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Why does your skin turn red after you have crossed your legs for a while?
Were you born with something that is just weird?
What does Benadryl treat?
HELP! a roach went in my ear and...?
Please answer this question?
I would like to know why sometimes I wake up with a dry mouth?
How do I make it stop bleeding?
I need help talking to my mom....?
What causes you to lose your hearing after cleaning your ear out?
Mosquito bite , stop itchinggg...!
How do u stop sunburn from peeling?
I just accidentally a coca cola bottle. Is this bad?
SILLY QUESTION: That We ALL Want To Know =] No.2?
What will help me fall asleep?
Do u think smokeing kills?
What are the ways of increasing height?
I have noticed for the past month or so that I get dizzy spells. Has anyone else experienced this?
How often is it normal to open ur bowels???????
Are your feet cold right now ?
How do I make my mom stop smoking??
Please help me... im begging you?
How do i get medical marijuana for my fibromyalgia?
Why is it that ex-alcoholics and drug addicts who attend AA and NA, chain smoke cigarettes and drink tons of?
Might need a doctor for this one. Why does a?
Can mute people burp?
Can any one help me please?
Blood in stool?
What will happen if someone swallows 10 pills of panadol?
Pale yellow stool?
Every now and again this happens..?
How long does it take marijuana to leave your system? Does the amount smoked make a difference?
Is it possible to remain conscious while you sleep?
HELP ME will you please ANSWER???????????
I'm 13 years old and 5'1. I really want to grow taller. What should I do to grow taller?
I wanna get taller im 5'5 and im 14years old what do i do HELPP!!?
Pass a drug test 3 weeks after smoking weed?
How do you get rid of a black eye fast and what make up will cover it up?
Could please tell me what stimgatism of the eye is?
Fasting for blood test?
My period is 2 wks late.My pregnancy tests are negative.Y?Is there another way to find out if am pregnant?
How can you tell if you've drank too much water?
What vaccine was it that left me a scar on my upper arm? People born after 70's don't have the scar.?
How do i prevent myself from sleeping during lectures?
Yesterday took 23 advil. today took 16. emergency room?
Is smoking cannabis worse than smoking nicotine?
Is it harmful to eat/chew ice cubes?
Should we really be working to find cures for disease when the planet is so overpopulated?
Why do doctors leave the room while you change? They're going to see you naked anyway?
If you can't get a full 8 hours of sleep, you should only get 4?
Ok i really need some help !!?
Does Amoxycilin hurt you if u dont have a bacterial infection?
If you should swallow glass what you can do is eat bread and potatoes it will cover the glass it will not harm
What would happen to you if you ate your own waste for a day?
Sunburn help?
Is drinking a lot of water before bedtime bad for health?
Whens your b day?
Is there anything that works for migraines over the counter?
When a person has a heart attack or sumthing and they foam frum the mouth,where does the foam come from?
I dont like taste of milk how i can drink it?
Does anyone know anything about Aspartame (the stuff in diet drinks) being bad for you?
How i will improve my english language?
Uuuuuhhh, how do like breath and stuff because my bro is sleeping with red sticky liquid in his mouth
What works better, hand sanitizer or wipes?
How tall are you?
How canyou be less shy?
Why do I turn red when I drink. Even just a glass of wine.?
PLEASE HELP what is wrong with me?!?
Do you think missing one days anti depressants could be resonsible for my tears today?
Where do postmen (and women) go to the toilet when they are on their round?
What should i do for him??
How many farts does one have in a day?
Do you wake up or open your eyes first?
I Have to Pee, but Family Guy's On!?
Describe faith in one word please.?
Can you fart when you have your legs crossed?
What food contains the most amount of Iron?
How do I quit smoking, fast? I am a christian so there's that aspect and i have asthma,please help?
Do you think this is gross?
Organ donation?
Should I go to the Doctors? I am constantly thirsty and have had sight changes?
Is there such an operation..?
What's a good adult movie I can watch with my girlfriend?
Dodgy pill?
Please help!!!! im begging u u gotta read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do you prefer night or day?
Is it weird...?
How much sleep?
My son is scared of heights is it okay to force to go skydiving to get over his fear?
How does one just get away from it all!!!!!?
If it's not a learning disability, what is it?
What is the best way to control anxiety?
I have this mental fantasy where I go around hitting Republicans over the head with a crow bar...?
Diagnose me...?
I need someone's help before it's too late! I am contemplating suicide!?
How can people talk so bad about Jesus?
Turning 40......HELP! lol?
Whats your favorite cologne and/or perfume??
Can you drown by drinking too much water?
Can anyone tell me what may be wrong with me?
I'm ill and I dont know what I have!?
How long can you go without sleep?
Why do surgeons wear those blue shoe covers?
My friends just invited me to smoke marijuana (schwag) with them but I have never done drugs in my life...?
When you get a Blood test, can the doctor know if you're pregnant???
Why Muslims do not use contraceptive devices or family planning instruments?
I just scraped my Knee besides a BandAid is there any methods of healing it faster?
What can i do to help with this cut?
Is this normal?
Can a guy who smokes weed, & quits 7 days prior to a UA, still pass?know about StripNaturalCleanser. any good?
Lately i have been feelin extremly nausous after every meal.. for like 3 weeks..?
My sister has a boil on the lower part of her stomach how would she get it to open and drain said it hurts.?
=[ help please?
Any home remedies to prevent mosquito bites?
This is so painful?
I am allergy to egg yolk. Does anyone have any recipes. That they can share?
The last few weeks I have been sleeping twice as much as normal and still feel tired. What could cause this.?
Can exercise be just as effect as an anti depressant drug?
Ok well i used to like a guy and he new i did and so we started to date and?
Please help me! Breathing pain?
A question about cutting.?
How to fight depression?
How long are your showers?
My eye has been twiching for almost four days now. What could be causing it?
I am 21 and have started seeing "spots".?
What can I do to grow taller ?
Im 16 and i need help?
When u are at the doctors and they push ur stomach in different places what are they checking for??
Can u help me?I am getting strecth marks over my back and bums , wat should i do?
How Can I Get To SLEEP?
Did you know that the official middle age is 38 and a half years old?
Blondes, Brunettes, or Red Heads?
How do I fix my humped back?
Why am I suffering from night sweats?
What made you quit smoking ?
Why do I have a sore throat?
What's worse for you, Marijuana or Cocaine?
Why Do I Have Cracks In My Tongue...?
Do you smoke marijuana?
How to increase my height?
How much money can you get from donating blood?
How do you pass a urine test for marajawanna?
How do you stop hiccups?
Is it ok to give my kids age 10 and 5 diet sodas?
How can I strengthen my nails?
I pierced my ears 8 weeks ago. I feel a lump in my ear & it hurts to put my earrings back in. is this normal?
My neck hurts, what do i do?
You won't sleep well tonight after finding this out , why does your mattress double its weight every 10 years
Does anyone know how to get rid of splinters in the finger?
My 2 year old son always seems to be in pain when he has to do #2, what can it be, or what can i do to help?
I have smelly feet.. help?
What should a wife do to help her husband if he's constipated?
What is the medical name for a bone doctor?
What do you call a foot doctor?
Is it strange that I have a desire to drink human blood?
What is somethin in your bathroom at home that you could use to clear the acne in your face overnight?
Vegetarians vs.meat eaters?
Does anyone think the smoking in pubs ban has made many people quit smoking?
After death question, and no not a religious one?
I'm seriously considering cutting my hair going completely bald to donate my hair to kids with cancer.?
Please Help Wisdom Teeth?
What was your favorite food when you were child?
Ever fainted before?
Why are you up this late/early in the night morning be honest =D?
Can you become addicted to the nicotine in cigarettes if you dont inhale?
My daughter is speaking a foreign language in her sleep..she only speaks English! What would cause this?
What is the best workout music to listen to?
I took a c r a p?
I have a niece who is allergic to everything, including household cleaners! Does anyone know any natural ones?
I'm shocking people!! Literally!!!?
If someone is unconcious they are said to be knocked out, when they come back are they knocked in? :)?
My bf wants me to only wear high heels?
What do you consider worst: smoking or drinking alcohol?
Who should I go to?
Is it normal to not have any friends and only one family member, no job, pregnant, single, a little mental, di
Does cutting really ease the pain?
I just suffer depression..what should i do..?
How do you cure procrastination?
Howdo people get FAT?
Any information on deja vu?
How do i know if a anti depression drug is working.?
Am i the only one who doesn't feel all that happy about new years???
Will someone say a prayer for me?
Reducing scars??
Ingrown Toenail?
I am (all of a sudden) hungry all the time! What could be causing this?
Help! Tension Headaches? The kind that starts at the base of the head/neck and goes to the front?
My eyes are getting tired verry fast,i don't need glases,i'm 23 years,i must read a lot, what can i do....?
I got poison ivy on a hunting trip and i was wondering can i stop it from spreading and whats the best way to?
Answer this for me.....?
What is the best way to cleanse your body from toxins or to detoxify?
The bottom of my feet ache all the time. What is a good remedy ?
What emergency / first aid items are useful or useless to have in the car?
How to get rid of poo smell after your finger nail accidentally went throuth the toilet paper?
If i lost weight would i get taller?
What are some different ways to urinate?
I have an infection from my earring...whats the best way to get rid of it?
My husband smoked a joint after 7 months of not smoking, 5 days later had to take a test will he pass?
Hi all, Is there a medical name for a woman who has one breast much larger than the other.?
Do you ever get days where you wish you never got up?
Is it possible to be allergic to beer?
If I get my ear pierced on the top will it hurt?
When you look at someone, what's the first thing you notice?
Ice or snow?
Ten good souls wanted????? I need at least TEN people to tell me to stop Smoking I WILL DO IT FOR YOU !!!?
Why do people ask such stupid questions?
Where is everybody this morning ? And what are you doing ?
How do you clean a dry erase whiteboard?
I like the taste of dried or coagulated blood, but only my own. Does anyone else enjoy this?
Marijuana good?
I'm a bit worried about my friend. Any advice, please?
A friend of mine smokes marijuana and hes place of work want to drug test him ?
Why have i been so thirsty lately?
When you find drugs in your childs room ~ what do you do?
I have days when i sleep constantly and even fall asleep in front of people?
I had migraine? what medicine is good? or what can i do to prevent the headache?
How Do You Tell a Female that She is "BIG BONE" Fat, With Out Hurting Her Feelings?
When i pass water i get a burning pain at the end and now its red colour does any1 no whats wrong with me?
My daughter's day care had an out break of lice.?
When will i grow cube shaped pointy eyes?
My boyfriend has the beginnings of a cold - how can I avoid catching it?
I'm scared to get a shot. Are you?
What does age of consent mean?
Giving up smoking?
Why is it considered disgusting to drink toilet water?
If you smoke pot how long does it stay in your body?
I can't fall asleep please anyone i need help really bad!?
I want to have a long life. whats ur advise? details pls.?
What are the consequences of not drinking water?
What are some symptoms of Appendicitis?
I've gained 15 pounds in the last 10 days. HELP?
A question about Alzheimer's?
What its called when u get sick at the sight of blood?
Alzheimer's Suffers -- why no help?
What is fibromyalgia?
How can I avoid fainting?
Hi I'm 19 and I've been experiencing strange symptoms, but my parents and doctors don't believe me.
How do u get rid of the runs?
Nearly fainting?
Can you neosporin on a new ear peircing?
How do you lose weight?
I need to get rid of this sunburn! help!?
What's the best chapstick to use?
If u wake up in the middle of the night...?
My dad died on Nov 29th 2004, the Monday following Thanksgiving, why him, why then?WHY WHY WHY?
Do you think being 5 feet 3 and 115lbs is healthy for a girl that is 19 years old.?
How can I motivate my boyfriend to stop smoking?
What to Do for Colds and Flu ?
People that are Blind (and had their eyes removed) what do they see?
If i use the computer every day 8-10 hours straight do you think i will need glasses?
Can you use monthy contacts again long after a month, even if you havent worn them except once?
I was putting contacts in?
What is wrong with my eye?
Sudden vision loss?
Wearing glasses all the time?
Why do some people pee while taking a shower or bath?
I always see tiny dots...?
What should I do when my foot falls asleep?
Give any tips - Best way to give up smoking?
Normal popping?
If you have an operation under general anaesthetic - do you have to remove your wedding ring?
I have a STD, should i stop sleeping with people?
Does anyone know how to fart?
What is the best way to quit smoking ciggarettes?
My toddler who is 2 1\2 has diaper rash cream in her hair any ideas how to get it out?
Help me im sick and dont know wat to do?
Any Ideas on how to get rid of a Migraine Headache???? Any suggestions besides Tylenol or Excedrin, Tried Them
Im skinny real skinny but i dont have a eating disorder how do i gain weight????
Do you sing in the shower?
Can anyone help me?
Does anyone know?
Im scared.?!?
Whats the average stone for 16yrolds?
Does this mean I could die?
Why is marijuana bad for you?
I purchased an item &paid; 4 it on c/card,the next day they phoned me to say they never charged enough.can they
Is there any tricks to NOT throw up?
What was your most uncomfortable doctor or surgery experience?
SMART and NICE people only... I have a UTI question?
Why Do Some Teachers believe using the Washroom is Privilege and not a Right?
Is this true?
What are some of your biggest fears of growing old?
What does it feel like just before we die?
How do you want to die? :)?
Has this happened to you?
How do I overcome procrastination, severe anxiety and depression?? without drugs or doctors already tried them
How can I stop my height gain?
What could be causing nausea and food aversions when I smell strong odors?
Anyone been bitten by a white tail spider?
Is living healthy the slowest way a person can die?
What's a good prescription sleeping pill with minimal side effects?
Will cracking ur knuckles give u arthritis?
What is your deepest secret that keeps haunting you?
What should I do after i get a tatoo?
Does anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of headaches???
Why in the %#[email protected] is it so cold in the office everyday?!?
Is there a drug that can make people do what you want them to?
Do you eat 5 fruit or veg day?
Does anyone know any good sleep tips to a better nights sleep?
Thighs rub together?
How many times per week do you shower/bathe?
Im scared of twitches?
Is it true?
Does anyone know how to remove scars on the skin quick?
Why do we humans yawn?
How much damage can one cigarette do to your body?
I have a restless feeling in my legs when I lie down. I have to move them around to get rid of it!?
What Doctor do you dread seeing?
Is it possible to have surgery without an IV?
I went to E.R and they screwed up?
Is there any medicine that can b given to liars in order that they may speak the truth?
Something wrong with me?
Is my boyfriend smoking pot?
Need help. Can't sleep. Any suggestions?
Too much alcohol?
What should i take for a bad bladder infection??
Isn't it amazing...........?
Why do we have pets put down when they are too sick and ill?
Is water good for my body?
SUNBURN!! Know of anything to put on it, to make it feel better?
Im 16 and i smoke cigarettes but my parents dont know, and im addicted like crazy!?
HELP with my grandmother!?
What is the best exuse you have ever given to get a day off work?
Can you break your ear?
Cut at work by a piece of bone in a chunk of meat?
What bug is this?
How do I make the swelling go down from a bug bite?
Your experience of breast implants?
Why does onion sting your eyes when you cut it??
I just accidentally a coca cola bottle is this bad?
I get really dizzy when i stand up.?
I burned my finger... how do I take the burn away..... more details...?
If i love sleeping so much, would i be happy dead?
I get panic attacks before public speaking. What are some ways to overcome this?
Do you resent going to sleep?
Is it normal to get seizures while scrolling through the menu on my ipod mini?
If a person snores during sleep, does that person also snore if in a coma?
Do you think smoking is bad....?
Whats the cure for car sickness?
Is it weird being depressed during christmas?
Is it possible to be too logical?
Why do people say suicide is selfish?
I feel depressed?
Why do I feel like I want to be a heroin junkie?
How in the world do i kill myself?
Please Help! I think I'm crazy
How do I live with short term memory loss?
How do i get over my unstopable cocaine addiction when i have a boyfriend that has an unlimited supply?
Possible or IMpossible to smell blood?
Would you rather have a stomach ache the whole day or a headache?
What do you do if you have severe constipation?
Addicted to Cocaine?
Can you still touch your toes when you are standing?
What is wrong with me ??
Why do u think people have plastic surgery?
Are nails part of our bones, or our skin?
I am a 13 year old girl.....?
How do you help an alcoholic and coke addict that doesnt think they have a problem?
What do u think the most painful way to die is?
How can i give up smoking?
All things considered, on any one day, would you rather have a really good crap or a really good shag ?
What is the best thing that has ever happened in your life?
How can I ruin my vision??
What should i eat to get rid of Constipation?
Does a Jehovah's witness have the right to refuse a blood transfusion for his/ her sick baby?
What can cause bleeding in the whites of both eyes at same time with no injury?
What do i do for a 2 degree burn at home stuff???
Toilet paper roll comming over the top or the under the bottom and why?
Wiping for the Obese?
What causes panic attacks?
This is a honest question, my gf is away and my baby keep's vomiting when i feed him hes 11 months old.?
They Say Donating Blood Is Good For Us??
I've got a canker sore in my mouth and it won't heal?
I have a cold?
Why does a bruise turn black and blue?
Can anyone describe what it is like to have a colonoscopy done?
What is the most terrifying moment you have experienced?
Why do i have headaches when i wake up in the morning?
What is your body telling you if?
I'm feeling realy guilty about something:What can I do to feel better?
Do people think nurses still do a good job nowadays?
Can cocaine go stale or dry up or anything to the point you shouldnt do it anymore?
Should I take my six year old brother to the doc because he WAS getting bloody noses every night?
How do i stop falling asleep at work (tips)?
Strange question but I need an answer?
What gender are you and what side of the bed do you sleep on?
Still craving for cigerettes 4 month after qiitting?
Go back into dreams?
I cant sleep, It always takes me a few hours to fall alseep when I go to bed?
Going on holiday my feet always swell up can i do anything to stop this ,?
Whats good for chickenpox itching?
I have been haveing chest pains and i hear a sound like a drippin water faucet inside my chest is that bad?
My little boy has been really, really sick all night......?
What causes an Itch?
Bloodshot eye?
What makes you fall asleep fast?
What's the best way to stop smoking?
How to sleep with open eyes in office?
What is the largest organ of the human body?
How do you get a bee sting to stop itching?
Doctors crossing lines..what would YOU do if you were me??
How do you make your self sneeze just for the fun of it?
Help me get diarhea without laxtives!?
Why would a dog throw up blood?
Anti-Biotics bad?
I stopped smoking for over a year and I still fancy a cigarette?
Drug question!!?
I was wondering how people see themselves?
Isn't it a bit late to be up answering questions?
Strange question! i know.... but why...?
Why do most underwear manufacturers think we are all of a standard size?
Should I quit?
How can i turn my pee yellow?
Who do I give the best answer to?
Is it safe to eat four month old raw chicken?
How do you get medical tape off your skin?
I am 18 and live in England. I was wondering if I am allowed to refuse cancer treatment?
I need to get CPR certified for the healthcare professional-?
Can the heart feel pain?
What cleans cuts better? Alcohol or Peroxide.?
My hair fall is terrible.... what do i do?
I swallowed popcorn throat is irritated what can i do?
How often should you visit a doctor?
How comes....?
I SUNBURNED so BAD I have BLISTERS...What should I do..?????
How can i relax whithout poeple bothering me?
Tough Question Again??
I need 3 reasons why smoking should be banned in public places?
Am i gonna die?
Is 22 condiserd young?
Who to get my headache to go away? No silly comments plz.?
What age is considered old?
Dark Urine?
Is marijuana addictive?
Anyone know what could be wrong with me? Stomach prob?
If I donate a kidney, what happens if my remaining kidney goes bad?
Have you found a hangover cure that actually works?
Why do I like brests so much?
Is alcohol more good or bad for one's body?
Whe u cut ur self what helps it to stop bleeding?
Why oh why people use drugs???
I am suicidal and need some advice?
How much mold is safe to eat?
Haven't seen the doctor since I was 10, maybe?
Why do I lose my sense of taste when I have a cold?
Teenage acne?
Why do we have wet dreams?
I Cant sleep! Help me!!?
Is swallowing gum actually harmful to kids?
How do you wash the hair on a patient who is bed ridden?
How can i motivate myself?
Why do some men ejaculate so quickly after entering the woman?
I brush my teeth regularly but they still seem to b yellow?
What will happen if u fart in a bag and then set it a light ??
I have a real bad toothache...?
Do you take showers in the morning or night or both?
How to say no to alcohol?
Why am i always cold? even when the weather is warm, i still feel cold. my feet are always cold too. why?
What do your hands smell like right now?
Should humans be entitled to euthanasia?
What can i do to prepare to not get this cold that is going around? details?
This question has been bothering me forever.?
Haveing trouble swallowing?
I get tired always, especially when I wake up in the morning. What could be responsible for this .?
How do you cure a headache?
Dog bite??
I am 5'10" and i weigh 145 pounds, do i need to lose a little bit of weight?
How do you stop from yawning?
I sliced my leg open i put eight stiches in myself?
How can you make a bee sting feel better?
Is anyone in their 40's on this thing?
I saw people igniting their "Fart" in Youtube, is this true? Thanks.?
They say drinking at least 1ltr water early in the morning (empty stomach) is cure for many diseases? True/Fa
There is a man in my house with a knife to my throat any suggestions?
My Sleeping Habits..?
How do you know exactly if you need glasses?
Should minors be allowed to purchase "energy drinks"?
MOM has a MASSIVE MIGRAIN this is urgent!!!?
My girlfriend has had a head ache for about 6 months now?!?
What do most people do to stay awake on long drives?
Are Fritos the best junk food on earth?
I am 13 years old and it takes me over 4 hours to fall asleep what should I do?
Is Using House Hold Bleach In a Bath Bad For You?
Do fleas attack humans?
Why do I keep fainting and passing out...?
Why do i feel dizzy everytime i stand up?
Will washing your fresh vegetables in a bleach-water solution stop the E-coli bacteria?
IS a temperautre of 103.3 alot for a 5 year old! my sister is really hot and she is sick! HELP!?
I have to pass a pre-employment drug test in about a week. Stopped smoking pot for two days now...?
Do Q-tips effectively clean ear wax or is there a better option?
Anyone have any suggestions for how to best deal with stress related hives?
Is there anything you can do for a recent burn on your face from a straightener so it isn't permanent?
Has anyone heard anything about this contact solution that makes people go blind?
Help seriously!!?
Can't explain it?
Im a smoker whts a good supplement to he;p against lung cancer.?
Can i cut off a hemorrhoid myself or wil i bleed to death?
How to stop the swelling of a bee sting?
Any home remedy for a very bad throat infection?
Should I get surgery?
What is the worst food a person can put in their body?
What causes baldness?
Where do I go for medical help without health insurance if it's not a emergency?
Why do my eyes feel burning when i apply my contact lens?
Is it bad for you to take sea salt baths everyday?
Any suggestion for treatment of High cholestrol [LDL].?
What does it feel like to be put under general anesthesia, read on plz!?
How do I get the courage to go through with it?
What is a doctor that delivers baby called?
I sleep 7 to 8 hours and still feel unrested?
Is it possible to shorten a toe?
Can't Sleep...?
How many hours WE MUST sleep everyday ?
Can you refuse to take care of a patient. because you find the morrally/ ethical corrupt?
What Do You Do When You Can`t Sleep On Weekdays?
How can I boost my energy levels?
On a scale of 1 to 10 how much would you say you enjoy having a pooh?
Why doesn't my son have regular bowel movements?
What explains this?
If someone smoked about 20 ciggerettes in one month, could they get addicyed?
Is Deja Vu real?
My Life .... total misery?
OMG teen in DANGER!!!!!!!!!!?
HOWdo you get self esteem?????
I can't take it anymore?
How do you make yourself happy when you're depressed?
HELP!!! I am falling asleep at work, join the campaign to keep me awake!!?
How can i deal with me hating myself?
Why am I always cold?
What medical conditions would cause someone to look 7-8 months pregnant?
What is the best way to keep a tongue ring from getting infected?
Hicups- MAJOR ISSUE! please help!
How can I treat an infected tongue piercing?
My liver aches, should i cut down on my drinking?
I have been peeing a lot lately, like every 5 minutes what does this mean?
Feel like there is something in my throat?
Ive been bleeding from my back passage everyday now for three months and more!?
Hello there. Is cooking oil derived from coconut give rise to high cholesterol level?
When should you worry about a bee sting? I was stung five times thursday and they all are huge welts.?
Why does your eye sometimes twitch? And is there a way to get it to stop?
A Bug Went Into My Mouth!?
Is it true that when you use the Heimlich Maneuver....?
Does chlorine clean out wounds?
Can anyone wipe my butt?
If I used Hydrogen Peroxide on Q-tip to cleaner Ear's Will it damage my Ear's?
Do you have allergies?
Is it ok to sleep when I'm really hungry?
Am I sick?
Pain while urinating and then blood when I wiped myself?
Can kidney stones kill you?
I am experiencing trembling inside my body. It does not show on the outside. What is it?
Is paper money really "dirty"?
How long does cocaine stay in ones system?
Any one here a doctor? how bad is namonia? an uncle of ours is in the hospital , and has to?
I think I am sick, will you help me figure out what it is>?
IN DESPERATE NEED OF medical assistance?
Rectal bleeding?
Hand chopped off?
What can make you fat the fastest?
Whats the purpose of a finger nail?
Why do we get "ice cream head ache"?
How to help sunburn?
What are some good energy foods I can pack in my lunch?
Most fun way to exercise?
What is the best way to avoid hiv aids?
I suffered 1st,2nd and 3rd degree burns on my arm. What can I put on it to minimize the scar from showing?
I can't sleep without sleeping tablets, so what should i do?
What do you think the single most affective thing is for you to do, to keep yourself younger than your years?
Keep gettin eletrocuted during winter time,looks like lot of static build up,but now gettin tired of it. Help?
My jaw is sore and my face is swollen...HELP!!!?
Do you wake up in the middle of the night?
Good night.How can I be guaranteed to have sweet dreams?
My daughter, Doris Le, 14 , got gray hair since she was twelve years old. what medication can treat this ?
I have tested by blood pressure at home...?
What is the formula for good sleep?
I'm trying to stop smoking i have started planning and want to try Paul Mckenner CD any feed back please?
What do I have? What should I do?
Lump on back of head what is it?
I had a sore throat one and half moths ago and now I have it again?
Hw can i get rid of gas prblms in stomach!...?
Who can answer this question? Who think they can answer it right?
Girlfriends son feet smells like crap constantly how do i get him to get rid of smell?
M R I brain scan, what does it mean ?
Xanax works immedietly after you take it?
Son has an ear ache so bad side of face is swollen,pain is severe he has tried the Dr's the E.R?
I have a lump under my armpit, very near my breast...what kind of doctor should i see?
My nan has bell's paulsy its where her face muscles relax and was wondering if anyone know's anymore about i
What is reptile dysfuntion?
Does anyone else have a alcohol problem?
My eyes have been severly dry - any suggestions??
What can cause vertigo/dizziness?
What is a hemophiliac?
Why do new cuts sting so badly when you get them wet?
How do you cope with fibromyalgia and the symptoms?
Can I change my fist ear piercing after 1 week?
How young can you be and still die of old age?
Not a question just a thank you?
What is the diffrnce between child abuse and discipline?
My feet get soooo cold at night?
On a scale of 1-10, how attractive are you?
Could I die or get really sick from eating a chocolate bar?
Im having a pain in my lower chest like where your appendix would be but the other side what could it be?
What is the treatment for the disease name"fish odour syndrome"?
I JUST SHOVED A screwdriver in my thumbs nail!?
I have water diarrhea for 12 hours, then chills and joint aches for about 10. What is wrong with me?
I have a large firm lump behind me knee. What could it be?
Foot Odor?
Cold hands?
What can i eat to help a damaged liver?
Kidney/back pain?
Drug Addicts?
Does anyone have hydrocephalus? Water on the brain?
What do you think of college teachers dating students over 20?
Alternative ulcerative colitis medication...?
What is the most harmful ;; Alcohol, Tobacco, or Marijuanna?
What is the best thing in the UK to take for head cold symptoms.?
I seem to need far more sleep than most people - is this normal?
Trouble sleeping....?
Can anyone recommend a really good Iron supplement?
A hangover is caused from waking up, it has nothing to do with a heavy night drinking?
How do I not let embarrassing things keep me from sleeping?
Other than sleep name something you do when you're tired?
My husband says he feels cold inside & he is actually cold to the touch - any thoughts on a cause??
Combat Medics...?
How to do get a cut on your face to go away fast?
What do I do about my sunburn?
Help! i burnt my finger with a lighter What do i do!!!?
Rubbing alcohol on cuts?
How can I get this piece of popcorn out of my throat?
Whats a good way to quit smoking cigs? besides for cold turkey...?
How can I soothe my sunburn pain?
Is it bad if you put alcohol on a bleeding zit?
How can i gain wait?????????????????????...
What is causing my dizziness?
What color is healthy mucus?
Is it bad to drink cold water when you have a soar throat?
What conditions exclude people from blood donation?
How can you stop acid reflux naturally?
Anger can....?
Is there a medical condition that systematically mimics other medical complaints?
Do ear piercings cause leucemia?
Has anyone out there been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder for the first time as an adult?
Is pain making you bitter?
Can a spleen grow back?
Blood tests?
My wife is bipolar and she wants her space?
Alcoholism, Disease or not?
How to live without heroine?when you are siting on it?
What's wrong with my eyes!?
How to prevent bad breath?
Why have i lost strength in my left wrist?
Sleep problems please help?
Snake bite?
Runners ~ what do you think about when you're running?
Anybody ever quit smoking?
Hospital advice?
I busted a vain in my finger what should i do?
HELP!i dont know whats wrong with my finger?
How much does one drink to be an alcoholic?
Do cocaroches bite?
I think my hand is getting infected?
Can kidney infections re occure? how do you get a kidney infection?
Any non-surgical treatment for gallstones?
Should we allow sunlight in an office?
What is the scientific term wen sumone suffers from a condition where he feels sick all the time, but is not?
How do I know the doctor gave me the right diagnosis?
What is the best remedy for gout?
Is autism heriditary?
How long does it take to die from a gunshot to the head?
If you twithch a lot what does that mean?
Would you have a positive drug test for crack if you were only around a person that was using?
Can you recommend ways to improve memory?
I have difficulty swallowing. It's embarrassing when we're out to dinner. Help.?
What does it mean if you sleep on your back with your arms folded across your chest?
What causes my eye to twitch?
Im ok sitting at my comp, but when i get up i am dizzy and clumsy knocking into things, what is this?
Why do we yawn often?
Please can you tell me where to buy St. Johnswort as an antidepressant for a student?
Whats the liquid stuff inside blisters?
Every once in while I wake up with unexplained scratches on my arms what causes this?
Is eating laundry detergent dangerous?
What do i do for burns????? heres what happen?
Whats the best way to quit smoking?
I just cut my thumb with razor accidently, and it keeps bleeding?
My boyfriend has bad breath. his teeth are in excellent condition. no nasal problems could it be intestinal?
Why are yawns contagious?
How long does it take for an ear infection to go away?
Relief of sunburn itch?
I ate spoiled yogert. How sick will I get?
What causes people to start hearing voices?
How does a born worrier stop worrying?
If I gave you $10,000 what would you do with it?
Why do I feel depressed?
Easiest way to die? i was once stupid enough to try to but i have seen sense now,i took an overdose,didnt work
Haven't smoked pot in 48 days if you smoke one joint now will you fail piss test?
Is suicide the aswer to my problems?
Does anyone think this dog is FREAKY????????
Why do people who cut themselves do it on their arms?
Did I just have an anxiety attack?
Would you like to have a twin brother/sister?
Quick help for bad razor burn?
Painkiller addiction?
What does smoking do to you?
I got a scrap from an aluminum chair and now the area around it is red and has little bumps it also itches?
What do u do if you swallow a thumbtack?
How do you sucessfully quit smoking and stay quit?
Why am I always tired?
Whats the best way to heal a body piercing?
I got an extremely painful pain in the left side of my head what do I do?
Why do I hiccup??
What blood type is in highest demand? or more helpful?
What would be the best way to die?
I heard that tetanus shots hurt really bad! Is this true?
I am 28 years old i notice only last night i am going to bathroom more often,?
I have bad breath, halitosis, and nothing seems to work, any suggestions?
I hear blood??!! what does this mean??
Tanning dilema?
What to do to make my sick son feel better?
Is a dog's mouth really cleaner than a person's mouth?
How do you best deal with chest pains?
Hi! How does a band-aid make sumthin stop bleedin?
What's the best way to drink barium?
Do you support...?
Can you overcome crack addiction without professional help?
Any home remedies for an earache?
I recently had an ear infection it affected both ears, i can barely hear now, do you know how to fix that?
Where can someone go to get healthcare in texas when they are unemployed and cannot afford to pay?
Helpppppp!!!! please?
Does anyone know if garlic tablets really repel mosquitoes?
My aunt husband got stung by a hornet and his hand been swollen for more than a day what do he do?
Does it mean something when your palm itches?
I have a terrible habit of nail biting, what are good ways of getting rid of this habit?
Is there anyway to make a band-aid hurt less when it comes off?
Burn bubble on hand help plz!!!!!!!!?
Urgent care?
Looking for new ways to help relieve severe arthritis pain...?
Razor burn and accidentally putting deodorant on it ! HELP?
Foul Smelling Flatulence?
How do you cure a runy nose?
Should I call in to work today?
Mysterious Sickness?
What the best thing to get rid of this nasty cough?
Can the pressure from you sinus create a "fake" toothache?
Does stress lengthen recovery time?
Is it illegal for teachers to keep children from going to the bathroom?
Someone gave me a pill that is suppose to be for pain but i cant find any information on it can u help?
Whats the quickest way to fall asleep?
How to get out of severe depression and suicidal tendencies?
How do i find out if somebody has died?
I'm the shy type/socially inept. Would acting classes help or do I consult a therapist?
What does Panic disorder really means?
Suicide Watch?
Depression and suicide HELPME?
What are some stress reduction techniques?
How do you hillusuanate without doing drugs?
What's the best cure for stress?
Do you suffer from a mental illness & someone has told you...?
What does it mean when they say that put a cold compress on it ?
I felt so restless when I got into bed and couldn't get comfortable.?
Everytime I Run or Jump Around Too Much I...?
How does the time change effect you?
Best way to heal a sliced finger?
Suffering from increasing pain due to nail -in growth in my left foot toe,someone help me to get ridof it soon
Anyone--do you know the address of channel 4 TV.?
If you had to live without one of the 5 senses which would you choose?
I'm trying hard to abstain from drinking alcohol. Tips?
I'm trying to work out why my neck hurts when using my computer, is your screen above/below or at eye level?
How do you heal cracked heels?
I have a 2 1/2 year old child that constantly blinks her eyes & fast. What could this be?
Going to quit smoking. Any advice??
What does karma surtura mean ?
This is kinda embarrising but..?
Does anyone have "floaters" in their eyes?
What can I do to fall asleep faster?
Sometimes when i fall asleep, I can't wake up.?
How long can i use hydrocortizone cream on my 8 month baby's legs?
Why do your eyes water when you pull out nose hairs?
How do i get my ring off my finger???
I'm Soooo Hungry....?
Why do my hiccups hurt?
How can you tell if you are dehydrated??
My ears are bleeding from trying to take them out. help me please!?
How to quit!?
What would you do if someone you love is very sick.?
I got the end of a cotton bud stuck in my ear. Have tried gettin it out wit tweezers but didnt work. Any ideas
My son was burned on his forearm and now the spot has turned black 2 days later. what type of burn is this?
Do you think Debate is a good and healthy way of expression of your fellings?
Eatting nail polish?
When should you wash your hands when your dealing woth food in the kitchen?
I only have one arm...should I be worried about second -hand smoke?
How do you take the sting out of a sunburn?
Truth or Dare health issue!!??
Child's finger trapped in car door?
Does anybody else get lots of sleep but still feel tired ?
What is the best thing to do about a brown recluse spider bite?
I have constant headaches some so bad that I feel like I have to vomit....?
I'm serious! Did you, as a child see light patterns in the dark with eyes shut? I did. I read about this once.
I've been having real bad pains under my breast and in in the middle of back andmy urine is yellow green?!
Dark eye circles.................?
Low back pain?
I have a 8 mm cortical renal cyst on my right kidney. What does this mean?? Is there anything to worry about?
Why have i been goin 2..?
What is best way to cure hiccup?
Just given up smoking 5 days ago?
Have you had an eye test lately?
How do you know if a medical condition warrent going to the emergency room at once?
How do you fake a back injury?
My brother has gotten stung by a scorpion, what are we suppose to do?
Have you ever been stung by a hornet?
The best substance to use in the first aid treatment of burns is?
Anyone ever have pressure in the middle of your chest like a weight is resting there?
What effects does advil have on the body, taking 10 pills at once?
What improves hearing?
I am suicidal and yahoo deleted my question?
I can't sleep....any ideas yahoo people?
My husband insulted me, what should I do?
Is it possible...?
Why do i fear death.. HELP ME?
My neighbour has tourettes, should i report him, OR feel sorry for him?
Is this something that everybody has??
What are you afraid of?
I don't like myself?
What is something u can put on a open wond that will make it heal fast and not itch while healing?
Anyone ever have to go to the hospital to get a ring removed (from finger)...what did they do?
What's the best way to fight insomnia without drugs.?
I have trouble seeing the board when I sit in the back in class. Do I need glasses?
The Q-tip Went To Far In my Ear!?
What are those white bad smell tiny particles found in your tonsills? How to get rid of it?
How do i get rid of my big belly in 2 weeks?
What can we do, eat, or take that is good for our liver?
What should you do if you believe you might have food poisoning?
I am 24 yrs and I have been extremely tired for the past month and a half. I sleep 8-11 hrs a night.?
What happens if you take too much tylenol or excedrine??
Is it me or is it warm tonight?
Why do we get old?
My eye twiches alot latley my eyelid why could this be ?
People!!! Why can't I fall asleep?
Is MojoMan sick?
PLEASE WILL YOU HELP? I Am Really Worried...?
I have just found out I have asthma and had a very bad attack?
Help! My nephew didn't use protective gear in welding?
What is something healing to put on a sunburn?
If I put aluminum foil in my mouth, will it cause me to swallow my tongue, choke, and die?
Im 13, and 5'2". what is my average wieght supposed to be?
Help urgent!!! how do you stop bleeding?
What is photophobic?
What should I do with my life?
I need a tip on how to increase my height?
How I should act to keep my mind fresh and young.I am 41/yo?
What is the correct indoor temperature?
Mucus in my throat-- can't breathe
Car sickness?
Medical advice....quite urgent!!!!?
Does anyone know how to get a ring off very swollen finger?
Social Anxiety Disorder?
I have a lump in/on my earlob!!?
Im really scared that my grandmother will die [Please Pray]?
What is the most common killer disease in USA?
RAF suicide pilots?
This is serious. What do you think the cause of Cancer and MS are, please answer?
What works best for chapped lips?
Help us stay awake!! It's new years!!!! My time it's 1:32AM. i got 2 of my best buds here. were all 11.
What are the side efects of Laser Eye Treatment?
Does lazer treatment work for quitting smoking?
Why am I always so tired?
Why does this happen to me, is it normal?
Is it bad to pee in the shower?
Blister which has popped?
Stomach pain, not going away really scared!!!?
Any ideas to get more energy? not drugs?
If mankind,womankind could stop or reverse the aging process(were close now)what would be the ideal age to be?
Is it normal for my wound to turn kind of white after using hydrogen peroxide?
What is the best way to get an ingrown hair to come out?
Is it common for moms to take the time to put their child in a car, drive around, and get them to fall asleep?
What smells worse? Smelly feet or bad breath?
What would happen if I chopped my finger off right now?
When you are really sore, like from a hard practice, how do you become no sore before the next day?
My eye is twitching, Is this a sign of astigmatism?
Am i depressed or just fed up?
Whats the best way to cure yourself of depression and anxiety without using anti-depressants, ie naturally?
How do i stop lying?
Are most of you on psychiatric meds who use this site?
Does anyone have any advice please?
My teenage son aged 15 seems very low at the moment. How do you decide when depression is a problem?
Feeling suicadal?
I'm depressed today. How should I cheer myself up?
Do You wear Contact lenses?
Anyone Out There With Bad Vision?
My child has one green eye and one blue eye- should I be concerned?
Could you help me review my contact care routine?
If i wear my glasses too much will my original vision get more blurry?
I bought my glasses for $ 500 dollars and for contacts i have to pay $60 dollars a month which 1 is better?
Contact lens question - is this true?
How do i convince my mom to get me contacts?
Should I visit an ophthamologist for further glaucoma tests?
How do you know your apendex will burst?
I have a piece of gum stuck to my eyelid!!!?
How much water is 8 glasses a day?
I have just been stung by someone good style on here .?
How do i get water out of my ears?
Hangover cure?
Did you ever lose a fingernail or worse playing...?
What is the cause and cure of watery eyes while sleeping???
How to soothe a sunburn.......?
How can I treat a broken finger myself?
I feel like something is in my ear. I can hear it breathing. Do i have an earwig?
Tomorrow i am having my first blood test. Can someone please tell me what will happen???
I havent been sleeping well at all lately and am finding it hard to "fall asleep" any sugestions?
Is it unethical to have a romantic doctor-patient relastionship?
Is that enough......................
What could blood in your urine mean? Anyone else ever have that unexpectedly?
If you got lost from your hiking buddies deep in the woods,with only 2 matches how would you survive 4 days?
Does anyone know how to get rid of stubborn verucas? I have had two for over 2 years and have tried bazooka?
Depressed about getting old..?
Serious question...can i take some NyQuil after drinking 3 beers?
I am in one of my really confused but depressed moods; can anyone help?
I NEED HELP...my boyfriend??
How many people on this site actually suffer from a form of depression at the moment?
I keep counting to 7?!!!?
I feel so fake, FAKE, FAKE ALL THE TIME!!?
I cant get over my mother dying?
I had the weirdest dream ...i need some help?
What do you do when you are tired?
I want a foam finger !!!!!!!!!!?
Just got the top of my ear pierced and ...?
What food is good for cholesterol?
How do u judge things u did in life so far..satisfied or disappointed??
I have a blister, should I peel off the skin?
What happens when a bee bites you?
A friend's child put something in the microwave and when she went to open it it stuck to her and burned. Help!
Spider Bite?
How to relieve fatigue?
Why don't more adults ride bicycles?
What you do at night when you can't sleep and have nothing to do tomorrow?
Why do i feel dizzy after heavy coughing?
How can I stop biting my nails and picking at scabs on my face?
Why is it that 45 + million Americans have no health insurance, while serial killers in prison have it?
Are there any side effects to chewing gum?
What helps you get up in the morning? and actually be happy? or somewhat happy?
How do manage fear?
Stop runny nose?
Ear piercing infection?
How to get mariguana out of your system overnight?
When I'm really nervous before an exam what can i do to calm myself down?
Does anyone have a remedy for arthritus around the knee joints?
What medical equipment is usually found in an ambulance?
What to do for nose bleeds?
I bit my tongue and its not stop bleeding ? does any body know i can cure it ?
Does any1 no any heart burn cures?
I just burned my finger on a curling iron, help?
How can i get water out of my ear?
What is gout? Is it something to do with the joints?
What is Autism?
Why do physician have to medicial malpractice ins.?
If a serial killer invented a cure for aids...?
Anyone know a good way to get rid of panic attacks?
What r the following medicines used for - propranolol and domperidone?
Is it possible that people go to AA meetings that aren't alcoholics?
Vaccine that causes Autism?
Why do we get bored of studying? Why do we feel sleepy after studying for 2 hrs but can play games for 4 hrs?
Sigh, Are there good days and bad days for you and your illness?
Will smoking weed help my depression?
What do u do when u want to kill ur self like i want to do right know.?
Hi i am suffering from depression what are the severe symmtons of it?
Im paranoid nd i need help!!!?
Can you please tell me what you think?
I had an abortion last week and really regret it all my reasons for having it seem?
What time do you usually go to sleep? what time do you wakeup?
Non Medication Users?
I like a drink but hate drugs..am i being a hypocrite...?
Ways to fall asleep quickly?
Why is yawning contagious?
My boyfriend doesn't seem to undestand my anxiety and why I am feeling so bad?
Do you feel like your life is a struggle?
Does the mmr jab cause autism?
How do i get rid of lice its killing me?
Should i get into dept if it will help me stop smoking?
My 11 year old son has trouble breathing through his nose, its been an ongoing thing, what would the problem b
If I have smoked marijuana 2 times a day, every day, for the last 3 years is that wrong?
What is the difference between a migraine headache and a regular headache?
Is it a spider bite?
I was bitten by a strange spider?
I have headaches only in one half of my head.... is this a regular thing?
What do you put on a dogs nail if you cut it too short?
Do I have an ear infection?
How can i get my hair to grow after having it fall out from stress.?
How do you stop or limit snoring?
How much do youuu? please answerr. and not stupidddd?