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Cough after every meal?
Eyes randomly burn and then tear?
What is best for a bad scrape?
Is this asthma or something more serious
I put my tongue on something hot and wet.......?
How do you soothe a burn on a finger?
Day 27 of quitting smoking!
I just scolded my hand on steam and it stings.?
Sore throat...?
Is there any medicine that can help me on my smoking habit, hel p i really need it badly...?
What do you do when your child swallows a marble and seems fine? Not having problems breathing and not choking
How many calories to a pound?
What will happen if asthma is left untreated?
Is it true that the measurement from your wrist to your elbow is the same as your foot?
Who invented the Pay Toilet?
My eyes are always getting watery for no reason?
Breathing troubles can someone help?
Who among you here has lost weight succesfully?
A BEE BIT MY BOTTOM! NOW MY BOTTOM'S BIG! What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?
When I take my glasses off, why do I see everything blury?
Anybody have to call 911 because you think somethings wrong only to be told you were having a Panic Attack?
What's with my daughter's cough?
Which do you like glasses or contacts?
What Is Cheaper: Contacts Or Glasses?
Has anyone ever gotten the Lasik laser eye surgery done on their eyes(read on)??
Should I avoid wearing eye makeup to a contact lens exam?
Contact wear length?
Is Walmart and similar places a good place to get glasses?
PLEASE HELP ME!! My glasses are crooked! Please! I need to know how to fix it!?
Do you think it is hygienic for a milkman to have his dog with him?
Am I the only obese person with this problem?
Not sleeping...genuine suggestions please?
What's worse for you: A McValue meal every day, or a pack of cigarettes every day?
If you kno that your getting shots at the doctor(and there going in your butt) what do u wear?
What is the best way to eliminate belly fat ?
Tummy hurts!! what should i do? it's 11:37pm =(?
Can anyone suggest at home remedies for migraines?
Vicodan, Percodan, Oxycontin or Codein, which do you prefer when needed?
I have a pain just below my stomach. It's like a cramp but a lot sharper.?
Is cracking your knuckles harmful?
What is the course of treatment for athiritis in the knees. I can't take anti-inflammitories. They always?
Does Lipitor cause swollen knuckles?
3yr old has ear ache?
What can i take for painful toothy,my dentist is away till 2moro?
Does anyone know how to get rid of a head ache with out taking medicane?
Poor vision is it genetic??
I haven't long to go before death happens for me. Will anyone intelligent and compassionate be a friend?
My 7 yr old son has blood in Urine?
Whats wrong with me?
What is DVT?
Before gastro endoscopy, to eat or not to eat?
Is there such a thing as an elephant man or woman?
Can writing on yourself with a pencil cause led poisoning?
Anorexia help!?
Best lotion for SEVERELY dry skin?
Does cheese have effect on our body.?
Shaving my legs?
Cold sore help?
Proactive solution. Yay or Nay?
What helps relieve dry eyes?
What should I do about this rash from my deodorant?
What should I do about the mole on my arm?
My Wife; Itchy Red Bumps.?
Girlfriend wee/urinate up to 5 times a night?
Is pot really that bad? is it addictive?
Advice for stopping a nose bleed?
How long does it take to recover from a broken tibia?
Cant breathe HELP!!!!!!!!!?
Hairline fracture?
Problem with my hand?
I just pierced my lip and i dont want it to like swell up how do u stop the swelling?
Broken Ankle?
How many people think that white gurls fight better than black gurls.?
What the heck did I do to myself?!?!?
Why is there a mystrious cut on my left upper upper thigh?
I smashed my finger in the garage door what can do for the pain its hurting me fearsly?
My sister acne will i get it?
In between my toes itch very badly. I think it maybe cause that work water gets into my shoes. What can I use?
I have acne HELP!!?
What is the best chapstick/other treatment for chapped lips?
I need a sunblock for a male, what's the best?
Toenail HELP!!!!?
Having shower in cold water, warm water or hot water???which is better for the skin, body and the hair?
Why does my daughter's hair ends smell?
How do I get rid of....?
Tiny bubbles on my arms?
Why do I suddenly feel this way?
Why can't I stop having these thoughts?
What can I do to make myself happy?
Anyone else having a really crappy and annoying day?
How much *talking to yourself* is considered safe and not mental, insane, lost it???
How can I tell if I have adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)?
Scared to go to sleep?
How do you get your anger under control.?
What is the best way to relax?
When you wake up in the morning and see that you have 5-10 mins before your alarm goes off do you:?
What does it mean when you dream that your teeth are falling out?
I always sleep after midnight can anyone give me some tips abt wat i can do to get sleep early?
How long can we survive without food & water ?
How do you cure a lazy eye?
Eye lasik ,is it safe and permanent?
How frequently do you change your glasses??
Weird eyesight?
Would these be blue eyes?
How long is it safe to keep and wear daily disposable contacts?
Eyes dry with contacts?
How could i easy my eyes?
What is the best contact lense solution?
What's the best way to get rid of puffiness under eyes?
How long will it take to get a tan if I use baby oil all over myself? Thank youuu!!?
My daughter has a rash with no bumps and it blends together can you help me figure out what it is?
Ill be 18 in a few months an my skin is still really bad help !!!!?
I got my first cold sore/ fever blister Now that i have this sore on my lip do i have Herpes now???
What is in my finger?
Why do mosquito bites itch?
Cat bite swelling?
Can you strenthen your toungue muscles?
Which is the best pain killer?
Can I really use superglue to hold the edges of a cut together?
If you could change anything about personality, what would it be?
How do you know if your appedix has burst? where is your appendix? need answer fast!?
I did weights on friday and muscles are still aching alot. is it ok to do weights today.?
When u burn ur hand withhot water, what should u immediately do?
I Cannot Believe This Just Happened!!!?
I'm getting my stitches out...?
My doc just put me on Tramadol HCL...generic for Ultram. Anybody know about it?
Why can't Chronic pain individuals be understood?
Suppositories - Constipation?
Migraines and sleep?
Morphine Withdrawl I need help?
Industrial piercing hurts!!!?
Heartburn ! Help pleaseeee......?
My throat hurts?
Paint left side of abdomen?
Persistant Cough?
Burning question for all smokers... pardon the pun!?
Dad having trouble sleeping with CPAP machine?
I just found out that I have a enlarged heart with sleep apnea what are my chance ?
Why is my asthma acting up?
Snoring...!!! This is about to breakup my relationship! Any remedies for a cure w/o an operation?
Coughing alot! Green mucus!?
How far away should you be from a lit cigarette so that you aren't affected by second hand smoke?
Can't talk, feels like something is in my throat?
Okay i have only been smoking for a half a year but i need help: (
How to cure boils?
Underarm rash?
THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT!! I have a bump behind my earlobe, what is it?!??!?
How can i cure my coldsore on the side of my mouth?
I have little itchy bumps on my lips, what is it?
Can anyone tell the best remedy to danruff...home treatement please?
Why do I have white spots underneath my finger nails ?
My wife have a itching problem in her private areas down near thigh & down portion of her bra belt.?
Whats the best way to get rid of warts on your hands?
I get really itchy legs!?
An iron just fell on my husband's head?
I fell ten floors from a building, and hit concrete but just got up should i see a doctor i feel ok.?
Im 15 and i lift weights. my right shoulder has been hurting and so have my ancles what should i do?
What is the best way to break a fever?
What does it mean when......?
Gahh!! why cant i break the skin??
Is falling down the stairs painful?
I got jumped after school, I put a real hurting on them. Do you think i will get introuble?
Is this normal? Has it happened to you?
I feel so weird..whats happening?
Hypnotherapy >>>>>>>>>is it dangerous??
What do you do when your hand goes to sleep?
Will ringworm go away on its own or is medication necessary?
Stinky arm pits??
I've got painful sore inflammed eczema on my legs, its knocking my confidence and im always wearing long pjs
Is/will there be a cure for herpes?
Acne ... nothing worked :( ? Help..............?
What's the best way to get rid of dandruff?
Serious problem with acne!!! HELP!?
Small brown spots on top of hand?
How can i get rid of my acne?
Who out there should turn the computer off and go to bed?
Why can't i go to bed??
I hate my freckles?
Help With Contacts??
Contact lense issue?
What would happen if........?
Glasses help????????
Help me puhlease. its super urgentt?
What causes eyes to change color?
In the supermarkets you can buy reading glasses, can you also buy glasses for distance reading.?
Contact lenses question - urgent?
How can i GET bloodshot eyes?
What is your prescription for glasses/contacts?
Nebulizer before attack or during?
What should you suggest to have a healthy respiratory system?
Human Physiology Question: If someone just got shot in the chest what drug would you give them?
My asthma won't be stopped, and I'm on everything! HELP ! please! hellllp.?
I have been taking amoxicillin and now feeling lightheaded and dizzy?
Any solution for my breathing problem, what are the exercises can I do under my case?
I have foul breathe for years?
What are the effects of cigarretes smoking on the respiratory system?
Can asthma be cured or just controlled with meds?
My son woke up yesterday morning with round pinkish red spots on his back that have spread overnight?
Mosquito bites!?
What is the best moisturizer? My skin is so dry, what can i do?
Acne: Causes?
Something to sooth eczema :-(?
What is a skin pigment, how can one get rid of it?
20 month old daughter has lumps under her skin behind both ears about an inch down and inch back?
Stretch marks?
HELP!!! i think i have a foot irritation have no idea wat it is!?
REALLY bad sunburn?
Am i likely to have damaged my skin through limited sunbed use?
How can I remove the anger that I have towards this person that I HATE so much??
Should i go to the hospital if i have had diarreah for 7 days in a row?? please help me....?
How do you get your taste buds back?
For $25,000 would you go for three months without washing, brushing your teeth, or using deodorant?
Is their a way to loose 10 + pounds with out exerciseing?
Is it okay to use peanut butter as a personal lubricant?
Ok my dad has a spider bite that sticks out about 2 inches i dont think he will make it what should i do?
Please let me know?
Never get Migraines, is this one? Why is it lasting A WEEK? What can I do?
I went to the hospital with chest pain and when i got out the next day i having severe arm and leg pains?
How do you get rid of a sore throat fast?
My mum is 80.But active for her age.This morning she took a sudden numbness in her leg.What could it b?
Question for the ladies?
My husband woke up this morning with ankel pain...he can't put pressure on it to walk and it hurts to the touc
Does removing an in-grown toenail hurt?
Does cracking your knuckles give you arthritis?
What does it mean if i have a really bad pain behind my left eye every five minutes?
Why does my head ache when i´m sleeping to much?
Break my leg?
I have pain on my right side of my head HELP!?
Is it necessary to see the doctor if your finger is infected or is it something you can fix yourself?
I dropped a rifle on my bare foot, it was about 7 lbs. can my foot be fractured?
Okay, if someone get's a cut and it start's to turn yellow, what does that mean?
How do I cure a scratch/scrape?
My friend apparently split her leg open, but i can't see her, so can you tell me ,is this a really bad injury?
Cotton buds cause ear bleeding?
My grandpa broke his leg and now needs surgery. The hospital gave him a blood transfusion, why?
I am having trouble with sleep, please help!?
How do i get my head smaller?
Why do we still in this day and age????
Do you have to Pay to see a Doctor ?
Can being overtired kill you?
My skin is always itching and when i scratch?
This bump spontaneously appeared on my forehead?
My little brother just has chicken pox. What to do and how can it be cure?
Whats the easiest way to pop a zit fast?
What's this on my stomach (pic)??!?
What does a white spot about the size of a thumbnail on the inside of a mouth mean?
How do you get rid of the redness around a zit?
Does anyone no of a good acne treatment?
How long dose it take to get rid of poison ivy?
When your foot falls asleep how do you get it to wake up?
Is it bad for your health living on you own?
How do I quit smoking?
Scared about surgery?
Some one please help me.?
How would you know if a part of an iv needle was left in your vein?
What's wrong with my muscles?
Two days ago....?
Did I break my toe, or is it just bruised?
Should i go to a doctor?
How long does it take for a wound to heal?
My sciatica nerve is acting up. i have had 2 cortisone shots. nothing helps..what will help take the pain away
I think i broke my ankle?
Smoking Hookah/Shisha once before track begins. Will this do damage?
Is it mono or something else?
Is there an over the counter medicine to clear my ears?
Does anyone know if there is anything new for the relief of people suffering with COPD ?
Can anyone help with home oxygen tank use?
Why smoke goes up not down in the air?
ALS, not sleeping??? Live in Nurse??
I've been sick for 2 weeks and 3 days now.?
Can u get the flu during the summer?
How long is the wait for results of chest x-ray for t b?
Best way to get super glue of your skin?
I have a smallish bump in my armpit :[?
Tried everything to get rid of acne!
My friend has 3 weird reddish spots on her arms that appeared out of nowhere, what is it?
Acne help!!!?
Is The Vangina sensitive?
I have this really bad sunburn from the beach from spring break, is there anything thing i can do for it?
When is it necessary to get moles checked??
How long does cocaine affect your body?
Are temepratures from 37 degrees celsiou to 37.5 degrees (98.6 to 99.6 degrees Fahreneit) conidered normal?
How do u get the flu?
How many cigarette packs in a carton?
What is the best first aid for jelly fish (box jelly fish) stung beside vinegar?
Why is my urine sometimes an orange color on the mornings?
Are there any evidence that washing your hair is bad?
What to do with a burn?
Does pee really relieve a jellyfish sting??
How can u become tall ?
Should i get jaw surgery for my dislocated jaw. dr's say its a 50% chance it might not help/make it worse?
I have lower back pain on the right side, right above the pelvis...?
Does it hurt when you get your cartilidge pierced?
I just got my tonsils and it hurts alot d u have a way to get rid of the pain?
Can gas cause this type of pain?
I have a Crick in my neck it hurts really bad help me asap?
Why my small finger on my left hand is numb?
What does it mean when you feel a pain in your side when you walked far?
Bump on my neck and it hurts?
What is the best pain reliever to use for body aches?
Can i get a eye exam if im pregnat?
How young can you be to get contact lenses?
Are eyeglasses supposed to be blurry when you first get them?
How often should I get my eyes checked if I don't wear glasses?
Does anyone know how to get grease off of eyeglasses?
Will i need to buy a new frame if i need new lenses?
Is it true that glasses make your vision worse??
They told me after Lasik surgery that I would have eyes like a hawk, is that why I crave rodents?
Do some people have eyes that are more prone to red eye on photos?
Does laser Eye surgery HURT?!?
Should I care about myself?
How do I pass a drug test?
I did something really bad yesterday at work?
Whats best to cure chronic constipation fast? Abdominal pain?
What works on sunburns if you are out of aloe vera?
Hickey removal?
How to get rid of dandruff!!!!!this is nt the normal dandruffff..i hv tried evrythin bt nthin wrks ppl!plz hel
Nastiest thing on my back, and i dont think this is a zit any longer?
How to get rid of dark circles?
Scar treatments?
Poision Ivy?
Foundation makeup that helps acne blemishes?
Do you fear death?
Where are you right now, what is the time, and what are you doing?
Have you ever know anyone who killed themseves?
I have a question about my abusive husband?
Anxiety/Panic Attacks? Please Help Me?
Abused by a man and then another and then another??
Are these simptoms?
I am a 15 year old unattractive male who cuts his wrists and goes around alone. Anyone else like me out there?
I am very hot tempered.what should i do to keep my temper in control?
Best way to treat ADD / ADHD?
Where do u always get hurt?
I am really Scared.?
I just got a cast on my ankle and have been told to wait up 6 weeks for it to heal?
One side of my ribs hurt all of a sudden and i dont know why?
My Crutches hurt worse than my broken foot...?
How can i fracture so that i can use crutches?
How can i break my wrist????
Muscle Spasms?
The question is down below?
I cut my finger!?
Excessive sweating??? any cures???
Can you catch poison ivy by touching something someone that has it touched.?
ACNE I need lots of help?
What is some acne stuff that actually WORKS?
I was popping a zit and the puss hit me in the eye, what do I do?
PLEASE give me any info you know on how to get rid of...?
What can i do to get rid of my acne without stuff like proactive?
Why do mosquito bites itch?
I had a lump under my arm once then it went away and now it came back what should I do?
Acne Treatment?
Is suicide the best way to get rid of pains?
What does this mean Asperger Syndrome?
When i put onion juice in my eye my eyes go red.....?
Kinda gross but serious question?
What helps you get over a cold?
What would happen if I took a whole container of iron supplements in one go?
Do you think ill stay in the hospital?
Is 1 eye pupil bigger than the other a sign of drug taking?
Why isn't smoking banned?
Should I take urinary tract infection medicine even if I haven't been told by a Dr. that I for sure have a UTI
What is the proper name for the knee cap ?
How do you stay awake at the job?
Do you know your blood type?
How do I relieve sore muscles?
For some reason I woke up today and my ears are stuffed. I tried drinking water and blowing my nose.?
Why do the whole of our bodies jolt up into the air when we are relaxed or asleep?
What kind of attack is this Im only 28?
This is for former smokers?
I want my girlfriend to quit smoking. Do you know anyone who died of lung cancer? How did it affect you?
Do i have asthma?
I have been having hest pains accompanied with speckles of blood in my spit. The pains are sharp and crushing?
How to get rid of hiccups?
Why do office colleagues feel compelled have air conditioning on full blast and ice cold in winter?
If u had dt's one day after 5 years of drinking, and quit cold for 1 year, is it safe to start drinking again?
Why people keep on smoking even if they know that it is dangerous to their health?
What would you do if...?
I cut myself and it doesnt seem deep but it seems to be wide and i cant tell if it needs stitches, i am abroad
How do you get super glue.....?
If you had to choose, which would you be? Blind or deaf?
What do you do when your four year old is throwing up?
What to do with a huge blister on the buttom of my big toe?!?
How do you catch a cold easily?
What do you drink when you have cough.?
Y do people say drinking helps to numb the pain after a breakup?
Is it true that a thyroid problem can cause carpel tunnel or does it just give you the symptoms of it?
Help dizzy turns?
Pain in my chest.... help please?
Is it normal to have neck/back/shoulder pain everyday?
What does a gall bladder attack feel like?
Know any headache remedies?
How to get of hydrocodone?
There is a swollen lump on my buttcheek (serious question)..PLEASE HELP?
Back pain and tingling leg?
Itchy sore scalp and dandruff?
Anal Itch, can anyone give advice?
What are some at home techniques to getting my hand soft looking and feeling?
If someone has poison ivy can it be passed on to someone else?
How can I reduce or get rid of the apperance of stretch marks?
I have a severe dandruff in my hair what shall i do?
I have like a bubble on my top lip...?
Help me.......?
Is there such a thing as chest acne??
Whats the minimum amount of sleep that an adult can get away with per night without affecting lifestyle/energy
When u dont drink water is bad, how bout when u drink way too much?
Doctor, is there any way to permanently erradicate migraines?
If you could pick one age t stay for ever, what age would you PICK AND WHY?
How many times is too often?
Why is sleep important?
I get constant headaches at the back of head & all joints in my body hurt. My gp just gives me pain killers?
Is this normal that my eyes turn red when i wear my contact lenses for too long?
Blurry contacts?
Guugh stupid Eye twitch?? help me?
Can eye cataracts be removed naturally and without surgery?
Would i be considered legally blind if..?
My eye has been irritated for over 2 months now
Contact Lenses HELP!!!
Contact lenses. I have been wearing specs and contacts for over 20 years..?
Can youhave black eyes?
Who's had Lasik???!?
What would u do if u?
Broken Arm Question, Answer please?
What did I do to my arm???
Q1.What wouldlife be like if you couldnt feel pain??would it be a relief or a curse?.?
Please help, got fully comp car insurance and injured in crash.?
Has anyone ever broken a big toe? Will I need crutches? What Kind of cast will I have? What kind of socks fit?
Who is tired of lazy, disinterested, apathetic doctors?
My son fell and hit is head a couple of days ago but still has a knot on his head. When will this go away?
I have fingertip bruises on my wrist?
Why do I not bruise?
Why is my head so itchy?
How do you get rid of eczema?
Plz help soon? very embarrasing.?
If your feet swell,then it goes to your ankles then your legs into your thighs .?
How can I relieve my son's eczema?
What have you done to clear your acne?
My 10 yr. old son has a dry itchy scalp,, any rememdies welcomed?
I want to go to sleep but i'm not tired?
Do I have depression?
If somebody paid you to quit smokeing for life would you do it ?
SURVEY: Is it true that 30 years of smoking marijuana, does not have an affect on your brains?
I'm dying, how do I cope?
Is it plausible that Yahoo answers can increase a person's depression?
I can't carry on in my job - it's killing me - please advise.?
Why do people assume mentally ill parents are incapable of looking after children?
Please help me with this because i don't know what to do!!!! please help!!.....?
How can I help my boyfriend pull through this?
Why do nurses have to wear a uniform. but not doctors ?
My little sister just puked and?
Does poison ivy spread by scratching the rash? Can it spread from person to person?
Why did i just have a nose bleed?
Does alcohol go along with steroid treatment for a Bels palsy sufferer?
Is there preventative medicine to obviate the on set of multiple sclerosis?
FLU SHOTS--Pros & Cons needed, I have a 3yr old with asthma...all experiences wanted?
Treatment needed for CHRONIC BRONCHITIS please, any ideas or advice would be appreciated?
Can you yawn, sneeze and cough at the same time?
Is there any reliable treatment for Down Syndrome?
What is the difference between cigars and cigarettes?
A bad cough in he middle of the night?
Do you think tonsils should be removed from birth?
My dad wakes up not being able to breathe its really scary? help!!?
What is the fastest way to make bug bites go away?
Does anyone suffer from an itchy groin?
What is wrong with my hands?...?
Bug in my leg(please anyone who knows about health)?
Would anyone have cosmetic surgery?
What remedy do you have for a bad case of dandruff?
Is anyone else too embarrassed to go out?
Any advise for curing depression?
Is chocolate really bad for your skin? Why?
I need an M.R.I on my broken right knee...will I have to lay down in a x-ray tunnel to have this done?
What is the best good luck charm?
The outside heel of my shoes are being worn down really badly, why?
Should I be worried about this sore?
Have you ever stubbed your toe?
Ear problems what should i do???????????
Hermorroids? Serious Answers Please?
I just broke my toe (i think) WHAT DO I DO?!?
Anyone ever injured their coccyx ?
My lung hurts?
What is the best way to fight adult acne?
How do I get rid of blackheads on my nose?
Why is my entire body covered in red, itchy dots?
I am 15 and I have had stretchmarks since i was 13 They are on my thighs and but. How can you treat them?
What products would be best for my face? (acne, blackheads etc)?
Why do my socks turn brown?
I have had eczema all my life and its driving me nuts! (lol) I was wondering if there is any way of helping it
How hard can a baby be shook before it causes problems?
How do i eat healthly on a budget?
How far does a toilet need to be away from food preparation?
How bad are my eyes?
Are certain brands of contact lenses easier to put in than others?
What would you say are the best contacts?
Are Contacts Cheaper Than Glasses?
How do i heal my swollen eye?
Where should I buy my eyeglasses?
How often should you see an eye doctor?
Is it OK to wear other people contact lense?
Is This Really Possible?
What should i use is it calamine lotion?
I was in Roma recently, numbers started appearing in my thumb under my skin, should I be worried about this ?
Anyone know how 2 get rid of black knees?
What can I do to help dry, cracked skin?
Hey, My Veins in one of my wrist seem to show, and can see them faintly going up my arm, is this normal?
Very tiny holes in my skin?
I have dry skin i want to know does anyone know any facial mask that is good for dry skin and clearing spots?
How can I cure Kidney infection?
Pain in my stomach at random moments..help!?
What causes a Charlie Horse?
Is it okay for a....?
What can frequent knee pain in an obese person mean?
Real Bad Leg Cramps?
Sleepless nights ????????????????????
The WORST headache ever!?
WHAT IS A HERNIATED DISK and does it go away anything a person can do for it?
How much damage occurs to the body after only Eight years of smoking and is it revers able?
How to deal with a roommate that doesnt shower or wash her hair?
Bad sleeping problems!?
I currently go to bed at like 5 or 6am am and wake up anywhere from 130-3pm.. is there anything wrong with thi
HELP!!! uncontrollable itchy sunburn!!!?
First Aid Kits?
Good ways to stop migraines?
How do I get a tick out of the hair line?
My gf having feet odour problem for few months.How to get rid of the smell?
I am so depressed I need encouragement......?
Is it normal for me to feel tired all time especially when i get home from work?
How do we know when we are in love?
What's the best way to treat a burnt tongue?
Whats the best way to remove ticks from a human?
How can I prevent stiff muscles tomorrow?
Terrible Knees?
People what should I do about my toe?
What's the best way to ease a broken nose?
When you believe in god what shoul scare you?
Do I have a broken nose?
Severe asthma! nothings helped! please help?!?!?
What can I do for acute bronchitis other than antiobiotics?
Passing out from laughing. Is this dangerous and is it caused from anything?
My knee pops when i walk?
I need advice?
My Throat is Driving me Crazy.... I don't kno what to do anymore PlZ Help?
What to do if my toe nail is about to fall off?
Are you a ceserean born?
Do people ever get over sleep apnea without sugery?
Is it highly probable that I will get sick this way?
Do You Know..........??
What effect will happen if i have a bad posture, besides becoming a hunch back?
Atopic Eczema help?
Where do u easily get poison?
I have these bumps on my skin. How should i get rid of them?
What should I use for dark spots on legs?
I have excema on my legs, does nybody Know how to treat it?
I got a big scar from a third degree burn what do i put on it to fade away?
Help get rid of Dandruff?
Please help me! Emergency question!?
I Don't Know What To DO!? HELP!!!!!?
How can I stop myself from getting so angry?
When a person gets too depressed in life to even express it to a Psycho-analyst, what's the way-out 4 him?
What would be a good job for somebody who has really bad anxiety attacks?
How do people define 'self harming'?
I'm so upset I just need someone to talk to.. I'm being put down byt friends and my family hates me :'(
Why are some people invisable?
Why do some people need medication for depression?
I am what people call a cutter!?
An odd thought on smoking?
Smokers,and ex-smokers only?
How can a person deal with depression without taking medication?
Hwo to get rid of bed bugs?
Every one else has red blood, why do I bleed a greenish - greyish blood?
Has anyone ever heard of skin alergies being associated with detergent?
I have a spot/ coldsore, how do i get rid?!!!!!!?
Stop itching? PLEASE! URGENT!?
Stretch Marks...haha!?
My G/f has a Mole on here face?
Around my neck its dark, it looks like dirt. but its not. how do i get rid of it?
Do you have your eyes closed when you have laser eye surgery ?
A question about putting contacts on?
Are UK high-street stores offering eye-tests trustworthy?
I wear glasses(short sighted) people always ask why i dont get laser treatment i no its cheap now?
If you get a tiny piece of dirt or glass in your eye, can it cause permanent vision damage?
Slept in contacts...?
I need to stay awake!!?
I have now since teo weeks got a lazy eye wot do i do?
What color are hazel eyes?
Is it possible to die if you work on a computer for a long time?
Can men at 50 years old still able have child?
My friend was kicked in the ribs!?
What is the oldest age a person has ever lived to?
Broken Wrist Problem!!?
Did i tear my ligament. How do i know if i did it or not?
Maybe fractured wrist?
I cut my nuts off is that weird?
How do i take daughters temperature rectally ?
I pulled a muscle making the bed, is that a bad sign?
Arm sore after tetanus shot?
Tips to stop smoking???
Broken toe, how long till i can walk on it?
Seasonal Affective Disorder?
What the hell is wrong with people....?
What causes mouth ulcers?
What do I do against dry cracked lips?
How to cure my peeling hands? Someone help me please! It's getting real bad!?
I have a bad rash on both legs with little puss bumps skin is dicolored itches bad what could be causing it?
How to you get rid of very dark bags underneath the eyes?
Is there a cure for an itchy perineum?
What should I use for bad acne?
I have a habit of biting my nails, cuticles, and the skin around it, what can I do to stop that?
Is his past smoking affecting his health now?
What causes snoring and how can you cure it?
How can i make my father stop smoking?
Choking on coffee multiple times?
Is your immune system down when you lose a loved one?
Does depression during pregnancy lead to asthma in babies?
Wheres the best place to smoke ciggarets?
Who is a doctor?
Is it normal for an asthmatic to cry if they have a bad attack?
How in the heck can I stop smoking when they are everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Loneliness hurts..?
Im suffering of servere depression i havent told any1 yet how can i overcome it?
Is keeping a diary a good idea when you are depressed?
Help Me Please!!! I don't know what to do!!!?
What's the best medication for depression?
Please help I cut myself I am extremely depressed literally no friends anymore and I'm suicidal and only 13!
If you know a PRO-SUICIDE WEBSITE, then TELL ME PLZ!!!?
How do i give up smoking when i am always around people that smoke?
How can i become fair. i am not too dark but not to fair. so what should i try???
A Question About My Grand Daughter?
What's the best over-the-counter acne treatment?
My bf is always breaking out in puss filled spots should i be worried??
Has anyone ever drank bleach, I have?
What is the best way to treat acne, Home base remidies?
This is embrassing but im 17 and i grown hair on my face and chest do i need a dermatologist? Please help.?
I have bad back acne?
Is there anway to get rid of hives...like from an allergic reaction?
What natural methods can i use to reduce the size of pours?
Why do people bite their fingernails?
What is worse smoking a pipe or a cigarette?
What's the best way to fall asleep fast.?
Can anyone kindly tell me how to tackle diabetes? i have just been diagnosed and feeling horrible.please help.
What are your opinion about teachers?
What causes green-colored feces in humans?
How can you ask someone who has fallen from a 15 foot tree if they ok?
My leg REALLY hurts behind my left knee at the top of my calf?
What should a healed open wound from an open appendectomy look like?
How to reduce the swelling of a minor head injury? And should I be worried?
Help me please?????????
Can you damage or hurt your lungs from over exercising?
Can a torn meniscus repair on it's own or do you need surgery to repair in?
Does anyone know how to stop a trapped nerve? or how to make it better? or untrap it? i have one in my arm.?
Help me I cant stop itching!!?
Best brand of contacts? And I'm a little scared; any tips?
I don't need glasses... Would it be ok to wear glasses from the 99 cent store.?
Is it ok to give dogs cod-liver oil?
Are continuous wear contact lenses good or bad?
Can i wear contacts?
What is an over the counter ointment I can buy for a boil on my butt. I'm desperate?
Can I go to my eye doctor without my parents and be able to get a contact lens prescription? By the way I'm 18
Ive heard that eyeglasses make your vision better, how long can that be?
What might these visual symptoms indicate?
Freaking LICE!?
Can u buy glasses frames and take them to ur opticians to get lenses put in that u need?
What the on earth is wrong with my eyes?
Does clinique help really bad acne??
Is there a way to make your eyesight healthier by nutrition?
Will this leave a scar?
Does anyone know how to get rid of eczema?
Is it ok to wear contacts while taking a nap during the day?
I think i may have been biten by a spider but its kinda of a personal spot?
What are the side affects of caffeine?
Why are my hands shaking?
How do i get water out of my ears?
How do I get gorilla glue off my fingers?
Ear piercing Infection Help!!!!?
Can some one help mw with wrist
Is it bad to have a fever for a week?
Who do you tell your secrets to????
How do you deal with it when you feel like you never belong?
Which one is best to use for cleaning minor lacerations and abrasions?
Why do people on here?
My 5yr old son has just been diagnosed with ADHD, anyone else in the same position.?
Has anyone quit smoking successfully?
Is this normal?
Sinus Pressure/headache?
Low hemoglobin?
Asthma help!!!?
Every time the weather changes I get laryngitis?
How to get rid of stuffy nose and cough?
Damage to the alveoli?
Asbestos....I did a stupid thing?
Can anubody helpme here..My Son keep coughing in the nights and wakes?
If a tylonal accidentally get in your lungs is that bad for your lungs?
How to cure or prevent an anxiety attack?
My ear is killing me (ear infection). How do I cut down on the pain??
Overdosin ON TYLENOL?
My wife has pain in her arm for two weeks now. where do I get a doctor without payng too much?
Headache...is it serious?
What is heartburn what causes it and what can you do to get rid of it???
Chronic Pain sufferers and Health care professionals PLEASE:?
How Can You Get Rid Of Earache?
I am having trouble with my knees more so in my left and its constantly clicking.?
Im having a headache everyday!?
Quick way to get a six pack?
Do you think that individuals who suffer from an addiction have a choice?
Yellow tongue....?
Tonsils! In or Out???
What can I do to help pass the time?
Had blood test, now arm is really sore?
I got burned by my straightening iron and now there's a brown colored line?
Y DOES iT HURTT?? help plzzzz??
What is wrong?
If you were waiting in the clinic and Doctor House came in, would you stay or go?
Symptoms after concussion?
My finger hurts...?
Today me and my step dad were arm wresling...?
Whats the best way to get a knot ot whatver you call it, a tensed muscle relaxed?
How do you keep from picking at scabs? Yuck!?
Why do I blow my nose and one side comes out with bloody snot and boogers and the other side is clear snot?
I'm 6 ft tall and weigh 177 and am female. is that ok?
Who is your favorite relative, and why?
I have like 20 bug bites, what is wrong with my apartment?
Does cracking your knucles or toes really do anything harmful to you?
What is the best thing to do when you have an ingrown toenail?
What do you do when you got raped?
How do you cure back pain?!?
Im 20 with high blood presure, what do i do, how can i fix this?
I can't get rid of athletes foot.?
Hiya.. please read..?
Whats the best way to get rid of dry scalp?
My friend stinks all the time wat shold i do?
Why has the loose bit of skin on my elbow got no nerves.I can nip and pull it with my nails and it doesnt hurt
So I went tanning and now I have.......?
My boyfriend has severe eczema,does any one know of a cure?
Really wierd question?
Which is the best hand cream?
Can i still wear contact lens after my eye infection?
What are 'bedroom eyes'?
Why are eye patches usually a blaringly obvious BLACK?
Left eyes blurred, whats up with this?
Just want to ask about contact lenses...?
What are those little dots floating in my eyes?
Scared of eye testing!!?
Can you see the color when u tryon color contacts? like are they suppose to be kinda blury ?
Does my prescription mean that i need to wear my glasses all the time?
My eyes burning!?
Is it okay to take Mucinex DM and Robutussion CF?
I have exercise induced asthma. I get dizzy and breathless even after using an inhaler. What should i do?
Is shortness of breath a sign when having a period?
Can I take Flucillin (generic name flucloxacillin) for a chest infection?
About chest pain?
Smoking and healthy?
Coughing up blood in the morning?
Might I have sleep apnea?
Choking and Smoking....Why??
I was cleaning off my dresser and found a few pills and I've looked every where to find out what they are?
I can't get to sleep at night?
I've been feeling very sick all day, can someone help me?
Help me please?
How long to heal?
Arthritic Pain anyone .....?
Ive got my nose pierced and a cold! its gone all red and horrible! any tips apart from bathing it in antisepti
How soon after eating bad food would you start feeling the pain of food poisoning or salmonella?
Shoulder injury?
What is best to KEEP you asleep at least 7 hours?
Is Shingles dangerous or contagious???
What exactly is a bulging disk?
Cures for acid heartburn?
I got a deep paper cut today and it go me thinking?
Does anyone know if "Ambien" causes 'long-term memory loss' ?
Car Accident No obvious physical injuries..... Should I speak to Accident Attorney???
I have hurt my back y thoe?
Can you go back too work if you suffer with vertigo?
Broken thumb?
This is a medical question. I have water behind my ear drum. Do I need to see a doctor?
Is cutting good?
What is a person called who is overly obsessed with their own problems?
Is my little brother ok?
One of my best friends in going into a mental breakdown...?
Have you heard stories of people who get mentally sick after an abusive and stressful relationship ?
This is kind of strange?
What can i do for depression?
Can stress cause diahrrea?
I'm a really happy person(almost too happy), can my doc prescribe "Pro-depressants"?
I need someone to talk to. I don't know how to control my anger anymore it seems to be getting worse every day
Why do i sneeze when i wake up in the mornin to go for a wee?
Should I take a nap?
Should i let her dance?
First Time Drinker who is REALLY sick?
Breathing for someone during asthma attack?
Building Body Immune?
TB positive(+) should never get another skin test?
How do I get rid of a sore throat and cough I've had for a week?
My mom has been on a ventilater for 3 months now and I am starting?
What are the dangers and consequences for using steroids?
What can I do for a dry cough due to a viral infection in the throat?
The pressure exerted by the blood against the arterial wall during contraction of the left ventricle is......?
If you live in an apartment and your air conditioning is not working and you have a child with asthma ?
Natural ways to get 2020 vision (eyesight)???????
Walmart optical?
I have sore eyes?
My eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
I saw a lightening bolt the past two times I blinked?
Are rectangle glasses gay.?
Is it possible to cry under water?
Some thing wrong with my eye?
Do you have any idea what happens when you die?
Large dark circle in the center of my vision?
Surgical tape. how to remove the sticky stuff?
What's the point of yawning?
What are some HOME remedies you use for a cold and a cough ?
Whats the best thing i can doo for this?
Why I am I tired all the time.?
How to get a slinter out?
Does anyone here ever feel............?
Im really skinny and alot of peopla call me anorexic?
Can you train your eyesight to be better rather than have laser surgery ?
Arthritis in fingers? Any tips on easing pain and swelling ?
Is my shoulder going to fall off?
My head really hurts when I tilt it backwards...does anyone know what is wrong?
Migraine for a year?
My girlfreind is having bad migraines what to take or do?
What is naproxen?
What helps shoulder joint pain? I have had this for 2 days. Hurts to lift my arm.?
Has anyone a remedy for severe heartburn?
I burned my mouth?
How can i fall asleep faster?
Is too much iron bad for you?
What does it mean to sometimes see little white lights floating in front of my eyes?
I have tingling in my hands and arms. I went to ER lastnight and they dont know what is wrong. Any ideas?
I have an embarrassing question to ask?
Im 15 and i have black circles under my eyes..HELP!!!?
What's the best way to get rid of Back Acne?
What is this rash from on my daughters chest and stomach (pic)?
Most affective acne treatment?
I stay cold all the time, what could be the problem?
Itchy, hands , face, feet when cold?
What could a hole in the side of mouth b?
What does ring worm look like?
What can I do for my daughter she gets attacked in the summer by misquitos?
How do i get rid of dandruff?
Have you ever had an accident around this time of year??
How can i break my arm?
My arm is really hurting me, i slept on it last night.. could it be fractured?
How do you know if you had a concussion?
How can I treat my swollen neck?
How can i heal a self inflicted cut faster?
How do I get rid of sciatic nerve pain?
I tend to scratch myself when i get angry. i really need advice in what to do.?
Does water cause infections in deep cuts?
How do I help a wound heal faster?
What shall I do with my life?
Ok, I have a problem...I have a really good job offer. I'm smoke weed everyday. How can I get clean in 2 days?
How can you make your self fall asleep fast? im trying to get enough sleep to wake up early tomorow.
Sleep Troubles!?
How many times have you gotten stung by a bumble bee?
Could my 3 year old son have acne?
What happened if a claustraphobic person got stuck in an elevator or.. *Im Claustraphobic*?
What do I do if I'm afraid at night and i can't sleep because I can't stop picturing a thing i saw in a movie?
What are the organs in your respiratory system?
Anyone ever have their childs adenoids removed?
Is there such a thing as a healthy smoke as in cigars/cigarettes?
If a person has had 2 surgies back to back?
Is there any techniques I could try In helping manage my daughters breathing during an asthma attack?
DOES anyone know anything ABOUT ASTHMA IN TEENS?
Do i have bronchitis?
What is the difference between a respiratory therapist and a physical or occupational therapist?
What about "red" boogies????.... probably covered in blood, but why?
Have You ever sprained your ankle? How long did it take to heal?
Im in alot of pain please help me!!?
HELP me!!! asap!!?
Can a puncture wound cause internal bleeding?
Broken toe?
Offered compenation?
Am I going to die?
I cant breathe...?
I have bad injuries but im still playing sports is that okay?
Comfortable contact lenses?
EMERGENCY PLEASE!!! MY EYEEEE am scared please i cant go into an emergency room?
My wife has an eye sight of -12?
How is it like to wear glasses for the first time??
I want to give up smoking?
First time contact wearer, Cant get a contact out been trying for 2 hours!!! HELP!!?
I'm not tired but I keep yawning?
I have a serious eye problems! HELP?
What is the best product that cleans Glasses that are worn everyday?
Have you got warm hands?
What are ways to improve vision (eyesight)?
Is it necessary to throw away make up after pink eye is cleared up?
What are the best things to do to calm down when you feel like you are about to have a panic attack?
What are these chest pains?
This is a two part question?
Is it normal to cough in certain places?
Husky/ Deep Voice.??????
My friend coughing up blood day after abortion?
People with ASTHMA I have a question?
Sore throat or more?
Will these side effects of smoking weed ever go away?
How can I get rid of a stuffy nose and a sore throat in one day?
Should smokers be treated as terrorists?
What is a safe way to release 21 yrs worth of anger and frustration?
I HAVE A BLODDY NOSE! What is a fast way to stop one quick! and do you think causes them?
What is the fastest way to make a scab heal?
My 10 yr old daughter has poor memory... do u know any vitamin/medicine i can give her to improve her memory?
How long does marijuana stay in your system? does it depned on how long the use and when stopped?
I fell and have this bubble on my hand, should i pop it?
Why is it life so hard then you die?
My wife has extremely bad eczema on her head does anyone have any information on what we can use to treat this
Whats happening to me?
What is the best thing to do to get rid of a migraine?
The expiration date on a medicine. i have some fentanyl pain patches that has an exporaton date of july 2006.?
How can i get rid of all the hurt and pain bottled up inside i have no-oneto talk to can you help me plz?
Whats wrong with my nose!?!?!?could it be like spranged some how??
Pains in my left hand + feels hot an puffy?
My back hurts!! im 13 is it normal for ur back to REALLY hurt?
What painkiller?
What are the side effects of Tylenol 3s?
Wrist Pain?
Hospital bills with no insurance....what should i do?
Wat is something healthy in the morning that will wake u upo within 15 min?
Do you take a shower at night or in the morning or both?
I Have A Hard Type Falling Asleep, Anyone Have Any Ideas How I Can Fall Asleep WIthout Pills?
Reaction to Groin Kick?
Why do i keep on hurting my sister!!!?
Shaving accident?
Do nails grow on fingers when they are removed?
If a toenail gets torn off, will it grow back for sure?
Its my fault she is hurt?
Broken nose?
I think i broke my thumb?
I have a strained sphincter, how can I get it back to normal?
I have bleeding piles.how do i treat it. what cream should i use. my hole itches like crazy. i scratch and scr
Painful bump on the bottom of my foot?
Hungover :-(?
Aspirin - good or bad?
Washing you hands?
I have diarrhea should I be worried?
Do hotels/motels/ routinely wash comforters?
Why is it that when i close my eye it looks dark?
Hi.My husband sleeps with his one eye open. Do I need to worry abt it ?What could be the reason behind this?
Can't find my contacts in my eyes is it dangerous?
Should I always wear my glasses?
Lasik, Eye, Can't See, OMG, please help.?
Does a pink eye have to be treated (with eye drops etc.)?
I have one blue eye and one green eye?
Which pair of eyeglasses look best for me ?
Will colored contacts hurt my eyes?
Is there any way to get rid of astigmatism in the eye?
I have been off work all week with a sore throat?
Whats the best thing for asthma if u dont have a puffer?
What is illness holds these syptoms head aches ,vomiting,crapping,diarri... feet?
None smokeing in clubs?
Can someone help me with this question?
How long does it take pneumonia to clear up.?
How do I breathe air ?
Whooping cough from a vaccine?
What are some remedies for a dry cough?
For how long must tuberculosis treatment be taken ?
What are the signs of insomnia?
Any homeopathic/natural cures for migraines?
What is the food control we need to see when there is a KIDNEY STONE problem?
Should I have a thyroid mass removed?
Fainting with convulsions?
Can you get salmonella poisoning from licking a live chicken?
Who smokes marijuana everyday? is it bad for you other than your lungs?
How do you know if you have gallstones?
I believe my 19 month old son just got chicken pox. Can he get it again?
My baby does not walk till now, he is 15 month older. what can i do to make him walk the first step?
I'm almost done taking antibiotics and only feel 25% better. What should I do?
I JUST got sunburn pretty bad on my upper body. Any quick fixes to pull it out?
I have to get 6th grade shots THIS WEEK! :( I'm sooo scared!!!! Help me please!!!!?
I can not take my wedding ring off my finger what can I do, I do not want to cut them,?
How can I gain weight? I'm 5'2 and 105lbs. I'm not anorexic and I love to eat.?
Why does my chest and back hurt when I breathe?
Does it hurt getting a tatoo on your shoulder blade?
The Dr. said i have carpotunnel what are some symptoms?
Hip / lower back / chest pain?
Fingers slammed in car door?
What is the strongest pain medication available with prescription?
I have had really bad gas for the last couple of weeks, what is going on here?
When you walk through a storm, why on earth would you hold your head up high?
Is this Strep Throat?
What causes us too wake up in the night?
Any ideas on how to carry things in your hands when you have to (temporarily) use crutches?
Have ever leant on your arm while asleep and woken up temporarily paralysed in that arm?
Is this normal with a migraine?