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Cure athelets feet urine?
Anyone have a natural remedy for migraines?
Are drugs bad?
Anti depressants?
I have gas trouble.when gas comes out bad smell is coming.what to do?
If people had their knees oriented in the opposite direction, how would the chairs look?
What are the benefits from Apple Cider Vinegar?
Herbalists/Naturopaths only! My husband is sick ALL the time!!?
Cures for hiccups?!?
Does acupuncture help frozen shoulder?
Any tips on getting a deeper sleep.?
How to get high?
Whats a good hangover cure???
I have a really bad upset stomach right now. I have horrible pains and no stomach medicine.?
Can I Grow Taller?
What is the best home remedy for head lice?
How do I prevent getting a hangover?
Why is "alternative medicine" so expensive?
What would be a good name for a flotation tank business?
Cure for Hiccups?!!?
Is it possible to be muslim and gay? or it's a sin to be muslim and gay you can't be both things?
I have severe carpal tunnel syndrome i cannot afford surgery?
I am unable to digest raw vegetables and salads can someone offer me some advice?
Sore throat?
Why is cannabis illegal?
Safe for men to soak epsom salt?
A sty in my eye! Anyone know what to do?
Are there any natural( herbal?) antidepressants?
What is that thing that you use to smoke drugs?
Anyone with suggestions on getting more energy to get you through each day?
Have u ever smoked catnip ?
Any alternative (other than allopathis) treatment for gout?
Know of an all natural hair re-growth product and/or method for women, that has actually worked?
Are there any natural remedies to help you fall asleep?
Hypnotherapy to stop smoking?
Does anyone know of a natural way to clean marijuana out of your system quickly?
Please help me....?
Can overactive thyroid be 'treated' through dietary or life style adjustments?
Oh no.... think im getting a cold. Quick help! what can I do to try and prevent it....?
Birth Control?
What are some good non-prescription sleeping pills....?
Whats good for constipation?
What is the best Natural Medicine for Insomnia?
Depression and anxiety?
Is there a natural, antibiotic?
Does anybody know how to treat hypertension ( high blood-pressure) without medicines?
Is there any home remedey to get rid of heartburn?
Sinus problems?
How to cure a sore throat?
Is stupidity an ilness?
Is there anything natural I can take for my blood pressure?It runs a little high sometimes.?
Are the following medicines safe to mix?
What's a good home remedy for a child's earache? (they are already on antibiotics)?
I found a white round pill with number 54 210 on it?
How was your first time?
Is there a holistic approach that can help my knee?
What is zoloft used for?
Is cayenne pepper good for your health?
Any disadvantages of honey?i give it to my kid every night for sleeping purposes only...?
Does anyone have a good remedy for warts?
What is the best supplement to give to a child of 4 yrs old trouble sleeping and concentration, fish oil???
How can I make myself pass out?
What supplemental can I take to lower my high blood presure?
What's the best home remedy for a BLADDER INFECTION?
Are there any negative health effects associated with drinking diet soda?
How to get rid of a sore throat?
HOLY CRAP i pulled a mussel in my arm near my sholder...?
Does anyone know any other natural easy way to get "high" or "trip" ?
Does taking garlic capsules really repel mosquitoes?
Is it okay to give a 4 year old a little rum with his cough medicine?
Anyone know a natural way to dissolve kidney stones (things you can buy from the store, eg vegetables, etc.)?
How do you cure Jalapeno burns?
What is the cure of stammering? what is the medicine for it?
Will any sort of tea bag work on a canker sore? I've read that tea tree oil is the way to go...?
Natural Deodorant and Antiperspirant?
I've got stomach cancer but I hate Western Medicine. Which homeopathic treatments should I take instead?
My asthma is really bad even my inhealers aint working for me? help!?
Is there a safe, quick and effective way to lower cholesterol levels without the use of drugs?
Are enemas god to use in place of laxatives?
Does anyone know a natural cure for bronchitis?
I need to pass a drug test on monday!!! (smoked pot 3 days ago)?
What's the best thing for a hangover?
How does one loss weight without pills?
What do they mean when a dotor gives you some medicine and it says take two times a day?
Natural way for whiter teeth?
Are there any natural things that do the same thing as antibiotics?
Heart burn?
Can anyone recommend a good, cheap, reliable online site for ordering vitamins and alternative products online
Do drug companies want to cure you?
Are there any reasonably safe, effective and legal ways to induce hallucinations?
Do I have to buy over the counter medicine for lice?
Help Please!!!!!!!?
Indian head massage, anyone had one ? what is your experience ? how did you feel afterwards?
Excellent cures of toddler constipation?
How do you cure Rheumatoid Arthritis naturally? I'm 25 healthy,active, please help me!?
Please, wont you help me end it all?
Do Bach Flower Remedies work?
Acne help?
Whats wrong with weed?
Hi. I really need to quit smoking, any magic way to do it?
Would it be dangerous to have liposuction done on the testicular area?
Can smoking weed really help you lose weight?
What is a good home remedy for bronchitis?
Hair drug Test Question?
What's the best supplement to reduce cholesterol?
Any natural sleep Aids??????
I have a cold sore and have been using abreva what can I do to get rid of it quicker?
Whats a natural herb used for anxiety?
Do you think a drug addict will always be a drug addict? even after treatment? kind of long but please?
What is a good natural laxative ?
What is the best and strongest laxative>?
How to quit smoking?
Is there a fruit, other than prunes---that acts as a laxitive?
I have a bad cough. What can help it?
Pass a durg test?
How t reduce bp without medication?
What supplements can i take to combat tiredness?
Is there anyway to prevent hayfever?
What is your favorite toy?
Any tips on natural ways to beat depression?
Whats a good way to quit smoking?
Would gargling with bleach cure my sore throat?
Cystitis?!?! Help!!?
What do you think are the causes of the autism epidemic we are facing today?
Does tylenol kill your liver?
Where can i get marijuana? i haven't tried smoking it, and i want to try...?
What's a quick and easy cure for a cold?
Do u think its possible 2 b addicted 2 marijuana?
Does anyone know about the herb/spice GINGER?
What is the best way of gettin to sleep?
Size of the human heart?
How can you get rid of a urine infection and blood in urine without going to docs?
Foods/drinks that are natural diuretics?
Hash cakes? how to make them??
I just Swung an Dumb Bell on My Face....and My Face Got Swollen......wat can i do About it???
Spiritual healing and reiki?
The best cure for a really bad sore throat ?
Worst hangover in the history of the world - cures?
What can I use as a natural diuretic?
Why most of the people are not convinced of alternative medicines?
Any home remedies or vitamins my hubby can take to lower his blood pressure?
What is your cure for the hiccups?
How do you get rid of these hiccupps they are driving me INSANE!!!?
Where in the UK can i buy 'relaxation tapes'?
Eating weed?
Is any treatmant for Brain Tumor in Homoeopahti?
Does anyone know of any way to pass a hair folicle drug test for pot?
Why does everyone hate the FDA? Who should we trust?
Is there anything NATURAL that I can use as a bug reppelent?
How 2 get rid of muscle pains?
What are some alternative/holistic treatments for eczema?
I have real problems relaxing my jaw muscles. Have tried loads of different things (no crude answers please)?
Whats the best acne medication on the store?
My wife has a debilitating cough. Does anyone know of a natural cure for this condition?
Severe adult acne!!!?
Is there a natural alternative option for high blood pressure?
Acupuncture and headaches?
Has anyone tried probiotics to help with bloating?
I am looking for alternative treatments for Reumatoid Arthritis?
What are some good herbal remedies to help bring on sleep?
Which herbal teas are best for increasing your metabolism?
Is there a natural remedy to a cold/flu?
Question on narcotics?
How do you cure migranes?
Is windows Vista pissing anyone else off?
Why do you smoke Marijuana?
How can i cure a hiccup?
What are the effects of smoking?
Are cannabis and marijuana the same plant?
Does anybody know what alternative remedy to take for the flu?
How to cure sinus without operation?
Have you ever broken your arm?? if so how?
Is there a natural remedy for high blood pressure?
What is the best & effective cure to insomnia?
What is the all natural aphrodisiac substitute for Viagra?
I heard that Riddelin is a dangerous drug. That it is given to many children for hyperism. Any good results?
What is a good NATURAL routine to clease/detoxify your system. NO PILLS?
Why are SO many people against smoking pot when it doesn't hurt any 1 & has medical uses?
What bedtime snacks can help kids fall asleep? I hear some fruits have melatonin and other natural sedatives?
Can anyone suggest simple remedy to avoid migraine headache and how to cope up with migramine headache?
What's an effective natural cure for depression?
Best cure for ear infection?
I have a sore throat and runny nose.....?
The best way to forget someone you see each and everyday, because of a pain full memory?
Is taking muscle relaxants and drinking alcohol at the same time safe?
Anything you can take for depression? That works?
Already asked this question but should boy be exspelled?
Marijuana for Medical Problems???
I want to drink acholol however, I am taking antidepressents. Will something very dangerous happen to me?
Do anyone know of a natural remedy for high blood pressure? ( hypertension)?
Okay I have a cold..sore throat and runny/stuffy nose, need to get over it quickly. Any natural remedies?
What are some disadvantages of vitamin C?
I have a corn on my 4th toe . I have lymphoedema so cannot use chemicals.Any idea for Natural ingrediants?
Whats the best way to get rid of a sore throat?
What is the best medicine for insomia?
How lond does marijuana last in your blood stream?
Anyone knows a good remedy for chronic constipation???
What should i do if i have a bad sore throat?
Smoking marijuana before driving?
Is it dangerous to take homeopathic remedy phosphorus without consulting a homeopath
Stop hiccups?
Ive just found a brown/orange colour tablet in my sons bedroom?
Is Cannabis and Marijuana the same thing?
What are some remedies for stomach cramps if you are tripping on shrooms?
Is it O.K. to take Benadryl for sleeping ONLY?
Can any supplement really prevent or get rid of the flu or common cold?
What will help me sleep during the day without taking any sleeping pills?
What can you cure with natural herbs?
What are some herbs that help with anxiety or depression?
Homeopathy or placebo?
Do chiropractors really work? and which is better to go to for back problems? a chiropractor or an orthopedic?
Please help, I have a cold sore and a Job interview!!?
What's a safe, effective remedy for poison ivy?
What household remedy can i use for acid reflux disease?
What is the effect of YOGA in your life?
Why homoeopathic hospitals are not being built?
What are the best natural remedies for clearing spots and blemishes?
Is there a remedy for gas pains?
What natural or alternative remedies have you had success in treating ADHD for your child?
Do you trust the FDA? Do you think that prescription drugs are all about the $$$?
Can i know any medicine for sore throat?
Would you rather FREEZE or BURN to death?
Is there a way to treat Restless Leg Syndrome without prescription meds?
Help getting to sleep?
What are better camel lights or camel regulars?
Can eyesight ever get better?
Colon cleanse??
Kids Temp High and Need Help?
Does bleach cleam out your system?
Ambien, the sleeping medicine?
Please help! Does anyone know a way to get rid of a cold/flu?
Does a Brown Recluse mean instant death?
Have any of you ever tried LSD?
Real quick question before I run out to buy this please?!?
How can I quite smoking?
What is the best kind of weed?
What are some health benefits to smoking cigarettes?
How can i get high with out smoking weed or killing a **** load of brian cells?
What are the side affects of Rx drugs like Paxil or Zoloft?
The best natural immunity boosters?
Should i discontiue to take the medicine....?
What can I do about an earache/ear infection without going to the doctor?
Let's get some of those home remedies for cold and flu. The season is here. What'cha got?
What slows the groth of yeast ?
Anyone tried `rescue remedy`?
Can somebody please tell me the side effects of birth controll pills.?
I thought I had something to take for acid reflux in my cabinet,?
What is halitosis and what are the cure?
Does any body have a home remedy for acid reflux?
Do those popper things in anne summers containt cannabis?
What are some natural remedies for migraines?
Have you ever had your massage female get topless during the massage?
Anyone else had this experience with weed?
Anyone have a good herbal remedy for gout?......help!?
How do you feel about the use of Marijuana to treat autism. ?
What is the enzyme found in banana that is very helpful to our health?
What herb helps your stomach ache?
Has anyone heard of health benifits of eating dirt?
Any cures for the common cold?
Who smokes Marijuana and why? What benifit does it do for you?How old are you?
Can anyone reccomend a safe fasting plan?
Which vitamins are good for hair and nails?
Can you snort cough medicine to clear your head?
Natural alternative for acid reflux?
Does anyone know the aroma used to wake a person who is unconscious?
Any homely remedy to treat cough and cold?
Should I take sleeping pills?
Is there an herb that helps lower blood pressure?
A question to a physic?
My friend is high should i let him drive home?
What can we do for chronic constipation since 8-9 yrs? Are there any good natural medicines for this?
Alternative Medicine for High Blood Pressure?
Whats the best cure for bad back pain?
Best Vitamins?
Help!!!!9 year old daughter has scratchy throat she's has 2 go to school?
What is possibe side effects using modern and traditional medicine?
What is the best alternative medicine for depression and anxiety?
Anti-depressants? please help :(?
Sore throat?? How to relieve it?
Whats the best way to quit smoking?
Is there any doctor out there?
Is there god?
Did I take too mayn vitamins?
What are other ways to feel euphoria?
Which diet pills are the best to use with the most success?
Please hurry,help i have food poisoning?
Would this be dangerous for me to do?
Can you exercise on antidepressants?
How does homeopathy work?
Need a good natural laxative solution ( One that really loosens ) Delicate problem..hopefully not TMI!?
Why do people say "I know god exist"?
Do copper bracelets help with arthritis?
Ok..here goes. I am a natural therapist looking for something else to do.?
Which is the best way to draw out a spot?
What herb(s) would help with a hormonal imbalance?
Useful of tea tree oil?
What should you do if someone faints?
Do you think fasting is good for you?
I am on a low carb diet and have constipation what can i take to stop the costipation but stick to my diet?
Should I take xanax to be able to sleep?
I burnt my hands with jalapeno peppers. how do i remedy this? my hands are on fire!!?
Why do we experience pain?
Why do Asthmatic's have to pay for presciption when people who are diabetic get them for free?
Where can I get some Blueberry Yum Yum?
Home remedies for a toe nail infection.?
Can't sleep,but don't want to take pills?
Vegan natural ways to get rid of migraines?
Is there any herbal medicine to stop Arthritis pain in the joints?
Do you think Jalapenos have a cancer fighting agent?
Has anyone got some hints on the best way to give up smoking please?
I have a terrible headache from lack of caffeine...any suggestions?
How can lower my hyper tension the natural way?
Does putting ice cubes on your head help you cure fevers?
How do i get RID of a SORE throat & FAAAAAAST?!?
Crack Cocaine?
Are there any alternatives on the market for high blood pressure?
Does any body know?
Do you lable weed as a drug? or a medicine?
Which hallucigen should I try first? Shrooms or LSD?
I can't sleep ca i take benadryl?
I took THREE sleeping pills, why can't I sleep?!?
What is the cure for stammering?
Please tell me why...?
Do natural highs really work?
Sick help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
What are the benefits of smoking weed?
Natural treatment for migraines???
How can garlic be used to treat a cold?
My friend ashley wants to know how to pass her pee test for work next week??
How do you 'eat' honey?
What's the best treatment for acne that won't dry my face out?
How many aspirin needed to knock a person off?
Can you believe bush you cant bring body products so ladies how do you feel when you cant have your products?
Toenail fungus.....any cures that actually work??
What does it mean when you have too much acid in your body?
Whats the best over-the-counter sleep medicine?
The department of health is trying to make me vaccinate my daughter!?
Is there any truth that drinking Knox gelatin will help you grow stronger fingernails?
Has anyone been able to successfully get off "heartburn" medications and get natural?
For people who take herbal remedies...?
Do you think it's possible to have an out of body experience?
Question about pot?
How do you treat a gunshot wound with household items?
Magnetic Bracelets - Do they work?
Is there an alternative, natural cure to obsessive-compulsive behavior?
How do you quit smoking the safe way?
I have tendonitis in my wrists and golfers elbow. i have a black belt grading in november any advice?
Sore throat home remidies!!!! plz?
How to improve my digestion in natural way ? plzzzzzz i'm literaly suffering .......plzzzzz do suggest !!!
Im looking for home remedies for broken cracked ribs I can't afford a doc or any pain meds,would appreciate it
What are some natural home remedies for headaches? im looking for drug free results?
Which vitamins/herbs should I take to aid in a liver detox program?
Can anyone recommend a doctor that will give me BIONIC legs?
Best sleeping pills?
Good home remedies for arthritis and/or stress?
I have an acne problem. have you used any home remedies that have worked???
Is marihuana, pot classed as a narcotic?
How can i get my hand on codeine without a prescription? ...?
Child has bad anxiety!?
Will anything serious happen to me if I mix antidepressents with some alcohol? Not at the same time though?
Pharmacist gave me an eyedrop liquid "Cipro %0.3 Siproflokasasin" when I asked him for an eardrop is it right?
I would like to plant a herb garden, using herbs that can be used as remedies?
Can you get high if you drink urine after smoking pot? (isn't the urine filled with THC?) ?
Does great value ( the walmart brand) apple cider vinegar have mothers in it?
What foods help bowel movement?
I diabetic n just 26 m feelling very upset what should i do?
Would snorting a line of aspestos be dangerous?
Anyone know a quick detox for a urine drug test???
Does anyone have a natural remedy for acid reflux disease?
What is the difference?
Extacy pills????????????
Remedies for a sore throat?
I have bad circlation my docter gives me quinine tabs 300mg but i still get cramps at night any surgestions?
Does anyone know of any foods or herbs that can make menstrual periods shorter, lighter, and less painful?
Should i take vitmans? what good kinds are there?
Are there any natural remedies for reducing cholesterol ?
What can I smoke that I can find in my kitchen that would be a good alternative to cigarettes?
What is the best remedy for an autistic child?
How can I get rid of a sore throat and sinus infection without antibiotics?
What is the best treatment at home for bladder infection, or UTI?
I want to know nature way to decrease migraine & tension headach ?
How can one achieve eternal youth?
Simple home remedy for indigestion plz.thank you.?
What is the best natural way to heal depression?
Which herb do you consider to be the best overall?
Does liquorice have any medicinal value ?
Can medical statisticians do anything other than make derogatory comments about altmed therpies?
Hypothyroidism - any home remedies?
Is there a legal alternative to cannabis.?
Why is conventional medicine spending more than 100 million dollars per year to discredit alternative medicine
O.k not to gross anyone out but this is a female question. any home remedies for yeast infections? sorry.?
Teas or herbs that help insomnia?
Best hangover medicine/cure?
What is a natural way to relax besides drugs/alcohol?
Are daily contact lenses safe?
Is chemo therapy the only way?
Tylenol PM?
Are there any natural remedies for depression?
Sleeping pills?
If you have ridiculous beliefs, shouldn't you by definition expect to be ridiculed?
Should I pop a burn blister or let it pop on it's own?
Diagnosed with CANCER?
Is special massage with happy ending legal?
What is the best way to stop a panic attack without mediction?
My wife has high blood pressure, what are some good natural (herbal) remedies that she could take?
Theraputic cannabis.?
My mom doesnt want me to take xanax?
What kind of herbs should i take to clean my colon?
I have belly ache?
What are some at-home remidies for a sinus infection?
What does it feel like when on ecstasy? is there a big come down?
How can your reduce your blood pressure?
Marie-Jane question?
Eating to cure the flu? I feel like I've been run over by a truck...what should I be eating?
I need a natural cure for uric acid kidney stones, natural cure for uric acid stones.?
How do i leave drugs without going to hospital suggest me some medicines?
Dose smoking weed do girls like it?
Why do Chiropractors tell you to apply ice after an adjustment?
I have insomnia. No matter what prescriptions I take I cannot sleep well. What are some nonaddictive remedies?
What is a cure for dizzyness and fatigue?
I have a drug test coming up tommorrow. The last time i smoked .was last night.?
Cleaning your immune system for bad hygiene what pills work please help?
Easyway method of stop smoking is there any feedback?
Is this real or a scam??
Symptoms of a migraine?
What are some good holistic/herbal/all natural/OTC remedies to fight infection?
How to get high?
Can anybody recommend me any proven home remedies for acid reflux?
Does green tea calm your nerves?
Will ginger root help for my nausea?
Wot time is it in america?
Do Alternative Medicines work?
Is it typical for someone who has been on drugs to be tired all the time. He is clean now.?
What is a good herbal diuretic to use?
What is the best oil to use for massaging my tired feet?
I have a small oval white pill?
Fibromyalsia cure?
Anyone know any thing herbal or natural that is good for anxiety?
Will Aroma therapy work to calm a rowdy 4 yr old boy?
Are there any good natural herbal supplements to help with Nausea?
What are the side effects of Steroids?
Why do u need to get Hepititas B Shots?
What's the best way to battle depression?
Peppermint tea for nausea?
How can i cure strep?
Why are my underarms burning and peeling despite using hypoallerginic deodorant?
Whats the best thing for a really bad headache? I've taken so much Excedrin my belly is nauseous?
What services would you enjoy in a spa?
Any advice on kidney stones?
Are there any mood stabilizes or natural antidepressants?
Why are sceptics so quick to comment on alternative medicine treatments?
Need a home remedy for stress, quick and effective.?
Doesn anybody know a really good way to make scars appear less noticeable??
How to stop acid reflux?
What are some home remedies to cure a hangover?
I am cold, but i don't want to take medicine! Any other method?
Unusual treatments for hiccups?!?
I need a sleep aid that is sold over the counter... does anybody knows of a good one?
How to quit????
Does anyone have any suggestions for quiting smoking other then the patch or gum? what has worked for you?
How do I stop bleeding with natural remedies?
Do eye Floaters ever go away?Plz tell me from your personal experiances only?
Will a can of coke cure my headache?
What is homoeopathy?
Best site to buy supplements online?
Is there a non-surgical cure for snoring?
Is marijuana really good for medical use or is that just a cop out for you to smoke it?
Where can you buy herbal cigarettes?
How do I strengthen my immune system after I have taken a course of antibiotics?
Is mouth washing with hydrogen peroxide safe and effective?
I am interested in an effective alternative to using antibiotics?
How should i increase my height?
What herbal remedies?
Can aspirin be dangerous if you take too much in one go?
I dont feel good and im weak and throwing up what should i take?
Does anybody here know where I can get a good massage with little or no money?
Can someone help me??
Is there a safe way to clean marijuana out of your system in a short period of time?
How do you treat a sore throat?
What is good to put on bee bites that swell up alot, but you are not allergic?
Can arthritis can be cured with the help of acupuncture?
My son had heart surgery when he was 9 days old hes now 5 months and he has problems breathing what do i do?
Any natural medicine for stop smoking?
COLD question!!!!?
Rash under the nose from excessive wiping.?
Where's the best place to hide a dead body?
Why is alcohol addicting?
How Do I Cover up Marijuana Smoke?
I can't swallow pills?
Any natural or herbal cures for anxiety & restlessness?
Someone please tell me the best medicine for a back pain.?
Do you think this is right about a doctor?
Is there a alternative medicine for migraine headaches.?
Whats the best sore throat medicine?
How to prevent and cure a hangover?
What is a good way to flush you ears at home?
Does apple cider vinegar hurt YOU..?
I started with blisters on my lip and now it's weepie and swolen what next!?
What's good for laxative?
Can you cut off a hemroid because I don't want to treat it medically?
Any sore throat remedies you know of?
Does wearing copper bracelet heal arthritis?
Natural remedies for depression and anxiety?
Whether kidney stones can be treated with homeopathy or Ayurveda or Allopathy without surgery or lithortripsy?
Someone told me that tylenol has a smal dose of cocaine in it so if you snort it you get high. was i tricked?
Shouldn't marijuana be given to people who suffer from Anorexia?
Osteoarthritis,my Mum has been told she has this in her knee.?
When giving blood will they take it if marijuana is in your system?
Do cider vinegar tablets really work???
What is a good herbal remedy for chrones disease?
ยท Have you ever been to an acupuncturist? What do you think of acupuncture?
How do i get my low blood cell count to go to normal by other methods tahn docs?
What natural home remedies are there to cure a cold?
Do you think alcohol or marijuana is worse?
I have Crohn's Disease. any ideas on natural treatments to keep it in remission or do away with it totally
Which place is most famous for marijuana in all over the world?
What is the best medicen for allergy attacts?
Do you think that doctors are giving out to many prescriptions for marijuana?
What do you think about homeopathy ?
How can you cure a cold has fast as you can please tell me some stuff i can do?
Is there any natural way to relieve my anxiety & panic attacks without taking pills?
Serious question about passing drug test...?
What is the best way to deal with stiff neck?
Back pain/alternative medicine?
Natural ways to get rid of a cold?
Arthritis remedy?
I can't make a bowel movement ..?
What is the best way to relieve stress without taking it out on other people?
What are the medicines to be taken to cure acidity?
Help with energy, concentration and memory?
Living with intense PAIN!!!?
Are there any foods or tablets i can buy to stop my farts from smelling?
My therapist suggested meditation...?
What to do other then "going" to the doctor to combat depression and anxiety?
I am so much happier now that I had crunch bar and coke for breakfast I feel so much better is that so wrong?
I have some infection in my blood plz tell me the natural ways to purify the blood?
GOT home remedies for head cold that wont go away? HELP!!!?
Natural contraception?
Can you reccomend a cure for toothache that doesn`t involve pain medication?
Does anyone know how to remove tattoos?
Are there any natural sleep aids out there?
Poor kid...need some mom advice here!?
My back hurts, but I recently got caught poppin pills so how do I fix my problem/?
How can I make being sick more comfortable and get over it?
How do you spell psosoris?
The movie "Shoot em' Up", do carrots really improve eyesight?
Ive heard living on grapes for a month or so is great for your health, anyone done this?what are the benifits
Is diarhea the body's way of natural colon cleansing?
" Yellow/circle "?
Bathroom issues Help!?
Is herbal treatment good for health?
I have problem of Frozen shoulder. My family doctor advice me no pain killer, only physiotherapy can cure.?
I have water in my ear, what can i do to get rid of it?
What is the best memory enhancing supplement?
Is there an over the counter medicine that can put you to sleep?
What is a good vitamin or a good juice to help you concentrate say for a test?
TABLETS`How`many` Do`you`take`Each`Day`?
What are some Natural Cures to lower blood pressure?
With reflux what food is best to eat?
How long dose weed remain in your sytem and what is the best way to flush it out??
I'm sick i'm coughing,sneezing, nose is running, watery eyes, What do i take to help me get rid of it????????
Is teeth grinding a side effect of adderall?
Anyone have any natural remedies for crohn's?
Whats is the best way to get rid of the blackness under the eyes?!?
I need sleep?
What is the best way to boost a toddlers immunity?
Remedy for insonia?
Any one out there is also in love with Miss Mary Jane?
What is a good stomach/colon cleanser (natural). No castroil or laxatives or prunes.?
My face is prone to break outs and I'd rather use organic things on my face to help it, What can I use?!?
Does vinegar and water cure a yeast infection?
What natural remedies and alternative methods to regulate my period?
Marijuana used as a cure for speed addiction?
Home Remedys for Canker Sores??
Hair test for new job?
Is there any way to get a pot smoker to stop smoking?
I have gallstones but I do not want to get my gallbladder removed is there something else I can do?
Whats the best way to get off something superglued to my nose?
Herbal highs/legal highs/legal weed...?
What is the best way to lower blood pressure without drugs?
What is a natural home remedy to clear my skin?
Hospitals are not helping?
What kinds of things can u get perscribed medical marijuana for????
I've got a massive....?
Have you ever had a professional massage that you did not enjoy?
Is there a natural way to improve my vision?
Should a massage practitioner be capable of diagnosis or not?
How to Detox the Mind?
What's a good way to get rid of gas naturally?
Rosehip for arthritis????
I have a ear that has was hurting bad 3 days ago and yesterday it was stopped where i could not hear?
Why do people believe that you can sweat out toxins?
What is the best/recommended vitamin for the brain?
Home remedies for itchy throat and nagging cough?
Does anyone know how to treat a sore throat?
Any home remedies for cold symtoms? EMERGANCY!?
Ear Infection Help Please?
HELP! My g/f is a junkie?
I Just took some advil (200mg) and i didnt notice it exp 03/07. will i get sick!?!?!?
Thinking of switching to alternative medicine?!?
Any natural remedies to cure a stomach ache?
Quick fix for a sore throat?
What is the best cure for indigestion?
I found a bottle of pills in my storage room that are small and round with the letter "k" on them?
I am asking the younger people what the meaning for Alternative meadicine means?
What are some good ways to get in touch with my higher self?
I have a blocked energy flow, but im sceptical please help.?
Natural cures for arthiritis?
Anyone use Glucosamine/chondritin for pain? Does it really work?
What are the health benefits of MANUKA HONEY ? It's so much more expensive than ordinary honey?
Ice Pack or Heat Pack?
What is the best over the counter medication for cold sores?
A friend gave me Concerta to help me out on the SATs...?
Natural remedy?
Has anyone ever made a home remedy for colon cleansing?
I guess its called chronic constipation???
Is it dangerous to sleep when high on ecstacy?
What natural herb is good for mood swings,nurves?
Question about cancer medicine?
How can i loose a kidney stone of approx 1,5 cm without an operation?
I cant stop smoking weed.....What should i do?
Any home remedies for high blood pressure for peeps in 20s?
Did Jesus try any other drugs besides pot?
About stomach acid?
I have 15mg codine pills from 2004 will it hurt me if i take them?
Is eucalyptus essential oil safe to use for babies?
Any good natural remedies for insomina?
What's the best natural remedy for a bad case of dandruff????
Sick of being sick....?
Does putting soap at the end of your bed really take away foot cramps?
Have you ever done anything to improve vision?
Is there an over-the-counter treatment for dehydration?
What is the best way to HEAL ourselves, others and the planet?
What supplement can I take to fight fatigue during work?
Is it healthy to journal about negative experiences?
What is a vaccine?
My mother(65) is suffering from pain in her knees.?
Whats the best cure for a hangover?
Does anyone know what green puss means?
What is a good homeopathic remedy or other natural alternative medicine remedy,for insomnia?
How many joints can you smoke in one day?
What natural(herbal,greens) products avaiable to help improve brain power and memories?
What do fiber tablets do to you??
Does anyone know of any alternative therapies for insect bite allergies?
Any natural treatment for eczema ?
Can i take tramadol with diazepam ?
Is weed all that bad.?
Do's hypnotism stop you smoking or is acupuncture better?
What is the best natural remedy for an upset stomach?
Please tell me about cocaine, so far all is well...?
Are there any homeopathic remedies for a migraine?
I was offered a job on friday, and on Saturday night, I did 3 key bumps of cocaine.?
Does anyone know how to clean thc out of your system in a short amount of time?
How to cure thrush the natural way?
How do I lower Blood pressure without using medicine/?
How to increase my height? i am 16 yrs old and my height is 5".?
Will there be any diseases form due to passing the motion(feces) two days once, not daily?
Do natural supplements/herbs for anxiety and depression really work?
What is a good natural remedy for extreme high blood pressure? my blood pressure stays high mostly all day!?
Have you ever smoked marijuana? What does it feel like to be high
Does Marrijuana Give You Cancer?
Are blue berrys natural laxitives?
What is the best sleep aid out there?
Please help! I have a sore throat what can i do to make it go away FAST?
STRIP NC detox to pass drug test.?
Should I take expired pill? Is it harmful? But they are expensive!!?
Will eating fortune cookies cure my asthma?
Apple Cider Vinegar....?
I want to get better sleep at night.is there any medical or alternative solution.?
Why is there such a stigma towards Herbal Remedies and Natural Cures ?
Do you think Magnet treatments work ?
Natural cure for reflux in adult?
Anyone know a good home made remedy for cleaning out ear wax?
Bee stings cure arthritis? anyone tried it?
Wht are the natural laxative tht we have in nature ?
Is there any thing that I can drink to dissolve a kidney stone?
What is the quickest way to clean out your system from THC?
Best way to treat a cold sore...?
Need to find natural relief from arthritis pain?
Throat remedy- Can i use lime instead of lemon?
I am considering taking Valerian to help me sleep. Is it safe?
Is Reiki nonsense?
Everything and anything abou weed?
What are the alternative remedy for arthritis?
Do you get migraines? What is the best way to get rid of them?
Is it safe to smoke weed out of a light bulb?
Is there any proof that alternative medicine works?
What is the best remedy for arthritis pain in your fingers, and hands?
I just signed up for Massage School. But now Im thinking- Can I really touch a stranger? How do I get past?
What are the dangers of complementary therapies?
Has anyone ever tried Ecstacy?
Wat will happen if we sleep with contact lenses on?
Should marijuana be legal for medicinal purposes?
What are natural remedies for a really bad cold/even flu?
Is there any natural medicine to kill tobacco and cigarrate nicotine after we smoke?
What natural cure is good for sinus trouble.?
ANY recommendations for flushing THC out of the body faster than the body's natural process of 6 weeks?
How can i boost my immune system?
I have a small amount of poison Ivy on me. Will this run its course, or should I go to the doctor?
Is it safe to take painkillers with alcohol?
Bong suggestions?
What are the pro and cons involved with choosing marinol over smoking pot?
Waht are some good natural treatments for shortening the length of a cold? Garlic, Vitamin C, Zinc?
Is a massage good?
Best hangover cure?
Anybody on here have any recommendations for herbs to take for stress?
True Or False Pot...?
Heard alot about the value of drinking water with fresh lemon squeezed into it. It is in ayurvedic medicine,?
What can I take to make me stop SMELLING BAD?
What is the most important thing a woman with 270 for cholesterol can do to lower her cholsterol, naturally?
Whats something i can do to get high i have no weed coke just nothing?
How do you get clearer eyes (whiter whites)?
What happens when you crush and sniff altoids?
My girlfriend is a nurse, after a night of heavy drinking...?
How mant Vicodine can i take?
Can you take to much vitamin C?
I found a small white round pill with a line on one side and KO on other i cant find it can someone help me?
Are there any home remedies for an ear ache?
Has anyone tried Epsom Salts for a laxative?
Have you ever used Airborne?
Sore throat home remedies?
I often have ulsers in my mouth. tell me a permenant solution?
How to help constant tonsilitis and what's having tonsils out like?
Need to purify my blood any suggestions?
Just had my gall bladder removed but still have constant reflux. can anyone help?
How to make own sleeping pills?
Does natural detoxification really work?
I am in need of a cute, straight to the point name for my massage therapist business.?
What is a good home remedy for burns from the stove?
Best supplements for low energy level?
Has anyone tried hypnosis for weight loss, and did it work?
What's a good way to feel refreshed?
My mom has had 3 UTI's in 6 wks. i would like for her to try acidophilus but she is on a lot of meds how do.
What herbs are great for anxiety??
Plan b pills with drugs..?
What makes some people love cannabis?
Figure out what this pill is?
Hayfever - natural remedies?
What is a good NATURAL way to fall asleep?
Eye floaters?Do they ever disappear?
What will happen if I feed a rat with stimulative Herbal tea?
What is the best product to use to boost your Immune System?
I need help with migraines?
Vitamin problem?
Is it time to legalize drugs?
Why does chicken noodle soup cure the common cold?
Your stance on Mary Jane (Marijuana)?
How to replace Caffeine?
How can you help a leg cramp naturally , like salt water or potassium pills?
Does anyone know how to get rid of a stuffy nose and a cold fast?
What is a better alternative to motrin?
Any good advise or remedy's to relieve syatic nerve pain besides an operation?
Hung over?
What is a sure cure for crabs?
What is a natural remedy for high blood pressue?
Sleeping pills?
What are the health benefits of cider vinegar?
Explain acupuncture?
Does anyone have experience with your kids having their tonsils out?
Is it safe for teens to take aspirin?
What is the best cure for gum disease?
What is the safest most effective natural therapy for acute appendicitis?
What are the most common NATURAL methods of controlling Cancer?
What is the best way to quit smoking?
I found a white pill in my sons coat?
Can someone recommend a good tetoxification drink to clear out my system.?
My daughter is having a fever 102.4f again form yesterday in the armpit she had fever ten days before also?
Any medicine to help my brother withdraw from meth to save his life from this evil drug?
I have scabies?
How do you detox??
What can you do to stop a sore throat?
What can i do to relieve my sinus pain naturally?I hate pills and go through this every year.?
Arthritis pain?
This is nasty so please only serious people and NOT idiots looking to make fun!!?
Is there a pain killer thats as strong as vicodin but not as narcotic or addicting?
What is the best way to get rid of High cholesterol?
Anyone have any home remidies for a sore throat?
Is honey safe as a sweetener for diabetics?
Why doesn't the FDA approve some herbal remedies but approves pharmaceuticals with known side effects?
What kills more brain cells? getting drunk or getting high?
What's a really good medicine to treat a sore throat?
How much iron?
Is it posible to remove a person's gallbladder?
Home remedy for smelly feet?
My throat is very sore. What is the best medicine to cure it fast?
What is the fastest way to cure a cold?
Can smoking pot make you lose memory?
Natural home cure for sick stomach?
What are some facts about smoking weed?
Why is marijuana illegal?
Why are people so opposed or against natural/alternatives ?
How dangerous is this super strength cannabis?
Is white tea healthier than green tea?
What is the best way to cure a sore throat?
How do you get rid of a Migrane with out traditional meds?
At-home sore throat remedies anyone?!?
What have been your best mushroom trips?
Can we really control the aging process.what makes us grow old.?
Which is the best oil for foot massage?
What is the best home remedy for itch relief from bites and poison ivy?
Whats a good simple cure for toothache?
If cops burned a big pile of confiscated pot and you stood downwind, would you get high?
What is the most effective natural product for sleep?
I have a urinary tract infection and a ear infection. Is there a way to treat these without a doctor?
What is the best natural remedy (non-drug) cure for Insomnia? Answer fast im going to sleep.?
Can onion help a sore throat?
What are some tips to giving a simple back massage?
Help I can't Sleep! home remedies?
What's a good natural detox drink?
My girlfriend has taken 7 or 8 kalms sleeping pills?
Essential oils...what are some that you use regularly...and what are they best for???
How old is too old to go to Medical school? Will be 28 when I can go.?
How do you compare nurses and doctors?are doctors superior to nurses?
How can you cure staph or impetigo?
How can someone improve week eyesight?
Healthy organic sleep aids?
Do you like it hot or cold better?
What is good for cough?
What's the best way to get rid of hiccups?
Can just drinking water actually flush THC from your system?
What are the best sleeping pills avaliable in india?
I had gotten Bronchitis last week...now my sore throat won't go away....How do I stop it?
Can i have a flu?
Any releif from getting wisdom teeth pulled?
Could someone recommend a natural remedy for giving the body an energy boost.?
What is the most powerful antioxidant out there?
Can Arthritis be cured by Reiki Therapy?
What is the best natural remedy for Hot Flashes?
Which path should I take to treat my depression?
Are there any simple remedies to help me sleep at night without using sleeping pills?
How can i go to sleep in the shortest possible time without taking sleeping pills?
How long do it take for marijuana to get out of your sistum?
Natural / organic way to heal heartburn?
Natural Laxatives?
Why are doctors nasty about some natural cures? ?
If you are easily grossed out don't read this..?
Anyone know of any herbs that actually work for depression, anxiety, and insomnia?
Cure a cold really fast? help!?
Are intestinal cleanses a scam?
What is the worst thing to happen during a massage?
Is Garlic good for your health?
What is the best non prescribed medication for a child with ADD to take?
Alternative Therapy. Reiki, Medicine Wheel, Hypnotherapy?
What natural remedy boosts concentration and mental energy and lowers blood pressure ?
Looking for a natural cough suppressant...?
What are the best kinds of herbs for you?
Anyone here use Fish Oil (Omega 3's) for calm effects, for anxiety? And how much?
Is there any way to stregthen your immune system??
All parents with ADHD children?
What is the best cure for a cold?
Sore throat remedies?
Sore throat?
Can anyone give me info on a natural substance called valerian root?
When you have a REALLY sore thoat, what is better for you...hot or cold drinks?
What is the name of the product to take with antibiotics to replace the bacteria that is destroyed?
I'm looking for a good over the counter herbal like natural remedy for ADHD any suggestions???
What do i have?
I need to poo....?
I have a cough, can you advice me regarding the best medicine to take or any experience good idea?
What is the quickest way to get ride of a sore throat ?
What is the best way to get rid of the common cold?
I've heard that taking vitamin C pills can help with quitting smoking. Is this true? Do I take them while I'm
What are good natural cures for parasites..since 95% of Americans have, I assume I am one of hem.?
Do multivitamin medicines have any side effect?
I have high cholesterol going through menopause and i quit smoking...need a vitamin supplement that will addre
Does chiropractic help with a cold?
I need to sleep. What natural remedy can I take?
I give good massages.......?
Do You Smoke Underage?
What over the counter meds will get me high?
LEGAL HIGHS? NATURAL TRIPS? What foods can i take that will cause a trip? Facts about it aswell plz. :)
How can i improve my eyesight?
Should marijuana Be Approved for medical use ?
Its a common fact that Cannabis is less addictive than Tobacco?
Why do I get snotty on Yahoo Answers?
Do you think the goverment has secret cures?
Hayfever hell?
When is the end of the world coming coz i want to be out?
What is the best way to cure a sore throat?
Looking for the name of a particular chinese herb?
Question About Xanax?
How can you get more sleep without going on drugs?
How can i cure a hangover?
Help with herbal remedies for water retention. Do they work?
Coconut oil?
What is the best treatment of regular cronic constipation?
Chiropractoric treatment, do you think it can help get rid of or lessen lower back pain?
What is an effective, natural way to boost energy?
Should we send everyone with an incurable disease to live on an unhabitated island?
Any natural remedies for UTI?
Whats klonopin?
I'm looking for a very strong sedative/relaxant herb anyone know of a good one?
Citrus helps with Colds?
How can I cure my acid reflux without taking medication?
What is the best cure for a hangover, I have a big works do i dont want to be a bore and drink soft drinks?
Can smoking weed kill you?
Anyone been impressed with a Herbal Remedy that the Medical Profession say is useless?
Can i drain my sinuses? please?
Whats the best way to get rid of a cold?
What are the best herbs to help aid natural sleep?
Did you find the flower essences helpful?
I dont know my name, what should i do?
How can i get in contact with a reputable physic healer?
What is the best herbal medicine or vegetable for diabetic person?
Is there other uses for hydrogen peroxide besides for help healing wounds?
Anyone know a good legal high?
Is there ANY natural remedies for stress?
I am a diabetic. Can someone who is a diabetic tell me what medicine to take so that my diabetes is cured.?
How do you stop poison ivy from itching?
Ihave been experincing leg cramps very bad at nite and during the day, havedifficulty walking what should i do
What is the most over-the-counter drug used to get high?
Are there any natural remedies that can help cure a cold?
How to fix a hangover?
Are any of these NOT safe during pregnancy?
I need some home remedies for common warts (on the hand), and how do you get them?
So I smoked a bit of weed and salvia last night, now I feel sick?
What to take to be calm?
How do you cope with insomnia?
Why can't orthodox medicine intigrate with complemetary medicine?
How can you get rid of scars from self harm?
Can I get nicotine sticks on the NHS?
What's a good home remedy to soothe an irritated throat?
What could be the reason why I'm always so cold?
My "friend" takes extacy about 10-20 times a week, what is the side effects?
ADD/ADHD natural remedies... what to buy?
Chirpractors: Yes or No?
What's the best multi - vitamins?
Emergency constipation relief? Fast acting laxative remedy?
What shoud i eat to stop my face from turning pale?
Kalms Sleep tablets?
Do you think getting a massage is important?
Which is better for you to drink. gren tea or gatorade?
What are some ways ,without taking any medicines, that can increase the height of a person?
The organ has to be 55oz. whats the body's heavist organ?
Is it possible to heal a sinus infection without antibiotics?
Im a boy of 17 yrs old & want 2 increase my height, which is 5'6 inchs waht is the solution 2 inrcrease height
What help stomach aches??
Is there really a way for a short dude like me to gain some height?
Any at home remedies for an allergic reaction?
How dangerous is it to stop taking medication for cholesterol and triglycerides? Is there anything otc to sub?
Does smoking marijuana damage your short term memory and reaction time permanently or temporarily?
Is a Vegan Diet good for diabetes?
LSD + Mushrooms + Meditation = Astral Projection?
Why do most physicians look at chiropractors as quacks?
What got you into the ridiculous world of Alt Med in the first place?
Is there a natural remedy for anxiety and panic attacks?
Out of body experiences?
What should i try for my acne and acne scars?
Thinking about hynpnosis to quit smoking have you tried this?
Please help I am having severe low back pain and spasm,cannot sit or walk without severe pain what 2 do?
I ate McDonalds for dinner...what's the best way to detoxify my body now?
An acquaintance of mine did something bad....?
What aleternative medicines lower cholesterol?
What are the best overall supplememnts to take for the maximum health benefits?
Coldsore remedies that work pleeeeaaaase.?
Naturual Antibiotic?
Belly Button Peircing infected????
Does anybody know of any herbal remedies (available in Ireland) for dealing with stress?
Detox = Constipation?
Will speed help me sleep less hours? is there a legal alternative?
What cultural factors might account for the dramatic rise in alternative and holistic meds in US recently?
Anything to quit smoking?
Are there any ways to cure a sore throat???
1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide in a glass of orange juice once a day ridded the body of AIDS?
What is good for eye infections?
What is the best anti-histamine medicine ?
Has anyone found that vinegar didn't work for hiccups?
Does anyone know of any home remedies for a sore throat?
What do you think is the best gun for self defence?
How long does thc stay in your saliva?
When taking a hair smaple...?
If someone took a pain killer and...?
Is durg good or alcohol?
How to quit smoking?
Do you vaccinate your children?
Healthier? Iced coffee or iced tea?
How can I eliminate my acne?
Is the drought still on going where you are?
Homeopathic remedies....?
How do you treat high blood pressure?
What is the best tea for a cold?flu? sick girlfreind alert! help?
Does vitamin C pills and juices like O.J. realy boost your imune system?
Karma, does it exist?
Question about Eating Weed?
Anyone know how to deal with eye floaters?
How good are Homeopathic doctors? And do their remedies work?
Best way to quit marijuana?
Is anyone else sick of seeing question asking for advice about illegal drug use in the Alt-med section?
Which is the best treatment for my ulcer problem??? Allopathy or homeopathy?
High blood presure down with out using drug?