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Lump in side of neck...?
If you had to give up one of your senses which one would you choose and why? sight,smell, touch,hearing,taste?
Do you use Q-tips to clean out your ears even though you aren't supposed to?
Horrible diarrhea problem....?
Ok, so im a virgin, and i want to lose my virginity, what is the best way to do it?
Why do people care about prolonging death so much?
Is there anything wrong with eating loads of ice everyday?
Bi-polar personality?
Blood in stool is a sign of what illness?
My ear hurts i was sick few days ago is it bcos of that plz help wat can i do abou it?
How do I get my blood presure up quickly?
Jaundice after heavy drinking - how serious is this?
Having had a blood test, the results are???
Different drug questions?
Giving Blood?
Eating Disorder?
Y daughter kayla is 16 w/ down syndrome.how long will she live?she's a cheerleader and is very healthy.help?!
Does smoking weed really kill your brain cells and if so do they grow back???????
How can I fall asleep. I always sleep aroung3:00 am to 4:00am can ya help me please?
Is it bad to smoke at 15?
I think something is wrong with me???help!?
Do I have a slim chance or a fat chance at getting struck by lightning?
Do blind people dream?
I really need professional advice....in regards to the safety of my health....maybe a psychologist/doctor???
How can I remove roll-on and perfume stains on my clothes?
Any advice for someone who is really scared of needles and has to get 3 shots today?
A little confused, not sure what kind of help I need, but I know I might be an alcoholic?
How do you end an addiction to the internet?
Why am i so jittery?
Meds or no meds?
Is it possible to fall in love with yourself if you're as nearly perfect as me? How many people have done this
I get too much angry on my nice son. I hurt my child a lot. Pl. advice.?
My husband been riding the trolley in a trench coat but no pants or undies what should i do??
Am I fat? What is wrong with me?
Why do I feel like sleeping too much?(Average 10 hrs a day). How can I reduce it to six hrs? Suggest me ways.?
Why cant i sleep :(?
How do I get rid off muscle spasms at night? I'm a healthy 27 year old girl,I don't know where those come from
What is the best way to get rid of a hickey?
Can Clorox clear a drug test? If so how much should I drink?
What are some tips to staying awake?
One of my family member has constapation problems, how can they get rid of it?
What could be happening to my dad?
How bad does your room smell when you wake up?
My girlfriend has asthma, so what do i do if we go out and she has an asthma attack?, how could i help?
I am only 35 and i am so tired of being in pain. i have pain in my knees both shoulders lower bak and neck ???
Is Chronic Fatigue Snydrome , A real illness?
Who is Father of Indian Medician?
What the HELL is wrong with ME!?
Anal irritation?
Could I have Diabetes?
What causes a vertigo spell, other than the ear ?
Tonsil surgery?
How can i remove under eye dark circles using home tips??
This guy keeps making fun of me because of acne scars on my face. What do I do????
Eczema sufferers.......what is the best cream/ointment that you have found that works?
I have a itchy butt.You know it is right there around the whole.What do I do?
What is the best thing to use for acne????
I have a small round circle slightly bigger than a two pound coin under my breasts. what has caused it?
I feel always heat in my body how to keep it always cOOOOOOL?
I have 2 days to get rid of posion ivy how can i?
Severe sickness after drinking. Help me please!!
POLL: people 18+, just want to know how many cigarettes you some a day?
Small bugs on my body?
Help! I can't feel my pulse!?
Anoreixia? what should i do?
When i go to the bathroom there is a dark pink tint to my urine should i go to the emergency room?
Hang over help please!!!!!!!?
My daughter asked me a very profound question tonight....?
I need help please!!?
Ever thought of killing yourself just so you don't have to deal with all the suffering in life?
I have a digestive problem and suffer from consitipition, what do you suggest?
What are the chances of getting off heroin?
Are ppl disgusted by your scoliosis??
Can stress cause swollen glands in one side of my neck.?
Hey my frene is gettin chest pains... can u help?
My 4yr old cousin is throwing up but she doesn't have a fever what should I do?
Can I take ibuprofen if I'm also on warfarin?
Why do I get shaky if I don't eat?
What site can tell me if all my medications will react OK together?
What is a good anti-depressant to take?
What makes drinking a "disease"?
Whay do i get a headache after eating?
Tingling upper lip and nose?
Why don't doctors/nurses like syringing blocked ears?
I recently twisted my ankle.xrays showed nothing broke. however I cannot walk on it and the baffling thing is?
I am learning to walk after paraylisis from guillain barre syndrome any tips?
Whats more harmful to your liver? bacteria or small amounts of alcohol?
What percentage of Americans think that chicken soup can cure the flu?
Blood Pressure 179/90 - Doc not concerned???
Does piercing hurt?
Does cracking of knuckles have a side effect?
What makes your arm pit smell?
Why do people smoke?
Do you trust your Doctor absolutely?
I've had a headache for 8 months now. Any suggestions?
What is a good starter alcohol drink for a very petitie girl who has never really drunk anything alcoholic b4?
Does anyone get this wierd taste in their mouth in the mornings? LIke a blood taste?
Does anyone feel so lazy sometimes?
Is something wrong with me?
I get angry very soon . can someone suggest a remedie?
What causes a person to become depressed?
What would you do if you figured that life is an imagination created by yourself?
Panic attacks in public?
Do you think there is a Sunday night syndrome?
Is depression with anxiety a disability.?
Are humans animals ?
If you take Xanax for anxiety / panic attacks, does it really work?
Is it bad if......?
I have a deep scratch on my finger - how do you know if it is infected?
Iwould like to know how I can overcome fear of swallowing pills?
Feces why does it smell so bad!?
How can i help my bipolar fiance?
My daughter has joint pain her bones hurts she is rundown and has lost a small patch of hair & gets dizzy?
Tell Me What You Know About Adults with AD/HD?
How would you sit down if your knees were back to front?
What can cause an enlarged liver in a healthy 17 year old boy?
Any news on irritable bowel syndrome?any cure? best treatments?
Is this weird?
Do you cup your farts so you can take a big whiff of them while they are not diluted in the air?
Is marijuana a lot worse then alcohol?
Should I kill myself?
Please help my daughter has thrown up 7 times in the last hour?
Have u heard of chiggers and what do u do once u've been bitten by them?
I'm 12 and is 5'6... is that bad?
Why are Americans so fat?
Can a person who is deaf and blind dream?
When you bleed, why does it stop over time? Wouldn't it just continue bleeding?
If food(diet) doesn't cause acne in teenagers, what does?
Does JUST washing your face everyday get rid of acne?
Acne problem help?!!!!!!!!!?
I caught bad sunburn 10 year ago?
I smoke a lot, so my lips have turned black.. where can i find treatment to get my pink lips back??
IM 13 help!!!?
How do I give someone acne?
How do you stop spots?
Do i have head lice?
I have been feeling sick over the last two weeks, plz help (read ma description for more)?
My stomach has been in pain for 2 days now, and I constantly keep usign the restroom. How do i stop my stomach
I know that cigarette smoke is bad in general, but what effect does it have on people with alzhiemrs?
How to control cholesterol? Please suggest me the ways to increase good cholesterol?
If child is having blood in stool is it because of worms?
Has anyone else noticed all the OTHER solitary eyes on here lately?
What exactly is "vertigo"? What are the symptoms?
What is blood in the urine?
I get bitten by mosquitos and my friend doesn't. He is an alcoholic and smokes. I do not. Connection?
Brain Aneurysm? Freaking out?
Why do you say bless you after you sneeze?
How do you get rid of a kiss mark fast as in very fast?
If someone is 5 ft 3 and 3/4 inches, should they consider themselves 5ft3 or 5ft4?
How to pass my drug test?
I need to detox by tomorrow can any one give me any suggestions?
Is it weird to be scared of vomit or being sick?
What can i use to stop my diarrhoea?
Why do fingers get so cold when typing on a computer?
Do you have a pulse in your stomach? if not why is there a movement in peoples stomach?
What one thing do you regret in your life?
Really embarrassing question…?
If you've been around ppl smoking marijuana does it come back on your drug test?
What TEmperature would you report to the nurse?
Would you rather freeze to death or burn?
Good day people, It would appear I have had the same underwear on since Tuesday?
Why are so many people looking for DISHONEST ways to pass a drug test?
Infection,turning green?
How do u make ur ears pop? i've tryed chewing gum buh nuttin?
Is taking nyquil everynight to go sleep bad ? will it effect my health ?
What is the best way to quit smoking?
Why did God create me? Society doesn't value me since I earn no money.?
Problems sleeping ...Can anyone help??
Why should we stop cutting down trees?
What is the difference bee tween soft and gentle?
If I stepped on a rake and punctured my foot - what's the best way to sew up the hole?
I always have a problem sleeping at night, it takes me hours before i could fall asleep! could someone help?
Best way to remove a tick from your scalp?
GIve me the top 3 answers to quit smoking.?
I stopped smoking about 2 to 3 months ago and i feel kinda weak is that normal? cant sleep either?
What causes clumsiness?
The condition that may cause bones to weaken and break easily is ____________?
What can you do to help a person out if there possibly dying from an overdose without calling 911?
A young girl broke her neck. does all cases of a broken neck end with paralysis?
I'm a bit worried about my children's ears.?
Alzheimer's disease is transfarable?
What are the long term effects of not eating properly?
Acid reflux?
Death question?
I have dark circles and pufiness round eyes, i dont drink water only teas, do u think thts the prob how much?
Nausea- what non-prescription meds are useful?
How much sleep ia necessary for human being ?
Was it better when people died in blissful ignorance of their illness?
What causes hiccups and how do you get rid of them?
What has been the worst physical thing to happen to your body?
Should STEM CELL research be allowed in the US?
What is wrong with me? I'm contently tired! with massive head/ear aches my joints are hurting .... help?
They think I'm anarexic?
Does any one know why its called the ashes?
In PLAIN ENGLISH (no links) what is Williams Syndrome?
How do you prevent yourself from being affected by others' negativity?
How can I treat my depression without taking drugs?
Can you have a healthy and happy reltionship with someone who is bipolar?
Do you feel happy when you're alone?
Why am I suddenly finding older women attractive?
Do you suffer from "Internet Forgetfulness?"?
What are you most afraid of?
Very disturbed regarding a asked question?
Every time I look at a beautiful female, I think how will she be in bed? Is it a case of character disorder?
Can you go to rehab for an addiction to Yahoo! Answers?
Why do people pee on the toilet seat when they are using the public bathroom?
What happens if i drink on a antibiotics?
How many of you are well hydrated?
I have never taken sleeping tablets, but what ones are good to take?
Is there any medical problems with constant masterbaton?
What is the most pathetic way to die?
I found 2 baby mice and dont know what to do with it there eyes are also closed?
Sore throat...?
Do you have an itchy back and what do you use to scratch it?
I need a diagnosis, please help!?
Currently have chest pains have had for 2wks?
Is coffee good or bad for you??
Do you guys know how to stope a headache?
I ge a burning sensation when i p what is this?
Does autism ever go away?
What kind of surgery do i need to get to become a vampire?
What to use for bad teen acne?
Is it possible to use sun block if you're swimming?
What happens if I get urine on my skin?
Sun burnt! Help pls?
How do I get rid of my superrrrrrrrr dry skin?!?
At 28, I now have a lot of acne on my chin - what's causing it?
Mosquito bites?
How do you get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles fast??
I have an acne problem and I was wondering if anyone had any solutions?
Best treatment for arthrithis?
A few dots of blood when i wiped [from behind] help... im scared!!!!!!!!?
Vomiting every morning....?
Lactose Intolerant?
Hi i'm a 18 yr old frm karnataka , my mother is suffering from severe chronic migraine , she is in the hospita
What causes a person to?
I have Acid Reflux, does anyone know any cure that could be a helpful, without going to the doctors?
Is it true that there is a chemical in turkey that makes you sleepy?
Acid reflux?!?!?!?
Help me. I have a mstery sickness. What is it? It is seriouse!!?
I ache all over, am always very tired, my knes and my back are in constant pant, I have seen doctor, my kidney
Can I/should I drink alcohol whilst taking Amoxicillian (sorry for the spelling!)?
Should smoking be banned in public places? Why or why not?
What is the best way to prevent papercuts?
DO you think we're really in the matrix?
I am 15 year old and weight 215 pounds and 5'7 cand i loose 70 pounds in three months?
If your house caught on fire, what would you try to save while running out? (family's already safe)?
How can I get rid of these damn hiccups?!?
What's wrong with my eye?
If you're given a chance to choose the way you die, how would it be?
Is marijuana really addictive?
Location of mayo clinic?
A poem? what do you think?
Do i have a cold or is it allergies?
How do you open an aspirin bottle?
What time do you go to bed?
How should i secretly smoke?
What's really worse? Alcohol, Tobacco, or Marijuana?!?
My husband and I have a debate on how you shower, and which method would make you cleaner.?
Do men prefer real or fake breasts? Men answer only?
Can a doctor identify this disease?
Medical marijuana and the work place when drug tests are needed?
Has anyone ever had a hissing like sound in one ear?
Can anyone help?
How does someone die of Acid Reflux disease?
My son is 17 years old and his testacles were hurting well actually his left side of his testacle and left sid
Is there a cure for Multiple Sclerosis?
Baking soda on acne? Please answer.?
How to get rid of cold?
I'm 14 n i desperately need to increase my height.Do those accupressure height increasing souls really work?
Is it possible to bleed blue blood?
Why does the media say fat is ugly and skinny is pretty?
Is it just me?Do I need glasses ,or is the average American really fat?
What would happen if you fart,burp,sneeze,cough at the same time?
I have been constipated for 1 month now????
Is anyone tired of seeing this question on Yahoo Answers daily?
My husband snoring so bad,how to cure it?
What kind of toliet paper do you use?
Please help. 10 points for best answer?
How do I help my roommate who has run out of medication?
Okay, depression.?
NEED ADVICE FROM THE Married Females !!!!!!!!!?
Do u have a tv?
I really need to chill coz I'm making myself really ill....?
I'm ugly...?
Guys would scars turn you off?
Christians, How do I deal with my depression?
I'm so depressed?
My 9 y.o. son was diagnosed as being Bi-Polar...?
I get sick when ever people start talking about medical conditions?
Help please...Cancer or not??
Eyelid twitch?
BIPOLAR-Anyone out there with bipolar can you tell about your first symptoms?
I am a 17 years old - dealing with severe acid reflux - any suggestions?
Can you still have children if you have scoliosis?
I just burned my tongue. Is there a way to make it go away more quickly?
What is thebest way to pass a drug test?
Cocaine and how to come off it?
I will go to the doc's if it carries on, but....?
Chicken pocks?
Why does my scalp hurt and when i tie my hair it hurts my head?
Would you rather??
My eyelashes have started growing down all of a sudden?
My scalp is really itchy and flaking after washing, I use cool water, and rinse for ages, any ideas?
I have blach heads in mi upper thiighs,, what is it from and what is it ?
Chapped lips..?
I am burned form tanning at the tanning bed!!?
Help with my acne!?
What happens when fat people die?
Why do disabled people get everything?
Is cannabis bad for you?
Is marijuana in the supply rooms of hospitals?
Side effects of smoking weed weed?
Is 9 years too big of a difference in a relationship?
What color are your eyes?
Umm...Embarrasingish kinda question...Buuuut..?
Does anybody have REALLY bad nosebleeds?
What do I do about a nail I bite too much off of?
Help. I'm addicted to the internet. I need a new hobby!?
HOw do you stop Hiccups??
What is the best legal appetite suppressant?
Best way to quit?
My daughter has little bumps around her body?
How can i get hard stool that is stuck in my anus out?
My mom cut her leg open, does she need stitches?
Why do i get so dizzy when i stand up?
Chest hurting?
My vein is bleeding...?
What exactly causes the symtoms of a hangover?
Cant sleep?! Please help I think I have a real problem.?
I know it's a dumb question but........?
Why do i start getting sleepy when i study?
Human Yawning?
What foods can be digested easy?
Why does passive smoking do more damage to your health than actually smoking the cigarette yourself?
If teenager is obviously suffering from the heat (indoors), and hurts when barely touched, what should you do?
How does it feel to have a headache, a stomachache, a neck pain and a hiccup at the same time?
How to get a 14 year old to wear his glasses?
I cant go to sleep at night ?
Is it true if u crack ur knuckles u get arthritis?
My girlfriend and i just rented a new apartment.?
Are citrus drinks bad for you when your ill and vomiting?
What would happen if i drank a bottle of baby oil on a dare?
What is wrong with me?
Who invented the lie that alcoholics cannot ever recover and drink responsibly again?
Where can I go for treatment of depression when I have no health insurance?
I am going through hard times. does anyone know a good way to relax and get things off of my mind?
Can you stop cutting on your own?
I dont know what causes this any ideas?
Why do people punch things when they angry?
Tell Me ... Why Can't I Have My Cake And Eat It?
Anti-depressants side effects....?
Well I've been having suicidal thoughts ..?
Is it true you can get a parasite from drinking water?
How can you cure insomnia ?
What is likely causing my sudden moments of vertigo?
How can we help my friend?
Coming off of xanax?
Why do so many people believe in Alcoholics Anonymous when it works for less than 20% of people that try it?
Why do i taste penny in my mouth when im just sitting down? or after running? is it liver? i have liver probs.
I feel like I am the only one with Tinnitus?
Cholesterol is this high?
My 6 years old little brother eat or drink then he vomitt back...help me plz!!?
What's the best way to give up addictions?
What type of painkillers can you take while drinking alcohol?
I know most people do have the habit of smoking.........?
IMPORTANT!!! Is my Mom having or going to have a heart attack?
What makes you happy in life?
Occasionally right after i fall asleep i wake up gasping for breath. Why does this happen?
Do doctors fart?
The noise last night from fireworks going off was awful,does anyone agree it's time to ban them?
Is marijuana bad?
What r some good excuses to get out of school?
Acne treatments: How do I get rid of them? Give me products, personal experience, old family things ANYTHING!?
What causes dark rings under the eyes when we're tired??
What is this white/clear gooey stuff that forms on my lips?
Psoriasis help anyone?????
Why would plucking hair from a mole cause cancer?
Has anyone found a way to clear eczema up?
Serious acne problems are taking over my life. Help?
Getting Rid of those blackheads
If someone you were dating gained 200 lbs, would you still date that person ?
When you're asleep how do you continue to breathe when the rest of your body has shut down?
What is the best brand of toiet tissue?
How hard is it to give up smoking?
I have this pain in my left buttock?
What does it call when a body turns yellow?
What determines the yellowness of your pee?
How many of you have a job that is pointless?
Name something you absolutely have to do every night before you go to bed.?
How do I tell my mum I have bulimia?
Are we still evolving?
If you were in excruciating back pain, which would you choose......???
What happens if you get a infection say on your finger (from a cut..) do they cut ur finger off? or cream...?
Is using honey healthier than regular sugar?
Help me!!! rash?
What can I do, to make the air go out of my stomach? Walked, jumped, eat pills, but it's still hurts.?
What is de ja vue - do u know what it is - i seem to get these flashes all the time ?
What does it mean when you get a ringing in your ears?
Why do tear involuntarily when I have a bowel movement??
Is a punching bag a healthy way to release daily rage?
Why is it that one week I can be happy and ok, and the next I'm feeling tearful and really down?
Any advice to not self harm?
What are you worried about?
Where can i go to get help with self confidence?
Do you ever feel like you want to die but don't want to kill yourself?
Emotional abuse?
What medicines are used to treat Bi-Polar?
Is it ok to think about suicide?
The point of alcohol?
Why are you against drugs?
Any advice for a wax virgin?
Does the weather seriously affect your mood?
I have terrible sore throat?
How do you Know if you are bulimic?
Why is (man) flu always so much worse?
Would it be dangerous to drink 24 cans of lager and 1 litre of Vodka within the next 15 hours?
How do I pick myself back up - self harm?
Stomach HURTS?
Will an apple tree really grow in your stomach,if you swallow the seeds?
Im really bored whilst being unemployed, what could I do to fill up my time other than search for jobs?
My lips are red and sore,like chapped but chap stick doesnt work,help?
Vicodin Addiction?
How do you throw up on purpose?
Should ugly/fat women be allowed in public?
Should weed,cocaine,amphetamines be legalised and alcohol banned?
Can you poison ivy from a couch if an infected person was sitting there...like my slovenly roommate?
What do you want to be when you die?
Is it normal for you're hands to be cold, blueish purple,and you're fingers to be fater than normal?
Why do some people get spots (acne) on their chest, even if they wash there everyday?
Dry skin???
Spots is that the first thing people see?
What skin disorder does Michael Jackson Suffer from?
What are the reasons of having stretch marks on *** even before gettin married?
My mom gots this rash looks kind of like ringworms but has no symptoms what is it and can i get it?
I have a small bump in the top of the right side of my neck and it seems to be bothering me ...help!!?
What is the best acne soulution?
What is the cause for dandruff?
Can you get high smoking weed your first time?
Is smelling or rather inhaling petrol harmful?
Anyone know the answer to this?
Sleeping? staying awake?
Why am I always so tired?
How do you clean soap?
1 week constipation?
My wife always farts why?
Help! I think I am fat! I'm 5 feet and already 100 pounds!?
Tired but I can't sleep?
Sometimes after I eat I feel sick...?
How do you show respect for non-english speaking clients?
Why are Doctors so arrogant?
I smoked some marijuana this weekend is this normal side effects...!?
Does standing near a microwave harm you?
I have a question about depression- I get very happy, and then I fall right afterwards.....?
Is Quitting, Ending and Finishing all the same?
Do you limit how much you sleep?
Do you think suicide should be illegal?
Do you find the sound of crickets at night soothing?
Whats the mediccal term for this?
Do you think we die naturaly because of a full memory?
I'm going to kill myself... i need help fast!!!!?
Do i have a problem or am i being stupid??
I am cutting myself and i want to stop!!!!!!!!!?
Is a person who is a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic dangerous?
How to get rid of heachaches without taking any medicines?
I accidentally a coca-cola bottle, is this bad?
Bad bad sunburn please help!?!?
My girlfriend often swallows chewing gums and cherry pits.What willhappen to them after they are in her tummy?
How many pulses does a human being have?
Will cuts heal faster if I squeeze a citrus fruit (lemon, orange, or lime) on it???
If you die will you donate your organs?
Ca you "pop" a mosquito bite?
What is the best migraine medicine?
What time do you wake up, and go to bed?
I can't sleep anyone know what things work to help me get some shut eye?
Does anyone seem to have a problem sleeping?
My mom says that I cant stay home, but I feel REALLY sick??
Is it bad to take cough drops when your not sick, just cause they taste good?
What the hell do you English people have against body hair!?!?
Can good food cause an orgasm?
Science question 10 points!?
Ive had a bad day?
Who here ISN'T afraid of the doctor?
Ladies and Gentlements i would like to do a survey on when did u lose ur virginity?
I need to pass a urine drug test tomorrow - Havent smoked pot in 5 days.Can I pass by drinking water- how much
How did you give up smoking?
Can i still grow taller at 17? im only 5'6.?
Ladies, can I have your honest advice please on important question?
Is this what is normal..what do u think?
What can I do to get rid of tiny red veins in the eyes?
My one year old son is loosing hair in a form of circles. What are the cause and medicine?
Boyfriend has severe acne! HELP!?
I have dandruff, have used everything 2 clear it also my scalp is very oily n cant apply oil so what 2 do?
Why are we all alive?
Has anyone used canesten cream to treat thrush and did it work well for you? how long did it take for.........
Black heads.?
Xanax and does it work?
If everyone threw away their psychiatric medication, wouldn't they be better off?
9-5 working is sooooooooooooooo boring?
Crazy, disturbing dreams..HELP?
I AM tired of LIFE & I want to shutdown my LIFE?
What kind of things can i do to prevent depression?
What is the best way to build self confidence and self esteem?
How do can i ruin my eyes??
Any suggestions i hate drinking water but i know i have 2?
Should marijuana be legal?
I need a background noise to help me sleep!?
Ok i have the worst soar throat ever!! help?
What's a good way to get rid of a sore throat fast?
What can i do to wake up at the early morning?
Why am i soo tired?!?!?
Is it suppose to hurt when you take out the tampon?
BLEEDING BADDLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Does Calcium vitiamins cause any side effects?
Smoking bans?
I burnt my tounge hlp!!!!!?
Is there something we can use for ezcema? That I can buy in a drug store?
Have you ever had to do cpr? did the person live?
What is the best way to treat several itching mosquito bites?
Exactly what are the bad effects of taking weed??
I have OCD, and I need help....
What do you think causes leg cramps?
What's the closest you've ever come to death?
I am short so every one keeps pesterin what do i do?
What do u think of when ure sitting on the toilet?
Is it possible for a 12 year old to conceive?
What do you do, to release tension from your mind and body?
Why am I getting so many new freckles where the sun doesnt even shine?
I think i might have pink eye?
White spots under nail beds what are they?
Small bump on my neck...what is it?
My wife is a big woman who has a overlaped stomach.We have tried all types of powder and still her under belly
Fastest way to lose weight?
Sorry sounds gross but ....?
How do i take care of two small blood blisters?
How do u freeze body moles off?
Can emotion effect body heat?
What's a good time to wake up tomorrow?
Can't sleep?
What is the best and painless way to quit smoking?
Why don't little kids shut-up forever and ever?
Will you answer some of my question's?
Ok this is kinda gross but i have this nasty cut on my leg and It keeps trying to heal to my jeans!?
How do I hold in my PEE!!!?
What the hell "crow's feet"?
Strange but true: What are your weirdest remedies (that actually work) for heart burn & Hiccups?
Is it Illegal to marry Ur cosin?
Stung by bee..shortness of breath?
I just bought a pair of boots to go tree planting and am getting heel blisters will they stop?
Treatment for hicup?
Do I have Pink Eye?
How du get rid of sunburn quick?
Do Doctors always tell the truth?
Has anybody ever heard of anyone committing suicide while they were sleep walking?
If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do?
How to gain weight?
How will I die?
What was wrong with me? List of symptoms follow....?
Occasionally i feel like im floating, why is that?
What is your most essential wellbeing requirement?
I feel Horrible, can anyone help me?
Strange dream g/f has been having.?
Why do I feel like I'm running out of breath when I talk?
Today is it just me or?
Why can I not move when I wake up?
Questions about my dad?
Should i die?
How do you control anger?
Any advice? My suicidal thoughts come and go with stress. Today I started to think about it again.?
Did you ever have the feeling?
I am having a miserable birthday - how can I redeem it?
My sister has depression.?
Im so depressed ?
I have a fetsih for chewing toe nails
Is there any home remedies to cure constipation?
Cracking Ankles?
Why do i wake up groggy every morning and in a bad mood?
Whats the best thing to take for a blocked nose?
"Isn't it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do practice?"?
Does anybody else hate living in London?
Is it ok to shower when you are sick?
What foods do not contain wheat?
The past about 20 hours, ive been feeling this kinda bad feeling like something bad is gonna happen. PLZ READ!
Can marijuana get in your system jus by looking at it?
Do all epileptics bite there tongue every time they have a seizure?
How to gain weight?
Is there something wrong with me?
Why is my entire right arm including my fingers numb and tingling all the time?
I am having trouble sleeping. It seems I can go to sleep but in the middle of the night I wake up and end up?
Can't sleep...what's the best way without s*x!?
Getting my wisdom teeth out in just 10 hours. does it hurt?
There is something in my bellybutton and I cant seem to get it out.?
Whats the quickest way to get drunk?
Where can i get help for my brother with bad acid burn scars. he is 24 and is very depressed, please help?
Whats the best way to get rid of acne...?
I have bad acne and I use proactive and my face is still broken out what should I do?
I need like acne help!?
My daughter aged 8 years have dark circles under her eyes. Good food and medicine did not do anything.?
Scar Healing?
What to do for dry skin??
I have a terrible itch under my armpit for many days? I didn't change anti prespirant, what can I do?
What is your best asset?
Is eating ice that bad?
Can you get high from weed if you have ADD?
Pooh Problem?
How tall are you?
Can anyone help me figure this out?
What is the secret to a very happy life? Is there one?
Why do i keep getting bad nose bleeds?
I am tired of life and my health is faltering,?
Whats the best way to stop indigestion?
How do you tell someone they stink?LITERALLY!!!!?
Ear Plugged up??
Is it bad to pop your knuckles?
What is the normal whigt of a 5"2 11 year old girl?
Im bleeding is that bad?
How do I Stop A Mosquito Bite From Itching?
My eyes are burning and I am at work what should I do??
Sunburn help? ASAP?
Why am I always late?
I am 5'4 and what can i do to increase my height?
My son is choking.. what do i do?
My sister is sick...?
How is every ones day going so far?
How to relive stress?
I cant sleep.. any tips?
Im a 14 yo boy who likes to ware girl panties(im not gay) how do i get?
Waking up in the morning?
Do bananas make you constipated?
I have heartburn, should i keep drinking and forget about it?
How do I know if I'm addicted to cigarettes?
Where do I get medical marijuana?
What would you do if you could live forever?
How many days a year do you skip showering?
Why do I get so sleepy when I am driving to work?
How do you get rid of the hiccups?
Can u explain why i am tired all the time? when i get 8 hours of sleep or more?
I Need Help, I'm not feeling well.....?
Smoking questionnnnnnnnnnnnnn.?
Have you played doctor as a child?
My partner says her small spots on her forehead aer caused by her fringe ...is she right about this?
Rosacea? Success stories, please?
Hand creame, what the best and most affective?
My 3 yr old has developed a rash all over his body but he has no fever or other ill syptoms. What shall I do?
When i shave bikina area reb bumbs come up and...?
Okay big red bump on... the va gee gee..?
Acne help please!!!?
I am a long time acne sufferer, does any body have any tips?
What causes the white streaks on fingernails?
I need help, very depressed.?
How can I get my 20 year old son off of pot?
Phobia/fear of feet touching you???
Can the after effects of alcohol make you depressed?
My 10 year old girl seems to have "no common sense". Is this a brain malfunction?
How can explain my anxiety disorder to my husband?
What the f**K is the problem with you people????
I have anxiety attacks, OCD, and social phobia. how can i overcome those three?
What is the best way to kill yourself?
Please help 10 points!!!!!!?
Do you smoke weed?
How do people get to size zero? i dont understand!!?
How do u know if the inside of your stomach is bleeding?
Anyone know what you can put on a sunburn?
Where is your favorite place to go to feel peaceful?
Would you change your gender for a day if you could?
Why don't I ever get bitten by mosquitos?
Should I smoke now? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!?
My are my guts bubbling?
Would you get arthritis if you crack your knuckles regularly???
How do you fight mosquitos if your always bitten by one?
Personal but very important question!!?
How do you get rid of a boil?
Can you kill athlete's foot if you urinate on your feet in the shower?
I stretched my ear and now it is swollen?
My eye hurts and is crusting all day?
Your second foot finger is longer than the first?
What to eat to get rid of body weakness after diarrhea?
Do u or don't u?
Does anyone know how I can get rid of dry skin ?
Name 3 things that have made you smile today!!?
I am 14 years old and had my period two years ago and now i am 5 ft , will I grow taller w/ 5"4 /5''6 parents
I have started to drink a lot of water here lately. Can drinking to much water do damage to your system?
Do you and your family use antibacterial soap?
I have really really dry skin?
How come women put the toilet papar on the roll comming down the back side and men going down the front?
What is the most effective way to stay up all night?
Does Anyone Have Any Idea About These Symptoms?
Im 24 male and worried that im losong my hair, How can I stop it and get it to grow back?
Are you bored??
Is it normal for a teenager to have a few strands of white hair?
What is a good way to relieve stress?
Urgently needed: quickest home remedy for constipation other than drinking alot of water?
Blood in Urine?
What's a quick fix for sore throats?
Is smoking under water bad for your health?
During a drug test?
Contact lenses?
Last night I slept 9.5 hours, woke up sleepy. At noon today I want to take a nap. Why am I always SLEEPY?
Help! in need of good ways to releave stress ???
I have a cold- Does this qualify me for a sick day from school?
I lied to my parents about being sick and now i have to go to the doctors.. what should i do???
Do you bite your nails?
How can i unwind and sleep better?
Are by-Polar people insane?
If i went to the doctor saying i was run down and need signed off are they obliged to sign me off?
Do you ever feel all teary and emotional for no reason at all?
I dont need therapy, do i?
What are you afraid of?
Am I the only one....?
Do I have a mental disorder?
Why am i getting rejected from every female on myspace and the other dating site, plentyoffish?
How do you cope when all goes wrong?
Is this... weird? Well, is it?
I have poision oak everywhere on me, and I need to get rid of it before school starts. Can someone help me?
How can I disinfect surfaces against fungus?
What could it be?
What is the best thing to do to get rid of acne?
I am developing a sty. It didn't "open" or blister yet. Is there a way to get it to go away before it starts
Acne getting me realy depressed....what do I do?
21 with spots?
Most effective underarm whitening product? anyone?
I need u to answer this!!!?
If you had to name the thing that frightens you the most about growing old, what would it be?
When you use a public toilet do you?
How to get reed of hicupps?
What do these symptoms mean to you?
Which would make you alot more happy,Money or health?
What should I put in my First Aide Kit?
What are doing whaen you are sick?
I REALLY want to "do it" with my boyfriend ( of 6 months)but i also don't. Help!?
How can i stop the pain?? I got bitten by a Werewolf.?
Remind me why I agreed to stay on and do overtime tonight?
I am 5"2 and 15 years old, but I weigh 97 pounds...is that fat?
How do I beat my strange addiction?
My nose keeps dripping because i use cocain. How do i stop the drips?
How do I get rid of headaches??
How many calories should a person consume each day?
A everyday drink that will help a sore throat?
I got my tongue burnt bad while one senior told me to drink dettol,I cannot taste anything how can i cure it.?
Do i take zantac before or after dinner?
What does a pap smear feel like?
If I have to fart and I die right before I do, is it possible that I will fart after I die?
Can you give me three words today to sum up your day?
What is the most popular eye color? After that what is the most popular...etc.?
How do i get people to stop makin fun of me im a good person and dont deserve this treatment?
Can some one please help me ? :-( i don't know what size bra i am its so embarrassing?
Is this healthy?
What do you do if a guy moons you?
Is life all about being beautiful and having the perfect body, life just feels its gone that way RIGHT/WRONG?
I have to have surgery in the morning, I shouldn't eat or drink anything after 12:00, Right?
If the body decays at death, how can it end up eventually in heaven or hell?
I like to weigh myself all the time--before and after workouts, before and after I pee. Am I strange?
Could he have a mental illness?
Is there any way to treat depression without medication?
Is it better to be stressed or depressed?
Fear of Death?
What do you do when someone tries to kill themselves in front of you?
What can I do to empty the anger I have inside?
Friend being stupid?
Should i skip Sleeping?
Am i depressed?
Do you sleep with the TV on?
How do you stop the hiccups?
Boys: Is 5'6 (168cm) short for a girl?
What happens if people drink river water that may be contaminated?
I'm 21, should I have a will?
What does it mean to "get laid"?
I feel like i am dying, my ribs hurt when i breath and my shoulders are sore.?
What is the difference between a cough and a sneeze?
My two daughters aged 8 and 4 are suffering from dry skin problems. pls help to overcome this problem?
My husband has a rash under his arms and it is only getting worse can anyone help?
Obnoxious itching all over body while going to sleep?
Very itchy I dont understand it ?
Warts frozen off my face..10 points!!!!!!?
What are some tips for back acne?
How do you get skin tags removed?
How can I stop sweaty hands?
After i shave and moistrise my legs sting even if i dont cut them
I have got an insect bite on the back of my leg which wont heal any advice?
L can't get my sleep at night l'm always awake what can l do?
Why do Doctors perscribe dangerous mind altering addictive drugs like anti-depressants ?
What percentage of the human body is made out of water?
Can you use peroxide to clean your ears?
Why does my nose bleed randomly?
I got a sunburn and it hurts so much! How can I ease the pain and make sure I dont peel?
How do u get rid of gas in ur stomach?
Airplane Ear Blockage - how to prevent it?
How do you replace the boredom you get when you stop drinking.?
My poos are like pellets at the moment. lots of small round ones come out?
What is it? eww!?
Why does smoking cigarettes make my tongue burn?
My mom smokes marijuana?
If everyone died at a certain age how would you waste your last week?
Is this poison?
What is the most unatractive physical attribute a woman can have on her?
What constitutes a SHOWER versus a RINSE OFF?
I'm EMBARRESED 2 ask my DOCTER this...?
I have a question concerning personal hygiene?
I cant sleep......!!?
Do you eat alot when you're depressed?
Why do people smoke?
Does Cracking your bones cause arthritics??
Does any one know what to use on dry rough palms and soles of the feet.sometimes peels.?
Does toothpaste cure or ease piles?
My middle finger is longer than all my other fingers.?
Constant nausea everyday?
Are there any home remedies for acid relfux?
If you take a painkiller for, say, headache.........?
Is it safe to buy prescription drugs from india.?
What causes your eye to twitch?
Whats wrong with me?
What is the best way to cure a yellow furry tongue! i scrub evry day and it still comes back, what causes it!?
If a woman is so stressed out she feels like shaving her head a sign of going crazy?
I might be trying ecstacy for the first time on friday. any advice?
Whats an alternative for cutting yourself?
Have you heard of Reiki as a quick First aid method?
Do I have a split personality?
Should a Man Ever Cry in Front of His Children?
How to I get wax out of a ear that is very deep. I can only hear slightly?
Would you think i was depressed just because i wear all black?
I died when I was ten and a policeman, paramedic and a doctor brought me back! Should I go after them?
What is the best way to clean out your system and get your health on track?
If you had to chop off a part of your body which part would it be and why?
How can I control my temper?
What can I put on dry skin where I have stitches?
Do old people actually shrink as they get older?
Untreatable depression?
What's the technique used to prevent someone from choking?
I woke up this morning and my stuffed monkey was standing over me, wearing a mask. What do I do ?
What's your condition or dissease?
How painful is the numbing of a toe to remove an ingrown toenail?
What is subcutaneous?
What to do about redbugs?
I need my scars to disappear?
I have a something kind of like a zit on my lips and it hurts I popped it this morning? Do I have an STD?
Am i in danger??? Im really worried about this mole??
Itchy itchy, bumps comes and goes?
Is Psoriasis Contagious?
Ingrone toenail!?
Should i pop or break my blister? (ignore the spelling)?
Has anyone tried vitamin C for lightening dark spots? Possible side effects of too much vitamin C?
What is the best cure for spots?
How bad does a cortisone shot hurt during, right after, & like 6-7 hours later?
What is the formula for long life (longetivity)?
Does everyone think that girlz with a couple of freckles on some parts of their face are ugly?
Super Bad Sunburn + Graduation TOMORROW. HELPP!!!?
What the fastest way to get rid of zit?????????????????????
My pink eye is bleeding?
Does chocolate really cause zits?
What is First Aid?
Ifyou are a girl, would you like a guy with tatoo on chest or stomach better?
Best way to cure or get ride of psoriasis?
How can I relieve sunburn on my face and reduce its redness?
I Have dry, flaky, cracked, stinky & itchy feet, any good homemade remedies? i heard drinking water helps.....
I keep getting rather large bruises on my legs and stomach without knocking myself. Anyone have any idea why?
Should we be concerned as parents for keeping our SICK children at home?
What is the best way to treat a cigarette burn on my hand?
Does anybody know any mild soap i can use?
I burnt accidentally burnt myself by a cloths iron? can someone help me?
Do you distrust the medical profession?
Why do you feel like yawning when you see someone else yawn?
Board, depressed, sad?
Are you an organ donor? What are your reasons for your choice?
I feel realy guilty?
I Keep Coughing!?
Why am i getting sick so often?
How hot is it at your house...i'm dying in heat as you can tell!?
I NEED SUNBURN ITCH RELIEF NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Sometimes when I wake up, I find 6-8 roaches in my mouth. Whats up with that?
Gasoline smell?
Does stress have any ill effects on your body? If not, should I be worried about what I've been feeling?
When is the best time to take a multi-vitamin, morning or night?
Feeling really crappy!?
How to get rid of bed bugs??? please help me?
Is there a way to improve your eyesight??
Am i ok i fell asleep lissiong to my mp3 and woke up at 5 with the cord around my neck i woke up but am i ok ?
Is it wierd getting a shot in the butt? Is it common?
Disability living allowance while working.?
How do I get this handmark of my face?
I have woken up tired, and been falling asleep nearly at work what can i do to help?
This is kinda gross but please help!!!?
Why is Urine sometimes very dark or very clear?
Any smokers looking forward to the ban on smoking....?
If i've never smoked b4, it that still cool?
Is abortion, the right thing to do?
Help with bed wetting?
How can I make myself throw up?
What can I do to get more energy?
It's kind of gross but...?
Is three weeks long enough to pass a drug test for pot?
How old do you have to be to smoke my friend said 14 but 16 to buy them?
What's the most painful type of bite or sting?
What is so good about alcohol.?
What do you do to reduce stress?
Am i immature or young at heart?
How do i get rid of my unibrow?
What is your favorite quote?
Whats the best way to stop mosquito bites from itching?
Boils won't go away???????!!!!!!!!?
What can I use to help really cracked hands?
How can I stop acne and make my face cleaner ? Emergency.?
Does anyone out there apart from me pick their spots like all the time?
Are generic drugs as safe and effective as branded drugs?
Ecema problem, any one know how to get the right mdeicine for this type of skin prblem.?
Acne problems?
How do i keep my posion ivy from spreading?
Why is saline solution used to clean wounds rather than normal distilled water?
How do i stop my fingernail from falling off?
Contact lenses or plain old glasses. Which is better for the eye?
How do you complain of obesity to the doctor at the first visit?
I'm going blind help me?
How severely anemic is someone who craves ice?
How long can we struggle to stay afloat when we drown?
Why does companies keep making things that they know will kill others?
Can swallowing cologne or perfume harm you?
Depressed and suicidal. Please help?
Am I physic?
Mom's computer addiction?
I wanna run away!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME PLEASE?
Unable To Cry?
Are you scared of death?
What do you do when you feel like giving up?
I HATE MySELF!!!!!!?
Stress - How do you cope?
Can popping your fingers too much give you arthritis??!!?
But i have stop seeing my period?
Wots ur bra size ????????????
Sweating!..............Is there a cure?
How many times do you take a bath a day???
Is marijuana relly that bad?
What does it take for you to go to sleep?
Why am I still alive?
What do you think about cutting?
I have long nose hairs what can I do?
What do you do when you cant fall asleep?
I have clear mucus?
My finger nails are going yellow and weak for some reason, any ideas what to do and what's the cause?
Do you believe in God?
Girls only!!! Do you like a guy that kisses your toenails or hugs them?
I can't swallow pills, how should I do it?
Are doctors' receptionists the spawn of the Devil?
How do you control a Pepsi addiction?
I accidentally got too drunk! I have a hangover and have to go to work, are there any quick fixes?
Does applying cocunut oil on your head cause dandruff??
My bowels movements?
If you stopped smoking how long did it take before you actually lost the taste for smoking?
My doctor says to take antibiotic 3 times a day. How many hours apart should I take them? When should I take?
Whats the best acne treatment available?
GIRLS ONLY!!!!! What's a womens best friend?
How can I make myself sick?
If you were suddenly no longer able to speak (but could still think and hear clearly) what would you miss most
What is good for really dry lips?
Are my feet too big or small for my age?
Would you call out of work??
I have a hard time sleeping?
Does anyone know medicine that has successfully cured eczema, either alternative or conventional methods?
What exactly is wrong with me?
Why does It hurt when I have a BM?
PLEASE HELP. I need songs to sleep at night?
Good face soap for oily skin?
Is it true that if you get hit in the back while your eyes are crossed, they stay like that?
Excess sweating on forehead??
I have water trapped in my middle/inner ear. Will it get out? Is there any way to get it out?
Whats good for bad acne?
When you walk in the door from a long day, whats the first thing you do?
How do I stop chewing on my lip??
How do I disinfect my keyboard and mouse without ruining them?
What kind of insect bite is this?
Itcy rash on wedding finger?
Why do my eyes turn yellow after a night of drinking?
If I ate nothing but Quaker Oats for over a week, how long would my turds be?
I am suffering from my past of what my exbrother in law did to me.And this is hurting my marriage?
My wounds not healing? :(?
What are symptoms of gallbladder problems?
What is the name of the security system that u get for elderly like when they fall it calls into 911?
Do the big mosquitoes bite people or just the little mosquitoes?
How to behave when somebody gazes at you as if u are from outer planet. honestly, am suffering a lot need help
How long to check for signs of life in adult CPR First aid?
I have got an awful cold can anyone recommend a good simple home remedy for me?
Is O.C.D. a REAL disease?
Should I go to bed yet?
Can a fat person call someone else fat as long as they're not as fat as the person they are calling fat?
How can you stop yourself from growing?