuncture help?
What vitamins do you suggest?
What happens if i smoke these herbs?
A garlic clove is used for curing yeast infections but is there a posibility of it getting stuck?
What is a good alternative to taking medications that will help lower blood pressure.?
Does homeopathy really work?How long does it take to work?
Why all the marijuana hysteria?
What's best for herpes's?
Is it safe to bath with pets,dogs?
Vitamin B12? What's with it?
I have really bad gums, what can I take/do to make them better?
Have any of you even had a cat scan?
Please help me i feel horrible!?
Alternate cure for cronic consipation?
What's the best way to fool a urinalysis test?
Drug of choice...?
Natural remedies for sinus cold symptoms?
Have you ever experienced this?
What are some everyday food and drinks which are natural diuretics?
Prolotherapy - does it work?
When are u allowed to wear contact lensen?
Who knows natural ways of healing a cold?
Why are steroids illegal?
Do you know any sleep remedies, other than sleeping pills?
What is the best natural remedy for having trouble sleeping?
Does anyone take acidophilus everyday?
Why do people think drugs are alternative?
Hypnotherapy...would you?
Should i eat lunch even though i'm not hungry?
Why is it so vogue to believe that acid reflux is caused by "not enough acid"?
Are there any natural antibiotics that you can buy over the counter?
What are some home remedies for uniary tract infection?
Is their any home remedies to clear your system for a piss test?
What are the benefits of turmeric as a herbal medicine?
Sore Throat And Lost Voice Remedies?
What are the natural cures for a chronic back ache (10 years)patient-45 years/Male/works 15 hours on computer?
What are some natural cures for thinning your blood?
Take ALOE VERA , EGG WHITE , CRANBERRY JUICE RECIPE in blend it togetherFOR Body Detoxification IS THIS TRUTH?
What happens if you take antidepressants when you're not depressed?
I found a pill or capsule of some kind in my sons room, i cant seem to get an answer as to what it is. HELP!!
Do memory pills really work?
Could you recommend a brand of good-quality dietary supplements (such as vitamins)?
Acid reflux?
I don't have health insurance...any way to ditch a serious soar throat?
What is clarityne for?
Best homeopathic medicine for multiple schrolosis?
Oily skin..?
Does anyone take flaxseed oil supplements? if so what are the benefits?
My tummy HURTS and is REALLY bloated feeling... Natural remedies?
Eat something i didnt mean to eat!!HELP ASP?
Can anyone tell me what are the benefits of doing Yoga and Meditation?
I need help please?
My husband has fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue...any good homeopathic rememdies?
If u were to choose, would u rather die from cancer or AIDS ?
How to get rid of cough fast?
Bad breath? Dental hygiene is perfect, no problem there.?
What supplements, vitamins, natural herbs, etc. do you recommend for me?
I am looking for something natural to treat foot odor.?
Whats the best way to rid adult acne?
Any healthy alternatives to getting high on drugs?
Why do people try drugs?
Herbal or organic remedys for migrains....?
Is there a natural way of steralising a dishcloth?
I take zoloft and resperdial for my depression and for some reasson i still have depression what should i do?
Is there a natural treatment for lower back pain?
Dose dogs get mean when they get old?
Do you believe that prescription medications are the number one drug abuse problem today?
What is a natural remedy to use daily for constipation?
What herbs and incense keep mosquitos away?
“Do you believe in Spiriturel Haling?
How do you use crystals for healing?
Chinese herbal remedy?
Will lemon juice help with a sore throat?
Is there any tablet that can make sb sleep sound like he's dead for one hour ?
What happens if you dont let an orally disintegrating tablet disolve in your mouth?
How do you get rid of a cough?
Has anyone taken OTC sleep aids with melatonin?
How do you know if a mushroom has a Psychedelic effect? with out eating it?
Is there a cholesterol natural treatment?
Chinese medicine?
Sore Throats?
Tramadol and urine tests?
What is correct, "Marijuana" or "marihuana"??? Every website uses different name?
How long will i be ****** up from snorting 1/3 of a green xanax bar?
If your ask to choose how will you die?what would you prefer?die in diseases/just natural way?
Home remedies for headaches?
U ever go to a cyropractor?
ADHD treated with Zinc and Fish Oil?
Can somebody give a topic for my research work?
What is the most absorbable form of calcium? Natural vs non natural source?
What are the benifits of sea salt consumption?
What kind of herbal essential oils can I use to massage and prevent a scar?
Does anyone know of any cheap natural ways to cleanse your colon, a home remedie or some herbs perhaps?
Natural antideppresants?
What is a natural cure for bad breath?
What's a good website for Alternative Medicine?
Best trapped wind relief?? ?
Does any1 like the high u get from sleeping pills?
I've been eating raw garlic w/o washing it first. Is that bad?
Do you think love is the best medicine?
What is a good remedie for an earache???!!!?
Hey you all know that book, cures they don't want you to know about, anyone read it?
Anybody knows alternative medicine for sudden blindness?
Whats the best way to treat sinus?
Home remedy for stomach aches?
The best meditation for stress is what?
Childhood Immunizations?
What is the best Natural way of treating ADD?
Does anyone know of a good homeopathic remedy for toenail fungus?
Best Medicine for a cold?
Should I get Braces?
Bad Breath Problem!!!?
Is it better to get braces now i'm 16 or later when i'm 40?
What is it like getting your wisdom teeth pulled?
I have a tooth ache can it can cause me serious troubes ??
How can I stop grinding my teeth? I do it without thinking and even in my sleep.?
If you sleep with your head under your pillow, will the Tooth Fairy come at night and take all your teeth?
Best braces color? (:?
Are you supposed to use toothpaste if you have an electric toothbrush?
If I soak my lips in salt water, will they shrink???
Be truthful, how many times do you Brush your teeth daily?
I had a tooth removed 5 days ago n im still in as much pain as i was about 12hrs after it was removed?
Is it best to floss your teeth after or before brushing?
How do you cure a toothache without seeing a dentist?
Bad breath trouble. please any tips?
My front tooth hurts. I can feel it in the root when I wake up. Serious?
Do you always brush your teeth twice a day?
How to make your teeth white?
REALLY bad toothache - please help?
Mouthwash first or brush teeth first?
I brush for about 15 minutes on an average.is this bad for my teeth?
Do you clean your teeth before going to the Dentists?
Do you have a beautiful smile?
I think my molar tooth needs to get pulled out. would it hurt?
Ive just been told I have to pay £700 for a brace for my 10 year old daughter. whats happening to dentists!?
Can you actually die from tooth absess?
How can I get my 2 year old to let me brush his teeth?
I hav bulimia. would the denists say anything about my teeth?
Abscessed tooth! Face is swollen! Has anyone ever died from this because the pain is killing me?
What r some of the things u can't eat w/ braces?
Getting Braces?
Well answer me now plese?
Does anyone remember those little red tablets you got when you were little?
I'm so scared..Wisdom teeth removal?
How do you pull teeth out without going to see a dentist?
Bad Breath Cures serious answers only please?
How should I deal with a chipped tooth?
Do a root canals really hurt?
How can I take stuck chewing gum off my daughters dress?
Is it normal to have braces on when you've just turned 15?
Was your day good or bad today?
Why do so many British people seem to have such bad teeth? It's true about a British Smile, but why?
What is the point of having braces?
Does anyone know any tricks to stop a tooth ach until i can get to the dentest?
ANSWER this question please!!!!!!!!!!?
Can a dentist tell if you smoke?
What Am I Not Allowed To Eat If I Have Braces?
Do you brush ur tounge?
Can You Bleach Your Teeth Using Real Bleach?
Why do I feel a severe pain in my teeth when I have something chilled, any remedy plz...?
Braces color???????????????
Is it better to pick a dentist closer to where you live or where you work?
Braces Colors?!?
What color braces should I get?
Americans, can you tell me how you all have such perfect teeth? to be honest mine are a disgrace yet?
How many times a day to you brush your teeth?
Does it hurt when a dentist pulls out your tooth?
Help!!! I have to have 7 teeth pulled before I get braces, anyone else experienced this before?
How often do you go to the DENTIST??
How can i stop my gums from bleeding?
Hole in teeth?
Will I be able to enjoy my Thanksgiving dinner if I get my wisdom teeth pulled 3 days prior?
Probably pointless to sue?
I have just been told that i need to have my bottom left wisdom tooth removed?
Why is someone with bad breath the last to know?
What is good for your teeth?
Is a dentist a doctor?
How 2 make ur teeth white again?
Wearing retainers before and after braces?
Can some body help me by giving suggestions?
On a scale of one to ten, how much do braces hurt.?
Why are some people afraid of the dentist ?
Do brases hurt?
What do you think about your co-workers who brush their teeth in the bathroom at work after the lunch ?
Really Bad breath?
Do braces hurt?
I have a molar and its loose what do i do?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth extracted... What can I expect?
Salt to whiten teeth????
Can i kiss my boyfriend with dental crowns?
How often do you brush your teeth ?
My wisdom tooth is coming out .......???
Does anyone know how painful it is getting your braces removed.?
What color braces should I get?
What color is your come suppose to be? Mine goes from being clear to a light yellow sometimes. Help!!!!!!?
How do you know if you have bad breath?
Ahh! I need advice about wisdom teeth!?
Do brace hurt plz tell me HELP!!!!!!!!?
Smoking after tooth extraction?
Does getting braces hurt? ://
What age do wizdom teeth cut through?
Braces?! Do they hurt alot? For how long?!?
Can a severe toothache be dangerous?
How can i make my inflamed gums not inflamed by tomorow.?
Can a 5 year old get braces?
Pulling a child's loose tooth?
Does anyone floss their teeth all the way in the back?
How many mins or seconds should humans spent, on brushing their teeth.?