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I feel like I have a terrible fever but don't have a thermometer handy.?
What kind of drink can i take in the morning to wake me up and make me have energy?
What is wrong with me plz help?
I've been going.... er... number 2 a lot. more than usual... what's up with this?
Any suggestions for Pile?
Why does my right side of my stomach hurt when I run?
Lump - Underarm - Male 26.?
Is phantom limb pain biological or psychological?
Help im pregnant and my back is killing me?
What is the best pillow for neck problems?
Is it too late? HAVE I DAMAGED MY LIVER?
What are some causes of lower back pain?
Can caffeine trigger migraines?
What kind of specialitst can you see for stroke symptoms?
How do you reverse frequent urination caused by diabetes?
Drinking tomato soup increases the blood sugar level can a diabetic patient have tomato soup?
How to treat pancreatitis?
I was just diagnosed as gestational diabetes I am 33 weeks.?
Low blood sugar?
Can you drink a cup of coffee when you are fasting for a glucose blood test?
Diabetic children! is a urin sample enough or a blood test is more accurate!?
What organ creates insulin?
What effects can diabetes have on pregnancy?
Have u ever had sore pain on chest over heart, hurts when i take a deep breath?
Do blood tests hurt worse than the school virus needles?
If I have some food stuck in my throat and it's a little painful, what can I do or eat to make it come out?
Waking up to the room spinning?
Poll: Do shots really hurt?
What kind of headache is this?
Back problems?
Which side are you supposed to have your cane on? The hurt leg or not?
Why would someone have to be on percocet?
How do I know if a cut is serious enough to get stitches?
What are c3 - c4 fractures?
Is my foot broken?////?
My room mate fell on the ice and hurt her wrist?
Whats the difference between breaking my arm on purpose or on accident???!???!!??!?
I cut my toe off?
I've hurt my toe, help me ASAP!!?
What have I done to my poor foot? :'(?
I put some gauze on an open scrape and now its stick to my knee. i need some ways to get it off !!!!!!?
How do you know if you have OCD?
Does my boyfriend have an eating disorder?
What colour is blood?
Why do I only have insomnia at bedtime?
My 3.5 year old son has a lump on the back of his neck.?
Is heavy metal toxicity the cause of Alzheimer's disease and autism?
There's blood in my poo...Should i be worried?
Do aneurysms run in the family?
How should i get over being ill?
What does it feel like to be put under general anesthesia?
I have intense pain in my left big toe. What is this? Help!?
My friend is in the hospital- I need ideas on what to bring her to occupy her time-?
What's the difference...?
Extremly intense menstrual cramps!! !!!! sux for us women... = (?
Can you get sick from taking pain killers that werent proscribed to you?
What are causes of the lower back pain?
Restless leg syndrome?
How many toes do you have?
Does anyone know how to ease acute sinusitus?
I have had back pain for 10 years since a bad car accident. Any chance it wil ever be better?
Tailbone pain?
I have a headache on only the right side of my head?
Whats the reason for my headaches?
Hi has anyone suffered with a trapped nerve in the neck a long with shoulder pain?
Why do i always feel so tired?
Regarding Disability Living Allowance?
How can I avoid back pain caused by a bad mattress?
Im 15 and have had chest pain for about 3 days now.?
Whats the worst injury u've ever had?
Im so freaked out about getting my blood drawn its rediculous. i start hyperventalating and crying.?
Could it be fractured?
Worst injury ever?
What kind of pain can i expect after knee surgery?
Is it normal for a persons neck to hurt 24/7?
My 8 year old daughter told me this morning that her back hurt on one side...?
How do I care for my leg that I cut with a CHAINSAW!!!???
What is the best way to get rid of scars (not just acne scars, but scars in general)?
I usually have headaches like every other day kind of bad ones but they ease off at night & back in the mornin
Back problem worse with a posturepedic, memory form mattress?
How much does a piercing hurt ?
Chest pain, left shoulder blade pain?
Arthritis - Where to buy glucosamine and chondroitin tablets?
What do you think about medical marijuana for non-medical reasons?
Is it okay if my knee and elbow sometimes hurt alot so bad i can barly stand it?
Is there anyway to help a bad sciatic nerve or is it just all about going to the Dr.?
Is this an eating disorder?
Why do many people with Down's Syndrome have brown hair?
What the best way to get rid of swollen taste buds???
I just had a horrible panic attack?
Green stools !!!?
How can i prolong my illness?
Best food for sore throat?
Who thinks that people with mental illness are making too big a deal and should be able to cope without meds?
When panicing-why are people told to breath into a paper bag?
Where can i find about rheumotoid arthraitis?
Anybody fasting today? what is the right way of doing it?
Do any one have Diabetes? and they are tied of the illness.?
My friend checked his blood sugar and it was 25 he ate an orange and a glucose tablet should I still be scared
What is a normal blood sugar level!!!?
What is the normal range for hemoglobin a1c test?
What is the impact of diabetes on the population of low-socio economic people?
Why does my blood sugar go up while I sleep? (70pts from bed time to morning)?
Diabetes, Type II?
URGENT Metformin question.?
Your diagnosis/opinion plz?
Suddenly felt sick....but.......?
Gotten glasses need help please answer?
How can I ease ear ache?
Back pain from being on my feet all day?
HELP!! i have a HUGE problem!!?
My son has a pinched nerve in his neck. How can I relieve his pain?
In Pain!? Thoughts please...?
Any home remedies for leg cramps?
What is good for leg cramp tried tonic water but to no avail?
How do you sprain your ankle please answer soon my friend needs to?
(10 Points!!)What am I supposed to do at school??
I have a really big bruse on my leg. How can I make it go away?
My nose ring keeps getting infected...what should i use?
Shoulder on my right arm hurts. i cant bend my arm back like i can with my other arm.,?
Making cuts heal quickly??
Why would you bruise wherever you have been touched?
Face Cream got in my left eye now it stings?
I have a pain in my left side that hurts more when I breathe. Could it be my appendix or my gall bladder?
Why is life so ****** hard sometimes?
My shoulder hurts. What should I do?
My knees hurt how can i fix?
What hurts more braces or spacers?
Neck hurts do i have whiplash?
Thunderstorm linked to headache?
My brother's feet are kinda purple and hot, and they hurt?
Disability Benefits?
What to do on mouth ulcer olz answer m feling pain???
Is compulsive smoking an illness or a sin?
How can I be Safe When Drunk?
Is there any kind of remedy for sunburn?
If I have an eating disorder, can they force me to go to the hostpital?
Do you think enough is being done to learn about autism?
Any good home remedies for treating sun burn, something other then aloe?
What causes your vision to get blurred?
When I drive I feel very sleepy. what can I do?
What can i do if i have a ring stuck on my hand?
Please help me this is my last attempt!?
What are the side effects from giving blood?
Serious question...?
Numbness and tingling in fingers and toes I'm in doctor hell - Please help?
How doo yhoo get rid of bad odour ?
What can i put on a burned finger?
I'm 14. Do I have a right to not take anti depressants?
Someone I know threw up about a cup of blood, what should I do?
If you had to pick the way you died how would you want to go?
So i took 10 tylenol tonight.....?
I am getting surgery and never have before *shoulder*?
I feel tired head to toe?
Does anyone know what this means?
Why do I wake up with pins and needles in my whole right hand, and some up my arm for a couple of months?
My head, neck, and shoulders hurt so bad I cant sleep. How can I get relief?
How do you cure a bad case of Hemorrhoids?
In pain is it ok...?
Can anyone tell me more about restless leg syndrome, and any good?
Memory Foam Pillow?
What's the worst injury you've ever had?
I fell backwards off a bar stool last night?
HeLp PlEaSe!!?
I think I may have broken my wrist!?!?
Stomach problems?
Do hospitals kill ppl if they dont have insurance?
My friend fell down the steps and she won't wake up?
Do u like your nose?
Dropped a cigarette on my arm...?
I dropped my PSP on the nail of my toe, and my nail turned black. Is my nail going to fall off?
How bad is arthritis??
Why does my head hurt when i stay indoors all day?
How does Quinine help prevent leg cramps?
How do I make a burn stop hurting so much?
Do emo/goths cut themselves for attention or do they do it to take the pain out on them?
Is it ok to cut ur wrist?
I am having really bad leg pain?
My leg is so sore i can barely walk!! Any suggestions for helping relieve muscle soreness??
I took 14 painkillers all at once, now i'm in a tremendous amount of pain. What does this mean???
Whats the easiest way to stop smoking?
I have a friend who is a alcoholic how can i help him ?
What do you think of FILIPINO NURSES working in the US?
I'm trying to quit smoking but I'm feeling I need a smoke really bad right now....?
Any tips on getting better sleep?
Name the worst vegetables for a diabetic to eat?
Is diabetic neuropathy curable?
Can cymbalta use for depression and diabetic pain?
Am I experience pre-diabetes symptoms? plz help?
My husband was told my a doctor that he was a diabetic/ continues. i really think you for your answers, they w
A Good Chocolate chip cookie reciepe please?
Can anyone tell me any good sites on learning about the Diabetic Insulin Pump. I get it put on tomarrow??????
Are there any diabetics out there that lost weight with a diet pill?
Do I have Diabetes?
Does pain killers show up on pee tests?
Is it ok to combine Tylenol (Acetaminophen), Advil (ibuprofen), Asprin ( acetylsalicylic), & Aleve (Naproxen)?
Burning right chest pain and under arm, numbness + tingling in right arm?
How can I stay in a MRI machine for 30minutes?? Very scary?
I've heard that Cod Liver Oil can help arthritis. Which is best - the oil or capsules? Or are they both good?
Is it wrong to drink your own urine?
Calling all pot heads i need helpp please!!?
Can anyone tell if it is legally and/or physically possible for an individual to be prescribed the following
How do i get rid of stomach worms or parasites in my stomach?
Is being a gay natural or Disease or genetic disorder & What is the treatment to get rid of it?
Who's addicted to painkillers?
What is this called??? is it a disease or something???
Why do i always count everything i see?
I'm 23 and I can't swallow pills...what do I do???
My Friend just ate a bottle of Advil and now shes twitching on the floor.!!!!!1?
I have been diagnosed to have a stomach virus, and recently ate a sub and some cashews, i was hungry,?
Use of vcicodin for back pain/ Is it effective and safe/ your experiences?
Should my son see a doctor if he piereced his own lip and i think it is infected?
Which piercing hurts more.?
Abck pain help !!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Sore achy stiff neck?
I am 40 yrs. and have had a pain in my left arm today.?
What do I do, I have realy bad stomach pain?
Which side is the appendix on?
I have had a migrane since yesterday, i take imatrex and its not touching it, any ideas?
Help! My sister is experience huge pain in her head!?
I have a 4 month old with scoliosis...?
My boyfriend stepped on a nail should he go to the dr?
What should I do about a thorn in my hand ???
I think i broke my arm :(?
Convince me that I'm not a total klutz.?
My dad beats me how do i cover up the bruises?
I just put my foot in a puddle and when I pulled my foot out my shoe had changed colour. Can I sue the council
If you arent supposed to drink & drive, why do bars have parking lots?
Spinal injury with finger numbness?
Help...i have a bead in my nose!?
White spots on my eyelids?????
Masterbating anytihng to do with acne?
I have a small rash on top of my foot. What is the best way to get rid of it?
It feel like bugs crawling all over your skin, What is this?
I am Indian. I ve under eye dark circles. How do I get rid of them??
What's the best way to ease a sunburn?
Whats the best for psoriasis?
What are these things that look just like chickenpox but they're not?
I have had a headache for 5 days. No nauseau or light sensitivity. Could it be a migraine?
Tylenol overdose?
I can't take pain medication at night because it keeps me awake. How can I keep the medication in my system?
Headache behind left eyebrow? ?
Back pain?
Is this a stiff neck or something else?
Hey! I need some help "Please" what can I do?
What's the longest you can suffer from sciatica?
Knuckle Cracking?
Look, I went to the E.R. yesterday. The bite is affecting my vision, my liver/ or kidneys..not sure.?
Is ADHD or ADD heriditary? Also is there a way to avoid your children having it if you dont have it?i?
Help? Swallowed flea shampoo..?
Wtf is a yeast infection??? so confused!!!:S?
Is it normal to get headaches and stomach aches after drinking coffee?
I have Acid Reflux (heartburn) what do I do.?
What is that condition called where some people are scared to leave their house?
How can I get rid of dark circles under my eyes?
Whats your favourite name for a disease, mine's necrotising fasciatis?
Is it dangerous to have surgery under anesthesia?
Why do moms prefer to give there kids chicken noodle soup when there sick?
What do u put on a misquito bite to stop it from itching so much?
How do i become tired so I can fall asleep?
Isn't this the BEST feeling in the WORLD . . . .?
How to ease tummy problems?
How do you tell your mom you had your period?
What is the cause of permanent tingling in my arm with pain?
Pain medication question......?
Can you explain it to me? coffee helped me!?
I'm scared...I think there's something wrong with my appendix. Can someone help me?
Please Help! I have a headache thats too painful to be normal...Im really scared, Please Read Inside?
I have this weird kind of tight pain in my heart/chest. What is it?
My neck and right shouder hurts?
I bruise so easy....I dont understand?
How to cure a swollen eye? (caused by fight)?
It HURTS a lot.?
Ow my legs!!?
It hurts and my mom doesnt believe me :( :( i'm 13?
Herniated disc - best type of doctor to diagnose/treat?
They think its not broken?
Please help me to know what is wrong...?
Any cure for tenis elbow?
Black underneath eyes, what is it?
I'm extremely sick, my throat hurts, and when I swallow it hurts a lot!!!!!!! What should I do?
How to cure muscle cramps caused by dehydration?
Is this serious?
Help with head ache?
Stomach Aches?
How do you ignore general physical pain?
My fingers on both hands are stiff and painfull when I wake up in the morning. What causes this?
Has anyone experienced this if so what is it?
What is so immoral about legalizing euthanization for patients who WANT to die!?
Is it normal not to be able to wink?
Is it possable to get rid of depresion without the use of drugs?
Hi, iam an alcoholic and have started a home detox plan this morning using chlordiazepoxide?
Am I going to die early?
My 17month old daughter vomits every single night, why?
Any one know any diseases spread through cuts in the skin, infected needles or bad blood transfusions?
I am phobic of staples (yes, as in stationary). Does anyone else have a weird phobia of stationary?
Why don't people get better?
Should terminally ill people be allowed to choose euthenasia to end their suffering?
Why did my doctor tell me my thyroid test was on the "High side of Normal"???
I've head a headache for two days running?
Chest pain. Is there something wrong with me?
My tailbone/butt has been hurting for the past 3 weeks. This is a serious question?
My foot is killing me, whats wrong with it?
Very Painful Headache??
What food is good to eat when you have stomach pain?
Swollen throat, what could this be?
Quick question regarding possible knee injury.?
Why does my back hurt after i get out of the shower?
I luv pain why?
Having problems need help!?
Warm feeling in right foot after faling off my bike and scraping it?
I have a pain in the back of my neck, what could have caused it?
Ouch that hurts?
Do I have to make an appoinment before I got to Hospital?
Can you kill someone by hitting them in the nose?
Are my legs broken? i fell off of the top of my washing machine and they are black and blue. I had to crawl to
Does anyone know what a gnat bite with a red ring around it is?
I hav this weird pain in my knee????
What do you do if you have burned your hands?
Can a male with type 2 diabeties make babies?
What causes diabetics skin to feel like bugs are stinging them all the time?
Is there any proof that cinnamon is good for diabetics?
What if there is air in the syringe that I use for an injection of insulin? Can it form an emboli?
Where to start looking for diabetic resources?
Is it true that coffee helps the nursing student in terms of memorization?
I just took 80 units of humalog insulin it was suppose to be 80 units of lantus this is 2nd 80 unit i 2hr?
I need to find a store that hand makes shoes especially for people who have had their toes amputated?
My mother have diabete?
How do you get rid of a painfull canker sore?
I have ad pain in the heel of my foot for about 6 months it is worse after rest please help?
Dihydrocodeine, can anyone help with the withdrawal or give me more advice?
Please help, my tongue hurts bad!!!?
How can you tell if you have swollen tonsels or if there is something stuck in your throat?
Neck pain and headache?
Errgg.. I'm 5 1/2mo. pregnant. Not sure how to tell my chiropractor to take it easy?
Pain in my hand...what could it be?
They shoot horses dont they?
Is ultram a narcotic?
What are the causes of a migraine/headache?
If they take your appendix out why do they leave a stump?
How can You cure a Migraine Without advil,tylenol,etc.?
What is the best pain killer for the pain of braces?
I've been under a lot of stress, please help!?
My sisters foot is hurting really bad!?
Food Stuck in Throat? (Warning: This is Nasty)?
Why do my legs pop when i have them bent for a while???
I have a pain in my tit?
What causes leg cramps?
My husband who is 62 has to go to urinate 3 or 4 times at night since 4 months.Is it some kind of indication?
Explain four different factors that can lead the spread of disease?
I want to know. What organs are below the rib cage on the left side. Something around fist sized. Really hurts
Self-Diagnosed Insomnia what to do?
Any Natural Painkillers Available?
Ive just been told i have epilepsy dose any one else suffer do i have the wright to be sad?
Does anyone know from experience how long cocaine stays in your system?
Alcohol withdrawal symptoms?
MS...i need some help?
My child will be born without a stomach. Is it possible to have one created in a surgery?
Have i broken my foot? the underside of my foot is throbbing and i find it deiffulcult to walk on?
Should I see a doctor? (hurt after lifting weights)?
I've been mildly electrocuted.?
My missus cracked her pelvis how long before she's better?
Immediate help for scolds!!?
What is wrong with my ankle and what should I do about it?
What do I do when my nail is ripped off of my finger?
Urgent help needed! 10 points 1st answer!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What's the best rremedy for pinched nerve (herniated disc)?
I've a question..?
Does anyone else HATE the sun...?
Is it better to use a cold or warm compress on sore muscles?
For the past few days my stomach has been killing me, when i sit down it doesnt hurt as much.?
I took 3 pills of lortab 7.5/500 to feel relaxed and mellow. should i take another pill or 2 after an hr?
Whatz pain on my left side mean??
I've been suffering from a neck/shoulder strain since 2 days. But today, it's become terrible. Any remedy ?
Help my girlfriend has pains??
I just had a shot of tequila, but i had taken tylenol about four hours ago...should i be concerned?
How can i get perscribed pain medication?????
What pain med should I ask for?
I have tennis elbow and dr is going to give me a cortisone?
Aches & Pain?
I was stiff and sore? why?
How to write a prescription?
Scar on Neck painful??????? Top points for best answer!!!!!?
What is wrong with me?
What happens if a person takes SIX 200mg Ibuprofen all at once one time daily?
I have a large hard lump in the back of my neck what could it be?
Ugghh! My stomach is in knots what can I do?
How many Extra Strength Tylenol pills (500 mg each) will it take to kill me?
How much does your diet affect your diabetes type 1?(if you have it of course)?
Following this surgery can I drink alcohol and would I get intoxicated more rapidly or what are the effects?
Has anybody here been diabetic and become pregnant?
If my mom's blood type is O and my dad's is AB,what is my blood type?
Im am 13 and was just diagnosed with diabetes?
I'm a diabetic having trouble with to high levels?
Calling all Type 1's! Should we change our name?
Pls Help Me! I'm a diabetic, ants feasting on my feet when i'm sleeping.?
As an insulin dependant diabetic...can your blood sugar drop and then rise back up on its own?
Type one Diabetic life guard?
Does anyone know about bells palsy?
Ive been drinking for near on 30 years.?
What is the effects of abortion to the women itself?
What is the matter with me. A medical condition?
Is fibromyalgia a real illness? A nurse friend told me it is a diagnosis that Drs sometimes give to?
How do you treat a stye in your eye?
Health question?
Howto heal a pinkie that has been hit with a base ball hard?
Hi guys i used to self injury whats the chance of me doing it again?
I accidentally swallowed a thumbtacs...what should I do?
I burnt my tounge :[ how do I make it stop hurting?
Can u help, possible concussion?
I just got my belly button pierced. Can I put neosporin on it?
I have a broken bone around my eye to the outside. no concussion. should i be under a doctors care?
10 Poinrs?!?!?
Help! my ears have not "popped" back after an airplane trip!?
Weird.. very weird....What is it? and why is it happening?
How to wake up in the morning? Tricks? Tips?
Is there any explanation for, like, if our parents both have blue eyes and you have black eyes?
How can i stop my eye from twitching?
I want to cut myself?
What works best for real bad diarreah?
Has anyone ever tried an intibiotic called bactrim? If so let me know wat u tot?
Does Epilepsy cause you to treat people badly?
I have a severe phobia of snakes and im going camping where there are rattlers what do i do if i get bit?
How do u tell if you have appendicitis and not just a bad stomach ache?
Whats's Anemia?
Can someone help me pls?
My 5yr olds feaver this morning was 105.5! I gave tylenol, what else to do? How dangerous is this? We live far
My faith in God is strong but my boyfriend argues with me...?
Anyone without a stomach I would like to hear from you.?
Since I heard my ribs go crack when I got squeezed last week I have been in so much pain Pls help?
Twisted Ankle?
Would a CT scan be used in the diagnosis of a fractured finger?
What is the best way to reduce scaring?
Would it hurt if i cut a small piece of my hear on the end ?
Has anyone cut off a finger on a car door?
If your skin got ripped off, will it leave a scar?
Im having troubles swallowing...?
Do bone fracture pains ever go away? I had thigh fracture 4 yrs ago & still have pains till today.?
How long dose it takw for a nose piericng to heal?
After i had breakfast i checked my blood glucose and it was 117 is this ok?
For insulin when to rotate the site?
Do i need to contact a doctor if my fasting blood glucose test is 137 ?
My husband has type 2 diabetes and has hight irratibility?
Is it possible to get a diet specially designed for diabetics and allegeries to Milk products?
What would cause high glucose levels other than diabetes?
I'm 14 and i think i have diabetes...?
Why do diabetics have problems wounds healing??
Could diabetes cause a metallic taste in the mouth?
Low blood pressure?
Will there ever be a day when children around the world are no longer starving?
Does not wanting to sleep count as insomnia?
Feel very sleepy and yawns quite often?
My colon is swollen?
What does my consultant mean?
Whats wrong with me? i have headaches all day long....?
Is there a doctor in the house that knows anything about treatment for brown recluse spider bites?
Blood in urine, fatigue, nausea7 vomitting, weight loss, lower back pain, dizziness, bad taste in mouth . . .?
The Summer has arrived...Will my asthma gets worse?
I can't breath?
Any docters in the house????
Do all cigarettes have fiberglass in them? If not which kind don't?
Whats the best way to stop smoking?
This stupid cold wont go away?
How do I cure the common cold??
What happens to your respiration system when you start smoking?
Is there anything to do to get rid of a cough?
What causes a pulse?
When i cough hard i get a shooting pain in my groin and my legs turn into jelly, should i be worried?
Why do I have soo many bruises?
Help... how do i make my headband stop hurting me!!!?!?!?!?
I got a cortizone shot today in the back. How's that going to feel later?
Hi im 12 yrs old and my mum hurt her hand when i was swinging a stick then it hit her! how can i help that?
Headaches please help?
Who out there has broken a bone?
Injured foot help!?
I'm light headed and dizzy?
I cut...intensly.....?
What is chrome disease and how serious is it? is there a treatement? is it contagious?
What disease causes muscle weakness and weight loss?
Okay swollen.?
I'm about to have a surgery to remove a large tumor on my ovary i should be scared right ?
Is it possible to not start ur period till ur 18?
Which drug causes loss of appetite the most?
Need some info on : the drug azithromycin 500 mg?
I was hoping it was going to be a good day today but it aint!!!!?
Can anyone tell me the best way to deal with this sickness bug - i feel awful?
Any natural remedies for sleeplessness?
Help whats the best way to give up smoking,?
Do u think smoking weed has any long-term health affects??
Feeling burnt out, constantly tired and drained, no matter how much I sleep? What can I do to feel better?
Help please LOVEBITE !!!?
How can i disinfect my lip piercing?
What makes a toe nail that is about to fall off feel better?
Can an old person die from slipping on ice?
How long does it take for a 22 yrs old woman to snap back into the upright position?
Would i be able to claim? please help?
What's wrong with my toe?
What would you do?
Is it possible to sue a company for pain and suffering due to a work injury? My lawyer is telling me I cant !!
I think i love you will you kiss and hug me?
Serious Snoring Problems!!?
I inhaled old paint dust while sanding. Am i ok?
I'm having doubts about quitting smoking.. any advice?
Loose powder went in my nostrils and vomiting afterwards is this an emergency?
Contstant coughing due to itchy/dry throat. What can i do about it?
Should I worry about tuberculosis?
I have a cough that won't go away. anyone have a clue?
Help! Anyone with athsma... Ever coughed up something scarey???
What do you think of my article on Sleep Apnea?
Dear Muslims & Globe-Do you know -Your- Diabetes is treated with INSULIN -which is processed from PIGs blood ?
Questions about Diabetes?
Any other diabetics...?
Debate: blood sugar low below 80 or low below 70?
If u weigh 187 are u considered a fat girl or just a chunky one??
Why is Merck charging so much for there new Diabetes med "Januvia"?
What fruits can diabetic patients take?
Do you think I have diabetes?
What is type one diabetes?
What are 15 causes of Diabetes?
Went for a check two months ago and i have no std's. any other ideas?
If someone has simplex herpies, like a cold sore on their lips, and if that person gives head, what happens ?
Can a std affect you getting pregnant?
I tested positive for an STD how do i tell my partner?
I am a virgin but i have 2 warts growing on my scrotum.?
Any idea what these symptoms might mean?
If you had to lose either your nose or one hand, which would you choose?
I already asked this question and got no answers, please help?
What's the least painful way to die, not including dying in your sleep?
What are some signs of autism?
Are stool softners ok to use?
Is there something I can eat to put good bacteria in my system (intestines)?
Do people with mental illnesses know about their condition?
Infected cut?
My feet are slightly swollen...Why?
How can I break a foot?
Broke nose years ago, now i want to sue?
Are you still ill after last night?
How do you relieve the pain from?
Has anyone ever had to deal with this problem?
Why did this upset me so much?
How did you break your bone(s)?
Daughters pierced ear keeps getting infected??
Help, my best friend is dying?
Help! yeast inf. for 10 years straight!?
Oh no. STD help?
STD Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
In what ways can STD's be spread?
My apartment was flooded?
Smoking question about cigarettes?
Breathing problem?
Coughing Up Yellow Phlegm?
My husband has been hurting on his right side of his chest , Does anyone have an idea of what it could be??
Should i use an inhaler even tho i dont have asthma?
My mom was cleaning and she mixed detergents. Now she is coughing blood , what to do?
Food for sore dry throat?
Why is smoking so popular now?
Should euthanasia be legalized?
Dementia/ Alzheimer's...What to do, kids can't take anymore??
Is it bad to scratch your booty?
Whats the opposite of down syndrome?
I am always tired?
My left eye has been twitching on and off for the past week..what can it be?
How should I calm myself for my MRI?
Drinking own urine, can cure sickness??? decease?
What can I eat?
My doctor told me that when he has a bug(sickness and diarrohea) he eats a tin of peaches to settle it. Why?
Bacterial Vaginosis?
What came first The STD or the Human?
HPV or is this a STD ??
Do certain std's make you urinate when you dont even need to?
Does an HIV-positive person (AIDS symptoms not yet shown) need medication? If yes, what kind?
I want to get tested for std's but I have no insurance, does planned parenthood do this for free for men?
Is it true that AIDS will never ever be cured because it's a virus and viruses can't be cured?
Can i get my boss done if he will not let me go out for a break whilst i am working a 6 hour shift?
Have you ever been in a ambulance?
The white part on my eye ball has turned green and it burns and really hurts and i just cant it anymore?
What walks on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three in the evening?
Why do I feel so bad after a hypoglycemic (low blood glucose) episode?
Keep a cast dry?
ATL levels in the liver what does ATL mean?
Can i avoid taking insulin?
What causes the most eye strain and why, is it watching TV or being on a PC?
White stuff ??
General diabetic question?
Nearly thirty, never been athletic, what's the best sport to pick up and why?
Please help. i think i broke my toe?
My daughter's wrist was hurt at a In and Out Burger. Should I call corporate and say something?
Is thei a cure for diabetes type3 also known as type 1.5?
Can a person sleep while his eyes are open?
No joke! Any fast answers??
Why are insulin pumps better than taking multiple daily injections?
Dad/has/diabetes/strokes, emphysema,high blood pressure & cholestral. retinol therapy is he going to die?
Can a sudden fright or profound shock turn your hair white overnight?
Type 1 or type 2?
Fasting blood sugar of 101?
Am I asking for a long road of ups and downs dating a T2 Diabetic?
I generally work from 2PM to 10Pm and have a meal break at between 4PM and 5PM. I come home hungry and then I
Why should I get tested for HIV?
What is the symptoms for chlamydia?
Question about gout! is this something that you have just once or does it repeat itself?
QUESTION about length of time drugs in urine for a tox,,,i injected coke abour 4grams last night?
I have just been for an eye exam and the optician says I should see a Doctor as I may have high cholesterol?
What are possible reasons someone may appear drunk without drinking alcohol?
Why would an incision start leaking 9 days after surgery??
****PLEASE!!!can you help me???****?
What colour are feces supposed to be???
What is the correlation between being mute and being deaf?
Why do my cats have sniffles,sneezing,and coffing that won't go away.I need some answers to help my cats.
Why do I cough for so long?
Has anyone had any luck with Zyban?
Wow my nose is very stuffed right now cuz i have a cold any way to unstuff it with out vicks or stuff like tha
To those who are asthmatic answer this pls...?
What is an anesthesiologist?
Asthma question?
What is asmtha and what are the symthoms and diagnosis?
Ok i need to see a doctor about possible asthma...but i cant afford one what should i do my mother in law has?
Husband sleep apnea,won't get machine, sleep apart, want to sleep w/him.?
How can you stop hic-ups?
I want to break an arm a easy way tell me please and i want the cast and the attion so please tel a les and e?
I think I broke my Toe...?
Sprained ankle?
Broken Noses?
Aunt on life support, no brain activity, heart beating...any hope?
I stepped on a broken mirror i removed it but then it started bleeding alot after 2 days i still cant walk?
I accidentally just cut off my finger slicing potatoes. What do I do to attach it without visiting a doctor??
I have a bruise....?
Will HIV positive blood transfer through cut?
Bacterial vaginosis?
What kind of doctor do u see for a std exam?
What should I do with my abnormal child?
Smoking question?
Does anyone else hate going to the doctor? Why do you hate it?
I suffer from migranes what can help?
Water and diabetes?
Sugar Free chocolate that tastes good!?
Where do diabetics inject themselves?
I'm 60 and a Diabetic (Type 2) 172cm tall & 90kg. and a big gut. I want to lose it. Can't stand it anymore.
Do I have diabetes?
For diabetics: What are some good ways to lower blood sugar levels so that less insulin is required?
Blood glucose of 113. Could it be diabetes?
Does Type 1 Diabetes really comprimise one's immune system this much or this all a coincidence?
My brother went into a diabetic coma. Whats the chances of him recovering?
What kind of veggies can a diabetic eat can some one give me some suggestions please help?
My friend with herpes?
I think i have herpes, i am really scared...?
Should I STILL go get tested even though I used protection every time with my ex-boyfriend?
Why men with aids in africa raped younggirls ages 5 and a above?
When you do a one night stand, is it rude to ask them if they have any STDs?
If an overweight person becomes anorexic, do they have extra skin when they lose weight?
Im always so cold and get the chills alot..why?
What's the most frightening experience you've ever had?
How do i cure a sore throat fast?
Should I go see doctor? I have the flu thats going round, but I'm worried about additional symptoms I have.
Can you have 6 kidneys with cysts?
What does it mean to always have unusually cold hands and feet? Is there something wrong with me?
I got bit by a tick, need advice..?
Constant thirst/Headache/Vision Issues?
Having my big toenail removed today - does it hurt? Reassure me please!!!?
Most embarassing/funny trips to the doctor or hospital?!?
Is it dangerous to cut yourself with a dull knife?
Gahh! bee sting?
Anyone ever been knocked out before?
This is for basically all doctors. i have this really weird thing were i shake in my hands constantly...?
What type of burn is this....1st,2nd or 3rd degree??? help plz?
I think I just broke my toe!! What should I do?
Elbow pain in joint any cures?
Is it true that some people can get cough if someone with cough, cough in someone else's mouth?
Anyone tried the new stop smoking tablets???
What's WRONG with ME?
I Smoked Plastic?
Y do scousers speak wi flem stuck in there throat?
What helps a dry-heaving cough.I can't shake this cough I've had,It's so bad I can't sleep!! Nothing's working
How can we smoke to decrease it's harmful effects?
Am concerned about my breathing and chest pain?
As anyone any info for a condition called FIBRO MYALGIA?
Know anything about Cystic Fibrosis?
HPV. My brothers friend has HPV and she happened to take a bite out of his burrito?
Can a yeast infection be cured? what causes the white discharge?
I was diagnoised with herpies through a blood test. i never had an outbreak. could the test have been wrong?
Do Muslim Women Get Lice?
Does the anus ever become too stretched to go back to its natural form?
Would a volunteer working in disaster areas get HIV if he accidentally touches a person with full blown AIDS?
Question about AIDS?
Do i have a valid injury claim?
What will a doctor do for you if you have a broken finger?
Easily brusied?!?
Should i go see a doctor if my ankle hurts and pops alot?
Is my thumb broken?
If a persons knee is still swollen after falling on it; should you he or she go to the doctor?
Im 14 and i've lost my voice non stop over the week my throught feels swolen what should i do?
I hear Voices in my own head!? :S?
Do you think it is ok for doctors to save money at the cost of ruining a child's life?
What are symptoms of Lactose Intolerance?
I Feel ill?
What could these symptoms mean?
Worried about my Mums legs she has fluid?
Could someone tell me what a "dry alcoholic" is? Serious answers only.?
How long can you have syphalis before you go blind?
Does Valtrex stop the spread of herpes to others that do not have it if they both take 1 gram of Valtrex?
What is herpes?
Could you get HIV or AIDS from a pet?
Just diagnosed with hypoglicemia not in diabetes and i don't know what to do?
I just ate an entire pan of brownies. Will I get diabetes?
What happens if you don't take insulin shots?
What foods can cause seizures?
I am was just looking to buy stevia powder on ebay...a natural sugar replacement.?
Diabetes gets old, you too???
Could i have developed diabetes within a year?
How much does it cost to use Insulin a year? That includes the needles and vials (EVERYTHING).?
What causes diabetes,and what are the side effects?
MY SON IS 8YR OLD DIABETIC should he get the pump?
Singulair for allergy/asthma in children...?
Sleeping with a chest infection?
Have wheezing in lungs when breathing?
Has anyone ever had a small yellow hard substance in the throat.?
Couple of questons concerning weed.?
Had a sore throat start yesterday and it has seem to get worse. what have i got coming?
Will neosporin help an ear infection?
Doctors please ?
I am a cigarette smoker. Using an electric fan at night makes my congestion go away. Why?
What is the difference between phlegm, sputum and mucus?
I need to sprain my ankle?
Can you get a staff infec. from a wasp sting ?
Have you ever fallen down a hole in the street and made a claim to the council for damages?
Quick question?
I've just had a medical after a car crash- when will i get an offer of compensation?
How to make crutches comfy?
I sprained my ankle two weeks ago and my ankle bone is still swelled is this normal?
Does contusions mean my brain was bruised?
Why is it dangerous to sleep right after a concussion?
How do you take care of a puncture wound on the bottom of your foot?
What can happen if i dont treat my yeast infection?
What is this?! serious answers only =)?
Can kissing a person who has aids make u have it.?
Does jessica alba have herpes?
Can anyone explain Human Papilloma Virus - HPV.?
My girlfriend and I are confused...?
What to do if you have gout?
Where are vaccines to prevent the cause of the developments of cancer, diabate and high blood pressure ?
I was prescribed an Anti-depressant to help with my chronic insomnia. I am 17, is this a normal diagnosis?
Does any one realise how lucky they are?
Is there any way to get medication paid for that I need and my insurance won't cover?
I ate a raw hotdog?
Severe abdomen pain...what's wrong with me?
Hi, i was diagnosed to have a scoliosis. what's that?
Can the terminally ill say anything that would make us value our lives more or...?
Does smoking effect surrounding people?
I'm a 16 y.o. girl haven't been eating & sleeping lately...?
How many bones are there in the human body ?
Whyohwhy do some people treat their bodies so destructively with smoking, drugs,alcohol and bad eating habits?
Has anyone got any remedies to help me sleep?
I cant clean my anus with toillet paper because it itches, what can I do about this?
Do people really get a tetanus shot every ten years?
How do you get rid of the sting of sunburn,with something I may have at home.?
Has Anyone ever been homeless?
How do I stop a nose bleed that's been bleeding for 10 minuets?
Help! i can't see, what do i do?
Does anyone know a good remedy for a painful throat?
If O blood type is the universal donor, can any blood type donate to someone with O blood?
Should I be concerned with the way the bathroom smells when I finish in there?
Too much stress at a young age?
What can I put on a burn to make it stop hurting?
Have you ever lied to someone about being tested for STD's?
I sat in pee from a toilet seat by accident, can I get an std?
How do you prevent from geting aids?
Are canker sores a form of herpes?
Um...lots and lots of zits?!?!?
I have a serious question...?
Where can I find creams for eczema that really work?
I swlowed a little drop of germx handsanitizer. i drank water immedeatly after should i contact poison control
Could my GF get skin cancer by doing this?
Is shaving causing my yeast infections?
My hubby has SEVER stinky feet, how can he reduce or ELMINATE the smell completly?
How many hairs are on my head?
Why do we hiccup?
If you have a cold should you get the flu shot or wait?
Can anyone who has quit smoking cold turkey tell me how long it was before youer SEVERE cravings went away?
Marijuana smoker and cigarette smoker's lung comparison?
Daughter made to run/walk mile in P.E. without asthma inhaler?
Anybody help?
I keep coughing????
Sore throat, tried strepsils/vicks candy but of no avail. just wanna get rid of it, faster.. any remedies?
What's the best cold medicine to suppress coughing?
Whats the best way to get rid of back pain?
Leg Spasms During Pregnancy?
During the day I just drop off in a sleep for 3-4 minutes then wake up. What is this called?
I have a false knee and its nearly broken what can i do?
It is very unusal to have a headache for 3 or more days ?
I have a headache, can anyone help me??
What is the initial cure for chronic lower back pain?
Rubber Bands for my Braces?
Generally for fever or for continuous head-ache, going to Doctor, but the Doctor says to open the mouth..why?
MY Dad is having a really sharp pain under is left brest do you people know wat it could be?
There was a firework that went off and some of it hit me in the eye, does anyone know any thing to help it?
Coughing up blood?
Eyelash in my eye...?
Has anyone ever broken their little toe?
What wrong?
How can i tell if my shoulder is broken?
This is weird i know, but i need help!!!?
What is wrong with my throat?
Cortisone injection for tennis elbow, any side effects?????
Do i have to get surgery?
Is it a yeast infection?
I met this girl and dated and we gone too far to the extent that she wants me to **** her , im hesitant to?
Teenage HIV dilemas?
At what point during a pregnancy do they test the mother for diseases such as HIV and other STD's?
I think i may have got HIV?? Help!!?
I have dark circles under my eyes, what can I do????? cucumber did not work on me.?
Has anyone else got a sunburn this summer?
How do I cure burn scars?
Open wounds- keep open, or stiches?
Should I get my toenail fungus treated?
What is the best treatment for sunburn?
I am being driven mad by psoriasis, am taking methotrexate but its not working to well, wot else might help??
What is a mosquito bite?
Acne scars are still here - get them gone?
How does drinking water make your skin not as dry?
Could you please correct my English ?
Is there a test you can do for emphysema?
Why exactly are Jehovas Witnesses against blood transfusions?
Has anyone had their gall bladder removed by keyhole surgery, what was it like please?
I have pins and needles in my left arm and leg also with reoccuring headaches, what could this be?
Heres a question for anyone with proper medical knowledge? A small 3 year old child goes into hospital and?
Am I dying?
What is gluecose?????????????
Right sided abdominal pain?
Urinating Blood?
How can i check if I have diabetes?
I am a type 2 diabetic and have to travel for work.?
Diabetes and optometrist?
What has your experience with Metformin been like?
What happens when you get tested for diabetes?
Any one had a blood glucose test recently?
Does anyone have any good tips for repeated episodes of low blood sugar level?
My dad was diagnosed yesterday
What are a few good snacks for someone diagnosed with pre-diabetes, also called impaired glucose tolerance?
Why do I keep getting hives?
Athletes foot???
How could i get intouch with a dermatologist.?
I need help about my daughters foot! Some nurses advise, Please!!!?
Is acne contagious? for example kissing a boy who have acne.?
Dry sKin problem?
Im 18 nothing cures my acne, water, eating right, excercise. what do i do?
How can i remove redness from my skin?
How do you relieve itchy bug bites?
What is your opinion about the HPV vaccination for sixth graders?
Can yo get a STD from from public bathrooms?
My pee is yellow and cloudy?
I dont have it but if the guy has herpes and he goes down on me will i get herpes?
My wife has had an affair and started having severe lower stomach cramps soon after their first encounter.?
What are some things you can do to take the place of smoking?
What can help a sore throat?
Is it possible to remove cigarette tar from your lungs?
18 and hard 4 me 2 breath at night
Can smoking oregano kill you?
HELP! Smoking Problems?
I have a 3 yr old golden retriver w/ a nasal infection.can she be given amoxicillan and if so rec.dosage?
Can having a cold trigger an asthma attack?
Can someone give me some words of wisdom?
Dry/chapped lips.?
How can you tell if a mole is skin cancer?
How to stop a dog from itching?
My arsshole is itchy all the time what should I do?
How to get rid of acne?
How do I get rid of the hard skin on the bottom of my feet?
Why do i have dry hands?
I drink water dnt eat any unhealthy food apart from the odd biscuit and i have 7 spots hwo can i gt rid of dem
Acne and face washing!!?
A wild mouse bit me and barely broke the skin but i am nervous that i have rabies please help me!!!?
My knees been killing me for the past two weeks[I thought it'd get better,but its progressively worse]?
Where can i find a used walking boot cast for sale?
My 14 year old nephew went to a party ,had accident. whose liable.?
How can I warn the public about a doctor (Dr. R. Rifai , Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery) that ruined my life?
I pulled two muscles yesterday and i was jsut standing?
Are chiropractors quack's? Are they fake doctors that really do nothing to correct a back problem?
Unwanted Scars!?
How long does it take bruising from a shot to go away?
How do you deal with a bully in the workplace?
What are you actually doing when you crack your fingers?
How do you deal with issues from the past that haunt you?
Can you train yourself to require less sleep?
“Doctors tell us that we should drink at least eight glasses of water per day.?
Does CRACKING your knuckles and joints really cause arthritis???
Shortness of breath, sweating, anxiouses,shakiness, what should I do?
Whats Is This Called? And Have You Ever Had One?
Why is my tummy always rumbling?
My dad suffers from high blood pressure and i dont know why can anyone help?
Has anyone else gained a lot of weight on the steroid Prednisone?
Does your "mouse" hand get cold while surfing?
Why is he experiencing dizziness and sweating, but says he feels better?
How to cure Fecal odour?
IS there anyone with answers?
Is it possible to hide bulimia from a doctor?
I have a 14 month old daughter, she came home from daycare with tiny red dots all over her body, and ideas?
Bump under armpit!? Please Answer Now!?
What is this on my skin?
I need help with ACNE!?
Please help EMERGENCY?
It hurts, REALLY bad!!!?
If you have dead skin hanging from your lips should you pull it?
Acne help!! major?
Help Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase...
Have you ever had an STD?
When hiv or aid is injected into your body can you feel it?
How long after you come in contact with the herpes virsus is it before you have an outbreak?
Is it true?
How can I protect myself against HPV?
Is there a link between heavy smoking and anxiety?
Please can you help me I'm in pain ?
What should i eat? My stomach hurts a lot!?
What do you know about sleep apnea?
Problems with my jaw?
Can a living person be a LUNG donor?
I drank too much the other night and have had the hiccups for nearly two days. any advice?
Do you ever get overwhelmed by noxious fumes after you sit down in someone else's chair at work?
I have a cold of sorts, and whenever I blow my nose, there's blood. How concerned should I be?
Wat is causing this pain in my stomach?
I have earky onset alzhimer. I 'm looking for a device to help family locate me. Is there such a thing? HELP!
Collapsed lung?
What is cutting your wrist like?
Will both lungs collapse if one is collapsed? why or why not?
My 9 month old baby has pneumonia and i have him his prescriptions and he also takes a cough medicine and....?
For the last few days my left lower eye lid has been pulsating, what is causing this?
Difficult swallowing?
Urinary tract infection relief?
Headache that is getting worse, Pale, nose feels blocked and can't get warm?
What are these sharp pains in my chest?
In which type of diabetes can the body no longer regulate blood glucose levels?
Dizzynesses, trembling, fatigue, fainting, could it be...?
Can you have symptoms of hypoglycemia and not be a diabetic?
Anyone know if you can get laser eye surgery if you a 70year old diabetic' Thank You all.?
Strange phenomenon?
Signs of diabetes?
I'm getting worried??
What r the sysmptoms of sugar?
Acne problems on my fiancee?
What causes pain in my joints and bones all over my body esp in damp weather?
Red bumps on my rear end?
Did You Ever Rub Salt In Your Wounds?
Is it safe to cut skin tabs off neck?
Have got a small lump on my foot that is very itchy when i walk.?
Health problem?
What to do if your checks burn and are itchy?
How serious is staph infection?
Why are flip flops bad for your feet?
Serious pain...i need advice quick!!!?
Please help me out. I AM SOOOOOOO SCARED!!!!!!!!!!?
How to deal with back stabbing friends?
How do you know if you have a busted ear drum?
Why do mosquitoes like me so much and not my fiancee?
Does anyone know the best hospitall for neurology in the uk? My husband was wounded in a ied attack in Iraq?
My daughter has a raw sore on her hip that appeared in just one day and got bigger in hours. Please help me.?
I broke a finger a couple months ago, and now I am losing the fingernail. Should I do anything to it?
Smashed my finger nail with a hammer 5 hours ago. now turning black. what are options? drill hole or ??
Where can I get a STD or infectious disease test?
Is hpv from the the herpes virus?
I don't kno if i can laugh about this?
Warts and duct tape?
Hi can anyone help me with this problem??
Will Penicillin cure a Yeast infection?
Piles or cancer plz help?
I cant help biting the skin around my nails...?
If you could Take away disease, take away sickness..ect?
I think i have lice, how do i know and how do i get rid of it?
If my lips go blue what does this mean?
Hi I NEED HELP........................
Am I allergic to the sun?
Swelling in ankles for my mom (Hypothyroid)?
I'm convinced I have a thyroid problem?
How to keep eczema under control?
Can autism occur from lack of oxygen at birth?
Taking a drug test and took coke, did i pass?
What is roe v. wade?
Can anyone suggest anything to help sciaticia?
What can having your blood pressure be 264 over 140 do to you?
Renee Slayton has crabs! Guess how she got them?
Can u get herpes in your arm?
Can I live long with herpes or will i die soon what is the effect on my immune system?
How was HIV-aids born ?
If labia became a long its deseae or not and whats the reason it became long?
Can u get rid of an std?
How Did Michael Jackson Turn From Black To White?
Acne problems!?