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Is it bad to take a bath when your tired?
Wife has a sharp pain in her neck...what is it?
If my jaw is dislocated, do I go to a dentist or a doctor to fix it?
What is the best way to treat athletes foot itch?
What over the counter drugs contain codeine?
Can dehydration cause charlie horses?
I give my kids vitamins daily, monitor thier foods daily, but they are still sick all the time, WHY?
What is the best name for a guy Skylar,Billie Joe,Tre',Kamron,Blake,or Pete?
I've got a nasty splinter.. is it better to gouge it out or wait and let nature takes its course..?
What is the safest OTC Pain Reliever while pregnant (or possibly pregnant)?
Why can I smell something other's can't?
Why am i all of a sudden thirsty?
Common Cold-I have had a sore throat for a couple off days..?
How can i get more sleep?
How to stay awake during class...?
Have any of you ever experienced this state of mind?
How can I get over my fear?
Boss told me I was nothing, a complete loser and should never work again?
When depressed, what do you do to cheer yourself up?
Do You Ever Get Mixed Up Between A Dream And Reality?
How do I deal with finding out that my daughter is cutting herself?
What is the biggest problem you are facing at this time in your life!?
What are the negative side effects of anti-depressants?
How do u help someone who cuts there selfs?
Have you ever cut yourself?
Glasses- do you think that i should wear them all the time?
Should a person go to an important job interview if they have an irritated, red eye?
My new glasses make me REALLY dizzy!?
Is laser eye surgery convered by insurance?
I just got contacts, any advice?
QuEsTiOn FoR eVeRyOnE!!!!!?
Help!Does anyone know what can help improve my eyesight?
Prescription glasses?
People who wear contacts?
Does walking 30 minutes a day, three to five days a week improve the overall condition of ones heart?
It burns when i urinate?
How do you relieve headaches without medication?
I always have dark circles under my eyes. What causes this? and what can i put on these dark circles?
Please help me...........?
Obesity why only in human beings why not in other living things ?
What are some of the side effects?
Why do my joints click?
Did you quit smoking??
How to break the habit??
Who would you prefer to be stuck in a lift with?
What's the best way to halp my friend?
Can anybody help me?
What do you do when you have nothing to live for?
Am i going crazy?
I want to self harm?
Too many drugs in my body?
How do I know if i have depression?
I think I suffer from depression..but I also am having panic attacks?
What are the affects of someone w/o asthma stealing an inhaler?
Do you have asthma i do?
Low potassium in 8 year old? cause for panic?/?
Im a chronic job quitter. Anybody else out there like this? When I dont like it, I just quit mid-shift.?
Is Mucinex goods?
Coughing up blood? whats wrong?
How does an anesthesiologist adjust anestheic medications during surgery?
What is the normal range of blood oxygen for an adult with asthma?
Paper clip in nose??!!!?
Anyone got any good cough remedies?
Hit in Stomach- bleeding please help!?
Wasp sting still itchy?
Do you bath or shower at night or in the morning?
What is the best way to clean out the inside of your ear?
Have you ever laughed so hard your face hurts?
PLEASE HELP How do I remove my finger from my eyelid after my daughter superglued it there while I was asleep?
WHY can't I sleep at night?
My boyfriend is a compulsive lair and has been for years how can i help him stop?
Do girls fart, and if they do, please admit it?
Grr stomach ache >.<?
How many times is it normal to fart in a day?
I have a pain in my lower back on my rt side not a kidney pain but in the same spot could it be pinched nerve?
What's wrong with my wrist?
Pain under rib cage.....went to ER and after ultrasound dr. found nothing and wants me to go to gastro dr.?
Back pain relief?
Shooting pain?
Why my hip hurts during cold weather? is it due to my hair line fractured?
Hydrocodone dosage question?
Back hurts a little after I sleep?
Do u think wrong for people who take pain pills?
How common is it for people to suffer from astigmatisms?
My right eye always feels all lazy and weird and i constantly have to blink it. do i need to wear glasses more
What is WRONG with me?
Eye color?
My contacts are making my eyes sore..?
New contacts??
Can one wear contacts in water?
I just turned 21 and i want lasic eye surgery, am i old enough?
What type of gas would blind you if it came in contact with your eyes?
Any idea what these spots or shooting stars are in front of my eyes?
I found a band-aide inside my subway sub today, what should I do?
Do any of u wake up with dead arms and legs, fingers etc...(pins n needles)?
Is It Bad To Eat Chicken Wings that Have Sat out For 48 Hours?
What is the best natural remedy for insomnia?
What is this pill for?
How can I get to sleep at night? I have a hard time falling asleep!?
Terrible feeling in my head, not pain pressure and popping?
Anyone here have experience with wrist cysts?
Lately I have been seeing a bright light in one of my eyes. Would anyone know what this could be..?
Do men get yeast infections? because I have a odor in my private area that won't go away?
What can cause sudden nausea?
Wiping my ***?
What is an alcoholic?
A medical question?
If a dog infected with rabies bites a human how long will the person be alive. months or years?
Will There Ever Be A Cure For AIDS?
Apart from Milk, what is a good stomach liner?
Any tips on how to fall asleep without sleeping pills?
Any ideas how can you get rid of a migraine headache?
Which energy drink is best to take?....?
I feel so gulity?
Would you rather have a stuffed nose or a sore throat?
How do i get rid of a laughing problem?
How one can deal with jealousy ?
What drives you mad?
Are you a psychopath?
Help pretty please?
I was abused i hate it when people say he abused her because he was abused hinself, i am not abusing anybody?
My b/f commitied suicide and im not strong enough for our son.?
Please help? please no rude answers?
Do you think people in comas?
Best way to sleep?
What happens if you take to much sudafed?
I have a pounding hangover today and am in bad need of some sleep. What should i do?
Argh! I feel really tired..... help?
I suffer from dry eyes has any body a cure or a solution?it keeps me awake at night especially.im 27 yrs old.?
Do blue-eyes people usually need glasses? why is it that most do?
Anyone has a cure for red eyes?
Is it worse to be born blind or to have seen and become blind?
Question About Colored Contacts?
I just got new glasses 3 days ago and I can't see out them well, I got my glasses and eyes examined at two....
Laser surgery - is it any good for a lazy eye?
My left eye burns and stings and my noes runs and my eye water wat do i have?
Do they check for everything during an eye test?
Should I get my belly button pierced?
What's the best way to cure/treat a stomach ache without any medicine?
If you pick your nose does your head really cave in?
Piles serious question?
Extremely bad cramps?
What type of headches comes with nausea and giddyness?
Would tying a cloth above a snake bite to make a ligature help stop the poison?
Looking for Relief for Restless Leg Syndrome.?
Any remedies for a bothersome throat?
Can my new doctor of 5 months take me off medication that I've been on for over 5 years...?
How do I know if I broke or sprained my ankle?
Do light cigarettes really contain less tar and nicotine?
How to cure sciatica?
What helps sunburn and releives the sting? I know aloe vera does but what else I don't have any aloe vera.
Is blood actually "blue" when its in your veins?
What kinds of natural things can I do to fall asleep better at night?
So, what is it like to be put under general anethesia?
How do i get rid of hiccups which last anything up to 11 hours?
I have ring sting wot should i do?
If you inhale snot hard throgh you' re nose can it go up you're brain and cause an infection?
PaInFul ???
How can i beat the urge to have munchies at night? what are healthy munchies i can eat at nite past dinner?
How often do you take a shower/bath ?
What is the best mattress for backaches?
Emphysema help? What can I do to recover from this disease? And how do I exercise with it?
Thick mucus in my chest... not letting me fall asleep?
Home treatment for pneumonia?
Can asmtha be cause by obesity?
How do I stop the lies and the smoking bans?
How long does a cough last for?
Is rolling your own cigarettes more unhealthy?
Breathing difficulty?
My one year old had a constant runny nose? Medicines dont really help any solutions?
How can I get over this stuttering problem?
Will, someone please explain to me....?
What gets your mood up when you're feeling down?
I am a married man of 37 not satisfied with life and work and the surrounding?? Wat should I do??
Does smokeing too much weed really damage your memory?
What's the point of being alive?
What's the longest you've gone without crying?
I laugh a lot for almost everything, am i crazy?
My mother attemted suicide, how do I help?
Do you like MC Donald??
Should I tell my doctor I cut myself yesterday?
How can I get over my fear of spiders?
Depressed :-(?
If i havent been able to get to sleep till at least 3am for about 2 weeks...do i possibly have insomnia?
How can i get more sleep or fall asleep easier????? 10 points?
Why do my legs fall asleep sometimes? What makes this happen?
Glasses or Contacts?
Can i weat contact lenses if i dont have an eye problem an just want to change the colour of my eyes?
Do i really need to wear glasses?
Can you tan with contacts on?
Contact Lense wearers:?
What does it mean when your eye twicthes?
Why have I got pains in my eye?
Question about eyesight?
Are Eye Glasses Cool?
Im thirteen and i want contacts but my dad says i cant because im not done growing yet...is this true?
Jumping in your sleep?
How can I fall asleep instantly?
Woke up from dead sleep my my heart ponding.?
When was the last time you?
What can I do to boost my energy levels?
I have a question for everyone who has SUCCESSFULLY quit smoking cigarettes. that question is: HOW IN THE WORL
Does taking prescription drugs regularly affect our immune system?
How do you get the hodgkins disease?
I just had a terrible asthma attack and now I'm emotional. Has this happened to you?
What happens when a person sits down and then stand up and feel as if though they are giong to faint?
Can an inhaler be bad for you?
How do I get rid of baby's congested nose?
8 year old daughter has had pneumonia 24 times.?
How can I regain lung capacity?
What are diseases that you can get from smoking marijuana?
GIANT mosquito bite!?
Sunburn! help me please?
Do you know any tricks to getting a cold to go away faster?
If a poison get expired, will it still be poisonous?
How long can i survive without food?
Treatment for a burn?
What are the faster ways to slim down?
Keeping the breast of a woman in the mouth,,will create breast cancer to her or not?
What is the cause of the pandemic AIDS?
My heart is fluttering,my left arm hurts and my toes are numb and i have a headache can anyone tell me why?
I'm new to Eye Contacts. Can anyone tell me what this means Extended Wear up to 6 consecutive nights?
My daughter has a green infection under her finger nail?
Do sunglasses hurt your eye sight?
Do you think nicotene patches/gum really work or is it just mind over matter?
Contact lens question?
At what age do I need reading glasses?
My eye.....?
Is there any way to get rid of pink eye without having to go to a doctor?
How do I get water out of my ears? They seem to be always moist and get infected often.?
I keep seeing a single dot of light falling at the edge of my vision -- I'm completely freaked out!?
Should I get contacts?
I have my left eye that is blinking any thing I can do to stop this?
Do u wear spectacles ?
I feel really stuck in my life?
What do you do if you need healthcare and have no insurance and no other means of paying for the treatment?
What can one eat that is econmical and will boost my immunity plus giving energy apart from Multivitamin Caps.
What are good tricks to keep a spanking from hurting as much?
How do I get motivated for work at 2 seeing as I've really really hurt my toe?
What should I do with my hip pain?
My right thigh is numb?
I have a sharp pain in the left side of my stomach, near my hipbone and don't feel too well, what is this?
Sore back please help...hot or cold?
What should I do about Ultram (Tramadol) addiction?
My neck hurts when I get up in the morning. Why?
Can pneumonia be diagnosed by a primary symptom of pain below the collarbone when breathing?
I'm sick with pneumonia! help?
What is the best way to increase lung capacity?
Childs speech age 3?
What does a serevent inhaler do for asthma?
Do you think that the bird flu will come to Florida?
How do you know that you are sick from mold? any symptoms to look for?
I quit smoking 1 1/2 months ago?
My mom has been in I.C.U FOR A MONTH now with sepsis?
Is it very wrong to claim Incapacity Benefit and DLA if you're not really ill?
What are the foods that can improve memory? Please help.?
My daughter's temp is 100, trying to get it down, any tips?
My eyes have been bothering me lately. Could someone read please?
If you wear contact lens and you died with them in your eyes, do they take them out?
Eyes hurt after a few minutes at the computer?
Is the Walmart Eye Center any good?
When I wake in a morning I have difficulty opening my left eye I often have to part my eyelids with my?
Is smoking pot good for you eye-sight???
IS there any way to improve your eyesight?
When Will My Eyesight Stop Getting Worse?
Are you keeping an eye on me?
What color contacts would go best with my skin tone? [Pictures]?
Do you hate smoker?
Swallowing problem...?
Where can you get 5 pulses on your body?
My hands are cold shall i cut them off ! ?
Was it a good day?
Could my scrape be infected?
What happens if you leave a bee sting untreated?
How do you get rid of urine infections w/o going to the docter?
Is it better to use hand sanitizar than wash your hands?
Won't stop bleeding?
I woke up this morning and coughed up some blood, what can cause that?
Can you get a cold in your eyes?
Is my girlfriend pregnant? (were 13/14)?
I have a new tattoo on my foot. It has formed a scab, what should İ do?
I have already been to the doctor yesterday, but I have a question about fever??
Who here thinks smoking should be banned yet owns & drives a car?
How do I stop getting a sore nose when wearing glasses ?
Can you buy contacts somewhere if you dont have medical insurance????
What happens if I don't take out my contact lenses?
What to do to decrease eye power?
What are ways your eyes can become damaged?
Should i even get glasses with my horrible eye sight?
Where is a good place to find fake eye glasses? PLEASE RESPOND!!?
Can i wear my daily contacts again?
Can you cry while wearing contacts? ?
How can i tell that uses or has used drugs in the past 4-8 weeks?
Can someone help?
Fluid retention in whole body?
How to get sick and fast?
Does anybody now how to make a hiccup stop besides drinkin water?
How do you get pneumonia?
Shortness of breath?
My Beagle has a "smoker's cough",.....................
I ahve a question about ashtma?? anyone??
My dad has a pain on his left side, what could this be a symptom of ? he's 72 & usually in good health,?
How can one sleep better?
Tooth broken?
Help chest pains!!!?
How can I replace a toilet seat?
Boycott Companies using call centres in India?
Can you buy depression medications over the counter?
SUICIDE: Do you think it's worth it?
I think i wanna die is it possible to down yourself by keeping your head under water?
What does it mean when you bite your finger nails and or pick at the skin around your thumbs?
What's the point of getting up??
Why are people so rude?
If you smoke cannabis heavily + regularly as a teenager, will it cause damage to memory?
Instead of crying again,what should I do?
Need Help With Life..?
What would happen if I took 4 advils and 2 Ibyprophin(sp?) tomorrow before school on an empty stomach?
I see purple spots in my vision any ideas what it could be???
Whenever i get drunk, why is that i only get 3 or 4 solid hours sleep and then become totally restless??
Is ginger ale the best thing to drink when your puking? and if not what is?
What is the head pain I have?
Does a Chiropractor do X-Rays at all?
Back pain?
What exactly is a muscle spasm? And what causes it?
How do you allieviate back pain quickly?
I am in menstrual pain like crazy!!! help me. It's not cramps, just pain in the pelvis area...HELP ME!!?
What is Pluritis?
How to cure muscle cramps?
Is this bad?
Awake durning surgery?
Can taking a bath directly after a long sleep cause eye damage?
What is a lazy eye?
How can I fake pink eye to get off work?
Anyone else hating their glasses and not being allowed contacts?
Do I have a lazy eye or what? (Pohoto attached)?
Whats wrong with my eye?
My boyfriend has 2 different colored eyes, I have brown eyes, what color would our baby's eyes be?
PLZ ANSWER! BEST ANSWER get 10 points!?
Isn't it pretty gross for a one-eyed peson to just go around without a glass eye?
Do you approve of smoking bans?
Is smoking rolling tobacco better than ordinary cigarettes?
My throat hurts soooooooooooo BAD! What should I do?
I haven't been able to keep anything down today and now i'm starving, what should i try to eat?
Is it normal to sleep for 10 hours?
I havent been able to sleep. should i just stay awake the whole night?
I worked night shift, so how can I sleep tight at day?
Win i pee it Bern's sometimes is it infection?
My boyfriend twitches a lot in his sleep.?
What does this mean?
Can you feel a high from marijuana 2 days since you've smoked?
Are there any advantages to smoking?
Is chest pain supposed to be felt 6 months after quitting smoking?
Quitting smoking using champix
Why can't i stop crying?
What are the medicines in asthma?
Whats wrong with me Symptoms given?
How to get rid of the hicups???
Is it safe to engage in physical activity right after being on antibiotics for upper respiratory infection?
I've had hiccups for about 9hours!?
Why do you think girls are more prone to anorexia?
How long do u have to directly stay in the sun to get sunburned without sunscreen?
Am i considered fat?????
What do you think are signs that you're are an adult or getting older?
What can help me go to sleep?
Do you use bars of soap or liquid soap?
I need an excuse....?
What can i do to get rid of a sore throat?
When I'm sleeping sometimes i can not wake up. I'm awake but i cant move or talk. What can be causing that?
Which addiction is worse?
Is this normal for a 10 year old?
PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!! Am I going to die???
How much does getting your belly button perced hurt? can u sit dwn after? how long is the pain? thnx?
Should I take my boyfriend to the hospital?
Why do some people take a magazine to the toilet? What are they doing?
Would you take marijuana for medicinal purposes ? I understand it is not addictive ?
How do i stop constant feeling of having to urinate?
Why doesn't women get bald?
How many times do you take a SHOWER each week?
Is it wrong to fart infront of people?
Is it true that....?
Can I reuse contacts after they've been chilled?
IS it possible to wear one contact?
Why is it bad to read in the car?
I wear -1.75 prescription in contacts/both eyes? What will my prescription be in glasses?
My eyes have started to get sore after wearing contacts lenses for only a couple of hours can any one help?
Glasses slipping down and pushing them up annoying?
How do I know if I need glasses?
This is a question for people who wear contacts. Please help me!!?
Glasses help..?
Do you suffer from an Eating distorder such as anorexia or bulimia?
How can I get my child into see a my doctor before 6th December?
Why do we let the devil control us?(I can't figure it out)?
Any suggestions for the relief of laryngitis. Have completely lost my voice?
How can you stop a cold in its tracks?
What are you doing at the moment?
My husband holds his breath in his sleep.?
What do a respiratory therapist do?
My ears have been blocked for over two months. my hearing level dropped. Antibiotics didn't help.?
Who will tell me the medicine or treatment of asthma?
Why has my nan got fluid on her lungs,she has also been told her heart is weak?
Does caughing help to improve lung functioning?
What treatments are available to treat TB?
If a sick persons spit lands near/in your eye, are you gauranteed to get sick?
I got the pneumonia jab 60 hours ago and can still hardly use my arm,is it normal for it to be so sore??
I quit smoking...is it normal to experience chest tightness and slight pain?
BB stuck in ear?
Please treat this as a joke although it realy happened(Frightening)?
Why does the veins look blueish under your hand skin. and comes out red?
What can a person who is an alcholic get rid of his/her habit? Is ther a home remeady for such a thing?
I have to wear glasses but i don't want to.i cant get use to contacts.is there any other way to see well?
I am 25 and my veins show blue under the skin... and swollen.is it normal?
What is a good remedy for bee stings?
What is the REAL meaning of life?
Do i need an ati-tetanus shot with this wound..help me?
Why did I just smoke marijuana?
I'm depressed, and I'm not getting better...?
I am 16 and i talk to my teddy...am i wierd or dumb :( ??
What is it called when you have two personalites?
Do you talk to yourself out loud?
Why are you putting off until tomorrow what you could be doing today?
Is my wife a wacko in the sacko??
What can i do with my 52k inheritance, without being lazy or stupid?
Could someone tell me why?
Erm... sort of an odd question but someone help meee!?
Hating everything can't stop crying?
Any tips for sleep tonight???
Why is it when I smoke?????
Please im in REAL BIG TROUBLE...?
What is the best quick fix for chapped lips?
Do you want to be younger or thinner?
Head Lice how to be shot of them?
Are all women always cleaner than men?
When was the last time u cried?
What is best way to cool down outdoors in hot weather?.?
Is ChEwInG gUm BaD?
Why do my fingers do this?
We all know smoking is very bad for health yet we smoke. Does it mean we don't care for ourselves?
What can i do to calm my nerves about the wedding ceremony? Is there anything i can take?Valium?
Emphysema and possible chance of lung cancer?
Sharp pains on right side of chest???
Is this asthma??
Does anyone get asthma attack while taking a hot bath?
Is it easy to give up smoking weed, if you've been smoking it daily for a long time?
Do you.......???
Is oxygen deficiency the cause of my headache?
Constant cough with mucus?
How do I get rid of this darn sinus infection? Any good answers to that one?
How can i help my daddy stop smoking?
I eat every 2 days ,what would happen to me if i continue that way?
If size doesn't matter, why do we care?
How to remove garlic smell from the mouth?
After going #2, do you wipe until there's absolutely nothing, no smear whatsover, on the toilet paper?
This is a survey...do you take or use illegal drugs?
Is this possible?
Why does my body hurt after a fight?
How many hours to you sleep during the night?
Abortion: Do you Agree Or Disagree? Explain.?
Is it common for a 26 year old girl to be farsighted?
Daily disposable contact lenses? are they ok?
Contacts are different in each eyes?
Reading glasses - doctor visit required?
Theres guys in my class with laser pointers and they keep sighning it into my eyes what should i do?
6 years old girl lazy eye problem can be fixed by eye patch?
Is it bad that i keep my contacts in my eyes for several weeks at a time, and sleeep in them.?
My moms in her 40s and shes gonna take lasic eye surgery in 2 weeks.Is it risky and how much becuz im scarred?
Can you help me quit smoking?
Has anyone had lasik eye surgery recently? ?
Next weekend I plan to try extacy, any advice on keeping safe etc, and dont tell me not to try it please?
Help! OPEN! [email protected]#$%^&*()[email protected]#$%^&?
Is it okay to wear mascara on the same day as an optician's appointment?
What can i use to get nicotine of my fingers?
Why is my pee suddenly more yellow than usual?
What happens if you tickle someone without stopping??
Is it good or bad for your health to hold your pee in??
I haven't washed myself in about 3 weeks?
Girls... Do you like a guy that Drinks, Smoke ( Cigs ) or do Both?
Should smoking and overeating be illegal to keep people from killing themselves? And a smoker and an overeater
Is your belly button an innie or an outie?
What are the consequences of alcohol?
It's very late and I can't sleep. Any suggestions?
Trouble falling asleep before 11 o'clock?
I lost my dad to a head on car accident 2 months ago and feel lifeless?
I think i am growing a second head?
Is it normal for a teen's joints to crack loudly?
I have a terrible headache. What to do?
Does anyone have suggestions for help with RLS (Restless leg syndrome)?
Do I have the right to say NO?
How do i get low cost relief for my bulging disk, and pinched nerve pain?
I have sore hip and outside knee,pain running down my calf what could it be and what is treatment?
Can i take 350mg of oxicodone with 600mg of Motrin and 500mg of Tylenol?
What can I do to motive myself to get out of bed, while in severe pain?
What do i do about a ear ache?
Why does Preparation H say 'Do Not Use Orally' on the label ???
Please answer this embarassing ear question?
My vagnia has been itching really bad for the past three days. What should i do?
Is it possible to sleep with one eye open?
Why do people live longer today?
What are some possible and healthy alternatives to dealing with depression, without using prescriptions?
Please don't judge me?
Does weed make you stupid?
Anti depressants making me depressed?
I'm so depressed... can someone help?
I can't go on any longer, please someone help?
How do i stop sleeping with stuffed animals?
Are you a crap head?
If I sneeze, will my nose fall off?
How can I fall asleep faster at night?
Is it Normal to Fart (pass wind) alot??
I have so much trouble sleeping!?
How do you get rid of the hiccups?
What is the most effective way to quit smoking?
Which one of these two are you addicted to more?
What piercing not to get?
How do i stop weting the bed?
Cool drugs...? 10Points?
People tease me because I use a lot of toilet paper. How can I adequately clean myself with only one sheet?
Are you here because you also have insomnia?
Teenager taking naps everyday?
Why are there so many drugstores????
What is the best way to keep cool without any liquids or fans?
Will glasses fix your eyes?
How can i ask for glasses?
Can I wear daily contacts while "swimming"?
Should I consider LASIK to eliminate nearsightedness?
How can i tell if my contacts are inside out?
How do you fix a lazy eye?
I'm confused about when to clean contact lenses?!?
Why do people always ask?
What does it mean when your eyes go black for a minute and then go back to normal?
What are the side effects or disadvantages of wearing a contact lens?
Does anyone know any remedies for your throat like honey or anything?
What causes a person to cough up bloody flem after having a cold?
I'm sick with a stuffy nose. ugh! I just want to breathe... what should I do? (Other than a shower, or meds.)
Why do people have to die?
^^^PLIZZ...Everyone..help me understand the reason for this BREATHING problem? Im so sad :(. Is it the IBS?
Should marijuana be legal to buy at a corner store?
Is there any link between GERD and asthma ???
Would you like a glass of water or coke?
Is there anything good, nice or wise about smoking?
Can anyone tell me the effects that mrsa has on the respitory system?
I have the worst sore throat i have ever had. it even hurts to swallow cold water.?
What is a good product to stop kids from biting their nails?
Will smoking once a day hurt me very badly?
How can i stop snoring?
Coughing up yellow phlegm-must I see doctor?
I am doing a report on pnemonia?
Do you know anyone that has committed suicide?
How long before you should feel better on ANTIBIOTIC?
When you die are you going to donate any of your body parts or organs?
Is it bad to sleep too much?
What are the benefits of craft making?
What do you do to get yourself to sleep at night?
I want a nose job, do you think this shape would suit my face?
Ouch ouch ouch ....help?
How can i live for over 100 years?
I have a sweating problem,....................
How long does POISON IVY stays in body?
What will make me go to sleep now.?
I cut myself in my thigh, it's small, but the scar is still there. How do I cure it?
Which Color Can make us Happy And Energetic ?
I am 23 and in good shape but as soon as i wake up and all day long I'm always tiered what can i do help!?
Contact lenses?
What does it mean when u have a black dot in your eye?
Is it better to be using the computer with the light in the room on or off when it's dark outside?
Eye colors?
Does anybody use HARD contacts or glasses?
How long should you stay on the computer each day?
If i go to an opticians for an eye check will they just say i have a problem just so i buy stuff from them?
I want contacts!?
There's a visible vein on my eye all the time. Is this permanent?
Contacts question?
Is this kind of virus real, if so what does it do to you? PLEASE ANSWER!!!?
Why does the top of my foot and leg feel like its bruised but no brusies are showing?
My brother can't stop throwing up remedies plz???
It's in the 30s and my knees are killing me... I'm only 18 - what should I do?
Wrist pain?
Knee pain.have tried surgical swill, magnets, pain-killers..the burning pain persists?
Why is my buttocks sore?
On a scale of 1-10 how much does..?
I have a problem with my stomach?
Does anyone have a food or trick that cures headaches?
Is this bronchitis? should i be at work or at the doctors?
Why do I need a prescription for an inhaler spacer?
Stuck in lung?
I have........??
What are the side effects for the Men who take Oral Contraceptive Pills?
Remdies for asthma???
Ive done something stupid?
Could it be Pneumonia?
What is the safest way to bring down high blood preasure?
Is it ok to use expired albuterol sulfate?
If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?
Can exposure to the cold help an asthma attack?
What are the best ways to keep the hands busy after quitting smoking?
Cardiac arrest v.s.respiratory failure?
Nose Bleeds!?
So, the other night...?
My husbands toenail came off last night, how do we keep it clean so there is no infection?
How does duck tape cure warts???
My friend and I were wondering if you think it is ok for children to go to funerals. If so, what age?
Is it normal to hear like a popping noise inside of your head when you smoke?
How do i get rid of sunburn...ouch this really hurts?
What can you do to help yourself fall asleep?
Why do i go deaf when im drunk?
My little brother got burnt, please HELP!?
How can i sleep better?
Best way to stop smoking?
How do I stay awake!!?
Any tips on how to fall asleep fast?
Can somebody pray for me please?
Life is bland and bitter, I feel I am part of an assembly line. Help!!?
Is there someone that I can call to talk to?
What's the cure for loneliness?
If i run infront of a transport ill be dead fast right?
Suicidal thoughts - do they mean depression?
Is this a problem?
I feel like I really am having a year of bad luck... is there anything that can help.?
Do people with schizophrenia improve with age?
Am i wrong to stop my 15 year old daughter from staying over night with her dad who has been on heroin?
Can you really tell the size of a man's crotch by the size of his hand????
Help with contacts please?
Contacts or Glasses?
Has any one ever fell asleep with they're eyes open?
Contacts slide when blinking?
What chemical can I pour on my eyes to change my eye color?
How to convince mom and dad to get me contact?
Is it normal to have headaches from new eye glasses?
Trouble seeing?
What does rn stand for in the health field?
What is the difference between asthma and emphysema?
Symptoms of asthma?
Singulair w/ depression as a side effect?
Sinus Remedy's?
Is there a health hazard associated with the use of chalkdust at indoor climbing centres?
Asthma or a chest infection?
HOw can a cold become dangerous?
Will a dairy free diet help my asthma?
How come i can smoke green but not ciggerettes?
WHY is it so hard to take normal breaths?
Can you golf after a hip replacement?
Does getting an ear piercing at the earlobe hurt??
Im about to get my ear pierced, does it hurt?
What is the antidote for tylenol overdose?
Why do doctors treat patients with cronic pain as addicts?
Odd stomach ache?
Lower back pains at 17?
Im afraid of needles?
My neck hurts, what can I do to fix it?
I get headaches so bad that sometimes i cant sleep at all. and sometimes i spit out blood. wats wrong with me?
Doesn't anyone care?
It's 4AM and I'm going to wake up at 6AM should I bother to go to sleep?
How do i get my girlfriend to give up cigarettes?
Does sitting before the pc continuously for about 2 hours affect your eyesight?
Anyone sleep with eyes open?
Throat Question....?
Is it normal to get nose bleeds almost everyday during Summer?
Quickest way to get rid of a cold?
Why do my cat parts smell like pork rinds and salt and vinegar chips?
Laser eye surgery??? im only 15?
Eye twitch?
Itchy red eyes help!!!!?
What causes eye matter? AKA, eye burgers I like to call them.?
How do you take the redness out of an eye?
How long does it take Specsavers to make glasses?
What would happen if you wore both contacts and glasses at the same time?
Are contacts bad for you?
When should you get prescription glasses?
Can you help?
How long can you live without oxygen?
What is cynocitis? is it a serious disease?
How long does it take to have symptoms when you pick up a cold germ?
I just quite smoking, how long will I be hacking?
What do black spots on the lungs mean??
If i have pneumonia what can i do about it?i wont probably see a doctor til 2more weeks?
HOW LONG WILL this last?
Can someone clearly tell the difference between shallow breathing and hyperventilation-?
Is there a cure for asthma or one in development?
Is there a Natural cure for a headache? No Drugs.?
Do you think you'll live to see 100 years of age ?
Cure for boredom?
Help! i cut the tip of my finger cooking!! how do i stop the bleeding!?
How do i cure my diarrhea?
I'M AFRAID TO LIVE ALONE. I'm running out of money and have no family.?
How many hours a night/day do you sleep and be honest?
When is it ok to give up living?
Are you a sit down wiper or a stand up wiper?
What happens if you get scared half to death, ...twice?
How do i accept myself for who i am and not just see my faults?
I think my son has an ear infection, What can I do for the discomfort besides tylenol?
Coughing for months. Took cough medicines,antibio,used inhaler. Still coughing every night. What's going on?
How do help out my depressed boyfriend who wants to kill himself soon?
What do you do for migraines?
EVERYBODY SMILE! Hey don't you have something to smile about?
What are the signs of depression?
Can someone give me some advise?
Do you sleep on your side, back or stomach?
What is your best recomdation for severe migranes that you get every day the doctorc have no idea what else to
Is it really bad to refil plastic water bottles, or is it just a myth?
Blood on toilet paper, what does it mean?
Do i have a sleeping condistion?
Is it a good idea to have laser eye surgery?
How do you survive without health insurence in this country?
Is it ok to put your contacts in water?
Has anybody got any serious tips on getting rid of a severe headache, I have essays to complete & i,m behind.?
If you feel burning in the eyes and they are red what can it be?
Im 19 years old, and its getting hard for me to sleep at night because my joints are hurting, any advice?
How can I drop eyedrops in my eye?? It's hard to get them to fall into my eye.?
Isn't it a wives tail that cracking your knuckles causes arthritis?
Why do people's eye colors change? and i don't mean like from when they're born to adults, i mean day to day..
I need help on contact lenses?
What contact brand do you use???
Only one of my eyes is itchy? Not two?
Am I long-sighted?
Can you get asthma from a blood transfusion?
Blood in mucus?
One of my tonsils is really large. I can feel it touch the back of my throat when i breathe. normal? or no?
Smoking weed with asthma?
Best thing to take for a chesty tickly cough?serious answers please......thanks in advance?
Why can we have a headache..what's the trigger?
Is there something going around ?
I'm coughing up my insides, and I'm miserable, help me?
I can't speak! No voice coming out! Hepl! In urgent!!?
Is a steroid necessary for asthma treatment for a toddler?
What is the cure to depression ?
Is it possible to forget how to cry?
My mom's 32 year old boyfriend pissed the bed should i get him some goodnights?
If you cut yourself, or have in the past, what is/was your reason? How did you stop?
Too smart for schizophrenia?
Suicide... why does it look so good?
Should I tell my family about my depression?
What can i do when i'm having a panic attack/anxiety attack? any advice from your personal experience?
How do I make my 28 year old sister grow up?!?
Is it better to get a an hour of sleep or no sleep at all?
I have this pain on the right side of body and it seems like my appendix is swollen,?
Why does my stomach hurt when i run?
Does this hurt to get done"?
I get little bubble bumps around the tips of my fingers and they got clear liquid inside them, what are they?
Should i go see a doctor or see if the pain goes away...?
Very embarrasing question....................
Chest pains! Help Please!
I am all ways.........?
HELP ME! I can't stop thinking about smoking!?
How do i stay up all night tonight, im going to the doctors tomorrow morning?
I have had a headche all day?
How can i calm my upset tummy?
My ear piercing still hurts-but I got it in February!?
If your hair covers your one eye for a long period of time, would it be bad for your one eye
I'm 13 why can't I get contact lenses?!?
Contacts overnight. Bad?
Is it possible for an contact lens to go behind your eye if it's not properly put on?
My eyes have sunk in and look small how can i fix it?
What is the part of the eye that surrounds the pupil?
How To Put Contacts In My Left Eye?
My son can't get his contacts in his eyes without them folding. He's a beginnner (12 years old).?
I have a contact lost in my eye! I have been wearing another one over it today!?
Can i put eye drops in eyes after i take out my contacts?
What is the medical term for when you feel sleepy after you eat?
Anyone know any remedys for anxiety?
My daughter is constipated, what can i do for her?
Has anyone ever had these symptoms?
Is the black market a reliable place to buy a kidney?
Can as asthmatic's body react to a pressure change or temperature drop while indoors?
I quit smoking and am having a really hard time dealing with the irritability. Any good advice?
Does anyone know the meaning of the medical word dyspnea?
Does Smoking Make me 10% cooler?
I'm in a smog-infected city: Is there anyway I can "cleanse" my body of this crap I'm breathing?
Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
Best home medicine for dry cough and body pains?
What is the best way to give up smoking?
IAM AN ASTHAMA PATIENT CAN U GIVE any guidelines in taking food & other cares?
Went unconscious for at least 15 mins.?
Don' t you think it would be better if we knew when we die?
Weight loss?
I want to study medicine but i don't have money. what do i do since i don't have money that will enable get it
Hospitals...Dirty and Unhealthy?
Why do I awake with a dry tongue, very dry! every day?
My six year old daughter suffers from cronic constipation......?
Mosquito repeller?
I'm down with some serious flu and i hate myself for missing school. am i crazy??
What helps the pain of a sunburn besides aloe??? Help please?
I am tired all the time....what could be wrong.?
Is there a simple way to getting rid of head lice & their eggs?
If I have a cut.....?
I woke up with red eyes and they hurt do i have pink eye and how do i know?
What love is mostly about?
Does anyone else remember things from when they were 3 or 4?
I have a weird feeling like im gonna die tommorw?
Does adolescent cutting indicate a mental health issue or disorder?
I'm getting tired of being bullied help!!?
What does death feel like?
I'm nervous?
How do I convince my family that depression is a mood disorder, not a sign of personal weakness?
I have severe depression and am contemplating suicide, I have been to many drs and they just prescribe?
Am I dumb?
How do you deal with stress?
What is a CNA?
During class my Stomach will gurgle and and make noises when I am not HUNGRY!?
How can i stop snoring?
Its 105 degrees here, what are some ways to keep cool?
Any ideas on getting rid of a cold?
Can a person have different eye color?
Can you go blind by crazy gluring ur eyes shut. or if some 1 pranked u by crazy glueing your eyes shut.?
My contacts are a power - 12 00 will i pass the driving sight test i am so worried?
Is it safe to wear Daily Contact Lenses overnight/for more than a day?
What did nearsighted people do..... before glasses?
How do you stop your eyes from burning when you've been staring at a screen for a long time?
How can i improve my eye sight?
Non-prescription cheap eye contacts?
Blurry eyesight?!?
Help: contacts?
Can you please help me?
What is a good remedy to get rid of mucus in your nostril and chest ?
I forgot to give my son his FULL doses of antibiotics....?
Black Mold?
My brother is sick. He has a fever and he is coughing but my mom is on a busness trip and my dad doesn't care
Why is blood coming out of my nose everytime I blow it?
My stomach always feels like it has lots of air in...!?
My daughter has bad cough worse at night due to cold. Help!?
Hiccups ideas to rid them?
Can 15 year olds make doctor appointment there selves over the phone?
Have you ever given up or tried to give up smoking?
Does anyone have any ideas on how to take tablets/pills?
Does anyone here drink urine?
I'm tired & sleep all the time...reasons?
I have 3 bites?
Why do i suffer from heartburn so much?
SINUS problems?
One of my Mom's friends who's a Man get's very Bad cramps on his legs what should he do?
Does a double piericing hurt?
I Really Want To Get My Bellybutton Peirced. Im Scared To! How Much Does It Hurt ?! [ truthfully please ]?
It hurts when I breathe. What can it be and how can I feel better?
I had a dream last night that my mum lost her foot what does this mean?
My ears are burning please help.....?
Tips on getting marijuanna out of system?
Anyone know any good methods to get to sleep easier?
I feel like dying...?
Why does my eye keep twitching??
What year is it?
I am 14 years old and I think I am suffering from Depression. I dont wanna c a doctor any ideas 4 help?
Is it odd to really like vampyres?
Should I give into peer pressure about joining Scientology?
Can't Stop Crying... Advice Needed?
Any tricks to not procrastinate?
Need major help?
Help me i am scared to death?
Is it normal to get scared about life changing decisions?
How do you help someon with a drinking problem, and he does not want help?
Day and night contact lenses?
Strange vision during sport, what can i do about it?
What do blind people see?
Do color contacts damage your eyes?
What is the best way to help get rid of stye in your eye?
Listerine in eyes plz help!!!!?
Who is the youngest person to die of old age?
I wear eyeglasses and I have these annoying marks on the top of my nose where the glasses touch my face.?
My Eyes Have A Double RIng Around The Iris?
My eye..HELP!!?
Do people fall asleep when driving?
Will eye drops make you sick if injested orally ?
Motion sickness on dry land?
It's late, I'm tired, and I can't sleep... what can I do?
Do you really think that marijuana could help people with health problems??I do not.Their are alot of health..
My father in law as lung cancer?
What happens, physically and mentally, when you quit smoking?
How clean is a bar of soap?
Its 4:00....PLEASE HELP!!!?
How to fall asleep?
Chest pains..........help?
Can U grow Out Of Asthma?
How long is a dangerous exposure to asbestos?
Sore throat!!!?
I think i have inhaled asbestos what should i doo please please help??
My daughters 3 and sick, e.r dr gave her nebulizer with albuteral and robitussin is that saFe together?
Does anyone know about shadows on lungs?
I am 16 and im having chest pains first it was on my left side now it my right side?
6 month old with pneumonia?
Will a sauna help asthma?
Why am i a midget NOW and was TALL last night????
Really bad cold?
Why has my right eye started twithching since mon? i am not stressed or anything, i want it to stop!?
I have to have my wisdom teeth out but they are not impacted, I want to know if I shold be put to sleep?
Who has used a Bidet before?
What kinds of drugs stay in your system for days? please read my story i need information.Ive been googling al
Why won't my dry skin go away?
For the ladies my friend?
What happens if you fall asleep with an itchy anus?
I have a pea sized...?
Does proactive really work ?
How do you get rid of blackheads?
How do I get rid of acne?
I vainly got my chest waxed and now it's red and covered in little zits, what do I do now?
Omg acne!!!?
Is this cystic acne? What kind of acne is this?
What are the benefits of drinking cranberry juice?
What is the smallest bone in our body?
Am I the only person left that thinks washing your hands is a good thing?
What does STD stands for?
I've just passed out on the floor?
I fainted this morning and I was wondering...?
What is a fast and effective way to stop mosquito bite itching?
I can't seem to sleep i go to bed but then i keep waking up this is the 10th time in a row it has happened
Ear problem?
Why havent we cured cancer yet?
HELp it hurts can someone help me?
How many days does one need to stay in the hospital after hernia surgery?
Razor cut, it won't stop bleeding?
My eye pupil has gone red!?
Has anybody experienced long term side effects from laser vision correction?
Problems with Contatc Lenses?
Are glasses or contacts better?
Do you wear contacts?
Help with contacts?
What is that sandy stuff that is in the corner of your eyes when you wake up?
What can I do and eat to make my eyes healthy?
Contact lenses or glasses?
Contact lense problems?
I feel so unhappy!?
Do you think mentally defective people should be sterilized?
My bi polar step-brother stole $$ from me do I forgive or forget..?
What is the point of this?
Serious Sleeping Problems???
My friend thinks its weird??
How can i calm down more after being angry?
Can't forgive myself.?
What exercises are for backace problem?
Massage Therapy or Chiropractor?
Bad Headache?
What is the difference between 'Tylenol' & 'Advil'??
Can regular doctors prescribe anitdepressants?
My husband is a car salesman. He is on his feet 10hrs a day 6 days a week. What kind of shoes should he wear?
If I take two 5/500mg (hydrocodone) will i get a buzz?
Help! I can't stop slouching, is there any exercises that i could do to help my posture?
How to break your bones without that much pain or stress?
I have a burning pain on the outer top edges of each ear. any ideas?
My thumb hurts?
I have bitten by a rat.what to do now ?
Leg "pain"... What would you do in my shoes ?
Marijuana, good or bad, your personal opinion?
How do i deal with lower back pain when docs say nothing wrong any docs have opinion?
My ankle hurts when i run.?
To have a chest xray or not?
Does anyone know how to minimize the appearance of minor burns?
Is it okay to clean a wound with toilet paper?
Do u like smoking ? Why?
How much compensation am i likely to recive for an accident at work which fractured my metarsal bone in foot?
Which of the following is a cause of scoliosis?
Pleurisy (i can't breathe)?
What fruit can you eat forever if you could?
Should I keep working my summer job even though I am experiencing wrist pain?
My 8 1/2 year old daughter was just diagnosed with seasonal asthma..?
Hand burns?!?
I get cough ONLY WHEN I eat something. Can anybody suggest cause or cure?
Where have antibiotic resistant bacteria actually come from (like MRSA found in hospitals??
How to avoid bad experiences with pot?
Why Cant I do it?? Whats wrong with me???
Help... I'm choking . What do I do?
Hangover question?
How many pounds of food can a human stomach hold?
What is a Good gift for Doctors office?
I am a 31 year old alcoholic who is physically withdrawing. Can't sleep, sweating, body aches, shakes. Tips?
Do you think abortion is right or wrong?
Why do some people call you ugly even though you are not? Are there any reasons behind that? is it jelously?
If you put a hot dog in your rectum,and lose it. what would you do,would it cause problems ?
What would you tell someone who's trying to commit suicide? What is it about life that is so precious?
Is there life after attemping suicide..?
How can you tell if someone is lying?
*10 points!* Honestly, I'm 100% serious -- how would I know if I was part dinosaur? *10 points!*?
Why do I hate most people?
We are having a problem with a flasher in my neighborhood?
Should i stop cutting bc my friend wants me 2?
Can you help ? Ive got short term memory loss and I ...............Erm...No its gone?
Why r there so many ppl ??????
Have you ever gone downstairs and when you get there, you forgot why you went downstairs?
Daughter needed stitches from camp. Does she have a case?
Shoulder pain!!! Any advice?
My knee is in pain?
Is my wrist broken?
I crashed my mom's car and i'm scared of doing it again?
How long does it take for a broken arm, severely bruised body, bleeding temple and shoulder take to heal?
HELP I BURNED MYSELF :[[ it hurtsss.?
How can i treat my ankle... its swollen?
Sprained foot, PLEASE help?
SWOLLEN Painful right foot!?
Glasses perscription?
Contact lenses make eyes red?
How do you make eye puffiness and redness like after you've been crying go away faster?
What eye colour will a child receive if its dad has black eyes and its mom has blue eyes?
What can go wrong with a LASIK surgery?
Contacts inside out?