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What is a canker sore and how do you get rid of it?
Ok i am scared and Need Help can u please please please please help me!?
How do I know if my spleen is ruptured?
Bones cracking at 13?
Knee Problem?
No cast needed for my daughter's broken arm?
Is cutting bad?
How do they treat a finger that has been broken for a few months?
If i wanted to donate blood and have herpes( gential one ) can i still do it?
Getting pregnant while HIV + without infecting my negative partner?
Pain blue hands?
Can u get chlamidia from sharing Bath Water?
How to be comfortable with who you are?
Trying to help somone quit smocking?
What is a good natural way to put yourself to sleep.. like counting sheep or a natural remedy or something?
My finger is bleeding what should i do?
I think my daughter may have been bitten by a spider?
OK I am off never?
How can i quit smoking patches dint work nor the inhaler any suggestions?
Sleeping problems?
What is the best way to get a splinter out of your foot?
What do you enjoy doing that helps you relax at the same time (apart from sleeping and eating)?
My stomach is upset?
What is dehydration?how to overcome it.?
Smoking Kills?
Any remedy for burns(hot object burn.)?
Is pizza considered junk food, yes or no?
1) Can I use Peroxide and / or Baking Soda (diluted) to rinse my mouth? (I can't use anything with Alcohol)
What is a solution for bad underarm odor?
What are the chances of getting aids from urine being splashed in the eye?
When you get tested for STD's, do they give you paper verification of your results?
Im going crazy!!! i have had 3 hiv tests done this past year. all neg. i am taking another one, why do i keep
How long do yeast infections usually last, after taking medication?
Does your blood type changes with hiv on a regular blood test?
Can you get herpes even if...?
Does looking at Paris Hilton transmit STDs?
I have blood with my feces! what could have caused it?
Is it normal for my nose to bleed everyday?
What else can go wrong with a gall bladder (NOT STONES)?
What is it called when the natural curvature of your spine is too great?
I have a friend facing life-threatening surgery. What can I do for him and his wife?
How do i end post nasal drip?
URGENT, Hurt knee any ideas what could be wrong?
If you were tight-rope walker and you fell, what would you like to fall on?
Why is the fan in my hardrive so bloody noisy?
My friend sprained his finger itching his butt. lol. what is the most embrassing injury you have ever had?
I think I am having symptoms of something serious. . .What should I do?
For the non smokers who cry alot?
Mouth full of canker sores and upper and lower swollen lips?
Anyone have a good cure or relief for headaches?
What is the right way to take pain medication?
Can a breath specimen be tested for drug use?
How should i remove a spell from my thumb, its getting painful !?
I think i pulled a muscle in the back of my thy.?
I take Oxycontin on a regular basis, doctor prescribed. Will this affect me passing a drug test for a job ?
My urine is Highlighter yellow...could there be somthing wrong?
How can I tell a person is a real Chiropractor?
Knee pain???
How do I know if its athritis or carpal tunnel. This numbness is going on for a month now. Help!?
Sore Throat ?
I have got a trapped nerve in my back. How can i get rid of the pain?
My head hurts so f-in bad when i exercise plz help me get rid of this!?
I lost my son, i feel so empty and lost, have gone to groups and taken antidepressants,...what now?
Would i still get tan if i layed out at night?
Diabetic weight gain?
Gimme some sugar baby?
Findind it very hard to control my diabetics am on medication?
Worried about sugar because?
How did I end up O- blood type?
The best diet for managing diabetes?
I need low or no sugar-low carb. recipe?
Does anyone know another form of diabetes treatment other than insulin, the pump or Lantis?
Chronic cough?
Can guys use gardisil?
Is there an hpv test men can take?
HIV and toilets?
What's this "vicks" product?
I applied for disability for my son with severe asthma...?
Why can't i breathe?
How can you stop your nose from being blocked at night?
How do you cure a running nose?
My mom is getting dizzy spells and nose bleeds. what can this be?
Is not inhaling your cigarettes better for you?
Mucus in the back of my throat - Can I buy Mucinex over the counter?
I heard that smoking cigarettes gives you a pot belly. Is that true?
What kind of cigarette do you smoke? SMOKERS ONLY...NO "I DONT SMOKE" RESPONSES!?
What really causes the dark circles under eyes?
What's good for stinky ,smelly armspits?
How make cold sore stop?
Face wash.....?
How to get rid of acne in 5 days?
I have rubbed over my acne and scars are formed what should i do to get rid of them....?
What do I do about chronic foot odor?
I get dry skin everytime I wash my face?
Is there anyway to get rid of a birthmark, mine is ugly :(?
Does drinking soda pop and eating chocolate cause acne?
How many of us really protect ourselves?
What is the STD code for Birmingham please?
If some one lip to lip kiss to hiv patient that person get hiv.?
I didnt wake up this morning, what should i do?
If someone's jaw clicks, make clicking sounds what is it??
Ive been peeing quite frequently fo over two years. no pain or anything. just pee. overactive bladder?
OMG! why am I in so much pain?
Is it possible for carpel tunnel syndrome to flare up from playing keyboard?
What is a stroke,and what causes them?
I have a pain up my ar se help meeee?
Whats Wrong With Me?!?
Does any one know what a brown recluse bite feels like?
Will there be a day, human should not wear underwear at all,?
What do you do when you get serious menstruation pain? How to avoid pain killers?
Can u buy pain killers online without a perscription.?
Is this true? When you have a cast you aren't supposed to bathe or shower?
I'm feeling really sick (for about a month)... waht is it?
My boyfriend has yellow splotches in the whites of his eyes- is something wrong??
What can cause toe pain? please help?
What should i expect from a hotel chain when ive had a minor accident, they have admitted reposibility?
I have major jaw and ear pain and cannot clench my teeth together and chew what type of doctor should I go to?
Can any ordinary blood test detect of HIV/aids?
Medicinal morphine?
Which pain killer is the strongest,codeine phosphate or dihydrocodeine tartate?
Has anyone ever head-butted a doctor just for a laugh???
What's worth dying for? Is there something worth dying for?
Please help me?
Seeing flashing lights and light moving through my eye?
I have a friend that bleeds all the time where she shouldnt what should she do.?
Can a doctor tell on a x-ray that i broke something before?
Swollen arm on side that my mstectomy was done?
How to keep eyes fresh?
What do you usually do when you can't sleep?
My urine is Yellow, is this OK? if not, why is it like this?
I am 15 and I am 5'2'' and a half. Any tips on how to get taller?
Do you always sleep barefoot even in the winter?
Who thinks a smoker or an obese person is fitter?
Quitting smoking, can you help?
Best way to disinfect a public shower??
Which product i can use to stop my bad breath?
Hey! i'm 15. i'm a swimmer, dancer an' a student. plz help me!?
Why is the sky blue????
Can you get aids by using the restroom?
Where can i get free hiv/ aids tesing in san antonio, texas?
Do you need a prescription to buy doxycyxline for chlamedya, or can you buy it over the counter?
If a person has HIV should they beable to fall in love with some one who dont have it.?
Is it possible...to catch it?
Yellow discharge????????
Is it possible for someone...?
What are the chances of getting an STD from giving head? what else can happen?
I Cut My Pinky...?
What should I do about my nail?
Can doctors do anything for a broken foot?
What are my chances of dying?
Is my toe broken?
My toddler has a big bump on his forehead, should i give him motrin?
What should i do about this sore throat???
What is the least harmful cigarette?
What does it mean if my vomit is clear?
What causes numbness in your feet and legs?
What is meningitis?
Should I go to the hospital? Please tell me what you think this is?
My father just found out today he has dimentia. What is the life expectancy for someone with this illness?
Please can anyone help?
How do you prevent cold sores?
Does someone have an advice for stop smoking?
I burned my wrist on the ironing board.,what should i apply ?. dokta is not in at this hour..what will heal it
Dose getin ya ear pierced hurt?
How do I find a place that will do tests for STD's for free?? Where do I need to look?
I shared MY chapstick?
Why migrane does not ??
What can i do for my Hamstring pain to STOP???
Why are there HIV+ people that have lived for 20+ years without AIDS drugs and are fine?
What happens if I take meds crushed or take the powder inside the capsule (instead of swallowing it whole)?
Does hiv/aids affect all countries?
I have alot of tension in my shoulders any advise?
Gay help!!?
I am at home with a broken leg so i am getting bored so if anyone knows of any good sites to recomend thanks?
Hurt wrist....from bowling or HIV or Guitar Hero???
My son recently tried suicide, now on anti-depressants and attending phycologist, we feel so helpless, any sug
Why doesn't everyone just lighten up?
What is a normal temp for a 2 yr old... what is considerd high he is burning up but only reading 98.5?
Has anyone any tricks of the trade for dealing with a very colicy baby !! Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is this?
How do you sleep?
I have to get cancer cells removed, but boss won't let me?
How can i beat the heat tonight?
Which of these is more preferable, to smoke or to drink?! WHY!?
When you lick your blood, what does it taste like?
Any home remedies for a cold? I have bronchial asthma so want to kick it quick!?
Can a normal adult person can be a candidate also for astma?
What does the lungs of a 75 year old womans who has smoked since age 15 look like?
My lungs ache and I am coughing up lots of clear mucus, what could this mean?
What are the best cough drops?
Explain why air enters or leaves the lungs in these conditions of the chest cavity?
Will Benadryl help with cold symptoms?
I have asthma and love candles but they affect my breathing. What brands smell great, but won't make me sick?
Do Not Condem Smokers who had no idea back when as what is known today?
How do you loosen chest congestion and get rid of a cough?
Whats the best medicine/remedy for boredom?
Ear Infection?
HELP! I put sharpie on my face and washed it off and now it made my blackheads REALLY black!?
Im embarrassed about going to the doctors!!?
I have bad acne and want a cheap solution. Please help me!?
How do u get rid of a hickey and fast????
How do I get rid of a hickey after it's been there for about a day?
How did Michael Jackson became white-skinned from being dark-skinned?
How can i get my feet to feel supersoft? They are quite hard and sore at the moment.?
Can i catch chlamydia from sharing a joint?
What are all of the possible ways of getting STD's???
Natural products for lowering blood sugar??
Can a 17 year old type 1 diabetic use Exubera insulin?
Who loves cat?
What are all the blood tests needed for diabetes?
Fellow diabetics, what is your New Year's resolution?
If blood sugar is high, should insulin be given?
Does anybody know what could be causing these symptoms?
Are net carbs for real?
Im a diabetic type 1. i have lower back pain please could you help?
I hurt my back and am in extreme agony.?
Help me please! omg, I'm freaking out?
Ever have a pinched nerve?
Scars following operation?
Is it normal to get blisters on your fingers from playing the guitar?
Slight chest pains...?
Im in shock?
Can you get a woman pregnant if you been 2 weeks on steroids n still taking steroids?
How quickly can you develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
Can anybody give me a back rub?? It's been a long week!!?
Can pain in your hands be a sign that you need to get your tonsils removed?
Do you think medicine for AIDS will ever be found out. If it is so, then what will happen?
Hi I'm worried about my dad?
I have an eating disorder!?
Survey for research paper -- Please answer so I have results!?
Hungryy all the time?
Can a yeast infection go away by itself or does it have to be treated????
Medical conditions.what causes frequent urination?
Fatigue, nausea, light-headedness, and slight chest pain?
I hurt my foot.....?
Does hydrocodone cause perspiring. I have 6 herniated discs in back and must take it regularly.?
I have a pain in my tummy just below my belly button to the left if i bend or twist does any1 know what it is?
Why do they insist on giving pain killer shot in the buttocks even when you insist you want it in your arm?
Why do we get heartburn?
What kind of drug is Oxycodone?
How to develop a very sharp memory?
HELP! my friend just got badly hurt!!!!?
My head ( on top, and right side) goes numb and tingles about once or twice a week?
How many std's are cureable? Is hpv.?
Can you catch an std from giving or receiving oral?
Does Most Womens Immune System Clear The HPV Virus Out Of The Body?
What does blood test show?
Hi i work all day on my feet as im a chef and by the end of the day my legs are shattered so much so that when
Does ibuprofen make you drowsy?
Its wierd that my brother urinates in a bottle...?
Does anyone like Ann Summers?
PLEASE HELP! 2 lumps on my neck, 1 lump around the right of my jaw!?
Stopping drinking?
What do I do ? I found Some Honey running down the wall on the inside of our house.?
What can I do to sleep? How can I fall asleep?
What should i do to improve my weak eyesight?
Anyone recovering from a hang-over today?.............?
I have a ruptured membrane and decreased fetal movement. . .?
Please answer i am desparate?
URGENT: I think my ear drum(membrane) broke?
Best way to heal scars?
Should i begin light weight lifting with my recently dislocated shoulder?
I was feeling really lightheaded and I then started seeing a bunch of coloured lights. It was really weird.?
Back pain and meds question.?
What works for neck and back pain ?
How to prevent black eye/prevent sweeling black bruise?
My sister's in the hospital. What can I bring to her to help her pass the time?
Does a tetanus shot hurt really Bad???
Why vomit after too much intake of beer/alcohol?
My arm has been getting fatiguged and almost like early stages of "falling asleep" like numbness.?
Chest pain?
How many tylenol pm would make you sick?
What is Shiatsu?
Had an operation but 2 days ago but this headache s not goin. Do any 1 knows what 2 do?
How to make my leg stop hurting?
Headache problem?
Heart burn!!?
A bit gross but genuine answers please!!?
Cure for death?
My daughters have head lice?
What could be the cause of frequent coughing up/burping up of vomit?
Anyone have any info on Crohn's disease?
Does anyone out there have hairy lump coming out for their belly button?
What should be done if your eye side is going weak day by day?
MEDICAL - I have blood coming from my ear!?
What does yellowing of the eyes exactly mean.?
What is wrong if their is a tightening in the chest or spasm?
I am pledging to stop smoking this morning. I haven't had one since last night. Think I can do it?! haha?
Ive been ill for two weeks?
Need major help - please.?
Contracting STD Question...?
My mom is sick, what could be wrong?
I've had mild to violent coughing fits (Almost to the extent of vomiting) and a fever for over a week?
Medic ID bracelet alternative?
What Herbal cures are there for diabetes????
My wife is looking for 30 carb breakfast ideas for a type 1 diabetes diet. Can anyone give me some help?
Why do old people pronounced "diabetes" lie "diabeetus?"?
What is up with my A1C?
How long or how?
Could i have diabetes?
What are the symtoms of diabetes?
I have huge blisters on the sole of my feet, what is the best cure for them and for the pain?
I have a sore back on my lower rite side?
Help!My neck hurts!!?
Does anyone have any tips on how to help lessen the pain at a dentist's?
I get very severe heartburn and I dont know why?
Do your nail nail ever get sore in sneakers?
Period pain - arrrrr! what works for you?
I feel LIKE crap?
Wats the most painful thing you have ever experienced?
Hpv or herpes?
HIV from tooth brush?
Is there a such thing as hair bumps?
How bad is it when you have HPV?
Can it come some where else???
Lower back Pain help please?
Plz I asked this before but I only got 2 answers!? Plz answer!? I need help!? SHould I have a cast?
I slipped off 3 stairs.. and fell straight onto my lower back. how can i treat it ?
I ate some ants on accident today...will it hurt me?
Broken leg?
What's the worse case for not seeing a doctor over a sprained or fractured ankle?
I am trying so hard to stop selfharming, ihave been doing it 11 years and im only 21! n e one bin thr plz help
How long does this take to heal?
Finger bent sideways ..?
I have been told I have eaten poison, what symtoms should I have?
What are the symptoms of Dengue fever?
Any way to...please read and answer....?
Does anyone else have a problem with their legs hurting day &night; whether it's standing, walking or sitting?
When do you start feeling healthier after quitting smoking?
If you could erradicate any disease in the world which would it be?
How do I relax my eyes?
My mother has a large massive growth on her abdomen. Doctors say there is nothing they can do. Help.?
I have a small kidney stone and I have been finding white particles in my urine what are they?
Does anyone have a good remmedy for a soar throat?
How often should we wash our socks?
Please help I think i'm addicted......?
What is Podiatry ?
The doctor is here........next patient puh-lease!?!?
How do you make yourself sound like you have a cold?
Is it OK for me to drink rainwater?
Do u like 2 smoke ps its bad QUIT?
I have a infection in my finger,below my nail,looks like a pocket of septic stuff,its hot anf throbbing?
A cure from stress please help?
Why do you think many people are uninformed about HIV infection and AIDS?
If i were to go get a std test how would it be taken for a male??
Can an STD be found in a urine specimen when testing for an uninary tract infection (UTI)??
Which organism can get AIDS?
Do doctors have to tell you right away if you have hiv/aids in your blood?
Prescribed Percocets, can I fail Oxycontin drug test?
I have this kinda annoying pain in my chest. its not severe and its not constant. WHAT IS IT? PLZ READ!?
Pain on right side of stomach?
Are shots painful?
Can I crush Vicoden?
What's the maximum daily dosage of acetemetaphon you can take?
Why does my foot feel like it is crushed all of the time?
Im always in pain...?
Do you suffer from migraines?
Help can some want tell me if this is danger?
Pulled a muscle badley?(left arm)?
The hospital has DROPPED my Grandma...breaking her ribs and shoulder after a stroke. Should i sue?
Do you know whats wrong with me?
First (and hopefully last) MRI?
How can I tell if my wrist is fractured or sprained?
What do we do when a blood vessel pops?
I keep coming out in bruiseseverywhere...?
Why does the male scrotum get larger as you get older[serious question]?
About my ankle....?
My partner un i really struggling to sleep at night, any ideas for a sleep routine xx?
There is blood in my urine?
Constant Dizziness!?
How do you know if you are having a STROKE?
Yiikes.. coming down with a cold.sore throat,runny nose, fever suggestions so I can go to work tomorrow?
Does getting drunk twice in your life make you an alcoholic?
Whats the best way to relieve irritable bowel syndrome?
What causes swollen glands in your neck?
If some one is choked for a long enough time for thier eyes to be blood shot what should they do ? one eye was
Can aids live on a cold surface outside the body?
Herpes and Pregnant... Please help.?
Itch during and after my period???
What is the damage to my body when my blood sugar is consistently in the low 200's? Is this dangerous?
Let them eat cake??
My Son Is Type 1 Diabetic?
My boyfriend and diabetes?
Ive been injecting insulin since december.eating sensible but still putting weight on.is this normal?
Can type 1 diabetics drink spirits? Such as Rum, Vodka & Scotch?
Why does my urine smell so strong?
Diabetes help. why is my fasting level so high?
Need serious advice on sick Uncle?
Knee problems?
I have a pain in my neck! Help!?
Do I have to pay to see an orthapedic?
What are the cons of ibuprofen?
Is it possible that someone could swallow their tongue? and if so wut happens ?
My right side always hurts and i'm always coughing up green stuff why?
Tight feeling in chest...what does it mean??
Hi all!I am a singer who woke up with a sore throat today. How do I get rid of it fast?I have a Gig tonight!:(
I think i have appendicitis can anyone help?
I keep waking up at 5am every morning..why?
I'm always tired?
Exam Room waiting - is it ok to yell at them?
Good ways to fall asleep?
How do i get marijuana out of my system fast like tomorrow for a hospital?
Chances of dying?
Will the doctor's office call to remind me about my appointment even though i called 3 days before about it?
Why can't I sleep at night?
What would happen if you didnt sleep?
What is AIDS or HIV ? Any cure for AIDS ?
What does a positive TB skin test look like?
Is that really true that AIDS virus came from Haiti to Miami in 1969??
Snoring.....Its disturbing others ..... need remedy?
How long do you have to wait for a ct scan result...roughly..?
Went Off My Meds?
Anyone who smokes cigarettes?
Why do I have blood in the spit?
Is MRSA contagious?
What are symtoms of damaged lungs?
At home remedies for a very bad cough? please help its soo bad.?
Anybody using a CPAP? Do you get "charley horses"?
How many people here smoke ?
How have u broken a bone b4?
Can Bone Be Bruised?
Im thinking of getting my ears pinned back. Help?
I have a cut that won't heal after months... What should I do?
What is a good way to break your leg?
What the hell happened to my neck?
What's the best way to sanitize a sharp object used to perform surgery on myself?
Who is injured right now?
Ok question? my foot is black!?
What is the best thing to do for pink eye?
I would like to know if mouth thrush is contagious?
Low Blood Count?
Where is my brain?
Can anyone suggest a disease for one of my characters? She is planning to go sailing around the world?
Can tuberculosis be cured ?
Could autism be cured?
Why is it that ya gums may bleed?
Rare disease, no cure, causes palness? help??
If u have a bloated stomach.. wat will u do?
I have extremely bad lumbar pain and have had all the tests I can have and the doc cant say what is wrong?
I have spacers but I can't even eat b/c they hurt so bad. Is this normal?
Does anyone think that smoking marijuana is worse or equal to taking painkillers?
My neck is really really hurting i have no clue why whenever i move it side to side it hurts a sharp pain!?
What is the easiest way of commiting sucide without suffring much pain?
How do I get myself off of narcotic pain pills? Please read !!!!?
I have Moderate Chest Pain. How Serious?
I have a really bad ear ache! the ER is a joke here. Anyone have any suggestions on a home remedy?
Why do we get headaches if we don't eat breakfast?
How to decrease back pain?
What is an insulin pump?
Whats worse? Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes?
How does recovery from diabetes 1 takes place or how long will it take you to recover from diabetes 1?
Is there any Ayurvedic or Homoeopathic ED drug with no side effect?
Can Diabetes melitus cured ?
At what stage is one told to be having type 1 diabetes and how many types do we have? what causes diabetes?
Just curious- My son is O- blood type and I know mine is something-(negative) ?
Which is more Risky Asthma or diabetes?
How to lower my blood sugar level?
My sister burned her palm on the stove burner, set on high. What should she do?
I have migrain headeache it hurts really bad wat should i do to make it go away?
My foot ran away and my ankle's bleeding funny colors. I'm scared...what should I do?
I was just stung by a bee. What do I do?
If your back hurts to bend it should you go to the docters?
Ok i need opinions please.?
I bleed too much?
Does eating a banana helps with asthma attack?
Is it okay to social smoke?
Sinus problem?
Teen smoking?
What are the signs of emphysema developing in the lungs?
Quitting smoking?
It feels like I'm not getting enough air. This might be in the wrong category.
Why can't I take deep breathes?
If you inhale a pine needle.?
Every morning i wake up and spit brown mucus and it is sometimes bloody what is it?
How to pass a urine drug test?
Can eatting Bannas realy help stop depression?
What can i do to vomit
Do I have the flu?
Quick, I really need help, Whats wrong with me?
My wife has a bad cold sore she has tryed using zovirax for over a week but it just is not working any ideas?
I have a whitehead under the lid of my eye, not near the follicles, but behind the lid. What could it be???
My child is 21 months and has blicters under her feet, under her hands and inside her mouth and on her behind?
Can you specify what organs you can donate?
What is wrong with me?
Ear stab???
Numbness right side of face?
Have you ever met anyonr with six toes on 1 foot?
Bad cramps...?
My wife a doctor, has slip disc of neck & back with pain & poor quality of life.she is depressed. what to do?
House bound please help?
My son (16) having pain & weakness in both legs below knee?
Bone pain in the legs..any solutions????
How long is HEARTBURN is supposed to last?
Is tea/coffee healthy when taken with milk?
Im tired, very tired. Should I go to bed?
How many times a day do you shower?
Isnt it horrible...getting older?
Is it possible to live without eating?
How can you stop the effects of caffeine???
Cigarette or Blunt; Which one is worst to smoke?
Is it right to have a fake seizure?
Which pain is the worst pain you have experienced? Headache, Toothache, ____________, fill in the blank?
I am sick & tired of my acne?
How to clean someone not having bath for 5 years?
Do you think I tore my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament)?
I have psoriasis?
Does wearing incorrect footwear cause problems like archilles heal?
What is the best way to soothe irritating sunburn?
Dry skin, what could i use?
I either broke or sprained my finger help?
I'm itchy all over, a hurting itch, what is this?
My sister and her daughter need a lice remedy. Any suggestions?
How can I learn to walk again?
I've read that a tea bag on a cold sore helps clear it up, is this true? I have one and need it gone asap!
My dads belly button smells awful why is this ?
Help! im injured!?
What do you think smells worse on some bodies breath, egg, garlic or blue cheese?
Odor from Jock Itch?
How do you know if you popped a blood vessel in your brain?
I stepped on a piece of glass yesterday. Okay, well a couple of weeks ago i broke a mirror.?
I got stung by a bee?
What happens if I take 4 tylenol?
I have a throbbing pain that comes and goes.?
My lower back hurts so bad!!!!!?
Smoking Marijuana For Pain?
Why do I get a really bad head & jaw ache the next day after singing??
Will I pass my drugtest with 1 hydrocodone in my system?
I'm really scared that..?
Am I having a stroke???
Im only 21 and I should be in good health but my bones hurt all the time is there something wrong w? me?
Does sniffing hand sanitizer affect your health in any way?
I am constipated?
What is anaemia?
Is the flu vaccine a "live virus" vaccine?
Why am I alive?
What is Lopus Disease?
Diarrhea: 26 times. Advice?
Always tired and ill?
I'm a longterm Alcoholic,taking a risky detox next week!?
How can I comfort my husband before open heart surgery?
My brother is an alcoholic and has just been diagnosed with diabetes.?
Wht are some blood sugar raising foods - I need lots of ideas please!?
Symptoms of low blood glucose?
What kind of food can diabetic eat for breakfast,lunch and dinner?
Diabetic nephropathy?
About my head ache is because my blood sugar is high?
17 and getting tested for diabetes???
What does it mean if you have low protein levels?
CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME?asthma/panic attack question?
What causes coughing up foul tasting green pflegm?
What should I do to prevent my daughter from wheezing whenever we have unseasonal rains?
PRILOSEC & stop smoking pill CHANTIX,.taken together side effects.?
My blood presser was 144 over 89. is that good or bad.?
Can you get pneumonia from kissing?
Why do my lungs sound weird?
Is Namonia contageous??
Can a lung be transplanted backwards & upsidedown?
What should I do if my home has tested positive for asbestos?
What is that yellow stuff i cough up and stinks really bad?
Need urgent help plz!!?
Describe the worst NIGHTMARE you've ever had!?
What shampoo/conditioner really helps with hair regrowth?
Would swallowing about a drop of new car battery acid be bad?
When will i get married?
If you came across a total stranger who was bleeding a lot, would you stop to help them in spite of the blood?
What to put on my sons finger...he burnt it mildly while setting off firework which he wasnt supposed to be pi
Pepto Bismol vs. Immodium AD?
How can I change my voice? Is it possible to change my voice? I am a 20yr old girl & really hate my voice!?
When do you get up in the morning?
Thread caught around babies toe ending up in her requiring surgery?
What has been your luckiest escape?
What do you know about a Brain Injury?
How do I get rid of an ungly scar?
How do I tell my gymnastics coach tha I got my leg amputated??
Is it sprained?
It's been 3 days, should I still get a tetanus shot?
How to keep scaring to a minimum?
What is the best thing to do if you have cramp?
How do u get THC out your system??
I can't wake up in the morning and my alarm clock is loud. Is there a louder one out there?
I just quit smoking...?
Why does my hands fall asleep when Im sleeping?
Can too much sleep give you a spliting headache?
Is it possible to transfer alcohol from one person's blood stream into another's through kissing?
I want to be taller than my height, what can I do?...?
Do i nedd to see a doctor?
Is there anything you can eat or do....?
I bruise really easily. i go to bed and wake up with them on my arms or legs. what can this be from?
How hard is it to explain how painful kidney stones are?
How can I get rid of chronic backpain and leg pain? I'm taking meds for it but what else would help?
Please tell me why my side is hurting?
Face pain below eye, ear pain and jaw pain, worse when sun goes down.?
Pain in my back hand/wrist, help please?
Why can't I get strong pain meds without seeing a doctor?
Got a head ache!?!?
Does hydrocodone and oxycodone show up as the same thing on a urine test?
I have a stomach virus, doc gave me nexium, what is nexium?
How can u quit smoking crystal meth?
Friend of mine has this strange sleep disorder.?
Do I need a flew jab?
How do you know you have a deviated symptom?
My lungs are heavy and feel like there's water in them. Just feel heavy and wet. What do you think this is.
I am not a habitual marijuana smoker, but for the past two or three weeks?
May I possibly have asthma??????
What are the best things to do to help get rid of a chest cold quickly?
When you get bronchitis almost once every year, is it an indication that you have chronic bronchitis?
How long has someone stopped breathing before they turn blue?
What can a person who is a type 2 diabetic eat, what can't they eat?
Hi All I am a Nurse That Has Just Been Offered A Job and I need your help????
Can any one get Diabetics, who does not have a family history of Diabetics?
I need an anti-itch cream or lotion for diabetics. any suggestions?
Can any oine tell me what a insulin infection is please ?
The girl is diabetic. she has a normal sugar level. can she get married and give birth to babies?
What are are harmless fruits for diabetic patients?
Could this be diabetes?
How can I reduce the sugar level in my body?
What should i do if someone has diabetes and wont go to Doctor?
My son has had alot of stomoch pains.?
On average how long does it take for a broken (arm) bone to heal?
What does it suppose to mean when your left eye keeps twicthing?
How do u stop cracking your knuckles?
I had a neck spasm last summer and its always sore and it hurts what do i do?
How to fracture your wrist?
Make bruises go away?
Have you ever fainted?
How can i break my arm?
I fell off a horse yesterday and landed on my shoulder and hip. My shoulder is very sore and I can't raise
I Can't Sleep!?
Respiratory virus? need self help?
Could I have pneumonia?
Every 3 - 4 weeks i blow out a dark colored clot of mucus from my nose.?
Coughing up Blood?
I have a cold and lately have been sneezing blood, why?
Just asthma or something else?
What medicine should my mum be on to help with her breathing? she has chronic lung disease?
Ok so im 16 and smoked pot every two weeks or so for the past 7 months?
When an asthma attack is an attack?
Athsma and smoking?
A man at 6 feet should weigh how much?
What to do for a child with Bronchitis?
How do I get my 5 year old son to stop wetting the bed?
How often do you shower?
I need to lose 40 pounds?
Is it true that tatoo can give you cancer?
Is this addictive?
Is this normal? i'm kind of worried?
Is Coke fattining and should i rather drink water?
URGENT!!! Stomach Pains and Blood on Toliet Paper?
What is the best way to get fiberglass out of your hands?
I have a walking problem?
Is this normal?
How do you break it?
Where can i find home remedies for the lower back and pinched sciatic nerve.?
How to reduce swelling?
Burnt my leg...?
Is it fair to a 16 yr. to help pay for his unnecessary hospital bills.?
I don't want to ask my parents for help, should I just get checked out myself?
I've just found out that i might have diabetes please help.?
Does your shoulder ache?
Head and shoulders knees and_________?
Can the drug glipizide and insulin be taken together to lower your sugar?
How can i reduce the pain from a burn?
Consistent pain in back of head? ?
What can this be?
Why does my back hurt?
Blood sugar?
I know it sounds crazy, but has anyone ever heard of a bar of soap under the sheets to help with leg cramps?
Reoccuring pain in left of chest, maybe heart?
Just tested my blood sugar and..?
Anyone else ever have a sore upper arm from laying on your stomach and holding yourself up on your elbows?
OMG who is Nick Jonas already?
My diabetic father bruised his leg?
Ok so are there any neck exercises that i can do to make my neck stronger/bigger?
Okay please reply . can you be obece and not have diabities.?
What would be a glucose reading for someone with hypoglcemia?
Cracked Lip Cure!?
My vingia itches and it hurts. what should i do??
What is flucloxacillin capsules for?
ACNE! please help me :)?
How to get rid of acne naturally? (I have oily skin and proactive does not work for me)?
Anti Dandruff Control Shampoo help?
My skin is turning yellow?
Acne & skin problom SOMEONE HELP. im desperate.?
What the heck is this?
First ashma attack scared?
Is everyone getting a nasty cold right now?
Asthma attack, so i'm having problems breathing and don't have access to albuterol or anything else does
Getting Asthma?
Sleep apnea?
I've had acute bronchitis for 7 days, is it still in the contagious stage?
How can i stop my snoring problems?
I cant breathe?
See i got hit in the face fighting and the bruise is real bad how can i cover it and just so you know im a guy
I can't swallow tablets - help?
What's a good get well present for a 70 year old grandmother in hospital after a major operation?
Which would you believe?
I feel worthless ....how do I get over this?
Can a small third degree burn be dangerous to your health?
Do we breathe?
Sciatic nerve? Anyone out there who has had it? How long does it take for the pain to go?
Is it safe??
Stomach and Chest Pains ?
I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia & am in pain all the time im varying degrees.?
Please read all of it... 3 in 1 question... How long should I wait to go TO the doctor?
Why do women have a higher pain tolerence than men?
Pain in left nippel?
Belly ring and swimming?
What if you wake up in morning and find your front two teeth gone?
Had an x-ray?
Carpal tunnel????
Have you ever cryed when you are taking a dump because of the thickness of it?
I get anxiety attacks can any 1 tell me or help me to get over these?
Are drugs the best answer?
How do I explain it to my boss....?
Could you give us advice on sunburn please...
A finger got cut off accidently, is there a way that it will be sown back together?
Does any1 know...?
I have no will power to stop smoking...any ideas plz???
Why does it take longer to potty train a boy then a girl?
Is sitting in front of the computer for hours in any way damaging to your health?
How to fall asleep faster?
I fainted last night, first time ever. Could it be from stress?
What does the inside of a nose smell like?
Losing Weight?
How come no one will do anything about how fat I am? Someone needs to do something about it.?
Is sleep at waste of time???
I havent been able to sleep... to stressed out?
How much money can a women get for donationing there eggs?
Does anyone get charley horses? What do you do?
I have been having chest pains for two months now?
I got braces and my teeth really hurt. What should I take to help the pain?
I get shooting pain in forehead (not ears ) when my flight descends. PLEASE tell me why.?
Almost rear ended someone yesterday now suffering from horrible neck/backpain..what now?
Sinus infection?
Undiagnosed chronic neck pain, upper right side, c-1 or c-2, please help.?
I'm to young for hip pain!!!!?
What can yoyu eat if you feel hungry but nothing on your house you wanted?
Need help Severe Back pain?
Why did people bite down on stick during a painful operation, did it lessen the pain?
Why is my pinky toe swollen?
Muscle soreness from breakdancing?
What exactly is a sprain?
Making yourself throw up... ?
How can i keep my half leg cast dry if possible to go hot tubbing?
What does it feel like when you're high?
PLEASE HELP My doctor recently that I was slightly retarded
Three days ago I fell and now my legs won't stop feeling like jelly. I need help making it stop.?
Ummm ouch i kinda just shot myself in the finger with my bebe gun(air rifle) with a metal bebe wat should i do
Can you jump off a 1 story into grass with a roll and have no injuries?
My lover has TB and he is on the six month medication course, can i kiss him without being infectEed???
Coughing lots?
At which government department would I go to complain about unhealthy and dangerous university accommodation?
Can you get asbestosis at 34 years of age.?
White Tongue?
How to stop snoring?
Bad cold and now coughing up green stuff?
This question is health related asthma- Prefrably for Doctors. practical control of breathing. Is it possible?
I think I have bronchitis - fever, green mucus, painful chest cough. I have some Tetracycline...?
My son's asthma?
I saw a nurse smoking cigarettes outside the hospital????
Migraine remedies?
Can anyone help please?
Please help me!!!?
Neck pain help plzz?
Any tips 4 relieving itch caused by cast?
Pain in my left shoulder!?
Anything I can do for my nerves?
I have back pain?
Letting leg cramps continue?
I recently had my first time, is this normal?
A pencil lead is stuck in my palm since I was 5 years old. I'm now 48. Is this poisonous?.?
I keep getting pains in my chest. Any advice?
How bad is spending 17 hours a day on a computer ?
Really really really tired... NEED to stay awake, what can i do?
If you had an itchy nose and bum and only one hand available-what would you scratch first?
What's the best thing to make you go asleep?
Advice for child who may have broken toe(s)?
Sleeping after a head injury?
+ My Son Hurt His Arm Last Night +?
Help me please....?
It hurts.. what do i do?
I just resently accidently stepped on a pencil. Will the lead be dangerous to me?
Rib Pain - Right Side?
Can you remove dressings from a wound on your face after a day, if you've had stitches?
What was the last accident you had? I fell off ladders yesterday and hurt my arm!?
Thanksgiving with a black eye. any suggestions?
Left side of face hurts?
What is the difference between left hand drive and right hand drive?
What is the permanent solution for a severe backache?
What do i do ?
Please help me Sore throat!?
10 points! Toothache?!?
Headache for five days?!?
How to take Advil Liqui-Gels???
Whats the best cure for a sore and stiff neck?
Which is better? cow's milk or camel's milk?
How do I quit masterbating?
What is the best way to cure sore colds?
Coughing Ideas and Remedies?
I am in physical and emotional pain, and w/o insurance, where does a person go for help[? At wits end?
What is the treatment for Asthama?
What can make someones ear's stink?
What is a easy home remedy to cure a sore throat and chest cold?
If my medecine or vitamins expired , for how long can i still taken them????
I do not want to take pills to help beat this depression what else can i do that would cure this depression?
My grandma has been sick vomiting everytime she eats or drinks something, what should she drink/eat?
What should I put on a bee string?
Need help finding hive relief.?
It is a Myth that drinking milk when you have got a cold can produce phlem right ?
How 55 year old man can quit smoking?
I think I might have swallowed my wallet. I've looked EVERYWHERE for it.?
Is there any way to...get rid of freckles?
When I'm in public, my anus gets really itchy?
Does this make sense America?
Can i practice performing CPR to my wife?
Are albino people black?
A person that has bad lungs, if they stopped smokeing for awhile would their lungs be better?
Is linctus, the best form of medication for a cough. i went to see the nurse this morning and she diagnosed a?
What can you do for severe sunburn?
What would cause burning of the hands and feet when they get wet ?
Do the breathing strips really work? I have a very congested nose?
Ive got the hiccups help?!!?
What are the three parts of our body that is not commonly cleaned during shower?
What happened to me?
What causes your jaw to lock?
Does it hurt to be shot to death?
How does a Stingray kill??
I slipped and fell at wal-mart!?
Naval piercing?
Hit by a bike!?
Any way to prevent injuries??
Toe possibly broken, is it worth going to the doctor?
Baby with broken femur?
Have you ever heard of the spinal column shrinking?
Does your back hurt?
What is this????????
Hand cramps when drawing?
Is a single vicodin tablet dangerous?
Give me a 2 or 3 minute speech on why i should'nt smoke?
What does "Passing a Kidney stone" mean?
Last night I threw up?
Does anyone know who the best knee surgeon is in America?
The last 2 days I have been outside from 1-4 I'm now tanned on my arms, will the suns UV rays have an effect?
Have you been to a chiropracter?
Would a chiropractor be beneficial to me?
What causes me to get a Migraine headache whenever I get too busy and skip one meal?
Is someone who binge drinks an alcoholic? or are they two seperate things?
How does a paracetamol know where your pain is?
What shoes are good for warehouse work, lots of walking and standing?
How do you remove stitches from surgery?
How to tell it i have a broken tailbone?
My dad fell on the ice?
Swallowing ink?
School want to see a doctors note?
Am I bad luck?
Have you ever cut your foot on a blade of grass?
My ear is bleeding......?
Whats a good martial art for someone with a hand injury?
Brain swelling, surgery was done...survival rate?
I am feeling tired all the time, and sleeping almost 12 hrs a day, even tho i work 9-5, why? any ideas..why?
Who is awake at 3:16am in the morning right now? why?
I'm only 13! WHY do I have all this pain? Please help! I'm missing out on my childhood!?
I have a very bad painful sunburn on my back and neck. Any suggestion to relive the horrible pain?
Pain in my heels?!?!?!?
T_T my stomach is hurting!?
I was doing the worm the other day, now my arms and shoulders hurt really badly. why?
Terrible pain in the soles of my heels. Why is this so? Anyway to reduce the pain?
Really bad pain,its like a head ache?
When grinding my toe nails on the bench grinder should I use oil or water for coolant?
Have you quit smoking i know you need will power but ?
I suffer from constipation ....?
Does anyone know where to give away unused prescriptions?
I am sick, please help.?
I really need to know what's going on with the cut in my leg!?!?! PLS..?
Hurting Ankle?
I have a patch of numbness above my knee where I fell and hit it pretty hard. Is this normal?
Ok is it possible to remove an eye without damaging it and put it back and the person is able to see again?
My finger was bitten on saturday, what should I do?
I fell of a stool and hit the coffee table on the way down, HELP!!!!!!?
Whats the worst injury or Broken Bone u had and How did it happen?
Does anyone have a really good home recipe for a bad cold?
What can you put on a tick to make it 'let go' of your skin?
Anyone medically qualified this is for you.?
Why many people like football ?
How do I fight boredom in retired life?
I have no time for exrcise and I am gaining to much weight what can I do ?
Why does my urine have such a stong odor?
Hi i swallowed about 6 pound coins the other night when drunk do you think i will be ok?
What is the best treatment for acne?
How can I help my husband quit smoking? His Smoking is killing me!?
Everyone keeps telling me that when we move to Colorado we are going to be sick all the time. Is that true?
Blood from my backside ??
When people look grouchy all the time, do you think it's because they are constipated?
I have just taken up smoking,is now a good time to start?
What is a good "home remedy" to clean wax out of ears?
When i fly i get swollen ankles after the flight. how can i prevent this?
How does 5 mgs of hydrocodone compare to 5 mgs of oxycodone?
Why do i always get a headache when im on the computer for more than 15 minutes?
My best mate fell in the shower today and hit her head, she passed out?
Help for working long hours as a cashier??
Whats wrong with me?!?!?
When you've had an op and you feel sick what are those tablets called that they give you to stop the nausea?
What actually happens when you drop the soap in the showers in prison?
Our otherwise healthy 17 month-old is having trouble sleeping due to congestion. Should we use a vaporizer?
Cough for a week now.. how long till it goes?
My mother has been experiencing tightness in her throat/blocked airway which causes chronic coughing and pain.
Sweaty armpits?
How i can stop smoking ???
Why do i have asthma attacks when upset?
How to get rid the scars caused by acne...??
My 8 mos old son has a cough & congested nose. is boiled oregano safe for him?
Has anyone had or know anyone who had a baby between 34-37 weeks and the baby was fine w no breathing problems
A kind of nasty acne question. please help!?
What is the best way to clean out your lungs?
Can I get walking pheumonia twice in 5 months?
What is the best way to aid in coughing up chest congestion for my mom who is 72?
Is there a way to prevent or stop snoring?
Acne question?
What is a bilateral pulmonary embolism?
Do any of the so-called "overnight" acne/spot treatments actually work overnight?
I got my lip pierced about a month ago and it is still not healed.?
How do I know if my toes is broken?
Cracking noises in the knee?
My pinky and ring finger have been tingling/numb for a week now!?
I used to cut myself?
My feet hurt really badly after walking.....?
I slipped a few hours ago and twisted my ankle...?
Can girls get a groin injury?
Backache what can i do?
Sprained ankle?
Whats the best way for self motivation?
I have got a really sore throat do any of you have any tips??
Does smoking pot everyday cause you health problems?
What is a good way to cure back pain?
Why does my chest hurt...........???
Lf you have a headache,what is the best brand tablet ?
Striking sharp pain in lower right rib cage with pain in arem up to ear.?
Can a woman keep her child away from the father because he take pain medicine for pain management?
I have dental pain for 3 years and its driving me insane. I feel like killing myself, what should I do.?
Does a tens machine work on back pain?
Should a Doctor or Hospital be paid if your not cured or you Die.?
Has anyone quit?
Smoking, help me cut back?
How do i stop my coughing at night?
I have cystic fibrosis but im wondering about trying a joint ( weed) one time, Will it effect my lungs/health?
MY husband was rushed into hospital on friday with chest pains ,they have done several E.C.Gs and they e?
I quit smoking 3 weeks ago and I have been feeling really sick. Is this right?
Can you smoke while taking chantix?
I didn't get to see the end what was the diagnosis?
What causes sudden nose bleeds?
I have just been diagnosed with asthma in January?
How can i fall asleep ?
How to you shake the monday blues??
Any tips on how to get to sleep FAST?
Waking up?
Why is my eye keep twitching???
I can't sleep. What can I do?
I can't sleep. What can I do?
How many of you got pinched today for not wearing green?
I have removed an ingrown toenail but the corner of my toe is still very swollen 2 days later?
Where do I go from here, what do I do with the rest of my life?
I hear a ring in my head?
Is there a lotion that I can put on a black and blue mark to go away faster?
Name few problems after a brain injury?
How to treat canker sores?
When was the last time you slipped and fell on ice?
Have you ever had real bad gas and somebody made you laugh so hard it came out?
18 year old boy in car wreck?
Afraid of shots?
What helps relieve the pain of a burn?
Why do you get a headache after using poppers?
I have a bump on the back of my head,any ideas?
What exactly causes muscle cramps?
Whats the best pain relief for toothache for children aged 12years?
Chest pain, hard to breath for a moment. What could it be?
Arthiritis pain in winters????
Food Poisoning?
My skin is dry??
Is anyone else scared of cheesegraters?
My daughter hands get really red and cold. what do i do?
School water drying out my skin.?
My 2 years old daughter have problem with hair.. dry head and dry hair..can any body give advice what to do?
I have got unwanted hairs at my chin? any procedure to get rid of it?
Whats helps get clear skin?
How can I treat a child's eczema? dry itchy skin?