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Cough wont go away!!?
Can you get results of a chlamydia test straight away. Someone has just told me they have, are they lying?
What four ways can STDS be transmitted... please help I'm so lost?
Do you think, one day...AIDS will be?
Do you think there will be a cure for STD(s) 25 years from now?
How to remove herpes?
Sick and at school?
How to get rid of a headache?
My jaw keeps locking?
Leg numbness?
Can I give my dog aspirin for possible muscle pain?
Why do I get stomach aches in the morning?
How do you relieve severe gas pains in your belly when nothing seems to work?
How can i get rid of period cramps without taking painkillers?
I feel like killing myself. Any advice...?
Anyone else have major knee damage?
My chest hurts?
Whats the best way to get rid of a cold?
I think I have a balance problem that is related to my ears. I tend to stumble when I'm talking?
Do you think that vaccinations are safe?
Should i go to the hospital?
What are facts about drugs?
If person being sick and sweating regularly what could it be?
School Q: my daughter gashed her head open yesterday on the corner of a window?
What are early symptoms of Leo Gerek disease?
Second case of radiation poisoning ... bloody hell I'm staying in tonight wot if ...?
I need help! Please Help Me!?
Can you get a parasite from drinking water?
Can I swim in ocean after cutting my leg?
My daughter's feet smell like vomit!!?
I hurt my wrist. Idk what i did.IT REALLY HURTS!! HELP!!!!! ME?
My ear won't pop- it's been a month?
My friend has gas like pain under is rib what do you think that would be?
I was fixing my car and I got a cut. When i looked at the cut my blood wasnt red. it was some wierd blueish.?
How contagious are stds?
How soon after exposure to STDs do you get symptoms?
Will u get aids or std if u do french kissing...?
What happens at an AIDS test?
How many hours of sleep do you get?
Is drinking alcahol more harmful than taking ecstasy?
Besides sleeping pills and tea, what do you do when you can't fall asleep?
I can not stop cracking my FINGERS! what is happening when you are cracking your fingers?Is it bad?
I have decided to quit smoking........?
What's the best thing that's happened to you today?
Does anybody enjoy being sober?
Is white people skin defective since it sunburns so easily?
This may sound gross but i have little red bumps all over my arms...is there such a thing as arm acne? &.....?
LICE?!!?!?! Help!!!!!?
I have what I can only describe as a hotspot on my thigh?
Excema problem??
What's the quickest/best way to get rid of a wart?
I'm having Adult Acne & got them only last year. Any advice, please.?
What is best cream to use for Dry Skin on Feet ?
What is the diferance betweens atherosclerosis and arthritis?
Can diabetics have milkshakes?
I have been diagnosed wih diabetes. What can I expect,what are the risks?
Are Diabetes Monitors for a SINGLE PERSON / PATIENTonly?
Symptoms of diabetes?=(?
Metformin 500mg anybody without diabetes ever had them prescribed? Please tell what they do?
Any one with type two diabities willing to fill in a questionaire?
75 carbs done by lunch, low low cal, whats for supper?
I'm worried about my grandad.........?
What can I do to be less nervous when I inject myself with insulin?
Chest hurts and coughing up blood?
I have a 4 year old that has a fever i want to know a quick way to give my child relief like to break that fev
I hate asthma!!!!how do u deal with it?
Chest pain?
How to clean a CPAP Machine?
Best cough/mucus medicine...?
What is the scientific name for snoring, a sleep disorder ?
After quitting smoking, how long does the body take to get the nicotine out of the system?
How can I reduce a fever ?
Does smoke smell on clothes harm others like second hand smoke?
Giving birth with HIV?
For the mature women out there?
Is there still a chance to get a STD if your sleeping with two clean guys.?
What is hpv?
STD's and Pregnancy.....?
GUYS: if you had the most beautiful gorgeous wife/gf ever, would you still be tempted to look at other women?
Can you tell me about shingles?
My duaghter is 34 months (2 years 10 months) and had frebile convulsion due to fever?
I had piles,pain in anus after motion with bleeding.plz suggest food diet and about it.?
Is my finger broken?
Constant nausea - what could it be?
Can u die if a pencil lid got in your skin but you take it off but some stuff are still in your skin?
How can i break my wrist the quickest way?
I have a major constipation problem?
Anorexia AND bullima?
When I go up stairs I hear a creaking sound in my left knee. What is it?
My son is 30 yrs old and has suffered for many years with and upset stomach,any advice please?They say its IBS
Can i take Advil as cure for cold or flu?
If you get a blood blister and don't pop it how does the blood go away?
Is there a cure for insomnia that doesn't require medical treatment?
My toenail fell off? is it gonna be ok?
I am fairly certain I broke a rib last night. Do I need to go to the ER or can I wait to see my MD?
Weeing blood????????
My ears may explode....?
Why should HIV infected people reveal the fact that they are infected with the certain disease?
Can you get herpes from giving oral to someone who does?
Is it possible to have been infected w/ hpv years ago and just now get warts?
Do you think pepole still dont take hiv serious?
I have 3 days to get my skin better than itis now?
Sunburn Cures?
I have a couple strange red bumps in my crotch area, they look like blisters...what are they???
Why do my feet (toes) seem to start going purple/black if i stand on them for a couple of mins?
How do I get rid of psoriasis in less than a week??
What should i put on the raw skin after blowing my nose too much?
Why is the skin on my hand cracking and peeling?
Bed sores,don't know much about it.need to know more than i do now.?
I have chapped lips!!?
Back acne!!?
What happens if you drink alcohol whilst on antibiotics ?
Does anyone else feel too tired to out on a friday night after a week of work?
I had too much caffeine and can't go to sleep. Help!!!?
Is smoking on occasion really that bad for your health?
Is it normal to have a bowel movement every day or is it normal once a twice a week?
Can a poke from Leftover infected syringe cause HIV ?
STD Blood Test - where should I go?
Can I get hiv if my hand touch the toilet water?
Do u know ur blood type?
Heartburn a couple times a day any suggestions?
My partner has a sharp pain in his groin what could this be?
How to relieve a migraine until I see my doctor next week?
My son has 2 spots of sharp pain just above left elbow traveling down arm causing fingers to go numb.?
I have a drug test and my denist has had me on hydrocodone fof pain, how can I get it out of my system in 2 wk
How long before the nausea caused by a prrescribed pain killer disappears?
Why does my sister's left leg ache continually?
Does anyone know if i can collect disability with heal spurs?
What is your favorite pain killer.?
OMG my finger is bleeding, it hurts to type. What do i do?
Burnt my finger, what should i do?
I got a ring stuck on my finger. Dose anyone have any ideas?
Why we sleep?
Okay this is for all the smart people only!?
How to remove fish bone from humans througt?
In the garden I got bitten by something, but I don't know what...?
Is there any household remedies for mosquito bites? I have no anti itching creams/ointments.?
What is a good way to pull heat out of a sunburn??
What exactly is bobo?
How do i stop coughing?
If you smoke marijauna about once every 6 months, how long does it stay in your system
Is having a bigger than usual abdomen/tummy associated with having diabetes?
My sons 2 and half and catches cold very easily. whats the best way to stop him from catching cold easily?
Carbohydrate counter?
Really sore achy throat? head cold syptoms and NO COUGH?
Why is the end of my ciggarette a little brown when i smoke it?
I want to make cake for a friend who'd diabetic.?
Did u eventually stop smoking as you got older? im only 18?
What pain do you have with chest infection?
My blood sugar is 83 in morning 88 before meal 158 two hours after 173 going to bed is this normal?
Can drinking too much give you nose bleeds the next day ?
Can you get some lung function back if you stop smoking ?
Hi Folks, I just received the news from my doctor today that I have Type 2 Diabetes...my 12 hour fasting blood
Do i have sleep apnea?
Can diabetes be treated with weight loss alone?
What foods are an absolute no-no for a diabetic? I was shocked that potatoes were one of them. Thanks!?
Is it true that a combination cinnamon powder, green tea and pure honey makes a perfect formula for diabetes ?
What happens when blood sugar level drops to 0?
My fingers get little cuts, like my skin is splitting. What causes it and what can I do to stop it?
Under arm sweating issues...?
How do you????
What's the best relief for itchy skin?
Does anyone know a good way to get ride of acne?
What is with my scalp?
How can I tell if some one is an alcoholic?
How Do I Get Rid Of Stomach Pain?
How do you quit oxy contin?
Is cracking your knuckles bad for you?
What categories of disease does anorexia come under....?
In need of an immediate medical advice!?
What could be wrong or causing black tarry looking stools?
Is Alcoholism Really a Disease?
Am i allowed a copy of mine and my son's medial notes?
I have been having sharp pain in my lower right hand side of my stomach... with occational burning sensation?
This is kind of gross, but i have been puking up blood lately and puking on an empty tummy...what's up?
Back problem?
I was practicing my karate and i accidently got glitter in my eye. am i going to die?!!??!?!!??!?
How to avoid golfers elbow and treat it?
URGENT!! How can I sprain my wrist?
Cutting wrists? how deep will cause death?
Help here!!!?
Hurt knee at work!! torn meniscus..do i need a lawyer??
Why does my ankle hurt when i run?
Omg............. why me?
I am a Hot 19 year old female?
What can cause a rash formed like a red ring aroud the lower calf?
Quick fix for blisters?
How do I really get rid of acne? I have heard and tried so many things.?
My dog needs your help.Please?
Ohh my backside?
My legs are always dry! Any ideas on how to fix this?
Name a really gross skin disease I can do my project on....?
Perfect treatment for dandruff?
What are the best Natural Alternative solutions for treating eczema?
How I get rid of canker sore immediately?
My dog is always scratching his back and now his back is bold, skin is coming off. why is this happening?
Help with acne :(?
How do I get rid of acne?
I have rashes all over me? Help!?
What's the best moisturizer for sensitive skin?
I think I may have chickenpox!! Small itchy spots appeared on my feet?
How long does it take carmex to heal a coldsore?
HYdrocodone: I have three broken vertebra for which my doctor prescribes 2 x 10mg tablets TID asneed for pain.
Why do pain killers have no effect on me?
What is the difference between these 2 medications?
Sore mucles :(?
OMG pleasea help me?
My wrist starts to hurt whenever i use it a lot and it really starts to hurt whats wrong with it?
What are some good ways to keep from feeling ear pain when flying?
Any home remedies for "Restless Leg Syndrome"?
Help with wihdrawal symptoms from hydrocodone?
Wo is still awake now ? It's 1AM?
Anyone got any cures/ advice for dizziness/nausea?
Can Black People get Downs Syndrome? I have never seen a black person with Downs Syndrome.?
First signs of "Fibromyalgia"?
I was told that my grandson has spinal difia, what is spinal difia?
What's the worst thing about having migraine headaches?
Reasons why people shouldn't smoke!?
Why is our urine yellow ?
I have an embarassing problem?
I lost 2 pints of blood and found blood in my stool dont know where I lost it?
If a girl has herpes.. can you get it if you go down on her??
Returning to work?
What could this be?
Injured hand...should I go back to hospital?
Pulled muscle?
How long does it take for a sprained ankle to heal completely?
Do you have six fingers or toes?
How long before you can start walking on a broken ankle??
My toe nail looks like its about to fall off and my mommy just told me she thinks it will. :(?
Is it better to drink cool or room temperature water than very cold or ice water?
What are the side effects of taking Prednisone?
If I'm coughing up bad tasting mucus, does it always mean I have bronchitis?
How long after you quit smoking do your lungs start to heal? and is it true?
Help!! I can't stop coughing!!?
I'm getting my tonsils and adenoids taken out and I don't know who to believe...?
When smoking a tobacco pipe are u supposed to inhale in??
Is an oxygen level of 85% really bad?
What would you give an arm and a leg for????
Where can I get free samples of singulair 4mg for kids?
My friends's GERD is becoming from bad to worse. What can he do for relief?
Worse case scenario ... ?
6 week long Pnuemonia?
How long can you live without water?
Massive Pain in Chest?
I accidentally a whole coke bottle ?
I can't reach any of my friends, and I feel like dying. ?
Dammit I hate blackheads!!!!!???????
Can someone out there, please, help me!?
Flea bite scars, how do i get rid of them?
What is this rash on my daughter's body?
My mole just fell off?
What is the best and quickest way to get rid of scars on your legs and arms? I have a whole bunch on my arms.?
Acne question?
I know how to fake pink eye! i did it today!?
What do you do for hives?
How to get noticed?
What can I do for my eczema?
What is wrong with my skin!?
Can eaeting soap harm your body?
Any suggestions for acne treatment?
Ok, wart question, trying to get rid of them!!?
Please help quickly!?
How can men get rid of dark under-eye circles?
How do you get rid of acne?
How do you get birthmarks?
Diabetes is this normal?
Diabetics on Insulin: do you use syringes or pens?
How do you lower your sugar numbers????... I really want a good answer becuase my momther has diabetes.?
Blood sugar raises at night any solutions?
Injecting own blood into own muscle?
I feel sad because I'm ugly.What can I do?
Where can one get access to a glucometer?
Is it true McDonald's puts sugar in all their food??? Does that?
Is blood sugar with 122 non fasting good?
What can you eat and cannot eat when you are diabetic?
Pain in right arm?
Cure for cramps??????????????/?
Mayo clinic site didin't help me out can u? I have a horrid pain that goes from my jaw to my ear when I open
I love pain?
Why hasnt my head stopped hurting?
Relief from sciatic nerve pain?
What's wrong with me? Weird headache, dizzy, feeling faintish, numbing in arms and hands, I'm a 25 year old
Tooth Ache?
Are pain pill addicting and what are the signs?
If you could have a genetic test to see if you were prone to certain diseases, would you have the test?
Is it true if you are deaf, youre dumb, or is it the other way round? Why?
How do i cure a sore throat fast?
Is there a way to cure a UTI without medicine? If so, what is it?
Can ear cartilage piercings get infected from being banged?
Can someone please explain 'dyslexia' in simple terms?
Okay, Im a guy, and Im peeing brown right now. Is there something wrong with me? Am i dying?
HELP! My voice is lost, and I need to get bettter quick! What do I do?
My wife has vertigo,does anyone know of a cure for this. or is there a special doctor for this.?
If you smash your thumbnail and it falls off will it grow back?
I just fell in my kitchen... my leg is bleeding pretty bad actually... what should I do?
What causes the bruising ?
How do make a swelling ankle better?
Neck problem?
If I never had a cut or scrape ,or ever bled in my whole life,?
My leg has a 'dent' on my shinbone, is it broken?
My dad he hit my kidneys and my skin where he hit me is black and blue?
Is it possible to pull/sprain your shin?
Best medicine for phlegmy cough & nasal discharge?
I have trush and fear it is in my mouth also going for op thursday will they operate !?
Is Asthma a stressful desease???
Do you think graphic anti-smoking ads are effective in convincing hardcore smokers to quit the habit?
What is the best treatment for pleural effusion?
Post-Asthma attack: Trouble sleeping?
How do you get pneumonia?
What could this be? Extreme throat sensitivity with feeling of NO breath coming in. Something triggers it...
If a person has chronic strep throat then should that person get their tonsils taken out?
My 14mth old daughter has a the flu but she has a lot of Flem in her chest. any one knows any good home care?
My right ear feels blocked, whats wrong?
What are the rooms called that you go into and its full of steam (it helps you relax) and how can i find 1 in?
Sore back... ice pack or heat pack, and why? thanks.?
Do you ever get cramp in your leg or foot in the middle of the night?
What's the best way to get rid of a headache?
How should I deal with my tail bone?
Can too much hot sauce cause upset stomach?
I hurt my nail and it bled, now it hurts a lot.. how do I get rid of the pain and burning sensation?
What pain reliever best for lower back pain?
How do you get a Urinary Tract Infection?
Have you ever had a black eye? If so, then how?
Can i wear high heels after i dislocate my ankle?
Why do i get cramps in my legs when im playing football?
Common cold REMEDIES (not cures)?
Ouchy things of past Disapeer, HOW????
Is it possible for your finger nails to fall off?
I smoke weed 1 x every 2 month...i smoked like 2 wks ago almost. I have a drug test soon..what should i do?
Swollen knee?!?
Help Me!!!?
Is there any medicine for migraine?
Could I have a concussion?
I stubbed my toe on the kitchen table who should i sue ?
I had Meningitis when I was a baby. Is it possible to get it again?
I'm losing my toe nail. What should I do?
How can i remove the temporary tattos out?
Kidney infection and drinking?
What do you do for muscle strains heat or ice????
Sad about snoring?
Gout food to avoid?
COPD what treatments worked for you?
Do i have asthma?
A cure for asthma and cholesterol?
Does anyone has breathing difficulty when stressing?
In depth, please tell me the body parts/sytemes affected by Hyperglycemia(High blood Pressure)?
Do you notice that some things is out of place like a Doctor smoking?
Should i elect to have a normal delivery after a pleurectomy or should I have a cesearean?
Has anyone ever tried a neti pot? is it worth buying?
I need a home remedy for a cough??
Why would I get a high blood sugar reading after exercise?
Fake fingernails?
Can u catch anything by shaking the hand of a junkie (drugs addict) ?
Low Blood Sugar?
How bad is it having head lice?
Do I have diabetes?
What is the function of the pancreas?
Does a potato really help get rid of pink eye?
If you don't have your pancreas working good what happems?
If I take 1 or 2 cloves of raw garlic a day what benefit, if any is there or it doesn't make any difference?
Which way is easier to inject insulin? The pen or the syringe, is either less painful? What about accuracy ?
What is the treatment for sugar diabetes?
Why would a panic attack lower my blood sugar?
Im scared. Overdose. HELP FAST PLEASE?
Besides taking tylenol or advil what else do you do to get rid of a bad headache?
Pain in my side side, just beneath last rib. Comes on suddenly.?
How can I make an ear infection stop hurting so badly? Advil isn't working...?
Unusual Leg pain?
I am a 33 year old woman who has suffered with migraines ever since I can remember.?
I get pain in my left side once every two months?
Fibromyalgia? Are there any alternative treatments?
Migraine or Headache???
Any tips on "restless leg syndrome"...what can I do to lay still when trying to go to sleep?
Are there any A.A helplines available?
Does anyone get those little sore bumps on their tongue, what are they cause from?
Why do I have blurred vision in one eye?
Well I have been having Diarrhea for about a month now.?
Lower right side abdominal pain in 10 year old?
Feeling sick and dizzy?
How do you remove a Deer Tick?
Is this bad?
I've forgotten how to sit down.?
I cut my foot badly on a rusty nail and i havent been to the doctors about it....what could happen?
How long does it take for a black eye to go away?
What 's wrong....????
I have no idea what's wrong with me! PLEASE HELP?
I touch my leg and hurts, I touch my arm and hurts, I touch my face and hurts, what do I have?
What should l do if one whole toenail came off a toe?
Can someone [please help me?
Can anyone explain the symptoms of a fractured lower leg?
Is it just me or does anyone else want CHARLEY OUT.?
I have always had migraines since the age of 8.The migraines have never stopped and i am now 29 years?
In pain, please help!!?
Went swimming in pool that was shocked 10 minutes prior...?
Blockbuster = stomach ache?
My tooth is killing me someone tell me how to help the pain!!!?
I had a painful experience?
Pain! Help!?
What could it be?Ladies only?
I had a cortizone shot in my heel is it suppost to give me a headache?
Can you regain blood?
Anyone Get really sick this winter?
What is the home made medicine for cough for both grown up and children?
Weird Nasal Congestion Problem...?
What are pleasure gained in smoking?
First time pot smoker?
Stop breathing when sleeping on back?
Hi my 5 year old niece has been diagnosed with tb?
Lungs hurt?
Have to take the 3 hour glucose test a second time!?
Need reply now!! Fasting glucose question...?
What is the best way to poke yourself to get your blood sugar tested with the least amount of feeling the poke
Could some tell me scientifically why foot cares are so important for those with diabetes?
Is it safe for a diabetic to eat whole grain carbohydrates?
What are two good reasons why schools should NOT sell junk food?
My dad just had hip surgery and was in rehab. they said his blood sugar was six. is it possible to recover?
Rapid heartbeat, hot flashes, high blood sugar? HELP!!!!!?
Diet sheets for diabetes type 2?
Lucozade energy glucose tables?
Do i need to go to the doctor?
Urgent help required regarding sharp blade found inside kids drink packaging from large UK supermarket?
People say you will die if you pop a blood vessel on your head, is that true?
How much compensation for back injury aftrer falling over in a supermarket?
Please help !!!!!!!!!!!1
If you know about broken arms then read this please!!!!!!?
I have a cut in the back of my mouth to the right side, how can I heal it and do ineed to see a doctor??!?!???
Deep Cut on the side of Left Leg!!!???
Does cracking your wrists and knuckles and stuff cause or prevent arthritis? Ten Points!?
If someone jumped from the roof of a 3-story house onto concrete would they break their legs?
Numb leg, thats sometimes painfull please help !?!?!?!?!?!?
Why will this not go away?
Any suggestions how to help with Tinnitus.?
If a person has worms coming out of his or her anus, what is that person(s) problem?
My child has had fever for the last 3 days and this morning i noticed little red dots all over him. Any answer
How do you beat insomnia without medication?
What Is astigmatism?
I have fever?
Do you have a bad habit?
What's The QUICKEST Way To Get Rid of a Sunburn?
Is my chin be infected?
Can cold sore spread into your private???
Not that I'm being pathetic (I'm certainly not staying off work!) but I've had 8 colds this year...
At what point should I see a doctor....?
Can smoking pot affect you long term?
Is there a herbal remedy for insomnia?
What is the best cough syrup to stop a cough?
This is a question for smokers. Why did u start smoking?
How do you get veins in your arm to show really good?
Is it wrong to ask someone not to smoke outside a cafe, where you are sitting too?
Do the smoking effect on the singer voice?
Do you get enough sleep ?
Is gargling hot salt water good for the throat?
Why does one loose the sense of odour when they have a cold?
Should I go to bed now (I have to wake up in 6 hours) or should I stay awake a little longer?
I am mother of two and i am tired all the time somethings got to be wrong, ive also had this cough for the awh
Can anyone guess what sleep disease is this?
Advice on Abdominal Pain?
Im having so many eyes aches?
What is the most powerful painkiller ?
Left or right?
Natural Headache Relief?
Headaches change in weather?
Most comfortable shoes for standing in a kitchen?
What can i do for leg cramps?
What happens if i swallow a ring?
For some time now i have had painds in the middle right of my chest.?
Whats wrong with my foot?
Is it possible?
Salt and ice on arm = no no (Still a question)?
Scared of surgery tomorrow?
Bleeding to death?
Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Permanent?
I got off my cast today after suffering a broken thumb i have very limited motion in my thumb is this normal?
I turned my ankle this morning and went to Urgent Care...does this sound right??
Concussion question?
What type of medicine can I take for back aches?
What are the bad Ingredients found in Cigarettes?
How could a non-drinker get cirrhosis of the liver?
My husband has been throwing up blood and severe stomach cramps...help!!?
Any solution for maigrain headache?
My Dad Ha Been ill 4 5 Years Nd The Doctors Cnt Find Nuffin Wrong. He Trys 2 Do Simple Fings Nd Gets Severe P?
HELP!!! Does Anyone Know About Autism?
Is it possible to stop mastrubation in night?
If you had tourette's, what would be your catch phrase?
I have had leg cramps and calf pain for the last 3 nights, doctor says not blocked artery?
What are you supposed to do with hands that are too dry? (bleeding)?
I am 480lbs and need health insurance. I don't qualify for medical. Are there any options.?
What if u have a sticker inside your finger and u never get it out, what will happened?
I just accidentally a coke bottle is this bad?
Im nervous about getting a physical. what should i do?
When you quit smoking can you still get lung cancer?
I am often stressed out, what can I do to help with this?
Why does hand sanitizer only kill '99.9%' of germs?
Really itchy sunburn!?
How can I sleep through the night?
Diabeties, thyroid..??? PLEASE PLEASE HELP??
Is there a sugar free candy that is similar to the Butterfinger?
What happens if some one who has diabets eats some thing they are not supposed to ?
What is alcohol sugar. My dad is a diabetic and some sugarless items say this?
What do you do in case of a seizure?
Could I have diabetes?
At What Glucose reading should i worry Type 2?
Is diabetes a genetic disease?
How many hours of fasting for blood glucose test?
What are some of the side effects after having a gran mal seizure?
Does any1 know the symptoms you would get if u had a pulmonary embolism?
Why does smoking cause damaged to the cilia, alveoli, and lungs?
Bad cough + job interview tomorrow=HELP!?
None of my meds help my breathing?
Really sore throat?
What are the signs and symptoms of pneumonia?
HOw do i get rude of a cold in 24 hours?
I have had a cold for over 4 weeks and it wont let up...?
My wife has dizzy spells that make her sick?
What do you do when you feel an anxiety attack coming on?
Help! I have a sharp pain on the right side of my abdomen?
Please Help! 10 points!.....................
I swallowed 3000 mg of advil?
My stomach feels awful and I've just thrown up bile, what can help?
When I sleep on 1 ear too long it starts to hurt. Not inside though. Any clue as to why it gets really sore?
How do you get rid of a migraine?
Which would you rather go to, Doctor or Dentist?
I have pain and numbness in my legs and feet. What should I do ?
What could my stomach pains be?
Is it ok to mix vicodin with tylenol ro advil?
Thumbs or Knees, which is more important?
Why do I get bitten in my crotch area and under my breasts and in my arm pits during camping?
Its 2am here in the UK, i cant sleep its driving me insane?
Holding in the urge to go pee... is it bad for you??
I'm 13 I'm having surgery Tuesday?
Mom stepped in a hole outside. Her ankle is throbbing. Could it be broken???`?
How do I know if I broke a bone in my hand?
Do people die more at hospitals on weekends?
How do you break your arm?
Is being on the computer 2 long bad 4 the eyes?
My 5 yr old stuck a blueberry up hs nose. Do I need to take him to the ER?
1 inch deep gash... now what!?
How can I make it go away?
My daughter (12) has nightly intense abdominal pain that lasts about 2 hrs. Drs. not much help. Any suggestion
I am engaged to an alcoholic. We are both almost 30 and have been together for 4 years.?
Blurred vision, feeling faint, almost always hungry, what could it be?
Food swallowing problems?
How long do Surgeons leave you on Pain Meds after a major back surgery???
Getting blood taken?
What is wrong??
Here are my symptoms, what is wrong with me!?
I had my gallbladder taken out on Wed, am now having terrible sharp and dull pains between my shoulder blades?
Passive smoking making is hard to breathe?
I feel bad after smoking weed?
My 17 year old son has been taking Claritin D and has been very depressed. Does anyone know of a connection?
Coughing up blood?
Is snoring really a harmful issue?
Using an albuterol inhaler more than 3 times?
Difficulty breathing, feel like there's a tight band round chest........?
I quit smoking 2.5 months ago , cold turkey after 30yrs smoking . i still have withdrawals is that normal?
Will a hookah set off a fire detector if smoked indoors?
What do I do to take the pain away for my stupid mistake?
What to do before a tatoo to prevent pain? it hurts!?
What is the best over the counter pill for a SPLITTING headache?
In Need of Help ! Ten Points for best answer .?
Anyone know of a good nausea and sickness relief medicine??
What things cause you to have a headache?
I was in a car wreck 2 yrs ago this may and i have back and neck injuries. but what i was wandering is how do?
My wife has stabbing pains in her ribcage. what could this be?
A spinal epidural takes 10 minutes to administer but does it hurt during the whole 10 min??
Sometimes i feel like stuff is crawling on my head and its itchy and i feel these little bumps and scabs....?
Yellow jonders in a new born?
Does it hurt having a wart freezed off?
Embarassing medical condition. Are any doctors reading?
My daughter has very bad eczema on the back of her legs, ive tries all sorts of creams, can someone recommen s
One of my toenails has gone white and crumbly, just removed nail polish to discover this HELP? Am i ill?
Should you put a burn in hot water?
What cream should i wipe on my but for little red bumps?
What can I do to treat a sunburn?
My hand is chapped....what should i do??
I have a sweaty behind any suggestions/solutions???
Is bio-oil really as great as they make out for getting rid of stretch marks?
How can i get rid Acne?
I have a small lump on the side of my head?
What is the best lotion for extremely itchy skin?
What to do with a mole thats bleeding?
Where can i find one touch ultra test strips for a cheap price?
Where can my mother get free diabetic testing supplies?
Fasting blood sugar. Is 75 better than 85, eventhough both are normal?
What reading on a random glucose blood test indicates diabetes?
Does anyone know of any good eating/diet programs for someone who is on the verge of being diabetic?
Diabetes( is my spelling correct?)?
Im a type 2 dibetic...iIneed to know what foods I should stay away from..?
What blood sugar reading results in a diabetic coma?
Do you use an insulin pump? If you do, has it been an improvement to standard shots & testing?
What could be wrong with my knee?
What kind of fracture do u think my sister has? (look in details)?
HELP ME plz!!!!!!!!!!?
Does it really bother you that humpty dumpty fell?
What can I do to treat heavy brusing on my face?
How do u remove a tick from a human head...its really in there....HELP!!!!!!!!!?
What's the worst injury you have ever had?
What was the medical care like in the 19th century?
I went to the doctors today and he put me on some new tablets, which he said i will have to take one a day?
I just recently drank 2 full tea ketle size of water was it safe?
Do u believe in past lifes and do u think this is wot causes deajuv?
Has anyone found a way to prevent migraines?
What is the best thing to do to cure anaemia??
What do you do for insomnia?
Why do i feel pressure on my lungs?
What should tummy feel like after having open surgery for removal of gallbladder?
My stomach hurts, my haed hurts, i feel like i am going to throw up. What should I do? pleeease someone help?
Why is there orange oil coming out of my butt??
What can it mean when im asleep i feel like a pressure is on top of me and sometimes i hear a voice?
Can you clip a skin tag off with nail clippers? Will it hurt? Its really tiny?
Quick way to cover acne on my arms?
What is the best natural way to lose acne?
I have a acne problem how can i make my acne go away?
Who has a birthmark (an unusual one)?
Can u turn my black lips red ?
What should I do about this flesh eating virus I have?
Tb test does he have it?
Expired meds? Is it bad?
What is a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis?
Stop smoking?
Advice from ex smokers please?
How do the smokers feel about smoking bans?
My mom cant breathe?
Ipratropium bromide inhaler?
Any doctors in the house today please? Need to ask about a possible chest infection!?
Best treatment for travel sick in cars?
When was the last time you cryed, and why?
Im thinking of quitting smoking today but dont know if ive got the will power,any tips?
How did you quit smoking?
If you have suffered from acne which product worked best for you?
I am 17yrs old and I have cellulite. I really hate it and I need to get rid of it. Is there a way?
How to get rid of Razor Rash?
Dandruff: What causes it and how do you get rid/prevent it??
I have the biggest zit imaginable on my forehead!?
Is it true that once you have chickenpox you would not get it again?Why?
Every time I get a moisquito bite on my leg the area gets warm and it swells, idk what to do.?
HELP Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
How bad does a cartildge piercing hurt? I need to know, getting it down in 2 weeks.?
Headache remedies?
When medications aren't working, how do you cure a head ache?
Arthritis..can you tell the weather by it ?
Any help to deal with a difficult mother who at 86 is addicted to pain medicine & is so anxious ?
Whats in side a buttehole?
My cramps are so bad!! help me make them hurt less?
How do you fix Heel Spurs?
Zits?!? anyone, mostly gals only!!?
How can I get rid of dry skin on my face?
Painful zit (?) in tailbone area?
What's the best cure for dry scalp?
My husband has developed a very swollen painful knee without knowing how he did it. He doesn't play any sport.
Why is my skin so itchy?
My lips are unusual!?
Why does my neck go all blotchy when i drink alcohol what can i do to prevent it.?
Someone please tell me that cartilage is a bone?
Anyone ever got your hand stuck in a car door? sore isint it.?
Would you have done the same?
I had a front impact wreck and am having chest and rib area pain after airbag deployment, am I okay?
How does ice heal a sprained muscle or muscles?
Slammed finger in car door today, ripped cuticle off. Now angry red, swollen & painful. Should i see a doctor?
A heavy box fell on my head yesterday...I have been having horrable head aches all day.?
Small Piece of glass in my foot?
I just made myself throwup?
Could sunusitus be the reason for a toothache?
What do the numbers mean in your vision?
If I needed a kidney, and yours were suitable, could I have one?
Cat Bites???
My children (8 yrs) is having eye pain followed by nausea and vomit. No fever. Any idea about sickness?
What does it mean when you throw up blood?
Cant sleep?
IBS - Cut out wheat or not?
What is #1 disease in America?
EARRING INFEction!!!!!?
Please please ...help i just don't feel that pretty ?
How can i get rid of...?
HICKEY! Please help?
I have blood in my ear what should I do?
What will clear up Body Acene??? 10 pts.?
I'm a 16-year-old girl thinking about a belly piercing, but my parents won't know. Should i get it anyway?
What is the best way get rid of warts?and what causes them?
Why do I itch severly after I shower? Am I allergic to something?
Diabetes juvenile help?
High blood sugar count - why?
Where can i buy dextrose for diabetes?
Does this mean I'm hypoglycemic?
Glucose monitor gone crazy?
Blood sugar level?
Does it have to be your finger when checking your blood sugar?
Diabetic finger testing?
Can anybody tellme home recipes for curing acne.n also the dos n dont for acne.?
Copd and bronchitus?
My throat is so dry !! please help?
How can I get my husband to stop snoring?
I have a verruca, and wont to get rid of it i havent told my parents and am too embarressed HELP!?
Is vaseline a good product to use if you have acne on your face???
What to help my three year old son with asthma?
How do i heal a scab on my face and fast! :[?
What is the treatment for a partially collapsed lung?
My friends baby?
Why do people scratch though it is harm full for the body?
My daughter always get cough and not easily recover even take medicine. What can i do? She is 4 years old.?
Re: psoriasis?
If you smoke and it hasn't affected your lungs negatively so far, tell us how much and for how many years?
I found a deer tick on the back of my daughters head. Now what??
In order to support life, which gases are not taken into the lungs?
Have rush in armpit what is it?
Does anyone know what is a good treatment for scalp psoriasis?
I'm having Lots of Pain! need advice..?
What causes headaches?
Lower back hurt please help me !!!!!!!!!--im only 17 years old.?
Backpain from prolonged standing?
Do I need a Tetanus shot?
I had my baby girl 3 moths ago. I have been having severe back pain where I had my epidural. Is this normal?
Doctors please help!! my lower back hurts. how can i ease the pain?
Heavy backpack?
Trouble breathing, pain in my chest area. please help. i dont know whats wrong with me?!!?
How do you know when your appendix ruptures?
Does anyone know what maybe wrong with me?
Have YOU ever injured yourself trying to take a boy scout out of a horses hoof with a penknife?
I have had a large bruise on my leg for 3 months. It has got smaller but is now very hard. Is this normal?
I am an amputee who lost his right arm and need help.?
Can you still see a doctor without life insurance?
Help my nephew !!?
Any advice for injury on head?
How long have you gone without bathing?
Omg please help!!!!!!!!!((READ THIS!))??
Ive had a large bump on my head above my right eyebrow?
How would you feel if you are in late thirty,married for 10 years&yet; you are not being bless of having a baby
Are there any natural remedies that i can use to ease the soreness of my eczema?
What is THE best way to treat achne?
After I shave my legs I have dots where the hair used to be. How can I get rid of them and what are they?
How do I cure these sunburns?
Shaving my thighs leaves them with a rash and itchy! how can I prevent it?
What do black spots on my tongue mean?
What acne medicine would you recommend?
Is this OCD, or is it normal?
Help me before i starve cus i really think i might!!!! please?
I am very short..really sad..please come & help?
Plz. Help EMERGANCY!!?
Why do my eyes keep hurting?
Does anybody know the cure for AIDS?
When you go to the doctors?
Can you get hep c from snorting something white.?
Is dust bacteria?
My niece is 6 weeks old, has diarrhoea for the past 3 weeks.?
I cant fall asleep easy way to fall asleep in minuits?????????
Neck pain?
What is the happiest age?
Does anyone else find it near impossible to get out of bed in the morning, however much sleep you get?
Can u get chicken pox twice in a lifetime?
My kid sister has a couple of freckles on her face.?
Acne is ruining my life....How can i i make it better?
What is the best skin clenser for me???
I have some itchy blotchy looking spots on me but i have no clue what they are can someone help me??
How should i deal with my sweaty hands?
Is there a way to lighten skin?
Ok this may sound really stupid but i was wondering....?
How do u get rid of fleas?
I just bought a stick of something called "Head-On". I have a headache and someone told me it would help.
Device or help for diabetic
In the UK whats a good medicine for body pain?
Can I, or should I, get a Medical tag for hypoglycemia?
Before you found out you had diabetes, what were your symptoms?
Why does this happen to me?!?!?
IS 155 over 104 with a pulse of 146per min DANGEROUS????
Are the symptoms of diabetes and hypoglycemia the same?
Was it a seizure?
How many times a day should I test my blood sugar?
What herbs seem to be good for osteoarthritis?
Just started Carbohydrate Counting for Diabetes 1?
Why doesn't my doctor take my tendinitis seriously?
Any way to sooth a sore throat?? Ideas of kicking this cold fast?
Is it painful to die from high blood sugar if you have type 2 diabetes?
Which hurts less?
I stubbed my toe...should I start drinking?
What is the proper thing to do when giving oneself a shot for Type 1 diabetes when at a restaurant?
I am passing blood when i ejacullate whats wrong with me?
How do you get rid of ADULT acne?
Ears just pierced... slightly swollen. infection?
Desperate help for acne?
Do bedbugs attack everyone or just certain people?
How do I get rid of my spots without creams?
What is this?? I found these on my arms and legs.?
I am 27 yrs. old and have had acne for a while. How can I get rid of it?
How do you get rid of blackheads??
Im getting acne so i need a REALLY GOOD ACNE MEDICINE?
Is it ok to be a social smoker?
Does smoking black and mild get you high?
When you quit smoking, how long does it take?
How do clear my nasal congestion?
A month ago I recovered from a kidney infection, since then I have had a horrid cough that refusing to go.?
Are we really breathing in pee?
Seeing a GP on a bank holiday?
How bad is second hand smoke really?
Really weak immune system :((?
How can i tell my mom to stop smoking?
Help! My groain hurts, How do I get it better?
If i had an Injury to my tailbone (coccyx) because of a fall, how long will it take to recover?
If your retired mum had spine trouble from lifting heavy patients for 40 years as a nurse, would you advise?
Is my foot broken?
How do I quit a job that I just started?
Ouchy sunburn......HELP?
My foot hurts like crap! help!?
My big toe is hurting what do you think it means?
Is it okay to work out right after getting a massage?
My bellybutton has white liquid coming out of it.... and it hardens and smells...?
Help please emergency here!?
Whats the best way to get rid of nits i cannot go to hairdressers?
Is it true that once you get a cold sore?
Could a person just donate blood to the redcross and let the redcross test it for any stds or dieases?
Everytime I get bitten by a mosquito, I get large lumps. Does anyone else have this problem? How can I solve?
How can i tell the difference bewtween having herpes or a yeast infection?
Why is my skin peeling???
Acne ?????? help?
Am i ugly cause i think so?
Why do my joints ache?? I'm only 33, but for the past two or three years, my joints have been aching.?
Fatty lump on the small of my back at the end of my tailbone?
Lump in arm pit?
What can i do to overcome my anciety?
Help! My 8 year old son has a bead stuck in his ear!?
Is it the flu?
PLEASE ANSWER!!! what are these symptoms???
Can an adult head lice bug be killed just by squeezing it between your fingers?
Soft lump on and or above anus?
My 13 year old son found LSD tablets in the house?
I have severe acne and I have sensitive skin. What product will work for me?
Do thing your head can run more than your foot?
What can i do to get rid of acne?
I have sooooooo much acne!!!!???? help!!!!!!!!!!?
The drud hydrocodone is the generic ingrediant in what brand of pain killer????
Red dots around body?
!!!!!!!!!!!cold sores???
What do you recomend for stretch marks besides cocoa butter?
How do you get rid of warts and veruccas ?
What exactly is acid reflux...and what relieves it?
I am a 12 year old girl suffering from acne. What's a great facial wash to use?
Have a really painful lump under armpit please help?
How do I relieve my sore muscles?
~PREPARATION H~Does it really works with hemoroids?????I have some problems and i want to try it.Should I????
OW OW OW! migrane!!!! help please?!?
Does listerine Kill Lice??
Anti-Dandruff Shampoo?
Why does my neck hurt so much?
How do you quit smoking?
What's the best way to relax after a hard days work?
I have a stiff/sore neck, feel lightheaded a lot, and have vision problems. These are symptoms of what?
Is it fair to wake up a sleeping person?
Any one know how to remove a pair of undies that are glued to your head?
Does Smoking Help Support This Country?
What are symptoms of hpv?
Yeast infections, can you get a yeast infection in other areas such as the anus, and if so how is that treated
Hiv person dug, there fingernail unto non-hiv person can hiv be transmitted?
What does it mean to be a carrier of HIV? does that mean you have technically have HIV but dont?
Could i possibly have asthma?
My dad was in the WTC 9/11, trouble breathing..anyone know about this?
Smoking Paper?
How do i get my ear to pop?
Can I sue my doctor?
Fell on my lower back. Bad pain spreading across my hips. What do I need to do? Pain intense?
O_o What to do.......?
I'm want a present for someone who likes sitting on the sofa but who has a bad back - thinking massager?
Should I go to a lung specialist now or wait?
I whacked just below my kneecap, now my leg feels funny, advice on minimizing damage?
When I go toilet for a number deux it hurts/ strings and theres a small drop of bright red blood on the paper?
Suture / Stitches Infection?
Why is my skin so bad?
Will I get worms in my stomach if I eat a worm that was inside an apple?
Snoring and sleep apnea?
Can i get shingles?
The bet way to treat a minor burn?
What is the muscle called on the opposite side of my shin?
What is best for a cough/sore throat?
I suffer from R L S,any ideas how i can have a proper nights sleep,gp has no answer.thanks phil?
Can you get chicken pox twice?
My Contact lense has got stuck to the bottom of my case. How can i get it off without breaking it?
My waste..?
How Do you Get Rid of a Zit?
Disease where you bleed out of every hole in body?
Anybody know what this is?
What PRODUCT really does work to get rid of spots?
What can happen if a person drinks urine?
I am using someone elses urine to take a drug test what temp does it need to be at in case they check that?
Is it possible to have anxiety disorder when you dont have any kind of problems???
Kidney Transplants do they really work?
My teen has lightheadedness and "blackouts" occasionally when rising or changing positions.?
Will pot brownies show up on blood and urine tests?
How do you get rid of a cold sore fast?
Is it true that there is a cure for aids?
What is wrong w/ my boyf and what dr should he be seeing?
What exactly causes cancer sores?
I had a blood test 2 weeks ago, and my blood sugar level came back at 6.1, the dr said it's borderline and so
Roles of a wife to a diabetic husband?
Im diabetic what fruits should i avoid, and which ones are safe to eat?
Has anyone heard of?
Where do they get human insulin for diabetics?
Diarrhea,(The runs!) bad Di....... Help. How do I make it stop? Why and how do we get it?
What are the side effects for a man using insulin?
What is the oldest living age of a person with type 1 Diabetes?
Have i got diabetes?
Carbs,calories,Who's right who's wrong on weight loss and blood sugar
Whats causing this feeling?
Excedrin or Tylenol?
K so my mom found out i smoked pot. theres a story to it but does any think theres a benificial side?
I have been prescribed oxycontin for almost 2 years now and?
What hurts more upper ear piercing or belly button piercing?
I need help?
Back ache but still young?
Please help me...any nurse or docs online ? or if any one who knows?
Back problems?
Hi Im 39 year old female. I have pins and needles in my left arm, pain in upper arm. No recent trauma..?
Throat Chlamidia .......?
About Herpes?
Does anyone know how long u have to wait to get tested?
I am only 14 years old and have been diagnosed by my school nurse with syphilis; But it really hurts HELP!?
What is the total number of diseases spreading within the "Rock of Love" household?
Is there any over the counter inhalers for athsma?
What is the difference between asthma and bronchitis?
Husband coughing up blood?
Can you buy the antibiotic Cipro without a prescription?
How many cigarretes are their in a pack?
Is smoking really going to kill you?
Hard to breathe sometimes?
How did the idea of smoking start ?
How does having a respiratory disease affected your life?
I worry about EVERYTHING!?
Getting rid of a bruse?
How do you cope with neck pain?
How do I remove my earring? details inside LOL?
How do I get an open wound near my anus to heal up?
AHH!! emergency!!!?
Cuttin yourself?
I just got my belly pierced like 3 days ago and it like got sowllen..what should i do?
Will heat help a spained ankle?
Is it possible to spin your arm fast enough so that the centrifuge causes your fingertips to burst?
If I have an ear infection do I have to take antibiotics?
What does "vertigo" symptoms feel like?
Something is wrong... I don't know what?
What happens when you have low blood sugar (59?)?
Can urine clear my acne?
How do you remove a wood tick from a person?
Dry Mouth? Dehyrdation?
Do I HAVE to take my thryoid meds?
I want to know about thediease where you throw up everything you eat to lose weight?
What is happening to me? Updated...?
Do they really hurt??
I have got a head ache, what should i do?
Chest pain for over a week ?
Ok so i have a cold and my throat is killing me(10 points to best answer)?
Sore vs. Tired Muscles?
IS there any worse feeling than being nauseous?
I have a pain in my left arm ?
Does aqua fina water give you a head ache?
Is my back pain possibly a serious medical condition?
Can you get HIV from a toilet?
Human viruses again : )?
Hey guys I need some advice, I am dealing with an HIV issue!?
What time do u go to bed?
Mosquito Bites on neck........? Help?
Is it safe/pain-free to pull off a skin tag from under my arm?
Should I take my daughter to the ER?
Please help ................?
Which drink is comparatively better for health? beer, whisky, rum, Brandy, zin or vodka?
I sleep much then 10 hours ..when i woke up i feel that i am still tired .....why?
Is it just me when i have a vinadloo or phall curry the next day i get really bad ring sting?
Is it possible to fall 114ft and live?
I cut my heel on a peice of glass & lost alot of blood what should I do?
How do i heal a pulled muscle in my neck/shoulder?
How long do I have to get a tetanus shot after a wound occurs ?
How can i tell if my wrist is broken?
Back pain?
Does your foot need to get amputated if you lose all your toes?
Will my 15 yr old son that broke his collar bone in 3 places yesterday be able to play school football this yr
Should I use ice or heat on my thigh which hurts because somebody ran into it with their knee?
What was the closest You have ever been to your own death?
How to brake a leg without it hurting?
How can you tell if a snake is poison?
Diet Coke bad for women?
If you have diabetes can you still eat honey and jam?
How many times a day should i be urinating. At what number should i be worried about diabetes?
I'm a Diabetic?
How to get rid of numbness in feet due to diebetes?
Is this safe for diabetics??
Can a person get an std from receiving fellatio besides HIV or Herpes?
Do I have diabetes?
Looking for snack ideas low carb for a diabetic?
I always have stomach aches?
Need some advise on diabetes!?
What is the best way..minus the billions of pills they try to prescribe you..to get rid of a migraine?
How serious is a cut with stitches on a foot for a diabetic person?
Std hiv aids infectiongs question?
Im 14 and neeed help?