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Why do infections stink?
What do you suggest I do with my hurty ankle?
My boyfriend has a sprained ankle, its Swollen and seriously painful.
Is it legal to buy prescription drugs without a prescription from foreign countries online?
Can i use last years sun tan lotion this year?
I stepped on a nail and it went through my foot...what do i do?
I am haveing sharp pains in my left side lower back when i breathe deep they get worse what could this be?
I am pregnant and really constipated, what is the quickest relief?
Why are all the magazines in the doctors 1-3 years out of date?
Infection: what needs to be done?
Ive chipped my elbow and it hurts wot will they do with it?
What is the best way to treat a scald?
Smoking help?
How reliable are drug tests and are they beatable?
What would be the standard method of treating a persistent case of viral bronchitis if I went to an er?
I have been exposed to asbestos, should i be worried?
I have flu and a bad cough, will beer reduce my chances of quick recovery? I'm into cough syrup?
Do the Champix pills contain nicoteine though or what?
How can people get chronic airways disease if they do not smoke and are not around people that smoke?
Anyone else suffered from pneumonia?
My 8week old daughter is having chesty cough how can i help her?
How do i find cure for sleepiness?
Does cracking your knuckles really give you arthritis?
What is the average temprature of a house during the winter? What about your's?
Whats a good way to quit smoking?Is there rehab for smoker's?
How Can you get a Person to get off Crystal Meth???
Have something to get off of ur chest?
What kind of woman flirts with men she knows are married?
What is your current mood?
I think that i might have depression..but i cant go to anyone?
Is suicide forgivable?
Anti-Depressant Question?
How are you feeling today?
I feel so ugly and depressed I want to kill myself?
How much is a 1 cup of weed worth?
Can I drive home with one contact lens in?
Can anyone interprete my eye prescription?
What does ti mean when your right eye twitches?
Do i need to see an eye specialist if i commonly see tiny streaks of light and flashes of lights (or colours)?
Please help me get over my fear of contacts?
Contact Lenses Solution?
Is rinsing contact lens cases in water safe?
After getting out of a hot bath my vison has been very fuzy and big bright rainbow halos around lights?
My eye sight is weak, I has -5 glasses. I want to improve my eye sight, please suggest.?
What vitamins are vital for healthy eyesight?
How do you think i can get rid of my warts?
Suggestions for bad acne?
Hi have eczema on my hands and have tried everything ? Please help!?
My veins r very visible under my skin. A green colour and they stand out a mile.Why is that? Is there a cure?
Is there a way to remove birth marks oneself without causing a scar?
Wut is it??
What can cure fungus in the skin?
My Acne is Driving me to the Point of Suicide?
Will washing your face constantly with only water help treat acne ?
Why do we have skin?
Stapled my arm?
What's the Latin/medical name for your "knee"?
What could be the reason for bleeding with stool?
I have a pain...?
Lets say you hurt yourself at work?
Have you ever broken a bone?
Toddler hit her forehead on the chair a month ago.Bruing gone but left bump on forehead. Will it go away?
Medical advice please...?
My anus had a lump around it and it hurts what should i do please help?
I keep twisting my ankle?
Water to drink a day?
If someone swallowed any amount of bleach, would it hurt you?
How Do You Get Rid Of Hiccups ?
Does anyone have any suggestions on a senior research topic?
Do girls find moles unttractive?
I have this friend when i come over her house she always bites her tonenails with her mouth?
I have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) I am using an APAP but what worries me is the dreams?
Is it normal for a knife cut to instantly swell?
My Vocal Chords Are Thrashed! Any tips to a speedy recovery?
What's the difference between a cigarette and a serial killer?
Is aerosol dangerous??
My man has been holding his breath for about 10-15 sec. during sleep. although i am unsure of how many times?
How come I am never tired?
I dont feel well... i cant breathe through my nose, i cant talk, i keep coughing and they are dry so it hurts?
Why do patients with emphysema increase the size of their chest diameter?
COPD'ers? What gives you more trouble the emphysema,chronic bronchitis or the Asthma??
Have you ever taken steroids?
What are some signs of a heat stroke?
I need help! I have chronic pancreatitis,I am on fentanyl has any 1 been on anything else that works for pain?
Why does my cough seem to get worse when I sleep?
What is a panic attack?
Mucus question???
Can loud music hurt newborns hearing?
Why do you sneeze when you walk into sunlight?
Why should I take an aspirin a day?
Why do we get dizzy and we don't really know for a moment where are we if we stand up too quickly?
I've been back in school about a week and am REALLY dried out- whats up?
How will you explain to a blind man the difference between black and white?
Has anyone done the lasik eye surgery?
My 4 year old squints sometimes when he watches tv. Should I get his eyes checked?
How do I make sure I get a scar?
Eye lash in my eye!?
My little sister just got crutches and is really bummed. How can I decorate them to cheer her up?
Besides for looking good, why else would contacts be better than glasses?
My eye doctor said I don't need glasses, then why...?
What to do about tendonitis in the foot?
How do you explain to someone who has been blind all their life about sight?
Is it a wise choice to get glasses?
HELP ME i need help i'm cutting my rist give me advice too stop!?
My son needs a hearing aid and his only 7 is this right?
Got my 1st pair of contacts today & it seems like i can see farther&better; with my glasses rather than contact
Pulled a sicky?
Can anyone help me?
I recrntly hurt my leg a couple weeks ago, it's still swollen & now my foot's turning a blackish purple.
Changed workout and muscles have been hurting like hell?
How can I get rid of a pain in my hand?
Why does my lower back hurts after i wake up?
Can you die from this?
Help with toothache?
Wen i woke up this morning?
Does a eyebrow piercinng hurt that bad. Scale of 1-10?
What is the difference between oxycodone and vicodin??
What should I do. should I be wearing a wrist brace please help me!?
What can i do about itchy legs?
Acne problem????
My 4 yr old has a rash around her mouth, purple/red bumps, what could it be????
Why do i have bumps on my cheeks?
Ankles covered in nettle stings, help!? Any household ingredients I can use?
Does anybody else love soap?
How can you get rid of scars?
Whats the best way to treat a boil. I have one in a very embarassing place and want to treat it myself?
Is it possible to get a mole/freckle on the labia?
My nose is stop up and it makes it hard to breath and I smoke. Can that be part of me feeling sick?
My grandma has been coughing for about 1-2 years anyone help?
Does a healthy nasal cavity contain any bacteria?
What do people smoke in glass pipes?
Is a deviated septum visible by looking at a person's nose or is it just internal ?
My toddler seems to have a perpetual chest infection/virus! Help!?
Anxiety Issues?
Is it possible for phlegm to never get coughed out?
Cough sweet?
Anyone had SUCCESSFUL sinus surgery?
When you take a £10 note out of your wallet, do you get a lump in your throat?
How do u get rid of a sty on your eye lid?
Belly button odor...serious replies only, please?
Whats the best way to get rid of headache without taking paracetamols?
Whats the best diet that works?
How do you stay up all night without being tired the next day!?
Best medicine for use on scars?
I have a black eye....how do I get rid of it????????
My left arm is swollen?
I just bent over to clean my toilet and my back started extremely hurting, Right NOW I cant even Move?
I hurt my arm but i dont wanna go to the doctor what do i do?
I have Patella Tendonitis. I've rested for 10 days - Now What?
How do i know if i bruse or broke my rib?
Is it possible for an 11 year olds broken ankle to be as good as before or will a weakness always be there?
How Can I Break My Leg?
Does anyone know the name of a soap that you don't rinse off?
How do you remove fingernail polish from skin?
How much sleep do you need each night to function OK?
Would it be rude?
I killed my grandma and my dog...Should I keep at it?
Nose Picking Side-effects?
Any tried and tested methods of getin' rid of a spot quickly?
Oven Burn on Arm?
Lady with white itchy discharge?
Can U get poison ivy from someone who has it?
Poison Sumac, any remedies?
Can athletes foot affect the whole of your foot rather than just in between the toes?
Is there a product sold by avon that helps keep insects away? or ANYTHING that will help?
I am having dark complexion, how can I get a fairer complexion?
How to get rid of acne scars?
What to do for a wasp sting?
How to i remove dark rings fom around my eyes?
Why am I so tired?
Can I take a shower with stitches?
How do you get the smell of vomit out of hair?
How long does it take for a thrown out back to heal?
Why do i get dizzy and sleeply when eating foods that have suger in them?
Help! My son burned his hand with an iron.?
How long does it take for swelling from a bee sting to go away if stung in the face?
Does eye colour affect the colour vision of a person?
Is it possible to have one ear higher or lower?
What kind of disease is in the eye when the eye is cloudy gray looking and the pupil looks white?
Does anyone have advice on putting contact lenses in? I keep closing my eyes....Help!?
My eyes are always watering for no reason any idea why?
CONTACT lenses help...its very important folks?
Am i gonna go blind?
What colour our my eyes ? -pic-
Is there an easy way of removing contact lenses? I've been for a fitting today and couldn't get them out..help
Can wearing prescription glasses that aren't prescribed to you impair your eyesight?
Does anyone else with asthma yawn all the time??
Can only breathe out of one nostril at a time but they switch off -what could this be?
What can I do for my toddler daughter's chronic nasal congestion? It makes it hard for her to sleep well.
I have sinus infection and I need help it's been 2 months and it's not going away can you help?
How dangerous is it to have a baby with the blood problem due to lupus?
Which body parts are part of the respiratory system?; and wich part is part of the digestive system?
I am getting over a chest infection. I have 1 pill left and for the last 2days everytime I cough I vomit HELP?
ASTHMA question...Does anyone else have or know of asthma like this?
Why is smoking pot bad? I need to convince a stubborn friend to quit.?
How long is a shower considered long?
Is there any way i can get birth control w/o seeing a doctor or getting an rx?
Can anyone tell me why our bones crack when we move?
Have you ever left home barefoot,and didnt realize it right away?
My uncle has fibromyaglia, arthitis and buritis -help??
What is the cure for frequent headache?
What are the prescribribleable strongest painkillers?
IS THIS PLAY SCHOOL OR WHAT!!!! what are you thinking now!! will my boyfriend stay with me?
Severe Migraines?
BACK PAiN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
A good home remedy for a migraine headache which comes only maybe 3 to 4 times a year?
Lower back pain?
Does anyone have an easy remedy for a "charley-horse' in your calf ?
How do I my foot unswollen?
I have bulging disks in my back..HELP!?
How come you can only use an Ice pack for no more than 20 min?
Broken ankle?
Nerve damage in my arm?
What is your take on picking up the food that fell on the floor?
Whats the least painful way to get a black eye?
My shoulder has been hurting something awful for weeks. Anyone have a diagnoses?
Any good way to tell if an injury (to the wrist) is a fracture or sprain?
I cant sleep, not eating/drinking, twitching?
Anyone know how I can get to sleep early tonight?
I am always dizzy in the mornings, and sometimes when I get up. Is this normal?
What is this??
My boyfriend is sick, and we aren't sure what it is... He is freezing cold and constantly falling asleep?
Lung cancer with no symtoms?
What is the precentage of Americans who actually smoke?
Im having my tonsils taken out...who knows..?
What is the best way to change the chain smoking?
Air pockets in my lungs?
I can't keep my 4 year old completely healthy....HELP!?
Sinuses: CT or MRI?
Need an alternate medicine for obtructive sleep apnea apart from surgery?
What is the best cough meds for my kids, that wont knock him out?
Left eye twitch for weeks?
Eye problems...?
If you had a billion dollars...?
How much wud it cost to get contacts???
Eye contacts!!?????
How many people...?
All the people with the huge bug-eye sunglases?
Dry eyes contact lenses.?
Im getting my eyes dilated and i was wondering?
If you get contacts can u get laser eye surgery?
Plz help....????
What can I do about VERY dry skin, it actully flakes. (gross)?
What kind of plants causes skin rash?
How can i get rid of my acne if none of the store bought stuff works??
What is the best therapy to remove acnes completely?
How do i get rid of a wart?
Does Toothpaste work on zits?
I have oily skin, what can I use to dry out my skin?
School photos on friday how to get rid of spots?
Does anyone know a lotion for Exzma?
I hate to ask this question...but what do you do for hemmroids..besides tucks?
What can I use to cut myself deep enough in my wrist so it will cut the vein?
Do you want to feel better ?
Whats the best thing to put in a cake?
Can being under stress make you fat?
Some advice please?
Does Vitamin E work at getting rid of scars?
How do you cope with the cold and dark nights?
Will a person with ADD lose his ability to know right from wrong?
What is this yellow liquid, thats draining out of my face, & How can I stop it?
How do I know if I sprained my finger or broken it ?
I hurt myself?
How do you tell someone that you were in a Psyche hospital?
Can i do yoga on carpet?
Can you walk without a knee cap?
Whats wrong with you!?
Can Air Conditioning make you ill, like a flu type illness?
Is there anyway to stop getting hernias?
How can you say suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem?
Why would you keep me from commit suicide?
Is there a surefire treatment for the fear of public speaking and social phobia?
I think i broke my ear cartilage, how do i know for sure it is, and how can i fix it?
Women so much colder than men?
Childhood accidents, are they all reported? NHS \UK only?
Hello, I need help, All the help I can get on something.?
HOw fast can i make my sun burn go away from today?
I always fart. What is the cause?
Does watching a rotary ceiling fan hurt a baby's brain development?
Can you eat sunscrean?
What makes u smile each day? What makes u get up and enjoy your day?
Do you normally get nausea or vision changes with a migranie?
Why do i get full fast and then i'm hungry a half hour later?
How do I quit smoking?
A cactus poked my finger on Sun. and now it is swollen and hurts. Any suggestions? I don't see anything in it
Are payless shoes good for your feet?
Hard Skin on Heel of the foot?
My eyes itch frequently and the skin around them is dry and irritated, could i be going blind?
If you have extra skin, can you just cut it off??
Massive puss filled spot in ear?
Is there anyway to either conceal or heal the pink skin left after a scab falls off??
What causes dandruff?
Ringworms.....please help me....Is there any doctor out there???
Small white dots on the upper gums?
What causes ring worm?
Is it appropriate for a pediatrician to take a rectal temperature on a 13 yr old because my pediatrician...?
Im tired, iv been at college all day and i have to have a driving lesson! how can i wake up and be positive!?
What to do when your leg falls to sleep?
Are there any medicines available in the USA to combat irony deficiency?
Am I doing it wrong?
How can I sleep with this injury?
Knee pains from excessive walking & climbing?
I have a pretty bad ingrown toe nail. is it safe for me to ram some scissors up the middle and cutitoutmyself?
Broken toe needs surgery?
What is wrong with my big toe knuckle?
Does an itchy wound mean it's healing?
Infected Belly Button Piercing?
I just got contacts and my eye is red?
Should i wear glasses once i have it?
Questions about plucking your own eye out!?
Where can I get color contacts?
Can I use my clear contact lens prescription to buy colored contacts.?
I just got new contacts and my eyes burn??
I've worn glasses for 21 years, and am considering switching to contacts. What are reasons to/not to switch?
How to get hairspray off of eyeglasses?
Can my brother ever get good sight?
Red eye after removing contacts. Are my eyes simply too dry for contacts?
Is it possible for me to not get a flu or throat-burns again in my life?
Do i have asthma?
A dramatic/pay-attention starting sentence for a smoking campaign.?
Ive been on the streoids for nearly 4 years?
I work in tourism and do lot of travel.i'm unable to eat or sleep sufficiently and my health is at risk.help..
Sinius infection?
What cause dark stool and verry strong odor?
I sometimes get Chest Pains.....?
Can anyone tell me whats wrong with my finger?
Lump behind my neck?
What are the side effects of using pain killers?
My beating too fast..feels like its about to explode...plz help?
Why do I get migraines sometimes after playing sports?
Chest pain after jogging, PLEASE HELP! I take some meds...please read below?
Is it OK to chew up non-chewable vitamins, like One-A-Day brand? They are so big it is difficult to swallow.?
How to get rid of charlie horses (leg cramps)?
I was shoveling snow yesterday, and now my back is so painful i can barley move. should i be worried?
Are smokers unaware how horrible their smoke is or don't they care how hard it is to breathe?
I know the NHS?
Do you eat Chinese food or use Chinese drugs or medicine?
Does anyone know a cure for snoring?!! Or something which can help reduce it at all?PLEASE!!!?
Why am I always sneezing this time of year?
How often should a person get a tetanus shot?
Hi does anyone else get a burning pain in their shoilder and arm when they have been on the pc a long time?
My Legs Really Hurt!!!!!!?
Does cracking your fingers really hurt you?
Are there any over the counter inhalers for copd?
If I go to the emergency room will I have to wait?
Sinus problems?
Are CPAP machines comfortable, helpful etc.?
The snot in my nose is causing a horrible odor and bad breath!?
What is the outcome of a 74 year old women having a stroke and pneumonia at the same time?
How can you stop snoring without surgery? And what brings on snoring?
Once you get pneumonia, they say you are more prone to further pneumonia attacks. If so, Why is this the case?
Chest congestion // cold?
What's a nebulizer????
Is sleeping with your eyes open bad?
How come we have blind people in America when we have laser surgery/lasik available?
I just got glasses recently i took them off,and its like i have been blind all this time?
Do girls make passes at guys with glasses?
Is it possible to change your eye color by plastic surgery?
Wearing my glasses gives me a headache. Any tips on how to get used to them?
Is there another way to see clearly, but not wear glasses?
What should you do if a blood vessel in your eye pops?
Are eye contacts good or bad?
Wearing glasses?
Tips for a really bad diaper rash?! Please!?
How many hours sleep does one need for a good nights sleep???
How do you get rid of hiccups?
Why sometimes I feel pain in my left side of my chest? If it is not related to my heart, why only left side?
Whats the cure?
How to relieve constipation?
Is sleeping really needed to survive.?
Is there any way to make your throat deeper?
How do i remove chap stick/ lip gloss from my daughter's face?
What are those white things that appear on your tongue every once n a while?
Is it bad to crack ur toe?!?
How can you get a clear face???
Humiliating problem?
What If I was hurt On school property And I broke a bone are they Liable?
I've just painted my husbands toenails bright pink whilst he's asleep....?
What are these bumps that u get after shaving your private?
Can you get a sunburn even when it's not too hot outside.?
My son has horrible poison ivy, all over. I put calamine on it, but the poor kid is?
What is a good ointment to help reduce the appearance of scars?
Can I remove these stitches myself??
Underarm bump thingy?
What is good for bee sting inflamation?
Does anyone know what the tiny biting insects in my bed are?
The results of my medical test (tb) were given out in front of a room full of people, do i have a case?
What is your reactions about pneumonia?
How to avoid falling asleep in class?
How do you stop snoring at night?
What is the best over-the-counter medicine for a lingering cough?
If I found someone on the floor breathing who has just used tranquilizers, what should I do?
ALS, mother has to use bathroom?
Do I need a shrink?
Blood swapping?
I need some help!?
Chest problem?
My f. inlaw is 83 and has apsestos in his lungs. for a long time now. will he ever die from it?????
Is it wrong for me to take my own life even though i am a christain?
Does anyone else suffer from this problem...?
Ive been coughing for about 3 weeks now, and when ever i do some flem fliud comes up from my lungs, wat is dat
How do you cope with stress?
CHEST X RAY and the results?
Please guide me about side effects of rice eating habit?
Safe low level smoking?
Ouch! What is that?
Why do I feel like such crap after I take a nap?
Really bad cold !?
Is it true, too much beans will make you fart?
I have a swollen foot without a bruise or injury. What is the cause of it?
How many fingers do you have?
Pain in my butt. but techincally at the other end !?
My shoulder is killing me... feels like a sore muscle, like I've been carrying 200 lbs all day, but I haven't
Why do i have sharp pains in my stomach?
Help!?! Only my right ear and jaw ache....
How can i wax without it hurtin ?
What does it mean when my whole abdomen hurts?
How to numb a foot, Actual sensible answers please :]?
I can't afford glasses or the exam! I am 25, what do I do?
What will a doctor do for pink eye?
Blurry left eye.?
Has this ever happened to you when you first awaken and open your eyes?
Is it possible to have surgery to make your eyes larger?
How old do i have to be to wear contact lenses?
Should I get new eyeglasses ? Are these out of style ? Do you guys like them or not ? Should I even wear them?
My eyes keep turning red!!! =[?
Can I get contacts without having glasses?
Sick & dizzy?
Whats wrong with me? :\?
How many hrs of sleep are you supposed to get?
Who do you blame for obesity in children?
How can i put on weight?
Drinking pee?
Where do you see yourself in 10 years, and how do you plan on getting there? Adults ages 46 to 60 only.?
When is the last time you got drunk?
How do you get rid of a skin tag?
What do you like about your self and what dont you like about your self i dont like my impatience?
How do you get rid of flea bites?
Whats good to heal or numb a sunburn?
What can cure a wasp sting?
Howe to remove a splinter?
How do you loose weight?
What do you think it means when your ear feels like its on fire?
Can i ever smoke weed again?
My friend started smoking. What can the guard do to get her to stop?
Bloody noses at work....?
What does it mean if i am coughing up green mucus?
Can you develop asthma in 1 day?
What would be the cause of morning mucus build up in the back of ones throat?
I just started snoring...whats wrong?!?
What exactly is croup cough?
I have an Ear infection will the antibiotic Avelox cure it?
How to shake this chest infection?!?
How long do boils last if left untreated?
Do you think I should see a doctor?
Anyone else's sleep patterns gone crazy?
Is wearing socks to bed harmful?
Does anyone now what these symptom's are ?
What will be happening to me If I go to sleep always with a full stomach?
Has anyone out there been adicted to vicoden if so how did you quit?
For the past few weeks i have been getting severe headaches-what could be the causes?
Hangover cure?
Hi, i seem to have a boney pain in the middle of my chest, i also get a pain when i breath in deeply?
Who gets headaches everyday? what do you do?
Pain in Appendix area ? Helppp !?
External Hemorrhoids?? HELP!!?
How to get rid of the pain of a sore throat?
Besides pain killers. what can I do for the constant pain of fibromyalgia?
Why do people hold their breath when in pain?
Is there a cure for acne?
Blemish... What do they mean?
Poison Ivy??
Dry skin from oxy face wash
Has anyone got any alternative ways to aid my daughter's eczema?
How do i get rid of my ingrowing toe nail..?
How many body piercings do you have.?And which hurt the most.?
What is the name of this song?
What kind of moisturizer is good for oily face?
Bump on my inner thigh, what can it be?
Cafe using WD 40?
Has anyone here died and been resuscitated??
Do you consider smoking a pack a day to be a chain smoker?
Why do I feel breathless and nauseous after jogging?
I am 53 and was just diagnosed with copd. I am going to die from this?
Should a toddler be given Nasonex?
How do you stop 'snoring'?
What is a great cough medicine for a child?
How to get rid of night snoring without surgery? Doctors suggest small surgery?
I am sick and my mom said my fev has to be 100 degrres for me to stay home?
Is it true that pouring cold water over a burned finger helps? How so? If not, what does help?
I just burnt the top of my thumbs with very hot steam - how do I get the burning to stop??
Help! Need some ideas on getting rid of lice. My six year old came home from school the other day with them?
When you have a fever, at what temp. do you go to the hospital?
Why do ppl pee in the shower...?
What do you eat instead of unhealthy snacks like potatoe chips?
I can't urinate & don't have medical insurance. Does anyone have any home remedies?
Do you have a first aid kit in your car?
Can you actually get stung by a spider while you sleep?
My thumb wont stop bleeding?
Should he quit?
Would you want to be around for all eternty?
When you wipe your butt, do you check the toilet paper to see if you got it all?
Can staying in bed eventually kill you?Someone said it makes you very weak.?
My eyes hurt when i smoke weed?
Sleeping Trouble?
Smoked for the first time,and the smell wont go away?
Is it possible that you can cry your contacts out?
Effective head lice removal?
If you get something in your eye can it go to yout brain?
How do blind people tell the time?
Can you develop astigmatism or are you born with it?
How can you tell if you need glasses? (im serious!!)?
I have worn contacts for 10 years & when I try my glasses I can't see correct?
I want to die. I need help. Please look. please?
Is depression contagious?
Whats the best way to beat depression?
I know i need help but no one will listen?
Has any one lost a parent due to suicide?
What is wrong with me?
What's the cure for sadness?
I'm very confused with my whole life right now. I feel like I'm a total failure. What should I do?
Am i the only one that sees this?
I'm falling out of my head...???
I have quite flat feet with hardly any arch.i have recently got a job where i am constantly on my feet?
Girlfriend shaking in sleep
What can smoking weed once every two months do to you?
I'm really really scared that I have a brain tumor!!!!?
How can i help my friend to stop smoking?
My 6 year old boy is taking short, hard breaths lately. It's lasted 3 weeks now. Is this just a habit? ?
Smoking ban?
Chest problem, medical advise???
Coughing up blood...?
My boyfriend snores. Can I help him stop?
Eucalyptus Oil???
Do you think that employees with a disability get treated the same as non disabled employees?
What preventions can i use to help decrease asthma attacks in kids age 7?
My boyfriend??
Young age arthritis(or BAD JOINT PAINS)?
Big toes hurt?
Whats the best way to relieve backed up gas?
What is the type of doctor who specializes in joints?
Sciatica pain?
How do you stop a headache without medicine?
My back hurts what can i do about it?
My left knees been hurting alot lately and swelling up. Mostly when I squat. What could this be?
Pain in my eyes! HELP!?
How do you get rid of a dry face?
I have a question about psoriasis?
I have absolutely TERRIBLE eczema on my elbows and knees/legs...?
How do you get rid of dandruff?
My girl has alot of acne on her face. HELP!!!!!?
What soothes ant bites?
Do you need to put a bandaid on a burn?
Does food poisoning start showing immediately or does it take 24 hrs to show?
Why do you use soap during shower?
I found a tick on me! Now I am paranoid! How do I make sure they are all gone?
How do i get rid of my acne?
How hard is it to pop mosquito bites?
Liquid bandage?
An easy acne treatment?
How do you get a blister to stop burning? PLEASE hurry!!?
How do i get my whiter skin back?
I have severe pain in my lower back ,down the side of my left leg all the way to my foot ,?
How long can a human be awake?
Whats the quickest way to get rid of the cold??
Inner ear infection?
Smoking cig question...?
Unknown rash...?
My New Year's Resolution Is To Quit Smoking...?
Have itchy red rash like bites , started on shoulder , now on face down arms and hands?
Does having a pet make you feel good?
Help i see squiggles???!!!!!!?
Why an eye blinks.?
Why do I see a bright sparkle randomly?
Chemical imbalance or what?
Can you claim disabilaties if you are blind in one eye?
How long does an eye test take?
Get glasses?
Is it possible to get an eye job on the nhs I have really baggy eyes and im only 30yrs old its very distressin
I just came to know i have astigmatism , do i need to wear glasses all the time ?
Should I worry about a small piece of broken contact lens in my eye?
Bad cough, can I get any help?
Shortness of Breath?
How i can stop smoking for ever??
Why does everyone take for granted or do they no smoking is not the only illness that can stricken a lung?
I have a question about asthma?
Do u feel laughing is emotioional pain-healer?
Is either smoking or second hand smoke a recognized cause of death for entry on the death cerrificate?
4 year old with green snotty nose, wet cough, fever, Doctor says no to antibiotics.?
Long cough and symptoms of cold wont go away?
How dangerous is second hand smoke?
How do you relieve your boredom when at home?
What are the side effects of smoking pot?
Where & how does bless you originate from, after you sneeze?
How do blind people know when to stop whiping their butt?
What does it mean when your eye twitches?
I got heavy pain in my every period times, what i to do for that?
Why is it that you feel sick if someone has stunk the toilet out but as soon as it may be yours your ok?
Do wood peckers get headaches?
Can anyone tell me is it painful having the UID coil removed?
For the past 8 months i have been having pain in my hip when i move my leg outwards and inwards?
Body aches?
Neck pain after bouncer put me in full nelson, will it go away?
I have irregalar bowl movements, how can i help them???
Do you go to a chiropractor?
I have a horrible headache feels like my head is being squeezed in a vise, going on about 7 hours now...?
How can I loose my weight ?
Sore Throat?
Are band aids only for kids and the ladies?
Can somone help me. I am really close to doing something crazy.?
How to get this splinter out of my hand?
What are ways to improve the health of your kidney?
How do I stop shaking?
Can you help me with my sleeping problem?
Whats the best thing to happen to u today?
My kids wont eat their dinner EVER how do you make kids eat???
Is there anyone out there who might know why sitting at my pc for more than half hour makes me feel nauseous.?
Man turns to canabilism for survival.. would you?
Can you tatto yourself using a needle and ink from a pen?
What is cat scratch fever?
I cannot sleep and its 4:00 in the morning!?
Do you self harm? If so how do you do it?
Is this normal?
How 2 kill fear?dont preach give me steps of action?
Do you believe in Tom Cruise's theory that a person can cope with depression without medication?
Has anyone felt so anxious that their cant keep still or that their chest hearts and u feel ur heartbeat???
What could be a new name for schizophrenia disease?
What can I do against chocolate addiction?
Do you ever talk to yourself when no one is around ?
How can one go about fighting depression without going to a doctor?
Contact Lenses or Glasses?
I am 15 years old with an contacts prescription of -8.00 Am i legally blind?
Are contacts ok for me to wear?
I have a cut eye?
Is contacts or glasses better?
I'm 14 years old and near sighted, so does this mean when I get older, will my vision better?
When you cant see in the distance, is it near or short sighted??
Why do I get tiredevery time I look at a computer/tv screen?
Can needing your eyes tested make you feel dizzy?
I see strange colours when i close my eyes?
How much blood is normal to cough up after stopping smoking?
What do you do to stop coughing? My daughter's sinuses are draining and it causes her to cough.?
Bronchitis and Strep Throat?
Are there any home remedies to help get rid of bronchitis?
Can you answer these substance abuse questions ?
Have you ever been chronically sick and found it to be from mold in your house?
If smoking hookah, what can happen to you?
What are long term affects of lack of oxygen to legs in Emphysema?
What is an alternative drug to get off of vicodin?
What's a good way to motivate yourself, when you don't want to do something?
How do you get rid of a cold fast? like 24 hours or less?
What is good to use to help reallly bad sunburn?
What type of doctor do i see for back pain other than a chiropractor?
What happens if you swallow mouthwash??
Sleep walking?
I have been on Lortab 10/500 and it is not helping my very chronic pain so my dr. ordered Fentanyl 50 mg .?
How should i treat a burn?
I started a new job and are on my feet for 9 hours straight. come home and my feet are killing me. what can do
Once you've started peeling from a sunburn, how to you get it to stop!?
Is it true that if you sneeze with your eyes open they will pop out?
Nose is bleeding!!?
What do you do about Charlie Horses?
Sometimes when I pull on it, it hurts, is this normal? I told my wife, so she pulled on it, that was nice of?
Can you by medication from the chemist that help you stay awake??
Severe knee pain? What's the remedy?
What cheap over the counter remedy can you use for overly dry feet?
How can you tell if a mole is cancerous?
I think i have dirty skin?
Acne problem?
How to get rid of a cold sore.?nasty one.?
A few questions about healing a sunburn?
Peeling Off Your Skin After Sunburn?
Does growth occur during sleep???
Anyone know if ill be charged for an ambulance ride to the ER. I had too much to drink and i went to the ER?
Why do i have to go pee about ever hour to 2 hours?
Why do we put our legs out of the covers to cool ourselves down in bed?
Do you smoke? Have you ever tried to quit? How many times?
I am trying to quit smoking!!?
A sudden dizziness - worried now!?
Why do I get Nasal Congestion repedetly?
Is it worth getting the BCG vaccine for an adult in the UK?
Anyone here with asthma?
How can I get rid of this cough?!!?
Any body know how to help with sinus problems?
I want to quit smoking - any tips on making it easier?
I have suddenly experienced short breath (like asthma almost) after getting over a cold.?
Cronic Cough?
What is the best medicine for a sinus infection?....is there any homew remedies?
Why am i having a problem sniffing?
Would cannabis help with pain from ankylosing spondylitis?
I have a problem with a pain management Nurse paractioner.?
What is the strongest over the counter pain medication you can take to help with Fibromyalgia?
My father has gout and I was wondering if there any over the counter/prescription drugs or creams he could use
My ear hurts?
Ibuprofin or Exedrin?
How to prevent a fear of needles?
Are sharp head pains normal??
Lump on back of head/neck?
My stomach is painfuly and i sometimes feel something moving and i can feel it too. what could this be?
With a blister on your foot due to walking will it heal better if you leave it be or if you burst it ?
What dosage of microbid antibiotic would you give a 4 yr. old with a UTI?
How do i quit smoking for good,no meds please(over a20 year habbit)?
The side of my face swells when I've been drinking alcohol. Why is this?
How do I treat a yellow jacket sting?
This is no joke. What causes an extreme amount of gas? It needs to be released all day long and during night
Easy ways to cure poison ivy… not a fan of the doctor.?
Is it true that if you urinate on a jelly fish it can not sting you?
Is it ok for women let a man get to second base on a first date.?
How do you cure a BAD sunburn?
What would cause me to blink my eyes more than other people?
Why do I see floaters (tiny bubbles) when I look up to the blue sky? No one else can see these floaters except
Is it ok to put saline solution(contact solution) in your eyes just like eye drops.?
I have a baby and is eye colour is grey i have dark brown eyes and his father have brown eyes why is that so?
Can u lose ur sight or some vision?
My eye is twitching?
I want to get contacts? contact wearers plz help?
I broke my glasses! What should I do?
How Can I Convince My Dad?
Which is better glasses or contacts??
How can the munchies be prevented after you smoke a few spliffs?
What can i do to stay asleep at night?
If I hold my breath for more than 60 sec. What would happen to me.?
Why people maximum sleep in the night as compaire to the day?
I have been smoking 2 years now im quitting did i cause any damage?
Why Do I Always Have To Pee?
I was happiest when Anorexic?
You know, Ive asked this question here a million times and no one wants to answer!!WHY??
If someone see snake in dream, what its mean? is it bad or good?
My girlfriend cuts her self when things go wrong !! why?
Am i bipolar?
Does smoking make you look cool?
Drugs are bad mmm kk????
Cant Sleep..?
What is the best way to stop smoking .........?
I DONT WANT A DAMAGED ARM!!! :[[[ at all...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I recently quit smoking cigarettes and I am very emotional. Is this normal?
On commericals for medications which you should not take if "you're pregnant or may become pregnant"...
Describe first aid for minor cuts?
Any one have a home remedy for infections????
What is the best way to stay warm?
Can Ghosts Harm You? Please Help.?
I was cutting my nails and accidentally cut my finger?
Blister question?
My cat bit my daughter and now the back of her hand is red and swollen?
How can I break my toe?
Why is it not fun when i finger myself????
Pains in the lower left of my back?!?!?
My friend went to a walk in clinic, got a prescription, and redid the prescription for a pretty hard pain kill
The pain killer methodone, how does it make you feel? Does it really work well for pain?
What do you do when you have pain on your period?
My tummy hurts?
I'm getting a migraine now..?
Is a bulging disc supposed to be painful?
What would help relieve painful leg cramps?
Eye vision... 6/9 (20/30) What does it mean?
Would you think I needed glasses/corrective lenses?
Will straining my eyes on the computer screen and tv damage my eye sight?
Do contact lenses have UV protection?
What should I do?I am like really bored every day???
How long does it take to get contact lenses?
Will medicaid cover color contacts?
I get terrible red eye in pictures even with red eye reduction on?
Can you wear contacts lenses ,if you don't like to stick your finger in your eye?
Answer this?
Cover a small wound or let it stay exposed to open air?
Is acne contagious?
Help me remove this thing on my nose plz !!!?
What is the piece of skin between the nostrils called?
I smoked my 1st and last cigarette yesterday. now i suffer from severe coughing and itchy skin, how to stop it
Cant eat, cant breathe......?
Is it normal to get zits in your ears?
What is it called when your throat feels like its trying to close?
Why do i have dark eye circles?
My daughter has a wart on her hand?
How can you tell if you have a bacterial lung infection, versus a viral infection?
Does Sitting in Front of the Computer Constantly Cause Acne?
I have painful boils come up in the groin area?
I wake up wit real sharp pains in my lungs every once in a blue, today it got scary, cant figure it out?!?
I have lumps under my skin what could they be?
How dangerous is it to mix advair, inhaler, and smoke?
A litle bump on my hand because of my pencil?
How do i stop myself being so tired all the time even after an eight hour sleep???
What causes dark circles under the eyes ? and what can you do about them ?
What is the stuff you put on your lips to make them moist?
How come you are awake right now?
Effectivenss of Pro-active?
Whats the best way to quit smoking pot?
Why when people are admitted to hospital do they become really rude and pathetic ??
Low Blood Pressure?
"THEY" Say the sun is bad for you,But i believe it maybe bad for the skin but good for the body and mind!
Whats the best way 2 treat cold sores?
Cosmetic Eye Surgery for more Slanted Eye Look?? Help!?
I wear glasses but i want a new look. has anybody tried lasik surgery?
How come girls think there fat when there not???
I have a question about cross eyes?
Is it good to wear baby oil when going in the sun?
What happens if you sleep a couple of hours with your contacts on???
Can using contacts when not needed damage my eysight?
Wuts the best way to wake up early in the morning for school when u just cant get up?
Eye issue. Need Help NOW!!?
What medicine/supplement can change eye and hair color?
Moral dilema concerning someone with AIDS?
If I accidently fall asleep in contacts, will it hurt me?
How to prevent a bloody nose?
Out of these, which is the worse for your health? Alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana.?
Is it uncommon to have an active heart rate of 235 beats per minute?
How do you get rid of the hicups?
Glasses help?
Can anyone explain what causes you to feel like you go paralized, and you can't move at all, but can think ok?
How do i get my nose unclogged???
Is it good for my eyes to wear contact lens?
Stomach ache what could it be.?
Whats the difference between a Masseuse and a physical therapist?
My wife had a sharp abdominal pain just beneath her left breast 2 days ago. what are the likely causes of this
How fast could i wean myself off of 8 60mg morphine pills a day and how?
My husband has muscle burning aching in his legs/thighs and calves i don't know what kind of Dr to go to for
The back of my neck gets so dirty. Any home remedies to keep it clean?
Ear infection..maybe worse?
Heat causing my headaches?
Horrendous migraines?
What are some quick tricks to falling asleep?
Why does my hand always fall asleep?
Is it ok to go to work with pink eye?
What is the best way of stopping myself from cutting?
What can I do for my skin?
I have had pleurisy for four or 5 years off and on, recently ive been in severe pain? HELP?
Favorite home cold remedies?
What can you take for a rumbling and noisy stomach?
How to quit smoking?
Can you die from carbon monoxide poisoning?
Does anyone know any good remedies for Sleep apnea?
Ive got a COLD??!!?
Mouth breathers and loud snoring?
I have trouble breathing through my nose, I am constantly swallowing mucus and get mild headaches.?
What caused me to go blind yesturday?
Im a nurse how bout you??
What happens when you crack your knuckles?
Could anyone tell me if they know farts to be unhygienic?
I HAVE PILES any advice on it?
How can one heal from the pain of Abortion?
Is there someway to stop this pain inside my ear? i tried cleanin it out but nothin..?
Blood in Urine?!?
Should I go the the Emergency Room Right Now?
I get severe migraines. No pills have worked so it's time to try medical pot.?
I have been hitting a 70 lb. heavy bag and i have been getting sore knuckles. Is there a remedy?
Hi, i've been waking up most days with a sore neck and the pain goes away when i start the day.?
I can't stretch my right arm completely due to pain, should I stretch it hard regardless of the pain or what
Best part on a woman besides T & A?
Tips on how to stop biting my nails!?!?
What is the worst kind of splinter you can get in your skin?
What is truly the best way to get rid of a hangover?
What's best for sunburns?
Constantly have headaches.......what is my problem?
How can I make these headaches go away?
Any good recomendations for dry itchy skin? I've tried a couple of lotions but nothing seems to work! help!
Do I need to shave my head off to get rid of my irritating dandruff?
What is the best way to treat anemia at home without medication or supplements?
Acne Acne Acne!!?
How do i get rid of dandruff?
I had a rash on my face and the Dr prescribed me hydrocortisone cream?
Does anyone have any good ideas to get rid of acne really fast?
Why are people so stupid??
How to whiten the skin..especially face...please help me?
Best acne medication.?
Best acne fighter wash/pads/medication?
Ive got little spots that have a rough feel on face and on body any ideas?
I need to cry but can't?
Help a 22 year old x?
Why do you think five year olds have to take naps?
Do you wish you had a switch off button?
How can I stay positive around negative people?
A mature christian lady I know has started throwing salt in front of anyone who comes into her house?
THANK YOU everyone!?
Do you ever feel like you just wanna curl up and die?
How Does One Know If They Have Arthritis?
Should I take antidepressents?
When do u normally get up in the morning..?
I am not classed anorexia no more?
How do you quit smoking? (For good)?
8 Glasses of water is tooo much?
Glasses vs. Contacts for Stigmatism?
What is a lazy eye?
If a Person Is Fully Blind In 1 Eye But Can See Perfectly With The Other Eye Can They Get A Drivers License?
Can contact lenses cause problems with eyes?
Colour Contacts?
Is it good if you wear glasses a lot, or is it better if you dont wear them as long as possible?
Rainbow Eye?
Help please... my eyes?
How difficult is the eye exam for a driver license?
Why does my eye turn red when i put my contact on and it burns?
Dizziness and feeling sick?
I cant wake up with my alarm clock... any help?
A person I know is trying to get approved for gastric bypass.and is lying to get approved, what can I do?
What are some of the symptoms of strep?
I have sore throat headach and cant move head without having pain wats wrong with me?
Are you a registered organ donor?
My doctor wants to give me an anxiety pill will it make me worse? anyone on those kind of meds?
Ive been taking lots of naps and always get headaches is something wrong?
Im having my blood drawn...will it hurt?
My quads hurt, whats wrong with them?
I have a headache, what can I do to get rid of it , besides medicine??
Is it normal to have a surgeon tell you that she does not prescribe any pain medication following her surgery?
I did yoga for the first time last night. Am I supposed to be sore this morning? ?
Why is my temperature so low?(around 96.1, sometimes in the 95s)?
What is the first aid for drug overdose?
What can i do about a really deep cut, that wont stop bleeding?
I cut myself on my palm and it won't stop bleeding! What should I do?
I have a wound that scarred up, but how do I get rid of it?
Why do you think that americas kids are so overweight?
Do Mosquito's have any useful purpose on this planet?
If a person is 34 years old, 5 foot 10 inches, close to 200 lbs, dosent eat verry healthy half the time....?
What to do if an insect fly or bee enters in an ear?
What are the signs that im pregnant?
Should I go to school?
Is humidity bad for asthma simply because it's good for dust mites, or is it also bad for the asthmatic lungs
Is breathing in drywall dust bad for you?
Can a person be cured of these hallucinations?
How does people get asthma?
When using a finger pulse oxygen saturation machine my friends reading was88 on the oxygen saturation.Danger?
Identity 4 symptoms of a urinary tract infection ?
Any one out there with asthma taking inhaller qvar, and experiencing any flemy throat problems? any advice?
Could this be bronchitis or pneumonia?
Is it true?
Is smoking rolled up paper (with nothing inside) bad for you?
I am 60 yrs old lady with slim body type but still I have the problem of knee and leg pain??
Leg spazzums!?
I am going to hospital this week to have cortizone"cant spell" injection in spine.?
Chest Pain left side radiates through arm?
Is this a sinus headache?
Why do I get headaches and sometimes migraine?
Is this a migraine?
Dad's back?
Why do I have occasional "starbursts" in my left eye but not my right?
Can a person with no ears wear glasses?
Can anyone help me with this problem?
What sense could you live without, i.e. sight, hearing, touch, etc.?
Can an infection,if it 's bad enough, kill you?
"What means "getting laid"?
Why do we yawn?
Should I see a doctor?
How to get rid of the bruise faster?
Is it safe to eat Aspirin that expired 1 year ago?
What is the best way to treat a poison ivy rash?
Does masterbation effect on eye?
Would our vision change if there were no light?
Am I crazy?
Hmmm...I haven't SEEN one of my CONTACTS for a while...?
Laser eye surgery. Recommendations?
CRAzy eye?!?
Can eye colour really change?
Pros and cons of contact lenses??
Losing pigment in eyes?
Flashers in your eyes?
I just scored 122 on an iq test is that good or bad?
Does a rainy, cloudy day depress u?
Is It Normal For A Teen To Cut?
Is anyone on here happy!?
Is drug addiction a choice or an illness?
Can you help me think of believable excuses?
Is there a genuine cure 4 insomnia?
How can I cut down the number of hours I sleep?
How do I lose 115 lbs in 4 days!!??? Please!!!?
How long can a person go without sleep?
I get plenty of sleep. I'm still tired all the time.?
How do you go about wiping yourself without your fingers going through the paper?
Do braces hurt?
How can african americans get lighter skin?
6 bug bites on my BUTT??
Aaaaaaaaaaah! Please help, I'm freaking out!?
How do you treat sunburn?
What is the best cure for mosquito bite marks?
Cracked skin on feet?? My feet are killing me, they are cracked and dry. What can I put on them to make them?
I got bad acne, how do i get rid of it in 4/5 weeks?
How can I get rid of dry skin on my legs and knees?
Itching around private area...?
Over 50 want to quit smoking. need advice other than websites?
Does Albuterol Inhaler make anyone itch?
My mom has left-lung base atelectasis/scarring. Does anyone know what this means?
Signs of pneumonia?
Is this normal stop smoking to fell worse?
Thoat remedy?
Breathing difficulties......?
Difficulty swallowing?
My husband had a seizure this morning...?
Do I have asthma?
I have chest pains in the top right side of my chest and my right arm wont stop shaking what is wrong with me?
I got stung by a jelly fish help please?
I got a piece of glass stuck in my finger (i think)
I'm sore what should I do?
I just started taking zoloft is it normal to suddenly become dizzy?
What can you do to get over a cold fast?
Does "Head On" really works?
Does anyone have any ideas to prevent charley horses?