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I need help!!!!! FAST?
I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and have to have an injection?
Water or milk better for heartburn?
I know people say you should eat bananas if you have frequent charlie horses... but?
How do you relieve the pain of a sunburn?
What causes my ankles to swell?
I put lemon juice on my knee caps and it burns?
Please does anyone know of any natural remedies for treating heartburn?
I'm using a crutch for a broken knee On an escalator, which leg should go first at the top and bottom?
How are bruises formed and what causes the colour of the bruise?
I have rectal bleeding everytime I have a bowel movement?
What is wrong with me >_<???
If you had to wait a long time in a doctors office waiting room...?
My foot really hurts!!?
What colors do cast for broken bones come in?
Why is my arm turning grey?
Why do I keep bumping into things?
Should i take my husband back to the er?
My dad has diabetes, but....nothing much has changed...How will this affect him?
What is diabetic nephropathy??
What is a normal sugar reading for type 2 diabetic?
I'm a type 1 diabetic and underweight. My target weight is 130 lbs. How can I gain weight?
What is foot diabetic neuropathy?
I have to take a blood test for cholesterol?
Upto what age a diabetic is labelled as juvenile ?
What are the signs for diabetes?
Can diabetes (or insulin reactions) create memory loss or mental problems?
Can a diabetic die from an uncleaned cut?
My daughter (14) has a bump below her right ear inside her mouth what is it?
Can extreme stress cause warts and hair loss?
What should I do if I've been stung by a jelly fish?
My Fiance' has had a chronic skin condition called psoriasis's is it because he's mixed? He's African American
If you have an itch in your *** how do get rid of it?
Is there a natural cure for psoriasis?
What do head-lice hate?
I was taking taking a bath and i was cleaning my leg and i was scraching my leg and white stuff was came?
I have a skin problem i think?
My legs are really sore from squats how do i relieve the pain?
How do you pop you ears besides plugging your nose and blowing?
Help me please?
Will you all please be quiet cos I've go a headache ???
Restless leg syndrome...any cures?
I have awful toothache even painkillers aren't touching it?
I'm thinking of getting a tatoo on the back of my neck (tiny bit lower). Does it hurt?
Hangover cure?
Period Pains?
Plz oh plz help me!!!!!! life ruining at 12 years old?
Anybody have a good cure for migraine headaches?
My friend just called me and said she took 50 or 60mg of Xanax about 3 hours ago.?
Can you have aids from?
I have reflux disease, is it safe to take aspirin?
My mother is 87 in a care home and has Alzheimer's disease?
Serious health problem? HELP!?
Why does an alcoholic continue to drink if he knows that later on he is going to feel bad?
I've had allergy problems for 2 weeks, how do I get rid of it?
How come my boyfriend gets flea bites but I dont?
I cant breathe through my nose.?
What is this type of doctor called?
Help ! i really want to keep my cat and im allergic?
Allergy Help?
How can I stop my allergies from waking me up?
Sore throat?
Can I use Alavert (Loratadine) and Zyrtec (Cetirizine hydrochloride) at the same time?
Help hives?
Best quick cure for cramps? (Besides medicine)?
What is wrong???
What's the worse pain you've ever suffered? Emotional doesn't count.?
I have rheumatoid arthritis and wondered if anybody has any helpful ideas or tips for helping with the pain? I
Lovebite that hurts...?
I've had a horrible migraine headache for about 12 hrs now, what should I do?
I've been having stomach pains lately?
What do you use to ease a migraine?
Why is it bad to pop your knuckles all time?
My body keeps hurting from the slightest touch, what could it be?
Under arm presperation. What to do when there is too much of it and nothing seems to help??!!?
How do people know when they got crabs?
Hey can you help me out with something (:?
How do you get rid of little bumps on your face really fast?
What can I do get rid of dead skin on my face?
I have psoriosis and I need some help.?
Why is my head itchy?
What is dry ice?
Disgusting face what do i do?
Should i have some time off work?
Can my leg be broken if I can still walk on it?
Im getting mine done on the 28.12 06 but getting a bit scared now case somethink goes wrong but carnt wait 2?
I need doctors help please? im desperate........?
Can he sue?
Earrings ♥?
What was the last thing that you dropped on your toe?
Whats a deviated nasal septum?
Have you ever walked through your house at night, with no shoes, and stubbed your toe, and bloodied it?
Can broken bones mend on their on if you dont have on a cast?
Surely this is a myth?
Eye Twitching?
What is going on with me?
Best hangover cure?
At what age did your child get potty trained?
Want to stop smoking!!! HELP?
When I poke my belly button it stings and i have to pee?
Why does my arm hurt so much?
Migraine everyday for a week?
Do you have suggestions for sciatic?
Lower back pain moving into leg?
Has anyone ever had an IV? If so describe me the feeling?
OK HELP possible overdose serious answers only please...?
Is death painful?or is it just freedom from all worries ?and pains?
How do you stay upbeat when you're in constant, chronic pain?
Best way to get rid of nits /headlice?
Sweaty Armpits?
What do red eyes mean?
Why do I have an armpit rash?
How can I get clearer skin and how do I keep it from breaking out?
I have hives, what do i do about them?girls and guys???
Bad Acne at 30...Feeling helpless and insecure. Help?
What is a heart murmer?
Why do more heart attacks occur on the left side of the heart than on the right side of the heart?
Can High Cholesterol cause fatique?
Can white coat syndrome raise your blood pressure alot?
**UPDATE** kk?
Hoiw would the heart compensate to maintain normal blood flow if there is a leaky atrioventricular valve?
My husband recently passed away in his sleep.?
Where is a good source to find effective ways to reduce blood pressure?
If you had a terminal illness what would you do with the time left to live?
Have you ever known anyone with Epilepsy?
Lump between rib cages?
What are symptoms of bipolar? I think someone I know has it..?
Is there a way to check for thyroid problems without a blood test?
I am under 15 years old and my hair is starting it fall out my friends call it shedding.?
My mom is donating her kidney to my grandpa (her dad)...what do i have to worry about?
Im an alcoholic...?
Coughing when you pass a smoker?
Please help!! Has anyone ever had extreme pain in the calf?
1st Migraine - help!!?
Is short equal to ugly?
How do you no if you got a ear efection?
How to make me feel no pain?
I am having a lot of pain on the lower left side of my stomach. What could it be? Its hurt for three days.?
Weird lump in my throat?
Swimmer's Ear pain!!! HELP!?!?
Any treatment for Piles?
Why am I having constant headaches everyday?
Do you breathe through your nose while inhaling a cigarette?
Why is it that when i wake up in thoe morning i have a sore throat.?
Am i sick or am i allergic to something?
I have type 1 diabetes and need some help .?
What is wrong with me?
My partner suffers an allergy (we think) everytime he goes outside?
Hemoglbin Blood Test?
Ladies who are diabetic?
Does weight watchers have a program for diabetics? cause i can't lose weight just on a low cal diet.?
Why am i sneezing so much?
What are some of the tell tale signs of diabetes?
Could this be diabetes?
Whats worse perfume or cigarette smoke?
Will insulin hurt my baby, I'm 30 weeks prgnt?
I ate a huge crockpot of texmex chili last nite and my right foot is all swollenm, what to do?
How would i know if im becoming diabetic?
Fruit allergies?
What can I do to help ease heat rash?
Does soaking in milk help you?
Is there a way to stop flee bites itching?
Quick (small) burn relief without getting special burn treatment products?
What helps chicken pox?
My boyfriend said my coochie was too hairy and it looked weird. he really hurt my feelings. I cant shave it?
I always have cold hands, does anyone know what could cause this?
Give ten ways in which good personal hygiene can be maintained?
Do spider bites itch?
My poo is green and red!?
How long do you have to wear a cast for a broken ankle?
Does musterbating often give pain to your knee?
Sever lower back pain?????????
My third toe is black and blue?
Why do my bruises take so long to go away, they usually last a month or more. any suggestions why this is?
It hurts! PLEASE answer?
What's the worst injury you have had?
Ice or Heat for swollen wrist???
My daughter has a large swelling on her knee, she has not knocked it and it is not sore. What is it.?
I was on a ride the other day and i think it went too fast and i bumped my back, now it hurts, wat should i do
Will my son be alright to fly?
Can just one loud rock concert damage your ears?
Will a cheek bone that has been fractured or broken heal by itself?
How to prevent back pain ?
It's 2.59am, I've got the doctors at 8.40am. Should I have.....?
How do you prevent cramp?
Does anyone know whats the matter with me?
Vicodin affects?
Ah! My foot fell asleep! What should I do?!?!?
How many times is recommended to use a sunbed a year?
Help I think I got moonburnt?
Random patchs of rash/dry skin?
My little grandaughter has really bad eczema whats the best way to treat this?
What can i do with my husbnads shoes?
I have really bad sun burn. Please Help!!!?
Toothpaste on Acne, Does it really work?
How do I get rid of my zit?
Once again need the help of all you caring people out there. There must be some way to relieve severe pain. Af
Deep pain in my left leg?
Do anyone know a way which can relieve period pain??
Sleeping with ?????????????????????????...
Leg cramps and spasms?
What do you do when you get a headache? What is the remedy?
So I twisted my ancle. What pain killers r the best?
I have headache!?
Pain in back of my heel?
I am having terrible earache when I listen to headphones and sometimes when I listen to music. What shud i do?
Can anyone help? I have had bad breath for over a year. I have been to the dentists they say its not my gums.
What doo you think about my weight??Tell me the truth but dont be too mean?
Ah man..... i feel so ruff ..does anyone else have a cold ? :-)?
My boyfriend is really ill he has the shivers and then hot sweats and soar throat and no enegy...?
Does she have anorexia?!?!?
Swelling of feet and ankles?
Terminal illness?
Open question?
Ways to treat a sore throat please help?
Any boring movie to recommend..as a cure for Insomnia?
What happens if you cut shapes from your finger nail?
Is smoking really that bad for your health???
Does putting a penny on a bee sting really help? I NEED HELP FAST! IT REALLY ITCHES!?
Anybody, please help?
How do i stop the bleeding?
Day old sunburn....im 16 and it hurts so bad! any remedies to heal it quickly?
Do babies grow out of egg allergies?
How do i get rid of a hickey?
How do I treat an inside mouth injury?
To health care workers?
How do you stop a bloody nose?
Problems with Zyrtec?
Does anyone knows what OTC medicine is similar to penicillin or amoxicillin? If so give me some brand name pls
What's the quickest cure for a skin burn?
Why am i getting my hayfever symptoms back this time of year ie winter?
Is smoking cool?
Are there any medicines that help eliminate cat allergies?
How do you get rid of early morning flem?
Is claritin better than sudafed?
My allergies are awful help !?
Should i see a doctor?
Does anyone get headaches or migraines when they go to work?
What do you think of chiropractors?
How to brake your leg or arm ??
Lower Abdominal Pain on left side?
Do you knaw the name of any water dissolving pain tablets?
Co-codamol and amoxicillin, can I take them together??
Relief for a UTI!?!?!?
Help plz some1?
Cure for razor burn! I Does anyone know any tricks of helping razor burn? PLEASE!!!?
What is this on my skin????
Help !I'm in my 20's and have just developed spots!?
How can you reduce acne? (please dont reccomend pro activ)?
What diseases can humans catch from cats?
Should i tell my mom about my chest and back acne?
How to make musquito bites stop itching?
Anyone know any remedies, natural or not, to help get rid of ringworm (the same condition as atheletes foot)?
HELP my back is like peeling and Can anyone help!?!?
Do i have high sugar????
I would like to have a good diet for diabetes 2?
Diabetics & tatoos, what are the risks?
Is it normal for people to crave ice constanly?
Quit smoking...good for me...?
How much is 91k converted into stones?
If your diabetic,,,what happends if you dont eat,,?
Diabetic ppl out there?
What would be the cause of occasional low sugar drops (very low) and occasional high blood sugars. I'm scared
What does tingling in the toe indicate?
I cant stop hurting myself....?
How long does it take for a surgical scar to heal completely?
Should i go to the hospital or doctors?
How long do i have to work before i can received disability?
What are chiggers and how to get rid of them?
I just sprained my ankle, What can one do for the pain and swelling ?
Ankle injury and basketball game tomorrow?
Sprained Ankle?
Everytime i strech my right leg i feel a sharp pain in my groin area what can that be?
I am so paranoid please help?
What is the most disgusting and quickly obvious std to catch besides HIV?
Can you stay forever uncircumcised?
Is it possible to get AIDS from a teardrop ?
If you knew you would be dead in a week, how would you spend your time?
What is the best way to clean out a blocked ear?
How to get a splinter out of my hand?
Is 125 pounds normal for a 5'1'' tall 22-year old girl?
Are you getting bored with the answering questions thing?
What's the best medicine for sunburn?
What's the best and quickest way to die?
Is it bad for your brain to fall asleep while listening to music on earbuds.?
Are you mostly a "right-brain" or a "left-brain" person?
Do you moisturize after bathing?
Could anyone answer a question about headaches?
Is it possible to have arthritis at age 25?!?
Should I go to the hospital?
I have to know?
Whatz the best pain medications you've tried that actually work for pain and not screw you up?
What time do you wake up in the morning?
How long will this hurt???
What is the cure for arthritis? I have pain in my knees the whole time.?
Is it appendicites?
I have decided to have laser eyes surgery this Thursday- any advice?
What is this??
How can u tell if someone is on Dope?
Does knuckle-cracking cause Arthritis later in life?
Can someone help me with my story?
How is it possible?
Can taking an excessive amount of painkillers cause constipation?
Whats wrong with me? i feel dizzy all the time?
What is the cure of cataract?
Is there any alternative to anti-dandruff shampoo?
How do i get rid of the scars?
How do i get rid of a foul vinegar smell from my feet?
What does a rectanguar birthmark on your lower back mean?
Dry skin on feet?
Do dirty kids or clean kids get lice?
What acne medication worked best for YOU?
What is the best way to get rid of them sore spots on your tongue?
What is biting my face (mostly at night)???
Can anyone recommend a really good lipbalm for chapped lips?
Does anyone have relief for back pain?
Why do I get red blotches on my skin when i drink alcohol?
My tongue hurts pls help!!!?
Who is your biggest fan????
Why do we scream when we're in a lot of pain?
Why do singers put their finger in their ear?
Period pain please help !!!?
My daughter has very small bumps that are extremly itchy on both of her elbows. Any ideas of what it could be
I have a headachhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
What's one piece of first aid advice everyone should know?
How much pain?
Since sunday, i have been experiencing awful migraines, ear ache, and tooth ache on the right side of my head.
How often should you or any one be checked for stds?
Should i????????????
Is it safe to cut darvocet pills in half?
What is the difference between tumour and cancer?
What is your perception of a male-nurse?
What could be wrong if you have missed a period and the doctor said you wasnt pregant?
No doctor can help me, so is there any cure for sciatica?
AIDS question?
Can an untreated yeast infection turn into chlamydia?
What are crabs and can you get them from sharing underwears?
Allergic to sprays. How do I get rid of ants in my kitchen. Bait traps just don"t do it.?
If someone has sports asthsma/ asthsma will it affect there singing? Because of the mucus? running out of air?
Dripping nose while eating?
Overcoming food allergies?
My friend thinks i have celiacs disease how can i tell if shes right?
Peanut Allergy & Hooking Up = (A deadly kiss?)?
Good medical remedy against cat allergies that can be taken during pregnancy?
When you go to a Dr. and get tested for allergies, what all do they test for and how do they do it?
Is organic chemistry hard is it just the memorizing that is hard?
Do u think this is serious or not?
If my child got shoved downstairs at school and broke his ankle would i be able to claim.?
I either pinched a nerve or pulled a muscle in my lower back and now can't stand up straight ....?
Anybody know why puss stinks? I know it is disgusting.... but hey I was just wonderin'?
I just fell?
How did you get your scar(s)?
My ear popped?
Anybody have any at home remedies for poor ankle circulation to stop the pressure?
My mom just fell off a chair and hit her head on solid tile what should i do?
Haow can i take my cast off my arm?
How much pain would I be in if I ripped my scab off my arm?
What is that lump in your throat when you're about to cry?
Why do i get calf muscle cramps more often?
Kidney stones?
Would the electric chair or guillotine hurt?
I have always heard that chiropracters do more harm than good?
Does smoking trigger pains in the wrist?
I don't really have a headache, its more of a .......?
Do your hands hurt after typing a lot?
What is this chest pain?
Feet really hurt?
When should I call my doctor regarding asthma attacks?
What is the best thing to put on a burn?
Ring stuck on my finger, any advise?
What is a healthy weight for someone 5 feet, 2 inches?
I walk just about everyday. With the hot summer weather approaching when is the best time to walk?
How fast can you run a mile without stopping?
What tricks do you use to help you get to sleep when you are not tired?
I burned my finger with boiling water?
Can anyone tell me if they think it's wrong/gross/unhealthy for anyone to kiss babies on the mouth?
How do I stop biting my nails?
BJs and STDs?
Does getting tested for any disease like aids hurt? (For Males) what do the doctors do?
Is it possible to get a std if both you and your partner.....?
If you have aids, isnt the chance of your kid(s) having aids a hundred percent?
Bad case of the crabs?
Can Std's stop you from having kids?
Does excess alcohol cause aortic valve stenosis?
Is back pain a symptom of a heart problem?
My grandmother has an irregular beating of her heart, can you tell me why? and how can she cure it?
What side effects from Metoprolol, prescribed for blood pressure?
Do i have a heart problem?
My sister died from an embulism. could this have been prevented?
What is this?
What is considered too low for blood pressure?
Why would a Dr. refuse to sign a death certificate ?
I have been suffering from really painful headaches for a few days, and sort of pains behind my eyes,?
Pleasepleasepleasee help me?
How to Prevent Leg Cramps?
Whats the best thing to ease ear ache?
Do blood tests hurt?
Is it called strip throat when you swallow and it hurts?
Why does your elbow have no feeling?
Whats a good remidy for hurting feet .?
Can long hair be the cause of frequent headaches/migraines?
Iv got a dangleberry and dont know wat to do, help?
Why might I be feeling cold all the time, even in warm rooms?
Have got crohns why do I keep picking up other illnesses so easily does anyone know ?
What The Heck Is Wrong With me??
Can blind people write?
What's that disease where people only hear what they want to hear??
Chronic headaches?
Acid reflux???
Any ideas on what to do or whats wrong with my son.....?
Stung by a jellyfish?
Do you feel more or less tired when you are abruptly awakened while dreaming?
My lips have been so dry lately! What can i use that works well?
How to make the fart gas smell pleaseant?
How can i lose weight because ive been tryin for years?
My mom cut her finger while cutting raw pork..what should we do??
How do you get rid of blisters on your heels?
Is it better to wash your hands in hot water or cold?
I sliced my finger on a knife its quite deep it has stopped bleeding how should i bandage it?
Herpes Question?
Could you get anything from exchanging blood?
Please help somebody!! Have i got worms?
Hi firends...?
If an hpv test came up negative then a few months later came up positive why?
How can I get rid of my fungus toenails?
Moisturizers for super dry skin???
Can people under 18 have cosmetic or plastic surgery?
How do i stop myself from getting embarassed so easily?
What is the best way to treat or get rid of exzema?
Lice Problem?
What could cause my son to have bumps all over his body?
Does going on the pill really help treat acne? please help!?
Acne Treatments? Any that actually work?
Neigbours rat is walking around with head to one side and seems to lose balance, any idea???
10 week old with gas pains?
Whats that thing in the center of your chest called?
How to avoid a headache ?
What does it mean when it's very painful towards the end of my urination stream?
When i take a pain killer how does it know where the pain is?
Pain in center of Chest what is the problem?
Do you want marijuana be legalized?
Stiff neck?
Sinus infection?
Hard taking deep breaths?
When my 2-year-old daughter cries, she breaks out in hives. Has anyone heard of this before?
What machine is better to help reduce allergies, a humidifier or a air purifier?
Am I allergic to Grapefruit?
Is it alright to take claritin-d at bed time?
Any suggestions for a Silver Allergy?
Wha herbal remedies did the civil war use?
Am I allergic to light?
Why is it that when a child goes out, the mother says "Don't come running to me when you break your leg!"
Do You Think It's Right to Call A girl who Is confined to a Wheelchair, Crippled?
How do you get pink eye?
Should I go to the Doctor?
Okay please help me.. i seriously think i just broke my pinky toe?
What is an omelette?
How do i get rid of muscle soreness after a long workout?
What is your opinion of doctors?
Does your origional skin comes back when you get sunburned?
I have a lump on my head?
Why is it so hard to quit smoking?
I'm sick how do I get better fast?
What's the best way to deal with multiple bee stings to the face and neck?
Is 2 hours of sleep better than no sleep?
Is anyone like me?
What is appendicitis?
Would you loose your sense of taste if you smoke too much?
Personal Q?
14 month old just drank some green food coloring, should I take her to the DR?
It's been 3 1/2 months since I gave birth and still no period. I'm nursing. Could this be why?
What are ganglions?
Anul Waxing?
I've crabs?
Do you get tested for HIV on your first visit to the ob/gyn when u are pregnant and again before you deliver??
Laxatives dont work?
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Massage vs. Surgery?
I sometimes get a pain that feels like heartburn, I can't breathe and it hurts. Doc says I'm ok. Now what?
I have been gettin a reoccurring charlie horse ( HUGE leg cramp) in my right calve? What do i do for treatment
Any idea whats wrong?
Bee sting or wasp sting ?
What can you do for a migraine when you can't be somewhere quiet?
Why do I feel sore every morning and all day? I feel lazy and tired?????????
Please please please help I think I'm dieing ?
SUNBURN!? Problem!?
Will the purple marks from my scars go away?
Acne Soap question?
Why does my hair itch so much lately?
How can i get rid of my sun tan?
Is your second toes bigger than your first?
Eczema, please help?
How do you get rid of zits on your back?
How do i get rid of head lice?
Can you catch anything from this?
Besides fruit juice, what drink that is healthy?
Why can't there be a cure for the common cold?
Is it more sanitary to shower at night or in the morning?
Which is worse for your health? Smoking cannabis (skunk) every day, or drinking a lot of alcohol every day?
Just wanna know plz plz answer!?
How do you get an alcoholic to go to a meeting and realise he is one?
When I die, can I get my ashes scattered in the mall...........?
Why it's bad when cousins get children?
Whats wrong with me here?
What can i eat to help with diarriah?
How would I tell If I have a Yeast infection!!?
Are you afraid of people with HIV/AID's?
Can you get an STD or anything from being fingered or giving head.?
What do you know about Crohn's Disease, just out of curiousity.?
Is HPV anything to be depressed over?
If you were treated for an STD is it cool to wear the same underwear?
I had the aids test after 2 years that i slept with a man. it came negative. do i have to take it again?
Grandson took overdose of zonisamide capsules 25mg. What are the dangers of this?
What foods do you eat to maintain your type 2 diabetes?
Blood sugar?
What is going on if your blood sugar is really high and you are shaking?
Is it too risky to have kids if you are a Diabetic?
Is surgery involved in getting an insulin pump?
I am diabetic and allergic for milk what can i eat?
I Am Type 1 Diabetic And Have Been Losing Weight For No Apparent Reason?
Is wanting to eat a lot of sugar a symptom of type 2 diabetes?
Simple and easy question about diabetes?
What's the best remedy for a BAD sunburn?
Can kissing someone for half an hour cure allergies?
Overdose Question?
What do you do if someone swallows their tongue?
I had gallbladder surgery, the surgeon cut my liver and i almost died, should i sue?
My friend has started self harming and im scared, what can i do?
Guys do you prefer a girl who is waxed down there or do you not really care? Girls can give opinions too?
Do male mosquitoes bite?
How should I heal a zit in one night? any home remedies?
Sunburn OWWW!?
Can they numb the area when you give blood?
I have a SERIOUS wind problem - HELP!!!!!!?
I need help plz?
I just fainted and I still feel weird? What to do?
Anyone know how i can ease the pain from hemorrhoids?
How can I prevent getting cramp in my toes at night?
How can i help heal my throat faster.Everytime i swallow, it hurts alot.Any helpful remedies?
Severe constipation?
I'm ITCHY allover my BODY?!?!?!?!?
Low blood pressure?
Can caffene raise your blood pressure.?
For those people who have had a heart attack or who have heart disease...did?
I am taking ramipril 2.5 mg twice a day. can i change it to one 5 mg tablet once day. will the effect be same?
My daughter has a heart murmur, is that bad?
29% heart function what does that mean?
Congestive heart?
Blood pressure medication and influenza -?
Is there a Cardiologist in the house?
Help!! I don't know whats wrong?
I hurt my foot but...?
What would happen if I held my nose when I sneezed?
Every time I hit my thumb with a hammer, my thumb hurts. What should I do?
How can i break my arm?
What Does It Mean When.......?
Does anyone know any home remedies for healing a deep cut that does not require stitches?
My 21 month old burnt herself on the hot grill, she has a small blister on her finger.?
My toe is purple, has a big lump & will NOT bend - is it broken? Professional help please!!!?
What causes a baby to cough most of the night,but not during the day? DR says allergies ??????
I was wrongly put on prednisolone and stopped taking it after a week I have terrible side effects help?
How to get rid of cotton mouth(more like lint fuzz on your tongue) ?
Do cheaper laundry detergents cause more allergic reactions?
Do you need to be first diagnosed with an allergy to bees in order to get a prescription for an epi-pen?
Allergic reaction to earring?
MAJOR ALLERGIES ;_;. I've tried Benadryl, some prescription stuff.?
My son get's eczema from cats, his eyes swell shut and he gets red itchy scales on his body, what to do?
Recently I discovered I'm allergic to contacts. Is there anything i can do to remove my allergies?
Sneezing help?
Were is aids most populated?
Who was the first person to get HIV?
Somethings realy wrong with me can anyone diagnose this?
Last night on the news it said one in 14 teenage girls have an STD?
Can I get HIV through french kiss?
Is HIV from animal?
What are the myths related to the transmission of HIV/AIDS?
How do you het rid of dark spots on your face without using make up?
What is the point of lips?
My son has got eczema - can it be diagnosed?
What is the best way to get rid of head lice?
Itchy eyes?
My cholesterol is high, what can I do to get it down?
How to treat severe sun burn !! help?
Is it possible to get rid of a tan?
I blush like crazy! it has gone beyond extreme blushing.What can I DO???
How can I get rid of my psoriasis?
I want to get some tattoes, on my ankle,my forearm,shoulder blade and my hip. How much does it hurt in each?
Sometimes i get these really sudden pains just under my ribs it total hurts is it something serious?
Stomach cramps and severe diarhorrea?
Options for management of migrain head aches?
I have a pain in my arm?
Why does my wrist hurt whenever i lift dumbells?
I'm a 13 year old girl with back pain!?
My back really hurts when im sat at my desk all day at work. Does anyone know of anything that can help?
Should i get help?
What do you do when you choke on your saliva?
What helps cool sunburn?
What do you like to add in your bath?
Would you??????????
Who likes to take dumps?
Any advise on giving up smoking?
If i was to remove a tatto with a knife?
Should I go to the doctor??
How to heal a cut quickly?
Sunburn help?
Have any one suffered frm stomach ulcer and got cured ? I need a good medication for this plzzzzz?
Ocd? Do I have it and how bad is it?
How do you get rid of a cold?
Is Alcoholism a disease, character defect, or something else?
How to treat depression the natural way?
Im worried, can anyone tell me about this lump I feel in my throat?
I often forget things and also having problem of focusing,is it due to dpression or any general weakness
A tick bit me what should I do?I got it off of me but now what?
About bulimia and anorexia?
Guys who have given oral...?
Could i have hiv/aids?
Is there a cure for herpes?
Wisdom tooth pain...bad?
My eyes REALLY hurt ...?
Major hangover. =((((?
Is this a serious?
I keep getting pains in the calf of my right leg. Has anyone any ideas as to what it might be please?
My mum was told by her doctor that she has Shingles at the side of her neck.And is very painfull.?
I'm sick...?
Is there anything besides meds that can help headaches?
Any Doctors?
My boyfriend has a constant nervous feeling in his stomach, what could this be?
I have trouble falling asleep, anyone have any suggestions to help me get a good night's rest?
My son has had a stomach ace all night and is also throwing up?
Help! I need help quickly, bleeding and swelling.?
Omg ,my hands are SOOO dry, Please help. .......?
I accidentally super glued...?
My daughter has something on her foot?
What would happen to my hand if i let a firecracker off in it?
Is it true that when you get stung by a jellyfish. . .?!!?
Do girls care if guys have acne?
Why does it take you over 5 hours to be seen in a emergency room?
What can i apply to my daughter's skin where it looks she might be getting scares from her acne?
What do you think this skin problem is? serious answers please?
I have bumpy skin ?!
I have a very bad pain in my back however i can bend and lift fine it only hurts when i press on it if it is?
Is it safe to drive with a broken hand/sprained wrist/arm, etc?
My toe hurts and not sure whats wrong?
My ear hurts?
I just got a stabbing pain below my stomach on the right side? Help!?
Im ontop of a building in pittsburg with my laptop who votes for me to jump (im not joking)?
How long does it take a bruise to heal?
10 points for simple question?
On monday i jumped up in the air and landed on the side of my foot My mom doesnt think i need 2 go 2 the doc's
Do i have a concussion?
Why can I hear my own heart beat at night?
Can anybody diagnosis ?
I'm having an isotope bone scan are they safe ?
Does any one know where to acquire a pacemaker?
Can high blood pressure cause sinus tachycardia?
Pulse rate?
Ihave just had a defrillabrator surgery and my manual doesn't say anything?
What are the most common heart disease that are inherited by family?
My heart is beating a little slow...?
How can I prevnet haveing a heart attack?
Migraine headaches?
How Can I Feel Relief In My Muscles?
Feet pain?
Is restless leg syndrome a 'made up' condition? Just so a med company can profit?
My girlfriend has had a pain in the right side of her stomach for two weeks now?
Do painkillers make you sick?
Lower back pain?
I have a cut above my lip on the left side, how do i treat the cut so it wont leave a scar?
Whats the best way to get rid of my sunburn (ow)?
What exactly is Flexeril used for? How does it make you feel? Do you need a prescription for it?
HELP! 6th grade shots are getting closer I'm scared! What do I do??? Tips??? Advice?
How do you get rid of frequent sores in your mouth?
How do you get rid off or lessen the darkness of a hickey? I do not usually wear makeup?
Is it bad if your foot has been asleep for 2 days straight?
How do i tell if my cuts infected?
Itchy bum!!!!!!!?
What is really good for a burn?
Razor burn on your armpits?
Nose Bleed?
The skin under my armpits even with the hair removed is literally dark brown! how can i get rid of it?
How do you get ride of the hicups?
If you HAD to lose...........?
How do you get rid of scars??
So the back piece of my earing fell inside my ear... Cant take it out?
What is the best prescribed medicine the treat severe body acne?
How to remove a tick?
Help Me To Help Her,This Can Be Real Serious Please Help ASAP !!!!!!!!!!?
If one has an std does mean they have hiv/aids?
Very disturbing question please answer!?
Do pigs get STDs (the animal not the male specimen)?
HPV? questions? Please help!?
Is it wrong to use an antiperspirant twice a day? Pls. help.. Thanks!?
How are people born albino?
Why do certain mentally ill people wear tin foil on their heads?
What is the best way to relive tired and aching feet?
Can my 7 year old have Shingles?
Headaches...especially after using the computer, any cure apart from paracetamol?
I have a massvie headache?
Have you every had food poisoning?
How do i get rid of acne without takin any medication?
Why does your hand subconsciously rise to just beneath your nose after itching your bottom?
Can my dog take child's aspirin or ibuprofen?
Still Itchy?
My throat hurts Help!!!?
Is this serious?
How can you tell if your friend is anorexic?
Are flea bites contagious?
Has anyone had a cortisone injection?
Why do you wee when having a poo, but not the other way round?
Any ways to get rid of acne using stuff in your home???
Im 12 and this is weird....help me!?
What speed does the earth revolve at ?
Cold Sore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
On a scale one to ten how bad does a cartelige piercing hurt?
What hurts the most in your life right now?
Why does dog sh1t make you blind?
I have absolutely NNOOO energy and am only 24, i literally have to drag myself around. i dont drink.?
I just took 4 days worth of citalopram [anti depressant]?
Can a person with a pancreas that has quit die?
Diabetes question plz help?
Insulin pump??
Insulin injections for beginners?
Can diabetic patient drink barley water and soy milk?
I have type 2 diabetes and can not stop losing weight. Why?
What salad dressings can a diabetic person eat ?
Diabetes help????
I feel my thirst increased and my mouth is always dry when I wake up. Is it diabetes ?
Can a person get hiv from a ********?
I Have Herpes?
Do I have herpes?
Could it be Herpes?
Is there any medicine for AIDS?
Is my ankle broken?
Help me please its important?
I have a dog that ran away for 2 weeks and came back with half of her foot gone. Will it heal up?
If a cut is...?
Could my finger be worse then it looks?
How can a person alleviate back pain without taking tons of drugs?
I want to wear heels but I'm afriad that I could break or fracture my ankle?
What can I do for lower back spasms? other than calling my doctor and getting a prescription?
Have you ever faked an injury?
What are the causes of heart skip beating? can i consider this serious?
What type of test/procedure is the most accurate for finding heart/vasc. problems?
Why does congestive cardiac failure cause an inappropriate rise in blood volume?
Does a doctor have to tell a patient he is dying?
My heart quit beating while i am at work. what should i do?
What is atherosclerotic coronary artery?
Is atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis used to mean the same which is a plaque of cholesterol that hardens?
Have you ever been in a fist-fight over statins?
What is the english word (translation), for the Afrikaans word: kardio-nerogene-sinkopie?
What is anteroseptal myocardial infraction?
I have a red, swollen lump in the centre of my armpit? what could it be?
What can I do for my acne?
Does anyone know if that pro active acne stuff work on the comercials?
People with good skin..?
Acne scars?please help.?
Can anything happen from wearing a watch for too long?
I've just recently found something on the bottom of my foot...?
I sweat too much is there a natural cure for sweating?
I been on holiday and got a red face from sun please advie...?
How can I get rid of ugly red shave bumps in my bikini area? URGENT!?
Mosquito bites........ the solution?
Athletes foot cure.?
Chicken Pox and Shingles?
Quick cure for Mosquito Bites!!?
My eye lid hurts and is swollen. Hot or cold compress?
Acne scab came off and now theres a shiney pink mark??
What can I do for a Sour Sour Sour throat?
What is the easiest way to break your ankle or leg?
Pain during urination and sever back pain?
Stupid ? but tylenol makes me laugh???
Is there a quick way to stop slouching?
What is the difference between a Podiatrist and Choropodists?
Worst pain?
Can horses help a migraine?
My age is 45 years and suffering from many type of pain. How I can get rid of from this pain?
Hangover cure?
Is Malaria a Diease?
My mom died 25 years ago and my dad said he never?
What are the negative long-term effects of Bulima?
If you eat too little, what happens?
If someone is diagnosed with TOURETTES SYNDROME, but has never heard a swear word, what do they shout out?
Do you have a chicken pox scar?
How can you get rid of heart burn/acid reflux with just home remedies?
Now I am worried about this drug?
Why do they call Alcoholism a disease?
Can anything be done for a broken big toe?
When you have a surgery planned why cant you drink water or eat for 24 hours prior?
Numbness in left pinky but no pain?
How can I heal my ankles?
Can you describe the worst kind of pain possible?
Can anyone help me?
Car accident that wasn't my fault how much compensation?
Why do two of my fingers and edge of my hand keep going numb and having pins and needles?
How can I stop my wound from bleeding?
What's in that injection that they give you in school that leaves a scar on your arm?
Is prednazone a good pain killer?
I suffer from cronic pain, does anyone know of any treatments, traditional of medical that could help?
How can i hide my veins that are sticking out the back of my leg??i am 14..do u know any natural methods?
I have a sore tongue ulcrs i think , any idea for a quick fix?
Best way to cure a horrible headache?
Darvocet 100/650mg?
I have pain in my lower back and hips. Why?
Should I worry if I bumped?
I have had three sleepless nites in a row..............?
My partner can keep their farts in but i can't without having a bad stomache. Any suggestions?
Are You Aware Cholesterol Is NOT A Risk Factor For CHD In Those 50 And OVER?
What heart condition can cause elevated heart rate and death by the time you are 30?
My doctor prescribed Avandia in October. Now she will not return my calls about my concern for this latest?
Has any one ever heard of or used red rice yeast to lower chlestrol?
Palpitation's, i am 14 and i have them regularly is that normal?
How bad is a blood pressure of 120/94?
I have a pulse rate of 48 and have fluid on my lungs?
Where can I find a risk assessment for heart disease on the internet?
Cardiology question, two pacemakers?
What additional blood tests should be ordered when a patient is an alcoholic?
Is it bad to not shower but once a week?
What makes people ugly?
What is a good home remedy for dry cracked heels and toes on your feet.?
Wouldn't it be weird if everybody's knee's were in their upper-thighs?
Stop smoking?
How can i quit smoking ?
What are the signs of diabetes?
How long after a meal can I do cholesterol screen?
My fasting sg 164,pp is 186, I am aged 57 please advise me?
Whats the highest your blood sugar has been while you were still conscious?
How serious is hypoglicemia?
Is it true that Cinnamon powder can reduce blood sugar by upto 30% in diabetics?
I am a diabetic. does jogging increase risk of retinopathy ?
How low does your glucose have to be in order to eat a snack and how many carbs can the snack total?
My Friend's Diabetic Help?
How to get medicare???
My lower back is so sore. This week I did some weeding and cleaned out my bathtub. So, I was bending down?
Have you ever woke up in the morning and only one of your socks is on?
Did I burn my tongue?
Seriously, is there a way to get rid of a Migraine...?
Headache advice please , serious question?
My friend has a problem!help well sortta?
Bad cramps! What can I do?
If i am 5'5 do i round to 5 foot or 6 foot?
Sudden extreme headache and dizziness?
Lump on my chin?
Help...what can these symptoms be pointing too? Spitting up bright red blood...?
Ive been prescribed anti-biotics ..8 tablets a day..is it ok to only take 4 a day?
Do children always have their Father's blood group?
I'm 15 and anaemic can I donate blood???
Is anyone familiar with these symptoms?
Is anybody else on Yahoo Answers suffering with Alice?
Does anyone suffer from a constant feeling of pins and needles in their feet?
How high a temperature is 'too high' for an ill adult?
Is it benificial to drink only water for 24 hours, im doing a detox and believe it is good for the liver??
Blood in stool?
Whats the best way to get a lot of caffeine out of your system?
Does anyone know why my head itches right in the middle?
When i shave the hair in my armpits, i get rashes and bumps.pls does anyone know how 2 prevent this. THANKS!!!
I just got my belly button pierced. It is bleeding lightly and isnt infected or ripped. What does this mean?
How to stop underarm sweating?
I have a kanker sore!?
Why am I peeling around my wedding ring?
How would lack of vitamin D show in your body please ?
What could this be?
How do i know if my foot is broken?
What has my boyfriend done to his back????
My tounge fell off while i accidentally drank scalding tea!?
I want to know how to throw a good punch?
What is the best thing to put on a minor burn?
PLEASE help!! My mom is sick. I dont know what to do!?
Is there a bone that cannot heal?
How long do you keep stitches in before they need to be removed?
I get lite headach and dizzy after i had my meal what is the cause of of this any solutions?
I need help. im scared to do it all over again!?
Theres something wrong with my testicals?
I have a lower back pain what can i do? please help!?
Please answer me i need help fast somebody help me!!!!!!!!!!!!?
It was hard when i woke up?
PLEASE!!!!!!girls only?
My 3 year old daughter wont drink any kind of milk and now she crying that her legs hurt.....?
Is it true gays have high blood pressure?
If I am physically fit, but I have relatives who have high blood pressure, am I in risk?
Pacemaker Surgery? Please help?!?!?
I had a stroke when i was 9 does this mean i will delevop Alzheimer's? My great grandmother had it too.?
What type of heart condition can result when your body is actually too flexible?
Is a heart catherization painful?
Heart model?
Causes of these aymptoms? Shortness of reath, numb hands and feet, high blood pres., ringing in ears?
What are the causes and symptoms of high cholesterol?
Can you pray for my future father-in-law?
Does ear piercing hurt?
Is this my appendix thats hurting?
Why does putting a bar of soap in your bed stop night time leg cramps?
I have a piece of led stuck in my hand?
Anything help for restless legs????
Do tongue piercings hurt?
I am vomiting with a headache . What can I do to get energy?
Why don't doctors write narcotics?
What could be the possisble cause of a constant headache for 2 days now?
Bowel trouble?
My nose is really red from blowing it to much....?
Should you bust a blister?
I am a 17yr old black girl and ive just been atacked by ACNE!! What can i use.. that will ACTUALLY work??HELP!
Is there any importance of hair on our head?
Whats the best ointment for dry hands and dry feet ?
What is a cold sore?
Chapped lips?
How Do I Get Rid Of My Wart?
What are the symptomms of a stomach ulcer then?
What can you do at home to relieve bladder infection pain/burning????
Should i be worried? i hope not?
How to lower stomach acid without drugs?
When i put my bike pants on, i cant breathe properly. Why does this occur?
I'm constipated, what home remedy can i take? i have no money for store bought drugs?
Another POT question?
What causes hiccups? And how best to cure them?
What could be wrong with me?
Ear-piercing gone wrong?
Broken toe???
What do I do if my dad believe me?
Fell on Ice...Knee now swollen..Do you think I broke a bone?
Trampolining, what have I done to my back?
Can you sue a hospital?
If you got cut, were bleeding to death, caught the blood coming out and drank it, would that help you survive?
Has anyone ever broke their toe?
What's the most embarrassing *battle scar* you've got?!?
Why do I wakeup a lot of mornings with a headache?
Feeling sluggish...head ache...the works...whats wrong?
Best Pain Medication?
Whats a quick and simple remedy for headache?
I have a lump behind me ear the size of a pea i also have one on my back not so big there not sore just worred
Does ingesting harmful chemicals hurt?
I get lots of headaches (including migraines). Has anyone used "Head On", and if so, does it work?
What's a patella?
Is it normal to crack your knee all the time?
My mom has a throbbing pain in her right leg. From her buttocks all the way down to her foot. What could it be
Why do you get scabs when you bleed?
Is this bad?
Psoriasis.......help me!?
Why does my skin turn grey when i touch a paperclip to it?
Severely dry chapped skin on lips?
How to remove moles?
Does anyone have a good remedy for dry feet?
Does sweating affect acne?
I Have Acne...I've Been Using Murad Acne Complex, But It's Not Doing Too Much...(PICS) Any Suggestions?
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
Gall Stones??
Can you overdose on Tylenol?
All my new shoes rub the back of my foot. What can I do?
Can chocolate give you a headache?
How do I get rid of all my bones?
How do I relax and destress ?
Does anyone have advice about migraines?
My GP wont listen to me. I've had a pain in my foot. Podiatrist says sesimoiditis. GP wont refer me for MRI
What u like to do if u not feels sleepy ?
Dilema, you've just been to the toilet. Its not too clean, the sink is bad too?
What is this disease called HPV?
What's the best way to heal chapped lips?
Is there alcohol in cough syrup? if so, how many percent?
How can someone who is allergic to dogs own one without suffering from allergies?
Alcohol allergy?
I am severley allergic to dairy products and I am afraid to eat food help?
Need some help with a runny nose?
What is honey allergy?
Does milk or cream have wheat or gluten?
I haver an allergy on a component of milk. It's definatley not lactose intolerance bec. my symptoms dont match
Is it okay to these medicines so close together?
What is the fastest way to get rid of a muscle strain in the neck.?
Is chemo safe for a 70 year old?
Serious replies only, please... took a whole bottle of tylenol?
Ouch! I just burned my hand. How do you make the stinging stop. Some people say milk. Is that a myth? Help!?
What's the best thing to do when your whole body aches?
What helps muscle pain after exercise?
Can you take Co-Drydamol with Ibruprofen?
Hip popping?
I have a caugh cold stiff muscles heavy eyes and fee rele cold whats wrong?
Why do alcoholics always shart their pants?
Blood in stools?
Will drinking bleach and water help you pass a drug test?
Is it true that when a female and male have a baby and they are close ken that the baby will be deformed?
I have IBS. Anyone else out there dealing with this too?
I have fibromyalgia my husband is not very understanding?
What is the drug used for hypertension?
What is wrong with me? please help?
What do think of a child with webbed fingers and toes?
How does a person get a kidney infection?
Hurt my Knee?
Is self injury a sin?
Trying to deal with a gunshot wound without going to the emergency room.........?
What happened to me?...?