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Am I Going Crazy?
Does depression/anxiety ever go away?
I need help w/ depression...i'm 16?
I had a REALLY GOOD question and then....?
I think i could be psychic. Can anyone help?
How can I stop my chocolate addiction?
I have mouth sore continuously it's coming what is treatment pls advise to me.?
What is Ringworm And What Are The Symptoms?
Help! my daughter has eczema on her lips nothing seems to be working to get rid of it any suggestions?
Have spots on lungs 6mm, how big is that, the size of a pea, dime...worried?
How can i get rid of blackheads on my nose???
How can I get rid of my cold sore in 24 hrs.?
Curing my oily acne prone skin(HELP)?
What's the most comfortable on the eyes all in one contact lense solution?
I just got contacts?
Can you wash your face while you have contacts on?
Do you wear contacts!? Please help me!?
How can i remove my glass .
Dose anyone no how to fake a sprained ankle????
What would happen if i put red food dye in my eye?
My eye sight is really bad! What can i do to make it better?
Paid $325 for eyeglasses did I get ripped off?
How to remove my SPECKS from my eyes naturally ? any natural medicine or lasik laser is best option ?
Raised, red, itchy welt-like spots occur on arms, legs, stomach, and back...what is it?
My lodger has scabies- where from??
What to do about blood blister showing no sign of healing?
What is the absolute best acne product that has worked for you?
What is the best moisturizer?
Zit problem!?
How does a guidedog know where its going ?
Are there any cheap ways to keep mosquitos away? i mean without having to buy sprays and stuff?
How can i be less tired ????
What are steps to improve my concentrations?
I am sick. Please help.?
I've got diarrhea. What should I eat?
Do men really pee in the shower?
How does one get up in the morning without hitting the snooze button?
What's the purpose of hair around our "areas" anyway?
What is the closest you have come to death? I know this may be a hard subject, but I am very curious.?
My alcoholic husband refuses to stop drinking. We have been married 22 years.?
What diet should someone who has colitis or crohns disease follow?
What is gout?
If you smoke cigs....what kind are they? how long have you smoked?
Know any natural remedy for acid reflux?
Does anyone know what Muscular Dystrophy is?
This is gross but I vomited last night and then used mouth wash and my breath is still vomity?
I have worms coming out of my butt, is it serious? Can it kill you? how do solve it. PLEASE HELP.?
Kidney disease contagious?
How can you cure body odor?
What can I find to help clear up acne on my face?
Give me u r suggestions about my dandruff problem.?
I am 13 and i want to know if people think less of me because of my acne???
Is there any solution for eczema without medications?
What causes small red bumps on your buttocks?
I have a large mole on my face, I am looking to get it removed, but by using creams.?
What is a bump in front of my ear on the side of my face?
How Do I Get Rid Of Acne, Ive Tried Everything!!?
I got a canker shore on my lip any good suggestions on how to make it go away?
Ringworm do you have a cure?
What's good to put on mosquito bites to make them quit itching??
Do I have Lice?
Anyone have any miracle skin cleanser?
ACNE destroying my self esteem!! =[?
What type of smell can chase away bed bugs?
How can i cure my sunburn with out hurting my skin?
Am i anemic?
Why do people laugh at farts?
My friend wants to kill herself?
Im drinking to get away from depression..?
What should parents do about a son over 30 years old who cannot hold a job to to marijuana addiction?
Why is this happening and don't answer my question with "things always get better" or "things can be worse"
Psychologist or Psychiatrist?
How to be happy?
Why do i worry about everything ?
My 7 year old so was HALLUCINATING! Help me!?
How can you distiguish depression from unhappiness?
Speed Reading?
Im getting contacts but i cant put them on what can i do?
How to tell my mom i want new glasses?
My eyes get gooey stuff in them when i wake up?
Pupil dilation?
What's wrong with my eyes?
Why aren't you supposed to sleep with contacts in?
Best brand of contacts?
Is it safe to wear contact lenses while playing basketball?
How much does contacts usually cost I'm getting my eyes checked Tuesday that's why I'm wanting to know.
Do you think arm hair is gross?
I think my niece has chicken pox...?
Do Blood Clots go away?
What is good before shower, head or body?
I have blackheads on my face nd nose plz tell me some natural ways for reducing them?
Those white things on your tongue?
My dog has scabs on him why???? and what is it? is it a deasse?
My scalp is full of dandruff....plz help?
What time do you usually go to bed at?
Can someone help me to stop flirting with guys?
My Boyfriend is suffering with lots of Mouth Ulcers?
Where people taller today or in the past?
My husband complains about my nose?
My 3 year old has protein in her urine & has high white blood cells. can some one help me?
Missing my life!!!?
Why do somepeople have a bad breath and not know about it?
Now that I've given up the weed for good, does anyone know of a quick way to get rid of nicotine stains .?
My bowel movement wont come out?
I have a sharp pain that comes and goes on the lower right side of my stomach. Could it be an appendicitis?
Where would you find the tibia and the fibula?
Which country leads in aids population at the latest survey?
I hurt my back really bad, any advice?
What do U prefer a bath or a shower...?
Does hiv/aids happen right away when you "did it" or does it come back and "haunt" you later in your life?
Don't Shake My Hand!?
Stomach flu...better to drink Cola or Un-Cola???
Cure for Dark Circles - Eyes?
My 9 yr old has something that resembles a mole, just got it a month ago, bleeds like crazy... what is it?
Chicken Pox??
Red patches around my nose?
I am really suffering with spots on my face at the moment, whats a effective and cheap way to get rid of them?
Any suggestions on how to remove a wart from my finger?
Will this be OK to use?
Do you know any home remedies for poison ivy/oak?
Is there any dietery supplement that can improve on the skin appearance? am thirty plus, help!?
Have you ever thought about suicide or attempted it?
Is there a natural way to relieve panic attacks?
How can i deal with my depression?
Latley I've been feeling so down I feel like committing suicide...?
Who is in the uk and cant sleep right now and why?
I have mental health and i try to hurt people, how can i stop this?
What does it mean if you doodle alot?
Argument in favour of my suicide?
My mom really hurt my feelings tonight?
Why do teens???????
Cold sore, 3 year old?
What causes warts?
I am desperate....! please help.!?
It itches me between toes and it seems to spread. I was thinking it was bec of?
I have weird red spots on my arm leg and stomach, whats wrong? the itch so bad.?
Vick's Vapor Rub?
I have acne (but not very severe).the dermatologist at first suggested that i should take isotretinoin ....?
What does it mean if my eye constantly is twicthing?
Any doctors or opticians on here-how do I sort strained eyes out?
Contact Question? IT KILLS!?
Does your eye vision go down..?10 points?
Does anyone else have worse vision than me and drive with contacts?
How bad is it to use my glasses prescription to order contacts?
Are these headaches because of my contacts?
Contacts question?
I have brown eyes dark brown hair and olvie tones skin, what color contacts would look better on me?
What's wrong with my eye?
Afraid to touch her wrists?
Been a while since i asked a crude question?
I have stretch marks do people find them sick?
Is this pregnant MALE for real?
Drunk behaviour?
Why do i eat a lot but i dont get fat?
Smoking ban!!! whats your opinion??
On Finding Nemo, Dory has short term memory loss...Well my question is how does she remember that?
How many cigarates you smoke a day?????
Um help me!!!!!?
I have a dark green patch growing under my acrylic thumb nail. What is this and what should I do? Thank you?
Do you douce? not sure of spelling. I just started to do it and so far think it's very good, I feel cleaner.
What's the best diaper rash cream or powder?
Besides Toothpaste?
Help! somethig wierd appeared on my face!?
The weather is so cold and my skin is itchy and dry., what would help.?
What is lupus? this guy thinks I have a form of it?
I get pins and needles along the edge of my left arm - elbow to little finger tip. Any Ideas on cause?
Have you ever hit someone just because you didn't like the look of them?
I nearly died "For Real" once about five years ago,(I am sixty five).?I was scared.Now I am frightened to die?
I hate myself... help me?
What do you think is going on here?
My mum disapproves of my cutting..?
My Parents were in a car accident last night?
Im so miserable?
What's your OCD?
Plz help me !!!?
Does anyone know of a pill or medicine that helps you to lose weight???
How do I unstress while at work?
What side is my appendix on????Right or Left???
Should people have the choice to end their lives?
What will happen if you do not eat fruits or vegetables?
Do you find smoking stupid????????
I just swallowed a fish bone. it doesnt hurt real bad but I can feel something in my throat. what do I do.?
I'd like to quit smoking...i know different things work for different people?
How can I build up my self-esteem and self-confidence? They are very low and weak so please help!?
How do you like to relax or unwind after a busy day?
Does anyone have an organic recipe for dandruff.?
What is the best cure for acne that doesn't cost a lot?
Will putting acne cream all over your face bring more acne or bumps??
HELP ive burnt myself with tea!?
I am brown skin and it is my dream to become white, and I do not want to ask Micheal Jackson?
I was sunburnt last summer?
Sunburn ITCH!!!!????
Athletes Foot?
My sister has a rash on her neck in the shape of small circles!!!?
How do you deal with your acne?
HELP! what do i do about my belly button piercing!!?
How do you get rid of?
Chapped lip help?????????
Acne Solutions?
Why do i have dry skin?
I tried to pop a big zit, and it wouldn't budge.. now it's bright red and huge.. anything I can do?
Face is red and it burns a little?
I feel sleepy during day...how can i control?
What do stupid people think of themselves?
Crying out for help..............?
Can you help me.?
I have a phobia (for frogs) and I'd like to cure myself. How do I go about it?
I think I might be depressed, how can I talk to my mom about it?
How do you get your self confidence back after depression?
I feel so down?
Why do we sleep at night? why not sleep during the day and be awake at night?
How is everyone feeling today?
What are these symptoms, weight gain, tiredness, depression, excessive peeing and sweating?
Is it true that when you go outside with your hair wet that you will catch a cold?
Why do they allow people with poor hygiene to shop at Walmart?
Can someone go one whole day without sleep?
Is it unheathy to eat dog food?
PLEASE I desperately NEED confidence help!!!!!!!!!!?
What works good for bad breath?
Im addicted to pepsi... read inside?
I have this small white bump in the corner of my eye, what is it? And how can I get rid of it?
How do i get rid of acne??
Any1 know any good cure for a cold sore ???
Everytime my daughter as bin in the sun she get itchy hand and they burn up can u tell me why?
I have ridges on all my fingernails,What could this mean?
Why does a person who is chilled will be pale with blue lips and fingertips?
How can you stop sweating under your arm pits?
What is the cause of dandruff and how to prevent it?
Whats the best way to get rid of a cold over night?
My mom has Fibromialgya and has been suffering for a while, is there any know cure, or any type of relief?
Know good ways to take and track meds, my mom keeps forgetting if she took hers?
If you knew you were dying, would you tell your loved ones? When?
Best remedy for my 12 yr childs habit of urinating while asleep?
Why does caffeine make me want to the restroom and remove my bowels?
What is the best solution for bad breath.?
If Santa claws does not have the festive flu then why is his nose rosy red.,?
Is it bad to stop lexapro cold turkey?
I have a bad case fo the flu and would like to know if anyone has any home remedies or something to lessen...?
Should my son go to Daycare tomorrow even though he was ringworm?
My dog stratches all day!?
Help w/ my face?
Help with psoriasis?
Why does your skin peel when you get a sunburn?
How do you rest your eyes?
HELP! Sunburn!?
What is the best fast acting acne medication?
What can you use to treat a boil on the leg?
What medication is good for anger?
Somewhere down the line I have learned to hate myself.?
Feeling really depressed any advice? see details below?
Is there a name for this??
What makes it right for you to get rich off of other people's pain and suffering?
What do you generally think of people who SI because i do?
Who believes i have the right to be depressed?
Autistic Kid Harassing me?
How do i stop cutting?
I cant take any more..?
I seriously have like 5 warts on my right hand.... help???
Can anyone help? I've had chronic urticaria (hvies) for almost 5 mos, only appears at night. Possible causes?
What is the best remedy for burns?
Will it ever go away and how?
Do NSAID painkillers like ibuprofen and diclofenac cause skin disease?
I burned myself. What do I do?
Hi, I have skin tags under my arms and was wondering if anyone knows what might be causing them......?
Eye drops - why should they be thrown away after 28 days?
Should i get contact lenses or stay with glasses?
How can eye doctors tell the difference between...?
If I get the correct glasses strength for my eyes, will i get 20/20 vision?
Looking for a good pair of sunglasses?
Do eye doctors usually dialate your eyes during your yearly eye exam?
I had a facial & the lady got some products in my eyes by mistake.?
Do they make nonprescription reading glasses for astigmatism?
Can I wear monthly contacts a week longer?
Should my friend get contacts?
How can I get my wife interested in life again?
Am I depressed?
I feel sucidal what should I do?
Ok serious question im serious ok?
How do you stop you parents from finding out about Anorexia?
Do you hear voices in your head?
Would you rather lose your legs? or suicide?
I have real low self esstem anyone know how i can raise it up?
How do you get through clinical depression without the assistance of prescription medication?
Need advice?
Whats wrong with me?
I'm becoming bulimic ,but my friend force me to eat. What should I do?
Should I turn in my neighbor which is a METH Dealer?
Is there anyway for me to get taller???
Soap disappeared while I was in the shower................?
Do you believe that ppl are born gay or do you believe that they make a decision to be gay?
Smoking Ciggaretts...?
Why do noses run and feet smell????
What;s the best method to keep yorself awake?
Help me please!!!!!!!!?
There is a party today at 4 and i broke out this morning! Help!?
Cold sore? What does one look like?
Red Quarter sized rash on side of stomach?
I have dark circles, but get enough sleep every night. how can i get rid of them?
Does a person with brown skin need to use sunblock when in the sun?
What is that stuff that comes out when you pop a blister?
I have tried almost everything. Her doctor keeps giving her medician that isn't working.?
I have white spots on all of my nails and i think it is from shutting them in door what can make them disapear
Have you ever had depression and been told to pull your self together?
Sorry, english people, but...why do you drive in the wrong way?
Have you ever self harmed?
What is the best reason to live?
Does that make me crazy?
Please help my addiction to yahoo answers?
Do I still have depression?
What is ADHD?
I am never happy. I am a Christian. I have a nice house. Decent job. I am losing my faith.I always wanted?
Is anyone else really scared of goin on plains?
Acne problems plz help??? best answer gets 10 points?
HELPP im soo itchy!!!?
I just burned myself on a truck exhaust skin peeled leaving this white portion showing?
Sunburn help?
My feet is so ugly ,very dry and crack,how to solve my probiem?
Home acne remedies?
What are you insecure about?
My friend wants to kill someone?help!?
Anyone know how to rid yourself of acne?
I want perfect skin! and i mean PERFECT, what should i do or consume to achive it?
Could I have been a rapist in a former life?
How can we removed super glue to skin?
I hate myself and want to die, can anyone save me???
Do you have a special place you like to go when you feel down or depressed?
How can I develop more confidence in myself?
Have you ever felt like giving up on your human life and want to die?
I can't sleep.?
Please help im not attracted to my own race?
I have anger problems any adivice?
Alcoholism??! Help!!!?
How do you get over shock easier due to the fact that something that happened to me on wednesday?
Sometimes my bum vibrates a little and a vile smell surrounds me. do i need a priest?
Can you honestly say you can forgive and forget?
When I try to speed up my metabolism, my acne worsens?
What is sunscreen for?
Nair shower power making my legs burn?!
Acne... Truth or Myth?
What is the most painful thing that has ever happened to you? *more on the physical side, it can be emotional*
Do you see your doctor as a higher entity, or treat him the same as everyone else?
Second toe longer than rest... is there an operation to fix this?
How did Elvis Presley die?
Eyes becoming sensitive to light?
Do we seriously eat spiders?
Oranges make me sick..?
What makes you sad?
How do i stop smokng?
First Aid CPR, What to do 1st if a person is found face up?
What's the best way to fall asleep when you have to, but you are not tired?
I have been smoking coke caine and my left arm is swelling and my left side hurts and my pupils are big then s
How do i get fat??
How can I quit smoking successfully?
What causes insomia? What can one do to be able to sleep at night? no pills please?
REALLY BAD sunburn. Please help me out.?
Is it normal to feel a pain in your heart when you cough?
Severe Sunburn...To the MAX!?
Spider bite!!!?
What are the symptoms of contamiated water?
I'm bleeding uncontrollably what should i do?
Whats the best way to tear a SCAB off????
My baby has bitten her tongue and its very bruised-what do I do?
I have a splinter in my big toe. i think its glass. i cant see it or determine its exact location?
Remedy for hang-over?
What is the difference between percocets and Tylenol 3s?
Am an alcholic. how do i give it up for good?
Where to get Extra virgin olive oil and epsom salt?
I have a lot of acne and i need some help to get rid of it!!!?
Red inflammed spots on my face anything i can do to calm them down quickly?
I know this is gross, but how do you get rid of a wart?
Help please what is good for getting rid of a spot overnight?
How to treat ECZEMA in babies? what causes them?
I used an acne spot cream on my face last night, and when I woke up my face was red and itchy! What can I do?
Is it possible to pull a muscle in your neck while playing badminton?
How do i get over worrying all the time?
Struggling with Suicide?
Mom's mid-life crisis is driving me nuts!!?
Am I paranoid?
What do you focus on to go through the day?
Why do i want to hurt my boyfriend when i know i love him deeply?
Not waving but drowning?
If you were depressed, what would you do to alleviate a depressed mood?
When you sad what do you do??
If there is an electrical fire up in yo microwave and the a man put it out with an extingusiher, iz you safe?
I am suffering from high blood pressure. my age is 38?
My dad is 5'8 mom is 5'1 im 5'4 my brother is 5'10 ...will i get any taler ? (im 13)?
What has been the most creative thing you have smoked weed from?
How can i get rid of unwanted fat around my stomach?
I woke up two days ago with a case of Hives how do I get them to stop itching? I have no idea what caused them
Spider bite?
The whole ridiculous "Thin is In" thing?
HELP! i have a scratchy throat, my nose is stuffy and it has been this way for about three months?
How do i get over it?
Should you open the white head on a ant bite?
How come when you cut your wrist it doesn't stop bleeding?
Why do people fall in love???!!!?
Are u overweight if ur 1 pound over the weight that u r suppossed 2 be for ur age and height???
Is it possible to cry underwater?
Just Stapled my finger by accident-?
How do stop a nosebleed?
Why is being in the nude bad, eventhough its natural?
Can a splinter kill you?
Could this be skin cancer?
Can I get some help?
Acne problem!?
Any good scar creams??
What do I do? HELP, PLEASE?
Much needed:::::: FAST IMMEDIATE HELP!?
Back Acne ?
Breaking out?
I did 4 lines of coke ovr the lst 6hrs. Jst remembrd I hv a dr.appt. in 3.5 hrs, will my dr. know i did coke?
Do you have a tattoo and what is it ?
What is a person called that draws blood I am very interested in that occupation?
How do you get rid of head lice?
Is coke worth trying??
What are some cures for hicups??!?
How many of you do not smoke Marijuana or cigarettes, drink, or do any drugs at all?
What are you allergic to ?
Ouch! I just ran down my street and now my calfs (the bottom of my legs) hurt. What do I do?
What is a sure fire way to fall asleep without taking medication.?
Could you possibly not know that you have a UTI?
What is more dangerous?
How long between showers?
How do you take water out of yuour ears?
I have a cold, how do i get my voice back?
What do i do about bug bites? (real answers only, please)?
Do you think it would hurt to take three benadryl to sleep?
What does this mean? Benign without evidence of any malignant change?
Popped blood vessel?
Is It Bad That I Have No Fear Of Death?
How do i explain the cuts on my arms?
I want my old life back, where can i get a time machine?
How to over come people telling you that you are fat?
I need help im 13!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Maybe i should kill myself?
How do i go about telling my parents about...?
Is there an acne medicine that I can just in a local store. I cant order off the internet. Money???
Anyone have an idea of how i can resolve my dandruff problem?
Itching problem?
What's a good eczema remedy.?
I need some help. i'm havin a bad acne break out. what is a good skin product from walmart i should use.?
What kinds of treatments are there for eczema?
How do you get rid of dandriff?
Embarrassing problem, please help?
When using hand sanitizer.....?
Help! I have a sunburn on my face and I need to get rid of it by tomorrow!!?
What is the best ointment for a baby diaper rash?
Well i eat fries everyday, i have since i was like 3 years old(17 now) IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THAT?
How do u get rid of mouth odor?
I have so many bad habits.........?
Feeling depressed after seeing some pictures that shows children suffering in Africa, can anyone help?
Ex-smokers how did you succeed?
If I droped a marble on the barbers floor and he stood on it and cut a mans ear off am I in trouble?
Why do I wet myself while I sleep? Is it stress?
Why do I feel like this? Please help me!?
I'm an addict to video games. What should I do?
I feel like an evil spirit is messing with me or am I just going crazy?
On waking up in the morning I sometimes wonder if it`s worth while living another day. What can I do about it?
Can someone die from giving up on life?
How do I stop procrastinating?
There is this little voice in my head that keeps saying KILL KILL?
Is it safe to drink a glass of stool softener with every meal?
What should I do if theres a small ball of paper stuck up my nose?
I have a rose thorn stuck deep in my finger and it won't come out HELP ME!?
Please help! how can you heal bee stings? I have twenty-three!?
Fainting and nose bleed emergency!?
Taking the pain ouy of a burn?
Swollen mosquito bite?
Whats the easiest way to remove splinters from a 4 year old?
I just smashed my right hand middle finger in a car door.?
What four thing's are necessary for the survival of all living thing's?
I have really bad eczema on my hand where it cracks and bleeds...any home remedies or over the counter creams?
My 10 year old son has alopecia, does anyone know of anything he can take use to improve his condition?
How Can I Get Rid Of Spots On My Legs?
My brother has chronic psoriasis on his scalp for past eight years. Tried everything no success.Solution plz
My skin itches after bathing.what can i do besides not bathing?
Help needed...c'mon i know you people know this.?
Whats the best way to treat sunburn?
How to get rid of dry and ageing skin?
What are the yellow spots on my sons back?
If countries like Canada and The Netherlands have health care for everyone, what's this country's problem?
Lots of ear wax?
Gross, Embarrassing, Important question. Prefer answers fast.?
Why is it when you don't feel like smiling , and you smile anyway you simply feel better ?
How can i tell if i broke my toe?
Hello there people.what is the best way to reducing snoring?A friend told me few nights ago that I snore a lot
What is the longest amount of time you have had to hold off going to the bathroom?
Major ear pain...HELP!!!?
What is the most painful way to die?
Wat do u think of smoking???
Have you ever been woke by the feeling your falling from somewhere?
Do you do whatever your doctor tells you to do?
Do I have OCD?
Kinda personal question....?
How can you sleep quickly?
Is it possible that...?
Can I take Sudafed while pregnant?
If i breathe hard..what does that mean?
I enjoy self inflicted pain. why?
How to manage sunburn?
How can i stay awake at night? im workin at night.im a telephone operator?
What do i do if my 4 year old swallows a marble sized ball?
Ive had my tongue ring for about 5 days now, i want to know how long it takes to close....HELP! plz?
What is the best cure for a sore throat? no silly answers please!?
How dumb could someone be to staple their eyelid to their face?
How can you sleep if your back itches form a sunburn?
What can I do with the exsecive dry skin on my hands ?
Soriosis (sorry don't know how to spell this)have you ever had seriosis and do you know of a cure?
Stretch mark, stretch mark, and more stretch mark. I'm one big stretch mark and not overeactting! PLZ HELP!!!!
HELP had huge painful zit &tried; to pop it (stupid), now its scabby & STILL THERE! event on fri! what do I do?
I grew a mole on my back...OVERNIGHT!! Should I be worried??
I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why does white skin wrinkle and age more than darker skin?
Geting rid of acne? help me?
What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide posioning? Is there any signs such as skin rashes etc?
Hearing voices?
What is the easiest way for someone to killl themselves?
OK, the weirdest thing just happened. I was having a fight (verbal) with one of my best friends and he took?
Does dream really come true?????
At most l feel nothing. Antidepressants dull my senses. My life is empty, l am alone and l'm afraid of living.
What do I do? I'm way too paranoid! HELP!?
How do you feel right THIS second?
I have the pills in my hand. I am so depressed. Will I go to heaven if I commit suicide?
I'm looking for non-medical help for depression.?
Happy or Unhappy ...which are you and why?
Is it possible to fracture the bones in the top part of our feet?
HElp!! my hand is burning!!!?
How do i remove metal particle in eye?
What is the best thing to use when cutting yourself?
Why is it that sometimes on a beautiful day like today...?
I have awaken up on 3 different times at night,gasping for air.what is the cause of this?
After you take a bath or shower does anyone put lotion on their whole body?
I have swollen ankles and my lower leg often gets little water type blisters which burst and leave scabs.?
How do i cover up my red face when i suffer from embarressment?
Why is my skin itching (back and arms mainly) for no apparent reason?
Bumpy arms?
About acne.Can anyone help?
Sunburn on face?
What to eat and what not to eat to stay acne free?
Do ambulances generally come supplied with snakebite antivenom?
Are you really supposed to urinate on a jelly-fish sting?
I just got bit by 15 rattle snakes. How do I heal it really fast?
I stepped on a sewing pin...?
How can I counteract the ravages of my pack a day cigarette habit?
Help with sunburn for sensitive skin?
How do you get children's hair to grow back?My 6 yr old lost his.?
Why is losing weight so difficult?
How do you know when some one is smoking marijuana?
How do i stop mosquito bites on holiday.i cant take antihistamine?
Am i suicidal?
Why do I feel so low, it's rubbish?
When you lose a parent...........?
I can't stop thinking when I'm trying to sleep!?
How do I reduce anxiety?
Has anyone ever felt really depressed for no reason?
I hear things?
Im i such a bad person because i suffere with a severe mental illness?
Does anyone know good ways to stop cutting?
Is there a cure for autism?
Is it a fact that giving a dog choclate or onions will kill the dog because those things are extremely toxic?
Do your eyes get worse if you dont where your glasses?
Can you get a cold from wet hair?
Free first aid kit?
Should I apply a tourniquet to the neck to stop a head wound bleeding.?
BAD sunburn....??
I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaayy to scared of bees....?
My arm burnt by an iron!!!! HELP VERY PAINFULL!!?
What's the best(sure) way to pass nicotine urinal test.?
What is it called when someone delibratly splits the sides of your mouth?
Can you use wart remover on moles. I have no medical ins and i want to remove a mole myself?
What are the reasons for boils?
Lump under my armpit?
Its 2 am and you are in a hotel/B&B;, you get attacked by bed bugs? what do you do.?
How do you get rid of lice efficiantly? J/W?
Rash behind my knee?
How do i get rid of acne FAST?
Why do you get shivers suddenly even when its not cold?
Iam 25years old working women .my hight is 5'7. what is corret weight to my age 'n' hight.?
Based on statistics, why do most women out live us men?
Are there any good ways to treat a sunburn, besides aloe vera?
Does anyone know what to do when your sick,dizzy and throwing up? like what to eat and drink?? ~Bella~?
What is the best relief for flea bite itching?
Something Came Out of My Brother's Nose...?
Do cigarettes have caffeine? i have a slleep test tonight and they told me no caffeine for 24 hours?
How do i get water ot of my ears i have tried eveything!?
How to quit smoking?
Is it true that if you sleep in the afternoon you can't sleep again at night?
Am i healthy?
Waking up!?
Can anyone explain??
PLZ answer my question as soon as u spot it. thnx?
What do you consider tall for a guy?
I smoke cigarettes regularly 10 per day for past 2 years.can it be seen in my lung x-ray???
Is smoking a cigar better or worse than a cigarette?
What does this mean?
How to loose your voice asap?
How long could you make it if you didn't pee when you woke up?
My wife got stung by what I think was a Fire ant. She is pregnant. What should we do?
Im 14 and im thinkn bout tryin pot. i nevr plan to smoke regularly just a few times every now and then?
I have been bitten by mosquitos or some other bugs in my scalp and they hurt. Any remedies?
My son got stabbed and got stitched but after a week had stitches out but still bleeding?
I am going to the beach in the morning and i am afraid of sting rays and jelly fish. Wat do i do if i get stun
I just stapled my finger what shoud i do take it out or leave it in?
Is laughter really the best medicine?
Is immortality possible?
Does urinating on a jellyfish sting stop the pain?
I got candle wax in my eye last night, is there any long term damage?
I am 34 years old and i forget alot of things and it affects my jobs any suggestions on what i can do?
How many bottles of water are you supposed to drink in one day?
What is good to clear up acne from your face?
My skin has been so dry it never has been this dry before I am so itchy everywhere, whats a good cream I can?
I have a wart on my hand any ways to remove it quickly???
Best way to remove callus on toes?
Okay, what is this? I don't think it is lyme disease but it is the weirdest thing. A tick bit me a few days
Does Prozac really help people or is it just in their head?
Can you bite your toe nails????
I hav a boil?
Ive been feeling really crappy lately?
My daughter has come to me and told me she has been self harming, what are my first steps to help her?
How often do death come across your mind?
I haven't slept well since Mid-April. The quality of my sleep has improved?
What is your worst fear?
How will you know if you are an obsessive-compulsive?
How to raise my self esteem.....I hate my physical apperance?
When do you become an adult?
I'm 28 and am allowing my self to be bullied. Please help?
How can I get rid of this headache NOW?
What happens when I burn a yellow Colored pencil, take off the burnt part shavings, and snort it?
My daughter has a nasty burn with hot water, even though we covered all approriate first aid.?
Do you like to be stressed?
Mosquito bite cure?
I have serious problems with heartburn that even chokes me in the middle of the night. can somebody help ?
What is a good way to treat blisters from new shoes?
Plz help..?
Can you have chest pains from asthma? please help!?
Is suicide the answer?
When you wake [email protected] am, and your eyes dont want to open,and you feel sleepy,does this mean you need more sleep?
Can u help me ? i neally need it?
I feel like I have no purpose in life. Sometimes I wish I would die in my sleep. Who else feels this way?
Should i take Anti-depressants?
My parents are the worst so im trying to keep from suicide PLZ HELP ME?
I have anxiety and was wondering if anyone had some tips on how to help on how to deal with it??
Is it possible for a 12 year old to have depression?
Can any one suggest what i should do ??
What is the best way to get rid of acne?
I think i have accidently got poisioned?
How do you get rid of an ear infection [[one with pus]] without a prescription??
I have a bad sunburn on my sholders and my back! please help!?
How many times can a bee sting you?
Allergic reaction?
Does marking an "X" with your fingernail on a moskito bite make it worse or better?
Paper Stuck In Ear? Plz reply ASAP?
How can I sooth my mosquito bites, that are 2 weeks old and still itching?
Any intresting stories about fainting?
WHAT'S GOOD FOR ANXIETY? I only prefer natural remedies please.?
Why do teens need more sleep??
How to get rid of a poison ivy rash?
How do i get rid of crows feet around eyes without using botox ?
Advise to sleep!?
Help i'm cunfused!!!!!!!?
How can I quit smoking..?
I have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night, what adive do you have to fall asleep quickly?
I have a patch of dry skin above my lip. It itches sometimes. Could it be skin cancer?
Unappreciative? Do I have the right to be mad at her?
Can a person realy be addicted to pot?
Why are we cold after we step out from the shower?
Wut helps u fall asleep?
Does drinking a lot of water help you clean out your system?
Quitting smoking whats the best form?
If you had to lose a part of your body, which one would you lose?
Does anybody know the name of that stuff that's in the corner of your eye when you wake up?
Hopefully this ? is not rude. A boy age 4 asks what is the a name for a girls willy?
Can suking on helium kill you or have bad effects other than a squeky voice?
Does anyone have a cure for headaches?
I cut my hand really deep?
What's the best way to stop the bleeding from a cut on your face after you shave?
Should I see a doctor about.......................
What is a good brand of sneaker to buy?
Can someone please tell me weither i should ring an ambulance for really bad stomach pains?
AGHHH!!! I um superglued my thumb and pointer finger toghtr...HEELP how do i get them apart?!?
Why does my nose bleed so much?
Memory loss?
Hi my name kayleigh it a broken foot and ankel were it sowollen around the anle aknleand brownis blu
Any home remedies to cure zits?
My 21 month old has little reddish brown flaky spots on her scalp. Any thoughts to what it could be?
May i thank all those who ,have reply to my quetion,?
Im not a teen but i get acne?
What gets rid off white heads on you're nose?
Is there anything that will make the redness of sunburn go away?
How can i get rid of acne?
Benzoyl peroxide??help please !!!?
What is the best acne treatments for severe breakouts on the forehead?
Do you worry a lot?
When your father is dying how do you get past feeling like you're in a nightmare that won't end?
Is Yahoo Answers dangerous source of advice?
What is a good NON ADDICTING sleep aid?
Should i smoke?
Why So Much Hate?
I cant do it anymore!!!!!!!!?
Am I suffering from schizophrenia?
What do you do when your fingers get really stiff and you cant move them?
How do you care for a new fresh blister i just got today hasnt popped yet?
I have a bad sweating problem. I sweat a lot even when I'm cold, and deodorant dosn't work.. what can i do?
I have water in my ear and can not get it out!! I tried hydrogen peroxide and it hurt like ****!?
I am NOT a doctor. Do you trust me?
How can you get rid of your hick-ups?
What would you do if you were totally against smoking and....?
Which do you prefer in a surgeon: A steady hand or a funny personality? Why?
Shouldn't marijuana be legal?
Stop a bleeding eye?
Help!! Something's wrong with me!?
I wanna give up.Help? SUICIDE!!?
I'm a 15 year old girl and i weigh...?
How do you get over depression and loneliness?
Is it possible for me to be depressed at the age of 15?
Im depressed. What can I do?
Do people take Yahoo Ansewers seriously?
What day is it?
How can someone express physical anger safely?
What are moles caused by? (the moles on the skin)?
What are drugs to overcome problem of black heads?
I have sore puffy itchy eyelids?
Why is my dad's ear turning black? is it normal or is it something serious?
I have had a lot of scars on my knees? what should I do?
Please help me...im going through hell with my Psoriasis .?
What is the best treatment for hair fall or hair loss.?
How do i get rid of head lice but not use the store bands?please help me...?
I went to a massage parlor in Little Saigon and now I have itchy bumps all over my skin, what could it be?
If you drop somthing that is from 50-60 pounds onto your foot, will it break?
Most pharmacy has a RX symbol on their store. What does it stand for?
Is my cut infected?
Name A person who made a medical advancment.?
What is the treatment for Hemeroids?
What does it mean when your ears ring?
I fell sleepy very often.. how can i get rid of my "sleepiness" ???
Is it badd to ..?
Help son got ring stcuk?
Does anyone kno wats good for acne???
Skin problems child of 3 years old?
Does Proactive really work?
Putting on aloe vera?
I have a sty on my eyelid how do you get rid of them????
What will TRULLY treat dandruff?!!?
MOMS! I have a case of bad serious sunburn.....................
Does anyone have any suggestions for the treatment of exzema?
My skin is so dry ,that it itches and flakes very badly,I've tryed everything.?
Really Dry Skin?
Why do men fart and find it funny? And why do women always deny it and blame someone else?
How much sleep should a 14 year old be getting?
How can someone "draw a blank"?
Smoking...Am i addicted?
Girls with glasses?
Facial Botox , Yes or No ?
I have stopped smoking today it has been 12 hours since i had a cig?
Is it ok to fart in public?
I am a 29 year old alcoholic?
I can't take it anymore...this is so horrible...?
Do animals help with depression?
What does S.O.S. stand for?
I am a substance abuse counselor but I sometimes drink and enjoy the occasional joint. Is this inappropriate?
Can you admit yourself to a psychiatric hospital?
Im so depressed...please help since no one ever answers my questions..?
What do you think about marijuana?
Any tips on anxiety?
How do u get over stress?
My gf got a blister "down there" this is the second time she gets one...what is it???
I have water in my ear..and have no doctor...i'm visiting somewhere?
How do you stop a loved one from smoking weed? Or at least cutting down?
Is there any way to lose ten pounds in seven days?
What is a god remedy for a bee sting?
What can I put on a burn to help it feel better?
How do you get rid of dark eye circles naturally - without makeup?
Whats a natural way to get rid of a sun burn?
What exercises, if any, can I do to strengthen my ankles?
I tried to give myself a kidney transplant and now Im bleeding bad. what do I do?
Who knows a good way to stop itching?
Skin problem!?
I have a bump the size of a marble on my high upper thigh, what is it?
Ok i have like these gross bumps that grow on my arms that are getting really annoying!?
Red spot on my upper leg! Itches and getting bigger?
Bruise easily,?
Super gross -- flesh coming out from my navel ring hole???
How do some people get 2nd time chickenpox??
What is the condition called that makes the fingers curl into the palms of the hand?
In science what is a gauze?
What are the some of the signs for mental illness?
What would you do if someone you knew was an alcoholic and a drug addict?
Voices in my head....?
How to live stress free life on earth?
Has any one taken acid beofre and had a "spiritual" experience?
What happens when you hold yourself from crying?
When you are completely stressed out and fed up with life, what should you do?
What is the real answer to conquering severe depression?
I feel killing myself?
Help?!? My best friend is addicted to internet chat!!!!?
I was stung by a bee, now what?
Whats the best thing for a broken nose?
How can i permantley remove finger warts?
I am in my 60's and still bite my fingernails. I am told it's a good way to release tension. How to stop?
I have a itzy bitzy sliver in my finger tip and can't get it out, any ideas?
What is the new compression rate for CPR?
I have a spider bite on my face the size of a golf ball. How can I get rid of it fast?
What is a good stress or tension reliever?
A good conversation. When was the last time you had one?
Which is the best medicine (or) shampoo (or) treatment for dandruff ? thanks in advace..?
What is a good make up brand for somebody with a sensitive skin?
My lips hurt so BAD!!?
My son was in a hot tub for 4 hours and his skin is dried out?
I've got a crotch itch?? What is it?
How to get rid of a hickey, or at least hide it well.?
Is there an over the counter medication used to treat ringworm?
Cat scratch and rash?
How do you?
Why should friends and relatives get upset when someone commits suicide?
My life is pointless why can't I just die already?
Suicide and Depression. I don't want to have these thoughts, but I can't help it!?
Serious question.....Yeah, I know, that's rare.......?
Why is life so complicated.......?
Ahhhh work is so stressful what should I do!?
Can you get the chicken pocks twice or is it called a relapse?
Am I being abused?
Am i emo? plz help?
Why is it bad to cut yourself?
What are the adverse health effect of hormones in milk?
Can we sneeze while we sleep?
Why is yawning contagious?
Is it ok to put diluted hydrogen peroxide down your ear to ease/clear an ear infection?
Can anyone tell me whats the Best medication or drink for being tired, Ive tried redbull.etc. vitamins?
What's the medical term for when your intestines pop out of your belly?
What is the best way to get rid of stress?
Got any home remedies for swimmer's ear?
If u have low blood pressure will smoking help?
I have thread worms and i dont want to tell my parents, what should i do!!???
How often do you bathe/shower yourself?
Does anyone else hate the rude "just go to the doctor" responses?
How do i know if i got my period if i didnt get cramps?
How do I quit smoking?
How do you get rid of stretch marks?
I have 6 fingers on my right hand and on 4 toes on my left foot was i born of some scientific experiment...?
When I do # 2 there is blood with it, like alot! Why is this happening and what should I do?
How do I treat migraine headaches without having to take any medication?
Can any 1 please tell me wot can cause,,pins n needles in my left little finger n ring finger. and it wont go
Is there anyone that knows a good home remedy to stop the itch of poison oak?
Why do I sweat so much?
Should i pop my blisters?
Eczema Problem?
What's causing my itching?
My friend accidentally scratched my forehead?
My husband worked all day in the rain and now he has a "full" ear. Any ideas how to flush it out?
Q-tip bud removal from ear?
My skin has become too dry at the corner of the lips??
How can I cure an ingrown toenail?
I am always sneezing every morning, what will I do to stop this? Is this a sign of allergic rhinitis?
If I am going in for an MRI on my neck how long should I expect to by stuck at the hospital?
I got sunburn on my tool and proms tonight!!!!!!!!!!!?
A tick bite?
What are the first aid for fracture?
Student nurse looking for advise?
Is there a home remedy for drying up poison ivy?
I hate when my family chews? whats wrong with me?
Is this normal behavior?
You may say I’m depressed, I say I’m a realist, which am I?
Do you think we go through bad times and make mistakes to appreiciate the good things in life?
Do you think i should kill myself?
Help with depression? I feel like a loser?
How can I find away to stop cutting?
Gosh I HATE this!! Help ME!?
Honestly and immediately , once you read this question, what do you think of ?!?
Colored Contacts?
How can you make your eyes get bloodshot, without harming them?
Does anyone know if wal-mart eye center takes walk ins and people w/out insurance?
Can I train my other eye to be just as dominant as my actual dominant eye?
How do I get bloodshot eyes?
Contact lenses?
My Left Eye Has Been Twitching For 2 Days Now!?
My eye! help?
Improving eyesight naturally....?
Can i get colored contacts without prescription in them?
Damn mosquitos...?
Hi, I am 13 years old old and really want to loose weight as quickly as possible, i am almost 60 Kg.?
Is there any problem if an A + blood group woman marries a A- blood group man?
There's something wrong with my hand?
Rubbing alcohol?
Is it safe to go running jogging after having your blood taken?
Honey bee has bitten on my finger and i have swelling as well as burning, do you have any idea for treatment?
I accidentally stabbed my hand with a pencil and have two peices of lead in it. Any suggetions?
When is ur birthday(year)???
Help please?
How can I get good self esteem?
Do these thoughts qualify as 'suicidal'?
Dose this make me sick and twisted?
How do u controll serious anger?
Pick a number btween 1 and 75?
Depression chat room??
Child abuse-I was a victim and still have problems. I just want to get better, but how?
I have oily skin..?
Toe fungus?
Is a green discoloration around a puncture wound bad?
I have a circle rash on my arm wat is it?
If a person has surgery, how can they make the scar disappear safely?
I want to know more about scabis due to my family members' condition?
I have been fasting from sun up to sun down but have had hives the last 3 days? what might be causing this?
My face is red and it burns what can I do?
I been having something strange happen to me my body starts sweating very much excessive amounts of sweat.?
I havent gone for an eye test in over 4 years , is that bad ?
Do you know anyone with two different colored eyes?
What Should I Be Cleaning My Glasses With?
This is 4 everyone please could you put capitols in your questions 4 me my eyes are not very good?
Whoo likes 2 wear contacts
What is the impact on our eyes if we do not use correct axis in our glasses.?
Where can i buy color lenses just to change my eye color?
Can i get blind if i put on some one glasses?
I got eyeglasses a few months back and accidently sat on them?
Can contacts get lost in ur eyes?
Why am I always so tired?
If theres a doctor out there please tell me what to do for this?
How do you quickly get rid of bad headaches?
Can't one survive without drinking liquor?
What should I do I burned my finger on my stove and it hurts really bad?
How do u keep a burn from scarring?
Why do my burps smell like boiled eggs?
Does any one know how to make extreme swelling to the face go down from a bee sting?
Does anyone know what I can do or take to get rid of a cold?
What kind of bug bites that leaves blisters on you?
Why do people continue with their bad habits knowing that they are harmful?
Extreme Depression?
Are you happy?
What makes you happy and sad?
Please - I am not seeking joke answers. I just want something constructive.?
Is either crying or laughing good for getting stress out of your system?
Heartbroken and on the verge of suicide?
Sorry im askin this question but....?
Do you think i'm pathetic since i'm on antidepressants?
Depression do you think it stems from being abused as a child?
Forehead acne :(?
Two massive hickies, what do i do?
Can my boyfriend spread poison ivy rash to our baby?
How do i get rid of a wart on my hand?
This is kinda gross...wanna read it?
Why Is Puss Coming OUt My Belly Button?
Please help me with my acne!?
How do you get rid of cold sores?
My skin sometimes has a strong metallic taste. What might this mean?
Will it hurt if you O.D on pills or will you die a peaceful death?
What do you look forward to each day?
At what age did you felt that you are gettind old?
Is blood blue? or red?
Will the bird flu kill us all?
Why would people refuse to donate organs after they are dead?
I'm having 2 Injections tomorrow. Really scared and nervous of needles.?
How do legless people go to the bathroom?
Can you die from taking too much caffeine?
How do you remove a cotton swab tip from your ear canal?
What is a good medication for arthritus?
How to get rid of sweating underarms?
My daughter just burned her hand on the iron?
Should I just keep this kind of cut bandaged?
How do you remove a splinter without using a needle or tweezers?
How come some peoples' breaths smell like poo?
How long can a person live without sleep?
Is it ok to get stitches the day after you get a huge cut?
Am I sick?
After every bath my skin iches me is there any cure?
How do you get rid of blackheads for good?
How do you get rid of a zit within hours?
How can you get rid of old acne scars on your face and back? I was told, a chemical peel isnt good enough?
Getting tan?
SOS......... how can I get rid of a hickey, fast?!?
Whats best for excema?
How can i treat my acne? I'll do anything..?
How long do verrucas last?
Leaving contacts in for long periods of time?
Brown eyes that look red??
Do i have to get rid of my old eye makeup if i have pink eye?
-2.00 prescription in both eyes .. is it bad?
What color eye contacts should I get?
I have hazel eyes my husband has brown eyes what color eyes will my kids have?
Plz help me , i expose the laser beam into my eyes about 2 minutes and now i cant see well?
Drinking eye drops?
Do I really have to take contact lens exam to get contact lens?
Wearing contacts over night?
Will you please pray for my sister, who was just diagnosed with Alzheimers dementia?
How do you pronounce this..?
Long lasting paranoia from weed?
White stuff on sides of my throat and it isn't strep - what is it and how to get rid of it?
Please tell me the difference between anorexia and bulimia.?
I think i am dying..?