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What are the risks for people who smoke cristal meth after long periods of time?
What is broncitis?
What kind of docter do you see for shoulder pain?
I need ur help ASAP!!!?
My son was biten by a cat, should i worry about rabies?
I bit my nails down to the click of the nail it's really sore what should i do to heal it?
Sore Feet.........?
Should I go see the docter?
Ear piercings?
Why does my my ear hurt?
I think I broke my foot going down some stairs at home, how can I hide it from my parents?
Can a pomegranate seed kill you?
Help pleez<333?
Shouldn't they have done something??
Does it hurt to have the top of your ear pierced?
Do u know who is sitting with me now??
I got a black eye Aug 17th and it still is not healed. I am getting head aches around that eye?
How to relieve a broken toe?
What can i do? i have conjuctivitus {if mis-spelt sorry} in one eye?
I am 5.8 feet tall. What is the right body weight for a person of my height?
Are channel 4 discriminating against Pete because of his Tourette's by not allowing him to do live interviews.
My nuckles have gotten really chapped & crusty, Is that not normal? has this happened to you?
Puss and bleeding comeing from my ear?
Home Remedy Sleep Suggestions?
Wart froze off(please only nurses answer)?
How can I get rid of a really bad cough fast?
What is the weirdest way to stop a mosquito bite from itching?
When cigarettes have "lights" in its label, does it mean it is less harmful than the regulars?
Sinus Infection Question?
How do you stop hiccups?
Can asthma reoccur in adulthood?
Food stuck in my throat, please help?
Help! My Mom is taking me to get 6th grade shots TOMORROW! I am scared to death!!! :( Please help me!!!!?
Do you think I might have sleep apnea?
Is it normal for your moods to be erratic while taking asthma meds/prednisone?
Is it better to take advil or tylenol when you have a fever?
Extended coughing?
Stop snoring?
How can you loose 40lbs in a month?
Help me its rlly important?
MY MOM has been in S.I.C.U. for a month from sepsis from surgery?
Smoking question?
What do you do if you look at the computer so much that your vision is blurry and your eyes hurt?
Is a bacterial eye infection contagious?
Contacts or glasses?
What would I see if I took both eyes from my sockets and turned them so they looked directly at each other?
Can i clean my glasses...?
What do you call the thing in your eyes when you wake up in the morning?
My contact is all dryed up because i dropped it and couldn't find it til now. can i still use it if i soak it?
HELP something wrong with my eye!?!?
Is it bad to keep ur contacts in ur eyes
Opticians: Mother - In - Law has just paid over £300 for a new pair of spectacles ...?
I don't know what to do anymore
I have an addiction to Taco Bell. How should I deal with it?
Is it my bedtime?
Am i really hearing voices??
Am i depressed at 13?
Can any body tell me where can i put my arms when i sleep?
I just got my first Traffic Ticket. I don't know how I should feel. How should I react to this?
I'm almost scared to ask this one?
Should I fear death?
Can sleep any ideas of how to get to sleep?
Do you think I have OCD.?
Is it possible to drink too much water?
POLL: Who can stress you out sometimes in your life?
I Cant Take this anymore?
The way my dad eats REALLY annoys me?
Any suggestions for bad, keep-you-awake sciatica nerve pain?
Why do I experience chest pain while briskyly walking on the treadmill?
When i stand up.....or bend down....?
My throat is killing me.....what medicine?
What should I do if I have unexplainable upper back and chest pain?
Random Sharp Pain?
I'm trapped! what should i do?
My sides feel bruised...like the bottom on my ribs..what could this be?
Is cracking your back knuckles etc bad?
Is it me, or this nasty?
Broken Toe?!?
My daughter is in the rehablitation stage for her ankle injury.she feels pain every time she stretches?
Can someone please help?
Somethings wrong with my arm!!!!?
MY RING IS STUCK!!!! if i get my ring cut off, is it fixable?
What happened to my father?
Severe headache/dizziness after excercise?
Is it easier to break a bone if you've broken it before?
What is the easiest and safest way to scratch your leg in a cast?
Stroke or Pinched Nerve?
How do you get going and energized in the AM when you feel lazy and tired?
Super duper sunburn?
Do people fall forward or backward when fainting?
I have an alcohol problem what should I do?
Is it better to wash your hands with just water or not wash them at all?
What type of soap do you use, and why?
Should I get a tetnas shot if a peice of my fingernail ripped off?
I fell over, what do I do?
What is the importance of mucus membrane lining the nasal cavity?
REALLY excessive nose bleed?
Is there any cure for halitosis?
Lots of gray/black clumps in nasal secretions. Been using Air Conditioner & fans. Cleaning too. Is it dust??!?
Can u still have bronchitis without having a fever?
A friend of mine smoked a couple puffs?
If you were hospitalized for copd and on IV steroids and antibiotics what could cause you to baloon up and?
My Jack Russell is 14 and recently started coughing........?
Does anyone suffer as much as I do from allergies/sinus pain?
My dr prescribe a medi to be taken 3 times a day but they have to be 8 hours apart how can i take it 3 times?
My eyes water at night??
Why do people think that health insurance is not needed?
I am having a bad couple of days with my depression please say something to help cheer me up?
Why do I just wanna yell at somebody, pick up a fight, or cry?!!!?
My husband lied to me about something simple, now i cant help but think he lies to me about things that......?
I've got arthritis?
I am babysitting this little brat he wont listen to me what should i do?
Which mattress is better the...the Sleep Number Bed or the Tempur-Pedic bed?
How happy are you with your life?
I'm off to bed now...What will I dream about?
Has anyone ever had pain like this?
How can I make myself stop spending money I don't have!?
I am so unhappy?
Back problems..caused by large chest?
Ways to beat depression?
I'm only 16 but I'm 6 foot 7...is there something wrong with me?
Something is wrong with my stomach..urgent read?
Is that weird?
If you could improve something about yourself..wht would it be?
Whats the best way to commit suicide?
My wife ate something spoiled and is having terrible stomache aches?
Killing myself sounds like a good idea right now?
What foods/drinks are good for improving your skin?
Moles..is there a way to remove a mole without going to a doctor?
How do you get a cure for long term ringworm in a child's head.?
How can I get rid of cold sores quick?
My hair is falling out.??????????
What's better glasses or contacts? And why?
I accidentally Switched My Eye Contacts! Help!?
Eye floaters!?
Where is the best place to get good glasses frames at a great price?
Putting two contacts in your eye at once?
Is it true that playing video games betters your hand/eye coordination?
My eyes are extremely red HELP?
I have glaucoma and im only 18!! I really need help ... Thanks?
Whats the youngest age people can get contacts?
Eye color?
I got assassulted! more details help!?
Y do people smoke i mean its not cool?
About a year ago, i cut my finger with a switch knife. it still throbs. why?
What can I do about an ingrown toe-nail?
Any other way of getting liquid out of the knee?
Are clumsy people good at not getting injured?
I'm feeling very tired in the morning, should I be concerned?
Infected finger?
What can you do for wrestless legs during the night.?
Should I see the doctor or just wait? ...hurt my head?
How long does it take for a broken tibia (shinbone) to heal?
Dr. do any thing for cracked or broken ribs?
Is it true that once you go black you never go back?
Help Me!! Nonstop Bleeding!!?
What's the biggest challenge you've faced in the last two months?
What is the best ointment to put on second degree burns?
Is drinkin alcohol really bad?
Is there a house remedy to help avoid perspiration in feet? or How to make your feet dry?
My 8 year old son has A.D.H.D. and hes very angry all the time is this normal?
Have you ever had a mole removed?
I jammed my finger in the door and now the fingernail is blue!! wat will happen next??
Do showers have negative effects on you when you have a cold?
My Dr tells me?
I'm yellow whats wrong with me?
Maybe you can help me...?
Serious !!!!! I am constanly coughing and having a runny ways, Tell me what to do and what cure can be used.?
My son has asthma will a cool-warm air vapoizer be good for him in the colder weather in his room?
I swear I have pneumonia even though my xray didn't show it. Could the xray be wrong? I am going back to doc.
Does the asthma medication Proventil cause weight gain?
Whats the differnce bewtween asthma and copd?
Do asthmatics generally have less energy than non-asthmatics?
Noisey snoring?
I have a chronic cough(dry), lasting now three months..What can i do to get rid of it?
In which vessel can your pulse be felt?plz help.xx?
Is it ok for me to take a Tylenol today even though I took a Vicodin last night?
Remedies for burns?!?
Chronic Arthritis/ Back Pain?
I have a pill that says biocraft on one side and 105/105 on the other. what is it?
Wrong Diagnosis?
Carpal tunnel relief?
Drug too old?
How does cold wheather influence chronic joint pain?
My mother is suffering from a severe head pain there are some chances it might be a migraine.?
Anyone feel the same?
What is the best cure for depression? medications or therapy?
In my shoes what would you do?
English people:What kind of thè do you prefer?(Lemon, peach, mint),and when do you drink it?
Why do people lie?
Please help me?
Been asked to be a?
Advise on grief/trauma for a 7yr old boy suffering loss of father and step dad in the space of a year?
I need someone. please (depressed and Suicidal)?
My Friday evening tiredness means I rarely go out after work, what can I do?
What do you do to make yourself go to sleep?
Have you quit smoking? How?
Does anyone else on here take 2 hr naps?
My son is 4 weeks and he pukes out of his nose, what could be wrong?
Good morning UK did you sleep well?
Do I need glasses? (I use the PC almost 24/7) Please answer?
Why do so many girls turn to contact lenses?
Removed contact lens because it was irritating, now have blurred vision in left eye?
How to get rid of glasses?
Tips to protect eyes from computer strain???
Eye Twitch?
What's wrong with my eye?
Is it bad for your eyes when u sleep in contacts?
Does wearing glasses improve your eyesight?
Hi friends, I have dust in my eyes, can any one tell me how to remove..?
Nose Bleeds ? my grandson has a lot of nose bleeds is this ok?
What is the average amount of times a person should pee a day?
What is the best way to go to sleep quickly?
I burnt my arm with hot grease how do i prevent scarring?
How do i tell if my fingers broken and i need to see a doctor?
My left leg retains water and swells up when standing on all day, any suggestions?
What is the best stuff for getting rid of ear wax build up for sale over the counter in the uk?
What's good to eat in the morning, or any time of day, to get your mind focusing more?
When is a business required to have a first aid kit?
Deep cut is not bleeding?
I need ur HELP HELP me?
Average length to have a cast on a broken ankle?
I want to know if someone fall and hurt his head sleeps alot cant eat well of dissiness,symptoms means what?
Ow ow ow I have a broken little toe. Does anyone know how long before I'll be able to walk without pain?
IF A FIRST XRAY didn´t show any problem with knee joint, A SECOND ONE AFTER 6 MONTHS would show something?
Should you really put a severed finger in the freezer?
How does one re-animate dead tissue.......?
Broken Bone?
I got stung by 8 wasps bout an hour ago and still hurts BAD.Best way to ease pain?
Why can't I sleep at night?
How do a couple over 40 have a child safely?
I have iron deficiency of 7.3 which is low, taking iron tablets but what foods are rich in iron?
If your partner snored loudly would you want to sleep in separate rooms?
What would u concider not enough sleep?
Question about tens machine?
What could this illness be?
What the heck is scoliosis?
What should I do?
Which analgesics are best for each different kind of pain ?
Can i still drive after a hip replacement?
Tingling in hands arms legs and feet sometimes face...neck pain is it fibromyalgia?
What provokes repeated cramps in the legs? How to deal with it?
Panic attacks?
I sometimes get scared when i think about my parents dying or me dying.. what can i do?
I am scared to tell my parents that i feel suicidal?
I feel like crap 24/7?
What would you say to someone who has lost all their hope?
Do you think your addicted to yahoo answers?
What makes you most angry?
What illnesses can be caused by doing sports?
What are some of your first "lines of defense" agaisnt bacterial invaders?
Severe Sinus Problems---ragweed?
I do have short of breathe when i sing, i don't reach high pitch. can one tell me what is wrong?
Oh god, please tell me what should I do...?
I've had chest pains for almost 4 days now.....?
Shortness of breath at night?(read below)?
HEY!!! Anyone got some remedies for.....sore throat?
What makes asthma worse?
Have a 7yr old son who has asthma only found out recently?
Is this anywhere close to normal?
Please Please Help Me: I have constipation?
Family Question?
Would you rather a deadly cobra bite you or a poisonous scorpion?
Why is secondhand smoke harmful?
What to put on blister after skin comes off?
When do you start smoking? can you stop it?
What happens if you eat the silica gel packets you find in electrical goods?
Do you ever feel like slapping people when experiencing PMS?
Nausea, vomiting from drinking beer the night before?
My uneven ears make my glasses look crooked ...?
How can you improve your eye sight?
Which do you like better: Contacts or Eyeglasses?
Glasses Help...PLeas!?
How can I prevent my glasses causing a glare in the sun?
Body wash in eye?
Should I get contacts?
My friend is about to get surgery on her eyes to change the color permanentley!! help!!!?
Is it rare to have tow different color eyes?
I see an abnormal amount of floaters in my vision what can i do?
Shuld i go to the emergancy room!?! plz help?
How to fall asleep?
What your favorite tissues?
My bad day......?
Help Sleeping?
Injured Knee?
Ouch! I bit my cheek!?
Disability living allowance?
I might have broke my toe......?
I cut my knuckle and i can see the cartilage should i go the doctor?
When someone gets shot ...?
Ran into pole while skiing, and leg is swollen? Cant judge whether I should visit a dr.?
Has anyone ever had broken ribs (2) my husband has already gone to the emergency room.?
Shin splints (please help!)?
Is my leg broken?
What will help?
Could an injury to my back be causing pressure on my bladder? And if so, will I benefit from a chiropractor?
Severe Low Back Pain Down to legs?
Does a chronic "stiff neck" that radiates to the shoulders indicate any health problems?
A horrible headache?
Help! I've been having chronic headaches and neck/back muscle pain for 5 months now and nothing is helping!
WHAT CAUSES Aching joints and tingly feet?
Extreme pain!!?
Do tattos hurt?? I am getting my first one in two days. On the back of my left shoulder. Is this a tender area
I need HELP!!! please answer im begging everyone!?
What do you do when you can't sleep ?
Constipation - Help is very needed, I am 15?
Does anyone else get on one from smoking pot?
What do you do if your drunk and throwing up blood?
What does it mean to 'become grounded?' How would you describe it? Define it.?
Sorry im askin this again?
Are there any dangers in snorting Fun Dip or Pixie Sticks?
Glass in foot?
Cracked Heals?
What happens if I swallowed at ant/ants?
What are the signs of a bloodclot in your body?
Bloody Noses?
I'm having a lot of anxiety from my asthma causing it to get worse, what are some things I can do?
Advice on colds?
Can pneumonia?
What are the risks in having an operation when you have COPD.?
How to keep smoking?
Is it safe to do a chest x-ray every 2years?
Is it true that one joint of marajuana is equal to an entire pack of cigarettes in terms of lung damage?
How can i get my voice back?
I have a productive cough that gets worse when I lie down...?
I'm a second hand smoker?
I think I have floaters?
Is it possible to strengthen your eyes-should I make my 6yr old wear her glasses?
How do get rid of a lazy eye?
Can having your hair in your eyes damage your vision?
Why do you cry?
I blink alot, Why???
What do you call the little things stuck in the corners of your eyes after you wake up in the morning?
What is the reason that people get visual impairments?
Information about contact lenses please?
Trapped Nerve?? How do i get rid of it??
When i eat i feel like it is coming back up?!?!?!?
Could this be a concussion or just in my head?
Will this be ok? I've sliced part of my finger nail off down to the nail bed?
Is my hand broken, do I need to go to A&E;?
When i stand up really fast i almost pass out?
Cutting across the wrist? Fatal?
How do I get the bleeding to stop? (Please answer, I'm in serious pain)?
Experiences you've had in A&E;/E.R?
Shoulder pain?
How are you doing?
CANKER SORE under false plate?
Have you ever taken Naproxin?
What can I do for a dislocated shoulder?
Does any1 know what this could be????
Left Breast Pain?
What is wrong with me?
Frequent migranes ?
What should the normal temperature be for a human being?
How long could you sleep for ?
Diarrhea? Serious answers only.?
Whats a good sleep aide?
Serous docter queation PLEASE HELP?!?
How do you manage your temper and emotions?
Whats the best method for coping with depression?
Help me!!! please read on?
Is being shy being childish
Does anyone else get that fear when an aeroplane flies overhead?
Why do so many people lack patience?
Is it ever justifiable to think of commiting suicide?
I need to get away! forever. where do i go?
I'm a very apathetic person. I could care less if people close to me died? What's wrong with me?
Extreme depression, losing my spirit, I need some suggestions PLEASE???
How do you stop an eye twitching?
I just chewed a pill instead of swallowing it whole, is it going to hurt me?
How can I combat heat stroke when I don't have air conditioning?
How to ward off infection in self injury cuts?
MY ear!! Help, I am crying!?
My friend is pregnant and she is using tampax i dont know why but will that affect her pregnancy?
What is a good way to stop nose bleed?
How do you get rid of a sore thoat asap?
I drank 2 glasses of wine last night. Is it safe to donate blood this afternoon?
Umm kinda stupid question and i need help like asap?
I have a really bad stuffy nose...?
What is better for diarrhea?
Y do people still smoke like hell?
Why are female's backs private?
At what age can you put chapstick on a childs lips?
Should i stop?
When someone has a nose bleed where does the blood come from?
This is kinda a stupid question. burns and chemicals..............?
Need Help please?
Broken bones?
Hospital induced coma. My friend got kicked in the head by a horse and has been in an induced coma for a week.
I have found a black patch in the middle of my foot.?
I smacked my elbow and it hurt real bad, why is it called a funny bone?
Is there anything else doctors can do to a fractured knee cap other than plaster and pinning?
Can you drive with a broken finger?
What did my son do to his arm?
"Gail Platt" ( corrie ) ?
My friend has got a lazy eye, what can he do 2 fix it?
Can i buy the contact lenses that you sleep in,when you take them out in the morning, you can see for the day-
I had coloured lights in the corner and down the left hand side of my left eye?
Do cheap reading glasses mess your eyes up?
HELP!!! Eye problem. Help ONLY if you know.?
Pain in my eyes?
Do contacts make your eyes appear bigger or smaller?
Do you use Contact Lenses? So, What is the solution name?
Laser eye surgery.?
Leaving ur contacts in to long???
How would you describe colours to someone who has been blind from birth?
Percocet vs vicoden which is stronger?
Keyboard pounding!?
Vicoden through the mail?
Name that pain killer!?
My throat hurts....?
Has any body got or tried out a memory foam matress?
Vicodin withdrawels?
Well i am not sure whats wrong with me?
Please I need HELP... My mom has been feeling sick... what could it be???
Dog has arthritis. Alieve or aspirin?
This is werid as sh*t.?
Why am i having these strange dreams?
Are you scared of Death ?
How do i get myself out of this mess?
Fear of the unknown. PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE HELP?
How can i develop my self -confidance?
I am depressed. I am a single mom, I can't find a job, can't get a boyfriend. I need help. I feel like I am
If youve gone through a life time of pain, trauma, victimization & abuse, & today because of it you have?
What do you have in your life thats worth living for?
Dealing with anxiety/fear?
How many hours of sleep do we need a night?
What can you take to stop a runny nose?!!?
My nose has been bleeding for 2 hours, not gushing, but more than a trickle, should i go to the hospital?
I bite my nails help !!!?
How will you say to your friend that he/she has a Hygiene problem?
Please help ASAP!!!!!!!!!?
Will i Die, anything can help me?
My ring finger is flopping back and forth, freely.?
Is it normal to feel that it's normal to think that being normal is normal?
The voices in my head tell me to go to Taco Bell and get a bean buritto, but I don't like those.?
Which is better for you, swimming or running?
Do you have to get a tetnes shot even if it is a tac that is not rusty?
Skin on my leg is peeling off!?
I think my little toe is broken. Do I have to see a doctor?
A friend of mine has very cold feet even in the summer?
I haven't smoke weed in 17 days can i be clean?
I have been diagnosed with asthma but my doctor now thinks it's really emphysema what's the difference?
If u smoke four a few years and only a pack every 4 days can u get ephosima?
What is wrong with my elbow?
How can I treat sinus congestion pain without medication?
Sore tail bone?
How to make swelling in cold sores go down?
Which kind of conditions or diseases affect the respiratory system?
Hopefully someone will have an idea what this tingling in my hand is?
I've had really bad wind today... have you?
In the lungs, gas exchange occurs in tiny air sacs called WHAT?
Whats the fastest way to get a swelling down from apunch to the face?
Did I sprain my finger?
Can someone explain why I get so out ouf breath when I bend over? It is so uncomfortable?
What is it like being in a wheelchair?
I'm out of breath all the time please help????
This is a weird question...?
My palm of my hand got cut by glass and it is really deep should i go to the hospital?
Jammed my finger 6 weeks ago...?
Is it bad that i'v been sleeping in my contacts for 3 months straight?
Your opinion, what is your favorite eye color on anyone?
Is it okay if i just use my friends contacts once or twice?
Little black things?
Does glasses make ur vision worse over time?
Can anyone advise me about what kind of eye dr is best?
What is a stigma in the eye?
Eye floaters- should I see an Optician or an eye doctor?
What can my boy wear instead of glasses to play rugby??
Do contacts hurt?
Why do people use a service like this for medical advice?
Are you getting a flu shot?
Would you rather lose your leg.....?
Is there such thing as being big boned?
What to do for a pinched sciatic nerve?
My left ear is really hurting. I think I got water in it the other night but I can't hear any water?
Any tips to get over a migraine? The pain in in my head is indescribable.?
My pointer finger hurts what can i do to help it?
Period cramps.. ladies only! please help out?
My right wrist has turned black and it goes around my wrist and down my arm, what could have happended?
Good cure for heartburn?
What happens if u take too much tylenol?
Home Remedies?
What is the best way to apply an ice pack?
I Hurt Everywhere!?
Something in my eye?
Bee sting on my eyelid, HOW CAN I GET THE STINGER OUT?
How concerned should I be about a possible spider bite?
If you had to dial 999 in an emergency for an ambulance do you think they would be able to help you.....?
I am so tired all the time and exausted. What is good thing to keep you energised?
I'm feeling generous, tell me anything to get 2 pts and tell me something entertaining to get 10!?
Which scale is most commonly used inthermometeres to measure the temperature of human body?
Why do people bite their nails? Asked by my daughter aged 11, so be kind please.?
Does anyone besides myself think that taking 16 pills a day is TOO MUCH!!! regardless what they are for?
16 year old son has blood drawn and fainted and had the dry heaves.what causes that?has big headache now?
How can i grow fat?
Can Weed Come Out In Your Blood Test?
Whats the best way to try to fall asleep???
How many chances do you give an alcoholic?
Wound won't heal on leg....leaking watery fluid?
How do you deal with depression. When you don't want to use medication?
What do you think about suicide?
Why is my scar not fading?
What do you fear?
Does anyone else want to eat themselves out of curiousity as to how they taste? Is that strange?
Is it normal to have a little redness around where the staples go into skin, and it itches too?
Please help me learn to cope with death?
Why can't i stop cutting?
I need some medical advice,but if not,some suggestions would help?
Shall i go to bed or not, i havnt sleept in three days due to working(and only got paid for 48 hours)??
Cover up a cut mark?
Is it natural to be happy just being by yourself.?
I think i pulled a muscle in my neck....?
What is your phobia?
I'm fed up with life, what do i do?
My friend crushed his pinky in 5 places and got no help and treatment. Now finger barely moves ans deformed. ?
What did people do before eye glasses?
Can I wear glasses after laser eye sugery?
Does laser eye treatment actually work?
Is Lasik Surger Painful?
If I cross my eyes for long enough....?
How do you feel about people with colored contacts?
Colored contacts?!?!?
How can i naturally regain my eye-sight?
What is my problem?
Do you think these are signs i need glasses?
I am having a spinal fusion of the neck this July. I am wondering if any of you have had this done?
Why does knee back hurts after I have been sitting down on my knees?
Migranes? any advice?
Which painkiller was probably used on me?
What is this pressure pain on top of m head?
What kind of pain is the worst?
What can you do for a splitting headache that Motrin and Tylenol won't even touch?
Migraines any relief or tricks somebody knows?
Whats wrong with meeeeee!!!!!!!! im gonna dieeeeeee!!! ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!?
How do i relieve my cramps
Is there something serious about a All Day Headache?
How to leave smoking?
Have you quit smoking?
What can I do to help my wife, while she is trying to quit a 25 year smoking habit?
Am I short?
Can picking your nose make your nostrills wider?
If cut a hole in my arm with a drill will it heal naturally, i ain`t trying to pay not hospital bills.?
I pierced my ear by myself. help!?
Bad scratch, no peroxide?
How can I stop my hickups, it's really killing me?
I just burned my finger on 425 ' oven . I have big bubbling blister.What should i do to it?
How can you die from drinking alcohol?
What is my future?
Why do I feel so shitty today?
How to help 20 ant bites on 2 fingers??!!?? please help?
What is happiness??
I think I might be mentally ill.?
If this doesnt sound like bi polar then what??
I didn't get good answers the first time so help me out. AM I CRAZY?
How do you know when you hate someone?
Is anyone scared of anything nobody else seems to be scared of?
Why do I feel this way when I fight with my parents?
I'm tired of living, but too tired to die. What should I do?
Ok i hate flying and i'm going away in 6 weeks what's the best thing to calm my nerves?
What is your cure for anxiety?
IF you had.........................
Do you people think that by just giving suggestions pollution would reduce ?????????? <need to work for it >
How infection is tonsillitis ?
Help i feel absolutely terrible!?
How long does it take to heal and fully recover from a torn ACL injury?
I would like to know if any one has dealt with a partner with a head injury ?
Do you or your child use a nebulizer?
I accidently cut off most of the tip of my finger a week ago.?
Can you have a break without extreme pain??
Mass in lungs?
I have pains in my chest as well as some muscular pain?
My leg wound infection. 2 weeks now, what should i do?
Any ideas how not to be bored while convalescing with sore hands?
Is there any home tips to help hard breathing?
Having an asthma attack?
I think I have deep vein thrombosis...How worried should I be?
I just got hit in the nose? now Iam really worried somethings wrong?
Feeling "hung over"?
How to fall asleep?
Strange health question?
How many hours do you need to get a good night's sleep?
Why does my hand tingle and hurt when I sleep?
Headaches...some advice please?
*SEVERE PAIN* Help me please?
Abdomanol pain?
Should a person combine ibuprofen 800 mg tablet with oxycodone 5mg tab?
Ouch my cold sore?
My new employer requires a drug test, but I'm on ibuprofen 800 for my tennis elbow pain, is it ok?
What is happening to me?
Could it be an apendicitus?
What happens when you take too many tylenol extra strength?
Sty in my eye and i don't know what to do?
Are glasses (spectacles) subject to animal tests?
Is it bad to have big pupils? ?
Why do i keep getting pink eye?
Can u lose ur vision or some of it?
I wanna get contact lenses but I heard they give a lot of eye infections. Is this true?
Any advice out there with eye-drops???
If you are colorblind, what do you see?
Please dont laugh since giving birth i have trouble focusing my eyes why?
What's the difference between an optometrist and an opthalmologist?
Do any of you get...?
If a jellyfish stung you on the tongue,would you let the big brother twins wee in your mouth to stop the pain?
Do you believe "what goes around, comes around"?
What courses do i need to take in high school to get to the nurse stage?
I have got my ear blocked while swimming .How do i get it unclogged ?
I have really low energy help?
I am suffering from constipation since last 1 year. it is causing me to get thinner and i am losing my weight?
My 5 yr old son says his tummy hurts....?
What's wrong with my knee?
My girlfriend has been falling asleep at the wheel lately? is there anything she can take to stop this?
Can u help me pls?...My husband is very stubborn and doesnt take his med. for high blood pressure...?
I always wake up with sore throats from dry air?
Am I an Organ Donar?
When you're sick, do you take over-the-counter medicine, a prescription from your doctor, or nothing at all?
Does salt kill?
Hungover and tired but cant sleep!?
Kelloid on ear?
Is it possible????
What have i done?
How do you fix a possibly sprained ankle?
How can i break a bone without it really hurting? which one hurts the least?
Side of my foot hurts after landing on it funny playing B-ball. Don't think its sprained, what could it be?
Which is worse....A kick to the groin or a poke in the eye?
How can you tell if a wound is infected?
I stomped my big toe and now my toenail is turning black. What can I do to treat this?
Whoever has experienced a broken leg before or is a doctor- PLEASE HELP!?
Anyone know of an online pharmacy where I can get medication with out seeing a doctor?
When you are exhusted ,what would you do for relaxing?
What's a good way to prevent a morning hangover after a night of drinking?
Sometimes when I turn my head a certain way, I get a searing pain in the back of my head?
Having back pain, worsens when i breath...?
I am a 45yr female. Healthy and active. I suffer from swollen ankles from time to time. There is no discomfort
What do you think happened?
If I cant end it myself, why? I what to die, and I'm not afraid to, its just I wasnt someones opinion first.
Does anyone have a congrats for someone no longer suicidal?
Help me to concentrate?
What is OCD?
Can you all Pray for me?
How to stop myself from cutting?
Mum dont want me to go doctors?
What is wrong with me... is it OCD?
Is it odd/bad to not sleep on your back?
Anyone ever had diazepam
If i dont have my perscription how can i get it without having an eye exam?
What are the symptoms of colour blindness?
How often should I go to the eye doctor?
I just got contacts and i wore them yesterday then today i put them in and my eyes feel really strained.?
I just started wearing contacts and I look wierd without my glasses. Will I start to look better over time?
Which is dominate blue eyes or brown?
Is something wrong with my eye?
I'm having problems with my contacts. I have a really hard time getting them in.?
Are the eyes the only part of the body that never grow ?
Can you wear contacts in the shower?
Drugs disposed of in toilets. Do they get into our drinking water?
Can my work sack me over this?
When you are having a headache, what is your brain doing?
I have a really horrible additction to Mountain Dew.?
I just got stung by a bee or a wasp how long does it take to feel allergic reactions?
HELP!! I got my t.e.s.t.i.c.l.e.s stuck in the waffle iron and cant open it what should i do?
Is there any way to make bikini area razor burn go away fast, any way to prevent in the first place?
Do prayers really heal diseases?
I am scared to get blood drwan tomorrow morning, what can I do to relax myself?
What do you do to get rid off anxiety?
How do u get the head of a tick out of a persons body?
How do u cure a itchy throat?
What sort of smell in a woman does a man find attractive?
Hi, I have a piece of lead from a pencil under my skin, can this cause lead poisoning?
PLEASE Help!!!!?
Going to be bed ridden for 4 months need ideas of things to do?
Do i have pink eye?
A friend of mine was in a car accident. Why did one of her doctors check her rectum?
Have you ever had your bum operated on?
I fell and hurt my arm and it's swollen and a bruise is forming...?
I've been having very bad migraines since 1997. Do you know why?
Crap! smashed thumb in car door what do i do.?
My feet and my hands are always very cold no matter how warm i try to keep myself?
Cut on my foot?
How do I stop cracking my knuckles?
Sometimes my fingers only in my right hand go numb?
I pick my nose and eat it. Is this unhealthy?
Why does one have to finish a course of antibiotics?
What symptoms did you have when you quit smoking?
Lump on side of neck not sor just soft to touch?
What can help ease the pain from withdrawl after quitting taking painkillers?
Bad arthiritus flare-up...?
What do they give you if you have an ear infection?
How many Tylenol is equivalent to 1 vicoden?
Which food and drink is bad for arthritis?
My ear hurts because i tried to clean it with my finger and I always insert my finger, is ity cancer??
I'm not feeling good?
Frozen shoulder?
What does Pedialyte do?
Green mucus and conjunctivitis?
Can I use tap water in a cool mist humidifier, I can't afford distilled water?
Why is this happening?
Is Broncitis contagious??
A 22-year old male college student was presented at the ESU health clinic?
Fifth disease?
What is an iron lung?
How can i get rid of this congestion in my chest?
What is asthma? my daughter gets a cold and always ends up with a cough. She coughs most of the night.....?
I used drugs two days ago and have to take a drug test?
Is it good to pass wind?
What is the longest you have ever gone without sleep?
What are the 5 best things to eat when im sick?
Whats wrong with me?!?
I need some people with real help please?
Will ice help a swollen hand?????
How can i heal a cut very fast?
Broken toe?
I stab myself in the throat?
How long till my broken bone heals?
My 24-year-old girlfriend swallowed a cherry pit.It is in her stomach now.When will it be digested?Dangerous?
What's the best plan to quit smoking?
Does anyone know if this is an infection?
How can i change my eye color (no contacts or surgery)?
I am 56, and male. How much sleep do I need per night?
Apart from chemicals, do you know a way to tackle insomnia?
All smart people... can you help me with a health question?
If you were gripping a bar and it unexpectedly yanked away at 100 mph, would you lose your arm, or your grip?
I've just given up smoking...day 3 today...will power is fading fast...any suggestions???
What do i eat to make my eyes better?
What if there was a bee on your teachers butt??
How can I stop my spectacles sliding down my nose all the time?
How to strenthen displine in self?
Can i have 1 second of your time for this simple question..thanks in advance
Are contact lenses better than glasses or should i get both?
What is Best way other than seeing a doctor to correct failing kydneys?
Approximately how much does LASIK eye surgery cost?
Should my bro wear contacts?
Doctor says I have red eyes constantly, just because my eyes are too big?
I was in the supermarket yesterday, and a man in the next checkout que was whistling and it was really?
Weird fears?
I have to stay awake tonight....?
Im really depressed?
What are you afraid of most?
ADHD how do you cope? How do I treat it?
Im deprassed.?
Help us????
If i harm myself and tell doctor is it seeking attention?
Do i have a heat rash or a ring worm?
What's wrong with my ear?
How do i stop smoking fast?
8 days late for period and pain in lower right hand side of stomache?
Can eating too much sugar cause diabetes?
How can treat food poisoning.I have been vomiting since eating sou tasting chicken 3 days ago.?
How long is the likely recovery period after having your gallbladder removed?
Anger causes pain?
My legs were hurting, it felt like needles, please help.?
Worst pain you have ever experienced?
M&M;'s or Tic Tacs?
What does it mean when you experience pain between your eyes?
Can dehydration cause diarrhea?
Lately I have been waking up to a headache every morning,what could be the cause?
I get cramps when I run, which has NEVER happened to me before, what is wrong with me?
Anus pain?
I just got a new tattoo on saturday?
Very cold hands and he cant wear gloves?
Why do i feel tired all the time?
OWW! I walked through ice (barefoot) now what?
How long does it take for bruises to heal????
Cold sores?
Stomach pain?
Will a knee injury cause back pain????
I fell down 5 steps and hit my forearm and it is blue with a knot and i have numbness and tingling is it broke
I worked out w/ a trainer 2days ago, my calves are KILLING ME. Can barely get up and walk..not sure why..?
BAD SUNBURN Help!!!!!?
Does "garlic breath" without ingesting garlic indicate a possible health problem?
How often does one take a shower? Do you also brush your teeth in there too?
Should I be limited at work to go to the restroom 2 times in an 8-hour period?
I'm 13 and having a hard time getting sleep. How can I go to sleep without taking any medicines?
Does anyone else have this problem? my husband needs to quit smoking because he just found out he?
How many times a day do you take a shower?
HELP PLEASE: what happens when you swallow a little bit of gasoline? it was an accident when i used a siphon?
If someone is described a voluptuos?
Tired all the time?
Why does some men and women smoke?
When do i get my son circumcised?
I fancy a cadburys Twix bar but cant be bothered going the shop as im ill with the flu.who'll go for me please
I'm being paranoid, but 2 advil aint enough to kill u....right?
Tell me a time when you did not feel well.?
My doctor recommended that i try glucosamine chondroitin complex?
Chest pain?
Pain in the knee joint?
I have a sharp chest pain?
A headache, and it feels like someone has their hands...?
I took 5mg of Percocet approx. 3 hours ago. My pain is returning. Is it safe to take the other 5mg pill?
How can I stop taking vicodin?Its been eight months now -sometimes 5 pills a day but for the last few weeks,?
Lower back pain?
Why is it necessary to fast for 6 days or more for aspiration in add ition to a hole in the colon ?
Why do I have bloody loogies(sp?)?
What does having 59% oxegen in your blood mean ??
I have had pneumonia 4 times say i have chronic lung disease what do they mean?
What does it mean when your snot/mucus is yellow?
Nose bleeds and coughing up blood?
How do you know when to go in for a breathing treatment?
How to live with strong asthma?
My 2 yr old has croup and asthma?
How do I stop smoking?
What causes a person to lose creativity and self motivation so bad that they cant work or get off the couch!?
How can i stop people taking their anger out on me?
AM I retarded?
What would happen if i committed suicide?
Why do people make fun of those with mental illness?
Has anyone ever been so down, u just wanted to end it all???
Help me wake up?
I think I'm SUICIDAL what should I do?
How do you find a cure(it's my friend who's affected)for a flesh eating disease?
How low blood presure can be treated?
Dead disease?
My jaw right below my ear hurts and ears feel like there going to pop, any suggestions?
I'm really suicidal, what should I do?
I want to start a petition against....?
Are you seriouse!? oh my gosh?
Why am I always sick?
I feel like im getting sick what would be a good medicine to start taking now?
How can i heal my cut fast?
What do you put over you'r cast when you'r in the shower??I just broke my wrist!!!!?
My little bro just said he got shocked from the desktop keyboard, but i cant tell if hes serious or not?
HELP PLEASE! My knee is really hurting - I've been to the doc and they didn't help me. I have no insurance!
Why not eat the yellow snow?
Someone pushed me and I landed on elbow, it's been 9 mnths and still hurts?
I get drunk at least once a day and im 20 ive been doing this nonstop since i was18 howmuch longer will i live
Is it worth going to accident and emergency or not?
My son is 4 weeks how can i help him sleep throught the night or at least longer periods at a time?
Serious question, serious answer plz?
Chest feels tight?
What is the part of your arm opposite your elbow called ??!!?? And what about opposite the knee aswell??!!??
What is the Best way to lose weight..************?
Whats the easiest way to stop smoking?
Does anyone think Splenda is unhealthy?
Why did beer make my stomach feel better?
Ibuprofen with alcohol?
I am in my mid 20's and i have proposed around about 4-5 girls, but none of them said yes?
How do i get my hands to warm up?
What exactly is a registered nurse?
Whats the best ways to get rid of your allergies without meds?
How do disposable contacts work?
Why are eyeglass frames so expensive?
I cant see?!?
Eye Twitching!!?
Am I short sighted?
Contact Lens Question for you?
Im so nervous?
Will this hurt my eyes?
Is there a way to permanently change your eye color? Other then contacts?
Is astigmatism treatable?
Does aids may transmit through deep kissing.?
What causes a lack of facial hair?
What can i use to soothe my throat?
I am due to have an operation in 4 days but have a cold, will my operation be cancelled?
How can I get rid of my morning backache?
Does anyone have home remedies for ankle pain?? Willing to try ANYTHING except going to a doc. No health ins.?
I have a pounding headache?
What else can i do to fix restless leg syndrome?
My friend took 20 tablets of acetsminophem with 500mg each. How long does he have to live before it kicks in?
Can taking codeine for many years do damage to ones liver ?
I got a sunburn on my face and today Its completely swollen, is there anything I can use to heel it ?
What causes an itch?
Whats wrong with my ear HELP!!?
A panic attack?
Disbelief in Doctors?
How do I stop holes in my socks where my big toe's are?
My dog just got stung by a bee and the bee sting area is swelling and turning purple what do I do?
I have been gyming for the last two months but still cant built up my muscle mass wht sud i do?
DO you believe G0d can heal? I believe he can. PRAY 4 my arthritis.?
Pinched nerve........?
My WHOLE toenail just broke off, and I'm wondering how long it would take{approximately} to grow back?
What does a chip on you tooth mean?
Knee and ankle problems?
Have you given up smoking?
Is there an alarm clock that does not use sound or music to wake you up?
Is it good to sleep all day?
How do I get rid of my hiccups?
What is best to drink when your sick?
Why does people smoke? Should I try it?
IS drinking 6 pack of beer a week dangerous for my health?
What are your obsessions?
Whats Guinness?
I just got my nose pierce, and its really red and its hard to clean, show it be like this?
This is probably obvious ,but humor me...?
I believe my son has adhd, are there any medicines out there that won't make him a couch potatoe?
What is the best or main ingredient for happiness?
Its hard to get to sleep at night?
Is it normal to feel like no one cares about you or likes you when you are depressed?
When is it time to go to the hospital for severe depression and suicidal feelings?
Can Anyone Help Me? (Suicidal)?
What would make a person really want to kill for no reason?
Is there something wrong if a guy is sensitive?
Should i turn emo?
What are some really good reasons not to comment suicide?
Something/anything for a sore throat?
I feel so dirty because yesterday i smoked marijuana with my classmates. what shoud i do?
Am I still my doctor's client if I have not consult with her for one year?
What causes a sinus infection?
I have my grand mother living with me and she went back into the hospital and now is coming home with OXygen?
What does it mean when your coughing up blood ?
How come i cant breathe out of one side of my nose?
Do I have the Flu?
I quit smoking after 3 years, whats my potential for healing?
I have anxiety attacks ,How do i get rid of them?
Would wearing sunglasses while driving at night have any effects on my driving?
HELP !! with a painful ... STY ?
If you wear glasses when you don't need to, eg if you're an actor, is it bad for your eyes?
I can't take my soft contacts out my eyes?
Do you think I need glasses?
Why have I always got sleep in my eyes??
Do I need glasses?
How may pairs of eyeglasses should i have?
I keep blinking my eyes?
When I get mad, I get this pain on my left side, just below the rib- Why?
My Dr cut me off oxycodone after about 2 years for?
Help! Severe lower back pain?
What is a more powerful drug then Vicodin?
Why does my throat hurt whenever i wake up?
Natural remedies for severe headaches?
Stomach ache?
I was in a road accident across my shoulder blades and my lower back and neck hurt is this whiplash?
I've been having pain on the upper right side of my chest when i inhale and when i laugh. what could that be?
What is the best way to treat a trapped nerve in you lower back?
What gives us hiccups?
I got a really bad hangover. ant cures apart from water i've drunk loads of it errgghhh!!?
It's hard to explain. I was sleeping, trying to sleep and then out of sudden i felt like i "dropped".
When should you use a mouthwash like Scope or Listerine??
Having chest pain on left side, also left arm. Had EKG about month ago, they said norm. Should persue further?
How many hours of sleep do you get each night??
What's the best way to quit smoking?
To shave or not to shave is the question?
What illness causes severe joint pain?
1 year to live?
What causes head internal bleeding?
What do you do about poor digestion?
What are the dangers of having "floaters" in the eye?
Fibromyalgia your opinion, real or fake?
Numbness and tingling in arm, wrist and hand?
ASTHMA attacks what to do with asthma attacks. answer it quick.?
Any advice on catarrh??
Who's liable for my sons medical bills?
Did your bellybutton peircing ever make you sick (throwing up, dizzy) a day or two after you got it? wat 2 do?
I slammed my large toe on a stack of wood three nights ago , and it was fine for a day and a half.?
Is it ok to take a shower after suffering an ankle sprain?
I have stitches in my side and my gym teacher will make me play...what should i do?
What kind of job could I do??
Painful joint on thumb?
Toys in rectum?
My ear is blocked & painful what do I do? i've tried every ear drops?
What are Epidemiologists?
Jelly Fish Sting????
My son is currantly choking what should I do? IMMEADIATLY.......?
How do i treat a hand that has been burned with HOT soup?
Does anyone else explore with a knife?
Why when you take a bath when you come out you feel cold?
How to treat Infection of the skin around or under the nails?
I Have Serious Sunburn, What should I do?
What is it called if you know that a child swallows poison, but don't do anything about it?
How do I unblock my nose?
How many hours do you normally sleep for?
This is embarrasing but....?
Can anyone help with a dandruff problem I have?
How do i stop panic attacks, any magical cure?
Why do people get depressed?
I feel like my lifes a total mess..?
My dad's hands are very very dry on the palms and crack and bleed, they are very itchy.?
Is now a good time to get help for my anorexia?
Does anyone have any good suggestions for how to get rid of warts?
Is this normal?
I'm too freaking lazy?!? WHY!!!!!!????
What is the best cream for wrinkles?
In America you have TV ads for anti depressants - in the UK we don't have anything like this. Which is better
Can u swim with ringworm?
Did anyone else feel like not getting out of bed today?
What's the best way to combat stress?
How can i get rid of my acne...with out popping them!!!?
Why are so many people on anti-depresents?
I am concerned that I may have toenail fungus.?
Im really depressed?
Injury help?
Does anyone know about blood clots after surgery?
I think i fractured my foot but i am not sure??? HELP!!!!!!!!!?
I was walking through th woods... THIS IS SERIOUS!!!!?
Torn cartilidge in left knee , meniscus?? Help please?
Stuck in throat?
I sprained my ankle at work!?
There are fragments of bone in the elbow of my broken arm - what happens next?
Finger pain from bowling?
How can you get rid of a black eye quick?
What is the treatment for High blood pressure and Low blood pressure?