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My neice (a non-muslim) has very sensitive skin to the sun. Is it OK for her to wear a burkah?
Who knows a good cure for eczema?
What time do you usually get up in the morning?
As a man, how do I know I am in love (and not lust) with a woman?
What are some good energy boosters?
How can I stop being so jealous?
What would happen if you put deodorant on your face?
What is fuzzy, has skin and u can bite it?
Should she see a doc about this?
What is best way to get rid of a hangover?
Yes seriously how does one get rid of the hiccups?
How do I get my mother who is on drugs, help? She is also bi-polar.?
How do i rid of hiccups real fast?
I Have Dry Lips Is It My Toothpaste or do i need water?
Has anyone who had a cast.....?
I think i broke my finger?
Does IcyHot Heal Sore Muscles?
Duz any1 no the best way to heal a pulled muscle ? it has become a common problem HELP ME! ( please! )?
When was the last time you saw someone pick there nose?
When was the last time you banged your head and what was it on?
Is it normal for me to suddenly have to go to the restroom REALLY bad and when I go it's only a tiny bit?
I'm a guitarist and I lost an arm...?
How long does marajuana stay in your system?
Am i very ill ???
Have you ever thought about killing yourself?
Sleep question?
I have been in bed?
Quitting Smoking?
I have to take a drug test soon. ill be off pot 26 days, been drinking 3-4litres of water a day. will i pass?
Antibiotic for wasp sting?
My husband is quitting smoking! How can I support him? Or any advise?
Is it dangerous to hold it in when you have to pee?
Does anyone know anything about ankylosing spondolitis?
HELP IM SOOO SCARED!! please awnser?
Trapped wind?
Heat or cold?
What causes cramps?
Really crazy pain?
What could this be? My arm hurts....?
I've been jogging lately and now my knees are killing me!! Is there anything I can do to stop the pain?
Do I need to see a doctor about this?
What are some ways I can relieve stress due to failing a test?
How to treat a sore throat?
Coughing in the morning?
My girlfriend is having troubles breathing but wont go to the doctors?
How can I break my arm???
If i broke my 1 month ago and didnt receive any treatment what condition would my ankle be in now (after a mon
What kind of experiences have you had with chiropractors...?
Please help...Blood in my pee?
What do I do about damaged nerves?
Should I go to the ER?
Why am i always geting dizzy for no reason what so ever?
How do you get rid of a knot in your neck?
Fleas ??? anyone know about human fleas and bites etc?? any experiences??
Any advice how to get rid of a puss-filled sore?
I have a knot in my left armpit?
My palms and my feet itch very bad what do i do?
I am looking for a soap/cleanser for very dry, sensitive skin.?
What's the best way to treat scars?
Does any one know about scabies?
I found some used lip gloss (2 tubes) on the floor. Lips are blistery and purple now!?
What is a good zit med for teenagers?
I cant sleep.?
Have i a drink problem??
What is the best cure for constipation aside from medicine?
Feeling down?
My uncle is vomiting alot what can i do?
Do you have to stay over night in hospital following a tonsillectomy?
Does marijuana make you a bit smarter in the long run?
What happens when you take too much ibuprofen (not all at once)?
Constant nose bleeding 3 times a day, is it risky?
I can hardly sleep at night any suggestions on how to get to sleep fast?
My wisdom teeth r coming in and its so painful. Over the counter drugs i.e tylenol not working. Any ideas?
How many pints of blood in a human being?
I have a bowl problem.?
Why do you like oxycodone?
I quit smoking 8 days ago!!...?
Why do I feel so ill when I have given up smoking after 37 years. Expected to feel great but feel really ill?
Numbness of areas of my body?
Why is marijhuana not legal yet?
I am male 22 i have nee pain can anyone suggest anything? i have problem 2 week ago.?
Will i need another surgery?
Embarassing medical question;?
Is it ok to wear socks to bed?
I cut myself...?
How do i make a moseqito bite stop itiching?!?
Does anybody have any suggestions on easing excruciating knee pain???
Surgical wound care?
How can i hurt my ankle so ill be on crutches for 2 1/2 months?
Help! Health Issue!?
What vitamin is lacking in your body when bruises don't heal quickly?
Can I Sue This Person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is it true that only children cry because of physical pain? How old were you last time it happened to you?
Which bit do you dry first when you finish showering?
How to get rid of hiccups?
What should I have in a first aid kit for my home, car, and purse?
Something is biting my two year old daughter at night?
I have a burn blister on my finger and its starting to swell bad! Should I pop it? Or what should I do?
What sould i do if my dog is bleeding from its tail to lower back?
Do you drink your own urine and if so, what are the benefits?
Why do women of this days like to be a single mother ?
How Can I Treat Nose Bleeds?
I burned my finger about 5 hours ago. I have a blister on my finger now. Should I pop the blister?
If someone has the smallest bit of mild asthma, is it possible for it to go away completely?
Is there a standard dose for over the counter meds such as cough syrup?
Does the BCG or Mantoux test hurt? I need tips on how to handle it.?
I'm super tired during the day What's happening?
What's wrong with my girlfriend???
When you sneeze why is it you sneeze once three or five times??
What is wrong with me!!!?
Can you die from food poisoning?
My boyfriend is addicted to oxy cottons, doesn't want to take methadone any suggestions ?
What time do you get up in the MORNING? YAWN.........?
I have anemia and I haven't been to the Dr. for it recently. I've had bad headaches. Any relief?
Migraine information?
Whats the best way to treat tennis elbow ??
Headache for four days now...?
Is big foot really from another planet.?
Help need answers quick thanks in advance?
Sore throat?
I have a "pinch" or "cramp" between my shoulder blades. What could it be?
My sister finger is swollen because a ring please help?
Having withdrawl sypmtons from taking (NORCO 10/325) aka vicodin and having a possibly addicting affect?
Can anyone help??
HELP,My Friend Just Got Shot In The Leg,HELP?
Im 27,and when ever i walk for a short whil i get a sharp pain between my shoulder blades,does anyone know why
PLEASE!!!! help. it hurts so bad!!!?
Healing bruises?
How can I ease knee pain?
Is water the best remedy for dehydration?
What did you last cry about?
I Can't Get to Sleep!!!!!!!?
I punctured a vein in my wrist with a peice of glass by accident. Seriousness?
Have you ever went for a back massage?
Whats the most comfortable position to sleep in?
Wet dreams?!?
Stopping smoking .........Any tips for quitting ?
How do you turn a crpy life of boredom and frustration into the fluffy bunny life other people seem to live?
What do I have??? any idea?
My daughter has constant cough. Dr. said lungs sound clear, but now lips are turning blue sometimes. Thoughts?
Deep breathing exercises with emphysema. do you know any?
How can you reduce coughing on asthma patients?
My mother is having maleria now she is in coma last 1year doctor treatment is going on but dosent work?
I have a bad cough, sinus congested, feel like a fever without a real fever and now i have a rash up my right?
I just lost my grandmom on jan.15 and I can't seem to cope I have kids and somedays all I want to do is cry
Does any have anybody have home remedy for really bad colds for winter months so we don't have spend $100s?
What are five ways that you can protect your skin from the sun's rays????
I have had bad acne for about 2 years now. What can I do to get rid of it?
What is the best solution on removing or lessening the eye bags?
Does crying cause skin acne?
What is the best cure for body odor?
I have dry legs !! what do i doo ??? it looks really bad !!?
My bf says he has jock itch but i said thats impossible because he is not a jock! my bf dosnt play any sports!
HELP! My lips are cracking, peeling, and bleeding?
My calf muscles are 17in around. Is this big?
How many hours of sleep a woman needs to relax completely?
Do you think the mojority of guys chaet?
Any one ever have a nose bled more than twice a week. Do you know whats causing it and how do I stop it?
Tailbone really hurts, any thoughts?
Anyone know how to exercise a arm in a cast?
Eye strain or birth control pill?
I fell down hard and now my chest hurts?
Can motrin 600 get you high?
Do you think performing CPR underwater is logical or incredibly stupid?
What do blind people see in their dreams?
When I'm nervous, I shake and can't stop. Is anything wrong with me?
I'm drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water a day but I pee every 15 minutes. Is my body absorbing enough?
Are love bites dangerous?
Is there really a pill made to make you taller?
What happens if you swallow a penny or a safety pin?
I JUST choked on a gummy worm, I am really shaky, can anyone help???
How do you get some meat on you? i eat all the time, but i dont have any meat.?
What can keep me awake??
I don't think its fair when someone smoking right by u?
How much water should an average male drink per day to keep hydrated?
What causes numbness in the hands and fingers especially at night and in morn?
Really bad headaches! Help me please! I would really appreciate it!?
Painful legs! Any idea about it?
Pain in side? Could it be my appendix?
Stomach burning/pain associated with vomiting and soreness... HELP!!!?
Should I Go To The Hosptail?
Alka-seltzer or pepto?
Are Water Beds Good For Your Back?
How should i remove my headach?
Pain and aching in my legs?
Sudden lower back pain?
My mate has worms and wont do anything about it. What causes them and how do u get rid of them?
Can you help me sleep?
Cant fall alseep...?
Why do we yawn when you see someone yawning?
Why am I so tired?
If you were in the wilderness and freezing to death ,?
Can I use a sauna to "sweat out" viral bronchitis?
What causes the hic-ups?
What's the best time for adult to sleep? Is taking a nap in daytime a bad habit? Will it pose some health risk
How much is cc in ml?
What are the side effects to an asthma puffer?
I might have asthma, but I am not sure because it is hard to breathe only sometimes. Please help me.?
How to maintain a room for a person with asthma (dust and smoke allergy)?
How can I quit smoking?
How to cope with teenagers grieving?
Carbon Monoxide!?
Do you think that a person could be hung for 40 sec and not pass out.?
OH the pain!?
Loss of balance following head injury any advice?
Since I've been jogging on the treadmill my lower legs are in pain, what is wrong with them?
Blood blister in eye?
I think i have a sprained wrist?
Is it possible to survive a stab to the abdomen?
Oww My Head Hurts?
My weener turned black and fell off, what can i do to stop the bleedy?
Is it ok to spit up a lot of blood ( dark blood) from a nosebleed?
Do you ever find it hard to cope with life?
I had a bowel movement and it was bright green and watery...sheould i be alarmed?
Could i get medical marijuana for the problems i have?
Feeling faint?
My legs are really sore what can I do?
Serious question about my ribs...?
I am wondering if this is normal?
Can you take advil and tylenol with codeine together?
I have had a cough for over a month and finally found something to stop it... but my throat now hurts...?
I had a migraine yesterday but it's lingering today. Advice?
How Can I Ease The Pain?
Your favorite (prescription) pain killer?
I WOKE UP WITH large itchy bumps on my legs! some are red.?
Help, should i continue using proactiv?
Does Proactive work??
:( Stupid acne...?
How do I treat sunburn?
I have tiny red dots under my eye. what could it be?
Suddenly I have acne?!?!?
Best way to put on cologne?
Why do I get a headache (lower neck) everytime I get on my laptop?
Why do we have eyes and lips?
Cant get a sleep at night sometimes, how can i stop thinking?
Does smoking only 4 or 5 cigarettes a day really that harmful??
Shaved or not?
Am I an alcoholic?
Are my Dr receptionist the only one`s to act like they own the place.?
Are you a light or heavy sleeper?
Was this the right thing for me to do?
ยท How much time do you spend sleeping? Do you wish you could sleep more?
I fell off my bike yesterday...?
How do I fake an ankle sprain?
I think i broke my pinkie help!?
Left arm upper area(around tricep muscle) hurts now and then.?
I just got an olive stuck up my nose. should i go to the hospital to have them remove it?
Can any one help:my father needs to have a pin inserted into a broken arm,but cannot have a general anaestheti
If it hurts when i turn my wrist one way, what does that mean?
Hi,i am suffereing from nasal polyp problem. I think that is why my hair are so dry. so can you plz tell me th
Why do i feel sick when i smoke? i mean, i havent been able to do it,?
What do the lungs do?
Would like to give up smoking is it best to stop or cut down gradually?
Whats the best way to PREVENT sinus infections..?
My friends baby has a really bad rash really red on bottom what is the best thing to use DR. says Desatin.Help
My son is having his adnoids removed has anyone had this done with their child?
Albuterol Inhalation?
What is MRSA and why does it scare people?
What is the likelyhood of getting cancer or emphysema if you smoke 2-3 cigarettes a day?
CPR....Question about CPR Ratios?
Is it ok to have 4-6 tablets of senekot throughout the day?and if you do what will happen?
My braces hurt bad......any help on how I can get it to feel better w/out painkillers?
I have pain on my bottom left side of stomach, pain goes and comes back agian?
What type of asprin should I take if I was pregnant?
I am addicted to Vicodin. Can you help me?
What can I do about a sciatic nerve or numbness in my leg?
I have suffered from severe stomach pains last night should i go to work today?
I've had an ache in my left arm all day, in the shoulder and wrist but since I've had a beer it's gone away
Prescription pain-killers?
My hips, knees and ankles always hurt. what do you recommend i use to help relieve the pain?
What do i do when i have low blood preassure?!?
Am I going blind?!?
Constipation When On Vacation?
Is extreme masterbation bad for health?
How can I swallow pills?
What do you do when you cant sleep?
I have a problem when i eat late i get heartburn that keeps me up all night. causing me to throw up.soultions?
Is it true that an apple a day will keep the doctor away?
I am scared about my wound, please help me!?
Muscle Soreness After workouts?
How long does a femur break take to heal?
Why do I walk in to walls, fall down, trip on things?
How do you know if your nose is broken?
Why is my elbow hurting when it's my wrist that's sprained?
Does exercise make a black eye worse?
Any dangers of pinching people in the underarm?
Would you rather get a shot, or a paper cut?
Belly button piercing?
What is a dog's normal temperature?
What is the DENGUE FEVER ?
How do u get better when your doctor can't even help?
What triggers his Asthma?
PLEASE HELP! i cant smell or taste a thing :'( doctors or nurses answer if you can?
When ever i walk even a short distance i get out of breath?
The best over-the-counter med for cough and stuffed nose?
What can i do to get some sleep?
Disability living allowance?
How long will a hospital keep someone on a ventilator if they have no insurance?
Can you fart so hard that you injure yourself?
I've been having trouble sleeping unless I take med or have the TV on I can't go to sleep. Any suggestions?
How to fix a blister?
What is a good home remedie for mosquitoe bites?
Help, my 11 yr old wets the bed what can I do to help him, seriously please!!!!?
How do I stop losing hairs?
Emergency room questions?
What household item can i use to get water out of my ear?
If you could choose to know everything about one topic, in what area would you choose to be an expert?
What are some good ways to quit smoking without the usual gum and patches?
Why I spit blood in the morning?
Im getting Commom cold chronically twice in a month should i consult a doctor?
Does not drinking much water make you irritable?
What causes a belly to be swollen all the time?
What damage to the body does death by alcoholism consist of? what organs does it affect?
Drug pee test?
Is blood pressure curable?
Any Doctors out there ?
Can Painkillers affect your weight?
Cold sore help?
Why do they use sterilized needles for death by lethal injection?
Headache Relief Question?
Can anyone help identifiy my sickness ?
I am a Chronic Pain patient and recently pretty much restricted to staying home.?
What is the weird sensation I am having in my right ear?
Urgent! I can't stand it!?
What is the best way to get rid of this?
Is three months a long time to be taking painkillers?
What are the best excercises to do for backpain?? or remedys?
Whats the latest treatment for Psoriasis. or has any one went to the dead sea and cured of skin complaints.?
How do you get rid of a sunburn?
Is ProActive solution worth the money??
How do I treat a bruise ? =~="?
Acne scars?
What household substance is the best at getting rid of acne?
There is a small, red bump under my lower eyelid that i justs noticed today and i dont know what it is....?
Is it really bad if my ingrown toenail is green and puss is in the corner? ?
I got about 86 mosquito bites last night...is that bad? what should I do?
Do i have aids ?
My son feels like something is caught in his throat each time he eats, has to keep clearing his throat.?
I have a large lump on the inside of my toe. It has a black dot on it and is really painful. What can it be?
Can a slipped disc cause muscle twitching in the leg?
Is it possible to be anorexic and not know it?
What will happen if I take vicodin on an empty stomach?
Long term effects of being anorexic?
Can anyone help me please .I need to know what the name of the illness I have is any help will be appreciated.
Can Pepsi / Coke make your blood run out?
Is it worth seeing my doctor about Vertigo?
When doctors are sick who writes out their prescriptions?
Is there any medicine to cure alchoholism ?
Any hints on ways to stop craving for a cigarette?
What is the best home remedy for getting out excessive ear wax? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!?
Does popping your knuckles really make them bigger?
Can someone help me with a bad habit?
Are tanning beds good for arthritis?
I have a burn on my hand?
Have you ever broken any bones? Which ones and how? [tictickchick read inside, please..]?
I'm giving blood will work allow me the day off?
Why is my hair faling off like crazy?
Euthanasia...agree or disagree?
Ok, once and for all; BLISTERS: pop it, leave it alone, or baby it?
Do you have a bone in your butt, i think i broke mine?
Do you have a scar you are proud of?
Can someone please give me some advise.. i am in such agony ..?
I fell over a raised kerb outside my house do you think ill get compensation???
Does anyone know any acupressure points for headache relief?
Is acupuncture painful? or relaxing?
How can chronic pain be explained to people who don't suffer from it?
Why have i woke up with pins and needles in my right hand?
Wat is tramadol?
I have a problem with poking people.?
Acid reflux???
What does it mean if I wake up in the middle of the night and?
What to do to prevent muscle cramps at night????
I have a big probelm but is really hard to explain hopefully ya can help me...?
Can people with brown eyes see better than people with blue eyes?
Can anyone tell me an effective way to cure common flu?
What is FFD?
Herbal meds. for children??
Can asthma cause chronic bronchitis or vice versa?
Running with asthma?
My 5 year old daughter night time cough?
I have a question about Asthma...?
I think i overdosed on my inhaler!?
Why can't I stop smoking?
Any doctors or nurses out there?
Does it hurt your eyes?
What's wrong with my eyes?
Is my nose broken?
Problem with my left hang index finger nail?
Do you think i pulled a hernia?
I have perfect eyesight but i want to have imperfect eyesight. How?
What is the most gruesome thing you have ever had happen to you?
Do you belive in this or not???
A bit of a silly one i know but i am going to ask anyway bacause i want to know the answer?
Infected toe at the side of nail.?
If someone has a 'lazy' eye, which eye should you look at, when talking to them?
What could be causing a bloodshot eye?
What will happen if a baby fell and hit their head on the floor?
Contacts Before Glasses?
Glasses or eye contacts lens?
What is the most painful thaing that has happened to you?
Whats your eye colour?
Poll Do you wear glasses?
I was cutting myself and passed out...?
HI, Just want to know if we can sleep with our contacts (lens) on?
Bloody toilet?
Does anyone suffer from severe muscular skeletal pain if so what helps you?
Is heat or ice better for a sore back?
Anyone have burning pain in they're jaws?
My hearing has gone in one ear?
What are your thoughts about the chiropractor? Do they help?
I have pain in my chest when ever I take in a deep breath, or let all the air out, the pain stayes in 1 place?
Why would darvocet make me sick? Nausea, vomiting, etc.?
How Do I Stop Really Bad Period Pains?
Is it normal to be scared to get married?
How can I stop the tickle in my throat?
What is Whooping Cough?
Chest pain?
What are the symptoms for the elderly when they have fliud on there lungs and what is it??
They said I had bronchitis, but cough still isn't gone?
Albuterol inhaler?
I have recently started using a cpap machine.?
What is pneumonia?
Neighbor's Smoking Is Ruining My Health Quickly?
Is it too late for my dad to quit smoking?
How do you prevent a hang over? what can you do before you go to sleep?
Do you sleep with a fan on?
If you smoke...?
Is my head too big for my body?
Please help me what is this?
Whats the best treatment for acne?
My 5 year old grandson has a rash all over his body?
What should I do about chapped lips?
Going to work with ringworm?
I have red itchy spots that are bumpy on my legs thats getting worse, is it exma? if so how do i treat it?
Head Lice!!!?
What do you do if you get mud in your eye?
Does a computer damage your eye sight ?
What do you think is wrong with my eyes (pic included)?
My glasses sorta broke...can i get them fixed somewhere?
I want to stop wearing glasses because I think it stops the girls liking me but don't want to wear contact....
If forced, would you rather be blind or deaf?
My eyes change colors alot. Is it normal??
Im trying to get colored contacts and my eyes are dark brown and i want them to be dark blue?
Is what i need glasses?
How do you cure a hangover???
Can you give any tips on giving up smoking?
I need to survey 100 people for a school report (health class). PLEASE answer the question. Thank You.?
I have a pulled butt...?
Hypochondriac's Delight - What do you think you are dying from?
How do i stop sweating?
How many hours is a person supose to sleep?
Help! My toenail??
When you hav had the flu injection why do you stil get colds?
What is the most effective way to get rid of the hiccups?
I need someone to tell me how to break my ankle?
Does anyone else have an afternoon slump at about 3pm?
Please help me with info on oxycontin.. I am terrified to take it! Thank u donalore?
Have you ever had a cortisone shot?
Do hangovers really get worse as you get older?
Why do people say "if you don't bother a bee it wont sting you"?
What should I do if my vocal cords are injured?
How to help heal bruises faster?
My lips are cracked how do i make it go away and no its not cold sores?
Can u plztell me of harmful effects of smoking?
Doctor said I had sinus infection but should I go for a second opinion ?
What can be taken for people that have asthma but have no inhalor?
I have a really saw throat, its hard to swollow if im not on pain killers & i have a blocked nose, a cough?
Is smoking pot healthy?
Is there any cough medicine for toddlers that does not have antihistamine in it?
Coughing blood?
I think i had a panic attack?
2 year old son with a chronic cough @ night?
Is it possible to be allergic to smoking pot?
I have been turned down for social security disability income. What next?
Can the weather really effect your joints?
I have a pain pill that i got from my mom but im not sure the name of it?
Can you guess by my symptoms what is wrong with me?
SO MUCH PAIN!!! please help~~!!!?
What are the best drugs for the treatment of migraine headaches?
Other than a chiropracter, who should I see?
Any helpful advice for severe neck pain with migraines?
Home remedies for treating a stye?
How Do You Let Go Of Anger?
I have loads of unwanted spectacles, both mine but mainly my young childrens, who can make use of them ?
Do soft lense contacts hurt the first time you put them on?
Is laser surgery on your eyes a good idea?
Eye Colour?
Whats wrong with my eye?
POLL:who wears contacts?
Im getting contacts soon. How can i learn to touch my eye?
Does anybody get teary eye when you see someone crying?
I hate my glasses!?
Why do my pupils look red everytime my picture is taken?
Chapped lips?
How do u...?
What could be causing my sore throat?
Where does rhinitis come from?
How long until you die from T.b.?
I would like to know which food is rich in alkaline.?
What are the Effects of Smoking on the Lungs?
Chest pains and difficulty breathing with mild coughing after running?
How do you stop hiccupping?
When u lose ur voice due to a cold or excessive coughing, what helps to get ur voice back quicker or normal?
Can doctors prescribe strong painkillers for gallstones?
Is this stupid?
I woke up in a really good mood this morning dont know why any suggestions?
I have a problem...?
Wrist Pain What Is Wrong?
How to feel better after vomitting?
Please Help.....I'm in a lot of pain....?
I have a phopia of shots, but I have to get three in October. Any tips to deflect the pain/not be afrai?
My right thumb and left index finger have turned orange and smell why?
What was the worst injury u had?
I've hurt my shoulder lifting weights, do i stop exercising my shoulders and arms for a while.?
WASP STING: good solution appreciated now.?
Wearing contact lenses during sports?
How do i make my cold worse?
I was playing football last night when i hurt my ankle.I had to be carried off and the referee thought that?
Have I broken my foot?
Contacts? anys tips of ideas?
Glasses?!?!? UGH!!?
I will be having eye surgey soon and am thinking of asking the doctor to change the color of that eye.....?
Do I have a right to be pissed off about this?
Will i have to get glasses! help please!!!!!!?
How can I change my eye color?
Eye color?
What causes the eye pupils to expand and contract?
My eyes won't stop burning...?
Should doctors make test results available over the internet to their patients?
Can you get a suntan through glass?
HELP!!!What is the fastest and best acne treatment?
How hungry would a vegetarian have to be to tuck into a nice juicy steak?
Feeling itchy at night?
When do chicken pox start to itch my son came out in spots yesterday?
What should i do about my poisen ivy?
Anyone get heat headaches?????
Does anyone know whats it means if i have yellow heads on my willlie?
I have this disgusting WART ON MY FINGER!!! does anyone know how to get rid of it??
I'm treating a verruca but it's pretty stubborn?
If u have a mole removed does it come back?
How the heck do I quit smoking....?
I'm 18, getting chest pains...?? why?
If you have had a cough that the doctor said was allergy related what meds were you given that worked?
HELP..My ear is congested after a head cold! need a medicine without ephedrine ? HELP PLEASE?
Is there over the counter medicine for asthma?
My sinuses felt really dry and irritated this morning, now I have a stuffy nose.Why does this happen?
Is my throat messed up due to vomitting?
What causes tonsilitis and why does it keep coming back ?
What is the cause if your left lung hurts when you take a deep breath?
Neverending cold?
Whats wrong with my eyes?
Do you wear glasses?
Is it possible that bad eyesight (like shortsightedness) can be inherited?
What are the consiquences of leaving one day contacts in for two weeks?
Can a baby get blue eyes if the parent wears blue contacts?
A man is 35 and a woman is 23, is that bad difference?
How come people have glasses?
My brother got hit in the eye and he has blurred vision and his eye is red is he in trouble?
Contacts or Glasses?
Scared of painful procedure?
Health questions...can anyone help?
My wife put me in a headlock last night and now my neck hurts?
Could my drink have been spiked?
What is the best thing to take to help me sleep without having to see gp?
What is the best method to reduce tension?
I really need your help?
Why blame the Staff?
One for Guys, Cause woman will probly switch if they look?
If a dr prescribes Ibprohen 600mg how many of the over the counter can I take?
What should i do if my bones hurt bad?
What causes most leg pains and cramps?
How can I get rid of headaches?
I took a midol medicine but as i check the date it was expired already.what would be the cause on my body?
What can i do about a muscle spasm?
Is tyelonal with codeine anything like vicoden?
What hurts worse: Tongue, Nose, Eyebrow Piercing?
My butt!!??
I hurt my ring finger bowling several weeks ago, And its still hurts when I use it. How do I heal my finger?
I think i broke my toe.?
How can i reduce swelling from a red wasp sting?
Please help Im really really scared?
How can I speed up the healing of a huge bruise?
Buying Crutches?
Diagnose my Foot?
How Can you In prove your eye vision?
What age were you when you got contacts...?
Do you need to have bad eyes to get colored contacts?
What Colored Contacts do you suggest?
Question about contacts?
Omg im sooo scared help!!?
Contact lenses?
What color contacts can i get if i want a dramatic change??
I am always getting headace from 5 days. Actually doctor said that it is migrain . Tell me is it correct?
I am having dizzy spells and its only getting worse, what can cause this?
Why are you up at this hour?
I am a cronic liar. somtimes it comes out and i cant help it...?
I have had this bad cough for 4 plus weeks now and......?
Do niquitin really help,i desperately want to pack in smoking,and my willpower isnt what it should be.?
When should I see a doctor for sore throat?
I am coughing blood?
I have a sinus infection/ ear infection. For 6 weeks now and I have seen a Doctor.?
When I move the right shoulder up or backwards, I feel immediate strong pain in the middle of my chest!?
What happens when there is too much carbon dioxide in the blood?
Is milk more dangerous then second hand smoke??
Every morning I wake up with lots of boogers in my nose, where do they come from?
HELP!!! im 35 weeks pregnant and i really had a bad accident last night?
My eyes are dry all the time, and I drink PLENTY of water! Why do you think this is?
Numbness/pain not getting better?
Headaches in the front left part of my head?
My friend gets a shooting pain in his big toe that nearly knocks him out with pain.?
HELP!? I have a Sharp pain in the upper right side of my rib cage.?
Us it true that sleeping in a draught can give you a stiff neck?
Whats on my foot?
My Mother is 83 years old, and crippled with Artheritus.?
For the last couple of days I have been having a stabbing pain in my chest on the right side.?
Is it bad to do cardio or work out while you are sick?
Is it normal...?
My Boyfriend is a slob?
How many people out there have had a really good night sleep?
Are contacts safe for 12 year olds??
Should I get contacts? Why or Why not?
Can w.anking really make you go blind cos my left eyes gone a bit blurry?
What happens if I don't wear glasses for 3 days?
My eye keeps twitching by itself. Should i worry? Its only my left eye...?
Who do i see for glasses?
Do you think black people look strange with green eyes?
Any possible ways to change your eye colour?
Should I wear glasses all the time? I'm short sighted.?
Contacts + Showering?
50% weight bearing.?
If i get into a fight at school am i legally allowed to break their arm?
I was hired with with an injury now they say it's affecting my job can I quit and get unemployment?
I have tingling and numbness in the small toe and side of my foot on the left foot. What are possible causes?
Help please it's very important!?
Would it be too late to get stitches two days after getting a cut?
How do i know if ive torn my ligaments?
How can you tell if your ankle is broken?
Is it REALLY bad to smoke with asthma??
Does anyone know anything about pine tar soap? Does it help for excema?
How easierly are chest infections passed on?
Will his cold symptoms get better tomorrow?
How to get rid of itchy throat.?
Smoking diseases?
Can sinus infection spread to the chest and make breathing congestion?
Is sinusitus caused by hormones?
I have had a head and chest cold for three days. what kind of remedies can i use.?
HELP! ok well I am a teenager needing to get a tuberculosis test for work, and I am scared. What exactly ..?
What drugs can i use to stopped smoking?
How to know am having a normal Headache or Migraine? What is the different? How to cure it?
If the brain does not feel pain ...Why do I get head aches?
Chest pain?
Will it hurt?
I have had severe lower back pain for months,whats the best treatment.i also suffer arthritis.?
Is there anyway to drug test for percosets?
Problems after IV, I think something might be seriously wrong! Please somebody help!!!?
I Just got my ear pierced today what do i clean it with everyday, like rubing alcahol or what?
What could be the reson for painful charlie horse type cramps all through my body?
Can contacts last in water overnight?
Should I get contacts?
For contact wearers?
Keeping your contacts in at night?
The worse your vision, the thicker the glasses lens?is it true?
Is this normal?
I am sacred that I will need glasses. Please Help!!!!!!?
Do you wear reading glasses ?,?
If you have astigmatism and you wear glasses, will it improve your vision?
Can contact lenses fall behind your eyeball?
I suffer from IBS and take 36 laxatives a night?
UK - Giving up Smoking?
What are the benefits of drinking green tea?
Which is the best medicine for a dry, tickly cough?
I'm 17 and have never had chickenpox?
How can you get rid of phlegm?
Should I run despite the California fires?
Has anyone had a sinus infection that made them dizzy and week feeling and maybe a little on auto pilot?
What antibiotics could i use for a chest infection. possible lung infecton?
Why cant i get rid of my cough?
Is pneumonia contagious?
For those of you who are non-smokers . . .?
How many smokers do you think died in 2006?
How can you get rid of spider's inside of your house. I called to have house sprayed they said won't work?
How do you get rid of back acne?
What will get rid of my ance"???
Ummm i ate a spider... what should i do???? Cause it was a dare and like i don't know what should i do?!?!?!?
How do I make my pulled muscle feel better?
Best way to ignore ciggeratte cravings?
What is a "staff infection"?
Sprained ankle taking ages to heal?
I am hungry and want to sleep and go to bedroom at the same time, what should I do?
Is running with scissors really THAT dangerous?
What should I do if ive damaged the ligaments in my knee? I think ive hurt lateral collateral and pst cruciate
How can I set up a relaxing bath?
Skin whitening pills?
Can very bad bruising leave a permanent mark?
What's wrong with me? Dizzy, nauseas, spaced out...help!?
Acne help needed?
I've fallen. Can I get up?
I have something stuck in my eye??
Can you reccomend a good moisuriser for very dry/oily skin?
Is there any REAL cure for Acne?
How do I get better by Friday?
What the cause of the stretch marks on the body and how to cure it.?
Mark On My Arm?
Help! My left thumb is twitching!?
How do i increase my energy level?
My throat hurts real bad, sneezing. Quick recovery?
What's the best way to quit smoking?
Should I go see the doctor?
OUCHIE!!! Help???
I'm having really sharp pains in the abdoman and it hurts really bad any idea wtf is going on?
What do I have?
Is a podiatrist an M.D.?
Is this a heart attack????
I have been working out for a little over a month now and about an hour later im in killer pain...back pain?
How can i get away with not going to work this morning?
Bruised knee?
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeessseee help!!!?
What the heck is wrong with my eye??
I wear glasses, when i have them on, do i see what people who don't need glasses see?
Can you lose your vision if you leave your contacts in too long?
If you only have one eye...are you blinking or winking?
Stupid Question... someone told me putting lemon juice in your eyes...?
Contacts make eyes hurt?
How many times do you blink your eyes in a day?
Glasses, contacts, or lasik?
For Contact Wearers?
When I stand up too quickly,sometimes I see tiny silver stars falling down from my eyes?
Has anyone ever had tingling in their legs from sitting at the computer?
Potheads ONLY?
How Often Should You Have A Bowel Movement? Is This Normal?
How to prevent cought or dry cough?
Crucial question! whats wrong with me!??
What are the complications of IV fluid??
What is the best US city to live in for people with Asthma?
My dad has been told that it was asbestos that caused his lung trouble is he to old to claim he is 75?
Chest pains, someone please help, I'm really scared.?
Has anyone used a neti cup? How was it? I think I want to get one, but I am not sure.?
My lungs are hurting, I went to the doctor and he said it was nothing to worry about?
What is a good web site for finding out about medical problems and causes. Thank you?
Where is the best place/state for people with asthma to live?
Is this asthma?
Does asthma come back after a few years?
Could Papercut kill someone?
What's your worst injury?
I have an ingrown toenail...?
Sight of Blood...different reactions?
How do i get rid of my corn on the bottom of my toe?
What's the best excuse to use when calling out at work ? i work in a resturant?
83 year old car accident?
Ever been rammed down by a pram?
How bad does a broken bone hurt, and what does the cast feel like INSIDE ???????
What would you do if the doctor told you that they couldn't tell if you sprained or fractured your ankle?
My husband has severe pain in lower left abdomen, what could it be?
Does tramadol contain paracetamol?
I took mefenamic acid its for period pain i started taking them yesterday?
How do you get rid of ear aches if tylenol dosent work?
This might sound odd, I feel pain in my legs and knees when I see someone get hurt on TV.?
Why can't I rotate my eyes?
I have a bad case of fibromyalgia. My Dr. has me on Norco 4 x day, but I still have pain, what else can I do?
Back pains?
Kidney infection going insane! Plz reply?
How do i stop going blind?????????
Why does everyone say contacts hurt?
Has anyone ever been told they dont need to wear glassess anymore?
Am I an ****** just because I won't let my girlfriend get laser eye surgery, glasses or contacts?
Just noticed weird thing on eye?
Do i have a problem?
Caffine makes me cry?
Do you need eyes to go to sleep?
Is it bad to wear contact lens if im only 14 ?
Eye contacts?
What's the product you use the most of?
How many hours sleep do i actually NEED?
What is wrong with me?
Why do we twitch right before we fall asleep?
Sleep apnea/c-pap?
After a cold I continue to have a blocked nose and sinuses. Lose taste/smell. Any cures apart from antibiotics
Does anyone know what its like to have an asthma attack?
Hi everyone, I've tried many different ways to stop smoking but?
I have had a continuous cough for 4 months daily. Tested neg for asthma, brochitis, TB, HELP?
I cant stop sneezing what shall i do?
Can exercise make our body immune to all sickness?
Can post nasal drip cause white patches in the throat?
Am I on the right medication for a sinus infection?
Is it normal to cough more right after you quit smoking?
Sleep, can to much of it really kill you?
Which is the most effective product to use for wart removal on the fingers?
I can never get out of bed in the morning - why not?
How do you know if a boy likes you?
How can I get rid of my headache quickly?
Help there is yellow in my left eye????????
What can i use to help or do to help a badly cut-burned and swollen finger. {asap need help}?
I cut myself and i need help?
Has any on felt an electric shock sensation from a sunbeam heat blanket my husband could feel it in my back.?
What the F$&k;?
Pain in lower stomach...?
I recently fell and injured my back, could this cause headaches and slight dizziness?
Sprained or fractured?
Flesh tunnel ??
Men. How painful is it when you get hit in a 'certain' area of your body.? What would you compare it to?
Hydrocodone 10/325 mg or morphine sulafate 15 mg ?For pain in left forearm I now have 2 Large heavy plates in
Restless Leg Syndrome-anyone find and medication that actually WORKS?
I dont want to think this way!?
Do IV's hurt?
I Have a Sore Throat and it hurts when i swallow what can I Do?
I am thinking of getting my boyfriend to do acupuncture on my bad back?
Do bananas help muscle cramps?
Why is his right side always hurting?
Had a cortisone shot today, How long does this pain last?
Please help my son!!?
Are chapped lips and dry lips the same?
How do i get rid of acne?
Best anti-perspirant?
Acne question. i'm desperate!?
Acne - are there any natural cures?
Acne on my back!?
What helps you wake up in the early morning?
My 9 monthbaby is teething - is it normal to have loose bowels as a result? She has slight nappy rash as well.
What s the quick fix for hiccup?
What is the best remedy to stop mosquito bites from itching?
My left hand is warm, right hand is freezing. Why? help!?
Your beliefs on seconed hand smoking?
I quit smoking the day after the ban but am finding temptation difficult any tips?
Can smokeing only one ciggerette a week afect your health?
Coughing while smoking.?
How to solve secondhand smoking? My mom smokes, she won't stop and if I run for 10 minutes, I can't breathe...
I had TB before 6 years and got cured IAcoording to my family doc from my XRAY). Can I marry?
Smoker problemo?
Baby inhaled disinfectant spray?
From experience, which foods to avoid if u have hiatus hernia?
Sore Eye??
Need Some Answers, QUICK!!?
I a 13 yrs old and my knee has been huting me pretty bad wat could be wrong w/ it?
If your child hurt his back carrying his heavy backpack full of books for homework, who can you sue if anyone?
Wrist pain, still hasnt gone away, lifting and mouse work brings it back, need advice -_-?
How do you sleep with a broken collar bone?
What to get a person who sprained their ankle?
What will they say at a hospital about a cracked rib?
Have you ever burned yourself on accident?
Cast for toes?
Medical question...Could gross you out...but I got to know.....?
What time should we go to bed and how long should we sleep for??
Other than sleep name something you do when you're tired?
How do you decide to stop smoking?
Swallowing Pills?
My boyfriend just coughed up a blood clot! (help!)?
How come cigarette companies are allowed to spray tobacco with nicotine?
Tuberculosis (TB)?
Would an inhaler for asthma raise your blood alcohol level???
How can get myself to sleep quickly? How can I stop snoring?
I was told today that i carry the gene for cystic fibrosis, I am 5 months pregnant, what does that mean?
Should we be allowed to "OFF" smokers?( before you complain, read fools)?
I know two of my friends who have Mono. I know what it is but once someone gets it do they have it forever?
Help set my special friend straight. CIGAR SMOKING!?
Any harm in using your fast-acting asthma inhaler everyday?
Mum keeps getting headaches and feels like she has high blood pressure?
URGANT! my chest is throbbing and i can barely breath...?
How can i get desperately needed medical care with no insurance, no medicaid, and no job?
What causes joints to ache every morning?
My back has felt strained because I've been sitting in my computer chair awkwardly. What do I do?
Kidney Stones or Gallbladder?
Abdominal Pain--Is it Appendicitis?
Do you think it hurts to die drowning? What do you think its like?
What would cause pain in the sole of my foot, but only when I put weight on it?
Have you ever felt an x-ray?
Is my mole dangerous???
Look, this may sound stupid, but please help me..?
I heard that if you dont sleep for a day you'll faint randomly?
Stressed like you would not believe!?!?
How Did You Quit Smoking?
Spot products? What have you used that actually worked?
My face turns red after having two or three drinks Is that a bad thing?
Ever used those Biore blackhead strips for your nose or chin? What did you think of them?
Acne problems?
.Topical cream for exczema please,Im 41 and it's really flaring up,leaving a brown tinge on my skin,where the.
How many times a week can we oil our head?
I have a 10 year old who keeps getting lumps under his armpit does anyone know what could cause them.?
OMG ! help !?
Is this infected?
What colour foot/ankle cast should I get?
Can I go in the ocean with stitches?
What would you do if you shot yourself in the leg?
In grown toe nails ?
What can you do for a broken toe?
I broke my wrist. It's in a cast. Can I still go jogging???
Is Aspirin an effective anti-inflammatory or should one use Tylenol or Advil for a sprained knee?
I think I broke my pinky... how can I tell?
Mary Jane???
What to do for a jammed/broken thumb?
Is it true that some people get sick when they quit smoking?
Nasal Drip over the counter medications?
Should I quit smoking now?
Second hand smoke question?
Is smoking a cigar safer than smoking a cigarette?
Is It true that breathing in Beijing air is the same as smoking 70! Cigarettes?
Excruciating pain in chest with cough?
Has my cat triggered asthma?
Help to stop smoking ?
Will the doctors be open tomorrow?
I get migraines all the time.?
Pain in the feet!!!!!!!?
Propranolol and its effectivesness in migraine treatment?
What are the long terms effects of taking cortizon shots in the shoulder?
Does anyone know a good remedy for sleeping ?
Which is a stronger pain medication?? oxycontin or percocet??
Stuffy head, sinuses. Aching teeth and muscles. Overall, just feeling crappy and I have no energy. What...?
How do i stop my nail biting?
My man gets pain in the lower back then his legs give way?
What do i do for a sinus infection?
Headaches or Migraines?
How is smoking weed bad for you?
Are there any ways to relieve black and blue marks?
I am getting frequent headaches and nosebleeds all of a sudden, should i be concerned?
Pulled calf muscle...?
What would you think if someone just randomly came up and punched you in the face?
Is it possible for your foot to bleed if you step on your earring?
Help pleeeeeeeease!!!!!!!! im in pain!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Think i broke my jaw.?
I just fell out of my chair and broke my @SS?? Do I need a sling?
Can a person walk on a fractured ankle ?
I think my husband has a broken rib...?
Prognosis of someone with Cirhosis and Hep C....still drinking :(?
Ok,, I am one month smoke free after 30 years, and was wondering if anyoen could tell me, if the stop smoking?
My boyfriend has this disease which means that his lungs collapse at random times for no reason.?
My son is having conjestion since 5 months, he is 7 months old now being on inhalers, any specific treatment.?
Whats wrong with me???
What to do for a bad cough?
What makes you hiccup?
Can a 40 year old woman die from pneumonia?
Im spitting up blood..what do I do?
If i have been smoking since I have been 14 how long will i live i am 21?
Is it okay to wear winter clothes in the summer?
What is the best thing to do for a sore throat?
Itchy bites HELP! easy 10 points!?
How many hours people should sleep every day to maintain a good health?
Does cracking your knuckles really cause arthritis?
How do I stop leg cramps? How do I make the pain go away?!?
Will the doctor give me my medical file?
OUCH! It hurts but I don't know if I should pop it!?
How do I get a fishbone stuck in my throat out?
Easy 10 points!?
Every bone in my body seems to be aching today?
Need help about my son?
Numbness in the right side of face..?
Why do I kep getting this cramp.. Please answer i'm in agony!!
Why are people so afraid of Physical Pain? Needles etc.?
I have headaches almost every day. what should i do? and what could be the cause?
I Can't Get up in the morning.?
Do You Smoke, If Yes........ What?
My fingernails are permanently yellow, I think it is because I eat a lot of Cheetos, what can I do?
How do I get myself to bed before 11PM?
Does having a plaster on your finger stop you asking Questions?
How to get better from a cold fast?
What is the difference between shortness of breath and not being able to get a full breath?
Is moving to Arizona a cure all for asthema sufferers?
Throat infection....?
Breathing trouble...?
Has anyone on here used the stop smoking aid Chantix? If so, how did it work for you?
How does smoking affect the human lungs?
Do i need a doctor??
Can someone become addicted or at least dependent on oxygen used for breathung problems?
Unreasonable scratch mark on my foot?
If your baldy can you get a hairline fracture?
Can you die from a damaged spinal cord?
My son is 13 and for some weeks now has complained that the side of his knee hurts when he walks?
My son dropped a can on his toe, now it's purple and bleeding..what do I do?
Feet problems?? [[help asap pleaseee!!]]?
I fell down and hurt myself now what will happen to my leg?
I need new places on my body to self harm.?
How to get rid of dandruff?
How can i reduce the appearance of large pores can any one recommend any products?
Have used Proactiv Solutions for a little then 3 months now and see little results. What am i doing wrong?
Can u wash sensitive skin with just water nothing else like beyonce says she does?
I have this weird thing on my skin...?
What is our skin made of?
How do I get rid of dandruff? What is drandruff? Is it an incurable disease that has no known cause?
Are you getting enough sleep? How many hours each day on average do you sleep?
How long does nicotine take to come out of your system?
I woke this morning dizzy whats wrong?
Do i really look like i'm out of shape???
What happens to an asthmatic if they overuse their albuterol inhaler?
What are the symptoms of walking pneumonia?
WHY do I always test positive (PPD Test) for Tuberculosis?