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What's the fastest way to get rid of my persistant soar throats?
I think i have a ULSER!! HELP?
Can a straight guy and a gay guy have real friendship without any malice?
Why is it dangerous to take 100 Advil's at once?
Help I can not sleep?
I'm required to wear heels at the hotel I work at and I get bad lower back pain...?
What is the worse thing that happened to you today?
Almost every time I eat I get seizures or pass out...?
Is there any point in going to the doctors with a cold and sinus infection?
Why am I so sleepy all of the time?
Sometime i cant breathe ...??
Can coffee make your stomach sore?
Has anyone had a cortisone injection in their knee? What was your experience with it?
If I have heavy chest pain due to stress and anxiety,what would relieve the pain at the moment?
I have Chrons disease and want to take Ecstasy. will the Ecstasy have any harmful effects?
Do I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chrohn's, Gastritis, or Colitis?
Is there a fisrt aid method for hypothermia or pneumonia?
Serious question will a codeine based cough medicine?
Im 24yrs and i get suffer with breathing problem because of dust and cool environment.please solve my problem?
TB Skin Test Results?
What is Chantix to help you stop smoking?
Sleep apnea???
Is this asthma?
Four-day long cough?
Quitting smoking?
Why do girls kick guys in the nuts, it is incredibly painful, cant they just slap instead?
Why do i jump in my sleep?
How do I get rid of my hiccups?!?
Are English people proud of their Health System?
I'm allergic to hospitals and doctors, what is your allergy?
I have to pee, how long will I wait before I urinate?
If my toenail is removed will it grow back?
Why is it when i get into bed my legs from the calves down start hurting?
Did I break my rib surfing?
Pain in a weird place, now there's also a bump. thought i pulled a muscle, but is it usual to have a bump?
Help me please?
Knee Pain!!!!?
Landed heavily now my foot feels very bruised, but hasn't healed after two weeks??
How do you reset a broken nose?
Is it possible to lick your elbow?
Whats it called when the bone rips through the skin? A ______ Fracure?
Questions about legal brothels.?
How to know someone have Aids or HIV?
Do I have to be worried about HIV/AIDS?
Help! pleassssssssssssssssssse? does anyone know about "hpv" and "cervical cancer"? this is serious .
How likely is it for someone to get hiv if infected blood is spilled on the hand with no open cuts?
Does one have to have parental concent to get an std test?
Every parent geniunely concerned for the health of their daughter should consider this(HPV Vaccine).?
Do I need to go to the hospital?
Epilating OUCH!?
Pain in my LOWER back when bending my neck? how is that...?
Whats the best medicine for lower back pain?
Migraine and sickness?
Why do i constantly feel a tightening sensation at the front of my neck?
I have two fractures two the upper neck but not dangeress?
Can anything be done for my fibromyalgia?
My leg is asleep?
Can Adults get whooping cough?
Can you smoke a cigarrette that is not finished but can still be smoked ?
Have a cough with clear phlegm and body temperature is below normal, what does this mean?
Can't stop coughing.?
Whats wrong with me?
Do you think I have asthma?
Can you die from Pneumonia?
Do I have to change the tubing when I'm changing IV fluid(Lactate Ringer) to D5ns with potassium?
Is there any adult here who hasn't smoked a cigarette before?
I'm not really a smoker...?
Alcoholics Anonymous?
Why is there more focus on Anorexia than there is on Obesity?
Kidney Problems?!?!?! Long Sorry?
What causes this illness ... 10 points to the best answer???
Whats the best home made remedy to get rid of colds quickly?
Stabbing chest pain that doesn't go away...help?!?
My grandmother temporarily forgot how to write the number 2.Is this a sign of an early Alzheimer disease stage
Medical advice please this is urgent?
What are the best foods to help absorb iron in your diet ?
I'm feeling a lot of pins and needles in my hands an feet is that a diabetis symptom?
Where can medicine for 'Frozen shoulder' caused by diabeties be bought??
What is the Dangerous...?
Diabetic and seeking advice on drinking alcohol....?
Just a few quick questions to better educate myself on diabetes?
Is there any way to get Insulin free in West Michigan FAST?
For diabetes II can I eat ?
What does it mean when after I eat I get dizzy and racy feeling???
Cold sores from kissing?
Has anyone ever had a symptom like this?
Can a woman pass chlamydia to her boyfriend?
Going to the gum clinic...?
Have you ever gotten tested for hiv? what was your reason for getting tested?
What are the first sings for an infected person to HIV?
I have chlamydia my partner says he hasn't cheated on me can he have gotten it from his past relationships
What can I use to reduce the swelling of a split lip fast?
My wrist hurts, whats wrong?
I burnt myself, now what??
How do you know if you have a broken nose?
Why do I heal so slowly?
My boyfriend is in hospital in nigeria and the doctor wont let him home after six months what can i do?
Can someone loss memory from a head injury?
Whats the longest amount of time you went without showering???
The first actions to take when an impact injury occurs?
There is something wrong with my eye...any ideas?
I have acid reflux at night and I can't sleep even taking Prilosec OTC. What else should I do?
AHH! I feel so horrible and SO sick! Help?
Migraine or headache? With nausea?
My vain hurts?!?! help!!!?
Anyone else experience this? (girls only)?
I woke up this morning with a headache at 6 in the morning. what do i do?
What is the medication MS Cotin?
Can wearing a backpack throughout the whole school day cause problems?
Help,my moms head is hurting really bad like a major headache,all over,help me plz?
Help - I have had a terrible headache for days now but I'm pregnant and can't take anything!?
I think i might have acute asthma can i get an inhaler for this?
How long does it take to not have the urge to smoke after quitting?
How much x-ray is too much?
I'm having upper chest pains when inhaling, what does it mean?
I got food stuck in my throat.?
Sinus infection?
Can everyone help and pray with me?
Whats worst?
After having flue,and terrible coughing my lower left side started to pain?
What are the perks of being drug-free?
Reason for lack of balance.doctors say nothing wrong.but i keep falling down?
When I grow old, will I wear my trouser's rolled?
Is there a site where u type in simptoms and it comes out with whatever disorder could be?
Is it true that...if u accidently consum ear wax....ul become a mute?
How do i convince my doctor i have pleurisy?
How can transmission be prevented?
Why do i feel so tired even if i have had 8 hours of sleep? Why do i feel like i cannot be bothered?
Can u tell me what happend to my eye?
How can i trick my doctor into thinking i dont have anorexia (anymore)?
What causes dizzines?
How do you know if you have ticks?
I have anxiety attacks. Is there anything to cure them?
What is everyone's opinion on the HPV vaccine? I'm going to get my first of three shots on Monday.?
Should the law require girls to be vaccinated against Human Papillomavirus (hpv)?
HIV question again, will you help?
Why does it hurt when I pee?
My boyfriend.?
What is a effective non -drug remedy for a headache ?
Percocet vs. vicoden?
How do I get my doctor to precribe me a good medication for chronic back and neck pain?
Does anyone know why I would have a sore foot sole every morning when I wake up .....?
I woke up this morning and had to urinate.?
Could this be migranes?
Whats worse, when someone has stinky feet, or stinky breath, and I mean STINKY!!!!!!!!?
I just picked my nose and can't get the booger from under my nail what do i do ?
Ever get into a bar fight?
Broken Arm & Tingly Sensation In All Fingers. Is this normal?
Would you scar from a SMALL burn?
What to do for a broken rib?
Can i sue an entertainment center for injuries incurred from a ride?
I seriosuly need an answer?
Nail or no nail?
Reducing muscle cramp?
How can i go to the hospital?
What is a good way to control my athsma ?
Leukemia.......you must have.....???? What can be done?
Is any of the damage caused by smoking reveresed if a person quits?
Is it ok to use an asbestos walled shed?
What should i do, im coming down with somehting?
How to stop a cough?
A bad cough, shortness of breath and no singing voice??
I really need your thoughts and prayers?
Why Am I Coughing?
Diabetics....what are you eating for breakfast?
Diabetes... HELP!?
Can diabetics use splenda in baking?
Are my blood sugar levels normal?
Bacteria in Blood i.e. septic, is it life threatening for someone who has diabetes?
Is ther anyone out there with diabetes? If so please tell me your expierience?
Can you die from a diabetic seizure if no one is around when it happens?
What complications could diabetes bring about? And all are they all connected to poor blood circulation?
Stomach pains can anyone help?
Does anyone knows of a medicine for gonorrhea?
Does this sound like herpes?
Me has got this problem with itcy scrot. I banged this rank biatch called amanda and she had dirty punani?
What is STDs?
Can you get STDs from masterbating often?
Please help! bad EAR ACHE wont go away! any household remdies?
Prescription medications for pain?
Foot cramps!!!! eeee-youch!!?
I am having pretty bad shar/dull pain in my left shoulder radiating into my chest some im a 22 yo f what is it
Please help! i have a lump on my neck... what is ittt??
What is the maximum daily amount of acetaminophen an adult can take safely?
I woke up this morning and i went pee then i had some gurgling?
Burning pain in left side of chest?
Please only answer if u know?
My random comment?
How do you cope with your arthritis or do you know someone else who is coping well? How?
The odor to my pee very awkward?
What turret syndrome?
What happens when you get your gallbladder out?
Whats going on with me?
Is it normal for my blood to smell like iron?
How can I get this lake water out of my ear??
Will I get it?
How many people out there know their blood type?
My son's urine has been a dark amber almost orangy color...?
What does erk mean?
What are the dangers of smoking from aluminum foil and a plastic soda bottle?
What are the symptons of tonsillitis ? and ow sure can you be that you've got it ?
How do I get rid of this nagging & persistant cough?
Is smoking hookah dangerous?
Is it ok for my girlfriend to pratice ambu bagging ( Bag valve mask ) on me?
Does anybody know any info on the respiratory system?
Do i have a collapsed lung?
Do you ever wake up with scratches or bruises that wern't there when you went to bed?
Should I see a doctor for this?
I sprained my ankle 8 days ago, is it normal for it to still be swollen?
A friend of mine broke both of his arms in a fall from an rope slide?
Ive been getting pressure on the side of my head for the past 2 months. could it be a tomber? if not, wut?
Why isn't my body healing itself?
What are the signs of a broken arm?
I have been feeling nauseous every night for the past month. I thought it was hormones. Other possibilities?
If poked in the belly button hard enough, will it unravel and your guts fall out?
How To Break A Bone?
Is it true about taking an hiv test.?
Is there a recall on albuterol inhalers?
Why does it sometimes smell very horrible when people sneeze?
Pain the the throat - 4 weeks now?
How any people have panic attack?
Does anyone on yahoo answer have cystic fibrosis?
Should i go see a docter about my tonsils?
Throat feels clog when i exercise??
I have a pain in my chest just below my left breast i think it comes from my lungs and when i cough?
I smoked 1 puff of hash 5 months ago is it still in my system? Will it show in my drug screen?
I've got this strange pain right below my ear?
My lower back is killing me, what can i do to it?
What's the best way to cure inflammation?
Ouch! Stood on a nail!?
Has anyone else got a sore bum after sitting at your computer for so long how to cure it ?
Lower Back pain problem?
Lump in my throat and constant coughing, am i dieing?
Can withdrawl of Marijuana cause back pain?
What if i bleed for 2 days and have stomach cramps and vomiting? Is that normal?
Is it unusual to feel like something is poking or moving inside your leg?
A leg or an arm???
Is this true of diabetics (both types)?
What is gout and how can it be treated?
How Can U Become Anorexic or Bulimic?
Hello my name is Crystal i have 2 swollen lymph node glands on my neck can you tell me why they may be there?
Does anyone have ideas for baking for a diabetic?
Can antihistamines help with insomnia?
How do you get over a cold type sickness quickly?
My friend says he has A.D.D. what is it?
Can I get some information regarding Hepatitis-B & also how to cure it for a person who is in the basic stage
Name a serious disease that you know about? What might cause it? What helps prevent it?
What is going to happen to this diabetic?
Do you or anyone you know suffer from ms?
I had to have blood work done for a life insurance policy, and my gluclose level was 0.0. Is this possible?
My doc has just put me on Metformin for insulin resistance,can I ask some questions?
Does anyone have tips on diabetes?
Can someone please tell me...?
I am diabetic. Please tell me what to do when the blood sugar is low or when high. When to take Insulin.?
Is diabetes a disability in Arizona?
I Was in a fight and some guy hit me in the head with a pipe?
My jaw cracks after i open it more then half way how can i get it to stop?
If the joint on your index finger is severely swollen and you think it's broken will a doctor put a cast on it
I have a BRUISE on my thigh! Did you know that??
I gota Caustic soda burn in work which left 2 scars on my neck what compensation money shoud i get?
What colour should blood be?
Broken glass in my arm?
Do those kinoki foot patches really work?
Mental Health - Does anyone have an answer for this?
Broken toe or not?
Can you pass HSV1 when you dont have a outbreak?
Does anyone else believe
If i tested hiv negative ?
HELP!! why do u need to test for HIV?
How do you get herpes on your mouth?
Does my 5 year old have pneumonia?
Why is my daughter's nose bleeding?
What do you do when antibiotics aren't working?
Im so conjested how can i get rid of it its in my chest and in my head, and i cough all day and at night too.?
Is milk bad for asthma?
I have strep throat and just lost some hearing in my right ear...is this normal?
Demons attack me in the middle of the night - they scare me and I cant get rid of them - DOES ANYONE ELSE??
I have read that pneumonia can cause confusion and mood swings - does anyone have any examples of this?
Chest infection advice?
Kicked the habit.....?
Pins and Needles?
My head hurts when i run?
Does anyone have any home remedies for a toothache?
How can i stop my wife's wind its terrible?
Chiropractor question?
Which way do you want to go?
Does anyone have any ideas to help with extreme lower back pain???
I'm having headaches since the past week?
Is there any home remedy for headache, especially on the forehead?
Classic Migraine Help?
What is the cure for arthritis?
I have a drink next day im coverd in brown rashes on my face?
If a person becomes dehydrated does the body reabsorb fluid from the bladder to try and achieve homeostasis?
Xanax, help me addiction?
Something is wrong with my mom, she has these symptoms like as if she's on a bad high?
What are all symtoms of MS?
Health issues - Pls help to diagnose?
Is it possible to awake from coma after this?
Please help me figure out what is causing my daughter's problems... Thanks!?
I am always sick what can i do?
Help!! I've just had a nasty accident with a cactus!!!?
After hitting my leg a bruise and small lump appered.?
This is an unusual question:?
Low back pain-HELP?
Hurt Elbow playing baseball what is wrong with it?
I got bitten by a spider?
What have I done to my lower back and what can I take over the counter to make it feel better and heal?
Do you think I should go to the emergency room?
How can i treat this?
I have a really bad sun burn on my back and shoulders and back, what can i do to help it, and is there any?
Is It Bad To Pop Acne?
Habit of picking acne on my face and on my back?
Has anyone had or got eczema and go through the struggle i go through day to day,.?
What can I do to stop nail biting?
Cure 4 dyorhea?
Little red ichty bumps all over me??
Question about acne?
Why does one get dandruff?
I accidently cut the tip of my finger off while making a birdhouse this afternoon should i see a doctor?
Is it better to be burnt alive or frozen alive?
I'm 15,5'4ish,and i wiegh 220-230lbs.How can diet without feeling depressed?
My daughter go bit by a mouse?
Not being physically attracted to anyone!?
When u have a cold & cough y do u always start coughing more when u lay down at night?
Is this a cold sore?
Has anyone had lice?
Can't stop throwing up on antibiotics?
Stopped breathing while dozing off?
Im in needy help!!!!?
Any really good ideas on how to get to sleep?
Tips on helping a cough?
How do I get rid of dry scalp?
Want to quit smoking!?
Asthma question?
How can i help a person who had struck with a major accident.. what kind of first aid should i give ?
Argh! Please! Someone, do you know why my finger did this?
Any ideas on how to quite smoking ?
Why am I getting lung pain??
Black phlem?
Does blue asthma inhaler improve peak flow test?
What do you think the age range for this site is?
Why do the users choose the best answer for medical questions? I just read answers cont'd?
Does eating salted pop corn increase blood sugar level..is it ok for a diabetic patient to eat pop corn?
Can you be hypoglycemic without being diabetic?
If a person is diabetic and...?
Are low-carb diets good for Diabetics?
I dont know how mush insulin to take if my suger is to high or to low?
How bad are diabetes?
I had an A1c test done and my numbers was 6.9 .. is that good, ok, bad or what? I have heard 7.0 is normal but
Why cant diabetic patient donate blood even if he is healthy at that time ?
Help Me!!!!?
I keep getting a pain from my shoulder down my arm, through my elbow into my hand. why?
Who cheere me up i feel down?
How to make a good heating pad?
Choking on a fish bone?
Thank you guys. I know it sounded like a horror request.?
What would you say??
Can anyone tell me why this happens or if they have the same problem?
Can't swallow multi vitamin?
My doctor told me I have space herpes...What is that?
Getting checked without parents knowing, what about insurence?
Do you believe AIDS was a man made virus?
I just want know,how to protect my baby from bacteria?
What causes a bruise to be black and blue? It seems like they should be red?
I fell down the stairs...?
Broke my ankle. Cast comes off today what happens?
Why do they call plastic surgery plastic surgery when there is no plastic involved????
Car accident?
Ihave a sore knee due to strain or twisting my knee what is recommended treatment?
How long can one expect to have a cast on a broken foot?
If you broke your pinky finger and it healed broken, can u rebreak it to make it normal again?
If gun makers knew the names of the people they kill would it make them stop the killing?
Remove cigarette smoke?
What is the best OTC medicine for sinus congestion?
My aunt had an asthma attack... and now she's blind?
Alternative treatments for asthma?
Always get 9 hours of sleep everynight, why am I yawning all day long????
My sister was bit by this person and now all she does is groan and stumble around. What should I do?
Here are my symptoms, what new medical condition do I have?
Going to Doctors?
What do i have?
How do i feel better??
I have a constant buzzing/ringing noise in my ears all the time should i go to docs?
Can you die if you overdose on antidepressants?
These are symptoms of what?
Charley horse?
What could be causing this?
Withdrawals from amitriptyline?
I can not feel from the knee down on my left leg.?
My back is freekin me out.?
Illegal drugs?
I have a stabbing pain to the right side of my right eye?
Sounds odd put ive got a right pain in my bum everytime i sit down?
Been dizzy a lot lately?
Could you tranfer an STD by just sitting on a public toilet that seems to be clean?
Do you think pharmaceutical companies have the cures to STDs?
Is it true that it easier for a HIV +ve man to infect a woman than the other way round?
What careers or professions should you steer away from if you have Herpex Simplex Virus?
Is it wrong to feel happy all the time?
Telling children about family memeber dying?
Do i Stop breathing during sleep!?
What is the first symptom in teenagers for asthma?
Can you tell me a job/career that requires the knowlegde of the respiratory system?
6 yr old asthma?
Glucose level was 148 about 1 hr. after eating a sub...should I be concerned?
If you give blood, is there anyone that you would deny having it?
Does all vodka have sugar in it?
Is this wrong?
Another Glucose question....?
Whatt do u understand by hyper and hypo?
What are some home remedies for Diabetes?
Do Diabetics like Sugar Cubes?
Type I diabetes and drinking?
Say i was newly diagnosed with diabetes-- how long would i be in the hospital, or would i not go?
Has anyone actually walked into a lamp post in real life, or is that an urban myth?
Will 2 ND degree burn ever heel?
I busted a blood vessel in my eye from vomiting, how long will it take to go away?
Why have I got this pain in my wrist?
Should i get a second opinion?
Extremely tight shoulder and neck muscles?
I stepped on rose thorn and 6 mo later i believe something is still there?
My kid got an accident at local store, baby finger is broken. Can we ask store for Compensation ? Thank you !
Rolled on my ankle...swollen hurts to walk on...any ideas for maybe an overnight or 1-2 day fix?
Just came back from the doctors today?
I'm 29 and have osteo arthritis, any advice on how to ease the pain?
Canker sore/jaw pain?
My stomach is killing me, and I have been throwing up for several hours?
Itching from Lortab?
Please help...its painfull!! :(?
What happens if u drink a bottle of perfume?
Wisdom teeth.?
What happens if I take too much Tylonel?
I've had a Headache since 11/28/06...and it wont go away!!! please help?
So, uh, my toe's been painful for about nine days...?
How to cure Gas Trouble ? i am getting more sound from my stomach pls help me?
Help! I need to know how to unclog my ear! it hurts :/?
What is the cure for bad eye sight?
Who's tired of Non-Smokers?
When I look in my throat, tonsils gone btw, I see some white areas, rest is red, looks pulpy?
How to get better after throwing up?
Croans disease?
Foot has been asleep for 6 days now...does anyone know what could be wrong?????
What is the cause of this disorder.?
Can you take you take the depo shot if your tubes are tide?
Why do I have such bad dry cough?
I have a nasty cough. My lungs are filled with liquid. What should I yake to feel better?
What is acid-reflux?
What is the causes of air pollution?
Can an antibiotic make you feel worse???
Shortage of oxygen in my blood?
What could make you feel like you cant get a full breath of air?
I was involve in a car accident and i have all these pain reliever medicines that i dont use what should i do?
Is there a way to heal deep cuts faster so they won't leave a mark?
I broke my nose?
Compound fracture in ankle?
Can i drive my car with a plaster on my wrist to just short of my elbow?
Today i was out skating with my friends and i went down a hill?
I had a bruise under my right eye, and now it turned red. How do i get rid of it?
How do you break your ankle on purpese?
What will help heal a new scar?
Pain medication needed for myself and husband w/ injuries?
If you have swelling in elbow like a torn ligament or muscle pull do you cold pack or heat pad?
I would like some answers for leg cramps, they are so severe, they keep me awake, and hurt during the day, ple
What do sore calves mean?
Left side really hurts and is harder than right side to what could that be.?
I've been having migrains for years.?
What does this mean?
What can i do about the pain when i have a gallbladder attack?
I punched a wall :\...?
Have received email from anonymous mail.com?
Having chest tightness/pressure all the time with what feels like spasms or flutters...Any ideas?
Milk &lactose; intolorant children?
Every passing day i get more and more aroused by my sister, is there a medical cause for this?
Dad is now at home after surgery for anerisum but has gas in stomach as can't go to loo and stomach hurts?
Can i stop having hunger pains????
Can we get hiv by kissing?
Left side of face tingling?
AAAHHH!!! I have migraines every two weeks now. It is ruining my life?
I ntoiced that my excrement has purplish worms in it... could this be a sign of an STD?
I have a bumb on my neck and my ear is swollen?
Can a woman who has smoked for 45 yrs & has stage 4 copd develope pnuemonia while still smoking & doing a neb?
What are the effective ways in managing my 5-year old kid's asthma?
Has anyone taken Chantix to quit smoking?
Bronchodilator is not working for me?
Vommiting blood?
What is the best way to cure a ear infection. I don't like antibiotics.?
Can i fly with emphysema?
Urgent need help I am in a health crisis!!!!!!!!!!!?
Really persistant cough??
A brick fell on my foot 6 months ago and i still have a bruise?
In a vision test will weed show up on it?
Can juvenile diabetes kill and what are the symptoms?
What's the best treatment for type 1 diabetes?
Diabeties person can eat egg?
What are the vegetarian food which contain insulin and those may be consumed by a sugar patient?
How many units in 1 vile of insulin. Told to disguard after 28 days,?
Help. I was diagnosed with borderline diabetes about 5 years?
Is it ok too take insulin to compensate for the amount of sugar im about to have?
Are these blood sugar levels normal?
Sprained Ankle?
10 yr.old son pain in testacle?
Does it hurt to get your ear peirced?
Maggits over my freinds leg wound, should he see a Dr? He noticed this last week.?
How can i break my wrist without it hurtin?
Could i claim medical negligence?
What's that clear stuff coming out of a cut?
Ruptured achilles tendon?
My jaw is stuck and I cant open it past a certain pointt what do I do?
If i cut off my finger can i take it to the hospital and get it back on?
I wanted to have my tounge pierced, abd a friend told me a cheap way to do it....?
Constantly pinching a nerve in my lower back?
Can anyone help me identify this pill? It is round, white and has a v on one side and 2355 on the other?
Lower back pain.?
Pain in my lower back?
Can any tell me about "APPENDIX"?
What are the withdrawal symptoms of hydrocodone?
Im about to take a 15mg morphine pill whats gonna happen???
Pain of beheading?
I need some surgery on my neck could leave me in a chair what to do i have 3 kids?
If a funny squeaking sound comes from a smokers throat when they breathe,what does this mean?
Whn i cough n spit there is thick blood come out....what is the problem..?
How did u get rid of flu?
Does she has to stay in bed ?
What causes you to get ms?
I have been getting hiccups since 2 days ago and the just don't go away, what else can i do?
Can second hand smoking cause chest discomfort?
Is a licensed physical therapist can be called a doctor?
Where can i find more information about dyslexia ?
I have hypoglycemia?
What causes puffy eyelid and what is the treatment?
What causes i to vomit after jogging?
Intestinal blockage?
I just ate some mushrooms and now i feel weird, what should i do?
Hi - how can you prevent dark circles under the eyes?
How young can someone get kidney stones?
How do I know if I have ADD?
What should i do about swelling around a brain tumor?
What causes and prevents a charliehorse?
I think i sprained my ankle last night, what should i do to heal it?
Admitted in ICU?
If you pulled, stretched, or tore your acl, where exactly would it hurt?
How do you stop cutting yourself?
My mum fell over on a uneven pavement i have taken photos of the pavement but what do i do now please.?
Really bad cut?
Have you ever had anyone draw blood from you, lick the needle and THEN discard it properly?
What was your worse injury?
How to relieve lower back pain?
What do you think about my tailbone?
Today when i woke up.i couldnt open my eyes or move my body.All i felt was pressure Any idea what it was?
Whats the best way to get rid of migraines?
Pain in Lower back??
Any tips for dealing with a bad back?
My head hurts when i watch tv...why?
Ear pirceing Question
My back hurts SOOOOO bad please help!!?
I'm having a weird sharp pain near my belly button on the right side, it happened the other day too.?
I think i have a concusion?
Ok, i recently started smoking!!! ?
Im having difficulty breathing please help?
Dry cough, any body have these symptoms, I can't stop coughing?
Can just simply smelling smoke be dangerous to your health?
I am coughing up a little bit of blood. is it serious? and what do I do about it?
What happens if diabetes in a 13 year old is left untreated?
Poll: Would you rather have Type 1 or Type 2 and why?
I need help with cholesterol info. my husband was just told his level is 400.?
Can any one tell me their stories/anventures with the pump??
My husband is a diabetic and cant seem to gain weight, how can I help him get back to a healthy weight?
Tingling and Lightheadedness?
Can diabetes make your skin pale?
What can I do for diabetic neuropothy. My toes are burning up?
I am thinking of getting the pump. What should I do next?
Just diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I am 54, have diabetes, high blood pressure (both controlled by meds),?
Are you born with Anemia or can u develop it?
Could she have aids?
Are headaches a sign of depression..If not what else could cause a headache in the back of the head?
How to heal a swollen pierced lip fast? please in need help quickly?
Constant runny nose???
Light headedness?
Health concerns - any advice greatly appreciated please - no joking?
Illness dilemma?
Pink eye home treatment?
Pain in my scrotum?
Why do i like pain?
Ouch! Stomach pains...?
Migraine headaches???
What should I do about my tense neck?
Aching pains in lower arms?
Hey, my throat has been hurting for the past 4 days now. When i swallow it really, really hurts.?
Belly button piercing?
My right hand and wrist has been hurting me the last couple days, what could it be?
I have been experience pain in my left foot mostly. If I just get up and walk in the morning or if I sit?
Should i be concerned about my knee?
Any home remedies for a black eye?
I have a 5 inch outie do you think i should get it pierced.?
Orthopedic Question. Where can I get protectors to keep my plastered broken arm dry, when in the bath?
Can someone tell me if a have to worry about something like a ball that i found on my side under my arm.?
Can you break your fingers by punching a metal door?
I broke my pinkie toe and the toe beside it yesterday/i set them,now i need to know what is the best treatment
Should I go to work with a black eye?
Is there any treatment or cure for snoring?
Asthmas neb treatments arent helping!?!?
Does anybody know of a disease involved with smoking?
Can double pneumonia kill you?
What is the cause of asthma?
If you have had gallbladder problems or attacks what were your symptoms?
I smoked pot for the first time in three months and...?
Do slim people get migraine headaches?
What is wrong with me?
What is a good home remedy to cure a cold?
How bad is bulemia?
If you're 32 and you have been smoking for about 15 years, what could happen to you?
How do you lower your cholesterol level?
Albuterol for cough and wheezing.?
Constipation, my stool is very hard and need to strain very hard to pass it.?
What type of doctor do I need to see in order to find out if I have heart /anxiety problems?
What are the common symptoms of sinusitis? what are the treatments? pls help....?
Has anyone ever coughed up tonsils. I coughed up some form of matter that was very solid and is still fresh?
My friend's "sinus removal"?
Is pneumonia contagious or not?
What would a doctor hear through a stethoscope that would distinguish normal lung function from asthmatic?
Been sick for to long...?
When should I go to the hospital for a fever of 102?
Elaborate "If you don't stop smoking, smoking will stop you"?
Is mold in one's home truly a danger, or just a foul smelling eyesore?
Please help.?
Please please help... I may have hit my head when fainting..?
When someone breaks a toe is it possible to ever get it fixed or is it broken forever???
What do I do after a major car accident where I was injured severely?
I have a little blood blister on the end of my toe how do i get rid of it?
I think i broke my hand whats the easiest way to tell i cant move my last 2 fingers and there is bruising?
Is My Foot Normal?
How long does it take a strain joint or ankle to recover?
Girls only?
Why is my calf muscle cramping during the night? It also cramps during stretching.?
I sprained my ankle if I wrap it do I wrap under or over my sock?
I am addicted to painkillers. Does anyone know anything about the drug sub oxygen and how do I get it?
What are some solutions to ear popping?
What is this called?
My neck hurts?
Should i tell my parents that i dont want to continue living my life?
I have about 20 or more headaches/migraines a month. when I get them they last 24 to48?
My throat hurts soo bad and i want it to go away! what should i do?
If Opiates make people feel so good?
I've had a headache for almost 2 months.?
What is the difference between vicodin & tylenol w/ codeine?
How high are my risks for getting diabetes?
Can too much sugar (from candy) give you a headache?
Will eating lots of apples and fruit a day lead to getting diabetes?
Cure for a runny nose?
Do Type 1 and Type 2 have the same type of insulin?
What antibiotics do you take when you get the flu?
When does a baby start to talk?
Normal blood sugar levels
Do you hate yourself, i know i do?
What do you think about when you're lying in bed and can't sleep?
Would you rather be overweight or underweight?
Spider bite, poisonous?
Cure for not able to sleep?
What tests do they need to run to know if you've got high blood sugar?
Is sleep the best cure for colds???????????
How do you know you are depressed?
My cat bit me on my finger and its purple???what can i do?
I now have a headache?
Do you wear (glasses or lenses.....etc) or you are blessed with a 20/20 vision?
Mint smelling stools???
My 13 yo girl is slightly feverish, has upset stomach & not feeling well?
Hi. I have a friend who is 33 years of age. We were talking the other day?
What helps with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
My mother have knee pain pl. help me how it is cure i think it is starting stage? Give me suggestions?
Why do all of my watches stop working and i have to constantly replace cell phones and light bulbs?
I have been told I have hypo-thyroidism. Anyone else have this?
What am i sick with?
How can a kidney stone removed permanently?
Yellowing of the eyes????
My husband will be back to normal by the end of October 2006? Had brain surgery.?
What should I do if i was leaning back on a metal chair and then when i went back down, i fell on my big toe?
I may have swallowed a small piece of broken glass what should i do?
Whats the best way to treat a sprained wrist. thanks?
After skiing, i fell on my hand... is it broken?
I have pain, sswelling at my left ancle. There is no fracture. How could I relieve this?
What do you do for a black eye?
What is the treatment for broken/ fractured ribs?
What are the effects of the first cigarette/cigar?
I keep wheezing while exhaling and I cant get rid of my cough. I have asthma. No insurance. What should I do?
Cough, I don't think it's a cold...?
Sinus infection?
Chest, lung, shoulder pain when taking deep breath?
Will a doctor prescribe albuterol for allergies?
19 month old runny and stuffy nose?
Panic attacks and what to do?
Sleep Apena?
Why asthmatic patient prefers sit up position rather than lying down?
Should i seek medical attention?
Abdominal pain and bleeding?
Need some advice about BP and headaches?
Any help for piles without medication?
What can I do to my leg when it cramps up to make it feel better FAST?
Are there any pain killers that are yellow? if so...what is it?
I don't have any antacid in the house; until I get some, what can I do for heartburn?
I have been havin severe back pain in lower back for 1 wk.?
Why do I get muscle cramps?
What is this pain?
Head Cold- stiff neck, sore throat, hurts to swallow, head ache, ear ache...what is it? easy 10 points?
What kind of injury would cause 10 out of 10 pain?
I hurt my leg, and I need to know how to make it better?
I want to get my tongue pierced..?
My bones hurt?
Can anybody help me with thos health question?!?
How do i fake apndicides to a real doctor in the emergnce room?
Bad calf pain?
T.E.N.S. machine?
My 11 year old has been getting Stomach pains for over a month, they are off and on during the day?
Does anyone out there have a broken arm right now? ( for kids)
I have a groin pain, and i need HELP!?
Sore from playing Wii Sports?
My toe is swollen and has blood and pusey comin out?
How do you take a shower with a broken leg?
What should i do?
How long does it feel like your asleep during surgery?
If i go to the er for a broke rib (im assuming) but the bruise is a shape of a hand, will they call the cops?
I have a handicap parking permit I was told that I could not park their any more. It expries in 2009 ?????
What would cause a person to have a foul odor coming from their nose?
Can I take these medications together, or will there be an interaction? IMMEDIATE HELP PLEASE!?
What is CP?
If you don't pick your nose, how do you remove the snot and stuff from your nose?
Tonsilitus ugh?
Constipation how do i clear it?
How can I get rid of kidney back pain?
What causes some one to be shitting blood?
I read that all males with Downs Syndrome are sterile, is this true???
Diabetes type 2?
How do you know if you have diabetes?
My mom has type 1 diabetes?
Does alcohol raise your blood sugar?
I have bluriness in my eyes quite frequently, and I have diabetes..is it related to my having diabetes?
Is diabetes genetic?
DIABETICS! TYPE 1! What quesions are you sick of most?
Untreated diabetes?
A1C Test and PRE-Diabetes?
My husband is killing himself!!?
I seem to have developed asthma over this winter. I am allergic to pollen. Will I get much worse this spring?
Three complications when performing CPR?
My girlfriend snores. Is that normal?
Will getting no sleep once or twice a week have any harmful effects?
Re my smoking question?
What is good for coughs that is not liquid?
Who should I see about breathing/snoring problem?
My inlaws smoke cigs in the house with 4 children. One child is a special needs 4 yr old with compromised lung
I have a sore throat?
Trouble sleeping?
The right side of my neck is extremely sore, what can I do?
Why is it when you injure yourself and are screaming in pain someone always asks if that was sore?
How do you relieve the pain of a charlie horse?
What is the leathel dose of tylenol?
Ouchie my belly button?
How can i get my doctor to write a script for oxy?
Which one is the best?
Is anyone have back pain sloution?
I am scared that i have something serious wrong with me?
Ok so i tumbled really hard?
Stab wound from scissors?
When you jam your finger what is the best way to treat it?
How could a hospital be SO wrong?
My sore is exposed to the open air, and hurts?
Is it possible to bring a person back to normal who had suffered 60% burns due to an accident?
I have a burn on my hand and its got two big blisters top side of hand?
Knee popping?
How long to black eyes last?
Is my pinky toe broken?
I underwent hypnotherapy to stop smoking and it worked so how how can they say smoking is addictive?
What is the word where your voice just quit?
What stops people from quiting smoking?
Stomach virus...easy 10 points?
Has anybody else got this complaint?
My friend seems to be choking to death...?
What can i do if my asthma is acting up, and i don't have an inhaler?
Would this help a smoker?
Champix? - smoking?
If your dung comes out green. does that indicate some kind of health issue?
Why can a person live with out gall bladder but can not live with out a liver?
Smoking with diabetes?
Random sugar level is 294. Feel Perfectly fine with normal sugar consumption. No imbalance. Why?
Does being a vegetarian help with Type II diabetes?
Could this be diabetes?
Have type 1 diabetes and wondering why my insulin dose is so small?
Help with hyperglycemic/hypoglcemic...
My husband is diebetic and has had circulation problems with his feet?
Insulin Pump...?
How much waight can iloose in a month?
Is it normal to NOT get mosquito bites in the summer?
What does swollen ankles mean?
I need an illness to kill off an old lady in my play?
What is a disease that starts with a C?
Constipation problems help..?
So, I scraped open this abcess I had, and WORMS came crawling out! What Is this?
Does anyone know how to get rid of Acid Relux....I've been taking Zantac and it doesnt seem to be working?
How would a doctor see if you drank too much?
I have Hepatitis C, with a blood type of 1-A, How serious is that?
Will the toaster in the bath suicide trick work if your wearing clothes in the process?
What's the best way to get rid of a headache ?
Have you ever broke a bone?
This guy is really getting on my nerves...help please?
Is this a migraine?
What should i tell my doctor for him to give me narcotic analegics seems like nothing else works for my pain?
Best pain pill?
Help!!!!!!Imflammed tonsils!!!!!!!!?
Broken wrist, what happens when the cast comes off?
How do i best treat a sprain?
AHHHHH!!!!!! My foot fell asleep!!!!?
How can I get rid of a "Charlie horse"?
Does anybody get this? When you first wake up and have a shower about 5/10 mins later you still cant see?
Why does my ankle hurt SO badly!!!!!!?
My leg really hurts???
Can you eat your arm?
How can u fake being sick?
I have fractured ribs and it has been nearly 3 weeks now and they don't seem to be healing well.?
I can't walk on my heel!?
Just bin to see a doctor at the hospital?
What is the best over-the-counter migraine headache medication?
Chest pains. It feels like my cat is sitting on me?
Horrible week, anyone know what might make me feel better?
What is the permanent remedy for Rheumotoid Arthritis ?
Dizzy lately?!?!?
What's the worst pain you've ever been in?...random question...?
Help my partner is complaining of a pain in bottom of foot, around the arch area?
What is the quickest way to get rid of soreness in your legs?
I am having bilateral kidney pain x 2 days. I am not experiencing dysuria so do not beleive this to be a UTI.
How to avoid being abnormal?
Dizzy spells can any one help me?
Gallbladder question?
Why do my joints/muscles ache?
Do you think that the tax that smokers pay on there cigarettes etc, should only be used for smoking related?
Diarrhoea. If you get it, how long ago would you have eaten the item of food that caused it?
Will my Tourettes affect my relationship with my Girlfriend?
Is it normal to crave blood?!!!?
Drinking and recovering?
Who should sleep on the couch if there is a snorer in the bed?
Are u unable to spell after having a smoke?
What to do if this is going on!?!!?
Smokers to be banned from outside patios?
What's the longest cold you have ever had?
Is it bad if your nose bleeds constantly?
What does it mean when your chest hurts in the morning when you try to take a deep breath?
How can I get rid of the cigarettte smell in my appartment?
Is it normal to be out of breath having bronchitis?
Can u die from pneumonia?
I superglued my private to my girlfriend's private, how do we detach intact?
My daughter's boyfriend fell 10 plus feet from a ladder at work onto his arm. His hand is the size of a?
In need of serious help. In absolute agony! Really important question, please read!?
Boyfriend broke my rib?
Why is it that a paper cut hurts more than a deeper cut?
I'm a teacher & stand / walk all day. When I get home & sit, I start to have horrible cramps in my.....?
My lower back hurts only when I run long distances. I am only 23 and I was wondering what I should do?
My mother is having knee surgery!?
My head hurts like really bad!!!?
My sister has allergies,it was recommended 4her 2take2 teas.honey [local honey]is she at risk4 diabetes?
My grandmother used her tester on me my blood sugar was 477.?
Sugar alcohols, are there any dangers associated with them since they are hydrogenated?
My dad has type two diabetes and refuses to follow his diet, help?
Low blood sugar?
My Dad is a Diabetic?
Why do I drink so much water?
What should I eat before I excercise so i don't go low while excercising?
Can diabetics use ped egg for the foot?
I have low low iron in my blood, does black pudding help me ?
Could you buy Jock-itch spray/cream if you're under 18?
What's the best way of getting rid of a stye on one's eye?
A Paracetemol question?
Whats the best soap to use if you have sensitive skin and exzema?
I have a rash that is called shingles and it hurts really bad can someone tell me how to help it get better???
What can you do about adult acne?
Acne Problem?
Freezing warts with aerosol cans.?
Can you still have a child if you have HIV without giving it to them?
Serious question about AIDS?
How do you know if your going to heven or hell?
My daughter has a lump behind her ear its hard and causes no pain do you know what it is?
Can you please tell me what I have?
Are parents having their children tested for Lead poisoning?
I feel weak and dry in the legs after taking some vodka.is it normal?i feel weak and uneasy as well.Advice pls
Does anyone else suffer from "pisstipation" this is like constipation but from the opposite side.?
I have a ticking in my ear and it is annoying the Dr said it was my jaw anyone have this problem annoying.?
What is the difference between a sore throat and strep throat? What remedies would you recommend for both?
I NEED to quit smoking cigarrettes.. help!?
I slipped and fell onto the floor this morning........
After my blood was drawn I developed severe bruising. Should I be worried? When will it pass?
Im sick but.....?
Have you EVER really been in distress and had a doctor NOT only not take care of you, but question why you???
I just got an electric shock from an outlit for less than a second, should I see a doctor?
Does Skin Grow back?
I bit my tongue, it bled, it hurts!?
Is bungee jumping really that dangerous?
Can whiplash occur a year after an accident?
I NEED to see a Doctor to diagnose a condition but Doctors are ''closed'' on Weekends and after 5pm?
Does anyone know how to get free info on mamaging diabetes mailed tosomeone???
Type 2 diabetes?
I'm a diabetic patient.....................
What do you know about the byetta shot?
What can cause a severe potassium deficiency?
Is being diabetic a cut and dry diagnosis, or can u be part diabetic, or a little diabetic?
What is the relationship between Hepatitis C Virus and Diabetes?
What is the best glucometer in the market? and the most affordable?
How does diabetes affect your eyesight?
Border line diabetic?
I have pins and neddles fealing in my hands. What might this be?
Running when you are sick?
I donĀ“t feel pain...is something wrong with me?
How do you cure urinary tract infection?
I have a pain running down my leg from my butt, any idea how to fix it?
What do you do for knee pain?
How to doctors put you to sleep before an operation?
What do you do when you have an overactive bladder in the car and your dad wont pull over?
IM SCARED!!What do you give to someone who super sick?
Hi my mom is in S.I.C.U. HER PULSE OX that is on her finger is reading 100?
Bad stomache ache helpp?
I am a smoker who developed an irritating cough.?
What is achilles heel?
What can I do to get mucus out of my lungs when I have bronchitis/asthma?
Can u tell me 2 sickness in human respiratory system? :)?
Stomach ache?
My sister's in the hospital...?
If I smoke 1 ciggarette, will I get addicted?
Im 15 and i think im addicted to smoking...?
Hi, could anyone tell me what it means when your skin becomes numb and tingly ?
I had high cheolestral..the doc give me some statin tablets will i ave to take them now for good.?
Can u drink wen ur on a course of antibiotics and a 5 day course of steriods?????
Why does my arm keep felling numb?
I have had a constant headache for a week now...some pressure in my nose...what could it be?
Do you have a bad habit ...what is it?.?
I like to know all about this pill?naproxen 250?
My mom has late stages of Dementia, Alzheimer's and her doctor had Hospice come to our home?
Hi, Im about to get a tetanus jab, where does it go?
Got a slipped disc, any advice?
As anyone ever had to wait for an MRI scan if so how long did you wait?
My boyfriend's neck and throat are bleeding...Help!?
What happens when you....?
Did I break my nose?
Have you ever had a concussion and how did you get it?
I have hole in head?
Why won't my foot get any better?
I slipped and fell in the shower?
Can standing in the rain for an hour get you sick?
Owwwwwww just burned myself!?
Can we live up to 150 yrs old?
What's the best way of stopping midgie bites?
Why people lazy and they bite there nails instead of of geting nail clippers?
How much water is needed for good health?
Is it possible to NOT have a gag reflex?
What is the best way to quit smoking?
How do you soothe sunburn?
How do I know if a spider crawled up my nose while I was sleeping and laid babies in my nasal cavity or brain?
Pain in chest?
Chest arm pain?
What is the best way to releave stress.?
Any suggestions on what stomach pain could be?
How do I get rid of neck cramp?
When i run or walk much,i got pain in leg(bone)which i feel when i press it.why is it so?
Please help?
Back pain and aching joints?
I am always in pain..my whole body hurts and aches all the time...what is going on? For years now off and on!?
Chiropractors ???
What realistic changes needed after leg amputation?
Which one can help for lossweight ' metformin or glucophage'?
My wifes a diabetic and she has the flu does she take her insulin as regular or does she lower the ammount?
How long can one have a virus? also, can one develop diabetes from a virus?
I think i have diabetes?
Do i have an eating disorder?
Am 50yr old house wife having sevre burning sensation in foot and pains .so kindly give some remdey?
Diabetes Sufferers?
These are my testing supplies.?
Has anyone been treated and cured for diabetes by a homeopathic physican?
Sore throat... Even chicken noodle soup hurts...?
Why are Drugs like Cocaine and Herion illegal? 2 part question.?
My gums are swollen behind my back molar. it doesnt hurt i just happened to notice it. what is it?
Has anyone else noticed that smoking tobacco seems to have an antidepressant effect?
Is it normal to have blood in your stool ?
How long does fluoxetine take to start having an effect on depression symptoms? (i've started generic - nuzak)
Sharp pain at the temples, nose bleeds, and dizziness... I need alot of opinions please?
I have REALLY bad acid reflux, what can I do?
Why does my eye twitch? I'm a 47 year old woman?
Bruising for no apparent reason?
I cant straighten my knee. whats the problem?
How long do i have to stay in college to be a pediatrician?
Cut myself by accident earlier???
Which Type Of Anesthesia?