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What's the fastest, easiest way to remove a hickey?
If I have anemia is there anything I can take to increase my iron level?
Can u give me some ideas for a healthy snack to bite in between meals ?
What would u rather bee or a wasp??
Is it ok if spouse of disabled person to use the disabled parking spaces (TAG)when the spouse is NOT disabled.
Is it OK to drink when you are taking Prozac ??
It's been over a year since I've quit smoking...?
Can someone actually die of bordom????
What happened to me, and how can i avoid it?
I have just given a blood test and the results denote a high white blood count what does this signify?
My pregnant friend was born with several birth defects. What are the chances she pass them on to her baby?
Is there a test to test your liver function?
What happens if my vitamin b-12 level is low?
My ten month old daughter is sufferring from diarheooa since last night can anyone just a good home remedy?
Whenever I try to stop smoking I panic, shake & feel like I might faint, Is this normal & what can stop it?
I have been diagnosed with underactive thyroid?
Is there a vaccine for cooties?
Bi-polar disorder?
Is there any permanent cure for Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
Depressed? would this help?
I have a terrible habit of cussing in front of my teenage children whenever I'm angry! Please help!?
Advice please...?
Why my life has become like this, working, coming home and sleeping???
Is this normal???????????????????...
What song is always guaranteed to cheer you up?
How do I stop feeling down and desperate?
If i walk down the street in only my socks am i mental?
Marijuana and mental health?
My friend seriously hired a hitman to kill herself, what should I do?!?
I'm so hopeless, would it still be wrong for me to commit suicide?
Do you have any suggestions to cure my depression?
Is there eye drops you can get to undilate your eyes after a eye exam?
What the diffrence between carrot and carrot juice?
Laser eye surgery - As easy as shows like 'extreme makeover' portray it to be?
How do i know if i need glasses???
HELP!!!! Im getting CONTACTS!!?
My eyes are bloodshot during contacts wear!
How does laser eye surgery work?
What would cause my vision to look like I'm looking though a prizm.?
PLease read dont ignore?
Expired eye contact solution?
How to stay awake at work?
Should smoking be banned ?
I know this is a nasty question but..???
Piercing ur nose is good for wat in health vise?
Why are so many adults afraid of needles?
Why aren't you all in bed yet?
What are some ways to stay awake?
How can you get rid of hiccups?
I'm 3 weeks pregnant and i dont have no $ for an abortion how can ihave an miscarriage?
Bipolar disorder?
Why is everyone at home answering other peoples questions online on a saturday night?
Should I go to therapy?
About the voices in my head?
Is there anything worse than being a failure in life?
Do many people suffer from Depression ?
What are some HEALTHY ways to get rid of stress?
Do I have insomnia? I can't sleep!?
Why are people really afraid to die? i mean really?
Can antidepressants help?
Can't Sleep I Need Help?
Do you need Health coverage?
How can i get to sleep im so tired, but can't attually get to sleep and i have work in the morning early!?
Since i turned forty, i have noticed a change in my body that i don't understand and no one can explain.?
Is it true that rolling tobacco is "healthier" than tailor made cigarettes? Why?
How do you take the burn out of a sunburn?
Is alcholism a disease?
I have a child who is bi-polar and he is very mean to his siblings. How do I control this, he has no remorse.
Is it normal for a nose piercing on the nostril to sting while being cleaned?
Does anyone have any suggestions for helping a self harmer?
I'm so nervous about giving my presentation?
I have a cough and stuffy nose. Does anyone know how to cure it besides using medicine?
Throwing myself at your mercy.....can you help me?
Is there any cure or help for someone who is a compulsive liar?
I need help?
How can I stop wishing my life away?
I've always smoked weed to relieve anxiety, but now it's making it worse. what the hell is wrong with me?
How is 146 for an IQ??
Should I drag him to the doctor...?
Do I have an anxiety disorder?
Does anyone know if 100mg of Zoloft is a lot for just beginning the drug.?
Euthanasia...if it eases long-term suffering...why do so many people have a problem with it?
Is it bad to shower while wearing eye contacts?
Why do my glasses not feel right when contact lenses of the same prescription are fine?
How much does it cost to get lasik eye surgery?
Test : Which part of your brain do you use?
I have undergone cataract operations on both eyes. what am i to do to protect my eyes and sight after the?
Yikes! How do you get contact lenses back out??
Can i get a eye test?
Has anyone on here had laser eye surgery?
Can I sleep with contacts for JUST ONE DAY?
Where can i get glasses at a decent price?
Is it normal to dream, EVERY NIGHT, of a deceased loved one? (SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY)?
HELP! I am so depressed nothing seems to help me. What can I do to prevent Suicide?
So much has gone wrong lately that I hate life what do I do?
What do you see when you look in the mirror?
What do u take for anxiety and panic attacks ...?
What the hell is wrong with me?
I'm paraniod, please help ?
Jumping in sleep?
Suggestions on overcoming depression?
I cant take it anymore i feel so depressed i feel like doing somethink stupid like cutting?
Can smoke from a cigerette damage your eyes?
Does anyone know what this burning empty feeling in my stomach could be ?
Im tired of being told everything is fine by doctors!! i have symptoms similar to Multiple Sclerosis, but.....
Okay how long must I wait until I start kissing after mono?
What is this called?
Pain in upper abdomen, with yellow stools and dark urine?
How bad can this damage my brain?
What will happen to my dying kidney?
Throat Problems?
If my father died from alzheimers what can I do to prevent it from killing me?
Alcoholics in rehab - do they need family/friends support or are they better off left alone???
Look @ my profile, Im the girl who asked if anyone thought I was fat,.tell me what u think?
Do you find a pregnant women attractive?
Urgent problem help please?????????//...........
Tell me of an illness that affects the world, please, urgently!!!!?
People who smoke marijauna?
Can someone tell me why you should flush after every use?
I am having LIPOSUCTION done and on their homepage they have a word that is MISSPELLED......what do you think?
Could a shot gun hurt a babies hearing?
Anybody ever take the drug "Ecstasy" over an extended period of time?
What causes a charlie horse?
Natural ways to combat depression?
I sometimes think that people can read my mind. Is this normal?
I need help, I can't control myself! Please help.?
Whats wrong with me?
I've just thrown my Sky remote control at the wall and I'm well fuct off. I'm ready to explode...
If you had to be either really stupid or really ugly, which would it be?
I will commit suicide next week?
Why is life so f***ing crap?
Stalker!!!! I need to know .............?
I very tierd but cannot sleep any help on how sleep?
Contact Lenses ???
Contact LENSES?
Is it possible to change eye colors with-out contacts or corneal surgery?
When you get ur eyes dilated at eye dockter. how long does it take to go back to normal??????
I really want glasses, but i don't need them?
Do people get some type of high from cigarettes?
Can I sleep with contacts in and will they dry our if i do?
I Can't Take My Contacts Out?
In my right eye when I am seeing I can see a single black dot which moves with the retina.I am using eye drops
Do i need glasses?
What age can you wear contact lenses?
Can someone help me i work in a nursing home as a care assistant?
Whats your favorite thing to do when your stressed?
If your foot wakes up...?
Can one not sleep all night and be fine during the next day?
Is it possible I broke a rib?
My husband shot a nail into his leg?
Do pushups increase arm strength/muscle?
How can I break my own hand?
Sore Ankle?
Has anyone here ever had "rotator cuff surgery"?
Tell me a time when you got hurt?
Whats the most common way that people break their arms?
Cesarean incision oozing pus?
My foots swollen, what should I do?
How can i loose fat from abdoman without any medicine?
Whats the easiest way to induce vomitting?
How can I soothe/remove ant bites?
Any remedies for razor burn?
Teatnus shot?
What are some methods for quitting smoking?
How are fingers useful for a human?
What phobia do you have?
Hi i self harm alot i do it when i am very angry or upset with things i will cut is there anyone that selfharm
What does it mean to be 'committed' into a hospital?
Do you really think that you can out come depression on your own?
Can't believe I'm actually asking about this...?
Its not fricken fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
What do I say to my bf to bring about a positive change; he is bi-polar and an alcoholic?
First time wearing glasses?
Can I wear my contact lenses when im swimming?
I know the price of glasses frames at lenscrafters but how much are the lenses?
I am addicted to contact rewetting drops, what do I do??
Is my baby teething already?
I cant view images with closed eyes,?
Contact question?
Help with dry eyes?
Is there a way to make my eyes bigger?
Nonmedicated eyeglasses?
I can't sleep, any ideas?
I know this is Yahoo answers but..........?
Fly (not in my soup) but in my kitchen?
Can a nicotine patch affect blood pressure?
The teacher has told me each day around 1pm my son becomes extremely pale with bags under his eyes. Why?
I chew my finger, how do i get myself out of ths bad habbit?
Why Is It ????????
How long one should wait before shaving off the hair of a newborn after his birth?
My lips are "cracking"?
I'm starting patches today to stop smoking failed in the past any help and tips appreciated?
What could make your fingers, wrist, and forearm go numb and hurt?
SUNBURN!! STINGGS SO BAD, Can hardly move, feels like I am on Fire?
Has anyone every had their toe broken by a heavy object falling on it.?
I broke my pinky today, splinted it myself, do I need to go to doc?
How do i know if an infection has set in?
Ankle is swelling up and bruised and im in MAJOR PAIN HELP!?
I just had a cast removed from my right arm (broken wrist-pins). what can i do for stiffness in fingers?
Please help I think I have a hemorrhoid I'm only 16!!!?
Why do i **** blood when i feel like shitting?
My really good friend got hit by a car going 30 miles per hour....?
Getting my appendix removed Help!!?
I don't feel the urge to defecate?
I can hardly stay awake and have completely lost my appetite?
How to get off of anti-depressants, without the horrible moodswings.?
How to relieve constipation?
What is the best remedy for heartburn that doesn't just mask the problem?
How do you know if you have heamorhoids (or however you spell it)?
Work out my symptoms please... 10 points... :-D?
Best Solution for Sore Throat!!!?
I quit smoking 5 months ago but yesterday I cheated..and I can't stop beating myself up over it.?
Back pains after car accident.?
Should I get drunk so I know what it's like?
What is wrong with my leg?
I broke my arm on the job and had to have surgery, from the surgery I have a scar. Am I entitled to any money?
Is he OK ???
Have I got Tedinitis?
What is wrong!?
A way to get rid of a minor headache without aspirin or any kind of medication?
How do i deal with a bruise?
Are bad bruises supposed to 'itch' as they heal?
How to increase you IQ level in short time??
Stitches in my hand...it's itchy.?
What can I do about a burnt tongue?
Hey guys i,m a drummer. and i looking for the best way to loosen up my wrists, any ideas?
Is there something you can do make bruising fade faster?
Has anyone heard of this symptom???
What is the best way of getting rid of shon splints?
Why do i hear a clicking in my ear?
Hey contacts or glasses?
Do 2 week acuvue contacts rip easily?
Can your eyes really get stuck when you roll them?
How to remind bringing sunglasses with me.
Do you have two different color eyes?
I've heard of dilation in eye exams... does it hurt?
Eye Colour. What do you think?
My friend makes me uncomfortable, should I take his money?
Why do smart people usually wear eyeglasses?
Do I have to wear glasses when driving?
I do not have any friends. so i have decided to make an imaginary friend for me.what should i name this person
How do i stop my mental illness?
What does it mean if you constantly die in your dream?
How do you calm down when your stressed?
Can anbody tell me?
Who knows an alcoholic?
Should I stop taking my antidepressants?
How do I cope with my girlfriend's Borderline Personality Disorder?
I am lost in life.?
Strange kind of rash....?
My girlfriend has a hard knot close to her underarm?
What causes motion sickness?
What do you do to manage stress?
Could I have diabetes?
15 year old bed wetter?
Why do they have commercials advertising prescription medications? Doesn't my doctor already have this info?
Anyone know how to cure a rumbling stomach?
I can't sleep at night?
My boyfriend just had some bad milk?
How do you like to sleep?
Why do people sneeze without covering their mouths?!?
I want to break my leg of some kind and I'm not really sure how? Any idea? No.. I'm not pyshco!?
How long does it usually take for a broken hand to heal?
Do i really need to go to the hospital if my nose is bleeding non-stop?
Does it hurt if i.........?
Injuries that can cause blindness?
Is their ny way to reduce the blsckness of s black eye?
Can the spinal cord be replaced?
What is the best supplement to take for HURTING JOINTS. KNEES, ELBOWS, ETC?
Was I wrong or was he just an *** hole?
My Knees???
What really works on removing an ugly wart?
Got a cut is it bad when??
Strange bleeding?
What is the purpose of the cotton that is placed in bottles of pain relievers?
I swallowed a 2 batteries about a week and a half ago and I dont think it passed yet...Should I be concerned?
Can a person who has color treated hair get lice?
Is it true that when you hiccup, your heart stops momentarily?
How Do you heal a sunburn?
Are you a healthy eater?
I have a tiny(like microscopic) piece of glass in my finger, how do I get it out?
If you'be broke your thumb would you still be able to move it?
Is possible I am becoming blind?
I'm confused about sleeping with contacts on?
How can i recover from knee pain?
Questions about contact lenses.?
Will eye glasses stop headaches?
I think I broke my big toe
Contact lense trial tomorrow?
I stapled my finger..?
If i wear a pair of of 100% UV protection sunglasses while in a tanning bed can I have my eyes open?
What is the best age to get contacts?
My friend passed out and hit her head on the ground and now cant concentrate?
How can a low income person get eyeglasses?
Should I worry about finger nail stuck in my eye lids?
Glass in foot?
Vision getting worse with glasses... is this normal?
Hit my head?
YA contacts?
Anxiety, Chest pain, nightmares...Whats happening to me?
Abusive family am I wrong to deny access?
On a scale from 1-5 how happy are you?
I'm going crazy!!!!?
Do i have a problem?
What is the "h" in adhd?
Is this right, the way i am?
Am I crazy?
What are the main symptoms of Schizophrenia?
Is teenage depression more common than adult depression?
Is taking loads of tablets a painless why of dying?
My husband has a drinking problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Im 19 why do i sleep all day ? I'm always tired and have no energy.?
Why shouldn't the cigarette company's foot the bill for us to quit.They didn't mind us paying to get hooked.
Why do I wee all the time?
Quitting Cigarettes!, What worked for you?
I've had a sore throat for 7 days, now there's a big white line on the back of my throat, is it strep?
Question on Blood Pressure?
Are you seriously not fully clean unless your Zestfully clean?
Bumps between your legs?
What is a good way to ease a dry itchy flackey scalp?
I take up to 3 showers a day scub real hard,wear deordrant. for some reason ppl say i smell.?
I need a doctor. seriously. help?!?!?
I have a sty on my eye. Is there a non-surgical way i can make it go??
How do i get rid of a wort on my thumb?
How do I cure severely dry, rough skin?
Help!!i have only 1 hour!!!!! i reaally need help?
What is wrong with my knee?
Please help. What's the best way to remove a bullet from my leg (without going to hospital)?
Will my cast be removed?
I hurt my toe today dropped a car battery on it and its purple?
Is cutting yourself bad?
My friend hit me in my lip and it has a few busted parts but there is blood in my lip. wat do i do ?
Can a tendon break? i need advice quick!!?
I have a rash on my upper thigh. how should i treat it?
Are soaps truly unhealthy?
What Should I Do About My Infected Piercing?
I friend has bad acne and?
How do I get rid of these red dots on my legs?
How to deal with a heat rash.....?
Have you ever used aloe vera?
Acne at 16???
Does drinking alcohol cause wrinkles in the face overtime?
I have a fungal infection under my arms should i use roll on deoderant or spray?
How do you get a wasp bite to stop hurting after you get the stinger out?
How long did you go with out bathing ?
How do you get rid of athletes foot?
Which flower do u like?
What causes a constant, loud ringing in the ears?
I have trouble sleeping... what's the best medication?
Cut myself and its bleeding pretty bad.?
Called in sick need a note?
Why do they always send out a fire engine on a paramedic call?
Can I nap in my contact lenses just for a little while?
Is helium deadly?
My contacts?
What is the fastest way to lose my stomach fat I do sit ups but see no results what can I try?
What's up with my eye?
HELP! I can't get my contacts out?
Is any drawback in lasic lazar treatment for eye?
Why do contact wearers have such disregard for the health of their eyes?
If your eyes are red is it bad?
Self-harm at 15. successful ways to stop and cope with life?
Whats your views on mental health?
I witnessed someone kill themselves today?
Kinda stupid ? plz help me with it!?
How do I know what I really want in my life ?
Hi I am boy 13 years .I am egyptian.I have a problem ............please help???!!!!!?
How do I go on?
Could I become a counsellor if I am prone to depression/anxiety myself?
Am i mad please help me?
Suggest the best way to control anger?
If you could see your own aura what colour would it be?
I have some kind of lump in the bottom of my throat that feels weird. It feels like something is stuck there.
What is in turkey that makes you sleepy?
Can you recommend a good mosquito repellant?
Is there any other stuff besides diabetes n dehydration thats causes dry mouth?
I have a weight problem.I dont eat much, i keep getting fatter. walk 3-6miles daily,work out.what is doing it?
Is it true that if u hold yer pee to long yer bladder wil explode??
Is passive smoking just as harmful as actually smoking?
After 3yrs of marriage,my wife never had any cold sores on her mouth or strepthroat, why now.?
I really need the loo and my dad has just gone in the bath. Any help?!?
When was your last eye exam?
A doctor just said my grandpa's anurism might be bleeding? What does this mean?
Morally why should i not be able to sell my kidney?
I have given up smoking for two months yet in some ways i feel worse?
What helps prevent surgical scars?
Why is it that whenever I twist my ankle, it doesnt get swollen or dislocated or anything like that?
My two mth old is due for his shots soon. I would like to know which shot (vaccine) is associated with autism?
How do l get water out of my daughters ear that is stuck in there from swimming?
I hurt my back Friday. Left leg is numb; can't stand up straight; lots of pain in lumbar region. Any ideas?
Was your first time painful?
I'm wondering if i could have a broken bone in my hand?
What age does acne typically go away?
Do i need to go to the emergency room?
Is this a jammed finger or is it broken?
Is addiction genetic/inherent?
My knee hurts when i do squats?
What is the worst injury you have gotten during a night of drunken celebration ?
Why would the doctor tell me this....?
Car crash...breathing problems...help!?
Victim of Crime,Shot in the face,medical bills?after care? no money & homless??HELP ME with some asnswers!?
Why would a scar be painful? have scar from brown recluse bite several months ago it was lanced and healed?
Ok im 16 and like evry time i bend my knees they crack like when i go down to my locker to get my books?
What is the best way to get rid of a summer tan?
Do i have meningitus OR a shaving rash...?
Will giving up soda actually help to clear up acne?
How do you get rid of a wart?
My heals are really dry. Does anyone have a suggestion???
Bellybutton smell?
How long does it take to recover from a broken nose?
Could this just be from my pinched nerve?
How to regain motivation to work out?
I think i may have broken my arm, along hte outside of my arm between my wrist and elbow. i?
My rat got attacked by a cat and can only move her front legs do you think she had a cervical injury?
I hurt myself at the gym can I sue?
How does amputation help save your life if you are bleeding to death?
Is there any way to fix gangrene?
My doctor said I have a hernia right below my left ribcage. I heard you cannot get hernias here. Anybody kno
Tingle in my finger!?
I cant get to sleep any tips to help me get to sleep?
What's the best way to end depression?
Believe in ghosts?
My phychiatrist is an idiot?
What should I do if I want to recover from bipolar depression?
Feeling so worried any advice please?
What are the first sign's of insanity?
Loneliness is killing me.?
Do I have angry problems?
My contacts are stuck!?
Can wearing contacts age your eyes...from always pulling down on the delicate skin under your eyes?
Change my eyes color. I want to change them permanently with out using contact lenses?Please help me. Surgery?
My new glasses have different thickness lenses?
How long does it take after taking a contact lens eye exam to get you contacts made and ready?
Why do you have a tiny hole at the inside corner rim of your eye? Does it have a purpose?
Eye operation?
Can I store my contacts in urine?
Is it ok to sleep with contacts in?
Plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I'm going to be spending 90 days in jail, why are people telling me not to drop the soap?
Is advil dangerous to take daily?
They say milk is worse then 2nd hand smoke, is milk really bad for you?
HELP!!!! Dry cough remedy.?
I'm scared of needles!!?
My roommate has corn starch in the bathroom. why?
What can you do when you feel your throat is starting to hurt?
What are the five things you cant live without?
Please help very severe pain?
Is it possible to be poisoned by strawberries?
The doc's don't know, does anyone else do this?
A female question about a female part.?
How to get rid of hangover after a night of heavy drinking?
How do people count sheep if they can't count?
I have to go pee, there's no bathroom what should i do?
Eveytime I blow my nose it starts to bleed why?
My big toe on my left foot is always itchy and sometimes smells funny. Any ideas?
What is the best way to treat poison ivy, oak or sumac discomfort and rash?
Any tips on getting rid of bo? i shower dairy and use deoderant...please help!!1?
Please help i have to take my make-up off but im really spotty!?
I hear you all but yes ive tried Oilatum, diprobase all doctors prescribed meds,?
Acne, wont go away!??
How to get rid of a horrible zit??
I use Retin-A on my face but can't get rid of these acne scars. Does anybody have a remedy???
When you see someone with a coldsore what do you think about them?
I accidentally burned?
Is this a herniated disc? Or slipped disc? Or something else?
Ways you have broken something (a bone) ?
Recent Sprained Wrist; need advice!?
I need someone smart plz!?
Medical Question?
Any Remedies? this is my cry of plea!?
My nose is bleeding, how do i stop it from bleeding?
Uhh...im not sure if it is or not.?
Can this head impact be taken as serious?
Please, please help! I'm in a weird predicament and I don't know what I should do about it?
How do I control my back-to-school nervousness?
If i went to the doctor and said i want to commit suicide what will happen to me??
Why is life unfair?
Why should i live?
Does anyone know someone who is bipolar and NOT crazy?
What if your boyfriend is gay? what should you do?
Help for anorexia. [Answers fast!]?
We all have to DIE....So how do you stop thinking about it?
What do i put on baby's neck when its raw?
What is the red color solution that a Dr. uses to soak an opened wound?
If cigarettes are so bad why are they still selling them ?
If i put vinegar on a burn will it heal it?
Please help me to treat my severe sunburn? There is pics of it?
I've accidentally brushed my teeth with Vagasil, should I contact poison control?
How do you calm your mind enough to fall asleep?
Is honey or maple syrup any better for you than sugar?
I want to get skinny toned and cut, not muscular and bulky, what excercises are good?
How does one clear the mind after a month of chaos with a psycho woman?
What's the worst that can happen to me if I keep using bleaching cream?
How to get fair skin by using a natural remedy?
My boyfriend has just noticed 2 red patches on his tongue, any ideas what it could be ?
What can a girl use so her face is not so dry?
I am 14, and have never had acne before, lately, I've been getting lots of zits. what do I do, what products?
Eczema? I have a rough, scaley patch the size of a dime on my leg. It has been there for a year.?
Without going to the doctor how do i get rid of toenail fungus?
Please can someone tell me how to get rid of dust mites! The doctor says my son has them all on his skin!?
Can anyone say what is the appropriate Drug for psoriasis...dr say that there is no cure for it .is it true.?
What do u think about proactive solution/?
How do you make swelling go down after arm & hand surgery?
How much does it hurt to get your foot run over?. Is it better to do it quick or fast?
How long do rib injuries take to heal?
Is it medical malpractice? Please help.?
What happens if you push on your eye is hard as you can?
Private or nhs?
Have you ever fell down the darn stairs?
My toenail fell off!?
Ouch, that hurt really bad. Will it grow back? Help me!?
Why does life stink at times??????
Is it possible to cut your own head off?
When is it ok to hit a women?
What is the best thing to become addicted to ?
There is no hope?
I'm depressed... help me?
I am depressed can anyone help me to deel with this i feel like there is nothing here for me?
Everyone i have depression but lately i feel like god has given up on my life and i am left half finished?
I cant take anymore i am gonna go crazy?
Am i depressed!?
Drug test?
What drink makes you need to pee?
Has anyone actually been able to quit smoking without any smoking aides???
I am disabled teenager and i have a new carer that looks after me when she changes me i dont like it she nasty
Ever gone without sleeping for more than 24 hours??
What's the longest amount of time you have been awake without sleep?
Wow. whats this?
Is it true that if you dip someone fingers in warm water while they sleep they'll pee?
Why can't you raise up your ring finger while your other fingers are bent down?
Dislocated knee or knee cap?
A slight pain in the backside?
My nose is broken but I'm alone with no transportation to go to the hospital. What I will do?
The bone just under my ankle on the inside of my foot hurts when i rub it or do any exercise?
Please Help Me!!!!!!!!?
How quick was laser eye surgery recovery?
One of my fingers got caught in a closing door and now its very swollen. What do I do?
I was bitten by a cat should i go to the hospitol or can i take care of the wounds on my own?
How to recover..?
Knee Injury?
I have a small growth on my toe. what is it? and how can i make it go away?
Can anyone help me, i have a dry skin problem.?
What shower cream should I use?
Help me with a rash question?
What should I do to make my child apply lotion on his dry skin?
Whats the best acne treatment?
Can laser eye surgery correct myopia aka near sightedness?
What is the average cost of Lasik surgery?
Is it possible to have brown eyed parents and grandparents, and yet have blue eyes yourself?
Which one is safer when you're playing sports ?? Glasses or Contacts?
Should I get contact lenses????
Why have I got dry eyes?
Do you wear glasses? ... I do and I hate them :(?
Laser Eye Surgery?
Is it normal for your eyes to tear up when you yawn?
Big favor! i need some help with getting my contacts in...every morning i strugle and cant do it?
A bumblebee flew in my mouth and I accidentally swallowed it. Can I get stung internally?
How do you know if your lip/cheek piercing is infected?
My head has been itching! whyand wat can i do?
Anyones stomach hurt after eatting a banana?
What is the most painful thing you have endured?
Why would somebody who used to be able to drink with the best of them now get a headache after a single beer?
Omg help me plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
The 12 steps???
Anyone know anything about shaky hands??
Cotton Mouth!?
Any suggestions for a constantly siezed up and painful shoulder?
Giving blood question and passin out?
I think i got bit by a spider... what should i do?
I think I just broke my arm..?
I got carpal tunnel at work.I've had 1 operation and received on pay for 25 days should i get a lawyer?.?
My ankle???????
Have I got whiplash or is it just my cold?
Whats the best way to get thorns out of my finger? Please help its swollen and I can't bend it.?
Is it dangerous to drink with a head injury.. even if its been three weeks?
How can i know if i have a broken rib?
My face has broken out in rashes and my arms have become itchy for a little while. Why has this happened?
How to reduce dandruff.any treatment or good medicines?
How to help dry skin?
I have an itchy rash which is red and raised?
I got some bites on my arm there itchy,red and they hurt. Should I go to the doctors or wait a few days?
MEN do you find shaving a chore?
How do you get rid of hickeys?
What will cure ring worm?
What gives relief from mosquito bites?
Lice what do?
What do you recommend for a hang over?
I'm feeling quite low at the moment and have been for the last few days?
Nearly everyone called in sick today - how pissed off do you think I am ?
I just quit smoking and I'm really hungry. What can I do?
Is it bad if you sleep too much??
What are some ways to help me become tired so i can sleep better?
Is it true that doctors are considered next to god?
I have a bad, very bad sleeping habit.?
Should people have a right to smoke?
What is voluntary?
Is there another way to get rid of lice instead of the chemical stuff that can harm little children ??
Have you ever been to a psychiatrist? If so did it help?
What do you do to calm down when you're having a REALLY bad day...?
Advice on serious health problem please.?
I've got a splitting headache right now. What should I do?
I'm so angry at life. It seems like the nicer I am, the more people walk all over me. Why?
Who here has Type O negative Blood?
Is it within one's limits to go in or control one's depression?
I have a hospital examination coming up, they want me to bring ?
What's better for aches, pains, and fever: Tylonol, Advil, or something else?
I wanna do somthing stupid any ideas?
Who agrees with me that finding a cure for any disease from this moment on is not such a great idea?
I have to take a drug test for work smoked pot 5 days ago does detox drinks work along with goldenseal?
I am so sad. i'm really depressed w/ family troubles , please help?
Hi,i have constipation after my delivery.and sometimes it bleeds.is it any serious probs?
I am homeless living in my car, i have not slept for 30 hours, and nearly out of money but i have savings...?
Why are we not doing anything about AIDS?
Thats it, ive had enough, i think ime going finish it all off right here.?
What phobia's have you got ??
Who here has passed out before?
Have you ever laughed at yourself?
I have a very embarassing problem??
Should I smoke?
Quit Smoking??
Am i a vampire?
How much sleep do you need per night?
How can i improve a scar's appearance?
I got bit by a neighbors' dog in the arm. Pretty sure the dog doesn't have rabies.?
I have a string coming out of my bellybutton?
I was in class and i walked through the projector laser could i have burned my retinas?
I broke my 3rd & 4th metatarsal on my left foot. only had a cast on for 4 wks, then no xray, told to go home!?
My ankle keeps hurting,but,its wierd?
What can help lessen up the soreness under my arms caused by crutches?
I hand-washed clothes the whole afternoon & now my finger joints are aching and look gnarled.will it recover?
Help, Didnt Tell Parents About Wound?!?!!?!?
A month after I sprained my shoulder, it is popping and cracking. What's up?
Does $75 for an eye exam seem expensive?
How do I get contact lenses?
Why are my eyes all different colours ?
Do you have astigmatism? Can you wear contacts?
Help! i want to get contacts but i always blink like crazy when my finger or any other object get close to my
What causes the odd images I see sometimes when rubbing my eyes?
How old do you have to be to go to the doctors and get an eye exam and get contacts?
How old in the UK do you have to be to have your eyes lasered?
How do blind people eat alone?
What is dry eye syndrome. Is it when your eyes water?
I want to know how to get rid of the warts on my hands?
Anything for cold sores?
What is this thing on my chest? HELP?
Water always best for acne?
What do you like best on your feet?
How to remove warts?
Is it wrong to bring along reading material to the Dr's office, while I wait in the waiting room ?
What should I do about a blister on my finger??
What is the proper footwear for a nurse?
If you cut a finger off, would you put it on ice until an EMT arrived?
What is the easiiest and fastest way to reduce cholesterol levels without taking drugs?
Why is it that........?
Cut on lip!!?
Shoulder pops during exercise?
Why mosquiton always bite me?
What if i can't breath and my back hurts and i can't talk well?
When I stand up at a meeting to read or say something or give an opinion my mouth goes very dry. Why?
What is ultram?
Pain on left side of chest.?
Treatment for Headache?
Why does my throat hurt ONLY when I wake up??
I think my neighbour is suffering domestic violence by her partner, what do I do?
What is it like to be put to sleep under general anethesia?
Am I mentally ill?
Is there a link to depressed peolple and...?
My ear hurts really bad it has stiky fluids coming out and my ear makes a crackling sound?
How come i feel lonely and empty and needy inside, and ive been rejected by most people throughout my life?
Why can I remeber the words to almost any song I hear, but cant remember what I had for dinner 2 nights ago?
My brother has turned up at my parents house asking for a safe place to do cold turkey from heroin,?
I wonder whats wrong with me?
Is it OCD, depression, or bipolar Disorder?
Quiting Smoking?
Have you ever seen a ghost?
Most of the body builders r not quite intelligent why?
It is July 3RD and ER is my only option ?
I'm a 14 year old cutter. what can i do to stop without going to my parents for help?
Does anybody believe that someones' living conditions can infect their mental health?
Ouch! it hurts down there hairbrush dilemma
What can numbness/pain in the left arm mean?..?
If you get shot 4 times,will you die?
Numb fingers and palm with pain up arm. Advice please?
If u have ever had an MRI or are a doctor, HELP!?
Foot Sprain or Fracture?
I have torn cartilage in my knee. Do people come back better than ever after surgery?
When can i walk after cast being taken off?
Owch can u help me?
My armpits sweat really bad. What clothes can I wear so that it won't be visible, and what can I do?
What causes itchy red bumps on your knee?
How do you get rid of dry spots on your face?
Painful Bump on my Shoulder.......?
My face!!!! Help!?
What can cause facial numbness??
Can you get ring worm from mosquito bites?
Can i have laser eye correction?
What happens if you sleep in your contacts?
Contacts or Glasses?
What is the youngest age to get eye contacts?
Do I have an eye infection?
I'm considering wearing contact lenses instead of walking around in dork glasses..some questions about them
Why do I see small black hair pieces in front of my eyes?
My first time with contacts?
My eye sight is weak i listen about some exersice wich improve eye vision can any one tell me about it?
Help! I always have blury vision with contacts and glasses no mater what I try?
If there is no autopsy how do you prove vioxx might be responsible?
HELP please!!!!!!!!!!!?
What color blood do black people have?
I have a problem when my alarm clock goes off in the morning i just turn it off without waking up how can stop
Is ice the only way to bring down the sweeling in my finger?
I don't know what to do. I'm thinking about killing myself but I don't want to hurt the people I love. Advice
Should I go to the doctor for a posssible broken rib?
Which hurts more?
What's the worse scar you have?
Treatment on my ankle?
I got bit by a dog yesterday. Should I see a doctor if I know the dog had all his shots?
What would U do if U found a car on its side on the road and a woman screaming/bleeding and a man unconscious?
What does it mean if when you get up off a chair and feel rlly dizzy??
Could i go blind?
Is it good idea to die cuz of my stupid life?
I hurt my back just now. Can I still go to a yoga class later?
What could be wrong, should i go to the ER?
How do u jump off a cliff without killing urself?
Made poo and blood came out? plese help?
Can you snap your own neck?
I have bad acne and don't believe i can afford a doc can anyone help?
How do you get the itchy out of mosquito bites??
I want a permanent solution for psoriasis?
How to remove/prevent dandruff?
Is cetaphil face cleaner good?
How do you get clear skin?
I got sunburned and i think i have skin cancer?
What is this on my face???
Is it true that spending too much time on the computer or watching too much tv is bad for your eye sight?
What does the color green look like?
How do you go about seeing a doctor, with no insurance?
Does anyone else here have a poor immune system?
I am really skinny.. how do I gain weight?
Why do people care more about washing the face and less about washing the privates after using the toilet?
Are 3 Tylenol Pm's deadly or lethal in any way shape or form..like can i die or anything bad?
What sickness does my wife have? Passed all blood tests?
How to overcome from depression?Advise me for some safe medicine.?
Why does your throat feel fiery and dry sometimes? The feeling is weird and will not leave until the next day.
I work in a hospital, and my feet hurt all the time from the floors. Do those Dr Scholls inserts help at all?
Is it possible for this to happen?
How do you get a sliver out of your foot?
What is the best way to make a fake bruise?
Does this ever happen to anyone else??
What did i do to my arm?
Hi am a soccar player but has developed a callus on my big toe joint which is affecting my carreer.any help ?
My ankles and knes hurt when i run?
When i was skating my friend pushed me and fell on my wrist and hurts.?
I broke my ankle? what should i do in the spear time?
How do you know if your crazy?
Where do babies come from?
I think i'm going completely Insane, (Need Serious Advice)?
Should I Be Worried That My 6 Year Old Nephew Is Dating Barbie???
There is no rehabilitation centre around.me iam addicted t drugs?
Ok well i cutt myself an i cant stop so im looking 4 help?
Would you pull your own eyeball out for 20 pounds?
Anyone!!!Please Be Serious ..No laughing Matter?
POLL: What do you do to escape when everything is just too much?
Is depression a disease of the heart or the head?
What is a good way to get really good skin?
I'm sweating in the armpits?
Dermatolgy wise info needed. what to use to keep skin healthy and youthful?
What is this bump on me?
I got a cold sore, how do you get rid of it fast?
What is the real secret of getting rid of zits?
What types of oral medications are prescribed for acne?
Weird but problem?
What the heck is wrong with my arms?
I slammed my finger into the door. I now have dark blood under my fingernail. How do I remove it?
Bloody excrement?
She passed away?
I have just been told i have psoriasis arthritis is there a anything to look forward to in life ?
I have a cold....!! help!!?
Anyone know how to make flatulence less audible?
Where can I find neurologist in the las vegas nv area who can prescribe medical marijuana for his patients?
Is there such thing as projectile vomit?
I need help with my chest!?
Why should one eat food after taking bath? what is the scientific reason?
Does Pepto-Bismol get rid of diarrhea?
Ok.. PLEASE help me.. I smoked weed yesterday.. BUT IM STILL HIGH TODAY!..?
Carpal tunnel?
My legs hurt. like, from the knee down.?
What are some of the most painful sports accidents?
After a deep wound, how long can you wait before getting a tetanus shot?
Broken wrist and push-ups?
That bump on your back?
Whats the best thing to do if you have a bad back?
Hair removal?
How to remove a splinter withut glue or tape?
How do you remove glass from under skin?
Contact lenses?
What do you do when you are stuck in bed after knee surgery?
What is something I can do to make it easier to put my contacts in? I?
Do Prescription glasses make your eye sight better??
My daughter's ear piercing is infected. What is the best way to treat? I normally use peroxide.?
What happens if you fall asleep in your contacts?
What's wrong, one of my eyes is crying?
Ambulance phone number?
Blue contacts for brown eyes!?
My bottom eye around the bag area spasms. It does not hurt but it feel very funny?
What are some remedies for minor burns?
I accidently sprayed some Marc Anthony curl spray in my eye, will I go blind?
What is the best way to deal with a spider bite?
Does Medicare cover LASIK?
Is it bad to wear my contacts too long??
Contact lenses?
Jumping from a 15 story building: survival possible?
How do i convince my husband to quit smoking?
Sometimes my lips get really swolen and big what could be causing it to do that?
What is a good face lotion? i really need it?
Do I sleep too much?
When you wake up in the morning what position are you in?
Does Vaseline helps spots?
What's wrong with me?
I am having suicidal thoughts. I don't know what to do. I cannot stand the pain any more.?
What is the best way to remove a common wart without going to the Doctor?
Can I break open a vitamin E pill and apply it directly to my skin?
My axe (spray on stuff) is giving me a rash?? how to get rid of this?
Im 17 and i cry so easily whats wrong with me?
HELP!! I have too many worries and I can't sleep without crying?
How long should i wait until after nose surgery to smoke again? is it bad to smoke when healing after surgery?
Is there a food I can eat that will make me feel less depressed?
Is it too late to learn? Can I ever reverse the terrible things I have done to myself?
Can you take medication after the expiration date?
Can being overweight cause my excessive sweating under my buttocks and thighs?
Zit help. Plz help me???
Do you think i have a problem....?
What's the guickest way to get weed out of your system?
I have a piece of skin on my side but i dont know what it is?
How do you control your anger?
What the heck is this thing?
I'm I nuts? Why the F*** me?
Is it better to have no friends or fake friends!??
HOW DO i build up confidence when so many have belittled me bullied me or shouteed me down?
What can I with my foot when somebody has rolled over it?
I have several canker sores in my mouth, would it hurt to put hydrogen peroxide on them with a Q-Tip?
Omg help!!!!!?
Health question???
Can anyone tell me how to get rid of bad black & blue marks under a fingernail?
My friend took 50 advil the other day. Will she be ok? She said she threw up but I havent seen her in two days
What is it? :( it hurts!!!!?
Have I broken my foot?
Wuts general anesthesia like?
Ok...here comes the stupid question and free points..But seriously..I just need some ideas?
Tragedy in family, please give me your opinion?
Is there such thing as a phobia of school?
I can't stop staring at my good looks in the mirror..is this a mental problem?
Is it possible for adults to get ADD?
Does anyone else get depressed when they're lying in bed?
How do I get motivated to get up in the morning?
Last night i had realllly sharp pains(felt a little stronger then heart burn)?
Emergency treatment/remedy for very dry, chapped skin please?
What are some reasons i may have lower abdominal pain such as cramping?
Ever had a rash in your armpit?
I have very bad adult acne, can you help recommend something to use to clear this up?
Y cant sum ppl swollow tablets?
Have you ever heard of something called skin tag's?
My back is killing me and I have no pain pills relife of medicine what 2 dooooooooooo???
Knee pain male 35?
How can i avoid chicken pox, now that my room mate has it?
Toe Cramps?
How do you stop your Meth lab from exploding?
I have lots of scars all over my body...?
Oww cramps...any suggestions?
I have a serious earache. What do I do?
Do I have MRSA?
Why does my ankle hurt when it rains?
Doesn't having bad eyesight affect your color vision.
I was always told to sit at least 10ft from the T.V. Why is it okay to sit in front of the computer?
My son has a prosthetic eye? serious answers only please!!!!!!!?
Black eyes?
How do I convince my dad to let me get contacts?
Am I a 4-eyed person??
Is it true that wearing glasses will make your eyes smaller?
Should I get glasses? i already have conctacts.?
How do i take out my contacts?
Help with contacts?
Girl at work armpit?
What is the most desirable thing about smoking?
I love to sleep, is this bad. I can sleep anytime and all the time!???
If is was legal to kill, would you do it?
My daughter loves burger king, but she gets the runs and really bad gas...what do I do??
Do you think I'm dangerous?
My stomach feels all bubbly and keeps making noises, what does that mean?
If there's one thing you could change about your body?
My feet are stone cold freezing - why?
What do u do when u cant sleep?
Whats your most memorable scar from?
OK then, if I have a concussion...what is a doctor going to do about it?
I fell over and seriously squashed my plums.... please help?
How do you recover from C.F.S?
‚ô•Please help..knee injury!!?
Do I need a lawyer ?
My bf got hit by a car.. what should we do?
Is anyone here as clumsy/accident prone as me?
Ooooo my stomach!!!!!?
I just rolled on my ankle?
I'm 30! Why am I so sad?
I'm in pretty bad trouble. I'm slipping into a depression and I don't know what to do, & turned to alcohol.
I want to live, and yet all I want to do is die?
Do you eat or don't eat when you're depressed?
What is the difference between mental health and mental illness?
What music do you listen to when your depressed?
I am NOT asking a question, but if u type something in as an "Answer" u get 2 free points!!!!!!?
What exactly is Psoriasis?
What are cures for pink eye?
Acne products that worked for you and people you know?
Keloid on monroe piercing - should I take it out!?
Lately i have been getting acne problems. any help to get rid of this, besides visiting a doctor or beautician
I have a flea problem ?HELP Please?
Severe acne problem..help required soon?
Im fifteen and I have severe acne. I also have oily skin. Suggestions on removing my acne.?
Is it dangerous for people to spend too much time on hobby?
What time should a 15 year old girl go to bed? on a school night? on the weekend?
Cant go to Sleep!!?
Am I damaging my health by cracking my fingers?
Does the thought of one day dying keep you awake at nights?
Every time I cough I pee my pants. . .?
How do I get rid of a cold I have had for over a week?
I have terrible leg cramps at night that keep me up. What can I do to make things better?
Why do my finger tips and hands get numb and tingly when i sleep?
K, so I need help!!!?
Please look at this one. How do I get...?
How long does it take off of the gym to fix a sore rotator cuff in the shoulder?
Can I get compensated???
How can i break my ankle easily on purpose?
Why do I get numbness and tingling in my arms and hands while sleeping?
Please read and answer! serious?
What happened to my ankle?
I keep getting this sharp pain, I can't move my arm or my shoulder because it hurts so much. What's wrong?
I get a pain in my right upper arm, I can't swing it over my shoulder,?
Help with my headaches!!!! Please!!?
Does it hurt to get your nose pierced?
Headache help???
If someone gets kidney stones, is there any way they can help prevent them from re-ocurring?
What is the best way to stop a tooth ache?
My moms right hand randomly starts shaking??
Sore Throat!!!!!!!!!!!??????
I get leg cramps just about every night. What causes them and what can I do to prevent them?
Neck prob??
What is ADHD, exactly?
Does anyone know how to cure depression?
Does anyone else really hate making decisions.?
I've been on antidepressants for 3 months now and i dont feel any different whatsoever. should i increase dose
Please give me confidence to stay alive,please help....?
Am I bipolar?
Do we all feel like this, Or is it just crazy me?
Which one is the cause of my problem?
I can't do this anymore...please help me.?
Why am i like this? Serious answers only please?
Whats the quickest way 2 get rid of mosquito bites?
I have a skin-cancer looking mole right on my lower lashline?
Small bump way back in my mouth?
What cream is it best to rub on her rash?
How to get rid of a scab?
How do you get rid of lice... fast?!?
How to get rid of stretch marks?
Get rid of stretch marks and cellulite
What Happens To You Your First Time Smoking Weed?
Why do people scratch when a mosquito has bitten after the bite?
What are some home remedies for soothing my one year old's diaper rash??
HI does anyone know if 2nd degree burns leave scars cuz i have a burn which has blistered pls help :(?
3 1/2 wk old with teary eye?
What's the longest you have gone without sleep? what happens as a result of going that long without sleep?
Little girls nose wont stop bleeding!! What do i do?
Contacts questions?
Is sleeping naked healthier?
I have just started to have nose bleeds over the last couple of weeks what can cause this?
How do I get a 3 yo to wear her eye patch for more then 5 minutes?
I have some water in my ear. What do I do?
Big Brothers Mikey,he is really from north wales.have you ever been to north wales?????????????
Why won't people look at me in the eye?
Cut on the corner of your mouth??
Something has been stuck in my eye for 3 hours but I can't see it!! PLESE HELP ME!!!?
Contacts give me your oppinion:?
My Mom is old. every night she gets cramps in her hands and legs.can anyone plz. tell me what is the first aid