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Does anyone know how to reduce the swelling/redness of mosquito bites? i have so many and theyr huge ='[?
How bad is my eyesight?
Astigmatism and contact lenses?
I have a first aid question...?
Toe trouble?
Why is my 5 month old boxer nor walking on his front leg?
Did I sprain my finger?
Black bump?
I went jogging on saturday and now my lower legs are hurtin a lot when I walk.?
Should i play sports with my bad knee?
My third Tattoo..........?
If your under 18 and..?
If you put your jumper on wrong would it be.. Inside out, or outside in?
I`m going into a private clinic for an operation soon, am terrified of anaesthetics?
Help on blood pressure?
I made a deal?
How did you give up smoking?
Does your first time hurt?
Medical advice please?
Has anyone ever experienced trouble making eye contact.?
Repetitive nightmare?? URGENT?
Why do some people only shower every 2 days?
Even though i sleep why are my always tired?
How can you get rid of lice?
How can i get rid of my athletes foot?
How do you get rid of lice on eyelashes?
Help! I have terrible dandruff!!! wat to do?
Is there any product for whitehead removal?
Help! My 17 month old developed many bumps (at least over 50) on his face that I can't figure out what it is.
Cant swallow my pill?
Migraine lasting 10 days??
I was doing my push-ups when suddenly my chest had a shooting pain and My breakfast was coming up my throat. W
Yoga or chiropractor?
Chronic back pain...i need help?
What are the major causes of leg and foot cramps?
Aching muscles after a work out!?
How can i get vicodin or percocet prescribed to me?
Why does it hurt when you put your finger in your belly button too far?
What is a migraine and what does it do to your body?
Can a single man with no kids get food stamps and medical in california?
Can any one tell me ,how can i stop smoking ?
What is healthier corn or brocolli?
Where do bogies come from?
Am i going to die??
How bad does it hurt while getting a tatoo?
Which part of the human body does not grow?
I want to buy a mens's cologne but i dont know which is girls's favorite scent.?
How do you make your nose bleed at night.?
I feel so lonely sometimes , what should I do ?
Ive got 2 months left to live someone something nice to me?
My dad raped me as a kid, now I am having really "unclean" thoughts about my son... PLEASE HELP!?
How do you deal with anger??
What should I do when living by myself i have found causes my depression.?
Does everyone do stupid thing's from time to time?
Can alcohol stop depression?
Why are there weird voices in my head?
Do you have any patience....?
Live or Die?
What is the effect of a staple being left in a knee after surgery?
Serious question---Something bit me--don't know what. Lots of pain!?
If you get hurt at work what should you do?
I think that my finger is broken...can the hospital do anything for it?
Broken collarbone?
Bruised rib?
Will anything happen to my leg now ?
How do you know what a broken rib feels like?
I need a doctor please. This is serious. I partially ripped my toe nail off.?
Be honest. Would you rather have a glass jaw or paper skin?
Cures for constipation?
How do you get a doctor to listen to you?
I keep having blackouts.?
Advice on Mystery Illness?
I woke up with no hearing in one ear. i have bronchitis. do i need to return to the doctor? PLEASE HELP.?
What could tingling in one's hand indiciate?
What are some common ways a teenager can go blind but not instintly?
What happens if you snort Zoloft???
How to cure an eye infection?
What stuff do you use for acne?
Eczema - really dry skin?
Itchy, red, dry and sore eyelids.....?
Best acony cure?
What one should do in case of over dryness of skin ?
Burn marks?
What helped you quit smoking?
Please Help SINUS is killing me already tried Tylenol Sinus, Sudafed, Zyrtec and Flonase any Suggestions??????
Is there anything to slow down or stop the onset of arthritis?
How wonderful is it to have smoke free bars now?
Can toothpaste going up your nose harm in any way your nasal tissues?
I just took 10 motrins - and last night I took 10 tylenol and advil. Will I be fine?
Why can't the body kill HIV?
I have occasional (daily) tingling down my left arm for about 3 weeks. What could that indicate?
My mom just got bit by a wasp?
Green spot between toe and toenail?
Does my wrist sound broken?
I had a ingrown toe nail that was bothering me so i pulled off a piece of the nail and it got infected and...?
HELP PLEASE my arm hurts?!?!?!?
1st Ingrown toenail.?
Is this a common occurence when you have a broken bone?
I have to an Arthroscopy on my knee for a torn cartlidge?
My uncle just had a seizure?
I turned my ankle 2 weeks ago and it's still swollen?
I have long eye lashes and they hit my safety glasses and then get in my eye any ideas?
Can you change your eye color without useing contact lenses?
Do you need a prescription to get colored contatcs?
Lazy eye???
When You Close Your Eyes At Night....?
I lost my contacts for 16 hours!?
Why do I have bloodshot eyes when I just got new glasses?
Sometimes I swear I can see organisms floating either on my eye or in the air when light reflects on my eye a?
Why must contacts be replaced monthly?
What is the difference between a dermatologist and a doctor?
Anyone have ideas on how to get rid of diaper rash?
Psoriasis help?
Acne treatments?
Im a guy and want to know what is good for clearing up acne scars or fading them or covering them up?
I am blind why cant i see?
If u go otside with nothin on what will you catch?
What can i take to avoid getting heat rash and hives on holiday?
How do you get psoriasis?
I'm afraid of the dark!! what do i do?
Its a weird feeling... whats wrong with me?
I feel like i dont want to live any more...?
I found this hurtful, but was i really just too sensitive?
How healthy is your mind?
What's happening to me??
I got depression and I'm not sure if if i go to tell my mum and dad?
What is wrong with me?
Who can I talk to about cutting myself?
Hurt my foot after running. what might i have done?
Think I've broken a bone?
Has anybody ever stepped..........?
How can you tell if your rib is dislocated or broken/cracked?
Last night- I was awaken by a horrible sound and smell- my husband had broke the wind- and now i don't find
Should I go to a doctor? (Really bad bruise)?
Injured back, what kind of doctor would you see?
My back hurts pls help (pic included)
Ever had a massage?
Im 5'6 im 13 years old & my mom is 5'5 my dad is 5'5 my grandpa is 6'3 & my grandma is 5'4 how tall will i be
How often do you clean your bed sheets? (be honest....)?
Is is possible to stop your own heart by thinking about it enough? - can you mentally, do that??
Why do people keep offering me food.?
How deadly is this drug if it is not prscribed?
What one toiletry item could you never live without? Why?
How can i get rid of the hic-ups?
Do you like freckles?
How do you cure nausea? Need answer soon.?
I got a spider bite.?
Meditation and Sleep?
Do you like cracking your knuckles?
What can I do, I can't gett o sleep?
Will skin grow back? I have a scab from a second degree burn and underneath it is pink skin.?
I am going to bed now and my husband is coming home from hosp tomorrow after having open- heart surgery.?
My daughter has lice on her eyelashes what do i use to remove these?
What can I take to treat stress which is causing acne and skin conditions?
Stretch marks?
If you had surgery to remove some mole on your face, will it trigger to cancer?
Is is safe to use 'vaseline petroleum jelly' as a lubricant?
Blister help?
What is a good remedy for removing bruises?
What is that whitish material coming after urrination?
What are the names of our toes?
I really want to quit smoking! Whats the best way to stop smoking? Stopping cravings?
Why do they make you do p.e at school when you hate it?
Whay we have five fingers?
How can you quit smoking?
Bad habits???
Why is poo brown regardless of what you eat?
I developed a BAD habit.?
Should I practice touching my eye to get contacts?
Why can I never get my lefts and rights.... right????!?!?
I need help!!?
Would it hurt to get a tato on my shoulder?
Floaters. Anyone else have a problem with little black dots in front of their eyes?
My employer occupational doctors, say I can go back to work, but I disagree?
Have you ever cut yourself? If so....?
Glasses or Contacts?
My friend injured himself, how long will it take to recover??
My husband is sick & has been puking/diarrhea/dry heaving for 8 hrs he says hes very thirsty what can i do?
My eyes have been crusted together for 5 days now in the morning only?
My brother pushed me?
I had an accident?
How can I make my eye sight better??
How long am i suppose to stay awake for after i just got into a fight with some girl and got hit in the head.?
Toe problems help hurry!!!?
How do the charges for glasses work in UK (England). I'm baffled.?
Can you where contacts even if your eyes are really small?
Touch my eyes for contacts?
How do you truly forgive someone who did amazeingly terrible evil things to me,?
If you could mix your favorite color with milk, what kind of milk would it be? Why?
Sleep Problems?
I need SERIOUS help!?
My childs father has moved on w/ another women. I'm so upset all the time and miss him. What can I do ?
How do I get the will power to stop cutting myself?
I really really really need help right now!!!!?
I think I have problems?
From 1 to 10 how happy are you right now???
How can I stop popping my zits?
My skin has a bad smile and sweats much ? what i do please?
How do i get rid of blackheads on my nose?
What are some good acne meds that you have had results with?
There are little bumps on the back of my upper arms!?
Does anybody know of anything that helps psoriasis apart from the usual light treatment and steroid creams?
My 12 mo old got the chicken pox vaccine yesterday. Today she has a rash, is it chicken pox or a coincidence?
My lips are constantly sticky?????????
Large bump on the back of my head!?
Get rid of a sun burn?
Will staples in the head cause hair to not grow back on the scar?
Had a shin split two years ago and I am looking to resume jogging. Any advice?
How long to keep someone awake to make sure they don't have a concussion?
Friend in cycle crash-in icu. head trauma-did craneotomy relieve pressure of brain-put in coma-will he live?
OMG my 2yr-old son just fell under the lawnmower and his face is all messed up and bleeding, what do I DO??!!!
Small 3rd degree burn discharge and smelly,infection?
Can someone tell me what to do for carpal tunnel syndrome? i am in a lot of pain and i keep dropping things?
Carpal tunnel syndrome queston?
Make a bruise look worse? lmao?
Cheerleading Jumps?
Pus coming out of my pierced ears, what should i do?
How much sleep is enough for a 17 year old?
What hapens when you crack ur knuckles...?
Can you tell me whats wrong with me please.?
Should I puke?
Sleep! Problems XD?
Why am i getting bags under my eyes?
Why do doctors flick needles before they inject you with them?
Why is my leg shaking all of the time?
Please help!! how do u get rid of bottom burps,?
Excessive daytime sleepiness - help - im so tired?
Dizziness and everything?
Feeling really tired....?
What is lupus?
What does it mean when you have a low-grade temperature, such as 97' F?
Coughing up blood help!?
VERTIGO suffers?
Brain Tumor?
Temporarily deaf due to ear wax?
My ear is clogged really bad!?
What is the best way to avoid bug bites?
Do i have B.O.? how can i tell?
Burned my cheek with a curling iron!?
How much damage does one cigarette give 2 your body?
Is it ok for my girlfriend to pratice using a ambu bag ( Bag Valve Mask) on me?
What's the name of the poison that stays in the leg after an execise?
I stepped on a nail a week ago.?
I have an everlasting wart! how do i remove it?
HELP! pain in all my joints?
How do you go offperscription drugs/narcotics for pain management going off?
I' have taken 800mg ibuprofen at once is that ok?
Have you got any quick fixes for dry skin?
What's the politically correct way to refer to cutting [like, cutting wrists, etc.]?
I have a cold sore!?
Is it safe to use Ibuprofen(Advil), Aspirin(Bayer), and acetaminophen(Tylenol) at the same time? Better Idea?
Im a 30 year old woman and my skin seems to be getting very dull.?
I found a pill in my sons room thats light yellow, round, says OC on one side, and ABC on the other.?
I get red bumps on the back of my neck after shaving my head...how do I get rid of them?
Help me find a solution for fingers turning whight and numb?
Pain in lower right stomach area?
What do u know aboout vitamin E?
My ear is hurting and looks swollen?
Dry sinuses, really painful?
Mosquito bites are itching even after I returned from holiday 2 weeks?
Should I bother with glasses?
Blurry eyes in the morning?
What are you supposed to do if you drop your contact lens in the sink, while you're putting them on, one day?
Is it possible to change your own eye color without contacts?
Sty on my eyes...?
Is it true that eyes are not developed enough for contacts around age 14?
Eye twitch/spasm?
Eye Infection?
CONTACT WEARERS--- What do you do when your eyes are red???
My boyfriend slammed my wrist in the trunk in the summer. and it still hurts! what's the deal?
Whats a backslab plaster cast ?
Is this serious?
Brken leg 7 operations what compensation should i get out of work now 3 full years had external fixator 7mths?
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER !!!!!!!!!! thank you !?
I have sprained my foot.?
When you stay up all night ....what do you do?
What would you do if you woke up with a 50 lbs spider on your chest!?
How long does it take for a fractured pelvis to heal and pinched nerves on my back?
How to i get rid of bad thoughts?
I need help deciding plz help?
What is the worst thing that has ever bitten you?
Dangers of inhaling helium?
Tips on sleeping faster?
I had a cut near my left wrist, it was not very deep. Now after healing i am unable to move my thumb, Why ?
Me and alcohol?
Please tell me what I can do to feel better!!!!?
What do you hate most about hospitals?
Ring worms?
Cn n e 1 tell me an effective way 2 stop bitting your nails?????
What is the most humain way to die?
Alcholism.Some serious advice needed.?
What's wrong with my daughter?
If suicide is a sign of mental illness why do so many psychiatrists kill themselves?
Does getting drunk temporarily solve depression?
Why am i so pissed?
I want to die.....?
I'm just plain depressed and i dont know who i am anymore. i really need some advice! please anything.?
Is this depression??
How long does it take to get over the tragic death of a child?
I have extremely dry skin on my hands and feet for some reason. What can I do to make them soft and silky?
Does anyone know of a good treatment for eczema?
How can I get perfect skin in 3 months?
Does Proactive really work??
Weird spots on left leg?
Eww, where do these little worms come from???
Apart from eating carrots any tips for improving night vision!?
How much sleep does a 16 year old male need?
Day 4 without a cigarette? Feeling chesty, breathless and blocked nasally?
My friend sometimes gets cramp-like pains in her chest about once every 6 weeks. What does this mean?
I have to wake up early every morning, but sometimes I go right back to sleep, what can I do to stay awake?
What is this strange lump?
How can i get rid of the bags under my eyes?
I have had a headache everyday for about 2 months. I have been to the doctors?
If you were about to die and you had a week to live would you want the doctor to tell you or not?
What's the relationship between work and experience?
I get a bad head ache if i miss a meal or take it late?
Any suggestions on how to STOP smoking?
Is first aid a life skill?
I passed out last time. The ambulance came only to check me (they dont bring me). Do they charge for that?
How many times has your heart been broken? How much more can your heart take?
Do you change the bandages of a wound after surgery, and put hydrogen peroxide on it?
Can worrying make you ill?
HELP!!! I got a pencil stuck in my ear--What do I need to do?
Sore wrist - has anyone the answer?
My hamsters toe got cut off, what do i do?
Don't you hate it when rainbows crawl up your pant-leg and bite the inside of your thighs?
Walking on sprained ankle?
Canker sore?
Should I get a epidural? Is it really that bad?
Can you still walk on a broken foot?
Can you break an elbow and still move it?
How can you tell if you tore something in your ankle?
I woke up this morning with my little finger and 4th finger numb. it's still numb now - should i see a doctor?
Canker sore?
I forgot my contact lense solution!!!!!!!!!! PLease help!?
Is it ok to leave contacts in over 1 month?
Help Me out ppl. My eyesite is -4.50 in my right eye and -5.00 in my left. Is that legally blind?
Which is better, contacts or glasses??
Do you enjoy eyetests? I do?
Do you like going to the optometrist?
Is wearing eyeglasses being ugly?
Twichy eye, what is causeing it ?
How do I get rid of my acne?
Does anyone know of any ways to make a blister heal quickly?
I'm having some moles removed next week. can anybody tell me if it will hurt?
Does this sound like i have frost bite?
Does it mean anything if you see a huge spider in your room and your so scared that you killed it with tissue?
My son has a rash on tummy lots of tiny red dots, itches but feels fine. Heat rash? Do what?
How do you get rid of acne quickly?
Rash under my breasts?
How effective is foot odours (foot spray and soles)?
How to stop babies with eczema from scratching?
Why does everyone think marijuana is so bad???
Tomorrow we die...................?
Extreme thoughts of suicide?
Whats wrong with me?
How do u stop an eating binge binge when u feel it coming?
Can anyone help? I have pulled my hair out since i was 12. I am now 38 and still do it.?
Do you think my friend is suffering from depreshion?
Why men always think that they are smarter than women?
I have fully confident that i am depressed but my parents won't believe it?
Binge drinking question?
Do chiggers really burrow into your skin and stay there for days?
Dose holding your breath really work...when youhave the hicups?
Why is it you never see doctors in pubs?
My 11-year old son is eating a LOT of white bread lately. Could this be a sign of a medical problem?
Which is more harmful-smoking or drinking on long term basis?
What is marsh mellow?
What is this?
How do you get rid of sunburn pain and redness?
What are the symptoms of a pinched nerve IN THE ARM (NOT THE NECK) THANKS!?
Have you ever passed out?
Supply Teacher Tried to Put His Hands Down My Shirt?
Can i fly if i'm using crutches?
I have a broken wrist with a cast on my arm. I want to cut the cast off after 5 weeks & not go back to Dr. OK?
Will my scar go away :(?
What is this? I woke up this morning to a huge pain in my calf, it felt like the muscle was taring apart wut?
If you die and you have a broken leg do they take the cast off?
Is it bad if you remove your cuticles? If so, how do u fix it?
Does Glass come out on its own?
HELLLLP!!! Acne SCABS on my forehead!!?
What kind of insect bite leaves a red line leading away from the bite?
My hands go purple when i am outdoors.Help?
How do you cure Exzyma?
Help my face!!!!!?
How do you get rid of canker sores?
Can dark skinned people get skin cancer?
Should I go to sleep?
My Mother has dry scales that keep forming on her eyelids, any ideas what it could be?
What is wrong with me?
Is going to hospital/being treated in hospital free?
Do you want the SECRET to CURING ACNE??
Why do babies cry when they are first born?
I can't sleep at all. I've been trying for hours. Any tips?
How to get a more restful sleep?
Um don't mean to be rude but what does it mean if theres blood when um you, poo?
What is the strongest diet pill? Please no lectures. I have tried every diet?
Is it true that you shorten your lifespan if you work night shifts and sleep during the day?
I used deodrants and still my armpits sweet and smell bad can any 1 help me?
Do you believe in organ donation?
Did I fart?
Reasonable Bed Time ???
Crystal Meth for New Years?
What is Karma Sutra?
How can i flush my system naturally and quickly?
Hi yahoo,s how are you all today ,,,,,,,,,,,?
Is a mentally ill person allowed to vote?
I know we are doing the right thing, but will you tell me anyway?
Why do some people never finish a project or a job that they start?
Tobacco addiction?
When are you going to die?
Answers about canabis?
How do people sleep easy at night if you suffer insomnia?
Question for the Guys?
Am i crazy? i vacuum my house three times daily?
Help! Toe hurting for months, had blood test and all, was normal..what to do?
My neck REALLY hurts!?
Broke my wrist yesterday..when will pain subside? alternating lortab and percocet..not helping..HELP THE PAIN?
A spot right above my ear is killing me when i open my mouth too far.?
Does it hurt to get a "spinal" anesthetic (epidural)?
What causes arm AND leg pain, an aching, burning, tightness that is much worse when I go to bed at night?
If ur on a low dose of methadone for pain..for 30 days.then get oxycodone..?
My tail bone has ben hurting when i sit on it in a certain position?
Could signs of appendicitis last for a long time before it becomes serious?
Can you tell me?
HELlp!!! PLEAse!!!?
How do you stop a sister from being overweight if she wont stop eating or not listen to you?
Is Ice good for a burn?
What are some home remedies for heart burn?
I cut my tongue licking a can lid, should I put a band-aid on it?
What is the term for a person who is born without a bellybutton?
I have gained soooo much weight ever since I met my boyfriend. I need help anyone got any suggestions?
I got a pine cone stuck up my nose, and now i am 87 pounds heavier?
What should I do about my 5 year old son having night terrors every night?
My right thumb has become swollen and pain full in the last two days what could it be?
What would happen if you have pink eye and then someone punches you in your pink eye and gave you a black eye?
I've been having dizzy spells for about 6 months or longer...I had a serious fall.?
Can you please answer right away..?
Is it illegal to get a tatoo on your wrists?
I hit hand, now numb, how long to heal?
Can brain freezes be fatal?
Ear infection? (in the piercing)?
When you get hurt why is there a lump?
What's wrong with my eye?
Contact lenses?
Contact lenses and eye makeup?
What are the pros and cons of laser eye surgery?
Can anyone answer some of my questions about contact lenses?
How do you stop your eyes from twitching?
What are reasons why a blood vessel burst in your eye ?
Question about thickness of glasses?
Please read..is this possible?
Does eating anything change the colour of your eyes?
What kind of skin disease is this...?
What is good for getting rid of warts and moles.?
What is the difference between a fungal infection and a yeast infection?
Small black spot of face!?
Proactiv made me break out! Should i continue to use it or am i right in stopping the proactiv treatment.?
Is there anyway to get a freckle to go away without going to a doctor to have it taken off?
I've got an Itchy snout! How do I cure it?
What takes the smell of onions away, after peeling them?
Is there anything I can eat in order to prevent bug bites?
Can you take a shower when you have flu or cold?
I have a pretty good life so why do I think about suicide?
Ever wake up tired, and feel tired all day, what's your secret for snapping out of it?
I accidentally swallowed some foil paper along with a piece of chocolate. Am I in any danger?
Why do we have two ears?
What cleans a cut better?
I want to heal my sunburn?
Swallowed razor blades! Help!?
How long does sunburn last?
Do tampons work for nose bleeds?????
My daughter stopped speaking three months ago she is 5 anyone help?
What is one thing in life that makes you very happy?
Does anyone have dreams about going to school naked?
Can you solve my problems... read and then tell me death isn't the answer?
I have a question about marijuana, anyone?
I always see flashing red lights when i close my eyes and also hear voices, what could that mean?
Is suicide ever, in extreme cases a good answer - or at least the only one?
When you first open your eyes in the morning, what is most important to you?
What is your most effective coping mechanism?
How do i overcome depression.?
BACK TO SCHOOl problem!?
What should I do?
What odd things can you do?
Help! My ring is stuck...?
My daughter broke her wrist when she was 9 and the dr let the bone heal with a wrinkle in it, now she is 13 &?
I fell from a truck that was about 6 feet off the ground, on my FACE. my lip & teeth were bleeding a lot(cont)
I woke up and both of my ears are on the same side of my head, should I see a doctor?
Will i need an MRI??
Well for all of you who answered me question thanks! but now i have another one .?
After cesarian prewgnancy,pus coming out from the stich area.?
People who have had surgery?
Can lack of sleep affect my health?
What is the average weight for a 17 year old female who is 5'6''??
What can I give a child to eat who has been sick and had diarhea for two days.
I smoked weed one time while i was pregqnte n i didnt kno n a cigerete n a black but im like a 1 month?
Smokers or ex-smokers only please?
Splinter in your finger - ok to leave it where it is?
Does anybody else like to walk upstairs on all fours like a badger when no ones looking?
What do your turds look like?
How old do you have to be to donate blood?
Severe sunburn, please help me..?
Is there any way to make a fungus-infected toenail look less noticeable?
So does UV light help clear Acne ?
Acne at 30?
What product can get rid of acne?
Really stressed?
How do i make my feet not stink????
Does benadryl work for skin rashes? If not WHAT DOES!! I'm dying!?
Acne problems?
Price Scanner laser may have hit my eye?
Help with contact lens.?
I am near sighted and cant see things up close?
Color contacts?
What are the risks of using contact lessons?
I am on the computer a lot! is this going to effect my i eye sight? i am always scared i am going to be blind!
Do you have to change your contacts every month?
Theres something scratching the inside of my eyelid?
Which is better...glasses or contacts?
Does having lasik eye surgery make your eyes more sensitive to light?
Health: Extreme pain above heart while coughing.?
How can I stop being depressed?
I feel pathetic and sad .was wondering if anyone could cheer me up..?
Is Dettol bad for you when put in your bath.?
Is anyone else having problems after their gallbladder surgery?
If your heart is aching so bad, and no one to talk to, what do you usually do?
Any one ever tryed to kill themself i need help?
One hangs lower than the other. the first goes to my knee and the other to my foot. is this normal?
How do I get rid of big warts on an elbow that won't go away?
How can I fix depression?
Is coffee bad for health?
How can i stop crying?!
If i was in front of a firing squad.. my last requst would be.........?
Can obesity lead to a drop in testerone in males?
What's the best cure for the worst hangover of your life?
I burned my hand with boiling oil ,today its blistered , any tricks to get it healing fast?
Hey people, what do you think happens when you die????
Which bone should I break and easiest way?
Doesn't everyone experience a very bloody, painful injury at least once in their life?
My right eye is been twitching for 5 weeks straight. I already went to the hospital......?
Wht should i do just a plaster?
How comes my ears stick out from the back?
Do I have a concussion?
What can i do at home with a broken leg, any tips for every day life?
I got a ring stuck on my finger, I bloated, how to get it off?
I hit my head twice...Are there any signs of injury I should watch out for?
Question about drugs?
My throat is bloodshot red.. i don't want anitbiotics or medicine.... what can i do?
Is it better to be Anerexic or Over Weight?
I need for you to answer this question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Should overweight people...?
Too tall????????
I want to die.?
My daughters fingers goes green when she wears her gold rings why does this happen and how can i stop this?
Is feeding my baby at three months dangerous?
Question about Tylenol 3 with Codeine?
Who loves Cocaine???
I have pain or tightness in the center of my chest - dull, but present.?
Can you get f.m.l.a. for migraine headaches?
Sore feet?
Hey is this normal?
Bad Headaches?
Does anyone know how to get rid of a REALLY BAD headache without meds?
My back hurts???
Spinal Fusion?
Has anybody tried the pro active solution acne treatment? If so is it any good?
What makes a have an person itch?
Does eating chocolate give you acne?
Can you touch both earlobes with one hand under your chin? (only using one hand!) (?
Any home cures for poison ivy rash?
How can i prevent a black head turning into a yellow head?
How do you get rid of acne scars help please ???
Wat are?????
Severe acne!!!?
If you don't drink liquids at all, will you still need to urinate?
Have you ever suffered from.......?
Does anyone else hate change?
If u cant not sleep at all and u dont wanna take medicine what do u do?
I have a bad habit Cracking my knuckles is that bad for you?
What is the longest someone has lived?
Tummy ache headache nauseous, what is wrong?
What is the largest bone of the human anatomy?
Does nicorette patches really work?
Have people lost faith in their doctors?
Why am I still depressed?
Is this drug addictive?
If YOU had the choice of going out?
I had a dream that i chopped up my friends and stuffed their remains in a wall-safe, what does it all mean?
How can i overcome my depression?
My mom died nearly a year ago how do i keep from wanting to join her?
Should you ever date someone who has bi-polar disorder?
Do you consider this response harsh?
Anti-Depressants good or a bad thing?
Im unhappy all the time? I laugh maybe once a week! I cry for hours?
What is the best treatment for sore back muscles?
How can I tell the difference between a herniated disc and a back sprain?
Any tips to take care of my burn?
What is wrong with my ellbow?
Would you live somewhere you didnt want to if you had free amazing health insurance?
How can i cover my nail that fell off?
Can a parent legally override a team physician's decision to not allow a child to participate in sports?
Whats this pain in my shoulder????
Is it a serious problem to have severe pain at a bug bite?
Is there any scientific explanation to why kissing a "boo-boo" makes it feel better?
Can the need for reading glasses cause headaches?
I have vsp eye insurance. is there a store like lenscrafters that will take my insurance.?
Parents against getting me glasses?
Laser sursery for nearsightedness does not quarantee that you will not have to wear glasses agin?
Question for anybody who wears glasses?
Can wearing safety glasses all day at work be bad for your eyes?
28 y/o got a Cataract in 1983 - Blind in my right eye - Should I get surgery? (Lasik need not apply)?
Hmm...contact lenses?
Partial loss of vision...?
What happens if you leave make up on over night?
What is the point of zits and acne?
Ex cutter... How do I get rid of the scars?
What acne treatments work better ? home remedys ?
How do u get good lookin skin, and clear skin?
I have hives all over my body, and they start to bruise once i am done? super itchy and any remedies to help?
What acne treatment has worked best for you?
Okay, I really need help with my dandruff? Any remedies out there?
Does Acne go away as people grew older?
How do I get rid of acne without using face washes?
Am I bulemic?
How do you know if you're crazy?
This is a health question. I have been having this really sharp pain in my spine, cont. below?
Why am i like this?
What is one thing you regret?
I can't hear? HELP?
How can you tell if your nuts?
How did you break your bone and how bad it hurt?
Self harming again! this time its worse!?
I think I have mental health issues, what should I do?
Please help regarding pain med?
I'm upset but i don't know why..?
Is this normal?
Does anyone know of anything I can do at home to get relief from a sinus infection?
Is it a bad thing that I sleep in my talk?
Severe Back Pain?
Plz help???
Pain pills, sleeping pills, for Fibromyalgia?
Wot has happened to my knee?
I fell off my chair and have a headache in my knee...?
Is popping your knuckles bad for you?
Help... quickly please.....!!?
Ankle joint keeps popping??
I got hit by a car...?
Groin pain?
Stiches....wanna take them out myself?
I was playing flag football, and i got elbowed really really hard right above my heart/ lungs...?
I lost my glasses that I can't see without, how do I see to find them ?
Why won't deodorant work for me?
Have you ever got high off of a marker or a sharpie?
My legs feel sore from standing in one place at work & prevents me from sleeping. What should I do?
How many of you ?
How to clear the bad breath after eating garlic?
Why am I so tired all of the time?
How can you tell sorry a widow?
I've been having diarrhea for the past 4 months everyday. What should I do?
How can I keep my nose from bleeding?
Putting lotion on your face increases acne?
Help....i'm amemic?
Im only 18, why am I getting wrinkles?
How do you get rid of a cold sore (on the lips) quickly?
Getting rid of blackheads??
What are the best natural remedies for stress/anxiety?
Woman do you prefer men that have hairy backs and chest or no hair in those areas?
Which is better, rubbing alcohol or peroxide?
I resenlty pierced my belly ....?
Does anyone know anything about the rice diet?
Ok... so I got a small piece of lead from a number 2 pencil stuck on the bottom of my foot. Is it dangerous?
I use to wear earing all of a sudden i have these hard lumps in my ear how can i make it go away?
Should you trust a friend that backstabbed you if you have known them all your life and if they said sorry?
How should I de-stress from my day?
Why do i sneeze when i go outside from a dark room on a sunny day?
If you wear contact lens and you died with them in your eyes, do they take them out?
How do i know if im ready for contact lenses?
What illness causes or contrbutes to dark undereye cirles?
Are u suppposed to...?
After over 35 yrs of ETOH abuse, I'm dying... Does it make sense now to stop?
Any eye experts out there???
Contact lenses?
I feel in a bad mood lots of the time and im very rarely happy?
Can i Put my contact lenses in water?
I was told by an Optician here (Spain) that I should not sleep in my contact lenses, it can damage my eyes.?
Is it medically possible to transplant 2 people's brains into each others bodies?
What age good for contact lenses?
Why can i feel a pulse in my eye?
What is this called and is it bad? Short Periods of blindness?
Headaches from not wearing glasses?
Where can my 18 year old son get free medical coverage and free prescriptions?He is a kidney transplant.?
Polarised sunglasses for driving?
If i get a prescription for my contact lenses, could i order any brand of contacts i want?
Stomach pains?
Help with my eye?!?
Do you get a cast for sprained things?
My nose has been dry and it is really painful, help?
Okay I broke my arm ehat should i do it HURTS SO MUCh!!!!!!!!?
Can you break a rib through ought your life and not know it?
Had nose and sinus surgery but something is wrong?
How long does it take for a big toe after its been removed to heal?
Doctors only please?
I hit my head friday night?
How do I heal this?
Do any of you have cooties?
I need serious help, please?
Quitting smoking?
Do you sleep in really late or wake up early?
What is the best diaper rash cream to use on your baby?
What's less unhealthy: Sprite or Coke/Pepsi?
Am I too tall?
Is it normal for a 20 year old guy(me) to be afraid of the dark?
What will i feel like if i come down from 60 mg of methadone to none in a day.?
Fibromyalgia treatments?
I am so sad!?
Why does my neck hurt when I touch it especially on one side?
I am severly dehydrated. Please help?
My dad is abusive. Im afraid to tell the cops. What should I do?
Desperate to get rid of this backache!!?
If i think i should be diagnosed with depression, what should i tell the docter?
I think im getting dumber?
I'm 32 years old and my dad hung himself when he was 57, and so did my grandfather- both the same age?
What i have to do for frequent half head ache?
I am overwhelmed by life. i dont wanna kill myself but have beent thinking about it alot.can you help?
Help! Teenage depression!?
What are reasons for hip replacement?
Why come on here when depressed for advice?
How do you cope with someone who is dieing?
Should constipation be taken seriously?
What R Some quick stress relievers while @ work?
I have a lot of acne can some1 help me how 2 get rid of it? please?
My left eye is very red.what shall i do?
Why do i have dark skin under my arms and how could i get rid of it???
My aa daughter has extreme eczema, is there any steriod free products that work?
I have serious a acne trouble. How do you get rid of marks?
Anyone have a solution for chronically chapped lips?
Im 25 and have acne.....please help,its depressing me.?
Does Neosporin work for reducing scaring after the wound has been almost healed or completely healed?
Does anyone know a natural Remedy for severe eczema on hands?
What food can i eat to make my eyesight better?
I have a boil or spot n my private bits and i was wondering wts best cream to put on it as its right tender?
I am thinking about getting a tatatoo on the top of my foot. Does it hurt?
What is the best way to protect your eyes from computers, without leaving it?
I have unexplained dizziness and need help.?
My one year old just burned his hand on my curling iron...?
Which is the best way to deal with depression?
What can I do to stop my insomnia -its really gettign out of control?
Have a problem swallowing pills / I tried chewing them up but can't take the horrible taste, .....?
10 points to the first person to give me a decent answer to this question regarding toes?
Ripped Arcylic Nails..what do I do?
What is golfers elbow?
How do I get rid of a chesty cough?
How do u reduce a baddd bruise/ tried ice but it is rock hard?
Is this true?
My big toe hurts soo bad...i didn't injure it PLEASE HELP ME?
Why do we burp?
I fell over at the week end badly bruising my knee(no not one too many)?
How to make ice?
Broken toe?
What does low blood pressure and pulse also unable to wake up mean?
Are you scared of needles? Do you think that you could inject yourself?
I want a nose job..help plz?
I had stiches on my leg and they cameout o early. is there anything that i can do so diminish the scar?
How can I break my leg or ankle?
What is the quickest way to treat cold sores?
Can you get rid of Crabs by shaving your nu-nu?
How do I get rid of the itch of a bug bite??
How do you get rid of a sore throat?
What is the best way to totally block sunlight from my bedroom windows so i can sleep during the day?
I am a failed life, a waste of skin.....I now have a plan in place to end it all. Is there any reason not to?
Don't you think peole who thrill over hunting animals are more prone to murder humans?
Is depression real?
How can I boost up my self-esteem?
I am a 22 year old who is really over life at the moment and really want to die?
Does me having a gun and being over protective a mental issue?
I really need your help. I've tried every single anti-depressant,?
I'm having panic attacks right now?
Does wearing contacts stop your eyes from getting watery around onions?
How do you tighten loose eyeglasses?
How long to your glasses frames tend to last before they get damaged? I seem to keep destroying mine?
Do I seriously need glasses/contacts?
My parents look nothing like me and i have a cleft chin and they don't and different eye and hair color.?
Glasses ot contacts?? read details very important.?
Eye Question:is this normal?
Do you have to get another eye exam for contacts every year?
Are my eyes weird or what? look! help!?
Do I need to get glasses?
What can I use on my face to prevent it from breaking out?
Best acne product?
Ive got like raised red patches on my arms and legs?
How can u prevent ur nails from breaking?
Acne- what is the best way to get rid of?
What can i do about dry skin?
Why are my scars not healing?
Best lotion for hands?
I hit my head hard, it bled quite a lot, now I feel really shaky inside ?
Does piercing your ear cause it to swell up, and if the answer is yes-then for how long(on average).?
I broke my ankle on Dec 3(the tibia, fibula and just below my knee) and had surgery on Dec 4?
Whats wrong with my arm?]?
I got thrombophlebitis from an IV and can't move my arm does anyone know whether this immobility could last?
How do you know if your arm is broken? plz help!?
Is it true that if you have a pre-existing illness and you get a new insurance they will not cover?
Swollen feet - what is happening?
Pulled muscles in my shoulder... what to do for relief. its been ongoing for about 3 weeks?
Knee Troubles?Any Advise,please?
I keep seeing the number 36 everywhere!!!?
Mental sickness and blacks?
Do you think depression and anxiety are actual medical disorders or all in one's head & treatable on your own?
What do you think of people who commit suicide?
I dont know what to do?!?
Aren't bad thoughts the main cause of mental illnesses?
Help! I've promised I'd stop cutting myself but I can't. What can I do?
Symptoms of insomnia?
I've burnt my lip? 10 points.?
How do you clean blood off of skin?
Why do I feel sleepy most of the time?
What is the best ointment to heal a burn FAST?
How long do you think you can hold your breath underwater?
At what time of day do you feel most creative?
Why does your arm bruise after you give/draw blood?
Do you drink nescafe?you think its good for you?
What can I do to ease the pain from a severe sunburn?
What is a hand job??
How do i get a tan in one day?
Why do some teens get worst acne than others?
Acne question?
How do you get rid of skin tags?
How much does it take for a 2nd degree burn to heal? Would it leave marks?!?
My face is oily....any solutions to reduce it.....? please help?
What do the white things on your fingernails mean?
My Lips Feel Like They Are Burning, And They are VERY dry At The Very tip of them...?
Has anyone else put themselves at risk of a malignant melanoma of the skin today?
With these new warnings on cigarette packets, what if they make you squeamish and you faint and fall over?
I need to start a hobbie.... any suggestions of hobbies/things to do??
Sleeping tips?
I have green poo should i be worried?
Why are working people paying more for perscriptions than immigrants?
Can someone offer me some hangover cures?
Is there something wrong with my lips??
Eye keeps twitching?
I went to the restroom and much to my surprise I found blood in my stool. What does that mean?
What do i do about Smelly feet?
Should you tell people when they smell?
Is it okay to fall asleep in the bath tub?
Why is it so hard for guys to put the toliete lid down?
Ladies have you ever had?
At what age do you become OLD ?
Why do you have to be 18 to smoke?
Help lice its bad?
I was taking my contacts out with a screwdriver and now I can't see, what should I do?
Has anyone tried these contacts?
What can cause my left eye to have occasional spasms?
Okay, here goes.... What happens to your eyes if you don't clean or remove your contacts regularly?
Answer These Questions Immediately!?
What is better for your eyes, contacts or glasses? Why?
How can I open my 3rd eye?
Do i need to see the eye doctor?
Why is it when I am putting eye drops into me eyes, I am crapping meself waiting for it to drop into the eye?
I have a long piece of hair in my eye, and it bothers my eye a lot. Can someone tell me how to get rid of it?
Crusty Eyes is What Infection ~?
I sprained my ankle about a month ago. When the heck's it gonna heal?
Sprained foot ...?
When Should I Go to the Chiropractor?
Have you ever broken a bone or seen one?
Have you ever almost passed out when you...?
My lip is really really swollen after my lip piercing two days ago help?
Ice or heat the knee?
My SOCK is stuck to my FOOT!? I cant take my sock off of my foot!?
What is a quick remedy for cold sores?
I am bi-polar and can't stop smoking marijuana?
Stopped drinking?
Do we need to explain to the italians what the mental health section is for,?
Tips on how to wake up earlier.?
Have you ever sprayed deodourant on your...?
How do you cope with your stress when things get real tough?
Kindly give me the remedy for stuttering. my age is 22 yr (male)?
How can I change my mood? I'm so depression?
My mom just died and I feel like I am going to snap. I am alone with this-any suggestions on how to deal?
What does 'bipolar' mean?
Does anyone have any tips for treating psoriasis on the face and body that have worked for them?
Is skin cancer fatal?
What could a rash on the neck that looks like a hickey but is raised and has small brown dots in it & is painf
Where can I get Tree tea oil for my acne?
My skin is so dry what lotion do you recommend?
Red acne marks on face? HELP!?
Scars on my forehead, more like tiny holes, but not from acne..?
My hands alsys get dry and then I get papercuts easy. What should I do about my dry hands?
My teenage son has constant pain on the outside of his heel?
Neck and shoulder pains, especially in the mornings?
Is his normal? I never noticed this bone (bump) on the top of my wrist/hand before...?
Are you good at giving a massage?
I been getting migraine headaches nothing works what shoud i do ?
Pins and needles in left sholder blade?
My ear hurts really badly..is it because i'm sick or do i have an ear infection or something?
Pain near shoulder blade in the back?
I'm 12, headache every night when i go to sleep untill about an 1 hour after i've gotten up? PLease Help
How to get rid of achy muscles?
My boyfriend sometimes has 7 fits in one day can you help?
Ever since Ive come back from skiing my knees have been clicking I'm 13 years old?
How do you increase arch in your foot?
Do i have a cracked rib?
How long does it take a broken finger to heal fully?
I just got my cast off my wrist and it is very stiff?
HELP!!! I fell in a store and i feel it was their fault what should i do?
If the inside of your mouth always has a metalic taste ,what does it meen?
Should the scar still be hurting?
If you die and you have a broken leg do they take the cast off?
I feel like i am having asthma almost, how do cigarettes cause this?
Help getting Marijuana out of system?
After 35yrs working?
Why do some people have sinus when they wake up even when they do not have any serious health condition?
Can you become pregnant when you havn't even done nothin to make yourself pregnant!?
Why do my eyes always irritate me when I get less than 8 hours of sleep?
Scabbing Lips?
Poor circulation, How could I improve it?
Trying to pass a drug test for pot how do i do it???
How can stress effect you socially?
How do I take out a ring that is stuck in my finger? The ring is not in a circle shape.?
Have you showered lately?
Is smokeless tobacco safer than cigarettes?
Please help!!! i need lots of anwsers?
How do you beat type 11 diabetes?
Has People ever said to u that u look mad all the time?
I accidently swallowed Proactiv?
Can some one give me answers ? plz?
How to deal with bee sting?
What do you call the (rope) that's used to cut off the blood supply to a wound?
Contact Lenses?
Is it safe to have an eye surgery thru laser?Does it have a high risk of losing your eyesight?
How do I remove scratches on my glasses?
Contact Questions?
Do carrots really help your eyesight???
How do i convince my parents to let me have contacts?!?
About how long should should I keep my contacts on??
I wear continuous wear lenses, can I wear them on a plane?
Can anyone read this eyeglasses prescription?
I cant see out of my right eye at all its just black help!!!!!?
Does anyone know what's wrong with my face?
How do you treat road rash infection"?
What are the best ways to get rid of acne?
Do you get stretch marks from gainning weight rapidly or from losing it rapidly? Is it both? Neither?
How do I..............Get rid of my wart?
Odd skin disease -- or reaction -- or spider bite???
Help me get rid of acne and gain confidence pleeeeassssse.?
Painful bump?
What kind of body rash gives small pin size spots of blood?
Is it possible to be knocked out for 16 hours after someone jumps you?
Why are knee injuries so common?
My nail!!!!!!!!!Help!?
How do I treat a fractured rib?
My 8 month old has a sty on her eye.What is the best thing to put on it?
What should I do if I was told by a Podiatrist that I might have a chipped bone in my foot but it is too ...?
How can you get this nasty felema out of you and plus this ear ack man i hurts really really bad so please?
I kicked a dog in the face..?
My grandfather passed away, but I'm not grieving! Is there something wrong with me?
What are you most addicted to?
How do you treat depression without usein meds?
I want to quit drugs but i cant?
Is this weird?
Are you Happy or Sad ?
Im 18 and i can't grow up!!!?
I feel realy depressed?
Acne Help, and fast!!!?
Does Tea Tree Help Cold Sores?
I have pretty severe eczema. I am wondering if tanning would help this? I have it pretty much all over and bad
PLEASE HELP ME. i had a scab on my face from squeezeing a spot and i picked it, this was 3 weeks ago now and..
Reduce acne on the back?
My son has warts all over this arms and hands what can he do?
Please help!!!!!skin?
Spider veins on the back of legs...?
How can i get rid of redness from mosquito bites?
Rash...could it be ringworm?
Can you pop a keloid?
Any good remedies for migraines?
I am not well!?
Is there any funds avaliable for people who can't afford money for weight loss sugery?
I am an entertainer (singer comedian) and i keep getting a sore throat can anybody suggest anything?
What happens if pinworm is untreated?
How can I chill out?
Which is the greater risk to your health Smoking or George Bush?
Dizziness with Sinus ?
Quit Smoking?
Do we really have to chew our food?
When i squint my eyes i can see my heartbeat from the corner of my eye is this normal?
Question about contacts?
First visit to optometrist -- what should I do?
How much are colored contacts?