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Want to Kill Myself.....?
Do i need help or is it natural?
I just popped four valliums and a bendrly along with a bottle of winek how shojuld i be feeling?
What can i do? i am so worried about everything all the time?
What are you thinking about right now!?
Iam very depressed. What reason is there to be happy?
I need your help!?
Is a microwave bad for your health?
Operation tommorow....................
Eyes!!!! I cant decide what colour??
Going to eye doctor to get glasses?
Are you far-sighted or near-sighted or both?
Contact Lenses?
How much are coloured contacts?
Can you wear contacts if one eye is stronger than the other?
Any help on headaches?
Been wearing glasses for 6 years. Eyesight getting worse. Am I going blind?
Can wter cause bloating?
How do i get crazy glue off my fingers?
How can you relieve a cough without medicine?
Need Quick Opinion. Everyone please answer truthfully!?
All i wanna know why do u(westerns) ppl use paper toilet instead of water when cleanin' up urselves??
Is it advisable to take a shower before going to sleep?
How do you give mosquitoes CPR?
Can I get lead poisoning for jabbing myself with a pencil?
I've just been biten by a snail - what should I do?
Do we need to clean our belly buttons? and if we do, how?
How come when i burp stuff comes up my throat? {food and acidy stuff}?
Anyone else get a twitch in their eyelid sometimes? know how to stop it?
Which is worse for you?
I didn't sleep well last night. how can i energize myself for the day at work?
Why do people sleep at night than day time.?
I swollowed a peice of paper, accidently, HELP!?
My guy pulled his groin muscle while bowling...?
What can I do for a sprained ankle?
My knee?!?!?! it hurts.?
I have a finger that is swollen and is allowed little movement. whats wrong and how long will it take to heal?
Hiking boots keep rubbing up against my ankle, what should i do?
I keep getting static electricity and shocking myself with anything i touch, why?
My knee pops like crazy!?
I have done everythng to remove black eye circles but didnot help. what should i do?
How do I relax the tight muscles in the upper part of my back around my shoulders?
Does anyone have any tricks for migraine relief?
Do you have any wainscotting ?
Besides the addiction to sleeping pills, will tylonol pm hurt me physicly taking it every night>?
Looking for a pain med that would help with leg pain?
What can i do to get rid of my pain??
Is it normal to get a headache atleast 5 times a week?
Low Back Pain-Chronic?
Does sitting in a hot tub provide relief of rheumatoid arthritis symptoms?
Can you walk on gravel roads barefoot and it not hurt your feet?
What is the best treatment for a pulled back muscle, i'm in servere pain!!?
Do you sleep well? What is good for sleeping well?
Hangover Cure............??
Is drinking from a glass with out a straw in a restaurant sanitary?
What is your closest ever near-death experience?
What is the best thing for a person's well being apart from oxygen?
What does it mean if I saw smoke but there wasnt any???
Why do paper cuts hurt so much?
McDonald or Burger King or Windey's? which burger do you like most?
Hi I work at home depot and i have vision as a benifit. Can you use this to attain laser eye surgery?
Twisted ankle pretty bad hurts lik hell cant see doctor till tom wut can i do in da meantime?
My 4 yr old swallowed 3 chewing gums (when she knew it was forbidden).What is the solution for this?
Is there a way of making my eye sight better?
What is safe to eat when you have the stomach flue?
How can i go to sleep faster?
Why do my eyes get red after i take out my contacts?
How do you stop a nose bleeed???
Is it bad to have the sticky part of a plaster over a cut that's not fully healed yet?
I am listed for cataract surgery in 5 days has anyone any experience,problems/tips appreciated I am petrified?
How can you get rid of a cold fast?
What vitamins are good for the eyes?
If you squint alot will it harm or change eyes? does it cause your eye muscles to change the shape of your eye
Any tips for dealing with mosquito bites?
How can i get my eyesight really bad so i have to wear glasses?
How can you tell if someone needs help with alcohol?
Why do I have a Numb Foot?
What does numbness means in feet and hand?
How can you stop neck pain?
Second hand smoke cause headaches?
When passing a bowel movment there is pain having to do it. It feels like passing a baseball. Any Answers?
I cant find the right deodarent.. anyone got any ideas?
How do I fix my neck pain so I can sleep at night?
Have been advised to start taking glucosamine and cod liver oil, for slight joint pain and stiffness?
My left jaw hurts when i sort of move it like a playfully-swallowing-styl... My left ear also hurts?
Pain in upper rib cage when I inhale.?
The anti depressant citalopram...help?
Would you prefer a quick death as opposed to a long death with no treatment?
I don't understand what the big deal about smoking is.....?
How long should a cold last?
Whats that lumpy piece of bone that sits between the top rib and lower shoulder?
Panic Attacks?
Should I be worried about blood and mucus in my stool and rectum for weeks on going?
Head Lice - do they breathe?
Can peolpe really die from eating disorders?
I am scared to have surgery,help?
Painful ankle and my leg is hot up to my knee?
I'm getting these pains across my chest, kinda like a tightening feeling around my chest, i've also been?
The inside of my head feels like its bleeding.I went to the doctor and he did nothing at all. what could it be
Big black mark on phone screen!?
Help needed -- home remedies please.?
Will slice on forehead scar??
Have you ever been knocked out cold before?
I was playing with my niece yesterday on the slip and slide?
If you walk in the cold barefooted, will you get sick?
How can i sleep better during the day? i work nights?
Whats the difference (Health wise) between smoking ciggaretts and cigars?
I have a little cold,but how can I make get sicker?
How do I self induce vomit?
Fingernail is coming off what should it look like and what should i do?
How do you cure the hiccups?
Why don't bandaids stick anymore?????
Have any one had a old cut that hurts and then when picked at green pus comes out.?
HELP!!!!!my b/friend just burned his hand severly trying 2 put out a fire that started while he was driving.?
What takes away really bad indegestion?
Can I sue Starbucks for my medical expenses when I have a bleeding ulcer in 10 years from coffee consumption?
Do you wash your hands?
Why am I still tired after 8 or 9 hours of sleep.?
I have a cut on my arm. It's still bleeding for a month and i don't know how to stop it. What should i do?
What happens if you sleep with your contacts in?
UGGGG i cant get my conatcts in!!?
Advice needed!?
Knock! Knock! is there anybody in here...?
Colored contacts?
I have a twitchy eye, can any1 tell me why?
What causes a twitch in your eye?
Eyes to bad for contacts?
How can I get rid of my lazy eye without using patches, contact lenses or glasses?
What color eyes is this?
Is anyone as lonely and depressed as me this christmas eve?
Can anyone give me a reason to stay alive?
What are ways that i can fight depression?
I wanna die?
Why can't I grieve?
How do I rid myself of the pain and anger I am holding?
Has my neighbour got mental health problems?
How do people with severe mental illness make it without suiciding?
How can i awake early in the morning?
I have a bad pain in my Abdomen on the right side, what could it be?
Please help! 15 year old in serious pain!!?
Help! Swallowing hurts?
Sudden pain in throt?
I am DEATHLY afraid of shots!! HELP!?
I just got a burn on my finger any suggestions of things to put on it so it won't burn so much?
How do i relieve heartburn?
What do I do to get rid of this headache?
For neck and shoulder aches and stiffness, should one get a massage or go see a chiropractor?
I've got sciatica, how can I relieve the pain? It's really sore.?
My niece was hit by a car ?
Broken Ankle, screwed for life?
Tetanus shot??
Is it possible for a person to break their neck but not become paralyzed?
I am off work with a broken foot and my employer has asked for a sick note, does this mean i will only get ssp
I was in a car accident on Sunday. On Tues i was not thinking straight & confused. Is a delay reaction normal?
Help! my EYE its realy important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Can you actually do this?
What do you do for a spraind knee hot or cold compress?
Please help....please???
Why so i feel so ill? identify my symptoms?
Why we get yawning while we feel sleepy?
I have been having panic attacks, What can I do?
What can you tell me about OCD?
OMG!!! I SWALLOWED A QUARTER FOR A DARE!!!!!!! I feel kinda funny now, and idk if i should go to the hospital!
Is zoloft a drug? no im not taking them just read?
Yellow whites of eyes?
The causes of Arthritis?
How do they know there are 700,000 undiagnosed cases of diabetes in Australia?
Is it ok to swim with contacts?
Is it safe to leave disposable contact lenses in for 5 days before removing them?
What Do The Visually Impaired See When They Open Their Eyes?
The doctor knows my eye prescription but wont give it to me untill I see a Optometrist?
I really want colored contacts, and im getting my [first] exam tommorow...?
I have pink eye and I'm scared!!! Please help me!?
I have glasses and i never use them until today and my eyes really...?
Do eyes change colour?
OMG i got hot pepper stuff in my eyes.....?
Can a wasp sting a person after its dead or just while its alive.?
Whats an old time remedy for wasp bites???
What do you when your child gets stung by a bee?
If i put my hand in the fire will it burn?
What will happen if i over dose on sleep aids?
I'm 89. When will I be considered OLD?
I have a head ache!?
If you had to be quarantined in your home for a month without electricity, how would you stay sane?
How can I get rid of a wart on my finger that has been there years. I have tried everything without success?
You prefer Asperin, Tylenol, or Ibuprohen???
I need help to prevent me from killing myself and being suicidal.?
Please help?
I have pinched y finger and produced a blister full of blood. would it heal quicker if i burst the blister ?
Fuzz pie??!!!??
Damaged finger nail?
What causes pain in the back of the neck?
I'm 16, should I head to the ER?
When someone's eye gets popped out (nerve still attached), can they still see out of it?
What can you do to heal a sprained ankle?
I need help ? FAST?
Does the thought of death scare you more than anything?
How can I stop talking to myself it's really annoying!?
What is the best way to stop worrying so much?
Smokers- why are you still smoking, even though you know the facts?
I know this sounds strange, but my nose really really hurts for no apparent reason?
Head and stomach ache, vomiting.What do l do ?
Can i ever have a baby?
What would be the best remedy for sleep apnea?
What do you think's more painful? dying from a heart attack or giving birth without pain relief?
Help! It's 5 in the morning now and i can't sleep! Can somebody help how to make me sleep?
Flu jab where can i buy !?
I have a 3 month old baby and my partner likes to spray/underarm spray on his body. This irriates my throat?
What is the fear of cracking knuckles/bones?
I am very depressed.please help?
How can I feel pretty?
Life expectancy and copd?
Feels like I'm having an almost gallbladder attack?
Sometimes when i'm stressed out....?
How can i find a way to get rid of my stress?
How much does a one night stay for a child who needs to be observed cost in a nhs hospital?
What is normal respiratory rate?
Is there a cure to tuberculosis (TB)?
I swallowed a pill last night and it still feels stuck in my throat. Any Sugg on making it go down?
I am 19 yrs. old, a persistent dry cough, with some wheezing on expiration that started about 3 days ago...?
Should I go to another doctor or trust this one?
I broke my arm?
Hi everyone. is it normal to cough up mucus even when i dnt have a cold?
My eyes feel iritated and I get really tired whenever I try to read textbooks?
If you wear contact lenses, what your eyesight prescription?
What do you call a piece of crud stuck in the corner of your eye, is it called "spluge"?
I recently had my eyes dilated for an eye exam; that was Tues and they are still dilated on Fri.?
Why wont my eye stop twitching?
Something's wrong with my eyes!! HELP!!!!?
Help with my contacts please?
Help please!! Which optician will give my 8 year old contact lenses?
Does anyone have eczema, and if you do, how do you deal with it?
Is it possible to get psoriasis on the scalp and so what can i do i go crazy itching?
Does Toothpaste help Acne?
Hope for tanning fair/freckled skin???
Bad skin advice!!?
I need to help my friend ,any home remedy on eczema?
Do Proactive really works????
Acne!!! Help!!?
Please help. how do you get rid of acne scars ?
I have an extreme sweat problem. can you please help me fix it!?
I got burn cooking, I have a burn in my hand, How can YOU help me?
Home remedy's for sunburn?
What is your healthy weight?
How hard is it to quit smoking?
Whats the worst thing that happened in ur life?
I was burned on the face, and now my burns are blistering, but not painful. Do I have 1st or 2nd degree burns?
How long can marijunia be detectd in urine?
How do i clear my blocked ears?
Anyone know of a good home remedy or ointment for burn on hand with scalding hot water?
What are the benefits of eating oatmeal every day?
What is better for a pulled muscle, heat or ice?
When using a cane, which side should be used?
I took a G-tube out my daughter´ stomach a month ago.The hole haven´t closed by itself yet. What should I do?
I have a really bad bruise on my arm and my back is there any way to make them fade faster and hurt less?
How much compensation should i expect for ligament and a back injury when knocked off my motorcycle by a car?
How can someone spend many hours on a site like this and still claim to have a job and a life?
Did i break my nose?
How to cure sore muscles??
I scratched myself really badly the other day...is there anything I can put on it to prevent it from scaring?
I'm having my gall bladder out. How long will I be off work ??
I have pretty bad back pain. What kind of doctor should I see?
What to do for toothe ache?
Good Morning/Afternoon What time is it?
Is Generic Tylenol 3 with Codeine like lortab ?
Plzzzzzzz help!!!?
What can i put on a sunburn?
Is there any way to lower your body temp. forever?
How do i cure a bad sunburn?
Should I go to the hospital if not satisfied with doctors diagnosis?
Lump on face?
At times when i place my hand on the top of my head i can feel movement..This might seem crazy its weird?
My body (including pelvis) is covered in ringworm what should i do???
I heard that u can get rid of acne by using toothpaste on ur acne. is that true?
How do you know if you have astigmatism?
Colored Contacts?
What's my eye colour?
My friend has lost her glass eye, what could she use until ?
Im having having freaky things going on with my left eye?
Can i wear contacts to go swimming ??
Is it weird that when it rains my eye color turns a different color?
I cant see my contact in my eye.?
Can your eye colour be changed?
Which eye drops can I use with my contacts?
How can I reduce the redness of my sunburn quickly?
I'm a student and I carry a backback with a lot of heavy books in it. Could this lead to future back problems
What If You Were Going To Die? (Part 1 Of 2)?
How long does it take for medicine to take action?
What is a scab?
I need a list of foods that are naturally rich in Iron?
What is the best cure for nosebleed?
Is it ok to put rubbing alcohol in your ear to clean it out?
What should i do for a burn?
What to do with a burned finger?
Acne problems?
How can i get an ingrowing hair out of my bum cheek? its very painfull?
I've got one red eye,the other fine,no soreness,good vision.No puss,nothing.It's the white part of the eye
Okay i got a BAd sunburn from the beach ... my chest is really red SORE and like bubbly IS THAT BAD !!!!?
Please help me!?
Growing mole?
Ho do i get rid of nail biting?
I feel dizzy and tired most of the time . i checked my blood preasure and the hemoglobin level
"My son cries and says his fingers and toes hurt very much when cut, can this be?
I get cramps in my calf after or during a football game?
I used a new face wash & sudenly it made my skin so dry and i stopped but my skin is still dry. any tips?
Please help?
Is destruction of rainforests affecting the level of oxygen in the air we breathe?
11-9 when did it happen ??
How long do cigarette smokers live???
Advice on giving up smoking?
On a Scale of 1 to 10 how much pain you would you be in if you fell and twisted your ankle?
Go to doctor for broken toe?
Hi.. i have dandraft problem. I use head n shoulder but no result from it. My skin is dry. Pls help me.?
Why do I feel at 36 I've wasted my life.?
I seem to be suicidal every day. I want to die. Please help me understand myself?
What is your opinion of someone who smokes ?
Have you ever sprained your ankle?
What can i do to prevent ankle swelling?
Is it bad writing on your hand/arm with a pen?
Why people drink?
Why does not saliva secrete while we sleep?
Does anyone one know if you can still fly when you have COPD?
How do I hide abuse?
Should I commit suicide if I don't get a B in my GCSE Science in school?
Your biggest fears??
Lazar eye surgery?
Help! I got stabbed by a pencil and I don't know what to do...?
What is the longest amount of time you've been awake?
I have a lump on my head?
I'm sick of taking my medication....?
What is the best thing to do to make someone snap out of an addiction?
Depression help?
Will I ever be normal?
Migraines/ headaches?
My soar throat's going 2 kill me, plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Which of these three would involve the least amount of pain felt?
Im a 15 yr old guy i need some urgent help migranes?
WHICH`Side`of`BED`did` you`out`of`this`Morning``...
Why do we feel pain... How does the brain know and sends pain signals to the body?
My shoulders have been hurting for over 2 months even though I am going to physical therapy.?
How do i make my bones on my back show?
Migraines reoccurring more often?
What would a small lump on the middle of the left side of the neck be? Its not sore but I can feel something?
What causes dry scaly patches on the instep of both feet?
What are some natual items I can use to clear my skin?
How to make lips naturally red ?
Contacts..13 year old?
Why can't I see out my new glasses?
Taking a Shower with Contacts in?
Floating spots in my vision.?
What does it mean when the whites of someone's eyes have a discoloration(not talking about pink-eye)?
Why can you not keep your eyes open when sneezing?
I got a piece of banana stuck in my eye??? help!!!!?
What happens if you wear glasses but you don't need them?
Quick..First aid please..?
What would be good to put on a sunburn to ease the pain of the burn?
Aitchhh...I just burned my tongue with coffee?
Mosquito Bites Help!?
I think someone may have slipped a drug in my drink. It was 3 days ago will it still appear on a drug test?
Why do ppl ask medical questions when they should go to the dr?
Suicidal thoughts.?
Fake Paramedics?
Why do people lean to one side when they fart?
Is there a way I can get anwers from my deceased father?
In the middle of the night, I awoke to a wicked nosebleed. This happens every so often, What does it mean?
Please I want your opinion about my height?
I'm 9. what is a safe way to get out of school?
I Can't Sleep!!?
Have you ever heard that you can relieve the itching of mosquito bites by making an "X" on the bite?
Is it worth me seeing my doctor?
How to relocate a dislocated ankle? HELP?
Could his arm be broken?
I need help please! i put things in my....?
What are symptons of cracked ribs?
I wonder what's happened to my left hand! It feels numb but?
If you cut yourself with a comb is that still cutting yourself?
I bit the inside of my cheek REALLY bad, enough to make a big hole and now it's a closed sore thats white.
What if there are little white marks on your fingernails?
How do you get rid of athletes feet my boyfriend's feet are peeling?
How do i get rid of a sty?
IS there something I can slip into my wife's juice of food that will get rid of her toenail fungus?
What is an easy way to make scars disappear. I heard that Vitamin D lotion works but I'm not sure.?
I burned my finger on my straightener and it hurts really bad?
What alternatives are there to co-proxamol?
Is this bad?
My Father's Uncontrollable Pain?
Why does my hip hurt when i run?
Help with kink in neck?
Help could this have hurt me?
Teeth pain! whats the best pain releiver?
What can i use for a headache except asprin.?
Its funny but Could you tell me why do people point to their wrist..?
What has been your most efective natural Mosquito repellent when abroad ?
Anybody have any advice on treating panic attacks, besides medicinally?
I need your opinion! What COULD THIS BE?
I am 14 and I want to get rid of my glasses.?
Are contact lenses easy to put into the eyes and then remove?
How to fix a lazy eye?
Can I wear 2 week lenses for a longer period of time?
What is this?
Is it bad to share contacts with my girlfriend?
What can you do for a scrached eye?
Piece of glass in eye?
If I press my closed eyelid with my finger, I see a faint blue dot in the darkness. What's that called?
He wont let me???
My cat scratched me...(please read on)...?
How do i get a splinter out?
My sister got bit by a tick, how do you know if it could have lime disease?
Just what is What?
What happens if I put a mentos in my mouth then pour diet pepsi in it?
The nerves on my lower eyelid has been twitching for a few days now. What causes it? How can I make it stop?
Bugs biting me in bed!?
What can I use to get rid of bloodshot eyes?
If someone starts on antidepressants will they be on them for life?
Hiccup relief?
My lungs are bad of smoking ,my breath smells bad,any cure?
Why antibiotics are no longer as effective as they were inthe 1950's?
What are the effects of working with fiberglass?
Is it bad for you if you swallow marijuana smoke?
How much damage have i done to myself by smoking and how can i repair?
My voice is choked since last 15 days. How can I restore my voice?
I have a cold, any suggestions?
What does yellow phlegm indicate? I also have a sore throat and stuffy nose.?
Why do my lungs hurt when I take a deep breath?
How do you know if yur hand is broke ????
My 14 yr old sprained her ankle playing basketball, I took her to the Dr. and they said nothing was broken?
Blistering on hands from the exercising?
Is true or a myth that if you bump your head hard, leaving a bump, you shouldnt go fall asleep?
Could my wrist be fractured with out any bruising or swelling?
Broken hand?
Can you rebreak an bone that was already broken once? I have not fallen or it hit up against anything?
I need to talk to someone help me please i am so depressed?
Do you really think you could be discovered on here?
Ive only got 6months to live?
Should I take the week off?
How can I pay attention in class?
What is happening to my wrist?
I am loved, have intelligence & looks & yet I struggle w/ depression on a daily basis...any suggestions?
I'm 14 and confused about life, Please help me?
Can you call an ambulance and tell them to come get you if you are extremely stressed and depressed?
How can I get my husband to leave me alone,?
Am I insane if I believe in god?
Cluster headaches!!! please help?
What is it called when you have numbness in your thigh?
OUCH! Help!?In pain here!?
How can i help my husband who has carpel tunnel syndrome on his hands?
My 3yr daughter has leg pains what could this be?
What's the best way to get rid of headache without taking medicine?
Wd 40. cure for arthritis?
I am having trouble with arthritis in my back and i am wondering what is the best treatment?
Pregnant with severe back pain?
If your fingers have knuckles what are the joints on your toes called?
How can you cure insomnia?
How to get relief from ACIDIDITY & GAS?
What do you do to motivate yourself when your feeling low?
Overnight stay in hospital?
What are the health benefits of liquorice?
Eye problems - do I need to see an optometrist or a general practitioner?
Can you shower and swim in contact lenses?
Are there any exercises I can do to strengthen my eyes?
Do I need glasses?
What causes you to see black wavy lines and spots a lot?
Does it hurt when you get your eyes get dialated?
I got battery acid on my tongue. Will I be dying shortly?
Why are the whites of my eyes turning yellow?
Why does my vision get blurry?
Hi my name is kayla and i wanted to know why i am so weird pleaase helpp?
When should I consider wearing contact lenses?
My contact lense is stuck in my eye?
What tips/advice would you give to someone with low self-esteem?
Contact lens???
How can I get rid of a sinus infection without medication?
If you was shot and bleeding at the hospital.and a cop came in shot.who would get first treatment?
Will a massage really help me deal with stress and relax?
I have a crooked nose from an accident, if i broke it again and put a splint on it, would this straighten it?
Side hurts what can it be?
What is the most painful place to get shot ?
What makes a toenail just fall off?
I scraped a rusty barbed wire last night....should I get a tetanus shot?
Where can i buy a bomb shelters for my home?
Do you think my baby toe is broken or just bruised ?
I want to break my wrist??
Does this happen to you....???
My doctor prescribed hydrocodone 10mg for my chronic foot pain. He told me to take 3 a day, but I have been?
Best otc relief for pain and best otc muscle relaxant?
Appendix pain!?
Please please can someone help me I have the worse bout of sciatic I haeve ever had?
Have any one ever taking Naproxen before and what are the side effects and do they even work?
Why do my feet hurt?
I have back problems and i cant find a doctor to give me prescriptions for pain killers?
Why does my head hurt when I breath in water, when swimming?
Bad knee pains?
Suicide probs...?
Im so stiff what should i do?
I have been in a lot of pain with my heel, underneath, it hurts bad when i walk and hurts even more after i?
How old old should my child be when she get her first pair of contacts?
OMG WHY CANT i SEE??? !!!?
Can I wear contacts, I kind of have a lazy eye, its not really really lazy but its a little?
To everyone who has eye contacts?
What causes bags uder your eyes???
Prescription for New Glasses??
How long can I use a pair of contacts for?
Why are optometrists so money hungry and less medical?
Does eye laser treatment have any side effects or bad points please help?
Eyes itching???
Hi im 19 & im at an all time low & very suicidal, im getting counseling but its just not working?
How can I stop myself from thinking that I'm ugly?
Why do i feel lifeless??
Should i start smoking again? Help needed Urgently!?
I have started to talk to myself,have i got mental illness?
Ok im 16 and i luv care bears wot am i?
People keep saying not to take anti depressants?
Could u help me deal with one of the scariest times of my life??
Serious question, about breathing tubes when needed in hospital.. (sorry)?
Iv gone 48 hours without a cigarette!?
Does breaking your arm hurt?
Worried about my knee - painful for 3 months after playing soccer - now a bump and bruise - what could it be?
Is there such a thing as a "sweet" cigarette?
Teenage Sleep Apnea?
What are he bad effects of smoking?
!!!!HELP!!!!what does this sound like to you?????????
Back pain?!?!?!??!?
How can the lead singer in my band get rid of the mucus in his throat/nasal passages?
Iv got a bad chest, how can you make me feel better?
I found a wounded kitten that looks like its eyes are filled with blood...I cant take it to the vet?
Any drinks that break down mucous?
Which is more addictive? Alcohol or Nicotine?
Help Knee Problems?
My cough/cold is killing me?
Hi can the heat of a lighter burn your eyes when you light a cigarette?
Please help me, Im so worried !?
My husband got a small shard of a glass bottle lodged in leg two days ago.Should it be removed?
Am i taking a serious risk dating someone who has schizophrenia and who is not on medication?
Help! I've taken 4 laxatives insetad of the recommended 1!!?
What should you put on a bad sunburn?
Why is it important to cry?
Of the things you've pursued in your live, what do you wish you had not given up on?
I hit my hand on the bench and it's bleeding really bad what should i do about it?
How do you cure a bee sting ? ???
HELP, i just burnt my cheek with a curling iron?
Does anyone have any home remedies for circles under the eyes from lack of sleep?
Getting contacts, what's it like?
Pink Eye,How to get rid of it fast,stop it from traveling,where it comes from?
Need cheap glasses!!?
Is it true that you must have an eye exam if you want to buy new frames for your glasses?
Is it true that men can be color blind but women can not?
Can i leave my contacts in over night?
My eye keeps beating?
Why are my eyes always bloodshot?
How long can you wear a trial pair of contacts
Are contact lenses unsafe for kids and teens to wear? Does it destroy their eyes and make it worse?
My knee started hurting 1 morning after i heard it crack its been stiff and wont bend back w/o pain y?
Ankle pain during/after ballet class?
Is it normal for a deep puncture wound on the lower leg to be seeping a clear fluid?
How much bleeding is normal after stitches come out?
Had a cough, took some of my mothers cough medicine w / codeine -didnt no. Have to take drug test will it show
Just had my big toenail completly removed 12 hours ago. It is so soreIcanbarely walk How long till I can walk
What will the doctor do for a nose bleed.?
If you receive a cut that requires stiches while on the job, are you entitled to a payment ?
My 12 year old son has a lump/bump about two inches from his knee cap..what could it be. There is NO bruise.?
What is the quickest way to loose wait?
What just happened to me?
Have you ever fallen asleep on the toilet?
GIRLS ONLY... period stuff?
How can I make myself get sleep w/out medicine?
If I quit smoking,will my thinking and general sense of well-being really improve?
Am I too old for Lasik surgery?
Why are my contacts blurry?!?
Best way too die?
Eye prescriptions - are opticians obliged by law to give you a copy of your prescription?
Do u have glasses?
What is the best cell phone company?
Colored contacts?
How did near sighted people survive before eye glasses ???
Contact lenses???
Falling asleep with contacts?
A cough for just over a month?
Why am i always sick...?
AARRRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! sorry..had to get that off my chest....feeling frustrated and miserable :o(?
Please help...?
Lost my voice, being sick and it freeks me out, being in south America travelling. any advice?
How long would it take if you..?
Is coughing related to heart disease?
How bad your child's asthma need to be to have Pulmicort Respules prescribed?
Could I possibly have Tuberculosis?
What are some ways to calm a swollen eye?
How do i prevent severe scaring from hot oil burns?
Who likes blood?
Is there any way to make a fingernail grow back faster?
I am now 468lbs and 29 i use a electric wheelchair only bc its hard for me to moove...is this bad?
Knee pain for a long period of time..please help?!?
How long does it take for a bruise to heal ?
I woke up at 3 this morning and my arm was asleep, it's 10 now and it is still asleep?
I have a pinched nerve in my back....how can I relieve the pain?
I frequently get head ache and there isn't any reason for that...How can I get rid of that?
Pain in bladder!!!?
My neck started hurting last night, anyone know what it is?
Anyone know where i can buy wrist splints from?
Does it hurt?
Anything I can do for my back problems?
How do you heel a break heart?
Can emotional/mental stress causing chest pain have to do with your heart?
Hi, i keep getting a dull aching pain above my right eye in my temple, had it a few days now....?
I have a swelling on my foot to the side and just above where my big toe meets my foot.?
If I try hang myself and fail...?
I laugh when people say serious things to me. why? And how can I stop?
How can you tell someone you have Major Depression?
My boyfriend does not know how to handle my depression...?
I just need someone to listen to me...please help...?
Is it possible to be provoked to the point that it is okay to physically harm someone?
I have to commit suicide but dont want to?
If they play a song at your funeral, what would you like it to be?
Honestly, would you not go out with someone simply because they were cutting?
Anyone have any tips on training yourself to sleep on your back?
Waking Up Before Dawn..............?
Can crack/cocaine really hurt you?
A masseuse is coming to my office! What does "with release" mean?
Does nightnurse really make you sleep?
How long do mouth ulcers last? I think I got it by whacking it with my toothbrush!?
What are some the things you can do to relax?
How to stop or lessen the under age drinking problem in the U.K.?
Making your vision blurry?
Can i sleep with my contact lenses on?
What are the bad things about glasses?
I accidentally slept in my contact lenses?
Consequences for contact lenses?
Is cannabis better fo your health than ciggarettes?
Laser Eye Surgery??
Do you have to take off your contacts if you get on a rollercoaster?
Contact Lens Advise Please?
Contact Lens Storage?!?
What is wrong with me??
Achilles tendon problem. the doctor says that is what is the matter but he does not seem to understand i cant?
How can you tell if you broke, sprianed, or fractured your wrist?
Is my foot broken?
Is it broken???
Can you sleep with no eyelids?
The skin on my penie is not moving backward when it is strong. what can i do for that?
Spider Veins???
Im having suicidal thoughts again?
Which one is better?
I bit my tongue and cheek fairly badly last night. Sooth me!?
How do I stop Smoking???
My Doggy ate very danger poison i called vet what should i do now for take care her? plz tell me!?
If you were to lose a finger which would it be?
How to quit smoking tried patchs but no good any ideas really want to stop?
Does anyone know a 100% way to give up smoking but serious answers only?
What is better, cycling, running, or jogging?
Can I drink too much water?
I cant stop smoking is there something i can try that really works?
When you do you think a headache or migraine is severe enough to go to the emergency room?
Should I go see a doctor?
Whats the best medication for constant heartburn!!!?
I'm experiencing abdominal pain; what's the cause?
Why are computers such a pain in the posterior?
I have a pain above my left temple. It hurts a bit to touch and feels a bit puffy.?
Ill try again about the oxycontin/hydrocodone?
What are the consequences of taking too much Advil/Tylenol?
Is there a cure for a heavy head?
Percocet vs Oxy IR?
I want to get contacts but do they bother you?
I lost my glasses, help please?
Curiosity - can someone with a glass eye cry?
Can you really get blind from leaving your contacts in overnight?
My eyes hurt when I'm using the Internet for a long time. Can it be damaging my eyes permanently and?
Twitching eye?
Is it possible for a guy to give himself head?
How much is Lasik Eye Surgery?
How much does a pair of prescription glasses cost if I don't have insurance?
Can you get colored eye contacts without needing glasses?
How Can I stop My SMOKING?
10 Month old, coughing mainly at night and early morning?
What are the symptoms of pleurisy and is it series?
Chronic cough???
How to get rid of a sore throat quickly?
Whats wrong with my leg?
I know this is not normal but i pls need advice?
Help please :( i hit my head?
How can i break my knuckle biting habit?
Boyfriend fell over 1/52 ago playing football - Rib pain since-scores 8/10?
My ankle hurts, making it hard to walk...I tryed driffent shoes with no help?
I have a cast on my leg /my ankel i have had it on 1 week iand it is getting softer is this supposed to be ?
Laser Eye Surgery?
I have a question! Please HELP ME!!!?
Is more than 2 ltr. drink water in a day is harmful for human body?
Mommy is taking me for a Blood Test. I'm scared, and don't want it. PLEASE HELP ME I'm 13.?
Does anyone know any meatheds to get to sleep when it is very hot,?
I am constipated.?
Can any1 give me any suggestions on how i can get to sleep?
I smoked every single day back when i was younger?
If a male surgeon is called mr whats a female surgeon called?
Can drinking nail polish remover kill you?
If you had 30 days left to live, what you do??
Is there actually any real help and support out there for people suffering with depression?
Midget bite?
Constipation! Help .....?
What is the thing that hangs in the back of our throats?l?
What do you love most about life?
Medical Emergency? DIAL 911 - Don't post it here!?
Which is the best position to sleep?
I'm soooo tired, what is the best way to keep me awake?
I cannot take anymore - i suicide the only way out of my everlasting depression? CBT does not work for me?
Nosebleed for 45 min. + coughing up blood?
What to do if your friend accidetally swallowed a ring?
Does anyone have any good ideas on how to deal with stress?
What's your phobia?
Quit Smoking?
Why do so many mentally ill people refuse to take their medication?
How can I treat my own stab would?
My 4 year old is ill?
How do you get krazy glue off of your hands?
Should i see a doctor about.............?
Ok, my sis has diarrea that just won't stop...she has tried pepto....doesn't work, any suggestions?
Im sad and my heart ache so much?
What do you know about oxycontin?
Pain killers?
Headache..won't go away?
How much Oxycotin do you have to take to OD?
Burning on upper left side of chest?
What could this pain be?
How do i extract the acetaminophen from vicodin pills?
Stomach pain please help?
Bad eyes from computer screen?
What is wrong with my eyes??
Is it normal to have headaches?
Is lasik eye surgery bad?
I have a twitchy eye its driving me mad?
My eyes are stinging me! i'm facing the computer screen, i'm on it quite alot, should i cut down abit?
What is wrong with my eye?
What is the purpose in life?
Is it possible to have a multi coloured eye?
Im out of work on workers comp due to servere injuries should i get an attorney?
Busted lip???????
Best treatment for trapped nerve??
Are x-rays bad for you?
What should a new nurse do if she observes her nurse-instructor NOT wearing gloves while drawing blood etc.?
Anyone know a good way to break a bone?
What's wrong with my foot?
What should I do about a spider bite?
How can I increase my heigth?(I'm 26 years old)?
How do you lower you appetite?
I cant stop drinking, i drink and never get drunk, what the problem?
Will a tongue that's been bitten through need stitches?!?
What causes feet to swell and get puffy. Is there a remedy?
Yo i got bit by a roach am i gonna catch somethen or what cause i didnt even no they bit...dam that ish hurt?
What is the normal degrees for humans?
How do I treat a bloody nose?
What is it I see on my stool and on the toilet paper?
I have 84 fingers on each hand... what should i do?
How to get rid of this awful cough?
My 6 yr old had vomited x3 this weekend now my 11 yr old has it and is vomiting non stop. suggestions?
Does chocolate milk have blood in it?
Your mother is really sich and needs an operaton. she has no health insurance and cant afford the operation..
How often do you get to wake up naturally?
My grandson 14 year old hates to take a shower...he washes his head but his underarms still stink..what to do?
Over the past week, i have been getting an insane number of static shocks from everything! how can i fix this?
I can't sleep. Any adivce?
If black mold is growing on my ac unit does it mean that I am breathing it in?
Cold or sinuses?
Can anyone help me? My former doctor told me that i may have pneumonia....?
For people with Asthma only please...?
What are the symptoms of lung cancer?
Deviated septummm?
I'm scared! I don't want to die because of cat pee!!!!?
After I wash my teeth why does cold(not ice cold) water hurts my teeth so badly?
The best pain killer for knee pain?
I fell this morning, my left hand and wrist hurt like hell what should i do? i've taken 12 painkillers in 4hrs
How do you heal a pulled tendoen in right wrist?
I took two tablets of hydrocodone acetaminophen 5-500, how long should I wait so I can drink alcohol?
How to reduce pain in knee?
Help pill stuck in my throat?
I have arthritis what's the name of the doctor I need to see???
Can it make a guy sick if he takes 2 over the counter pain pills for menstrual cramps?
What are ways I can worsen/lose my eyesight?
Do you have green eyes & are they pretty?
Contact Lens ? =S?
My eyes can see some hair like particles moving. What is it??
Can too much video games hurt our eyesight?
Can you lose your eyesight?
Is there a home remedy I could use for dry eyes?
Do contacts hurt?
Does everyone's eyes have to adjust to new glasses? Got mine yesterday and can't see real well with them yet.
Super Human Vision?
How do i speed the healing of a burn?
Hurt Toe Question?
Why am i in such pain?
I have a thorn deep deep in my hand. It's healed over, but there's a lump. Should I leave it alone?
I steeped on a piece of glass?
Shot in the arm, or in the backside? Which would you prefer, if you had to have one?
What is wrong with my blood?
How to make bruises go away faster?
Bee Pollen?
Spider bites (piercings)?
How do you get water out of your ear?
Bad sunburn?
HAve you ever stuck your finger in your navel and smelled your finger afterwards? EWWWWWW?
Mosquito bites?
What causes Urine to be a dark brownish color? I?
When I wash dishes I put a little bleach in my water.Do u think that will help to kill germs&bacteria;?
Can Deaf People Talk?
Should I drug test my daughter?
Nausea and abdominal pain after eating?
Am I having... growing pains?
My both legs hurt help???thanks?
Bad back pain. 13 years old. ?
Is any first aid when you have a headache?
What is the easiest way to break your wrist?
I got a sharp pain in my right when i was sitting last night what does this mean?
Best headache remedy?
Pain in my chest?
Is it possible to correct short-sightedness using laser surgery?
Since I have been on the computer more often these days my eye sight has been blury has this happened to you?
Recently my eyes have started straining when I use the computer?
Sleeping with Contact Lenses?
Glasses for kids do i have to pay.?
Contacts question.?
Are you old school enough for glasses?
The mouth can lie but your eyes couldn't lie?
Why is my eye shuddering / flickering / shaking ?
I often wonder if the public knows the meaning of emergency?
I have gone 11 days without a smoke how much longer do I have to go before I am a none smoker?
One Cigarette reduces how many minutes of your life ?
Is smoking really so bad?
How could one fall asleep easily? Your tip...?
If I swallow a piece of chewing gum, will it stay inside me forever?
Bit of an embarrassing Question
For an alcoholic, does the rehab of AA help to recover totally?
When you get in the shower do you think?
Knee Pain at age 14?
Do i really need to see a doctor?
Omfg my EYE its important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Hurt my shins running?
My Toenail is falling off...What to do??
How do you know if you broke your arm or wrist?
Tear or No Tears?
Can you really point the finger of blame?
How do you know that u pulled a groin muscle?
How can we prevent injuries in the community?
What is wrong with me?
I've been having suicidal thoughts.?
What type of disorder do I have?
Should I commit suicide?
Sister cutting herself?
Everyone chill out, why are you all so angry?
Is there something wrong?
Do you set short term goals for yourself?
Whats it mean if I keep thinking about numbers most of the time?
Do you know anyone with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)?
I can not take Advil (ibuprofen),What type of pain medication can I use instead of that??
Does anyone take Oxycontin for chronic pain and if so does it help? Pros and cons?
Is there anybody rheumatoid arthritis that has been helped and what worked? Please my Mom is in extream pain?
Can anyone recommend a way to relieve pain caused by a boil?
I have this leg pain in my upper right leg.?
Has anyone taken tramadol? iss it good for pain?
I got my foot stuck in my but how do i get it out?
My mom is nauseas? help?
My right leg fills heavier then my left,i have a weird feeling in it?
I have shoulder pain, numbness in my hand, tingling sensation from my wrist to my elbow, and neck pain?
*Dry eyes?*?
What age is it safe to wear contacts?
I don't want to offend anyone but iv'e been constipated and was asking if dried figs help?
How can one have both astigmatism and far-sightedness?
OKAY. Whats wrong with my eye?
Do eye pupils go smaller or bigger in the dark?
Is it possible for eyesight to improve?
Help i think i have pink eye or somthin else!! please.?
I think my eyes might point in different directions.?
What's an irresitable quality in a guy?
Why do SOME women keep going back to abusive partners?
Please help me to treat my severe sunburn?
Itchy Ear??
How do you treat an ingrown toenail????
I accidently cut off my pointer finger?
Help - i need an answer to this!?
Do you think the five-second rule works?
Chest pains?
I would like some feedback: what is the best way to overcome procrastination?
Toe Injury, What should I do?
How do I get rid of infection in a wound?
Blue Foot!!!!!?
What r some ways to break my arm?
I have cruel and unusual blockage in my colon!?
I ate a piece of a toothpick by mistake, how much would it harm me?
Is using crazy glue on a paper cut a health hazard?
If you have sprained your hand by a simple fall...do you use heat or cold treatments?
Will punching myself in the throat hurt?
Constipation !!?
What do you do if you need a crap at work?
What causes panic attacks?
Am having the flu jab in an hour?
Can anyone tell me how many days you can have off work on a self cert before needing a doctors note?
Just gave up smoking on my 5th day now,?
Got any strange phobias my strange phobia is cotton?
Can anybody please tell me what's good for migraine headaches?
Why can't I fall asleep right away even when I am tired?
Will it ever get any easier to insert my contact lenses?
Are there any medical conditions which would cause you to feel movement in your lower abdomen?
How come men do not live longer than women? Is it because men are risk takers and women are not?
I think i have a problem....?
Help I am losing the pigment in my skin. What could be the cause?
Should i dump him?!?!?!?!?!?
What can cause head aches?
Will I get Tetanus when I got a cut from a rusty metal?
I swallowed tapeworm larvae 5 years ago. Are they still growing in my gut?
Can I pass a drug test tomorrow If I drink nothing but water today?
Putting marks and cuts on yourself-with sharp objects?
My friend has been in hospital for just over a week with a collapsed lung-is this serious?
What is the name of the disease that causes the bones tobecome so brittle in an elderly woman that they break?
How to make your lungs clean?
When will it go away.bronchitis?
Questions to smokers and non-smokers.?
Can one suddenly develop asthma?
I woke up one month ago with one side of my nose completly plugged - Help!?
Could This Be Asthma Related Or Something Else?
Help I breathed in a chemical mixture.?
Why does my heart ache so much k?
Why does my spine hurt when I inhale?
I want to know how bad it hurts when gettin your tongue pierced?
My Doctor prescribed me Ultram for pain today and I take Prozac is this not good?
What body position do you sleep/wake up with?
I took 4 p ills of a medication called Lyrica intead of 2pills- just wondering if I did any damage to my body.
If my wife presses on her leg with her finger it leaves a lasting imprint. Why?.?
My lower back and tail bone are killing me. Anyone been healed of this pain before? Any advice?
How long does an ear infection take to heal before I can go out again?
If i start cuting my self will i feel better?
Whats you're worst fear.?
Should I tell my son he is dying?
Isn't suicide a good thing?
How are you feeling tonight?
Would you leave your spouse for being mentally ill?
Has anyone tried counting sheep to get to sleep?
Should we put all the drug addicts winos and such like on an island and let them get on with it?
Besides country music, what causes depression?
If I commit suicide, do you think that would make my family appreciate me?
How can you fake or sprained ankle or something?
Painful migraine, eye protruding?
I think I broke my toe. Help?
My daughters foot is swollen, bruised and sore?
How do I get rid of fluid build up?
What is your worst sports/training related injury?
Cracked Rib?
Can you give a dog asprin for pain?
Help ! stuck in bed injury to back muslce?
What is the compression rate for CPR in a child of 5 years old?
Whats the best ointment for poison ivy? mosquito bites?
If you drink poison, is it true that you are supposed to drink alot of milk?
Have you tried poppers?
What would cause pains in the lower right side close to the waist?
Anybody got a good remedy for the flu?
Is pot safer and or healthier than alcohol?
Constant counting?
What Do You Most Value?
Doctor/patient confidentiality question?
How come when I sleep for 8 hours...?
Will my husband ever stop snoring so I can go to bed?
It is bad!!! hellpppp!?
How long does marijuana stay in your system before it will not show up in a urine screen?
What happens when someone kills themselves?
How can i sleep less hours?
The doctor just refered my 2month old to a cardiologist for a heart murmur...should I be concerned?
Can you die from eating too many paracetemol?
Does anybody who is on right now know a good way to sleep?
How can you help someone cope with rape?
Do I have a mental illness?
I'm depressed, and I'm very bored. What do I do?
My friend wants to kill himself - how can I help?
Why do some alcoholics seriously believe there's nothing wrong with them?
This is getting old I need advice?
Scared of Ghosts?
Everything is boring in life. what to do?
Are you scared of death?
What is a good cure for depression?
How to improve your eyesight ?
Is there a risk that you can become blind with lasik surgery?
Don't you hate taking your contacts off?
Should I get contacts? What are some pros and cons?
How many heard the news on channel 2 ????????????????
Does computers ruin your eyes?
Today the hypertension & high blood pressure is increasing in children, why?
Do I wait or go to the Emergency room?
I have a red spot?
Ive got a metal taste in my mouth?
Any way to get rid of a ganglion besides hitting it with a heavy object?
I just started wearing eye glasses today..it's weird. Any advice?
Does anyone know what the name of my avatar?
Changing from contacts to glasses?