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Has anyone ever tried the detox drink where you have to drink it at least an hour to an hour and half before..
How to treat under active thyroid problem naturally?
Are there any natural or herbal remedies that I can use to aid IBS?
What is the best way to get motivated ?
Is apple cider vinegar really good for you?
Are there any natural remedies for really bad sinus problems?
What kind of vitamins can i take to help me sleep better??
I want to help my wife from constipation?
Smoking & sore throats?
What is the best homeopathic remedy to use for sleeplessness due to worry?
I've got this stomach problem that is driving me nuts?
What if the world had no colors?
What taste like sugar,but is herbal?
Natural remedy for horrific periods? (One that actually works!)?
Chronic Neck Pain. Can you suggest some new treatments?
Acne medication?
What are the benefits of tobacco?
I am sitting in my office and can't go anywhere but i have a terrible HEADACH! I have taken 3 asprin.?
If someone mixed whiskey and sleeping pills would they die?
I have chinese medicine that i brew into a tea, it is disgusting even with sugar & honey. What else can i do?
A good natural medicine for Headaches?
Can I do anything to get better sleep?
Trouble Sleeping?
Which of the two you think is better alternative or conventional medicine?
Flu shot for kids?
What are some home remedies to make your stomach stop hurting?
How can i get my period sooner?
Can you actually take pills to grow?
Can orange juice help for a cold?
Do you think that medical marijauna should be legal?
What would Mistletoe be used for?
What is your most guaranteed, never fail, home remedy?
What causes deep vertical ridges in the nails?
Best home-made cure for headaches?
If the people voted for Medical Marijuana should the feds be able to still bust you?
Homeopathic remedies for stress?
Reading suggestions for a beginning beginner in herbal medicine?
Is marihuana bad for my health?
What should I do to boost my immune system?
Natural aids for menstrual pains?
Kava Kava is it safe?
What is the best remedy for 'Fiber Myalgia'?
Medical marijuana?pls help!!!?
Can you flush ecstasy out of your system with water?
How do people treat Bi Polar illness without Doctor prescribed pharmaceuticals?
Which is better for sleep, Ambien, Valium or Phenergan?
Are there some good methods for stopping negative energy?
How do I overcome my snoring habit?
Is it wrong to ridicule altmed fantasists and their deep ignorance of science and of how the body works?
Does generic drug pose more health hazards than branded drugs?
Whats the strongest/best otc heartburn medicine?
Remedies for possible sinus infection besides antibiotic?
How to get glow on the face?
Essential oils for bug repellent?
Finally, is LSD dangerous or not dangerous?
What are some home remedies to get rid of acne?
If a female massage therapist is a masseuse what is a male one called?
There is a great deal of chickens invading my house...where the hell did they come form...where are my pants?
What's the maddest drug you've ever taken? (prescription or not)?
Excess wind, both ends, any natural cures? Don't say fly a kite !!!?
I'm looking for natural sedative, one that will not make me sleepy, only will relax me.?
Is it time for an alternative to TOILET PAPER?
Is hawthorn extract an effective sleep aid?
Does anyone have a home remedy for a cold sore on someones lip?
Improving arthritic condition?
How can you cure ringing in the ears?
I have NyQuil. I am not sick. But i cant sleep. is it ok for me to use it for a temporary sleep aid?
Is there a 100% natural cure or treatment for eczema?
Stomach Ache?
Healing wounds?
Is there anything to cure a stomach virus?
Eating what to improve eyehealth?
I'm not trying to be offensive, but...?
Why is it looked upon with such scorn that UK Osteopaths do not use the title Doctor?
What is the best herb or supplement, etc. to speed you up? I am lazy and need something to make me Go-go-go!?
Is there a true and proved cure for the hiccups?
Is it safe to chew medicine that doesn't specifically state it?
Hi, anyone got any tips on sciatica?
Hay fever!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Cold Remidies?
How do you get rid of cankcer sores?
Sore throat help?
Is it physically possible to crucify oneself without anyone helping? How do you do it?
Does anyone that has fibromyalgia, has irritable bowel syndrome, or leaky gut syndrome..what are u using ?
Wat help acid reflux,any Natural product?
What is the quickest way to lower your blood sugar if you have eaten the wrong food for day?
What are some natural ways to relieve the pain associated with menstrual cramps?
Any helpful cold remedies?
Is there a natural alternative for serotonin?
How long does pot stay in your system?
I'm sick,,just a cold, what can I do to feel better, I'm achy?
Is there a simple home remedy for toenail fungus?
I'm 34 and will be 35 on march 10 i would like to find out how old i really am?
Whats a good natural remedy for menstral cramps any kinds of teas?
What is a good herbal remedy to relieve mental stress?
Ecstasy ...?
What is the best stuff to use to surely pass a drug test?
Are you for or against taking a break from daily vitamins ?
Do ear candles work?
Do you know a home remedy to rid heartburn, I tried baking soda/ need something else?
Migrane help?
How do i get adrenaline without popping pills??
What is an effective natural or over-the-counter treatment for insomnia?
Please help?
Homeopathy????? I heard about this homeopathy stuff and I found certified homeopath,went to see her,paid $225?
Anybody know of any natural laxatives?
Trippy mushrooms?
Will marijuana show up on an accutane blood test?
Trying LSD alone?
Can acupuncture have a negative effect on the body?
I am 31 weeks pregnant with a toothache. What can I do? PLEASE HELP!!!?
Frequent Sore Throats?
Why is the FDA infringing on our rights to use herbal remedies?
Does anyone know natural rymdy for a headache or migerane?
Different ideas for easing a headache? I'm running out of ideas... but not pain.?
Colon cleanse??
I stopped taking HRT 2 years ago. I now take Phyto Soya and am still having hot flushes.Can anyone help?
Just how long do you plan to live?
Is there a way to have bigger face cheeks without a surgery?
How to deal with stress for no money?
How do I cure my hangover?
Does this remedy work?
Ear is full of wax - how to unblock!?
Insomnia, does anyone know how to cure it?
Best overall sleeping pill?
What is the best way to get rid of head lice?(Non-time consuming if possible)?
Pain relief from osteo/r/artritis not tablets.?
Natural remedy for PMS?
What does drinking aspirin and coca-cola actually do to you?
Ok i have really bad stomach aches and i have tried every thing form doctors to over the counter medicine?
Frequent indigestion...tell me some herbal medicine?
I really need HELP with this PLEASE?
My friend has clinical depression but refuses to take pills is there another way 4 her 2 get better?
Does Vitamin E Oil help rashes?
I found a pink pill in my home with 3 X's on one side and nothing on the other. Any ideas what it might be?
Can Teenagers use the diet pill ALLI?
Does anyone out there still smoke marijuana?
What is a reliable home remedy for the common cold?
What do you think of homeopathy?
Drug Testing?
My ear is full of wax,how do i get it out?
What is a good, natural diaretic?
Sunburn, peeling help?
Has anyone ever consumed nutemg to get high?
Has anyone tried magnetic bracelets and if you have, was there any effect?
Natural sleep help??
Whats the natural way to stop that aggravating scratchy throat problem?
What kind of pills can i take for my headache.?
Is it ok to take st johns' wort with high blood pressure?
Did you know?
How many people have heard of urine therapy?
What do you guys think about banning homeopathic remedies?
Is there a natural way to get rid of a Urinary Tract infection without taking antibiotics?
Pros and cons on flu shots, anybody?
How can I kick my depression without prescription drugs?
Which is better: contemporary/modern medicine or herbal medicine?
I LOVE coffee, but it hurts my stomach, i can't give it up, are there any herbal remedies to counteract this .
Does anyone have a good cure for a hangover?
What age do humans stop growing and why?
How can i stop smoking cegaretes?
Alternative Medicine for cold hands + feet?
Whats the best way to rid worts off your hands?
What is a natural way to help me fall asleep at night?
My throat is sore or something?
Is there any medicine to make you less nervouse?
How do I deal with skeptics?
Decaying teeth w/ toothachces?
What is the best vitamin or herbal remedy for high blood pressure?
Ganja anyone?
I can't swallow pills, can i crush them?
Is there an alternative for high blood pressure instead of taking tablets?
How many believe that home remedies, are sometimes better than real medications?
Are there any home remidies to repel mosquitoes off your body?
Hangover cures?
What would happen if you injected a womens DNA into males body?
Dos anybody know about natural medicines website?
Home remidies for head lice... YUCK!!?
What Natural remedies can I use to get over a cold quickly?
What's that stuff that makes you sick?
I use marijuana for my back pain. I broke it several years ago and I have titanium in it.?
Why do people charge for reiki attunements?
Boosting Immune System?? HELP!!!?
What foods help with repairs of knee cartilage?
What are some good ways to boost our immune system?
Apple cider vinegar?
Looking for a natural remedy from migranes with nausia ?
Where can you buy mineral oil from?
What vitamin/mineral supplement do l need for persistent blisters/cracks in the corner of my lips?
What's up with the medicine craze?
Gut cleaning?
Can any1 tell me how smoking is bad for u?
What are the best ways to insure a negative test result on a drug test?
How to soothe a soar throat ?
Should i use a cotten dipped in peroxide in my ear because i cant hear?
Besides medicine, patches and counsuling what affordable ways can people help others to stop smoking?
Natural sources for Immune System boosting?
Is Marijuan detectable in hand-baggage at the airport?
Does anyone have a PROVEN quick way to clear a stuffed nose?
St johns wort?
Does milk of magniesm clean out your colon if not wat does??
Is there an herbal supplement for treating Depression?
How can I detox quickly?
Can anyone help me please?
Why is hypnotherapy good for overcoming phobias?
Help! I need some good home remedies for some energy.?
What are some good ways to treat a sore throat?
Where can I find out about alternative medicines?
Does anyone know how long it takes ativan to work? And does it really work?
What will cure a sore throat?
Is papaya good in diarrhoea?
What is the best source for lowering cholesterol?
What is the best hangover cure/remedy?
What is a good recipe for a homemade laxative?
What are some great home remedies for anxiety?
Is smoking weed bad for u?
What have you used that really helped curb your appetite?
Aloe Vera - values?
Allergic to cats and tighting of chest what do i do?
How do u not make weed stink up ure whole house before u even smoke it?
Over the counter iron pills ?
How much does Adderall sell for on the street?
How do diet pills actually work?
Are we aloud to talk about WEED on here?
What is the best way to detox your body to make you healthier?
What ,if any, herbal remedies help you slim?
Stoner question.........?
Have you ever taken a herbal supplement for any illness and have it work?
Home remedies to sleep longer?
Whats better, cocaine or adderall?
How dose pot help pain?
I have to pass adrug test and i'm dirty?
How do I prevent an impeding cold?
Whats a good way to cure acne?
Pregnancy and using perscription pills?
Whats the best way to get rid of sore throat by... tomorrow?
I have gallstones and the docter says surgery is only cure but there is others but he says that crap and i?
Anybody have any good ideas on a good natural sleep herb?
Does anyone have any tips on tripping?
Natural Bug Repellants?
Whats a good hangover remedy?
Whether alopecia is curable or not?
What is an enema??? do anybody know?
Whats the best way to quit smoking?
Are naturopaths allowed to push religious beliefs etc on you?
Can anyone offer alternative ways to quit smoking? patch,gum,cold turkey all ineffective.?
Valerian - herbal remedy.. Has anyone used it for insomnia?
Do you have to pay for hospital stay?
Do you take vitamins? What ones?
Will eating Aloe Vera aid in the relieving constipation?
Are there any alternative medicines that can improve eyesight?
What herbs are the best for prostate cancer???
Would you like to share a secret thats never been told?
Is it possible for alternatives / complementary medinice to be introduced in government hospitals?
What to put on a spider's bite?
Does chamomile contain caffeine?
What do you do about rheumatoid arthritis?
Feeling really down?
Home remedy for keeping lice away?
I need remedies for adolesent 12-14 yrs bedwetting, I do not want to put hm on "drugs". please advise
Where can i find diet pills with ephedrene in them?
What is the cure for halitosis? what medicine should i take?
Vitamin supplements for a nightshift worker?
Something better than Viagra like a home recipe?
How safe is microwaving. does the radiation cause cancer.?
What are kelp tablets for?
Ive got a sore throat, any remedies that can make it feel better?
Smoking Pot? Opinions?
OMG people eat and drink HEMP? Someone explain this to me?
Head Cold remedies?
Is the effects of marijuana bad for your health?
How long do homepathic medicines take to work?
Whats good for acne because i getting much worse?
What is the best way to DETOX in a HEALTHY and SAFE way??
WHAT is a good at home remedy for a yeast infection ?
Is it cool if i do extacy, what is the worst that can happen to me.?
I was just in the emergency room where they gave me antibiotics, pain killers, etc. How do I detox?
My mother who is 89 years young,is constantly clearing her throat~~~~~~,?
Where can i find a razorblade to cut?
Does accupuncture hurt and is it really effective?
Is there any natural way to get rid of Gout? I have been on cherries & blueberries for the last 3 weeks. Help
Remedy for child's cough?
Hydrocodone question, serious replies only plz?
How to make a home-made laxitive?
Has any of you had experience with herbal remedies for high blood pressure?
What medicine to wash kidney stone?
Can I donate blood???!!!!!?
What does spraying perfume on minor wound do?
What is your term used for the gunk in the corner of eyes in the a.m.?
So everytime i mention marijuana someone always says........?
I have poison oak on my upper body & it is very excruciating, are there any good remedies for poison oak?
Besides coffee and cigarettes, anyone know any good herbal stimulants?
How can I boost my immune system quickly naturally?
Small breasts...... plz don delay on helpin` me......?
What do you know about 'Herballife'?
Has anyone every heard of a pill or liquid that can clear your system so you can pass a drug test?
Does anyone out there believe in distance healing?
Know any good herbal remedies for nerves other than Chaomomile?
Herbal remedies for menstrual pain?
Does anyone have a natural or herbal cure for heartburn?
Has anyone else ever used a light box to treat S.A.D?
Survey...Is there an alternative to .?
Having really bad cramps but I'm allergic to pain medications. are there any home remedies?
Please tell me natural remedies for the prevention of kidney stones and the pain they cause.?
What kind of antiperspirant helps best against bad sweating?????
Help! I just found out I have athritis in my shoulder?
What is the worst thing you have ever done?
Panic Attacks?
What's a good colon cleansing kit I can buy at my local supermarket?
How do you cure the hiccups?
Is immortality possible ?
How do u get someone unhigh?
Anybody tried hypnosis or accupuncture as a way to quit smoking?
Should you tip an acupuncturist?
Do you believe that meditation and visualization will make my disfiguring genetic disease go away?
Is there any Homeopaethic cure for Migrane. If yes what are the various medicines?
Constipation: should I stop eating?
A Drug test ? For me?
Hwo to avoid getting a cold?
Can injection of vitamin c directly to the blood stream really cure cancer?
Looking for a home remedy to flush my body of thc?
I need an energy boost please reply!!!!?
What is a good alternative head lice treatment to use instead of the drug store shampoos?
Broke wrist 48 hrs ago is there natural anti inflammatory / pain killer ?
What would happen if I swallowed a suppository?
Besides going to the doctor, what is the best way to treat a sore throat?
Im really sick,some one help?
Pineapple juice?
Any home remedies for a really bad sore throat?
I survived a drug overdose 3 days ago but didnt seek medical help, will anything bad happen to me?
LSD Tripping?
Are there any natural herbs/substances to help build my one year old daughter's immune system?
What is cranberry juice good for?
Christians, What do you think about Hypnosis?
Natural Insect Repellent for pregnancy?
Who know's how to do a cheap cleanse?
Do you think medicare part D is the best answer to solve problems most senior elders and disable people faced?
What are the ingredients for a homemade truth serum?
Colonic intergation?
I'm having extreme pain with my period and cant take narcotics, any good home remedies out there?
Do you recommend studying Chiropractic Medicine?
Can someone guide me to a high quality multivitamin for men?
Healthier? Cigarettes or Weed?
Are there any natural remedies that work as anti-depressants?
What is ecstasty?What does it do to you?
Epsom salt and ingrown toenail?
Does anyone of you had any remedies for curing sorethroat?
Whats the alternative treatment of bacterial vaginosis?
Son w/ ADHD..want natural remedies?
Is it bad to take melatonin during pregnancy?
What r u gonna do when someone ask u 4 3 some?
Should yahoo do a better job deleting answers that suggest people stop conventional treatments?
Is shark cartilage a preventative, treatment or cure for prostate cancer?
@ Users of cannabis...are there any repercutions?
Natural remedies for depression? ?
What is a good natural remedy for nasal congestion?
Drinking leaves me feeling like cr*p?
Does cannabis help with ME?
Im just wondering will marijuana give you cancer ?
I have a kid on the way and im spending most of my money on weed and other recreational drugs.. need help.?
What is the best song to listen to while stoned?
Way to get high without drugs?
Any suggestions for severe stress and depression?
How can i make my nostrils clear with natural remedies?
What is the name for sugar sweetener sold in health stores?
Who know this name of medicine? Where can I buy it?
What can I do for gout? I take Allopurinol 300mg. Doesn't work!?
Does anyone know a home remedy for muscle soreness without using medication??
How can i clean up for a drug screen with home remidies?
Whats a good remedy for the pink eye when prescrption drugs are too expensive?
Is it wrong to use alcohol as a sleep aide?
Any home remedies for headaches?
Remedy for common flu? I dont like to see the doctor n it cost me a bomb.?
How do you get rid of Strep throat?
How long does Marijuana stay in your system?
Does anyone know what prevents kidney stones?
If someone smokes one whole joint, how long would it take to be out of their system for a UA?
I have a migrane any natural cures?
How do you cure hiccups?
What causes illness? How can you ensure Good Health and Well-being or happiness?
Would naproxen, ibuprophen..or any perscription drugs get you a high by sniffing them?
If you have a Medical Card for cannibus, can you smoke anywhere?
Does anyone know whats good for bad athrithis in knees and legs?
I am looking for any natural solutions to ADHD?
Does anyone know a natural remedy for a headache?
I would love to try this new tablet called champix to help me stop smoking?
Autism or other developmental disability's?
Why I get headache when I am studying?
Any ideas for helping with insomnia? Please, no drugs.?
Holistic Therapy?
What is the best way to get over a cold fast?
Have you ever heard of this remedy for Gal Stones? Have you tried it?
How do i cure a constipation?
Colon Clense...Who's tried it? And what did you think of it?
What's a good cure for sporadic insomnia?
Is there herbal help for restless leg syndrom?
What do you think about a cure 4 canser?
Is soy good or bad?
I do not feel good this morning. Does anyone have any home remedies they want to share?
What are some remedies to help a really, i mean REALLY sore throat??????
Does anyone know the best remedy for the hiccups?
Best cure 4 stomach aches?
How can I cleanse candida from my system?
Is acupuncture a treatment for sciatica?
What do i do if my throat hurts and i cant talk?
Arthritis problems?
Has anyone heard of Listerine as an eye treatment to improve vision? My father uses it and now no glasses.?
Kinky? Please Explain or add 2 this. anyone help!?
Indian head massage?
Good Cure for Hangover?
Are there any natural remedies or ways of dealing with an underactive thyroid?
Does anybody know how to treat Back pain ?
Constipation. Need help!?
What's the best way to get rid of a hangover?
Whats a good remedy for coughs ?
Whats a good quick cold remedy???
26 aspirins, 10 sleeping pills, and 14 iron supplement pills...?
Natural supplements for high blood pressure, is there any that works?
Sore throat...any natural remedies for it?
To drain of blood is what?
Has anyone out there ever heard of this stuff...?
Do you have any proven natural home cures for acne?
What is the best thing to do the first day of getting sick?
Has anyone read the Kevin Trudeau books on curing disease and weight loss solutions?
What vitamins, herbs,or supplements are good to kill a virus?
Have high white cell count in my blood?
Got any good head cold cures?
What are the benefits from smoking Marijuana?
What are some natural things you've tried for allergies? Have they worked well?
How many cortal should i woman take to abort a baby??or an expected baby??
Any herbs to lower cholesterol?
What is the home remedy or OTC medicine for canker sores?
What would be a good home remedy to remove ear wax?
Okay so my mom is trying to quit caffiene and coffee and she has a VERY bad headache! Anything to help?
How to home treat a boil with natural ingredient?
My moustache aren't growing? Why?
What is more potent - opium or heroin?
I left my nyquil out in the car where its about 35 degrees,is it safe to still take it ?
Is it okay to drink alcohol on bipolar meds?
Medicinal Marijuana vs. recreational Marijuana?
What are some ways that I can release bottled up emotions?
My ear is blocked with wax. Somone suggested I try coning or candling. Does this work??
Vision. Can I improve my vision through exercise?
Herbal remedies to aid studying and concentration before exams?
Homeopathy is curing but not accepted as a science why?
Does blowing cigerette smoke in someones ear really help ear aches?
What is a good herb for anxiety during sleep?
Does anybody have any natural remedies for getting rid of a fungal toe nail problem?
High Blood pressure?
If you are touching someone who is hit by a taser will you be electrocuted too?
How do you get rid of a white coated tongue if you're an adult?
Home Remedy for a Hangover?
What are some good sleeping pills?
Besides St John's wort what is a good non-perscription anti-depressiant?
I heard that you can relieve a jellyfish sting by peeing on it. Is this true?
Non-drug Alternatives to Preventative Treatment of Migraines?
Just curious,does cinnanmon really help lower blood sugar?
What is blow?
Did I lost my virginity if I used a tampoon?
Has anyone tried Wellbutrin to quit smoking?
What is a quick way to flush out your system i feel clogged up?
It is true that clean skin cleanses the entire body?
Does this disturb you?
A question for someone who knows about drugs...?
Should the public trust kevin trudeau or the FDA or perhaps neither?
Why do people.................?
Is America Killing us?
Is there such a thing as a date rape drug that makes you faint?
Am I the only one who wants to blow up the insurance companies?
What is the best vitamin? I want something that can give me energy for the whole day.?
What's the most ridicules Cure for hiccups you've ever heard of.?
Alternative Therapies?
Energy Booster??? Natural Stuff!!!?
Does any1 have a good remedy 4 kidney stones? help!!!!!!!!!!?
Acupuncture effects?
Wat medicine can i take for my nerves to calm down?for my nervous system?
How can one be creative in a country with bad leadership?
I think that I am getting arthritis?
My eyes are really red, what should i do?
Headache HELP?
What is the best way to quit smoking?
What is the fastest and least painfull way of killin yourself?
What is your best home remedy for a sunburn?
Anyone know of a natural remedy for hayfever?
Any natural alternatives for antibiotics?
Does Anyone have any good herbal remedies for high blood pressure?
How do you make sure that the essential oils you're buying & using are really pure?
Weed is not 5X worse than cigarettes, Its 5X better for you!?
What do u all think about Milk Thistle?????
Is there any foods and drinks that can help dissolve kidney stones?
Ok, what's the best way to keep mosquitoes / blackflies off your body?
With a heavy genetic history is there any way I can prevent getting schizophrenia?
I need something that can keep me awake without drugs or anything that can damage my body or system?
I have chronic kidney disease. Can anyone tell me the natural healer?
What remedy do you use to treat a cold?
Can anyone recommend a good natural detox?
What do you want to know about acupuncture?
What is the best treatment for SCIATICA pain? Is it permanently curable?
What's ther best way of fighting a cold?
Cant sleep!!!!?
Are U HERBAL user..?
Does homeopathic medicine work?
What's the best home remedy for arthritis ?
For people who take health supplements....is it true your body becomes immune after taking them for awhile?
How can I learn how to swallow pills easily ? The only way I can do it is if i cut it in half or into 3rds!?
Does acupuncture hurt? (is the spelling even correct)?
When do you use BABY POWDER!?!?
Whats the best home remedy for minor burns of kitchen ?
Any one know any home remedies that work for bladder infections?
Fastest way 2 remove marijuana from ure system?
What is the best legal high?
Herbal remedys?
Can I take Three To Four pills of Tylenol simply sleep?
How can i get rid of my sore throat fast?
Are drugs bad?
How do i get rid of a headache quick?
How do you get rid of worms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Will I fail for cocaine?
I have severe insomnia can I take both Melatonin and Valerian Root together?
Can anyone advise - Will TEA TREE oil cure SCABIES?
What can a person with multiple chemical sensitivity do to get immune system stronger and go back to work?
How to cure my acidity problem ?
Does energy healing work?
Natural medicine for high Cholesterol?
An alternative treatment for arthritis?
How can I get rid of mosquitoes in a natural way?
What's the best natural remedy for severe anxiety and stress?
What benefit yogic exercises have on weight loss?
I need a remedy for REALLY bad gout?
What is belladona?
Good way to pass a drug test (THC)without blowin lots o' $ on body flush kits??
Difficulty in digesting whole grains and beans causing extreme stomach distress need advice!??TMI ALERT?
Is switiching topical medicines ok?
A massuesse asked my friend if he wanted a hand finish with his massage. What is that?
Can you OD ( over dose) on Vitamin C?
Herbal remedies for Anxiety?
What ideas do you have on how to control your anger - through therapy, herbs, food therapy, supplements, etc?
How do I make my weed smell better?
Whats the street value of hydrocodone, and/or oxycodone?
Sore throat help?
I need a natural remedy for acid reflux and headaches/migraines..?
I have started to see auras-anyone else can do this here?
What is the most common pain you go to a massage therapist for?
Are there any good night driving glasses avaliable(to reduce headlight glare)?
Aloe Vera juice is it good for losing weight?
Can overdosing get you high??
If you don't mind HELP!!! SLEEP EMERGENCY!!!!!!!?
Need a natural remedy for arthrihis?
Baba ramdev or sri sri ravishankar who is a better bet?
Any suggestions for my new business offering Indian Head Massage and Homeopathy?
I am taking strong antibiotics and experiencing a good deal of nausea. is there any homeopathic remedy? thanks
Are cranberry supplements (capsules) REALLY effective against UTIs?
Do carrots really help your vision?
The best supplements for your Immune System???
What does Soma mean.?
Will an ultrasound show up any blockages in my Chi? If not what is the best scan to ask my GP for?
Does any body knows how reduce bad cholesterol w/out pills?
I just snorted methadone for the first time. How do you make the burning stop?
Is there any kind of natural food that can improve/control bad breath?
Do you drink your own urine?
Is laughter really the best medicine?
What is the best multi vitamin you know of?
Is it true that epilepsy is incurable ?.?
Dragging in the Afternoon - Need Energy!?
How can I successfully beat acid reflux without taking drugs?
Vitamins/foods that give you energy?
Please HELP!!!!?
What do you know about Marijuana as a supplement to Chemotherapy?
Is herbs better than medication?
Is it true that tea helps you to sleep? what about milk? What liquids help you to sleep?
I smoke a little weed once in awhile what is available for drug testing for a job?
How can you improve your vision without having eye surgery?
How bad is Vicodin with alcohol?
Can having Acupuncture for a frozen shoulder give me back ache?
Do you smoke marihuana? dou you like it?
Have you known anyone cured of cancer by chinese herbal medicine / acupunture?
I have been researching herbal remedies for adhd and have no way to decipher which products are truly effectiv
Help me stop smoking PLEEEASE!!!!!!?
Any pill i can take to dissolve gallstones?
Whats the worst thing that could happen if u OD on ibuprofen?
Gastric bypass funding?
How effective are the Nytol tablets at getting you to sleep if you are not feeling tired??
Any good home remedies for severe sore throat??
Can you lower your blood pressure by taking any natural herb or something besides prescribed meds?
Can you put Apple Cider Vinegar in your ear for an ear infection?
Is there an alternative medication or natural herb to use rather than prescription antibiotics?
Marajuana.. better than alcohol?
I have 10 days continues head acne,done all tests and scan.Please help.se he?
Which is better?Panadol or Aspirin?
Are there natural sources of serotonin and/or non-prescription ways to create or retain it the brain?
Does anyone know the best way to take yourself off of Zoloft. I know you can't stop cold turkey.?
Does any one know a home made remedy sure to make you throw up?
Best way to quit smoking?
Any advice for dealing with fibromyalgia ?
Whats the best over the counter sleep aid?
How can i cure a mighty headache???
What is the best natural sleep aid?
What is a natural way to clear sinus problems...?
Does anyone know of any natural sleep aids?
What are good homeopathic remedies for common inhaled allergies?
How can I improve my blood circulation?
Home remedies for head aches?
Do you think that these products can actually dissolve cancerous tumors and treat leukemia and other things?
Menopausal can`t sleep any ideas?
Why is there so many kids with ADHD nowadays? Is it a diagnosis of conveniencce for the developmental pedia?
Numbness and coldness?
What is the best medicine for healing colds/ flu? i use tylonol but it only gives you temporary relief?
What are some ways to prevent and release anxiety Naturally?
How can I stop growing up?
Why is three grams of cocaine called an eightball?
Dose anyone know anything?
I have the flu what can I take!!?
What would you consider to be the best vitamin available over the counter?
What are the best natural digestive aids?
Does anyone know...?
Where can I get some "GREEN"???
Any good headache cures without taking paracetamol?
I just shaved my head... can they still do a hair follicle test? even with no leg hair?
Is there a way to get rid of a migrane without medicine thats gets you "high"?
How do get rid of a bad cough?
Can smoking canabis help me to stay sane.?
What are some natural remedies that could be recommended to help treat anxiety??
Any techniques or herbs to fight nervousness?
Which is better...eating vegetable and fruits or juicing them?
How to cure seasickness?
Did you know this about SuperGlue?
I think after 51 years i have poison my body.?
Will this work for acid reflux?
Which is better on your body, for a painkiller, pills or alcohol?
Do anyone no about (SHEABUTTER)?
What is Tiger Balm made from?
How can I suppress my menstral cycle without using birth control pills?
Hi, please can you give me ideas of herbal remedies to combat hay fever. Muchos appreciated! xxx?
Ayurveda doctor degree is universally famous/accepted or not?
How would one get heavy metal out of their body?
Has anyone ever used breast enhancing pills?
Natural remedies for losing weight?
I have a sore throat i need a home remedy!!!!?
My daughter eats salt like its candy can some one tell me why?
I was told by an MD that my headaches are related to stress. He told me I should meditate 15 minutes a day....
Does anyone know any good ways to help with arthritis apart from painkillers i have alot of pain in my wrist?
What's good for swimmers ear besides those drops?
I would like to know of a natural antibiotic to help with shingles pain?
What's the best way to get THC out of my system?
Are there any suppliments that i can take to improve my memory?
What's your stance should medical marijuna be allowed.?
What can i take for high blood pressure?
Is there anything I do to naturally lower my Blood Pressure?
Noni juice?
I Just Ate 6 Vicodin 500mg Each I Broke 3 In Half And Am Drinking Beer What Should I Expect?
How do i clear my sinuses ?
Ive been smoking cannabis daily for 8 years. now i am planning on getting a job that needs a drug test?
Do carrots really help improve eye-sight or is that just a myth?
My grand-dad used snuff, what is it?
Can you mix adderall and Vicodin?
Cure for sore throat?
Can you get over the counter Happy Pills?
Anyone has an addvise on how to treat animia?
Which food items have Folic Acid, Vitamins C and E?
What is a good remedy to quit smoking?
Whats the best remedy to cure a sore throat and stop a cough? help?
I have chronic anemia. Need help with a herbal remedy that will help with fatigue, depression. any clues?
What herb or vitamin is good for circulation?
What produces the sound when you snap your bones?Y is there relief effect n used by chiroprator yet its bad?
Sore throat rememdies?
Is naturopathy do any good for chronic diseases?
~*~Natural Way To Get To Sleep~*~?
What is required of someone who wants to do medical studies?
If i ate a 10mg percocet on wednesday will it be out of my system by monday?
What exactly is ear candling? have you tried it? does it work?
If I drink a lot of cranberry juice could I pass a drug test??
Did Reiki ever work for you?
How good is water therapy.i drink 1.5 ltrs 1st thing in the morning how effective is it in cleansing your body
I would like to know what people think about Kevin Trudeau's book Natural Cures.?
Is it safe to take 4+ tylenol at once?
Is there any herbal medicine to help me sleep?
Why when a take my multi-vitamin pill I feel sleep??
Xanax question?
What is the best remedy for persistent yeast infections?
Zantac cause nausea??
What are alternative medicine options for infertility?
I've heard that getting a job as a Massage Therapist is next to impossible if you're a male. Is this true?
How do you cure a cold?
Why do doctors (physicians) dislike chiropractors?
Do you know a hangover cure?
What's the best pain killer for the Bearded Ones Kidney stone? Is Alpo good with honey?
Have you had any special experiences with Reiki?
Whats the cheapest and qiuckest way to get marijuana out of ur system?
What is good to add to a hot bath to soak in to alleviate arthritis pain and soreness?
My 3 year old has a fever of 101.What should I do?
Is there any way to curb water retention without drinking a ton of water???
Wat are the uses of ginger?
Whats the best over the counter laxative I can buy?
What is good herbal remedy for chronic diarrhea?
How much does 1/2 gram of pot cost and look like?
How to get rid of a sore throat?
If you have a cold, what are the best ways to heal quick that aren't taking medicine or vitamins?
Does any one else's ears burn when they smoke weed?
How to get rid of a cold the natural way?
Best way to quit smoking?
Please evaluate my web site?
Could i get a copy of my own medical records do you know?
How can I make my tongue longer?
My friend, Satan, says I am too stressed out. He says I need to relax.?
Colonic irrigation..anyone had it done?
What is something t eat that Will help my soar throat? Any home remedy's?
Herbs. Why doesn't the FDA recognize most herbs on the market?
Does anyone know of any home remedies for a sore throat and loss of voice?
Is cinnamon capsules good for diabetics?
Where can I buy a helper monkey in the UK?
Help for inflamation as resullt of auto immune disease. Prefer not to take harsh drugs but would look into?
Help!!! I have a terrible ear ache!!!?
Homeopathy is total garbage?
Does anyone have an effective cold sore remedy?
Smokers Wrinkles?
Whats the best thing to use to get rid of the common cold quickly?
What the best OVER THE COUNTER medicine.....?
Do you know any alternatives for sugar, salt and fat?
If someone were on fire and a big boiling pot of soup was nearby, will you attempt to douse the fire with it?
How to cure cough and colds w/out taking medicines?? (Not taking herbal plants??)?
What is a good natural remedy for shoulder joint pain? I don't know if it's bursitus or arthritus.?
Where do we draw the line between taking medicine and doing drugs?
Whats a good site for alternative medicine?
Green tea benifits????
I have caught an awful summer cold anybody know what the cure is? Have tried everything. Please help!!!!!?
How long does St. John's Wort work?
What are some ways to help manage lower back pain other than pills?
I have a cold.. runny nose, little cough.. headache.. you know, the works... I can't really taste anything....
Magnets are they helpful to your health?
Do shots of vinegar really work to pass a drug test?
Natural remedies?
What is better for smoking weed and why?
Im messing up in life! drugs i do..?
Is homeopathy real? 10 points to best answer!?
Any ideas of soothing a sore throat?
What is the remedies of tinitus?
Uhhhh im kinda worried?
Sleeping problems?
Why do the paramedics strip be completely naked if I'm in a bad car crash?
I am staying at a hotel found a white round pill with numbers on it 512... what is this what do i do with it?
Anybody know about a home cold remedy using whiskey....?
What to do?
What's a good way to clear your sinuses?
I want to quit Smoking by any means, please suggest ... please do not advise for willpower ....?
Back in the day how did they treat?
Is reflexology safe to use with traditional medicines?
Is it true if you eat spicy foods it will keep the mosquitos off you?
Scooby Snacks?
What is the best natural (herbal?) remedy for gout?
More natural ways to avoid constipation?
What is a remedy for tendinitis in the wrist?
How many Tylenol or other OTC drugs to get high?
Is there any type of edible (fruits, foods, drinks,...) which can help boost your immune system ?
Has anyone used hypnosis to quit smoking? If so, did it work for you?
Are daily enemas ok?
I'm constipated, I need an herbal remedy.?
Is putting mineral oil in your ears safe?
You know the pro-biotic drinks is there an alternative for people that can't have dairy products?
I think I may getting an ear infection, or there is water in my ear,what is a good natural remedy?
Marijuana term "Mids"?
How can humans acheive immortality?
Are there any legal ways to knock some one out,or calm them down? besides feeding them a lot of turkey?
Has any one had Hopi Ear Candles treatment?
When getting a massage what should I ask for?
Massage school?
How do I meditate??
What is the approximate price of cocaine?
Natural sleep remedies?
Would you agree that medicine isn't quality anymore? I mean, it leaves you sicker than you already are!!!?
How can I get my doctor, too give me medicinal marijuana? ----Do I need to get aids first?
Is there a safe, all natural bug repellent for children?
What does Seroquel do for you?
Why is it that vitiamin ?
Question about pot?
If I smoked pot would it make me have a seizure?
How can i live longer in natural way? plssss.?
Something Natural to take for Anxiety.?
Do you trust the FDA?
I need help with getting rid of someones energy that was injected into me via energy cords...?
Is reiki a good healing method?
I put my weed through the wash, it stayed in the baggie, it's wet, will it be any good when it dries out?
Vitamin B-12 and memory?
Any cure for stones in gallbladder?
Why do they say Herroine makes you lose weight?I havent!?
What's the best cure for cold sores? Does Abreva really work?
Whats the best way to help with your digestive system?
Moderately high cholesterol - drugs or herbs?
Should stem cell research be made legal? why or why not?
Does anyone know a good natural treatment for asthma for a toddler?
How long can i keep weed before it's to old to smoke?
Can a pinched nerve render an arm and hand useless?
Are there any herbal medications that promote stem cell division in the brain?
What is a good cream to reduce scares?
What's the most effective medicine or treatment could i use for my stretch marks?
What do you generally think of Homeopathy treatments?
What is a natural laxative?
You opinion on WEED?
Do you think that you can cure illness naturally?
Cure for Allergic Asthama.?
Home remedies for a sore throat....?
What do you know about colloiden silver?
What is a good natural antibiotic that can be bought over the counter?
Name the five most addictive elements on the face of this Earth. They can be natural, unnatural, and?
What calms people down enough to go to sleep?
Anyone tried ear candling? is it dangerous? Does it work?
What is the best way to ease sore muscles?
Do body cleaners help you pass a drug test?
Have you a Herbal Remedy for Head ache Please?
I have chronic pain and am sensitive to pain medication--any ideas?
Vitamins make me sick.?
Hangover Help :( Any remedies?
Is this really a legal drug?
What some natural ways to reduce blood pressure?
How many people have died from using maijuana?
What are the hopi ear candles used for?
I'm looking for some "natural" products to put on my body and face to add moisture to the skin.?
Apple Cider Vinegar, what health benifits does it have?
Aspirin addiction... dangerous?
I have a coldsaw coming up on my lip?
Can taking a multivitamin make someone "break out"?
Does anyone know any "home remedies" for an ear infection? I've heard "blow smoke in it" and " pee in it"...
Is Chinese Medicine effective ?
What is valtrex used for?
Is there a herbal anti-inflammatory?
Alternative medicines for arthritis?
Does ginger ale actually help with nausea or stomach problems or is it just a myth?
What is the best treatment for hige cholesterol?
Dos anybody have a recipe and procedure for a gallbladder and liver flush.I wish to eliminate stones naturally
Any over the counter drugs that can make you die right after taking it?
Sleep Foods Anyone?
So tired of being sick...?
How could you use honey as a remedy ?
Is there a natural way to get rid of body odor?
Does anybody know a good antiperspirent thats not perscription?
Some years ago I heard about a UK lady who cured herself of Cancer!?
Alternative treatment for cancer?
How long does it take for any traces of alcohol to leave the blood once a person has quit drinking?
I have hypothyroidism and I take Synthroid for it. Is there a natural way I can cure this, or am I stuck w/ it
I would like to know where I can get oxycodone or hydrocodone without a prescription. Websites?
Im starting to get a cold, whats the best way to get rid of it?
How to treat impotence?
How many X pills can cause a overdose for someone who's never taken it before? Looking for a 'for-sure' answer
Sore throat?
How to cure a Urinary tract infection FAST!?
What do you think of this claim that The president of this African country cured at least 30 people of AIDS?
Tip and trick to decrease ADHD PLEASE?
Eastern Medicine - answer for morbid obesity?
Shingles, anyone got a cure?
Alternative medicine for hair regrowth.?
I want to know garlic good to lower bloodpressure?
Why does she keep panicking?
Any cure for plantar fasciitis?
How do get rid of a cold quickly or at least how do i relieve a cold besides taking medicine?
Have you ever gotten a professional massage?
Any house remedy for headache.?
Does anyone know of natural remedies for acid reflux? I don't want to take Nexium?
Have you ever tried ear candling? How does it feel like? I would like to try it but am afraid it will hurt.?
What would seve as a good herbal alternative to valium .?
A local chiropractor checked out my back and spine and says I have subluxation. Is treatment beneficial?
Natural remedies for poor liver function?
Does aloa vera juice help with arthritus?
Why is cold medicine not sold over the counter anymore?
What are the best herbs for controlling high blood pressure?
Do you know for something good against legs or feet cramps over night?
PARENTS: Any home remedies for viruses?
All the (Illegal) Drug Questions?
Where can I find a testimonial from a person that has done Ecstasy?
Natural remedies for cough that actually works????
Wanted : Your ideas for a business name for a Swedish Masseur?
Need help looking for a good inti-anxiety drug that is NOT addicting! Also a sleep med too.?
Anybody know any cures for hayfever, ones that work mind you?
Recommendations for some natural anxiety med. - don't want to take Buspar if I can avoid it.?
Has any one ever had a Reiki treatment?
How many people now believe in compassionate marijuana smoking?
What sympthoms does a person have to have in order to get prescripted marihuana?
Herbs to stop arthris pain?
What are some natural ways to help as a sleep aid?
Does anyone know any natural tablets you can take to increase your energy or herbal tablets?
I need a natural doctoer that doesent use medications. what are thoes doctors called?
What are some excersises I could do to strengthen the flow of the Reiki I channel?
Alternative to valium, i'm pregnant?
What is a good medicine that really really work for a cold sore?
Over the counter sleeping pills?
Are you into alternative/natural Health?
What are some good foods to cure a cold?
Whats the best method to pass a drug test?
Green Urine??
Athlete's foot.remedies?
What are some at home remedies for a sore throat and a messed up voice?
What are alternatives to treat chronic depression besides medicine?
Sleeping has been difficult .. tried teas already.. any suggestions.?
Any good natural supplements to help with Allergies? (Sinus)?
Are there safe supplements to take to reduce high cholesterol?
What is a good remedy for sinus congestion?
What vitamins, nutrients, or herbs help and adult with ADD?
What is the best home remedies for sunburn.... I would really like to know some that would work faster?
Is taking Multivitamins bad? from A to Z?
If I am made bankrupt can I have a basic bank account or am i not allowed any type of account?
My daughter aged 2 years 6 months having constipaton for last 5 days what i can give to her for loose stool?
How does a defibrillator work?
What can i do to treat bed bug bites?
Does any one know any medicine to help to become taller on age over 30?
Do you have psorisis? What do you use that has worked?
What are safe sleeping pills to take?
How do i soothe a finger i burned on a hot pan?
Does any one know a natural or home remedy for mosquito repellent that doesn't have any harmful chemical in it
Anyone know of any natural over counter things that help depression and tiredness?
Is yeast the same as fungas?
What is a natural cure for acid reflux?
Ecstasy has NO EFFECT on me?
Whats the best cure for a hangover?
What can I do to fix Bad Aura?
What makes you laugh'?? its sad, but I laugh when people trip /fall/ as in you been framed?
Is Green Tea Bad For You?
Why can't humans replace all foods with vitamin, mineral, and protein pills?
How do you cure Candida?
My daughter has a blister from her new rollerskates should we pop it or leave it alone?
Anyone tried a colon cleanse lately? Side effects? Good, Bad?
What are good supplements for joint pain?
How much water do i have to drink to get rid of T.H.C in my system???
Any ayurvedic or alternative medicine treatment for gall bladder stone ?
What is methodone used for?
Is there any specific food that can reduce Cholesterol rate in blood?
Is there any homeopathic remedy for loosing weight?
Will a massage help a pinched nerve?
Music is best medicine and a best curer well are your views?
Can you suggest any treatment for stammering?
I love boiled eggs, but they give me gas sometimes and it's pretty pungent. Any suggestions?
What is the difference between medicinal marijuana and "street" marijuana?
What's the best and fastest way to get pot out of your system?
How effective is 'REIKI' as an alternative medical treatment?
Tylenol PMs?
Do gemstones healing really work?
Cure for backache?
Where can i buy clove oil?
What's the best cure for heartburn?
Best way to remember to take your birth control pill???
Wats the best legal high? (pills)?
I have a sore throat and it really hurts to eat and swallow. HELP???
Is there any better feeling than Sneezing while you're on the toilet taking a crap?
How can i get rid of strong headaches?
Has fish oil pills been known to cause constipation and digestive problems?
What can i use to nuteralize bleach. I think it is in and burning my mouth?
Are there any alternative ways to lower blood sugar?
Why is marijuana outlawed when it has been cultivated for over 8000 years?
What is the fastest and easir way to get rid of a cold?
Hi! How can one improve his/her digestive system?
How can i strip my hair for drug tests ...?
Whats a way I can naturally improve my eyesight?
How do you wash contact lens case??
Does anyone know what particular scent of essential oil help with sinus pressure, pain and headaches?
How can i stop depression with drugs?
Does anyone know any remedies to lower high cholesterol for a 10 year old child?
How do you get rid of a yeast infectiom?
What particular over-the-counter medicines should someone buys who has an external hemorrhoids?
How to lower blood pressure naturally?
What can i do for relaxation of muscles and joints?
Natural Health?
How do I strenghten my immune system?
What are easy ways to heal a sore throat as quick and best as possible?
How do you make bad headack go away
Was homeopathy invented as a joke?
How to relieve a sore throat...
Will ecstasy and diet pills speed up my weight loss?
A question for those who have improved their over-all health?
I am suffering from restless leg syndrome (RLS) . will anybody suggest me the remedies like exercises, etc.?.?
Do you know of any vitamins, foods, or beverages that help to rehabilitate a liver?
Any ways I can make myself pee?
Reasons Not To Smoke...?
Do you believe that marijuana does have medicinal value?
A flare up of wart like structures beneath my bust. Very itchy and it is spreading.?
How do i get prescription drugs without a prescription?
Name as many natural black foods as you can.....?
Chinese or Western medicine is better?
Have you tried homeopathy,if so did you find it beneficial?
What drugs have you tried and what were your experiences with them ?
I think I'm having anxiety attacks. How do you deal with them and how do you know if you need medication?
What is the best internal body cleanse or purifier?
How long does it take for metamucil to work? i'm really sick with constipation! help! lol?
COFFEE---The true American drink<<<>>>?
Where can I get ALOE JUICE?
What kind of pill is white and has a weird v on it and #s 0027?
Colonic irrigation - what do you think?
What should I do if I get bit by a black widow spider and a rattle snake at the same time?
What is the best remedy for feet pain?
Any body read Kevin Trudeau book? Nutural cures?
Obviously homeopaths fall in one of two categories: Conmen or Self-deluded. Which are you?
Why is there such a strong correlation between Christianity and holistic / homeopathic / alternative medicine?