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Chronic fatigue syndrome: just an excuse for the lazy?
What should i do?
Rumbling stomach?
Chronic fatigue syndrome, could i have it???
Does activated charcoal help with excess flatulence?
I have swimmers ear. i tried hydrogen peroxide it didnt work. q-tips didnt either help?
Super Glue On Cuts?
Have a cut on my finger from a knife?
How do I get water out of my ears?
Tick bite???
What causes hiccups and how can you stop it?
How can you cure swelling problems from a bee sting?
Is it common for stiches to burn when weein?
What is the best way ease sunburn?
What will happen if you swim with contacts?
Since two weeks my left my has become lazy plz help wot do i do?
Why do they allow adverts.?
If i am supposed to wear my glasses and i dont what will happen?
Stupid question?
What happens if someone gets you with a laser pointer in the eye?
I still need reading glasses after my lasik surgery, WHY?
Why do i feel like this..?
Please I feel so suicidal, I need somebodys help?
I feel extremely depressed and feel like ending my life immediately. What is the most painless and quick way
Should I feel guilty for wanting to spend money on myself?
Why arent you sleep?
I suffer from anxiety how can i learn too control it?
Unable to to sleep due to stress...can you help?
How do you cope with outbursts of anger?
Do you think i am insane...?
Whats this strange feeling?
Help!!! I have a ringworm on my back, how do I get rid of it?
Is there any possible solution on how to avoid bears on my cheek-i dont like a hairy face?
Dry itchy skin developed in patches?
Sun kills germs, but can I clean myself of germs just by standing under the sun?
Does anyone have any tips on how to get rid of spots and stop them from appearing?
How do i remove sun tan from my arms?
I have a cold sore what's the quickest way to get rid of it?
Is it okay to peel oral herpes [cold sores] off your llips once they're dried?
I tore the inside of my mouth with a toothbrush 4 days ago but it hasnt healed?
Please help!! Severe unexplained swelling of the abdomen?
What can be done to spread Aids awareness in India?
If a family member has a disability, how can you know what their potential is as far as a job is concerned?
Tips for controlling heartburn?
Is it true that when you burp or hiccup your liver bleeds?
Are aneurysms usually dangerous?
When I was 10, I could regurgitate food. Does this indicate a problem?
I am going deaf. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to cope with this emotionally?
I had a bang to my head earlier today but i am now starting to feel drowsy and tired, what should i do?
I need to look up a pill my child found?
Medical advice for swallowed toothpick?
Oil burn help?
How can one calculate Blood pressure from pulse rate of heart by sensing veins by finger tips?
Which is more important: whether you win or lose, or how you play the game?
I self harm (cut myself)...how can i heal cuts fast?
Patient in hospital beds are rotated every 2 hours to prevent bedsores. why is this procedure effective?
Does hot water make sunburn better or not?
What is a good facial hair removal cream ???
I have terrible shoulder/neck pain....?
Would you drink milk past the expiration date on it?
Before you read this...take a deep look at yourself in the mirror. 2 minutes. What do you feel?
How to lose weight, about 25 lbs, specifically?
Every1 on here are either SAD mother fcukers...or completley BENT?
How do I pass a drug test!?!?
Is that a problem im a virgin and im 20yrs old?
Why does my friend eat things that are not eatable?
Do spiders bite in britain (as a welt on my arm says yes, but my coworkers say no)?
Crazy colored prescription contacts?
Fresh Eye Floaters- Retina Detachment?
I think I have eye "floaters". I noticed it when I looked at the blue sky out of an airplane window
How do you get rid of pink eye fast?
I just got back from the eye doctor. I have huge pupils and I see very poorly?
If you have scars on your eyes can you still get LASIK?
Contact lenses and glasses?
I am so Scared and Disturbed?
Is this eyesight bad?
I got a twitch in my left eye 2-3 days ago and i still have it?
Best lotion or cream to use for dry skin in the winter?
Mole Removal?
Can someone plz explain what exfoliating is exactly??
How much Clorox should I add to my bathwater to get rid of body lice?
Does poison ivy spread through the body via blood circulation?
Any cure for old acne scars?
Why do some people have dark armpits & what can they do to make it go away?
What are some good home remedies that stop acne?
Help i just got my leg cut off!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Am I anemic or something?
Why do i feel fat?
What is the best way to treat a nose bleed?
Bowel Control Problems
Whats the best way???
Ive got a circle on the end of my finger???
Why the headaches?
Im 20 5/6, i want to grow at least 2 iches taller, how? without surgery?
I tripped and fell on my knee and it is bruised and a little swollen. Do I put ice on it or a warm compress?
WIll i pass my drug test??
I have a burn blister!! Its big and it hurts! What do i do with it?!?
In the night im so hot and cant go to sleep what do i do?
Reasons not to get gaurdicil shots?
Second day with a sty...will go away on its own?
How do you cure a cold?
Do you stare at people that look like they are sick physically?
Ankle Pain!!?
How do you heal a swollen tonsil?
Is it wrong to be a weirdo?
I think my best friend may be about to commit suicide. Can I stop her? No dumb answers, please. It's serious.
How can I stop going to bed so late?
In the UK, what other help is available? I'm near giving up, what can I do?
Im going insane?
What to do when you feel as if you've lost all hope the world has to offer?
Is there something in your life that you worry about constantly?
Can anyone tell me why by fiance is being so nasty to me?
Tips to help me get to sleep? (NEED IT QUICKLY PLEASE!)?
Is it possible to change the colour of your eye?
What does magnisium do to your eye if you look at the white light.?
HELP! my left eye went BLACK!!!!!?
How much do contacts cost?
How much do glasses typically cost?
My friend left her contact lens in too long and now it is stuck to her eye. Any suggestions on how to remove?
Contacts vs. glasses, which would you choose as the better option?
My eyes became so itchy, i scratched so hard, now its swelling and little blood came out with my tears?
Can you tell whether or not someone has astigmatism by looking at them? If so, how?
Why is coffee bad for health if you drink it 3 cups everyday ?
Am i overweight? 13 years old, 5'7'', and 160 lbs, female?
How to I clear out my Lungs?
How to stop a nose bleed fast?
How do i stop/ treat a bruse from growing?
Will this help?
Getting water out of ear??
I'm the only one caring for my grandmother?
Im 20 and want to grow an inch 1/2 or 2, is it possible, how?
How do get aids from someone?
What has to really happen in order for you to be pronounced dead?
Hi me again mri question?
What Could this be?
Diarreah i have it bad?
If one excretes blood together with faeces,should one be concerned?
Why do I feel like fainting sometimes after I stand up?
Can someone tell me what is wrong with me?
Would you take your 3 year old to the hospital on a Saturday for blood in her stools?
Does my friend have a problem if she smokes A LOT of marijuana? Every day, I mean, and drives and works high.?
Plz smbody help me...?
How can I get rid of a wort without seeing a dermatologist?
I'm wondering about eczema?
What is a home remeday for geing rid of warts?
When do my legs turn green?
My skin is tanned and i want to get rid of the tan..?
How do you get rid of stretch marks even if your skinny? Seriously?
Lumps in ear lobes, what should i do?
Dark circles???
What are these little hard black specks I find in my sheets in the morning?
Born to be a loser?
Is there a site to help determine what my dreams mean?
Anyone else ever feel like swearing off alcohol all together....?
Do people really get over something that they regret doing?
What would the Dr's do if you said you often felt suicidal?
Fighting depression how can I without drugs?
How do I get over my fear?
What do you need to do to stay up all night long?
Afraid of the dark?
Is this normal?
Do I need glasses?
Your eye color?
What exactly can happen if you constantly stare at a computer everyday?
I wear my contacts for very long periods at a time. They are not the night and day kind they're just normal...
Why are some people more succeptable to redeye than others?
Dilated pupils at the optometrist - now a headache?
Advice on a constantly watering eye please .........?
9 months ago I had the Lasik laser eye surgery done and saw very well; now I don't see so well. Why?
I sometimes see flashes of light floating in front of me,are my eyes going?
Question about contacts?
Medical help please!!?
Can a brain tumor that does not have a cancer effect your speech and memory?
What does it mean if your pee smells real bad?
How does a prescribed drug, in the form of gel that you apply to the skin, enter the bloodstream?
Is this sleep apnea?
Does anyone know what the first signs of MS are?
Another thyroid question!?
I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion as to what could be wrong with me?
Are any vegetarians or vegans eating jello??
I cant sleep at night !!!!!?
People who suffer in their old age, do you thinks its humane if they're shot at birth?
I have a weird bite that I can't figure out what it is and no one seems to know?
Is eating to much oranges mad for you?
Anyone have a great way to at least tame a headache?
How can i fall asleep?
What is a healthy wieght for a 10 year old girl?
I have no cough but feel congested in the chest heavy/sore lungs along with bad breath?
I need help on what to do?
Can you have shingles, without the spots blisters coming , my G P says you can.. what do others think?
I have 2 year old stretch marks, Please tell me something to help get rid of them???????
What do i use to get rid of acne and scars ?????
I've been bitten by a brown recluse spider a month ago, and I've been feeling really sick?
My hands are really dry! lotion doesnt work for me?
How do you cope with psoriasis?
SuN bUrN!!?
Help! i need a cure for my acne and no one's answering my question!?
Ive got a really important question about laser surgery?
Is it normal to see wavy lines through your eyes?
Contacts and red eyes?
Can i get lasik if i cant touch my eye to put contacts in?
How can you make your contacts stay in one place?
Can you buy contacts from any where???
>10 points<?
Contact Lenses for "Flat" eyes?
Sleeping with contact lenses?
Why are my eyes hurting after I take out my contacts?
How would you relax before going to bed?
Did you here about the death of the Crocodile Hunter?
Why is nasual muscus green?
I might need hernia surgery and im scraed i wont come out of anesthesia... help plz!?
How can I get rid of a cold quickly, I have to work!!!!?
Myth or True?
What is math.?
Crack or Cocaine - Which is responsible for more deaths?
HELP!!!!! I'm going to get beat up!!!!?
I'm extremely scared of getting blood tests how can I get over this fear?
How do you get rid of hiccups?
Healthy Deodorant Alternative?
What is better for sore muscles- ice or heat?
Does anyone else have problems sleeping and if so how do you get to sleep?
Wasp sting!?
What is the best thing I can do to treat a sun burn?
What should I do about this bad cut with like a big flap of skin when I fell off my bike!?
Fiber glass in finger?
I burnt the roof of my mouth on some mashed potatoes.?
Thoughts of suicide, no friends to comfort me?
My brother has autism and I can't take it any longer.?
I have 2 boys that have been diagnosed with ADHD/ODD......how do I deal with them?
Helppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me i feel so bad i think i am going to cut!!!!!?
Poll: What mental illness do you have a diagnosis of?
How do I move foward after being raped?
What is the best memory you have of an ex from the past.?
How can I become less hateful and negative?
How do i let go of the past?
Is it a sin to cut yourself?
Is there like a natural solution to small itsy bitsy warts??? that eventually grow into bigger bothering ones?
The common cold.....how to ease it?? Help please?
What makes your heel go numb?
What is good for constipation?
If you have liver and kidney problems and were told not to touch alcohol. Would smoking cannibis affect liver?
What's the best cure for acid reflux? I take 2 protonix daily and still have terrible pain.?
What is the medical term for blue extremities?
How do i clear up my infected Ear piercing?
How do I recognize correctly the signs of aspergers syndrome for a child?
Syringe needles illegal?
How can you cure head lice?
What can I use to reduce the appearance of pores on my face?
Does anyone know of a good hand cream for people with eczema, where the skin on the hands gets dry and peely?
Is there anything you can do to keep pierced ears from getting infected?
What can be done for dry skin?
I have something on one of my toes?
How exactly do you get chicken pox?
I need help!!?
How can i increase the effectiveness of supplements i take?
I have really dry, scaley-ish skin on my legs. is there a scrub or something i could use to get rid of it.?
When I take a deep breath my chest cracks sometimes?
Is it a dangerous sign if your left arm often feels numb?
Can i ask for tonsils to be taken out?
Do you think that one day, a cure for ageing will be found?
Anyone else suffer from hot feet in bed? If so any idea as to the cause.?
What are some diseases that are caused by obesity...?
Telling the doctor about bad breath?
Could you go blind from crying a lot?
What does it mean when you have swollen lymphnodes and you dont feel sick?
I'm terrified!?
Why is it bad for a child to drink coffee?
Is picking your nose daily bad for you?
Is it ok to eat cold pizza or chicken (not heated)? Are there any health implications?
Hi,I m a very reserved girl so most people misunderstand me .....how can i be a good communicator / talker?
What should I do if I superglue my fingers together?
Can mosquitos transmit aids?
Looking for something that helps draw out pus.?
How do I cure a burnt tongue (froim drinking really hot hot chocolate)?
Is there a cure for irritability?
How to take away a hickey fast[pics included]?
Why do I itch everytime i get done taking a shower?
What caused my fungal infection?
I have a funny rash on my arms and legs?
How do i make my Mole less obvious?
What would happen if you pull out a mole?
How do i get rid of zits?
I am Scorpoin and am very sensitive, i want to get rid of this how it is possible?
What can be done for really bad leg cramps?
Can u help me....?
My ears are totally blocked. i can bearly hear anything what should i do!?
Accidently ate a smallish piece of tin foil, will it do any harm, no jokes please,it happened to my child?
How do you know if you have a broken bone?
Skin-So-Soft as a mosquito repellent?
Fluid in my legs...what does this mean...?
I'm 13 years old and i cut my self and i have cuts on my wrists what do i do when my parents see them?
Whats the best medication for my wedding day nerves, Im scared I might have panic attack?
Is ADHD just an excuse or is it a real issue?
Should I Suicide?
I want to hurt myself.?
I need help...I think i'm going crazy?
ADHD. What do you think?
How big a loser am I and can you give me advice?
Im sad help me please!!?
Why cant i sleep?
Should i get married just because i am ready to have my own life at 17?
I am bleeding anyone got a band-aid?
What if she hasnt brush her teeth for 3 days?
HELP health problem? 10 points best answer?
If someone thinks about commiting suicide does that make them emo?
I smashed my fingernail and it is purple. I heard I should heat a paper clip and melt a hole through the nail.
What is the best medication to take for headaches?
Can you guess what I have?
Got the worst hangover ever, any cures before i die?
What is the best way to dissolve kidney stones naturaly?
How can I improve my health and immune system?
What bad side effects happens to humans if they abuse alcohol every day?
Why are fat people allowed to park in the disabled parking spots?
How can i get more medical knowledge on net?
I dont know what is the term for my health problem?
Head feels like its spinning when im laying flat is this a inner ear problem?
GI Problems?
What is the best facial cleanser?
I bruise really easily?
How to help sunburn? 10 pts.?
What to do about dry skin?
How to get rid of athletes foot?
What is an itch?
Any expert advice on ear piercing please?
I have a wedding to go to in a month, and my dress is backless and I have acne on my back help!?
How can I eliminate dandruf? Head & Shoulders just doesnt work.?
Depression- tried several antidepressants, no help- anyone know other causes of depression (hormones, etc..)?
Hot water or cold water on sunburn??
Think i'll pass?
What is the date today?
Why do you get ring sting?
I cut my finger while cooking 5 min ago, it keeps bleeding, how to get it to stop?
What do you do when......?
What does it mean if you find Micro Machines in your fecal matter?
Serious Question?
What are some basic things that should go in a first aid kit?
Is it safe to have a mole removed?
What are the effects of a night shift/graveyard job to your health?
What causes hard as rock stools and how can they be avaided?
Anybody sleepy???????
What can too much headaches lead to?
If a mentally handicapped person got bitten by a zombie. Would the zombie act more retarded than normal?
Due to constipation for last 1 year now i have piles as told by doctor, i feel blocking of anal front? help me
What particular foods can a child with diarrhea eat?
What are the signs of a brain tumor?
What are the chances of catching some sort of disease by a syringe found in the public?
I Have two huge hickeys on both sides of my neck, how do i hide them or get them to dissapear?
Poison ivy question.?
How are body parts disposed of after surgery?
I have really dark hairs on my syomach and breasts!!!!!!how can i get rid of them??????
HELP i have a 7yr.old that got in to poison ivy?
How do I clear my acne up fast?!
Itchy, stinky, sweaty feet?
How do i get rid of a headache without meds?
Do you usually adapt easily to life changes? Do you avoid change, or embrace it?
What is vitamin A good for?
I drunk last night 5 wiskies and i'm feeling really bad.. how do i get well quickly?
Help! What do i do it stuck to me!?
My husband got bit by a brown spider and we live in south texas, do you know what kind of spider it was and?
I just cut my finger and I can see the bone?
What do you treat wasp and bee stings with?
My Tummy Hurts :( MAKE ME FEEL BETTER!?
Quick remedies for sunburn?
Help does anybody know a way to stop minor burns from hurting?
Who knows a quick cure for hickups?
Why does this happen when i wake up?
Smoking issues!?
My stomach is making some wierd noises...why?
Why women feel they dont look good in glasses though their beauty is enhanced?
Do you have a job that feeds you spiritually? What do you do?
How do I get rid of so much ear wax that it's causing me to not hear?
If you could have ANY eye color-what would it be?
A good shampoo??
I just got a chemical burn from oven cleaner what can i put on it to stop the sting?
What is the proper title for an unmarried pregnant woman?
What are the effects of eating turds?
What can you do to make a needle hurt less?
How old were you when you started smoking?
Can you help me? Please?
A stranger's fingernail cut me, should I be concerned?
Is my nose bleeding?
The most interesting thing happened to me....?
Why do I always think of suicide whenever I am so depressed ?
Hi is anyone there?
What is a panic attack?
Why are women so nuts, and dramatic?
Ever wake up feeling like you dont want to get up?
What are you afraid of??????
What is the best way to break a lifestyle habit?
How do i get out of a rut?
Is it normal to have hallucinations when your exteamly over tired?
Does being on birth control help clear your acne?
My 6 yr old son has sweaty feet and it is causing a bad cracking on his feet. How can i fix this?
Accidentally pulled small mole from lower neck area?
Weird lumps, on lip and under arm, help?
What is the best way to get rid of lice, i tried nix, doesnt work.. i tried vinegar doesnt work... ?
Sunburnt and peeling?
How to treat dry eyes?
Is removing warts with duct tape dangerous?
I have small red bumps on my arm, why?
How to cure a sore throat?
Taking a blood test tommorow and was told not to eat? Can i drink beer?
Having a hand problem. What kind of doctor do I see?
I have a little tick on the eyelid, what does it mean?
What do you think the condition is??
If the girl or boy suffering from thyroid and if they hv oral contact with each other .does any one of tho?
What could be causing blood in the toilet w/ every bowel movement the past 3 days?I'm 32 yr old female.?
Anyone else think "fibromyalgia" is a crap disease?
Bad reflux and symptoms relieved??
A urinary track infection?
Why do I have headaches all the time?
Should i get brown or gray contacts?
Does anyone know why your eye lid would start and keep jumping uncontrollable?
How do YOU (personally) cope when it just seems that *everything* is going wrong?
HELP! I got this huge spider bite the size of a golf ball! I woke up its not that bad, then its gufe &..?
What to do when boiling water is poured all over ur body?first thing to do to avoid burning marks?
Would you feel comfortable?
Why is the lather always white when the soap is pink, blue, green or red??
What does it mean when you begin to get numb in certain areas on your body?
Whats the best thing to do about sun burns?
What if lead gets into my blood? Would I get lead poisoning if I write on my arm using ball pen every day?
Can blisters be hard?
Do roasted peanuts cause acne?
Help I found out that I have scabbies.?
Any good acne products?
Shingles or Hives?
I have a wierd rash on my stomach and under my armpits and help to get rid of it??
I know a 6th grade girl who cuts herself on the stumick. I told someone who will take care of it yet a problem
I have noticed several small skin tags on my eye lids, how do i get them removed?
Who else suffers from acne?
My mum has just been diagnosed with emphysema?
Lactose intolerance?
What are symptoms of a urinary tract infection?
Water retention in legs and feet?
Last night everytime i tried I closed my eyes. I saw faces scary faces and i kept twitching?
What is a good job for a person with back problems?
What chemical, other than lead, causes brain damage and leukaemia?
How do you have xxx?
How do I remove the head of a tick from my body?
What is the secret to a good night's rest? How can I sleep better?
How can you make someone you love stop smoking? It is a big pet peeve of mine!?
Should you starve a fever and feed a cold or feed a fever and starve a cold?
I have a really bad headache and need to get rid of it now!?
What does these words means?
I accidentally shot my cousin with a BB gun in his back. Right where I hit him there is a bruise and small cut
How do you cure double vision?
What is the best remedy for mosquito bites?
My husband gets cyst-like HUGE zits on his inner thighs What is causing these? How to prevent them?
Thiers a lump under my skin on my tigh what can it be?
What do you think they best way to get rid of a migraine?
Has anyone got two minutes to view my blog?
What makes us have bad morning breath?
Dandruff problems?
Would you say that most people neglect washing their navel?
Umm...If your pee is green, is that a problem?
I have a lump on myface, doctor said its a cyst....?
Body odre when sleeping?
I am always feel thirsty, what is wrong?
Getting rid of acne and acne scars, HELP!?
Any tips on how to clear your mind to get back to sleep?
Psoriasis getting out of control?
How can I wake up more refreshed?
Anyone recognise this 'symptom', please?
How do I get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke on my clothing?
Is there any treatment that is not costly?
What do you feel like after waking up from General Anesthesia?
Just found out my daughter(16) has scoliosis :o( any info plz...?
Do you think people are getting sicker?
Please help - Worried mummy?
Are blood tests free on the NHS?
My son is 13 and he has a lazy eye is there any way to correct it?
My wife has been experincing dizzy spells ,they just come and go out of nowhere. what can be causeing this?
What could urinating blood mean?
I'm 22, part time employed and 7.5 months pregnant, is breast feeding logical since I'll be going back to work
I want to grow 2 inches before, How can I?
When I wake up in the morning my fingers are usually 'sticky' and I do not know why??? any suggestions ?
When should children stop taking a children's vitamin and start on a regular vitamin?
Any tips for getting to sleep?
What is the best way to loose about 25 lbs???
Can I put neosporin in my nose?
Bad burn on three of my fingers from chem class. white, blisters on all three. IMMEDIATE RELIEF PLEASE!!?
How can you get rid of a sunburn without using alavera?
My son has never been stung by a bee, and I'm worried.?
Can drinking windex kill you?
How do you stop feet from smelling?
Why do people want to commit suicide when they already have so much going for them?
What should I do if I overdose?
[GIRLS ONLY PLEASE] I'm having bad cramps and it's not because I'm hungry or full. What's happening?
I'm still sick - how's it gonna look when i ring work tomorrow?
Should I see a doctor?
URGENT Could there be a harmful gas in my home?
How do you break a nailbiting habit?
Is thier a way to dialate your eyes
Something in my eye, what should I do?
How to get rid of a STYE
Are contacts expensive??
What food is good for the eyes?
Alot of people (pharmacy related people) have been telling me that optometry is a not the best field to go in?
Laser Eye Vision Correction?
Can you wear your daily wear contacts for more than one day?
Eye color question?
If you drink when you are stressed, tense or sad, does it mean that you have alcoholic tendencies?
I'm unhappy, an emotional mess, and suffer from major depression. How can l overcome this misery ?
Is shyness a mental dissorder?
Help me I'm about to commit suicide...?
Am i crazy.........?
People pleeeeaaasee!!!! There must be a help!!!?
Should i worry about my son ??
Why do ppl cut themselves...?
If you had a gay for a neighbor would you put blinds on the windows?
Have you tried this product?
Help! How do I hide/get rid of a love bite?
Stop itching!?
I use a Space heater under my desk at work and now my thighs have become itchy and it looks like a rash?
My friend complains of burning sensation all over her body.what is the cause?
Can someone help!?
What is the strongest pain medicine?
I've had 6 suicidal attempts though I live a happy life. Anybody knows what I should take to stop it? sorry...
What foods have vitamins that help heal wounds?
Has anyone had gall bladder surgery?
Spider bite?
Why do people raise their voice when they get upset?
Last year on the motorway.?
Who doesnt drink or smoke?
Do you think that marijuna should be legalized?
Does anyone know anything about paramedic training?
Why am i craving pickles and exhaust fumes??
Polycystic ovarian syndrome help?
Can you gain weight with an overactive thyroid?
What home remedy kills lice?
What happens if you got a deadly illness but you don't have money to pay for it?
Do you think the off spring of bacteria is geting stonger that one day it will be undistructible???
Most sucessful way to treat Fibromyalgia?
Is there a drug or medical treatment that can increase blood circulation to the skin and extremities?
Can a person recover if he's brain dead?
What is the BEST and MOST effective way to cure insomnia?
If I've never had a cold sore before am I immune or could I get one?
I have a skin disease that causes huge boils. I can have as many as 6 at a time. No antibiotics work. HELP!
Can a younge girl..about 12 years of age use facial cleansers?
What can you use to get rid of dried spots on your face?
Any cures known for rosacea?
Warts....where do they come from?
What should i do for dry skin around the eye area?
Any natural or cheap but effective products for dry skin?
Will this really help my acne?!?!?
How to get rid of a cold quickly?
Splinter-Removing Help Needed!?
What can you do to heal sunburns or make then leave faster and takes away discomfort?
Why does my sunburn itch? What can I do to help the itching?
I live in Phoenix and I been bleeding from my nose a lot should I be worried?
Can drinking wine help high BP?
Why do people think it's cool to smoke, even when it destroys your lungs and makes you look cheap?
If a roach goes inside your ear how can i take him out?
What to do to improve memory and thinking capabilities?
When I try to sleep, uncontrollable twitching begins????
My 4 yr. old granddaughter has a growth inside on her jaw. she eats and lots of blood comes out?
Lower stomach pain?
Why do i feel like a drug addict?
How does it feel when your high on marijuana?
Is it true that if you have purple veins under your tongue that you have lead poisoing?
What are the causes and cures of eyebags?
Gallstones have surgery or try something else?
"private" problem?
What is the treatment for lice on 4 yr old children?
How long can i expect chickenpox pox to last on a 3 year old ?
I went to the hospital today..?
How to get rid of blackheads?
What is the safest/easiest way to get a good tan?
Tips to fall asleep and sleep easier..?
Home Remedy for puffy eyes?
Am I gonna grow taller?
I am 12 and I have had serious acne for 2 years. I have tried a lot and nothing works. what should I do?
What is a good and very quick way to treat and GET RID OF warts??? (toe warts)?
If a man/woman remains without food or water, how long he/she can be alive?
Has anyone heard of shanking meaning to pants someone.?
What state u live in?????????
Taking a poll about feet???
I need help, please he is suffering?
I can not stop self-injury(self-cutting) please help me.What can i do?
How do you not feel bitter and angry if youve had a bullying past where twisted people have hurt you, and?
Do old men find old women attractive and vice versa?
My boyfriend is struggling with drug addiction. What is the best way to help him?
What do you do to calm yourself down when you are really angry and irritated by some thing?
What shall i do about my friend.?
What are the advantages of commiting suicide?
A Q for Depressed people: What helped you come out of it?
Honestly: how do you let go of negative past experiences?
AAHH! I have the hiccups and they won't go away!!! Help please?
My face got really sunburned today, what can I do to make it feel better?
Does anyone have any good helpful tips on how to control migraine headaches?
How to get hick-ups?
CPR Question?
What makes a person cool?
Do you think that obese people can do anything about their weight?
Can I die from this ?
Eaten a large piece of aluminium?
Bellybutton Piercing...?
Need hlep i have a sore throat that won't go away?
How do drug addicts feel about alcohol?
Did your parents love you unconditionally growing up? Do you love your children unconditionally?
What is a natural cure for acid reflux?
How do you relieve bloating from gas?
What does fainting feel like?
Swimming without eye google can cause eye disease?
Eye emergency!!!!!! bleeding in the eye?
What are some causes of making your eye twitch? Mine has been doing it off and on for about 2 weeks now?
A question for those who have brown eyes?
What happens in laser surgery towards the eyes??
If somebody punched you hard in the eye, would your glasses break?
Eye twitching?
I accidently took a shower with my contacts on! PLZ HELP ME!!?
Laser eye surgery???
My scalp has little bumps,their like dandruff ant hills and they itch like crazy.?
Eczema questions...Should I tan? What to do?
Green coated stool what does it mean?>?
Does shampoo cause acne?
Diagnose this patient: school project?
What's the best over the counter product for acne?
Question about moles and skin...?
Acne cure?
How can i get my lips that are chapped un-chapped quick?
Terri Schiavo: What Would You Have Done?
What should I be watching for after baby was stung 8 times by wasps or hornet?
I have a boil that recently drain pus out but now it looks infected can u help me?
Scalded my foot with hot porridge... don't laugh?
Burn on the fingers.?
Differences between advil, ibuprofen, tyleno?
How sick will you get if you eat yogurt 2 months aftert its sell by date?
Which is the best way of dressing a wound?
HELP , ASAP!! could this be?
Ear infection! hurry!!?
What causes fainting?
Strep throat for almost 4 months! doctors aren't helping.?
What is a good head lice cure?
Bladder Infection linked to not drinking enough water?
How alcohol taken in by the mouth can eventually be found in the urine?
Whats the best way to manage joint pain {arthritis} im 37 going mad doesweedhelp ornot?
My boyfriend has bleeding in his head and they are going to drill a hole in his head will he live?
What Causes rightsided headaches, neck and back pain? High Blood pressure has been ruled out.?
IBS problems......is there any cure?
I'm light skinned. How do I make my skin dark?
How do i get rid of a boil?
Why do we get those annoying twitchs on our face ?
Does anyone else have stretchmarks? please help.?
What causes the appearance of veins in my arms especially when i lower them?..any remedy about it?
What should u do when your face have acne?
How can I help my husband get rid of toenail fungus?
Hair bump help?
What did Micheal Jackson do to make his skin white?
I have a splinter. but I don't have twezzers! how can I get it out?
What can I use to help me fall asleep and stay asleep?
How do i get my ear to unclog i have used ear wax removal kits and swimmers ear? It has been 2 weeks?
I Can't wake up in the moring and I feel too tired and lazyness?
Is My Cut Infected?
Is finger popping bad?
Why can your whole body be warm but your feet be freezing cold ?
Is it easier for dudes to stay skinny or for dudettes?
Have any of you ever knock over a whole bunch of stuff in you sleep?
My 2 year old spiked a fever after taking vitamins!?
What could cause a terribly itchy head - not head lice?
How do you cover up your fart when you have to fart in public?
Is ther such a thing as sleeping too much?
Have you ever left your hair without washing it for 6 weeks so it cleans its-self? aparently this happens...?
What do i do if my girlfriend passes out?
Is sleeping 6 hours per day healthy if that person is very active?
Cancer or Heart Disease ?
How do you get rid of phlegm?
My boyfriend's blood is black?
Do you have adult attention deficit disorder?
I eat too much every day, while i never get fat, in fact, i'm very thin, is there any wrong with me?
MUMPS! what are the symptoms? can you catch it by kissing!?
Seeking advice.?
What are the first symtoms of shingles?
Can you get any kind of disease from making out with random guys?
Do seizures hurt?
Ok if u have a deep cough and nasal congestion what do u have?
How can I get myself to wake up earlier?
How can you treat depression without drugs?
How to control your temper?
Sometiems at night my mom farts on me?
I cut myself last night!!?
Do colours affect your mood?
What does it feel like to become high?
I very low and i keep getting thoughts of suicide should i tell my counsellor? what will happen?
My friend is commiting suicide right now in the house next door!!?!?!?
I'm a "cutter"...?
Do adults really have eyes in the back of their heads?
Need Help With Acne?
What is the best way to help keep your mosquito bites from itching?
I have acne blemishes on both my cheeks is there anything that I could do to make them go away or fade out?
Really bad acne...?
My 5 yo daughter has a rash on her tush, it is only on the back, itches when she thinks about it.?
10 points! Best way to prevent and treat cold sores!!?
What medications are best for acne?
What is your dream..........?
Is the pain of having kidney stones as bad as child birth pain?
How can i get rid of a sliver without using tweezers or needles?
If you went out and got drunk, then got bitten by a mosquito, would the mosquito get drunk?
Self-Harm scars- Do they ever heal/fade?
When you wear white surgical gloves does your sweat turn them brown in color?
How do I stop being such a push-over?
Should I worry about my naval piercing, it's red and sore?
Do you think before laughing or are you a split-hair-trigger laugher?
Should I leave the bandage off my wound?
My 12 year old son just got a trial pair of disposable contacts....?
So ive had a black eye for like 1 1/2 months?
What"s the best eye drop to whiten my red eyes?
Do people that are/look cross-eyed know it?
When buying contact lenses, do you HAVE to buy eye glasses as well?
Contacts question......?
Can your eye color change besides having to use contacts?
Can you wear contact lenses everyday?
Contact lenses?
Can clear contacts change your eye color?
Why is it so hard to get along with bi-polar people?
I suffer from almost chronic migraines. Anybody have any home remedies? I've tried so many medications!?
Does the size of a persons head indicate intelligence ?
Why do i get the hiccups really bad?
What is the best thing to do for restless leg symdrome beside take medicine?
Cure for Insomnia?
I've just been diagnosed with lupus how do find the strength to keep fighting this for my fifteen year old?
Cleaning ears with Q tips?
What is your reason or reasons for giving answers (advice)?
Psoriasis what do you use to treat it ?do you have it? why can't i get rid of it?
How do i get rid of my dark circles?
I only have acne on my forehead?
I have cellulite on my arms and legs, and I have spider veins on my hips. How can I get rid of them?
How can i make my hands soft quickly?
Does petroleum jelly heal scars?
Horrible acne!!!! please help!?
I just got bit by a mouse, what do I do?
What happens when you do not put stiches on an open cut?
Diper rash??
How many hours of sleep per night does an adult male need to stay healthy?
Is people now healthier than before? why?
My ribs hurt wit even my arm on them and i did notthing to them why?
How to reduce pain in the eairs during flight?
Does the cracking of the knuckles (or any other joint) lead to Rheumatism?
I'm 42 yrs old and I want to know what type of medicine Ineed totake to prolong my menstrual period?
My skin is itchy!!!?
How do you tell the difference between bug bites and rash from a weed or plant?
Rash help pleaseeee?
How do I get rid of scars from cutting, fast?
I have had shingles 4times in a year on my left arm why is this?
Very bad spots?
Is there such a thing as someone not being affected by poison ivy?
What are some red little insects that dig into your skin and then die there then they later itch a lot?
How do I get rid of tan?
Does anyone get up at 3am for work???
Wisdom tooth?
What could this be?
Why do humans yawn?
Is kissing healthy?
What are hemorrhoids?
Does it make any difference, for you, if the doctor who treats you is a man or a woman :) ?
My husband went out last night,came home at 03:30 and...?
Is it possible to have perfect mental health, to be free of all mental disorder, disease, etc?
POLL: What is the best way to beat depression ???
Why do people like to hurt other people?
Why is manic depression referred to as Bipolar?
I have a extreme fear of driving a car. any help for me?
Husband thinks I am mad, but it is the truth!?
I had "a dream" about a "cow" who "flew" in a "chocolate balloon" to "Venus". What does it "mean"?
Is there any way to deal with Panic Anxiety attacks?
Could the reason people dont get better from mental illness be because they dont want to or feel sorry for?
I wake up at 3am every morning for no reason. then i can't go back to sleep should take sleepingpills?
What are some ways to prevent urinary tract infections?
Is eating living raw food safe?
Nearly two thirds of all American adults are overweight or obese. and the rate is growing fast! Why is this?
Help! I burnt my finger!?
How do I know if my ear is infected?
Deafness in one ear! i used a few cotton buds now cant hear very well out of that ear!?
Should i start with soaking my feet or to apply foot scrub first? what is the order?
I have a huge knot on my head I smashed it into a drawer while cleaning! Ugh... whats the best way to cure it?
I fell and got dirt stuck deep under my nail do I need to go to the doc or can I treat this at home?
How can someone make a dark hickey?
Hi, Does anyone else have bad hormonal acne, what do you do to help it?
I wake up in the morgning and my eyelids sticking together after i wash it goes aways ..what causes it?
Bad Sweating problem (embarrasing,) eww!!!?
I work with some chemicals that leave my hands very sticky... Regular soap does not do that job, any ideas?
What color do you say these eyes are?
Are contacts bad for your eyes in the longrun?
How long after eye dilation do eyes undilate?
How do i get my contact unstuck from my eye?
Glasses care?
Wearing contacts more than specified?
How important is depth perception?
What will happen if I wear my contacts beyond the recommended period?
Why is my eye twitching?
Did you know that people are buying breast milk on line?
Is it possible to break your ear?
What do you do when you can't sleep?
I need some ones advise on how to prevent a cut from scaring and leaving marks...thanks :)?
I have swollen Lymph Nodes under my arm, how can I ease the pain ?
What are some good sources of protein?
Why do we were underwere? i do it. i just wonder?
How do you make cuts and broken skin heal faster?
How long do dog bite scars take to go??
Do bees and wasps bite?
What the best treatment for athletes foot?
What helped your acne to go away?
What are these spot things?
How can i cure psoriasis?
My feet are very dry, what is the best thing to use?
How can u get rid of acne quicker?
What else can be used as aftersun???
How to get rid of a hickey?
Tell me about secret deodorant?
What do you think of people with Cerebral Palsy?
Does anyone know any First Aiders?
Where's the best place to take a crap?
I want to quit smoking any advise?!?!?
I feel a cold coming on. How do I stop it from getting worse?
What happens when you put your hand in cold water?
Your thoughts on what is now being said about CPR?
IF your nose started to bleed,can you use a tampon to stop the bleeding?
Dry Facial Skin?
How to reduce dark circles?
Ingrown toenail! Help!?
My feet and shoes smell horrible! And solutions?
Why do some people dont bath?
What foods help cure acne?
How many licks does it take to break through the dermis fully penetrating ones own arm?
I have a dark circle in my eye. plz tell me any remedies to cure?
My face is peeling really bad from mixing two products on my face. WHAT CAN I DO TO make it go away????
Ever get a cramp in your leg while asleep?
My earring stud has become embedded in my ear lobe. How can I remove it and prevent infection?
Do Band-Aids have expiration dates?
I burnt my lip last night biting into a pizza?
Is there any medicine for poison ivy that you can get over the counter?
How do you get rid of the red bumps from shaving?
How do i comfort my friend who's brother is in the hospital from a drinking and driving accident?
Stressed, depressed,suicidal and trapped in my own life. anybody with a few good words? I DONT BELEIVE IN GOD.
If you have backaches, what do you do to relieve the pain?
Why do people get on yahoo answers and ask questions about important medical issues that can and should be?
Eye doctor exam?
Eye Colours?
People who have a lazy eye? BEST ANSWER GETS 10 POINTS!!!!?
Is there anything I need to bring to my eye doctor's appointment?
Ican see coloured blots everytime I open my eyes and it's distracting me from my work, how can i get rid of it
Can your vision get blurrier if you use a computer for many hours?
I faked bad eyesight when I was young so I could wear glasses. Is there any way I can correct my vision?
Very randon eye twitch,right eye only. i have tried massage.?
I have dark brown eyes, whats the most realistic looking colored contacts? for brown eyed people?
Attention people with blue or green eyes: Are your eyes sensitive to light?
Ok so I have this overwheight friend... how do I tell her she eats too much?
Is it a sign of alcoholism if.......?
Do You Have a Bad Habit?
Do you think 5 "4 and 109lbs is to skinny for an average body type female in their 20s?
Why is my throat always sore in the mornings?
Do head lice like clean or dirty hair?
Why do women make up such a lame excuse for their weight.?
Whats wrong with being fat?
Any weird phobia's people???????????
Cures for poison ivy?
I have a bruise that has been on my leg for almost a year?
A scab just peeled off revealing a pink/red skin. What can I donow to a prevent a scar and help it blend in?
What are some good stretch mark remedies?
For those who have used Pro-activ..has it worked for you?
I have poisen ivey and I'm in a lot of pain and need help!!!?
How to deal with my sunburn?
Acne question!!?
I have psosaris on my scalp starting from the hairline I'm worried shampoo's etc will effect hair any solution
Do you think that its ok to be addicted to drugs?
I have a cut on my finger, I got it from a stapler of all things...I have a couple questions?
Can I treat an ingrown toenail myself?
Bug bites?
I was pulling weeds and now my arms and neck itch, they are red but thats from scatching.?
Accidently swallowed some numbing Gargle solution :(?
Is one about to faint if?
Wart on hand?
Is there a shelf life for drugs?? prescribed and other??
Stomach feeling bad......any natural remedies?
I have a painful blister on my little toe, how can I get rid of it?
How much does it cost to remove a small mole?
How can i get rid of under eye bags asap?
How come i have incredibly small wrist and ankles?
Ladies, Do you find that the hot weather makes you want to scratch your?
Inflamed itchy rash from running?
What shood i do when i get a burn and it hurtssssssssss?
What color do think of when you hear the words....?
Can I get an infection from thinking DIRTY thoughts?
What is a good way to clear your mind?
Theres this one kid who has downsyndrome...?
Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one with this problem.?
When you go to bed at night do you ever pray that you wont wake up in the morning?
Is suicide a solution to the problems?
Should i stop cutting myself?
What is wrong with me? no nasty replies please.?
I have smoked since i was 14 i am now 39 i have passed more degrees since leaving school with no mental prob's
I can't sleep what can I do to get to sleep and sleep through the night?
Why do you get hick cups?
I just burned my face..help!?
Can you swim when you have poison ivy?
(urgent)how to cure nose bleeding?
How bad is this cat scratch? (Pics)?
First Aid?
Brown Recluse Spiders??
What do you do when your feeling depressed?
SunBurn Help!?
Im 17, had acne for years! It comes and goes but depresses me so much when its bad?
What beauty products really work for aging skin (54)?
Help!!im only 18 years old, but i have very dark circle and eye bag. how do i get rid of it??
I have severely dry and cracked feet in the winter. What is the best lotion to use on them?
What can I POSSIBLY do about my acne?
Why does a hat cause you to go bald?
What causes legs, & ankles to swell? Mine are Now Permanatly swollen & painful?
How can I make my finger go in through my nose and out my eye?
How do you get a broken toe to heal properly?
How can i numb the pain of my infected insect bite besides a hot towel and aspirin?
Can you get a sunburn through your clothes?
I stepped on on glass in the park, i got a deep puncture wound for sure, I dont want to go to hospital?
What can i do to help calm my nerves, so i don't snap?
I've just been burned, what do I do?
How do i get rid of water in my ear?
I have a really bad sunburn and it has started peeling and exposing the fresh skin underneath.?
Gosh, it is nearly 3AM...?
For the ladies..?
Why do people smoke?
Serious Inquirers Only Please?
Why i can't sleep at night?
Has anyone ever experienced night terrors? I had it once, it felt like I was being held down to the bed.?
What do you do when you are nervous? I twiddle my hair!?
Do males burp and fart more than females?
Why do some people not bathe before they leave the house in the mornings?
When do you wash your hands?
Help! Can anyone recommend me a good lotion for Rough & Dry Elbows?
What type of bug bite is this, or is it a rash?
How do I take care of a planterswarts?
Can i dye my hands with bleach?
HELP!WIll I die?
How do I get over my fear of death?
What is the worst lie that anyone has ever told you?
How Do You stop feeling insecure?
Should i quit my job?
I'm unable get to sleep almost every nite, what should I do??
Can anyone help me?
Could i be depressed?
I want to die.?
Why is the general public so stupid????
I am scared of being alone. I constantly need a person to be emotionally close to me.?
I've had sinus congestion for almost a month, any idea's on how to get rid of it?
Any advise for a 18 year old girl who is 5'4" and 112 pounds?
How do I bandage a fingertip cut so it stays?
I have Poison Sumac on my feet and legs and I was wondering what you can do to make it go away?
Can you use oraljel on your ear while getting a piercing? is it a good idea or??
Whats best food for gaining weight? i wanna gain it not loose it:)lol?
What's the fastest way (overnight) to make sunburn go away?
When you hold a shell up to your ear you hear a sound like the sea rolling onto the shore?what causes this?
I just dropped a small pair of scissors on my toe...?
I'm trying to remove a splinter but it's not coming out...?
I am only 13 years old and my eyesight is around -8.00 for both of my eyes.?
Theres something in my eye ?
I have just got contact lenses they are the soft ones but i find my eyes feel dry and i am aware of them?
Contacts help please!!!?
Lasik surgery how much 4 surgery i have -1.25 script 4 each eye?
Can you use visene with contacts in?
Glasses lense CRACKED?
Can eyes change color when you stare at a color for a long time?
Why is my eye lid vibrating?
Please give me tips and tricks on how to get contacts in!!?
Embarassing problem. Who to see? What to do?
I have an itchy red rash underneath and in between my breast for the past 3 weeks?
How do i get rid of mosquitos and the itchiness? I got bitten more than 30 times and is it bad?
Acne/Skin problem. Help needed!
Is there any given name for this condition. I write with my right hand yet I am left handed in everything else
What is a good way to get that "jiggliness" on thies to go away?
Neck Rash From Shaving!!?
I have brown spots on my inner arms and chest any home remedy?
Chest acne disaster! Cure needed urgently!
How do I prevent my hands from sweating too much during writing in exams and assessments?
Please Help!! im having serious acne problems!!!?
Is there is any effects of doing gym on the face.?
Do you need to tip for a mani/pedi?
Bee Emergency help please?
Throwing up at work?
Can you get a cold from walking on a windy beach for a hour with your ears uncovered?
Why does my eye start twitching after I sneeze?
Bad sunburn?
Ear piercing...PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
An eyepatch for a CORNEAL ABRASION?????????????????...
I had my wisdom teeth taken out and I think I now have a yeast infection from the antibotics. What do I do?
How can i get rid of blackheads on my nose?????????
Can a person who is legally blind in one eye and glasses cant correct them can they drive still?
Having a skin poblem...?
I have bad acne. How do I stop it?
Is lasik a good alternative to contacts and glasses?
How can i get rid of hair on my forehead?