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Why do people always sing in the shower or bath???
Why do some people sleep so much?
Do you know an effective way to fall asleep?
A cure for travel sickness please hep?
What's less damaging to your body: pot or alcohol?
At what time of the day are you your tallest?
Is it likely that I will grow taller?
Why is it that i have the feeling of 'nervousness' or 'anxiety' after drinking coffee?
If you had to name the one thing that most frightens you about growing old, what would it be?
What do you carry with you for most of the day?
What do you do to hlep yourself fall a sleep?
My friend smokes weed. He's trying to get a new job. He is wondering how to get it out of his hair particles?
I'm a cutter and I don't know how to stop...?
Views on smoking?
How can you quickly hydrate your body without a IV?
Is it possible to overdose on shampoo?
For weight loss, is it better walk fast for 30 minutes or walk at a medium pace for an hour?
I bruise very easily - am I lacking a vitamin?
Having a bad day?
Why I have a backache??
I just accidentally drank several ounces of dihydrogen monoxide... should I call Poison Control?
Cut on my hand filled with pus. The doctor drained it, and put me on antibiotics. The pus is back. What to do?
What is the best stress relief available?
I quit smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Omg!please help me!?
What can I use for my 8 yr. girl's dry skin?
Bruising on hand and body?
How can you get rid of acne?
Where can i find tea-trea oil??
Can bumps from shaving your bikin line, lead to MRSA ? please help !?
Itchy swollen skin around my eyes?
Can you marry a 2nd couisn and have a normal baby?
What can you do if one of your co-workers smells terrible?
What is it with people?
I have red bumps in the back on my mouths and my throat is really hurting whats going on??
Any tips on how to successfully quit smoking weed??
Best way to stop smoking.?
I need help i cant sleep what do i do.?
What do i do if a child swallows a penny?
Can you please help me?
Why can't I stop cutting?
What is a psycho.?
How do you know if you have a personality disorder?
Does jumping off the empire state building hurt?
Cutting myself?
Is suicide really that selfish?
What do you do when you feel sad and/or bored?
Anxiety and depression are taking over my life...?
I'm afraid I'm going to die, and I keep on thinking about it. What should I do?
How old does this person look?
Is this food poisoning?
Kinda embarrassing.?
If your getting tested for anemia, will marijuana show up on the blood test?
Does chest size really matter?
Serious question but somewhat distastful ,?
I am having very bad pains on my left lower stomach?
Is he killing my dog?
Is there such thing as mouth infections or tooth infections that can lead to death??
Very painful belly ache AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it hurts PLZ help this is not a dramitization any one know relief?
Why are people so freaked out by tap water these days?
Why is my stomach rumbling so much?
I need to clean my system in 3 days... i've only smoked weed. what do i need to do?
What do you do about a fever that refuses to go away :) ?
Eye problems, please help!!!?
I start shaking and feeling weak when i dont eat in time?
Can you talk to dead?
Why do people seek medical care for minor illnesses that they could treat themselves?
Wat cud b the possible causes of dry and itchy eyes??
Does not wearing glasses make you feel less conscious?
Who here has a different eye colour to their left/right one?
Glasses all the time?
Why is my eye twitching?
Why are people more reluctant to go the Eye Doctor then they are to go to the dentist?
Liposuction , laser eye surgery, plastic surgery done in another country?
Eye boogers...?
Why is it bad to sleep with contacts in?
Glasses?or no?
Ok I hurt really bad...HELP!!!?
I just cut mey finger of with a knife and I have it in a jar. What should I do??????
What can I take to clean out my colon at home?
Why have I stopped enjoying reading books and how do I start again?
Does anyone know any headache remedies?
I was just in a car accident and had stitches on my chin. how can i keep from getting an ugly scar?
My back is gonna drive me INSANE!!! HELP ME!!!!!?
I burned my finger?
Does being colorblind affect a person's lifespan???
I just slept for 18 hours straight. any thoughts?
Smokers only, What Type?
Brown colored vomit?
How do I get rid of Scars and burns?
I have ugly skin on my face!?
What's the best remedy for cramps?
Should I Hide My Scars?
What is a good cure for sunburn?
How does one stop hair loss?
How is ringworm caused? How do you treat it?
Do you know any ointment to reduce swelling and redness of sunburn skin?
Help! Standing up gives me the usual blackouts but I also fall and my head shakes.?
What kind of bump is this?
Do smokers know that they smell worse than a wet Badger?
Lump on my head?
My lips split at the corners when i open my mouth in the morning. how do i fix them?
How can one convince a person to get rid of habits like smoking, boozing?
How can I get rid of dandruff for good?
Why should I quit smoking pot?
I can't sleep?
When a person is sweating constantly, and need to urinate often. what is wrong with them?
What happends when you die?
Is it possible that glasses can cause headaches?
How can i relax?
What can I do to prevent mosquitoes from biting me?
Does removing your tonsils effect your voice?
Will I automatically stink if I forget my deoderent one morning?
Best way to cure hiccups?
Um... am I being questioned by a pedefile or am I paranoid? If you don't help me I might be kidnapped and rape
What is your worst fear?
Do persistant people that ask the same question again and again over and over for no clear or apparent reason?
When your tired and want to lay in bed all the time is that a sign of deppression?
Is this weird?
People who have considered suicide?
What is the best way to get rid of your anger?
Things that tic you off!?
What do I do???
I need to pee alot i dont no what is wrong?
Why can't I SLEEP?
Is It True?
About my period..... NO GUYS ALLOWED!!!!!!!! ONLY GIRLS!!!?
Why do you think that mosquitos don't like me very much?
My toenails don't grow at all, is this common?
Ok, I am 15 years old and i've had a high 100 fever for 2 days what do i need to get better?
Why is it so bad to eat right before you go to bed??
My friend told me if you eat to many carrots you get an orange tint to your skin.Is this true?
How i can know that a girl is virgin or not ?
Heres my puzzle......?
Is marijuana really less harmful than alcohol?
Have you actually tried or thought of this?
How do i stop my stomach from dropping on roller coasterss?
I've got a blister on my foot. Should I pop it it not?
Why do they sterilize the needles for lethal injections?
Pounding Headache?
What does the term "Glasgow kiss" mean? I lived in Glasgow all my life (34yr).Heard this expression many times
Why is my poo green today?
Burnt finger need help?
If you scratch a mosquito bite why does it get bigger?
How long does it take for nicotine addiction to leave your body?
How do you get rid of a cold quick?
Bee stings?
I have a question in reference to CPR/First Aid.?
How can I be happy?
JUST ASKING-In My Left Eye Some Times My Right Eye.?
I have a 2years old son who has constipation. he gets enough vegtable but I think he affraid to do it?
What is the best and the fastest method to remove warts?
Which best acne product?
I have gotten 5 boils under my right arm within the past 3 weeks what does this mean?
What is best home remedy for infected piercing?
Get rid of acne scars?
Does diet have any effect on helping to "cure" excema?
Is there a faster way to clear scabs?
I need to remove dark circles under eyes. How do I do that and what is the reason they are there ?
What foods cause breakouts?
Can you pierce you ears and nose at home?
How do I let a guy know that I like him without making him feel uncomfortable?
How can i make my boyfriend quit smoking?
My daughter has a cough, but I can't give her cough medicine because she hates it. What else can I give her?
I have stopped smoking for three days now i feel rubbish today?
I'm hungry with nothing to eat help?
Whats a good way to get rid of ALOT of built up stress?
Smoking ban how will it work in a nightclub?
Is this concidered cutting?
PLEASE help within next 10-15 MIN!!!!!!!!!!?
What is something or someone that makes you genuinely happy?
Does anyone wish they could.....?
Have you ever experienced depression or frustration?
Depression may kill I need your advice?
Ok this may seem weird but i think i have a foot fetish. what should i do?!?
Can you feel it?
How do you think you would react if....?
What shall i do about my friend? She is contemplating suicide.?
I tried to kill myself today, selfish I know, I do not know what happened?
I have diarrhea for week......What I do!?
What is the body's normal temperature?
Do you think smoking should be banned?
Whats the best cure 4 hangover plz plz help lol?
When u breath y does you're stomach go out and in.?
Why does this happen to me?
What are 5 reasons people smoke?
Can you die of having a broken heart?
I need help falling asleep?
What is the first thing you do it in the morning?
Swallowing spiders...?
Does eye surgery really worK?
Why kids are not allowed to play outside while the first rain from sky starts pouring in?
Can a doctors receptionist read your medical records?
Problem! about sleep?
Have you ever been attracted to your health-care professional?
Daughter wears t-shirts and the weather is still cold?
I cant sleep at night because im scared..!?
Is popping your knuckles bad for you, or just annoying to other people?
Does anyone have any good suggestions for stress?
I'm 5'3 and weigh 130 would you call that fat?
2 Girls 1 cup Should I watch?
At what age does your feet stop growing?
Have a horrid fear of needles. Getting blood drawn soon. SCARED. WILL IT HURT ?
How do you get rid of earwax?
I'm constipated, can anyone help?
If my arm is a bloody stump, should i go to the hospital?
Whats the best place to have a nap?
How can i get taller im 5'5 and i would like to be 5'10 or taller?
What's your craziest injury story?
How can i quit smoking?
I just stepped on a Razor while showering, What do I do!!!!!?
What causes nose bleeding...???
Got Burned?
How do i stop bite my nails?
How do you know if youve got a tick bite?
I've just drank a quantity of dihydrogen monoxide . What should I do?
Toddler stuck q-tip halfway into ear?!?
Where can i get ipecac syrup??
Why does my face get so red??
Im 14 and im really pretty but i have acne that comes when i leaset expect it!!! help me please!!!!!!!!?
POSION IVY? please help!?
What should i do if i have piles is there anything i can get over the counter?
What is duct tape? And where can u buy it from?
Is there a way to get rid of acne fast within a week or 2?
Is poison ivy contagious?
Dad's chest was tightening up last night (early this morning) today it is still hurting....?
Why do we wash behind our ears? Who really looks there?
I have just been told that I have shingles, should I keep clear of my daughter who is pregnant?
Is it wrong to think about other men when i orgasum?
How long does it take u to get out of bed after ur alarm goes off?
What type of body is best to have for girls?
My friends farts smell of tomato soup?
Why do people start smoking?
Whats do u do when u swallow a bug?
How do you stop stuttering?
What are some natural stress relief techniques?
I don't know what to do about me?
What's wrong with me?
Is Alcoholism can be considered as an illness or....?
What should I do to help my drug abusive boyfriend alcoholic?
What are some tips for dealing with chronic depression?
I lost my wife 16 days back, i am 47 and is very disturb due to her death , can somebody counsel or advice me?
How to get over both of my parents committing suicide?
Wot do u do if u see...... ----i want every body to answer this question?
Anorexia a mental illness?
Why am i all of the sudden urinating VERY frequently?...?
I have had a headache for two weeks now how do I get rid of it?
OK, If you had to choose to have one thing on your body cut off?
If my friend smoke marijuana 9 days before a pee drug test how likely is she to fail?
What is the easiest way to quit smoking?
So what are you doing online so late at night?
Does anyone have any good ways for me to stop biting my nails???????
Am i TOO skinny??
What is the best way to get more confidence without drinking too much?
I have a piece of lettuce stuck in my throat.?
A pea sized growth behind the ear lob any ideas?
How to remove superglue from hands?
Why am i depressed on Sunday evenings? does anyone else experience this? thanks for answers.?
Nausea while at the computer?
Removing stitches?
How to remove band-aid without hurting. ?
How bad can taking over the counter laxatives be.?
How can I rid my bad moods?
At age 56, I've smoked 1 pack a day for 35 years. is there a real benefit for me to stop now?
It is 3am, I am still awake, why?
Can you lick your elbow?
Is it possible to die from boredom?
Why do some farts makes sound?
How can i stop cutting?
Peeling after a bad sunburn?
Anyone know the long term effects of smoking weed?
Can you give suggestions on how to sweat less?
What's your view on fat people?
Do you think it's fair that we have to die?
Does anyone know anything about ringworm?
Do acne scars ever go?
My little daughter as got bad psoriasis can i get disabilty for her?
How can i make my skin clean of acne?
Cold Sores question?
If Olive oil is applied on skin, will it darken or brighten the skin ? Serious answers required...?
How do you get stys? and how do you get rid of them?
Baby acne and excema?
Allergic reaction relief, help!!!?
Why am I always thirsty?
Can someone please help me Sleep!!!?
Is it healthy to run 10 km everyday?
How do you get rid of hicups?
Four hours of sleep everyday...unhealthy?
What causes restless leg ??
Ow :'( help me?!? click here?
Im disgusted w/ myself- how did this happen?
How do you know if you are addicted to cigarettes?
I need desperately need help?
I can't sleep?
Is it possible to change your eye color by surgery or something?
Has anyone ever heard of someone passing on while making a bowel movment??
How many hours do i need to sleep during the day if my work at night?
Having a General Anaesthetic. Will it hurt ? PLEASE ANSWER I'm 13?
So if Americans don't have insurance, do they just leave them to die?
My bf is worried about some white spots on his skin.He is a dark african amer male.sometimes they itch.Help.?
Tips for sleep?
Just cut my hand with broken glass, help!!!?
Ok so a couple of my guy friends want me and my friend to get high with them on saterday..?
Does anyone else have a fear of Moths and butterflies?
Do people say hurtful things to you about your illness?
Am I depressed?
If you could see how sad I look you would want to help..so do it yea ?
I am always scared that I'll die?
How do pepole act when they can't get their marijuana?
Is there anything out there that is legal and will help with anxiety and make u happy like pot does?
Why do some people dress in black?
What is your worst childhood memory?
Which brand of cigarettes do you like the best?
Is contact lence use good or bad?
Feel nervous @ hospital?
I keep getting headache i don't know why. I'm getting really worried i don't want it to be deadly?
I am doing a survey which food do you think is better for you?
Is this depression? If so, how do I get rid of it?
How do I relieve myself from gas? Any other options except for the gas medicines I have taken?
Whats the first thing you do in the morning?
What do you do whilst you have a poo???
If you take a bath, does that mean you've washed your hands?
How much water you drink per day?
Are you a vegetarian?
Is watching television one of the causes for obesity??
You are patient?????
What do you do if you have an ingrown toenail?
What to do about skin---peeling problems??
I have a spider bite?
When you have a bleeding nose, what do you do?
How many hours of sleep do you usually get each night?
I was in my attic and some of the insulation fell into my eyes!!!!!?
Fibromyalgia and Medications?
Please give me information on Asbergers?
Why are today's doctors so crappy?
Cronhs disease?
What is the hardest addiction to quit cigarettes, liquor, or narcotics?
Is republicanism a Psychological and Physiological disorder or is it a purely Psychological malady?
Help my thirst wont stop?
What is the diagnosis?
What does chicken gunya mean?
My boyfriend is sick, and we have no idea what it is. Help?
Am I going to die?
I heard drowning is the most painful way to dye, is this true?
I think I'm gonna cry!!?
How do drs diagnose depression?
What can I use for sunburn relief?
I have a stuffy nose and i need a remedy. please help!!!?
Do you have good posture?
What's it like to have your tonsils removed?
My temperature read 97.7 degrees F?
How to get soft skin?
Causes of yellowish skin?
I found a white oval pill in my sons room with LP109 on the back of it. Could you please tell me what it is?
What can I do to prevent my skin from looking all shiny/oily during the day?
Why do some mosquito bites itch and others don't?
Getting rid of acne?
I cannot get an appoitment to see a doctor until a week Friday I have have been waiting for
What is the illness if someones skin is pale?
My stomach hurts and..---?
Do eating nothing but carrots really turn u yellow?
I am wondering - is this autism in my niece?
Everyday I cry, people at school tease me because of my acne..here is my story?
Alcohol and anxiety?
What you will do if your doctor say that you are allowed to work when you feel really sick?
What are the symptoms of kidney stones?
Will I lose my license after having 1 seizure in NJ?
Why do I keep getting nose bleeds?
Am I going to die? How long till I die?
Why wash your hands after using the bathroom?
14 yrs old and have insomnia?
Do you think it's wrong to make up a question and get people's sympathies?
Diagnose me.. do your worse..?
When its your turn to go, how would you like to die?
What's different from marijuana and regular tobacco?
My hand is numb for a long time.?
If I pulled an all-nighter, which is the healthier way of recovering...?
I have a large rectangular lump on my right lower neck area what could this be?
What can you do for food poisoning?
Is YahooAnswers like a drug?
Why am i getting pathetic, insensitive answers ? nobody is taking what im saying seriously- help?
I have panic disorder and take paxil. It works but I'd love to hear others' methods of coping.?
I read a planned suicide letter do I tell the writer?
Why does my right big toe hurt when i eat very sugary foods?
Depressed or not?
What is wrong with me? Is it obssessvie compulsive?
Is it true that if your in the dark .....?
Is cocaine addiction just a mental addiction?
What was the last thing you did last night before sleeping?
Is there a disorder that gives you headaches?
Im 13 year old female and depressed what shall i do except from speaking to some one ?
I recently have been having hallucinations quite frequently?
A spot in a weird place??
I wanna cut so bad rite now wat do i do to not think about it and stop wanting to cut??
How do i tell my counsellor i don't want to continue?
Have i been abused by my sister?
What's the best way, you've found, to quit smoking?
What do you do when you are really angry without showing your rage?
I have an ulcer. What can I eat that won't make me feel like I've been stabbed in the stomach?
Am I Gonna Be To Tall?
How do I clean my system out after smoking marijuana really fast like in 6 days?
I think i broke my hand/knuckle *pic*?
If someone was to smoke weed like one or two times would it affect them later in life?
If i was to Overdose on Xanax for the first time how long would it take me to recover physically?
Can i doctor treat a apechent that does not wont to be treated in a secret way?
Will marijuana show up on my hair drug test?
Best home remedy for a diaper rash? plz help my daughter is miserable?
I have to wake my brother up but he sleeps so hard... what can I do??
How can blood be thicker then water?
Strep throat?
Does squeezing the breasts make it bigger ?
What time is the best time to go to bed?
Help! im really scared.. 10 points.. ?
I have got a pain somewhere btween my jaw and my ear (the inner part).?
Cutting myself?
I am only 43 but am experiencing hearing loss in my right ear. Not volume but clarity of words.?
Does an 11yr old non verbal autistic child need to have a chicken pox vacine/?
Do spider bites come in three?
Have you ever heard of putting crazy glue on a cut?
How do I know if I have a cold or allergies?
What's the quickest way to get rid of a migrane?
How to deal with Chronic Fatique Syndrome?
What causes my nerves to jump & how can i get them to stop?
How do you heal an ingrown toe nail?
When you are feeling lazy or getting down, how do *you* motivate yourself?
My daughter has ADHD, does anyone know natural ways to cure this?
Grandma has prescription bottles with mixed meds, i need a site where i can describe or look up to identify?
Is handling mercury really dangerous? I broke an old thermometer today and....?
Is it true that if a woman gets a tattoo on her lower back, that she cannot have an epidural?
What's the strangest thing you ever put in yourself?
Is it ok if the tick head stays in?
What skin care is better: Noxzema or Olay?? I'm curious to what wins the challenge.?
What makes one an alcoholic????
Any ideas on what my problem is?
What does it mean when u are a slow healer??
My thumbs feel numb and weak with pins and needles?
Down in the dumps?
People say getting high is the greatest thing is it really?
Okay, is it a bad thing to get drunk once or twice a week at 40 years old?
I'm 20 years old and I have some acne on my cheeks. Is this normal? Also, do you know if Proactiv works?
I have sweaty palms and dont know what to do. please help!?
Ive got a bad coldsore, what can i do?
When I squeeze my nose...white stuff comes out of my pores...what is it?
What can make me taller?
Do you think a blind person can use a computer?
My friend is getting itching problem on her skin can you tell me ,that what kind of medicine she may use,?
Red spots on my face?
What will happen if I eat Mc Donald's everyday?
Whats the best pain relief for fibroymaliga pain?
Does anybody know what causes a very hot spot on the body and the rest of body at normal temperature?
How to get rid of acne =( ?
Why do I fart more than my wife ?
Insomnia! HELP!!?
How can i stop picking my skin?
Does anyone have, or had eczema inside their ears,and if so what did you use for treatment other than steroids
How can i stop smoking ?
Hi, I'm 19 years old, and recently began to notice episodes in whch i see small amounts of blood on my stool
Is spina bifida heredatory?
What is the best way to help someone who drinks everyday?
Should you go to the hospital for food poisoning?
My boyfriend wont go to the doctors!?
Where actually is from this disease called AIDS?
If real vampires drink blood how do they not get aids?
Ive got a a cold....?
Did anna nicole smith die from lupus, has it been released yet?
I have not found the answer to this concern i have....?
What's the best way to handle fibromyalgia?
Liver pain?
How long does it take for dissolving stitches to go away?
Is citalopram safe?
Does anyone have any tips on quitting smoking cold turkey?
Yellowish-orange hands....??????
What age were you when you lost your virginity? Is it more important to wait?
I have make love with my girl friend first time she has no red thing coming out are she a virgin?
How do you know when your body needs water?
Does a spider bite hurt?
Is anyone else afraid of dying?
Wheres a good place to smoke?
How can I gain some muscle and strength?
I just bought a pair of shoes when i tryed them on they were comfortable...?
Why can't you take Aspirin or Ibuprofen if you have asthma?? I was told this...?
How do i clean my butt/anal after using flush toilet.?
I bite my nails and i need help stopping?
I'm always tired and lose my concentration easy......?
HELP MAYBE EMERGENCY:did I just poison myself?
5 month old baby girl has a cold, what can be done for her?
I have high "bad" cholesterol. What can I do to lower my cholesterol levels?
What happen when you get really skinny?
Should you be drinking wine while suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome??
I occasionally get tender armpits with slight swelling any ideas?
What is wrong with my digestive system?
Alcoholic husband, dry, but for how long ?
Is having severe stomach pains which causing you to faint are early signs that you have schizophrenia?
Have any of you ever gotten so sick you thought you would never get better but then you did?
What causes tapeworms in humans?
Will having a positive drug test (cannabis) affectmy chances of getting my student visa for australia?
Pain in my armpit?
I smoke pot all the time , I function good at work , and everything goes smooth, But???
I'm bleeding from my bottom, im really worried, what it this?
Coping with Bullies?
I have a question about depression?
I Need some advice............... quickly?
What is the best way to keep a clear complextion?
How do you get past stupid mistakes?
What does it say on a sick note?
What is the most effective way to beat urine tests for cocaine?
Why is it that when I put something in a safe place, I can't remember where it is?
Is there a feminine term for pothead?
I talk to myself a lot. Am I abnormal?
How can I learn to love myself better?
Bathroom tissue?
Dealing with Depression?
What color are your eyes?
Does the 6th grade shot hurt?
If you are a stressed out person, how do you relax?
PLEASE HELP ME! WHAT IS THIS ON MY LiP?! (pics included)?
Blackheads and spots??
How can i cure my self of sweting hands?
How to treat a sinus infection?
How do you get plantar warts?
Eyesight query. Plssss. Help!!!?
Ok I have these hard little bumps on my legs - I've always gotten them -since I was a kid - They are not zits
Three weeks ago my so call friend made me try a small sample of cocaine. Today urine drug test. Well I pass?
How do i get rid of the acne on my back?
How to remove old scars and black spots on the legs?
I feel like I want to cut my throat off. Any home remedies for a sore throat?
What is the best way to get rid of acne and have a clear skin?
What is going on?
How do you get rid of boils?
Why am i constantly tired?
I have osteoarthritis in fingers, can i claim any benifits?
S.A.D...Winter Blues...?
Getting rid of dry skin on face?
What is being lactose intolerant?
I'm 19 years old and my height is only 4'11. Will anything help?
Is it true that you can get pills for getting rid of spots and clear skin?
I have some SERIOUS dry hands, what can I put on them?
Dose anyone now a good way 2 get rid of mosquito bites fast???
What would bother you more?
Is it a health hazard to sit in front of your computer for hours?
What is the best diet for beating common cold?
What if you swallow Rubing Alcohol?
What is the best way to releive constipation?
I have not use marijuana for a month, I'm taking a drug test (hair sample)in two days, I'm am safe?
Does anyone have the same problem?
Is It Okey to have 4 hours of sleep or less?
Alcoholic husband ruining my life.?
I have to pee but I'm too lazy to get get up. Any suggestions?
Is carrying a 20 pound backpack to school everyday good or bad?
Will I test positive for a urine test if I smoked a week ago?
I feel sick!! :-(?
Sorry to gross you out, but which "direction" do you wipe when going to the bathroom? back to front or
Whens a good time to wake up on the weekend??
Does anyone know about something called Reckless Leg Syndrome (RLS)?
Underactive thyroid?
Is it normal to feel sick and vomit after smoking?
Tourettes question - is this normal or is it just me?
Does anyone know what this could be?
Parents split regarding decision for their 14yr old to have scoliosis surgery. Who wins?
6 year old girl often problems going to bathroom, Dr. says she has no internal problems...?
Cloudy Urine??
Cure for a bad cold?
How can i have a good memory?
I have give up drinking alcohol after 12 years what do i do now ??
What should I do about chapped lips?
Aching finger?
What effect do you think the smoking ban will have on the pub industry.?
My neice almost cut her wart off by accident should she be worried?
Is it safe to take Ibuprofen on an empty stomach?
Help! My grandma's fruitcake jumped out of the pan and bit me! What should I do?
Why do doctors have the worst handwriting?
How long does cannabis stay in human systems?
What shuold I do to decrease my sleep hours?
What was the name of the throat lozenges that everybody took back in the 60's when they had a sore throat?
What do you do when your depressed?
First Aid for possibly broken wrist ?
Can someone explain in great detail the steps of CPR following a faint, heart attack, etc.?
What's the best method to stop biting my fingernails? I'm 27 and have been doing it my whole life?
Whats the best way to speed up recovery of lower back pain?
Is it true that they pay you to donate blood? If so, how much?
If you have a medical condition can they fire you after they find out?
Toddler unwell.advise?
I have got thrush never had it before and it hurts like hell have cream any other tips????????????????
Why doesnt the acid in our stomach come upto our throat when we sleep?
Have you ever seen anyone with Tourette syndrome?
Is being a severe neat freak a sign of an obsessive compulsive disorder ? How to help overcome this problem.?
How do I know if my child has tapeworms?
What are the symptoms of severe anemia?
Is there a way to cure yeast infrections without goin to doctor?
Serious question...?
Why do i have constant diarrehea?
Is it alright to pee in the shower?
Would you prefer 4 legs or 4 arms or 4 eyes?
A 'friend' of mine has told everyone shes 'dying' even her son is upset, why does she do this as its not true
How do you get super glue off of skin?
Are these signs that he will rape me?
Has anyone actually gotten rid of or reduced the appearance of a scar?
I have these bites and they do are not mosquitoes, lice, scabies or fleas. What else might it be?
What happens if you put a rusty earring in your ear?
Whats inside your goose bumps?
I have been experiencing?
Best acne medication I can get at a drug store?
I have a rash that's purple and it burns. Can you tell me what it is?
What would make a Dr. send you to rheumatology?
Good way to prevent your skin from breaking out? (Acne and stuff)?
Does anyone know what i have?
How do i pull the ultimate sickie?
Nail problem...my fingernail split, down the middle.?
What can I do for swollen glands in my neck?
What can cause fainting?
Should you still go to work with a head cold?
What is the best medication for anxiety and depression?
How are you supposed to deal with a foot cramp while driving?
What is the best kind of face soap to use for acne?
I have tonsilitis help?
Stopping smoking?
What is a high body temperature.?
Have you got an Inny, or an Outy ??? belly button?
What's better?
Do they check the chickens for bird flu before the make them to eat?
What is the average weight for a 5 year old that is 7 feet tall?
What is aids?
Why do I have a noisy stomach even after I eat breakfast?
Nurse/Doctor Advice Needed Urgently!?
Is there any real cure for Alzheimer's?
What does it mean when eye pupils are permantly enlarged?
Why cant human knee or hip joints be repaired by injecting something such as silicone gel into them?
If your between 13 an 14 and have headahce every second even sleeping what dosen't mean?
This is how to tell if someone has washed there hands or not after using the bathroom?
How can i remove water from my ears?
Is it possible to lick your elbow?
Suicide. i need help..?
Life Is a Mess!?
Whats your weird phobia? best answer 10 points?
How do you know if you're dumb?
...erm...help, what's going on??
Would U put cutting under a mental health? why or why not?
Why do i feel so tired?
I am feeling suicidal- what do I do?
How do I gain Confidence?
Can u sleep with ure eyes open ?
Do u no any cream?
Why can't we put a qtip in our ear?
I got sunburned really bad?
Can a child be born 'an alcoholic'?
Pus coming outof my toe?
What is a cortisone injection?
How do i wake up in the morning?
Hydrogen Peroxide shouldn't be used for burns and it prevents a burn from healing, is this true?
Which part/area of the body one cannot touch oneself?
Views on masterbation?
Why am I thirsty in the middle of the night?
Question about marijuana?
Can you get a cold from using the air conditioning?
Been having chest pains for couple of years been tested by dr heart is ok. these pains scare me silly?
Is my friend TOO thin? *pictures in included* ?
How do you get deep earwax out of your ears?
How can I fart silently?
Why do some people fart more than others?
My reward for being kind !!?
So, I'm trying to quit smoking ...?
How do I keep from falling asleep after I eat lunch?
My hands shake all the time, even when I'm resting. What could be the problem?
What is the best internal organ - the liver, kidney or pancreas?
Would you sue? Would you report the doctor? What should I do?
Help me!! give points for best answer !!!?
Is there such thing as certain people could be addicted to food and cannot control themselves?
If you fall asleep/die on the toilet...?
Should tobacco only be available via prescription?
I worked in a nursing home and was introduced to Hospice.?
What is the best way to keep you alert ( apart from coffee?)?
Does any one listen to music while sleeping?
I sweat A LOT! How do I stop!?!?!?
Would you consider donating a kidney?
Do anti-depressants really work?
Do Guys Like girls *ahem 's* shaved?
Easy points!!!?
Why is smoking marijuana bad for you?
Are teeth considered bones.?
I have a son who is nine years old now and still bed wetting.What should I do to help him stop it?
Major Acne Help?
Please help! I have a small lump under the skin in my armpit, not painful scared it could be cancer! i am 16!?
My friend has this really big zit, wen she popped it green puss came out. What does that mean?
I'm afraid to go the doctor about a rash I have. What should i do?
What is the best acne treatment if you have dry skin?
Whats the best product available in the uk for acne?
What Could i use to cure eczema?
Albert has an embarrassing problem with his backside this evening..........?
What are hemmorrhoids?
If you sleep the wrong way,and your necks is cramping really bad,what are you suppose to do to make it better?
Can heavy stress make you extremely irritable and short fused???
Are STDs all about mental control?
I started increasing my water intake now i feel the constant need to urinate?
Whats worse?? twenty cigarettes or a bottle of wine??
When i drink i never throw up what dose this mean?
How much sleep do you average a night? Why? Is it enough?
Why are so many teens getting drunk and getting killed?
What food is best to eat to combat the symptoms of diarrhea?
Hard lump inside of my now removed lip piercing, what is it?
Do you like your height?
What is the last thing you do before going to bed?
If you only have one eye...are you blinking or winking?
If I held my farts in would I eventually explode?
Are people wear glasses smart?
Drug Test!!!!!?
Would it be bad for me to take two advils, then another two 3 hours later?
Is eating cookie dough bad for you?
Why do kids love sweets and candy so much?
What is the tempurature wher you are?
Do ear piercings ever heal?
What is the best treatment for thinning hair?
I am very skinny but...?
How to get rid of nail biting habbit ?
What kind of drug did i just eat?
What should one do if he felt tiredness ?
My 6 yr old nephew has constipation and then gets sudden daiharea. how do i know if he has worms?
Hey does keeping an onion under ur arm pits makes u get fever????????????????????...
Is Reiki treatment really good?
What are the consequences of vomiting after eating?
Are hemroids cantagious?
I dont know whats wrong, I went to the Docs an got some ear medcine.?
What does your liver do for your body?
Will rubbing coffee in my legs get rid of cellulite?
My face always itch and sensitive when winter ? Any can improve it ?
Does anyone know of a good product that will keep my eczema under control?
HELP ME ASAP so i went to the beach on thursday and got sunburned bad......?
Acne problem!!?
How damaging is smoking 2 cigarettes?
I looked at the sun for about 15 seconds for a dare now i see a big black spot and it wouldnt go away?
What are these itchy bubbles I get in the skin on my fingers?
Im 15, im going on the sunbeds 3 times a week for the next 3 weeks. Will that seriously damage my skin?
How can i be not nervuse when i meet people?
Is there a natural way to treat acne rosacea? Can they be used together with antibiotics?
Ear infection?
Possible nose infection ! Please help 10 POINTS?
What do i do ??
Does Vinegar help a bad sunburn?
Flashes of Bad headache...What is a maigraine?How is it caused?
What pads shouls i use when on?
What is hangover?
Does anyone know how to deal with death?
Hangover from hell!!??
My eyes get too heavy and tired every night after work.what should i do?
I currently reside in nursing home.they trying to kick me out for my weight is this legal?
Genral Facts... 3 Questions...?
Do you crack your fingers?
NyQuil Question?
What are the safety measures that one should take in order to prevent diseases in the monsoons?
I am an Alcoholic. But today ive had drink - I was dry for 2 days. Can any alcoholics advise me?
I have to get tetanus shot what should i ?do im scared.?
If you drank a whole bottle of Everclear grain alcohol what...?
Does anyone have any good ideas on how i can get to sleep?
I had bad gas at a meeting at work should i quit?
Do you think I should see a doc!?
Why do women cry more than men? men?
Pleasee help i feel sick after smoking is this dangerous!?
I can't stop whistling. help?
What to eat?
How can I stop getting sick all the time?
I am In Alot Of PAIN can somebody please give me advice?
What do you think is the worst way to die?
If i put water in a urine test cup, will they be able to tell the difference?
If you have a really bad headache what do you take?
Why do we say "bless me" when we sneeze?
I have really fair skin and I am going to the beach. What is the best way to protect myself from the sun?
Can you get brain damage from being slightly tapped on the head by a paperback book?
I could sleep my life away?
Whats the wierdest dream youve ever had.?
Is it Borderline or Bipolar? I need help, advise, and support.?
Is it weird to ask for a hug?
How do you know if someone has schizophrenia?
Would you fake sever mental retardation for $23000 a year.?
I could use some help !!!!!!?
Why do people hate me?
Is it normal to feel tired ALL THE TIME???
Any cures for sweaty bum cracks in a heat wave such as this?
There is this girl in my class she sits right beside me and she smells like a dog turd and is there anything?
Is it bad to swallow your tooth?
Can you make your hair grow faster?
What else besides aging causes hair to turn grey?
Why have I got fruit smelling urine?
Can junk food cause diaherra?
What are some of the causes of bedwetting besides hereditary?
Is there any reason some people get attacked by mosquitoes more than others?
What relives your headache?
Big problem here with my anus. i really dont know what the hell i should do.?
What can you eat when you have a tummy ache?
Is there any truth to theory of drinking water to avoid getting sick?
Why can't I go to sleep?
Mistake, need help?
Do woman prefer to have bigger breasts?
Question regarding applying gauze to an open wound?
I dropped a very small, plastic, cylindrical earring back in my ear. How can I get it out?
Can black people get blue ball?
Starting to get alot of spots and they are sore?
I just CANT take it any more! My acne is so so so so bad!?
I have small white lines on a few of my finger nails. Does anyone know what causes this?
Everytime I get out of the shower or bath...?
Does chocolate really make your skin break-out? Are there any sweets that won't make your skin break-out?
Why do people continually try to argue that its the cold air that makes you sick?
I have been awake all night, how do I stay awake and alert at work tomorrow?
What was your highest body temperature?
Do guys take baths?
This kid at school poured some water from a gutter in mexico on this other kids salad. What should I do?
My daughter's feet really stink. And I mean REALLY STINK. Can you help me?
Do you eat really fast? What are problems associated with eating too fast?
Can you use olive oil in ear cuz its blocked with ear wax?
Story of when I was little... (please comment)?
What are different ways to relieve stress
I accidentally swallowed something that was in my cup of koolaid, but I don't know what it was. What could...?
I need help.. what are some good ways to fall sleep?
I have a bunch of crap built up in my throat how do i get it out.!!!!?
What to do to get some weight ?
What are the effects of smoking?
Why can't I be lazy, fat and addicted to smoking?
Ughh omgg.?
I have my tongue pierce, can i have some wise POSITIVE words?
Please please help! What can help my soar throat (i was just screaming)?
How can I stop having nightmares?
I am seeing floaters in my field of vision in one eye, what can i do to fix this?
Do you wipe front-to-back or back-to-front?
My tummy is bloated,i have tried many products but none seem towork what could be causing this?
Who else loves to sleep in?
I heard that if you burp,fart and sneeze at the same time you will die.is this true?
Urgent question. Should I smoke weed again?
I have green poo what could it be???????
Any good ways to fall asleep???
What can I do to fall asleep before mid night?
What si the ideal weight for a 26 yrs old female.....heioght 5'2?
Did I handle this correctly?
How do i deal with sever shoulder pain without going to a professional?
Does anyone have a cure for underarm sweat when deodorant isn't working?
Will water pills and laxatives make you lose weight at all?
Do you sit on others Toilette?
How do you prevent youself from throwing up when your sick?
Why dont i dream when i sleep?
EMS Personel...?
I don,t smoke , when i,m in work i can,t get over the amount of times smokers need a "cigarette break"
How to get a bee stinger out of me?
What is this oozing bump on my face?
What should I do...I'm sick?
Problems in quitting smoking.?
Will this marijuana be out of my system?
What happens when you overdose from an inhaler?(I dont want to I just want to know th side effects)?
How skinny is too skinny?
HELP ME: is my mom going to die from this?
If you're having visual hallucinations without use of drugs or booze what do you think is causing it?
Blood test phobia?
If suicide is not the answer, what is?
Need some new tricks on how to treat my sons' eczema. Help?
I accidently used a towel to dry my face, that my sister had used to dry her fungal toe nails! Can i get it?
I need some medical advice...?
Acne !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
What is the best to get rid of dry skin on your heel of your feet.?
What is the best non-perscription anti-persperient for women, or anything for men that unsented?
My daughter sprayed cologne in her mouth. Should I contact poison control? It didn't say anything on label.
Could somebody recommend a moisturiser for acne prone skin?
When people are about to fight, y do they put vaseline on their face?
Is there an anitdepressant you don't have to take every day just when you feel bad?
I had a dream last night about a car wreck and death...someone please help, it's an on going thing.....?
Is Alcoholics Anonymous a bunch af BS?
Positive thinking string.........?
Did something stupid,i need help...please?
I think I'm going to kill myself. What's the best way to go out...?
Controlling depression alone....?
Has anyone had headaches since childhood and no doc. knows what the problem is? i have, what is your opinion?
Drug Test Question?
What can I do to avoid the cravings of having a cigarette?
How do yu get rid of the disease of being a hillbilly?
Why do people smoke.? They say i hate smoking but then why not quit yes it is very easy to quit.?
Do i need to see a doc?
Why is it so wrong to pee in a pool?
Why do my eyes water when I take a serious crap???
Is it ok to take a shower when you have your period?
What do swollen glands in the neck and throat mean?
What time is your favorite time to wake up in the mornings, if and when you have the choice?
What causes stress?
Marijuana good and bad?
Why is getting out of bed so difficult in the morning?
My girlfriend thinks this is disgusting, do you?
Questions about LSD?
Is it true that when you sneeze you blink your eyes to prevent them from popping out due to the pressure?
The first treatment for a first or second degree burn is _________.?
I want to get my belly pierced which you perfer top button or lower button?
Does anybody have a take on crotchless pantyhose?
What's the best way to recover from blood loss?
Does anyone know.................?
Is there anything worng with me?
Where can I find information about my prescriptions?
Do you smoke, why or why not, what do you smoke? do you think smoking is bad for you>?
What happens when your foot "falls asleep"?
Whats The side effect of smoking cannabis long term?
Smoking Question?
What is the best way to get iron in your body?
What's the best way to cure strep throat when antibiotics are unavailable?
Do orgasms feel different to different people?
How to cure migraine?
What is the scientifical name for "boogers"?
Is death by hanging painfull?
Are people really living longer?
Do i have an Obsessive Compulsion Disorder?
Can you die from getting no sleep at all?
A little help on acne? please?
My acne is really red, is there anyway to reduce the redness
My breast itches?
Please help me. this is really making me depressed.?
Black Under The Eyes,But Why?
I'm 18years old n had not had chickenpox.should i take vaccine 4 it?
Itchy, red small bumps spreading over body
I'm so tiered all the time!?
Is a public toilet safe?
I Took 10 walgreens 2 Sleeping pills am i goign to die its at nite and i still ahve a headache from yesterday?
I have a hard time breathing after i run for like 1 minute? what should i do?
Why do we have cars?
Why, when you are having a bath...?
I hear a noise?
How can you tell whether a girl is a virgin or not?
How does smoking marijuana affects a persons ability to do well in school?
I carve in my arm with...?
Is it normal to have a cold in the Summer?
For all u doctors out there, i need help with a diagnosis.?
I think am sick with a virus- what should i do ?
Sort of an odd question...?
Really bad ear ake...?
What do i have? sick please help?
Can you help? My husband has been unwell for a few days and has got a bloated tummy and keeps belching he?
Anxiety/Panic Attacks?
Best cure for stomach flu?
For woman only please......?
I've been having severe stomache pain. What could be the problem?
How can I help my husband he snores terribly is there a formula that does not require medication?
What's the best OTC sleep aid to help me sleep on a plane?
How 2 say a firm NO IF I DONT LIKE A THING?
I work long hours and feel tired all the time ive been checked for diabetes its ok looking for some help?
Sweating real bad...?
My father showed me a horrific email recently and I can't get it out of my mind!! Help!?
Flu vaccine, can anyone help?
Is 2hrs sleep a day result in bad health?
I am really depressed and sad...Could I really have depression?
How can i stay awake for 3 days?
Why are people stupid enough to kill themselves?
Should i admit myself to a hospital, or am i being stupid?
I have let my life drift by...?
I'm Thinking About Overdosing?
Is drug addiction as bad as alcoholism?
Hi, I was wondering does anyone can share solutions with me on how to avoid depression and be happy....always?
A teenager!?
I might kill myself over a guy?
What causes fainting??
What is the best way to pass a drug test?
Does coffee impact your health?
How can two brown eyed people have a blue eyed kid?
How can I get a really good nights sleep?
Is this normal?
Bright blood after bowel movement...(serious responses please)?
I think I have the flu?
To all ex-smokers - what's the best thing about having given up?
What are the best useful ways to treat acne?
What kind of things help sun-burn and skin peeling?
Acne can you help?
Is there a hugging holiday?
I am dying, i would be grateful to who saves my life. Would you?
Itchy hands?
Will Zyrtec help me if I have been stung by a bee? My hand has been swollen for almost a week.?
Why we, as teenagers need healthy bones and how to get healthy bones.?
What is a product for exzema that really works??
Is rh negative and O- the same thing in blood types? if not what is the difference.?
Do you think there will be a cure for AIDS, Herpes or cancer in our lifetime?
Laser surgery today?
How do you get rid of a headache without pills?
I was wondering why they stopped making colored toilet paper,and why it doesn't have aloe,like in kleenex?
How do i get rid of dirt on my neck?
I cut myself with the blade of my food processor. I am bleeding like a stuck pig... How do I make it stop?
My roommate talks loudly on the phone when I try to sleep. Is there any good solution for me (ear plugs, etc)?
Give me a simple remedy to get rid of acne?
What is the full form of W.H.O?
For some odd reason it hurts when I...?
Cruel and Unusual Punishment?
What r u addicted 2???
Stopping smoking?
What was your bathroom experience like today?
Where is the most annoying place you have ever had a mosquito bite?
What is the healthiest drink besides water?
What do you think are the top 5 reasons for obesity?
My American friend, now living in the UK, is dangerously underweight for her kind at 12 stone...?
What are your bad habits?
Can it damage my eyes??
If u had 50 million dollars in ur hand right now......what would u buy?