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What can you do with excema that you have had a long time?
How do u get cold sores because i just keep on getting them and its pissing me off.?
Should I still make an appointment with the doctor?
So I got bit on my wrist really hard.. Pain and numbness in hand?
My arm is numb...?
Stabbed by a pencil?
What are some good exercises to regain full motion in my leg/thigh?
Is it bad to stick needles into your dead skin?
My foot hurts soo bad!!!! omg!! omg!!!!?
Last night I choked on a tortilla chip. The whole chip got stuck but I could breathe?
Stiff/locked jaw?
I have a huge amount of fluid build up on the top of my knee cap.I mean a goose egg sized.not a bite. any idea
Bug Bites???
What is the quickest way to get over sunburn?
What did really work for you to lose weight ??
I feel a little crazy quite often... should I start taking medication or try to find a creative way to deal?
Does the devil exist?
How do you get rid of the itching that mesquito bites give you?
Do you get addicted to smoking cigars?
My son has been bitten or stung?
Whats the difference between a flea bite and a midge bite?
What's the best cream to use?
How do yu get rid of sunburn???
Need help getting rid of a sty?
Eczema and swimming is it safe?
Home remedy for eyebags anyone?
What to do to help Poison Ivy? I have really bad poison ivy what should i do?
Fleas are biting me. What can I do? I have no pets. They must have been brought in by someone else.?
Whats a good source of iron?
Can I donate blood if I have high blood pressure?
Should a physical therapy session leave bruises?
Contact Lenses I can put them in!! HELP?
I was attacked & now im anxious & suffer panic attacks help ASAP?
Why human have twoeyes only?
Whats the best way to wind down so you can go to sleep? i am wide awake at 1am dont fall asleep till 2 or 3?
What is the best way to stop smoking?
Do "floaters" mean the vitreous part of the eye is gradually wearing away through age?
Why do people think that rubbing your eyes is bad?
Is it safe to wear coloured contacts (with no prescription) just for the colour if i dont need proper contacts
Contact lens?
My vision is still blurry after contacts. problem with my eyes?
Anything to help my vision?
My right eye has been rapidly moving && my vison gets blurry lately???
My son has just accidentally sprayed perfume in his eyes and he said it burns a bit after wiping W/water?
Contact lenses...?
If I stopped wearing my glasses could it naturally strengthen my eyesight?
My 13 year old daughter cuts and i dont know what to do?
What does it mean when you die in your dream?
Should I talk to my school counselor about this....? (IMPORTANT)?
Really run down and depressed :o(?
Are the voices in my head real?
Why am I so extremely ugly?
What are some physical signs of stress?
Do you smoke weed?
I'm starting to fear that I'm either getting sick mentally or I'm suffering a nervous breakdown. Advice plz?
My husband......?
Why are blisters full of water?
Whats the best thing to do when you have a cold?
Insect or sider bite?
I am 17 years old...what should be my height and weight?
How many of you have had your tonsils out?
How do you treat an ear piercing that was just done that has become infected?
A good remedy to stop gnat bites itching?
How can I combat laziness? pls help?
Why do people crave ice?
I ran out of 800mg ibuprofen, for my knee. Could I take like 12 60mg IBU from the drug store 2 equal that?
How can I get rid of MY HORRIBLE ACNE!!?
Is there a cure?
I live in colorado and in the winter i get very dry skin. what can i do besides putting lotion on me to help?
Where do you apply head on?
Itchy ears and throat after eating cheese & yoghurt, what is this?
Does anyone know how to get rid of eczema? Please help!!!! I am tired of my feet itching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Ok to use olive oil on face?
Do chicken pox leave scars if you don't touch/scratch it?
Question about a swollen foot?
My Husband thinks something has scratched his eye, What should he do other than going to the E.R.?
How serious is a broken rib?
Should i see a doctor?
Sprained ankle advice anyone?
How do u know u have a blood clot in ur leg?
Question about Comas?
Can i get DLA?
Another question about circulation?
HOW dO yOU survivethe 30 hour famine?
Guys.... or girls?
I feel really run down at the minute. My skin, hair & body are awful at the minute. What can I do!!!?
Can anyone answer this?
What things do you do to make yourself happy?
What is a good natural remedy for an upset stomach?
How do I lose weight without pills?
How do Canadians get free health insurance?
What does smoking pot feel like?
How many times do you take a shower?
People can tell if I'm not wearing my contacts...does this happen to you?
Where can I get cheap eye test in uk?
Do you HAVE to ask your eye doctor before switching contact lens brands?
Is my eye color rare?
Ugh! i can't get my contacts in!?
Can you have only one contact lense in for 7 hours?
How do i take hairspray off of my eyeglasses. they are all apotted with hairspray. i dont want to scratch them
Is it ok to rinse your contacts with tap water?
How to detect if you are slowly getting color blind?
Demons attack me in my sleep....?
How do i treat sunburn ? (its always really bad because i dont sunburn easily)?
On a scale from 1 to 100 (100 worst), what hurts you the most between cigarettes, cigars, pipes and hookah.?
I need to pull out a piece of cotton stuck inside me ear.?
I love my feet - and love to watch others feet too. What bits of body do YOU like watching?
How many hours of sleep does a teenager need?
Should I shower before going out of the house?
Why does my face always peel after tanning in a tanning bed?
What will happen if you don't get stitches for a deep laceration?
Can you fix crossed eyed people?
How do you wash your face without drying it out?!?! Need some advice here!?
How do you cure alopecia?
My skin randomly turns purple from time to time?
I need acne help...?
Can anyone help me?? I have a rare skin condition?
What can i do to get rid of red thread veins?
Acne treatment??
Anyone know anything about ' light' treatment for acne?
DESPERATE HELP! Need to make decision on foot!?
Can a 16 year old have carpal tunnel syndrome?
Blood randomly appearing?
I cant feel my thumb
HELP! How long it this gonna take to heal? [[WARNING, picture is really gross]]?
Advice needed! Sprained ankle... soccer soon. Help!?
What's the worst injury you've ever had?
When i was 14 my dad brought me a knife, it had a six inch blade and a bone handle.?
Does chlorine hurt or heal cuts?
How do you break your ankle and have it be painless? Don't Write back saying how stupid this is. Pleaseanwser!
Where can i find a local ansthetic?
How do you fix a ingrown nail?
What questions should you asked after a person has fallen?
* * *NeEd * H ELP* FaSt?
How do I make my mosquito bites feel better?
Hi..i've been itchy down there for awhile now..wat can it be from?
Help! Can Someone tell me how to treat an INGrown Toe Nail?
Any home remedies for an ear infection?
Why do people talk in their sleep?
Is my ankle sprained? please answer i have a baby to take care of!?
Currently wearing glasses, want to swap to contacts for holidays next year!water and sand bad for my eyes?HELP
Help!! I think I'm going blind?
Can your eyes change colour...?
Contact lenses questions?
Whats the wal-mart eye exam price?
Im getting contact in a few day....?
$20 eyeglasses?
How can u tell if contacts are flipped inside out or not?
What does a lot of sun exposure do to the color of your eyes?
My contacts always seem "smudged" or Blurry?
Do you think people who use the restroom and don't wash their hands is a lazy behavior or bad hygeine?
Does doctor/patient confidentiality apply to nurses as well?
Can smoking pot daily hurt you in the long run?
Medical survey! Has everyone on medication remembered to take the tablets today? are you certain?
Is it normal to sweat at night?
I left hamburg out for 6hrs can i still eat it?
Sleeping with ear plugs?
How do i quite smoking?
Would someone like to congratulate me?
How can i stop cracking my knuckles?
I am having dandruff problem for the last two three months. What should i do ?
Do i have pink eye?
Does windex actually clear acne?
Why do pets like cats and dogs love small kids?
What is the best way to get rid of hemorrhoid's?
Why am I SOO itchy all over my body?
Should I open poison ivy blisters?
What are some good products to reduce my acne scars?
What does the symptom of red blue discoloration under fingernails reveal:?
Why does mt face turn red over almost everything and what can be done to stop it?
Could you move your hand and/or fingers if part of wrist was broken?
How many times can i hit myself in the head before dying?
My eye is swollen help!?
What's the best way help get rid of the color and swelling from a bruise aside from the obvious "ice it"?
Why do bruises go blue?
How much does an MRI cost?
Blood test? experiences pleeeaaaassseee??? any like mine?
Blood taken from inside of elbow?
My 7 year old stepped on a nail ?
What is the worst place you can hurt on your body?
Scared to death?
Is there really such a thing as getting too much sleep?
How to be happy in this busy world?
Question about depression?
What are some conditions that make people go insane?
Please help my grandmother?
Can children have depression?
Can depression turn to happiness?
How many hours man should sleep for a day?
Do you ever feel weird after studying for 6 hours straight?
What is the best way to meditate?
Ihave staff infection, treated by 6 dermatologists, and 4 doctors. many antibiotics, and toppicals, not wokin
How can I reduce my itching?
SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I get rid of excessive armpit sweat?
What's the best face moisturiser to use for teenage skin?
How can u remove dark stains or inground dirt from armpits?
What was the historical treatment for scurvy?
Purple toes??
Are you more likely to have acne if you eat a lot of junk food???
Olive Oil on Acne?
What does it mean if your right eye twitches?
PLEASE VOTE ! Which of these (8) pairs of eyeglasses look the best & most stylish ? Which pairs look bad?
Im going to Water Country in a couple of days and I'm thinking of wearing my contacts on the rides...?
If i wear contacts everyday for 8 hrs , is there any risk to my eyes?
Contacts for eyes question?
Redish eye?
My prescription has changed but only in one eye, is that usual?
I fell asleep in with contacts on?
Crusted eyes when waking up?
Flickering eye???
I am getting older and my body aches after playing sports, is it better to take an ICE bath or a HOT bath??
What is the worst cut you have ever had?
Did I break my foot or my toe?
Im scared my cartilage piercing wont heal because its been after 24 hrs and it still hurts a little bit?
My grandma got stung by a wasp?
My daughter was kicking a football a week ago and accidently kicked the floor. Help needed?
What is this little white bump towards my throat??
What happens if a woman takes viagara?
How to brek a wrist or forearm easily?
What kind of doctor do I need?
Why am I itching ?
How can i sprain or brake my ankle/foot?
How do you get a 17 year old boy to realize that he needs counsuling for anger issues and obsession?
I Got Bit Twice By A Brown Recluse?
What Is Someone Called Who Has Had A Leg Cut Off?
I have an eye problem?
Does only the female mosquito bite and if so why not the male?
If you pull a quad muscle do you put heat or ice on it?
Did u ever read or hear or know about somebody who medically died and then came to life again?
What is the proper position to hold the head during a nose bleed?
Whats the best meal for a kid just getting over a sickness bug?
What's wrong with my eye? Please help soon!?
How Do i stop biting my nails?
Cocaine - im worried?
When you eat just before you go sleep, why do you wake up the next morning STARVING!!??
Is it okay to pull hairs from a skin mole?
This is really long but please read it. Its really sad and i need help?
How do you grow taller???
What to do for a bad sunburn?
I am betting a friend that he can not stay in a hot tub (Must remain submerged up to his chest) for 24 hours.?
Have You Ever.....?
Y do i need to wer glasses at school?
How do you help to keep your hair from getting too greasy?
I'm almost thirteen and never gone into puberty? what should i do?
Y do ppl take drugs?
I have chapped lips. Is it cancer or AIDS?
Do 7th grade shots hurt?
Some how the nail on my left pinky toe got ripped is there anything i can do to keep it from ingrowing?
How to soothe a sunburn and stop the burning over night?
Why do women live longer than men?
Hand sanitizers?
Bite still itching?
When a babes born why they cry ?
How long does it take for sunburn blisters to go away?
How much water should one drink per day?
Small round circles on skin of a child, some kind of rash?
How do I get earwax out of my ears? I can't hear!?
Pinples. What to do?
Posion Ivy Hell!?
Is their any cure for albino ?
Get rid of acne fast
What works for body acne?
I sweat a lot more than others?
My husband has Xerosis (chronic dry skin). It itches a lot. Is there anything that you could suggest?
Why won't my hands stop peeling?
Acne true or false...?
I hurt my knee during soccer today...?
What tendons are in my knee?
10 points! if you burned your finger or sliced a few layers of your skin off, will the fingerprints come back?
I'm somewhat afraid of needles what is the best thing to do during a blood test?
Should i go see a doctor for my back?
I have a severe black eye and bruises on my face from a bar fight. i have to go to work tomorrow, any ideas?
I was in a car accident. Ice or heat?
White powder applied to wounds?
Contacts question?
Whenever i where my contact lens there is a severe burn in my eyes for 2 or 3 minutes,wat shud i do 2 stop it?
I cant read far away?
How Do You Get Already-Dried Hairspray Off Eyeglasses?
How do you clean your eye glasses?
Help understanding my vision prescription?
I need help whith getting my contacts out with my new long nail?
Is it called blinking when your eyes are shut?
Help, my life depends on it!!!?
Is there any immediate cure for panic attacks?
My Last Question is: What would be the effects of my suicide be for my son?
What are some of the causes of gasping for breath when asleep?
I think i am depressed and have been cutting, but scared to tell my parents. what do i do?
Does Anyone Have Any Tips On How To Fall Asleep Quickly?
Im so depressed right now. help?
Lady shagging a horse????
Why did my doctor ask me if i had any problems with my bladder when i went to see about a back problem?
Not to sound arrogant, but why does it seem to me that I am smarter than mostly everybody I meet?
Is it possible to fully recover from drug addiction?
What happens when u don't eat?
Does life seem very, very long to you?
My first day as a non-smoker. Any tips and advice?
How do guys decide to become gynecologist,tell their family and friends,and not sound preverted?
Help me A.S.A.P!?
My son has been sleeping with his glasses on,?
Looking for natural solution to get rid of constipation please.?
Why are you not supposed to swim after eating?
Ahh! mosquitoe bites!?
I have a corn on my foot, what do i do?
If you had to pick? losing arm or a leg?
Acne scars?
I got into a fight yesterday and i broke my hand i could take him now but im in a cast?
What is wrong with my hand?
Fell on my head. Headache for 2 days solid. Self help?
I need urgent help, can't get out of bed?
Is titanium really radioactive?
Back hurts why?
Does this sound like a trapped nerve?
What is the best for a strained knee, ice or heat?
Can you help my left arm hurts ?
Which is worse, drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes?
Are your deepest scars inside or out?
Why am i always sick?
Is your appendix on your left or right side of your body? please help!?
Is it offensive to receive a weight loss book from a relative?
Is it normal if one eye is slightly larger than the other?
Is it true that every time you sneeze you sneeze out a small part of your brain.?
How long can a person survive without their brain?
What will you consider the perfect measurement of the woman body?
Eating paper?
How do you stop the progression of myopia?
Specsaver cost?
Do i need glasses?
My eye started burning while I put in my contacts, why?
My mom is taking me to the eye doctor tomorrow. I probably will have to have glasses. What are glasses like?
How can you test if your sunglasses really protect your eyes from UV rays?
Progressive Lenses????
Are contact lenses more expensive than glasses?
Do Contacts do harm to ur eyes?
If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhea...Does that mean the fifth one enjoys it?
Health Care Professionals can you help me...........?
My Boyf's quiting smoking and has cut back dramatically how can he get remove Nicotine Stains off his fingers
How can i stop gnat bites itching?
Thyroid and weight gain?
I wake up every morning and my hands ache. What could be causing this?
Tricks for falling asleep?
Chapped lips?
What should i do about hard skin on the soles of my feet?
Itchy Rash.?
Do I have chicken pox again?
What is the best way to wrap a burn?
I have really dry skin....Does anyone have any recomondations on certain lotions i could use?
What to take for a head cold?
HELP! i have eczema and nothing i use is working!!is ther any creme i can use that will actually work!?
How do you get rid of a sunburn quick?
Causes and cures for dark circles under the eyes plz?
Broken wrist??
How long does it take for a pulled calf muscle to get better and be able to train.?
Treatment of a second degree burn at home?
I've been getting a pain in my neck and shoulder (left hand side of my body) whenever I swallow or yawn?
How do I clean a grease out of a cut/wound? (truck mechanic)?
Urinating blood?
Is it too late for me to go to the hospital after a car accident?
How can i tell if me finger is broken?
Recently I found a prosthetic limb?
Did I break my toe? Will it get better soon?
What is wrong when a person has five jars of mayo in the refridgerater,and will buy a new jar when the others?
What helps an ear infection?
What is the proper way to apply perfume?
Whats the best exercises to loose weight?
What is the best diet for triglicerides and cholesterol in the blood?
Can I get sick from licking 20+ envelopes a week?
Vitamins for ?
How to get rid of excessive ear wax??
America & Canadian Medicine . Why many Americans go to Canada ; to buy medicine ?
If swimming's such good exercise, how come whales are so fat?
I think I am bipolar?
How many hours of sleep do we need?
What happens to someone if they don't eat?
I feel very low tonight. What can I do to lift my spirits?
Why do people pick there nose and eat their boogers?
What's wrong with me?
Please i need more advice. please help DESPERATE to?
Can anyone tell me if I have a behavior disorder. I constantly count things.?
Is this normal?
Why can't i cross my eyes?
Things that have served you well over the years?
Am I good for contacts?
Need Opinions On This From All Please!!! Especially Men!!! Should I Tell Him?
If I buy glasses frames online, can I buy lenses at the store..?
If you read in the dark or dimly lit room, would your eye sight get worse?
I cant sleep at night. Can some one tell me what's going on?
I am geting contacts today ? need your help?
Jolting when falling to sleep?
Crying all the time?
I wear contacts and am having problems with them?
How do i stop biting my nails!?
Eye contacts?
??? about my eye?
What do your farts smell off today?
Tomatoes eatable?
I can't fall asleep!!! Any ideas??!!?!?
What causes " floaters " in my vision ?
What can I use to sooth my sore hands?
Feels like broken glass when i step on my feet?????
Is it true sunbeds?
Blister help!?
Has anyone heard of bathing with tea tree oil and dish soap to clear back acne??
Acne! What do you do to get rid of it.?
Are there any creams or ointments available which can get rid of the scars formed due to injuries?
My under eyes are darker than my face's skin ..what can i do to reduce it?
What do you think are the internal causes of dandruff ?
I am 34 and still have acne?
What is the worst injury you have ever had?
What problems might there be with bones?
Treatment for bruised shin bone?
I broke my pinky toe!!!!?
What's the best way to get rid of swelling?
What is the worst way to sprain your ankle?
Should I go to doctor about cramping muscle in buttock/thigh?
I fell on glass! theres little pieces of glass and dirt inside my skin, will they come out by themselfs?
Does anyone know what to do for a locked shoulder where you cannot raise your arm?
I'm not sure what to do!My hamster might have broken it's leg!Please what am I to do?
What's your best cure for hiccups?
How can you get sick fast?
What keeps you up at night?
Do you pick your nose?
Where would you most hate to die?
Can anyone die from a bee sting?
What is the best type of cooking oil to use if your trying to lose weight?
I Lost my super powers how do i get them back?
Why is my daughter afriad?
Can too many bee, hornet, or wasp stings harm a child?
I'm have difficulty sleeping.?
Do you rinse your mouth after using mouthwash?
What kind of sunblock do I need I a red head with very fare skin?
How can you breath on mars with only a peice of wood?
Does anyone know a home remedy for an itching insect bite?
Fever Medicines?
How can I make the saddle of my bike more comfortable?
Whats your best cure for a flu?
Whats the best to use to stop mossie bites?
Do i have an infection?
Why is it when you shave your legs.....?
Best Lotion to get rid of bumps/rash around my tattoo...?
I have four children 7,5,2 and 6 weeks iam worried my 5 year old has chicken pox what about my 6 week old?
How to get rid of it???
Stretchy skin?
What are the itchy blisters on my son's hands?
About 2 hours ago i have been having chest pains since i was at the gym its in the centre slightly toward the?
Is it normal to get fatter when you are on crutches?
I have this cut on my leg i cant walk and it keep leeking blood and this fluid what do i do?
Pulled muscle?
How do you get rid of a bruise??
My mother has a blood clot from a injury, what should she do?
These Canker SORES R KILLING ME!!!!!!?
Did I fracture my toe???
My fingers go numb when I grip something. Could I have nerve damage?
Do you pamper yourself???
Does anyone know how to get water out of your ear?
I have a headace almost everyday, i try the pills but it doest work, do you have a answer for my headace?
Help!! My calf on my leg is cramping what are ideas to make it go away?
I got my nose pierced, now I have bump inside and outside my piercing, what do I do?????
A street cat Scratch on my hand, some blood clotted should I take any injection?
I have a great job, a partner who loves me, enough money and my health. Why aren't I happy?
God i ve burnt my fingers!!! what do i do now??
Can you drink saline soultion?
Nose piercing?
I have this pain and i dont know how to start a conversation about it.?
Is it o.k. to take Medicine after it expired 7 months ago?
Whats the best way to get rid of head lice and their eggs from my daughters hair.?
Why is there such a huge problem on lowering health costs?
What do you think the best way to quit smoking cigarettes is?
I sleep a lot but still feel tired in the day?
Is there a way to remove a sty from your eye?
What does it mean when u cough up blood?
What do you take for a headache?
Has anyone ever experienced an extremely itchy scalp? Nothing works! Help?
Where are these bite marks coming from?
I wanna get rid of acne scars on my face. Without using products and surgury.?
I need help finding a good acne treatment?
How to get rid of blackheads?
What are some ways to stop my scab picking?
What is wrong with my face?
Get rid of acne on my cheeks and face?
Should i go to the doctor for this?
Does anyone know how to get rid of dry ashy skin ??
What type doctor should I see to remove cyst/lump?
I woke up with a blood cloth in my leg is it dangerous should i go see a doctor?
My leg has gone stiff ?
Tailbone still hurts! HELP!!?
OUCH!!! I just bit my tongue when eating. Do animals ever do this and is it as painful?
Can i sue my school cuz i was coming up the stairs got pushed in 2 the metal bit of stairs & have 2big bruises
I was told a caste was put on a 6 year olds finger (1st finger) because the bone was chipped. True or false?
I sprained my ankle and it is swelling on both sides and on top of my foot. Is it just a sprain or more?
Well i have a scar after i got my right ear pierced. that was 4 years ago. is it possible to repierce my ear?
I need HEEEEEEEEEEELP here!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Tannin Bed Burn?
Whats good for burns?
Wat is the first aid to treat a baby whose temperature has dropped??
My kid has a tiny dot on her stomach and a huge red circle around it. i ts a little puffy.What kind of bite is
Do girls like boys who smoke?
How can I make the after-effects of marijuana wear off?
Is there any way to avoid being angry???
Is drinking milk make us tall or make us fat?
Is anyone sleepy all the time?
I don't want to sleep in afternoon.?
HELP,could u help i need a heart felt funeral song?
Could it be possible that i have DID?
How can I let go of my worries?
I wish I was dead, should I end it all?
Am i just a normal moody teenager or am i crazy?
I self harm, what should i do?
The ultimate test: are YOU psychic!?
What is the best medicine for Depression?
Please help?
Is it normal that my glasses feel dirty all the time even when i clean them?
Why do I get dizzy everytime I stand up after sitting or laying down?
Red lines on the white of eye
Where can i black contacts the cover your whole eye???
Improving eye sight?
All answer please!!!?
Do I need to go to the eye doctor for color contacts?
Damaging of eyes on computer QUESTION.?
Contacts uncomfortable from astigmatism..?
Scar on sons face ?
Scalded 1 Week ago, LOOKS awful!?
I have a spot on my lip, can it be passed on through kissing?
Eczema, is there a cure ?
I'm worried! I have a small firm round lump under my skin about half a centimeter wide on my shoulder?
Please help me and my daughter. She has had an incurable spell of head lice for nearly 4months now.?
What kind of bug bites are these on my son?
What is a good cure for eczema?
What is the true secret to a acne-free face?
Hi I'm 31 &i; suffer from big acne on my back ist normal at my age or should worry?
My sister just came home covered in blood and I just realized I know nothing about first aid?
Sunburn remedy? 10 POINTS please help.?
Water Clogged Ear?
Best way to stop mosquito bite itching?!?!?
Is there a chance if someone dies they could come back to life??
Should you puncture a blister and release the fluid or just leave it to burst on its own?
I just got a newly formed scar from a burn...What can i do to get rid of the scar?
What is the best way to heal a painful blister-like, flat-like, bump on my tongue?
What do white spots on my finger nails mean?
What to I do to help severe sunburn?
Can a failed attempt at drawing blood from the inside elbow area do any kind of serious damage?
So if my hip was dislocated would i be able to jump?
For an acl injury should i ice or heat my knee?
I have a wire in my head...?
Do I have the right to demand my surgery be videotaped?
My eyes black out and i cant see?
Whats wrong with me?
My niece is 6yrs old and her left leg was fractured while playing...do you think she can walk again,?
Breaking an ankle?
I just had surgery done..when the IV's came out and the bandaids came off..I have these marks from?
How do heal dry skin?
My fingernail hurts help?
How can you get these stubborn doctors to prescribe anxiety medications for someone that has bad anxiety?
Am i going crazy i keep hearing buzzing noises like a bee?
What exactly people go through after death?
How to releave a sore throat?
I need help i got a piece of toilet paper in my ear anything but a doctor?
Fever blister on my lip?
Toothpick in foot?
How old is old?
Can a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in your ears clean them?
What are some ways to overcome lazyness?
I know this is gross but...?
Is there anything i can do to get weed out of my system permanently?
Marijuana high?
If you have problems sleeping, is a sleeping pill the best answer?
What causes people's eyes to turn yellow, like the white area of the eye?
Does anyone get eye spasms?
Do girls like men who smoke?
I am coughing up green in my saliva? what should I do?
How do you stop hiccups?
Why am I having nose bleeds more often?
Why would you and why would you not want to be an organ donor?
Help with acne?????????
How do you cure ringworms?
Which is the best acne product?
I've been in the hospital for 2 1/2 days, discharged with no answers and still very ill, does this sound?
How do I get rid of toenail fungus?
Dry skin on face?
I left a band-aid on for 5 days and now the skin is white and REALLY wrinkly, is the skin now dead?
Is there away to make scars to stop itching and go away?
My new piercing....problem?
So im starting to go to the gym now but i went n im really sore...?
I burned my finger like 8 hours ago. I have had ice on it but if i take the ice off, it burns really bad
I twisted my ankle in P.E. Should I go to the doctor?
In a car accident, is it better to tense up your body or to loosen it up?
Is my bone ok?
What is going on with my lower back?
Have i got something wrong with my wrist?
I bet you wont answer this......but?
Oh no help....mom.....cutting.....
What do you think about suicide?
Ive been concidering suicide for 4 going on 5 years now and the thought just come more more lately?
Panic attacks?
I don't want to take medication for depression, any ideas?
If you have piles is it ok to push them back in with a wooden spoon?
I really want to kill myself now...?
How do you cheer yourself up when you're down?
How come druggies and alcoholics make the best friends?
How can i get rid of zits or black heads i have tried these products?
I have a whitehead, what should I do?
The skin around my nose is red.. why?
I need a serious help, can you help me???
Does chocolate really cause acne breakouts???
Hit my head hard .....?
If a white guy gets hit in the eye he gets a black eye. Do black people get white eyes when hit in the face?
Is it bad to go to sleep after a major head injury?
I was just bit by a dog like 3 hours ago and I need some advice.......?
I have a flaky scalp. I have tried all over the counter shampoos no help! Please help!?
How to make ice (not the drug) last for a long time- maybe 2-4 hours?
I have bad acne but I'm allergic to benzol peroxide?
How can i ged rid of my psoriasis?
I burnt my finger 5 hours ago and unless i keep ice on it it feels like it is still burning.?
What causes bumps on my leg?
Will I Be Fired?
What color are your scabs?
Slipped and feel on greasy tow truck...hurt my ankle...what to do???
What is the difference between hyperopia and presbyopia?
When you cough really badly what are those lights around your eyes?
Am I being way too picky? New glasses have little marks on lenses?
Eye Problem?
Is it safe for me to wear the contact lenses i wore 4 days ago?
Pink eye??
Laser eye surgery.anyone managed to get a good discount?playing one off against the other?
Which type of eye execises would work?
Why exactly do my eyes change colour?
Has anyone ever had Laser as in Lasik surgery on their eyes?
What would happen if every human on earth became a vegan tomorrow morning?
CPR question.?
What are the causes of one side headache?
What to do with a deep cut?
How will a VERY misbehaved 8 year old effect my 4 year olds attituded and behavior?
I was dispensed an incorrect med. (and taken it) from a Walgreens. Who do I contact in corporate?
How do you treat a yellow jacket sting?
Being a paramedic?
Does there need to be a first aider in the workplace at all times?
HELP! MY Dad's finger nail!!!!!?
I have a pain from my elbow going down to my wrist and my ring and index finger anyone know what it can be?
How long does a broken or sprain toe take to heal?
Wood splinter?
Should I go to the doctor?
Does it hurt the first time???
What cause carpo tunnel?
What is used to re-brake bones?
Is my foot broken?
I have two jobs. Can i work one and be off from the other with a doctors sick note?
How many adults or teenagers could not?
Fingernail Problem!! I'm very worried.?
My skin is so dry?
Does bio oil really work on scars that are years old?
Can u get acne anywhere besides ur face and back?
What is a good acne solution?
Why are private parts darker in colour inspite of being totally protected from tanning caused due to sunlight?
Bumps on my head?
How do I know what's wrong with my scalp? What can i do about it?
What can you do if your face is naturally red?
How does it feel when you losing your virginity?
How can i get rid of a horrible sunburn???? Is a cold shower ok???
Looks or personality?
What is the correct way to clip toenails?
What is your take on going to the gym? Is it really a necessary or has it become a fad among the young people?
Any tips on how to quit smoking...?
How do i get my wart to go away?????????
What is the easiest way to quit smoking?
This is a serious question, and I desperately need your advice. Power Sanding a Tattoo Off?
What is the best over-the-counter non-drowsy allergy medicine?
Is anyone aware of any illness, condition, etc. that makes you sweat excessively?
In the winter my hands always get really dry. Does anyone know a really good hand lotion?
What do you do for the itchy red bumps on lips?
Help me resolve my spotty chin before my wedding in 3 weeks!!!?
Methods for clearing up acne and keeping your face healthy and shiny??
How does one get rid of dandruff?
Am I anemic?
Ahhhhhh, there's a tick embedded in my ear! How do I get it out??
Can cutting on your finger kill you?
How should i remove scars on my legs?
Spider Bite!!!?
I sprung my ankle?
Whiplash? How long can I wait to be checked?
Ankle problem...HELP!?!?
I have a bad back and no one will give an xray?
I stubbed my big toe 2 weeks ago. The nail is still blackish bruised on about 1/3rd of it. What should do?
Should my son see a doctor?
How to treat suspected internal bleeding?
If I drink a glass of milk everyday will I get taller?
Have you ever given blood?
My brother got catched drinking What will he have to do?
How can i give up smoking?
How do I get rid of my gray hair, I am a 40yr old man.?
I think i have a problem.....?
I eat 2piece of chalk daily?
Ok this is gross...very very gross but i have to know! it concerns #2!?
Why did you start to smoke?
Why do marijuana smokers hate cigarette smoking? Aren't they both unhealthy?
Help!!! wat happends when u get hand santatizer in ur mouth???
What to do when you get a nose bleed?
Mosquito repellent???
Wut do i do if i get a rug burn ?
Does anyone know a safe way to cut a ring of your finger?
How do you get sick real fast?
What are some ways that you think teens will understand STDs better and want to be more cautious??
Is it possible to have Chicken Pox twice in a life time?
What may i do to get rid of a c-word that rhymes with verse, but permanently?
Why should you have a first aider in the workplace?
My right pointer finger feels stiff..why?
I have a dark green dot on my left breast,what is it?
Metal chip in my eye (possibly?) - should I worry?
Herniated C5 and C6 with spinal cord compression - severe?
Help me! My brother's back is burning hot! I told him to shower, but it only made things worse! Oh god! Please
Operation on an ingrown toenail?
What's wrong with my wrist?
Feeling dizzy, while eating. Is it serious? what should i do?
Can flies live & hatch inside your body? tiny white flies with speckled wings, red sore spots hard lumps?
Friend has ringworm! Help?
How do i know if i got a good massage?
How do you get rid of a hickey in 1 day?
General Anesthesia or Local for my surgery?
I have oily facial skin. Is there any cream or something similar that will stop the oil from coming out?
I know, this probaly sounds dumb...?
Freckles all over my face - how do i get rid of them?
Please help I'm having pain........................
Last night I asked a question about my daughters wrist. Some of your answers were very hurtful.?
I cry all the time and i dont know why?
14 year old depression?
Can Anyone list me atlest 10 fact reason why you should not smoke, i am trying to get someone to stop?
Are these symptoms of anxiety?
Do you hate or like yourself?
Will the depression epidemic?
Emotional problems, help?
Why i am sleepy?
I'm depressed, I want to hurt myself, but how can I do it without my mom finding out?
Hi, I have been wearing prescritpion glasses for 2 months now.my eyes have gotten so much worse now.i think?
Can too much video games hurt your eye sight?
Do contacts hurt your eyes when you put them on?
Could i get lenses even if my eyes are diff. perscriptions?
Can you guess my eye color?
Anyone know how much lasik eye surgery generally costs?
If i have an astigmatism and i am nearsighted, how much will laser eye surgery cost to correct my vision?
Can you use the drugstore reading frames but get a prescription lens from the eye doctor?
Black dot permenantly on eye and blurred vision at night in that eye?
Can you customize eye size of glasses?
My eyes are puffy and .........?
I have very severe acne.?
What's the cure for VERY chapped lips?
I can't shake this acne no matter what i do.?
HELP!! im 14 and i have a face of acne...what at home *house products* can i use to make it go away. tips?
How do I stop itching?!?!?!?!?!?
HELP Acne Breakout?
Has anyone ever had their finger cut off???
Well I know this isn't good. But it can't be that bad can it?
I have this huge cramp in my foot that i have had for over a week i have used bengay tried massaing it?
Injury at work compensation claim..?
Hand fracture - healing time involved?
Hit someone in the throat?
Knee pain and swelling do i use heat or cold?
Foot Injury.?
Don't you think it is really fantastic news that a Bionic arm has been given to an?
Interesting situation.... what would YOU do?
I ate shrooms and took X and woke up one morning and...?
Is it bad to crack your nuckles?
What is heimlich manouver?
What is the best vitamin for your eyes?
I'm not feeling Well?
How many times have you lost a friend, & how long did it take for the pain to subside?
I am freaked out about tetnas booster!!! Please Answer!?
Can u put coco butter on your face???
Can you get sunburn through glass?
How do you loose weight on you face??
If u need the loo but there isnt 1 around, what do u do?
How tall are you?
Why is it harmful to eat poo but not drink wee?
I need some advice?
I was fired from my job today!!!!iam devastated!!?
Need help gaining weight?
Sore Throat Help Plzzzz!??
I have BIG problem i need ur answers SERIOUS ANSWERS please?
Are you tired?
Is eternal life possible?
What is the full meaning of AIDS?
My 5 year old sons top lip is very chapped! what can I put on it that will help it heal but not sting or burn?
I cut my finger open... how do i know if i need stitches?
Help please i am addicted to prescription pain killer,i get a script evry two weeks for 63 pills but they last
What do you think? gay people choose to be gay or they where born that way???
Home remedy for burns??
I dropped a can on my foot!?
Small knock on my head yesterday?
Having had a very bad cold over the last two weeks and still feeling rubbish, helpful hints please.?
Ingrowing toe nail ahhhh plz help????
Did I cause nerve damage to my hand by sleeping on it?
What happens if you never remove a splinter-lets say in your foot?
This is gross.. but I need advice!?
What is the best way to get rid of acne scars?
Good way of getting rid of acne?
Severe Acne?
I got hit in the eye on sunday?
I have wierd black spot?
Say you've done something to your ankle...whats the order of ice-pack and heat pack thats good for it?
My daughter has a trapped nerve in her hip?
Is it true that smoking causes early skin aging?
What's the worst injury you've ever had?
Medical question, what should I do?
Can children get the chicken pox after they have been vaccinated?
What kind of cream can i put on seat rash (answer quick!)?
Whats the best product in stores to get rid of acne?
What is the main function of your eyes?
When should I refill my contact case with the solution?
My eyes are always look tired, any suggestions on how to treat them?
Is it true that there are contacts that you can sleep with and don't need to take off for a long time?
I have a floater in my visreal fluid?
Ive just gotten new glasses. One of my eyes is perfect. The other is 275. HOw often should I wear them?
Stupid question about contacts...or anatomy?
Sore eye..?
My eyes are so weak what to di?what is the difference between lense no. in - and +?
Can people with high prescription on their glasses wear contact lenses?
People who've had a broken bone(s): does upcoming rain REALLY make your bones ache?
What should I do if I have itchy red dots on my arm?
Why do I feel light-headed after getting up after a few hours of being on the computer?
Why do people judge you,before they get to know you,fore who you realy are.?
Is it possible to slow down or stop the aging process of Humans.?
If i quit smoking whos gonna help me thru it???????????????????????...
How do americans get by without healthcare if you have to pay for it?
I am tired and feel like ending it all everyday.?
What are the rules in regards to wearing or not wearing clothes during a massage?
Yall gotta help me?
Nail Gun Injury to finger, Finger swollen, what should be done?
How do you get rid of stretch marks on your thie even though your not fat?
What causes goose bumps on your skin?
My brother has a really gross toe and he kepps scaring me what shell i do?
Will your back get hurt if you wear one shower shoe and one tennis shoe?
If you bleed 2 death does it hurt?
My jock itch has returned and I dont know why?
How do you get a bug out of someone's ear?
I want to loose 20 lbs.Atkins , South Beach did not work for me,does anybody got info on Weight Watcher?
Anybody know....?
Which of the following is not a type of open wound?
Eatching arround private parts.?
Will it hurt if I remove my toes? Or will it tickle?
My arm is asleep and it has been since 3 in the morning it has been over 12 hours?
Why are human lips pink?
What's the fastest way to get rid of zits with home remedies?
How Long does Marijuana Stay In your system??
I;m so extremely tire but can't sleep- what should I do? I'm going crazy!?
I'm ALWAYS cold. why? and how do i fix it?
Why Do Women Have smaller......?
Does anyone think that abortion should be abolished?
Fasting to cure depression?
Plzzzzzz do not open this if u dont have respect for................?
Every morning I feel really sick and IM NOT PREGNANT?
Could this heat wave cause another blackout ?
Mouth full of canker sores?
My daughter has scalp ring worm again..Help!?
What do you use for a burn caused from steam on the top of your thumb?
How do I get rid of blackheads and acne?
Putting ice on your face bad?
How do I stop the stinging sensation from a burn?
Unsightly scars?
Cancer??Please read!!!!?
Is there somethig wrong with me?!?
I'm at party tommorow & i'm wearin hot pants and i have like 2 little bites on my leg How can i get rid of um
Bumps on gental area after bursting it yellow suff came out what the hell is it?
I've always had a problem with picking scabs?
Can You exfoliate skin with a washcloth?
Guys: what does it really feel like to get hit in the "package"?
Sprained foot or broke?
How do i brake my foot?
Ear stretching question?
I hate contacts?
Can you wear contacts while having pink eye?
Can looking through a telescope damage your eyes?
Is Pearl Vision prescription withholding legal?
Ive had contacts for a while now and im getting sick of putting them on and taking them off. is it okay if....
Will you get your contacts the same day after the eye exam?
Parts of the eye - pupil?
Is 11 a good age for contacts???
Random question, can you get blind from having mashed potato thrown at your eye?
Hello again.......?
What do I do if my antidepressents aren't working?
When posting letters do you find it difficult to actually let go of the letter when you put it in the slot?
I think i am mildly depressed...what can i do myself to help?
How can people erase painful memories?
What is a safe way to relieve extreme stress and anger?
Why is there so many negative aggressive guys an teenagers out there today?
Why do my hands go numb when I type?
What does it mean when your finger turns white and goes numb?
How can you break a arm or leg around ur house without BAD injuries?
What is the meaning of life?
Am I worthless if I choose to live my life alone?
Do you want to be alone with me?
Health- have bashed shin, now swollen and painful ,how should i treat it?
My toe is throbbing real bad, what can I do?
Did I break my finger?
Dodgy knee - getting worse now I've started exercising?
What should i do if i hav a bone bruise,besides rest that's what the doc told me to do?
I have a cast on my leg..when it comes off will my leg be smaller(skinnier) will it grow back to normal?
Help me please =(!!!!!!!!!!?
This white bump on my tongue is so painful?
Dry skin???
I have red areas on my face..not acne just red areas...i need to know if there are any...?
How do u get rid of the pink eye?
Remove blackheads really quick!?
Dry, Itchy, and Sensitive Skin! I need help.?
Why do I always have little red spots on my chest, despite my good hygiene? How can I get rid of them?
Dry Skin Question?
How do you know if a mole is cancerous my boyfriend has a mole and its changed colour i;m really worried?
Does chicken soup actual make you feel better?
What's the best way to treat a blister?
I hit myself with my car keys and now I have a b g bump on my head, how do Imake it go away? What to use?
Ia there an natural remedy to quit smoking?.?
I'm pre-med and interested in becoming a paramedic, is this a good idea?
Are there any mosquito repellents which actually work??
What are some good questions to ask when considering an Assisted Living Center for your elderly parent?
What are the effects of popping/cracking your knuckles?
How long does it take tylenol to bring down a fever in a 4 year old?
Best treatment for burns?
What should i do?!!?
My boyfriend has a 11" willey, in some positions it hurts can anyone suggest,any position's where it wouldn't?
I have self-inflicted scars on my arm from a long time ago.What should I say when a customer asks about them?
What age did you have Chicken Pox?
Give me one reason why I should not go buy a pack of SMOKES!!!!?
Do your fingerprints ever change? Even after old age/burns/scars?
How can you stop a kid from wetting the bed?
Does Anyone Know What to Do For A Sunburn?
What is the best medication for a teenager with acne problems?
Any home remedys for eczema?
How can i cure adult acne?
Acne products?
What is this rash? help?
Help Cant Get rid of my Acne !!!?
What is the quickest way to remove dark circles?
I have to get a shot in my butt. 1. does it hurt or sting & 2. do they make you take your clothes off?
ARGH! Help please!?
How do you tell if youre dehydrated?
Do you think my weight is ok for my height/build?
How to cure diaharria?
What can I put on my sunburn lips to rehydrate and heal them?
What should I do for burns?
What would a paramedic do if a person was having convulsions?
How long does an average sore throat last?
How many people do you call your friends? How many more are simply acquaintances?
How many times should I be washing my hair if I have dandruff?
What is a doctor,that specializes in the bones called?
How can a person get rid of a stye that is under the eyelid that has been there for 6 months?
(please answer question honestly) Do you get upset if your question doesn't get answered?
Black heads?
Can i apply alovera gel to remove dandruff?
How do you get rid of twitching eye?
I just got my tongue repierced and there is a yellow sorta green puss coming from the hole is it infected?
HOLLY **** Groundbreaking acne discovery...?
Too much ibprofen?
Is there a cure for psorisis?
I was cut by a rusty nail outside, how should I treat it?
HELP me plz!!!!!!!?
I stopped smoking after 14 years...What can I do to get my mind off of the cravings?
Black heads?
Plz help my eye sight has reached near about minus 4.i don't want to bear googles or contact lenes ?
I just got glasses! When should i wear them??
What causes my eye to twitch.?
Why is laser surgery not available on the NHS?
What colour eyes do i have?
Any ideas?? My eyes have been feeling sticky and my vision keeps blurring?
How old do you have to be to have contacts?
What will happen if I don't wear the toric contacts I am perscribed?
Why can't I read red on white?
Is it ok to run without sunscreen?
How do i get rid of my acne?
How can some people have FLAWLESS skin?
My daughter suffers from itchiness on parts of her body. What can I do to make it go away?
Why is my face red all the time??
Face is really red! help!?
How can i get rid of acne?
Does vitamin e help get rid of acne?
What time should i go to bed?
If you have a temperature of 98.1, is that bad?
Do you have a phobia?
Will i die today?
Is it "cool" to smoke these days?
Why smoke?
Does smoking have any health benefits?
My daughter hair is really long and thick she has headlice need help to get rid o the wee buggers?
I am getting married Saturday and I have a zit!?
Baking soda against acne?
I got a sunburn on my face!! please help i dont know what to do..?
If you have lice,, will having you head under water for a very long do anygood?
I have this bump on my skin filled with blood and it's been there a while. How do I get rid of it? What is it?
What is this hard, ingrowing thing in the pad of my foot?
What is wrong with me, some one help???
Who else here cuts themselves?