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Poison ivy what to do?
Is is necessary to wear Glasses?
What's the BEST way to get rid of acne?
Can you wear reading glasses while using the computer?
Wearing someone elses NEW contacts?
What can i do to get rid of these boils under my arm.they come to a half head and go down.?
The pool has made my eyes blurry?
A question about an eye exam.
Do you have to get an eye exam EVERYTIME you get a new pair of glasses?
About Laser Surgery?
I'm obsessed with cleaning my ears with cotton swabs everyday. Is this harmful?
Why do I like getting splinters in my fingers? Is there something wrong with me?
If you smoke weed will it hurt your lungs?
Nail Biting?
Why do people ask medical questions reguarding to thier children on Answers?
Could anyone tell me what to do to recharge my batteries?I've lost my energy, my motivation,can't study anymor
Is it dangerous to sleep with earplugs in?
How can we control the body heat in summer season?
Are there any societies that ritually drink urine? Does urine have anti-bacterial qualities? Aphrodisiac?
My hands (and sometimes my feet, but rarely) get cold. Please help......?
Why do i get acne on my forehead?
How to have a nice skin?
I have a red spot on my butt?
I have acne trouble and i wash morning and night & they are still there. HELP?
Is it cheating if you and your partner are taking a break?
Im black, any solutions?
Bump on armpit???
Im itching all over what can i do?!?!?!?
Should you use an air purifier with the windows open? Does it make the purifier less efficient?
What would make a persons belly hurt after eating Chinese and pizza?
LISTEN PLEASE MEDICAL PROBLEM..My husbands stomache on his left side is very sore to the touch?
Can i sue the doctor who lied to me big time?
What are some things that I can do to lower my blood sugar?
Human Bite? how infectious is it?
What causes Heart Burn as i get it allot and it is very painfull?
Why am i so thirsty?
How do you decide if a cold is just a cold, or if you have pneumonia?
Chest Pains?
Help...my friend thinks shes a pig?
I did something stupid. Need some Reassurance/Advice?
How do you know when you're addicted to smoking?
How is everybody? please tell me
I am having trouble forgiving my Father for what he did. Help!?
How do victims of domestic violence deal with post traumatic stress disoder?
Would you say you're clinically insane?
When i'm depressed is it better to listen to upbeat music or downtempo?
Do people who have never had mental illness or inner struggles (only outer struggles) annoy you when they?
What is the medical term for dandruff?
Acne treatment: benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid?
Eating myself?
Eczema problems?
I have a rash on the left side of my face, it looks like a bad case of acne.?
How to clear acne?
Can Chocolate Make Acne Alot Worse?
I have being beaten by a flea and got some rash on my hand and feet will the rash go?
What do I do for a bee sting to make it stop swelling?
Can you help me to stop bleeding?
My ear feels clogged up i tried wax removal and it didnt work flushing with water and q-tips didnt work help?
What is a good sunburn reliever?
How do I make a warm compress at home?
What causes muscle cramps, and is there any way to stop them?
Can you drink alcohol whilst taking penicillen?
Sunburn relief please!?
Do you feel sorry for someone with an addiction, or do you feel it is their own fault, screw 'em?
I feel like I'm always tired, even when I get more than 8 hours of sleep. What should I do?
Whats the best cure for friction rash?
Ladies please help?
Do you have any scars that throb?
I have problem with my skin peeling on or in between my toes.?
What is ringworm?
Why do i get acne whenever anything touches my face?
White bumps on tongue?
Is going to the bathroom once a week healthy or do i have a problem?
Doctors or nurses please help!!! Reaction to a medication?
I am studying medicine and i do not have time to eat ¿what can i do?
How do u deal with it?
Can a syringe filled with air entering into the veins cause a person to die of heart attack ?
Whats the best way to sleep?
I just burned my finger on the oven what's the quickest way to sop it hurting?
Does aloe heal sunburn?
Is it bad not to remove the stinger from a bee sting?
What excersises can you do that will give you a flat stomach IN LESS THEN A MONTH??
What did you dream about last night?
How do I get rid of the hicups?
How do you get photographic memory.?
Should i drink alcohol before being with a women?
I told my mum...?
What is the best medicine for Depression? And what is the best medicine for Anxiety?
I just need someone 2 talk 2....And God really doesn't care.?
My adult sister is bipolar, off meds & increasingly violent. Can she be committed for her own safety? How?
How do you know your insane?
Daughter seeing school counsellor?
Is this woman mentally ill?
How do u get help for sucide??
What does it mean when you have green snot?
What can i do to treat a minor burn?
What is best shampoo or remedy for dry scalp/dandruff ( besides Head&Shoulders; shampoo ) ??
You know those blisters inside of ur mouth?
Should I take CPR classes? And if yes, do you know where?
Worries about a Spider Bite?
I just cut my self?
How can u get rid of dreams?
How do i stop coughing? please help!?
Migrains? Do you get them?
What is the best treatment for exima?
A sign of Staff?
My face gets WAY TOO oily in the day...what can I do about it?
Sun block allgeric reaction?
Can Tanning Beds Help.......?
How do I get rid of a brown sunspot on my face?
Can doing anything else to the skin, leave a mark that looks like a hickey?
What's the healthiest make-up to wear when you have a bad acne problem?
The stage of life between childhood and adulthhood is?
What exactly is schizophrenia?
What 's wrong with me?
Why do i worry so much ?
Head bashing??
Should i go back to work yet with depression?
Afraid Of Dying?
What do you do when loneliness comes over you and you cannot get rid of it ?
How to stop hating the world around me?
Can you get sick from this?
My right eye is constantly twitching and has been for the last 3 weeks eny ideas?
I want to start taking honey daily, which is the best honey for this purpose?
What age is normal for my son to stop wetting the bed. He is 13. is this normal?
Your suggestion can change my life :I want to quit smoking ?( Tips , best web sites , that can help me )?
What's a good home remedy for a slight sunburn?
How can we get rid of a migraine?
Is there anyway to wake myself up around 2 or 3 am?
Anybody know how to get relief from a chronically bunged up nose?
I have this dry hacking cough constantly I cough so hard that I'm getting dry heaves and break out in a swett.
Can head lice survive off the head? eg Chairs, toweling etc?
What is the best thing to do for frost bite?
Is there an easy way to take off a band-aid?
Why is it that every night when I take off my shirt I have a lint ball in my Belly Button?
What is the safest way to remove a tick that has already attached itself?
How do you get rid of hickups?
How come....?
What will happend if you burn yourself on purpose?
How do you?
HELP- How to prevent a scar from turning into a stretch mark??
How do you tell a friend if she is having under arm bad odor?
My mole is growing whats going on is that bad or what?
What is a really good deoderant for women?
Knows any one wt hat to do to get the fungus out of the feet nails?
I've been beaten by my cat flea. What shud i do?
I have a question about a sore area on my skin...?
Shaving Question?
Is it normal...?
What is the name of the condition where one worries excessivly all day about trivial issues?
Im hopin to find people with depression to talk to .... as i have councillors dnt wrk ...?
Do you think 'mental disorders' are real, or a crutch for most?
Serious answers only please...I've been suffering with a mental health problem.?
What do you think about shcool foods?
What are you ocd about?
Cutting myself is a problem I have...?
Do I help my husband or do I help myself?
Cant afford to go to the doctor -- can anyone help 'diagnose' my problem?
What's this about gagging?
Stomach Aches Every Morning at school?
My 8 yr old daughter is running a high fever that wont come down?
Due to bird flu thousands of birds get killed in one area to stop it spreading.?
It hurts help me?
I think I'm under the alfluence of inkerhol, what do you think?
Are There any medicines that make yor digestive system work faster?
If you have a very small sliver of metal in your eye how do you get it out or what do I do?
I burnt the top of the roof of my mouth by eating some hot food. What first aid can I perform on myself for it
How to tell if poisoned?
My 3 1/2 year old bites his nails. There are almost no nails left on his little fingers to bite. What can I do
I accidently cut my self in a bad area and i need some help?
What are some ways to reverse aging?
What is the best meds for acid relux?
What Got Rid of Your Acne? Im allergic to ProActive?
HELP!!! Stop The Bleeding?
Am I mad ?
Is excema contagious?
Does ProActiv Solution really work?
Which is harder to treat?
What is really good for acne and oily skin?
I have bad ezecama on my ears and now scalp. i have had homeopathic treatment. but no money for anymore.?
I have a zit, and whenever I pop it, it keeps filling back up over the next day or so. Any suggestions?
What can i do about my acne with sensitive skin?
Does anyone else have "skin tags?" and what did you do for it? I have been to the doctor,and had them
Alternatives for self injury- scratching and cutting?
I cut myself, is this bad?
Am i addicted?
Tips for over comming depression?
How many of you suffer from depression and other related symptoms?
I think i may be suffering from depression?
How to turn around my life?
Am i paranoid?????
Home Remedy for Stopped-up Ears?
I like to put my finger in my belly button and smell it. How can I stop?
This was asked to me the other day... Do you think we should send contraception to 3rd world countries?
What's the best way to quit smoking?? Please help!?
Whats Wrong With You ?
Do you think the costs of universal healthcare would be out of this world?
I always feel so weak and lethargic?
How can I get rid of a big gas bubble in my upper abdomen?
How do you fix crooked glasses?
SMOKERS why smoke?
What is a blood blister?
Ways to get a splinter out without tweezers?
I have to know what this is!?
I just burnt the corner of my mouth with the steam from a hot pitta, what can i do to stop my skin peeling off
Ever safed anyones life? or similar stories?
Whats the best way to cleanse your kidneys?
Are ultra mild cigarettes less harmfull?
Why does soap burn your eyes and not your hands?
How do I stop the constant itching after a sunburn?
Does my Mum look big in this??
Can fleas live on your skin??
What is a good way to get rid of a plantars wart?
Itching inside cast on a broken leg?
My arm is like weird?
If your husband has ringworm will you catch it simply by sleeping next to him at night?
What degree burn is this? And is it likely to scar?
Best and fastest way to get rid of under toe nail fungus?
My skin has been SO dry. Especially my face.. What's a good moisturizer?
Which is the best therapy for depression - medicines, counsellings, prayer , family or friends?
How do you know if youve got depression?
How do I get rid of this stupid irrational fear?
How can i come out of masterbating habbit?
What does dying feel like?
It happens to everyone--a song gets stuck in their head and drives them crazy . . . what song has gotten you?
Am I 'mentally ill' if I keep thinking everyday that I wish could die as I just don't like living?
How do i get it off?
How do you approach you Doctor if you are suffering with depression?
Is it possible?
Water in ear?
I cut my tongue open and it wont stop bleeding , i'm sccared! what shall i do ?
Urgent please help got a DEep cut?2?
Theres something in my eye how do I get it out?????
What's wrong with me?>?
Is Snoring too much bad for obese people?
In what ways is crack good for you?
First time trying to put on contacts. Each time I get close, my eye flickers. What can I do to resolve this
What is the best way to get glass out of your foot?
What is the best over- the-counter medicine for a cold?
I slept 12 hours last night, and I feel wonderful?
Should i see a doctor?
What exactly does STABLE mean when you are in intensive care?
I need good advice on what to do about my eczema?
What is the best thing for a headache?
Does anyone know when In control (britney spears perfume) is going to be in stores?
What postion do you sleep in?
R u a blood doner?
How to remove blackheads at home without popping them ?
Do you use drugs?
What happens to lice?
How much do you weigh?
Acne... help please?
Removing plantar warts at home?
How the he!!......?
I have a bad case of an ugly face,. how do i fix it without plastic surgery!?
How do u get rid of a hickey???? plz help?
How to get rid of bad acne?
Do you agree with Andrea Yates Decision?
My mother just passed away from cancer 6 weeks ago. I took care of her at home until her last breath. My...?
How do I stop worrying?
How the hell do u make urself realise how short life really is?
I am thinking about committing suicide. Can anyone help me?
What should i do?
How can i be happier?
I have a friend who is addicted to 'yahoo answers', Help?
Is there a name for not feeling emotions?
My friends and family think i need to talk to some1...?
Why are my ears always ringing?
What is the medicine that says you start taking it when you feel a cold coming on to make it less sever?
Smoking is killing me?
Pot side effects??????
Do you ever find that some people and some places drain energy from you?
Do we need the NHS and why?
Not again! help!?
Feet fell asleep?
Is there an easy way that I can stop biting my fingers?
I am really tired, how can I wake myself up?
Are laxative's safe?
My 15 year old daughter has been ill for a couple of months, what is wrong with her.?
Do you smoke?
Why dont i wake up rested in the morning after 8 hours of sleep?
Having problems sleeping at night ?
Can Drinking Alot Of Water Give You Headaches?
My urine smells funny and it kinda tickles/burns when i pee. help please?
My name is Lafaunde. I am 15 yrs of age and I have an important question.?
Can a person survive a broken neck?
Am i a bad person for snorting cocain??
I cant sleep.?
Whats in my ear?
Where do babies come from??
Would you trust a Doctor, if all the plants in his waiting room were dead?
If a girl finds out you been to the psych ward for depression is that pretty much a total turn off?
What is the best way to treat a sprained ankle?
Hello .. i am gaining alot of unwanted weight....?
Is it ok for a male to walk around nude in the hospital, or his hospital room?
Do think u can sneeze without keeping yr eyes closed???
I'm 16, I sleep at 10:30 each night, wake up at 6:30, yet I feel physically and mentally beat! What's wrong?
Wasp sting remedies?
Should i be worried?
Should I tell my friends that I cut??
Your darkest, darkest desires?
Naval peircing infection?
Does your medication work for you? i have been on many different pills but i still feel very depressed?
How do I treat rope burns?
Why do I feel not well everyday?
I need to quit drinking... I need help.. Please help mel?
I work with a heavy smoking boss,told him how i feel abt 2ndhand smoke,bt jst ignored, wat's best to do nxt?
Why do little tiny cuts hurt so much!!!!!?
How do u not get bit by mosquitos?
Is it true that muscle weighs more than fat?
Why does sleeping with a fan make you sick?
What is the most used drug in the world?
What age do looks begin to fade at?
If someones drunk, what should they do do try and sober up and keep from getting a hangover the next day ?
Why do some women have over-sized bottoms. I saw a women with a size 12 upper-half..?
Can a person get shorter?
I have very sensitive skin and cant use products that contains alcohol. what can i use to moisturise my skin?
A bit embarrassing....but my urine has a potent smell....what does that mean?
What can help for really bad acne?
If you have chicken pox as a kid can you get them again when you're and adult?
Does stress make acne worse?
What happens when you go to the bathroom and eat at the same time?
Zits on my back?
Unexplained stretch marks on my hips. help please? =[im only 16!!!?
Should i get my 12 Year old neutered?
Can a baby have a different blood type than both the parents?
Should Smoking be illegal?
How do you get rid of hiccups?
HELP??!?! OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING...!!!1!!! breast problem!!!?
Why don't people just stop making drugs (pot, coce....ext.) if it is so elligal?
Why do i often feel like barfing rite after i eat?
What are the feeling people have when they smoke weed?
How does one stop biting their nails?
True or FALSE?........smoking...?
I got stung by a wasp 2 days ago and it is still sore and itchy.?
My Dad is looking very old since the summer?
I fart a lot and im for saving the planet. anyone nopw how i can do something?
Has anyone ever performed CPR or has it performed on them?
How do you prevent diarrhea?
I smoke about 1 pack in 2 days for 7 years if i quit now will my heart and lungs repair them self at all?
I've got some serious rug burn!!! How to make it feel better?
Should I go to school???
What works better?
Does size matter?
I've got a mega hangover! How do you cure a hangover?
Burned my finger on the BBQ, how do i stop the burning????
How can i stop coughing?
Can precum cuase pregnancy?
Nephew gets one white eye in photos the other is normal is this ok?
My g'ma is'nt felling sogood right now can someone plz help me find a cure for this bug asap?
Eye Issue, can you help?
In your opinion - how wet does a fart need to be to become a "wet fart"?
Does anyone else sleep with a fan blowing right on their faces at night?
Im off sick for 5 days,what reasonable illness can i give which would last 5 days?
How do you make bug bites stop being itchy?
Is it weird to be hyper everyday?
What do you think about interracial dating?
Is it dangerous to sleep with a pillow over your head.?
Going through a Miscarriage?
Best medicine to make me sleepy?
Can you die from smoking alot of weed???????????\?
How do i take care of my face?
Is it true that fungus grows in locker rooms??
How to get rid of acne?
How can i remove the dandruf appear on my eyes hair?
I got these huge boils under just one of my armpits. What do I have?
Sweaty betty!?
Skin Problem!?
If you have acne on your forehead, will sleeping sideways on ur pillow make it increase?
Why does my skin turn red so easily?
My wife is a tub!?
My stomach hurts all the time. What could it be?
Can a human being really die?
I hate the taste of guys come even when they pre come what should i do?
Name my disorder?
Can some one help?
If you not suppose to clean you ears with cotton buds, then what are you suppose to clean them with?
Has anyone ever noticed that most people don't wash there hands after the bathroom?
Should I end my life since no one cares about me & I'm sick of this abusive, cruel world?
Why do we need eyebrows?
Can i use my ten year old son's urine to pass a drug screen?
Can some one confirm this ?
How do you deal with people who are depressed?
Im really depressed about my homelife.Can someone help me?
My life feels kinda empty..why is that??
What do you do when you are ready to fall asleep at work?
How exactly does a person die in a fire?
What has helped your Migraines?????????
Is it still in my system?
Could you sue a doctor for...?
I'm going to bed too, what's the best thing to get me to sleep?
I eat healthy and Im skinny. People say I am anoreixic. What do I do?
I feel really sick :( What can I do to settle my hungover stomach?
Why is Alcohol not considered a drug?
Burnt Finger?
Any one here bite there toe nails or there nails tell they hurt?
Can people cope in life without antidepressants?
When to use peroxide over alcohol?
Why do I sneeze repeatedly when I get out of the shower?
Is it best to be to be nude when getting a full body massage?
Do girls master bite?
Rubbing alcohol safe for smelling?
Are you against drugs?
How can I make myself sick by tomorrow morning?
What age do we stop growing?
Is it OK to eat cheese pizza that has been sitting out in a box for 48 hours?
I was in an accident this morning...my head hurts..?
What are the potential benefits of smearing oneself with cow urine?
The smoking ban!? UK?
What color is blood when it is inside your body?
What can I do to sleep better?
I have Flu and fever, It's night and i Do not have any medication? What I can Do???
How do you pass a drug test? (don't say, don't do drugs)?
Red bumps on skin?
I am 27 year old female with acne. i have tryed lots of Rx meds and OTC meds and i wont go away. HELP!!!!!!!?
Acne/clogged pore home remedies!?
Will skin bruised by fingernail leaves any scar?
What can I do to prevent the shower water from drying my skin out?
I have a serious skin rash problem, HELP!?
Is regular soap good for acne/skin in general?
Is it a good idea to pop blisters or just let them be?
Lump under skin on left shoulder????? Help!?
Acne HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
I noticed that I'm stressed out quite easily. Why is this so?
Is death by thirst or starvation painful?
Am I odd for not liking to use public bathrooms?
What does it mean when someone's bowel movements turn green?
Help !!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED HELP FAST?
What do you need to eat to get not only really loud, but proper stinking farts?
Do you have a fire extinguisher in your home? Quick Points Here!!!!!?
Have you ever burned the roof of your mouth?
How do you start smoking?
Bad constipation, any fast remedy or suggestions pls ?
Kinda embarrising to say but..?
How do i get rid of a sore throat? I am in desprate need of an answer!?
Why do ppl do this?
How can u fall asleep if your not tired?
Arnt the long term affects worse with weed than cocaine?
How do you make clean your back under shower?
I am 18 , I'm having a hair loss since 1yr please tell me how can i minimise it ?
How to tell if I've been raped?
Im so depressed all the time! help??
What is the best thing to do during depression?
I wish i felt like i fitted in, mylife seems pointless, how can i tackle this?
Help Curing Deep Depression?
I was abused as a child?
How do you cope looking after someone with Dementia at home?
Women only!?
Why does my belly button stink?
I would like to know; how many of you have a sleeping disorder?
I shower twice a day and still I have this odor. I can't figure out where it's coming from.?
Do I have a eating disorder?
Can you identify this medicine that i found in teens room? 1 thin oval white table with L484 on i?
Is it possible to be a caffeine addict?
If you get badly burned, and a bubble forms...should you pop the bubble or just don't touch it?
How much harm can fire ant bites cause a 3 year old?
Ouch I just got stung by a bee?
How to get a crayon out of your ear.?
Enough is enough; I'm really embarrassed but I need an anwswer?
Is it safe to refill water bottles from the tap & if so how long will the water be good?
I just had blood & Urine test done.what does it mean when you have blood in you urine ? It's not much.?
When your feeling down and alone what do you do?
How do you stop the habit of biting your nails? Ive been doing for as long as I can remember?
How to know when you are about to throw up?
Will it be ok if i eat iron supplement tablets........will there be any side effects?
A person weighs 290 pounds and the height is 5'9 inches. Is that considered overweight?
What can I do to overcome feelings of guilt?
What do you do when your sick? to keep you busy?
I hate drinking plain water!!?
How do you get rid of scares?
My 5yr old daughter has black around her vagin help!?
What does 69 mean?
Did you sleep well last night?
What should i do, im coughing up blood?
How do you get an obese employee to lose weight?
What's the best ointment to get rid of ringworms on a three-year-old child?
Which are the best food for skin care?
My boyfriend could have skin cancer?
How do I use duct tape to help get rid of a small plantar's wart on the bottom of my right foot?
Cna anyone recommend a great lotion for cracking feet?
AHHHHHHHh Help ME ...Its swelling...and Turning Blue?
What is a quick easy way to get rid of hickies?
Do you smoke??
How many surgeries have you had in your life?
How do I know if I have a problem with my sciatic nerve?
Can alcohol cause lasting damage?
What do you do to get rid of the negative anxiety before an exam?
Please read, it's important. Is it true?
How do i tell my girlfriend she may have nits?
Scared to Death?
Who is pretty ? me or you? ( take care when you reply to this question? lol?
Got really drunk last night and messed up again at work. why?
I get road rage really bad, do I need therapy?
If you tell a psychiatrist that you are suicidal what will he do?
Is depression a mental illness?
Why am i so obsess about keeping my home mess free?
Should i try ecstacy???
Is tea and coffee are good for health?
What will my teachers do??
If my therapist finds out i burn myself will he make me go to the mental hospital?
What should i do when i'm in public and i feel that all eyes are on me?
Why has the tip of my middle finger been numb all day?
Itchy Mosquito Bites???
What happens when you lose your virginity?
Is it true that if you...?
What happens to a cut without stiches?
Is the sugar in apple juice bad for you?
How do get rid of the comon cold?
Why do my feet always fall asleep?
I just got up off the couch and got really light headed and had to sit back down? Whats the deal?
Can anyone here describe in their words how their own orgasm feels?
Do you prefer boxers or breifs?
Do your hair or nails grow after u die?
Wht is a good way to stop smoking?
What is the best way to amuse yourself when in hospital?
What happens when you die?
Cutting yourslef?!?
What is the most intense physical pain you have ever experienced?
I Am always tired and i am only 14!?
I am ten years old so is my freind he is 5'8 and im 4'9 what do I do to be as tall as him?
Is it possible to live until you are 200 years old?
I HAVE to quit smoking! Help!!?
Night terrors??
Was anyone else terrifed when they first got on the own and left home.?
What causes the shakes?
Im 14 and every time i stand up i feel as if im going to pass out?
What do you do when you cant sleep?
If you swallow gum, does it really take 7 years to digest?
I've been smoking ciggerettes for 14 years... how can I quit?
Sideaches from smoking weed?
Help sunburn and blisters....?
Have you ever had one of those days?
Color Of urine Is A Neon Green?
If you swallow gum does it get wrapped around your lungs and liver?
Is 101 pounds good or bad for a 15 year old girl...5'2?
Clear or yellow pee?
Is using a blowdryer a cause of hair loss.?
My ten year old daughter will not try anything new. I am worried about her health. What should I do?
Im going docters soon , for suffering with depression , what will he subscribe me?
Acne Acne...Oh how I hate you.?
I have a grey hair and I'm 24, is that ok?
4 year old has a temp of 103 with brown rash under his arm pit?
Any1 know a good blackhead clearing lotion?
Weird looking rash on both sides of my face next to my lips?
Give me the cure.?
Is there any way to prevent peeling after a sunburn?
How can we prevent people from abusing heroin?
I don't normally mock the afflicted - but?
Love is mental suicide. True or false.?
Is it a con or do they really work?
I think I have a mental illness....?
Question about my daughter..?
How would you drown your sorrows??
Depression and suicide questions?
Do you think depression is an illness (disease) or just "all in your head" or weakness?
I always seem to get a shaving rash when doing my bikiniline which really looks and feels awful and advice?
Why am i so sleepy in the morning ?
Can You Really Overdose on Tylenol?
Is this something i should be worried about? (see details)?
Should i take my kids father back we have been together 8 yrs but he is abusive when things don't go his way
Answer Please!:(?
Actually how bad is alcohol for you? Is it as bad as smoking? Or not really that bad.?
Is it possible to open a capsule and just take the contents if swallowing is an issue?
Glasses or contacts??
How come when i fart sometimes it leaves marks in my underwear?
Why Do I Keep Getting Dizzy And Nauseated?
I super glued tissue to my foot as a band-aid, how do i get off?
I had a sunburn(please read details).............?
Can an Eating Disorder cause problems with your liver?
Can one sue a paramedic or first aider (studying the subject - no plans to do so!)?
How can I get trapped water out of my ear?
Smokers and ex-smokers..what has worked best for you to quit smoking ? I'd love?
HELP!!!! EMERGENCY: Big Blister on my nose!?
Ihave a terrible migraine right now but I cant afford to get a shot, any ideas anyone please!!?
What ways can i protect myself in self defense,if someone were to try and kidnap me?
Why do some people have shaky hands and what causes it?
Can someone describe the process of having an MRI scan please?
What could i do to love myself more and be more confident?
What is a good and bad piercing to get??????????????
Did anybody Doo Doo today?
Need Help! The Dr wants me to get a kidney biopsy?
Why does cat food smell good?
How many pillows do you sleep with?
What color hair has your other half got.?
Can you use baby powder if....?
Yellow skin?
Shaving or Waxing your skin body and face can cause skin cancer?
I have acne and am on a prescription for it, but it is making my skin severly dry.?
What will help my sons ringworm?
Diabetic that has swelling feet and legs. To the point they are bleeding out water.?
I seem to get a rash these days when I use deodrant!?
How do i use baking soda and water paste for my acne/blemishes?
Can you have any side effect from eating-out your gf?
Why can't i start smoking?? I can't get addicted...?
Do you drink at least 12 glasses of water a day?
Should i kill myself?
I smoked marijuana and im getting drug tested what can i do?
How's the world treating you?
Does a blood test hurt?
Kinda personal.....?
How can I get ride of laziness or inactivity?
Do you think I am suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
Any idea's for a 5 year old girl for christmas??
Would you fake insanity if you had a chance?
Why does alcohol do this to me?
Why are Fat people always so Angry and violent?
Would you pray for me, please?
I have been depressed for 20 years....real bad in last 5, I don't do doctors but I want some help?
What is the best stress release?
Always depressed unless I am doing something..?
At what age do you think it's appropriate to try drinking?
How much do u smoke while at the computer?
If you have lost your voice - what's the best way to get it back?
Should I exercise more? I am working out 4 times a week for 1/2hr -45 minutes?
I have a thorn stuck in my finger?
What type of bandage can one use when your skin rejects it?
Is it true that your heart skips a beat every time you sneeze?
Is there home remedy for sunburn pain?
What is your secret for being young?
Does stress cause stomach problems?
Does anybody ahve tricks/ways to fall asleep fast?
Is there anything that makes you go dizzy/faint at the sight of it?
Not a racialist question?
I have a bump on the right side of my neck..it swells and I get sick..what is it?
How can clean my body to pass an alcohol test?
Why do people get out of bed in the morning?
How can i get boys to notice me?
I have been making myself puke after meals...now my jaw is swollen from doing it so much...What should I do???
What brand/type of MultiVitamins do you take? How often?
There is certain age of my life, 21-24, where I do seem to have a memory block. I'm now 35. Is that normal?
I know prevention is probably best but anyone have the best cure for a hangover?
Is Over-Eating, Smoking, Drinking, etc. an addiction just like drugs??? Opinions Please.?
How to quit smoking, no patches, no drugs, no weight gain?
Quit smoking tips?
Is too much green tea bad for you?
I feel really tired all the time?
How tall are you?
Is weed addicting?
How can i gain weight? i weigh 124 5'3" i eat but cant gain a lb not even after having 2 kids.?
Do you get ENOUGH SLEEP?
If I'm supposed to take meds, why do they keep growing legs and running off like that?
You have to give up one of your senses - which one would you choose and why?
Girls -- how do you find the young boy in this pic? (link inside)?
Does stopping drinking coffee give u headaches?
Did you know I have super powers?
How to stop bedwetting during night time?
Cutting - I'm 44 yrs old and I am now a cutter?
What to do when you feel unlovable and worthless?
How do you fight suicidal thoughts?
I am having an emotional problem over something bad I did?
Best way to end life painlessly?
Why is the skin on the back of my hands, soles and slightly on my face is quite yellow?
I need SERIOUS help about a friend and suicide... PLEASE.?
I'm totally lost in my life. I don't know where to go or what to do?
Can someone help? I have a hand and foot rash!?
I can't cry !?
Are you afraid of death?
Itchy Head??
Songs about loneliness and missing someone :(?
Im scared to take wut my doctor provided me?.....?
How can I get rid of the million clogged pores on my nose without haveing to squeeze out each one.?
I heard Zoloft is a good drug for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
I need someones help with my acne !?
Do you like Ivory bar soap?
My exzema keeps acting up! Any advice?
Why are anorexia and bulimia such problems among adolescent girls?
What is so bad about ecstasy?
Help! My sisters b/f is ruining her life?
I am 13 and i have bumps on my arms.......what r they and how do i get rid of them?
After a person dies does their finger nails and hair continue to grow?
Do you do drugs?If u do what kinds?
Is it true if eating crabs make you horny?
I've been bathing for 5 hours and..?
Do you like to take showers?
I smell! should I take a shower?
Poison Ivy...........?
Should i use peroxide to remove ear wax.?
When are abbreviations acceptable? and who should use them and why?
How long can a Seven year old go without food or water?
I have got a cold whats the best thing to take/do to make me feel better for saturday night?
Water-logged Ears?
I have an infected cut on my finger and it's only getting worse, what can I do?
My daughters ears were pierced about 1yr ago...?
Why do people gain weight when they quit smoking, I dont want too!?
How can i protect my granddaughter from a child molestor who lives right up the street from me?
URGENT! i need to get rid of 2 "lovebites" fast! any ideas?
My nose bleeds about 5-6 times a day. What could cause this?
Whats the best way to get nail polish off a childs hands?
Name a body part that starts with the letter G?
I need to take a drug test for the store Kohls. And i only smoke weed so i want to know.what i can do to pass?
How will drinking approx. one gallon of 100 proof vodka per week affect your health?
It doesn't matter how long I sleep, I feel like crap the next day. What can I do?
What is the most painful thing you've ever experienced?
Is swallowing gum bad?
How i have to come out from bad mood?
What should I do?
Suicide!! please help? What do i Do?
Can u get instantly placed in a mental hospital? if u say u r suicidal? and want help?
Why do some men cheat on their wives?
If you see a pshycologist...help!?
I just broke wind!!?
What are some good motivational music/songs?
What are signs, of adult attention deficit disorder?
Skin Problems ... :(?
Acne help and advice?
When using toothpaste to clear spots, how long do you leave it on for?
What is wrong with me?
Does drinking water and not eating chocolate prevent acne?
Red bumps on arms and legs.
I can't get rid of my moderate/persistant acne! help? im 17. what worked for you?
Allergic reaction? Advice please?
What is a picture that shows the bones inside the body called?
I took some pills. See the list and question below?
Stomach pains, diarrhea...whats happening to me?
If you stand upside down for a long time,will all the blood flow into your head?
How often do you rely on pain killers?
Will/can my dad die?
How many fingers do humans have?
I urinate very very frequently, like every 1/2 hour, does anyone know why? (just started happening)?
How many people pee in the shower?
I want to Vomit in class to escape exam,does anyone know how to induce fake vommiting?
How to get rid of a cold/flu?
Why is there cotton inside medication bottles?
What do I do if I get stung by a jellyfish?
What is the best massage too get? e.g deep tissue, swedish, etc?
What do you think of the Obesity rates in North America?
My friend was cutting something, and the knife went through his nail? What to do?
Um....help i cant feel my fingers...lol...im serious?
Giving blood?
I have an ear infection, what can I do to ease the discomfort and pain?
How do I stop the bleeding?
Do you crack you knuckles?
How many of you out there are happy with your life and who you're being?
How can i lose 10 pounds in 2 months????
Why do i smell so bad?
Home remedies for sunburn??
I just cut open my knee and foot...?
Can smoking cause acne?
SMoking Weed is Badd or Good??
What is better to wash with and why?
I'm 8, when will i start my first period.omg!?
Stoped smoking pot a week ago long term user how long befor it is out of my system have to take drug test?
Always have diaherria in the morning?
How can i get hiccups to go away, they are keeping me up at night? They are pretty bad, please help!?
I need Help with my symptoms!!!!!?
My wisdom tooth???
Why am I dizzy?
Is it alright for me to use the toothbrush to scrape my tongue after i have used it to brush my teeth?
If you were to eat lots of carrots all the time could you turn orange?
Lice how do you get rid of it it. my daughter seems to have it again a month later?
Anyone know of any causes for continual and persistent indigestion?
Can you go blind if you don't wear your glasses?
What can I do about head lice?
Will I pass a urine test?
What is a normal Pulse rate?
Is it normal for your right side to hurt at times?
Which is the best remedy to cure eczema?
Need help..please?
Does anyone know of any ways or homemade remedies that can help prevent or clear up psoriasis?
What foods should people with eczema avoid ?
Popping Blisters?
Treatment for eczema in infants. Granddaughter has it on her face and is miserable.?
How can I get rid of a ringworm on my forearm?
My brother has terrible spots on his back but nowhere else, any ideas?
I need to get rid of ringworm?
How to cure eczema?
Do people really get addicted to crack or heroin after doing it just one time?
How can i get rid of my clogged pores?
Is it possible to vommit up bile?
I'm quite hairy all over. Should I wax or leave be?
How do i get whiter skin without expensive pills and creams ?
Is okay to eat while taking a dump?
Would you sell your kidney?
How much weed do you have to somke for it to show up in a drug test?
How can i make myself LOOK sick?
Anyone ever been to rehab?
What problem am I having if my right hand tingles?
Does any body no what would cause my 9yr son to run a fever every night?
HMO or PPO.. I need to decide!?
I can't shake this cough/sore throat! Any advice on how to get rid of it naturally(no medicines)?
How can i avoid illness like colds and flu?
Ive heard of people "spiking" drinks with eyedrops and that it does awful things to the recipient?
Is it painful to have stitches? do they freeze you, is it painful to have them removed?
When you're stabbed...?
I think I might have gotten bit by something...?
What is best home remedy for bee sting?
I haven't slept, i'm afraid i could die?
How does peeing in the shower prevent Athlete's foot?
This is kind of emarresing,?
AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! i got to go to the bathroom?
Why is a ****job called a ****job when there's typically no blowing involved?
What can you do to make an upset stomach feel better?
What color are your eyes? Hair? Do you like them?
Laced Marijuana?
Is there anyone that does not fart?
I get beaten up a lot.?
How can i stop cutting myself??
How many people here are on anti-depressants?
I get depressed by seeing other people's happiness. Is this normal?
Whats wrong with me? do i have a form of a mental illness?
Is this anxiety?
Why do teenagers think that suicide is the only way out?
I regret many things I did in the past. How can I get over this? Do u recommend any books or Cds?
Drug test...will i pass?
I am having very dry skin.Please help me out.?
What is a "natural" cure for excessive underarm sweating?
Water vs. coke would you like a glass of water or coke?
Do you agree or disagree that you have a responsibility to yourself and to other people to reduce your weigth?
How can i get rid of acne in one night?
What the weirdest name you ever heard?
I just got a tetanus shot & at the site where i got the shot it swelled up n it hurts to move my arm now help!
Name a diease that has no cure yet?
WHY have these people campaigned to legalize marijuana??!!?
In your opinion, what is the meaning of life?
How do i get rid of scars???
When People die with their eyes open, can they still see?
Is Marijuana really harfmul? I was a smoker for 30 years and i am the epitome of good health?
My mother in law suffers frpm psoriasis.what washing powder is the best to use for this condition.?
Is it weird to wear 2 pairs of underware a day...one in the am and another pair in the pm?
Help, Please?
Am i getting fatter?
Second Hand Smoke?
Can you please Help? I had four fingers stuck in my Wife's...?
Is ibuprofen OK on an upset stomach?
Please i need help.i sweat a lot on my palms and it embarrasses me.what can i do?
A vein burst in my hand, what should i do?
What is the easiest way to remove a splinter from a small childs hand?
I have a medication that says don't use after 3/06 can I still use it?
Best and quickest way to get over the "common cold"?
I'm trying to quit smoking. What can I do to keep from feeling anxious and depressed?
Problem when i went 2 the bathroom?
What do i put on a second degree burn?
What body part are you missing?
How many words or expressions do you know for vomit?
What is good for dehydration?
Why am I small?
Who likes water?
How do i quit Alcohol ?
Do you think it's o.k for a young girl to be messing up her face with makeup?
How tall are you? (Tell your age, and whether you're a boy or girl)?
Is there something you wish you could tell somebody but you just can't?
My Nan died today, and i feel so sad and guilty,?
It felt good?
I cant get to sleep?
Is this considered being suicidal...?
A coincidence or a sign?
Alcohol and memory?
I am very sad.......?
Am I Insane ?
I suffer from night terrors i am 19 years old and male why do i still have these night terrors this isnt norma
Eyes, Ears and Nose - which one does not grow as we grow older?
Benefits of giving up smoking?
When i blow my nose there is some blood.?
Toothache, dentist shut ,what can i do?
If you could live your life again would you change anything?
How tall is the tallest guy/girl you have ever dated?
How long would it take to die ifff...?
Have you ever broken anything?
Stopped smoking by cold turkey, any tips please?
What are the health risks of marijuana long term?
I need help, plz if u r going to make fun don´t answere?
I cant go to sleep!?
When do you wash them ?
Is Strep Throat Contagious?
What's the solution to a Dry Mouth and Bad Breath?
If a 20 year old college student gets drunk and sent to the hospital and recovers in a few hours..?
My chest hurts!!?
I work nightshift, has anyone got any tips for daytime sleeping?
How to remove onion smell from mouth?
Can I drink coffee if I'm sick?
How can i stop biting my nails?
Acne treatment?
How do you cure bad fungi toe nails?
Any advice for poison ivy?
What's wrong with me? My calves are swollen and they are oozing with a clear fluid constantly.?
Risks Of Hickeys?
Pale Skin problem?
Psoriasis - help?
Attack of the Blackheads!?
How can I remove blackheads from my back?
How to get the confidence up to wear a bikini at the beach?
Help with anxiety please?
Can a person stay alive without a head for couple seconds if yes for how many/?
Should I smoke pot?
How can I grow Cannibis Sativa (Marijuana) at home?
Is it weird that I like to sniff other people's farts?
What happens if you drink an entire bottle of visine?
My step son says whats the meaning of life?
Is a womans place is in the kitchen?Is that why so many of them are fat?
What are the long term effects for smoking crystal meth?
Besides coffee what can 1 do to wake up, I am a truck driver I will drive far today for over 8hrs. straight?
I got in the salt water 4 days after i got my tattoo what will this do?
How can I get my Cholesterol down naturally?
Isn't there something to put on skin to draw out a splinter that's too deep to reach with tweezers?
Why do some people get bit up like crazy from bugs, but people like me never?
My face is burning ! Help?
When i get Migranes...?
Does soy sauce really help to heal burns?
Do i need stitches?
A sore on the bottom of my tongue, any suggestions of what it is and how to treat it?
Whats the best way to get rid of hicups fast?
What is the best way to relieve stress?
Best time to shower? please read on..........?
Is it bad to shower after ironing?
You are on an elevator, someone lets out a quiet stinky odor, would you get off at the next stop or continue?
Help! I'm only 18 and I have some grey hairs already + my hair is thinning! What can I do to stop it?
Do you think it is dangerous?
Why do people cut themselves? Doesn't that hurt?
What do you do when you have diarrhea and its blood that is coming out?
How to get rid of tiredness? Serious Answers?
Are sleeping pills really tha bad?
What causes kidney stones?
My chest hurts like hell ugh!!!?
What can you eat if you are battling high cholesterol and borderline diabeties?
The more diseases I'm exposed to, the more immune to them I'll be, right?
What does it mean when you're always cold?
What wrong with me??
My urine is EXTREMELY yellow?
Help!!! Cant get rid of hiccups!!!?
How do you relieve the pain from sun burn?
Can i give my new born baby a bath in ice cold water please help?
Are you an organ donor? Any views on this subject? I am doing an essay on Organ donors anything is helpful!?
Can i use super glue on my toes?
Why do you need to drink more water when sick?
Sleeping to much making me feel sick! what do i do?
Do you think alcoholism is a genetic defect or a curse?
Help sore throat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Marijuana or alcohol?
How can we cure acne?
Cold Sores?
Are these little bites all over my ankles flea bites?
What is a home remedy for getting rid of warts?
It seems we have bedbugs, what can we do to get rid f them?
What is the best cleanser/moisturizer for oily skin that breaks out?
How do you get rid of zits fast?
Um, ew. This is gross but...?
Johnson~johnson baby lotion is it good for adult?
Crying out for help?
How can I hide cuts from cutting myself?
If i write like really morbid poems and crap does that mean im emo and need to like see a counsiler?
Friend alsmot died from anxiety.. help?
Does depression?.....?
Self harm?
Serious answers please, what is wrong with me ?
How can I learn to like being alone?
How to get a lip to stop bleeding?
I have a five year old daughter with an ingrown toe nail. Any suggestions other than having the doctor do it?
Lost my voice?
I bite my lip and now it is poofed out how can i get it back to normal size! plz help me!!?
Please help me about my sunburn?
Is it true if you pop a zit on the base of your nose it can cause a anurysm?
I burned my finger on my toaster and need a way to relieve the stinging.?
My mom said?
What helps get rid of puffy eyes from crying?
What do you call a doctor that specializes in cancer treatment.?
Have you ever known an alcoholic? what causes alcoholism? could it happen to you?
Why do smokers moan sooo much?
Why do we fart and why does it stink?
What's the best thing to do when you have trouble sleeping?
How do i get rid of my aweful nightmares?
Why shouldn't you smoke? Reasons that would help convince a friend to stop blowing it up?
What is the opposite of Insomnia?
What is vascular surgery?
Muslims w/ same situation??
Have I got an OCD?
What kind of medication would a doctor put me on for anxiety/panic attacks?
Can someone tell me how the hell I can get rid of this?
How do i know that i suffer from appendicitis ?
Fainting spells? Do I have a disease?
Chest pain, shortness of breath, and weight loss, but all tests are normal. What could this be?
Anyone had bactier pylori ..I think this is what it is called?
How do you get rid of Acne scars ?
Why are effigies of the buddha a representation of a fat man?
My son has a rash....what is it?
I have terrible blackheads and i want to know if the is any treatment to get rid of them?
Is it OK to wear wet socks?
Can you get Athlete's foot for wearing your own sneakers/shoes without socks?
Are bruises a health concern?
Are there alarm clocks out there guaranteed to wake one up??? I sleep through all of em!!!?
How do i fall asleep really fast?
I have not slept all night! How can i get through the day?
Am i right?
Nauseated, vomiting 14 yr old girl?
Can mastubation cause increase in weight?
HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
The whole right side of my body is numb, tingley and feels like its asleep and my right eye is twitching?
Am i going to die if i take 2 advil pm's at once?
Whats wrong with me?
What does this mean?