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My gf has asthma.......?
My 5 month old is wheezing?
I quit smoking a month ago and now...?
The lungs are made up of thick fibrous tissue. true or false?
Snoring............ HELP!?
My wife has diarrea and chest congestion, are those symptons of pregnancy?
Can you gain back lung capacity if you used to smoke then quit.?
How do you make swelling in your eyes go down?
My boyfriend just took the rest of the Vicodin in the bottle...?
Surgery question?
I cut my finger deeply on the knuckle. it was small but is healing strangely. help?
How can I sprain a bone by tomorrow?
Will it hurt?
Why am i doing this?
How to relieve muscle sorenress?
What are those doctors that help you when your back gives out?
What do you buy your boyfriend after surgery?
I had two glasses of wine, what will help my headache?
Am I losing my hearing?
My partner was prescribed 80mg of oxcontin a yr ago , his gp has now upped this to 100mg, i am worried, HELP?
Why do doctors pass off symptoms?
Chest pain?
My lower back is really sore!!! Could you know why?
Ive had terrible pains in my stomach for two days and constant diarroea, anything i can do to help the pain?
What is an easy way to fall asleep besides sleeping pills.?
I found a Lump under my arm pitt!?
Sleeping problems?
How do you stop stomach rumblings.?
Bizzare things happening to my belly it's jumping, no seriously!HELP!?
Do u think your parents were cool when they were kids?
Is it normal to have diaherrea all the time?
Should I phone an ambulance for my butler?
Is it bad to leave your window open at night?
Can aspirin in the bathe water help your muscles relax ??
Is there a right or wrong food to eat with COPD?
Worried about collapsed lungs?
I feel sick. . .?
How Can i stop smoking!!!!!!!?
MOLD is anyone allergic? if so what medicine is recommended for it?
Can you freeze an antibiotic ( omnicef) ? Would it be affective when unfrozen or is it even safe to do????
Always tired?
I can't sleep because of an asthma attack, help anyone?
What would be the consequences of inhaling Cocaine if you suffer from Asthma ?
How much water and salt should be mixed for gargling, for a sore throat?!?
I've had a cold, and, I know its gross, but since I've been wiping my nose so much, its raw. What do I do?
Why do so many women think...?
My mom broke her knee what so I do. I need answers quick cause I love my mom.?
Need major advice...?
I need to run another 4 miles tommrow for track but my legs are really sore from today. What can help it heal?
What should I do for a scab on my nose which won't heal?
I sprained my ankle at the start of the month and I just sprained it again. What should I do??
What happens if you over-bend a bone(i.e. cracking your wrist)?
Anyone have Carpal Tunnel and how do you get releif for it?
Cant breathe properly up my nose after getting punched?
Pain management help!!!!?
I have a headache almost everyday.what does this mean?
What is Siatica, and how is it treated?
What was the most painful experience you've had?
I get upper back pain when i jump in my trampoline?
How to stop a horrible itch?
Can anyone name any really good medicine for back pain? is there any natural way to cure back pain?
I have a horrible headache that I cannot get rid of... does anyone have any suggestions?
Help please ...what can you do when you get raw under your breast from sweating and how do you prevent this..i
Having a MASS ache spell?
Ugh im retarded and drank a cup of something that was sitting in my not so clean room for 24hours..now sick?
2 QUESTIONS ...Is it true that only African American's can get sickle cell?
Please answer this..?
What is the best way to quit smoking(and stay stopped)?
6 year old has had a high fever off & on for 3 weeks & refuses 2 eat anything. What can I do?
Would it benifit at all if I breathed hospital grade oxygen every day. would it help me live longer?
How to stop coughing at night?
Why do i have trouble with breathing when i drink alcohol(spirits)?
What advice do you have for someone who is trying to give up on smoking and failing miserably?
I really have a problem and I really need help right away.My problem is that I am on oxygen?
Medrol the same as Prednisone?! 10 points for you if you please help!?
Can anyone tell me about these things?
My dad has not been eating for almost 10 days since he's got a flu. Pls advise. Tks.?
Really bad scars on my arm, used to cut, i can't stand them anymore..?
How do you get rid of bags under your eyes?
Psoriasis,has anyone found a good product??
Acne help!?
Good answers will be rated.Is Doing Facial Have side effects or is it harmful to the skin????
Problem dry skin on face won't go away!!?
Help with oily nose??
I'm having a huge problem involving abscesses and I am afraid to go to the DR.?
Help need to get reid of acne?
How to go to bed?
Has anyone got any ideas for ringing in the ears, its driving me mad.?
Question about contact lenses?
What causes those white spots on finger nails?
What should i do if fell right on my knee playing basketball?
My knees kill me after ksateboarding. What should I do?
My scab won't heal, why?
I hurt my pinkey relly bad and its been swollen for 4 hours now what do i do?
What is the worst injury u have ever had?
Is my big toe broke?
What do I do for an injured thumb that is swolen and no longer bends?
If you happened to faint and then hit your head hard on the pavement... Will you have brain injury?
Help i wanna know no whats happenin to me?
Im paranoid, do i have anything to be worried about here?
Why cant i swalllow pills?
Migraine relief?
I take Hydrocodone 10/325 read further for the question. Serious only PLEASE!!?
I don't understand how painkillers are addicting?
Extract tylenol from vicodin?
I am about six weeks pregnant with bad pains in my side,in my bottom and stomache ache....?
How do i make it stop hurting?
I am 13 years old and have lower back pain???=(?
Baaad headache?
How do you clean your system for a drug test?
My underarms have been hurting for some time now. why?
If you have quit drinking alcohol and/or quit smoking cigarettes, How did you do it?
This woman asked about worms in the stool can u really get them from?
Why dont rich people try and help every body out it would be a better place to live?
Doctor, Doctor!?
How can i live my life to the fullest?
My 1 year old is ill?
Why can I easily get colds?
Smoking cigs?
Sore throat?
Does smoking cause emphysema, or not?
I have heard that living in a warm dry climate is easier to live in when you have chronic health conditions.?
I'm a walking pharmacy...?
I was sick with a cough. my family got it, can they give it to me back??
Can one die from COPD?
How can i make a bruise go down by tomorrow?
Should I walk with this injury?
How long do they leave the needle in when they draw blood?
I stubbed my pinkie toe yesterday and today the nail is coming off-will it grow back?
To blame or not to blame.?
I have a scar on my arm can I tattoo over it?
Do cortisone injections really help?
Can chiropractic adjustments help a pinched nerve in the neck and headaches associated with the pinched nerve?
Broken foot?
What is your eye color?
Twitching eye is driving me nuts!! Possible causes please?
I was wondering if I may need glasses.?
Eye Contacts wearers?
Is contacts better than glasses?
Blue eyes, geen eys, or brown eyes?
Do you wear contacts/glasses?
Just wondering but...?
What is it called when one of your eyes is squinty in photos?
My right eye hurts whats wrong?
Chest tightness, diziness and lack of energy?
Do you, or do you know of anyone, who suffers from IBS? Any helpful ideas on coping w/ the pain?
Anyone out there ever had a kidney stone?
6 cold sores in 2 weeks!?
I've heard that if the human liver has trauma to it, that in some cases it can regenerate the lost tissue?
Thick dark red bloody mucus from sinuses... what should I do?
Hand has been asleep all day?
Why am i so sick all the time?
What are some good natural remedies for acid reflux?
What is the best way to stay awake during meetings..?
Its 1:08 AM and i can't sleep what should i do?
How do you relax if you only have 20minutes to?
What's a interesting disease that i can do my term paper on?
Help!!!, i need way too much water than normal?
Can A 14 year old Female develop Multiple Sclerosis?
Terrible problem please help......?
How many wipes does it take after a bowel movement before you know you're really clean?
Hi what is a scoliosis?
Is it possible for marijuna to cause someone to vomit?
Ive had vertigo for three days.Dramamine doesnt help.Severe ringing in one ear czn hardly stand up.suggesstns?
Can people in comas or sedated hear you talking to them?
Dizzy numbness trembling vomit trouble breathing reaction to pot smoking?
How to cure a sore throat?
What is wrong with me?
Bad asthma from running- HELP!?
Has anyone ever or have a problem when they fall asleep and stop breathing? Chest feels tighter. Sleep Apnoea?
What is salumedrol?
If i use my nebulizer before my pulmonary test will that help me cheat the test?
Help me please someone?
I think i have pneumonia, am i going to die?
How can I stop sleeping on my stomach?
What is the meaning of holistic?
I am 20yrs old and I suddenly feel extremely tired very quickly. my whole body hurts way too often! hit w truk
I have not smoked for 4 days, but I am still craving for a cigarette. Can anybody let me know how long these c
What does blood in your pee mean?
Ok so theres a big bump in my ear and it hurts when i touch it, but sometimes water would come out of it??????
I accidentally cut myself shaving my legs...?
Torn ligaments in Ankle?
Has anyone ever had black liquid in your nose?
What should I do if I burned my finger with the oven???
Does continous slashing of wrist can kill a person??
Please Help Me!! I have a kind of deep cut ???
I burn my face. what can i do do heal it fast?
Is the toenail injection that bad? ?
My knee really hurts!!?
Is there a cure for Pink Eye, what are they?
How can we survive if the air is so poluted?
Any cure for lazyness?
What the hell is "restless leg syndrome"?!?!?
Is is possible that my thyroid is causing me excessive weight loss?
Can tapeworm go away by itself through the years? I had it when I was 12, but never told anyone. 28 yrs. now
Can you freeze urine and defrost it for a drug screen.just curious?
Everytime I walk..?
When my daughter is trying to rest ,she cannot sit still always figiting and says her legs are uncomfortable.?
Why do I expel so much gas?
Nauseated every morning, but I'm not pregnant?
I need to fail my eye test
Pains meds making me very sick..after neck surgery help..?
What can I do about my stiff leg muscles?
I poked myself in the eye and.....?
Craking your knuckles!?
POLL - glasses or contacts ?
I want to get colored contacts.......?
What do you do when your in pain?
I am getting contacts soon, any good advice?
And does anyone know?
How to handle contact lens?
Will contact lenses last forever?
Help! help! help! something in my throat!?
Do you wear glasses or contacts?
I have a lump under my right eyelid, but what is it?
Medical question?
How bad is your eyesight?
Is green the most appealing color to the human eye?
Can i get my tongue pierced if i got a sore throat?
Okay i fell kinda dumb for asking....just answer?
At what age are children supposed to be dry at night?my son is four and he s still not dry.is this normal?
Urgent! Please help....?
What's the technical name for a patella hammer?
Where can you buy a cheap ankle brace that works well?
Is there any medical procedure to eliminate a burn scar?
My knee is swollen up, i didnt break or fracture anything, what do you think is wrong with it?
How old were you when you broke your first bone?
Should I see a doctor for my shoulder?
What is the matter?
Could I get an xray done without being referred by my GP (UK)?
How do you get rid of a muscle spasm thats caused by a pinched nerve in your neck?
What do i do for a 11 month old toddler suffering with constipation, he just started drinking whole milk?
How to beat daily tiredness through out the day?
Have you ever had a Headache so bad it makes you feel to vomit?
I keep throwing up (about 6 times in the last 2 days) but i dont no why i dont feel ill or sick?
Horrible headache?
Does cracking your wrists, toes, fingers, ankles etc. bad for you?
Ear Infections?
Best way of gettin rid of tonsilitus without antibiotics?
My one year old daughter has a horrible smell coming from her nose?
Question on Ear Infection?
Coughing up yellow mucus?
Iv got asthma and like to smoke weed
Is a chest x-ray enough to see if I swallowed food into my lungs?
Do air conditioners make u sick???
Is it okay to be an occasional smoker?
Do firemen get crap in their lungs?
What other ways is there for you to control your asthma without an inhaler?
How can I help my friends stop smoking?
What do u wear when u go to sleep .... ???
I need at least 20 people to answer this?
How do you get rid of hiccups?
Please somebody tell me what this is lol?
My brother broke his arm at school, should my parents sue them?
Can titanium rings be cut off in case of an emergency?
Anyone ever had someone stand on your foot? by accident?
Is it possible for someone to have six toes?
What is the most stupid or funny way you've fallen over and injured youself??
I've got marks on my arm & hand from when i selfharmed 9 months ago?
I've got heartburn could it be indigestion and shall i drink some water?
Im 26yrs gal,i have a pain in my hand (wrist area) a doctors said that there's liquid collection inside ....
What's it like to go on a cruise?
Can anyone help with the best anti imflamatory for sciatica pain?
What do i do or how do i find out how to tell what wrong wit h my knee without going to a doctor?
My back problem?
My 6 year old little girl has had a headache for about 2 weeks, what could be wrong?
What would a trained person use as a last resort to control bleeding?
Someone tell me why im in pain?
Help! The skin around my eye is seriously red and gross?
I SEE BLACK SPOTS! plz help?
What happens if you take pain releivers?
Questions regarding contact lens.?
Can eye drops drain down your throat when put into your eye?
Colour blindness? is it inherited, and temporary or permanent?
Why is my eye ball turn yellow?
I sunbruned today.. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Where should I go for my eye test? Vision Express or Specsavers?
Optician has advised to wear glassess all the time?
I'm conducting a survey on eye color ,what's your favorite?
Eyes hurting !!!?
What do I do for acne problems?
Will olive oil help oily skin?
Can u lick ur elbow..........?!?
I'm getting small itchy red spots (about 25 at once) in different areas of my body, I'm getting bit by what?
What can I do for dry, cracked heels?
How to get hight without drugs??
Please answer this....need a lot of answers.?
How can you get rid of a boil other than taking antibotics. What can be done topically?
Can poison ivy spread this way?
Can you give my some good reasons to quit smoking?
What is the best way to get to sleep (without pills)?
My thigs are huge. help me .?
What should I take for my hangover this morning?
Is a blood pressure of 132 over 84 good or bad?
Where in a human body is the appendix?
What are the hairs on Cilia cells called?
My uncle has: COPD, Congestive heart failure, lung cancer, and his right lung has collapsed. Will he live?
Is it true that dairy products make sinus infections worse? or 2 much dairy can cause a sinus infection?
Why do i have a salty taste in my mouth?
Does God have respiratory organs?
What are the signs of a chest infection?
How long does a container of albuterol usually last?
Body sprays?
Anybody ever wondered if secondhand smoke is addictive?
How can someone smoke this much?
How do I know if my 3 year olds nose is broken?
I broke a bone in my hand almost 2 years ago and didn't bother to see a doctor.should i go see one now?
When you fall on your tailbone, what's happening that makes it hurt so bad?
Cant get the swelling down on my foot. Is there a doctor in the house?
Why hasnt my ankle healed after9 weeks?
Should I go to the docters? (Big accident)?
My niece just got stung by a hornet. What can I do to help her with the pain?
I can't get my belly button bar back in? HELP!!! = (?
Shoulder Injury Question...?
My legs and arms are bruising easily (Breastfeeding)?
Toenail on the verge of falling off, what should i do???
I have a round face what type of glasses would look good on me?
Why is my eye watering?
Will my eyes get worse if i dont wear my glasses all the time???
Best way to give yourself eye drops?
Where can I go to get a contact fitting and contact lenses?
Why is it bad to sleep with lenses???
Should I wear color contacts?
On a scale of 1-10, 1 being the worst & 10 being the best, How would you rate your vision?
How do people that need glasses cope in the shower?
How do I stay awake all day without any sleep?
I have a sinus infection. How soon til I notice a difference from the antibiotics?
I may be pregnant and have a head cold what can i take? i have a cough sneezing and a bad headache? thanks !!?
How to quit smoking??
What is the best way to break your wrist?
My neck is hurting me, what to do with it to release the pain?
I get this horrible pain in my stomach...?
Should i go to the ER?
How could i break my arm but so it does not hurt while i do it>???
Have any experiments ever been done to find out if women really do have a higher threshold for pain than men?
Can anyone help me, I have a pulsating pain in lower back, kidney regions, perhaps?!?
Im scared of an IV HELP ME PLZ!?
I Have A Bad Headache?
Pain under top of ribcage?
How do I cure the afternoon sleepiness in the office?
Smoking Meth...... consequences???
Today I Have Felt I Always Have To Pee.. I'd Pee And Have The Feeling To Again Right After I Pee..Help?
Does this sound like bronchitis?
If a smoker uses only one hand with which to smoke, is there really any threat from second hand smoke?
Sleep Apnea?
Why do people smoke cigarretes?
I've tried everything to quit smoking and I want to quit. Any help is appreciated.?
Excessive Mucus, Shortness of Breath????
I have been a non smoker for 5 weeks now how long does it take for my lungs and body to be back to normal?
What can you do for a 5 year old who has bronchiolitis and just coughs all the time?
How serious is numonia?
I have a very sore throat,it hurts my right ear when I swallow and I am coughing up yellow-green phlegm? help?
Can I wear clothes that were sprayed with fire extinguishers and smoke?
No water for a month?
How do i know if my finger is broken or fractured?
Help--Car Wreck?
HELPPPPPPPP please !!!!!!?
I just got a electric shock... very scared!!?
I think i broke my toe...it hurts sooooooooooo bad..what do i do?
Does anyone have any information on calf cramps?
If my eye were to pop out of its socket, could I still see out of it?
Is this self injury?
What is the best way to improve your eye vision without wearing glasses or contacts?
Rate Contacts..1-10.?
How do doctors fix lazy eye?
How long can you wear contacts?
Black floating dots in front of my left eye.?
Are there immediate and long-term effects for wearing contacts while you sleep?
What can i do for a dry contact issue?
How can i make my eyesight bad so i need glasses?
How do you stop a sunburn!?
Help wanted about acne?
If got armpit odor,how can i do?
Can chocolate really give you acne?
Acne problems?
Anyone ever?
My hand turned blue, my veins I could see and they were very visible, my arm was purple, what happend?
What's the best medicine for a cold?
How offen should I bathe?
Why do i always have trouble falling asleep?
If you had to be admited into a hospital, would prefer the cast of Grey's Anatomy or Scrubs to lookout for you
Does anyone know what to take to stop the pain of GOUT?
Does it hurt when you get your tongue pierced?
Since one week i am getting pain in left side of forehead,eye,bone below eye,one teeth. had viral fever too?
I recently pierced my guiche?
Hey plz help me?
My backs been hurting?
Ear ache....driving me mad!! tried everything, there must be a simple cure...please help!!?
Severe shooting pain in right ear & right top of head numb?
Solution for constipation caused by pain meds?
Whats a mucous plug???
Do u know how can snoring can b controled??
What really happens if you swallow gum?
My 2 year old has chronic ashma, is he being over prescribed?
What is a way to convince others not to start smoking?
Any treatment for throat infections?
Iam looking for the quit smoking program called quitwyoming?
How addicted can you get to passive smoking?
Is it normal for breathing to be weezy, when you have a chest infection?
How to remove face hair?
If you got a second degree burn?
What can someone take to heal a broken bone?
I am 42 and i have been experiencing my hands numb and swollen. at night during the the day driving typing.?
How can i get my doctor to give me a fake long arm cast even when i don't need one; if it's for a journal clas
How soon after breaking your collar bone can you play football? ...if you're 5 yrs old!!?
12 year old stood on a nail?
Why does my left eye hurt when I blink?
Does a 3 year old have to have a cast for a broken arm?
Has anyone cut their foot from going outside barefoot?
What would cause urine to be dark yellow, almost like the palmolive orange?
I feel weird not saying anything when people sneeze, is it rude to not say Bless you?
Help! preferably if you work in a hospital?
Is it true that its best not to eat after 7pm?
Has anyone ever had high back pain? between the shoulder blades? what causes it?
Anyone know a good way to fall asleep?
How do I get help appealling against a decision?
Albuterol Aerosol?
Breathing Problems?
What is the best food/drink to mix a crushed pill with to make it taste the least gross?
Is their a cure for common cold?
What effectively stops a dry cough?
Quitting smoking?
Questions About Pneumonia?
I have asthma. Nothing really works too well except Prednisone. I need advice! Help!?
Hot and sweaty feeling?
How do you cure stiffed neck?
Headache relief?
Upper back?
What is wrong with my legs?
Pain in the stomach?
Any treatments for sore throats?!?!?
Chest pain or what?
Could I have migraines??
Does anyone have anything nice I can think about?
Anyone with ADD?
Is this bad....?
Pink eye??
Why after I read a lot do my eyes go fuzzy?
Shooting air into my eye during an eye exam?
Would you do lazik eye surgery?
How bad does your eyesight have to be to get contacts?
Does sleeping with the lights on or with dimmed lights would affect my vision?
I recently acquired contact lenses and am still in school. What things should i bring to school with me?
Crosseye and lazyeye! there is a diffrence?
What is wrong with my eye it hurts and keeps going all gunky like when you wake up with "sleep" in your eye?
I get ankle pain, what should I do?
Finger and nail gone black and other finger tips are all tingling?
Rock thrown at head, now deaf in right ear, help?
Room spinning......?
Is my hip bone broken?
What did people do to broken ribs before modern surgery?
Is it true that you can be realy burned in a tanning bed? that will cause you a 2nd or 3rd degree burn?
How long does a sprain take to heal?
I hurt something in my leg! Help me please!?
My father in law was involved in a road traffic accident 2 weeks ago, he has brain injuries?
What is the best way to fight a cold when you have one?
Whats is best for chaped lips,they are red and they pill so bad.?
Is it acceptable to pee in the shower?
Where is all this urine coming from?
I'm over tired...had only 6 hours sleep in 48 hours...what can i do to make myself sleepy?
What is polyps/ best answer 10 points?
If a smoker's breath has an extremely strong nicotine odor can it harm you if your sitting next to them?
How can I prevent nose bleeds from occurring in cold dry weather (not how to cure them if they occur)?
Does drinking liquids weaken the effects of cough medicine?
Only ex smokers please ?
Having a hard time breathing?
Diagnose my cough?
How many 10 mg percocet would it take to feel high?
My boyfriend is having a sharp pain in his right lower abdomen, and throwing up a lot. Help!?
He when i m having my periods i get a lot of cramps sometimes till my thighs what is the solution for it?
What could cause a headache that lasts for days?
I have a problem?
Eyes Hurting?
Oh my gosh!! i cant get my contact out of my eye and im really scared please help me!!!!?
Lump on ,y hand?
Ways to get better eye sight ?
Which looks better on me: contacts or glasses?
What do i do?
Eye pupils?
Which one do you choose? glasses or eye contact?
Will reading in a dark room hurt your eyes?
When you close your eyes how come you cant see the inside of your eyelids?
How could i improve my eyesight ??
I have constantly twitching left eyelid, it is driving me mad, can anyone tell me what is causing it?
Who else is at home SICK or with an INJURY?
If someone lost their head and a hospital put it back on what would the procedure be called?
Zit Question?
I'm on crutches and my Birthdays in a few days What should I do for my party?
My foot is been reli killing n i carnt walk on it wa do i do?
Why do I bruise so easy?
Need to get this off my chest?
Knee problem?
A JAMMED POSSIBLY BROKE finger years old. how do i rebreak and splint at home?
When you shower, what do you wash first?
Is too much television bad for you?
How to get rid of a bad hangover?
What is the medical term for when a limb has been amputated but you can still feel it there?
Does cracking your bones cause arthitis?
Good Morning do you wake before your alarm clock?
How many hours of sleep do you need to function?
Found a pill its blue with a cursive v on one side and the #s 3600 can you tell me what this is?
Should I cut down on caffeine?
I sleep with my eyes open?
Why do they blow stuff into your eyes when you have an eye test?
My 12 year old son would like a pair colored halloween contacts are they safe?
Paid for eyeglasses only to find out that they were the wrong prescription. Who should pay for my new glasses
What do blind people 'see'?
Will this screw up your eyes?
Considering colored contacts?
Could there be something wrong with my eyes?
Contacts versus glasses?
Contact lenses can i get them?
Why CHRONIC Joint PAIN At 22?
OW help me?
Stomach ache on the left side of my stomach?
Pain in my hands and fingers and have tried everything. Help?
Exercise-induced asthma???
I have a very ugly cutaneous sarcoidosis lesion on my face dermotolgist told me makeup i'm suicidal HELP?
What is a normal blood presser?
I have a headache and i feel like Its going to explode , please help!?
What do you use to treat pneumonia?
Why do my hands always move?
Pain and discomfort after drinking milk?
I'm broke and disabled. I need help?
Pls help.i got a disease.i took a 1000mg of antibitoic as precribed frm my dctor--?
My 2 year old son has a fever of 39.7 degree,and is throwing up. do i need to take him to a hospital?
I want to take my girlfd frm back is this ok with her or it is painful for her?
Does eating/drinking milk products and or OJ cause phlegm when you have a head cold?
What benefits and loses do restaurants get from banning smoking?
My hubby has Me cronic fatigue syndrome, is there any other sufferers out their that could give support?
Whats the best way to speed up your metabolism?
How can i prevent a panic attack on a 1st flight really scary major attacks?
I feel like an elephant sat on my chest in the night?
Do i need a new mattress?
Im 28 and constantly tired and its affecting my relationship any ideas on whats wrong?
My skin is so dry what can i do?
Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose....?
Help I believe that I'm addicted to Chap-Stick, can I be delivered from this habit?
On my lower right leg is a patchy red area that keeps itching, I've applied aloe for 3 weeks its not healing..
I recently went on holiday to a beach?
If you have warts, what does it mean?
My girlfriend has pain from her elbow to the tips of her last 2 fingers W/ no stings, marks or swelling?
Whatsa good face wash that doesnt dry up your skin in the uk?
My daughter had to have stitches on her forehead when she was six. Will the scar go away eventually?
Are large scars on women a turn off?
So how long does it take for you to die when starving yourself?
Drinking water! if a child drinks lots of water- why/what coud it be!?
Some pllease hellpp...GUM DISESE?
I think i'm urinating blood...?
So i need help on finding a poison that is a slow painful death process?
What is the cause of the blood in my stool?
My grandfather has alzheimer's, should i trick him and take his money?
Is it good for her?
When you drink & then get drunk, is it bad to take a shower?
How would you rather die?
I accidentally smoked weed, how long should it take to be out my system?
Whats the most addictive weed or cocaine? what are the side effects?
My jaw gets extremly sore when i wake up. what is it?
Is it painful when a doctor takes a blood test ?
Are you near sighted or far sighted?
Ppl with glasses plz answer!!?
How come people like wearing contacts better than glasses?
My left eye is red and appears smaller than my right eye... what do I have?
Can your eye fall out if you watch to much T.V. or video games?
Does not wearing your glasses(or contacts) make your eyes stronger or weaker?
Who should I see a family doctor or eye doctor ???
Does the eye stay the same size throughout your life?
When to throw away my monthly contacts?
I have a stigmatism, what is that exactly?
Have a sinus infection, went to the dr. and he gave me Ceftin, and now everyone thinks I look like I'm dying.
Health Question?
My son has thick mucus and nothing is working. nebulizer, meds, nothing!!! HELP IM FRUSTRATED!!!?
How can I get my baby to better cooperate (stay still) during breathing treatments?
How do you trat asthma in children?
Oxygen Bar?
Why's asthma considered as a type of allergy??
What does this sound like?
HELP: I've been coughing for 2 months? DOCTORS, NURSES?
How effective is gripe water for wind???
What does aids do to ur body?
What does it mean to be hemodynamically unstable?
My nan is 85?
Restless Leg Syndrome Help?
Gall bladder removal...?
My 17 month old daughter shakes....?
What foods can I eat to help with my constipation?
Vomting up blood?
If you could rid the world of one disease,which one would it be and why?
US. what happens if you cannot afford to pay for hospital/doctors treatment? ?
Anyone ever died and come back to tell the tale ?
Do you shampoo or soap first when showering?
Help I cant sleep!!?
How can I reduce the level of perspiration of my 14 year old daughter?
How do i get superglue off my fingers?
Good night everyone in the UK?
Does anyone else have these back related pain and symptoms?
Herniated disk touching on nerve?
My husband is suffering from a severe migraine for the past week. Is there any over the counter med's.....
Headaches everrrrrrrrrrryday!?
Pain in right ball?
Chiropractor for back pain?
I hurt my ankle in gym today. hurts really bad? hurts to even put a shoe on ...do i need a doctor????
There's a knot on my wrist...?
Side pains after heavy drinking?
Do crocin has side effects?
I have blue eyes,white skin, my partner has hazel/green eyes sallow skin. What eye colour will my baby have?
HELP! my eye has gone red and I have to go somewhere in 30mins! help what do I do???
Is there any way to change your eye color?
I've had this white stringy discharge coming out of eyeball I get the discharge on and off all day....?
Eyes are painful and sore?
Why do my eyes burn at the end of the day when I have my contact lenses on? Is that normal?
Has anyone tried swimming with their contacts?
Why is it that when you squint your eyes you can see clearer?
Why are my eyes always red when i wear contact lenses?
I would like to hear your experience about Specsavers opticians?
Why is my tongue slightly yellow these days and not a lovely pink?
I dont sleep well?
How do I fall asleep quick at night?
Choking "game" if done right?
What does my husband have?
Chest x-ray showed shadow. Am having a Ct scan. Maybe nodules?? Should I worry?
Is Vicks Vaporub bad for you?
I need to clear my lungs. I start a bad cough a few days before finding moldy fruit. I still cough. Any ideas?
Do you think I might have asthma?
Sick?!?!?! help please!?
Inhalers that are not prescription?
How do you know if you suffer from sleep apnea?
Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Hi, I have lot of small bumps on my scalp with pus like fluid inside. What is it and how to prevent it?
Can anyone recommend a good cure for Psoriasis?
How to get rid of chin acne?
My heels are severly dry & cracked. It hurts to wlk even! What are some quick remedies?
What is a less pain ful way to get rid of a boil rather than sitting in a hot tub?
May i use this now?
What is jaundice and how do they treat it??
Is it raciest to say dark people have more natural skin protection from the sun then fair people?
What makes sweat smell?
Is it safe too eat too much ice?
I accidentally ate green mold on cheddar cheese - should I be worried??
What kind if food can trigger mi grain headaches?
Who decided too much salt is bad for you??
Am I able to wear my contacts, if one of the contacts are ripped/torn?
Just found out I need glasses?
What eye color do you Prefer ?
What happens if you get drunk with contact lenses in?
Which is better???????????????????...
1. Can contact lenses fog up?
How to get eye glasses???
What can I use to keep my glasses from fogging up in the winter ?
Whats it like to be colourblind?
Help! I think something's wrong with my eye? ?
Are there any really good remedies for lower back pain?
Ive been on a constant dose of hydrocodone for the last two months. Will my tolorence go back?
What is a home remedie that is a pain killer?
What is the reason for leg cramps, and what can be done for them?
Can heroin be prescribed by doctors?
I have been having terrible leg cramps in my calves for about the last week. Anyone been thru this/advice?
I'm suffering from low back pain from past 6 years, how could i get relief from it?
Why do I have low backache?
The weirdest thing just happened to me!!! I got this pain...?
Please Help! My mom is in the hospital in the ICU unit, what can it be ?
How much does a CPAP machine? Where can i get it? How do i get it?
Is weed or cigs worse on your lungs?
Asthma or not?
I'm paralized when i wake?
Sick, gotten a sudden strange cough anyone know what it could be?
I'm a heavy smoker?
What should I do: Sleep or jog!?
I got a little bit of a sore throat, no other symptoms and now I have no voice. What is it and how to cure?
Am I am germ-phobic?
What are the functions of the two components of the respiratory system?
How bad is second hand smoking ?
Does anyone elses hands get really cold after being on the computer for a while?
~*~Mosquito Bites~*~?
What would you do if your wife started smoking cigarettes?
How Do I Fall Asleep??????????
What would happen if i drank alchol while im taking steroids as a medication?
My son, aged 11, has been feeling really sick for over 24 hours...?
I am 22 and have had stomach pains every day since I was 10. Doctors don't know. can anyone give clues.?
How does one overcome insomnia without drugs?
Bladder Problem?
I need some info about Tetnus ?
Can an elevated white blood cell count be related to in any way shape or form to hiv?
What be da symptoms of blood loss?
Is there a cure for hepititus C?
Help!! need to know what disease has these symptoms!!?
How can i remove a thorn, long from the heel of my foot?please help Barry.?
Help! Would you please share your remedy for bruises?
I slammed my finger in the door today! now i have a red mark on the nail and it still hurts!?
Whats wrong with my leg?
Sore knee after running... Big problem??
Urgent i need to know?
Permanent Damage From A Concussion?
The what kind of doctor specializes in lower lumbar area?
Well i have to get a ..?
I have soooo many mosquito bites, how can I make them stop itching!?
What attracts mosquitoes to man ?
Does having a portable fan on in the bedroom help make you fall asleep?
What does it mean (medically) that my urine is dark yellow in color??
Do you have trouble falling asleep?
What is Favorite Eye Color?
How come the doctors who perform lasik surgery still wear glasses?
Can i use my eyeglasses prescription to buy contacts lenss?
How could I become more gangster?
Has anyone had an eye test at Specsavers?
Contacts...annoying or awesome?
Eye Problems =[?
I want to get contact lenses.. Are they worth it?
My left eye is all red...?
Is 1600 mg of motrin a lot?
How do I get rid of cold sores..ouch...?
Is it okay to take 200 mg of ibuprofen twice a day?
Painful earlobe?
My head really hurts any cures?
What are these chest pains?
Why does my jaw hurt alot at night?
I've had a sore throat for over 3 weeks now, what am I to do?
Back injection....?
If your other half was terminally ill and they asked you to help them end it could you.?
Am i okay? or am i gonna die?
Imaginary friend,good or bad?
Does cutting yourself always mean you are mentally retaried?
What do you do when you miss someone a lot?
I have a lump behind my ear, on the earring hole. Help Please?
Heat or ice. which is better for sore ankle with no swelling at all and for how long?
Help blood?
I'm have knee pain from running. What doctor should I see? A sports medicine dr. or physical therapist?
Three days ago I fell on my stairs. My ribs seem to have taken the brunt of the fall on the edge of a step.?
Click in knee?
Does anyone know about ankle pain and running?
Jammed my finger Tuesday but its.....?
When ever i lay down on a flat floor my back tail bone hurts?
OMG! am i emo!!???
How can I stop myself falling asleep in the afternoon?
Which country speaks the language latin?
I am 14 years old and I keep going light headed and getting really dizzy, blacking out, and shaking REALLY bad
Can asthmatic bronchitis be passed on to children from someone else?
Can you catch bird flu by eating poultry?
WHATS the fastest way to relieve a sore throat and get your voice bak?
Best Cough Medicine?!?! PLZ HELP?
My father is on oxygen virtually 24 hrs. daily. He has lung cancer. Can he have flowers?
What would happen if someone got shot in the chest, leading to a collapsed lung, and fell off his boat.?
What is the word for putting someone on breathing life support? I think its called truncated. I'm not sure.
If I just smoked a Cigar?
Should i insist on a biopsy?
I have blistering on my forehead from the sun!?
What is the most painless and easiest and cheapest way to get rid of a wart?
I itch 'down there'?
I have bad eczema?
What is the best shampoo for dandruff???
How can you prevent your face from being oily??
Has anyone ever had any adverse skin reactions after a traumatic event in their lives? I mean stress-related.?
Is tea tree oil being applied to ur skin morning and night good for acne?
Does stress cause spots?
My scalp is itchy, but I don't have dandruff or lice or anything. What do you think could be wrong with me?
Help with contacts..?
Do you have glasses or contacts?
Who here has astigmatism and what do you wear contacts or glasses?
How old should a child be to correct crossing eyes.?
My eyes seem strange lately?
Whats you favorite eye colors?
Contact Lense help??
How can you get rid of a splinter in the pupil of your eye?
I have brown eyes that are turning gray from the outer rim toward the pupil. Should I be worried?
My Dad quit smoking!!!?
Can you get hooked on cigarettes, if your only smoking like 6 hours out of the whole day?
Is chewing tobacco addictive?
Best way to clear out sinus mucus and clear out a cold??
Does eating spicy food help you get rid of a cold?
I quit smoking, now what? I'm gaining weight and I don't know what to do with myself. (clean 30 days)
Important please read?
Bang on the head, should i be worried??
Legal advice please...........?
What is the worst thing that has ever happened to your feet?
What to do with black fingernail?
Nail bleeding inside!! Help please..?
Which group of blood should be given to a man who met with an accident and his blood group is not known? ?
Chapped lips?
What would be my injuries?
What is the safest way to get a silver grinding fragment out of my eye withou seeing a doctor?
Tirein to ask when girls have baby do it hurt?
Why is america the fatest country in the world?
Is diet coke really good substitute for regular coke!?
Another sunburn question?
PLEASE help my bee STING?
Do you think sueing a rescuer for cracking your ribs during CPR is immoral?
What's the best and easiest way to lose weight?
How do i get a flat tummy without going to the gym?
I have a one inch cut on my forehead?
Do you still smoke??---guilty or not guilty ???
What's the quickest way to relieve constipation?
Why does a pain killer shot always have to go in the butt?
How to shed fat from belly without surgery?
Does getting your tounge peaicered hurt real bad.?
What causes leg cramps?
I have got a small painful swelling inside the nose. Any home treatment?
What causes my legs to go numb in the morning???
How can i fix my crooked body?
Does Anybody get instant headaches when they run, please I need and answer!!!!!?
Pains in my head?
I broke a prescription bottle and replaced the pills in another bottle. Can someone tell me what they are?
I just......?
I have really bad headaches?
What is it called when your eyes change colors?
Where Do I Put My Contact Lenses?
Eye-glasses or contact lens or eye laski surgery?
I have a sty in my eye, should I try to get by or see a guy?
I have brown eyes but i want them to be blue without using colored contacts?
Do conacts mess up your eyes?
Specsavers question, first time?
Laser eye surgery?
Red eyes...?
My eye color changes naturally whats wrong with me?
I been quit smoking 1 year cold turkey?
What should I do about a cough that tastes like blood that has lasted a week?
Smoking cigs!?
I have breathing problems...?
What chemicals trigger asthma attacks?
Asthma attack??
Is this hospital malpractice?Do I have any recourse?
Do you use a CPAP machine for sleep apnea?
I recently learned that I have sleep apnea, anyone else?
If a Person was a mute would they make a sound when they sneezed or coughed?
Am I actually sick or just paranoid?
I'm am not feeling good, I have a cold, does anyone know what I can do to feel better for Christmas?
Can you claim benefit if you are diagnosed with fibromyalgia and unable to work.?
Emergency??? My pulse right now is 38. I'm home with my daughter and don't want to scare her...?
Do snakes carry sominella?
Is alcoholism hereditary?
Do U think its INSOMNIA ?????
A cure for ms?
What side is your gallbladder on?
What is the difference between a colonoscopy and an endoscopy?
What's that weird body odour smell that occurs only after a nights sleep???
Why am I losing my memory?
Been staying up too late-- how do I get back on schedule?
Any ideas how to keep cool tonight so i can get some sleep?
How can i sleep at night?
Why is my toenail coming off?
Running Machine/Treadmill Accident?
It hurts to bend my knee?
Broken Tailbone?
My left shoulder hurts when i move it and when i lift things.?
Sprained Ankle Help?
How do I know if I have broken my finger and what do I do about it?
HELP!!!!!!!!!! Got the biggest cluster of cold sores ever!?
Back problem?
How come scars don't heal?
Corrective laser eye surgery - yay or nay?
Lazy Eye?
If I wear contacts do i need glasses too?
Can your eye-sight get better????????????/?
Do you think the NHS will ever do laser eye surgery?
Can I get my eyes tested for no cost?
Are eyes connected to our mouth?
Colored Contact lenses?
What does it mean when the bottom eye lid has spasms ?
What are nose hairs good for?
Trying to stop smoking?
How can you soothe a bad sunburn?
Could smoking marijuana cause anxiety.?
What do you do to relieve stress and relax?
How do i get over the loss of a loved one?
I know I'm depressed but I hate counseling and don't want drugs what else is there?
How do you combat depression without anti-depressants?
How do you say goodbye?
To all those who think that i am silly to want suicide but this being the third and final time?
A 5 year old who writes letters and numbers backward (sometimes). Is that an early sign of any disorder?
What is stressing you out at the moment in your life?
I Have A Cutting Problem?
If I drink from a coworker's Ice Mountain water bottle will I get sick?
How do i lower my blood pressure in a naturel way?
How do I get rid of a girl that is obsess with me?
I was cleaning my ear with a Q tip and now it feels like it is clogged, like i can faintly hear, what do i do?
How to get rid of hang overs?
What helps a cough go away? or to make your throat feel better? withuot cough medicine. . .?
What have you thought about the most in the last week & why?
My ear is completely clogged up, what is a good way to clear it out?
How do I make love bites fade faster?
Bloody nose lasting 7-8 hours, off and on . . .?
Well it has been a month since the smoking ban in ALL buildings Joe public has a right to be in.?
What is the symptom of a collapsed lung?
Can you have pneumonia with no fever and no WBC elevation?
7 week cough?
Choking on throw up? bulimec?
Why is my cough worst at night?
Asthma issues.?
I suffer from Hemophobia (the fear of blood)?
A question about advair?
Got a question about a broken small toe?
What is a hernia?
Where can I buy an ankle brace to use while playing sports?
How can i relieve this kinda pain??//??
What has been your worst injury ever?
My nail is ripped offf?no dumas jokes?
HeLP ME!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can i tell if i broke my ankle rather than just spraining it??
Where's a really good place to get your belly button pierced?
What was the last disease that you had gone through and what was the cure ?
Ex-Smokers - your opinions please..?
I need 8 to 10 hours minimum of sleep. How many hours sleep do you find you need?
When i lie on my back and rotate my leg/hip, my hip pops. this happens everytime...read on theres more...?
How Can I Cure a Kink in the Neck?
Severe Headache for 3 days - possible causes?
Longer acting opiates? I need something with time release but convincing a doc is not easy?
What is the best way to cure a 4 day headache????
BACK PAIN! Please Help!?
Very dehydated..water not working...would salty broth help my aches and pains? Feel awful achy all over! Help?
Ouch, I have really bad back pains. Can I get Percocet without going to a doctor for a prescription?
Is their a Dr. out their that will help me..?
Help Please, I just broke my finer's,hand's,arm's,my head,my back, What Do I do?
What eye colour do you like the best ? Should I turn my green eyes blue -pic?
Which would you rather wear: glasses or contact lenses?
Do you have to get a new prescription to get new glasses?
Can you take the eye from a living donor and transplant to a blind person ?
I feel like an idiot - crooked glasses?
Are slightly damaged contact lenses safe to wear?
I want a blurry eyes but how?
Why does my eye twitch?
Better eye sight?
Should i get contacts?
Insomnia help!!!!!!?
I have a small pea size lump under the skin on my index finger which hurts sometimes.?
My mother told me that reading in a bus/train is bad for my eyes!?
Lower back hurts can someone help me please!!!?
I pulled a muscle in my leg and need it to be fixed NOW!!!!?
What is the easiest way to sprain an ankle?
Something is in my foot?
Blood comeing out?
How long does it take to heal a broken fibula?
Something in my ear??
Help Plz 10 pts I just burnt my arm really bad?!?
Malpractice: Do I have a solid case?
Blocked ears?
Have any one heard of this disease?
What is pee?
Cocaine addict?
Diazepam (Valium) mixed with alcohol?
Why does gangrene spread if it is just caused by the loss of blood to a body part?
Is lemon juice good for acid reflux and why??
Can adults get pink eye?
Does anybody wear contacts?
Can you really go blind if you are pitch dark for 2 weeks?
I wore my contacts for 3 months without removing them.. am i going blind?
Does anybody have a way of doing this?
Wearing contacts? urgent?!?
Do you wear contacts or glasses?
If you got your eye lashes and riped them out would they grow back?
Are contact lens good for your eyes?
If your partner had a live threatening illnes how would you react?
Smoking or Non-smoking ?
Why do some people fart more than others?
What do you think about secondhand smoke?
Question about emergencies?
I used to have an ingrown toe nail, i cut it off but the infection is still there?
Why do EMT's & Paramedics in the USA allow so many nurses to govern what we do??
Please can anyone let me know how to remove a splinter from a finger that is also hard to see and sore?
Do you dream of a gangster life? If not what lifestyle would you like to have?
How do you get rid of coldsores?
What is the origin of the phrase "bless you" after someone sneezes?
What is more important BRAIN or BEAUTY?
How long does it take for a bone to heal?
Whats wrong with me??
How to soft a toenail?
How long to settle on compensation claim?
If you have a pulled muscle is it beneficial to stretch it?
I have a knee problem?
My mom doesn't believe me?
My boyfriends daughter is seven and in extreme pain?
Swollen knuckle?
I fell on the ground?
Does it hurt to get a Cortizone shot?
Earache remedies?
Is this a bad thing?
Does any one have a bad back??
Why did it hurt so much?
What do i have to do to grow my hair long fast?
It's 2 days until school starts and I don't know what shots to get?
Anyone ever had thier appendix taken out?
What is giving me this horrible stomach ache?
How do you distract yourself from pain?
Eye twitching, why?
Whats the latest you gone to bed, and the earliest you've got up?
Is it really that bad to smoke a pack a week, maybe not even that?
If youre skin touches upholestry that has any type of germ can you become infected??
Im suicidal help!?
Aged 27, does life get better?