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I Can't Feel My Hand ? Its NOT pins and needles, it doesnt feel like it.?
I need glasses...?
MMR Jab...please help?
Is it possible for young people in their 20s or 30s to get Alzheimer disease?
Common cure for....?
Y is my right arm going numb?
Why do we sometimes have headaches?
Is it possible to lick ur elbow??
I have had a severe migraine.It started the end of Sept.?
I'm in quite a bit of pain..?
Top left stabbing back pain?
Have severe lower back pain that comes & goes. Also have hip pain & burning sensations in my buttocks.?
I have oins and needles in my fingsers?
I broke my ankle several months ago, and it's finally been feeling normal. But this past Sunday I?
Still swollen after 2 1/2 months!!???
What are the signs for fractures??
I get a eyelash in my eye, my eye starts to swell..What do I do?
I have a swollen ankle, any way to get the swelling down without ice?
Tounge problems!?
How much danger is dere in removing the fluid from stomatch?
My toe nail got ripped off what do i do i don't want to go to the hospital?
I don't know if I sprained or broke my ankle?
Ok sorry if I've asked this twice. i can't tell if it posted my last question. anyway, i have an injury
Iron burn do you pop the blisters or not?
When u have body wash do u also put it on your legs and arms?
Should marijuana be legal?
Is this normal?
What do you do when you get REALLY bad sunburn, I try everything, but nothing works!?
HELP! I feel such a failure! I need your advice!?
What's the first body part you wash when taking a shower / bath?
My daughter has a bite on her calf. It has swollen up and the center has a white head possibly the bite spot
What can be done about hammer toes?
My left eye is hurting really bad espically when i close it and it watering bad what is wrong?
If you have staples can you still go in the pool?
Have you ever been knocked out cold before?
Was your day worse than mine?
What is causing the pain and numbness in my wrist??
What is the statute of limitations for sustaining an injury in someone's home?
Cat scratch????
What Should I Do For a smashed finger?
Urgent i need help?
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) medication?
What hurts more?
Why do I suffer from sharp stabbing pains?
2000 mg tylenol safe?
Can body stone be removed without surgery?
Some mornings, I feel like I've been punched in the chin?
Can you get contact lenses without a prescription?
Daily headcahe since getting specs?
Can anyone help i have a lower back pain and after going to a back man its worse than ever please help ?
My boyfriend is throwing up blood?
What is happening to me?
How can you prevent charlie horses in the legs?
How much Ecstasy is too much?
If family members such as uncles or grandparents are addicts in some way does that mean you will be to?
Is it unheard of to have a pulled muscle for 2 years. I have a pain my side that feels muscular, but wont go!
Can snapping your fingers cause arthritis?
Can Strokes cause headaches?
What causes dark brownish colored, bad smelling urine?
Bulimic? When is enough, enough?
Can some people sleep with their eyes open???
Smoking - giving up!!?
Why do people who complain about the rain also complain when it is sunny?
Is anyone else feeling wiped out and completely drained because of the hot weather ?
I think my wife is doing somekind of witchcraft on me, all the food shes serving me smells like urine,?
Going pee all the time!?
How do you get rid of nicotine marks on fingers?
*Have you ever taken a shower while chewing gum?
Can you get a blood clot by wearing pop socks ?
Getting blood work done?
Help im depressed?
How's this for a question-can someone give me a reason to live? Read details before responding...?
What do U do when U have a sudden violent mind???
Why is it that the most stupid questions get the most answers?....?
What would be worse-suicide or go to homeless shelter?
I want to kill this kid i know.?
A sleep question?
Are people born gay?
Why do they make fun of me? Do they hate me?
Is it possible to be happy and lonely at the same time?
If i go to school with a sinus infection will someone get it?
Do Breathe Right nose strips work for you?
I'm having trouble breathing?
Cough conjestion in throat with very bad breath for 6 months.please suggest me homeopathy medicine to cure it?
What do you think I have..? Symptoms listed inside...?
What can I do for wheezing, off and on pain left side of chest?
Asthma. how long does a person with asthma live?
My sister has terminal lung cancer, can anyone tell me anything about the sac around the lung?
What is an uvula?
A bad cough?
Should I Call 911?
Whats wrong with my thumb?
Do I have a serious knee injury?
My 2 yr old was running and bumped into corner of table, swollen upper lip..what can bring down the swelling?
Hello, i have a small wound near the tailbone area.?
Is there any way to tell if a finger is broke, without an xray?
Last night i sat up when i was in bed and i got really dizzy! then everytime i move i was so dizzy?
If i am dead, will i feel the pain if someone cut my fingers??
What can I do to minimize the swelling of my tongue piercing?
Will my father insurance go up if I got in an accident in someone else vehicle?
Do coloured people get sunburn?
I can't fall asleep and I don't feel well? Any tips on how to feel better?
Why do we close our eyes while sneezing?
Is it bad to smoke cannabis occasionally?
Woke up feeling extremely thirsty?
Is it bad to crack your knuckles and why?
I have an EXTREMELY sore throat and it is EXTREMELY sore to swallow. Any ideas what it is?
How could someone in their right mind posssibly fall asleep while driving?
What is the LEGAL substance available to combat tiredness?
How many hours of sleep can a person survive on?
I burnt my hand last night, help!!?
Bitten by red imported fire ants, what else should I put on to help the itching/swelling?
Ways to treat a sunburn?
What does it take for a woman to find a good man?
How do i stop snooring?
Which are the damages caused by smoking Marijuana?
I got something stuck in my ear!!! Please help URGENT!?
How do u bathe/shower without getting water into your inner ear?
What do I do for mosquito bite?
I was hit hard in the throat 3 days ago and it still hurts to swallow. Is it just bruised or should i see a dr
Would broken ribs heal on their own properly?
Is my pinky finger broken?
Need Opinion: Should my friend and I try this stunt?
I have some kind of bump in my big left toe an it hurts hella bad?
How can I speed up the recovery time for my ankle ?
Knee problem?
Cant go to the loo?
Is anyone else on the verge of leaving answer due to the ...?
Am I going mad or am I just lonely?
Is it pathetic if I miss my mother?
Is depression a sign of weakness?
How do i tel my dr?
How can I cheer myself up when depressed?
Does anyone know much you suffer in your daily life?
Have you ever had one of those.......?
Felt like ending it today?
How do i hide it?
Does anybody know of new remedies for psorisis yet?
Help! I accidentally took the wrong pills, whats going to happen??
How do I deal with the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis?
I'm 13 years old and I keep getting migraines :(?
Ive had a fever for 4 days now, ive had all the pains you can imagine now i have this major headache?
My right knee smetimes locks when sleeping on my right side.?
When was the last time you got a massage?
Whats the best thing to do for your neck after you slept on it wrong and it's in serious pain?
Anyone live w/chronic pain?
Can you die overnight from taking a bottle of painkillers?
To wear or not to wear a respirator??
Is there any juice that can lessen my coughing?
Why did I go 2 days without sleeping without any tiredness?
Is it possible to fake laryngitis? if so, how..(don't asky why lol).?
Is there reason to go to the ER asap?
How can know if i have glaucoma,sudden eye blindness disease?
Has anyone heard of using a hand cleaner called Germ X in the using or making of crystal meth?
Dealing with IBS:?
I have a cold, which probably comes from a virus.... How can medicine treat a virus?
My bro is 20yr 2wks ago he fell unconcious twice with body stiff and recovers in 1min.is it typhoid/epilepsy?
My dads in a coma i need some help?
Constipation & Gas Trouble?
Sore throat remedies?
What is it when someone cuddles you that you feel numb and there is no connection to the person?
I have bach ack problem for long time what should to do to solve this problems?
If you have an earache, what else does it cause to happen?
If you had your gallbladder removed, can it grow back?
Help, What's left that I can tolerate with acid reflux?
What is lupus?
If I tell my doctor I'm suicidal, will he put me away?
Should Children with ADD/ ADHD bring Acohol Drinks too School?
Can stress cause grey hair?
Why do so many people suffer from depression?
Shocked by suicide.?
Thinking of killing myself?
I need HELP and NO ONE is HELPING!!!!!!?
When you look into your own eyes in the mirror what do you see???
My dad died?
What can I do? I'm at the end of my rope.?
What to do?
HELP!! I Cannot Move?
Would it be possible to suffer a fate worse than a fate worse than death?
Is my bone broken if it sticks out?
Will You Pray For My Step-Father?
I use a cell phone, in an emergency if I dial 911 would it go to the local 911 operator?
Can holding in a sneeze hurt you?
I fell down ripped my toenail off and probably broke two toes.can't afford xrays & toe HURTS. What can I do
Broken toe? What are the symptoms and is just wrapping it the only option?
Hard time breathing?
Could i have a sleeping problem?
Cutting, normal or not???
My son is always waking up at might saying telling me that his arm is asleep, what is that?
Does alcohol abuse cause permanent brain damage?
Is it OK to give my kids cold spaghetti for breakfast?
My young son gets bad nose bleeds they just start out of the blue he can wake in the morning covered in blood?
How can you prevent body odor besides using deodorant or anti-persperinet?
38 missed 2 peroids sore back and feeling sick? lol?
I am trying to quit smoking?
Does nicorette gum help?
Would you rather be overly fat or scary skinny?
What to do if your stressed out.?
I just picked my nose...what is it on the end of my finger???
Why I am sleepy no matter how long I have slept?
How can I tell if I am depressed or just lazy?
How do u reduce underarm sweating?
How do you know if a cat scratch needs stitches?
How do you know if your glasses are too strong?
What can you tell me about colored contacts?
How can I see clearly without glasses?
My mom has brown eyes so does my dad and both my brothers but i have greenish blue eyes?
One of my eye is bigger then the other, is there anything I can do about this?
My left eye lid has swollen from yesterday night,i have a small white buble in my upper eyelid?
Bumps under eyes??
Do you NEED a prescription for contacts?
How do you know that the shade of blue you see if a different shade from some else's perspective?
Is carisoprodol a pain pill?
What is the strongest pain reliever that I can buy without a prescription that will ease my joint pain?
Help for back pain....?
Migraine with nausea, any suggestions?
Sore Muscle QUICK Relief?
Can Chiropractors write prescriptions for pain medications?
I was stung several times by bees. the pain is gone, but the itching is unbearable. is there any relief ?
Pain killers Darvocet and Percocet?
Due to the nationwide epidemic of Oxycontin abuse/diversion, shouldn't it only be given to terminal patients?
I have had a headache for months now and get lightheaded with certain lights. What is the cause?
Every time the doc prescribes antibiotics for different illnesses...?
Had a accident cut my finger really good now it is really super swollen?
Every now and then i get a strange stabbing/tickling type pain at the base of my left shoulder blade,any ideas
My finger won't stop bleeding?
How to treat broken ribs?
What type of surgery or accident can result in a huge scar across the bottom of your back?
What should you do if you stab yourself with an ice skate blade?
If someone got stabbed in their eye would they bleed to death because of all those veins?
After putting on hydrogen peroxide on a scrape do you wipe the bubbles off?
I have to stand up nine hours at a time..?
How do u get rid of acne on your butt?
How to cure a roach bite?
Cant sleep at night and i dont whant to take pills. what to do?
What can I take for nausea?
What could be wrong with your throat if it seems difficult to swallow?
Which is the worst country to live ?
Last night my wife woke me because I was hyperventilating in my sleep ?
What causes premature greying in hair?
I've just cut off my finger nail with a knife (by accident). What should I do?
How do you make sunburn not hurt ?
Is Self harm attention seeking?
Should I kill myself?
Does suicide have any effect upon society when the person committing it has nobody who really cares about him?
Am i going insane?
How do i stop snapping?
Feeling unusually sad with no enthusiasm for no reason?
Do i have depression?
Suicidal, depressed, drug dependent, no insurance. what are my best options for help?
I'm a 16 year old coffee addict?
Any tips on getting a good night's sleep?
Is your voice genetic?? Do you get the same or similar tone that your father would, or is your tone unique??
My husband has an earache...?
My eye started twitching alot about 2 days ago. It feels very uncomfortable.?
What do u think of taking bath at night'??
I haven't gone #2 in almost a week!! What do i do?
Is there a method of curing hiccups that is 100% effective?
Can anyone give me a list of the good and bad things of smoking weed?
Spitting chunks of blood. Why?
Have you ever experienced a kidney stone??? What were the symptoms???
Anybody got any natural remedies for a headache?
Pain in right arm, starting at my neck and in my wrist.?
Help, I don't want my father dead!?
Can a person get hooked on pain meds if they are taking them for pain?
Are there any home remedies for heartburn?
How can i knock some1 out by pinching their vein or wrist or something?
What are some common migraine medicines?
What side is your gall bladder on?
Aching feet any good cures?
What do you think the best remedy for sciatica pain?
Sunburn plz help?
How do you cure gunshot wounds?
Is it normal to sleep for 17 hours?
I want people tell me which one best of thos jobs ..nurses. fireman . paramedic and police? u can rate them?
I just sliced a chunk of skin off of the tip of my pink. It's gushing and hurts like hell. What do I do??????
Do you think this is serious?
How do i get this ring off my finger?
Does hat wearing cause hair loss?
Should people who don't have health insurance be denied hospital treatment?
What can cause small eye muscle spasms?
Have you ever had stitches?
I'm having an MRI scan on the 11th June 2008 on my knee. Any advice?
Should i wear an ankle support or will it weaken it?
I have an annoying hangnail. Should I tear it off or cut it off or ignore it?
What causes "phantom limb"?
Where can i get my small toe cut off, and be reimbursed for that?
Will you please pray?
How long do you have if a Brown Recluse spider bites you?
If i got kicked in the head 3 days ago?
There's some kind of black faded thingy floating on my vision all the time. Is this some kind of eye problem?
A bump on the inside corner of my eye. What is it?
Are eyes ever xrayed in an eye exam?
Eye exam???
How can I get used to these new eyeglasses?
Where to put my glasses?
Where can I buy cheap glasses?
If my sight is near perfect in daylight, but at night..things at a distance are blurred, what might be the pro
The optometrist said my eyesight is -5. What does that mean?
Cystic Fibrosis?
How can i raise money legally to pay for my son's asthma medicine?
How much Love is to much Love?
How do doctors do a biopsy on someone's lungs?
I have had a sinus infection for over a week. It got better, now worse again.?
Where can I get Free info about Asthma?
What do you do when your down?
Do we swallow spiders in our sleep? and if yes, wouldn't that be dangerous?
Could this be slowing me down?
I am sore, do you know a remedy to ease pain?
What creates a headache?
I'm 13 and my stoamch hurts and is always makin bubbly noises and other weird noises what is this?
Blood in stool and pain!!?
I need help??
Can anyone please help me!?
I dilocated my shoulder on 2/15/07,I went to an orthopedic surgeon and he says I have a tear in the?
Is there any way you can get rid of the soreness of your legs after running every single day?
Can some one help me? only?
I think I need mental help.?
I can't sleep; too depressed. Scared of things. Please?
Does anyone do this??
Scenario: you wake up next to your sleeping partner and you've shat the bed due to illness. What do you do?
I need ways to not be bored?
Why is pot illegal?
Should I encourage my brother and husband to quit smoking or hope they will decide for themselves?
Has anybody ever cut before?
I can't take it anymore?
Please help me sleep!!!?
Blood pressure results, anyone know what they mean?
How long will I suffer?
Richard "Hamster" Hammond making a good recovery. Is that not just great news to hear in the morning?
Please Help! Many People make fun of me.?
So i die if i dont have insurance???
Can a person die from voluntary breath holding? why/ why not?
What's the best way not to think about smoking when trying to give up?
Has anyone sucessfully given up smoking?
Why do i get leg cramps at night while i am trying sleeping?
Is it true, you shouldn't carry babies if you have your period?
What's going to happen to my body?
Mechanical Pencil Lead Stuck in hand? wat 2 do?
Should you pop a blister or leave it alone? If you can pop a blister how do you go about doing it safely?
Is there any harm in cracking my knuckles?
Bee sting :(?
What is a good sunburn soother?
If your pulse is 104 beats per minute is that normal?
Is cracking your knuckles acually bad for you?
I twisted my ankle really bad today. What do you recommend I should do?
My mom is 41 and has been having leg problems? please help me?
Jumped on the trampoline.?
What to put on a hot grease burn on your foot?
Anyone shed some light on this MRI Report?
Last night I spent time in the ER with my 21 month old. He stuffed something in his nose...?
Have you ever broken a bone? how?
Oww! I hurts really bad!!?
I have my foot by my nose and im smelling it. how does that make you feel?
Broken wrist?
What is the best way to treat a migraine?
Nurofen plus does it kill the pain for you?
Can I take 1 darvocet with Ibuprofin 800?
I have headache for almost 3 weeks, could it be migraine. Normal painkiller won't help, any other good remedy.
Can I break a oxycodone hydrochloride tablet in half?
How are you feeling right now?
What kind of headache is behind your eye?
How many pain killers can you take before they are damaging you?
My husband on the bottom of my foot squashed!!!?
Think I have really bad hemmoroids not sure. I can't stand, sit, sleep etc and I have used all remedies..HELP!
Ive been working very hard all week ! should i go out tomorrow and have a few drinks ?
Some people in here need help really bad!?
I'm an alcoholic and I just bought a bottle of scotch...?
Help with cutting please?
If you dont eat for 3 days, how would you feel?
I have a weird problem .....?
Is it okay to drink a glass of wine when you are alone?
Do i have OCD?
What is it called,when you cut yourself.?
I am too emotional- any advice?
Is it possible to touch your wrist with your shoulder on the same side?
The NHS. Anyone got any bad experiences regarding medication, etc. to share?
How can i stop slouching?
Wats the most importent part in the human body??
Mosquito bite relief?
Do you wear contacts? If so, what cleansing solution do you use?
I accidentally stabbed my hand with a knife?
Can you help?
Burn on face with curling iron...help?
Is england is a country,state or city?
How can I stop chewing my thumbnails?
Does a bee sting have more venom than a wasp?
Why is lemon harmful for sore throat?
Is there an upper temperature for workplaces?
Blood in phelgm?
Why is my right upper arm hurting and achey I got a pneumonia shot this morn.?
Has anyone ever woke up from a deep sleep and felt like they had stopped breathing?
Do I have asthma or bronchitis?
How come I get sick so often?
Can you die from Pleurisy? if i dont take my medication will it get worse?
Can your lungs really explode if you inhale helium too much?
My whole body is sore from playing football ???
I hurt my heel/ankle last night and have to get to work in 1 hour any suggestions...more info inside...?
What's wrong with my ankle?
So what do ya'll think?
Where on the skull is the most fatal place to shoot with a gun?
Car crash saw my doctoor on the 200 of this month why does he want me to come back to his office?
What can i use for a second degree burn?
Ouch! Can somebody help me please?
If you're in a fight, what is the most effective way to break someones nose w/ a punch? (hand position...etc)
Is this normal?
ANSWEAR PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... help me!?
Ok everyone is so full of advice, tell my why my life is so great please?
Should I tell my parents my really scary secret?
I have a habit of chewing on my shirt..?
What happenes to people who stay online all day?
Why do so many teens cut themselfs right in front of people?
A little advice from the 30 and above crowd?
Why is my dark side coming out?
Why do people look down on fat people?
I feel something may be under the skin by my sternum. Any ideas as to what it might be?
Common cold - how to cure it quickly?
Help, what could be causing this back/kidney area discomft?
Hi i broke my finger pretty bad is there any way i could stop the pain? without medicine?
How normal is it to have your feet extremely swollen when pregnant?
What would happen if someone held in their bowels for a long period of time?
Why do I have a stabbing pain on my right side in my chest,shoulder,and rib?
Right side of face is swollen from check cone to underneath neck?
If you have a blood clot in your leg do you see it?
I have some terrible pain in my back, it may be a pinched nerve, what do I do?
Two advils don't stop my back pain. What would happen if i take three?
What is this called when you get stomache pains and you temporarily lose vision?
Is lower back pain normal??
19 year old female with lower back pain?
Can a tooth ache make you have a headache ?
I am having chest pains an I was born with a heart murmur, , , What do I do?
Are physical characteristics genetically acquired?
Started a new job, but I'm ill. should i go in sick?
Does any one suffer from fybromialgia ?
Whats bothering you right now?
How did you quit smoking cigarettes?
I just got a new piercing on my ear..?
It's 4.15 AM and I can't sleep - what do i do?!?
I have a sore throat what shall i do it really hurt really stings it just really hurts?
Do you think heroin should be legal?
How would you answer a question to some one who writes depressing words?
What products are known to be used and work to detoxify a urine test for Marijuana? My son is 15 and using?
Is it weird?
Is it true that if u swallow a piece of gum it will take you seven years to digest it?
Which is better sleeping or being happy?
I have been experiencing a worm like shape gliding in my vision. What eyesight problem might this be?
Is it ok to use shampoo as soap?
How do you alleviate a stiff neck if Advil, etc. doesn't work?
Do you like to sleep with a fan on, for the noise, & even in the winter? i do.?
How many men shave there armpits? does your husband do it?
I look too dark what i have to do in order to become light i have tried many products but no use of them ?????
What is the worst thing you have witnessed in A&E;?
Broken arm AND rib? How much pain will my girl be in?
Do they make an over the counter pill that can relieve minor aches and pains?
When a guys get boners, how come they walk funny? Does It Hurt?
I went to a club last night and now i cant stop the ringing in my ears!?
Can you guys please pray for someone from my church?
Does anyone know how to relieve the pain of an ingrown toenail? Should I see a doctor or will it go away?
Help my grandma fell and her head is bleading?
How do i ask my mom for crutches?
What is the most serious injury you've ever had or serious illness?
Is it safe to take Xanax and Vicodin in the same day?
Do doctors over prescribe addictive drugs, ie. oxycontin, because of $$$ deals with Pharmaceutical compnies?
Sharp pain?
What is a flaming U.T.I?
Help with my clicking joints please :)?
My erring hurts really bad when I touch it, what do i do?
Hurting Feet?
Can Someone Help Me?
I am about to commit suicide I think, where can I go for help?
I am a thirteen year old boy. i cut myself. the first time i did it was about a month ago.?
Do tight jeans hurt a guy's privates???
My friend lies about things and I mean like HUGE things? Is there something wrong with her?
Can one beat depression through self will.?
Why are you not in bed?
I don't know what to do. I give up EVERYTHING! (13 and need help)?
Do you consider yourself to be normal?
What's the explaination for this? My sister experienced sometihing very scary...?
Does anyone know a cure for SNORING!!!?
Do you think statewide smoking bans have anything to do with people quitting?
What is the name of the very best kind of cough medicine that will not make me vomit ?
Will the pressure of a plane cabin affect me?can i fly since?
What is the respiratory system and what there functions do?
What causes a cronic cough?
My boyfriend has dry cough, taking anitibiotics & musinex. coughing up mucus.how can he get it out better?
On Friday night, i started to get tightness in my chest with excessive phlegm and now i have a fever, chills,?
Asthma out of control...advice?
Should I see a doctor?
Help help im scare... really need answer?
How can i stop my wife from abusing drugs and alcohol?
Does a tetanus shot hurt?
If u had insects in ur ear would u put spoonful of oil in ur ear or use otex ear drops and would u put a cotto
Should people have to pay for their healthcare?
How old do you have to be to?
I got a ball inside the bottom of my ear"were u get piercings" What is it im scared??
Why is it that when you're sick, your hair looks crappy too?
Is it bad 2 bite ur nails????
Is this correct in E.R.?
My arms and sometimes legs have been falling a sleep lately............?
Can you where contacts in the shower?
Where are my glasses?
Scared of going to the eye doctor?
Glasses -or contact lens?
Why do I get stars in my eyes if I stand up quickly?
Contact folded like taco and stuck!?
Which eye color do you think is coolest?
Can you surgically change your eye colour?
What's the fastest way to get rid of pink eye?
Can poor circulation to the brain cause ice pick headaches?
I have a surgery question....?
Can you give a dog over the counter ibuprophen for pain?
Fibromyalgia medication help.?
I have been having this very sharp pain in my inner left ear that comes and goes with no other symptoms?
My back is killing me!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
What is good for arthritis in the hands over the counter.?
Anyone ever had a deep tissue massage?
If I order prescription drugs on the internet without a prescription, will I be arrested?
How do i heal a fat lip?
Is this occurance normal?
I need to see a doctor but have no insurance...where can i go?
I need help....i hurt my finger,what do i do?
Why does my heel hurt?
My Toe Nail is coming off, help!?
What happens if you only get 2 hours sleep?
Anyone drunk,high or wasted here? please tell your present state!?
Why does everyone have a belly button?
Why do people close their eyes when they sneeze?
A friends left eye keeps twitching? what do u think is causing this?
What if your best friend told u she wanted to Kill herself and possibly harm other people???
Is it okay to cry?!?
Mentally ill people are considered some what cowardly from a normal person's point of view?
What is a good way to die?
Why do so many people think that cutting is the same as being suicidal?
I SEEN MY BROTHER kill hisself...?
Why cant i let go?
Do I have a mental disorder?
Why do you die if you don't sleep for a certain amount of time?
How do you help someone with depression?
Is it true that you burn 10 calories every time you sneeze?
Hi i gave up smoking on the 8th of april o7, anyone out there got any ideas has i am finding it hard?
Do I need to see a doctor?What's Happening to me?
What is the most pain you ever experienced?
How does one get out of laziness?
What can be the cause of ithiness of the scalp?
How can i get rid of acne scars?
Which is better Toothpaste or ACNE cream?
How much sleep does a 14year old need?
I feel like I am going to puke what should I do?
If all cancers were suddenly cured or curable?
Excessive nocturnal sweating.....?
Sun burn....my arms and face are really red. it kind of hurts too?
A Cold? Help Please?!?
Acne Problems Helllllllllllllllllllllpp...
Does anyone know how long it takes for stretch marks to fade completely?
Ever since i started smoking weed, ive been getting these KILLER HEADACHEs, my friend says its wirthdrawl even
Question about cold sores?
How can I get rid of rough hands ?
What's best for bug bites?
Can you drink alcohol while taking Amoxicillin antibiotics?
Have you ever put rubbing alcohol on a jock itch?
How make my complexion fair?
HELP! I just took my socks off and it looks like there is something growning in between my toes?!?
What are the usual withdrawl symptoms for quitting cigarretes?
I had a coughing fit at the pub tonight,passed out,woke up, finished my beer and went home?
How do I get rid of a sore throat in two days?
How do I get rid of a sore throat due to drainage?
Anyone know of any natural remedies for respiratory problems (COPD). Mom also has hyperthyroidism and any-- --
The human esophagus and trachea share a common passage leading from the mouth and nasla passages.?
Breathing problems?
What is an abdominal or Pelvic CT and how long will it the test take ~ on average?
Prednisone side-effects?
Childrens medicine?
Help, i keep falling asleep with little warning?
What did i do to my BACK???? OUCH!?
I got an insect bite, no idea what it is... kinda scared. ?!?!?
My cut on my feet are really big and they are almost to my bone what should I do about me cutting myself?
I need your help.. it HURTS... please click here...?
I think i popped my jaw out of place....?
I got a papercut while cleaning up after business. Will there be infections?
Recently i shot myself in the foot. I wrapped it with my friends shirt. Should i go to the hospital?
How to treat srained ankle?
How do you heal swelling?
How painful is a spinal tap?
Please help!!!!?
Ifound a pill in my son's room, pink round 100 on one side and M 61 on the other. What is it?
I got braces ad they hurt so much what can i do to soothe the pain?
Am i getting old?
Hydroco /apa10 I took one of these pills and I have drug test for a job on tuesday will it show up ?
I get headaches in my upper neck where my skull and neck meet. it goes up the back of my head. what can i do?
What drugs have codien in them? Does alchol have codiene in it or some form of codiene in it?
I have abdominal pain,nausia,gases,some times heartburn,doctor said no physical problem what is my problem?
Help with pain and swelling?
What exactly causes scoliosis?
Could anybody tell me if you have blood transfusions does this affect your DNA?
Woah! my throat hurts wicked bad! i can hardly swallow!?
Pain in left side stomach, below rib, worse lying down and been going on long long time, what could it be pls?
Is it true that garlic can cure Kidney stones ?
I don't want to have anorexia, Help me !!!?
Is there a condition/illness where...?
Why does the sun go down at night...help please???
Acid Reflux......How do I get rid of it?
Blood in pee ...what are the possiblities?
What is the best product or strategy to help someone quit smoking?
How do i become anorexic?
Any tips for the suicidal ?
Do many people have Internet addiction??
How do i cheer up?
What is your biggest fear?
Suicide is on my mind all the time, medication does not help, trauma to family is the only reason I don't .
Why do i grind my teeth whilst i sleep? And is there anything i can do to prevent it?
Am I Obsessed?
My son 5 yrs old have ear infection fluid and blood coming from ear?
I have a bird chest, what is that condition actually called?
Stop snoring?
I caught the latest "bug"going around socal.It comes with chills,nasal congstion,cough.Canu sggst ne otc meds?
Night cough remedy for acute infectious bronchitis?
What does it mean when your nose sweats even in the winter?
What do you think it could be?
How to kick the habit of smoking ?
Made myself sick..?
Smashed Finger 7 year old?
Bee sting?
What time do you get up?
How do you make bruises DISAPPEAR????
My son has a rash little bumps that u cant see very well and no fever he is 3 years old what could this be?
My doctor said there's mercury in the tap water in my county? Does boiling the water make a difference?
My husband hit my leg really hard tonight??
I injured my lower back lifting at workI am getting an MRI tomorrow to rule out a herniated disc. Help please
What is the best thing to do with blisters caused by burns?
I strained my back now iam getting shooting pains down my rear left handside when i lift my right leg any idea
Is it possible to have a hair line fracture in your wrist and it NOT be swollen or bruised??
How to cure a Greece burn?
How to quit smoking.....???
How many stairs would someone have to fall down to be sure they're really dead, and not stuck in a coma?
Whats a quick way?
How do you cure...?
How often should you change your underwear? I need to convince someone that the answer is "daily"?
Is it alright to smoke, and exhale it, does this stop you becoming addicted to smoking?
How long does it take to mend a broken leg???
How do i get rid of a hangover?
What's the best treatment/cure for insomnia? (aside from taking melatonin or other prescribed medicines)?
Wats wrong wit my knee?
I've never had my nails done and I was thinking about going in a couple of weeks, Does it hurt the first time?
For ppl who have glasses :?
I'm going to get my driver's license today?
Does wearing glasses improve your eye sight?
Is it bad to wear contacts for months straight when you're supposed to take them out each night?
I got badly sunburnt 2 days bago and it has just started to blister, how long will it take to clear up?
I'm pretty sure my cornea is coming off...help?
Do u like going to the eye doctor?
Best migrane medication?
I'm 59 and just found out i have cataracts in both eyes, the right eye is the worst. Should i have it fix now
Do i need glasses?
My right eye is killin me right now. its really red and veiny and keeps tearin i cant open my right eye?
Is it true that reading in dim light can damage your eyes?
I eat good, but i feel really dizzy in my head the last days? what is wrong?
Is ibuprofen used to reduce swelling?
Why does my head hurt so bad?
I have a really stiff neck and back pain - should I see a chiropractor or physio?
Pain management for broken leg?
Migrane headache?
Cramp in you hand?
Why do you get a sore head if you have been crying?
I have a burned tongue and it hurts everytime I eat something what can i do to stop it from hurting?
Could any one help me i keep getting very bad back aches any idea how i can relieve this?
My 5 year old keeps getting urinary tract infections, why?
I am bored with life. I am bored with everything. It's so bad that I'm virtually suicidal. What should I do?
Counselling? Worth a try?
If someone just sits in a chair all day and watches tv..are they depressed?
My grandma is getting forgetful, so convos r a lil crazy. if she says something wrong, should i correct her?
Is cutting yourself wrong to do? when anger, depress or just feel like doing it all the time?
On the path to suicidal?
Do crazy people know they are crazy?
HELP!!! I'm a 14 yr. old girl and I have a HUGE fear of going to hell?
I am finding it very hard to see the point in living?
How do you get rid of a cold quick?
How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?
My whole family's having stomach problems.?
What can cause the fainting in a 10 year old?
My husband had an unexplained seizure at age 26.?
How is it, That if I go into a Prison or a hospital as an addict, My Addiction will be treated, Smokers OUT?
Advise as to how to cure migraine?
Did I have a DVT?
What should I do for Gout?
Is OCD hereditary?
Lead from pencil in my leg...harmless?
Is it normal for a 5 yr old to smell like an adult?
Should i do it now !?
Did my coworker nearly twist off her leg in an attempt to avoid embarrassment?
How do you remove a splinter from foot of 3 yr old?
How do I lift weights without getting headaches afterwards?
Pencil went into the right buttocks?
Why does this bruise still exist?
My four year old daughter's eye is puffy but the eyeball itself isn't red or pink what could this be?
Is laser eye surgery worth it?
Eyes colour change?
Why do my contacts hurt so bad?
If I Wear other peoples eye glasses can it mess my eye vision up.?
What has an eye but can't see?
One of my friends has two different colored eyes? one's green, the other's brown. is that like healthy??
What's wrong with my eye?
How do you get pink eye??
My chest and throat feel weird?
Do only singers get laryngitis/bronchitis?
What is something that permanently damages vocal chords?
A question about smoking?
What is cabin fever?
What medicines help sleep apnea?
Respiratory system questions!!! [URGENT PROJECT DUE TOMORROW]?
Asthmatics....does albuterol make your heart race?
What is the best medicine for me to take? I have an itchy throat,coughing,pain in chest,itchy eyes and fever?
Why do i feel this way?
Do you do anything special to get to sleep at night or do you fall asleep easily?
Have you ever woken up drunk and stayed awake for hours hoping that feeling to go for a pee will just go away?
Why do people say God Bless You after somebody sneezes?
I just got 3 shots, all in my butt!!! Is this a common practice, or was my nurse treating me too childish,im14
Has any 1 a cure for psoriasis??
How Can I Fall alseep?
Chickenkunya after effects. My mother is suffering leg pain not able move. some say it may last 3-4. what 2 do
I'm 12 and i want to get my ears Pierced does it hurt and is the pain unbearable?
MASSIVE Migraine?
What is the worst physical pain you had to endure during surgery?
What's wrong with me?
Sore legs from standing all day?
Why do my ear plugs hurt?
Ahhhh sunburn! emergency help!?
How And where can i get perscription drugs without a perscription?
I need to talk to some one?
I want to die..?
I have issues falling asleep and i have a sleepover camp......?
I think i need mental help?
Are you smart or stupid?
What are you supposed to do when you have a suicidal friend?
My husband is a mental bully how can I best protect myself?
Do you prefer daydreams or night dreams?
My girlfriend is expressing suicidal tendencies, please help - sensible answers to a stressful situation?
What is the worst workplace accident you have had ?
Local Drs not helping with hurt knee, do i need an MRI?
If a person is badly injured, he or she may go into?
NEED HELP please?
What does a ringworm do to you? dont worry i dont have it?
I bruise incredibly easily. What gives?
Other than commercial products, is there anything that can be put on a hornet sting to releave the pain.?
My mum had surgery to fixed her broken leg last month and now she's having problems with feeling numbess and
My baby cut her hand really badly.?
How long would you stay in the hospital if....?
Are you afraid of getting old? What is your ideal old age to live to?
HELP! need ideas?
Headache help?
How do you get super glue off skin?
I am having trouble putting by soft contact lens in, do you use a mirror? Any suggestions would be appreciated
How dangerous is a wasp sting?
Ho many people here lost their virginity out of wedlock?
Why do I wake up after a few hours when I've been drinking?
What is a good way of getting rid of acne?
How to get rid of warts?
Acne questions? proactive isn't even working..?
Are contact better then glasses and why? Best detailed answer with personal experience gets 10 pts.?
Clickk thiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pl...
How can I get rid of my sunburns?
My eyes keep turing red..i hav to rub them every hour?
I was born on DEC 23 so what sign am i?
Shaving rash?
What is the treatment for watery eyes?
Am I blind if I only see bad things in this world?
I have a bump on the back and front of my Cartaligdge ear peircing?
Is a full time university student entitled to free laser eye surgery?
Why do my eyes get blurry sometimes but then it goes away?
How do you stop dandruff?
Have you had Chicken Pox?
Are scratch resistant lenses in reading glasses worth the money?
Thoughts about Men and Colour Contacts?
Explain Astigmatism?
Coughing up blood & tightness in chest
At what point does second-hand cigarette smoke become dangerous?
Smell of the hospital
Can you help mee please?
I gotta have an MRI scan on my back, but I smoke and am 15, will they say anything to my parents? I'm worried!
Family and friends of asthmatics?
Is this a disease? Please help!?
What happens if you swallow chewing tobacco?
Right after i get done smoking my one cigar a day, i feel lightheaded and nauseous?
How can i get my friend to stop snoring without making him go to the doctor ?
What do we have to do to live to a billion years old and not look a day over 25? Serious answers only!?
This site is addictive...help me....im hooked?
I have a feeling that i am going to die soon?
Can you spend too much time alone?
Tips on releaving stress?
I like attention.?
I'm feeling suicidal, but I really want to avoid the hospital. What can I do?
Does anyone have this fear? or am i just crazy?
I quit smoking 8 days ago, but i Look terrible?
Smokers.. advice please?
Can I drink from the tap water in UK or should I drink bottled water?
14 & can't sleep & have school tommorow any advice?
What in the hell is a "headache"?
Seriously....where can I go online to buy vicodin? And xanax? Anyone have experience with online pharmacies?
I reallly want to break my foot or leg so i can get special treatment i dont want it to hurt?
Ho do you stop a migrain, when they are in action right now?
What would be causing constant headaches?
Any tips for relieving a painful rt hand due to too much screwing?
Its 3 am and I have heartburn. This is the first time, please I dont have any meds, any remedy help please.?
HELP!!!! please help! im sick i think?
Stiff neck?
Getting rid of scars?
Have u ever woke up with blood under ur fingernails!?
I broke my pinkie toe about 6 months ago and when it accidentally gets hit now, it hurts really bad. Why?
My six yr old daughter got hit with wall. She complains of headache and giddyness, sometimes. What to do?
Hurt foot...?!?
I am 13 and I need to know what happened to my finger.?
Finger cracking??
How do I fake a sprained ankle?
Severe pain in my foot/ankle..?
Is it possible to fracture a rib?
How do I ease the pain of a mildly sunburned scalp and prevent if from happening again?
My adult son of 19 has got shingles, can we catch it?
How can you tell the difference between an hiatus hernia and a stomach ulcer?
Are parents to blame for their child's addictions in later life ie.alcohol and drugs?
Am I too young?!?!?!? HELP PLEASE!!!!!!?
What can you do to help pain you have in your wrists. it hurts to type. any suggestions?
"VERY serious medical question"!!!?
Does wearing contact lens upside down make a difference to the vision or spoil eye sight?
Is it true that if you smoke and exercise, smoking won't effect your health as much?
Why do Mosquitoes sting me and not my Thai Wife?
What could be causing blood to be in the toilet w/ every bowel movement the last 3 days?Im a 32 yr old female.
Is it true that sitting too close to the tv can damage your eyes?
Im felling really depressed and down. if i smoke this kilogram of marijuanna i have will i feel better?
I am 23 years old. My hands shake really bad. Does anybody else have this problem?
I need a ibs diet sheet printout of what not to eat?
What food is good for the eyes?
Do African-Americans have more health problems than white people?
Which wild animal would you least like to be killed by and why?
Does anyone know of anything that will help restless leg syndrome?
Eye is acting funny.?
How can i make a quick ear piercing gun?
What is wrong with me?
Whats the best remedy when having a hard time trying to get back to sleep?
I think i may have licked bugspray off my arm because I forgot I put it on and there was food on it.?
I got shampoo in my eye while i was showering!!!!
My eye sight is getting worse and worse by the day!
Whats a good way to get scrtaches out of glasses?
How much sleep should i be getting?im 13 and a little under-weight about 5 foot.?
Whatz the best cure for acne?
Why don't more people donate blood.?
What dosage of Ibuprofen is enough to kill you?
Why do butt's get big?
Has anyone on here tried Poppers?
Is there such a thing as blood pressure being too low?
How do you reduce snoring?
6month old/ wondering if this seems serious enough to take her to hospital?
I have developed a chest infection?
E-cigarette, anybody tried it?
Everytime I eat dairy, I grt alot of flrm in my throat and start coughing excessivlely. What could thid be?
Cystic Fibrosis? How can you inherit it?
Can you get a cold during the summer?
What is the difference (please list symptoms) between a Sinus Infection VS a Cold?
How to cure a persistent cough?
I felt like fainting today and i had shortness of breath what's wrong
Why do some old people talk to themselves?
Would this be considered as suicidal?
What is the least painful way to commit suicide?
How deep should I cut my wrists in order to die quickly?
I lost my job because I told him my boss I was in counselling.Is this fair?
What is the meaning of life?
Addicted to cocaine / uppers, i have a good job, cant go to rehab need help???
Whats the best thing to do for an anxiety attack?
What to do if someone in your family bullies you?
Am i a cheat?
What could the pain in my knee be from?
I broke my toe tonight, and can feel the bones moving as if it's a clean break - should I just tape it?
What's wrong with my toe?
Is it still injured? anyone help?
Is My Ankle Sprained?
I got punched in the eye yesterday HELP??!?
I fractured my jaw i 2 places last week. doc said i cant eat solids for 6wks!! any1 got any gd smoothie ideas?
How do u get rid of concussion quiclkly?
What would do if u got laughed if u fell on the ice?
Would we get more vitamin D if we went out in the nude?
What are OTC pain killers?
Can someone help me figure out whats wrong?
Remedies for headaches anyone?
Whats the difference between Nurofen and Ibrufen, (If any.)?
Should I go see my doctor?
What is the difference between vicoden and ultram er?
Best way to put on weight. for a 31 y/o!...?
Why are so many people afraid of chiropractors?
Can wet kiss transmit a virus that causes aids?
My knees are pain as i walking for whole day...?
Horrible pain?
HELP! I burned my tounge on pizza rolls, what will help ease the pain??
For the past couple of days i,ve been getting a heavy chest and pain on my left shoulder?
Lavender oil to treat a burn; is this correct?
Y does it look like im high??(PLEASE answer!!)?
Is it good to cut open a mosquito bite?
Cut with rusty scissors?
Guys opinions please!!!!!!!!!!!! How do guys feel about females with glasses.?
What is the best stuff to put on a bad third degree burn on the leg to heal it faster?
Do you know anybody that sleeps in their pantyhose?
Contact lenses - I am having trouble?
Besides syrup of ipecac, what else can be used to induce vommiting?
How would youdefine the word PHOBIA?
Help with colored contacts?
Can you sue a dr for pain and suffering for not enough pain medicine given after major surgery?
Shower daily?
Should a 9-year old girl wear glasses or contact lens? ?
If you were to die today, what would you do?
Have you ever seen a rare eye colour beside the usual ones?
What's the easiest way to get rid of a sore throat?
If you sleep in your contacts can your contact be stuck to your eye?
Can computer monitors damage eyesight?
What colour are your eyes, mine are blue ,slightly reddened with tiredness and nightshift!?
What is Autism?
Is there any website about the contents of cigarettes?
I have asthma and it's hard for me to excercise?
I feel like there is something constantly stuck in my throat! Has anyone else experienced this??
I have fibro and im in so much pain.does anyone else have this.and what do you do for the pain?
Can i catch Pneumonia from kissing someone infected with Pneumonia?
Asthma related question?
What does it mean if you are a carrier of tb?
Wat kind of antibiotic do people with dizziness need to take????
Having trouble staying awake in the morning, can anyone help me?
What is the beats per minute of a 'normal' human pulse?
Noone understands!!!!!
I was molested and don't know what to do?
What will happen to people that cut therself?
Mental Health Problems - Would you feel safe around someone who suffers or has suffered?
Do people die from eating disorders?
How do you get your girlfriend to chill the f**k out?
What do I say when I go see a counsellor for the first time?
Legally, do I have to return the rings?
I need 100 people to answer this question, I am doing a survey......?
What will happen if i tell my doctor I'm suicidally depressed?
Health and safety issue?
I got punched in stomach other day really hard and ever since I keep gettin really sharp pains in my stomach..
Can you lose holiday pay if you are off sick a few days before?
What is causing my leg not to heal?
What’s your best scar story?
Im only 13 and my back really hurts? help!?
Should I have pain on my ankle bone after sprain that happened 3 weeks ago?
OMG!! I Need Help Quick :(?
Would you thumb a lift?
I think i have pulled a muscle in my arm, its really painfull when i bend my arm, how do i get rid of it?
Lower back pain an upper thigh pain what could it be?
My Boyfriend of four years cheated on me.I am unable to get over the pain.This pain is unbearable.Help!?
POLL: I stand all day, at work... How do I get rid of swollen feet/ ankels?
A question about over-the-counter pain killers....?
How can i get rid of heartburn?
How do i get rid of this pain?
Can I mix alcohol and Tylenol 3 to make the pain go away?
Plantar fasciitis- what's YOUR experience of it and how do you deal with it?
Unknown Chest Pain Whats Wrong With Me ?
Do you think smoking helps you lose weight?
I can't sleep!! Can anyone give me good tips on how to get to sleep earlier, easier and faster?
I have a miserable cold. Any help?
Who would like a massage right now?
Do doctors really mind if you ask them to check out something else at the same appointment?
Is it safe to use eye drops like visine after wearing contact lens.?
My eyes are really red, help!?
Anyone know what this could have been? Seeing red dots everywhere.?
Need a quick fix for nausea, I ate the wrong foods earlier, tuna mayonaisse followed by a cream cake, stupid?
What is the best cure for feeling depressed (natural remedies only)?
What is a bed pan???
What color are my eyes? (pics)?
Why is my teacher so fat and cranky??
How do you clean the nosepads on your eyeglasses? (there is some oil stuck in there)?
Really weird bug bite...?
Is it normal to be going to the bathroom 8-9 times in an 18 hour day?
What do you do if you burn your hand?
Short question on eyes.?
I have an object in my eye been there 4 days. tried flushing it. any suggestions?
How do you stop the hiccups?
Where can I find a free life coach?
What do you do when you just got stung by a sting ray and there are no nearby hospitals, you cant walk???????
What are some home remedies for a uninary tract infection?
What do you know about codeine linctus?
Why do you lips get very dry and cracked when you have a cold/ cough?
If I was on Amoxicillin for 4 days, and had to switch to Zithromax because of allergic reaction?
What is it about chantix that is suppose to help you quit smoking?
Can sinus infection be cured without antibiotics?
Ive been sick for 3 weeks?
I wake up with dry nostrals and a dry mouth...would a humidifier help?