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You can buy reading glasses in supermarkets but where can you buy glasses for distance?
Wood in my eye?
What does 'legally blind' mean??
Is it a broken jaw?
My lower back/tailbone seems to grind & hurt. Any suggestions with exercises?
Why do i get swollen ankles?
Older or younger boy ?? please help me?
Pain in Lower left side of stomach ?
Will I pass my drug test?
When YOU pick YOUR nose, where do YOU place ur boogie's?
I'm a cutter?
Do you think my mom is smoking?
Do you think weed is addictive?
Went crazy cutting myself , dont want to scar?
Omg help im so scared????!!!!?
WHY Me??????
I have a bruise below my knee that has been there for over 10 months. Any ideas on why its still there?
Wat can i do to get taller?
I find it hard to swallow pills.?
Treatment for sprained wrist?
Should i be concerned about my dream?
Is it bad to smoke leaves?
Is it true that only men can be color blind?
Anyone troubled with self doubt,?
Why Am I Suicidal... please help??
What do you fear the most ?
I cannot sleep and have anxiety what is the best thing to do at home??
Am I suffering from depression?
Im feeling vey very depressed what makes you happy and enjoy life?
Do you hear ever things others dont?
Why am I after 36 years now having flashbacks of Vietnam?
Social anxiety?
Home remedys for minor burns?
What can i put on my sun burn i have no alovera?
How will I know if my gf has HIV or not?
I have a blister on my thumb, whats the best way to get rid of it?
Is there anyone out here, who is really serious, about imroving their health?
Can u put peroxide on pierced ears, if they r infected? i've been putting antiseptic but it's not working
Why does stool float?
Bit bug bite really itchy help?
In ur opinion..........?
10 points!!!!?
My health (broken hand) or my team?
Joint pain?
Medical question I really need answered?
My daughter has an infected cut in her mouth?
I suffered a spinal cord injury a few years ago, will there ever be a cure, i am suicidal now?
I have knee pain and am not sure if I have a minor MCL tear or a medial meniscus tear- How can I tell?
I just got my bellybutton pierced what should I clean it with?
I was rear ended last Tuesday but there wasn't alot of damage done to my truck.?
Smokers cough!!?
Waking up unable to breathe - a little wheezing....?
Can a dime get stuck in your esophagus?
Help!! for all those who wear glasses how do u realize that........................
I'm getting glasses. Help me.?
What r the side effects of eye laser surgery , which is done to improve ur eyesight?
It is said there is a certain way to remove a veil from a newborns eye so they have sight of the future?
Why do my eyes get red and sore while wearing contact lenses?
Are these signs i need glasses?
How do you make your eye color lighter?
Learn to Blink with Left Eye?
Is wearing contact only on 1 eye unhealthy?
I'm scared!!!?
Migraine or plain headache?
My upper left back always hurts. And it connects to my neck upto my left lower brain. What should it be?
I jumped into a pool and hit a raft?
Can scoliosis cause you to have no hips?
My lower left arm feels strange?
My throat hurts and i have a bad cough...i NEED it gone.....thanks?
Why do doctors always say "it won't hurt?"?
A good way to Relax?
Back,neck,shoulder pain and pain in arm right down to the middle of my arm?
Which is better for neck pain?
How to deal with depression?
Eating disorder help??!!
HELP!!! What's the best way to deal with stress?????
Who has a fear of death?
Slowly hating everyone and everything, what does that mean?
8 Yr. old son CONSTANTLY asking if he is going to be OK. What is happening to him? What do I do?
What about Suicide?
I need a word of encouragement?
Can you believe my doctor said this to me? Bereavement issue.?
I once tried French kissing, but my dentures fell out in the middle of the act! Should I try again?
Help, drug test!?
What is your favorite brand bottled water and why?
What do you do when you are really Sad and depressed?
My roommate is turning different colors and curled up in a ball. Im freaking out. Whats the deal ?!!?
Whats the worst way to die?
Isnt marijuana addicting?!?!?!?!?
Is it okay to harm yourelf?
How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
Would you rather be really cold or really hot?
Am I Depressed?
I feel like relapsing into harming myself, what can I do to prevent it?
Please help (advice)?
Do i have a mental illness?
Is there life after death?
Screaming for help... I don't know who I am...?
How does cocaine effect your mind?
Why am I like this?
I bath about 6 times a week but?
After give birth for 20 years,what 2 do if the part of virginia is torn(mean it's not in its original position
My little toe fell off?
Dislocated elbow.?
How do you break a leg, ankle, foot, or knee?
Please help!?
What do I do...?
Just injured my hand, should I get it checked out immediately?
I broke my wrist in work?
Does eye surgery hurt?
Axe wound / gash?
Help with sunburn?
Anyone scared stiff by Jellyfish and wont go in the sea?
I am 35 weeks pregnant and have poision Ivy bad my OB subscribed steriods are they safe to take?
What causes boils and do they run in a series of four or five in a row?
How many of you smoke, cigarettes or whatever?
How many shots of alcohol does it take for u to die?
First aid.....?
I have a scrape on my leg and my dog is licking it, Will it harm my leg?
Can you die from getting tickled to much?
How do you get contacts?
How can i stop eye floaters?
Contact lense..?
Where can i get some good cheap glasses im talking 20-30 cheap?
Im color blind, now what?
My eyes changing color?
Can you really go blind over night ?
How much are contacts?
Any herbal remedies for sciatica/leg nerve pain?
Horrible pain behind my right eye.?
Pain in lower leg/calf/shin?
What is the reason for this pain?
What is the fastest way to treat bulging eyes.i mean due to crying last nyt.?
Whats the cause of cramps in legs?
Help Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Standing up all day and flat feet?
Im having these pains in my chest (feels like my heart).. anyone know what it could be?
Wisdom teeth are coming in... omg they hurt so bad what to do? Please help?
How to ease blocked nose and dry throat during sleep?
Athsma problem?
What is the best antiviral drug to treat flu?
Hi my mom has been in S.I.C.U.?
Dad has pneumonia! Please read! :(?
What can i do naturally to get rid of this caugh?
I have another health question!!?
A Q about asthma?
How do I quickly get rid of a cough?
Tell me something interesting about yourself?
I want to die, is it ok to feel like this?
Do you think that the world is coming to end ? and why?
I think my sister is suicidal- what should I do?
How do you get your mind to shut off so you can relax/sleep?
Need Surgery, have ??: My surgeon said he doesn't really know much about the procedure?
Whats worse homacide or suicide?
How many hours of sleep does a 16 years old need?
Is gay is desease ?
I suffer with depression am i entitled to disability living allowance?
Am i schizophrenic?
What's the silliest thing you've ever been afraid of?
What do you do when you can't sleep?
What's up with my temper?
Went white water rafting and fell in a week ago. Got lots of water in my ear and a burst eardrum.?
I took my 2 year old daughter to the ER yesterday because she hit her head on the entertainment center...?
Would my eyes have closed before the elastic band hit my eye?
What do you call some one that takes xrays and only xrays?
Is it normal to have boners in class for no reason?
If I have a back injuy at work what kind of money does workman comp nomally settle on.?
Family member slipped on ice and was diagnosed with a SUBDURAL HEMATOMA...symptoms described; please help?
Is visiting America like visiting the 3 world medically speaking?
Why do we instinctively put our finger in our mouth if we've hit it on something hard?!!!!!?
Failed a drug test?
Is it safe for a young teen (12-14yrs.) to dye their hair?
Ear peircing?
What is the longest you have ever gone without a shower?
A bit gross, bowel movement question...?
I go to bed at 10 but can't sleep till hours later, like 2, and then I have to get up at 7, why can't I sleep?
Tanned or not tanned?
What can happen if I smoke weed one time?
Is George Bush an idiot or is it just me?
Would you advise tie the tubes after 3 kids at the age of 34?
What's your way of comforting yourself?
I cant stop thinking when i try to sleep???
What is your IQ?
I have never gone to the toilet ever since i was born?
How do I tell my parents that I may be suffering from depression or want to go see a doctor?
How do you overcome fear of heights?
I am a 16 year old having a tough time dealing with my parents?
Is it possible to control manic depression (bipolar) without medication?
What mood are you in most of the time?
Should legs have two bumps on them?
I can die from going outside at night..?
I'm Sunburnt BAD!?
What does it mean when you have a tingling sensation in your fingers?
How can you bring down the swelling from a bee sting?
How can a friend he is smelling bad without hurting his feelings?
What do most retired people do?
Do all drug-addicts become liers?
Do i need stitches?
What happens if someone chews a bubble gum filled with gun powder?
Calling all doctors can anyone please help?????
I stubbed my toe. What should I do to heal it?
Ouch. I just fractured my hand! It hurts so badly, please help me?
My wife was doing some exerciseing & is hurting in right lower part of her back what is good heat or cold pad?
What to do with dog bite?
Nail through ball of foot still painful what can I do?
Does it hurts?
Will stitches & cuts leave scars?
How long should u wait to see a dr for back pain?
Does it Matter what way you put in daily disposable contact lenses?
Laser eye surgery: what probems have you had? Have u heard of?
If you wear your contacts for 24 hours, does anything bad happen to your eyes?
I accidentally got my eye poked buy a finger and now its noticeably blurry , is this permanent?
Is there a such thing as eye cancer?
I cant see the white board?
Will there every be a cure for blindness.?
Questions about contact lenses?
If you have astigmatism, can you still wear contact lenses?
Why is our reproduction organ, at between our legs,?
What are the side affects of taking an aspirin once a day?
Should I go to the doctor or the dentist?
I'm in pain please respond quick!!!?
Would you think badly of someone who self harmed?
How do I keep my daughter from slouching?
How do you discuss pain medicine with your Doctor, that is a real touchy subject with them.?
I've NEVER done it, but is drinking urine and rubbing it on your skin actually good for you?
Pain! Please help?
Does eating snow cause heartburn?
My mum is so rude!?
Cracking knuckles?
Is it ok to eat a whole lot of candy for halloween?
Which one of the 5 senses u think u couldn't live without?
Migrane headaches?
FART QUESTION.... Im seriouss?
Ouch...help please??
Does it hurt?
Again with my Migraines?
Occasional Chest Pain?
I really need to break my ankle, what are some possible ways ?
I punched a wall last night and it sill hurts?
Is it possible to jump without bending ur kness?
I twisted my ankle. How many days should I rest it b4 I reconvene with my exercise routine?
Can I pay to get an MRI without having to go through the doctors.?
In Goldeneye, James Bond is about to get cut in half by a laser...?
I was cutting my toe nail some time ago,i made it bleed,can't cut because of clot, what treat' do i need?
My nose was bleeding today...................?
Stubbed my big toe and the nail is like a flap, what do i do?
What could have been the cause of the Haematoma i've had in my arm?
If I wanted to commit suicide could I do it by jumping off our 8 foot high deck?
What can i do to help me stop?
What is a good way to wake up early?
Should i commit suicide?
Help im miserible, im not excited anymore. im 16?
Is this depression?
When people ask me why I am silent, what do I tell them in return?
If I fart in the bathtub and bite the bubbles what will they taste like?
I think Im mentally ill?
I have real bad gas pains what do i do?
Anyone got a summer cold at the moment!?
Hey how can i get my Virgina tight ?
When do you really start to feel your age?
Do i have a drinking problem?
Am I short?
My 3 year old daughter has a 104 degree temperature...should I take her to emergency?
How long does cocaine take to get out ur system?
Ok, why do people do drugs in the first place?
Yesterday i fell down the stairs at school... please help!?
Is it best to stay completely off a lightly sprained ankle until it heals?
Will my toe nail grow back?
I sprained my ankle...what type of doctor should i go see?
How to get a bandaid off?
Is anyone medically trained? My brother has done something to his leg...?
I broke my ankle, but I still want to Skateboard...?
[10 POiNTS] I just want to know what it is .. not the slightly bit worried .?
Crutches or not?
I bent my back backward too far and now it hurts to bend. What should i do?
What are the repercussions of sleeping with your contacts in?
What happens if you wear contacts on the opposite side?
Do you have contacts?????
Why are my eyes bloodshot? Not hurting though.?
My BF does not like my eyeglasses . I love wearing them though. What do you think of them?
Is my eye doctor feeding me a line of bull?
How safe is lasik eye surgery? Do bad procedures happen and how often?
Why do eye boogers form(like after naps), & what happens if you leave them there?
What can happen if you wear contacts nonstop ?
How do you know when you're going blind?
Is this true?
How do you relieve stress?
Can you lick your own Elbow?
What do you do when you cant sleep?
Can any 1 tell me best exsercise for burning fat from my stomach?
Heeeeeelp!!!i have to take a drug test tomorrow,but i smoke pot sunday,how do i pass it?
Smoking, how do you feel about public bans?
Can Humans get bit by fleas??
Im getting drug tested for weed?
How does as sauna work? And can you really lose weight by using the sauna?
I have had a sore throat for 2 weeks.I mean not like a cold sore throat it`s like uncomfortable to swallow.?
How do I get water out of my ear that is really deeply in there?
My whole life is a diet,i spend each day eating and saying my diet will start the next day, what should i do?
Has anyone broken any bones and how.?
Hwo to refresh when being very sleepy?
I just cut off my pinky finger...PLz HELP!?
Sometimes at around 9pm i feel very sleepy... someone help !!!?
Hickeys...how do you make them fade,fast??
Pain releif?
Massive migraines, Sore knees, Sore muscles, Can't straighten knees when i go to walk, Low Stamina?
Is it possible to pass out from pain killers?
Is hitting yourself in the need with a hammer going to cause problems?
How can i relieve my sore behind?
Which works best as an anti-inflammatory for sore muscles?
My throat is killing me!?
What is the best way to tell a doctor that you need stronger pain meds without looking like an addict?
Keep getting sharp pains in my legs help!!!?>??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Best Pain Reliever for a Boil?
Weird clear liquid after a cut?
This is a very dumb question?
Metal in eye?
Infant not given Anesthesia during surgery?
What happens when an entire toenail breaks off and what should I do if it does break off?
Does a person who is getting a massage needs a sheet to cover, when the massage therapist says you don't?
Fallen down stairs and have a painful wrist...?
It hurts really bad?
Self concious of scars?
Read me im important im 20 years old and in a wheel chair ......?
Can you overdose on Paracetamol?
So i have 'anxiety'..It started about 3 years ago. Do I tell the doctor? Ive always had problems but..
I have reached the ten year mark?
Being a loner........?
I want to quit drinking at home- and I believe i can do it- but my husband wants me to go to AA...?
Whats wrong with me?1?
How do you keep yourself entertained all day at a BORING job?
"Fluttering" noise in my right ear!?
Help me!!! i'm very constipated?
I sleep enough, why I'm always tired??
Hospital staff, over payed and underworked ?
What do white spots on the throat mean?
Anyone had Lasik who also has drye eyes?
Does being hungry and/or thirsty effect your eyes?
What do you think? Appointment or No Appointment?
Do u think i need glasses?
Is it true that wearing glasses screws up your vision?
Im about to run out of contacts?
Is there any long term side effect of wearing soft contact lenses?
Is it possible to get blind from playing computer games alot daily?How deep could your eye go for vision lost?
Can playing to much video games ruin my eye sight?
Thinking about contacts?
EMT-B Question 2?
Who do you depend on?
Mouth Ulcers?? Quick fix?
What is cleaner vacuming the floor or sweeping it.?
I just got bit by a cobra. How long does it take before the venom sets in?
My friend! Do you smoke? If yes, how many cigarettes per day?
What color is blood before air hits it?
Do you feel sick today?
Is it ok to empty ampicillin from its capsule, and take it dissolved in water?
What is a heart murmur my grandaughter has one at year and half years old?
Best shoe for a standing cashier? input appreciated!?
How do you heal quickly from a tonsilectomy?
When your Dr doesn't listen about the med's they prescribe what do you do?
Do you believe in ghosts?
Getting my Tongue Pierced!!!?
Help with Fentanyl Patch...Serious Answers only?
Anyone else on here feeling ill and passing the time till next paracetamol?
What could a sharp pain in your lower belly mean??? It's not a bad pain just a quit shooting pain??
Help me......in lots of pain?
Bad side effects to Vicodin?
I need serious help with a BIG problem. will u help me/ give advice or whatever?
Is my daughter ok?
My imaginary friend...?
What do you call a place where a person can go to relax and get away from people and stress.?
When have you had enough?
I am 22 going on 17 Whats your mental age?
Do you think writing when you are stress or/and depress helps any?
Does anyone else think about suicide?
I just want to die. Is it wrong? I'm not depressed, I'm not suicidal. I just don't believe in an afterlife.
Split personality? help? really? no nasty answers please.?
What are finger nails made of?
Help, cant sleep. tried warm milk and doesn't work. What can I do?
I cannot get to sleep at night because my legs are very irritable why ??
I work 12hour nights and i get 7 hours sleep, but im still yawning and still feel tired, whats wrong?
Is cracking your knuckles/joints bad for your joints?
I have 20/200 vision, what does this mean?
If u sneeze with ur eyes open will they fall out
If you pulled your eyes out of their sockets and then positioned both eyes to face other, what would you see?
Could my vision improve?
Im new with contact lenses!?
Best glasses for a large nose?
Contact lenses?
What is your take on glasses causing...?
Can an optomitrist withold my contact lense RX??
Anyone go to the Walmart Vision Center?
What do you do if you can't stomach changing the dressing on your child's wound?
Are X-rays (Radiology) 100% accurate in detecting hairline fractures?
When i flex my forarm a bump pops up?
Is your 1st or 2nd toe longer?
What's the quickest way to heal my little finger?
When you have a broken bone..Does it hurt when its healing?
Fell on my stomach?
How do I heal cuts on the corners of my lips?
I am having a general anaesthetic tomorrow and feel that I am getting a head cold. Will it still go ahead?
Can you go to the ER if you do not have health insurance?
What is a fate worse than death?
Is your second toe longer than your first? is it meant be like that?
Who else thinks this is very disgusting?
What are the dangers of sleeping with an electric blanket?
I stopped smoking on monday, when will i feel like a human again?
I'm turning 40 in just over a week, and I'm not looking forward to it. Does anyone have any comforting words?
How hard is it to quit smoking?
My nose is so stuffed and i dont know why.. what makes it happen and how can it go away ?
Just how addicting are pain pills?
Common cold.... The cough,sneeze,stuffy nose,scratchy throat, SORE CHEST???!?
I got bleach on my finger........?
Pain in BOTH of my wrists?
Can ibuprofen and acetametaphin be used together?
What should I do about this painful sunburn?
Is it ok to leave a wood splinter in your finger?
I get this strange sensation when i am lying in bed sometimes, it feels as if the bed is tilting.?
How can i keep up my health if i dont eat cuz i get told tthat im fat by my family and friends so i stop eatin
My kidneys hurt?
Ive had a bad cough...what should i do?
I have had this headache that feels like theres pressure in my head! has anyone experienced this?
Is it true that if you were stabbed in the brain you would not feel it?
What pain relief can my mum take for osteo arthritis?
Strange sharp pain in chest???
What is good for inducing vomiting?
What is the quickest way to get warm?
What does exactly CHIROPRACTOR do?
How often do you remove your contact lenses?
My precription is 20/200. Is that bad? Im only 15 so would you recommand surgery to correct my vision?
How long before you get used to putting in and taking out your contacts?
I have had something stuck in my eye for 3 days!?
Is more than 20/20 vision possible?
Can someone explain this random blind spot in my vision?
Which opticians?
Ive had a sore throat for about a month,Im not sick anymore.Why wont it go away?
Dus everyone actually wash their hands EVERYTIME they go to the toilet???
Laser Eye Surgery?
Any ideas how I can fall asleep quickly... I have tried counting sheep and this does not work!?
My eye feels like i have an eyelash in it...what else could it be?
How do you refill a prescription?
Confused about glasses?
Why is MILK said to be bad for health (except for babies)?
How to improve you eyesight?
What is wrong with me?
Why is it illegal to commit suicide? Why cant we have a say on the matter when it's our lives?
Do I have depression?
What should i do in this situation?
I'm addicted to Yahoo Answers, help?
Hey I'm a cutter I have?
Can anyone advise me on how to stop obsessive and destructive negative thoughts?
Am i overreacting or should I say something? And if so... how?
My Best friend is bulimic ='( How do I stop her?
Can bed bugs bite your head?
Shouldn't I be too old to have acne?
My scalp is really dry. nothing seems to help. any suggestions on how to heal it?
Why does my face turn so red when I exercise?
Is it possible to remove moles from your body?
What bite would cause this?
How can i get rid of dark under eye circles?
People, What do I do to heal my toe?
From running i normally get shin splints how do i over come it?
Can the bump on my nose be fixed without a nose job????
Hard lump at the base of my middle finger, HELP?
How do i know if i tore a ligament in my knee?
My leg hurts...?
I think I pulled my forearm and bicep muscles, and it hurts. What can I do to make it better?
How long does it take to roll a joint?
What did i do?
I hit my toe on something hard by accident now i think a couple of my toes are fractured if not they just hurt
My boyfriend is having eye twitching and spasms that are driving him nuts, what could it be and how to treat?
I just got contacts and i had to sleep in my contacts cause i couldnt get em out now my eye is red and swell?
Is it bad for your eyes to stair at the computer screen all day?
Difference in eye vision!?!?!?
If a man only has one eye, does he blink or wink?
Does anyone know why California requires an eye exam every year while most other states require it every two?
Can i be going blind at 14?
Blood vessel broke in my eye, what should I do?
What does it mean when your eye jumps or twitches?
My reflection in glasses?
Why are kids always bored?
This will be a weird question, please help if you know;?
No one answered before ...?
Its Saturday night do you have any friends?
Whats the best medication for anxiety?
For all the suicidal people out there?
Are you addicted to something?
Is there a cure for selfishness?
Please help, I am 15 and need some advice?
Do you have enough courage to change your life?
Can we all count ourselves lucky that snot has no smell?
I haven't slept all night and I have to go to school in a couple of hours. Should I even try to sleep?
Why can't they just make cigarettes without all the bad stuff?
Exactly how much 'Beauty Sleep' do we need?
My dad is a smoker and WONT quit & refuses to believe smokings bad?
What food will make you no longer constipated?
Are you happy with your body? what is ur ideal body shape?
How many tatoos do u have?
What's a good way to treat mild depression without taking anti-depressants?
Have you had a ciggarette today?
Spitting up blood?
Why is it that when people are sick they throw up? Why is throwing up so bad for you?
Drug use..or something?
How do we lose our vision?
Contact lenses?
Contact soft contact lens solution help?
Do glasses leave marks on your nose?
What should I do about my eye? (pic)
Does going on the computer ruin your eyes?
Okay...so, I got my new glasses today. Should I wear them all the time?
Did you know that no one can have black eyes?
Can I please put them back on now?
Is it bad if you leave your contacts in for a while?
I think I broke my toe?
Is it okay to break vicodin pills in half?
I think i broke my big toe!?
My mom just cut her finger, what should we do?
My thumb still hurts?
I was swimming too deep in the sea yesterday and now all i can hear is water in my ear! help!?
My nail died and now i think its gonna fall off... :(( ... will it hurt? and can i stop it?
How do you relieve a pain in all parts of your hands after lifting a very heavy object?
Do you smoke...?
Lately, I noticed that my memory has been failing me and it's so frustrating, what shall I do?
Can anybody tell me how to cure athritis in both knees?
What should I do about the pain I feel in my esophagus after eating a very big meal?
What is a good way to relax and remove stress?
What makes you happy??
How can i be confident of myself?
Why are there so many lonely people in the world?
If I die would eneyone care?
Please help me not to cut myself?
Why does self harm make you feel better?
Do you think Suicide is a selfish act?
What should I do?
I think about suicide and running away a lot,is that normal for a teenager?
At which age did you start wearing glasses/contact lens?
Is Lasek operation for the eyes safe? has anyone tried it? did you have any complications?
Colored contacts?
Is it best to wear glasses all the time?
Tips to keep good eye sight?
My eyes hurt really bad, and the pain is makin my head throb?
I have eye floaters and im 16 is this common?
Can u tell how old i am?
What are the precautions to be taken for glaucoma?
What causes tears to come out?
What's wrong with me?!?
Knee Problems... Need Help?
What is the quickest way to get rid of a bruise?
Open Wound On Leg, What Should I Do?!?!?
Could a pain in my upper back and left chest caused by my crying so hard and sadness?
Got an itch? How do you scratch your itch when it's under your cast?
Laser eye surgery cost?
I have muscle pain at my left back (lats). I've tried cold/heat treatment and Alleve/Advil. What next?
Help Please!!!?
Is balance affected without a little toe?
Should people who are involved in car accidents be deprived of free NHS treatment?
Why has my urine turned dark yellow and have an odor, i dont drink soda?
Do you want to live a happy life forever? Why not?
How many hours do you sleep a day?
Whats the purpose of finger nails and toe nails?
I have back pain what should I do?
What is the best way to stop a asthma attack?
What causes bad health?
Help please I am burning!?
Is there any eye sergent would correct my vision with laser for free?
What is the best way to make school dinners more healthier?
Why would a 48 year old man lose 30 pounds in 9 months without trying?
How to keep the flys off the dog?
Y do older women fondle me?
Sprained ankle!! freaking out??
Arm swollen after fall.?
Can you have a fractured big toe even if there's no swelling and I can still walk (with some discomfort)?
What's your injury story?
Question about ones ability to heal skin?? all input appreciated?
How can i get to sleep without waking up please help help me i am begggign me?
What good is a lifetime guarantee on a parachute?
I need to break either my toe or my foot(I prefer which one hurts less) Can you help?!?
Why would people even think to use drugs?
I'm 13 and I'm already suffering from suicide thoughts and depression? Can someone help me?
Is it possible to feel suicidal, but have no real reason to kill yourself?
Why are some people frightened of silence?
Why am I still depressed?
Does anyone have a STRANGE phobia?
Is it ok for a guy to call another guy Tiger?
Very sudden I started vomiting, my lower back and down hurts. It feels like extreme muscle cramps? what is it?
What does it mean when I can't get a good night sleep, and then wake with a stomach ache and dizzy?
Don't you find it worrying that doctors call treating you their "practice" ?
Will adding ground ginger to your tea or coffee help in releiving heartburn?
Where can I find he how to make plastic bread for first aid?
How can i stay awake for work without drinking loads of caffeine...any recommendations??
When should I call the doctor?
How long does it take for a broken bone to heal completely?
What really is the best way to stop hiccups?
Is 5.3 short for a 17year old guy?
Do you like to take baths, or showers?
Have you ever had a dream that happened once?
What is your cure for the hiccups?
Do you smoke weed?
How do i get rid of a headache?
I'm ready to quit smoking cigarettes, what advice can you give me?
What should i get pierced???
Contact Lenses! Good or Bad for the eye?
Can I wear contacts in the pool? Or should I take them out?
What is 50/50 vision?
How successful is Laser Eyes Surgery?
If i drink eye drop what is going to happen?????
Are eye glasses of a lesser quality if you buy them from an optical chain rather than a doctor's office?
Contact lense solutions...?
There's sumthin in my eye!!!?
Stuff in my eye......really hurts?
Why do children have such large eyes?
Steps to quit smoking?
I need help answering this?
Can I get sick from sunburn?
What's the best first aid for a Yellowjacket sting?
Can you die from passing gas?
Who is trying to quit smoking?
I have a bubble blister from a burn I got should I pop it?
Look at my foot, is it bruised only or sprained?
My earring is stuck in my ear and I'm really scared!?
Can you refrain from popping your zits?
Can you use contact solution as eye drops?
Help! I accidently slept with my contacts in!?
How much do you get payed for donateing blood?
Is it possibe to wear contacts just to change eye color?
How do I get rid of this thing in my eye?
How do I make my eyes not look so red?
What beauty store would have colored contact lenses??
Why cant you keep your eyes open while sneezing?
Does anybody know what causes nightmares?
Just Curious...?
What is wrong with me??
I need your help to quit smoking, i need to want to stop, what good reasons are there?
I woke up dizzy this morning what could be wrong?
Will you please take my life?
How old do you FEEL?
I have at least 8 hours sleep a night and still wake up feeling knackered. Any suggestions?
Is it possible I am going bald because I smoked marijuana 30 years ago?
Do people breath when they sleep?
Why do people smoke canabis??
Depression, apart from suicide what are the alternatives?
Depression or am I just insane?
Should i visit my teacher in the hospital tomorrow
What do you have against the mentally ill??
How can you tell if you have depression?
How can I keep my parents from finding out I've been cutting myself?
How can i ensure i do not enter into an abusive relationship in the future?
What is a suicide note supposed to say?
What's some fun things to do when I'm bored? (not on computer)?
Which contact lenses brand are best for really dry and sensitive eyes?
Can you wear contacts...?
What color should I paint my bathroom?
How old do you have to be to get LAZIK EYE SURGURY?
Question about contacts?
My skin color is brown and i want to know what color contacts could go with me?
Could someone tell me the truth about laser surgery,i hate glasses?
I was told by an optician today i have dry eyes?
What is the water % in contact lenses?
Do I have depression or am I just a normal teenager?
Why do i feel so dizzy?
What mental disorder do you think or know you have?
I know this is a random thing to ask, but...?
Can spending to much time in the hot sun cause stress?
Why does my uthera burn after i go to the bathroom?
What is classed as a normal nights sleep in hours?
Should I check myself in to the mental ward?
Vomiting blood?
Am i crazy??
5ft 2 9stone 4pounds am I about right?
I have a bad habit of cracking my knuckles and I want to stop, any tips?
Where are you at right now? im at home its 120 am, bored and cant sleep wishing i wasnt alone?
Is mastrubuting is good for health or not., pl tell?
What role do drugs or alcohol(or both)play in your life?
My 18 month old has a fever blister how did he get it? isn't fever blisters herpies?
I get bitten by mosquitoes when other people don;t?
Any remedies for sunburn?
We consume alcohol and smoke cigarette despite its consequences.. why?
What should i do if i have a piece of glass in my foot?
Which foods have iron?
Whats the best home remedy for mosquito bites?
Need some idea's for mosquito bites?
How can I get rid of the hicups?
What has an eye but can't see?
What's wrong with me?
Glasses are making my eyes worse?
Do you wear glasses? If so whats the prescription? Do you wear glasses or contacts?
Who would smell worse if they had not bathed for 2 weeks, a woman or a man?
My sister is 6 and drinks about 3 cans of red bull a day is that bad?
What is the thing that makes people want contacts more than glasses?
What are 3 items that you carry it with you most of the time?
What do you think about sleeping?
How manny pairs in one box of contact lenses ? EASY TEN POINTS?
I want to start smoking cigarettes, what's the best way to do it?
What is the best method of measuring ocular pressure?
I know this isnt a Q. but i am having surgery today at 10:45 Please Please Please say a prayer for me thanks?
I am 4 feet 6 inches. i am almost 12 and i way 95 pounds.i am a girl?
Have you ever told anyone that they have body odour?
Why does my eye hurt?
Why do I stay up when I'm so tired and need to go to bed?
What the effect of using wrong prescription eyeglasses?
HELP i have discomfort almost every time i insert my contact lenses... its soo annoying?
My lower back hurts real bad?
Broken little toe???
What do you think of my scars? ?
What happens if i get to much stiches??
Fell down and my skin ripped off totally, HELP!!!?
Why is it when you stand up?
I pulled a muscle in my upper back how do I stop the pain??
Massive Nose Bleed? WTF?
What would you do?
What is the best way to get rid of scars?
Anyone know the process of being a bone marrow doner?
Can anyone tell me why my eyes drain a clear sticky fluid that has an odor to it? They do it every morning.?
Which vegetables are have betacarratine in them?
How do blind people know when they're done wiping their butt?
Can anyone tell me the best way to avoid mosquito bites this summer??
Does the use of cocaine for pleasure cause problems at work?
The Smoking Ban is working in Scotland.Do you think an immediate ban in England and Wales would work ?
What do you do to assure a good night's sleep?
I fell colder than other people, any cure ?
Why do people fear death?
So, how do you show your love?
What's the longest someone can go without sleep?
Is it ok that I hate myself?
Kinda depressing question?
What can I do to improve my life?
What's wrong with me..?
Am I Just Plain Stupid?
Am feeling depressed
Are democrats stupid or deranged in some way that they can't see how successful President Bush is?
Why do I feel nauseous after smoking?
Please, Please Help?! Emergency!?
My son sprained ankle on August 3rd, his coach said to ice then hot water soak and then ice again.?
Anyone know what would cause sudden chest pain with blurred vision and severe weakness?
Daftest injury?
Can you move your shouder if you have dislocated it,?
Have you ever been given an incorrect medication from a pharmacy?
Have you received compensation after having a car accident that wasnt your fault?
I want to get my nose pierced but if i decide to take it out eventually, will it leave a scar?
Should I see an Ophthalmologist or an Optometrist?
Eyeglasses parts?
Laser segery is safe or not ?
Could you wear your contacts in the shower?
Why was I so scared of this commercial?
Lasik surgery.....Anyone had it?
Do I have pink eye?
Can lidocaine be put in eyes?
How do I get the white part of my eyes whiter?
For those who wear glasses or have done?
How long should i live??
Why do people fear death?
Trying to quit marijuana.....please help??
My son was at school today and his glasses got broke by a boy in his class?
Hi! I don't smoke anymore!?
What never fails to lift your spirits?? I'm feeling a bit down and need cheering up!?
I have trouble falling asleep!?
Is it true when people say that water is very good for your skin?
OMG! An athiest sneezed on me. What do I do?
Do you like to sleep?
Sunburn help!?
Cant sleep????
Constipated - will lemon water cure it?
Can you swim with Contacts in your eyes?
My Eye Vision (Glasses)?
My left eyelid is swollen and is hurting and beneath that eye its puffy wat shud i do?
Can a regular eye doctor help me with an eye infection?
Can someone answer this for me?
Is it true that squinting will cause me to have pre mature wrinkles???
Laser Eye Surgery for 15 year old?
What could be the reason on having pain and pressure on eyes?
Can you Plastic surgery to change eye color only of the puplis?
Is it okay to wear my glasses all the time?
I hate myself and I want to die.?
First aid for sun burnt skin? i feel terrible.?
I know this is bad. But I need desperately to know.?
How do you deal with anxiety?
Why do I lie?
Who thinks the prodigal son is a w*nker??
How do I stop my yawning?
Do you prefer to tell good news or bad news?
Does this ever happen to you?
Are feeling of suiside normal?
Useful answers please,What is the least painful,scariest way to commit suicide?t?
What is the normal temperature for a 15 month old child?
Why do I cry???
I spilled some hot food on myself and the burn is bothering me?
Is there anything i can put on a burn to make it stop hurting?
Tell me something i don't know?
Whats Lou garrets diease?
How can you stand to work the night shift?
I need some medical advice?
Shot or stabbed?
What can I do to prevent a deep cut on my upper lip from scarring?
What am i doing wrong in my cpr training...?
I have broken my arm a upper arm fracture, would it be stupid to go hillwalking with this?
Headache serious?
Alien or vampire bite me on the nose help please?
Why did I pass out in the shower?
What makes you bruise?
Sore Throat...?
Can ur eye color change??
Is it safe to use contact lens while playin basketball?
My vision with my contacts gets blurry after an hour or so, why?
Whens the last time you had your eyes tested?
Does eating a lot of carrots change the color of your eyes?
Can you see correctly when wearing contacts inside out?
My eyes change colour, is this normal?
The Eyeglass Conspiracy?
EYE CONTACTS?? can u put them in yourself and not the doctor?
I just received my progressive bi-focals and I hate them. With time, will I get used to them?
How long should I expect for my wound to completely heal?
Does this gaping cut require stitches?
Are broken bones agony?
Has anyone had their wisdom teeth pulled???
How To Relieve A Jammed Finger?
What are the five signs of shock?
The naming of my big toe....................?
I'm not allowed to do sport - how can I keep fit?
What should i do? owee..?
Are there any home remedies for a kinked neck?
Ca you catch a cold when you're sleeping without covering your stomach (bellybutton)?
How can I getrid of the hiccups?
What does this mean dxjgftudbhyrgfdfkures?
What is the best way to help scrapes and abrasions heal quickly?
What is the right amount of Water to drink?
Splinter in the bottom of my foot please help!!?
Can stress make certain health problems worse?
Does anyone know a fast, easy way to get rid of hiccups, besides holding your breath?
How can I prevent a blood blister that I get on my thumb everytime I go bowling?
I think i need to see a doctor? help!?
Help me please!? ANSWER!!?
I hurt myself really badly! Will I get better?
How do i make my anus stop hurting?
Will my back get better i really need good advice!?
Heat Stroke?
I banged the side of my knee against a piece of furniture and instead of a bruise I now have a lump why?
BIG TOE damaged- will it heal?
Uhm...i gave myself stiches?
Im About to go to surgery...?
My 16 year old son wants to wear diapers should i let him wear them or not.?
What's your bad health habit?
How do i get to sleep with out using sleeping pills?
When you're sick is it better to take a warm/cold shower???
What state do you live in and how hot is it?
Pain in stomach?
Bed sheets..?
What dose scared to death mean?
When I die I want my body to be frozen so I can be thawed out in the future. what are peoples views on this?
What the best way to lose wait?
Why do people fear death?
NEED HELP!!! Smoked weed 3 days ago. Drug test TOMARROW<:{ Most enexpensive way to test Clean???
Hoe do you get rid of hiccups?
Do I have an eating Disorder?
Help Me!!! please...?
What are you afraid of?
Why we loose our temper even though we know it will heart others as well as our self.?
Am I going to cheat on my girlfriend?
Why do i always make the wrong decisions?
How does the following quote figure into your life? (See Details)?
Goodnight everybody?
I just feel so weighted down with life.?
Is it wrong to wear contacts everyday from morning to night?
Is there an operation to correct short sightedness with the left eye -15.75 & right eye -13.75 ?
What are the risks of laser eye treatment?
Can a regular eye exam from from an opthemetrist detect diseases and disorders in the eye ?
Lost glasses please respond to people who wear glasses?
Eyes getting much worse, any reasons you think?
Why do my eyes have different visions?
I just cut myself to the vain how do is top bleeding?
Other than shampoo and conditioner what else can make our hair grow?
Does anyone get frequent nose-bleeds?
How can you tell if you have down syndrome???
How long should i fast before taking laboratory tests?
How long does a sunburn last?
How deep on avarage does a cut need to be to need stitches?
Really bad blisters?
Bee sting??
What would happen if i just stopped eating? or probley eat a bite of something and just drank fluids?
Could you get up in the morning with out an alarm clock?
How much does it hurt to pierce your ears?
The common cold...?
Former cutter with obvious scars, how to deal with questions?
Please read here......my 3 year old has a......?
I am tired alot of the time, what is the best way to boost my energy? what are the best foods to eat?
Contact lenses?
Why won't my eyes adjust with my contacts?
What does it mean when your eye twitches?
Something in my eye......!?
What is astigmatism?
I am 55 years old I start to lose my eye sight what should I do?
Eye Infections?
If you have an astigmatism in one eye will glasses help the eye ?
My 9 year old daughter has started to blink a lot?
How to stop yearning for death?
My sister keeps talking about commiting suicide.?
Hi. Last call, I really need to quit smoking. Any true life examples?
I'm so depressed I can hardly move. When will this go away? Can I do anything to help myself?
Everybody Click here I mean Every body online now .
What is your favourite time of the day and why?
Verbal Abuse?
Why do I feel I have to kill myself...?
Why do i feel like im being watched by cameras?
I stepped on a pencil and it went into the bottom of my foot.?
My shoulder hurts slightly..why?
I need some serious help.. I ALWAYS Feel too tired!!?
How can i break my knee?
I feel weak, my muscle are acing, how can i feel better?
Broken Toe?
Anyone have any home remidies for a ear ache?
I place my wedding band on the wrong finger, Now it is swollen. How do i remove it?
I went to a massage therapist over the weekend and she told me that my left side of my body was swollen....?
What was the best day in your life?
What would you call this type of fear?
Will this work day ever end???
Ive decided life's great,everythings brilliant,birds are singing,bees are flying and i wanna kiss everyon?
What do you tink about?
How to tell your educated "boss" he or she may have a personality disorder?
Suggest how to came out from depression?
How 2 be happy without anything....????
Why am i such a waste of space?
Do you see suicide as a selfish act?
If someone under age 50 drives 900 miles wearing a diaper, that person is sick?
Can high heels cause you to have back ache?
Why do people cut their hair?
What do you think about marijuana?
If you were told you could have a third eye, where would you have it?
Has everyone gone to bed?
Is it healthier to smoke?
Hurts when I blink?
Is hookah a drug or is it a tobacco?
My eyes are going from bad to worse. What should I do?
What's wrong with my eye?
What kind of vision is this called?
Can a optician find out my exact prescription?
Eye surgery???
To which extent can continual crying affect the eye-sight?
Laser eye surgery?
Do you get more infections if you wear contact lenses?
Is it illegal to buy colored contacts WITHOUT a prescription in the US?
My 2 year old son poked me in the eye today a cracker! Now my sight is blurred with lights.?
Feel like killing myself, what should i do?
Should I Die? Need help with suicide?
Have you ever cut yourself on purpose?
What is your favorite color(s)?
What is wrong with me? Anyone else act like this?
How to I ask my mom for a counselor?
I am feeling depressed and lone?
Do you think I'm depressed?
I'm getting abused. What do I do?
Vent to me, tell me everything you hate.
How do you make your stomach stop hurting if you held your pee too long?
How come I always feel that there is a particle in my eye?
Where do you apply pressure to an open wound in the body?
Has anyone had a barf burp?
Real bad sunburn...?
My arm where my vain is hurts and is red..i just recently had an IV?
How do you remove a sliver that has gone in too deep for tweezers?
Well if my hands get swollen when i go for my fitness walk is it normal or should i go to the doctor?
Is there a website I can check my symptoms...?
For a school project, I need examples of how people sprain they're ankles, see other details for more info.
How do i deal with bullys?
What do you do if a jellyfish (Hawaii) stings you while you are in the ocean? I need help! Please!?
I fractured my ribs back in March and occasionally they still feel sore?
Injured Toenail?
Why shouldent cut down forets?
Leg fractures in four places?
Why is my knee doing this?
Suicide question...plz help. I feel like im a burden to my family and friends. Theyd be better off without me?
What besides medication is the best treatment for chronic depression?
What can you conclude from this?
Sighs I think I need a hug today I have never in my life felt this depressed I tried everything and I just?
Does reading more really make a person smarter, even if it's not for study?
Sometimes, when I'm out and about, I see occasionally people talking to themselves. Is it because they're
Im 15 yrs old and i think i have multiple personality disorder...?
Is it normal for a 14 year old boy to be depressed?
What color are my eyes!?
Does anyone know what those contacts to change your eye color are called?
Need to tell my mom i need glasses?
Is it hard to put in contacts when it is was your first time??
Contact lenses question?
I need help with my contacts!?
Question about sight?
I've been told I have an eyesight of -3. What does this mean?
Are you awake when the lasik eye surgery is done?
Do fake glasses ruin your eye sight?
When burned?
Is is true that you can die from drinking too much water?
I have sleeping problems and don't know what to do...?
Help Please?!!!?
What to do if a massive heart attack hits u/ur family members? Is there any first-aid/alternate methods exists