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Am I going to die?
I cut my foot on a piece of glass, it's bleedy a LOT, should I be worried?
If yesterday's tomorrow was today...what was yesterday?
Any advice on how to heal a swollen leg?
My knee!!!!!!!!!!! need help!!!?
Should one ever employ a henchman who hasn't got a facial scar?
Why is my Cardiologist wanting me to go through with cardiac Cauterisation?
High blood pressure?
My husband have a stroke because of high blood pressure so after exercise he walks and driving so sometimes he
What substances do we need to be strong and live long life?
My friend was diagnosed that he has angina pectoris is this a serious ailment?
What are the causes of cardiac arrest?
My heart rate is 48 beats per minute, is this normal?
During an EKG in germany what clothes do i have to take off?
Health Care Professionals of all types (Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists.. etc.) Please help!! : )?
Heart questions...?
Horrible thick fungal infected toenail does anyone know a cure?
Am I extremely ugly?
How do you expose of a Body?
I have a big bump on my nose.. is there anythng i can do to make it straighter?
How to get rid of cold sores fast using products around the house..........help?
How do I get rid of a love bite/hicky?
My daughter has eczema & her fingers stay raw &cracked.;?
Chapped lips?
How to control dandruff.?
What can make u poo?
I seem to have injured my scrotum....?
Why do people get heardaces? Or should I say what Causes people to get headaces?
What causes cramp when your asleep?
Will percocet's show up in a military drug test?
How can i instantly cure my headache?? now!?
Chronic pain makes me feel suicidal regularly, how can I improve my mood?
Hi I have a pain in my right shoulder,as a consequence I am in agony if I move my arm,cant lift it on its own!
Do I have arthritis?
I suffer with cronic pain every time i wake up i can hardly stand or even sit backdown again .?
My boyfriend has...?
Will a stye go away on its own?
How can I get rid of my acne?
Weird pain in my legs, happens at night time?
What's happening to me? It's scary.?
I have a tingling sensation in my right arm goes up to my face & down to my fingers, no pain, just tingly??
I have blackheads all across my nose~!?
Acne question?
I have SEVERE pain and numbness in my right hand and arm at night. What could it be?
If I have huge acne blemishes, should I use a needle to poke through and squeeze the pus and gunk out?
When I go to bed, why do I itch all over?
Sharp chest pains?
How come when i wear latex gloves.....?
I woke up last night and my toe hurt SO bad I couldn't even get back to sleep! I didn't injure it?
Can I crush this pill instead of swallowing it?
Could bathing in Clorox be harmful?
Can headaches be triggered by things such as talking to people?
What would happen if someone took 30mg of hydrocodone at once?
If you could eliminate one disease from earth, which would you chose?
Will someone watch me pee for my pre employment drug test?
I have a piece of pencil lead in my leg and i have been having problems :(?
What are better contacts or glasses?
Ok what foods make a poo i have ibs constipation bad no matter what i eat high fiber sticky stuck?
Hi, i have o.c.d and wanna know something?
Can vaccines cause autism?
If our bodies have natural painkillers, why do we feel pain?
Low iron in blood test?
Someone just jumped off the top of my building. OH MY GOD - What do I do?
Video footage of russian cutting mans head off with knife?
I really want crutches! What is the quickest and least painfull way to do it without faking?
Could my mom have a concussion?
Do you think i'd die if i got stabbed?
Um will the blood stay?
Pain under my tongue. very scared.?
I need a good excuse as to why i am always covered in bruises?
Doctor told me to take a Diabetic Education Class. What are they like, please?
My blood sugar level was tested at 10.7 what does this mean?
I am a diabetic and when I go low at night I sweat. Sometimes I don't wake up until I go extremely low. Has
I steped on a nail. but i had my shot 10 years ago comeing in november. dose that matter?
I am diabetic. Can I eat honey?
I just found out I am borderline diabetic - with low blood sugar ....?
Should i take this seriouse?
I have been diagnosed with Diabetes 2 for 5 years now. Most of the time my sugar is under control but when?
Has anybody heard the rumor about a man that got rid of his diabetes by eating ants?Maybe it was the chitin...
Help!! I need some food info for diabetics and high cholesterol?
Could you die by swalling a gun bullett?
Is there any cure or get the ectacy out of our blood streme ?
Am i having a heart attack???
Heart problems?
What should I eat if cholestrol is high, LDL is 136.2 High, HDL - 32 Low, VLDL - 36.8 High LDL/HDL Ratio 4.3 H
What is some risks with having elevated blood pressure?
What is low lying plecenta?
How do you raise low blood pressure?
Please can somebody help me!?
What is the main vein leading to the heart?
What causes this?
Painful stomach ache, what is the cause?
My eye is red and it is burning it has been that way for about a week, i have used drops,and it still hurts ?
Can Marijuana be Medicine in your opinion?
I just pierced my cartilage about a week ago and it's a little itchy, but not red or swollen. is it infected?
Is it illegal to buy vicodin over the web?
How to get rid of an ear ache?
Has anyone used Shea Butter for dry skin? Help~!?
I have had a horrible migraine for two days, but need to go to work this afternoon. Any suggestions?
Have your feet hurt so bad at work that u had to take off your shoes,when u were not on a break?
I have sun allergy not burns??so what soap is preferable to use daily??
Someone told me that when you have a bruise you should push on it to make it less painful. Is this true?
Should I go get it checked out?
I suffer from excesive underarm sweating no antipersperants work what else can i do is there a cure?
Why do I get a mild headache after having played the choking game?
I feel a migraine coming on, what should I take? Or should I just wait to pass out?
Help me asap!!!?
Pain killers?
Cramps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh?
Question about amputation?
How can I achieve severe migraine relief after trying so many medication combos?
Would anybody like my cold that I woke up with this morning?
How do I get a kink out of my back?
Severe chest pain after eating and drinking. HELP?
How do you take care of pulled muscles?
Root canal fears help?
If someone threw a punch at me but missed and i threw one back and broke his eye socket, can he sue me?
What is the best treatment for headache?
I need advise...please?
Im In So Much PAIN!!!
Is pot addictive?
How should I tell a person he has bad breath without hurting his feelings?
Im shaking i think i have some sort of disease..I cant stop shanking and its not cuz im nervous i jsut shake.?
Iron level in blood?
This is really bugging me my son is in agony with stomach pains for the last three months he has seen a few
What is a good sleep remedy for insomnia?
How do u get kidney stones?
Why do my ears itch?
Constipation during travel?
What is YOUR best home remedy for Diarrhea?
What can be done with a broken toe?
Agh... sunburn?
My toung peircing helppp?
Getting rid of scars?
I just popped my knee out of place...?
I stubbed my 2 little toes real hard, maybe broken?,, should i go dr, or do they heal on their own?
Should I go to the hospital?
Can steroids help me recover from knee cartilage damage & removal?
Hand glued to face! Help!?
How long does a sprained ankle stay swollen?
Foot pain, please help?
Im quite aware that this is yahoo answers and not my mobile phone?
Hi i have restless leg syndrome have had for yrs its the worse thing ever?
For a long time I thinked that only lady peoples have anginas, was I rong?
Will i get sacked?
What is the best way to releive stress?
I'm getting electric shocks down my arm?
Im suffering with migraines, do you have any advise?
How much blood does it take to get infected with HIV/STD?
Does sodomy cause AIDS?
Aids / hiv?
Am I going to get AIDS?
How does a man no if he has a yeast infection?
Why does my lip swell lyke this?
Um i have a huge question and cannot go to the doctor?? plz help!?
Child heart disease?
Quick headache stopper?
Heart problems in children?
What is the treatment & medicine name for Low Blood Pressure?
Is it better to spend money on extending life by a few weeks.?
Does smoking increase a persons heartrate and stress the heart?
Why does my left leg keep going dead?
How can I lower my blood pressure?
Help me with medical terminolgy?
Can you only feel one pain at a time.?
Help! Emergency!?
Please help! this is killing me!?
Blood Pressure of 150/105 , Is this high? I'm 6'2 205lbs, 26yrs old. Was taken at resting.?
What have you regretted recently?
My boyfriend is having chest pains?
How to avoid inferior complex?
Is it possible to have sciatic pain in both legs?
What is Steroid?
Whats the best way to cure a headache?
Is there a worst place to have a seizure?
Shooting pain in left arm?
Are anti-depressants too easily prescribed?
Which pain medicine is stronger percaset or vicodin?
Should I go to the doctor?
The pst week or so when i wake up, the three middle fingers on my left hand, are a little numb.What to do?
What are some things i can do for shoulder pain ??
I'm having an MRI tomorrow. Any hints/helps?
My neck hurts?
How to reduce swelling in fingers?
Omg im having the tetanus jab tomorrow!?
What makes a smack on the bottom sting?
OJD?? jonas brothers jonasbrothers!!?
People have been telling me to keep a stiff upper lip............?
I just keep itching everywhere i dont know what its from my head neck everywhere ?
Can a soft matress, that sags in the middle be causing me to have lower back pain?If so what type should I hav
Hi i know this sounds weird?
A glass fell on my husband's head and injured him. he was bleeding and now his vision is impaired.what is it?
What is the best thing for a sore back?
What's the worse ingury that's ever happened to you?
Should i go to work today???
How do I know if my brother need to go to doctor? He got in a fight.?
Was bitten by a cat I'm watching...now I can hardly move my right thumb...?
Ok this kinda hurts so help.?
Would you kill anyone for a billion dollars? and who would it be and why???
For those of you who've had stitches, could you help please?
Do you think this may be a fracture?
What is wrong with me?
I am having really bad back pains today, and I don't know what to do?!?
What is best medicin to overcome hangover?
What would happen if you took 20 500milagram tylenol pills?
Growing Pains and how to get rid of the pain?!?!?
Is my dentist a quack or have you ever heard of a doctor doing this?
I work standing on my feet 12-14 hours per day, 6 days a week. My heel hurts terribly. I have tried Skechers,
I get headaches nearly every day - help please?
Why do I wake up every morning to the pain of leg cramp??
Do most people die of a hemorraghic stroke?
If your relative / dad?
Hypotension with tachycardia?
Does stress cause the mitral valve to get worse?
Blood pressure?
Can red bull raise blood pressure?
Can someone die from really low blood pressure?
High Liver Enzymes?
Can too much pressure on the chest make one's heart stop?
Is 25 too young to use anti-wrinkle cream?
How can you make sunburn remedies?
Mosquito bite help please?
Do you believe in aliens?
Been havin trouble with my 'stomac' region?
Will man ever succeed in preventing death? Can you imagine a world where no one die?
Body hurts all over from a workout yesterday, what causes this? How do i alleviate my condition?
I cant sleep! Help please! I don't want to take any medication though.?
How do you get rid of the hiccups?
What body part would you most gladly donate? What part is definitely going to be buried with you?
Does anyone know about the serious condition of a lump that appeared on your head?
I have extremely bad leg cramps in my calves at night that wake me up often.. anyone know causes or cures?
I suffer serious pain after a leg amputation 5 years ago can anyone suggest any pain relief?
Itchy nose when eating fries?!?
Hi! Can you tell me what is the best thing for joints (wrists)?
Muscles pain?
Okay need a little help drugs and blood test
Why does it feel like this?
Feeling really tired n sluggish, everyday... what would help?
A little help with my headache?
What can I do about a severe headache?
I woe up with this weird mark on y leg...?
Which diseases can be cured by pencillin ?
Is anorexia a modern disease caused by influences by the media?
Can constipation cause death??
Crohns/Colitis went back to consultant today says I have both is this possible ?
My ears are constantly blocked when I awake in the morning...What are the causes?
Cocaine addiction!!?
Why do I cut myself underpressure and thinking about the past?
Ive got kidney/lower back pain, vomiting, thirst, and dizziness?
Where do women dispose their tampons and pads after they use it in a public restroom?
Sore back and difficulty passing urine?
I cant stop myself?
What is the remedy for a broken heart?
I got hit in the head with a cello?
Any tips for painfull ears when flying?
What is the best way of getting doctor to sign me off for long term?
Help i was attacked by a frog late last night?
Please help! My gradnpas is having...?
My hand IS broken, whats going to happen in the future?
I got my ear pierced like 5 weeks ago.. how long can i take it out for without the whole closing up?
Insulin doesn,t seem to be working?
Diabetes and thirst?
My diabetic mom has very painfull feet n also has black spots on their feet?
Why am i peeing blood?
Is fasting is good for halth ?
Is it true that chocolate has caffeine in it?
What is the best diet for reducing bad cholesterol?
My mom has endstage renal desease due to type 2 diabetes,we have no insurance. Can anyone help me ?
Please answer diabetic question..?
Cronic illness?
I am getting a terrible pain in my right hand side of my hip and the pain is shooting down my leg any cures?
I went to my doctor about feeling pressure in my chest & tingling in my fingers. she tells me it's heartburn.?
I look worse than the elephant man why wont a plastic surgeon operate on me?
Head and Eye Pain?
What to do about a chipped front tooth?? please help....?
Am I being 'wound up'?
Burn relief?
Head-aches and soda... read below?
Did you woke up well?
Bad pain in my neck.. I think I slept wrong!?
My daughter is having pain in her side left side and she's also vomiting can anyone help.?
You ever felt so down and out that you wondered if you could even bounce back?
I drink lots of green tea! Today I opened up the tea bag an ate some of the loose tea in it.WILL I GET SICK?
Are there any negative affects of Marijuana?
I just got sting on my toungue by a yellowjacket/hornnet. Swelling is bad. What do I do?
What is the best thing to do to fight a cold?
Good Bed Times For Me?
Help!! there's a spider in my room!! what do i do!!?
Who breaks wind more, men or women?
How many glasses of water should we drink in a day?
Im really SCARED, I might DIE.?
Is there any way to get rid of a headache? (without aspirin)?
Whats the best way to get a bone that is stuck in my throat out?
I have a pain in my left nut , any guy ever get this? hurts like hell not sure what to do, sharp pain?
Wrist "injury" question?
What are your best remedies to relieve or get rid of a stress induced ulcer?
I have a stomach ache on the left hand side, which increases just prior to breaking wind then relieves.?
Vicodin addiction?
Has anybody ever tried to lick their elbow??
Can anyone tell me a way to take pain medication so it is easier on my stomach? I have tryed it with milk.?
I have lost my voice! whats the best and quickest remedies???
What is your OCD?
Should i detox my digestive system?
The worst illness you ever had and lived to tell about, details?
If you had to choose ONE season for the WHOLE YEAR, which one would you choose?
I think my bf is a hypochondriac..?
How can a 3.5years old baby can die after vomiting?
My friend is in agony with her ears, she has been to the doctors twice and is still in agony?
What's the quickiest way to thrghley get rid of lice/louce?
My ear really hurts to touch round the outside of ear. Have also gone abit deaf in that ear. any advice?
Blood pressure at 140?
Suddenly, Im having issue with my heart skipping a beat. uhh..help.?
How long can you skip bp medicine?
Has anyone ever survived a heart attack without medical attention?
My heart rate is 100, i keep getting fevers and im only 14.?
Fed up of anxiety?
Anyone out there dealing with Coronary Artery Disease?
Out of my crestor?
Has lycopene been shown to lower cholesterol?
So what do you think is wrong?
I have a habit of hitting boys in their groin..........?
How can you easily dislocate your knee cap?
Whats the best thing to help a bruise ie what can i put on it to make the pain go away?
What color should i choose for my cast?
Can a dammaged toenail grow back?
Sprained ankles and twisted ankles?
I injured my knee?
I just got shot with a machine gun. My head is hanging off and my guts are spillin' out. IT HURTS!?
Do tattos hurt when u get um?
Have you been through something similar? If so advise please...?
If a persons body always hurts and sore to get up and walk?
How much ibuprofen?
Alternative to ibuprofen other anti inflammatory?
How do i prevent my feet from getting stuck?
I have a cramp, its been ther all day! help please?
What do I do about my sore foot?
Sore throat, need help!?
Urinary tract infection and right side abdominal pain?
I am very ill, living in excruciating pain. Pain meds no longer help.How do I find herion to try? Desperate.?
If you get a minor burn on your finger what's the best thing to do when it happens?
What do you do when you feel you have lost hope?
Where do hiccups come from?
Should I be concerned?
Could some bath soaps cause itching & rash on skin ?
Do you lie about having gas?? What do you tell people when they ask you??
What are some things I can do so I can sleep better?
Hw can I live without having any food rest of my life?
I have a small wood sliver in my finger and its deep and hard to get out, is it alright to leave it in?
I Smoke....my boyfriend, does not.. Any ideas about about how to ease the pain of quitting smoking?
Anyone else cry themselves to sleep every night?
I keep getting cracked buttocks - can anyone help?
Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee why is this happening whats the cure?
My left ear feels blocked, hearing is dulled and now there is a constant ringing in my ear?
Are there any medicines inducing erictyle dysfunction.?
Is there any test to know what is the cause for allergy?
♥Does this sound sinus-related?
Allergic Reactions?
Help !! cats owner with asthma?
I have a bad cough, off and on soar throat, runny nose and bad headache!?
Dairy allergy?
I have Allergies, an have taken many medicines for them an they dont work , any suggestions ? thank?
Skin test showed "trace" of corn allergy. never had corn trouble b4 now its i my head, what shall i do
Pains on my sides when i hold my pee?
How long can you hold your breath?
When you get a headache,what is the best way to get rid of it?When I get a headache,its usually at the base of
Chest ache not pains !!!!!!?
I have a ded leg?
Sciatica what is it and is it curable?
Marijuauna helps pain better than morphine?
Im Getting My Ears Pierced At The Doctors Does It Really Hurt A Lot?
If you have ever broken your arm or leg - what's the pain like? Just how bad is it? What's it comparible to?
A Valium question?
I'm always thirsty?
Acid Reflux - is there a scam going on???
Is cocaine addiction a disease?
Chronic Sudden Vision Loss!!?
Whats dyslexia?
My head cold is dreadful and wont go away, any suggestions please?
Crystal Meth? Help please.?
Did you have a colonoscopy?
Cold Remedies?
What is wrong with me if I black out everytime I suddenly stand up?
Is it normal practise for a doctore to want to see you after an ecg?
What type of red wine is good for the heart?
A 76 year old dear friend with a tumor on his heart?
Water Retention and High Blood Pressure?
How is waterboarding torture?
Wots causing these headaches?
My Blood Pressure is 129/85 is this high?
For the worlds worst hangover whats the best and quickest way to make it dissappear??
Dose omega 3 help to lower cholesterol?
Extreme headache, sent to hospital, HELP.?
Is your blood pressure really high during a heart attack or really low?
A headache questions???
I'm in PAIN, please help??
What does am and pm stand for? I don't get it??:(?
What do you do for migraines?
Sharp pain around rib cage area?
If Steve Irwin would have left the barb in would he have had a bettter chance of living?
Is it legal for a doctor to give results over the phone?
Car accident?
I just twisted my ankle does it really help if I put ankle in hot water with salt if so what does it do?
Crazy question but don't know much about the human body?
I accidently punched into a stone wall?
Help me please????????????
Any quick fixes for a painful knee with fluid under the knee cap??
What should i do?
How do you get rid of fleas?
Is this normal?
Why does our nose bleed?
What's the best thing for a sunburn ? esp the itching?
What is vicadin?
So i found out my girlfriend has been lying to me about past relationships should i not worry about her past?
I DON'T WANT A SCAR!!!! help please!!!?
I have a bad cut on my finger from 2 days ago, and it has not begun to heal yet?
I have swimmers ear and i have a plane ride thats 2 hours in 6 hours and 25 minutes?
I get a migraine every day, what could be causing them?
I have some headaces every day what can I do at home to make me fell better?
Does getting your upper ear (cartilage) peirced hurt?
What is cannabis?
Cause of Sore wrists?
Pinched nerve possibly?
My chest feels full of glass, its so pain full to breathe what can i do?
How do you deal with migraines?
Ihave a burning pain in my neck and a numb feeling going down my shoulder and arm can anyone tell me what it i
Help! stomach ache?
I am a computer engineer,my Life is very dull and boring,in addition to that i am highly confused,help please?
I have pain EVERY single day in my upper back and in my shoulder blade area, does anyone else have this??
I have had back pain, headache, chills and sweating for 4days. Does anyone know what is wrong?
Tooth ache help please?
My 7 year old Son gets cramp / growing pains in his legs at night.....?
What's this pain i'm having?
My seven year old has been complaining about severe headaches the last three days?
I screwed up my neck and ibuprofen isn't working?
Why we die too early?
So I am stuck here at work and need a quick and effective way to get rid of this horrible headache?
What color cast should my sister get
What are people called that think they are always sick?
Do u think love can bring happiness without the lord?
Wasp Sting?
I have a sunburn (its reallly bad) and i was wondering what would soothe it. its painful! please help!!!!!!!!!
What could happen if you got a cut that did not heal?
I have not slept in 40 hours...please look at details?
Is it fine if i eat ice, i chew about 1 glass of water ice daily, i feel no pain in my teeth or jaws.?
How old do you have to be to buy Hydrogen Peroxide?
Who needs to leave the tv on in order to fall asleep and why?
Chronic constipation?
I have a white pill i found that has 166 on one side & a line on the other side anyone know what that means?
What would you do if you had a friend with an eating disorder?
How do I treat an abcess on my wrist that has swollen my entire arm and will not rupture?
Lump in abdomen....?
What is "death"....?
My friend feels like vomitting after every meal.He does not have bulimia.What shud he eat?
Some ideas please?
Have you ever had a buttworm? How did you get it and how did you get rid of it:?
I am an alcoholic and when I try to stop drinking I suffer so badly?
What can i do to help my peeling skin?
How do I get rid of red cheeks? ?
I've been itching my scalp lately and i've been losing alot more hair than usual what could be the cause?
Eazy 10 pointz please help!!!?
Does Bacne ever go away?
I cant stop sweating, what can i do??
What kind of chapsitick will not dry my lips out?
Help red sore and smelly belly button!?
Why did I have above-normal ST-elevation?
Tingling arms, hands, lightheadedness, irregular heartbeats, difficulty breathing?
Enlarged heart?
What does "borderline first degree a-v block" mean?
What kind of diet would someone with cardiac disease be on?
I am having some chest pain?
My friend today said his chest hurt he felt like he had a lump in his throat his heart was racing his jaw hurt
How many times do you brush your teeth in a day???
What should I do, about my thumb?
Could I have had a concussion?
If a 1-year old falls onto his bottom and then onto the back of the head, does he need an MRI?
I broke my arm on purpose?
Can anyone tell me how to break my leg??
Oh my gosh..i just fell down my stairs and my back bone is sticking out..i cant move...what do i do?
Help!i was stretching and felt a sharp pain on the left part of my neck and now i cant move my neck.what to do
I was headbutted in my cheekbone and now I cannot hear ?
I ran 9miles today and i'm to sore to move. How can i help my muscles heal? i haven't run a mile in 9months.
What are the long term effects of taking too many pain killers?
Did you ever have a mild head ache, lasting over six months ?
Pain in my chest area?
Can stress show up as pain?
I have been referred to a specialist for my headaches,what will happen at the hospital?
My head hurts sooo bad i have tryed everything u can think of but it wont go away&?
Why do your muscles ache after doing excercise?
About to have surgery!!!!?
Why does my shoulder hurt?
Can you become diabetic eating a bar of snickers once a day?
I am 18 years old & have diabetes type1 is it more difficult for me to have a baby?
My Mom Just Found Out She Has Diabetes.?
What do these symptoms mean?
Hypoglicemia not in diabetes and checking your blood sugar.?
My sugar level is 180 and I'm only 16! Please help!?
Do I need An ID or permit to carry insulin syringes?
2 weeks ago had blood test ran for insurance and results showed my glucose level to be at 569.?
I have gestatational diabetes,what are the vegeterian food items that i can have to maintain glucose levels?
I got my first bee or wasp sting... help!?
Proactive? thier commercials look fake.some say it works, some say it doesnt.. . .should i buy it?
What are some effective treatments for eczema?
What is a substance that causes injury, illness, or death?
How can i make my dry dead skin from the bottom of my foot go away?
Warts or boils?
How can i prevent nervous sweating in my armpits?
How do you cool a sunburn?
What's the best home remedy for sunburn?
Im 13 and have really spotty skin all the creams i try dont work!?
My dad burned up in a fire yesterday...............?
Does anyone know what i can use to remove stretch marks?
Girls only .... i need advice i am so scared...?
I'm 33 am I in my prime? H***Y all the time?
Head lice trearment?
Got braces 2 days ago very PAINFUL HELP!?
I am getting extreme back pain.Can you all give me proper solution to avoid the same.?
I have a small cut on the inside of my top lip. It really hurts and I don't know?
I've been prescribed amitriptyline for muscle tightness 10mg twice daily will this help?
Is cracking your knucles good?
IS there a DOCTOR in the house??
Rhumatoid Arthritis?
I smashed my toe real bad should I tear off my toenail?
How do I relieve stomach pain/gas after eating bad Chinese food?
How to make one vomit?
Committing suicide?
Which Disease Modifying Drug did you choose for your Multiple Sclerosis and why? Did you choose any at all?
What is the number one cause of rising obesity in America?
How can I get pregant????
Should i tell them?
What is mono?
How do I get off painkillers?
Is there any connection to having severe hayfever and the removal of your tonsils?
What should i do for my aunt that is in surgery today?
How do i know if i have been bitten by a brown recluse spider?
My boyfriend keeps throwing up.. i dont know what is wrong?
Help me rid myself of this addiction!!!!!?
If you suffered a deep cut or wound and couldnt go to the hospital, whats the best way to take care of it?
Have you ever gotten stung by a bee?
How many kisses can you get away with when giving the kiss of life?
What is the quickest or best way to stop a nose bleed?
Why is it that the more I sleep the more tired I feel?
I got sunburn HELP!?
Urgent: tell me the quickest way of soothing a painful sunburn I got from a sunny island trip?
I cut my finger and had dressing wrapped round it, the first aider told me not to take it off for 3 - 5 days?
I really NEED to break my wrist [read & help]?
I want to break my leg very easy so that i wont have too track and cross county looking for any advice ASAP?
How can i sprain my wrist or anckle?
CLAIM AGAINST BOWLING ALLEY? Should they have some responsability?
Help please quick i promise! I am leaving NOW!?
Should I worry about MRI scan??
Driving test?
What is the worst injury you have ever had?????
Blood Pressure?
Has anyone ever had to wear a Holter Moniter for heart palpitations?
Chest Pain?
Question regarding heart palpitations?
How can one increase his good cholesterol?
Do gynocologists do std testing?
Heart Murmur? Please!?
How long do cold sores last??
Question for the "Good girls"?
Can a flower garden lower hipertension?
I have started taking asprin daily, but am I taking too much?
Blood pressure?
What does genetil herpes look like?
Im confused! if ur always at risk for STDs (making out, etc.) then how can u be sure the person doesnt have 1
Wut is a good pain reliver for a knee problem??
My back hurts constantly. I have not slept well in the past two weeks because of it?
Ugh migranes i keep getting them and tylonol wont make it go away what do i do?
I have had an ear ache for 4 weeks?
Does anyone else think this is wierd?
HORRIBLE throat pain!!
I hav a pain in my big toe wat could b wrong with me????
Appendicitis or just cramping?
Do fillings hurt? please help me!?
I was rear ended and now my low back is really hurting. Should I see a chiropractor or my regular dr?
Has anyone out ther ever used nicotine patches and if so were they any good?
My 2 year old has a rash with blotches on her cheeks, arms and legs..it's not chicken poxs? What could it be?
What is the best medication for facial acne?
What do I have??
If a teen wacks off can it cause acne?
Acne Help?!!?
Please help i need a good acne treatment im breaking out!!?
How can I get rid of my acne and red marks?
What is the best cure for pain?
Do you post on youtube?
Belly Button?
How do I break a leg?
Could this be a pinched nerve? this really hurts me!?
I got headache from last night...,i took pain killer still no relief..,? i have cold aswell.?
I am having withdrawal symtoms from smoking...how long does it take for the headache to go away?
How much do migraines prevent you from doing?
Does Aleve really help anyone for pain?
What's the quickest way to get rid of a cold sore??
Where does the fat go when you lose wieght?
Is holding a sneeze bad for you?
How do you get relief from a wicked sunburn?
Jellyfish stings???
How do i get rid of dandruff? Which shamoo shall i use as none of them seem to work?
I am supposed to fast for a blood test tomorrow. Does that mean I can't drink any water?
What are some clear fluids I can drink to help my sore throat?
My mate at work was bleeding out his anus?
Is it dangerous 2 get your ears pierced???
Why are you not sleeping?
Why do i always bloat?
How can I reduce the sugar I consume. I am addicted to sugary things like candy, sweets, soda, sugary cereal?
Can i get DIABTIES???
Feelling tired. Diabetes or anxiety?
My mom suffers from low blood sugar, but now is suffering from High blood sugar Is that possible?
I'm wondering if anyone has the same weird habit?
Dry, red, itchy, bumpy skin? I tried Eucerin, Aveeno...OUCH!!! HELP Please!?
I have a lump on my eye?
How dangerous is saturating your skin with Lysol spray to kill germs, blatantly ignoring the warning?
I have been sick for a little over a week now i cant go to the doctor cause i dont have enough symptoms...?
Aaah my mum's just woken up with red spots all over her body??
How to cure athletes foot
Does anyone know if is's it possible to take tablets to stop my monthy cycle?
How do get rid of alot of swollen zits on my forehead fast?
What is the best cure for sore throat?
What could be wrong with me?
I've had headaches for five years and tried everything. Does anyone have any ideas to make them go away?
How do you make your knees become lighter.?
I feel sleepy all the time. What seems to be wrong with me?
I am 16 years old how long will it take me to recover from gettig my tonsils removed?
Severe foot pain help...?
Does this look like Chicken Pox?
Is it strange if my pillow talked to me?
Ugly toes! any doctor please help me!?
What is it called when your body goes into shock?
Would a child test positive on a drug test if they were in a home where the parents were making meth?
Please answer my question, it is very urgent... im in extreme pain?
Define a severe adverse drug reaction?
Should I trust this remedy?
I feel like cutting!?
What are the symptoms of being anemic?
Do you think old aged pensioners should be put down at birth?
Will My Dad get compensation?
How do i wrap my finger?
Sister burnt hand on gas cooker
How can i tell if my knee is broken = ( help plz?
Would this be bad for me?
Do increased headaches many years after a traumatic brain injury spell bad news?
What can i use for my cold sore?
Hi im 13 and i wanna be like all the other teenagers...please answer this question!?
What's worserest. Stubbing your cold toe real hard on a table leg, or getting cramp in the back of your leg...
What do they consider a dangerous number for High Blood Pressure!?
How do i become less nervous??
Can a dr's office bill for a dr's visit(cartiology) and have the patient see a nurse?
How to reduce LDL colostrol?
What do you think is wrong with my heart?
Low blood pressure?and fast heart beat??
This girl hit me realllly hard on my chest (near my heart pretty much) and i got a bruise but could that hit..
What would case your heart to age faster than you do? What would make a 20 year old have a 30 year olds heart?
Can you say a Prayer husband!?
Blood pressure problem?
How do you take care of a burn?
If your dog is barking at the back door and your wife is yelling at the front door, who do you let in first?
What happens when you sniff sudafed? Urgent!!!!?
What are good ways to fall asleep?
What were your favorite sounds when you were a child?
Is it possible to survive with a bullet in your skull?
How do you get rid of a headache?
I'm sunburned! what's the best thing to do?
How do I get my snake out of my stomache?
7 year old lost tooth while eating and accidently swallowed it? Any reason for concern?
Help please, The Worst sore throat?
How do you cure a hangover?
What is the best treatment for sciatica?
My wife woke up this morning suffering from terrible back pain..?
If a person takes a tylenol with codene will their blood tests come out as taking cocaine?
Why are my feet itchy?
Is lortab a drug?
Nurofen Plus (Ibuprofen & Codeine) Side effects?
Shin splints? Ouch. they kill.. help please!!?
I have roger on my arm,what should i cover it up with?laser removal is not an option?
Re: Itchy privates>?
My mum suffers with really bad eczema on her fingertips- does anyone know of a good handcream/remedy for this?
How can i reduce the black bags under my eyes?
What do small green dots on your feet mean?
I'm 19 why is this still happening??
Tylenol or ibuprofen?
What's the quickest way to relieve anger?
O.m.g do you fel as bad as i look right now?
Natural remedies for Migraine?
My throat is killing me! um doctor!?
How do you take down a fever?
Anyone have a cure or medication for Restless Leg Syndrome?
Ear aches, jaw hurts but I can't get to the Dr's. What else can I do?
What can be done to stop leg cramping??
Bad pain in chest and arm?
What to do when u break your hand!?
Hands turning blue ?
How to make wounds heal faster?
Just chopped my thumb off with my hedge trimmer, while I wait for the ambulance how do i stop the bleeding.?
Is honey better than sugar? Or are both not good for you?
Can a bee sting lead to infection?
Not sure what to do????
The best way to get rid of ear infection?
I just got my tongue pierced 3 days ago....should it be bleeding and turning yellow?
Just cut finger with a knife seems that it wont stop bleeding?
Heart Attack?
Smoked 2 cigarettes after having an attack of acute pancreatitis about a month ago...?
How do you lower blood pressure immediately?
My husband doesn't heal can someone help?
Dehydrated but not thirsty?
I know ADHD is a medical condition?
What can i use to detox for a drug screen test on monday?
What are the symptoms of collaspe followed by shaking indictative of ?
Can god fill cavities without going to dentist?
Have I broken my nose? or chipped a bone in it or sumthin?
What can I do? Every muscle in my body is killing me cause of track and I really need something to help me out
What's the best thing to do if you cut your wrist on accident??
Is it possible to fall from a 2nd story window and survive without serious injury?
My wrist hurts really bad!?
How can i quit smoking?
Does Saxophone playing cause cold sores?
Why is my wound always wet?
My fasting is 117 do i have diabetes?
What is the difference between the different types>?
Is it right for a doctor to treat me for gestational diabetes just because I couldnt keep the drink down?
My ear hurts everytime i swallow!..... any ideas?
Went to a church party tonight. Drank tooo much. What can I do to avoid a hangover in the morning.Please help!
Can anyone recommend a diabetic late nite snack. I eat small lunch and a small dinner,, and then i get hungry?
How can i get my medical doctor in town to right me scripts for oxycodone? He always gives me Ibuprofen.?
Will it hurt me to take pain killers if im not in pain?
How can I stop a headache if I am allergic to taking meds?
I got a severe headache can you please suggest me some good way to get rid of it.?
Do ginger haired people have a higher pain thresh hold?
Can you take the pain killer vicodin while your pregnant?
How do I know what is wrong with my foot without seeing a doctor?
Are these headaches normal?
What causes migraines?
I have shooting,tingleing sore pain from my fingers all the way up to my shoulders what could this be?
I need to pee very often and get pain down below inbetween,can any one help?
How to deal with a migraine?
I was on the underground yesterday and my ear has been blocked and painful ever since.Its even bleeding. Help?
Can flat foot be cured?
Imaginary Chest Pain?
What can l do? for Leg Problems?
Weird feeling in my chest!?
What is the need for a "water pill" for heart treatment, whats it do?
What is normal blood pressure when sleeping?
My 22 year old daughter is in a drug rehab,is it standard procedure to be kept from family contact ?
Is it safe to use the nicotine patch while taking a low dose of high blood pressure medicine ?
Why does my 20 year old brother have high blood pressure?
What is the lifetime of the stent, once it is blasted inside vessels, does it have any time to be replced?
What does it mean to have chest pain along with a headache?
Does angina get worse when you breath?
White spots on back of throat......a little advice????
What persistent tingling sensation in the fingers could mean?
How can I heal my liver?
Why do most bulimics(people who has bulimia) develops dental problems?
My nose bleed everyday but i feel no headache or something. Am i allright?
Why do i sweat so much n im not overweight?if i get angry i sweat,slight change of temp i sweat,?
Painful bloating, please help?
How can one keep their brain sharp..?
How do i get rid a bruise?
What food does help me out of sore throat??
Should i go to the ER?
Have you ever had any kind of Surgery?
I lost my voice from screaming on a roller coaster how do i get it back?
My Finger?!? easy 10 points!!!!!?
What does it mean if you cut yourself badly and it doesn't hurt?
My brother got out of the pool a couple hours ago, he's complaining that his ears ache now?What can i do;quick
I drank so much water and a can of sprite, is it normal to find blood in urine?
What would be the worst way to die? (give 3 answers)?
Is this normal?
How can I reduce muscle cramps in my calves at night?
I have a migraine?
My blood pressure is 111\60....?
What do you do when your back hurts so bad that it hurts to breathe?
Can two people of the same blood group marry?
Does anyone else hate the "HeadOn, apply directly to the forehead" commercials?
Nightime leg cramps,constant urination, craving for water?
Does anybody know what is wrong with my head ,?
What to do about unbearable constipation??
What is the best way to sleep?
Whats wrong with me?
Firbromyalgia...Chronic Pain. Help!?
Ok..This sounds crazy...but..hw can i break my wrist?
I am always shaking?
I had a c-section done 3 days ago....?
Dose any one have problems with there neck?
I took 3 asprins instead of 2?
My dad just got home from neck surgery?
Why am I always tired?
I am a female suffering from alot of pain on my right upper abd. which radiates to the back . What can this be
What do you take if your stomach hurts really bad?
Is it ok to cut your wrist..cuz i hae been in alot of stress (( plz help ))?
I have been on morphine for 2 yrs and have runout i am in withdraw how can I releive some of the discomfort?
Have fasting glucose level of 74 & Hemo. A1C result of 5.5-- Dr. says am borderline prediabetic. Am I??????
Diabetics generally have circulation problems in the legs and feet.?
What is the average number for your blood sugar ?
What are the food nutrients that can cause diabetes?
I would like to know what fruits are bad for diabetics?
Please tell my how to keep your friend near you when your husband doesn't have 1 leg?
Can this be diabetes?
Does the level of your blood sugar affect the color of your eyes?
Can drinking pepsi or coke cause people to be diabetic?
I cant stop eating..?
Ever Since My Car Accident My Shoulder Hurts!?
Need to know about over counter medicine?
Question regarding PINK EYE...?
Do stitches hurt when u get them taken out?
Hurt my foot last night, is it broken?
I broke my pinky finger on my left hand, no health insurance, I cant afford to go to the doctor, What do I do?
Please help me quik?
I am taken prescribed course of clindamycin 150g what dose this do?
What is the dumbest, or most embarrasing way you've ever hurt yourself?
Quick! What's the number for 911?
E.K.G. I've never had one?
I need your medical advise pleeeese?
Am I on the road to highblood pressure and heart problems?
How can I relieve a tension headache?
Any body who's color blind?
My 9 year old sisters heart rate has been at 160 for hte last 2 days.?
What could cause my high triglyceride level? (over 600)?
Do IV's hurt?
Is a guy an alcoholic if he gets drunk only on every Friday and/or Saturday night(s)?
Anyone dealing with a diet that needs low chloresterol and low sugar ?
Simvastatin and pregnancy?
Leg burns i need help on pain?
What's the maddest disease or illness you've ever had? What was it like?
Could it be gas pain or heart problems?
I s there cure for stroke paralysis?
What is the worst form of physical pain that you have ever suffered so far in your life?
What is vertigo?
What do you usually say when you stomp your toe?
Breathe heart problem?
How to get your body not to feel as much pain?
After a serious surgery, would you stay with your parents or ask a sibling to stay with you for a couple days?
Do I have Tourette Syndrome? (anyone ever experience it)?
Do the statin drugs remove a slight blockage of arteries or just keep it from forming?
Let me try and narrow down to the point what cause this irregular heartbeats...?
How Can I Detox T.H.C. Overnight For a Piss Test, Heavy Smoker?
Do u think i have cardiac problem?
Neck pains/ache?
How does the pill know what"s ill?
Panadol Extra tablets (paracetomal)..?
My husband has severe abdominal pain and fever. How serious is this?
Does children's tylenol work for adults?
Does Tylenol have any of the properties to treat inflamation in joints as does Advil ?
Pain in Legs.....Help!?
Has anyone suffered really BAD..?????????
Migraine Sufferers Please Help?
Back pain - disc problems?
I get leg cramps often... why and what can i do to prevent it?
Just had my cast off and it stinks.?
Is my dad gonna be okay?
Is it a bad sign if a scab hasnt healed in over a month?
How do I get this image out of my head?!!!!!!!?
I cut my foot, do i need stitches?
My eye! 10 points if you answer plus thumbs up!?
Could you die from cutting yourself??
I just fell down a flight of stairs, and my shoulder bone is out of the socket. Shoud I see a doctor?
Please i think i broke my arm and want to know what you think! Please tell me what i should do!?
Can any one help me plz that i m having problem at night.......?
I havent had a bowel movement since monday!?
I've got tonsillitis. Help! need advice?
I cant stand this anymore!!!!?
I keep getting stabbing pains in my feet - what can cause that ?
Is it dangerous or more effective to use a pill such as tylenol by inserting it in your anus?
Is it dangerous to take Ibuprofen daily?
My grandmother has chronic constipation because of the pain killers she takes. What works for you?
I have taken to many painkillers codeine what side affects should i look out for?
Why does the back of my throat hurt when I wake up somtimes?
Has anyone out there ever felt thier heart Flutter?
Chest pains?
What is that health store product that removes metals from your body like calcium from your heart valves?
What's a brain aneurism?
Please help am in pain and very worried.?
Whats the possibility of a 28 yrs old slim guy having a High blood pressure?
Urinary track infection?
Is it true that?......?
Will my eybrows grow back?
Serious answers only please. Can the use of cocaine...?
My heart beat pauses about every 5th beat...?
I need to break an addiction... any suggestions?
If i drink gallon of water a day n take vitamine b pills with alot of createan will i pass a drug test?
I am 16 and i went to the er last thursday and saturday for chest pains and both ekgs were normal.?
Is there anyone without a belly button?
How to help someone to stop drinking, and accept his problem?
Should my baby not sleep on her left side if she has a heart problem?
On average, how long do the symptoms of the common cold last?
What can i do to to get rid of burning sensation in eyes?
What's a good way to crack your back?
Pains in my fingers!!?
Ive got a really bad sore throat, any foods you can eat that will help?
Can you get wind trapped behind your shoulder?
I get migraines. How do I prevent them from happening?
Major headache!!!?
Do slimming pills work and how do they work?
Has anyone ever had a broken rib?
I'm depressed. My car just got towed and I got fired on the same day,my girl just dumped me can some1 help me?
What can I take for chronic diarrhoea (shits) ?
How do I get a loved one to give up smoking?
Do you think it works better when its warm?
Smokers only.which do you prefer cigarette or spliff ?
Help i need a ciggie?
Am I too old to go back to school? I am 46 yrs. old. I would like to go to nursing school but, I'm afraid I mi
Can the HIV virus be destroyed by soap or by ethylic alcohol, which is used as antiseptic?
I swear, I just don't know (an std story)?
My friend has a white spot bursted it out, clear stuff came out what could that be?
Okay Im trying to get pregnant and i cant?
I had a dream for an aids solution.?
Female urinating blood, help?? urgent!!?
Can i contract the HIV virus through deep kissing?
I have a blood test today... so try to cheer me up please..im freaking out!!!?
How do I get it to stop itching? Why does it itch so bad?
How would you go about piercing your belly button yourself?
What to do about swollen knees?
I sprained my right thumb, what can i do for the thumb to heal faster?
Im hopping mad...lol?
I rolled my ankle forward 2 weeks ago and its not any better what should i do?
Something to be worried about?
Have you ever ridden in an ambulance???
If i were your neighbor how would you greet me when i say hello?
What's wrong with me?
What is the best way to get rid of a massive migrane?
I have numbenes on my left thumb and forefinger, and nothin else. what could be the reason????
I had an MRI for low back pain. Neurosurgeon says nothing is wrong and I should not be hurting. What now?
What causes restless leg syndrome?
How do I get rid of constant headaches?
How do I decrease the frequency or ease foot cramps?
I have a headache?
How do you make someone do that kick reflex by hitting them in the knee like doctors do in movies?
The right side of my stomach is hurting and i dont know what it is......?
What is the opposite of insomnia?
My wife has a very bad stomach pain on her left side of stomach.?
Whats more scary 2% chance of death or seizures all your life ?
I have cold chills, and i freeze even when its 70 or 80 degrees out, im tired all the time, cranky, annoyed.?
Is there any way to get rid of snoring without having those expensive operations?
Why are there worms in my diarrhea?????
What is Hemophilia ? ( please answer.) ?
Depression!! Help Please?
I have a black eye just want to know how to get rid of it quick i go on hoilday in 4 days :(?
Is there a difference between these two choices of dying?
I have been having pain in my wrists... I broke my scaphiod bone last year and put it down to this...?
HELP my bf took 10 reg tyenol and 1 extra strengeth tylenol?
What is it called when you are throwing up alot, and have a stomach ache?
What is ibuprofen taken for?
What's more painful...?
Would u rather be shot or stabbed..?x?
Teeth: ah that hurts?
What can cause pain in your lower back and burnign pain all through your stomach?
When something hurts really bad how many Advil will you take at once?
When I roll my eyes it feels like maybe the muscles around my eyes hurt?
What is the cause of High Blood Pressuer?
My BP wakes me up in the middle of the night when I am alseep? why?
Long term effects of acid indigestion?
Anyone have or had in the past anxiety attacks and been able to take diet pills with no anxiety attacks?
Concerning skipped heart beats...(anyone with knowledge on the subject)?
Is there a cancer prevention diet??
Why would a doc increase citalopram from 20mg to 40mg?
"Angiogram" long term side effects?
What is the problems with underarm crutches?
Do you BRUISE easily?
Why would someone with two broken arms go out drinking?
I fell at work, do i have to take sick time for the time off?
Seriously. whats the easiest way to break your arm??
Do they numb your arm before putting the IV in?
I fell over on my bike and scraped my knee and now it feels all sticky!! please help!!?
I just swallowed a peice of bread and it went into my lungs. I don't feel bad but did I damage my lungs?
My wrist is broken...?
Licking your elbow?
Ingrown toenail?
Who do you really want to hurt right now?
I feel like i have a hot very sharp needle being stuck in my foot by my big toe?
I cut my toe and it hurts bad, how can i make it stop hurting b/c i cant even walk on it?
What can i do so i wont strain my eyes using the computer so much
Why do my legs ache and hurt so bad?
I have an awfully bad headache...?
What is wrong with my jaw?
Is it true that the more you weigh the more Tylenol or Ibuprofen you should take?
Back pain!!!!?
Anyway to get rid of stones in the gall bladder? Pleeeeeeze.?
I keep getting a sensation in my throat like i've got food stuck in it.?
Is there a way at home to identify a substance I think might be cocaine?
Is this appendicitis? PLEASE READ!!?
How do i get rid of flu??
I need to now what is wrong witha person that has symptoms of aching heart and burning throat?
Under-active thyroid?
Lower Stomach Pain...HELP!!!!!!!?
Why do i feel lonley?
Is it wise to give medical advice here?
Is there anything that can help to get used to wake up early?
Are you all drinking enough water in this heat?
Why people become fat?