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Need advice about a pulled muscle!?
I've got this annoying cough, and I can't get rid of it...?
I have asthma and a congested chest?
Where can i find over the counter medicine to calm me down?
Black Mold? My apartment was flooded last year. How do I know if I have it?
I quit smoking cigarettes on April 7th of this year after 35 years of smoking, any one else quit?
Why do muscles ache after working out?
Can smoking marijuana on a once daily basis for approximately 40 years cause emphysema?
Please help me??
I feel so weird right now...what should i do?
Back Pain???/?
I have a crazy ear ache, Is there anybody in the same boat as me?
Unbelievable pain in my neck..?
My fingers hurt when i play the guitar, what can i use to toughen them up?
How to get un-constapated?
Can anyone tell me how they cope with the everyday pain of R.A. and the best medication theve had.?
Appendix are hurting?
Foot hurting like hell...anyone know what i can do?
Hip piercings!!!?
Is there any side effects of asthma inhalers?
Powerful painkillers?
Smoking troubles?
Migraines! ? ! ?!!!!??? help ASAP?
Worst headache everrrr :(?
What causes nosebleeds?
I cough continously during nights but not at all during day time. Am i suffering from any disease?
How do I heal my throat. Everyime i swallow my throat hurts.?
How can I NATURALLY get rid of my sore throat FAST?
How do you tell some one you like that there breath is bad?
I am really scared to sleep cause of sleep apnea?
My leg keeps seizing up with huge pain...?
Is it better if your poo sinks or floats?
Is humidity good or bad for Asthma sufferers?
What would happen if you smoked paracetomol with tobacco but ??
How do i stop dirrehea?
How can i keep my immune system healthy?
I have to go for a MRI scan this mnth and im scared is there anything to be scared of?
Why did my period have to come today off all days? the same day im getting root canal treatment?
Is this some type of disease or something?
So i just blew my nose-?
How is the fastest way to get rid of a hicky?
Can someone overdose or seriously harm themselves on an asthama inhaler?
What's good for "Irritable Bowel Syndrome"? Sometimes I can hardly move with it.?
Pressure in head & behind eyes?
I love picking my nose and am always at it when alone! Is it possible to damage your nose through picking!?
What cures nausea/hangover?
Is it safe to take a Multi-Vitamin every day?
Please help me im scared?
Why are my ankles always cracking?
Is taking 2 paracetamol every day bad for you long term?
What is a ruptured aneurysm?
I have been taking like 8 to 10 Lortabs a day but have now been ordered 40mg oxycodone!?
I get head aches all the time. I need a natural way to get rid of them!?
Are there any home remedies for a tooth ache?
It hurts every time i swallow is there anything i can do so my throat wont hurt?
How do I get rid of back pain??
I am 13 years old and think i have irregular heart beat, how will they fix it??
Have no idea what this is?
True or false, if you hiccup in your sleep, will you die?
What does a humidifier actually do?
Please help CLICK HERE?
How acute effects could be of having one cigarette daily?
Where will I get poked for the injection?
Can you get get asthma at any age?
Is 78 normal pulse?
Can I still use my expired inhaler?
Toes hurt?
What color cast should my sister get?
I fell down the stairs, no fractures, but a huge swelling - what to do ?
Im having chest pain on the right side after strenuous workout.?
About ten years ago I got shot in the leg with a pellet gun and the pellet has been there since. It hurts?
Would stabbing someone in the back kill them?
What does it mean when your blood is yellow tinged and a bit orange looking?
How do you prevent your wrists from getting sore from using the computer a lot?
We were swordfighting?
WHat is going on? 10 points to best answer!?
Coffee cuts risk of diabetes,is it true? I am Interested in Medical Report.?
What makes your sugar level go up suddenly without eating?
What can be done for diabetic neuropathy?
Will eating grapefruit raise blood sugar levels for diabetics is grapefruit ok to eat on a daily basis?
Is 8.3 and 7.5 alright for a for someone who is not diabetic?
Does anyone know what to do for a stiff neck?
I have severe pain in my legs can anyone help?
My ear piercing is very painful and sore very often even when i had it done years ago, any remedies for this??
What pain relievers can an Asthmatic take?
Is cracking your knuckles harmful?
Okay so i just pierced my lip and it hurt going it but now it feels numb. is that bad?
I think, maybe, i am dying.?
Problems in my right hip after doing sit ups?
I threw my back out this morning, i'm only 17 years old, do i get to a doctor or keep taking my medicine?
My doctor won't give me migraine medication?
Food for Flu / Chest Infection?
Could a baby born with emphysema?
Will your lungs heal at all if you quit smoking?
How to help cleaning your lungs?
How can i stop this hickups?
I have a cough that wont go away,...?
I just saw someone give a 1 1/2 year old child a puff from a Albuterol Inhaler. Should I worry?
Is there a condition where you have something in your throat that makes you hungry?
Can I take these meds together??
I was bitten over the weekend by what I believe to be a real vampire and need medical advice?
I’ve been diagnosed with Anorexia!! Please help um very scared :(!!?
Do i have mono?????
I'm scared of death, it's becoming a big problem for me.?
I am feeling dizziness every time I lie down and every time I get up. This has been happening for a few days
Can multiple ear piercings affect vision?
Dizziness fainting vomiting what are these symptoms?
I have diarrhea all the time and...?
I am little bit black so i want to make my skin fair.can you solve my problem?
How do doctors know how high your pain level is?
How many years can you live before you have full blown aids?
Question about herpes.?
Are there cures for viral infections?
Does having a yeast infection means you are HIV positive?
What common household items can stop itching almost instantly?
If you cut the skin where it is itchy, does the itch go away?
How do i get rid of dry skin??
I have dark circles round my eyes, I`ve had for some time now.?
What's a good cream for eczema?
Quick fix for acne?
My 14 year old daughter is suffering from acne...... any cures?
I need no acne by tomorrow? Possible?
What is the point in love bites?
Wats the best way to spend a rainy day?
Should I go to the emergency room?
I am having an angiogram done in a few days. I'm scared and don't know what to do.?
Does beer hurt or help high blood pressure ?
If you worked with someone that had really bad body odor would you tell them?
My cholesterol is 234 which is borderline.What do you think I should do?
How to lower high systolic BP?
Heart murmur question?
Atenolol question?
Should you flip the switch?
What do you think should be the fair price of a home defibrillator (AED)?
Blood Pressure?
Need You....?
My mate went 2 doctors & was advised to eat bananas & oranges after he had a blood test. why would this be?
Please if any one can help me please answer unexplained massive weight gain - medications ?????
My blood pressure is 125 / 69 is this high or low? can anyone please tell me?
Human heart?
Low blood pressure?
How do you get rid of a head ache/ migraine?
Is there any way to get some decent pain meds without the hassle and money of a doctors office visit?
What did I do to my ankle?
How do i cope with pain of carapal tunnel ?????????
How can I break or crack my foot bone?
What is the best way to overcome a pain killer addiction??
I have had headaches for about 3 days in a row? It usually hurts after reading?
How to reduce nasty purpule swelling on my face?
Hi ,I have problem in my motion.The stool is hard and dry. feel pain around anus.?
I have HORRIBLY PAINFUL Stomach Aches.?
If you break your arm on purpose, can the Doctors tell???
Is taking three 200mg tablets of ibuprofen the same as taking one 600mg tablet?
Is tylenol the same as aspirin?
Sprained Ankle?
What is more painful, braking your neck or burning to death?
I rarely throw up but in the last few hours I have thrown up 5 times. Is there anything I should do?
Help?! Anyone ?! =[?
Is it actually possible to break someone's neck with your bare hands, as they do in Hollywood?
Can ring worm heal itself?
What does it mean when i see dots flotting in front of my eyes?
Loads of spots have appeared on my head how do get rid of them fast?
What the hell is this, blood poisoning?
What causes the white of your eye to turn a yellowish colour?
Will you sign this petition?
Does Anyone Know About Shingles?
Which one is stronger?...the pulse in the neck area or the pulse in the wrist area?
How to cure back pain?
Why am I always waking up in the morning with a slight headache?
I found an orange round pill that is marked ETH on one sideand 625 on the other side . What is it?
Pains in heart?
How do i relieve pain withouut going to a doctor?
They didnt even help me!!?
Any suggestions how to help my pain?
In serious pain please help!?
I'm feeling really nauseated, how can I get rid of the feeling?
A friend of mine has had diarrhea for six months and I was wanting to know how he could get it better?
Would It Be Ok For A Person To Have Nothing But Liquids And Jello For A Month Without A Medical Need?
Dont know what to do?
URGENT - Memory loss? Is this a symptom of Alzheimer or how do i know?
How do I help my bulimic friend?
What it the word for the stiky liquid some times yellow that come from the chest whan you cough?
How can i convince my father to go to the doctor?!?
Is it a sin...?
Can a pap smear detect chlamydia even though sysptoms are not present at the time as well as gonorrahea?
If a person has had chlamydia in the past are they able to get pregnant?
Is Sweet & Low a no no for diabetics?
Who has diabetes and what is it like to have it?
If your diabetic and skip a meal, what happens?
How low is my sugar aloud to be?
Anyone been to a masseuse before?
Pain killlers help?
Armpit pain?
What does it mean when ur jaw cracks when u open it?
My Mom Just Fell Down The Stairs And Snapped her upper cankle and broke her forhead i think!!!!!!!??
DO I Have a DISEASE?!?! please help cant sleep, in pain?
Can servre headaces(migraines) cause you to have a seizures???The end of June i had really bad migraine and i?
What are the best possible ways to die with out any pain?
Can i take asprin with ibuprophaen?
How many of u feel pain right now? physically?
Is it infected?!?!?!?
· If you had an accident and you had to be at home to recover for a long time, what would you do to relieve?
Should i take my cast off?
What's the best way to stop my shoes rubbing my heel?
Did i break or bruise my knuckle?
Will my scars ever fade?
Yesterday I had a really bad accident...?
Did i sprang my ankle..?
Very serious question about a mole on my daughters cheek?
I have a small hard lump on my lower leg. It is painful to the touch and......?
What are the problems a person may face if he musturabates a lot?
Does anyone know what this red patch is?
Do you like my acne?
Is acne supposed to go away as you get older?
Any one know how to get rid of chapped lips?!?
CRACKED DRY SORE HANDS...best thing to use please??
Skin conditions-acne?
Is death always painfull/uncomfortable?
Chest pains?
What have you done when the pain in your heel has not been helped with orthodics or injections?
Does anyone know of a cure for back pain?
Does pain make anyone sick?
Sore pains in left upper chest and shoulder anyone got any good ideas?
What is the best way to get rid of a headache without meds.?
Can one get HIV from one who is on antiretroviral administration? If the person is taking antibiotics?
How do we kiss others?
Has anybody had and STD's?
Has anyone that has HPV ever been cured?
Are there dating sites for people who have std?
Is there a treatment for migraine? I reealy have severe headache. What can I do?
What is that black spot on my abdominal Xray?
Whats a good way to feel better after you get a cold?
Are endorphins good for you?
What kind of doctor should I see to have a growth removed from my tongue?
What are some incurable diseases? other and AIDS?
Have you ever had a strange silent ringing in one of your ears?
Im going to get my tongue pierced...but my parents? the swelling? the pain? the bleeding? is it worth it?????
Is there something wrong with my stomach?
What is disease that someone can get from deer?it is a tick.?
Are flat feet hereditary?
What is the best product for a super greasy acne-prone face?
What is that red thing in the throat that hangs down?
Is there a cure for psoriasis?
Itchy legs?
At 16 can i go to the doctors on my own without my parents finding out ?
Can sunscreen be considered an anti aging creme?
How to get rid of mosquito bite marks, i hate it.?
Why is my acne hurting?
What is the femur?
How can I get my lower back to stop hurting when I lay down?
I'm starting to get pains in my chest like heartburn?
Is there a way to prevent aches after exercise?
Ear Pain...Etc?
There is a dulll pain in my chest. Am I going to die soon?
Ear gushing blood, help!?
I have a fishbone stuck in my throat, it hurts so i want it to be removed ASAP, any suggestion how?
Help? scared????? what should i do???
Sick... what to do?
My oldest son just got beat up while having a seizure.?
Should i continue to play football ?
How can you tell if a finger is broken?
Doctors/Nurses please help my husband can't see!!!!!!!!?
Everytime i get up i feel like dizzy?
How do you prevent/help side aches when you run?
How do you make a scab heal up faster?
I accidently got soda in my eye?
Have you ever placed a steak on a black eye?
The muscle in my arms are very sore what can i do to help it?
How do I get my face clear?
How do you get rid of acne??
My 5 yo daughter has a very red, rash, mostly in her groin and between her buttocks.?
Please, read all before jumping down my neck, why do Pakistani and indian people smell so bad......?
What was your most embarasing moment ?
My acne is getting worse everyday.i just got proactiv solution,not helping.who knows an excellent body detox?
When approximatly do you stop getting teenage spots?
Is it possible?
Is anyone else feeling cold just now? cause i do?
My girl friend takes like 7 vicodins with booze. She's addicted. What can I do to help her?
How can I get rid of dark circles from under my eyes, using a home remedy or cheap cream from the store?
What time is your alarm clock set for?
Migraine that won't go away?
How can I stop sleepimg on my stomach?
Help with severe abdominal pain?
My mum has had 3 dizzy spells today ,and before her left hand locked ,and she had a funny feeling up her arm ,
Do you have a good relief for back pain?
I have had an infected hangnail on my thumb for months and it wont go away what shoud io be doing for it?
HELP! My friend drank 3 v drinks and shes gettin really SICK!?
Please help me. I'm having a Blood Test. I'm terrified of needles. Will it hurt ? Really don't want it. SCARED
I'm having an operation soon, and I'm really worried....?
Is my doctor right?
Can you get herpes from kising?
How do I drain the wax out of my ear?
OMG... do I have HIV?
This might sound silly but my friend just found out she has herpes, she was at my house yest. touching my.....
If two people dont have stds can they " produce " it?
What can you do when the first signs of aging start to show up on your face.?
How can i get rid of dry skin on my face?
I have a stuttering problem can it be resovled because it is very horrid.?
What is the most common disorder?
How do you tell your family and friends you dont have long to live?
Whats the best cure for Acne. [Please Help!!!!!!]?
How long does it take for a child with autism to respond to a gluten free diet?
Some reason i can't get rid of head lice i tried everything but the lice won't go away what souledd i use?
I have a rash between m y legs and its getting bigger by the day what is it?
My son has been diagnosed with childhood autism...any useful websites or advice?
Fingers are going numb for no reason, what is it?
Does anyone have underactive thyroid? because I do. And I have a few questions.?
Girlfriend help please?
Why do people ask medical question on the internet?
What is the best acne treatment for the face?
Sunburn help?
I am urinating blood, is something wrong?
If someone in America breaks their leg and they have no health insurance then what happens?
Jammed finger?
My foot made a loud pop noise and it it hurts please help?
I need to break my left arm?
How long does ur hand get better?
I just burned my fingers on my curling iron?
Okay my friend burned her leg. what do we do?
Haven't you always wanted to push a person in a wheelchair down a flight of staris?
What do you feel when you bruise your rib?
Does it hurt when you get and ingrown toenail surgery?
Why do people have 2 legs and 2 arms????
I've had exzema since I was 3 years old, I need help!?
Acne help?????please i really need help bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Lips are dry?
Does anyone know a cure for exceama? i have it at either side of my nose.?
My lips are sore and i have been using lip balm but its not helping?
I have an ingrown toenail. What can I do about it.?
Whats the best way to get rid of a blister, on the side of the foot?
A red little ball by the tear duct is a sty?
Do psoriasis has any solution to rid off?
My unborn baby heart problem?
A question about the cholesterol that clogs your arteries?
I am 67 years old.I am both diabetic & hypertensive. Am taking drugs to control them. What are ideal readings?
High blood pressure question.....?
Where can I find out about the prognosis of diabetes?
Strange Blood Glucose Levels?
Differences between cardiac arrhythmia,atherosclerosi... infarction & hypertension?
Can any one help?
How do i get rid of a canker sore in my mouth?
Is it safe to give injections to increase height of a 12 year girl?
Are there any clear symptoms for the hypertension??
How common is it to have a heart Attack......?
Can i calim disability living allowance for having chronic migraines?
What is the best diet for someone with diabeties and does the atkins diet really work?
Anyone ever get skipped beats?
Where does the blood go after it is pumped through the heart?
Pains In my Chest?
Iam diabetic?
How do you deal with your peripheral neuropathy?
Blood pressure problems Big time !!?
What can i do, now that i have a brocken wrist?????
"Diabetes mellitus" ?
How many glucometers have you used, what's your favorite, and why?
I have severe ear pain that's driving me crazy!?
How can i get rid of this chest pain?
Restaurants for gestational diabtes?
My teeth hurt from braces-- how can I make it hurt less?
My tummy is upset when i go to sleep and when i wake up why is that?
What exactly is an STD?
Im in loads of pain now it burns when i wee and also it hurts when i walk ive been cryin it hurts tht much?
If feel so horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Here's a question about hiv or std?
I have a friend who plucks his eyelashes. Is this a bad habit, or is there a medical reason why he does it?
What's your best acne control products or methods? strongest antibiotic? (No accutane..)?
I have really bad scars from acne, any ideas on how to get rid of or reduce?
I have acne and I've taken 3 different types of pills!!?
What causes itchy skin in dogs?
Cold sore help?
Hi everyone.im 15 and get big outbreaks of spots.ive tried all the creams and lotions.none work.plz help?
Does Proactive works?
Why are my fingers peeling? Actually, my whole hands are peeling now. No blisters, just skin coming off! Help!
My girlfriend has lice and want to keep them. She says she likes how they tickle her scalp!?
Does rubbing alcohol really get rid of zits?
How and what is the best way to detox your body of cannabis and how long does it take?
What if some one gets lots of headaches for no reason?
Swollen, painful neck - what could this be???
Does it sound like I have Hemroids?
How can one cure illness from eating food that was too greasy?
Is this mono?
Is anorexia a disease? Is it contagious?
What causes painful feet?
Which painkiller is stronger?
I have a pain in the neck any suggestions?
Why is a blo w j ob called so if its more of a hoover affect?
Valium and what it does?
I have had 4 canker sores in the past 2 months?????
What's the best way to clean a belly button?
Whats the first thing u do..?
I'm getting my ears peirced tomorrow!!!?
Whats the worst pain you ever been in?
Any tips on what to do with a small cut on the inside of my lip?
I need help?
Chest pain.?
How do I prevent a ripped fingernail from ripping further?
Ear Infection Please Help??
I have a cast on my leg up to my knee. How do take a bath without getting it wet?
Cutting Myself addicting?
Answers from gentlemen only please.Rather sensitive issue and not at all funny.?
Would u choose a stressful job with a high salary OR a more relaxed job with a lower salary?
Cure for nits?
My wenis is itchy what could be wrong?
Vaseline to help with eczema? Please see explanation.?
How do i keep from getting sunburned?
Help Me!!!!!!!?
How long can you?
I have recently had a tattoo and have a problem?
What Are The Symptoms Of Head Lice?
Worried i have head lice, what are some home remedies to get rid of them NOW ! help?
Can men receive the Gardasil vaccination??
My mom is having leg cramps... any advice or help plz!?
How do i get rid of migraines (besides seeing a doctor)?
Can anyone tell me ways of breaking my wrist?
Do you or anyone you know have scoliosis?
Why am i always having headache?
Got stuck from a chair, would I get HIV?
My back and neck hurts so bad!! I need help!!?
Does this mean I have a high pain tolerance?
Does anyone know how to get rid of a head ache FAST?????!!????!!!?
What do I do if I have a headache?
Does getting your ears pierced hurt?? How long can they take to close up??
How do i break my own wrist?????????!!!!!!!!!!!...
Why do i always feel like vomiting in the morning?
Is healthy urine clear?
For thin people only to answer please?
I can't sleep and its 3am in the morning(in where i live)?
Do u ever worry that if u have to go hospital that nurses might have to wash you and see your private parts?
How can you tame an angry zit?
Baby Excema?
My HANDS are freakin DRY!!!! ANY TIPS!?!?!!?!?
How do I permanently get rid of a puffy eyelid reaction to makeup?
Does anyone know how to get rid of cold sores?
Does anybody know good acne cream/facewash that really works?
How do I get rid of poison ivy?
White english doctors?
I have a dark circles ar ound my eyes tell me any solutions?
I have this bump on my toe. And it's looks like a bubble and hurts like hell. I'm not sure what it is?
I have a big fear of shots, and I'm getting them in about one hour. Help! I hate needles so much!?
Sould i get my tongue pierced??
Did you know that having an orgasm at the first sign of a migraine, helps to alleviate the pain?
What is a good pain medication for surgical pain?
Should I cut myself?
My stomach is hurting really bad? what can I take to reduce the pain?
I have a kidney stone , it is going to pass, I am in pain already, what is going to happen??
How to stop cracking knuckles and joints!!!?
Why is this depression never leaving me ? Can you please tell me why ?
What causes hiccups?and how do I stop it?
Can any one help with the pain of Arthritis??????
My urine has a strange smell to it. Could this be a kidney problem?
Do I have Kidney Stones...?
What can i do if i feel like am about to have a cold?
Fibromayalgia i have it and am having a hard time.?
Can you give yourself lead poisoning by stabbing yourself with a mechanical pencil?
I have lost feeling in my feet, it feels like they are always asleep, what could be causing this?
What condition has these symptoms?
My step sister just had a seizure about 15 mins ago, her heart rate is really fast....?
Does anyone have a remedy for neuropathy in the hands? My husband has diabetes and this is a side effect.?
Please explain how exercise helps a person in prevention of diabetes??? what actually happens?
How do you reduce the glucose level in your body/blood?
Sugar problems connected to Diabetes?
I have infections on both feet after operations on toes , i am diabetic and 64 years old , doctor told me?
Tell me what you know about diabetic women have babies. Complications, etc.?
What are the risk factors associated with diabetes ?
Can a person with type b postive blood be givin b- nag or o - nag blood?
Glucophage for none diabetic?
Help with diabetes?
Why would.....?
Got a question?
How do I stop sore legs?
Why does elevating the leg help when you have a leg injury?
BLAcK EYE!!!!!!!?????
Sharp Chest Pain?!?
If YOU were the PRESIDENT.....?
I have a wooden splinter underneath my fingernail?
Has anyone got any advice on using slings?
If I take the stitches out myself, what instruments should I use? And whiskey for the pain?
What is a good body lotion that smells really good?
I can not get rid of my daughters lice. I tried nix and the mayo treatment. I dont know what to do!?
Please! help! how can i get my acne away?
What is a good remedy for dry eyes?
Whats the most efficent way to get rid of acne on your back and shoulders?
My skin is very dry?
I swallowed just a little amount of the blackhead eraser medicated pads. is that ok?
Is it possible to get a mole on the palm of your hand?
I have sensetive skin, what body soap do you recomend?
Chlamydia or ghonerhea?
Where did the HIV virus come from?
Would you write a reaction paper on HIV AIDS or Abortion?
Transmit HIV ??
If u get a cold soar in ur mouth do you have herpes?
Do you have oral herpes? Click here please.?
What helps restless leg syndrome?
Blatter Infection! please help !!!!!?
Headache reliever?
Any one had this floating pain?
Continuous headache?
Does anyone know when bones will be back on tv?
My grandson 14, is having scoliosis surgery (bars surgically put in his back) Any pain killing remedies?
Do you have any suggestions on how I can ease period pain without drugs?
Is oxycocone like heroine? When taking, is it like which drug?
Have ever been stabbed or shot??
I hurt myself in a basketball game?
My Dr. thinks I'm a drug addict?
When you take a pain killer tablet, how does the tablet know where to go to get rid of the pain?
I got shot in my chest and i am bleeding pretty badly..i am getting light headed.WHat should i do?
I have bad pain in my lower back. it seems to get much worse when I have to go to the bathroom. Why is that?
My right ear and right side of my throat hurt. What can i do?
I need a hang over remedy.... please!!!!!!!!?
Why do i keep getting backache and how do i stop it?
Treadmill causes horrible pain on both shins....?
Does a person that has AIDS have a responsibility to inform their employer?
Why is my bowel irritable. i know the common answers which don't help?
What is the difference between a shy person and a person with autism?
What happens if you take regular grass from the ground and roll it up in paper and smoke it?
My small finger on the left hand constantly for the past 2-3 mths has been tingling - like pins and needles?
What can I think of instead of if I have another panic attack?
Help constant stomach aches,feel really sick whatsgoing on with me?
I have a acidity problem in my stomach continuously?
My friend uses laxatives and vomits after each meal, will she lose weight rapidly?
What is the smell of death exactly ?
Does anyone have an remedy to get rid of hickies?
They always told me not to drink milk during a cold. why is that so? Is that just an old saying?
I made a bet with my buddy , what is the health risks of snorting powdered cheese?
How do i stop snoring?
I got what i thought was an insect bite 5 hours ago. how do i treat it?
What will happen if you take Tylenol that expired in 5/06?
How do u stop people from doing things like drinking and smoking.?
Help!!! I have social anxiety!!!?
How can i stop scratching myself?
If you have a leg amputated can you keep the bones?
How do u get a broken arm?
Worst injury you have ever had?
Is this normal to happen after a cat bite?
If I only have time for a short workout, is it worth it?
What's best to do when you just broke your finger?
I am 37, single mother of two kids and not really sure what to do for work.?
I have an eyelash that is poking the corner of my eye and I try to move it but it just won't budge.?
Is there a vaccine for HIV yet?
Where did the aids virus start?
Wat r the chance that HIV transfers through kissing?
Do people still have syphilis???
My chest hurts so bad. When i breathe in it aches what could this be? Help its bothering me?
What to do for pain relief from burns?
My back aches, how can I treat it without ointments?
What r the best sleeping tablets in the uk?
I have a pea size moveable lump between my chin and neck?
How bad is it to swallow 8 grams of tylenol a day for 5 days? I'm curios if i need to go to the ER?
How can i stop cuttin myself??
My nose and head hurt...whats the deal?
What is a good cure for sinus pain?
Gym pain after stoping for a while?
Nose damaged from long term cocaine use?
Can someone get off of Life Support after 4days & be breathing on their own?
I'm gasping for ciggy, but dr told me to give up. tell me joke, take mind off it?
Can I share my poem about my struggle with alcohol with you?
I live in Central Arkansas. I have uncontrolled diabetes. Can anyone reccomend a good doctor for diabetes?
I have polycystic ovary syndrome & therefore have insulin resistance problems. does anyone know the best way?
Thyroid problems?
I have type 2 diabetes and have just had my HBa1c?
What is normal blood sugar level at age 45?
Why do you give insulin to type 2 diabetics considering they are non-insulin dependent?
Problems with high blood sugar after breakfast?
"Serious" Diabetes?
When does diabetes result in death?when does it affect eye sight?
I am 58 years old and a diabetic.I develop a bad habit[tobacco chewing]Now it is very difficult to get rid of?
Is it true it is really quite difficult to catch HIV/aids...?
Is leukemia considered an std?
If you test positive for hiv will the health department contact you imediately?
If you have herpes is there a chance if you are pregnant the baby will have it when delivered?
Am I normal?
Std or side effect of my bc pill?
I got hit in the face and the inside of my nose is swollen. No blood. broken?
I just got my belly button pierced a few months ago...?
Burning pain in right side of stomach?
My son has puss seeping from his ears what generally causes that?
Handling used sanitry towels?
Weird bump??
Blood pressure?
If a rapid bolus of IV Phenytoin was given to a patient, what would be most likely occur?Choices are?
I have read and heard people recommend some effective natural treatment of BP. Your opinion please?
How do I let my boyfriend know I love him?
Can you live without your spleen?
I think I have fibromyalgia, but my doctor won't diagnose it, what should I do?
Urgent heart question?
You lose your left leg below the knee in a car accident what would you choose?
Is my dog faking or could he really be hurt?
Theres a bump under my arm pit?
I have bicuspid valve prolapse should i see a cardiologist's?
I burned my self with the stove....i gripped the stove with both of my hands, so i got burn.....?
What exactly is a Hemmoroid?
What is this yellow liquid coming out from my nose?
Do you think she will lose her foot or leg?
Can you severely injure someone by a single punch in the face?
People who can't control defecating?
How do i get rid of migraines?
Does hawthorn berries really help lower blood pressure?
Smashed Middle Finger on Car Door!?
What cures warts on feet?
What's wrong with me? Of recent the muscle in my lower left eyelashes twitches involuntarily.?
I Have Servere Tinnitus !!, Does anyone know anything that can help relive it ?.?
What type of tests do they do for pre-op for heart surgery?
Naval Piercing - Mine is infected and very sore - What is best to clean it with to rid of the infection?
I'm female and I sweat under my arms all the time.?
A mole on my back-a flat brown circle getting bigger-should I worry?
What is the best thing to put on extremely dry, cracked bleeding hands?
My finger hurts?
Can plain rubbing alcohol be used to cure a ring worm?
What causes painful puss filled bumps under underarms?
Smelly white skin between toe that is pelling?
First Degree Burn at home on face what should I do?
I have a knot under my arm and don't know what to do!?
Can a major headache cause speech problems?
How do I clean my system of pain killers?
What do i do to get rid of this terrible heartburn ive been having?
Help, health deteriorating (headaches, fatigue, muscle pain) and I don't know why...27 year old woman?
Can worry bring on actual pain?
Why? can't I go to the site adam4adam.com now before I didn't have anytype of problem before.?
BIG NECK PAINS !!! i have severe neck pains ... please help me :(?
How do i get rid of back/shoulder pains from stress?
Is it true magic johnson no longer has HIV??
I got crabs from the hotel sheets, do I tell Mrs. Dubin?
How can you tell if you have bedbugs?
Is 9 showers in a day a good way too stay clean?
My cousin,who is 16, eats her scabs/dry skin, could this be the sign of a nutritional deficiency?
How do you get rid of styes?
Why is the skin on my fingers always peeling off?
My daughter develops a rash on the side she lays on or if she wears a bracelet or chain?
How do u get rid of acne and prevent it from happening again....??
How to get rid of dandruff ?
Help with sunburns?
What is diabetes?
If you could post guidelines for diabetes , what would you post ?
Do Blood Tests Hurt when you are getting tested for Diabetes?
I am in my ealry 20's and recently diagnosed with Diabetes. HELP?!?!?!?
What are some diabetic friendly alternatives to white flour?
Is too much sugar related with diabetes(please read)?
Glucose tolerance test and smoking question???
I need to know if my blood presser is OK 149/94 plus 81?
Im worried usually I test low in blood sugar this morning I tested high but I havent eaten in two days???
I have a friend whose daughter is 13 and diagnosed with diabetes. (type 1)?
Sprained ankle:[?
So my boyfriend accidently cut me...how long will it take to heal??
Why do I have really poor eye vishion lately, what would be some possibilities?
Broke [email protected]/can I get unemployment since I cant go back to work full time or at all for a few weeks?
Any remedies for an ingrowing toe nail before i have to resign myself to having it removed?
Hi my son got black glasses and a boy in his class has got the same ones?
Ughhhh im so sore?
If you where?
Whiplash injury?
Ive got a cut in my bum?
Pls advice the best and sure way of quitting cigarette?
Urination problems (female)?
What is Bells palsy?
I have a problem?
What do I have?
Is there anyway to help a stutter/stammer???
What can u do to relieve sinus pressure in the eyes and forehead?
Why am i getting constant colds?
Is heptitus C curable??
What do I do with my 21yr old epileptic son who absolutely refuses to take his antiseizure Rx ?
I am in sever pain due to a car wreck. I buy oxycotin off the street but i need a legal way. Any help??
Stupid accident - please help !!?
How to get rid of a headache without taking pills?
Throat pain while drinking soda?
Does anyone else get foot cramps more than normal?
Where can i purchase Vicodin?
PLEASE ANSWER!!! How do I get rid of this pain in my neck?
OMG HELP plz!!?
TYLENOL ----- or ------- MOTRIN ??????????
Why am i in so much pain??????????
Anybody here ready for bed?
HELP - I am melting!!!! Tips needed on how to stay COOL???
Am I a heavy weed smoker? How can I quit?
Has anyone ever succeded in quitting smoking for longer then a year?
Does the moon make sunburn feel worse?
Panic attacks ???????
What one thing made you smile today?
Is that HIV thingy true?
Should a person take medication if they have herpes?
Can you find a list of people with HIV in your state?
Do i have an std?
Weird things going on! help!!!!?
I keep getting these heartburn-type attacks, anyone have any suggestions?
How can you prevent Leg Cramps?
Migraine Headaches?
What does it mean when ur chest hurts? Could it be stress related?
Can smoking cause sciatica?
Have a really bad shoulder, blade and collar bone pain on and off for bout 9months now, what can i do?
For some reason it hurts to breathe?
Why do my feet hurt all of the time???????
How do you slow down the healing of a broken foot?
My son scratched his eye, and it is blood red on the inside of the lid (bottom and up to outer corner). He?
Why do you put raw meat on a black eye?
How do you know when you have torn a thigh muscle?
Who has had a toe nail surgically removed?
Do i need to see a doc if my leg pops evertime i walk?
I broke my arm. How long will I have to wear this cast?
If your workplace asks for a medical report during sick leave,can they recieve details about xrays i've had?
The most PAINFULL moment in ure life?
I cant stop smokin- from 15 to 22 years old?
OUCH!!! This hurts! Help?
Is it true that if you dont get sunlight you can get lupus?
Am i sick?
Ow, Ow, Ow!! Help me!?
Quitting smoking?
Has anyone been really cured by a chiropracter?
Does smoking marijuana kill brain cells?
I woke up on Monday morning with the bottom section of my thumb numb does any1 have any ideas y?
I have a chest pain and a pain in the arm at the same time?
What is the name for the sleeping disease/illness that starts with an E or something?
How come I get real hungry before im about to have a migraine?
What causes severe diarrhea?
Is tylonal 3 / codiene stronger then percoset for pain?
Pain in the bottom of the foot?
Have you awakened one morning with severe headache after drinking the night before?
I am suffering from heel pain please can u give me a remedy for that?
Should I be concerned if my surgeon is not board certified?
Diastole and systole relation to blood pressure?
High cholesterol???
Is the heart-heart shape?
Please list a 2gr sodium diet?
Basic Cardiac event monitor / question?
Heart problems???
Does high blood pressure tablets cause water retention??
I need to know what causes diabetic shock and what happens when in it?
Do i have diabetes?
Why am I craving salty stuff on week 2 diabetic diet?
What is the normal range of a blood glucose test for a female adult?
Is 6.2 high for a HbAlc test? i mean high enough to be put on a medication like gluophage/?
WHAT ARE effects of having glucose levels in 478-490'S??
When you were diagnosed with diabetes what was your blood sugar at and how many years have you had diabetes?
Is it possible to get diabetes from eating too much natural fruit?
Why would a dr do a spinal tap on a diabetic?
Are viral infections contagious?
Is plain milk a nice drink or a bit horrid?
Whats the first thing you do when you wake up on a morning?
What is the best sleeping pill?
Are you happy, sad or in between?
CONSTIPATION problem.since longtime.do any doctor,or someone knows some best remedy.?
Everytime i get stand up from sitting/laying down i get a bit dizzy,?
Pain in the bum?
I have a very painful back pain!!?
Belly pains?
How do i tell my granma to stop pinching my cheeks!!!!?
Osteo arthritis: is there such a thing as pain "relief"?
There is a white dot on the side of my throat. what is it?
How do I get rid of my sore throat?
Would you take Methadone to beat a lortab addition?
I have a pain in my shoulder for a few years. It becomes numb & worsens with a stinging pain within. Any help?
Am i addicted to painkillers?
Pins and needles,i love them..any one else?
How can i help relieve the pain from a sun burn?
I'm a 28 year old male and i think i'm getting Arthritis in my left hand?
Are the effects of loneliness physical, psychological; or both?
I feel strong sharp pain in my heal when i step onto my foot, what could it be?
Whats the difference between asprin and paracetamol? Which is best for a hangover?
Im allergic to hydrocodone &..?
Ive been drinking water, why does it hurt when I pee?
Is Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) the work of the Devil?
Does anyone else have problems with walking,i have severe pain in my hips and lower back,my gp knows this.?
When I pour boiling water on my nose, my lips turn downward into a frown. Am I a wimp??
If you got stabbed with a knife?
What are the chances that you will reach 40 without breaking a bone?
Who thinks that pot should be legalized just like cigarettes and tobacco?
My son split his upper lip 24hrs ago we apply ice to it but should or could he still need stitches.?
My sister had a short seizure?
Will my hair grow back ?
Autism or speech delay?
Sounds crazy-but thumbs go numb when I am asleep-anyone have an idea of the cause?
Can I be fired for my back injury??? Please read first...?
Metalic taste in mouth.dryness in mouth tiredness and the ugre to vomit?
I'm 22 years old and I have to resort to a comb over. I've tried Rogaine, but till now, no success. What next?
My husband pinched a nerve in his back. Is there anything i can do to help him?
What can be done about Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
What's the best thing to do if your stomach hurts and you've been throwing up. like i mean to make it stop.
Im hurting?
What is the very best permanent cleanse (not a mask) to pass a drug test for THC as soon as possible?
Can anyone tell me, Why is second hand smoking bad?
How frequently can blood be drawn from a person?
I accidently took 2 more ibuprofen then I should have if that okay?
Sore throat!?
I've had Migraines for 3 years and counting, know of anything that'll really work?
My eye bulbs are red and sore. Is it allergies?
A lot of back pain?
I don't know why my lung hurts?
Every so often i get this pain in the center of my chest?
Shivers up/down spine when listening to a really good song?
How do i make my braces stop hurting?
Ive been having pains on the right side of my stomach my boyfriend says im pregnant and ive been doing to much
Respiratory diseases in children?
Need tips on dealing with croup?
If you believe that second hand cigarette smoke at the enterance of a building is more deadly than car exhaust
Sleep apnea?
Well summer will soon be here. do you think non smokers will refrain?
Please anyone?
What would be the best way to eradicate tobacco use from the world?
What can my husband do for a sinus infection until he can get to the dr?
Am i comeing down with the flu?
Period help???????????
What happens if u take 3 max strength tylenol instead of 2?
Muscle ache?
My throat is killing me and I have a class in 2 & 1/2 hours. What can I do to lessen the pain?
Do u know anyhow or easy way to get rid of a headache?
How to ease pain of migraine?
I think i might have Appendicitis?
I have problem with knee pain but i never ever injured in sports.i have no swelling?
Is it very painful at that very moment if someone`s leg or hand gets cut in an accident unfortunately?
Do you think i,d still be able to see if i.......?
Could this be diabetes maybe?
What would be a normal sugar for a 13 year old boy after eating?
WHAT is wrong with me?
Diabetes Cure Testing?
What is the best way to cure a dry sore throat?
Non-diabetic, took sugar today and it read that it was 61.?
Does anyone know what a "vibrating" sensation in my knee could be?
If you find out you have high glucose levels, what are things you can do that will help lower it?
Okay, so i have diabetes...?
I haven't slept for 3 years! Literally, all I have been able to do is cat nap on the sofa.?
If someone with prosthetic legs dies and is cremated what happens to their prosthetic legs?
First thing you do if you broke your arm/ leg?
What is the most embarassing injury story you have?
How can i find my way up........?
My mom fractured her ribs!?
I get a lot of headaches just down the side of my face and around the left eye?
Do you currently have any broken bones?
Would an MRI Scan be used if someone had cracked their wrist bone?
What age can u start lifting weights at ?
I got jumped (beat up) by six girls, i think i might have a concusion?
I need help?
Advice required please: I have the following physical symptoms, does anyone know what might be the problem?
How do you tell if you have appendicitis?
How can I tell if I have an Anxiety Disorder?
Ignore me i'm Fainting?
Any ideas/methods to fight an oncoming cold?
Do you really think exercise is the answer to all chronic pain problems?
I have been getting chronic Indigestion for nealy 6 weeks, can somebody give me some advice please?
How do you pass a drug test for marijauna in less than 24 hours?
The voices are becoming louder, and angrier, how to get rid of them?
Help my throat hurts so bad!?
Terrible JOINT PAIN! help!! doctors dont work! what can i do!?
My nose burns...any suggestions??
Please help...I have a horrible headache??
What is an alternative pain releiver to percocet. I get terrible stomach pains and feel like I am gonna od.?
Any advice on how to treat migraines besides daily "prevention" medication?
Why won't my headache go away?
Hurt Lifting Weights, help!!!?
What is the best way to help with period pain????
Has anyone experienced this?
Back problems?
The left side of my tongue fells hard and sore?
I am on disability living allowance .....?
Help me ive been up all nite with horrible gas pains cant stand or sit for more than 5 minutes?
Anything at all....Im up for ideas I need help????????
Chest and back hurts when I breath - any ideas?
My back is killing me-what can I do for immediate relief??
Is it normal to get a headache after staring at the computer for hours?
My dads arms went numb while driving. Anyone know why this would be?
Whats wrong with my belly button!???!?
Why can't I sleep?
I've lost my thumbnail - will it gro back?
Motrin with ibuprofen?
I passed out today at school and i dont know why?
Coping with seeing people die?
If Stephen Hawking stubs his toe on a corner or something, does he physically have to type in 'ow'?!?
I sleep at around 1-2 am, but however i get 8hrs of sleep..is that wrong??
Does cracking your fingers really cause Arthritis?
Is it necessary to see a doctor for a broken toe?
How the devil do you keep a plaster on your finger or worse the palm of your hand?
SERIOSULY URGENT piercing question!!?
What REALLY helps for a black eye???
Is it safe to gauge your ears yourself?
I'm having a Colonoscopy soon - camera in the large bowel, and been getting conflicting advise.?
Suiciding least painful way?
A sharp pain?
I Listened To My Music Too Loudly, And Now I Have A Throbbing Pain In My Ear. Should I Be Worried?
How to reduce sciatica pain?
What would you do if you were serounded by people with spas-12 shot guns?
Kidney stones?
Having stiches out from ladies bits any tips on how not to feel the pain?
Sore throat!!!?
Is something wrong with me?
I have been told my bad colesterol is to high ,What can i do to improve this condition?
Have you noticed?
Fibromyalsia: What to do?
I have a knife lodged into the side of my arm, is that bad?
What holistic methods are there for constipation?
How do i get over claustrophobia?
My hand keeps on bleeding?
What disease has sleepiness as a symptom?
Whats the best treatment for cold sores?
Does anybody know? ? ? (i need immediant response)?
Is there any way to stop sweating under arms additional to cleanness?
How can I get wax out of my ear? It is pushed back and I cant hear a thing!?
I need support, so please tell me if you think I'm right.?
What's the germiest thing do you touch in public?
I have a stye on my eyelid...How do I get it to go away
If a rattlesnake bit me on the prostate, what sort of first aid would you administer?
Would you do rescue breathing on a real person without a barrier device?
Why can you not sneeze with your eyes open.?
Is morphine causing these side effects? Should we be worried?
What kind of doctor whould I visit if I have a pain in the back of my hip?
Headache for a week?
Help me to cure my serious headache...?
I have headache on the left side of my brain. What is that from?
Calf pain?
I took tramadol for very bad toothache now i am being sick?
What hurts more?
How do i get rid of yellow toenails?
Is it bad to go to the tanning bed?
How can I clear up my acne over the weekend?
Why do some people look at me differnt because i have a skin disease?
Iv got realy bad cracked and sore lips, what is best to get rid of it?
How to get clear skin forever?
How to cure winter chapped lips?
How can dark lips become pink?
Why dose this happen ???
Are you a Diabeic too?
Ideas for preprepared breakfasts for a diabetic.?
Could i have diabetes type 1?
Does Splenda spike blood sugar in Diabetics?
My doctor says I am borderline diabetic?
How do people develop diabetes?
How to cure diabetes?
What are the effects of stress on blood sugar levels?
My son is 16 months old and fell with a q-tip in his ear the cotton was not on it,?
Does it really hurt/do damage to your eyes if you try on someone's glasses?
I can't get my ring off.?
Cutting Myself...????
How do you know if you sprained or pulled a muscel in your ankle?
Is this worth seeing the doctor about?
I was attacked by some muggers, how do i stop it damaging my already poor confidence?
In the past two weeks my knee has felt like it has been popping out of socket and I fall down.?
How do you bath using crutches or wearing cast?
Why is my left arm hurting?
The arch of my foot hurts?
I have knee pain, but only at night, what can it be?
My left hand is going numb, it's not going away. Any ideas?
Is it dangerous to take painkillers if you dont need them?
How to find a good M.D.?
Leg cramps!?
Is there a pain-free way of removing a splinter under the skin?
What causes an itch and yawn?
I have a sore throat way back in my throat and it feels like i swallowed a golf ball with ear pain?
How to get insomnia??
What could be causing my stomach pain, weight loss and other symptoms?
How to get rid off wort's?
Facial herpes - what do i do, when i get the tingle? and how long before it goes?
What is the different between treating disease and curing a disease?
Food poison? help !?
Can someone please help me here..........?
Blood Bank keeps calling?
My friend who is male is in serious pain. should he call 911?
Really sharp pains in my chest in area where ribs meet at the top. someone help please?
I had my cartilage pierced about 7 weeks ago. It still hurts, Is this normal?
How to treat chikenguniya?
Withdrawing from prescription pain meds. What can I do to help with the (awful) withdrawal effects?
I have these weird health problems that start and in a week they stop and a new one appears that is unrelated?
I have lied to my primary doctor about getting pain meds from other doctors I want to come clean,?
I'm 17 Both my parents died in a car crash last week, I feel like shooting my self?
Is it true about arthritis??
Pain relief.?
My little finger has been numb 4 wks and palm of hand,havent injured it,i also keep getting heartburn?
When I go on a airplane, I get severe pains around my eyes and forehead.Why do I get these pains?
What do you experience (physically) right before a migraine headache? Specifically with your eyes?
What is the best thing to eat or drink or do to take cramps away?
I have had this huge headache for a few days. (read details)What do I do?
Sick college student?
I was walking down my street and a bug stung me in the eye and now it keeps swelling. what should i do?
Do hospital staff really care about the elderly in pain?
What are some remedies for a sore feeling throat?
Whats wrong with me????
I have a question about this cut on my arm its deep..?
Do you have to wear crutches when you have a sprained ankle?
What is wrong with my leg?
Please help easy ten points!!!!!! Click here pleaseeee!?
What is the worst thing that u have hit your toe on?
I have injured my forefinger. tell me what should i do so that it stops paining?
I broke my foot but i can't let my mom find out i have a tattoo!!?
Jamming ur finger......?
Why do I bruise so easily?
Pullin a sickie from work...what works? can't use "Flu" any more...lol?
Am i doomed! Since the age of 17 i was a heavy drinker and cannabis user(i am now 21 and quit cannabis when i?
How often do you clean out your ears?
How do you get rid of dark circles under my eyes?
What is the best way to swallow a medical tablet/capsule? I always tend to choke and spit it out.?
Does marajuana cause cancer?
I swallowed some very hot soup and burned my throat . I have a very sore throat 12 hours later. Any ideas?
Is a salpingengooopheractomy contagious or life threatening?