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Can you lick your elbow ?
Why is it that females always seem to be cold when it's blatantly not cold?
I'm craving cigarettes. Should I give in?
Do medical assistants see naked people a lot?
Name the strongest muscle in the body?
What could this be?
What should I do with left-over pills?
Is it true?
What causes headaches or migraines?
Is my daughter a autism baby?
What do you do if you no there is something wrong?
How long have you been awake?
PLEASE HELP ME ASAP. My brother swalloed a dice??? PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU!!?
Im only 200 pounds should i try to achieve my life goal of 500 pounds?
What do you think of hair...."down there"?
I want a boyfriend?
What causes people to cough or spit blood?
Nose Bleeds?
Ive had water in my ear since yesterday how can i get it out?
How do you get medical tape residue off your skin?
Continuous buzzing noise in my ear? help please??
How many cigarattes a day can kill a person?
How can i stop sunburn pain?
How can i stop smoking hash (?!?
Whats the best way to draw an abcess out?
Does this cut need stitches?
How can i get rid of blackheads?
Should i be worried? My tongue is really sore!?
My body stinks and I don't know why? No matter how much I bathe, I still stink like rotting fish or something
What is a good medicine for acne?
Please help....?
I want acne. How can I get some?
Embarrassing question but I need help! and doctors please answer this!?
Why am I breaking out?
How can I fall asleep quickly?
Does the ringing in my ears bother you?
What causes callases on the bottem of your foot and how do you get rid of them,I've already had 3 surgreys .
I can't get to sleep lately what can i do????
Is it true that breathing into a paper bag when having a Panic attack calms you down?
I have a trap nerve in my lower back which is causing me pain in my leg any cures?
Legs asleep??
Is this weird, i'm 20 and i NEVER EVER....?
My throat feels like it's tightening!!?
I have problem of over sleeping. can you suggest how to control it?
Can a shot fired in the sky come back down and kill or hurt you?
Whenever i get drunk i am cant stop vomiting the next day,why?
Cannabis or Alcohol?
OCD..... whats yours????
Will taking 4 ibuprofens or tylenol hurt me?
Pain & bleeding... please help?
Are you an organ donor? and if not, why not?
What would you rather to die from...........?
Somebody with drug test experiences!!?
Can lack of sleep make you sick ?
Help me PLEASE, I feel sick?
MAC makeup any good?
My boyfriend snores and I cant sleep cuz of it??
My boyfriends little sister (who is over weight) is complaining about shaking hands...?
What are some remedies to get rid of hiccups?
Banning fat people from eating at restaurants?
How can i stop biting my nails?
Does anyone remember...?
What would you do if you have a disease and they cant give you a 100% answer to what caused it?
Which cigarrettes are better to smoke?
I feel extremely unhappy with how my life is...?
How many times you go to the bathroom in 1 hour?
Thyroid Problem.?
Pain in sholder?
I feel so stupid, but here goes...?
Is it true that chris brown has either hiv/aids or/ herpes?
How do u cure a bad hangover?
My left cheek (near my nose) feels bruised to the touch...?
Does smokeing shorten your life spand & doesn't it knock off 10 to 5 minutes of your life everytime you smoke?
I Think I Am Dead?
How long will marijuana stay in your hair? second hand smoke?
Is this potentially dangerous?
How do you recover from loss of emotions?
How do you get rid of body odor without using a deodorant?
If you only had 20 words left to say, what would they be?
I quit smoking, now I'm coughing thick brown phlegm. This is 2 months after I quit.?
Can i say this to her now?
Whats a good way to get rid of a sunburn fast?
My whole foot is swollen from mosquito bites. How do I get rid of it??
Ok im 13 i have really bad acne i cant get it to go away please help!?
How long does it take to get addicted to valium?
Cold sores?
Is cannabis worste than regular cigarettes? Which is more dangerous?
I have redish purple lines near my iner thigh near my croch and near my arm pits..?
Need to get cpr and 1st aide certifacate?
How do i stop smoking?
I have an extra toe. HELP!!?
What's the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic?
How do i survive the coughing spells after i quit smoking? is there any remedy for it?
I have a rash and it itches really bad. Please tell me what I can use to stop the itching.?
What spider bit me?
I have a mole about 2mm in diameter that got a scab on top and when the scab came off the mole had become?
How to get rid of warts without surgery ?
What can I do to stop my appendix from hurting?
Cut off own skin moles with scissors?
Can one drink water after eating peaches?
Why are my ears popping?
My eight year old daughter has just eaten a raw prawn left in the fridge from valentines day what should i do?
Please i have a desperate question about my eye?
Do doctors check for Marijuana on a regular check up?
What are your own ways to stay cool during hot summer days?
How do you stop procrastination?
I am sick to death of shoulder bags that won't stay on my shoulder- any ideas please?
What to eat after you're sick?
Long hair or short hair which is better on a girl?
How can i grow taller while i'm still a teenager?
Is brown suger better then white suger.?
I'm having trouble swallowing pills.Can anybody offer me some techniques that have worked?Thanks!?
I cant use eyedrops! I always close my eyes, its scary for me?
Is blood green before hitting air?
Is it possible to smell up all the smell of your fart?
How long does it take to get marijuana out your system?
I got hurt and....?
Do children need to go to bed in their underwear, or not?
Have you got a viral throat infection?
A man gets hard and at the same time in a deep sleep. Is that possible?
I have singles. Should I still go to work?
How come my coworker pays only 20 bucks per paycheck for the health insurance, and i need to pay 50 bucks?
How do i get my feet to stop sweating?
Can you still be seen at an emergency room if you have no insurance?
Migraine headaches?
Is this a bad habit or something more serious.?
Am i going to die soon?
What is a mans favourite shape of woman?
Can a person still swim if they have thier period?
How do you grow 2 inches taller ?
My cousin has really bad odour?
I hate being tall?
Can you get arthritis from cracking your knuckles?
Does a person who cant talk make a noise when they cough?
Do you think I should get a tummy tuck?
Went swim and got sunburn(bad)?
I have severed my main artery and am bleeding to death. What should I do? Quickly please!?
Effective Remedies For Really Bad Sunburn?
Can any one explain what a hickey like rash all around the mouth could be, I have pics if you want to see.?
Do men need mirrors, too?
My daughter sprayed colgone in her mouth. Should I contact poison control? It didn't say anything on label.
My friend has a white bumb on underside of her breast. She sqeezed it and white stuff came out. What is it?
Somebody told me diabatic patient can take water melon, no harm, is it true?
Whats the diffrence?
How would i know when i see a poison ivy plant in front of me?
How to prevent obesity?
This morning I woke up and had dozens of little non-itchy red bumps on both of my feet and ankles only?
White cyst things on my face... weird?
What quality of your personality or personal appearance do you dislike the most?
If you were going to die one year from today, would you want to know?
My son has had a skateboard accident today and totally ripped his finger nail off!?
Apply vaccines?
Are African-Americans the only people that experience alopecia?
Can a human being lick their own elbow?
HOW do i get over the closest friend i have ever had that just died a few days ago?
How is abortion so bad?
How much sleep do you get?
How do i grow taller?
What do you think is the most common cause of death?
Is it safe to use blue tack as ear plugs!!??
What could this be?
Opinion on tatoos?
My Big Toe on my right foot feels numb, i can feel it, but it's half numb, What does this mean?
Do you think these pains could be lupus?
Has anyone heard of crones disease?
Quick cold remedy?
What are the health risks involved in drinking soda from its can?
I bled after having a bowl movement, why?
How do look at my aunt's grave??
What is this UTI?
A little while ago,I started to write a note and my hand was all shaky and my handwriting messy,what happened?
What are some good ways to relieve stress fast?
I'm on fire!!?
What is the difference in anerexia and bulimia? which one makes you lose weight?
Dog Bite question?
After eating sugar, I get shaky and lightheaded?
Am I having a stroke?
Is it normal to find the numbers 666 on your head?
Wayy to stressed!!?
How do I quit using Cocaine?
I cut my arm off?
Weird situation...?
How can I deal with my depression?
I work nights, by tha time i get home i am wide awake. any tips on how to sleep.driving me crazy.?
An alcoholic??
Fear of the Dark. Cures anyone??
Odd bullying problem?
What do people think about self harm/people who self harm??
How do you get fluid out of your ears?
How do I sprain/break my ankle? ?
How often do you have a bath?
Whats wrong with me?
Is she an alcoholic?
What's the best way to kill oneself?
What's the best thing to do to clean my colon?
What is the WORST thing you could use for sun block?
How to get rid of dry skin on my chin?
Psoriasis has any one tried injecting triamcinolone themselves? and i am wonting to buy sume on the intrenet.?
Does anyone know why the skin on my face is so dry?
Did jesus have acne?
My friend told me my face was denting and had holes in it from acne does anybody know how to get rid of this?
Could I get asthma from second hand smoke??
Whats the best thing you can do for acne? whats the best diet for acne and scrub for acne?
How many of you know someone with AUTISM? Who(friend etc.) and how many?
Regarding tattoos?
It is bad to scratch mosquito bites?
I quit smoking and am working out, why am i still gaining weight?
What do people keep in their medecine cabinet?? DO NOT LIE!!!!!!! BE HONEST?
HELP PLEASE Emergency!!!?
How to remove a fishbone that stuck in my throat!?
My dad just got stung by 6 bees!! HELP!!?
I have accidently drank a small amount of antifreez what will happen or should i do?
How 2 wake up on ur own? ?
Why do some people become sleepy while driving?
Help! Whats wrong with me?
Is it normal?
I've lost my head. Has anyone found it?
Do you like sleeping in a cold room ?
Make your self throw up?
What purpose is a yawn ?
Why is smoking a hard thing to gave up?
What causes lower back pain in younger people?
Is there an easy way to fall asleep without using sleep aid pills or countin sheep please need to get tosleep!
Can we drink our own URIN for best helth ?
I have the worst stuffy nose ever right now! Any tips to help me?
Sore throat..!?
My hubby has been taken to hospital we have been to- gether 42 years?
Is it true when taking a multi vitamin you are suppose to break it in half ?
Ear cartilage piercing ?
What is this pain???
Why does it smell so bad?
Wats the qwikest way to get rid of spots?
What is the colour of your eyes?
Is smoking weed really that bad-because my friend can't quit-Why?
How do u get a staple out of your thumb?
What can I eat after vomitting?
What does it mean when you have blood coming from your bum?
My lips are greyish purple color any possible answers to why this could be?
I would LOVE to use a tampon!!!!?
Just want to know if my weight loss because of stop soda drinking?
How to recover from a broken foot?
It's 6 am here on the east coast..why is everyone up so dang early?
Ok....I need serious advice.?
How can I treat my ear infection without seeing a doctor?
What is like the best cure ever for acne??
Best products for dry skin.?
Why do i have headaches all the time? i scared it might be cancer.?
What's the best way to get rid of scar tissue on my foot (from operation)?
What do you put on bee stings?
What's the one thing you look for in your doctor?
What treatment is best for impetigo. and can i buy it over the counter?
After the Masterfashion, my hands & legs are shivering for the next few days. How to imporve my nurves?
Are all races capable of having albino offspring?
Shaving after 4 months..?
My dog was throwing up yesterday and today her noise is very cold and wet is that normal?
Fungal infection?
I have got one very small red spot on my chest what could it be its hard though and dosent hurt?
Acne at age 40?
I am bulimic and just found out I also suffer from anorexia?
Pencil lead in skin.....?
What does it take to become a docter?
How old were you when you started going grey or started losing your hair?
What is the point?!?!?
Know of any good over the counter acne products?
Does tongue peircing suit men?
Anyone kno a good way to have alot of energy for the day?
Is a girl's thing in the inside really feel like warm apple pie like in the movie "American Pie"?
Is anybody worried by the inaccurate answers to medical questions?
How should i get taller ?
Does anyone know what may be wrong with me? (doctors/nurses of any degree WELCOME)?
Trouble sleeping!!?
How will I die?
What is okay to eat when sick?
I need to pass a urine test and I smoked pot last week and it had been 2 years since I did it before.?
Band-Aid take it off! fast or slow?
Do you people pick the cartoon characters that looks most like you or how you want to look.?
How many of you have an illness the general public has never heard of?
Are there any home remedies for Ringworm?
Why are my hands and toes always cold?
Is there a medical term for eye boogers?
Is it normal for a teenager have a kidney stone?
If your thyroid is borderline low, would you bother taking medicine for it? or go alternative i.e.foods to aid
Extreme Stomach and chest pain?!?
Blob near my anus?
What are the symtoms of frozen shoulder?
Aids...does it kill anyone anymore?
What makes people yawn.?
I have just started to get a really itchy scalp, I have not got nits got someone to check and they have said I
Please what are the special name for doctors who specialize in delivering babies?
What is the youngest age a child starts to have underarm odor?
Smokers don't care if they die,why?
A laser got pointed in my eye, now i have blurred vision. Help!?
Is there something wrong with me?
What's wrong with me?
How do i stop drugs?
How can you ever enjoy life after being an alcoholic?
What is a sure way of curing hiccups. I have it everytime I drink water.?
Can someone please help me out pic included?
What is the meaning of void?
My doctor tells me that poison ivy is not "contagious" - that I can't spread it to anyone. Is that true?
Is it OK for an employer to ask an employee to not wear perfume because another employee is allergic?
Is dark blood bad?
Why do fat people get so upset when someone point out the obvious?
This might sound really weird but my boyfriend has always got cold feet?? any ideas?
My Daughters earrings?
What is the most embarrasing question you would keep away from your Doctor?
How long does the burning sensation on a sunburn usually last ???
If a bee stinger stays in too long what happens?
Why on earth would anyone want to do meth?
Can applying an ice pack to a child's bumped head have negative consequences?
Is it safe to live next to a x-ray clinic?
Bee Sting?
Is there anyway to cure sunburn after you have just got it?
What is the best and easiest way to alleviate stress?
K well i have really dry hands and i want to know how to get rid of it without using lotion???HELP!!!!!lol?
What is the best way to treat acne? Does chocolate attribute to it?
How to treat blisters?
What foods are'nt good for your skin?
Strech marks?
What is good for dandruff, I've tried all kind of shampoos and nothing works? thx in advance.?
My lips have become very dark due to smoking any suggestions plz ?except advising me to quit smoking!?
Does psoriasis stay with u 4ever?
Whats a good skincare product?
I want to quit smoking. Any advice?
What is the amount of water we have to drink in the summer?
I dont know what to do?
My daughter is 9 and when should i start worrying about her getting her period?
I cant sleep at night, i need help!?
Can you get a cold from the change of weather?
How can I stop biting my nails at 30?
What is this feeling??
Why do I have sneezing and runny nose every morning?
I can hardly breath help fast :|?
My grandson who is 4 likes to jump up and down incessantly while at the same time humming. Is this normal?
What is worse for you, real sugar or fake sugar?
How long does the usual cold last?
In order from most to least, what is the most harmful: Snuff, Chew, Cigarettes, Cigars?
My daughter suffers badly with her ears whilst landing & taking off in a plane ne suggestions or cures????
Should I Have a painkiller before my other one runs out, Or should I wait for the pain to return first?
Please wish my mum luck !.?
Good deodrant?
What is ur biggest beef?
Are You Sick?
How do you wash your back?
Can you actually get high smoking catnip?
Can you get sunburned on a cloudy day?
Can you make a candle out of your earwax?
Why do they use sterilized needles for death by lethal injection?
How many people have seen they're breath on a cold day?
What simple things can make kids in the hospital happy?
Can 2 blueyed people produce a brown eyed baby?
What is the best way to prevent or rid of hang nails?
Is weight really an issue? Do you worry about your weight?
Whats the best way to stop smoking?
Cabon monoxide poisoning?
I burned my finger really bad with the fruit filling of a pop tart?
I cut my mole open with my fingernail on accident when I got out of the shower..should I be concerned??
Why doesn't my mom love me?
What should i do i just shot air from a spring bb gun straight into my ear? hearing high frequency noises help
I noticed a small amount of blood in my urine. Should I be worried?
What is the best way to get rid of skin tags?
I have ringworm...?
Help plzee this is effecting his confidence!?
What does this mean?
How to prevent dandruff?
What is a skin tag?
Is my nose piercing infected?
What prescription medicine is best to treat acne?
Whats the best formula for acne that YOU use?
Should I stop drinking caffeine?
How to get rid of lice?
I am 14-years-old and still growing but I am already 5'7"... I don't want to get taller than that
Help, im afraid of men.?
Words of wisdom for me!! going into hospital later!?
Is it ok to fart out loud in class?
Nose piercing?
How do you get rid of stretch marks on your legs and waist?
If you could alter one part fo your body what would it be and why.?
Is my cousin a midget?
Got dark circles around my eyes any home remedies for it?
What is your method of stopping hiccups?
Armpits!!! HELP!!!?
I have short hair but i would like to have long hair again is there anything i can do to make it grow faster ?
How can I make my complexion fairer and more glowing?
Is he gay ????
Will conditioner really get rid of Head lice?
What will happen if I drink alcohol whilst taking antibiotics?
Can you get pregnent by doing it in water without pretection?
I was taking Zoloft for about 2 months. Now my anxiety is worse??
How do i quit smoking pot?
Is there a safe sleeping pill that doesnt require a doctor's prescription?
My ear hurts like hell! What's wrong with me??? I'm a little scared.?
Ppl......i SERIOUSLY need help!!!!! in a very bad situation?
Turning Red.?
Can you get an infection if there is no toilet paper and you use a seat cover to dry with?
Carmex or Blistex?
I believe I have a kidney infection, at what point am I justified to go to the ER?
Blood?Is this normal?Please help me.?
Is anyone else poorly?
What helps a sore throat??
Whats the fastest way to get rid of a sore thoat?
Is it ever too late to quit smoking when you have smoke almost all our life?
What can help me get rid of the water when I swell with severe all over body edma?
Do you have to use shampoo if you are bald?
What can you do to get someone to stop drinking?
Does anyone know what this might mean?
Can antibiotics give you a bad taste in your mouth?
What should I do if my blood isnt red?
Quit smoking?
Hi....my mum thinks she may have piles...what are the symptons please?..thanks!?
Everyone says I've got my Mothers eyes. Where did you get yours from?
If you had to choose, which would you rather be?
Do cortisone shots carry any health risks, if so what?
I need to overdose whats the best pills to take?
What's your favorite indoor sport?
13 and 120pounds 5'4 i have been eating a lot i feal STUFED ...?
How does one get by in life having zero sense of humor?
How to heal a severe sunburn on the back of legs?
Want to know how to get to sleep when you can't?
Very Beautiful but very dumb or very ugly but very smart?What do you want to be?
What do i do if i burn my hand with burning oils? its still burning now?
Need to lose a significant amount of weight... any suggestions?
What is a fear of escalators called?
Will i still be able to pick my spiders up?
Do you pee at night even if you don't have to?
What is the home remedy for psoriasis?
How can i stop the itchiness of one suffering chicken pox?
I have arash on my private area?
What is the best facial scrub for me? My skin is normal without acne or other problems?
Does anyone know any natural remedies to help relieve eczema?
Sweat between inner thighs??????????
I have really dry elbows!!!?
Will my acne ever go away?
What is the best shampoo for oily hair/scalp?
Treatment for Skin Tags?
Why did god create women?
What illness does my friend have?
How come blood doesn't just come out our holes?
Woke up this morning with 11 fingers, can I cut my extra thumb off?
What do you think this could be?
Can two blue eyed parents produce a brown eyed child?
Re.SMOKING BAN: I'm a non-smoker, but am going to miss passive smoking when at the pub. Anyone feel the same?
Can wet hair make you sick?
Is bird flu real? What will happen if it passes by where you live?
Best tips for quitting smoking?
What are you scared of?
My mom died last year and to this day i cry everyday does it ever get better?
I feel really lonely. what can i do?
I feel like crying right now but i don't know why?
My son was a victim?
Its a rainy day..what can i do so im not bored outta my mind.....?
What can I do for depression?
I have lost my sense of humour...My depression is getting worse. Any advice?
I am so depresst i need help should i go to the doctor or cut myself?
How do you deal with uncertainty in your life?
Have you ever broken a bone.....?
I have never liked women in make up, and prefer women with a fresh faced, healthy look. Why don't others agree
How can one improve eye vision?
What do men think about girls who are not skinny? You know with a few extra pounds.?
What makes you happy when you're down?
When somthing makes you jump, why do we gasp?
Does anyone know if sticking a tampon up your nose will stop nosebleeds?
Is it weird?
What side of the bed do you sleep on?
Till what age can a girl grow tall?
Do you have the habit of shaking your legs?
Is anyone else glad this week is OVER?????????
What do I have??
What can i do to pass the time? I am recovering from an operation.?
If a fart is methane, why do they smell so differently from person to person?
How do u know u are addicted to something?
Not My Fault, So Why Do I Get Bulliede About It???
I get bad leg pains i seen the doctor and he said it was to do with my lower back but i cant remember the name
Cramps when you work out?
How do you grow taller?
I live in S .Tx and noticed today that the water in the tub and commode are really cloudy and sort of brown?
What should a first aid kit include?
Is it considered cutting if...?
My lip was swollen when i got up this morning.do i reduce the swelling with hot water or ice cubes?
Babysitting first aid?
What do I do, evil Mafia men are hammering on my window, threatening to shoot if I don't come out!!?
How swimming affects us?
How do I get rid of dry skin?
What causes red itchy areas right above my eyelashes??
Stretch marks?
Help sun burn!!!!?
Something's wrong here?
Emergency Spot Treatment?
Real answers only......?
Do u think just putting mayo on your head for a few hours will get rid of your lice for good?
Any suggestion on how to quit drinking cold turkey?
I Just can't sleep!?
Why cant chocolate, smoking and alcohol be very good for your health and vegetables and exercise be bad?
My face has gone numb?
Why is it when i make my eyes squint by pulling on the skin at the side of the eye my vision improves!?
I'm tired all of the time, what could be wrong with me?
I want to quit smoking ciggerettes...?
What makes you chill out?
Iam still sleepy?
What kind of specialist doctor takes care of the kidney?
Do u smoke cigarettes?
Should i go on the pill?
Whiz quiz...I've smoked p0t recently; How do I pass the test?
Am I too short?? Am I done growing?
Are mosquitoes more attracted to bite one person over another?
Do you look younger than your real age?
I can't sleep at night!?
8 year-old son wets his bed almost everynight. Help?
I have a cold.I had a fever this morning, any suggestions?
Why boys always ask girls to lose weight ?!!!?
I can't stop biting my nails! Any suggestions?
What's the best way to treat a sunburn?
Im high and I work tomorrow?
Can you die from getting tickled?
Drinking rain water?
Help! I've found an unknown pill! I need to know if my son needs help!?
Why do you get cold sores and what's a good way to treat them?
Can cirrhosis of the liver be cured?
How do I cut back on the amount of cigarettes I smoke?
My pee smells like ammonia!!! can anyone tell me why?
What benifits are you entitled to if you have a child with tourettes and ADHD?
I have a bump on the right side of my throat it doesn't hurt or anything but I'm worried?
Can they make me change doctor's surgery when i move house (in England)?
How can i get rid of my tinnitus?
How much of a person can be amputated?
If you had to pick, what would you be... Anorexia or Fat?
My daughter got her ears pierced & a stud is stuck,help?
My roommate sings all the time. how can I shut her up?
How would you define laziness?
Why do men almost DIE when they get the sniffles??
Are bed bugs real????
Hello! I'd love to hear your top 10 tips for switching off from your day and chilling out?
I have a fever of 100.4 what can i take to help it go down?
Whats the best way to treat sunburn for 26 year-old man???
What is this?
How do you get rid of back pain from the night till morning?
Every time i turn my head my ears make a sort of grinding noise, cant tell if its my neck or ear?
I NEED to Get fat?
Why are my toes red and puffy?
How can I stop caring about what other people think?
What is the point of smoking cigarettes?
I see a white light in the corner of my left eye....what could this be?
Drug Myths?
Canker/ Cold sores?
My 12 y/o's face...?
Why tan? why white?
Allergic to money!?
When to start putting cream on cold sores?
Have you had chickenpox? at what age? and have you had them again? PLEASE ANSWER!!!?
How do I get rid of pealing or keep my from pealing..????
Any ideas on how to quit smoking with out putting any weight on.?
How can i not be shy?
How can I get sick SUPER fast, so I can miss school?
What is the easiest way to break your hand?
I have been sick and vomiting feces. What causes this?
I am 16. and 174 cm tall. i wanna grow taller. is there a chance. and wat are some exercises i can do to grow?
Which side of the bed do you sleep on?
I pick and eat my scabs, do you?
What is a good substitute for ciggarette when your trying to quit?
What makes you wake up in the morning??
R glasses or contacts better?
When my husband sleeps, why does his body jump?
Smoking Ban! Good Or Bad?
Are your hands cold a lot?
Everytime I brush my hair a lot comes out. What is wrong with me?
Am I Really short ?
Is there something wrong if you really love the smell of your own farts?
Why do i have to go to the bathroom right now?
What is the best way to committ suicide?
I decided to be dumb and brand myself?
Chapped lips?
Is it possible to sleep for only 3-4 hours per night?
Is summer the best weather?
Best food/drink to remove taste after vomiting?
What can you do when you dont want to smoke a cigarette cuz ur tryin 2 give up????
I am scared, what is going on?
What time do you normally go to sleep at night?
What is the ideal pulse rate for a 50 year old female ?
Taking a shower?!?
Wasp comes back for more...?
Brown Recluse Spider Bite?
I need help popping a blister..?
Ant Bite Problems!=(?
Is it a good idea to wear gloves while changing a diaper?
How can I alleviate the pain of a sunburn?
Is shea butter or coco butter better for ur skin?
Please help me....i am so scared?
What was your scariest nightmare about?
What keeps you going?
What is wrong with me?? Is there anything i can do or take to help??
I have so many problems in my life, should i kill myself?
What is your biggest fear and why?
Why am I so pathetic....?
Y the**** are you stupid?
I think I should kill myself. I cant stay on task, I have ADD and I cant focus so I should die?
Why do I feel guilty?
Do cigarettes help with depression?
I am 12 years old. 4'11". and weigh 126 pounds. Am I fat? Becuase people call me fatty.?
Is it a good idea to try acid? LSD?
How long will marijuana use show up in a urine test?
Whats wrong with coughing when you smoke pot?
Help me to go to sleep?
What are people called that draw blood?
What's the worst way of dying?
How can I stop myself from biting my finger nails?
Is 80 days enough to remove all THC from my urine?
Can you cry under water?
How do I cure an infected bully button piercing?
Alcoholism question?
Please, I'm at end of rope!!! not life threatening, but please help!!!?
If x-rays aren't too deadly for the body why do the nurses all leave the room?
Are you going to have a flu jab?
Foamy Urine?
If I have a kidney stone and it has stopped hurting should I still have lasar sugery to get it removed?
How much you think it's possible for an ex-alcoholic to drink with moderation?
Brain Tumor???
Has anyone suffered from gallstones and other problems with their gallbladder?
I think theres something wrong with me...please help!?
Can viagra be taken by people without any ED problems?
Name an occupation that does NOT require sitting in front of a computer?
When should I quit reading questions and go to bed?
Any idea where I can send sterile but out of date first aid dressings? Any charities or similar?
A male is the manager and a female with same quailification is offer same position with lower title is this di
I am on an over night field trip in Wasington DC.i have real bad pain in my shoulder. Read all details please!
Why does everything that's supposed to be bad for our body taste so good?
My partner has just been bitten by a red back spider, How long would it take to see if something bad is going?
To everyone who is naturally thin?
I have a mark on my shin from a shaving cut that now seems to have scared. Any tips for healing?
NEED HELP! AWFUL "concrete burn" 10 points to best answer.?
I lost my mother.......?
Anybody had a vaccine reaction after a tetanus shot?
Should i take a nap..? Would you?
Putting salt in a wound - is it good or bad for you? Apparantly it .. prevents infection but isn't it bad?
I just burned my finger pretty badly, what do I do?
How to remove a staple from finger?
My daughter put a cotton bud in her ear and it was bleeding should we go to hospital?
Tell me how you like to sleep at night the best. Right side, left side, on back or on stomach?
What would u do if ??
Whats the minimum age to die from old age ?
Which is worse to smoke a cigerette or a joint and why?
Is it bad to look straight into a microwave when it is working?
Did you know 10 brain cells die every time you sneeze?
Why can't you smell out of your mouth?
I smoked weed twice and I'm worried ill get a drug test for high school
Why do [men?] people like the smell of their own farts?
Is it funny when people get hurt??
If some you know trys to kill her self do you talk to them or let them try to kill them self?
I sleep 10 hours a night and wake up sooo tired!?
The age-old debate over marijuana vs. alcohol. Which one does the most damage?
Why can't people eat before an operation?
When do cigarette craving go away. I quit 3 years ago and I still crave them sometimes.?
The best hiccup cure....I have been sitting here for a half an hour and cannot rid myself of them...HELP!!?
What is your tried-and-true method for curing the hiccups?
I haven't poo'd in 3 weeks... Is this bad or am I just efficient???
Sleep forever?
How do you cope?
Sorry, this is kind of gross?
What are some games you can play with five elderly people?
How can you help your mother because she is complaining of hearburn and we don't have meds at home?
GIRLS ONLY!!!!! Girls when did you start your period?
At what age should a child stop going to a pediatrician?
If I smoked weed one week ago what are the chances i will pass a pre-employment drugscreen?
My son is 11y.o and has been getting tired and feeling unwell and a bruise has apeard on his cheek?
Cheek bite serious??
I have not smoked any weed for over 30 days now and I have to take a Hair Folical Drug test.?
Nose bleeds?
Who here F*ckin Hates spiders!?
How much does mole removal cost,does it hurt,how long does it take?
What are the proper procedures when you cut yourself with glass?
How much do doctor appointments cost without insurance?
What do I do with a 16 yr old niece visiting to US from foreign country who acts smarty & does not obey? AWFUL
What will happen if i smoke one cigg while trying to quit?
I dont know if AA is right for me- what is it like?
Any doctors out there keep getting colds?
Can a lisp be healed?
What is your definition of an alcoholic?
How can I tell if I have too much iron in my diet?
Does eating too much sugar cause diarrhoea?
Is it hard to be different?
What is the best way to prevent liver from damage if you take lots of alcohal?
How can I get rid of hemmorhoids?
Sleeping with a cold?
What can I do about joint pain?
I've had tingly pins and needles in my left arm for 2 months?
What is your remedy for a hangover?
How to start an eating disorder??
What just happened? I just vomited once and now I feel fine.?
What Is The Best Thing About Giving Up Smoking...?
A stiff very sore neck can you help?
I have just stopped being able to do study, i can not seem to do it anymore, why?
What do you prefer baths or showers, I prefer baths as you can lie down and relax?
Why is this happening to me?
Plz someone tell me the best way, the most effective way to stop smoking.?
Do you like smoking?
I tend to forget things that have just happened..is this a sign of Alzeimer's?
At what age, did you find you first grey hair??
I'm self conscious of moles on my body. Are most peopled disgusted by these?
How can i grow taller without shots?
Do you take hot showers during the summer time too?
Is soap really all that necessary when showering?
I've tried everything and my armpits still smell really bad! help?
What is the best thing to use to treat a sore throat etc?
How do i stop myself being sick after smoking?
Is this ok?? my friends mom says its not!! ?
What does "white" mean? please help. drugs?
My BELLy button?
Can an overweight person claim they have anorexia?
I "want" to smoke...?
My scalp gets really itchy and i get dandruff by my hairline only, how can i prevent that?
I love you. Have you had a beautiful day?
Does anyone know a great "Home Rememdy" for an ear ache?
I smashed my finger in a car door now the nail bed is turning purple. Will the nail evenutally come off?
Difference between Rubbing Alcohol and Peroxide?
Burned finger!!?
Help I shoved a q-tip up my ear by accident and it is bleeding. What am i supposed to do?
Besides the Red Cross, where can I get child CPR and first aid classes?
Approximately how many times a day do you pee?
Does everybody pee in the shower?
How long does it take you to fall asleep?
What does it mean when your second toe is longer than your big toe?
I sweat like crazy!?
If laughter is the best medicine why don't they have comedians work in the hospitals instead of doctors?
My name is Emmnauel,,i was wondering,in life,what is more hostile than death?
What is YOUR cure for hiccups?
Ear piercings?
How do i explain where babies come from to my young schoolagers?
Is it healthy that i can pop my shoulder in and out of its socket?
How much hours do you sleep? I only need a number you don't have to explain me...?
Why does this happen in the shower?
Why some woman are so sensitive when ask about their age and weight?
Should they legalize marijuana?
I love being alive, don't you?
Please help SERIOUS thoughts only please?
What kind vitamin should i take for hair and skin?
How to help a friend who is cutting themselves?
How to improve self esteem and confidence?
Does anthing work?
Whats the fastest way to get weed out of your system?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Have u ever been in the hospital?
Do you prefer evening or morning showers?
I only sleep every other night...?
What can my GF do about her headaches?
Is it normal to all of the sudden start peeing alot? Like 6 times in one hour?
Does drinking 1.5 liters of water daily morning increase our weight??
Specifically, what is a booger?
Waking too early. Any ideas?
What is a good routine to fall asleep fast?
What food or beverages are suitable when you have an upset stomach?
Smoke Weed Daily?
Why do I have this weird plastic like taste in my mouth?
What should you do if your kids drink out of the toilet?
Better sleep?
Does water help?
Is it possible to die in your sleep?
Can obesity be caused by a virus?
What is the best way to remove a splinter?
Ever been around someone that was attempting to quit smoking?
If you get an object stuck in your skin, should you take it out or leave it in?
How come when you scretch the corners of your eyes back your vision becomes clearer?
If diseases were transmitted during phone calls; Would you be afraid to talk on the phone?
Do you have insomnia?? what do ya do?
Should we give COLA to a fainted person?
Does it hurt to die of old age?
Serious Answers Please?
How long does it take for marijuana to get out of your system?
What is the best sleep remedy without drinking sleeping pills?
Is it normal for my son to look so much like a girl?
When was the last time you cryed?
Help please.hurry emergency?
What is the most important part of the body?
What to do . . . so i'm home alone with my parents and I dont know what to do please help me do something to w?
If I smoked on weed on saturday night and i have to get a drug test on tuesday what could i pass?
What is a hangover?
What happens if you cut yourself to much?
I need an answer and fast?
I have a weird question...?
Are leather sandals like shoes not cool anymore, is it all about flip flops for dudes?
What does birth control pills do to men?
Is it ok to treat yourself once in a while?
I have a SOAR throat!!!?
Is writing on my skin with an ink pen really bad like I've been told?
How do you get medical tape off???
When you get a blood test - what do they test for?
What is the best thing for a Bee sting?
Why can't you eat (so many hours ) prior to surgery?
Is there a home remedy for nasal congestion?
Please Help!!!!! Bleeding From Anus?
R we doing something about global warming?
Does Depression cause you to feel tired?
Is it true that a healthy dog has a wet cold nose?
Is it true that your blood is blue inside your body??
When your ear is infected like from earrings) what are some ways to get rid of it without...?
Does anyone know why people feel depressed?
Between Cigars and Cigarettes, which is advisable to smoke?
Is Red Bull a drug?
What's the best way to get rid of nits?
What is the best way to quit smoking?
Suicide? any ideas?
How do u get rid of a wart?
I fell off of my bike and into the stinging nettles about 3 hours ago and it is all still stinging...?
I need help going to sleep?
I am 24 years old. I swalloed some 2p, 5p and 10p coins when I was10 years old. Are these coins still in my st
From what illness do you think you'd die of.?
What kind of physical activities can I do to lose weight with A Bad back?
What's the quickest way to cure a sore throat?
Do you believe in self euthanasia - i don't mean accidental overdose, i mean taking a lethel injection?
My boyfriend cheated but i love him?
Any home remedies for sleeplessness??
How do you quit smoking if you smoke all the time and thats what you do on your work breaks too?
The brain plays no role in addiction? True or False?
Is it bad that my eyes are bleeding?
Will drinking soy milk turn you into a woman?
Whats worse constipation or diarrhoea?
Am i serously not going to grow any more?
I found a little bump on my stomach?
How do you guys get rid of hiccups?
Hi I'm 17yrs old and am 5'3". How can I grow taller? Plz help.?
Due to what is happening right now i advice?
Does alcohol cause puffiness in the face??? if i stop will my face look less puffy?? im 19?
Do you believe in Death and that when its your turn to die you die?
I think i have a problem?
I want to try weed?
Will i eva stop being depressed? ive been depressed for 7 year now, im an antidepressants & i dont feel gr8?
How can i get rid of manic depression it is ruiing my life?
Does it matter if you have hardly got any materialistic possessions?
I am very depressed. How can I get back to normal?
I lost my virginity now i feel cheap!?
What to do with 16 year old boy with ADHD and still will not behave?
I'm suicidal and have depression disorder......?
If I hold in a fart....?
Why do u get the chills when u pee?
Am i to short?
Do you think important to take a bath every day?
Is it possible for the body to stop breathing whilst asleep? (short of actually dying obviously!!)?
Dizzy spells!?
Hangover :-(?
How do i get glass out of my foot?
How do I treat a small burn at home?
What kind of burn is this?!?
Anyone know how to manipulate a shoulder bck into place,10 points for who ever gets it right.?
Is diphenhydramine a blood thinner?
Foot problem: What is the cause of it, and how can I avoid it? (Read for details! ♥ )?
I'm struggling?
How do i make him understand my OCD?
Do you know anyone with Autism?
What happend to me?
How did you quit smoking? How long did you smoke? How long have you been quit?
It still....?
Do BubbleBees sting or bite??
AIDS: not true?
I recently had surgery, does it sound like I have a case to sue the surgeon?
Is it dangerous to write on skin using a pen?
Is there anyway to unstuff your stuffed nose? (serious question)?
Eeek! Help, i have lice!!?
Is hernia a major operation?
My hair is falling out! What do I do???!!!?
Are u a Smoker?
Can you tell me about tobacco?
How to get a picky eating child to eat new foods?
Why do baths make us sleepy??
Quiting smoking-need help?
Have you ever wet yourself in public? Or been caught urinating where you thought nobody could see you?
Does anyone have a good remedy for snoring?
HE!P Im D!ing Im hurting in the inside?
How can I get marijuana out of my system?
Does anyone here smoke?
I like to drink alone. Am I an alchoholic?
What is the way to make someone stop smoking?
Should I Start Smoking?
Bathing Kids daily is it really necessary??????????
What happened to me?
What happens when you lose your voice?
Can someone please help me?
My boyfriend does weed do drugs really change people?
How can i quit smoking?
Any tips to help with getting to sleep at night?
Help My Sister! Doctors Help Required!
How do you pack a box of cigarettes?
How can I get to sleep?
If your 13, how much sleep should you get?
Could bottling up my feelings about my friends deaths be damaging my health?
Is pnemonia contages?
Why can`t they let NHS have it`s own lottery put the money into patience care give the nurse`s decent pay?
Athlete's foot driving me mad!?
I smoke weed im gettin bored any ideas of what safeish drugs are good??
Do your hands and feet get cold easily and take ages to warm up again?
How can i die?
What would you do, If you had only 6 months to live?
Urgent plz!?
Sharp pain!!!!HELP:?
Is Tea or coffee a gateway drug to Alcoholism?
Has anyone ever tried eating your pinky finger?
Are these proven signs of depression?
How do you tell someone you know well that they have very bad body odor??
Have a bad kidneys what do I do to fix it?
How do you stop feet from hurting when you must be on them? (no pain killers)?
Whats the best advice you can give to some1 who is in a verge of ending thier life?
Natural memedy for burns? i've just burnt my lip.?
My dog has just cut the pad on his paw. Looks like a slice has been takn off. Can I use Savlon spray on it?
What would happen to someone who drank perfume?
Ive got a blood blister...?
We have decided to quit smoking; what "must-haves" should we pick up from the store?
If you break your neck can you get paraziled from the waist down?
If women stayed young and beautiful forever, would there still be a need for Viagra?
Can long hair cause head and neck pain?
Why do i keep feeling sick, dizzy?
Little baby having problems in taking a crap?
I can't stop sneezing!?
Is my wish stupid?
Should I break up with my girlfriend because of her asthma????
Lighting Farts?
Why am I so cold and how can I warm up without spending a fortune on heating?
Urine Color?
Excessive thirst?
How hot is it???
How do you take out your emotions? The almost suicide emotions?
Can you catch bronchitis from anything that could happen when you are unconscious in a dumpster?
Im sick! help??
Do you think a strong, athletic 110lb female could drag a 175 dummy 35 feet?
Marijuana addiction??
I'm 35 years old and I still wet the bed. Any suggestions?
WHat does it mean when you start seeing dots?? What happenes if you dont take care of it? How will it go away?
Why do people enjoy smoking?
Does any non-smoker Understand a smoker?
I seem to have a virus. I feel weak, dizzy and temperature goes up and down. What should I take/do?
Do you smoke? if so do you do because you want to be "cool"?
Was i having a panic attack?
I'm 16 and was wondering if i should go to the ER?
Do you need to fast for blood tests?
Why does my heart beat really fast?
Should drugs be legal or illegal?
Addicted to skunk?
Do you wear glasses??? Do you like wearing glasses?
My 1 year old has a temperature,yellow bugers, small cough. What does she have how can I treat her symptoms?
Why do doctors make us wait so long?
I quit smoking 3 months ago, i still have a little marijuana left...?
What is the best anxiety medication that works the fastest?
Morning all what day is it ?
What is a good brand of shoes for people who stand all day?
How to make a burn stop burning???
I sprained my ankle REALLY bad. What should I do?
Does vinegar help take the burn out of sunburns?
My eyes are very dry...besides eye drops, what eles can I do to improve my eye condition?
Hair straightner burn?
My left hand has been going numb all the time these last few weeks?
This one's for the ladies, bi/gay guys only, please...?
Can someone tell me about sun poisioning?!?
I have scars on my leg, i was burnt by a boiling hot water, how can i remove the scars any tips?
Cat Bites.Anything for drawing out infection.?
Im sick, what is it?
I u had to choose would u rather be blind or not be able to walk?
Is is true that people die and come back to tell the experience?
Why do people drink alcohol?
Why do men fall asleep faster than women?
What is the best way to get weed out of your system?
Lower back hurts...help?
Please answer this, it's very important!!!!!!!! Please answer?!!!!!?
Does drinking water really clear skin???
Why is it a bad idea to sleep with wet hair overnight?
How much sleep do you really need?
My daughter having bad headaches all day?
When do you start adding ceral to a babies formula?
Is George Bush mentally ill?
How do you stop someone from snoring?
How can i get a better sleep?
What would you do if a close friend needed to go to hospital?
Are GP's totally necessary these days?
Is it bad to have a plan for exactly how you're going to kill yourself?
Marijuana, but why?
I'm a sad case of an awkward girl...?
I am afraid to die....why ??
How can I avoid getting diarrhea on camp?
How can i sleep better?
Can someone recover from depression?
I want to sleep but my parents are forcing me to get out of bed.?
Why should my Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) sponsor be involved in the decision of what anti-depressants I should?
How to get my mom to stop smoking?
Does tobacco smoking, enhance the intelligence?
Any ideas on how to fall asleep early?
I am always tried?
Why do people normaly use right hand?
Smoking Tobacco/Marijuana/Alcohol - which one is worse and why?
Please help.... 10 points will be given.?
My mum says that when she looks in my ears she cant see anything what do you think the problem is?
Best way to get rid off head lice?
How many showers do you have in a day?
What is a calf muscle?
Whats the worst physical pain you have ever been in??
Should obese people sue McDonalds?
Do you think napping shows ill health or is it good for you? And do you find others agree with you on this?