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How long does a sprained knee usually takes to heal?
My feet hurt?
Abdominal Pain.?
Could I have a more serious head injury?
Do they xray through clothes ever? or do you take them off for a spine x ray?
Stomach Cramps V.s Stomach ache?
Is there anything I can put on an arthritic hip that is so painful today. Are there any anti-inflammatory?
Pain is unbearable!?
Numbness in legs?
My back/waist hurts when i do pushups?
Anyone know any treatment or pain relief for GOUT??
Just burnt my hand. anyone know what i can do to help?
Pain in my knees....?
I'm having some head pains?
Spine and neck pain near shoulders please help someone...............?
What is the worst injurie you have ever gotten?
What can you do to ease the pain from a pinched nerve?
I had four stitches across the my nose .Is it o.k to leave them in a few days longer than recommended?
HELP!! i have glass in my eye!?
Help bad back cant move?
What is the best thing to use to stop getting mozzy bites?
My toe nail is about to come off, but there is 3-4mm of lunula showing, is this the "matrix"?
Have u ever....?
How long does it usually take to recover from whiplash?
What does it feel like to cut your wrists?
Can your Stomach be sensitive to foods and drinks?
I have mono. but i'm way to scared to tell my parents because i am only 13. what do i do??
Need help from my friends on yahoo Answer?
What can doctors see in blood test results?
Why do people smoke? I really don't understand all they are doing is killing themselves?
My husband as no stomach and very little intestines.He is being sick alot and says it tastes like faeces.Help?
I get this itch that is between the inside of my ear and the back of my mouth, how can I get rid of it?
If i had mercury poisioning in my bloodstream then what would i start to feel like.?
Should two people with Down syndrome be able to reproduce?
Any natural cure for tpe 2 diatebes?
Can eating a contact lens kill you?
If your pancreas explodes will you die?
Blood Sugar Testing?
Hey, I am doing a paper in patient/nurse & nurse/nurse relationships. I will appreciate input/experiences?
I was wondering since my diabetes is out of whack should i use a pump?
Today when i woke up my neck was extremely sore i slept on it wrong how do i fix it???
Why do I get excruciating cramps in my calves?
I drank 10 oz. of orange juice and ate a breakfast bar at 8:30 am I had a blood test at 10:30am my blood?
Diabetics and doctors help us plz?
Daily headache?
My blood group is B+. I want to know from which group i can recivev and donate blood.?
Lower back weird pain?
Pain that wont go away?
Any doctors that can answer my Morphine question?
What is the best headache remedy ever???
Should I work out side with my cold? I have no voice. It is very sore?
How is it that the brain has no nerve endings, and feels no pain, why do we get headaches?
Only have four hours to prepare for a major final and i feel a MIGRAINE coming on or a bad tension headache :(
My chest/throat hurts when I breathe and swallow??
Has anyone ever broken a blood vessel in their nose from bad sinuses?
I started smoking i have know clue what should i do?
Smoking, and im only 13?
Lately I have been having a tickle in my throat?
I have a 5yr old that was dignosed with pneumonia last night....?
How dangerous is smoking a hookah, if only done one time?
How do i stop snoring?
Salam to everyone,I need help with my Daughter.?
How can I get rid of asthma?
Morning all i have an issue i hope you can help me with?
Do I have a sprained ankle or worse?
What is a good way to hide cuts on your wrists?
Help i had an accident?
I have two large tattoos and i need to have an mri tomorrow, ive heard you cant have one if you have tattoos?
I broke my Leg and I'm really bored what are somethings i should do till its better?
Have I broke my leg?
Is acupuncture a treatment for pain or a cure.?
Im having really bad pains. please PLEASE please help!?
My 4 yr old just bumped his nose into my 11 yr olds head.immediately his nose started bleeding from both?
What is the best way to clear up acne?
Should I put my dog to sleep?
My skin is out of control all of a sudden. Think all the Diet Pepsi I drink has anything to do with it?
How should you and how often should you wash sweat bands??
Any suggestions to treat acne?
What do you do to get rid of acne?
Why does the sun make my skin itch?
What is a good home remedy if your foot is itching?
How does liquid soap gel taste?
Is there any remedies for scars?
My fingers hurt when i type, what does this mean?
My jaw hurts really bad and I don't know what I did.?
In bed boredom?
My back is killing me. Any ideas as to what it might be & how to relieve it?
Why do my hands keep getting so stiff?? I'm only 23!?
What is this pill? it's white oval and has r180 on it?
What are good ways to relieve migraine headaches?
I have been getting a pain in my foot?
I have a sharp pain in the left side of my neck anyone know how to get rid of it?
Really bad headaches?!!!?
So i just found out i am dying will you help me please?
Why are so many people scared of organ donations when their is a call for them?
I have just notice that one of my eye pupils is bigger than the other any ideas on whats causing this?
Packed expired medicines still usable???
What does it feel like to get your ears syringed?
My daughter has a fever of 103, a swollen lymphnode and is starting to look very pale...?
How come no one dies from old age anymore?
Is a very dark stool a matter for concern?
I have had a fever for over 4 weeks, test come back normal, doctor dont know what it is. anyone help with this
What are side effects of smoking?
Why does one only coughs at night?
When should I stop smoking?
I have this tickling felling in my lungs when I breath, with a tight feeling in my chest. Can anyone help?
Why is it now for two years now i can feel my heart beat through my chest and then i dont?
Does the tb jab hurt?
Can anyone tell me what causes TB?
Could i have pneumonia?
What can i give a 1 year old for a Cough and an Ear ache?
My 3 year old daughter had fevers yesterday, took her to ER, she has Strep throat...?
Do toenails regrow back after they've been completely ripped off?
I just pierced my nose about 2 hours ago with a safety pin how do i take care of it?
What is the best way to break your leg. And what do you do after you break it?
Finger Slammed in Door?
Well im getting this really bad pain right on under my ribs on the left had side of my body?
How do I entertain myself?
Chest pains?
DLA question?
Butt Pain?
All kind ppl out there please help me!?
Frequent Thirst?
How can I warn a family member about diabetes risk?
My girlfriend is a diabetic and i wanted to know if her leg pains at night might have something to do with it?
I have diabetes,and know my skin is prone to chapping/cracks -what should I use?
I have really bady circulation. can anyone tell me what can improve my circulation?
I’m worried about my blood sugar level. I’m a diabetic and......?
Im a physician in in ICU and i need a help for diagnosis and traitement of a patient?
What is type 1 and 2 diabetes?
What are the signs of a bi-polar person?
I need to know a natural appetite enhancer?
Drug screening question (drug test )?
Bowel Movement Question. Anyone have any ideas?
What do I do? My piercing is infected.?
Getting cold and flu often.....?
I need advice about Brothers diabetes!?
What colour were your stools today, mine were almost yellow?
Do i have leukemia?
HELP! fishbone in sisters throat or so it seems?
Slight Chest pain 16 years old.?
I feel like killing myself?
L1 nerve pain - advice please?
Carrying Vicodins In A Tylenol Bottle?
Ok i hurt all over...?
Any good suggestions on how to relieve fibromyalgia symptoms?
Does anyone have any home remedies for headaches?
What are the chances of getting SSI at 36 ?
How should we protact ourself from side effect of pain killer?
What To Do About REALLY Bad Sunburn?
My son has eczema we have tried almost everything can ay one help me out?
Acne Problem?
What causes yellowing of the eyes and orange yellow skin color only on the face?
How can i avoid getting acne from sweating?
There is something like an air bubble under my skin on my finger,should I burst it?I just got it.?
How do i get rid of spots and blackheads?
I am a kid with nothing to eat and Ihave to cook for the first time. I NEED HELP!!!?
Can you die from cutting off ur tongue?!?
Help! please!?
I have been diagnosed with 'Plantar fascitius' it's just getting more agonising every day.?
Is this normal?
I'm doing a gig with my band tonight for the first time in a year. Any remedies for nerves?
How long does a nerve take to grow back?
My ear is bleeding?
What causes a headache or a migraine?
I swallowed my toungue ring a week and a day ago, what should I do?
Car accident.. two weeks ago.. still in pain (neck and back)?
No one answered my first question so here it is again! SHIN SPLINTS IN PAIN HELP!?
I have a problem and i think it serious. Please Help!?
I am a male crossdresser i need to get rid of spider veins inside of left leg only fom ankle to calf help me
Constant Headaches?
Recovering anorexic, how to gain healthy weight around my back/stomach? back aches...?
Help...really bad knee pain?
I'am 14 and terrified of needles and soon have to go to the doctor for my 15 year old shots!?
Please please help me!!!!im in sooo much pain!!!!!?
What is wrong with my brain?
This morning my bowel movement was huge. I didn't eat more than usual. Why does it vary so much?
How to cure migraine headaches?
DIAGNOSE ME!!! i am very sick i think. 10pts to any1 i think sounds right!!!?
The "otoscope" is used by doctors to examine which part of the body?
I feel weird going to the doctor now!?
I'm 17 and there's no hope for me?
What is this sleep disorder?
Hypothetical...a family member dies of a genetic disease, would u get yourself tested?
What would the outcome be for someone who has no signals from their brain telling them to breath?
Asthma symptoms, or is it something else?
Sometimes I can't take a deep breathe!?
I wake up gasping for air a lot. Is it sleep apnea?
Can som 1 help me out with a home remedy for my cough and cold which is for 365days ?
How bad is second hand smoking?
What Sickness do I have if I just got over bronchitis and now have a really soar throat a week later?
Can cats give you Viral Pneumonia?
Help with Bronchitis?
Diabetes one??
Name the best fruits for a diabetic to eat?
What is good for lowing your blood sugar quickly after you taking it and the reading is high?
Is nadi astrology true? does their predictions come true?
I am a diabatic Mtl II type. Can I donate my blood?
Would sinus medication raise bloodsugar levels alot?
What will help my hands i have pain in them due to the cold weather?
Is it possible to be stressed to the point of physical pain?
Should I go elsewhere to find painkillers?
Back pain?
Can you just scream for me...??
I am taking percocet and I feel very ithcy, is that normal?
My knees get so painful when I stand up, could this be athritis?
Should I wake my mother up?
My back has just gone, any ideas for pain please, can hardly move, lower back. Lifted earlier. Help.?
Why does pain make us so weak?
What is wrong with me?
Why do a lot of old people die when on the toilet?
Im really worried...please help me?
How long shoud I keep plaster (adhesive dressing) on wound after surgeon put it?
What if you throw up during surgury?
I have been hurting for days...?
Pus from ear piercing?
Do you think people who cut themselves will ever be cured or recover?
How do u tell if ur finger is jammed or broken?
I hurt my ankle at soccer a week ago and its still swollen. Should I go to the doctor or just rest?
Can you eat cheese if you're lactose intolerant?
Upper GI Procedure?
Will there ever be a cure for autism?
What is a good cure for insomnia?
Why does my anus feel swollen and uncomfortable?
Is obesity cause by genetics or by how you eat?
I am a stutterer and have a presentation to give in English 101 next week, can you give me some advice?
Complusive eating disorder?
Please dont laught at me.?
My husband has a fever of 103+ yet he is not sweating. He has general fatigue and a headache.?
What are some good tips for chapped lips?
Does anyone know a way to help treat acne??
Why do I constantly get ulcers?
My lips r getting too dry, chapped and peeling, even though its summer season, any good solution?
Does anyone know any good ways to cure acne in adults?
Acne sufferers, how did you get rid of acne?
Masterbating makes you blind?!?
Stopped smoking? Any advice?
Sorry about the subject of my question folks! hehe. What are the?..........?
What is the substance that comes from the nose when u catch a cold?
Mouse Droppings?
Are there any vitamins that help Multiple Sclerosis ?!!?
What could hard, solid phlegm be a symptom of?
PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!! i need some ideas to help my grandma with her breathing problems?
Anyone experience this while sleeping?
Do you think doctors are just giving medication to patients even if they may not need it?
My son has breathing problems?
Can a chest infection be cured by increasing the inhalers and /relievers?
How do you tell someone their breath stinks?
Does sweating really "wash out" the toxins in your body?
I have a really important QUESTION! Please HELP!!?
Back pain is to much?
What responsibilites do employees have in event of a fire?
Does anyone know what you can do for a really bad sunburn?
HOW can I find relief from my Sciatic Nerve problems without Drugs?
Ok. i need help?
Spider bite...? harmless?
Any over the counter meds that will help ACID-REFLUX?
Is it bad to crack your neck?
Can tramadol worsen depression??
How can I learn to be a paramedic in one day?
What's the worst pain you've experienced ?
Kidney stone info ????
Ive a big nose &I; have been pressing the sides to make it thinnerNow evertime I touch it it cracks Good or no?
How do you get a fish bone out, that is stuck in your throat.?
Will my blood pressure be lowered with aspirin? i asked this before and half say yes, half say no?
Gentle exercises for lower back pain?
Diabetics: When you order diet soda in a restaurant,?
Nocturnal hypoglycemia?
Does anyone who takes the medication, Lantus Insulin Glargine, feel itchy after they inject it?
Can they be wrong about my diabetes?
What herbal medecine is known to cure diabetes?
How many hours do I NEED Not eat and drink before I have my blood drawn for tests?
Give me any easily identify for sugar problem?
Borderline diabetes?
I heard apples are bad for diabetics. Can someone confirm this for me?
Plantar Fasciitis - Is there a link to diabetes?
SO uncomfortable! Can someone help me with this?
Help! I need some serious advice!?
Does stop drop and roll work?
Has anyone ever broken a bone and how did u do it ??
I rolled my ankle, but there's no swelling?
My foot got cat-mauled?
Have You Ever Had This Happen? Please Read!?
My gran daughter keeps complaing and coplaining about her ankle?
OW OW OW!!!! I burnt my finger on my flat iron really bad!!! Help!?!?!??!?
Varicella is the medical name for which disease?
I used to be a serious drinker and cough medicine abuser now i have dark circles under my eyes..how does it ..
I was diagnosed with high cholesterol (7.8) I do not eat much fat and eat a lot more than my 5 a day fruit &?
Something I could do to boost my immune system??
Has anybody every suffered from anorexia or bulimia?
Does anyone know the answer?????
Can a doctor refuse to let you see a specialist?
Feeling poorly someone cheer me up!?
How can I get rid of my stomachache??
Where does the blood goes if your stomach is bleeding?
Could kidney stones cause lower back pains?
Headache question...for 4-5 weeks my husband was having 2-3 full size cup of coffee each day, now he is having
Question about a bleeding ear...?
I stand on a concrete floor all day what are the best shoes for that?
Back pain why this happen to people?
Can anynone give me some pointers for buying pills through the internet?
My throat is really sore, help?
Is it safe to take ibuprofen daily? For an unlimited amount of time?
I ran over my dog and now it's limping what do I do?
What can you expect from a cortisone injection into the shoulder?
Sleep Apnea?
Oxygen forever ??
Coughing up blood?
What would happen if u put a humidifier and a dehumdifier in the same room?
My girlfriend trells me that i snore really loud. How can i alleviate that?
What should a typical adult's peak flow (asthma) be?
Sleep apnea advice. I am from the UK and am doing voluntary work in Namibia.?
What happens when your oxygen levels are 83 and you have copd and pulmonary fiboris?
Asthma Control?
Is pharmacist considered a professional job?
How old were you the first time you smoked weed?
How do I get thc out of my system?
How can i calm my nerves before my driving test without medication?
How can you stop smelly feet?
How do I stop my eye from twitching!?!?
How do I get rid of bruises real fast? Had some bruise but after rubbing it, it become more darker and bigger.
Can hitting someon in the back of the head really cause brain damage, trouble, and deep resentment?
Can a potato really break a bone?
I think I broke my arm..HELP!!?
My Doctor's Orders-- What Now?
Anyone know what kind of exercises I should be doing for a torn calf muscle?
When you wipe your bottom after a poo, do you sometimes have a bit of blood?
Wasp or hornet sting — what does it feel like?
Please, i cant take the pain anymore!!
Rear ended in car accident. How much could I get if I sue?
Do I have diabetes if....?
Is there no permanent cure for high blood preasure?
My husband has type 2 diabetes. Does it matter what sugar substitute he uses?
What kind of test do you take to find out if you are Diabetic?
Is rapid weight loss a symptom of diabetes? ?
I need help here?
Looking for A1C information and sugar levels?
What are the best foods to eat when you have iron poor blood. (enemic)?
Is 53 a low surgar blood count ,what are the highs and too low range?
Symptoms of what?
Do drug dealers ever mix drugs together?
Should i stay or go home?
Is there any Doctor forum from where I can ask some health related question ?
It is true that you should not drink milk when you have fever?
How do I cope with a disease that has no cure?
I am 24 yrs, Its 7 PM, and I am at office...feeling damn lethargic and sleepy...what should I do?
32 yr old female with history of kidney stones can someone tell me how I can prevent getting them again?
What are all the names of diesesis or infection than include blood in poo be serios please?
What is Vertigo?
Are there any cure to dimenture?
Why do i have heartburn every day no matter what i eat or drink?
What is it about smoking?
What's wrong with my throat???
My knee really hurts and it was keeping me awake last night! i feel like cutting it off, what do you think....
Is this appendicitis?
Any suggestions on what to do to ease the pain{SWOLLEN TONSILS) ?
What to do when a 16yr old takes 6talenol tablets.?
A terribly upset stomach... I don't know what to do to make it go away!!?
I have really bad pain in my hip and knee and im in agony im only 19 so what can this be.?
Ok i have realy bad chest pain and its on my left side and sometimes when i breath in it hurts sooo bad?
Is there any cure for pinched nerve in the neck?
I have had a bad headache since yesterday and im off out tonight and..?
I was diagnosed with at sinus infection on Monday. Was given antibiotics and meds for my symptoms but still?
Where does all the dark green phlegm go, when you start taking antibiotics and it stops coughing up?
Asthma Help?!?
I haven't stopped coughing for two days?
Under what conditions can you see your breath?
My friend was rushed to the emergency room?...Throwing up blood?
How can I stop snoring?
Would you rather have a chest cold or a head cold?
Sick, cant go to school.?
A Problem With my Legs?
Annoying lump on my head should I be worried?
If you were in the hospital and they had to either save your leg, your eye, or your arm. what would it be that
Swollen arm?
My toddler is limping............?
Whats wrong .....?
I got shot?
I'm looking for some really good linament or heat rub for my back.?
I have very recently hurt the bottom of my back, any suggestions as to how to ease the pain?
Why do i get the shits?
Being punched in the head causes brain damage?
Please help. ..I am finding it difficult to breath?
Why are YOU not asleep?
My friend's mom was addicted to painkillers, and he took them away from her?
Do girls really have cooties? Also is there a treatment for it?
Why is it called "Multiple" Sclerosis? Can't you get it only once?
I have IBS and can't work!!Is it possible to get some type of benefit..like?
Is it serious??
Adults should receive a tatanus booster every how many years?
I am suffering sleep disturbances. It is really getting me down now.?
Any one knows about eye dieseas Glucoma? seriously ans me i want info?
Will eating tomatoes lead to kidney stone?
Dark cricles under eyes???
What kind of doctor treats the skin?
I got sunburnt on my shoulders yesterday and I was wondering what to put on it?
I have a tone of spots plz help?
What are you allergic too?
Most effective way to get rid of poison ivy?
What gets rid of acne??
I have 14 warts all over my hands!?
I have a bad sun burn on my legs and arms and need to start a new job. What can I do to help heal my burn quik
How to change sleeping habit?
Is Prilosec OTC an over-the-counter medicine?
Could this be migraines or a sign of something much worse?
Under my left breast, It just hurt randomly or when i breathe in it hurts too? do anyone know whats wrong?
I get these sharp pains under my left rib about twice a day, and it hurts to take a deep breath when it hurts?
Hey everyone!!!! :)?
Any home remedies for a stoamch ache? :)?
Do shots hurt?
Can anyone help me with this slightly odd problem?
As I woke up I felt dizzy. Need some help.?
Embarrasing, but i'll ask anyways?
Honest Opinions please?
Does meth change your facial features?
I am so stressed, what should I do??
Drugs are an important part of my life - I can't stop craving pot and doing line of c when I meet my friends
Head Lice!!! Please Help?
Can smoking small amounts of marijuana truly worsen depression.?
Can a diabetic woman give birth to a healthy baby?
Can a juveniel diabeates mellitus patient can marry?
I need some device for my diabetic husband
Can you get diabetes by eating too much sugar?
Is there a surgery for type 2 diabetes to temporarily stop the need of insulin?
What is a good way to lower blood sugar?
I've been experiencing the classic symptoms of diabetes should I be worried???
Diabetes question???
Does alcohol Lower or raise blood sugar level?
Maybe diabetes??? or something else?
How can i make sure i dont get a scar?
When I run, my knees HURT, especially under my knees most of the time. What can I do?
If I had a hairline fracture in my arm would I still be able to move it and put pressure on it?
Lost my voice, how can i fix it by tomorrow??!!?
My sister has Cystic Fibrosis and keeps being sick cannot eat?
Why do I have a sour throat?
Black nails?
If a person has had 2 surgeries within the same time and is intensive care how many weeks does it take for the
Ok i need help...?
Where can I find get well soon poems?
Are these cold symptons?
Does anyone know how long?
How can i learn to "chill"?
What are some of the ways &/or products you use to soothe an aching back?
Can stress and Panic attacks cause the feeling of somthing stuck in throat and chest?
I have really bad sunburn on my shoulders and back?
Cipro antibiotic?
What causes a 'runny' nose?
How do you know when you can't breath?
Is it normal to vomit during flu?
Nose bleeds?
I have been constipated for almost a week, what should i do?
My son had a friend over yesterday. His mom just realized her son has lice and let me know . What should I do?
Alcoholics Anonymous?
The Elephant Man - what was the diagnosis?
What is the difference between Brain Tumor and Brain Aneurysm?
Is it normal to sweat a little during the night?
How do you get rid of lice and egg nits fast?........what product works best?
My 9 year old son has extremely smelly feet !?
How long does alcohol stay in the blood?
How can I stop myself from waking up at 3am every night?
My GF has left and now unable to sleep! So how can i get some sleep? No sleep for weeks?
Is it possible to be addicted to coca cola?
Whats the best way to tell my parents I smoke cigarettes?
Is working the night shift bad for your health?
What side of the bed do you sleep on??
Quitting smoking tomorrow. any advice or encouragement?
My toe was pulled off at work?
Am i growing?
Did anyone have a worse day than me?
My shoulder?
What exactly is a superficial wound?
All The Sudden ??
Wats the best thing for a swollen black eye?
Orange blood coming out of my new scabs in my leg, is that bad?
Thank god for the NHS?
Aside from getting tested regularly, are there any noticable symptoms of HIV?
I was wonderIng if I had an STD because I have a couple little bumbs down there and I have sum white discharge
Virgin with STD?
Can you have herpes in your mouth?? or is that something else, I'm worried???
What are the chances he has HIV?
If i have a low- risk HPV can i still have children?
Vicks Vaporizer?
Asthma help?
How to get rid of croop?
What exactly do anesthesiologists do?
COPD question?
What is the common illness of human of all races experience /?
Will my lung get better after I quite smoking?
I maybe misspelling it it could be spelled Minocyclin, What does it cure?
What is the little thing that hangs down in the back of your throat called?
How old are you when you start smoking?????????
Can type II diabetics eat anything they want within limits?
What makes you feel sick?
Cold sores how do i get reed of them?
Is there anything that can slow down alzeihmers disease before it becomes to bad?
Child getting seazure during fever.?
Having baby's with diabeties ok?
Will they give someone an insulin shot at the hospital for temporary relieve of high blood sugar?
This sounds crazy..?
I'm having horrible abdominal pain PLEASE HELP?
I have a sore throat but got got a negative strep test?
Is there any way to treat diabetes or help to treat it?
Seeing floating shapes in eyes once in a while and yesturday was dizzy and felt like everything was spinning?
Is sugar alcohol less bad for a diabetic than real sugar??
Blood Sugar 180?
Is there any complications during pregnancy : my wife has gestational Diabetic?
What exactly do diabetic socks do?
How long does it take for diabetes to develop? would be your symptoms occur in one day?
Where do people without health insurance get tested for diabetes?
Does anyone know of a really low dose of meds for anxiety and constant worry?
What are the best shoes to wear when you stand on your feet all day?
Passed out in shower.?
I have a Headache at least 4 times a week????
My back hurts!?
I keep getting real bad headaches?
What needs to happen to you in order to be prescribed...?
For the past week i have woken up with diareah each morning. what is wrong with me?
Pain in left arm?
Does the meningitis shot hurt?
Scar and pus?
What are natural ways i can do to prevent or heal acne?
What causes hemorrhoids cause i just found a small one around my anus?
Ance Help?!?
Cure For Acne and Spots?
My skin is so dry, I cant stop iching!! Anyone know any secret to relieve this?? Other than lotion??
Bad Finger Problem?
How do you get rid of a tan?
Acne help?
Can u catch or spread HIV/AIDS through kissing?
I know a girl who said she caught HPV. Then she said the doctor's told her it went away. Is that possible?
Why so much Aids in Africa?
Does anyone know where to get tested for stds for free?
It's positive!!!!!?
Why cant i never sleep?
SMOKING - How to stop? Any good suggestions that may have helped you, please!?
I suffer from migraines. Can anyone help?
Quick and effective remedy for constipation?
Will you sleep in someone's arms tonite?
So tired lately?
Should I kiss a guy with herpes?
Can STDs come from nowhere?
Can herpes stop you from having children?
Where do you think HIV & AIDS came from?
Ive got a turtle head popping out?
What are the difference in symptoms from a sprained or broken ankle?
Whats wrong with me?
I really need your help!?! =[?
I broke all my fingers n my hand shud i go 2 the doctors?
How to get ride of my huge *** bruise?
My shoe fell off, i dont know what to do anymore. Can someone help me?
On '300' they get a red hot poker and burn a wound. Why do they do this? ?
Pregnant gf fell down stairs what do i do?!? HELP PLEASE!!!?
Do you smoke cigarettes ? if so what brand do you smoke, and how many cigs do you smoke in a day ?
How to go to sleep fast?
How does someone get a asthma attack?
Does anyone know about rhinitis?
Is is okay to give a dog xanax?
Remedies for puffy and baggy eyes?
What is commonly prescribed for alcohol withdrawal symptoms?
Define schizophrenia?
I have dry any broken hair,i never using hair colour,why?
103 degree fever? wont go away! help!?
Social smoker threats?
My ear is blocked and I don't know why, what can I do?
Help! My face turned purple?
Do i have Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Poisoning?
How many hours sleep do u usually get?
What is it when you get numbness and tingling on side of you left hand especially along side of little finger
How to get rid of or sooth a sore throat.?
Would a cold sore or HSV1 show up in a STD test...Or do u have to have HSV2 for it to show up??
What is the cause of heartburn?
I feel terrible and....?
Can you wear your CPAP during a thunderstorm?
Why do you eat more when you stop smoking?
Need Help please. Asthma or allergies?
I just smoked 3 cigarretes?
I need to know about AIDS, how it happend, how it was like when it was first discovered, and how it is now.?
What is Cystic Fibrosis?
Do AIDS SYMPTOMS include....?
Is there really a cure for AIDS?
I want a back massage but...?
I woke up with cramp in the backs of my thighs today. Any cures?
Can tylonal be taken with naproxen?
Ihave severe leg and feet cramps. what can I do to relieve the cramps. PLEASE HELP !?
What are some good things to do after you've had surgery and you know you're going to be in bed for 3 weeks?
I am 36 i have developed a backache that goes into my right leg also painkiller gives temporary relief any alt
What is the best way to get rid of the greatest pain of all how do you handle it?
Is this dangerous?
I woke up this morning with a cramp in my leg...?
Hey whats the feeling in my throat (i drank washing up liquid)?
HIV/AIDS question?
I think my foot is broken and its hurts real bad and its swolen how can i make the pain go i'm not goin 2 a ER
Wife just sprained ankle badley she has ice on it what else will help?
How long for a broken ankle to heal? before you can start walking?
Ever got hurt doing this?And what killed him?
Pray for Katie?
Bike seat hurts my bottom , can pain cause injury ?
Burnt thumb!?
I walked into a gate?
Lower back pain???
Natural drug to oower blood pressure?
Can Diabetes occur without any symptoms?
What are the most effective herbs for diabetes type two?
What sugar levels are too high and are likely that you are diabetic?
What"s the best medicine for type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure?
What is this medicine call "metformin er 500mg?
Is there any breakthrough in finding permanent cure for 'Type-1' diabetes?.?
Donate Diabetes Glucose Meter/Monitor?
Are the symtoms of pregnancy any different for those with Diabetes Type 1, e.g. blood sugar levels?
My friend just found out she has diabetes...?
I have a friend living with me who has aids, I picked up her bloody bandaid,how long does virus live?
Ive been diagnosed with HPV, I got treatment, but the warts came back, what other options do I have?
When you were/are pregnant did you have a yeast infection?
I have this pain. Help?
I hvae had tummy bug for nearly three weeks!?
I'm crying I don't know why, is it because of period?
Be me for the day,,what would you do ??
What is the best way to relief back pain??
What might cause ones right arm to have pins and needles and your right hand to feel numbThis happens at night
I get a lot of headaches...?
What is the best thing to do for tired achy feet?
Im pooryl but can anyone tell me whats wrong with me?
I've got ear ache?
Drug tests?
How do you get rid of fungus in your toenail?
Why do i keep getting throbbing headaches?
It hurts.....?
My aunt is in severe pain what should i do?
Is there any cure for muscular distrophy?
How do you know if you have a concussion?
Blood in stool?
What is the best natural remedy for acid reflux.?
Can anyone get asthma with out parents?
Question about smoking?
Can you die from blood poisening?
I smoked for the 1st time and now I feel horrible.?
How bad for you is hookah?
Whats worse, weed or ciggaretes? how come?
What the hell was this guy thinking?
Is it bad to swallow mucus?
Why are our bogies green?
What is a herniated disc and do you have to live with it for the rest of your life??
I have a killer leg cramp and I have a track meet tom.! Please Help!!!?
Okay exactly what would you call it? PLZ HELP?
Omg help which way do i turn?
Can you please help me?
Need a quick answer...how do I stop a black eye from showing up tomorrow?
I brusied my breast from a fall?
I washed my face with some zest soap. a couple of hours later my face was swollen and broken out. What do I do
PLEASE Help, This is important?
I burnt my hand. ways to soothe the burn??
Is it possible to feel the same pain after surgery?
Is it bad to sleep on your side?
My lower back head hurts, its been hurting for a while ?
When you fart in bed, do you stick your head under the blanket to analyze the aroma?
I have been having trouble with my right wrist for year on and off, the wrist becomes weak and painful, it?
Why do we get cramps?
I have had a lump in my armpit for about a year?
EMERGENCY-will this cause any damage to my ears...?
Can Smoking be good?
Where can i find a doctor that works weekends?
I've a bad hangover, how do i get rid of it?
What's a good way to get rid of a headache? QUICK!!?
I have period pain, its hurts, owwwwwwwwwwwww?
How do you not smell bad ?
What are your experiences with an epidural ?
My ears hurt!?
Really bad headaches - help!!!?
How do i find out if i have diabetes?
How long can you be diabetic and not be on medication?
I am looking for the brand name of black chocolate used by diabetic patients which contains Flevinol(?)?
My daughter 13 years, diabetic(detected a month ago), she is on insulin now, what are safe glicose levels?
Does a person that is experiancing low blood sugar experiance personality changes?
Can some on answer this?
Im going for a medical/blood test to get my driving licence back what will they test for ?
Diabetes question?
Why do diabetics run the risk of losing limbs?
Sugar? 10 points?
Whats are these tiny black bugs?
My sister cuts herself, my brother is on drugs. wat can i do?
I hate my new tongue ring....I got a week from 2morrow...is it safe to take it out now?
What feeling do you have the most difficulty expressing?
What body part loses the most heat? The head or the feet?
What does a slight numbness, pins and needles tingle in the hand signal? No joke.?
After the mosquito's bite,how to make it not itching?
What do i do when it burns when i pee and it really red down there and the skin is burning?
Girl Hater Revenge?
Why are bald people's heads usually shiny?
I used to self harm and last week i did it again. i dont want to go to a councellor. how can i stop?
Did you sleep well last night?
Is there anyway i can improve the condition of my skin without buying any products?
What can I use to raise up money for a terminally ill girl at my school?
Does anybody know how to soothe a sunburn?
I have acne all over my forehead. Help!?
I took 2 laxatives (bisacodyls) last night at 10 pm. it is now 12 pm the next day, why haven't i gone?
Acid Reflux? Any advice or information?
I have a rash....Please help?
Hi im 18 and for the past few days iv had stools with streaks of blood on the surface. Can i have hemmorhoids?
Can we cry under water?
Wife has rash on the inside of elbow, where you would draw blood?
I am a 32 year old female and I have been having back pain on my left side.?
I'm 26 and just found out i have high cholesterol, what would lower it??
I dont eat a lot but when I do I throw it up, is that considered to be Bulimia?
What are the symptoms of pregnency?
Is macular degeneration genetic?
Can I exercise with a sprained ankle and foot without causing further damage?
My foot hurts in a strange spot?
I punched a Wall, because i'm a moron?
Foot injury.. what should i do?
What is this muscle/bone called?
My MOM is FAKING a back injury?
Messed up middle finger?
Is it bad for me to hide my possibily sprained/broken foot from my parents?
I just popped my knee out of place?
Should i be worried? Should i wait?
What foods help constipation?
I know smoking cigarettes are bad,but can it stunt your growth?
What is making people fatter, tv or fast food?
What do I do? It's life or death!?
What is th best way to control dry skin?
I need HELP!!?
.help to stop tobacco.best way?
Misquito bite?
Is it normal for a wasp sting to start swelling if ur not allergic to it?
I burnt my hand help?
Pain relief? What do you think is the best pain relief after having a molar extracted (cut from bone)?
Are Memory Foam Mattress Toppers any good ?
Pain in my back?
Should I get a lawyer?
Maybe someone can give me some information about social security disability?
Anyone have any headache/migrain remedies?
The front pad and all of my toes on my right foot are always ice cold and sometimes numb. What can be causing?
I have a pain in the arch of my foot; what could it be?
Between Last night and this morning I have taken 15-16 ibuprofen and aleve am I gonna be okay?
Is it just a "sore throat" if I cannot eat anything because it hurts to swallow, or if it even hurts to talk?
Is working with fiberglass detrimental to my lungs?
Does homeartheropy help bronchitis i no theres not a cure for the ilness?
Does anyone know the long term effects of inhaling paper dust?
Ear wax buildup?
I think I have sleep apnea.I had a sleep study done a few years back,but as it turned out I had a very rare un
Chest 'tightness' and my asthma?
What is asthma? How do I control my asthma symptoms?
I have just finished a course of antibiotics for bronchitis?
For experienced smokers only?
I am so confused.?
I like to sell my kindey were can i do this?
I have quit smoking for 6 days now , when will the craving get weaker ?
How can i quit smoking?
Im sleepy what should i do?
My son appears to have blackouts or apparent absences for 2 or 3 seconds at a time with slight arm tremors?
Okay how do i shut my mind off when i try to sleep?
Blood while Vomiting?
Can you catch AIDS from drinking after someone with AIDS?
What is "Dislexia"?
I had a car accident a few weeks ago and the steering wheel was lodged in my groin?
I cut myself on a puppy cage a week ago and the wound won't heal...what should I do?
Should I see a doctor?
Why did I almost Faint?
Can someone who lost an arm in an accident grow another?
Hey i think that i had broke a rib and i am 14 wat do i do????
If your foot is big, can you cut off your toe to make it smaller?
How do you know if you broke your wrist?
Can anyone beat this?
Whats wrong with me ????
How to control over alcoholism?
I am 42 yo recently diagnosed diabetic, dr has ordered c-peptide level to see if it is type 1 or 2.?
Is it a sign of diabetes if you are constantly urinating?
What happens if you have diabetes and you get pregnant???
Is pineapple good for diabetic person?
Pins or needles?
Any other diabetics experience this?
Can A type 2 diabetic die from too high of sugar?
Smoking my last cigarette on Tuesday?
How much water should I drink?
If someone started trying to pass a state wide admendment to ban smokeing would you vote yes or no.?
I have a bad habit!! Help me please!!!?
Best deodrant?
My lips are severly cracked. Tried using a lip balm but it only got worse. Any ideas? Help!?
Cant sleep well, no energy at school... HELP ME PLZ!!?
Can you clean your blood yourself?
Muscular aches and pains?
My back is always hurting...and I'm only 15!!!?
Broken ankle?
Should i get my ear peirced?
I got a head ache!!!?
What do you do when you feel hungover?
Please help,?
What is something u want right now, but can't have??
More info about my last question about my headaches...?
Medical Question.. What would you think?
Nausea in apartment?
Cold sores :-(?
Does anyone know how To get rid Of ear infections or make it so that a child doesnt get Them All the time?
Can a beer drinking so called functional alcoholic and pot smoker effectively quit without in patient rehab?
Does anyone have a home remedy for Acid Reflux , That dont cost an arm & leg???
Is tonsillitis hereditary, my doctor says not but there are 3 generations of sufferers in my family?
Urinary tract infections?
I am having a "throbbing" pain in my middle back, below my should blades? What could it be?
What should i do with short temper partner?
Is it possible to go home the same day after arthroscopic knee surgery?
Can concussions kill you?
What will i get paid from my work when i have a doctors note ?
Is my ankle sprained?
Pulled or strained muscle and what should I do?
Is it best just to stop drinking or cut down?
Can you break a rib by slouching forward?
Can hayfever cause chest infections?
How much do you have to smoke before you get smoker's cough?
Cystic fibrosis?
Must see Question!!! Very interresting?
My boyfriend punched a wall?
Why is there so much pollution? How can we stop it?
Have you ever done anything really stupid, like putting you tongue in an electric toaster?
I think i have a problem.?
How long does it take to die from hanging?
Why is pnuemonia more common in the older client?
Chest pain??
Sneeze! Sneeze?
I suspect my cough prescription is wrong but label is right, what can I do to check it?
My Throat Is Killing (right side) And So Is My Ear (right side) So What Do I Do And anytime I Talk It hurts?
My friend took 13 asprins?
Pain in my ankle help!!!!!!!please?
Will you get sick if you take goody's powder and tylenol PM at the same time?
Everytime i feel a serious pain at my side it come and go do u think it is that i soon have babyplease tell me
What can i do about a mother that is addicted to vicoden?
Would having acid reflux give you back pain?
Extreme headache...?
My hubby's hands fall asleep at night.. and more.. plz read!?
Does proactiv solution really work?
Can I let all eczema (or similar skin condition) sufferers in on a little secret?
Burnt face on sunbed??
Freckle on lip?
I have a recurring itch around my anus. (this is embarrasing but I really want an answer).?
Why does my face become red?
Acne on my neck uhgg?
How do you get rid of warts?
I have been feeling so thirsty all day, I keep drinking water but I am still really thirsty why?
My brother is type 1 diabetic?
What blood tests must be done prior to ordering a blood transfusion?
Should I be concerned about diabetes???
I am scared of being tested for diabetes.. how do i know i have it?
Is it safe to drink alcohol, like wine coolers if I have Hypoglycemia?
My friend is found diabatic having 270-Fasting and 390-PP. Can it be controlled without medicines.?
What and how do you use an insulin pump for a diabetic?
If someone is taking gulocophage and wont eat how can you keep the blood sugar from getting too low?
What are your reaction of diabetes mellitus?
How do you get rid of hiccups??
Is a person on drugs when they roll their tongues all the time & their saliva is white? If so, which drug?
When you donate blood?
Is this what heartburn feels like?
What does your body feel like when you have fibromyalgia?
What are the sympton and how is it diagnosed?
My friend suffers from insomnia?
How long til anti depressants kick in?
What is a kidney stone?
Can someone tell me what is making me have daily headaches? I have them every day right side ...?
Do u believe in witchcraft and voodoo dolls?
Anyone ever have trouble unbending their fingers after they make a fist? (worst in morning)?
Why does it hurt when a male gets hit in the groin?
My hand...?
If someone had a bruise on there face would u belive them if they said thay got hit by a golf ball?
How long after surgery do I wait to exercise?
My two year old was playing now he wont walk he is limping should i take him to the hospital?
Does doing cocaine for a long time cause brain injury of any sort?
How do i know if my arm is broken?
How can someone find a remedy to get rid of migraine headaches?
I heard that chewing on a clove leaf can help with a tooth ache, has anyone tryed it and does is really work?
Problems with down below?
Help, Ibuprophen question?
Cramps below my belly button near my pelvis =(?
"Gut Rot" what is this?
Omg My Back Hurts! Please Help!?
Does a tetanus shot hurt???
Why is walking away always the right thing to do?
Please help...this could end my life.?
Would you rather?
Im only 14 n i wanna quit smoking?
What can I do to cure my insomnia?
Will my head explode if I hold in my sneezes?
What does it mean when every smell makes you nauseous?
If someone is peeing and they die half way through will they keep peeing or stop???
I think i died....?
Quit smoking for 2 months today! Any encouragement out there??
What can i take for energy?i sleep all the time and cant get things done.?
Suggestions on lip balm??
What does decortication mean?
Coughing up blood?
How does albuterol work?
Do asthma medications go bad?
Breathing problems?
Can a person still sue the tobacco company's for damage of years ago?
23 month old with asthma?
Facing sinus problems?
Does Nyquil do any good for a cold?
Giving CO2 during CPR?
Can a doctor lie to a 18 yrs old about not having a brain tumor because he has no insurance?
Blood in feces?
Will I pass my drug test???
Wot is camal toe? and do people really sufer 4m it?
How long does it take b4 you can walk without crutches after spraining your ankle?
Any help for an ankle sprain?
Somewhat graphic: I was bitten by a dog this afternoon; advice on the appearance of the wound is appreciated.
Im still having pain in my side....?
Ear infection? swimmers ear?
Can cutting your wrists kill you?
Im 14 a lady hit me in the ear and busted my ear drum will i ever be able to hear out of it again?
Have I fractured my arm?
Do you think my gym teacher will let me not take gym tomorrow?
Can see blood?
How can I continue to help my Mom?
Why do peoples shins and calves hurt after walking?
Are custom orthotic insoles worth the money?
Percocet addiction?
Why do I feel worse since I quit drinking?
What good to stop leg cramps?
Excruciating neck pain for almost a week?
What side afects to paracetamol?
What else could it be?
My blood sugar ranges from 4.8/11.4 are these safe levels?
Blood test detect diabetes?
What r the benefits of eating one meal a day and what time should u eat?
How do you treat diabetes?
How do i get my a1c lower before october 18th?
What they call if you have low iron?
Inhaled insulin. Should I try it?
Simplest Test for Any types of Diabetes?
Should we be scared about the Bird Flu?
Im in need of HELP or ADVICE???
STREP THROAT...please help?
I have had these symptoms....need some advice PLEASE.?
If someone died from smoking and you lighted their last cigerette for them, would u feel guilty?
Why cant my 10 year old step daughter gain weight?
How do you deal with your tinnitus?
High Blood Pressure?
If you ate a human who had AIDS would u be infected?
Am I dying?
Is it ok to use Hydrogen Peroxide to clean off my groin area?
How long will it take for a facial graze to heal?
Broken leg?
How do you break your arm with out it hurting that much? I don't really want to break it, i am doing a report.
How can i make a burn feel better?
Is My broken toes serious and what should I do for them??
I have a spider bite. When I stand up, blood pours out of it, is that normal?
Took four advils will I be okay?
Broken arm!?
What can be the reason for a twitching eye?
Can't go to the bathroom / should I push?
My 6 year old grandson?
If cigarettes are bad for you, then why don't they stop making and selling them?
Out of everything in life, what's the most important thing to remember?
Why do we only breathe out of one nostril at a time?
Is it safe to sleep in your contact lenses overnight?
I have a cold, how can i sleep at night without getting stuffy nose?
What to do when you have a blister on your foot ?
I've had shooting pains in my head and nausea now got pressure behind my eyes know wot it is?
Does anyone have any ideas?
Shoulder blade pain.?
I have been diagnosed with Arthritis in my neck does anyone know any herbal cures for this condition?
How do i move my head from side to side?
If i take my tongue ring out, will it still hurt?
Pain in knee?
Is it true that i you press "somewhere" on your palm, it will make your headache go away? where do i press?
Woke up with chest pain?
Is there any good home remedy for severe headache?
Ive had a cortisone injection in my shoulder for tendonitis?
In what way does eccessive sugar affects diabetes?
My husband is addicted to chocolate. I'm not kidding. It is killing him. He is over weight & a diabetic.?
My hairs falling out, could i be getting sick or something?
I weigh between 310 and 320, am 22, and am 6'1". How at risk for diabetes would you say I am?
Nutrition for the most protein?
My siatic nerve has been hurting in my pelvic area for years,how can i get it to stop hurting?
Please comment Are these levels normal for blood sugars please!?
Whats the best evening snack for someone with diabetes?
If a person who is NOT diabetic gets low blood sugar from taking a herbal medication-what would happen?
I'm so scared!?
Which food is healthy for anemic person???
What medications can be used to control cramping associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrom?
What are the foods that you need to stay away from if you are suffering from IBS?
Does anyone know where you can get a body stuffed?
What is Bulimia/Anorexia?
Complaint to a hospital; regarding the treatment of my father, how can i take it further?
How do you get rid of rectum itching?
What does elevated liver enyzmes mean?
How does conjuctivities spread?
My grandson claims his friend shot him in the leg with a bb gun. what does a bb gunshot wound look like?
If bruises are just bleeding under the skin, why are they sometimes yellow?