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How many people do you know that actually enjoy being in a quiet place?
I got perfume in my eye?
I sliced off the top of my index finger and am not sure if i need stitches or not. it is wide open b?
A question about gas and bloatedness?
How do i stop coughing?
Make a sentence with Emphysema in it...?
Health Question?
What is really effective to use for asthma?
What is this?!?
Why do some colds have clear mucus and other have yellow mucus?
What are the dangers of passive smoking?
Is it ok to have a smoke pot like a hour after a run?
Is it possible to contract hay fever?
I have a bump in my private, what can it be?
Can Chlamydia be cured with a one time treatment?
Where did hiv start?
Can I get HIV if someone gives me a b.l.o.w.j.o.b?
Chlamydia doesnt seem to go away?
Am I too old for the HPV vaccine?
HPV Virus??? Does anyone else have this?
It is possible to get Gonorrhea?
What is the treatment for bacterial endocartitis?
I need to get a deep teeth cleaning while having a minor heart condition?
What is the best way to strengthen the heart and arteries.?
I was unable to fly due to a heart problem / panic attack?
Why my BP is so high suddenly?
Can a lot of anxiety and stress cause a heart attack in a person with a healthy heart?
Did Red Skelton have anything to do with the artificial heart?
What does it mean if someone has congestive heart failure?
How imminent is Heart Failure?
This question is for someone medically inclined ...?
What can i do to get some sleep and stop waking up my family members in the house ,with my coughing ?
What is your opinion about smoking in public places?
Does this just sound like a common cold, allergies or what?
Any cures for asthma?I am asking because I have it and i've been in the hospital because of it.?
How to soothe burns?
What does 87 percent blood oygen level in copd pt mean?
Is 1.78m / 5'10 too tall for a girl?
What Happens If I Take off my Toenail?
Do you always wash your hand every time you go to the toilet?
Sore Throat?
Does a back injury cause problems to your legs.?
I fell and i dont know what to do.?!!!!1?
Duz straitening your hair kill lice?
Question about sleep apnea?
What are good brething excerises if your inhaler is not working?
18 days ago I fell on my elbow. The bruising and swelling has gone but I still have pain.Should I go to A&E;?
Does getting a blood transfusion change a person's personality & temperment?
Is this normal?
How many illnesses have you EVER had, all at once??
Should I go to the hospital?
Help im alwasy sleepy?
I have been coughing up small white stones from my lungs. Can anyone tell me what they are?
I someone paid you 1 million to NOT take a shower for six months. Would you do it?
I have ashtma and i have just been diagnised with bronchitis?
Sore throat..?
What type of doctor do you see when you have neck problems (pain)?
I have very high Cholesterol-- I am not over weight, very active, and other Wise healthy-- I take the pills--?
My girlfriend swallowed a grasshoper alive. He is alive in her stomach now. Should she vomit him?
Water or gatorade??
Best answer 10 POINTS!!! plz hlp!?
For people educated in the medical feild only please: Does cracking your knuckles really cause arthritis?
I suffer from a rather whiffy gerry helmet.......and no matter how much i wash it.....the thing still reeks.?
Have you ever woken up with a nose bleed?
I have pain in my shoulder and neck had it for 9 weeks now cant sleep for pain had x ray but waiting for resu
Iam Down's Syndrome will i ever get better?
Im infected with abscess-but im too shy to go to doctor,wat shud i do?
Anemia what is it?
Can you ever get rid of athlete's foot?
I can see my heart beating thru my chest?
Can I drink water before general anaesthesia ?
Do you know anything about a heart pacemaker,?
I was 33 when I had 2 heartattacks now the DR. wants me to be on transplant list what would you do.?
My heart will skip a beat is this normal?
Does Lexapro cause weight gain?
What is hematocrit?
How to pass kindney stones?
What is the recovery period for congestive heart failure?
Can 50% blockage in the heart artery be fatal?
Easy, fast headache cure?
Which one hurts the most?
What can i eat to make my throat hurt ??
I'm Ill and i don't know what to do!?
HELP! My husband is having sharp pains in the middle of his chest to below his belly button!?
How bad does a belly button peircings hurt?
My bed makes my back ache badly?
Whats the quickest way I can get over a Headache ? WIthout Pills ?
How can i get rid of athlets foot?
Diarrehea, cramps after eating?
My puppy has a green bump full of puss on his mouth and my firend kiss him could it be and std or more serios?
Please help aids problem?
Do doctors sometimes prescribe an Epipen with no previous allergic reaction?
What do I do to stop the itching?
What is the best OTC allergy medication for nasal congestion?
My nose!!!!!!!!?
Help with non drowsy cough medicine?
How can you tell from a cold and allergy symptoms. I am confused what I have?
My husband coughs sometimes and you know how sometimes you cough so much that you throw up?
How do I get rid of the mucus that is stuck in my throat and my stuffy nose? It's really horrible, and no?
Congested chest that never clears?
I have big allergy problem,what shall i do?
Seriously how can I quit smoking?
Does smoking cigarettes without inhaling, just leaving it in your mouth bad?
What do you put on a burn to reduce scarring and speed healing?
What insect could cause my daughters forearm to swell 4 inches around the bite?
Where is the best place for a person who has asthma and emphysema to live?
My mom has been in the hospital S.I.C.U. for a month and a half now?
Can someone shoot you from 300 ft away?
How do you know if you have smoke in your lungs?
I have been sick for 2 weeks!?
What is good for ant bites?
My grandfather had a heart attack 17 days ago,and was just told he has water in his lungs.Could that be cured?
I accidentally a coca cola bottle is this bad?
When to get stitches.?
Ive had bronchitis for four months now, what can I do?
Does piercing your ear by yourself hurt?
Always tired,i need some energy?
I'm concerned about my grandpa?
How do i get rid of the dark circles under my eyes?
What do you do when you're getting glasses and you don't want some?
Would a girl, a good friend allow me to pat her back while she is coughing. Will she take it in wrong sense.
My cousin smoking ...?
SNORING is ruining our relationship, it has got to the point were my fiance is having?
Should I feel sorry?
What was the age when you first got legitimately drunk?
Is it a bad idea for people who havent had official first aid training to try CPR on a person?
When I wake up every morning, I find brand new mosquito bites all over me. What should I do to stop this?
Best way to quit smoking?
Where can i buy steroids?
How do you disinfect earings and clean an infected ear hole?
Is it legel to smoke ganja in tenareff?
Are you an apple, an orange or a banana person?
Human bite is it dangerous?
Can my lungs clean themselves after I stop smoking?
Why is it that people still complain about smokers like me?
Is there life after death?
My grandmother is 88, has severe COPD, CHF, End Stage Heart Disease,pneumonia, been in hosp 3 times in month.?
What position do you normally sleep in?
What does it mean if you have sharp pains by the belly button and your caughing up blood?
Asthma and difficulty breathing?
Can chest pain for 5 days be a possible heart attack or just muscular pain?
What kind of bangs for a heart shapped face?
Pulse of 124 is it normal?
He has a heart condition?
How can you know if you have hiv or aids?
I had low normal blood pressure and suddenly it started spiking high(190/100)?
Why am I not eligible for HPV vaccine?
Can you tell if herpes was given by a specific individual?
I have been feeling a consistent pressure/uncomfortable feeling in my heart area since 9 a.m..?
Is human papilloma virus curable? can you get cured by it i know AIDs is not curable but is HPV?
Aids question?
My heart is racing to much and i am only a kid?
Is there anyway to find out if someone has HIV?
Does herpes make your eyes look yellow?
How to win a man heart?
How do you contract herpies on the butt?
What happens if your appendix bursts?
Do Cell phones really hurt your body with radiation?
What can help with chronic constipation?
I drink water from the toilet. is that bad for u?
I have a swollen face with no pain or symptoms just slightly high temperature- docs no help- any ideas??
I think im Bulimic???????????
How much alcohol use does it take to cause liver damage?
Can you tell me reasons for blood in your urine?
Is there a disease that makes you get very hot randomly many times a day and turn extremely red?!?
Pee Drug Test Question about keeping it warm
I got hit in the face?
What does it mean when your knee suddenly starts hurting?
Should i have been xrayed?
Car accident. can you claim for whiplash?
How to reduce swelling in my knee?
My ex punched me in the face?
If you have a pencil lead in your hand, is it harmful?
How do you?????????
Omg! ijust accidentaly broke off my big toes nail! half of it is gone. eewwww will it grow back!?
My girlfriend has been complaining of pain in her lower back, and now a lump has come up by her coxics?
What to do if your ears are plugged aftter you fly on a airplane?
Can consuming bleach kill a child?
How can I deal with depression without letting other people know?\?
HELP! I drank bleach!?
How do you cure a sunburn?
How do i get my voice back?
Help 3yr old not eating?
I feel very sleepy in the daytime what should i do to for this?
My grandma is choking on an onion right now. WHAT DO I DO?!?
What happens to splinters that you can't get out of your fingertips?
Cat avoids bedroom, now kitchen?
Ever wonder why people are still smoking?
Is it possible to die from heart attack at 12?
What is a large muscular organ that helps to pull air into the lungs in a pig?
What condition requires cardiopulmonary resuscitation ???
Are colds natures way of cleaning your lungs out.?
How to prevent nose bleeding and how to stop it when it happens?
When i go for an x-ray in a medical check-up, will there be any signs from my lungs that i am a smoker?
I am always tired.... no energy to do daily activities?
Emergency..how to bring down blood pressure fast?
What is sudomonis?
My dog is 13/14 years old and has a heart murmur. What are the signs of heart failure?
Sickness from work,and employer sounds threatening?
What is the chemical in cigarettes called that causes addiction??
Why do I tend to burp after smoking?
Anybody knows how to clean/sterilise nickel without costing me lots of money?
Wheat Allergy?
What have you done to overcome food allergies?
Can anybody help me..one of my friend boy occasionally have this nose bleeding problem...?
Do Any Of ZYou Have This?
What is gluten in food?
Does any one know a great remedy for allergies?
I have the itchies today!?
Mosquito bites!!!!!!AHHHHHHH!!!!!!...
I am allergic to Sulfa and the Doctor want me to take Gentamicin. Is that not a sulfa base product?
Is washing your hair every day too much?
Ok... what happens when you don't get a TETANUS shot after you've been cut by something rusty?
Please tell me I'm not the only one who......?
Wasp Stings?
Hangover cures.?
Sometimes my eyes burn/sting. what's going on?
What are the good solutions to put on the sunburn skin or burn skin.?
Help!!! I think I just overdosed on vitamin C!!!?
Does someone have to show signs of a break out to transmit herpes?
Are grape nuts a type of cereal or is it a type of STD?
What is exactly an STD?
What causes a headache and how can you cure one without medicine?
I have gas problem and its really hurts ?
Migrianes.can anyone help?
Strong painkillers?
Chest pain in my six year old?
What do you think is wrong with me? here are my symptoms?
Jammed finger?
I injured my back at work my question is ??
Migraine going on day 14 now...?
What should i do if everything i drink comes right back out?
What would be the name for this heart condition?
If I am on heart disease medication can I still take herbal remedies such as Valerian, Cats claw etc?
What makes your blood thicken?
What does a visit to a heart doctor cost?
When i eat chocolate, I get rapid heartbeat and go weak?
Should Doctors order Medications such as Morphine or Narcan for Hospital Patients over the Telephone?
What should I do about my blood pressure at 150/86?
I have Periferal Artery Disease and Arythmea and my pulse is soaring way over 120bpm I also have a high fever.
If a 911 operator has a heart attack, whom does he/she call?
What need I do before an open heart operation for mitral valve repairment/replacement?
What are some home remedies I can use to clear my nose and sinuses?
Heavy snoring during sleep and headache on wakingup.solution,pls.?
I have been experiencing sinus headaches and I have read about how best to clear these, however...?
After an operation....?
Can't stop hiccuping, help!?
Can you spread pneumonia from one person to another?
What shoud i do. I have found out that i have Tuberculosis and i only have 10-15 years to live.?
If you cough when you smoke cigarettes will you cough when smoking pot?
My husband fell in the bathtub last night, doesn't think he hit his head but...?
I really need help. I'm near desperate. Can anyone HELP ME????
Can my employer contact my gp about the time i have had off work?
Has anyone else had stitches or broken any bones??
Cutters ONLY?
I went to the Gym the other day and did allot of sit-ups my stomach is very tight and hurts?
My son scratched my eyeball today, its very irritating and its drivin me nuts, any solutions??
My doctor dont care?
Can you catch crutch crabs from a walking stick?
What would happen if you tried to throw up but your mouth was covered with duct tape?
It Hurts When I Pee?
Everytime i get my period, i get diarrehea. is this normal?
I have a medical question.....Is there such a thing as.......??
What is the name of the disease which makes you lose a finger or toe?
Throat cancer.... I'm sorta worried.?
DEPRESSION. Is it a disease? Or can it mean you havn't found yourself yet. No sparks in your life.?
Heard of fibromialgia?
How many hours of sleep are "just right" for you?
Bee sting!?
What is the cause if someone feels always sleepy and tired?
My partner has severe sickness and diarrhoea with body cramps - any ideas on what's wrong with him?
What is the best way of stopping cigerate smoking?
Do you clean your ears daily you mucky pup?
I have a sunburn on my legs. How long will it be until the redness goes away?
Do you believe a strong-minded person can't become addicted to drugs?
Is This True?
What medicines shoul the first aid kit contain?
How often do HIV tests have to be taken?
Blood in stool? Please answer?
Bad back - hard or soft mattress?
Whats the best way to get rid of charly horses?
I get lower back pains after i pee?
How do you get rid of back pains?
My son keeps getting bad headaches?
Who created god?
My brother is hurtin all over, and its not normal for him..?
Rate the pain of the tattoo?
Just a headache? or migrane?
Anyone ever get stabbing stomach pains?
What's worse?
From where i can get vitamin C ?
Im so tired, how do i wake up?
Is it possible to get symptoms like flu & fever by worrying about HIV but are not related to HIV
Can one get HIV and other STDs by mouth-to-mouth kissing?
AIDS question?
Do i have herpes?
I love my Girlfriend but...?
I quit my job because my supervisor kept changing my shifts from days to midnights ,i have asthma,didn't care
What is the government doing to treat rubella?
How can I get rid of this cough Ive had it for 10 days?
What kind of sickness is caused by absestos?
Has anyone had any hyperactivity due to taking Advair diskus inhaler?
My ears won't stop ringing....?
How do i stop smoking?
What's causing my headache?
After being really drunk last night what can i do to sort out this terrible heartburn?
My little boy gets alot of tonsilitis is there anythink i can give him at the first signs of a sore throat.?
Is it right that i like feeling pain?
Does it hurt to get your tongue pierced??
I'm thinking Gallbladder?
My son has chronic pain & constipation at least once to 2 or 3 times a week--Any ideas on what it could be??
Does anyone have home remedy for an ear ache?
What is the best drug for headache?
Am I a killer?
Yellow in the eyes????
A doctor type question?
I am getting over a sinus infection and now i am getting nose bleeds how can I stop it?
Does anyone know of something i can get over the counter for my eye?
How do you release the pressure from your ears?
Allergie medicine?
I have hives!!!!?
My head is stuffed up from pollen allergies and im taken perscription medication what else can i do ?
I have to keep clearing my throat constantly?
Question about sneezing?
15 smoking ciggerettes?
Human Anatomy i need someone to help me with my Homework..... please help me!!?
I have sleep apnea. What are the best treatments for this problem and are there any new treatments?
How can I get rid my chronic sinus congestion?
NEED HELP!! taking "STEROID" for first month pregnant can affct the baby?
My dad is leaving for 6 weeks what shood I do?
In emphysema, when is oxygen needed?
Do both parents have to be cystic fibrosis carriers in order for a child to be born with this disease?
I have a Nasty COLLDD Please help me get better!?
Can schizophrenia be treated?
What is a good excuse 4 smoking......?
High blood preassure?
Does anyone know wherei could go to take part in drugs trials?
What is the disease where you are afraid to go outside?
It hurts to pee?
Whats good stuff to help liver damage?
What is cocaine sometimes cut with?
What is Tourettes Syndrome?
I have hemarhoids and its realy itching,are there any ointment.idont want to go to doctor because i'm shy?
Has anyone seen my scalp, I swear it was there a few minutes ago?
Can a bang to the head cause deafness in one ear?
What's wrong with my nose?
What can i do about falling in a grocrey store? i am so sore should i go to the doctor?
I have been drinking cofee regularly for about 1.5 years...?
At work we have been required to do quite a bit of computer work lately, and I have notice my wrist and arm?
How do you stop ears hurting when decending on a plane i thought my eardrum was gonna bust last time on plane
How can i stop myself from being a ...?
Exercise is bad for you and I can prove it?
What is a hookah ???
Why is the common cold so called?
Weed is better than cigarrettes?
My friend had an asthma attack. we didn't know what to do, So we just immediately brought her to the hospital.
How long does a sinus infection take to go away without antibiotics?
Is asthma curable?
My friend has something in his throat.He has a hard time breathing too.?
I tested POSITIVE for TB?
My husband had a colonoscopy because he had been suffering from loose bowel movemtents for over a year.?
I started drinking diet sodas last year and i got a bad cough..?
How did the aids epedemic start?
What does HIV stand for? How about AIDS?
Can I find the one same as me with Herpes?
My cat has herpes, can i catch it?
Best NON-DROWSY Allergy Medicine??????
Allergic to every fruit.. just started recently.. question?
Is nasonex safe to use in pregnency?
If I am allergic to cows milk can I eat products with lactic acid in them.?
Dust help needed?
My throat is scratchy/dry from allergies. Any home remedies?
Effects of pepper spray eyes?
What causes nut allergies which varies by the type of nut, Example, peanut, almond, cashew, etc.?
A question for people with asthma? or have kids that do, or know someone that does?
I have a little cough for over 6 weeks now. Is it possible I have asthma?
Is a smoker with asthma more likely to die of lung cancer than a smoker without asthma?
At what age does asthma set in. my dad has asthma and i don't know if it's hereditry. i am 28?
If you suffered from Tourette's syndrom what word would you like keep repeating?
Haemorrhoids, I dont know if ive got them, i cant tell?
Is there a link between gallbadder problems and diet?
Can anyone answer as to why this is happening as it is puzzling??
What is best treatment for acid reflux disease besides Nexium?
Why am i always feeling unwell?
Is it weird if I can sleep with my eyes open?
Please please help i am so fed up :o(?
What do anorexic norvosa do to you?
Can you get stds by wearing underwear of someone that has stds?
I have a yeast infection can my hubby get it too?
Still have oral thrush,whats the cure?
How do I know if there is still glass in my finger?
Is running on trademill is dangerous after 50 yrs of age?
How long do people live with HIV /AIDS?
Someone in the medical field please..?
Can I save my finger nail?
How do i draw bruising out?
Best place to get stabbed in the chest?
Please hurry?
What is the best remedy for dry cough?
Just been told I have sleep Apnea..Studied the CPAP system. How hard is it to actually sleep with this system?
Is it advisable to use Ibu profin to bring down a fever, or is it best to let the fever run it's course?
How can i cure asma?
I don't have a bleeding nose, but every time I blow my nose, large chunks of blood come out, why?
Whats the best cold turkey quitting smoking methods?
In agony with sciatica anyone got any ideas for painrelief apart from medication?
What is it I'm experiencing?
Is Acetaminophen a narcotic?
I have a toothache,headache,sore throat, and ear ache.what's wrong with me?
When i die, will it hurt; physically?
How many Tylenols does it take to OD?
My new piercing HURTS!!!Help?
I have braces and somehow my ear hurts.?
How can i ease the pain and stress on my feet after a day of wearing high heeled shoes(more to read). help!??
I keep getting dizzy spells and headaches?
Should I go to the doctors?
Is it normal to smell the toilet paper after a fresh wipe?
Whats the best way to wake your girl up in the morning?
Is drinking on average 74 cups of tea a week bad for you?
I have used a cotton bud in my left ear and the cotton is dislodged inside, can i use air wax removal?
Have an Infection in lungs & throat from smoking meth, (been awake using for 5 days using, last use=20hrs ago?
I haven't had a cold in over two years. Is this normal?
Anyone on here suffer with Asthma? If so do you find it gets worse...............?
Want to know the differences between asthma and COPD ?
Are fumes from candles harmful.?
I'm a sleep tech, and I know what this is, but I want to ask everyone if they or someone they know uses a CPAP
I am lossing my voice?
Waking up with mildly sore throat?
What kind of nasal sprays are there that are not a decongestant?
Im 13 but ive been experiancing pains in my legs and sternum am i just imagining it?
Have you ever literally had a pain in the arrse?
Could i take painkillers?(Tylenol) if my pinky hurts because its bruised?
What could cause me to ache all over?
Which is better for a headache Aspirin or Ibuprofen also which is less detrimental for your body?
Ouch It Hurts Really Bad!!!?
Migrane & throwing up?
Stomake hurts?
Sciatica pain?
My tooth is killing me, i need some drugs!?
When i found out i was pregnant they told me i had to be treated for chlamedia what is it and how do you get i
Is it possible to catch herpes from a cat?
Needing Candle Scents that do not bother allergy sufferers?
Cat Allergy?
Is it normal to be allergic to smells?
What's the best way to prevent allergies?
What does it mean if your body temp is lower than normal?
What are some symptoms of severe eye allergies?
Whats a good allergy medicine?
Why do people have allergies, ADD,etc.?
Sinus problems from allergy - can this cause headaches?
My husband's mouth breaks out with sores when he eats nuts that have been cooked. Could this be an allergy?
How one get rid of depresson?
Is it normal to have a yellowish eyes? and what causes it?
Major problem?
My son needs help with Acne?
What could cause your feet to swell really big and stay swollen for a week?
Im getting gallbladder surgery tomorrow, do you feel the operation?
Can't Stop Coughing?
I have acid reflux, its really severe, other interesting symptoms have occured. thanks?
I have a son who is terminally ill he as sma type 2 he is 10 at the moment been told average age he will live?
If you suffered from rheumatoid arthritis would you?
Have you ever broken a bone?
When having an X-ray taken at the hospital (foot) how long will it take to develop?
How do you solve a "popped" ear?
If you had to...would you lose an eye or a leg?
Why are broken ribs so painful?
Traumatic Brain Injury. Please help.?
Is it a concussion?
Wart problems?any ideas?
Help Im in pain?
What is the best way to get rid of hangovers?
Im sick and i dont know what i am sick from?
Why do we get headaches from too much TV/computer?
My ear really hurts what u think?
I have severe knee pain and I am a Muslim that needs to pray, is it okay for me to sit and pray?
What is the most pain you have ever been in?
My jaw is killing me!! What could it be??!!?
Ahhhhhhhh my legs r killin me any ideas on how to relieve the pain?
Does anyone know anything about back pain?
Am I Diabetic????
What's your blood type?!?
Wealth health?
Why lessen fat intake for diabetics?
Do anyone on here has diabetes?
Please help me!!!?
Why would a 15y.o. Type 1 diabetic wet the bed?
How bad is Diabetes??
Is rock star energy drink bad for diabetics?
Can the signs of herpes be seen on any part of the body? or only on the genitial area?
I made out with a guy, who was in jail for six years.Now I have a ring like scar around my mouth!?
Can Aids be transmitted by a mosquito bite?
I have a water like discharge what could it be?
My boyfriend of 2 years...?
What is it that causes "butterflies in the tummy"?
Would it be painful if you injected pancake batter into your veins?
Does ear piercing hurt?
Chest hurts/burns when getting high off weed?
Other than tablets what is the best pain relief for back pain?
My Doctor has stopped my Anti inflammatorys because of stomach problems . Any advice on joint pain relief?
Is there a way to die without feeling any pain?
Slurred speech, disorientation, pins and needles, could i have ms?
After eating I can't seem to digest food and it feels like bloating with no relief. waht's going on?
Blowhole Disease.?
Whether parkisons disease can be cured completely ?
I have been drinking for about four years. I am starting a new job. How can I stop being dependant on alcohol?
I was tested with a scope down my throat and the doc said?
What foods should i eat so that i can cure my recurrent UTI?
Has anyone else got a bad cold? It's so sunny and lovely and I feel like the middle of Winter?
Anyone have a cure for the hiccups? why do we get hiccups?
What can u do to help a finger that got stuck in a locked car door.!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I think I broke my wrist what do I do?
I think i am allergic to chocolate. if it only make me sneeze should i stop eating it?
Is my knee serious or is it just taking a lot of time? please help me, my mom thinks it is serious?
EYE allergy?
Can an allergic pacient be cured? Is there any therapy?
Broken toe?
Can you be allergic to orchid pollen?
Which makes you drowsy~an Antihistamine or Decongest?
Please BEWARE of the comments made here.?
Food Allergy?
I injured my ankel yesterday when i crashed on my dirtbike.does it require medical assistance?
What is a good excuse for why i have a black eye?
What is wrong with my eye?
Help urgently... blue tack lodged up my bum.. what can i do?
Whats the best way to get rid of HAY fever? other than meds?
What is the best way to treat a scar to reduce its visibility?
Is it true that if you hit your head you are not meant to go to sleep for a while afterwards?
Do you think this is an allergy?
Do you think if a jumped of a chair and landed on 1 foot i would break my ankle??
Glass sticking out my foot?
Whats wrong with me?
My oral surgeon has given me hydrocodone 7.5 for my toothache (having surgery in 4 days). I took it on an?
Went to the bathroom, no pain, didnt strain, but when i wiped, bright blood was on toilet peper. Help?
Does anyone know the best treatment for Migraine?
Im 20 years old and suffer from severe back pain and spasums?
Any ideas of how to ease the pain of a toothache?
How can i stop my 34 year old boyfriend wetting the bed after a night out-he's not prepared to stop drinking!
What's good for a toothache?
What makes my stomach sick when i eat fried chicken?
Baby has a 105.7 fever for 2 days. Ibuprophen brings it to normal for a few hours, any suggestions?
Can AIDS be transfered by mosquitos?
I just took 24 advil, is that bad?
For smokers only please...?
Should smoking cigarettes be illegal?
I have a hard lump in the back of my throat?
Is there something wrong with me why do I feel cold all the time.?
Whats the worstest physical pain in life?
Did monkey really start HIV?
My son kissed some one who just found out they had herpes and she had an open sore, should i be alarmed?
How does a man know when he have herpes without having symptoms?
Aids is still on the rise in Africa especially among youth whats failing?
I'm worried about my cousin. His Flovent doesn't seem to work. Neither does his Ventolin.?
I have serious post nasal drip for the past week. What can I do? Serious answers only.?
What happens when you get an asthma attack?
My mum has angina and emphysema,she has had burning in her back on one side what could this be?
I need some advice on a respiratory problem?
Anyone had apendicitis before???
Getting rid of flem?
Can mildew cause pulmonary obstructive disease?
I choke on my spit all the time...i wake up choking sometimes!..is there something anatomically wrong with me?
How often do doctors see people who have lung disease?
Has any body used a TENS machine?
Im in so much pain?
I have a headache, but also cant see very well?
Doddering old farts + old codgers (over 55) shouldn't be allowed to drive on Britain's roads. Am i right?
Can i take four vicodin?
What is the back of your hand called?
Serious as in not joking medical question?
Weird pains lying in bed?
SO...dose it hurt gettin your tongue peirced???:D?
Does getting you belly buttion pierced hurt?
How do I get rid of my mouth herpes????
Herpes.. my life is over?
Should people with Aids be lock up in concentration camps?
How did Iran cure aids when no other country could?
Wuts a STD???
Can you get herpes by kissing someone?
Can you get hpv by giving head?
Okay, I dont know if I am making a big deal, but for some reason, Ive been feeling the weirdest symtoms from l
What causes headaches?
Could my ear be infected?
I have pain under my chest and above my stomach! Can someone tell me what it is?
Are you squeamish?
Is it true that a cats can take away a new born babies breath.?
Weird headaches - has anyone else had these?
AIDS. Why is it difficult to find an answer?
Red spot on eye.?
Who, after being paralyzed by polio in 1922, has been confined to a wheelchair for the longest period of time?
I have a fever of 103?
Which is worse.........?
My throat feels like it's bleeding?
What foods are good to releive constipation?
Help!!! pain in wrist and phumb?
Why do i get cramp so much & how can i cure it?
I am 15 and i dont know what is wrong HELP.?
Both my knees crunch every time i bend them, all day. Any ideas, apart from not bending them how to stop this?
How do you deal with pain without medication?
What to do about migraines?
I have a diabetes. any diet advice?
Why the rate of black people getting diabetes is higher than the rate of white people getting it?
Living on 13,000.00 a year, my doctor will not longer be able to give me free samples?
How do you get rid of ketosis?
What is the best candy to quickly raise low blood sugar?
Buying Insulin OTC?
Why is so much insulin thrown away in the diabetic world?
Taller=lower chance of diabetes?
Why would my dad all of a sudden have a stroke? he's a smoker, 54, a diabetic, not fat; but not inshape...?
I need to eat a little at bedtime because of medication. I've been having a piece of fruit, but often my blood
Is my finger broken? closed trunk door on it?
Is it possible to make bruises heal up quicker?
Why does lighting a match after you use the bathroom get rid of the odor so well?
I broke her arm and i feel really bad.......?
Advice for head wound please?
Help I have used a coupleof c-ock rings and they seem to be stuck what can I do to get them off?
Is it illegal for a Dr. if he doesn't show you your x-rays?
Ingrown toenail removal, does the injection hurt, please answer!!?
Bruise turned green/yellow. Dangerous?
Do all wasps and hornets leave a stinger in you?
Sinus infection....allergies...... could it be?
Do you have to..?
What is it?
Im not feeling good am i having an allergic reaction?HELP?
Allergy question?
Does breaking you nose hurt?
My throat is burning,what could it be.?
Why doesn't my OTC Zyrtec work, when my prescription worked very well?
Does anyone else suffer serious effects to caffeine and what other products besides the obvious have caffeine?
How do you deal with mean people at work?
EARRING WONT GO THRU MY EAR!!! HElP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Help please!! I spilt some boiling milk over my arm and hand an hour ago.I put in under the cold tap?
Does putting salt on a wound help it heal?
My throat is on fire and I have a temperature... any home remedies?
How can u get rid of hiccups?
I cut myself. Should I go to the hospital?
Help I need the emergency number of 911 what is it ?
I just burnt my arm. How can I make it quit hurting?
Why do some people not flush away toilet paper after using? Why do some people put it in the trash instead?
Would you be worries if you knew someone that has had pins and needles down their left arm for 3 weeks?
Terrible Toothache?
How do i minimise pain in legs due to fatigue caused by too much walking?
Bad bad period pain and i have no pain killers?
Ok im sick i feel hott my body aches my head hurt... what should i DRINK??
What should you do when you get a cramp in your leg?
Can somebody with experience tell me if belly button piercing hurts
My son woke up doubled over with a stomach ache?
I have a bad headach what can i do and can you help me?
How is getting an STD an advantage?
Is Herpes Transmissible by casual contact?
Dr told me i was high risk hpv?
Staphylococcus?, it is Always an STD??? ....?
Treadmill heart test will i be allowed in?
Do you take a daily aspirin for your heart?
When a person has high blood pressure, do they get hot?
My mother aged 65 residing alone has been diagonosed bloodpressure 110-160 is it dangerious?
Just how regularly would you need to eat quarter pounder cheeseburgers to create plaque in your arteries?
How could bedsores cause a person to have a heart attract?
Should i have a stess test if iam going for aheart cath?
My grandfather came to me and said that the doctor told him his heart only beats 35%. What does that mean?
Is 97 over 74 blood pressure normal for a 18 year old?
My Friend with LEFT VENTRICLE HYPERTROPY has to undergo surgery HELP?
Emergencyif your 88 year old grandmother was cold, but sweating profusely, she said she didn't feel?
Do your bones burn when you are cremated?
Any ideas on causes of constant headaches?
Iam suffering with one problem can u pls clarify?
How are u feeling today?
Is it wrong to cut yourself?? to relieve pain?
What's Wrong With Me?
My husband is having headache almost evey day, for about a week now, the pain is mostly in his eye?
Anyone else got insomnia? It's 1.12pm where i am, ahhhh want to be asleep.?
How do i make myself constipated?
Does/Has AA worked 4 U?
Anyone on here diagnosed with osteoarthritis? Any tips on how to manage this.?? I have it in every joint.?
Why do people ask if a piercing hurts?
Can you please tell me?
T.E.N.S pain relief machine has anyone ever used one and did it work?
What do you do to help ease the pain of a headache?
My back is killing me what going on?
What would cause my legs to ache all the time? Right from the hip all the way down?
Can I go to any NHS hospital?
Has anyone ever bitten the inside of their cheek and it hurt like hell?
My left shoulder hurts when i move it?
My father cut himself about 3 hours ago and will not stop bleeding. Should I take him to the ER?
Should law require bicycle helment?
Painful wrist...please help?
I dont know if i have broke my leg?
Why does God only take the good people?
I have just had surgery to my leg and i read somewhere that you cant fly for 3 months following surgery?
I need help w/ my yellow labs allergies. Please help me?
Itchy and watery eyes..runny nose...losing voice?
Would allergies cause your face to get red and burny? What can I do to make my face less red?
How can allergies be ended.there worse than death.?
Why do people get allergies?
I have little bumps down there what are they?
What am I allergic to?
Can i get pregnant or an STD from this?
Milk allergy?
Somebody with aids touched my hand. do i have aids?
My wife's eyes get RED off and on. The doctors say it is not allergy. What should we do?
I would like to have my testicals removed were can i get this done?
Hayfever now, what are we allergic to and how to get rid?
Condem broke, was a itch gone some burning not when peeing tho. both gone but now have cramping in abb area?
Can HIV be transmitted through these ways?
How to become fat in a month?
Chapped lips. What is the best moisturizer to use?
How much minimum hour of sleep is necessary for healthy being?
What do i do to make my husband stop snoring?
My neck hurts a lot...?
A good pain reliever for sinus headaches?
Back Problems(doctor says nothing is wrong)?
What can cure a headach,besides asprin/tylenol?
Would you have epidurals in your back?
Any good back pain relief medicine, patch, any thing that would help muscle pain in the back area???
Does marijuana CAUSE headaches?
Best remedy for a migraine?
My tounge hurts?
Can you get re-occuring migraines?
How would a person who is not a diabetic, make themselves have a very high blood sugar?
When we will find insulin in tablet foarms?
Why is it that when I drink soda, I experience frequent urination?
Should I have a diabetes test?
How to clear sinuses?
Most diabetes patients will do fine with proper care?
How do I get rid of a stuffy nose?
What Fruits (with less sugar contents) are safe for patients of diabetes to eat? Please give me the details.?
Smoking cigs?
Can a car accident trigger Diabetes (Type 1)?
What's your favorite cough drop?
I just quit smoking ...can I reverce the damaging effects?
What happens?
What is the difference between wheezing and asthma?
What causes blood to clot? and how can it be curbed?
Can anyone who is 2 stones overweight tell me if they get very breathless?
I'm always sick!?
If your arteries are not completely blocked with cholesterol, then can it be removed with exercise?
Heart Problem-Ok so recently i've been getting these sort of "heart rushes/heart flutters" hard to describe.
Chest Pain Problems or Paranoia?
Why would an otherwise healthy 57-year-old man have a stroke?
My hematokrit has fallen from 44 to 39.5, and ESR from 7mm has gone to 58mm. What this might mean?
Should a person with angina avoid strenous exercises like jogging?
Heart surgery scar and no confidence in my sis! help?
Heart Palps and anxiety?
Heart problem?
Hi my doctor told the pharmacist to lower my meds from 100mg to 112 could that cause the dizzyness?
Who do my hands burn?
Who had a headache yesterday?
My Tongue ring is hurting?
Vicodin.. who can tell me about this?
I am having this really weird pain and i dont know what it is, can somone help?
Wat would happend if u were dead by now!!!?
Do you wake up in morning without an alarm clock?
What is the best non aspirin pain releif for headaches?
How do you infected with HIV-aids beside contacting someone who already have it?
Do you have suggestions for a vegan who is chronically constipated?
Why my stomach is so? I fart a lot! how can i reduce?
I am 58. Very healty otherwise. But I have dry skin on my elbows.?
What does an infected piercing look like?
The doctor said my 5 year old grandson had gut rot.?
Whats that disorder when u fall asleep like instantaneously? Do I have it? It there a cure? HELP!! ZZZZZZZZZZZ
Is sniffing sharpies dangerous?
My girl has anemia what should she eat?
She is my girlfreind so i was wondering if i get it what happens?
Can you get herpes from brizilian waxing at a salon?
Where can i find printed material about stds for a project?
Can you get an STD from a laundromat?
I want to get pregnant and I have herpes, if I get pregnant can my baby get infected
What to do to stop a really bad Headache.?
Is there an otc (over the counter) pill that has the same shape and look as generic vicodin?
I blew up a firecracker in my face?
Is is okay to leave a bullet inside somone's thigh?
Help with soreness?
My throat hurts like heck?
How to break my arm?
I have no dentist and a sore gum anyone no how to help soothe it!!!?
Do shots hurt?
I know this sound stupid but I really want to break my arm. Really bad.?
How long does it take for my mouth to heal after getting 1 wisdom tooth pulled?
I am 32 and have bone spurs in my neck...?
Is it wrong to let your kids draw on a ankle/foot/leg cast?
Please can someone tell me what this awful pain is?
Worst things to break/hurt in car accident?
Whats best for a sprain - ice or heat??
I have knee pain when I walk, is if because I am obese?
My dad an I got into a big argement and all of a sudden he punched me in the face and my nose got fractured.?
What is wrong with my wrist?
I get a constent pain in my right testical, what could the problem be??
Electro Cardiogram?
For anyone who has suffered a heart attack or survived this incident?
Why can a hole in the heart cause the skin to turn blue and may eventually result in death?
What is 'left ventricular hypertrophy'?
Does salt in the diet have a direct or indirect effect on heart conditions?
21 year old female High Blood Pressure?
Blood Pressure Question?
Cholesterol Is One Of The MOST Important Substances In your Body?
Omron blood pressure monitors??
Chest Pains!! Help!?
Is it weird??
I am allergic to toilet paper!?
Hay fever....could I have found the cure ?
Do allergy shots hurt? I'm getting nervous because I start them this week. Thanks!?
Itchy throat???
Has anyone ever used a neti pot?
Are there nuts in lindt lindor?
Has anyone had an allergic reaction to secret deoderent ???? What happened?
Treat Allergies Symptoms / Mucus / Coughing / Spitting?
Why am I having chest pains?
Can anyone help me?
I think my doctor is crazy someone help?
Lower back problem?
Can arthritis of the spine cause pain at night?
I just took 6 tylenol painkillers, which is 3000mg, at one time. Is this going to kill me?
Who watched growing pains?
Burnt finger ???? please help !?
My best friend just took 12 excedrin and 3 valiums, HELP?
What do u think would be a good reason to hate your life.?
My left breast is bigger then right.Is this a sign of breast canser?
Ow someone help me with my foot!!?
About lice?
I'm 22&have; noticed blood&mucus; in my stools for the past couple of months or so. I've suffered from stomach
How to remain polite around a big-head?
Can you be cured from Autism?
My youngest son may have mumps, how do you tell for sure?
What are some signs of schizophrenia?
I have BROWN pee?!? what's wrong?
Fiance has blood in his stool from getting hit really hard on the left side of his stomach.?
A name for thickening of the blood?
How can I mitigate the long term effects of diabetes on various organs ?
My brother's sugar too high to read now 545 after 11units?
Ive heard that if you have diabetes you have to go to the bathroom freaquently. i was wondering how frequently
Does being diabatic increases irritability?
What are the signs or symtoms of diabetes in a 13 year old?
Sir guide me for treatment of diabetes?
I am insulin dependent now and my pancreas does not produce. Can I get disability?
Can being bulimic help with diabetes?
OMG every one at school is talkn' bout AIDS what the hell is it how do you get it how do you know you have i w
What are the symptoms of AIDS?
Shakin or stirred???
How do I get rid of this migrane. It is killing me, Please help?
Whats the worst thing to wake up to?
Do people always cry every time they break a bone?
Loosing her legs?
Does it hurt when you have your tetanus shot?
Any tablet or pill (without side effects )to get rid of headache ?
I have a huge fear of needles and I have to get a shot next week. Any advice?
Does drinking milk help acid indigestion or heartburn?
Why does my head always hurt?
Why can i not sleep!?
I have to get up for school in 2 hours. should i even try to get some sleep?
Girls - is this the nicest feeling in the world?
How long can you go without taking a bath/shower?
Has this ever happened to you?
Is it unusual?
I burned the inside of my mouth? What's the best remedy?
I swalloed my tounge ring.?
What's the most painful injury you ever had?
Question about Dehydration and Urine?
Help me plz i think i have a broken bone?
Wierdest way to brake a bone?
I have a deep wound, should I pee on it?
Why is ldl cholesterol bad for your health?
Worried about nail color / heart worry?
Does any one know why cardiologist wants me to not have any caffeine or nicotine within 24 hours of stresstest
My father was told he has an enlarged heart - what does that mean??
Why does your left arm hurt when you're about to have a heart attack?
How long do you live with heart disease?
Can gas rise my blood pressure?
Can anyone tell me a couple of good foods to add to my diet if I want to raise my good cholesterol?
Warfarin side effects?
Could i be at risk of a heart attack?
Are there any natural remedies for emphysema?
Can chronic brochitis cause weaknessin your legs?
Help me rid my cold?
I have sleep apnea?
I have a sinus infection and I'm 3 months pregant. My throat is killing me. What can I take? ?
Is green mold in your house dangerous to your health?
Question about chain smoking?
I have a constant Sore throat and Cough that has lasted a long time?
I lost my asthma inhailer, what can I do to help my breathing?
I feel like the boy who cried wolf !!!!!!!! HELP?
How Do Get Rid Of Headace Without Taking Tablets ?
What should i do if i always get headache all the time?
Worse Medication You Ever Taken?
Pain in my chest and left arm?
What to Do When a Pharmicist fills a prescription with the Wrong Drug?
What Is Wrong With Me?
Help, I'm in rediculous amounts of abdominal pain!?
Pain from playing guitar?
What to do about Hives?
What foods can aggrivate eczema?
I have a cough for almost a month now, i dont smoke. What will i do?
How do i know if i'm allergic to antiperspirant deodrant?
Allergic to sunlight?
Ihave an allergic reaction on my hand from a plaster!!?
Is there any cure for allergic rhinitis?
How to get rid of a blocked nose?
Trouble Breathing? HELP Quickly?
Baby allergic reaction Hellp?
Can someone be pregnant and have a baby that has AIDS and the father has aids but the mother doesnt?
Doctor says I'm ok....but I still feel there is something?
Can you get aids by...?
Is *** bad for you?
I want to get my tongue pierced in like another month...does it hurt really bad?
My right side hurts frequently, what could it be?
Can anyone help me with my headache?
Is there anyway to buy something to numb?
How sore is getting toe nails removed?
Ear pains but no sign of infection?
How can i get rid of this back pain,never felt pain like it 5 days now,the drugs dont work!!!?
Whats the best way to deal with a strange pain in your foot?
Does anybody know why i would keep getting pins and needles?
I cant hear out of my right ear!?
Is not eating for 4 hours bad?
Help...I have strep throat..?
My father ( 50+) right half of the body got paralyzed after a accident in 1993.Is there any remedy ?
Anxiety advice is needed please?
Floating Stools? What does it mean?
Scared of HIV Test?
Alcoholism and general drug addiction, what is the difference?
Can you get head lice from a pay phone.?
Any help with Restless Legs Syndrome please?
A question about Hypertension?
Heart Issues?
What is the healthest thing you can eat for your heart?
Does anyone on here have heart disease or heart problems?
I have a pain in my neck since I was a little girl like 8?
I'm going to have cardiac bye pass on 15 this month?I'm worried abt my pain after surgery ?
My uncle is almost 80 years old and has been diagnosed with an aneurysm on a heart value. how serious is it?
Is anyone an epileptic?
How could i lower my blood presure ?pls give advice?
Chronic chest pain in a young woman?
What is the least painful HUMAN bone to break?....?
What do i wear if I break my pinky toe?
What is the nastiest thing you have ever seen?
I cut myself accidently i didnt even feel it but it wont stop bleeding its just a minor cut why wont it stop?
How do you know if your ankle is broken?
Some One Please Help I'm Going Nuts!!!!!?
Has anyone here ever broken a bone or had stitches?
I cant keep my balance... i feel well weird i cnt reli describe it i gt hedace nd feel sick
Help! My finger is killing me! What should I do?!!!?
I'm a little worried about the mixture of meds they have me on.?
Serious Question?
How deep do i have to cut my wrist to die within like 15 minutes?
I have a question about constipation? What is a quick way to get relief?
Am I Injured in any way?
I woke up Saturday morning to find my eye hurting. It is red and hurts when I blink? what do ya think ?
How can i stop wrist cutting?
Sore throught hurts badly,, how do i get rid of it?
Do you think childbirth is painful or not?
Is diabetes really bad??
Advice for diabetes?
How can I stop or reverse diabetic neueropathy?
Diabetes Info,Please help!?
Diabetes? Or emergency?
Is it really True?
What illness causes pinks and needles?
What are some good between meal snacks?
Anyone out there have diabetes..i'm struggling?
In Fasting Blood Sugar Test, will my test be valid if I don't eat anything from 10:00 pm till 9 am?
Is it possible to have an STD?
Should i drink coffee when i'm sick?
Whats a good deodorant soap for someone with allergies?
How to treat asthma in heat/humid weather and running?
When you get Herpes,do you really get to take cruises, climb mountains, and run through fields like on tv?
Is it Pink Eye?
Lady's what is ?????
Only 15 Serious question can a pap smear detect a std ?
Treatment for Sinus infection?
I'm scared that i might have an std. how do i know?
So I just took 5 pain relievers and I'm thinking it was stupid, how about you?
What is diclofenac?
Things to ease the pain after tonsill surgery?
I'm going to have mine done soon so I want to know, do blood tests hurt?
Headache persists after taking ecstasy?
HELP!!I just sat on a chi straightener and burned my leg REALLY bad just now.?
I did an aerobics class yesterday and am sore all over...remedies?
My Mum Is Really In Pain...?
Ahh! My toe hurts, I dropped something on it and now there is a big blood blister on it! Ouch!?
Im having lots of headaches ?
Is siesta bad for health?
Whats the stuff that makes your heart slow down?
I am due on Christmas day and i am already dilated to 3 cementers how long can i stay at 3 cementers?
What is Cardiac defibrillator?
Which profesion has a 100% failure rate,.?
Is the heart rate the same as the pulse?
Why is the wait in the E.R. so long???
If I have a pulse of 44 and blood pressure 144/84 is that ok?
Is there any consolation even advise for a broken heart?
How mental strain relates to heart attack?
I think my daughter has severe constipation, how can I help her?
Stomach Aches Everyday in School?