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Trouble breathing, purple lips, dizziness
I think I've ODed on fig rolls - a whole packet. Whats the antidote ?
Is this alcohol poisoning?
What do you do when you feel like dieing?
Migraine tips ?
If you think you have a bladder infection, and it's not a bad one, can drinking water & cranberry juice cure?
What are my symptoms supposed to mean?
What could these symptoms mean?
Sunburn Remedies......?
I had a head injury tonight?
Should it have gone by now!?
I wan to break a bone where it will be couple months on crutches any ideas??
Why do they put plastic over the cotton part of a bandaid?
What is the worst physical pain that you have ever felt?
My pinky toe broken? should i be worried?
How was I knocked Uncautious?
Ive been getting pain under my right rib right through to the back for a week any ideas of what it could be?
How much would it hurt if I hamerd a steel nail through my hand?
What is the best pain relief for head aches without medications?
How do you relief stress that does not include medicine?
Can someone help me please. i woke up today with a sore bum i took a look and there seems to be like a little?
Am i coming down with something? I have been sniffly and going hot to cold and shivery and now my skin on...?
Has any1 heard of a condition called IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)?
Does cracking your knuckles really cause arthritis?
I was hurt in a Nursing Home last July. I had knee surgery and still can hardly walk. Can I sue the home.?
When i go running i am fine for like 5 min but then my chest hurts ?
Help!! I have a cough and I cough every 2 minutes!! (its the early stages of getting "the cough")?
Okay, so I realize this is not really the place to get medical advice..however?
Do you think its right for doctors to tell their patients they have few months or years to live?
Tonsils removed for snoring?
If quiting smoking makes you fat, are we to believe that all smokers are therefor thin?
Punctured lung and broken ribs?
Is there any kind of food that can trigger asthma?
I've got a question?
Ever gave a bj?
Should pee be clear or yellow if you are healthy?
Is Hepatitis C an STD?
Headache almost everyday?
Can you fly with a broken leg?
Does it hurt when you get your bellybutton pirced???
It hurt so bad because hes huge?
Has anyone had treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ?
When you have a headache, you can sometimes feel "boom-boom" like feeling a heart beeping, whats happening?
How bad does getting your wisdom teeth pulled hurt?
Have a VERY bad back! NEED HELP!!!!?
I suffer from a lot of tension headaches.. and taking ibropfun helps only for about an hour...what should i do
Ice vs Heat for Ankle Injury?
How does stress causes heart problem?
How high can blood pressure go?
My heart hurts when im really workin out hard? why is this?
Travel insurance with heart condition?
I had a pacemaker implanted about 4 weeks ago I started experiencing the same symptoms two days ago!?
What makes our legs feel weak?
Does high cholesterol cause seizures?
Heart Diseases?
Heart problems?
Is there any way to get to sleep.........Click to see more..........?
I damage my body but dont know why?
Is this dangerous???? id appreciate ne doctors answering!?
Have you ever been murdered or killed in any terrible way? When?
I need help but am too embaressed to go to the doctor?
Well, i'm 15 yrs and i'm 1m71cm.Can you tell me how to be more taller?
I'm sleepy, what should I do?
HELP! i am n so much pain.Does any1 have any home remedys.?
Why does your arm hurt after an iv?
Should I be concerned about this bite?
I am allergic to animals, but especially dogs. Some dogs make my lungs practically shut down ...?
Can you develope allergies?
My 14 yo dog has weeping eyes?
How do I know I am Allergic to Chocolate?
Allergy Question Best and worst US states to live in?
Can anyone help me with my eye problem?
Clogged up nose? HELP?
Am I allergic to alcohol?
Identifying gluten/ wheat! Other names for gluten/ wheat on ingredients lists/Labels.?
Please can someone help with my IBS problem :(?
Does anyone know whats wrong with my jaw?
Awful Stomach Pains and ALWAYS nauseous ?
Hi, my friend has headlice (nits)?
I drank tylenol PM!!!?
Can popping your knuckles lead to arthritis?
Which jobs involve working with sufferers of eating disorders?
Should i go see a docter or is it just normal?
Is the anaemia condition where the immune system kills the red blood cells fatal or can it be treated?
I hit my head but am not sure it is bad enough to go to the emergency room how do I know if it is bad enough?
?Does the first time hurt?
I am experiencing sharp pains in my lower right abdomen, what could it be?
My partner has the following symptoms any ideas?
Any Migraine sufferers out there?
Last night my boyfriend got into a large sneezing fit all i could say was''bless u'' wat should i have said???
Pain in chest???
My pops beats me?
How do i get rid of a cold with in 24 hours?
Pains in my ovary?
My child has severe leg pain and is finding it hard walking...?
What are the 3 types of diabetes and describe them?
When should you NOT give first aid?
Should i have eaten a thing in my food that look like a finger nail?
Diabetics ONLY AWNSER THIS PLEASE..do you know if or how much Blueberries raise your blood suger?
Can you get hpv threw a shaver?
Am I a failure if I quit?
I am a diabetic who was always health concious. Just?
I have been advised to take curcumin where do i get it?
Any wisdom & verbal support on helping me to quit smoking today?
How much does a diabetic have to eat so that there blood suger doesnt get too high/low?
When i have x ican"t peeing aging?
Question about chlamydia?
Can anyone tell me a remedy for a sore throat?
Why would my blood sugar be 87 several hours after eating & before bed, but 101 in the morning??
I lost 5 pounds for no reason? maybe diabetes?
Which is worst marihuana or alcohol?
OUCH! I got soooo fried at the pool this weekend, what can I use to help with the sting?
Why do diabetics crash?
Best Way To Quit Smoking?
How close was I to diabetic coma? my blood sugar was 400.?
Can you Please tell me everything you know about Type 2 Diabetes.???
What does the Bible say about HIV/AIDS?
I riped my foot open, HELP?
Should I go to the hospital for back pain related to a car accident even if it was yesterday?
Is it wrong to cut?
I need help?
I slammed my pointer finger in the car door on November 23, 2007 . Is it broken or dislocated?
I have a problem with my assbone?
How long do cracked ribs take to heal ?
What kind of doctor do I need to see?
Would it be safe for me to walk around the block barefoot?
Do you feel a MILD PAIN in your right hand when using a computer mouse for a long time?
Does morphine slow down the heart rate?
Does heart realy has got anything to do with thinking?
My heart is weird???
Is 140/90 blood pressure normal for a 38yr old man like me weighing 65kgs?
23 old male with high blood pressure?
Heart Palpitation ??????
Please help me understand?
What is causing my heart palpitations?
What Is It Like????
Hi i am 23 yrs old male last month i got an ecg my report is?
How do you stop the ringing in your ear?
What is the best way to calm down before going to bed?
Why people are still answering questions when they should be asleep?
What should you put in your first aid kits?
Name a type of therapy?
Is this a normal reaction to a bee sting?
I need people's opinion on this.....?
After u pick ur underware???
THIS IS NOT A JOKE! I've had diahreah (or however you spell it) for a week straight.?
SEVERE diaper rash... please read details... short, simple answers please?
Abnormal Papsmear?
Can someone HELP ME????
Who Invention AIDS?
Do i have herpes?????
Why do more gay people get AIDS and not straight people???
How do i get water out of my ear???
When was the last time you were the happiest?
Is picking your nose a clean habit or a dirty one?
What was the last thing you had stuck up you nose or in your ear ?
If you dropped a twenty dollar bill in a public toilet what would you do?
Do paramedics run when going to save someone?
Cuts won't stop bleeding....?
How do i get rid off hiccups?
Is it better to burst a blister or leave it alone?
Should i have called 911???
Whats a good home remedy to calm down allergies?
Anyone know of a good cookbook for kids with food allergies?
Is that true that allergies can wear off?
What were the first symptoms of your child's peanut allergy?
Caffeine effect?
What's a good snack for 1st graders that have peanut allergies??
I m suffering from dust allergy.My doc told me i may suffer from asthama in future.plz help.?
Does anyone have any information on lactose intolerance?
A headache every day that never goes away? Can't get in to see a specialist for another 3 weeks!?
How do you know if you have a deviated septum?
I have recently found a european CHEESE HAMSTER in my shoe, is it dangerous or contageous?
What is your solution to insomnia caused by overthinking while laying in bed?
WD40 fascinating fact ......... your opinion please!?
What do you think of albinos?
I am 37 years old lady,its been one year since i am having a kind of disease or a you can say habbit .?
Why do i always feel so thirsty....???
Please Help! My son is bulimic.?
I recently had a problem with my gall bladder, they never took my bladder out, could they have missed somethin
How to heal cuts fast?
Anyone who has bruised their tail bone.....?
Can someone help me and tell me if this sounds like nerve damage?
17 year old hit by a car and now in coma.?
How do I prevent back pain at my job?
I burnt my tounge on a coffee earlier today and my tounge is really hurting..what can i do to make it go away!
A little too hard on the partying...now I need answers!! I'm a little freaked out..?
Why on Earth do they call it a funny bone if it hurts like hell when you hit it? (ouch!)?
Can you help me?
Is drawing on your skin bad?
My baby ate a coin what can i do?
Have you got any tips for me, so that i can help my man get a good nights sleep?
What to do if you burn your hand...?
Whats the best way to settle a stomach?
My kid bumped his head accidentally on the wall 3 hours after the incident he vomited. god! I'm scared.?
What are some things you can lose if u decide to smoke?!?!?!?
Can you put super glue on an open cut to hold skin together?
Heeeelp bad sunburn ... raw area now?
Heart Attack versus Stroke?
Everytime i put in earrings on, my ears turn red and they hurt. How do i relieve the pain on my earlobes?
I found out yesterday I might have diastolic dysfunction, my Doc says not to worry, I am 35. what should I do
At what our you go to sleep?
22 year old female heart pain?
Is it normal to feel your heart beat through your stomach?
What can truly make you happy?
My blood pressure is 111/40, dr's at hospital didn't say anything but others have said it is to low....Is it??
What is the part in body is gone when you died?
Is it heart or something else?
What is a heart murmur?
Through what tests a heart attack can be identified Do the blood results vary at 15 minutes and 7 hrs of pain?
What is an infection around the heart called? i think it is spelled perilcolius.?
Is smoking Bad to Good Health?
Is there anyone else out there with bronchiectasis and how do you deal with it?
COPD & Emphasema?
Help, my lung!?
What is copd?
Got a very deep chesty cough, what can it be????
How do i make him stop smoking?
Why do humans yarn?
Any cures for snoring?
Is HPV cureable?
How can you tell if you have herpes?
How aids is transmitted?? is it cn be transmitted via kissing...??
What are the differences between Hepatitis A, B and C?
Where can i get tested?
Can you be screened for HIV by donating blood?
Is there really a cure for HIV/AIDS and if there is why is they so scared to give introduce to the world?
What's the most painful thing you've ever done?
I am having problems eating and drinking?
If i took a bunch of tylenol would that kill me or make me have stomach pains?
Should i take this serious?
Is this a migraine pain?
Anyone had pain relief injections in their back?
Is it okay to bring extra painkillers in my bag to the hospital for a surgery?
I think I just threw out my back...help?
What does it mean, when you throw up a little in your mouth?
How do you know if your headache is a migraine?
I need some tips on controlling my diabetes. right now i take 1-2 pills a day to control it.?
The lower part of my legs itch very much. Is this a sign of diabetes?
How does a person develop diabetes?
Will eating loads of chocolate at once give me diabetes?
Do you have diabetes?
What is the meaning of diabetis?
Metformin for diabetes?
Why should diabetics not get waxes?
What should a diabetic eat?
I need to pass a test.?
Is there any way to make a homemade heat source to heat my ankle?.....?
How best do you get rid of headaches with out painkillers?
My three year old swallowed a quarter what do I do?
How long can you hold your breath for?
What is in my eye?
Owwwweeeeee, burn on thumb, any advice???
I never took a shower in 3 weeks and I smell what do I do.?
What happens if a spider?
I have a really bad sunburn and it itches really bad what can i use to stop the inching i have tryed everythin
What's wrong with me? Could any of these be symptoms of something bad? Please, somebody help me..?
Potentially an alcoholic?
Down syndrome?
Woke up with stiff neck, hurts to move left or right?
What could this be? Please help!?
Headaches...allll the time??
Can somebody tell?
I fpeople can be bothered to wear veils.....?
Any ideas on how a dactor could perscribe u percacet???
From a daughter: Can you cure 15 years of Multiple Sclerosis?
Doc says carpal tunnel syndrome but i don't thinks so?
Bump in neck, help!?
Upset stomach help ( 10 points to whatever works)?
How to not have to pee as often?
Did I have OCD?
Is this serious or nothing to worry about please help?
My stomach?
I take madication which makes my mouth very dry. what can i do about this?
What could cause my lip to swell just in the center?
Does anyone out there use homiopathic medicine? My 33 year old daughter has started seeing one.?
What kind of potato chips can I eat if I'm allergic to gluten?
My mom has had past peanut reactions, shes coughing, runny nose 2 hours after eating restarant food? HELP?
Can a moldy filter in my Vicks Humidifier be causing allergies in my house?
Grass Rash!!! Please read!!!?
Does benadryl allergy and cold help out bug bites/ bee stings?
My skin stings from laundry detergent. Help!?
Why is my charm bracelet giving me a rash?
Is there anything other than drugs that can help relieve allergy symptoms?
If a doctor and a paramedic are in public somewhere, and someone gets hurt, who responds?
Can you die from a spine injury?
What's the worst accident you've had?
Recently broken my wrists!?
HELP! ive got a bruise on my face.?
Broken?!?!?!? HELPPPP!!!!!! please =]
Something's wrong with my left ear!! Help me!?
*what did i do?*?
Help! I need an answer quick!?
Did anyone else wake up early enough today to watch the beautiful beautiful sun rise ?
Why do people sneeze when they go out on a sunny day?
What is the best medicine for a 3rd degree burn ?
What do i do to quit smoking?
Can you explain this for me?
So how do I really get rid of my hiccups then?
What should i do if i staple my finger?
I feel like I have tried everything...can anyone recommend a good way to combat chapped lips?
My 4 yr old daughter has a temp. of 101 degrees?
I gave a women aids should I tell her it was me?
Can you get HPV by sharing underwear even after it has been washed and dried???
Do i have AIDS?!?
What are the symptoms of std?
TSH Result too high? ?
What are side affects of high blood pressure medicine?
What is radiating from CCTV cameras?
Explain "put in a stint" after a heart attack?
Strange symptoms - me (56 yr old woman) Heart Issues? Does anyone have any knowledge?
I need to calm down and get my heart to beat normally. i cant get myself calm. any advice?
Who where and how can I talk on the net with medical dr , I need someone that will listen ?
How can i tell if i broke a toe?
HELP!!!! aloe vera gel or neosporin for blister????
How do I get tiny glass shards out of my hand without tweezers?
Is there something wrong that my wife cried because she felt hand burning by cutting/washing hot chili pepper?
Who has an eating disorder?
My mom died last summer. How can i move on with my life?
I cut my thumb?
How can I get my co-worker to stop smoking in the bathrooms???
Is it ok if you clean a wound with listerine if you have no other cleanser or alcohol?
What causes dialated pupils?
I always have a back ache what is teh best way to cure it?
Neck pain....?
Where can i find a site that sells vicodin or hydrocodene without prescription and doctor notification?
Does Lucozade get rid of stomache ache?
Med Marijuana Question?
Injections for severe back pain?
Can marijuana be used to ease withdrawals due to opiate addiction?
I just took 12 tylenols can I OD?
My ankle! please help asap!?
Should I see a doctor about my knee?
What are the first signs of a dodgy heart or heart attack?
90 year old man what should his heart beat be?
How to calm down your heart?
Extremely sunburnt Help!?
Q's about Echocardiograms?
Its was and accident about the advil? should i go tothe hopital?
If u got a choke on someone n didn let go... wud they fall unconcious or die?
Atrial Fibrilation?
What do you do when you twist your ankle??
If you had a really sore neck and shoulder (possibly from sleeping on it wrong) would you apply heat or cold?
Is it anxiety?
Why no sleep when you hit your head?
Whats is the best way to get your docter to give you 2 weeks off from work maybe more with out injuring myself
Why would I have an irregular heart beat after i eat. It happens almost every time I eat?
Please help me with this problem?
How can u tell ur rib is cracked/broken/bruised?
Is there something wrong?
I was stung by an insect, should i go doctor's?
Cover the wound or let the air at it? It's kinda gross.?
How to soothe a sore throat while pregnant?
Dang it, my back itches...how do I relieve this maddening affliction?
What causes hiccups?
Will you go blind if you answer this question?
I just shot myself, what should I do?
What does it mean when your crap is green?
I've stopped drinking and feel quite low,any remedies to give myself a boost?
Why do women have mood swings but men don't?
What do you think the worst diesease a teen could get?
I have some SERIOUS problems.. please click here, I REALLY need your help.. I think I'm going to CRY...?
How can i get sick?
Have you tried medications for alcoholism ?
Help!!! I need to pee all the time? i am very tired, feel really weak and one of my eyes is bloodshot?
Swallowing tongue when at rest?
How to help a lisp?
Cure for Insomnia?
What causes yeast infection ?
How can you tell if ur partner has AID's?
Does this sound like herpes to you?
Obligation to stay??????????/?
Can you catch aids from mosquitos?
Have anyone ever been cured of herpes?
Are there any food or drink that can make my immune system stronger?
Peanut allergy psychosomatic?
What are the strangest allergies you've ever heard of?
For my severe allergies(nasal congestion) should i use humidifier or dehumidifier?
Sinus headaches?
Dog Allergies?
Crab Allergy?
How do you tell the difference between pink eye or an eye infection and allergies?
Allergys and working in a barn where i am allergic?
Asthma Help?
Are cigars addictive and which is worse cigaret or cigar and why?
Spontaneous Pneumothorax?
How do I maintain not to smoke??
What is the longest you have gone without sleep?
Why do I feel friendlier when I'm on vicodin?
Would you ever put your inhaler in the dishwasher??
I am trying to quit smoking pot and i am finding myself losing sleep?
Anyone have chronic back pain and has anything worked for them?
Bladder pain?
Does a "growling" stomach really mean you're hungry?
Why do people say they slept like a baby, when babies wake up every 2-3 hours?
Why does my body ache?
I have been having bouts of severe dizziness for about a week and a half what could be wrong with me?
What's wrong with me? i'm always tired, but i get lot of sleep...?
Please help me??!?
Can tylenol pm kill you?
Is passive smoking more harmful than normal smoking?
Could this be a sympton of arthritis?
I think i'm getting stressed out so bad i'm going crazy...any remedies?
Boil on my behind?
Im 13 and didnt get the shot because i was crying xD It was a blood test
When is 12pm?
Do you prefer bath or shower?
Help!!!!! i think i cut a vien in my finger it is pumping blood?
I am eaten by mosquitoes and other flying insects in the night, how do I prevent it and soothe the bites?
I have a pain in my legs and i can't run or walk so wat do i do?
Whats the best way to get rid of fleas?
How do get out blood stians?
When will Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Lisa Presley finally realize that SCIENTOLOGY is a dangerous CULT??
Can smoking stunt your growth?
What is your best after sunburn cure?
Are u the type of person that can fall asleep anywhere?...or do u just sleep in your own room?
I have this terrible back pain, Im 25yr old.?
What do people think of tens machine?
What are these things on my fingers?
Knee pain, please help!!!!!!!?
How can i get rid of stomach ache?
Why am i getting random headaches?
Is cosmetic surgery the key to happiness?
Can you go to the ER if you have sever toothpain?
Can pain killers make you constipated?
How do you stop craving marijuana when it's been over a year since you stopped smoking it?
Are left handed people more intelligent or otherwise better in any way than righties?
How do i get this out of my ear?
How can you remove a ring if your finger is swollen?
Sleeping problems?
Is it safe to put peroxide in your ear?
Preventing Hurting for Sunburn?
I am always so TIRED! What could be wrong with me?
I woke up n my tally wacker was super glued to my leg can u help me out please hurry!!!?
I need some advise.?
I twisted my ankle and my parents dont care! it realllyy hurts! HELP!?
Help! My friend has pulled a muscle in his weenie, should he rub icy hot on it?
What do u think?
Help! I've just been stung by a wasp. What will stop it hurting? (I'm not going to pee on it!)?
Can you get consussion from...?
Can I glue my toenail down?
Can you be revived after drowning or suffocating?
IS Anyone A Doctor?
I hit my head?
Are noctornal leg cramps considered serious injury?
Is there any other way to get rid of migraine's?
How bad your brain become with using marijuanna?
Does Yahoo answers make sleep deprivation?
Migraine? any tips?
Persistent pain on my buttock what could it be?
Why am i so Cold?
My mum is in intensive care.My son has chickenpox, ive had it years ago. Will i still be able to visit her?
I have a cold and lost my voice, but must sing in a few days. What symptom is worst for losing my voice?
I have a terrible sunburn! I need some home remmedies, can anyone help me???
What are some of your ways that you deal with stress?
Sun burn help!?
Should I go to the doctors and get checked for carpal tunnel?
Could you go shoeless for long periods of time? Do you enjoy walking around in bare feet?
What pain reliever is best to relieve menstrual cramps?
Something is stuck under my eyelid, HOW do I get it OUT?
Should I go to the doctor for a burn on my hand?
I have a third leg, and it gets in the way. What should I do?
My friend has expressed that she is planning to kill herself - how do I help her?
How do I prevent a burn from blistering?
Major head ache for the past 4 days please help?
Is it good to stay inside for 5 days without seeing the sun?
How do you get the wax out of kids ears?
I have a bad knee (well, two bad knees)?
Kids and second hand smoke?
I have a bad cold sore its killing me anyone know how to stop the pain and get shut of it?
14 year old daughter has sevier headaches?
I suffer with headache?
Any quick cures for a headache -cept pills tried them?
Can my son be allergic to Carrots??
I have a very soar and itchy throat. It hurts to swallow. I have some kinds of puss-like things in my throat.?
Do you have any food allergies? if so what are you symtoms?
Quick fix for being sick!! HELP NOW PLEASE...?
I need a cure fast!!?
How do you stop a nose bleed?
Homemade hayfever remedies?
What does booyaka mean? i've been hearing it alot lately.?
Back Pain??
Please help.. I fainted from not eating and I believe i hit my head in the bathroom on the wall...?
Bumped my knee; use hot or cold pack?
How do you know if there's something really wrong? (important)?
What's a good way to get rid of head aches without the need of any pills?
How to curea head ache?
My girlfriend suddenly just woke up with heart pain she is 27?
Why does it hurt when i uranate?
I'm a coffee drinker. When I don't drink one, I get a splitting headache. Does lack of caffeine causes this ?
What is the worst physical pain you have ever ever felt?
What is better for my wound? Air or Dressing?
What curbs your appetite?
I'm cutting myself. HELP!?
I burned my leg with grease?
How do I get my son that eats like a bird to gain weight? He is 75lbs at 12 years old.?
I was voilently sick last night and i woke up this morning and my face is swollen, any ideas what's wrong?
Why do fat chicks wear tight/short clothing & fat guys go shirtless? Don't they have mirrors in their house?
What was the high point of your week?
How do u get rid of hiccups? I have them now and I need it to stop A.S.A.P!?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
How long does insulin take to work?
Diabetes or not?
How long will it take for the test results to come back?
Diabetes blood sugar levels?
If up to 115 is normal then why did my Doctor tell me I am a diabetic & put me on meds?
Is there any type 1 diabetic teens who are willing to be penpals?
Why my granson's blood type is B +?
Are alternate systems of medicine useful in any way for diabetes?
How can you naturally find out if you have diabetes? what are its symptoms?
Banged finger?
I had A horrible cold and now my ear is stopped up how can I make it pop? Help!!!?
I hurt my BIG TOE!?
I just got my ears pierced and they're getting infected whats the best way to clean them?
What exercise should I start with to get back in shape?
What should I do?
Should I try to save my severed finger?
What if I exploded and my guts splattered all over the place?
Sore, lump in throat
If i take a medication not prescribed to me will it show up on a employment drug test?
Does anyone out there take pain medication.....?
Do you know that people are still dying of insect bites? It's unacceptable!!! Why can't malaria be eradicated?
How do I stop this inflamation on my joints it hurts so much.My doctor says I have gout/anthritis?
My knee is KILLING ME!!?
Is there a disorder for children who enjoy pain?
After a long day of work would you rather have your feet or back massaged?
I have a headache.?
Is it possible to crack a rib whilst coughing?
HEADACHE!! need cures?
What to do when one has potassium deficiency???
Why do bug bites itch?
I have 2 ulcers in my mouth. they hurt so bad, please help if you know a quick way to fix this problem.?
Would you or wouldnt you?
I have been wondering about some of the askers of the autism questions and statements that I have been seeing.
What are the body's "natural" pain killers are called?
Gettng Your Neck Reset (Cracked) By A Chiropractor?
What is the best way of clearing ear wax?
There is a dead bird in front of my house and has died 3 days ago. Do u think I need to call sumone to pik it?
What should happen to the man who knew he had TB and flew anyway?
I just started snoring badly and I wondered if their is a cure or something that helps?
Was Vicks VapoRub originally called "VICK" VapoRub?
Causes of heavy smoking?
Why is tobacco, which is deadly, legalized and marijuana, which makes you eat, illegal?
How long does a cold last?
What is inhalation?
Urgency to take deep breaths?
My friend is having fits when he wakes up/ falls asleep but is concious of it and gasps for air SCAREY !!.?
Whats the difference between anxiety atttack and panic attack?
How many times do u take a bath during winter time?
How many of you people need CPR & 1st Aid Training?
Burnt my hand....HELP!?
I stabbed my finger with a staple?
What is the best way to remove a bandage?
Can you really quit smoking?
I got hit in the leg with a lead pipe?
Advice on burns to the body.?
Has anyone got any tips on how to stop chaffing?
How much longer can i go without urinating???
How do you tell the difference between a cold or an allergy?
What can i do about feeling light headed?
If you have cat allergies can you get broncitis symptoms?
How come my allergies are like this?
If you eat wheat and have celiac dicease can it kill you?
What does fruit,vegetables,and nuts have in common?
I have an allergy question?
What can I do about my allergies/hayfever?
Why cant we keep your eyes open when you sneeze?
Cinnamon allergies?
Constipation question?
Tonsils out!!!?
Is labour going to hurt bad?
The right side of my face is numb. WHY?
It hurts swallowing????
Headache treatments that work.....?
I have a friend who keeps drinking antifreeze, he hasnt gotten sick, is this possible, or will he die?
PLEASE HELP!! Really bad tooth ache?
Can kidney stones cause pain BEFORE they're passed?
Have you ever had a car accident?
How quit smoking?
Does anyone bite the inside of their cheek?
How do I stop procrastinating and avoiding?
My Child Ate a Ciggerate what should i do!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why Do Mosquitos bite people?
What are some good home remedies for a minor burn thats blisterng only a little bit?
Whats the best treatment for nettle stings?
If you had only one hand, would second hand smoking effect you?
How do I remove hickeys?
I am suffering from Pysoriasis- a skin problem before 10 years? Can I cure from this disease? I also fed up!?
How do you get rid of acne scars?
Cold hands?
Why do fat people have dry skin?
My finger nails are green!?!?!?!?
Skin problem please help?
How do i get ride of sunburn?
If someone smells weed smoke for a short period of time will it show up on a ua?
How can you cure a headache without popping pills or taking any medication ????
What is good for an ear ache?
I have severe back pain and cant sit up but i want to eat what should i do?
What is good for swelling of the foot?
How can i pop my ears , nothing is working?
Does getting ur ears pirced hurt? On a scale or one to ten ten being the highest it can hurt! Let me know plea
What do you think of ear stretching?
My freakin neck hurts!!?
Should i go to the doctors about this or is it just normal?
Should i go to the hospital to have this nail in my head removed?
25 y.o. female, numbness,pain, and tingling of fingertips for the past week and cant figure out why.?
Ow. My baby toe hurts like hell. I think it broke. How can I tell?
How DO YOU get water out of your ears????
So i like this boy and he says we're just friends, what should i do?
Why does it swell up like this?!?
Can some one who has injured his skull(minor) in an accident survive?
Please This is a serious question and i need quick responses?
Help with unusual problem, please?
My friend wants to know what exactly are shingles and what causes it?
Why do i always feel so tired and why is my stools black?
How do i stop sneezing?
Which condition leads to swollen lymph nodes?
What are the symptoms of lactose intolerance?
Have you ever had a sleeping disorder called insomnia?
If you have scoliosis, does that mean you're shorter than you're supposed to be?
Does getting the flu shot mean you can not get the flu?
I discovered a lump somewhere personal an someone said it might be something nasty so i shaved an pierced it?
What does a cold actually do to you?
My son swallowed nail polish what do i do?
For all the diabetics out there!?
It is normal for your pierced ears to hurt for a few days after getting them done?
Help, I keep getting chewed my gnats and mosquitos - what's the best thing to use to stop them from biting??
Any remedies for trapped wind?
Is 147 high blood sugar?
What could this pain be?Hellllp!!
Can u change?
Type 1 Diabetes? Insulin pump?
Symptoms of Diabetes?
What is the best medication (over-the-counter) for severe back pain?
Does more sleep make you more tired?
15 years old, Could I have diabetes? Either types?
Will this heighten my risk of having diabetes?
My throat huts really bad, what should i do?
Smokers, Do you ever think about other people's feelings before you light up??
I have daily eat few sugar cane vinegar give me benifits detail sugar cane vinegar.?
Is my headache a cause to worry?
Is there any home remidy for headache?
Diabetic with bloody stool?
Headache question?
Is it right that when you look at your pictures ....?
I took a do it urself diabeties test and ?
What helps you to cure an upset stomache? (other than gingerale and Pepto Bissmol\LOL!)?
Whats wrong with me?
Pain on my right lung?
Post something!?
Clogged Ears?
Any remedies for over coming skin allergies?
Can and does food intolerance (not allergy) cause anxiety or panic attacks????
How do you get rid of a runny nose quick. I want to go out tonight and I don't want it dripping.?
What are the best earrings to wear for nickel allergy?
I'm having an allergic reaction?
Sore throat?
Help asap.. allergic reaction to alcohol.....................
Marijuana is dangerous and very addictive isn't it?
Am i smoking properly?
My ear drum popped in the pool?
I had a stomach ache this weekend and i took some Tums and it turns out .....?
Somebody help me please! I am in so much pain! Tell me what to do about this!?
Any tips for siatica?
If you get indigestion can you tell me what is the best?
Hangover cure?
I been getting sharp pain under my left rib all day its been hell whats causing this pain?
My neck is killing me. from the base of my skull to the top of my shoulder hurt. Any suggestions?
Percocent and Vicodin question...?
What's up with my wrist? SIMPLE 2 POINTS!! Help, though?
I'm a victim of a car crash which has left me?
If a finger gets cut off?
How can I break my leg or arm?
Broken Foot?
What is the best thing for bee stings in the neck?
Health and safety lifting at work?
I just got robbed and shot in the abdomin, how do i stop the bleeding?
If you HAD to cut one of your fingers off which one would it be and why?
Can small piece of broken glass enter your heart from a small cut in your skin?
Just quit smoking quick question?
What might i have?
What could this be?
I passed my home marijuana test i boughtt from Cvs...will i pass thre real thing?
What is a good beginner exercise for belly fat, i have asthma and it is pushing more on my lungs?
My daughter is having her tonsils out this week. Does anyone know how the surgery is done?
Cold or sinus infection?
Fiance with asthma?
Which is better for COPD patients, Albuterol inhaler or Combivent inhaler?
How Do you get rid of sinus blockage?
How to get rid of a cold sore on the mouth?
Marine passing a urine test. very urgent!?
Im peeing my pants?
I have been sick off and on for a month now.?
I am very worried about my mom .....Help ?
Thyroid problems?
Am I an Alcoholic?
How on earth did John Prescott suffer from Bulimia, but stay quite portly?
Is there anything I can do before a piercing to reduce the pain?
I have back pain in the lowerback. suggest me some treatment for this.?
Has anyone had good or bad experience with a chiropractor?
Has anyone ever had their ear syringed?
Whats is this stomach pain I've been having for the last 4 months?
Lower back pain?
What could this headaches be?
Is there any reason I get a headache the same time each day?
Quick question?
I have constant night sweats pain in my hip does anyone know of anything with these symptoms?
What can i give my 4 month old daughter for diahreaa?
Every time I blow my nose lately, I have a thick blood streaked mucus on the tissue, should I worry?
What happens when a bee bites?
How long does it take for mosquito bites to heal??
What would you do on a desserted road wih no reststop and you had to go # 2 BAD and you had TP with you?
Do I need sleep?
What is a good natual antidepresant?
Belly button pierced...?
I done cut off mah fingers on mah right hand! But ah kin still tipe. Does ya think I should go to the hopsital
Does anybody know any treatment that could cure hives.?
I got a rash on my ears and the doctor said it was because I was allergic to the nickel in earrings so...?
Peanut allergy problam?
How does a person suddenly become allergic to something they have eaten all their lives?
What is black mold and is it found in a common cigarette?
The difference between a food allergy and a food intollerance?
Medicine for dog allergy?
Advice on travelling for a nut allergy sufferer (or - how I learned to stop worrying and love the nut).?
Hives.....please assist me !!!!!!!?
I have a very painful throat and have had it for a few days now.?
I'm 29, Could I Already Have Arthritis?
Sore pain, sometimes stabbing. Appendix?
I'm in pain! What's the best treatment for a stiff neck???
Guilty!! i've lost my sting!!!?
Chest Problems?
A bad headache and slurred speech?
Instead of using MARIJUANA to ease the pain.... what can we use?
Why do docters say <little scratch>just beforeinjecting the large needle?
How do you sooth sore muscles?
Do I Need Stitches?
I have a nosebleed!?
Scared to take a medication prescribed today (vicodin). Any advice?
Sprained ankle, should I go to the doctor or ER?
A few months ago i hit my head on a granite table and now my head still hurts?
Its been six weeks since I hurt my ankle why is it taking so long to heal?
Body part..?
What is the best & safe way to remove a splinter from your hand/?
I accidentally cut myself shaving my private, and its pretty low between my thing and my butt. any suggestions
I havent had a BM in 3 1/2 weeks....?
Why is my urine red?
How do you ease arthritis?
Sniff sniff.?
What is the remedy for very painful knee joint?
Is caffeine bad for me?
What to do for swollen & infected tonsils?
Help? Anyone?
Is sleep apnea a real problem, or is the doctor trying to scam me?
How good are you at keeping your teeth clean and in good health?
Do you just go on sitting here asking and answering questions when you are sooo sleepy and cant make yourself?
How do i cure a headache without painkillers?
How can you releive the pain of Gall Stones?
I need help?
How can I stop coughing. Im drinking water,cough drops, Its such a deep cough It hurts chest when I cough.?
What is the worst pain you've ever felt?
Bad pains at bottom of back and tummy area?
When I wake up I'm virtually blind for an hour due to extreme pain and sensitivity in my eyes. Cause?
I have 3 lumps under my right armpit and they hurt when i touch them. What do you think they are?
Can eating excess honey cause diabetes (just like sugar can)?
On my fasting blood sugar test I got...? (5 points)?
Can type II diabetes be cured, or do you have it forever?
Best time to test your BG?
If you wake up, then get up only to be unusually dizzy, with your balance affected, then what could it be?
Do you think I have diabetes?
Is my mom in serious trouble?
Is sugar in milk good or bad for you?
My Father and grampa both have diabetes, whats the chance of me getting it? If possible, how can I avoid it?
I have had 14 painkillers (nurefen and prasitemol) in the last 7 hrs, is that bad?
Severe miagrains?
How do you deal with your worst pain?
Isn't vicadin supposed to stop all the pain?
Am i in labour and how to speed it up?
Is it possible to be allergic to fresh basil?
Whats my illness?!?
My nose has been bloody for about a week, but is not bleeding...any advice?
How can I help my athsma/allergies in a dusty, smokey home?
Daughter has stinging pain in her right wrist? Can any on e tell me what this is.?
Need allergy relieve, BUt whats THE DIFF??
My son has a throat infection and the quick care doesnt even do tests?? Any one else know these symptoms??
Is this Appendicitis??
Question for Doctors?
I'm allergic to titanium earrings. will surgical stainless steel might work?
I developed a severe itch all over after having acrylic nails put on--allergy ????
How stupid is this?
Fast Way to get Rid of a Stuffy Nose?
Black hair dye broke me out. What do I do?
Allergy treatment.. Anybody knows?
Should I go to the ER?
Has anyone had any bad experience of being put to sleep?
My finger hurts?
I fell and fractured my tailbone??
Chest discomfort. I am 58 and have had some chest discomfort for some weeks now. It is on the left hand side ?
Head injury? im scared.?
How can i break my foot quickly 2morrow?
Do I have bronchitis or upper respiratory infection? How to treat?
Why do scabs itch?
Could I possibly have bronchitis?
34 weeks Pregnant and I can't stop coughing.. what can i do?
Fell on my 'tailbone' (coxis) 3 weeks ago -still hurts like h**l! Anyone know how long before pain goes away?
Could someone get addicted to nicotine by secondhand smoke?
If a sore throat is not caused by a bacterial nor a viral infection than what could its possible cause be?
How do you get rid of a scar?
I love eating Vicks Vapour?
Medical term that means hernia of the lung?
I think i broke my toe?
Is there a way to prevent snoring?
Feeling as if i haven't emptied bowels completely?
I have yellow dots in my eyes someone told me this was due to high cholestrol is this true or what could it be
My DR. gave me pills for my urniary tract inf. it helped, but i finished them, an its painful agian, wat i do?
Ive got some kinda of really bad sickness,, please help?
If I took a crap and it was to big to flush, should I be worried?
I Think I'm Dying?
How can I help my younger sister (middle kid - 3 girls) quit smoking weed - it's making her SO unmotivated!
Nobody knows what's wrong with me! This are my symptoms:?
Is my husband doing CRACK or METH?
What should i do if i poo during a school assembly?
Quickest way to get rid of headache?
Does anyone know a cure for sciatica.?
Why is it that i always have a dull headache.......?
Can pain kill you?
How long does it take vicodin to get out of your system so u can pass a drug screen?
The side of my face felt like it was drooping! and then it stopped! What the Hell!!!!?
Creaking in ear?
I cannot swallow pills HELP.?
I have arthritis in the knees at the age of 37 anyone else?
What is the painful white spot on the side of my tongue?
My stupid alarm won't wake me up anymore!! Suggestions?
Do you prefer going to a male or female Doctor?
What is the easyiest way to stop smoking?
What natural way can I get to sleep(no jokes)?
My daughter has asthma and was allergic to our cat would this be the same with a jack russell we would like?
How do you get rid of scars fast?
How do you stop misquito bites from itching?
Does chocolate contribute to acne?
I have a brother with dandruff.Sometimes he uses my comb what should i do?
What is main use of little finger?
HICKEYS!!! please help me?
My head itches.?
I know this is disgusting but it's worrying me, help?
I have pain in my upper back and numbness in my right arm can anybody help?
What's the best way to relieve back pain?
I feel really poorly! :-(?
How do you treat cronic back pain?
Help..... Please?
What would happen if i took a whole bottle of PM tylenol?
Ways to fix a hurting back? ?
Does anyone else agree that the Doctors and GP in this Country (England) are absolutely useless?
I am allergic to penicillin, but can eat blue veined cheeses?how can that be as they contain penecillin?
Have lotsa sinus pressure in eyes .Any inexpensive home remedies?
Could my thumb be broken, etc?
What do you do if you think you have a broken toe?
Milk whitens your skin?
Canker sores?
Im getting bruises that i dont know how i got
How do you tell if your toe is broken?
Should someone pull a nail out of his head?
What is an allergen?
Why do i always get holes in my socks but not in my toes?
So I wonder if anyone can tell me why I get SO SORE when I work out?
Anyone have allergic reaction to soy milk?
I'm Allergic to Many Deodorants Including: BAN, Secret, Arm & Hammer, etc. What Can I Use?
Can someone answer skin conditions please?
I got backpain?
What is the chemical I could be allergic to in makeup, foundation & coverup?
I feel dizzy or lightheaded?
What to do with my diabetic boyfriend?
What are the problems with having diabetes?
What symptoms you gonna have if you are told you diabetic???
Chances of becoming a diabetic after having gestational diabetes?
Whats the best diet for a type 1 diabetic?
Are most of the people on medicare poor?
What happens if you get low on vitamin D?
Wtf! why do mosquitos like me so much?
To keep your pottatos white after peeling them the night before?
What is the best lotion to use for VERY dry skin?
I have a rash on my inner thigh?
Please answer. Females preferred but really who ever has an answer?
Does anyone have any home remedies for getting rid of puffiness and bags under the eyes???
What is the best product for clearing up mild acne?
Help! How to treat smelly feet?
Ive just been diagnosed with eczema, any tips?
I Think i ate too much?
Is this right? Can they do this after I got hurt there?
How long will it take my buddy to pass a drug test?
I feel horrible?
Teenage depression question?
I have a very strange hard lump at the bottom of my index finger which hurts to press. what could it be?
I was eating a cookie just recently and i heard a crackling sound near my right ear above my jaw. what is it?
How long does it take to be suffocated?
My feet are killing me!?
Are there any good ways to get rid of headaches other than asprin?
Will adding water to a urine test mess up a drug test?
I've been really stressed out lately..?
What is wrong with me?
Is physical pain all in our heads?
I have a friend that has heavy nose bleeds and headaches has lost a lot of weight and refuses to seek medi?
Would you care if i died ?
Someone close to me has blood in their urine..what could be wrong?
I just found out i have acid reflux, what foods should i not eat?
Why is self injury so bad?
Should i go to the doctors?
Does anyone know about ear pain?
Advice please...?
What causes leg cramps or"charlie horse" when your sleeping?
What is the worst noise u habe ever heard?
My head is hurting how can I feel better ? Also my arm and leg is in pain..help ?
What has panes and doesn’t ache’?
I have a stiff neck!!?
How do I know if there is asbestos at my work place?
What is the normal peak flow for a 16 year old who is 5 foot 1?
Im not sick...but i can stop coughing!!...???
The Dr. gives me an inhaler when I get bronchitis. Does that mean I have asthma? or is it just from bronchitis
Even though it's a really disgusting thing to do....?
Does an air purifier help asthma in any way?
Can anyone give me any advice about dealing with eczema please?
I am on oxygen and is it possible to get to much oxygen?
Is this considered passive smoking?
I have a really big wort (i think that is what it is), size of 50p, how do i remove it?
Do smoking removes asthma?
Are nebulisers better than inhaylars for the treatment of asthma in children ?
I have a bump on my forehead from a trampoline accident..ice wont make it go down help!?
How can I stop smoking?
Anyone ever take Levaquin antibiotic?
Why do I get acne on my butt?
Coughing up blood?
Is there any way to lessen redness & acne quickly without medication?
Why do insect bites Itch so much?
How do I treat a really bad sunburn??
If you break a mirrow do you really get seven years of bad luck?
Does Sadamm's neck hurt?
I stepped on a nail?
Can anyone please help me its kind of urgent??
How can you reduce the show of scars after cutting yourself?
Should i put ice on a bruised thumb?
Help Me Please!?
Does it hurt when stitches come out?
My door slamed shut jus as I was going through, and hit my knee cap....?
I get very sleepy and dose off everytime I read, even when I read something interesting, why is this ?
When can my baby start to eat anything?
How to cure allergy on the nose?
Terrible allergies, any natural remedies??
Any suggestions on how to get rid of pink eye???
How can I get my nose to stop running?
Does anyone know any OTC alternatives to Flonase?
Nut-Free Schools????
Has anyone tryed getting screwed up on nutmeg?
Weird Feeling? Help Would Be APPRECIATED ALOT!!!?
Is there any period pain cure?
Im in pain...whats wrong with me!?
What does it mean when there is a headache like pain behind the eyes?
Rapid weight loss, and loss of appetite?
Concerns for my 4 year old daughter...serious answers only please.?
Imm giving away points?
Everyday i wake up with a cringing pain in my neck and upper back.wht do i do?
How many days is safe to do without a bowel movement?
Since when did s**t become stools????
I'm sick, someone help?
How do I boost my immune system?
Alcoholism question?
I was told by a friend that smoking marijuana would relieve the migraine headache pain I get so often??
What's the best cure for stuttering/stammering?
Scaring??? how bad would a noise pericing scar?
HELP! I have the worst hangover what can I do to fix it?
Has anyone had their ears syringed ?
Why do i have a left jaw pain ?
Earring infected?
The top has fell of my mole and gone very red could it be cancerous?
Please help me with acne?
How can I get rid of stretchmarks?
Coldsores?how to get rid of them quicker.please help!?
How can i get rid of freckles?
What is this green stuff between my toes?
What is a good lotion for children with eczema?
Why do you get white spots on your nails?
UGH!!!!! HELP PLEASE! URGENT! (Im NOT joking!)?
Swollen finger!?