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How do you get rid of a black eye?
Husband has very bad ringing,stabbing pain in ears??
What are the syptoms of pnemonia? And how do you get it?
I keep getting cramp in my left calf whilst driving . is there any short term fixes for it ?
How do I know if my 3 yr old has broken her nose?
What the heck kinda pain killer is this!?
3 year old coughs at night?
Since i stopped smoking 5 weeks ago i have noticed if i try to sleep sitting up i cant breathe properly?
HELP/ADVICE NEEDED>>please read and respond?
Anyone know a good remedy for Headaches?
Back Surgery Advice??
PLZ READ! my friends and i were trying to see how many marshmellows we could fit in our mouths and...?
Is it sinusitis or just a common cold?
My bro and my cat got in a fight?
Is this normal for sciatica?
Whats the quickest way to lose a bad headache?
Whats wrong with my throat?
I just sawed off my leg by accident, What should I do?
Would you have a Full face transplant?
What is the strongest pain killer you can get without a prescription?
How would you ask someone to get an.....?
What would I do if I found someone choking?
Did most people think the croc hunter would have died from a croc, than the way he did? Fear the ocean!?
Have you ever escaped certain death by a milli second ? One time I nearly stepped off a cliff?
MY Dream is to be on cruches how can i fullfill my dream?
What kind of std is syphilis?
My kid wheezes all the time. What can be the reasons? Does one wheeze all the time if one is Asthmatic?
How long does it take a broken bone to reconnect?
My hubby is running a 101 temp and feeling exhausted and sleeping alot. What could it be?
Do you have to treat Sleep Apnea? What happens if you don't?
Can a diabetic live upto 90?
What's a good way to tell if you have Diabetes?
Where would I find out how to register for social security disability?
What are the fruits and veggies not suitable for diabetics?
Why is insulin given to a patient by injection and not by tablets to be swallowed?
Diabetic and numb fingers?
Can anyone list ways to give insulin??
Medical question?
Is 91 OK for blood sugar 2 hours after eating breakfast???
Why does your heart rate go up when you inhale?
Is hony a cure for heart desase?
Is it ok for your heart and side to hurt once in a while for no reason?
I got pissed off we checked my blood pressure at the time it was 202 over 168 should i be alarmed?
1.How hypertension lead to a stroke, and cause death to a lot of people?
Cholesterol question?
Need to lower husbands blood pressure by 5pnts?
Tell me about these cardiac findings?
Will i have alto time ,my doctor told me that i have heart disease?
Can a heart by pass be the cause of a missed period?
Should i sleep on the floor!!?
How do I ease the pain of a burn?
Why does my 2 fingers on my left hand have pins and needles ,for 4 days now ?
My jaw is randomly having this weird pain and it hurts to chew or move it?
Will the high from oxycodone wear off if i dronk a milkshake?
Please help?!!?
Mixing Vicodin and Flexiril?
If I take Tums when I don't need them, will I get sick?
I took 4 extra stength tylenol... bad?
What is chonic bronchitis?
Is rheumatoid arthritis deadly?
If you have fluid on the lungs?
Am i developing a bad health by started snoring heavily?
How do you keep relashionships if you have herpes?
If you smoke have you been finding rules and regulations going to far?
How do you prevent getting shingles?
How do you die from AIDS or HIV?
Chest infection?
How can I stop my snoring?
What is the starting point of the deadly desease AIDS?
Can i get herpes by someone with herpes drinking my drink?
Bleeding questions??
What does it feel like to use cocaine?
I think I might have an eating disorder called Compulsive Eating. How can i tell if I do?
Constant burning in middle of chest, worsens when eating or drinking?
My 3 year old has chickenpox.He is very upset as they are in his mouth and giving him pain. what can i use?
I have a headache. Is it time for taking a break for Yahoo Answers?
You be the doctor--Diagnose this?
Can a person be anorexic all their life??
Whats does it mean if i have pale coloured poo?...?
What stomach disorder can cause you to be sick as soon as you eat?
What helps most in the morning to stay awake?
I have always had headaches....but lately really bad, anyone know any supplements to take to help relieve them
Pot Question??
Pain in the chest. Any ideas?
Who has a good cure for a headache?
When does a cushion become a pillow, whats the difference?
Did i break my foot?
How to get rid of cramps in mussles?
Boil on the inside of my leg....been their for months, now what?
Aspirin or pain killers for younger kids?
Can marijauna help with MS?
What is wrong with me!?
Why do we put ice packs on swelling?
Is Anybody on Zoloft?
Burnt my Finger?
What is Prednisone Used for?
What causes asthma?
I have Chronic Chest pains ....?
Are you a smoker? Please stop TODAY?
If the body can heal itself then why cant we live forever?
Tips fpr quitting smoking?
Was i hallucinating?
Can you die from scoliosis?
Is the weed still in my system?
What can i do?
Help! My doctor tells me I need surgery but I'm scared!?
Why did my doctor didn't give me a gown to wear durig a chest x ray? does it affect the results?
Ouch! I hurt my ankle!?
Oxycodone 80mg into 5mg or 10mg?
How can i make the pain of a charlie horse go away when it is in the middle of the night?
What are ways to prevent or relieve back aches and soreness while setting at an office desk all day?
I hooked up with a girl last night and I woke up with a burning sensation down there. Any suggestions??
I have arthritis in my knee and I'm aspirin sensitive, what is the best thing I can do for pain?
How do you wake up in the morning without an alarm!?
Ive had the same headache for 5 days- why is this?
I have regular pain in left side stomuch so what is reason?
Lasix or frusimide?
Heart mumor?
My test came back daying i had occlusion and stenoisis of the cartiotid artery with cerebreral infraction dr?
Does anyone know someone who had a cardioversion for atrial fibrillation? How did it go and was it successful?
Is angina curable?
Questions on Congestive Heart Failure?
Can nicotine aggrivate an irregular heartbeat?
My Dad Claimed He Had Poor Circulation in His Legs?
My resting heart rate is usually around 46-50 beats per minute. Is this normal?
What do you mean if creatinine is high?
Hi everyone. I was just wondering if smoking cigarettes when on the antibiotic "amoxcyllin" is harmful?
Is it possible to stop smoking weed?
Chest pain after smoking marijuana?
Why are UK health warnings on ciggies so big?
Ive been smokin for 12 years n now im coughing up blood can u help me?
I have something in my throat that I cant swallow. It will not go away.?
I think I'm having a panic attack. HELP!!?
What are some other asthma meds I can try?
Wheezing and short of breath. Are those signs of Asthma?
I was diagnosed with strep throat & started penicillin pills yesterday...how long to cure/eat solid foods?
How to get rid of gas without pills?
If you knew you were going to have total dementia by 85 years old what would you do, if anything?
What happens if you lick a hamsters urine?
Is it possible...?
How Can I Cure My Insomnia...?
Why do you think autism rates have increased?
If a tumor is benign, what does that mean?
Are Hiccups really contagious??
If a doctor suddenly died while doing surgery, would the other doctors work on the doctor or the patient?
Am I going Insain or developing somthing?
Can Gonorrhea which is an STD can it lead to Aids. And if yes what ate the probable chances?
If you found that a good friend had aids,would you avoid him or her?
Serious question for adults only.?
What is herpes?
What could happen if I take tylenol pm every night?
Why do i wake up constantly every single night with my hands numb and have pins and needles?
How do u get rid of a belly ache?
Left is right????????????????????...
I just took 15 ibuprofen tablets within the time period of one hour. Will I die?
Back/hip/leg pain?
How do I get rid of a kink in my neck??
Bad leg cramps at night?
Can anyone tell me if there is a backace how do i get rid of it?
Can taking insulin make you lose body fat?
What happen if you take High Blood and High Cholesterol for long time?
Confused about the blood sugar range for type two - I'm trying to keep it between 140 -80, correct?
Help please?
Can anyone help me understand carb counting and my insulin????
My blood test for diabetes iwas 6.2 but was told i didnt have it?
How do you deal with a parent who is getting Dementia?
Can you die from a Seizure?
Do I have diabetes? or what else can my symthoms be?
How can you tell if you have diabeties?
Can anyone tell me if labour pains can start in the top of the groin and down to the knee cap . thank you?
Will my ankle be okay? Help?
I cracked three ribs about a month ago and was working in the yard and now it hurts to breath could I have reh
I think my finger is broken?
I just had surgery for my fractured ankle. i'm home now but my ankle still hurts when I try to walk more?
How do you know if you've broken a toe?
I woke up this morning with a sharp pain on my neck what can I do to heal it?
Stiches help!?
I just got a Tuberculosis test?
Smoking questions??
Sore throat and have to sing tonight?
Could I be sick?
Question about asthma. If these symptoms sound familiar please let me know.?
I am coughing up blood??
I need help my little sis has Pneumonia!!?
How do mansturbation affects?
Can a doctor detect cannabis when checking if a patient has asthma
What is the next step after complaining to the office manager about a fragrance issue with no results?
I want to stop smoking. All my friends smoke when we hang out though...tips?
Can i still make love to my wife if we are reunited again?
I'm confused about something. if someone has hepatitus c or aids and has a baby, won't the baby be born with
My boyfriend says that you can get AIDS from a public swimming pool. I say that's crazy. Who is right?
How bad is to get a hemroyd?
Is this Herpes?
Whats that bulbous thing that hangs down at the back of the throat?
What would cause a severe non stop head ache?
Back pain?
Is it normal to have a pain in my neck?
My 8yr old is constipated for about a week, gave him stuff, not working.?
Severe headaches in the back of my head?
Has anyone ever took prescription meds and it changed their personalty?
Why is a pulse usually taken in the wrist?
I stretched my head and now i have extreme neck pain...?
Is there a good way to help a sore, swollen throat? I have no voice, and my throat hurts badly. Help?
My baby is choking on the mucas that is draining in her throat, how can I get rid of the mucas?
If tobacco use will kill you, does that mean smokers are suicidal?
What could happen if??
I want to buy a sleep study lab?
Is there a natural cure for Asthma?
?what do you do to stop smoking cigarettes?
How can smokers quit smoking?
Can you smoke when on a water-fast?
Im 14 and i smoke a couple cigarettes everday and i cough up greenstuff everyday ,do i have emphysema,?
See smokers are still lighting up despite the smoking ban in Stoke On Trent Dreamgirl 1?
Do I have pinkeye? Eyes are a bit red, woke up really crusty and stuck together, but do not hurt. HELP!?
What is the best way to cure explosive diarrhea before attending a Harry Potter book burning in an hour?
Please try and diognose me.......................... not for the weak!?
I think down syndrome gene runs in my girl friends family should i be worried?
Suffering from severe depression but meds dont help any advice?
A What Age Is Restless Leg Syndrome Most Common?
I get UTI's a lot and I'm only 16 years old.?
How can I sell a kidney to the black market?
Bowel problem..?
Has any one ever been dead?
What does it mean when I have these awkward chest pains under my heart?
How to prevent leg cramps?
My eyes are really soar and dry and just feel aful to where lights are hurting and painful what can i do?
How do you think the pain of.....?
Help any body out there with worried nagging pain in the stomoch?
What to do about headaches???
My friend said that when she drinks alcohol her arms and joints ache with the first sip, why is this?
Can i take one co codamol and one paracetamol?
How 2 recover frm fever & body ache quickly?
What do you take for a head ache?
Iv started taking garlic tablets will they interfere with my other mebs ?
If a person was doing drugs and there heart beat felt like it was to fast. What is to many beats per minute?
My aunt's blood pressure is 160/80, is tht bad?
Any one ever had atrial fibrilation and still have heart palpatations and flutters even when Dr says seems OK?
What is the lowest systolic pressure before someone dies?
What is kawasaki's disease?
My age is 50 years old. What is ideal Blood pressure for my age without taking any medicine.?
Stroke recovery for middle aged man?
Ejection fraction question?
My Cholesterol?
What kind of doctor do i go see if i've sprained/injured my ankle?
Does any one know how 2 get rid off neck pain???
Why is there a toe growing out of my neck?
Do i really need to go to the hospital??
What are some common car accudent injuries!?
Broken something?
Someone offerd me drugs and after i said no they jumped me i ended uop with 12 stiches in my head wat do i do?
I am scared to death....But I feel completely helpless PLEASE help!?
Cure for painful cramps/ spasms in my legs?
Advair 100/50 for asthma...just took it...and realized it expired in Nov of 2006?
Chest Pain?
Is there a treatment for asthma?
Is it possible for someone to fake like they have Asthma?
What does it mean when i'm coughing up green mucus?
How do you use an inhaler?
Quitting Smoking- are these withdraw symptoms?
What happens when you get asthma and you don't have your pump?
About asthma?
I have heard of people selling body parts. Where would I look to purchase a lung?
How many hours a teenager must sleep?
Quit smoking 3 days ago and need some encouragement!?
If nicotine is more addictive than heroin or cocaine...why aren't cigarettes illegal?
Please somebody help! i'm so dizzy.?
I have 2 lumps on me head?
Migraine making my life a misery!?
Poll: I have a terrible headache. Can I take motrin that expires 1/08 (this month)?
I have a head ache. help?
Migraine questions?
Does it Hurt?
Please help! My mother's been shaking for 2 hours and...?
What makes your head ache???
Migraine causes and relief?
LEG , FOOT, & TOE cramp, charlie horses????
WHY is LIFE head?
Trapped gas!! what can I do? Im dying here!!?
Pipe in my vergina?
Online First Aid & CPR courses? Good or Bad?
Should businesses be allowed to tell employees they’re not allowed to smoke – even at home?
What part of your body is most likely to atrophy?
What do i do for a bee sting?
Can i get pregnant if i am bulimic?
Please listen and help?
What's the best cure for Anxiety?
Is it ok take expire sinus medication?
Asthma: worth a trip to the doctor?
I have asthma , can i still smoke cigarettes?
Can you smoke nutmeg?
What medications are considered equivalent to Albuterol?
Why do I get chronic chest infections every winter?_?
How much does living in a city affect children with asthma?
If a tumor develops in the lungs its a sign of what?
What diseases can you get from smoking??
Is childen's cough medicine dangerous?
My wife's knee has been troubling her?
Took 15-20 tylenol in the course of about 24 hours should I be worried?
My neck hurts a lot when i move it to the right but doesn't when i move to the left.?
My husband had a migraine and i gave him a medicine i was prescribed...?
I Feel like Killing Myself Please Help Me?
I have really bad back pains, what do u think is wrong?
What is the best home remedy for terrible leg cramps, at nite or early morning hours?
What are some good remedies for menstral cramps.:(?
I am always gassy, ALL THE TIME help!?
I have Carpal Tunnel from typing so much at work. Besides a wriste brace is there any way to cure it?
What is thrush?
During a sleep study, have your dreams ever manifested and embarrassed you?
Have you had any experiance of virtigo?
More about my grampa?
What illness would justify a 2 day absence from work?
Anybody know any home remedies for a urinary tract infection?
I over bleed in my period am i anemic?
How many of you would continue to date someone even after you found out he/she had a bladder proble(leaking)?
Swelling hands and feet? NOT PREGNANT?
Is it a cold or sinus infection?
How do i fix my broken heart?
Can you still get tattoos and piercings if you have a heart murmur or should you not get them?
What will happen if you have a medium sized cut and you dont treat it?
How to bring low BP to normal BP?
Should I pop my blister? I burned a finger while cooking.?
Aortic Stenosis and Sudden Death?
Why is heart rate so important?
This Thing On My ***Hole?
Is my ear starting to get infected?
What's the one thing that can make you smile in any situation?
Blisters:: Does it hurt less after you pop it and the liquid comes out?
Doctor paramedic anyone Bloody nose?
Should i go to school with pink eye?
What do i do to treat a bee sting?
How do my numbers look - diabetes?
How To controll Diabetes?
If you drink your own blood does it go back into your blood stream?
I have no sugar in my urine?
Can a diabetic have a normal blood sugar level like a non-diabetic person>?
Type 2 diabetes..pump user, issues with irregular blood sugars..?
I have hypoglycemia...?
Diabetes question?
What happens if diabetes is not treated?
What are the best anti biotics to treat a sinus infection?
Longest you've gone without sleep?
How long does a cold last if it started on Thursday?
Have been on steroids for 14 years really want to come of them, now on 7.5mg. How do i go about reducing them
Sore throat in the mornings during winter months....?
What could cause an elevated hemoglobin count?
Can the cough after the flu advance to something more serious?
White blood count is 15000 what does this mean?
Child with pneumonia?
PELASE PLEASE please answer?
My throat hurts.?
I am looking for a pain killer called feverview?
Why is today going so slow??????
Tongue Piercing?
I got 6 stitches above my left eye because of a door. Can anyone come up with a better story to tell?
Can Ultram make you high? I mean, it's not an opiate, right?
Any hope for pain relief if allergic to codeine?
Remedy's for a broken pinky toe?
Can anyone please me some ways to ease back ache?
I get bad pain behind my eyes. It is like aching,but it is throbbing and shooting intense pain in left eye.?
10 POINTS TO best ANSWER! Ribs Hurt!?
I know someone who has recently woke up with a numb arm like half asleep but wont wake up!what is it?
Does anyone have suggestions on how to get rid of a migrain headache?
Will you die?
I woke up at 2am with really bad cramp in my calf?
Do I have a brain tumour?
How long does an MRI take?
What can I do for the bottoms of my feet arevery dry and cracking?
My back hurts, what should I do about it?
How long can it take for sum1 to die from not sleeping?
How do i cure ring worm?
I think i have ocd?!!?!?
Hey this may sound like a joke but its not. when i went to puerto vallarte i drank lemonade and i got really?
Hi since last a few months I have been really stressed about this....?
If you smoke once just one puff would a noticable amount of tar build up in your lungs?
I have M.S. My friends dont understand my problems because I dont LOOK sick.?
How soon can the liver recover after prolongued heavy drinking?
What are signs of an Alcoholic?
What is the worst pain that you've ever had?
Migraine question?
What is the best way to detox from a vicodin addiction?
I just had my galbladder removed and am recovering.?
Chest pain when I eat certain foods.....?
Causes of "Charlie-horses" (severe tightening of mussels)?
What do you do when you get a charlie horse?
I have heart flutters.?
What is atherosclerotic aorta?
Can i stop taking niaspan if my colesterol levels are normal?
100 Meter Sprints Or 2 mile Walking/Steady Running Mix Better For Your Heart?
What was wrong with me??? please help me ******?
Smashed my finger?
How long do cracked/broken ribs take to heal?
My son was kicked in the ribs during football and is now vomiting with severe pain in his ribs PLEASE HELP!!?
Why is my leg not healing?
Can I sue the council for an accident that happened in 1986?
How can you tell if your nose is broken?
Help i cut myself!?
Will I need physiotherapy?
How to break your arm quickly and easily?
What can start migraines ?
Stomach ache?
Why would my knees and hips hurt terribly w/o swelling????
Can I have some of my paracetamol even though im taking Ibuprofen?
Are Vicodin a pregnancy safe medication?
Does anyone know if i would be eligable for disability living allowance, iv had severe back pain for two years
What do hospitals do with amputated limbs?
Physical pain and emotional pain..which hurts most?
Whenever I get up real fast my head hurts then my vision gets real dark. what does this mean? any doctors here
Why does it say do not use before work with heavy machinery on the back of childrens tylenol?
How can i get over my fear of injections and blood tests without actually having to have one?
I have had the hiccups for several hours now. How do I get rid of them?
Im really upset with my mum and want to take an overdose of pain killers to hurt her badly, what wud happen to
Ive been dizzy for almost two hours?
Ive been perfectly fine all day and now ive just come over?
Can anyone diagnose me?
Raging tooth/nerve ache please help?
Is it OCD to like all the labels of my water bottles facing the same way???
I am having problems satisfying my partner. Is there an easy cure?
When i move my wrist up and down it cracks and i can feel the two bones shift what is wrong??
Today i saw blood in my feaces including a substance that is like mucus. can someone tel me whats wrong?
I have a huge migraine, i just took 800mg of ibuprofen at 5, can i take anything else to help my migraine?
What is a ear doctor called?
What's with my ankle?
Headache cures without painkillers?
What is wrong with me?
Anyone have a quick cure for foot odor???
Keep gettin chest pains on the upper left hand side and pain in my arm. why?
If I´d step and stood on your toes right now..... what would your reaction be ?
Why are periods so ****** pain ful for?
Is It Possible to cure diabetes?
My blood sugar was 150 before i ate afterwards 360 what in the world i have tye 2 diabetes?
What should be the ideal sugar level in blood for diabetes patient?
Glucose Monitors?
My brother has recently been diagnosed with cerabellum ataxia..we know that he will be in a wheelchair soon,?
Is any body here a diabeteic and if yes when were u diagnosed?
Do you think I am taking to many medicines for having type 2 diabetes?
What happens if you smoke sugar?
Are leg cramps a sign of Diabetes?
Happy Halloween Diabetics?
My exboyfriend just finish punching me in my face and my head?
My brother just cut his leg, the cut isnt deep like a gash, but its very wide. I can see the fat in his leg. ?
I broke my wwrist?
How do I make a HICKY go away?
Does his ankle look bad?
I burned my fingertip?
What's the worst scar you have?
Need serious answers !?
Boyfriend got head injury, been bleeding for 6 hours now, is this o.k.?
Weird question?
My collar bone hurts what do i do?
Extremely chapped lips?
How can I swallow pills?
My 14 year old son passed out yesterday,upon standing from bending?
How Do I getRid Of this Pain from Wisdom Teeth Growing In?
Is it true...?
Y am i always thirsty?
Any remedies for gas pains?
Really embarassing question about constipation?
What is this pain?
Anyone out there have headaches almost daily?
Pain relief?
Knee problems, should i bother doing anything about it?
My 2 year old has a yeast infection. What can I do for her to ease her discomfort?
What's the difference between a hypertension specialist and a cardiologist?
Water retention and breathing difficulty?
If I dont have high blood pressure would it harm me to take Coricidin HBP?
I am recovering from a heart attack, how long should I wait before traveling and flying?
My blood pressure...?
My question is regarding breathing difficulties.?
Blood test results came back showing low platelets? Help?
'Why is the heart associated with emotions even though it has nothing to do with it?
I want to know the cost of angeography and also the total possible cost of the treatment of heart blockage?
I have had back pain for over a year is that normal?
My leg is hurting?
What causes such severe muscle spasms and cramping in you legs, feet and toes?
I was streching and i think i sterch to much bcuz i have a crick on my neck how can i get rid of it?
Stomach pain?
Migraine problems?
My wife suffers from very bad upper stomach pains.?
Tongue piercing?!!?
Why do my knees always crack?
How do I remove ear wax form my ear drum? Any home treatments or drops available in Canada?
Bra's!! Should a man wear one if he is needing one?
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm can u please help me! medical problems?
Is laughter REALLY the best medicine?
What's the home remedy to get rid of that feeling that you're going to throw up?
This is odd....?
In first aid, why is it important to treat for shock?
Is it dangerous to leave glass in my skin?
Is it possible to actually scare someone to death?
Im 19 and, have an anxiety disorder, and my fears usually focus on diseases....?
Bowel obstruction?
If someone you know tells you he's suffering from a terminal disease, how would/should you react?
My ears are ringing all the time what dose that mean?
Is it true to say that all U.S. citizens suffer from social anxiety disorder at the present moment ?
What is the name of the condition that mothers try to make their children sick all the time for attention?
What time is my hospital appointment today ? I lost the letter !!?
Is tourettes syndrome possibly the best thing youve ever seen?
Are there any cases of 'Lockjaw' and can you still get it from a cut from a rusty metal object?
My Seven-Year-old brother got bit by his hamster what should i do plz quick?
Broken my toe, how long should I be off work?
How do you know if you have a concussion or whiplash from a car accident?
When I go running, the bottom of my feet get really hot.. Can anyone offer some solutions?
I heal really fast, is there a word for it??
I bought a comforter that had two neddles in it. think i need a lawer?
Did my brother have a concussion?
I need a lawyer to sue this Dr. here in Fremont,who gave me a Medical and Physical Exam w/o wearing gloves?
Why do i keep feeling dizzy?
If i phone the doctors in the morning you can grantee it will i wont get a appointment till next week!?
Have you ever cried becouse someone stepped on your foot?
Anyone else have really bad sinus headaches this time of year? What helps?
What is the best way to heal a headache?
Leg problems...?
Constipation from pain medications?
Heelppp ???
I get very bad leg cramps during the night, what can i do to prevent them?
Why is my right foot tingling and falling asleep? It kinda feels numb or "asleep"?
My toes swollen up and puss is coming out of it?
My hand and fingers on my left side go numb a lot why?
How do i tell if i have pre-diabetes or diabetes?
Can diabetics use honey?
My doctor said gluophage makes u loose weiht, is that true?
My mothers parents both have type 1 diabetes, my sister is dignosed, what is the possibility i will get it?
Should diabetics eat refried beans and a question about diabetes?
What kind of testing strips and Lancets can be used with the ONE TOUCH ULTRA2 tesing meter?
Sore throats?
Who is sitting next to me?
My husband has kidney stone that is in ureter the pain has moved down. Need the quickest way to make it pass?
Recently when i work out i got really bad headaches... please help?
What is the best teen stress reliever?
I have to get blood taken this afternoon...?
Pain spasm under my ribcage right hand side at the back any ideas??
I have had a headache in the back of my head/neck for 2 months..?
I found a blue pill with k19 on it and i don't know what it is?
I'm puking up black stuff and i'm shivering even though i have plenty of layers and a blanket on, whats wrong?
This is serious!!!?
I was going to ask a question about Alzheimer's, but I just can't remember it now.?
Too much time on computer make you feel dizzy/off kilter?
I bruise very easily. why could this be?
HELP!! i feel sik to my stomach, but the sick feeling comes in waves. iv felt like this for two weeks now.?
Why are hospital patients called patients?
I haven't taken a bath in three weeks, and I don't feel dirty at all.?
Toxic shock syndrome???? Help?
Is a sprain worse then a break?
How do you break a fall?
Is it bad when my knees bleed when i walk?
I fell on my butt, why does it still hurt?
Am i normal?
What are the bumps?
Urgent!!My 11 year old cuz hit herself on the head hard.?
I need help my friend got his fingers stuck in the seats at a basketball game?
What is the difference between a broken bone and a fractured bone??
Why does my right ball hurt. it hurts a little bit?
I'm constapated and i need help what should i do?
Leg cramps?
Is Percocet addictive?
I felt a stab in my chest?
What is a curved part of the foot?
Can your back cause your foot to hurt?
How can I get rid of heartburn without antacid medicines? Because I'm stuck in my room with no way out.?
What is pains beneath ur ribcage on ur right side?
I am getting my ears pierced in a few hours and what should i do to deal with the pain?
Does anyone have to watch TV in order to fall asleep??
Is my blood pressure of 210/122 in the middle of the working day normal or freakish?
My nephew was born with 6th fingers on his left hand. Have you ever heard of this?
Is it bad for you ??
I Had an operation on my lower Back and I was shocked that I was Diapered when I woke up?
Does anyone know what a charlie horse is?? I got one when I was sleeping!?
How do you call the space between two vertebrae?
Should we sue?
Is it possible to break a bone and not know?
This is really important..?
I hurt my lower back at the gym a few months ago and it hasn't got any better. How can I make it better?
Would i have a disease?
Test Indicated Blood in Urine?
Im 14 years old i think i might have diabetes ??
Am i weird?
Guess my blood sugar part 2?
Can i have s** with diabetes?
I am diabetic for about 5 yrs my glucose level is bet 102-143 for about 5 yeARS how can i contorl still furthe
What is the cost of the following medicine : LIPITOR 80mg Tablets (28 tablets ) ATORVASTATIN CALCIUM (PFIZER).
How come all of a sudden my back was flushed with heat?
I tink my hubby has sleep apnea. He doesn't want seek treatment. What can i do?
I have a sharp pian at the end of urinating what could be causing this?
Who is able to recieve disability checks?
Hi my Daughter gets pain in her legs doctor said it is growing pains has anyone heard of it?
Is it me or does anyone else find it impossible to swallow pills, tablets?
How to relieve cramps?
Hurt my eye what would u do?
A Serious Oxycontin Question?
I have a spot inside my earlobe, it doesnt bleed or burst just painfully hurts, any ideas what it could be?
My head hurts too much... i cant even walk.. what can be wrong with me??
Please help me!?
Has anyone ever had low platelets on here?
Ldl holysterole?
Is there any cure for cardiomyopathy ?
Where is my heart?
While under anesthesia....?
Hi, i am 29 yrs old, 205 lb 5' 11" tall my blood pressure is 150/75?
Suppose you had a German shepherd dog in the house that was very protective.?
Im having a heart problem..I think Can anyone please give me their opinions i appreciate it so much!!!?
What causes heart palpitations when lying flat on my back?
Should blood pressure change?
Throat HURTS!?
Anyone else having trouble sleeping?
What is the best way to get rid of an ear ache?
Can someone tell me how to get rid of my cramps that i get in my calfs and my right foot?
I have a marble size knot in the back right side? What could it be?
Should I go back to a Chiropractor after he has caused me pain?
How can i give my self a migraine?
I have very painful foot cramps. What causes these and how do I get rid of them?
I'm having pain in my upper left portion of my back as well as the back of my neck. Also left arm is tingling?
I started having lower back pain a couple of days ago and now it is also in my lower left abdomen. Help?
What R GOOD EXCUSES to get an X-RAY done...?
Chiropracter messed up my lower back, permanently, where can I turn?
This might sound crazy but how do you make a scar last longer or preferably forever?
What would happen if I pumped really loudly and it made people go deaf?
What's the easiest way to get a broken ankle?
Whats Wrong With Me?!?
How many surgeries have u had in ur lifetime?And what were they?
Lower left abdominal pain that radiates to groin and leg for 10 days. All tests are neg. What could this be?
Hi everyone, i was just wondering if you could advise me anything regarding my problem?
I had a very painful experience last night?
What on Earth is...?
Who esle has had this vomiting bug recently?
What do u think of the uk fella who's suing doctors for misdiagnosis of a tumor?
What are the best drugs for depression?
I think im losing my hearing?
What is wrong with me, read my symptoms?
Am i Bulimic?
I have SERIOUS pain in my back, lower right side, what should I do?
I burned my thumb, any remedies to relieve the pain?
I want to die?
I am having my Wisdom teeth extracted tomorrow...how long could it hurt afterwards and how bad is the pain?
Any body else feeling really blue this morning ?
Can anyone pick things up with their toes?
My legs are killing me help!!!!!!!!!!!?
It feels like i have a little ball stuck in my throat?
Why is life sometimes very painful?
What's the most painful thing you have experienced?
I hula hooped A LOT yesterday, and today, my stomache is hurting like crazy because of it... I got checked....
What is a great stress reliever?
Do you feel physical aches and pains when your depressed?
My Mum said when I was young I used to say I could turn my pain off. Any explanation?
Migraine...Someone help, please...?
What to eat with throat pain?
How do I stop this back pain?
I get pins & needles in my hands & the pain runs up arm to my elbow, what causes this to happen.?
Menstrual cramp relief.?
Why does a broken hip sometimes lead to death?
How do I determine (without an x-ray machine) if I have broken or dislocated the small toe on my right foot?
Wat coulor cast do i get?
Hey peeps. I'm really scared. I swallowed a sharp chip at dinner tonight and it feels really painful. Help!
Is there something wrong with my ankle..10 points.......I think it is broken?
I have a cut on my arm and I have a urge to itch my cut?
I gave blood a week ago for my 15 time and now my arm is aching and feels tight. should i be worried?
How to get hospitalised???
What should i do?
Please help ... i cant turn my neck to my right side ... it hurts real bad ...?
My sis is having chest pains HELP?
What is the best to do/eat/use/take when there is a headache?
I slept wrong and now my neck hurts help?
Its believed by some that when someone jumps from a building they have a cardiac arrest how was this proven?
I'm peeing out orange and my lower back hurts?
Eys hurt from crying, what will help them?
What can i do for my back pain?
What cani do when i'm in pain?
Charlie Horses?
If I put bleach in my urine, after I pee in the cup, will it help me pass a "home" drug test?
Seizure from fasting?! PLEASE ANSWER!!!?
How do u heal insomnia?
Is it possible for a slightly overweight man to get a fungal infection like thrush in his belly button?
What are the symptoms of Tonsillitis?
What is scoliosis?
I have anarexia and am only 10, i don't know how 2 get betta, i just h8 food.?
How do you get rid of an ear infection without going to the doctor?
I noticed a small lump below my ear in the neck about the size of a quarter...?
How sick am I?
Any good site which can help on Diabetes?
What are symptoms of diabetes/low iron or low blood sugar?
Early sign of diabetes?
Omg !!! i think i might have diabetes . what are the symptoms?
I think I might have diabetes. Whats your opinion?
Could I have diabetes?
What major precautions for diabetic person?
I have type 1 diabetes and my insurance will not pay for testing strips.?
For medical & diabetes staff only. Is ketchup bad for people with diabetes?
Can stress effect your insulin levels?
How do I get rid of a really bad headache when nothing Else works?
Terrible headaches?!?!?
Stuck in throat?
7 headaches in 9 days just above my eye what is wrong?
What happens if you dont get your appendix taken out when needed?
I feel sick?
Dad has pain in left arm?
I have a terrible pain on my left wrist behind my thumb it hurts about 70% of the time do you know what it is?
Help!!!! I have been constipated for over 2 weeks...?
What does it mean when you get a sharp pain in your kidneys occasionaly?
What are little ways to avoid getting a cold in the midst of the winter season?
I had too much to drink last night....?
What is the best way to quit smoking?
How long after you quit smoking do you NOT want to smoke anymore?
What do you call the stuff that gathers at the side of your eyes when you are asleep?
Anyone know how to cope with panic attacks?
Hi, I have a l6 mo. old grandson, his Mom has heard if he drinks milk laying down,?
Std questions???herpes?
I want to know if this is possible in any way.?
Does EVERYONE test themselves and their partner for STDs? Will asking my bf for a test make things awkward?
I have broken a bone in my foot i have tubagrip on it any ideas how to make it heal quick?
I sprained my ankle saturday in a soccer tournament :(?
Both of my legs.............?
Horse throat after surgery?
Why do you start crying after you wake up from surgery?
Does anyone know why we get cold sores.?
Bump on my eye?
Is it ok to inhale dry ice?
Nine days ago I received stitches on my hand, my finger is numb and around my stitches are swollen greenishred
I cut myself bad, should I go to the doctor?
Any remedies for sour throats besides gargling with salt water?
How do i get rid of migraine headaches?
Is there a stronger pain medicine I can take besides oxycodone for the pain from my tonsillectomy?
How can i stop having migrain?
How Do I Lose My Virginity Without Pain?
My dad has been diagnosed with COPD?
Cough remedy that works?
My neck hurts!!!!!!!!!!?
How do I get rid of severe lower back pain?
Does it effect a Cat Scan test with Contrast if you don't hold your breath when the machine tells you to?
What can I do to relieve a severe back ache?
Heart hurts....?
Does any1 know what can cause ur left hand, especially last 2 fingers 2 go numb?
What age for CF (cystic fibrosis)?
Can a nebulizer be a therapy or treatment for common colds?
Pain after surgery?
How to stop smoking?
How to stop a bad cough?
Will doctors still be able to tell if it was Asthma or something else?
I'm wondering if my son has Autism?
I recently tried acid twice and now when i blaze i think im hallucinating again, will this fade?
How does drinking too much water possibly make a person die?
Will scratching pets with lice give humans lice?
Pink Eye==========?
Omg my nan has just had a stroke?? whats going to happen??? help?
How Can We Reverse Mental Illness ?
Is there a non medical cure for Restless Leg Syndrome?
If you wanted to quit smoking,would it lower your chance of getting smoking related diseases?
I got a flu what should I do?
How do you make yourself throw up besides the finger method?
I burned my finger on the toaster, What should I put on it?
How do I know if there is still glass in my foot or not?
Does Coffee help with weightloss or if you drink it will it have a counter effect on trying to loose weight?
How to take out water from ur ear?
Just got stung by a wasp, it really hurts?
Please tell me what to do about an ingrown toenail... my toe's completely swollen and I'm in so much pain!!
I swallowed a piece of chewing gum, will it harm me?
Not to be mean , but how do blind people know when they are done "wiping"?
My friend gave me herpes, what should I say to him?
What are the chances of getting AIDS from someone's razor blade?
Can you get herpes by being out in public?
Is this site irresponsible?
HIV TRANSMISSION RISK?!? Serious Legit Answers Please?
How to get rid of a headache from crying?
Does it hurt? Several Part Question
Pain in back of neck after waking up late?
Does anyone have any advice on how to prevent Migraines?
I feel a bit sickly this morning with a raging thirst and headache, what could be the problem?
I'm only 13 years old and I cut myself because of the pain I'm going through.I get rid of pain by hurting me.
Sunburn Relief... 10 points 4 best answer?
How can you get rid of a headache without taking any medicine?
How to break a toe, or toes, in least painful way?
Why could I be spitting blood?
4 month old won't stop dry hacking?
Has having a dog made my sons asthma return?
Help!!!!! I might have lung cancer....?
For the last few months my throat has been burning a lot because I've been bringing up acid in my throat?
Horrible night time cough- what do i do for it?
Can't breathe then have coughing fits?
I cant breathe through my nose!!!?
What is causing the wheezing and rattling in my chest?
What would help me stop snoring :(?
What is the full form of HIV/AIDS?
The doctor say i have herpes,what to do?
Can someone live?
Do you have oral herpes?
What is going on with my leg?
What would happen if u took 5 pills of tylenol/codiene?
Diazepam 2mg?
I have this strange feeling in my chest. It feels as though someone were sqeezing my heart.?
Why do people get charliehorses?
Does it hurt 2 get your belly button pirced??
My brother has his ears stretched to a 2 gauged and he needs to have them closed by a week..?
I have a headache... Should i drink?
Do you swallow?
How do u get ur blood sugar levels to go down?
Is my neck broken?
My blood sugar has been at 140-142 for 5 hours??? I ate I gave myself insulin and I had a snack but?
I have type one diabetes im scared of rapped insulin what should i do
My Dr. says i am pre-diabetic.?
Can metformin make you tired and drowsy?
My results were 96 on the glucose testing meter, is that considered normal?
Borderline diabetas and high choleterol?
Im scared...... will i be ok?
Diabetic neuropathy?
Diabetes Help?
Could a car accident I was involved in have caused my newborn daughters umbilical hernia? had seatbelt injury?
I have a black eye and am in a wedding, help!?
How does a fracture in the ankle feel? can you walk if you have a fractured ankle?
How can you tell when your ankle is fractured, broken, or just sprained?
Is it better to put hot or cold on a soar back?
I Really need help immediatly!!!?
Do you think is a good to take out my stitches by myself?
Is it okay to do aerobics on carpet at home in bare feet?
Is it possible to die from a broken heart? I think i'm dying from one...?
Please help!!!!!?
What is bipolar disorder?
Do migraines cause Dizziness?
PLEAsE DON'T MAKE ME ASK THIS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Why should people not get the HPV vaccine?
What causes a brain aneurysm?
If a man ejaculate into a womens anus can either of them get HIV/AIDS if they both don't have it?
For how long can HIV pateint live?.?
I have not been feeling good lately?
My boyfriend has 8 symmetrical red spots on his belly, they have been there over a year now, any clues?
I have 4th degree hemorrhoids that protrude from the anus & cannot be pushed back in. Can I remove it myself?
What STD's give you a burning sensation while using the restroom?
Is there a website you can go 2 to find out who has HIV/AIDS in your community?
After hardly any sleep because of this Answers habit - is it ok to have a smoke and go to bed?
Why should I stop smoking when others put there lives at more risk mountaineering or driving fast cars?
Would you say 10 cigarettes a day is a heavy smoking habit?
Virus's , rsv, pnemonia & antibiotics?
Is there a scientific name for snot?
What is the chance of people getting elephantitis?
Cough with flem?
Is smoking bad for you?
Is speed (meth) really bad for you?
In the last year my asthma has become out of control.?
My 5 month old was just released from hospital from RSV but has bad cough, should I consider cough syrup?
Wht should i do??!!!?
Back trouble - could it be my mattress that's making me suffer?
PLEASE HELP! I beg you please!?
I have clicking in my right ear when I move my jaw and it's very annoying. anyone know what it could be...
How do I get rid of a Stiff neck? If I try to move it to the left it hurts.?
IBS pain relief?
What is a good way to ease carpal tunnel pain ??
MRI SCAN what doed MRI stand for?
Can taking Vicodin for an extended period of time cause constipation or sluggish bowel movements?
Any advice for a really bad ear ache and head ache?
Does anyone know anything about mitral valve replacement surgery?
We are newlyweds. How will Wolf Parkinson White heart disease affect us?
Help for cardiomyopathy sufferer?
Is it safe for patients who are currently prescribed warfarin to take viagara?
Can irregular heartbeats heal themselves?
Heart Attack Risks?
OPRAH I had Rheumatic Fever?
How can I avoid heart troubles in the future?
What is the normal blood pressure reading for a woman age 46?
Is it ok to take expired Tylenol, Aspirin, Advil etc?
My arms feel heavy and i feel as if i can't swallow. what is wrong?
Chest pain, dizzy, light headed, sweaty?
Ladies! CRAMPS?
My baby has a diaper rashes and i apply anti nappy rash but it wasnt work what will i do??
Feeling something on my neck???!!!?
Does Hydrocodone cough syrup expire?
Do braces hurt?
16 and in so much pain?
Who here smokes cigarettes?
Help me please.. my family is in trouble...?
What can my boyfriend do to breathe better? (Has asthma)?
Everytime I go inside an attic to work and is very hot the next day I have problems breathing, Why does it?
If a person had TB in there live time, and they started to smoke are the more likey to get lung caner?
Have you ever tried to quit smoking?
How to quit smoking?
I thought she was exaggerating, but now I'm scared.?
Why does beer give a automatic cough, when it hits the windpipe wrong ?
What is the adjective for "of the head"?
Can a doctor help or does someone help?
Is it true u lose balance without your pinky toe??
Has this ever happened to you
What do you think? After getting your head chopped off with a guillotine do you feel it?
Why do Casts get Smelly?
What do i do about a sprained ankle, i have vicodin and Tylenol..i triped down the stairs
What injury is the most painful?
Pain from old broken elbow?
OMG! Help Me!!!!!!!!!!?
Could someone please tell me what kinds of food i should eat if i have grout on my foot.?
Help broken kneck?
How do you know if you are addicted to cocaine or just like it?
Can you die from Lupus?
Has anyone heard or ever had...?
Can anxiety and tension cause dizziness?
What's the name of a tool (in english) for deaf peaple that help them to hear???
Can depression be cured?
Is eating toilet paper harmful to humans?
I am 15 and I want to give my cousin my kidney If I am compatable?
What should you do if a piercing gets infected?
Can't sleep! really bad insomnia!?
How can I stop snoring?
Is being overweight a cause of edema?
What is sleep apnea?
PLZ HELP....I'm getting used to my asthma medicine!!!!!!!!!?
My 2 yrs old girl has phlegm, any remedy?
Will she be alright?
Why human have to suffer from disease?
If my friend were to have an Asthma attack without an inhaler...?
Do I have bronchitis and/or pneumonia?
Back pain?
COMPANSATION QUESTION!! how do i claim money off a bus when i fall down the stairs i have really bad back pain
Amytripyline, does anyone take this for a sore back?
Does it hurt if you get you ear percied?
What kind of doctor would i see for pain in my back?
Whats wrong with me? Please help!?
Help my earring got stuck on my foot?
How can u cure heartburn without buying things to cure it?
If you crush up pain killers and swallow it does it still work?
What is the best painkiller available today?
Is there anyway to permanently get rid of asthma?
Can a pulmonary embolism can be caused by a lack of exercise? What are the chances of another P.E. occurring?
WHY DO I ALWAYS feel cold?
My lower back hurts alot after i take showers. Why? How do i stop it?
My 20 mon old son has recently had pain in his left leg. He cries when he tries to walk on it. What's wrong?
Bronchitis or Pneumonia?
I have a pain that started?
What is bronchitis?
What exactly is a hiccup and what are the effects of prolongely hiccupping.?
Stomach ache?
Having a hard time breathing, what could it be?
Exercise-induced asthma?
Hi has anyone got a memory foam pillow do they work also how much was it and where was it from Thanks bcbella
To quit smoking?
Can asthma hurt me?
Tension Headache?
Anxiety!? what's the best meds for anxiety or treatments?
Reduced risk smoking?
I keep getting electric shocks at the office! The chair, filing cabinet, etc.. what can I do?
Fake Injury...?
What is the most traumatic physical injury you have ever incured ?
Is it possible to break your but? Lol?
I just got back from a highschool football game, and it was LOUD, did I get hearing damage?
What's a good home remedy for sore muscles?
I have had awart on my finger and i want to remove it any ideas i have frozen, burnt & cut and it just comes b
If your back hurts do you sleep on your stomach or back?
My toenail fell off. (Gross I know) What do I do?
How do you treat a broken arm without going to the hospital?
Chemical burn from Nair?
Are there any blood sugar secrets for keeping blood sugar levels normal?
What Kind of Information do you put on a medical ID bracelet.?
What are the symptoms of diabetes?
How long is the usual pregnancy for a type 1 diabetic mother expecting twins?
Some help please!?
When the doctor draw blood out of your arm what all can they find in your blood?
What is level-1 & level diabetes?
What are the best foods to reduce cholesterol level of slightly above border line?
What is the difference between type I and type II diabetes?
What can I do about smoke?
I have middle ear infection? Is it serious?
What disease do i have?
Does anyone else have fibromyalgia?
Tonsillectomy. is it worth it???
Whats the best way to get rid of phelgm?
What can I do about an apartment neighbor who smokes?
Bad Headaches?
My 4 month old son has Bronchiolitis what do i do?
Please suggest a remedy?
Is my brain dying?
Do I have Exercise-induced asthma??
Explain what you understand as bird flu?
Are people mad to drink there own wee?
It hurts to breathe, should I be worried?
Is there anyway i can stop snoring if yes, please tell me how? thanks =]?
Could epilepsy be caused by inhaling toxic chemicals?
How do you smoke?
Can children and dogs pass ringworms to each other?
Why would someone have to go to the hospital for a migraine?
Has anyone ever been put to sleep before for surgery?
Please Help, I Don't Feel Good?
My muscles in upper arm hurt from baseball...?
Piles? help?
Do i have appendicitis?
TMJ syndome???
Im scared..?
Help! I am having horrible back pains.?
If i have had fight with someone, should i report it.?
How to give myself a bruise?
I can't do sit ups.and when i make i only make 5 and i get pain on my ribs?
How serious do you think it is?
Any body know why i am bruising so easily and what can be the cause of this?
Getting a nose job, is it worth it?
Is there anything you can take for anxity besides anxity meds that really work and let you sleep?
Boooo hoooooooo my foot?
Can a person bluff back pain or an injury to their back?
Must i put refrances on my resume?
All of a sudden my ear got pluged a bit, and not it hurts like whenever i open my jaw... what could this be???