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Does any know what foods give you good eye sight or improves it?
Umm weird but need to know?
People who wear specs: Would you go for lasik surgery?
One of my eyelid is more open than the other?
How can we get rid of eye bags???
Questionable eyesight?
Should I see a doctor about a strained ankle or can I treat it at home?
I'm in a neck brace, i'm afraid to go out in public cause i dont know what people will think.?
Has anyone lost a toenail and it never grew back? Mine has been gone over a month and isn't growing back.?
How long does it take to mend a slipped disc?
Knee problem?
Knee Pain Please help!!!! Whats wrong with my knee?
I am 13 and my lower back + hip + leg down to my knee is in unberable pain. Help!?
What happens when you take 4 advil then 2 hrs later take 800 mg of motrin? any nurses out there?
How can you tell if it is a fracture or a sprain?
How many lortab should i take to get messed up?
Can you ride in a plane with an ear infection?
Pain in center of chest(breast bone area)?
My ear infection! Please Help?
How come some die from broken neck ie hung, in fight whilst others get paralysed?
Do doctor's have to write "prn"(as needed) on a prescription for narcotics?
What should i do, my back hurts, the area that is near the butt?
Sudden Swelling of the Hands?
Back Pain: Chiropractor VS Traditional Treatment?
I get chest pains and also a sharp tingeling sensation down both arms and my back when I sneeze, any answers?
I get dizzy when i feel a bit too hot-like if i'm taking a hot shower for too long or while doing my dishes
How can I improve my ability to concentrate?
How to get rid of headaches?
I can see a dust like particle/spot and it moves along with the direction i view. its bothering my view?
Why am i feeling dizzy?
Help on a possible broken hand/wrist.?
What is the shape of the cross used for crucifixion? Was it a captial T or a lolwer case t?
Why,when I burn my fingertips then touch my earlobes , dont I get burned?
Would you like to be immortal? Why/why not?
Why is this site so addictive, this is my life now, help me!!!?
What's the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist?
I am really depressed and have been thinking of committing suicude...??
How can i increase my memory?
I'm bored with life and I don't know what to do!?
Is it possible to change yourself?
Do you sometimes feel like screaming loudly?
FOR SERIOUS PEOPLE ONLY...My sister is very suicidal, what can I do to help her?
Why I shouldn't drink alcohol when I am depressed?
What makes you happy?
I have a habit of peeling the skin of my lips when it is dry. how do i stop it?
This girls skin is yellow, but for how long will it stay that way?
I have itchy dry skin,?
Psoriasis please help?
Why am i breaking out suddenly?
Burn on cheek. UGLY UGLY UGLY
Cracking Your Bones?
Is my foot broken?
Medical emergency (possibly)?
I hit my head about 5 times a day ago and I'm worried ~ help?
Should i go to the doctor?
How can i get my knee healed?
How do you help a pulled Latissimus Dorsi?
My son Tyler fell while playing in a soccer game and said his wrist hurt. Its not deformed could it be broken?
If i was in a car accident 6 days ago and im in physical therapy for my back, how long until i can wear heels?
I have a canker sore?
How do you get a splinter out of your hand?
When i get a cut, it bleeds alot!?
Where can i get velcro holder for ice to relieve knee pain?
If you absolutely had to lose one of your five senses, which would it be? If you desire, explain why.?
To Smoke or Not to Smoke....?
Help!! my ear is plugged up!! i have tried wax removal, peroxide, nothing works, any suggestions??
What is the best treatment for bee sting?
The easiest way and the FASTEST way to loose 20 lbs.?
Is there a way to get rid of frost bite?
A question about pills?
How can i identify a pill and what it is by its numerical imprint on the pill?
If you had only one hand, would second hand smoking effect you?
What can i take to help me sleep?
Is it okay for a guy do be a massage therapist?
I quit my job with walmart because i felt that it was affecting my health, am i still eligible to file for une
Is Nyquil suppose to make you tired?
How do u get rid of cottonmouth?
Can you fall asleep if you have no eyelids?
Till what age can a person practise yoga? any age restrictions exist?
My name is Bob&i; am a 40yr old virgin.im DISGUSTED w/ the movie!wat is wrong with being a 40yr old virgin?
5 year boy who still wets himself?
Anyone in England still awake?
Why do i always get a cold when i have to work all weekend???
Can you get high by kissing someone who smokes marijuana?
Gentleman do you prefer your ladies to spit or swallow?
What are some ways of calming the nerves before performing??
Have Yall had a bath 2 day?
I've never cut myself before but...?
Will wearing sunglasses protect my eyes from the computer screen?
Can a nearsighted person get there regular eye sight back or no?
I need to know what has happened!!!!!!?
Is it a good idea 2 have laser eye surgery abroud like in india?
Contact lenses, are they myths?
I fell asleep on my eye!?
When will they find a cure for dry eyes?
Will wearing contacts do any harm to my eyes?
Can you get better than 20/20 vision: My daughter has just had laser eye surgery.?
I just got disposable contact lenses, and wanted to know..??
Feeling WORSE on zoloft..pls help:(?
What would you do if you had NO friends?
Do you know a website that provides you online help for depression?
Am i crazy?
Teen troubles. I'm a single Mom. Help!?
Living alone at 25?
What is your most interesting remedy for stress?
Is an addiction to alcoholism an illness or a sin?
My mom won't let me take my medication!?
My daughter has poison ivy, should i keep her home from school tomorrow?
I have a black mole like thing on my underarm which was really sore and has now gone hard any ideas what it is
My skin swells every time I get a small scratch, is it something I should worry about?
Lotion for dry skin?
What's a good acne medication that is somewhat affordable, safe, easy to use and effective?
Okay I'm getting a weird craving for blood......?
I have a scar on my forehead and i want to no how to get rid of it?
Can ingrown hairs turn into sore and spread over your body because now there show up on my back?
I have a small bump in my armpit that hurts, it just showed up today, what could it be?
Why do I have so many bruises?
Ankle sprain question?
This past weekend I broke my ankle in two places. I knew I'd have to get a cast, but I thought?
Should I be concerned about how easily I'm bruising lately?
Why does my tail bone hurt?
I got hurt at work but I'm not getting worker's comp benefits. What do I do?
I have a very bad black eye whats the best way to treat it?
I may have a tumour!?
Is it possible to break/shatter a finger by smahing it?
What would happen to me if I shot my nuts?
Bleeding when having a bowel movement?
Pink eye??
Could I have gotten sick from fruit in Mexico?
How risky is a hernia operation?
How to treat hypothyroidism w/o taking medicine?
How do you cure yourself of tinnitus(ringing in the ear)?
What is the best thing to do for the common cold?
Best way to look after an alzheimer patient?
Gall stones!?
I have an employee that keeps leaving/calling out because of sickle cell how can if shes being honest about it
Im scared!!!?
The bottom lid for my left eye is twitching really bad- why is this and how can I stop it?
I'm always tired!?
Foods with Vitamin C?
Strange illness?
I quit smoking yesterday, any ideas on how I can stop myself from jumping out the window????
How can I persuade my wife?
How do you get rid of piles, or hemarroids?
Why don`t you sneeze when your a sleep?
Anybody have any sunburn secrets?
Can anyone help?
Sun-Burn!!!!!!!(OUCH)PLZ HELP?
I am a 15 year old guy with rosacea what can do too prevent my face from being so red all the time?
Acne won't go away?
Cold sore question?
Ingrown Hair?
Mole or freckle??? Surely they can't appear overnight!!?
Pink eye??
How can I stop my eyes from being dry?
Help me!! my eyes?
Is there really a way to improve vision?
Contact broke in half when taking it out?
Contact Dryness Help!?
Should i get colored contacts? picture.?
How do i know if my contacts are in?
Difference between nearsightedness and farsightedness?
My sun burn hurts! how can i get rid of it quicker?
Why are three fingers used in taking the radial pulse?
How do you treat a cut lip on a child? (Accidental dog bite)
Is my nail going to come off........?
Ear peircing?
Is it bad if one eye is bigger than the other?
If it has been a few days after i realized i was bitten, i should be okay, right?
Help! i keep on vomiting and i can't stop and im starving?
Should i pop this blister?
Wat's the best thing to do when you burn your finger?
Is it un-healthy to recycle use the mineral water bottle for our daily drinking need?
Everytime i excercise, my whole body starts hurting and i wake up in pain every morning. What should i do?
What is the best "around the house" relief from back pain.?
I am EXTREMELY sore after going to the gym on Saturday...and am in serious pain...what can i do?
Would it hurt my immune system if i take pill everytime i have stomach ache?
Has anyone ever had a tooth infection, that posed a danger.?
If you have Fibromyalgia, what medication works the best for the pain?
Whats the best way to help my awful heartburn?
I get up in the middle of the night with "cramps"in my right hand, it this something seriously wrong?
If your knees where bent the other way, what would a chair look like?
What would cause a soft lump under the skin as a result of a 2 year old shin contusion?
Do I really have any reason to worry?
My daughter fell of a bike today and has a very nasty bruise. The leg is swollen should I take her to hospital
How to bring down a swollen eye?
I have a question will you answer it?
If you lose your memory, how can you get it back?
I just found out one of my friends has been in the hospital for over a week. Is it too late to send flowers?
Broken Leg!?
Arg it hurts so bad but i dont think the doctor can do anything for it.?
How pathetic am I?
Smoking to releve stress?
Panic whats going on?
I feel like giving up...wat is the point of being here?
I cant go to sleep what should i do?
How do I deal with a boyfriend that is addicted to pain pills and alcohol?
I'm really suicidal?
Why is it that life seems so dull?
Does anyone know of a good natural over the counter treatment for mild depression and panic attacks.?
A friend of mine has bad psoriasis?
Why are my eyes red sore very itchy and gritty slightly sticky some mornings very sticky others?
One time i ate a carrot. is that why i have freckles?
Are you still at risk for skin cancer if you apply lots of sunscreen?
Itchy foot??
How to cure body itch after shower?
Best lotion for dry skin?
I have had a pink eye for about 3 days.how do i cure it?
Does anyone else have tiny, red bumps on their upper legs?
Ance help???
Im getting a smaller cast.... help with colors?
I have bleeding or blood stuck in my ear. What should I do?
Should I see a doctor?
I dont think my left foot is broken or not?
I Sprained My Foot About A week ago and it was swollen then and the swollen hasn't gotten down yet?
Is this ERASER BURN really that bad?? PICTURE INCLUDED!!!?
When I woke up this morning I discovered a hole in my rear end. How can I fix it?
How do i break my arm?
I recently had surgery?
Why do people smoke only to hear of others who die from it .It cant be that exciting?
What can I eat to make me regular digestively? I would prefer more than one type of food?
What should I eat or NOT eat to help clear a cold??
How long does it take for someone to become addicted to cigarettes?
What can I do about a huge mouth ulcer?
Often drinking Coca-cola can be harmful to our health.. right?
My fiance told me she's not a virgin?
How would you react if you were washing your face and it fell off revealing a highly trained monkey?
How much sleep should I be getting per night?
A question about alcoholism?
Why are you awake at 1am???
What can i do to making my recent smoking cessation easier?
I need help swallowing tablets?
My throat is killing me!!?
I'm having irregular bowel movements and nothing works to help me go to the bathroom. what is wrong?
Will masterbating make you taller?
Has anyone had a reaction to food that may have contained MSG?
How much does smoking a couple of cigarettes a week actually harm me?
Ok, do my parents like not care or something???
Sicky from work!?
Laser eye surgery?
Lasik Surgery?
Where is the most affordable place to get eyeglasses and an exam in the Detroit area of Michigan?
Would wearing an Eye Patch at 16 years old help tackle lazy eye?
What is an astigmatism i been to the opticians and i ve got glasses?
Should I Get Contacts?
What does it mean if your eye twitches?
Anyone know about eyes please asnwer this?
What colour are my eyes (pics included)?
Is it bad for my eyes to?
How to deal with rape without proper counselling? and how to get over the guilt?
Have you ever questioned your own mental health?
I'm having serious anxiety problems and I need to know how to relax?
I reached the end of the road with my life?
What is the best cure for the Winter blues?
Do you think my low self esteem could keep getting worse, do you think i need pro. help?
When if ever is death funny?
Is suicide the answer?
I took 30 ativan what do I DO KNOW?
For medical professionals, could Steve Irwin have had a chance to survive if he didn't pull out the barb?
Is it possible to get sick with just a regular fan blowing on you while sleeping?
How to get to sleep?
Which are the best years in your life ?
Does anybody have remedies for a sore throat, cough, chills and fever?
What is the size of hiv virus?
Should I put a bandaid on a scrach overnight?
How can i type with one hand??
What is the best way to sober up once you are drunk? or sober up someone when they are completly out of it?
Ok, I drank 10-15 drinks Sat night(stopped at 830pm)...took urine test today at 1pm..will I test positive?
Is a wet to dry straightener a good deal or no?
Birthmark! everybody makes fun of it or comments on it and im getting sick of all of that!?
Cold sore care - low cost treatments?
There is a mole on my back that recently got twice as big. Should I be worried?
I have major zits proactive dosent work what should i do???
Does hydrocortisone just mask the symptoms, or does it cure rashes?
Acne treatment....?
How do you go about getting an alergy test?
Broken finger?
Got hurt on head doctors and nurses help!! easy 10 points!?
MY LIFE DEPENDS ON THIS ANSWER!!! pressure washer injury?
Is there any way to get rid of the yellow stuff that forms in your eye?
Cortisone shot to shoulder for rotator cuff injury - anyone know personally if it works or has side effects?
Hernia please help??
How to tell if I have a fractured/broken tailbone?
How do you break your arm easily!?
My son broke his arm
How to get rid of a cold fast?
What medication to put on pierced ear infection?
What is the average weight for a 13 year old girl?
Whats a good way of not chewing your nails?
Whats the worst that could happen from lack of sleep?
I am looking for ideas to make first aid training more "fun" and interesting?
Mosquito bites?
What to do with my burn?
I have this huge scar, I've tried make up and Concealers. What Should i do?
What brings you the greatest happiness and contentment?
How long does it take head lice to die?
Why did I vomit this morning?
Should i be worried?
Where should i start alcoholism,eczema all over , manic deppression, smoking ciggs, cannabis?
Which side do i sleep on to get rid of my acid reflex?
Ideas for removing warts and moles?
I want to quit smoking. what are the benifits of leaving smoking?
Is this a good face scrub?
I have spots?
My temp is 97.4 ..why so low?
My 3 month baby has really bad skin?
Im always itchy after showering and swimming?
What is the best foundation make up you've used?
Are "shock pictures" on cig packets gonna make any difference?
Im having trouble with my contact lens?
Make Up and Contact Lenses.?
Is a lazy eye curable?
I don't know how to put in/take out contacts?
Does eye-color change?
Do Contacs hurt your eyes the first time you put them in??
If i removed one eye?
How to stay focus?
In hummans brown eyes is dominant over blue eye color. if a homozygous brown eyed person married a blue eye?
Eye contacts?
Okay so help...i got them peirced yesterday...?
Simple, stupid question. Why do I need to elevate my sprained ankle?
I hurt my hand?
What is my diagnosis?
Am I invinsible?
How do i break my ulna or radius bone(arm)?
I had an accident & 2 people are suing me but my insurance co will not pay out - its up to me. what can I do?
What should I do about my tail bone pain? go see a doctor?
Was it okay for me to clean my ear with a piece of wetwipe?
Helppp! Ripped my nail, really dont want it to get infected!?
I got surnburned, I always get burned, then tan, this time my skin is peeling off in chunks. What can I do?
Advice for oily skin.?
What is this skin lesion on my boyfriends wrist (pix)?
How can I reduce eye puffiness from crying?
My baby has eczema please help those of you with experience?
Severe Acne problem. Suggest remedies!!!?
How can i get rid of body acne?
Why do i have wrinkles???
Is it easy to get a black eye?
If i cut myself, will it scar?
What can you do about dry cracked heels?
Whats up with Eye color?
I have pain in my Scrotum?
How can we help disable people?
Reallly bad windburn on my face what to put on it ?!help it hurts!!!ochhochhochh!?
I cant seem to loose my weight. i have bad knees and cant do anything too strenuous.?
I punched a wall..?
My pinky finger has been numb for too long. Why is it still numb?
Lower right abdominal pain?
You ever consider suicide?
What are you afraid of?
Lost, lonely and nothing to look forward to?
Whats the last thing on your mind before sleeping?
What should i do? i didn't mean to kill her!every where is so messy now.?
Am i going crazy?
Do you feel that someone who smokes cigarrettes is "weak"?
I need to stop cutting but I dont know how?
What do you think of Size 0?
My son lives in a house that was used as a meth house. he and his wife feel sick always...is it the house?
What is the best way to keep yourself awake on new years eve??
Will i grow more???
Why does chocolate hurt my throat?
Is smoking bad for my tongue piercing?
Worst Case Scenario...?
Are you ready for death?
How can I get the flu?
Is it ok to eat?
What do you say instead of "go pee"??
I need to get some sleep, please help?
Cigarette Warnings are understandable....but why not go after Alcohol too?
Why do women experience frequent mood swings than men?
Do you sleep on your stomach, side or back?
Problem w/ Legs?
Help! Need best way to cure open wound between toes.?
How do you get to sleep when your not tired?
Would you go to the hospital if you were in my shoes?
When is it safe to pierce a baby ear??
What causes your eye to twitch?
Is pink eye caused by feces going in you eye? ?
Is feeding my son icecream and milk ok for now?
Help ME !!!!!!!!?
My eyes hurt?
Eye problem?
What is the most durable frame for the children?
Who can save my eyes?!?!?
What do you think is better contacts or glasses?
I have a swollen eyelid. Do I need to see an opthamologist for this or a general practitioner?
Should I pop a blister I got from a burn?
Should i treat a really deep cut the same as a small cut?
Why is your blood blue in your veins?
Getting drunk off of hand sanitizer?
Whats the best thing to go on a burn from steam?
After a workout lastnite and a shower I was raked with uncontrollable shaking for at least 5 min.?
First aid question?
If you re constipated how do u get the crap out other then a Doctor or pills?
How will you do within 24 hrs before you die?
What's it called when your knees crack everytine you squat?
I need help or advice?
How do i treat a burn??
Do you have a headache?
How to cure chaped lips.....VERY URGENT!!!?
I have taken an extra tablet by accident, feel ok but?
Has anybody ever have this problem?
Can strengthening your back muscles help ease back pain?
How do you get a high pain tolerance?
Oxycodone what does it do??
Does anyone have any acne products that are really effective to recommend?
I have cracked calloused crusty heels - how do I get rid of it without going to a foot doctor?
What causes coldsaws and how do you get rid of them?
ECZEMA on my baby! :(?
I am in 5th grade and i have acne how do you get rid of it without buying anything?
What are these strange marks on my back?
Stretch marks?
What is this painfulllllll bump that has come out under my right armpit?
How to remove scars due to chicken pox ?
How to get rid of adult acne????
What is the average weight for a newborn???
Help! Something is wrong with my eye!?
How to break a leg?
Whats wrong with my dogs leg?
Pinkie toe broken????
I just burned the heck out of my scalp with coffee lol...?
5 yrs of lower back pain and only 25yrs old.?
Lower back pain?
If you break your nose.....?
I have a broken ankle! any tips on how to hasten the healing process?
I have a terrible head cold and my ears are completely clogged...what can i do to hear again?!?
Not noticed?
Im scared of having a hart attack because i herd a story about some one young diying?
Am i developing an eating disorder?
Does anyone know what formaline is?
Do you have ccd compulsive cleaning disorder like my wife?
I am Eddie Murphy??!?
Do I have appendicitis?
Sunburn sting!!!?
Burned my finger?
Rapid heartbeat/shortness of breath, anybody knows what causes these symptoms?
Bitten by a huge black and red spider?
What do you think of FOX's hit series House MD ?
John likes 400 but not 300; he likes 100 but not 99; he likes 3600 but not 3700. Which does he like?
Why is it not funny when you hit your funny bone???
Can't Sleep!?
Burns ... i burnt my finger it hurts really bad what can i do to help it??
Can anybody recommend a good moisturiser for acne prone skin?
I have this thing on my neck, please help?
How to make ur lips pink instead of a red?
My husband just got these weird mosquito looking bites on his neck and upper arms....what could they be?
How do you keep a burn from scaring.?
Any treatments for Planters Warts on the bottom of my sons feet? Besides surgery?
I busted my eardrum, my doctor says it is OK to fly. Any other opinions? and if so why or why not?
Spots are still driving me mad!!!!!????
What is the skin condition where there r little-red bumps coming up called?
Would this be a turn off?
Itch Itch Itch thats all I do (why)?
Silly Problem... Itchy toe?
Does anyone have any suggestions for plantar fasciitis?
Ive been sweating realy badly at night to the point where I wake up soaking wet?
Carpel tunnel syndrome?
Help please! I have trouble sleeping and breathing at night......?
Tabacco smoke?
I have a pain in my hip/butt area. It's been there for a while; it's from running. How can I make it go away?
My friend hurt his wrist. Would X-rays show a sprain?
Oh no! I just pulled a funny face and the wind changed! Will I stay like this forever?
Last night my boyfriend acidentally violated me?
How can you know how severe a burn is?
What's a good way to fall asleep??
Blood in ear?
My glasses have been broken so i have a question?
Alcoholism and loved ones?
Does anyone else see little green flying dots?
Eye changes?
LADIES, are you a squater or a sitter in public restrooms?
How do I fix my lazy eye?
Sensitive eyes? Is there a problem?
What is a strong sleeping pill?
Eye question?
I hate glasses because they are very uncomfortable but should I really switch to contacts??
What can i do to avoid scratching my eyes out...? they are sooo itchy?
Is laser eye surgery a good idea?
OMG!!!!!!!!! My Parents Are Going To Kill Mee!!?
If you have a contact in your eye! PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
My glasses are for 'general wear', what does 'general wear' mean?
What do you think??
How many times do you wake up at night?
I am asking all of you to please pray for me. I may end my life tonight.?
I'm a loser?
Do you consider suicide as selfish or not? What are your justifications?
If there's anyone out there that cares, PLEASE TALK TO ME!!!!!?
Is there a class i can go to to get rid of my nervousness and not be shy all the time?
Cheer me up...?
Strech marks???????
Getting rid of scars?
How do you quickly get rid of a zit in the middle of your forehead?
What is the best remedy for "Eczema & Atopic Dermatitis?"?
Is it worth commiting suicide at 15 years old on acne, my dad says it aint bad but i think it is?
Ive just recently been told that ive got gladular fever, i work with ages 6-16yrs,shud i still go back to work
I have 5 mouth ulcers on the roof of my mouth?
When will my finger be healed again ?
What are some of the best ways to prevent acne breakouts and blemishes? I feel like I've tried everyting!?
Need as many answers as fast as possible!?
Am balding is there a natural way to restore my falling hair?
How do i remove this scar:?
Help please!!! Stitches or not?
Why do we get blisters inside our lips?
How do i stop?
I have a really sore hip..?
If you had to break any bone, which one would you chose?
My knee seems to be getting worse!!?
Any cheap natural ways to lower blood pressure?
How do sleep when i can't sleep after watching horror movie?
Help! Anyone know any good sunburn remedies?
Help ive got a ring stuck on my finger!!!?
What's the best and easiest way to reduce cholestrol?
Why have i white marks on my finger nails?
I keep getting a cold - how can i get rid of it?
My burn on my arm? pics inside?
Whats up with my finger?
Why am I so dizzy when i stand up and walk?
It hurts when i breathe?
I have a very PAINFUL knot like ball on the lower right side of my abdomen. What is it?
Shoulder pain....?
How much does an MRI usually cost?
OCD Obssesive Compulsuive Disorder whats yours ?
AM I normal if I am a woman but never wear dresses or skirts?
I keep having weird dreams?
Is it normal to LOVE it when it rains?
How do i get over my fear of dieing?????
Does anyone else keep getting this with anti depressant medication?
Do most english speaking people know what LOL means?
Do people with a mental illness experience more obstacles making friends?
What's bothering you right now?
Is this similar to self-harming?
Help!! I think I have a Lazy Eye...?
Who should I see about blepharitis and irritation from contacts?
My eyes normal or not?
I'm considering Lasik eye surgery. Does anyone who has had the surgery have good or bad things to say?
The vision in my left eye isn't as good as my right eye. Does this mean I should get my eyes checked?
How much do colored contacts usually cost?
Good contacts brand/type for dry eyes?
Bloodshot eyes?
Eye twitch?
HELP!!!!!!!! contact problems!!!!!!!!!!!?
What's your most effective sleep aid?
If you quit smoking while your young do your lungs grow back to normal?
Do most teen cutters get sent away for help?
How to stop a 20 year old from wetting the bed?
How many hours of sleep did you get?
Does anybody here suffer from insomnia?
What is the QUICKEST remedy for a really really RUNNY nose?
If i smoked weed 4-6-08 and i have a drug test tomorrow at 3:30 how could i get the weed out of my system?
Why cant we keep our eyes open when sneezing?
Maybe a stupid question about second-hand smoke?
Has anyone had knee problems? My knees dislocate, the kneecap slips out of place, did this happen to you?
Hip Question??
How do i get rid of zits fast!!?
I got bitten by my cat what should I do?
I was abducted by aliens?
Strained rib, fractured rib, lung problem?????
Best winter care moisturiser?
My brother put ice and and salt on my hand?
What is the best thing to put on your skin to stop it from peeling and to get the redness out from a sunburn?
I wore a ring yesterday but I can't get it off my finger now, it's too small, what can I do?
Does anyone know what orange spots that appear in your pee mean?
Acne/ face is peeling?
Black Eye Help?
What's the best scar remover?
Is it dangerous to have a tattoo go over a mole?
Is my ankle broken or sprained?
This question is for someone with a little medical history?
Should I worry about my slightly numb arm and hand?
If tomorow is 24 hours away how far away is yesterday?
Nurse's or Doctor's PLease?
What is the best thing to do if i have sprained my ankle?
What could be the cause of my eye turning red?
Is it normal to pull a muscle in your sleep?
Please help and please be serious, im started to freak out?
Why do some people have dark under eye circles even if they get enough sleep?
How do I keep second degree burns from scarring?
What can I do about the acne?
Vaseline on skin to prevent acne?
Is underarm deodorant bad for you?
I have a rash all over my body...what could it be?HELP!!!?
What is the best way to ease an upset stomach without taking otc medicines?
Dont you hate when men leave the toilet seat up?
Why do some people grow their pinkie fingernails really long?
Coughing up Blood???
Would you livein a house where sombody died?
Whats the last thing you do before you fall asleep?
I can't stop?
If you wear contacts do you need glasses to?
Is this pink eye?
How much do contacts cost?
New to contact lenses?
Blood in the white part of my eye?
Sears $99 Eyeglasses Sale. Too good to be true? "Includes lens,frames...no-line bifocals." Comments?
Crazy eye thing!?!??!?
What Colour eyes do you prefer and what colours eyes do u hav?
One of my 4 year old eye's is turning in toward his nose!!!!!!?
Inportant plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help about pink eye?
What to do for poison ivy?
How come I am so weak and tired?
Anybodies leg ever went num during their sleep?????
I am having trouble breathing.............?
My son is four years and wets the bed every day need your help on this?
Bottle verses breast feeding?
Is it appropriate for a nurse to give a 14 yr old a shot in the butt? It was a penicillin for strep, and...?
I a, never feeling good,i don't know what to ask the Dr,to help me,get better?
Was told there are vitamins to replace fruits and vegatables anybody know where to find these?
I experienced crushing chest pain today for about two hours. What could it have been?
If you hit your foot on something really hard and your toenail comes off, will it eventually grow back?
Bruised foot possible fracture?
Tingling in left arm every time I move it?
Help help help?
Whats the most messed up thing you have seen?
A nail went through the ball of my foot,and my big toe is stiff do u think its broken?
Are eye lids prone to repetitive strain injury?
I have hurt my little toe. Any help on what doctors would do? Any suggestions on what happened?
If my leg hurts to put pressure on it should I go to work?
Is Lemon good for bad breath?
Cures for acne?
What is the best way to cool a sunburn?
Has anyone made up their own face wash system that worked?
Has anyone ever had a whole / partial part of an ingrown toenail removed?
Does it matter when a mole is bleeding?!?
How do i get rid of a black eye in less than a week??
Dark circles?
Do you think having a great tan is worth getting cancer?
Just had three moles removed?
I am afraid of death.?
What is the best way to deal with death of husband?
What are natural or alternative ways to beat depression?
What can i do to feel better?
Cutting self? I think I like it too much to stop?
I hate myself.?
What do u do when u are really close to snapping and u may hurt yourself?
Ever experience a weird force while you were sleeping?
Daughter Suicidal?
What is vision 20/20?
Choosing frames?
Is it painful when undergo LASIK?
I tried to fool the doctor when he examined my eyes. Can he tell?
Do you have any scars that bother you?
What gives you indigestion?
Tired all the time!?
How to get rid of this nail-biting habit?
Myopia scam?
When I dream the next day things happen that I have seen before but what can I do about it?
What should i do?
Fear of contamination of food, drink etc.....?
My hands keep turning blue?
Contact Lens Annual Check - Do I go with contacts already in or glasses on?
Are eye drops addictive?
How many hours a man must sleep a day.?
At what age can a child start wearing contact lenses?
Clip On Sunglasses?
How do obese/fat people get health insurance?
I had a blood test done.They didn't find anything?
Please give some support/ my boyfriend went outside 8-10 minutes and came back to find his mother ???
How do I bring down swelling on my foot?
Should i see doctor?
My friend just went to the hospital in EMS with a broken ankle. How long will it be before she gets to come ho
Speed healing?
Why do your legs itch after you shave?
What will my arm look like when i take my cast off?
Itchy, Puss, Lump In my Ear Lobe?
Chapped hands. my husband work has given him painful, chapped hands. tried hand rescue cream.any other ideas?
How can i lessen the size of my legs?
My son went to the pool today and got badly sunburned. He claims he's freezing? Is that a normal reaction?
What's the fastest/easiest way to get rid of a scab?
How do I get rid of the stye on my eye?
Im so sick of searching for ways to heal and permantly get rid of acne. Dose anyone know of any natural cures?
How not to feel sleepy at work?
Cpr/first aid classes?
What is good for paper cuts? (as far healing quicker, keeping protected, stopping pain, etc...)?
Rope burns...HELP!!!?
For most of my life, when I stand up, I black out for about 10 seconds. What causes this? Is it serious?
How can I speed up healing and/or cover this cut?
Ways to combat laziness?
Please help spider bite?
Why door poor people in this country not get the same best health care available to rich people.?
How do I wake up early without being tired?
Hi, I am 14 and and I am 5'4. Am I short for my age?
What is the most popular haircut for women?
What is the best way to get rid of acne?
If a person is allergic to seafood, would it STILL harm him if he took Benadryl & ate it?
When will she stop growing?
What do you do when you feel bloated?
How do you pass a drug screen if ya smoke marijuana on a daily basis?
If you were unsatisfied by your doctor, would you ask for a second opinion?
What duz a&e; mean?
I have a bruise??....................
Broke my leg..go to a big school..should i try and use crutches or just go for a wheelchair?
Fractured rib - where is the best place to go?
How to make your ears stick out less without surgery?
Bad Luck am i ?
Best way to heal sore muscles in 24 hours?
Is it possible to fracture your wrist when there...?
Why is my wrist swollen?
Nothing helps me, i have eczema i use like 5 different creams an take about 2 liquid medications please help?
After 14 years, my wife has suddenly developed a rash under her gold wedding ring, whats up?
How do you get rid of moles on your face?
How can I get rid of stretch marks?
What is a fast cure to stop sting from sunburn or does anything to help it?
Neosporin on acne!!!!????
Where can i get sea salt?!?
Is not eating for a whole summer gonna kill you?
Do i need professional help?
Help me i think i got major problem?
What causes depression?
I have big mood swings, and when I feel down, I just feel awful, hopeless, and alone. What can I do?
What form of addiction do you have most and least sympathy for????????????????
Why can't we remember some of our dreams??
Am I mentally ill?
I feel like i'm wasting time/my life?
Why am i like this?
Can tanning in a bed before help prevent sunburn when tanning outside on vacation?
My temp is 96.7 is this okay?
What do you think is the best way to quit smoking?
Will I be able to give blood if I'm underweight?
Tired all the time?
Does anyone know? only serious answers please?
Why are my lips purple this morning?
Ex Smokers - How do you quit smoking - esp when you enjoy almost every drag you take?
Its my first time with contacts... Is this normal?? Please Help..?
Is a fever of 101 something to worry about?
How do i get some easy money? i am a student with ridiculous debt?
What do contacts feel like?
What do i do if my teeth start to itch?
Eyes are in pain and watering?
Whats a good estimation of how much laser eye surgery costs?
Are there any eye drops out there that can change your brown eyes to green or hazel?
What color are your eyes?
What should i do, my eyes hurt? quick urgent?
I am having very bad headaches when I read or use the computer?
How can I break my foot?
Broken Toe or Liar?
I twisted my ankle last night?
What r the symptoms of a concussion?
I just had a pretty major back surgery and some weird things are happening..Maybe you can give me input?
After surgery can hair grow?
I've been sleeping and eating alot, my breast is sore, can i be pregnant?
Whos better male or female?
If you are stabbed in the stomach (or anywher else) would it be better to tense your muscles in resistance...?
What to put in a First Aid Kit???
Short of seeing a podiatrist...how can I get rid of an ingrown toenail?
Is my earring hole infected?...need fast and accurate results!?
Whats the best way to treat a migrane???
I am so afraid of getting my blood taken...what should i do to stop my anxiety?
Is there any optimistic people can tell me that I can grow taller?
Does anyone know how to cure back pain?
What is the best way to remove 1/2" round scar from leg?
I need acne help please!?
Blackheads and acne?
Shaving my legs?
My body order is not bad at all,but lately my arm pits have begun to get a stronger sent lately,what can I do?
Is there any particular kind of body wash that can prevent dry skin???
I have a huge acne problem any tip?
When you are sick do you feel miserable?
Is my child entitled too disability living allowance ,having chronic constipation with overflow?
I have ms they say loads of people have it.but i dont know anyone.do you.?
Is there any scientific proof between pregnant women drinking alcohol and having alcoholic children?
What causes this type of headache?
Giving blood?
Poll: If Given The Choice Which Would You Rather Pass Away From?
Why is alcoholism considered an illness but smoking isn't?
Can shoes cause back pain?
Are there any x-ray scans that shows injured muscles?
What is the best treatment for my Neck?
How can I get a handicap parking permit?
Consequence of a fall?
If poked hard in the belly button, will it unravel and your guts fall out?
Severe stomach pain?
Very important please help!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is this a wrist sprain, or a fracture?
Will somebody please save me from all of this?
Dark circles && puffyness. under eyes.?
What to drink to help u sleep and relax a nite?
Psoriasis Treatment?
How can you fade a bad scar?
How is smoking not cool???
What does the White dots on a finger nail mean?
Is there anyway to boost an Immune System that is very weak and prone to getting sick?
Giving up smoking ...?
What could numb red fingertips mean after running in 40 degree weather?
Is Acid reflux an epidemic??? Do you have this??or Someone you know?
What would you have a "Shower or a Bath"?
Itchy private parts???
How to prevent falling asleep during work hours?
Did michael jackson bleach his skin white?
Importance of water ???
Is it a coincidence that people on benefits have bad teeth???
Do you get up at night to go to the bathroom? How often?
Vision driving test?
Do I really need glasses?
Is $515.00 an average price for eyeglasses??
Floating bubbles or squigly lines in eyes?
What color are my eyes?
Hey is it too late for me?? Can being on the computer alot make me blind!! I'm scared people!! Panicking!!!
How do I get rid of this near my eye?
Will contacts improve my eyesight?
Contact lens slipped up eyelid?
Has anyone had a near death experience?if so tell?
Should i get this checked out? Wrist problem?
I was injured in combat on the right knee in 1968 of april.?
Pain my buttocks what is it?
Where do you cut yourself and have it hurt less and less noticable?
Advice Please following a fall.?
Why are my ankles and feet and cafes swollen up like balloons. Its ben two weeks now, Please tel me what to?
My heart rate got up to 178 bpm today on the treadmill and then I turned really pale and felt dizzy.?
AAHHH please help going into hospital!?
Whats the best acne treatment?
Acne - What is the best soap for my facial skin?
I have a friend who has got chickenpox, I don't want to get some but she wants to be around me all de time.
Eczema problems!!!?
Pop quiz: What is THAT?
What in the heck is wrong with my hands?
Whats a good way to get rid of black heads.?
Can a person sitting all day get bedsores?
Does clear nail polish work on ringworms?
Help i got burn!?
Should I give blood today?
How can i smoke reefer and not get an anxiety attack?
What time to do you usually go sleep?
What can i do to help a sore throat?
How many pairs of glasses should you have?
Best thing to take when you have the flu?
EMT provide services at McDonalds?
Any good remedies for a painful earache?
I have really screwed up.?
Sleep apnea...Is there a cure for this and do the Doctors take this seriously?
Should I allow my sixteen year old son to wear contacts?
Why do opticans say you should have an eye exam once every 1/2/3 years? What if.....?
Will i get better if i wear glasses all the time.?
What is a good anti mosquito repellent? Don't like DEET. Have used a lemony thing before but forget its name
What is a hernia? How are they detected and how are they treated?
Besides bug spray, what's the best way to repel mosquitos?
Can you get a lazy eye? or is it just hereditary?
Can you really sleep when you're hungry?
I have a little girl with spinabiffida who is wheelchair bound?
Help with my eye please??
Can to much candy really make u sick?
Olive Oil for relieving constipation?
How to stop hiccup?
I met someone whose eyes have a different size pupils?
I have a mild sprained groin , what can i do to treat it and how long will it take to heal?
Anyone know what's wrong with my eye?
What can everybody do to make teenagers stay out of smoking and drinking alcohol?
Is there an at home way to tint soft contacts?
I stepped on a bee? 0.o?
I have a injury on my wrist how shold i heal it?
How do you overcome an addiction of any kind?
Do I have pinkeye?
Can someone explain how I got an eyelash in my eye when I was sleeping?
I sprained my knee at work almost 2 weeks ago. for the last week my knee is popping in and out?
5 year old has frequent headaches and get very sleepy?
What is the best thing to use for chapped lips in the winter?
I have tennis elbow real bad . besides cortisone what other ways can i heal or stop all the pain?
Can anyone describe what you go through during surgery?
Tongue blister?
How to get rid of canker sores??
What should I do?
Is Athletes foot contagious?
Best thing to use for acne?
My cuz has these nasty open sores on her private. She dont have a disease because we checked what is it??
HELP!!! i have really bad acne and it is starting to depress me?
What excactely is dandruff?
Can I mask the drugs in my system to visit my man in prison? i dont use often but keep gettin sat on?
I am in my mid 20s and I've wrinkles and fine lines on my forehead. Is it normal?
I have tiny lumps on my arms rist and on the back of my neck and some times when i brake them thir is a hole?
Will second degree grease burns scar?
Any DR's can tell me what I can do about a trapped nerve in my neck i have had for 3 days?
Do you ever have a wound and forget where it is?
My arm is beginning to hurt would should i do?
I sparained my ankle pretty badly about 9 weeks ago. The doctor said it would take about 3 to 5 weeks to heal
Got Hit in my eyeball..?
Whats it called where they stick a tube down your throat? for surgery.?
When you get hit by something on the nose. What causes a lump to appear?
My ankle hurts like hell, but my Mum is just ignoring it and saying I'm making it 'very dramatic'?
My 40 yr. old dad tripped and broke his ribs and he refuses to see a doctor?
Does any one know a cure for snoring other than divorce.?
Just quit smoking......HELP?
I have to get a tetanus shot and i am really scared!!?
Have you got a phobia and what is it???
What city or town ewhere you born in?
Have you ever broken bones in your body?
Am i a bad person?
How do you treat a sore throat?
Is it true that you should drink milk when sick?
Is it hot where you are, what is the temp?
What is the best, cheap way to get rid of acne?
How do I get rid of an itch on the scalp?
Do you know any remedies for dry skin?
Best cleaner to cure acne in 20 year old female?
Is there anything i can baith in that will make my eczema feel better and heal faster?
Ok question here..?
My face skin is very oily. espisially nose. it is very ery oily. what i do>?
I've been getting these red spots appearing on my body....what the hell is it!!!!???
Why is my skin painfully ichy when I get out of the shower?
Contacts vs. Glasses????
Does it hurt to have your eyes dilated?
Can I get new glasses?
Should one continue jogging with mild fever?
Swollen eyelid - diagnosis?
Uninsured but in need of medical attention...?
Is it ok to use water instead of contact solution?
Am i entittled to a free eye examination/glasses when i have a Maternity Exemption Certificate?
Is it bad that I have to sleep with the TV on?
Why do people have different coloured eyes? blue, brown etc?
I have twitching under my left eye?
How long do you need to fast before blood work?
My eyes are getting worse. Do you suggest any vitamins or diets?
Why do i get the shakes after drinking????
How to reduce mental tension ?
What colour contacts suits a red head?
Dude, How do I get up in the morning...?
Urine infection??
Does anyone know what the actual time you're supposed to go to sleep is?
How do I stop swelling and bruising?
How do i convince them?
Have you ever broke your nose?
Would it hurt me if............?
I-ve not exercised for 2 weeks due to illness-will it effect my fitness abilities as am training for marathon?
What can i do ,i have gout in my right foot and leg and is very swollen and i cant walk atall?
Is the doc wrong?
Yes,,,Im pretty sure Ive broken my pinky toe...but?
What will heal a scar???
My right foot is swollen? But I am not sure why. What should I do to get the swelling to go down?
I feel suicidal?
Have you ever felt like you wanted to die?
Will you ever be happy?
What is wrong with me?
Anyone else not like to be touched but also feel like you need human contact sometimes?
I need help? could i be sick??
If a tree falls in the wilderness does anyone truely hear it?
Is there a laughing disorder?
What is wrong with me?
Found a microchip in my body...?
Two REALLY bad hickeys. How do I get rid of them..!!??
I think I'm going to have acne for the rest of my life. PlZ HELP?
How to get rid of cold sores
REALLY bad acne????????
Anyone have skin like the people in acne commercials??
How do I get rid of acne?
Am i going through puberty?
How long does face acne last????
How do I get rid of dry skin caused by cold weather?
Will my knee get better?
Is anyone else addicted to puting things in my anus?
What would you do if accidentally super glued your hands together?
HelP !!!!!?
What do you do when your tongue is peirced and really hurts?
Have I cracked another rib, or is it the same one?
If you can't work due to a disability that is only temprary can you make a claim ?
Lazer Eye Treatment reassurance!?
I just electricuted my hand and it's numb?
Is it normal to be both nearsighted and farsighted?
I occasionally wake up smelling burnt toast.?
A question for men !stretchmarks,bothered or not bothered?
I wear contact lenses & I almost never take them out. I wear them for 6 months at a time. Am I gonna go blind?
Please answer fast!!!?
Can anyone reccomend a good relaxation cd?
How old should one be to wear contacts?
What should i do my family has food poisining is there anything i can do?
Baby eye colors??
How come when I wake up my eyes are messed up?
How many hours of sleep does a teen need?
Does anybody see these things in their eyes?
Why in the world is my eye twitching?
What is the reason so many U.S. people are so fat ?
My glasses hurt my eyes?
Easy way to put contacts in?
How can i quit smoking?
Can you risne your eye with contact solution?
If i have red-eye in every photo i take, does that i mean i will have a high percentage of going blind?
Any ideas for detoxting your body of nicotine?
My index finger is bleeding how can i stop it?
Last night I burned my thumb on the toaster oven. Today I have a blister about as big as a...?
I bite my nails alot and i can't stop somebody help me please to stop biting any tips?
I always burn my tongue?
Is it possible for a 18 year old to never have been able to Vomit?
How do you feel when you get mosquitos bite?
How to pass a drug test?
What is your bedtime routine?
What helps if you have a zitt under your nose?
What can i do to get rid of the yellow coating on my tongue?
How do you get rid of scars?
If you have really sensitive pale skin, and it gets BADLY sunburnt several times in a few years, does this ..?
Why are there red spots on my legs?
How do you get rid of a cyst on your eyelid?