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Herbal treatments or medicine?
Just wonder about.....Drugs?
Wats the best hangover cure?
What is viagara?
Are thee any herbal remedies that can help control schizophrenia?
Best tasting tea?
I broke my toe today. What is the best remedy for healing and how long will it be before I can wear heels?
What's YOUR theory for why cancer rates are so much higher now than they were 50 years ago?
Is there anything that can encourage my hair to grow longer and healthier faster?
How do I boost immune system the most?
I take alot of vitamins & supplements. I am aware of overdosing. Are there any potential problems?
What did you do for God today?
It's been 32 days since...?
Does anybody get sore throats from drinking coke?
What are some ways to lower high blood pressure without taking pills or medicine?
Does cranberry juice cure uriney track infections?
What can I use for insomnia besides pills?
I want to overdose on sleeping pills?
Why is it that marijuana is illegal?
I feel sick?
What will Xanax do to you if you've taken 2 50mg of and and aren't perscribed?
What is the best home medicine for throat infection,cold,cough n fever?
Are there any over the counter medicines that help you sleep?
Whats the best over the counter drug to overdose on?
What is a great diuretic?
What's the best natural remedy for bad breath?
I found some old vicodin pills about 6 years old i wanna know if they're still good?
Does anyone know any natural cures/treatments for carpal tunnel?
Any ideas on getting rid of a boil?
Sleeping pills?
Break stuff or kick stuff?
Insomnia! HELP!?
Should you sleep with your head pointing toward the north?
Can any one tell me why do we get hiccups?do tell some remedies which would work?
What herbal medicines are best for reducing stress and anxiety??
What alternative /complementary therapy have you tried and what is your favourite one?
What will happen if someone consumes one bottle/ one pack of any brand Tylenol medicine in one day?
How do i remove nicotine from my fingers?
Blood Test-Will marijuana be out of system?
What do you do when you want to feel relaxed & rejevenated?
Do you think marijuana should be legalized for personal use?
What is the best pain reliever?
I always have migrains and feel dizzy and tired?
What is the best laxitive and quickest?
How can I get rid of Toxins?
Snoring, please help?
Need some answers for helping me with a bad headache?
Can anyone recommend an alternative remedy for dermatitis ?
Should i kill myself?
What can i do to IMPROVE my eyesight?
Do you think suicide would be justified if your in so much pain all the time and alone?
I have trouble sleeping, and all the OTC sleep aids I've tired have not helped.?
Hagover cure?
Anything for heartburn?
Natural body cleansing ideas?
How much water should i drink to pass a drug test?
What are some natural remedies for a headache?
How do i cure my car-sickness ?
Where can i buy essential oils such as lavender and cinnamon?
Do anybody know a pill that will help me get taller ?
For growth of hair which vitamin is best?
Cannabis is NOT addictive is it?
What is aloe vera drink good for?
What is the best way to get rid of heart burn?
What are some over the counter sleeping pills?
How do you get rid of kidney infections without going to the doctors?
How do you lower cholesterol naturally? I.E No prescriptions?
What do you do to relieve stress?
Can anyone recommend a mild and good laxative?
What's a good colon cleanser?
Can anyone give me a good reason why acupuncture doesn't work?
What are some natural remedies for dandruff?
What is a great natural aphrodisiac?
Natural remedies for insomnia?
Need solution for dry and itchy skin!?
What is the natural remedies for sleep problems?
What is a home remedy for mesquito bites?
Head lice (please serious answers only)?
What natural herbs are known to stop bad breath?
Anyone know of an over-the-counter cold medicine that's effective?
What natural thing can i take for depression?
What would you do if someone rape one of your friends and it was her brother?
Has anyone ever had or taken Valerian tablets, if so, what are they like, any side affects?
Right Tonsil is very swollen & has huge white spots..?
Home made remedies for tickling coughs?
Herbal remedies for anxiety?
Who's stuck on a night shift?
Does anyone have any natural sleep remedies? I have got to get some sleep.?
Does meditation really works?
Apart from patches and gum are there any other effective ways to help you quit smoking?
I can't sleep-I tried meditating, chanting, taking melatonin, but hours pass and I am still awake-any?
If there was a pill?
Is there a more affordable & natural way for breast enhancement?
Anyone take valerian root to sleep.. how effective is it?
High cholesterol - any natural foods to help lower count?
How can i stop my terrible rushing headaches easily without taking any pills?
Is there an alternative health option to cure a sore throat other than antibiotics?
I am a little depressed these days and cannot have a good sleep ,any drug can rescue me?
How do I clean out my colon?
What are naproxin?
Why is drinking a glass of cold water isn't good 4 health??
What are your favorite tried-and-true home remedies for the common cold?
What are good natural remedies for trapped gas in the intestines?
LSD questions?
Is there alternative medicines for depression and anxiety?
What is the best way to quit smoking?
Can ninjas really turn invisable whenever they want?
I need some sore throat remedies please?
Diet isn't dropping my Cholesterol fast enough and I don't know who to believe?
Question about Benadryl...?
Would THC be found in urine during an annual check up?
Im addicted to oxycontin?
What is good to take for a sore throat? I just got it today,will I be sick tomorrow?
What is the best way to quit smoking?
I need help with facial hair?
Heartburn pain!! Please help. I will try anything. First remedy that works will get ten pts.!!!!!!?
I'm 19 weeks pregnant and no OTC meds are working for indigestion. Is there a safe home remedy that works?
Help My Head Hurts?
What is the best treatment for hair loss?
I have pain in my left of my stomach.what that main?
What's a relatively safe street drug?
What kind of vinegar do i use to loose weight?
A question about Cranberry Juice. Please help!?
What is the best natural remedy to combat fatigue?
If you were to go for some complimentary therapy/alternative therapy sessions, which kind would you go for?
How about other ways to quit smoking, besides nicotine replacement?
Is it safe to take out of date medication that is in pill form...?
Anyone know of any natural remedies for Acid Reflux and Heartburn???
What is the best cure for hiccups?
Looking for a cure for psoriasis?
What's the best anti-stress supplement you've found?
Why is cannabis illegal?
Anyone else have such a good night last night they are dying with a hangover? Any cures?
What do you think about Dr. Kevorkian?
I know my mom smokes weed and i dont like it what shall i do ?
How do i get rid of acne on my chin? It's below the corners of my mouth, prescriptions don't work!?
Is it fun geeting high?
When i slice my wrist,is it better to cross the street or walk down the road?
The Bible states that most end up in hell. Why does everyone assume a person who just died is in Heaven?
Driving test?
Open minded people! WHo thinks marijuana should be legal and why??
Homeopathics, do they work?
Can anybody suggest a good natural Viagra alternative please and where to buy it from?
Why do people believe in things like homeopathy? Is it because learning something factual is too difficult?
What is a natural home remedy for depression?
How do you naturally cure swollen tonsils?
What can I do for a cold if I can't take cold medicine?
How can you get rid of tiredness without sleeping?
My son(1 Year 10 months ) has constipation problem.?
Why is marijuana illegal but alcohol is not?
How to cure cankarsore?
Long ago there are no such many diseases like what presently ,Why it is so?
What are good alternative/natural ways for kidney problems?
Does anyone know of any good natural remedies for acid reflux?
Whats the best natural remedy for heartburn?i felt relieved after burping, why is it so?
Can obesity be "cured" someday?
Whats the best remedy for constant heartburn right every after each meal?
Natural remedy for a headache ?
Cold sores?
I have tried 2 different blood pressure tablets, both have unacceptable side effects what is the alternative?
Whats the best natural way to cure a headache?
How can I boost my immune system? I am always sick and have migraines.?
My daughter has been told she is a diabetic any body in remedys to cure ie natural remedies etc thanks?
What is the best way to quit smoking besides cold turkey?
Is weed (marijuana) bad for you?
Anything for Dry Eyes?
What other ways, beside medicine, can you control your blood pressure.?
What's the cure for constipation?
This might sound stupid but why can't we have fruit vending machines just like those for coke and snacks?
I have trouble sleeping. Tried all the prescription sleep pills. Anyone have any remedies for me?
Best medicine? laughter or a drink?
How to deal with migraine.?
Can caffeine make one feel anxious?
Sleep problems. Do you have any suggestion for someone who has trouble sleeping? A natural remedy?
Can you cure a urinary tract infection without medication? Maybe Cranberry Juice?
Hangover Remedy?
Is there a natural remedy to relieve cramps??
Bug bites. What natural remedy is good for tick and mosquito's bites?
How do i solve a frozen shoulder looking for cure?
Does anyone know any natural remedy for sore throat?
What to do to help cure a bad hangover?
I have arthritis in both of my hips. What can I do or take to relieve the pain?
Does anyone have any remedies for a sore throat?
Why is Marijuana bad for you?
I can't shake a cold that I have had on and off for 4 weeks now. any ideas?
Is there any legal 'highs' i could prepare from household items?
Does bachs rescue remedy really work?
What causes migrane headaches and what is the best cure?
I have a sore throat and my glands in my neck are sore what can I do?
What is the best tasting Soy milk or Rice milk? And what is the best tasting brand?
Whats the best way to stay cool at night time?
What alternatives are there for high blood pressure treatment?
I've had butterflies for the last two days?
Anxiety and herbal remedies?
What natural remidies cure candida????????
Home remedies for migraine headache?
Whats more dangerous? Weed or cigerettes?
What is L-Lysine good for?
How to fight depression naturally?
Which herbal can you use to help eliminate acid reflux?
What fragrance is a natural anti-depressant?
I want to start eating fresh garlic as it is good for me, but how can i get rid of its strong smell?
A matter of life or death!?
Which medicine has no expiry date?????????
What is the solution for an migraine attack?
Do you know of any natural remedies or vitamins to help someone with ADHD, besides the cocaine like drugs?
Can Listerine Mouthwash be used as................?
Can anyone tell me what is so bad about mary jane?
What is a good home remedy to cure an ear ache?
How do I stop smoking pot?
How to increase my pennies size?
Is alchahol a good alternative to man made medicens, I am an epileptic?
Homoeopathic medicine for heartburn?
Is it true that we have so much feces stashed in our bowels and colon? How would you know for sure?
What is a good remidy for sore throat?
What is the most Dangerous form of Crack? (Crack, Cocaine or Crystal Meth or none of above someother typecrack
Can a homeopath cure eczema?
What are good herbs for muscle pain relief?
Is there a way to get rid of hickups?
How to keep my 8 year old awake?
What is the best anti-inflammatory alternative medicine?
A natural way to help fall asleep?
How can I get rid of hiccups?
Is a doctor allowed---?
What's the best way to stop heartburn?
Natural remedies for coughs and colds etc that are suitable for children?
I took a red pill and started hallucinating, it looked like I was under water, can you tell me what it was?
What is the best remedy for fever in children?
HELP! Does anyone know what to do for muscle spasms?
Whahicct is thhiccce behiccst cure forhicc hiccups, phew?
Diet and depression?
How do you get rid of bruises becoz i have brouses on my shoulder is fat and it hurts?
What are some proven homeopathic remedies to help with depression?
Has anyone found any alternative medicine to help with agoraphobia, and social anxiety. I am housebound??
Does the pill stop you getting pregnant?
How do you soothe an earache?
I have an unbearable ear clog. Please help!?
Do you know a natural remedy for severe depression?
What is a good herb which can calm the stomach and you can mix with a hot drink?
Which drug is the most dangerous? METH, Cocaine or Heroin?
Home remedy for head lice?
Is there anyone that is into using herbs as i am?
Should cocaine be made legal and taxed ?
What are some herbs that help you fall asleep?
Legal herbs that can get you high?
Alcohol and medicine?
Depressed but dont want to go to Gp can anyone recommend natural remedy that actually works ?
Anyone have a fast way to get over a cold?
Sinus Issues!!! Anyone know a good home remedy for clearing my sinus?
AIDS, Cancer, TB - is there any sure cure / remedy ?
Home remedies for a sore throat?
I have a really bad headache, any way to get rid of it without taking anything for it?
Whats bad about smoking?
I'd like an alternative remedy for a bad head cold and chest infection.?
What is the best way to naturally reduce your cholesterol? I have a healthy diet and exercise.?
Help please. I found pills in my brothers room.?
Is there any complete cure for AIDS you know?
What's the best natural way to get rid of excess fluid/water?
Getting high ?
How can i be taller?
Drowsy!! I have a tendency to fall asleep in class. Is there anything I can do to prevent this..OTC meds..etc?
What is the best way to cure sore throat?
I Think Im Addicted To Drugs! what do i do?
I smoke cigs and marijuana and have ulcers is the marijuana as bad as cigs for my ulcers?
What foods can help get rid of a cold?
What is a good sleep med that puts you to sleep, but not for 8 hours?
What's YOUR hangover remedy?
Is it true that putting a burning ciggarette in your ear helps with dizziness and nausea?
Whats good for get rid of dandruff?
Home remedies for sore throat?
What is the best home remedy for a sore throat?
I've been sneezing all day yesterday and today, what could be the cause of this?
What are some tips for quiting smoking if you are going to try to quit cold turkey?
Marijuana out of my system?
I am suffering from high cholesterol. Please tell me how to lower cholesterol with Ayurvedic/Homeopathy drug
Can you recommend what is the best sleeping tablets?
What do you do if you have pain in your ear?
Does anyone have any natural healing suggestions for carpal tunnel?
Hi I am Pushkar here, I want to ask what is the best remedy for Acidity?
What's on offer as an alternative/add to pesription drugs re depression?
Are there any home remedies for a sore throat?
Are there any natural remedies for atheletes foot?
I want to quit using meth any ideas?
What is acupuncture?
Can I smoke green tea?
How long would marijuana stay in your system in this situation?
Quick cure for a cold?
How can I fall asleep quickly when I go to bed?
How can induce sleep without using diazepam or other sedatives/hypnotics in case of insomnia?
What do you take, to make an upset stomach calm and happy again :) ?
Does smoking weed really kill u?
I,have numnus under my feet,i,drink approximately 250ml of alchohal every day , iam 49years old. what can be T
What are some natural ways to soothe a sore throat?
How do u knock someone out???
Which is best way to clean ear wax?
I m very slim and i dont like it.what can i take 2 get fat.?
Wats a good medecine for a sore throat????
I am alone and need a girlfriend?
Weed users?
Is there a herbal supplement that works for depression?
Is Yahoo Answers scared of Homeopaths?
Anyone know of natural sleep aids?
What is the best alternative medicine for a chronic cough ?
What foods can act as a laxitive?
What's the best way to boost energy when you're feeling under the weather?
What herbs are best for smudging ot cleansing areas?
Smell bad...no matter what I do!!!!! Can you change my life by helping me!??!?!?
What do you call the greenish stuff that collects in the cornes of eyes?
Cure for cancer?
Does bud joint even get you high???
Should the NHS provide homeopathic services?
Medical Marijuana Questionnnaire?
What could possibly happen if i take 6 ibrufen?
Help for teenager with headaches?? :)?
Are there any ways to get me to sleep the whole night that don't involve sleep medications?
Is Cannabis perhaps really a healthy herb , used in moderation?
Drepressed but so young please someone help?
Herbal medicine for insomnia?
Reduce hangover symptoms?
Whats the best way to get off of weed?
What is your remedy for stess?
Does smoking marijauna really help muscle growth?
How can i create a poison?using only things in my kitchen?a poison that any autopsy can't detect?even doc cant
Migraine Help!!!?
I cant sleep at nights.Got arthritis.Help!?
Does anyone have a natural remedy for a sore throat?
Is it ok to mix vicodin and motrin?
Teasing me?
Whats good for pulled muscles?
Chiropractic... good or bad, whats you opinion?
What forms of alternative therapy would you recommend for emotional problems?
What is a natural way to increase energy levels?
I have a prostate problem. Are there supplements to cure it, as opposed to an operation?
Chronic constipation?
Constipation causes and natural remedies? HELP?
Do you think there could actually be a natural cure for everything??
What are the "toxins" people are always trying to "cleanse" and detox their body of?
What can I do?
Which of the following do you believe in:miracles, psychics, homeopathy, magic, woo woo, reiki, kinesiology...
How can i prevent or relieve migraines?
What natural stuff to make you sleep more better?
Why are my bowels green when i go?
Ugh...My brother's feet reek......?
I break out with acne constantly. is there an inexpensive way to solve this.?
Is it ok to remove a foriegn object from one's eye using a regular kitchen fork?
Is ear candling safe? Does anyone have any horror stories about it?
What do you think of REIKI healing methods?
What is a home remedy for gas pains?
Sore throat, Help!!?
Acid anyone?
A question about Ex-Lax?
Does anyone have a natural cure for mouth ulcers
Should i got to yoga... or go home early?
What is the BEST MEDICINE for a RUNNY NOSE??
Is there any known cure for dental cavities? Something that actually repairs the damage...?
What are some good natural ways to treat depression ?
Do you know how to......?
I am suffering from menopause and severe insomnia due to night sweats. I have no insurance?
What's the best cure for hair dandruff?
Gosh,i've got a vry bad headache dunno 4rm wer, can u suggest me somethin other than painkiller,any exercise ?
Marijuana... Your thoughts ?
What do i do to remove my hangover?
Natural home remedies for a cough/cold?
What is a good treatment for hiccups?
I am looking for natural cures for diabetes and depression. What is a good source?
What is the best natural remedy for anxiety and stress?
How can I naturally UNconstapate myself?
Whats the best way to get rid of bad energy or bad luck?
Other than taking asprins and other pills whats good to get rid of a bad headache?
Any suggestions on a good herbal stress/anxiery remedy that i could buy at the pharmacy?
What is your favourite aromatherapy scent and why?
How can I get better sleep?
What are your favorite websites for debunking alternative medicine fraud (in particular homeopathy)?
Is there any herbal remedies to help with anxiety?
Could someone please tell me?
Whats the best treatment for bi polar disorder (depression)?
I have a cold whats some good medicine i can use?
I cannot sleep and this weed isnt making me sleepy....what should i do?
Does anyone know a product that will ABSOLUTELY strip cocaine from your hair for a drug test?
Marijuana helps with Anxiety?
Please dont judge me....i need hangover help?
I need an OTC cure for Major Depression?
Can it be dangerous???
Has anyone found an herbal remedy for migraines that really works?
Hi, I need to know how to get rid of a uti without having to go to the doctor.?
What way is easier to swallow a pill?
My 5 year old daughter has a horrible cough. what can i do to help it?
Don't you think drug companies would peddle natural/homeopathic stuff if it was actually good?
Health alternative medicine?
Has anyone had acupuncture done? did it work for you?
Are there any natural herbs that will help with depression?
I'm throwing up, body aches and chills, and i want to soak in a hot bath. is that advisible?
Why can some people quit smoking cold turkey but I can't?
Alt medicine for sinus?
I have always been wary of pills and "vitamins." Now that I'm pregnant I feel even more conflicted. Advice?
What can I take to get rid of my cough thats natural?
Having a tea spoon of honey daily?
Are you high?
Anyone have a non-medicinal remedy for foot and toe cramps?
I want to divorce, i want to change my job, i am very depressed, and i don't know what can i do.?
Do you hate certain smells? I can't stand the smell of lavendar (essential oils).?
How are some ways you can swallow a capsule pill?
Is there a legal substitute for marijuana....herbal maybe?
Does orange juice really help you when you have a cold?
Can gallstones be removed without surgery?
Natural high?
How do i induce vomitting? is there like some kind of home remedy?
Is smoking weed(marihuana)so dangerous even if you tried it just once?if yes then why?
Anyone know of a legal, fairly easy to find herbal smoke to use in place of pot?
What is the best and easiest way to cure or prevent heartburn?
Sinusitis any cures?
Is eating weed safe?
Ouch... Migraine?
For many years now i have suffered with different ailments,i.e.weak muscles, fatigue,tirdness, aches,pains,?
Does anyone know of any little remedys to get rid of a tickly cough!!?
Bad reaction to smoking pot?
Should marijuana be legallized for medical reasons?
Immune System.??? Any suggestions for suppliments.?
What causes wrinkles in some and not in others-I know some people-same age, none of them smoke and some have?
Urinary Tract Infection?
How can I sleep better?
Does anyone know a sure-fire way to prevent and/or treat charlie horses in calves and ankles?
Any medicine to stop smoking fast?
What is a Natural way to treat a bladder infection?
Which foods are cold and which are hot?
Over the Counter sleep aids?
OMG! HELP me!?
I cant go to sleep most of the time and never get tired I staybusey constantly 4 kids1,3,5,10. Help..?
Homeopathy or allopathy?
Natural remedies for high cholesterol?
How is medicinal marijuana used?
Does anybody believe in Chinese herbs to fight cancer either in conjunction with chemo or without?
A natural cure for cystitis??? I have cystitis but i only gave birth a week ago and am breastfeeding so......
Has anybody used zoloft and had good changes in their lives?
Coke n salt?
Im a loser?
What pain reliever works best for migraines?
What is best to take before you go to bed to prevent a hangover?
What's the weirdest "alternative" therapy you've experienced, and did it work for you?
What does echinacea do?
Natural remedies to clear a blocked nose?
Best way to quit smoking.?
I have a real bad cold?
I feel like I'm high, but I'm not?
What is a good natural sleep aide.... i don't wanna take pills please somebody help me i want to sleep!!!?
Is Pot harmfull to your health?
Is it true that cocaine helps you stay up and concentrate??
My friend told me some random guy came over and stuck a lighter up my cooter, I'M AFRAID I WILL EXPLODE!!?
What are the 3 ingredients to cure reflux?
If homeopathy works it should pass repeated double blind clinical trials... so why doesn't it?
Are there any natural ways to get rid of acne ?
How can you control your anger with out taking something?
Is anybody sleepy?
What is the best non-drug treatment to give a teen recovering from head trauma?
Funny question!!iv read rubbing toothpaste on spots makes them dissapear faster den other products!is it true?
Looking for right spelling, this is juice that is for helping, high blood pressure, diabetes, Taitahitan Noni?
Have you ever had a Swedish massage?
Sore throat?!?!?
Is smoking a little pot bad?
Whats the best home remedie for acne?
Is there a safe, natural method to get rid of gallstones?
Best way 2 quit smoking??
Who is most happy in this world ?
Tips for quitting smoking, Going cold turkey....?
What are the best diuretic foods and herbs for increasing urine flow?
Homeopathy? Would you recommend it?
Getting massage for the first time?
What is a good home remedy for sleeping?
If someone has an unhealthy habit should we keep pointing that out or should we keep pointing out that which?
Help please,alcohol withdraw.?
Do you believe in Homeopathy?
Are there natural ways to lower blood pressure?
I need help with getting off xanax???
If i discribed a pill to you would you be able to tell me what it is?
What is the best natural sleep aid?
What dose it mean, when crap come out Green.?
Does anyone know natural/herbal remedies for anxiety?
Any natural alternative to Lithium for bi-polar?
What is the right ecstasy dosage?
Good laxatives or constipation remedies that work well and quick?
Don't answer this question until you have worn a blindfold for 6 months... how do you now feel?
What is the best food you can eat if you have a stomach virus?
Anyone tried Chinese medicine? And good?
Has any got any advice on cures for psoriasis as creams doctor has precribed do not work?
How do i pass a piss test for a job.?
How can someone improve their eyesight naturally?
Where does the sound of the "crack" come from when a chiropractor adjusts you?
Are there any remedies to lower cholesterol other than drugs?
Is a male nurse considered alternative medicine???
I've been very?
Natural therapies for cold?
Whats the best cure for a hangover?
In your opinion ?
Tips on how to lower blood pressure in 3 days?
What can I do to protect myself from negative people's energy?
Sore throat!?
Can anyone recommend anything good to get rid of exzema?
Is it true the natural herbs work better than medicine?
Is there a cure for cold sores that doesn't involve anti viral OTC creams?
What alternative medicine?
What is the best headache remedy?
Does anyone agree with me about natural cures?
Is there a natural cure for type 1 diabetes?
Is there a natural remedy to open plugged up ears?
How to cure insommia??
What are the best natural herbs for treating depression?
How do i get more mature?
What is the best home medicine for Jaundice?
Does anyone have an inexpensive natural way to help fight rheumatoid arthritis?
Im hooked on weed what do i do?
Is there any method by which a drunker can stop drinking excessive alcohol ?
Why do we call it a funny bone?
Whats the best way to cutdown my waist?
How do i pass a urine test in 2 weeks?
Does marijuana contain diazepam. Diazepam in system but person doesnt take pills however smokes pot alot?
Whats the best cure for a hangover?
What kind of herbal tea calms the stomach?
I have a really bad sunburn and can't seem to get the "heat" out of it. Help!?
Does smoking marijuana have any good benefits if you r bi-polar?
What can canabis cure?
Is it ok to watch tivo while i'm meditating?
How long can you keep medicine for before it has to be thrown away?
Hi i am getting married in oct need to loose stone and a half any medicine to loose weighy?
Do you always laugh when you can because its cheaper than medicine?
I have just discovered i have high blood pressure any ideas on how i can reduce this with natural remedies etc
Natural alternative for child constipation?
What is a natural substance that is helpful for sleeping?
Acupuncture have you tried it,would you reccomend it?
What are other alternatives to blood pressure medicine..? Prescriptions are so expensive these days.?
What can I consume to get on a high-no alcohol or drugs?
Why is marijuana illegal?
Insects bites. what can i put on them to stop the itching pls?
My doctor told me that to cure my condition?
I just drank 6 day old wee am i going to dye?
Ever heard of a miracle worker?
Do you recomend anti depressants?
Cannabis seeds?
How many cigarettes are in a pack?
Any ideas for a work from home job?
Any former pot heads out there have any advice on quitting?
What is the best natural sleep aid?
What is the best natural remedy for ear infections in children?
Does anyone know about home remedies for scar removal !!pls help!!?
Why doest anyone ever overdose on marijuana?
Anyone know of any good legal drugs?
My 8 yr old daughters asthma is out of control. I'm into alternative meds. Any suggestions?
Could my pain be something other than a kidney stone?
I have sufferd from heartburn for years do you known anything that can help besids pills?
How many people belive in healing the body with food and supplements instead of prescription drugs and surgery
What are some natural remedies for migraine headaches?
Herbs for Migraines?
Any sleeping tips?
My palms are so rough..pls HELP!!!?
What is some good natural remedies for isomnia and restlessness?
High blood pressure any good natural help for it?
Child with ADHD, has anyone used natural remedies for their children? and have they worked??
Is there a really good herbal remedy for migraines?
Natural cures for constipation?
Please Help, I need a natural alternative to those nasty prescription depression meds????
How to get more weight? I already eat salmon oil & korean root pills?
What should i do to make my private part more larger? is there any medicine for that? and is it safe to take?
Ls there a supplement to treat feelings of worthlessness?
Anyone know of the best natural suppliments to help with stress.?
Any natural anxiety remedies/tablets that work for you and will work for me?
I have a question about overdosing.?
Only for fellow stoners, Is weed addictive?
Are there any natural remedies for insomnia?
Does pot (Marijuana) get old?
If a person believes in Darwin's theory of evolution and eats meat doesn't that make that person a cannibal?
Has anyone gone on a fast, for spiritual or health reasons? If so, any advice?
Diet Pills..?
Arthritis pain?
I am A Doctor with a BIG problem....(please read below and resolve my conflict. It is destroying my career)?
Do you smoke marihuana?
Curing flatulence?
How long does marijuana stay in your system?
I'm taking ibuprofen 800mg and i still got pelvic pain any tips on how to stop the pain?
Can extra virgin Olive Oil cure an ear infection?
I have really bad migrains what should i do?
How much cranberry juice or water would i need to drink for it to clean out my system, and will it work?
I can't sleep at night, should I take pills?
Herbal remedy for depression/bi polar?
Is there any natural ways to get rid of body pains, besides painkillers and sprays?
How can I not throw up?
Whats the best weed in the world?
What are some home remedies for constipation?
What is the best remedy for SLEEPING>>>seriously?
Has anybody tried acupuncture?
Question about oxycodine?
Does anybody know how to treat a sore throat. I need some home remedies if possible. Thanks!!!!!!!?
Is there a natural way to get rid of cold sores?
Im losing hair? and only 24 yrs old. how do i make my hair grow back again?
Has anyone been in a hypnotic trance?
Earache Cures?
What is a vitamin I can take to ward off yeast and urinary tract infections?
Is codeine phosphate a type of steroid?
I have my doughter nose bleeds almost every other day can you kindly explaine the reason behind this ? Thanks.
Immune system?
What's your stand on herbal medicine? or what can you say about it?
What is the most used medication in the United States?
Is this true about apple juice?
Plz help me im very desperate 4 help?
What do I do about an inner ear infection when I have no health insurance?
I want to lower my cholesterol with out precription medicine any ideas??
Whats the best was to banish anxiety without a pill or glass of champagne ?
What non prescription medication is use full for arthritis?
Is there a natural remedy to lower blood pressure?
What is better heat or cold the best to relieve back pain?
What is the best way to get rid of a bladder infection besides cranberry juice?please help!!?
Will using herbal abortion methods work if I am 28 weeks pregnant?
Does anyone know of a good website or publication with info for herbal medicine?
I have no energy. I was wondering what safe and effective remedies can be used?!?
Please HELP!?
Is there any way i can cleanse my heart and my soul?
Best cure for a cold . . . also . . . can i get rid of it in one day ?
What's the best way to cure hiccups instantly?
Something is wrong with my tongue.. And I have no idea what. Please Help!?
HELP Blood dried inside ear tube how can I get rid of it?
Is going to a chiropractor beneficial?
Suggest natural pain killers and mood betterment remedies?
GET RID OF ACNE! nothing works for me! PLEASE HELP ME!?
Are there any other natural things that make you fall asleep besides warm milk?
My son is having dust alergie,he starts sneezing when he gets close to the dust,how to solve this ?
Soultions for INSOMNIA besides pills???
Has anyone succeeded giving up smoking with hypnosis?
What can i take to get high Naturally?
Does anyone know any home remedies for sleep?
Has anyone ever tried colen clense products?
Do you always need antibiotics when you have a sinus infection?
What is the best and cheapest way to treat a sore throat? Does gargling with hot salt water help?
Any natural anti-depressants?
Should i have reiki?
Do u trust Homeopathy?
Does anyone know of any natural sleep remedies?
If I smoked weed last night how long will it take for me to be clean for a UA?
Is a child's sleep this important?
Has anyone ever heard of an ear candle?
Do you have high cholesterol, what do you currently do to treat it? Searching for a better alternative.?
OK how do you get over someone you love, i haven't saw this person in 4months but still think about them
Should America permit the FDA to ban all herbs, supplements and natural healing aids?
HELP!!!! I've got itchy throat?
Bowel movements not coming out?
Has anyone read the book about natural cures for illnesses by Kevin Trudeau and if so do they believe it?
Alternative medicine for asthma?
What is a good herbal pain killer? I cannot take aspirin and have chronic back pain.?
I get sick a lot. Mostly UTI's and colds and stomach viruses. How can I boost my immune system?
Is liquorice a laxative?
My Mum has liver problems. Can you recommend any food or herbs that will support her liver?
Where can I find salvia???
I scar easily and I was just wondering if there is anything natural that can help heal wounds and scars?
I am scare of the "manipulations" that chiropractors do. Is it ok?
Any non-prescribed depression medications??
What is the best way to clean ur system of weed?
Do you believe the stories about aspartame are fact or myth? Do you have facts available to back your answer?
Heartburn? Any natural alternative for fast relief?
Can I pass marijuana test in 28 days?
Has anyone tried Rescue Remedy? Does it work?
My 2 1/2 yr old has chronic ear infections . Medicine isn't helping any suggestions?
What is power yoga?
What are some natural herbs/remedies that help a person go to sleep ?
Whats a really good cold medicine?
Is there any home remedies to cure a cold sore?
Why are children getting adult diseases?
Can pot be absorbed into your body if your around people who are smoking it?
Cold sores , Best way to get rid off?
Whats a fast way to cure a sore throat?
What is the best hangover cure??
Anyone know anything about.....?
Is it safe to gargle rubbing alcohol for a sore throat?
I was shot up with 8 CC's of Morphine, it just makes me goofy and groggy?
Whats The Best OTC Sleeping Pill?
What is your favorite herb and why?
My friend needs to know best healing for arthritis?
How to get rid of a cold fast?
My friend says marijuana is a good medicine is it true?
Whats the best way to crack your back?
Best headache reliever that is not a medicine?
Maijuana effects on the body?
Good sore throat remedies?
How do I prevent High Cholesterol naturally.?
My garden has many aloevera plants, how do i use them?
As soon as I get my car i am going to smash it into a pole.? will it just be a quick snap?
Any home remedies for a yeast infection?
What is the best remedy for a cough?
Is beetroot juice good for you?
What is a good, healthy toothpaste?
Can you suggest any medicine for fever, cold and headache?
Any "old wives tales" to cure a sore throat?
The Snickers Candybar Commercial?
Is it bad to take 4 Aleve's (the pain medication)?
What are some alternatives to antibiotics for an ear infection for my 1 year old child?
Why would some say that Alternative Medicine is not "evidence" based?
Is homeopathy better than ayurveda and allopathy?
Does anyone know a at home remedy in replacement for antibiotic?
Anyone know of a all natural liver cleanse?
Is there such a thing as a home made enema?
Hello does anybody no how to get rid of sciatic nerve pain?
Ears problem?
Does warm milk help you fall asleep at night?
How do I control or stop nose bleeding?
Ok guys. I would like a book that contains witch spells and/or herbal remedies anyone know one or a website?
Does anyone know how to get rid of hangover?
Have you been to a chiropractor or a massage therapist?
Has anyone tried Homeopathy?
Has anyone had any bad experiences with chiropractic adjustments?
Are there any herbal supplements for depression other than st johns wort?
How do you measure the virility of Man?
Do you know some alternative medicine to help an alcoholic?
How to get rid of hiccups?
Best way to cure a bladder infection?
Natural/holistic ways to treat adhd?
How can I cure a cold if I'm pregnant?
What are the best home remedies for and sore throat please I've done tried everything.?
Any alternative therapy recommended?
How do you make your self sick?
What are some home remedies for acne?
What is the best medicine for acid reflux?
Can someone please help me!!!?
What do u know about pink eye?
What can I do naturally to help cure a unrinary track infection?
Back Pain?!?!?!?
Does anyone believe in the healing power of crystals?
What is dandruff?
What is the best home remedy for a sinus infection?
Is there a 12-step program for bubble wrap addicts?
What are natural things I can do to get rid of my kidney stones?
Any ideas on treatment of a curling iron burn to my arm (The skin is white and blistering?
Is there a safe energy pill to take that not bad for you body?
Cures for Posion Ivy?
Could pain in the lower back mean that there is something wrong with your liver?
What to take to alleviate stomach aches ?
Medicines for constipation?
What herb is used to help you sleep that won't make you dependant on it?
Sore throat?
What is the toxic dose of paracetamol ?
How can i convince my friend that life is just better sober when shes obviously having fun being drunk or high
How do you reduce water retention? any vitiaman?
How bad is it to swallow magnets?
Where do I start?
What is a good alternative of alcohol?
My liver and I haven't always been the best of friends, what can I give him to help make up for it?
What is a good way to get rid of hiccups?
I get on my bed at 10 pm but i am not able to sleep suggest something to mi so that i can sleep?
What is a good natural treatment for depression?
Can vitiamins make your urine look the color of mountain dew?
What are the best herbal remedies for the digestive system, particularly the stomach?
How to get the weed weird effect out of me?
Has anyone tried reiki or accupuncture?
A natural way to treat "Sciatic" pain down hips and legs from a Bulging Disc in lower spine?
Anyone on here had....................?
What can i do about my sore throat?
Is there any med to help women improve orgasms?
What kind of pills can i buy from wal-mart to past a drug test and will clean me up?
I am 31 years old .. any possible dream to gain some height ?
What type of drugs have you ever used/abused?
How can i sleep better?
Alternative medicine: is it credible?
What are lubricant Oils? please site your rescorses.?
I haven't been sleeping for 3 days n 3 night. Am I suffering fm insomia? Beside sleeping pills what can I do?
Does anyone know of a home remidy to help get rid of kidney stones?
Help cancer!?
Cure for fear?
Can the post office tell if you're getting illegal drugs in the mail?
What is a good way to thoroughly cleanse the colon?
I'm suffering from intense depression, and in the same time I'm suffering from...?
Constipaton Remedies?
Does anyone know of an herbal or natural remedy that has sedative or relaxing effects?
Why use unproven medicines from plants when there are so many tested proven medicines?
Best fix for a sore throat?
What is a good, easy way to detox?
Can a 13 yr. old go to walmart and buy weight loss pills???
I'm looking for sleep remedies,can anyone help me?
It has been 14 days since i smoked pot for the first time i only had 3-4 drags. will this show up on drug test
How much Vitamin C can I safely take to boost my immune system? I feel like I am getting sick.?
Constipation / Laxative? I need a fast acting and reliable solution?
I want to cleanse my colon, inexpensive way?
How do you treat your nerves ,like um easilyy aggitated I don't want to take any kind of nerve medication .
What is the best remedy for long term sinus.?
Can't sleep does any one know home remedy?
If we put on a cream or medicine on a rash, and it has a burning sensation does that mean its workin or not?
My grand-baby has been on formula for about a month, her tongue is white, what can we do about it?
How to reduce the weight?
How do you prevent swimers ear?
What the best home remedy or way to get rid of a wart?
Why do we close our eyes when we kiss?
Can any one reccomend a holistic medicine, for insomnia other than Melationin & Valerian Root???
Is a good definition for alternative medicine "The kind of medicine that doesn't actually work"?
Natural way to help with cramps?
What alternative medicine is there for arthritis?
Why people smiles to each other?
How do you soothe a sore throat?
Does anyone knows if hyonosis helps, to to solve an addiction?
Does anyone have a way to clean the colon and liver out ?
If u have c section and u have staples can u take them out yourself?
I am 48,when does life get easier?
Do herbal sleeping tablets actually work?
How can I wake myself up?
Bach Rescue Remedy?
Weed, does it cause cancer?
Is it safe to take Tylenol PM just to get a little high?
Do you thin marijuana would be useful in treating anorexia?
Best & effective herbal medicine for arthiris?
Any good recommendations on how to relieve a sinus headache???
How much would you pay , to stop smoking , with Hypnosis ?
Drinking Your Urine: Could it Actually be Healthy?
Disposal of unused medications???
Does anyone know a natural cure for IBS?
What are disadvantages of ayurvedic treatment?
What is the best way to stop hiccups?
Will drugs help be become a better musician/songwriter?
Is it possible for a person to be hypnotized into a state of mind control?
What does being high (on weed) feel like?
Which Herbal Tea Is Good For Things?
Can a person's height increase after 20 yrs?
What are some options for natural sleeping pills?
Is truth that Fluorescent bulbs are dangerous for health and also contains a significant amount of mercury ?
Anyone out there know of any herbs and such that can fix being shy?
Need to get advice ,i am addicted to pain pills im killing myself and runioning my marriage.?
Found a natural remedy for anxiety/depression?
Any natural/herbal ways to help a migraine/headache?
Does anyone know an effective way to stop biting nails?
The smoking or marijuana.?
Is there a natural remedy for warts that anyone has used?
Sore throat, any homemade remedies?
Canker sores really hurt- any for sure home remedies?
Is urea urine? I bought a cream for my cracked heels and a main ingredient is urea?
Is there any way to increase your vision naturally without contacts, etc?
Any diet to beat depression?
Is lemon ok for a sore throat?
Whats your drug of choice?
HELP! can herbal teas help you become pregnant?
What are some ways to deal with IBS?
Where can i get tee tree oil from?
How to treat intestinal parasites?
I have been sick for two months now.?
Whats the best natural remedy for flu?
Best remedy for a tension headache?
What are some ways to whiten my teeth that can be done at home?
Home remedies for a bad headache.?
Any good, quick cure for a hangover??
How can I get myself to take my mind off things when I want to meditate?
What is the best nutritional supplement to help the immune system?
Does aloe vera juice really help?
What is the best way to get rid of negative energy?
Chewing Tobacco???
Does Acupuncture really work?
Is there anything out there that is legal and has the similar effects of cocaine?
Marijuna...should it be legal?
Is there an alternitave to medicine for ADD?
My girlfriend often swallows chewing gums and cherry pits.What willhappen to them after they are in her tummy?
How long does marijhuana (one joint) take to get out of your system?
I have been running really short on energy lately...?
Weight loss - is there herbal pill that works?
I have a friend who swears by natural cures. But I am kinda skeptical because they are not FDA approved...?
Best way to get rid of Sore throats?
Whats the best medicine for a cold/stuffy nose?
Do you need Chiropractic care so often...I mean manipulation of the spine?
What is best natural remedy to cure sinuses?
What is the best cure for heartburn/acid reflux? Due to alcohol consumption?
Can Piles /Hemorrhoids be healed through natural remedies?Please suggest remedies .Shy to see a Doctor .?
How do you treat eye bags?
What are the dangers of smoking marijuana?
Hangover cures?
What should i do with these unwanted growinh hair on my breast and under chin?
Is there any stimulants that i can take to increase my alertness while studying?
Migraines? any ideas of whats causing this? Any soulutions?
Do you know of any tried and true natural methods to help my 13-year old's horrible eczema??
Am I the only one who thinks the F'n government needs to stay the hell out of peoples personal decisions?
GM.TV is this some gruel April Joke, I've search and can find nothing on this new cream So-Tox?
How to get rid of sore throat???
What's the best way to get rid of a loud cough and runny nose quickly?
Sum 1 i no has ectasy by accicent they cant see n feel sick or sleep im worried wt cn i do?
MRSA does anyone know of some natural remedies that could help please?
Do you have to be "special" to believe that homeopathy works?
If you smoke weed, can you throw up ?
Has anyone been cured of an illness by Reiki or any other holistic therapy?
Using magnets in therapy?
Are homeopaths any good?
Does anyone any good remedies for asthma?
Does natural yoghurt really treat thrush? and is it ok to eat afterwards?
What is a natural sedative that is powerful enough to put you to sleep with no side effects?
I have a terrible hangover...any sugestions?
I have a bloody cold. Any natural ideas to help me get through the day? My throat hurts..?
Medicines dont work. Can anyone please suggest a Home remedy for cough for my 3 1/2 year old kid?
Whats Your Best Cold Remedy?
Hangover remedy for someone whos tried it all?
What is the best way to get rid of work pressure?
Has anyone ever heard of doing this to pass a drug test?
If someone is taking medication for high blood pressure can they consume alcohol?
Marijuana detoxification?
How safe is acupuncture?
Is putting alcohol in your IV drip indeed the fastest way of getting drunk?
What are some alternative treatments for arthritis?
I keep waking up after only 4-5 hours sleep, this is becoming bothersome, I dont want to take sleeping pills?
The natural way to remove ants?
Does anyone know any unusual secrets of getting rid of a cold.?
What is the best cure for a hangover?
Aloe vera juice- has anyone tried it?
What is a natural cure for constant tension headaches?
Is it true that peeing in the shower can cure Athlete's Foot?
How do you make urself throw up?
Which one do you feel is best among modern medicine, homeopathy, ayurveda or any other system of medicine? Why?
Are there any herbal remedies/medications that would help relax and release inhibitions in social situations?
Cold sore fast remedy....I need it gone asap?
Acupuncture is it supposed to hurt?
I wanna make a homemade laxitive?
Beside milk, any other natural remedy for insomnia?
Am I going to die of a herniated disc?
Do I have a hangover?
Which diet pills really work?
Have you used alternative medicine to treat acid reflux successfully ?
Help!!! i have to have a cavity filled on friday!!?
House hold remedies for sunburns?
I am 47 with cholesterol level 7 my doctor has prescribed Simvador is there a natural / alternative to use?
Is there any natural birth control?
Where can i buy drugs online?
How long does THC stay in your system?
Does any one know anything about Chronic Pain?
Is there natural cure for smelly feet?
Cure for being nervous?
I have to knock off these last few pounds!!!!!?
Whats god with you right now ? malicious .all wise.not real.energy devoid of conchness????
How can i lower by blood pressure naturally?
Water and medicine?
Can any1 tell me how to get rid of sleeping disorder.?
What natural medicine can be taken for urine infection?
What are some natural ways to keep brain sharp?
What if any are the benefits of taking a bath with milk in it?
What is the best over-the-counter cure for very stuffed up sinus's?
What are some natural ways to keep awake?
Who thinks this is a good reason to be critical of conventional medicine?
Do you know any non-druggy cures or remedies for hayfever?
What do you know about weed?
What is the proper way to dispose of unused prescription medicine?
Would contacting my mothers doctor about her prescription drug addiction do any good?
St.John's Wort.....what's your opinion on this wonder herb?
Solutions for gas, burping, etc?
What are the signs of a meth user?
What makes u feel better when u have a bad cold?
What is holistic medicine?
Is there any natural remedies for Diabetics?
How can I pass my swab durg test?
Any home remedies for curing a Urinary Tract Infection with ECOLI bacteria?
What purpose does the water serve in a water bong?
Any aletrnative medicine advice for severe back and shoulder pain ?
What is the best way to treat mild winter depression.?
I have severe back pain since 4 years. my age is 42 yrs. pain increases in winter cold climate. kindly advise.
Is there a confidence pill available?
I have many allergies to plants. Should I avoid herbal remedies just to be safe?
Blood pressure - what's the best herb or natural food to help lower it?
I turn 18 on the 3rd of september i plan on getting my medical marijuana card i live in socal where its ok?
What is weed like?
Does anyone know of any supplements I can take to improve my energy level and maybe detox?
What is the best method to quit smoking?
Whats a good way (home remady) to get rid of heart burn?
A natural solution to pms?
I'm trying ecstasy for the first time?
What herb or supplement is good for agitation and extreme irritability?
Anybody know of a good hangover cure - that works?
I have Excess Sweating on my hands and feet. Does anybody know the treatment for this.?
How do i clear up nasal congestion?
Sore throat?
Can I eat Tums without a reason to?
Please can you help?......?
If hillary would be president what would her husband bill be called ?
I was diagnosed with 397 cholasterol LDL 300, HDL73 any advice besides medications such as Lipitor, Zucor?
What is the safest but but most effective sleeping pill i can get without a perscription?
How do you remedy bouts of insomnia?
What is the number one homeopathic remedy for stomach pain?
I need a remedy to dissolve kidney stone?help?
Tips on Meditation? How do you clear your mind?
Is there a natural, unharmful (in any way) herbal supplement that helps boost metabolism?
A child 8 years old had memory and concentration proplems at school sometime nervous what food herbs or medic
If i took 14 800mg ibuprofen, would i die?
Anyone hav a homeopathic remedy for hot flushes for a woman aged 44 not wanting to use hrt?
How can i relieve my runny nose and coughs but no antibiotics?
How does canabis effect the user over a long period of time?
Can anyone tell me any herbal "stuff" that can speed up the healing of wounds, but not yet officially proven?
Is it true thar turmeric can cure or prevent cancer?
How can i get relief for lower back pain ?
What are natural ways of treating headaches?
Is it healthy to do a Herbal Body Detox/Cleanse?
What do you know about Camphor phenique?? detail please!!?
Why do americans take Prescription Drugs?
Is herbal life a scam?
What is befibrillator?
Can someone please tell me if Paxil can make you feel like your'e on speed?
Why is LSD illegal?
What is the best remedy to solve the problem of pollution in cities?