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Soo tired???
How long do you think your life will be?
URGENT!!! really bad burn!!!?
I want to quit smoking,?
Is the thumb considered a finger???
Unexplained bruising and swelling in legs with no injury?
How can i get water out of my ear?
Is there a vitamin supplement you can take that repels mosquito's, and stops you getting bitten so much?
What does cracking my knuckles actually do?
Help! I won't stop bleeding!?
Is there any harm in swallowing a bubble gum accidentally?
I got punched on my left jaw and its swollen up and its out place where i bite down. how can i get it back!?
Anyone know any successful and quick methods for breaking bones?
My jaw has been hurting, and is now cracking. What could it be?
If you have yellow on your finger what do you have?
I hit my head on the bottom of my pool yesterday. Then my neck started hurting. Whats wrong?
I'm getting plastic surgery?
Does My Cousin Need Stitches? Please help!?
Banged my head?
Who invented the crutches?
I just cut the side of my palm open down to the muscle (muscle not cut) its about 1 inch wide, do i NEED stich
Help i need home remedies for constipation?
What is the easiest way appart from pain killers to relive my period pains while im at college?
Pain shooting up through hip?
I just stop breastfeding now i am so engored it hurt what can I do to make it not so pain ful.?
Please help bad headache!!!!!!?
Lower Back Pain!!! 10 points to best awnser!!!!!!?
Low Back Pain for Years is there a real fix?
To all people out here?
Help! I've had a terrible headache for 2 days. No sinus symptoms, but it is worse when I bend over?
What questions should we ask when my mom goes to talk the surgeon about getting a heart valve replacement?
Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What's the difference between angina episode and an MI?
My Grandpa just had quadrupal bypass this past Thursday. He now doesn't know anything.....?
What can a person do to avoid getting a heart attack?
If you are dehydrated (pills and alcohal) and your cardiac system is reacting to it, what is going on?
Is a heart rate of 45-47 bpm normal for a 73 yr. old female or should this be addressed medically?
Is it normal to feel a bit anxious coming off warfarin?
Stroke or Bells Palsy?
Have any of you women experienced pain in between your shoulder blades for no reason? Heart problem maybe?
Gross question alert how do you treat rectal problems?
Kind of nasty, but....?
IBS Medication?
Are unsanitary and unhealthy illegal Mexican farm workers responsible for the outbreak of E-coli?
Abdomen feeling on the right lower side...?
I have spinach ravioli's in the freeze for 3 weeks, should I eat them?
I have blood in feaces. why???
Does anti- Blood presure medication make you feel calmer?
How can i get rid of a migraine?
Life is just a bowl of Albran! you wake up every morning and its there?
A women has a leg amputation, she regularly refers to her missing leg, should i correct her or humour her?
I got cramp in my upper thigh and hip. can u please give me its cure ?
My boyfriend suffers from heartburn....?
My neck hurts when i move it wat i do?????????????????
How do u get rid of a cold sore???
What does it mean when my left arm has pain?
Is vicodin addictive?
I'm getting fed up with being right-handed, how can I train myself to be left-handed?
Obese son-how do i get him to realize his mistakes?
Why doesn't your nose run when you're asleep if you have a cold?
What is the best way to stay calm before and during a driving test?
How do I get to sleep when I'm stressed?
Is my heart rate too slow?
Turning Blue!?
What is ischemic heart disease ???
A couple of heart palpitation questions...?
Possible to have heart disease at age 20?
My 87 year old grandmother had a heart attack, now has only 25% usage of her heart muscle.?
What is the normal heart rate for a 14 yr old boy.his rate has been going up to 150 range laying down?
I took my blood pressure and the numbers were 87/44. What does that mean?
I have been dealing with palpations, fast hr and low oxygen upon excertion?
Cholesterol Levels/Treatment?
How does a sprained finger look like?
Anything I can buy at the store to numb pain when using needle to remove glass in foot?
I bruise easily.. should I be worried?
Which is more painful....a bruised bone or a broken bone ?
What sickness do I have?
Do butterflies bite?
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.....Does anyone suffer or know someone who suffers from a disorder like this...?
What is a sharp pain in left side in ribs?
Passing out after giving blood?
How can I stop an alcoholic to stop drinking?\?
Sitting at a meeting today at work a large heavy board fell off the wall and scared my forehead/nose do i sue?
What spider bit me?
Could i be depressed?
How to be annorexic???
How long before a dead body goes cold?
Ok im freaking out what am i suppost to do?
Stomach problems?
What's up with my leg?
What to do for a soar throat?
What can a person do for a stiff neck?
Intense headaches...?
Im thinking of buying a memory foam matress as iv herd there good , iv sufferd with back pain now for 2 years?
Aspirin and other pain killers ?
Im so ill please help! HELP?
What vitamin supplement is recommended for joint and muscle pain?
Ever had stitches or broke a bone, explain?
I took 2 hydrocodone 10 mg tabs withing 30 to 45 mins of each other and now my jaw feels weird, will i be ok?
How long till I can drink alcohol after taking vicodin?
Have you got a pain?
My throat really hurts alot and does anybody have anything or any recipe that will help me with the pain!!?
Has anyone experienced sharp pains on the right side of there ribcage,also breathing is difficult.?
What is a good general cure all for a stiff and painful neck?
Hi, I'm getting braces on today and I was wondering if it hurts when they put them on?
I have a realbad sore throat. it hurts to swallow...ive been like this for a couple days.?
What is the most commen cause of bradycardia?
Scared for my mom?
How long do you have to wait after a bypass surgery to climb stairs in your house?
What does it mean if you run out of breath quickly???
Big drop in heart rate after starting medication?
Random shooting chest pains?
Help!!! Heart Attack?
What should my dad expect from a stress test?
Is a heart attack more likely before or after extensive exercise?
Fasting lipid panel test how long do i fast for?
Massive throbbing headache for 5 days now. Is this a migraine symptom?
Wondering what is making me hurt so bad?
What is a head ache?
Lip peircing, does it hurt??
When your foot goes numb and you feel pins and needles what can you do to?
I have serious back pain now, what shall i do to release the pain without taking the pain killer?need consult.
Help with a hurting throat?
What's a good dinner to make?
My 4 yrs old daughter always has clogged up nose and problem breathing?
How do i get rid of pain at night from a frozen shoulder?
My arm hurts very badly!?
Not so much of a question more of a warning?
Have you ever wondered what your purpose is on earth?
Do you have an OCD?
How should I let a twisted knee heal?
I got pencil lead in my hand 30 years ago and I still see it.I am still alive ,get it out if it is visable..!?
My legs go numb and i find it hard to walk happens few times each week what can it be?
Bruised or broke my ribs?
Should I take benadryl to relax me?
Does blood come out of a baby's mouth when it dies of SIDS?
I ordered a hearing aid 2 weeks ago and have heard nothing since.can anyone tell me why?
What do you think this is?
I really need someone help... NO JOKE!!! :(?
My friends’ fiancé offered to buy drugs from me! What to do?
If I have a hip replacement will I be able to work in my garden?
I still have a bruise on my leg after 5 months. Help!!?
I keep getting corns on my left foot - should i see my doctor?
UGH how do i get rid of a stomache ache?
My eyes are sore from crying whaqt can i do to help them?
Do you go for a walk when you wake up?
Major headaches all the time, why?
Should I go to the hospital?
Terrible calf cramp?
Will you fail a drug test by having methadone in your system?
School makes me sick?
HELP! i have really bad lower back/leg pain- what is it????
I need pain killers for my bad back but I have a stomach ulcer.?
My 3 year old daughter is limping and the doctor doesn't know why? Anybody have any ideas?
I have a pain on my left side at the bottom of my ribcage, what is that?
What kind of a docktor should I see??
Should I quit my Job? I have severe headaches daily.?
HELP PLEASE!! Is there any way to get my get my doctor to take a serious approach to managing my severe pain?
Does a tetanus shot hurt?
I have had shoulder surgery done and am still in such pain, what could I use as it is becoming unbearable.?
How to cure a headache easily?
Anyone in the Medical Profession. Please read carefully?
Why would a person need a valve replaced on their heart?
My heart stopped beating and then restarted on it's own...?
Information on exercise post Open Heart Surgery - what is possible?
Heart Palpitations: Can I still exercise????
AVOIDING A Stroke- Correct Excercise To Lower Risk?
I'm going through testing for a common heart promlem..can't remember the name? can you help me out?
Is there a difference between these two procedures?
I have angina and I'm 24.I've have been perfectly fine, can pregnancy be harmful?
My dad's heart is functioning at 30%, his kidneys are at 36% and he's diabetic. How long do you think he has?
What should I do?
I hurt my ankle this morning...should I see a?
What is the best way to sprain an ankle on purpose?
Excuse for having scratches/cuts on my arm??
Have you ever gotten stung by a bee?
Does this look serious!?
My husband's poor little bum...?
What do i do after i got burned by fire?
I feel like the BIONIC MAN WHY?
What is causing my swollen ankles and could it be seriouse?
My cousin is in Coma, she had haemorrhage in the brain, and she'll die! i dont know what to do ?
Why are people nasty?
Ive been sick for 2 months and I havent seen a doctor. I have coughing fits and my hair is falling out?
Schitzophrenia, inhereted?
Suffering from Insomnia, any natural remedies or suggestions?
I need help.....medical advice please!?
Help I'm constipated?
Has anybody had a medical scare which turned out to be nothing?
I have lost my voice - what causes this?
My daughter has sever headache.what that can be?it is since last one month.?
I suffer from constant muscle spasms. Are muscle relaxants and analgesics safe? I hear all have side effects?
Headaches at night?
Is Ibuprofen good for relieving back pain?
Is Tums better or Rolaids?
What is the most powerful pain killer I can buy quickly?
Can I Drive On Percocet?
I awaken mornings to severe cramp in lower leg muscle. Does anyone know what causes this, I'm seventy and male
What pain meds are best ?
Yawn ???????????????
My 5yo daughter has a dry cough and isnt sleeping too well. gave her cough medicine with no success?
I have a sore throat for almost a week now and it usually happens in the morning and evening?
Why do I hiccup after eating?
What are the chances of getting ammonia?
During meals, my sinuses clog up and my breathing becomes labored. do i have a medical condition?
Do you know any cures for snoring?
Does Anyone have a solution to my cold ?
How to get rid of heartburn really fast?
What's the best way to kill a headache?
How can HIV be passed?
Ears WIll NOT pop please helppp?
If i have an std when im pregnant can they treat it?
How can people prevent stds?
Headache after sport?
Paracetamol question ? will this do damage?
My pregnncy?
Bad to mix alcohol with STD Medicine?
Needles, IVs, and anything that has to do with a pointy thing :)?
Can STD Test detect same thing as Pap Smear?
Please i need help!! i have had severe migraines for the past week?
Can you still spread herpes?
HPV can get rid on it's own??
Doctor or no for my ankle? Help?
Help i sprained my ankle?
How does one make bruises go away quicker?
Help! I hurt my finger!?
My achilles tendon hurts. what should i do?
Help plz.its hurting.?
I had a head injury by train & lost speech Can any body tell me how to regain it?
O.k. help!!??!?
Please answer this question!?
I played softball and got hit in the breast...?
What does it mean when your hand and face is numbness ?
Normal glucose levels but doc ordered A1C - different results?
I am a type 1 Diabetic... and my A1C is like 13. I need help getting it down HOW ??? PLS?
My doctor is having me get a blood test to see if I have Diabetes. Why can't I eat the day of the test?
Can a diabetic eat liver?
I have type 1 diabetes and my blood sugar has recently started dropping very often, why is this ?
Does anyone know if hypoglycemia can affect your ability to have children?
Natural Diabetes Meds?
How do i treat the tingling feelings im getting on my hands and feet from diabetes?
Does diabetes skip a generation?
Heart problems?
My heart is pounding, could I be having a heart atack? Should I go ot the hospital any way?
Blood Pressue 98/47 .... Is that normal?
Which hand is better for checking blood pressure?
Blood pressure issues?
What are side efects of CHOLESTROL reducing drugs such as LESCOL.?
I have experienced pain on my chest.Is that angina or heartburn?
I hear a murmuring sound from my heart at times, what may be the reason?
What Kind of Heart do You Have?
What are causes of heart murmer???
Is there anything that works for carpul tunnel?
Please help with headachs?
Do I have to go to the bathroom?
Could any body really tell me the definite solution or cure to endometrioses?
How come i have heart pain?
Should i go to chirppractor or physio for trapped nerve in neck?
I feel really gross right now, help?
Can i just ask if anyone has had an addiction to painkillers etc and how did they come off them??
What is wrong with me?
Can an illness be all in your mind?
Can your stomach acid dissolve a quarter if swollowed?
I'm pretty sure i have a UTI, HELP!?
Can Cocaine Lead Me To Overdose?
Why has my dog got dry flake bits on her coat?
Dizzy,almost fainitg, tilting feeling?
How can I cure a stuffy nose ?
Frequent urination. Can it be stress?
Im scared it will hurt bad!!?
Should my baby eat meat?
Please help me i beg of you!!!!!!!!?
Sunburn Troubles...!?!?
Is 11" normal?
How should I drink 8 glasses of water thoughout the day?
Should I eat when I have a stomach bug?
But doesn´t everybody die of asphyxiation?
How can i get rid of a blisters?inside my mouth and on my lip...?!?!?
What can you say about this story?
I have a scrape that won't stop pussing.?
Do you usually take a shower or do you usually take a bath? How often?
I'm really scared. my mom cut her finger. please help!?
Help! My meter went to crap on me>?
Why do women have fewer heartattacks strokes diabetes suicides than men ?
Is there a medication for TYPE 2 diabetes that DOES NOT make you gain weight???
If your sugar is high in the morning but lowers to a normal range after eating, do you have diabetes?
Why and how does losing weight help my diabetes?
What can happen if a persons blood sugar level reaches 300 or above?
Cholestrol being 481?
Are diabetes and hypertension reversible? What does diabetic by definition mean?
Diabetes question?
Is walking allot good for a diabetic person ?
Bad cramps when running. :(?
Plz suggest me home remedy for migrain headache?
Why does my right toe hurt?
Period Help?
Where can a person get sleeping pills? do u have tp have a perscription for them?
Would a kick to the crotch hurt a woman as much as it would a man?
Weird feelings in both eyes?
I suffer from migraines everyday. My prescription medications are not helping?
What was the greatest physical pain you ever felt?
Please help my uncle has severe leg pain so tender to touch and severe stomach pain suffers with heart probs .
My kidney functions at 60%. I am having angiogram, how can I prepare to hydrate?
Are there any foods that lower blood sugars naturally??
My 80 year old Mother and expensive presciptions?
My name is tony and i have had a headache for 2 weeks now, and I'm getting worried. What do i do. PLS HELP!!!
What can you to to prevent getting a charley horse in your calf muscles?
Soothing Muscle pain after a workout. What should I do?
What is cataract?
Help!!!! Teeny shard of glass in my foot!!?
Can i take tylenol pm and ibuprofen at the same time?
My spouse may have taken 15-20 vicoden the past several days and refuses to go to ER - advice?
What does sugar level in blood test mean...what of its 60..........????????is it diabetes???
I bent back my big toenail, and it turned white where it bent back to. should i cut it back to that point?
I'm bleeding, what can I do?
What is the best (sleeping) pillow you've ever owned?
Low bloodsugar...?
Can Diabetes make my Period come later?
How to get out from pressure?
Does anyone know why the heals of my feet hurt like they are bruised on the bottom.?
What are the medications for diabetes?
What is the worst liquid you have accidently got in your mouth or eyes?
Pain when swallowing
Please Help Me!?
I am a diabetic & i itch all over from time to time, how can i control this=drives me crazy?
How do i get my sore muscle to heal faster?
How do you tell if your Big toe is broken?
Every night i am waking up with cramps in my leg and sweating what could be the cause?
Ouch!my foot!?
Do I have a case of malpractice against my doctor?
My son has banged his head?
My wife has pulled my skin back and some gooey liquid has squirted out, any ideas what I should do?
About the heart?
Going for an echocardigram and stress test?
Heart Tests done but still worry,advice?
How is an echocardiogram done?
How serious are mini strokes?
Does anxiety affect your heart?
What is the latest guideline on treatment of warfarin overcoagulation?
Medical suspension of UK...HGV Licence?
How to take care my life when i was blood pressure?
My kids get sick every other week, throat and ear infection?
Help. major pain!?
"What is the most common disease known to man?"?
Help! This is an EMERGENCY!?
Why do fat people get sick more often than skinny people?
I think I may be going insane, my life is sooo messed up.?
I'm bulimic. What is my next step?
How do i get rid of an infection when its just starting?
What is the best cure for gout?
Does ear wax serve a functional purpose for the ear?
When I pay someone to work for me, and it isn't done right, I have recourse for not paying. What about doc's?
Do you think that type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes should be named differently?
Insulin pump?
What is the drug of choice for diabetes type 1?
Help ,mom of 2, I need some advice on weight loss?
What are symptomes?
Diabetes follow up question...?
Is there a remedy for Diabetes?
How do I know if I have Diabetes? What test should I ask for?
What is the effect if water got too many klorin?
Anyone Know How To Cure Sore Feet and Legs?
I have this pain on my left hand index finger it hurts when I bend it??
Pain in the right temple over one eye?
Do Braces hurt?
Owww. please help :(?
Do I have arthritis?
I have a migraine for 4 years.but now a days it is out of control,would you suggest me a medicine in india?
Im in love with this kid...?
How to treat migraine?
Where was Jesus Christ Born?
What do you think of the vaccine Gardasil? If you could get it would you? Why?
Wat stds can u get from kissing?
Is yeast infections considered an std?
Should states enact laws that would require girls to be vaccinated against Human Papillomavirus (HPV)?
Can u get an STD through french kissing???
HPV vaccine, any use if you are already infected?
MY SON KISSEd a girl who has been "servicing" other boys. Do I need to take him to the dr.?
Does anyone recommend having kidney dialysis ?
Whats the recommended daily carb intake for someone with type II Diabetes?
Prediabetes doubt?
Help With Diabetes?
Having a hypo?
Do i have diabeaties?
Can adult onset diabetes be prevented?
What are the other diseases that cause memory loss?
What is diabetes and what are some of the signs of having diabetes?
I have white spots on the back of my throat.?
What causes "Pin's & Needles"?
How to fix muscle spasm?
I get cramps after drinking breakfast milkshake...?
Marijuana and severe pain?
How do i reduce the swelling on my toes?
Where can i get some?
What do you do when your pain medication isn't working?
What is wrong with me?
Can anyone help me with pain management ideas?
Could this be an STD?
If a person is Hiv+ & also has general herpes-when will they develope AIDS-Does Herpes make Hiv delope faster?
Could you die of herpes?
Can 'Handjob' cause Herpes?
My heart keeps skipping beats (literally)?
Please Help???
My grandmother is in the hospital, supposedly dying, but I'm not convinced that is the case.?
Heart Disease?
What side of the heart contains blood with a higher oxygen content?
Cocaine induced heart attack?
What can be when the person is tired?
What are actual good Cholesterol ,Trig,HDL,and LDL numbers, not just reference ranges?
What is the most accurate home Blood Pressure Monitor below £100?
Heart Question...... skipped heart beat....?
Have you ever gotten a black eye from walking into something? Did anyone believe you?
Is my foot broken? I have this gut feeling that it is.?
Any suggestions for amusing a husbad with memory loss, he cant remmeber from one min ago?
This is totally embarassing!?
I fell down the stairs?
I broke both arms both legs and my back what do i do?
I have carpet burns on my knees?
Would you rather have a rusty knife stuck in your eye or your arm ?
Swollen leg, red, from knee to toe, could it be broke?
What are normal Blood sugar levels?
What is a cure for.....?
I woke up this morning and the front right side of my jaw is sore?
I always wake up during the night with pins and needles in my hands any ideas?
Wut is the best way to get rid of a head ache when there is no medicine around??
Why do i get dizzy?
What causes nosebleeds? Just had my first in 20 years.?
Can a young adult get hypothermia just by being cold in their own home/workplace?
Iv'e got cramp, I think it's called Yahoooers a=s whats the best thing to rub into it?
Injecting insulin??
Does any one know what this could be?
Do I have an UTI? I'm not sure?! Help!?
Why does my head hurt?
Oh my gosh I cant take this anymore! please tell me what is going on!!?
I am wanting to hear off people who have had diabetes since they were youngsters??
Quitting smoking. Easier said than done?
What sort of pills have you got to give me?
I have strained my back lifting a small desk? Need pain relief suggestions.?
My 10 yrs old son sweats 3 times more than the other kids should i worry about it?
Any risks????
Neverending headache 24/7? marijuana?
Blood sugar level is 44....on a home test?
What vitamins can i take that will help with underactive thyroid?
How can i cure my bladder weakness.?
My husband has an addiction problem but..?
What should i do?I took over 35 pills and drank some liquor please help?
I think i miight have diabetes are these symtoms?
Can i have an example of OCD? WHAT IS IT?
Does anyone that has diabetes know something that will help heal wounds fast?
Can someone explain to me exactly what foreplay is?
Can u get an STD from precum?
Help i cannot tell what i have!
What does this sound like?
Could I NOT be a diabetic?
How would I know if I have Type One Diabetes?
Is excess sugar eating can cause Diabetes?
Pre diabetes?
How do lose weight with a thyroid condition?
I have diabetes and was wondering about something?
How can i lower my blood sugar?
What are some signs of diabetes?
I suspect that I have diabetes but my mom keeps delaying an appointment. How do I convince her?
Would not eating for long periods of time cause diabetes?
My Neck Really Hurts!!?
Do i have heart problems, or is it normal?
Sunburn Pain!?
Tetanus shot...?
What is the general word for muscle pain?
I have had chronic heel pain for almost a year. I am going crazy. Please help with any ideas- both heels.?
Good morning?
Ever get sick from eating too much at a buffet?
How can I immediately stop the burning of stomach acid in my throat?
Questions about Heart Disease, Please answer!?
How do you get a thorn out your leg?
Will crdiac enzymes test show positive for heart attach before the "attack" happens?
Have you got in a fight at school?
My cat has hurt his paw its a cut and he keeps limping what do I put on it ?
Why does a person move/twitch when defibrillator is used on them?
I recently got Aids?
I am swelling right above my right eye. It feels like I've been punched, buts there's no bruising. What is it?
I'm 21 and have a heart murmur..?
I cut my foot on the top of a nail the other day in our house. I dont think It was rusty. do i get tetanus jab
What do u do if ur wearing contacts and only one of ur eyes gets red and it starts hurting really bad?!help me
How many quarts of blood does a human body hold?
After Heart Bypass surgery is moderate weight lifting of low weights ok?
May have broken my toe...should I bother going to the ER, or just try to stay off of it?
AIDS question????
Infrequent heart beats?? (I'm 14 years old???)?
What is that temporary ringing in your ear, but lasts only a few seconds?
How much does it cost to see a doctor without insurance?
Heart Murmur! Can someone well informed in this area tell me the reprecussions?
Anxiety and heart?
Is my doctor liable ??
I have hpv which caused precancerous cells.CAN I GET PREGNANT?
How to cut yourself without much pain?
Is pain all the way to elbow normal for a smashed thumb?
Lump above belly button?
After I drink alcohol my left leg hurts the next day. It's a throbbing pain, any explanations?
Does cotisone injections hurt?
I have a really bad headache right now, and no medicine. What can I do to ease the pain?
My ear is stuffed up and is undergoing extreme pressure?
What causes headaches with severe pain in right eye and right back of neck?
Please help me :((!!! im scared!!!!!?
Why do i have pain in the chest when i move?
I have bad memory and?
If you were diagnosed with a life threatening disease and were given 2 months to live,what would you do?
Just stopped drinking,how do i get my liver back to full health?
Does smoking pot cause cramping?
Feeling dizzy for weeks and getting worse. What could this be?
What type of doctor would I go to for swallowing problems?
What is one thing you have to do before you die?
I have a poor memory. What practical tools are out there that can help me improve my memory?
What is the most but funniest pain you have suffered??
I have a sore arm..mid-arm and at the elbow..how can I best treat it?
Is it true that ginger people feel more physical pain than non-gingers.?
My eye is red and swollen and it hurts to blink, whats wrong?
Back pain. the siactick nerve?
Why did I get these cramps in my calves? How do I stop them and get rid of them when I get them?
I'm 30 weeks and I am in tears because I am having unbearable hip pains. What to do?
Migraine Numbness?
PLEASE help! My throat really hurts!?
How to get rid of AIDS?
How long does Hpv last?
Am i going to pass out when i get blood taken?
How do you know yo are rid of the scabies virus?
Do you think you can still find love is you have hpv or herpes?
Does this sound like a yeast infection?
Could a virus ever break out like on dawn of the dead or 28 days later?
How do i know if i have a concussion?
What kind of an injury is a tramatic head injury?
Suggest a good stress reliever.?
What is the best way to take away pain of a break up?
Sunburn!!! OW!!!!!!!?
I am having severe knee pain, no meds are working, pain is pretty unbarable, what can i do to ease the pain?
Is it possible to break your finger and not know?
What headache medicine do you take? How long until it works?
How do i help an injured elbow?
Have you been treated by a chiropractor ?
I had an ingrown toenail removed...?
What part of the break-up hurts the most ?
What causes you to have headaches everyday?
Did I Break My Nose.?
What kills more people worldwide ciggarettes or marajuana?
My gf passes out when in pain and sometimes when we are "doing stuff" if you catch my drift. Is this normal?
I am bi-polar. does anyone know a medicine that workd?
What disease causes excessive bleeding when you get a cut?
What can you take to get cocaine out your system?
Migraine sufferers.......help?
What happen when you sleep three days aweek?
Am I Anorexic?
Anyone have any idea what is wrong with my one year old Lab?
I had a panic attack..?
I guess acid reflex?
Can stress turn your hair snow white?
My blood sugar machine accidentally got set on millimoles. What is a normal blood sugar in millimoles?
What is the difference between hypo and hyper thyroidism?
I have been diagnosed with psoriasas,am I eligible for any type of assistance, such as, SSI or disability?
Metformin help...?
What foods are you allowed to eat while you have gallstones?
Why should I be checked for Diabetes?
If one ingests [voluntarily] too much human blood over a period of time, will one develop diabetes?
What generaly causes seizures...?
Pre diabetes best diet?
Diabetes Islet Cells Transplants?
Can a girl give another girl a std from oral and sharing toys?
This question is for woman who have been diagnosed with a high risk HPV. Do you tell potential Partners?
Can Syphilis be cured entirely?
I had HIV and now it is AIDS.?
Can I have Male HPV?
Why are people so against taking pain killers?
What are the side effects of codeine?
I've been feeling dizzy. What's wrong with me?
What can you do for a sore back?
Whats the longest time youve pulled a sicky for.....?
What happens if you take tylox without any pain?
What is the cause of pains in the calves?
My dad has horrible lower stomach pain, he is bleeding from behind. what could this be?
Why can't I sleep?
Why is heart rate reduced in the condition bradycardia?
Broken heart?
Is there any relation between blood pressure and heart rates?
Is this true??????????????????
Fasted 12 hrs. for blood work (cholesterol/glucose). Accidentally took 1 sip coffee w/cream right before. OK?
Anemic/low blood? Any help would be great!
I'm only in hs. but i'd love to be a cardiothoracic surgeon. what will help me become one?
How bad is a diastolic blood pressure of 58?
I have very low blood pressure; is it safe for me to go in a jacuzzi?
How can i get operation faster ?
Is hep A an std?
If i had 2 std years ago will i have a a normal baby?
Is it possible to get HIV by drinking breast milk?
If i have had chlamidea and became infertle can i become fertle again somehow?
How long can someone live with their kidneys shut down without dyalasis?
Griefmy father?
My husband is troubled with wind from the back passage.What is the cure.?
I thought that if I smoked it would make me look big hard cool and clever.?
Nose bleed and congestion all the time?
Suggest whst should drink for a dry sore throat?
Any household remedies for asthmatic cough? I can breath, I can't stop coughing...I hate this!?
What is the problem?
Does a cold produce green phlegm in the nose?
I have been told I have the beginning of emphysema that was a year ago and I feel great. How long can that las
Why am I so tired all the time?
Preparing post-poo toilet paper - do you fold the paper or scrunch it?
What is the best cure for insomnia?
My eyes have been twitching for over a month! What do I do?
Which part of the human body helps to keep our balance?
Can you help me with my migraines?
Back problem?
A cure for sore muscles?
On a scale of 1-10 Exactly how strong is hydrocodone considred ?
I woke up with the wierdest pain ever
Plz this urgent can someone help me out?
Stomach ache and ive had a poo several times in a day help?
I thought i got bit by a mosquito yesterday on my arm close to my elbow and i itched it but now my arm hurts?
Pain just below ribs on the right side. Been about two weeks. tolerable, but getting to be more often.?
By back is hurting very bad, what can i do to make it feel better besides medicine?
I acidentally kicked something with my big toe. The nail turned purple, will it fall off?
Is it possible for the bladder to burst due to holding in pee?
Broken Finger - what good is icing it?
If I passed out?
Have you ever broken a bone....and just ignored it????
How long does lower back pain last after a fall?
I cant stop sneezing?
If you had to break a bone which one would it be?
What can you take to cure a kidney infection if you don't have any money for a prescription?
How Do I Deal With My Girlfriend's Anorexic Tendencies?
Could this be a BLOOD disease?
My sister has this weird thing.?
Is there something wrong with my kidneys?
Am I weird?
Does my husband have some type of disorder?
Where you you put YOUR hand when you sleep?
I was wondering if your born blind do you dream with sight?
Nicotene withdrawal symptoms...?
Can caffeine help asthma symptoms?
Would a face steamer/sauna (beauty thing) be useful in the control and/or relief of bad asthma and mild COPD?
Why do we snore?
Anyone know anything about Emphysema?
What inhaler is this?
OH MY GOD do I have water poisoning(overhydration)?
Is a 300 peak flow reading for a 40 yr old 5'6" female non smoker poor?
Will second hand Shot guns ((of weed)) , show up in your system?
Is it safe to give kids NyQuil?
My Orthodontist can't write a prescription for pain so what can I do to get prescription pain pills?
What foods are there that have good potassium? Does pineapple have potassium?
Menstrual cramps?
Why do I get a headache after the gym?
Stomach ache?
Sore butt!!!!!!!!!!?
Left hand numb?
Any ideas to stop pain from blisters? I have to walk side ways to stop the pain.?
How to know whether a girl is virgin or not?
Possible to get herpes on the inside of the lip?
Does anyone have advice for people considering starting a relationship with somebody with Herpes?
Can i receive STDs from a person who has STDs?
What is HPV?
Severe Headache ???????????
Patients who survive a previous episode of ventricular fibliration are unlikley to have a futher episode?
What is the normal heart rate for a person?
What is blood pressure; what is high blood pressure and low blood pressure; what is the effect of both?
If you get less than 8 hours of sleep at night you're at a higher risk for heart disease?
Cholestral and triglyceride?
I am on blood pressure medication and my blood pressure is still too high. Should I be scared?
My blood pressure is 148/43 Should i be worried?
High Blood Cholesterol?
My wife suffers from severe coughing and choking usually only when she goes to bed. Never outside of the house
Rheumatoid Arthritis: Do you suffer with this?
How do you know you had a asthma attact?
How does urine get inside the lungs?
HELP!!! Questions about my 6 yr old with asthma???
Sore Throat?
Snoring and how to make him stop for good, or at least not be as loud?
I have recently been having respiratory problems, I have all the symtoms of lung cancer, I have told no one.?
Have you ever ate dog food and got a disease called tuberculosis?
Do u realy get herpes if u eat out a chick?
Do you think I'll get herpes?
Does anyone know what an HPV is and how it effects you?
What is your opinion about Gardasil, the HPV vaccine?
Head-On. do YOU apply directly to the forehead?
I have a headache at work! How can I get rid of it?
How do you get rid of a sore throat quickly?
Has anybody else got or had sciatica....how long did it last?
I have headache even when sleeping?
Um, would it hurt if a piano fell on my head?
I have a large boil on the inside of my leg it is very painful what can i do plz help?
I heard that if you get 300 paper cuts you can go into shock, is that true?
What are your strength and weekness?
Why does it hurt when I pee?
Terrible HEADACHES, MIGRANES???!!!!?
Any 3 things did hurt u the most?
How do you take down a swelling like a bump on a head?
My mother is in her 60s and is displaying signs of a bent back. How do I stop her bent back from aggravating?
My friend wants to have his leg amputated? should i stop him?
Is there a ring or something to expand or hold you rectum spinster muscle open?
Brain damage by falling down from a trampoline?
Can you get whiplash from dancing?
I've stepped on a wasp: What will make the swelling go down?
3 weeks cold sweating and headache in the evening?
I think I might be having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic Levaquin!?
Is social smoking reduced risk or not?
My 2 children aged 3 and 4 1/2?
What are the health risks of living with a smoker?
Best cure for nasal congestion?
If the epiglottis is shut can you stil breathe threw your nose?
Coughing out green phlegm - should I see a doctor?
How can a person who has used cocaine 36 hours before a drug test (urine) pass?
My pupils expand and contract...is this normal?
Hunger problem?
What could all, or some of these symptoms be a sign of?
My son has diarrhoea with blood he has been bad 4 5 days now i have put a sample in at the doctors please help
If you blow your nose a lot when you have a cold, does the cold go away faster?
What might cause super-intense itching INSIDE my feet and hands, with no rash at all?
"Obesity is a western world problem"?
What should I bring to my grandmother in a nursing home that would be helpful?
I'am a female I'am also 33 years old I found a lump on my lympth node 8 months ago?
Is cracking your neck bad for you?
I can't escape to get to the store... How can you get rid of a headache without medicine?
What's wrong with my tongue?
What should I do for my grandson (12) who has an ear ache till I can get him to a doctor.?
Whats wrong with me ?
What can i do to help relieve pain from sunburn?
Help pharmacy wont let me have my vicodin refill !?
Really bad cramps?
Does your throat hurt today?
Please help neck problem. Slept on it wrong...what to do?
What are the signs and symptoms of chlyamidia?
Can AIDS be transfer through kissing?
After smoking for 10 years than quitting?
What would cause me to choke on mucus for months that doesn't show up in an x- ray of my lungs?
My husband is on amoxicillin 250mg three times a day since Thursday?
What is the best method of quitting smoking after 9 years?
Tight Chest, Sore Back, Sore Throat, Trouble Breathing?
What is a good way to get rid of bronchitis? How long does it last?
Is quiting smoking all in the mind, help me?
What kind of symptoms can you get from mold growing on walls?
When someone coughs blood?
What is the term used when a heart is contracting?
I feel bad, What do I have?
What Type Of Excercise Is Best For Your Heart And Why 100 Meter Sprints OR Walking In Beach Sand?
Is shisha/hookah in moderation unhealthy
I've being getting heart burn for the last 10 months.I've gone to the doctors last?
Can heart disease be reversed or cured?
About pulse rate?
Chest Pain?
How can you reduce anxiety in a 50yr.old male,with high blood pressure?
NEED HELP, Possible Heart Attack?
What the heck will cure a black eye?
What are some home remedies to do if your ears are popping.?
Is my nose broken, or what?
Professional advice about broken toe please?
I AM a doctors wife, he RAPES me over, and over, and over for 30 yrs, can i get a NEW A/H?
If you sprain your ankle, why do they tell you to put ice on it?
What do i do?
How do i break my arm?
What Do I Do If I Think I Have A Broken Elbow?
Have you ever been badly treated at work!?
Any remedies for acre?
How can excess fluids be removed from human lungs?
How Can You Calm Yourself Down When You Have Panic Attacks?
Is there a doctor in the house? My cousin is suffering from a terrible earache.?
Positive Head CT Scan??
Marlboro reds?
Will smoking once affect your health?
What good for cough?
How can i reduce effects of asthma on me?
Have pneumonia, should I go to the hospital?
When I drink red wine I have extreme pain in my left leg it wakes me up at 2.00pm why?
It hurts so bad?
Im getting surgery on my back and im really scared what do i do?
I have sever back pain and headache frm so many years. Can anyone help me out. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.?
My friend said she wants to take 6 tylenol and some alchol. wont u passout though?
How do I get rid of a headache?
I Took Two 10mg Vicodin Pills & I feel A little Off Balanced?
Have you ever got shot ,stabbed , broken bones, or something else?
Does pain in the upper left arm always mean heart problems?
Rabies question?
Carpel tunnel syndrome?
Trapped water in my ear!?
What are other reasons why a person would have a seizure besides epilepsy?
Why am i tired all the time?need help!?
Question? Need a quick answer.?
Can you get diseases from maggots?
MMR-Autism, can you skip the shot?
What could be wrong?
I smell like b.o. and i shower adn put alot of deodorant everyday i dont know what to do anymore?
Having a very bad panic attack?
Which has more effect on the lungs.smoking ciggarettes or marijuana?
Acid reflux?
Which specialist should we see for snoring issues?
Gettin drunk with my cuz who just got a lung transplant?
Can you develop asthma as an adult?
Breathing difficulties?
What does it mean if you spit blood?
Is there a cure of asthma??
Please explain: Tiny L5-S1 left paracentral anular tear and mild diffuse disk bulging?
Intense knee pain?
What is your advice for a person with off and on leg cramps ?
How do i stop these headaches?
What are the symptoms of being hungover?
Help for a sore tailbone?
Having a headache every day is that normal?
My dad is having his knee replaced tmw-how seious an operation is it?
Do u have any idea how to get rid of head lice?
Why do I get pins and needles easily in my legs, esp th feet , in just 5 minutes of inactiveness?
What would you think if someone exhaled their cigarette smoke into your mouth?
On average how many times?
Feeling tired/sleeping alway even after sleeping for hours?
Do u not eat foods that have just been expired?
How do I make my forehead seem really warm?
Splinter in my sons arm?
How do I get rid of a raccoon?
If you got super glue in your eye when wearing contact lenses what would happen?
What causes, prevents, and cures cold sores?
Are there any STDs that you can get through kissing alone?
How to cure a sprain finger?
Eyebrow piercing question?
If you have a torn ACL should you have surgery if you are 43 years old, and lead a somewhat active lifestyle?
I just found out I have HPV, does that mean I am going to die? and What does the types of HPV mean?
If i have had chlamydia and had it treated can i still pass it on?
I know its gross but PLEASE help.?
My 16 year old was prescribed AZITHROMYCIN 500MG TABLET.....?
Recurrant yeast infection. Is it possible that my husband has yeast with no symptoms, and is giving it to me?
What is it about coughing that hurts your ribs>>>>>>>>>>?
Do I have a right to breathe fresh air in my apartment--I have a smoker under me and it rises!!?
Does children get asthma from lead poisoning? And where to find it.?
Asthma,meds that dont cause nerves or fast heart?
What is a good home remedy for anxiety attacks?
Whats the best for Allergys?
I am having aproblem keeping my throat clear andwheezing,getting out of breath,very tired,isthisasthmasympton...
Smoking? Dizzyness?
Does smoking depend on what brand of cigarettes you have to kill you?
Is it possible to have asthma and not have asthma attacks?
Fingering?? whats the fuss?
My Son has Fluid In his Knee?
How do u stop leg pains from below the knee from to the heel?
How did i get a infection on the inside of my stomach?
How has having Herpes 2 affected your life?
How do i get rid of my COLD?
Why cant some women reproduce?
I am scheduled to have gastric bypass surgery in 4 weeks. What advise do you have to offer me while I wait?
Found a small oblong pill in my daughters room, has 337 on onside and nothing on the other.?
HPV Vaccinations, what do you think?
What was the worst dream you ever have in your life?
What is the best way to get rid of a headache with out meds?
Back Pain My doctor says I have sciatica. Does anyone know of a natural therapy to help with the pain?
What is the chance of getting an std from a bj?
Have you ever suffered from an addiction or still do?
Why does an alcoholic do exactly what you have suggested he NOT do?
What is the cure for flat foot?
How do you end a relationship with someone who has bipolar?
What's the first thing u do when you wake in the morning?
How Do I Get Rid of My Killer Headache?
Is it ok to eat my fingers and my arms?
Tips for swallowing tablets?
What's the syndrome called that is when someone speaks of a particular pain, you feel it, too?
Went to my cardio today and ekg was abnormal?
A nap during the afternoon is healthy for the heart?
Can a panic attack be to blame for severe fluctuations (both high and low) in pulse and blood pressure?
What is the cardio vascular system?
Any unfailing simple method of controlling high blood pressure based on experience?
I am 24 years old and have a very stressful life, my blood pressure is 129/101. When should i be concerned?
Is 91 a normal heart beat?
My pulse rate goes high after three drinks. In three episode it was 155 and was admitted in hospital.Pl.advice
What reason besides sleep apnea could be causing severe sleepiness?
Can you O.D. on oxygen?
Should we go to the ER?
How often do healthy young adults get Pneumonia?
Can chihuahuas really take asthma away from humans?
Serious AIDS question? Help please?
Any tips for avoiding cramp in bed?
What is wrong with my back?
What is human popalanian virus?
Plz help its a herpes question !!!?
Is it true that coffee reduces headache?
Question about Herpes?
An over dose of 30 paracetamol 3 hours later threw them up she keeps feels sick but seems ok shes 15?
Back Pain Question?
Does starvetion triggers head ache?
Acupuncture for pain relief in lower back - does it hurt when..?
HELP! Hydrocodone/APAP 5mg/500 mg tabs and Tylenol?
What could cause 13yr boys ear to bleed?
Help Me, i'm bleeding!?
Jammed my finger now its crookedd but it works fine what did I do?
How long do I have to put a lawsuit on a hospital?How many yrs do i have to start a lawsuit?
Is it harmful to break a finger and not go to the doctor? I don't have medical insurance.?
Is it better to pop blisters or leave them?
I got my belly pierced today and fainted... what now?
Is there too much swelling???
Knee Pain after I run?
Why am i doing this?
I cant breathe, can it be depression???
What do you do when your asthma is relentless and gets in the way of everything?
How do I stop Smoking?
Do I have asthma? I need to know...seriously.?
How can I eliminate my wife's snore?
Where is the bad smell that comes out of my nose coming from?
Am I getting enough sleep?
My Blood Pressure is LOW!!! im 17 Help!!!!?
Anyone get Back Pain?
Help!!!!!!!!!!!!! im in alot of pain?
What time do u wake up?
My wife is suffering whith cluster headaces?
My knees hurt?
Acid!! Heartburn!!?
I was just wondering Ive just got over diarrhea how long should i wait to go back to work?
Morning Nausea, what's it caused by?
Would there ever be a cure for Cancer & AIDS.?
How do you tell a guy that you like you got herpes?
My boyfriend has sickle cell and he tells me all the time that he can't have kids. Is that true?
Is there an illness where people sleep everywhere all the time?
What wrong with me?
My mum is ill and won't go to the doctor's. Her symptoms...?
I have a cold, whats the best treatment please?
I think i am becoming anorexic or bulimic. How do I know if I am?
Is it bad if you twitch while your sleeping?
Cure a cold? QUICK?
My son help plz!?
I pee'd out a blob of blood
Can you develop asthma from inhaling a lot of dust during a period of a couple weeks?
Is smoking pot bad?
Causes of asthma?
Asthma - do you cough a lot with that?
Just caught a cold today-anyone know of any natural remedies to help it go away and not turn into bronchitis?
When we sleep do we cough?
How to deal with smoking?
Do i have a chest infection, yeah it wud be good to get a 2nd opinion.?
I wanted to be absent in work tomorrow for the reason that I ahve a fever, how could i catch a quick fever ?
I cough up blood every morning when i wake up.?
What can I take as pain relief for a migrane headache?
Whats causing this pain in my head?
Sore Throat.. Please help?
I woke up with terrible lower back pain, help?
Why does my body hurt?
Trapped nerve in my back but cant take pain killers or muscle relaxants, any ideas??
I have a neck pain and it hurts so bad every time i move my neck my head hurts can somebody tell me what to do
Is it SAFE to chew vicodin?
I've got this extremely bad headache and I only have these pills of my dads with a big V on them?
Why do I keep getting headaches?
Can i get dismissed for not going to work even when i have a doctor's note?
Should I go to a doctor for a broken pinky toe?
What secures the retina to the back of the eye?
Would you let someone cut off your leg?
I spranged my ankle yesterday and i really need some crutchs! doess anyone know where i got get some??
What time did you wake up today?
If i kiss with lipgloss can i still catch some thing?
6 yr old broke his arm 9 days ago. Today has high temp and is vomiting. Could it be shock after this long?
Anyone ever had a reaction?
Are condems always the safest choice to use?
Should I put my earring back in?
I ave a briken leg and on cruches and i fell on it and i think i hurt it more what do i do?
I have herpes 2 and my new boyfriend does not. How can we have a baby without me giving him herpes 2?
What does a hemmroid look like?
I've been power cleaning lately and i get this pain in my right hand, does anyone know why?
OUCH! MY FEET HURT! i was just on pointe (in pointe shoes) for roughly four hours!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!?
What is the best way too prevent , or cure a heavy hangover?
I went on a 30 minute run yesterday and today and my legs are so sore I cannot walk??
I dont feel well, whats wrong with me?
Put to sleep for surgey?
Chest pains?
Help stuffy nose and coughing?
How do I get a doctor to prescribe me pain pills?
I started having panic attacks about 1 year ago... can anyone fully recover from this?
Can you get TB by drinking off someone's glass who has TB?
I don't know about you.....?
Does Anyone Else Have Headaches Almost Everyday?
Blood clot in the lungs?
Medical Question on COPD?
Can you get herpes when the girl you kissed had no signs of an outbreak?
Asthma and colds?
Asking for hiv test?
Saliva will kill HIV?
Quit Smoking?
Lingering chesty cough since having a cold ?
How bad is bulimia?
What can I do about severe swelling in my feet and legs after 9 bags of IV fluids?"?
I need HELP........................
Is there anything i can do to relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
My right arm is felling slightly dead...not totally?
Help me I can't get rid of my head lice I have nits that won't come out!!!!! What should do?
What is the best and effective way of cleaning your ears without damaging them???
What's wrong with me?
My 20mth old has the diarrhea for 4 days now, what can do to help stop it?
I have a Barbie Corvette lodged inside my rectum and it's starting to hurt. Any ideas for extraction?