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Is there a cream that can stop scabs from forming?
How do you treat dandruff?
Is your skin: Tan, medium, or white??
My hands are always sticky, please help!!?
For those who have Psoriasis! What ways have you found to help reduce the condition?
Chest pains? what could this be?
How did you stop smoking?
Daughter is still vomitng.....?
What can happen if arteries in humans become clogged or narrow?
I am having a bad cold and tomorrow I am flying to Au- may I have some trouble on the border because of that?
SNORING husband help?
What is the best way to clear severely blocked sinuses?
Can taking my baby outside in cold, damp, or rainy weather make him sick?
My friends and I smoke hookah every Friday. Will I be significantly harmed by my habit?
How far away do you have to be to avoid the health consequences of second-hand smoke?
What is the difference between love and friendship?
Sunburn and Viagra. JOKE FOR YOU IF YOU LIKE?
What is a good way to get rid of acne without using any store bought products?
Acne Help!!!!??? PLEASE!!!?
I asked this earlier but still no answers! :(?
What is eczema?
What is the best treatment for a sprained ankle? Oooh it f+-+ing hurts!!!?
How to get rid of stretch marks?
How do you get rid of dierra?
I think i got scabys but im not sure if i take a bath with bleach in it will it kill em off? if not what are?
Should I be worried???
How do you best get rid of canker sores?
Severe jellyfish sting?
I think i may have broken my arm, along the outside between my wrist and elbow.?
*car accident while pregnant* How much can I ask for "pain & suffering"?
I'm SO scared?
How can i sprain my ankle?
Will insurance cover a nose job if your nose was broken?
Is it unhealthy for diabetics to ingest caffeine?What effects does it have on them?
In diabetes, T2, what is looked for in a urine test?
Is a.m. blood level avg 191 a concern? Doc says don't have to check every day either. Does this make sense?
I found out I have diabeties,?
What is the best diet for a diabetic with high sugar?
Can diabetes stunt growth for teenagers?
Which category of disease conditions could exactly diabetes mellitus be included in? thank you.?
Does it sound like i could have diabetes?
Im 31 weeks pregnant with gestational diabetes WHAT IS A DANGEROUS BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL? RIGHT NOW ITS 170?
What is wrong when you have a headache and bleeding in the ear?
Ears ??????
Is it wrong to want to have a deadly illness?
I know all cigarettes are harmful but which are the least harmful?
Why cant i stop smoking crack?
Vertgio..anyone have it or no someone who does?
Why I feel tired and sick when I wake up every morning?
Preventing anxiety attacks?? help!?
How often do you think bout dying?
Stop my coldsores?
Has anyone tried rubbing a gold ring on their stye?
Terrible body odor?
How do you take rid of acne?
Please Help me with my sunburn....!?
Shaving leaves me itching can any one help thanks.?
What helps for rash after shaving?
I have a very very very bad sore throat....got any ideas to make it better????????
How do i get rid of hickups?
The loss of a mother?
What is best to get get rid of head lice?
Is smoking worse or drinking alcohol worse?
I have little red bumps on me,and they are not chickenpox.i Itch every day and night.what should i do.?
I got a tattoo a month ago and it itch real bad plus it got little bumps on it?
How do you cure poison ivy quicker?
I Have Really Bad Eczema. Helpp?!!???!!?
Can you get a wart in your nose?
What is the best way to get rid of acne ?
Serious Skin Care Question?
What ia ativan used for?
I just have been diagnosed with emphysema?
Is an upper respiratory infection contagious?
Drugs and Nose Bleeds?
What could this be? Medical question?
Dry cough + Severe pain in chest?
You are alone with a casualty who is in urgent need of artifcial respiration, what would you do first - call a
Can a child of 13 with Cystic Fibrosis play vollyball without struggling?
I need an activity that immitates the conditions felt during an asthma attack?
Is milk a good expectorant for bronchitis?
What do you do for severe back pain?
How do you know if you had a migraine?
Lower right abdomen pain?
During period I get Horrible pain in lower back and stumache...?
Ankle Pain!?
Lower back pain--i feel like im out of options...
How long for deep cuts to heal and How can I reduce the scarring and scar tissue?
My son was playing basketball w /no socks and now has blood blisters on feet, what do i do?
10 pts: How do you approach an injured person with a non-life threatening injury?
How long would it take for a person to bleed to death with severed wrists?
How can i make a big muscle?
How do I tell my parents I cut?!?!?
Should I have popped my blister?
How can i break my ankle quickly?
How do u sprain ur wrist..on pourpose...???
What to do when you're muscles are "hurting" you?
What should I do? I have nappy hair, a peeling face, rotten teeth, and a glazed eye?
I have itching around my testis and some secretion which smells?
What are scabies? What do they look like and how do u get rid of them?
How do you make mosquito bites go away?
Face wash?
Dry dry scalp?
How can i keep my skin fresh?
Dandruff Help???
What might have happen if there is bright red blood in stool almost everyday?
I experimented with meth on 2 occasions ingesting large amounts. Have I caused permanent brain damage?
Do women get gout?
I have recurrant unrinary infections and now I have stiffness in my feet and ankles - what could it be?
Hi all my 9 year old child has come home from school today saying that another child at the school was nasty?
What does it mean when you have ridges across your nails?
Can ibs cause camps?
I am out of breath, chest feels like huge pressure's on it Experts HELP!?
Am I panicking? (11 yr old's migraine sarga continues)?
This recently happened to my friend's parents- Would you do it?
Ways to rid yourself of a hickey?
What are scabs made of and how do they form?
PLEASE HELP,Does Pro-Active Work???
What can I do to avoid blisters when I run?
Which is better for acne treatment?
What is the best way to cover up a mole?
My 3-year old daughter is having a horrible time with her eczema. Tried everything. Any suggestions?
Sore bum crack!!!?
Acne - How did you get rid of yours?
Why does it seem like everyone is staring at my ZITS.........?
Should I be worried?
Is it true when you press down on your skin and it leave a pale mark for a few seconds you are dehydrated?
Normal sugar level of adult 40-45?
My dad uses crazy glue for surface cuts~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~?
How can I get rid of "air bubble" inside the ears after a flight?
Can anyone name some food items that is considered "good" carbs?
Why do I feel like crying?
What is Diabetis insipudis?
How long will it be until my body stops producing insulin? I'm a type 1 diabetic.?
How to cure for sun burn?
Can u die from type 1 diabetes?
Is 98F a fever?
What do they call a diabetes specialist ?
How can you tell that you need insulin?
Does coffee make you short in height???
Can you believe in Ontario that diabetics have to pay for lancettes or needles.?
If you were cooking Birthday breakfast for a diabetic what would you make?
I can't get rid of a bad headache?
What organ in the body produces insulin and how can one aid the process?
Diabetes-feet problems?
How much sleep did you get last night? Was it enough? How much do you normally sleep?
How to fall alseep fast w/o medication..?
Why do we close our eyes when we sneeze?
Is there a cure for sweating?
My Sinus is so plugged that i cant sleep?
Anyone have any good cold/cough remedies?
What do they use to treat sleep apnea?
I had an operation 8 days ago a tube was put down my throat?
I dont knaw?
Does anyone?
What can be done to alleviate high altitude sickness?
Is COPD curable?
Any home remedies for chest congestion?
Living with cystic fibrosis?
How do you get rid of zits?
Need Help! Underwear question!?
Is there anything i can use to treat ringworm without going to the doctor?
I have a rash all over?
Would crying cause a sty in your eye?
Help Really oily skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Is touching ringworm on my skin bad?
Is there any type of Home made Solution that i can make to make my feet soft?
Do I have a scar?
What to do for a sore ankle?
Could you please give me information on shingles i.e what they look like and the symptoms?
I got a thermal burn with blisters. Why does the blister gets bigger and bigger and should I pop it?
What's the difference between a Jammed and a broken finger?
How do you know if you have scoliosis?
PLEASE HELP. Head injury, should she go to the doctor?
I cut my tongue 2day accidently chewing gum... it's very painful & it's bleeding. What should I do to help it?
I got a deep cut but it didnt bleed, is that normal?
Unpopping my ear!? HELP!?
Wh does it hurt when i pee?
I have to get surgery and I dont know if it will hurt. They will put me to sleep. Will it hurt?
OK... Just another painkiller addiction...?
Why is it when it is hot outside , my head hurts ?
Headace every morning?
Tongue piercing?
My back hurts...?
I have had this serious headache for 5 days now, I have taken everything. Why wont it leave?
A simple good or bad, please tell me your opinion on Anti-Depressants?
I occasionally wake up from sleep with a painful cramp.?
If i used meth 8 days ago will i pass a urine drug test?
Why do i suffer from an obsessive compulsive disorder?
How do i cure hiccups?
Is it possible to be a recovering alcoholic and still have one drink a day?
How safe and how effective is it to take antidepressants?
Do you know how to stop hiccups??
What type of eating disorder would cause a person to not eat at all?
What is the best cure for Rabies?
I keep getting nauseated after I eat food, what is wrong with me?
Does baby oil help dry skin?
What is a good soap bar I could use to help me get some relief from eczema?
Ive got Acne questions??
Acne problem...!?
What would happen if I never wash my face ?
How to get rid of lice and nits?
Whats a sure fire way to get rid of blackheads?
I have really dry/itchy skin. Is there anything out there.?
How do I get rid of an itchy flakey scalp? I've tried special shampoos to no avail.?
Sweaty armpits! HELP?
The physician orders 1000ml LR to run at 125ml/hr. how many hours will this IV last.?
Smoking ban?
Why are there doctors who smoke despite all the warnings on cigarette smoking?
What is C.O.P.D. and can it be cured?
Anything i can do about my fiance's snoring?
What is bronchitis?
Has anyone tried to stop smiking cold turkey?
Trouble breathing through my nose ?
What is a good way to lose asthma?
Why do I cough so much. . . . . ?
If you havent had a beer in 12 years and you start to drink.Could that cause u to have the condition shingles?
My daddy was hit by a car!?
Why do i sweat underneath my arms?
Will i need a cast?
How do you get rid of those little black heads around your lips without pain?
I need to break any bone frome my leg to my ankle it doesnt matter wich one i just have to be on crutches how?
I have this face problem, a spot look like a white head and when i busrt it white stuff comes out some are?
I really want to break my foot i am under a psychiatrist but i still want 2?
Is skin bleaching dangerous?
Car accident pains?
My boyfriend was tackled in footie today&has; a soft painful lump on top of his foot&can; hardly walk. any info?
Acne Problem?
What will happen if you damage an artery, let's say due to a deep cut?
What should i do??
Yesterday I posted a question pertaining to a head injury I have but there are other details ...Help please?
I bit my lip and it's a bit swollen and hurts, do you know anything I could do?
Do you or anyone you know suffer with manic depression..................
Is it normal to vomit blood after a tummy tuck?
Can you die if its too dificult to take a dump?
How to get rid of constipation?
I have a toenail fungus (onychomycosis) - how can I get rid of it?
Do i have a possible thyroid problem?
Alcohol makes me deathly ill! Why?
My Throat kills after too much cigarrettes?
Kidney Stone, any suggestion to break it or dissolve !!!?
Pain in abdomen?
I think I have problems!!?
What is a cure for neck pain?
Does any one know of a home remedy for headache relief?
What is the best way to act an injury to get pain killers from a doctor? im thinking like a pulled muscle?
I cannot stop couging! what's wrong?
How to tell if you've broken your hand?
I got hit in the throat, I need help!?
Would you go to a therapist?
What causes those painful white blisters on your lips?
What should i do for healthy skin?
How can i help my cousin to get rid of her acne on her back and chest area? help!!
My child has excema and help or advice out there.Tried all creams known to man lol.?
My left eye turn red with no pain no itchy, why?
What works for acne?
Eczema, im all scratched up.....help!?
OMFG my face?!!?
Can a person be immune to poisin ivy or poisin oak?
Is It Asthma or just a virus?
The plural of the word meaning the airtube leading to the lungs is?
How to give nebulizer to my son ?
What can I say to my Boyfriends mother when she says Im "too Fussy"?
Is it dangerous to take ecstasy while on albuterol?
My daughter is sick?
I Smoked this cigarette, i stole off my uncle & i think it had somethink in it...?
Can a Staff Infection be caused by stress? What exactly is a Staff Infection?
Asthma attacks???
Why couldnt my aunt breathe?
How toget rid of stinky armpits?
I have a friend that has minor acne she has been using the loreal 3 step but it doesnt work what should she do
My sons head so itchy scratches his head,sort of eczema?
Sweaty palms and feet!!! Help me!!!!!!?
Are cucumbes or tea bags better for eliminating dark circles under the eyes?
Medical Question- please I don't know what this is.?
How many bad things have happened to your RIGHT FOOT?
Have you ever electrocuted yourself?
Will my teeth shift without a retainer?
How can you make a canker sore go away?
What do you do about displaced ribs?
I have a really bad shoulder pain?
I have a shard of glass in my finger and I dont know how to get it out please help?
If I sold my toenail that just fell off on Ebay, how much money would I get?
How can i stop a really bad habit of nail biting?
W\hat do you do about dry feet?
Do you wash your hands...?
I always experience dryness / windburns on the edges of my lips. what is cure for it?how to prevent having it?
In need of advice with acne?
My 20 month old daughter has boils can anyone help?
Why do girls get less acne then guys?
I'm breaking out after using proactive solution how can I stop this acne?
Is it normal for eyelids to be swollen after crying?
How do you reduce the appearence of a hickey?
How do i get rid of my cravings for cigarettes?
Kidney stones?
Do you think tourettes syndrome is a joke?
How do you know if your child is using meth?
Do repeat kidney stones become easyer to pass?
My 2 years old hasn't stopped couging?
Anxiety and panic?
Why do I always tend to be cold?
Please help?! whats wrong w/ me? girls only and be serious!!?
Chest and Throat pain for 6 years- What's going on??
Which fruit is good for diabetics?
I have diabetes and have had my ear's pierced about 3 month's ago but they have not healed yet. what can i do?
Is Cane Sugar bad for me?
Is there any hope peolpe suffering from diabets type one can be treated?
Should i...............?
Is my diabetes is coming back?
What do you think about stem cell research?
Are bannans bad for diabetics?
Blurred eyes or drowsiness is caused by low or high sugar?
What do doctors do when they check your blood sugar?
How can you prevent getting sunburned?
What do I do if I have Puss Coming out of my earring?
Does toothpaste on your acne really work??
I have a hard knot in my bottom eyelid?
Does obesity cause this (pictured)?
Help! i have horrible body acne?
Smokers lips gradually turn into black colour . Tell me a solution to make the lips red please?
What location in the united states would represent the best climate for someone with chronic nosebleeds?
How far away from doors and windows does a smoking shelter need to be ?
Can cough syrup cause fatigue?
Does this have anything to do with smoking marijuana?
Do portable heaters take oxygen out of the air?
How many of you smoke? answer yes if u smoke and no if you dont. plz im doing a study so plz answer?
Can I get infected with TB by breathing the same air in the same house as the person that already had TB?
Has anyone had expierence with getting allery shots and are they helpful?
Asthma in a 15 month old?
Pray for me-i just bought my first pack of cigarettes.?
How do you make hunger pains go away?
Do you have any unusual cures for a headache (non hangover)?
Wat do i do...im in soooo much pain?
What can I take with Tylenol 3?
What is the treatment of Migraine?
Headache help?
I've bruised my coxic bone. Any one know how long the pain will last.?
Can anyone explain this??
What is the difference between physical dependence and addiction?
Is it a good idea to wear a knee brace?
When was the last time you cleaned your belly button?
Why am i tired?
Baths or Showers,what is your fave?
Is this true?
My 8year old soon has body Oder is this right at his age?
My arm still hurts from the flu shot and I got the shot 2 and a half yrs ago??
I have a very small shard of glass in my finger, do u think it will work its way out? my finger is swollen.?
C.P.R. Question...?
How do you walk with a broken leg?
My toe has swelled and has pus or some other discharge coming out of it. I think it is an ingrown toenail.?
Fell Down At Target??
Can your eyes pop out from a blow to the back of the head?
I never used to bruise in my life. Now all of a sudden I bruise very easily. Why is this?
What is wrong with me if i'm brused easily?
Does anyone know how nicole richie lost all her weight?
Is a pulse of 110 remotley bad... deadly, dangerous or fatal?
What happen if I drop hydrogen peroxide into my ear?
I am 19, my right tonsil is swollen what should i do? (See added details)?
My husband just got a letter in the mail saying that is blood pressure is too high. What are the risks?
I coughed up some blood should i be worried?
How do i get rid of constipation?
Is it really possible to be born without a sense of smell???
What's the best way to fight off fever?
Is their a cure for stupidness?
HELP Acne???
Does nuetragena work?
My mom wont take me to the doctor when the internet says i should go?
I have dark circles under my eye's, can you please tell me an home remidy to get rid of them as soon as possib
Spots problem?
I have chapped lips?
Diabetes: High blood sugar in the morning only?
Is there any remady to avert dialysis for kindney failure patient?
I just found out my mom has diabetes should i be scaryed or worried?
Help with acne?
Is tanning safe?
Weird bumps around my mouth?
Am helping a diabetic friend shop around for a good Blood Glucose Counter.?
Dead skin from sunburn?
Why is my cheeks dry and burning?
Can diabeties prevent me from becoming a registered nurse?
How do you get rid of dry lips?
I recentley got a tattoo above my above my ankle...?
Hi everyone i have hypothyroidism?
I have a friend who just cut herself in her left arms 40 times...?
Me and my sister and my mom have diabetes. Yet we are still getting into fights.Can you give us advice?
Whats the best treatment for acne?
How do i get rid of a heat rash on my face?
Does anybody know how I can get rid of Skin Tags , a Homeopathic way?
I slept on my neck weird,and now it really hurts?
Marijuana or tobacco second hand smoke,Which is worse? and why?
My telephone sometimes gives a little tingle in the middle of the night,it is not a full ring HELP?
I have a sharp and shooting pain on the side of my left leg, that comes unexpectedly about twice a day. Help?
POLL: do you cover your mouth when you cough ?
Whats wrong with me?
At What Age Can You Buy Paracetamol?
If anyone SMOKE that's mean he/she is smart ?
Do I have Irritable bowel syndrome?
Headaches please help?
Coughing up flem?
Is Flexeril the same as Vicodin?
A ? for smokers & non-smokers?
Quitting smoking?
Athsma attack now help me!!?
Wat is another word for cough?
Any idea why I have migraines for 1st time in my life @ 35?
List 3 symptoms of a cold?
I'm having trouble sleeping, for approx, 2yrs, I have tried herbal remedies, booze, nookie, !!!!!! any ideas?
Leg Spasms? Leg Muscles Cramping? HELP!!!?
Does it hurt if you get shot in your head?
I got my finger cut in bigboy. can i sue them?
Help I've been throwing up all day.?
I have lower back pain from a fall at work,company dr says no broken bones,still in pain,why?
Son had ATV accident with partial spinal cord injury. Big life decisions coming up and i'd appreciate input.
Needle stick injury?
Who do I go for a broken jaw?
Ever had some alcohol nodded off and woke up it was semi dark outside and you had to check?
When you have germy hands and you touch food what happens?
What is a good ointment for bruises?
How do I get rid of a hickey?
What is the best remedy for back acne?
What is the best thing for Poison Ivy/Sumac?
Does anyone have any good remedies for very resistant lice?
My 9 yr old sister is veryy ichy. the doctors said its just dry skin and gave her cream for it but it's not
What do hemmorhoids look like?
I have oily skin so what i can do face this problem to look like dry face?
PLeASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Acne Treatment and milk?
My big toe hurts and feels numb, could it be gout? I do enjoy a very rich diet?
What is anemia? What causes anemia? What are the signs of anemia?
I suffer with Gout, right now! Any advice what to eat etc?
Is it possible I have gall bladder problems? For the past week I have been hving frequent attacks of pain?
Can you still fart if you have a colostomy bag?
Am I hypoglycemic or diabetic?
I have been having nose bleeds and coughing up blood what does this mean?
Ear wax in children?
What is the best way to cure a BAD headache??
Does anyone else hear unexplained noises in their home at night?
How do you get rid of exczema?
10pts best answer?
~How do i get elegant and soft skin??~?
Any body tell me about very soft part of.........?
How do you remove the sticky left on the skin from plasters?
I have stretch marks on my biceps..?
Ummmm...do I have some sort of problem?
How do can I clean my elbows? scrub?
Quitting Smoking!! Woohoo help please :)?
How do you rid yourself of trapped wind ?
Three most horrible pains in the world?
If you could grow am extra body part what would it be?
When you have hangover- how do you feel?
Losing my voice... Show tonight!!!!?
Do I have the flu pneumonia or just a cold.?
I stopped smoking a pk. of cigs. a day, and started smoking about 3 mini cigars a day and having a hard time?
I smoke . Does anyone agree with me?
My Friend Just Passed Out!?
Help! does anyone know of this condition or anyone that has it.?
I have asthma, can I still go to a hookah bar?
On The 4th of July, I had my Bichon neutered s, since then he has been coughing non stop.?
I can't swallow?
Why is my feces green?
Ive got a plaster cast on my arm can i still go swimming?
I dropped a pan on my little toe; it's all black and blue!?
I slammed my small left toe in the nightstand........?
Broken finger, itching like, inside the bone?
I used to cut myself?
FIRE!!!!!!! House fire !!!!!! I GOT BURNED?
I was cleaning my ear, and now I can't hear out of it, what should I do?
Cracked bone in foot?
Is this a normal reaction for a Tetanus shot?
Please please help?
Ever since I've started my new bartending job, my hands are extremely dry and very red, they are cracking bad.
How can i stop my hands from cracking open , and being dry, in the winter?
How do I make my skin clear?
Stomach virus?
Are prunes harmful for stomach?
Can a human being (adult/child) contract worms from being licked accidently on the face by an infected dog?
When it comes to getting a kidney transplant, should a 20 year old patient have priority over a 50 year old?
Need help with diagnosing an Illness..please, quick.?
Would you count this as an eating disorder?
I'm drinking a lot of fluids, but I still feel very thirsty?
My bf has a knot like cyst on his shoulder, and it has a smelly odor to it?? What is it??
If i smoked marijuana on sept 29th and took detox pills, took a drug screen for prob. on Oct 30th did i pass?
What foods would be in a sensible diet for someone with gall stone problems?
The difference between left and right side of the brain?
Pain in groin?
Chest pain? My bf is at work with chest pains, no jaw pain, and no pain going down his arm..?
My sinuses are killing me?
Which is stronger, Darvocet or Vicodin?
Why does it feel like I have a bruise on my leg, but there's no bruise?
When i get erction , in my panis some luqwid comes .what it is. an how to prevent this?
Is there a cure for carpultunnell (or however its spelled...)?
Okay.. help! 10 points first good answer!?
What has happened to me?
Not sure if I am a diabetic.?
Diabetes Testing Question?
What can I do when my husband drinks eccessive amounts of alcohol and then gets angry at me?
I am a diabetic my sugar is like a rollercoaster please help.?
My father's diabetes?
After fasting for 12 hrs. my blood sugar was 109 is that aok ,what is normal?
Dialysis Life Expectancy?
How do I help my mom eat better?
Can anybody recomend food for diabetics?
I show hypoglycemic symptoms when I don't have low blood sugar. What can I do?
How to fight bed bugs ..they hide somewhere in my bed...????
What is on my leg?
How do you get rid of bruises like fast?
I got a sunburn, how can I make the redness fade or come down?
I have a very dry and flaky scalp does anyone know how i can get rid of this problem?
Can dust cause allergy reaction?
I got stung by a bee...?
What OTC medicines are there for nausea?
Does giving blood hurt?
I lose my voice like once a month. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT; WHAT DO I DO TO PREVENT IT.?
I have been having breastmilk come out of my left breast but i dont have a baby to breastfeed.how do istop it?
Do I have social anxiety disorder or am I just plain shy?
What can I take Im so tired all the time?
How many days can a person go without bowel movements?
How soon will side effects show up for a spider bite my husband got?
Anyone have a good remedy for getting rid of lice and their eggs and keeping them away?
My ear piercing started to leak with blood and pus?
Would my ance marks go away?
How old where you when you first "did it"?
What to do about Shingles?
Eczema tips?
How do i get rid of a sty under my eye?
My skin hurts!!??? any ideas? im not sunburned!?
What is best to use to get rid of thrush?
Cutting out verrucas with a knife???
My Virgina is sore to the touch. help please. i beg you.?
Having a little pain... what to do what to do?
Have you ever broken a bone before?
I just sliced some of the skin off of my pinky. And it really, really hurts.?
I've got cold.?
Does it hurt when you die from a gun shot wound?
My whole side of my face is swollen and painful any ideas what it could be?
What happens if you snort crushed up benadrill?
I suffer with gout, dont like drugs..what can i do to cure it?
Black Stool?
I need help with a rare disease?
Stomach Ulcers, how they are treated?
What causes fainting?
So sick! Please help!?!?!!! I have no idea whats wrong!!!?
Hey sorry i need to no one more thing i think im really sick?
What's wrong with my child?
My wife is sick please help!?
Is there any chance of AIDS if I rub my pennis over any picture of lady printed in a newspaper?
INSTANT wart remover???????????
IF i dont see lice on my head cause i never get it, should i use a lice shampoo anyway?
Can't get rid of head lice!?
Very little acne.......tips?
Dry Cracked Heels!!! HElP?
Do I have skin cancer?
I have a lot of stretch marks all over my body and its really annoying me!?
Please tell me how to get rid of a water blister fast!!!!?
Should i get my moles checked out?
Please help! it itches soo bad!?(best answer!)
What do i need to eat if im suffering Gout?
Re: should i go to ER?
Why is it that when you accidently bite your tongue, there is a sharp pain all the way up to your ear?
Please suggest me some medicines for maigraine headache?
Does this sound like migraines?
I had total knee replacement 3 months ago, I need help with dealing and coping with pain.?
Do you have to go to the doctor for toncilitus?
I've just developed athletes foot between 2 toes and it really hurts. Can anyone recommend anything for it?
Got a Viagra stuck in my throat when i tried to swallow it. had a stiff neck for ages?
Teeth Issues..cant go to dentist?
Could anyone please let me know of a TRIED AND TRUE remedy for snoring?
What do you think about the TB patient flying all over?
Why do our lungs produce phlegm?
Cough that wont go away and medicine dont help,should i be worried?
Is there any magical way to quit smoking? I'm so fed up but I can't seem to stop?
Feeling short of breath and constantly needing to yawn to get a deep breath, whats wrong with me?
Why do some people make watches stop when they wear them?
Clicking/popping noise in back of nose/throat area, especially when I lay down at night?
Can people with astham have Cheese?
How can I stop being Constipated?? I have been constipated for 4 MONTHS!!?
Do freckles actually emit a distinctive odor?
Why do poeople get sun tans???
How can i get rid of acne?
My wedding rings give me a rash with little bumps that open up like blisters?
How can i stop underarm sweating?
Side of toe swollen, feverish, busted open from swelling, oozing green pus?
Emergency spot remedy??
Rash ! ! ! ! !?
How can i stop picking at my skin?
Is there a medicine that makes you vomit?
Argh god this athletes foot is driving me mad, Between my toes its itching like hell.Whats the best cure?
I have this bad cold..any suggestions how to quicken my recovery?
If a doctor wants to hosptialize you or a child for observation, do you have to? Can you get a second opinion?
What's the longest time you've stayed awake?
What is type 2 diabetes?
Why am I always THIRSTY?
What's the best diabetic monitor brand out there???????
What is hyperglycemia?
How do you tell the difference between diabetic toenail and toenail fungus?
I need helps...please...?urgent....
Confused, please advice?
Low blood sugar? Somedays midmorning I get light headed, shaky feeling, rapid pulse, a very sudden headache.?
What illness do I have?
What is/are your most interesting physical feature(s)?
What factors affect how bad your acne will be?
What skin disorder does Micheal Jackson have that caused his skin to turn white? (OR) Did he bleach his skin?
My 4yr old Daughter has got a really nasty rash that keep flaring up between her legs. Any suggestions?
How do u get rid of?
What do you use when you have bad acne?
What does it means lupus?
Have you ever had a ingrown toe nail?
My foot hurts why?
I would really appreciate some helpful answers?
My two year old has a cut- should I take him to seek medical attention? Please answer quick!?
Bruised tail bone?
What should I do with my back problem ?
Are the injuries in movies real or fake like surgeries,broken legs,cuts,bruises etc.?
Am I going to be infected?
How does one deal with playing in the hot sun?
How do i get a really cool black eye?
8 yr old has severe stomach pains at night?
Getting my second hole in ears tommorow, i'm scared?
What hurts the most?
Ow! I have really bad cramps!! Any tips on how to get rid of them?
I have been seeing a chiropractor for 3 weeks now, and the pain has only gotten worse. What should I do now.?
I having a stabbing pain in my lower right side of my abdomen with a bit of nausea. Could it realy be serious
What is a foot faddish?
Anyone else hungover today?
What hurts you the most?
Ive got an odd pain in my side, just below my ribs,?
I am having Sharp stabbing pains under my left rib cage,whats the cause?
The best way to cure an ear infection?
What vitamins do u need to get rid of spots please im only 14 please?
Breaking out, HELP! Any advice?
Is it possible for someone to be African or African American and be albino?
Dry red skin above lip wont go away!!?
Will a toenail grow back if the whole thing came off?
Nicotine Withdrawal!! Help me!! What should i Do, its been almost a day since i quit smoking, and i need one!!
HELP! my skin looks dull, dark, rough and feels uncomfortable and itchy, what should i do?
I have recently had dry red patches on my face. any suggestions to help (it is not rosacea.) lotions no help?
How to cure acne?
What is the best present you can give your sister?
How can I avoid stretch marks?
Can anyone give me tips on how to resist scratching my chiken pox?
What is the best hand cream?
I have a zit and 2moro is my wedding hellppp?
Tying off skin tags?
I found a tiny black bug in my bed. Could this be what is causing this little red bites or bumps on me?
Is cinnamon bad for blood circulation?
Will insurance normally help pay for the "patch" or nicorette?
How can I test my lung capacity?
What are steriods? and what do they do?
Can't breathe properly...?
I Had An Asthma Attack and ?
My dad has bronchitis and i'm really worried?
Don't smoke , will you or won't you?
Do Christians believe in antibiotic resistant bacteria?
For an inguinal hernia repair ... how many days sick leave will i get ?
What did i do to my foot/ankle?
What happens if you brake your nose...?
I pinched my thumb and I have a bruise under my thumbnail-How can I get rid of the ugly black and blue bruise?
Does anyone know any good home remedies for a toothache since the dentist is not open right now?
How can i heal a cut pretty fast?
Went to doctor other week for bad back told me my muscle had gone into spasm gave me tablets but last few days
How likely is it to pass out from a tattoo?
Got something stuck in my rectum (URGENT!) HELP! How do i get it out?i cant go to doctor now,its been 14 hours
Please help quickly!!!?
Can you help me i am 14 years old i am a bedwetter day and night and mum is telling me off so much i need help
Stroke patient.?
Is there a cigarette that has no tar? and does not cause cancer? help whould be nice its for my dad please :(?
I had pnuemonia 10 days ago. I'm alot better, but I cant get rid of this flem in my throat. what can I do?
My dads not stupid enough to do drugs ...... SOMEONE WHO KNOWS ALOT ABOUT DRUGS HELP ME !!?
I have pain in the lower part of my back and round both my sides could it be a kidney infection?
What is the difference between a stroke and a heart attack?
How do u make ur hand warmer?
My friend has AIDS and I sipped from his straw. He has been coughing up stuff but I took a sip from his drink.
Im about to go buy a acne cream, lotion etc. Which one should i go for?
I cant get rid of the dark circles underneath my eyes.. can someone help me??
Any cure for eczema ? home cures/remedies?
Hi everyone?
How can get not so black?
How do you get ringworm?
Can anyone tell wme what these hives are?
Can you get the 'Chicken Pocks' more than once?
Mystery pain- is it the sciatic nerve?
Whats the best thing to do to help when you have a migraine?
OMG, I just over ate. What do I do?
Does childbirth hurt more than...?
What cause legs cramps-better known as charlie horse,and what is the best way to easy the pain.?
When having a boil lanced, are you in more pain than before?
Is a sore throat for 3 weeks a concern?
Can I use Bengay on my one year old daughter?
Does it hurt???
Im thinking of getting my tounge peirced but im so scared that something will go wrong..?
Has this ever happened to anybody and WHY DOES IT HAPPEN ???
What is the best song to wake up to?
I am addicted to smoking and chewing of tobbaco. so plz anybody can suggest me the ways to quit this bad habit
Hangover remedy please!! im dying!!?
Do you have your blood pressure and cholesterol level checked on a regular basis?
I am wondering as to how good or bad a hba1c test result of 6.2 is?
What happens if you dont have any water or food?
Glucose tolerance test 185?
How's aspertame (Sweetner for diabetics) injurious to health in a long run?
Does anyone know of anywhere I could order a diabetic birthday cake in the UK somewhere in Norwich preferably?
Is there an over-the-counter way of testing if a person has Type II Diabetes? If so, what is the cheapest way?
I just found out I have Type 2 Diabetes. Can I still give blood or would my blood be harmful to other people?
Diabetes type 2 ?
What is the best insulin pump available on the market?
Reddish dry round patch on leg that doesn't itch?
I put handcream on my hands but they always seem to be dry, what can i do?
Where can i buy the product vicks vapor rub???
What is the cause of severe dandruff and what can i do about it because it is really bad?
Two days ago I found a bright red bump on my upper inner thigh.?
How can i stop acne?
What kind of Green Tea is good for Acne ?
How Do You Break A Leg Because I Want Attention ?
To be or not to beeeeeeeeeeeee ?????
1 of my finger's in the middle looking at it palm side has turned blue any1 know what it is?
I feel funny?
Purple color?
Painful : Guys, I sprained my Ankle last night, it's afternoon now and hurting, any idea how to cure it?
Any suggestions?
Im a 13 yr old baseball player and my forearm hurts everytime i throw....can anybody diagnose with sumthing?
Help!!! I fell down the staircase and my bone?!!!!?
Upper thigh?
What should i do about my ance?
How can i get rid of a cold sore FAST!!! :(( prom is coming up, and cold sore just sounds so BAD?
Does the food you eat affect your skin complexion?
I dont know what it is, but it iches...?
How can my 10 year old get rid of head lice?
Describe your personal reactions of feelings in this situation.?
I am having chest pains that come and go and are sometimes very uncomfortable, should I go see a doctor?
Pill description?
How to get rid of a cold fast?
What do you call people who steal even though they have the money to pay the thing they stole?
I'm anemic?
This is such a sad loss and could of been prevented?
My Husband was told by his doctor he has a fatty liver, due to to much drinking. what can i do to fix it?
Whats that fishy smell??
What is a foot docter called?
Knee pain: How long can i take ibuprofen?
Why does my back hurt when i breathe ???
Any suggestion for sciatic pain?
Stomachache after eating,why?
My cold Sore HURTS SO BAD!?
Does back pain cause stress? OR does stress cause back pain?
How soon can i go swimming after minor surgery?
When I wake up in the morning, the left side of my jaw hurts. What could be causing this?
Can shoes that are flimsy cause someone to suffer from lower back pain?
My mom has advanced stages of Emphysema. Is there anything I can do for her?
NHS Hospitals.They got Matrons now...what a joke?
Copd 02 sats in the lower 90s being less good for us COPD'ers?
Can you hiccup if you're dead?
What is impaired blood flow?
What's the best way to get rid of asthma?
What can we do about asthma?
Do i have ASTHMA?!?
Quadruple bypass is needed and diabetes. .. a 50/50 Chance to survive?
I went to the doctor and it's taking too long to get better??? I have sinus and bronchitis??What should I do??
Very dry feet, Ideas anyone?
Mild acne for 7 years, please help!?
How long does it take for Marijuna to leave out of your body system?
Alternative treatments for psoriasis?
My thighs are black due to rubbing each other and heat. how do i remove the blackness, coz I'm white.?
Warts !?????????
How can i get rid of my acne, quick?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!...
Best way to ease this ankle injury?
I have a cut on my wrist and iv got pins and needles in my baby finger,what does this mean?
What if she cut her vein?
Is a scar i got 2½ months ago considered old?
Broken ankel?
How do you best deal with a broken finger?
Please Help Im Really Worried...?
Food stuck in back?
I have a absess and the doc cut it and drained it and put packing in it am i supposed to pull it out?
My niece has acne, she has tried everything even proactiv i don't know what to do, help us??
What soap is better for dry skin Ivory or Dove?
See i have this friend that has head lice i dont know the best way to tell her so i need some advice.?
How do you get moles off your legs?
We have a dead animal under our house and it is smelling through our vents. Will this make us sick?
Help! is this some skin infection?
Would my health be in danger if I donated blood?
Embarrassed to Ask to Go to Dermatologist?
What is the best over the counter medicine for pain after surgery?
What drug that might be useful to treat insomnia?
What are some facts about strokes?
Can I put anything on their skin to keep fleas from biting?
Does anyone know of spot/blackhead treatments that actually work?
Can Humans cry Blood?
How do I tell if I have diabetes?
As soon as i drink water i need to pee am i diabetic?
How do you deal with Diabetes on a daily basis? is there a routine wihich you have to follow?
Tingling in the hands?
Cheaper test strips?
The pump....?
Can HIV spread through eating the fruit which was infected by HIV persons blood?
I have hypoglycemia, i dont know if it is reactive or fasting, but i need to lose weight the healthy way, how?
Can stress bring on diabetes?
Should I get tested to see If I'm Hypoglycemic?
What could be causing my low blood sugar levels at work in the mornings?
Has anyone gone for hypnosis to quit smoking? If so did it work?
How many hours sleep did you get last night ?
How can I boost my immune system?
Me and my friend both have clear pee and have had to go to the bathroom a lot. Is there anything wrong with us
Hi.... Pls suggest me some sleeping tips for the day, presentally i'm working in night shift>>>>>
At what age would you consider to be "Over the Hill"?
If my Dr. only gave me a 3 month refill how do I get a new prescription?
Extreme lower back pain! Whats wrong my back?
What are symptoms of a migraine??
Why do my knees ache???
Why the doctor always give injection on my butt?
What kind of doctor would treat severe neck spasms/back pain?
My cousin has hepatitis c& has back pains alot. is it a possible a doc would prescribe her methadone?
Why do my knees hurt after i run?
My ear has water stuck in it but i cant remove and i cant here properly?
My mum is in her 80's and is having pain in the right hand side of her face and is also having pain and a burn
What is going on with my hands?
Foot Question?
How do you take care of hemorrhoids?
Question about my face/acne?! help!?
Can head lice live on your ballz ?
If i have broad shoulders and im a girl how do i get rid of them?
How can i get rid of a boil on my husband's face? it's swollen and red and moving down his neck!?
Name the branch of medicine dealing with skin and its disease?
Smoking Marijuana...and Asthma?
Seriuos question . I have shortness of breath and tight chest plus light head?
An Asthma Question?
Cant breath well, and cant get a deep breath.?
My daughter has finished taking meds for strep throat now she has a awful sounding cough does this sound right
My wife has pneumonia and a recent x-ray discovered 2 spots about 2 cm wide. lung cancer?
My baby (3.5yrs)suffers from cough & cold very frequently.Weather changes,he catches a chill and feaver.?
Quiting smoking, any tips? serious answers only. this is for my son.?
Three year old has viral cold and cough but suffers from asthma, what can I do to help?
Man his snoring was sooooooooooo loud last night! I couldn't sleep at all!?
I have a prescription for hydrocodone but it was written 3 months ago and i took 1, 4 days ago will it show up
Do you get a cast on your arm when you break your thumb?
Please help! ankle broken right now!?
I was chopping down a tree and thorns from the tree stuck my thumb and it hurts and its a lil and it swollen.?
How do you tell if someone has broken their hip?
I almost cut to the bone, what do i do?
I really need to break my ankle plz help me plz it for a reason ok jus plz help me?
Any ideas for back injury from car accident?
My 10 year old son has what feels like hard lumps under his armpits he says they only hurt if they are pressed?
I need help with a butterfly?
Does alcohol rehab really work?
Help, im sick what could it be?
Something horrible is going to happen tomorrow!?
Can anyone tell me what the intials "MRSA" Actually stand for?
On my left hand little finger has lost feeling as has part of ring finger also side of hand ? if nerve proble?
My son is 12 years old he is starting a new school today and he has bad breath in the mornings i have noitced?
How Come Druggies?
Is conjunctivitis a communicable disease?
Wats a good cure for cold sores my cousin has one she has had it for like 2 weeks?
I just came home from the hosp. i feel so lonely inside...i dont want to be clingy, i dont feel normal...?
I cut myself with a knife and.....?
If I got three stitches in my finger and it does not look infected, but the doctor told me I had to come back?
If a couple decides to conceive a child,and they both have bi polar disorder,will the child inherit it also?
What is a cardiac muscle?
How dangerous are dog bites?
Is it true that you can pour sugar into an open wound to help clot bleeding ?
I want to quit smoking weed!!!! plz help me!!!?
How do i get rid of a sore throat fast??? please help!!?
Is it possible that my friend say she couldnt dream. totally like everyday.?
How can you deal with being raped?
What are the whitish pices that come from my troat and are very smelly when squezed between the fingers?
How can I stop making excuses to stop smoking?
I get severe leg cramps at night, not in my calf muscle, but on the outside of my lower legs, any suggestions?
Is it possible to sleep and have your eyes open?
Does smoking crack really make you look old?
What percentage of the population has diabetes?
Seizures vs low blood sugar?
Do people with Diabetes also loose hair like what people with cancer?
How to diagnose for Diabetes?
I am a type 2 diabetic. Does anyone have any advice on how to lower blood sugar with anything natural?
Fasting before a diabetes test? ?
How genetics affects obesity in children?
How can I lower my blood sugar????
What organ of the body is responsible for the production of insulin?
What stuff (medicine, ointment, cream) where i can find SALICYLIC ACID?
COLD SORE! How to get rid of it?
White patches on my tongue?
How to get rid of acne.?
Does masterbaition cause acne?
Personal question...?
Every night I go to bed and start itching really bad all over my body?
I wanna get fair before my marriage... its four months from now... what can i do...?
Aids please help?
How is a girl checked for STD's what happens?
Can u catch a disease from a cough or steppin on blood?
Are cold sores STD's?
Can HIV be found in a pap smear?
Belly button infection!! HELP!?
My small finger and ring finger on my left hand has been numb for a long time what would cause it plz?
Lower back problem - need answer!?
My heel is has been hurting for 2 weeks!!!?
Doctors and smart people only?
I hit my forehead on my car door and now I have a bump on my forehead. Should I be concerned?
My girlfriend woke up and her arm has been numb ever since.10 hours now.what is causing it and how can I help?
Am I awlful for doing this that I did?
If someone put a cigarette in or near my eye, would I know it?
Why am I having right sided abdominal pain?
What should I do if I've shot a nail through my shoulder?
My ankle hurts...?
Is twitching normal after a head injury?
How long does it take to get well after a head injury?
What is vertigo ?
A bat flew down out of the sky and scratched my arm and flew away. What should I do?
How can I control this nerve pain?
What causes "lesions on the brain"?
How much longer until the swelling goes down?
Stomach pain?
Do painkillers really work or is it all in the mind?
Do needles scare you?
What can u tell me about this pain medication?
My jaw isn't moving freely can anyone help?
I have a ear ace It HURTS horribly how do i get rid of it????!!!!!?
Is streptococcus dangerous ?????
I need some advice?
My child is 4 years she have cough daily during night and rest's in vomitting.?
My son is having Adenoids as diagnosed by doctor ,can it be cured without surgery?
Can nasal polyps cause tinnitus?
My girlfriend has taken up social smoking and i have an asthma problem, what should i do?
Is it true???
What foods contain seratonin level in good amounts?
Can you breath pure oxygen?
I have sleep apnea and I am unable to wear the maskes that is supplied. Is there any other thing available.?
Can i get AIDS if im a virgin and my partners a virgin?
Is this herpes?
Can urine carry hiv?????
Do i have oral herpes?
Can someone pray for me? i need all the prayer i could get?
How AIDS work?
Question on AIDS/HIV?
Why does it burn when I urinate?
Picking someone elses Scab Can you get aids?
How can I cure my toe fungus without going to the Doc or taking Meds?
Any remedy for cold sores?
What is the best thing for the rosy & dry cheeks on babies?
Whay is the best treatment for psoriasis as i have it and it can knock your confidence.?
Does anyone know any home remedies to cure acne and get rid or blackheads?
Any remedies for dry itchy skin tried everything on the market?
Can you get a lighter skin color?
I got road rash on my knee and it is red and puffy i cleaned it and put neosporin on. is it broken?
Has anybody got any cure for boils ?
My boss has this sore between her nose and chin, every time it seems like it's about to heal...?
How do I know if my wound is healing properly?
How do i cure candida?
Is being born with one kidney considered kidney disease?
Medical abbreviation for with?
Neck and back pain due to accident... advice needed please?
Do you think an epileptic is crazy,retarded,or just not right in the head?
Should patients have the right 2 sue their doctors, even though the risks r known about Gastric Bypass?
Can epileptic-like seizures be caused by undiagnosed diabetes?
Wrongful death by overprescribing narcotics?
What was your worst Doctor experience?
Question about diabetes?
Has anyone ever tried punching a door and ended up with a bruised hand?
How can i break my foot very quickly plz help?
I am 27 yrs old female. I am having type2 diabetic,My doctor suggest me to take glucose test before and?
Diabetes - what shall i do?
Disability - how do I talk to people about this?
I'm really scared...?
If you had to choose whether to be blind or deaf, which would you chooose?
Intense body itch?? What to do??
My boyfriend got hit in the temple????
Jellyfish stings, HELP FAST?
If y have low blood sugar are u a debate?
These head aches are worrying me?
What do I need to check diabetes?
Have u ever stabbed your ear with a qtip by accident and it started bleeding?
What color are your eyes if your albino?
I am a Chain smoker & wish to quit smoking ! Advice please !?
If you have diabetes, can you still join the army or marines?
If i get a tattoo can i still donate blood to others?
The best way to give up smoking?
Why does my neck hurt so much when using the computer?
I need to quit smoking..any advice ex-smokers?HELP!!!!!!!!!?
Help! Has anyone actually conquered the snooze button?
Is this bad?
Can you get herpes from a matress?
Is it possible to confuse a yeast infection for herpes?
What do you think of a girl who tells EVERY guy she sleeps with that she's a VIRGIN....?
Is this true?
How can a person get aids? it is hard to answer...please help..?
Why cough after treatments?
My mom is in S.I.C.U. her o2 level oxygen states 40 percent and by her blood pressure says 100 percent is that
Chest Pains?
12 sinus infections in a year. Bronchitis more than twice in that year. Help!!!?
Okay, My dad said he would "stop smoking: but he still hasn't. What can I do to help him?
First started smoking?
Any ideas on my prolonged cough? Just coming up for 3 years!?
Can a damp room make you sick?