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What is douche?
My neck has been hurting really bad for three days i took tylenol alot and its not working whats wrong with me
My elderly dad suffers with constipation. He doesn't like anything wholemeal, any ideas?
What could be wrong with me?
Should I stay home from school tomorrow?
What causes headaches?
What is the strongest pain killer non perscription? My back kills me I cant sit here at work, i want to cry!?
Is my boyfriends sudden headaches a cause for worry?
MY WISDOM TEETH????????? should i let them go????????????????????
What is the best natural cure for a headache?
Do skittles dissolve when used as a suppository?
Have you done at least six hits of LSD throughout your life?
How do you take care of an old lady whos kind of stubburn?(serious answers only please)?
I was trying to pierce my eyes and now I can't see. What do I do?
Quitting marijuana?
I'm going to choose a hobbie over a boyfriend. what are some cool hobbies?
Why are people so stupid in today's culture?
Help, I just drank some Coca Cola - what should I do?!!!?
Stabbing pain?
How to stop bleeding temporarily?
Can This Really Happen?
If your partner gave you an STD do you ever get over it?
Give home remedy for gastrouble?
Why do only the wealthy get health cures and the poor just get meds to get them by.?
Is obesity a disease...??
What could cause pain?
The tips of my big toes are numb. What could be causing this?
Can blind people see light?
Why is john cenna into guys .?
What is TB?
How can we solve "gornorhea" without goin to a doctor gornorhea. please!! give a proper answer.Its emergency
What has changed in the past 50 years?
My 4 1/2 year old brother is going to kindergarden... allergic to wheat, rye, barley, oats, eggs, nuts!?
Celiac Friendly Makeup?
Is there a generic available for Allegra D 12 hour?
Can an allergy GO AWAY?
Is there an injection that makes you not allergic anymore?
My West Highland Terrier suffers from a form of Dermatitis--any dietary suggestions to help this ?
How do you get red eyes?
Why are there so many more people allergic to peanuts then when I was younger?
I am asthmatic,my attack begins with a sorethroat and cold. what can i do?
Is it true that diabetes medicinces can impede weight loss?
Tiredness? Thirsty? Weak?
Does anyone have any recipes for sugar free fudge or brownies that use splenda?
What would you rather no arms r no hands?
What should your hemoglobin level be?
Diabetes millites!!!!!!!!!!!?
After getting my gall bladder removed, I still have problems.?
Problem with eyes a sign of diabetes ?
Does anyone have a healthy alternative to dialysis?
Hypoglycemia and alcohol?
Plz plz plz plz help its so wierd do any one nose why!!!!!?????????
How do you die without it hurting?
I'm on my feet all day at work for 10 hours and they ache.What can I do?
The last time you were in hospital, was there a nutter in the next bed to you?
Alright, so im 15 and i've been thinkin about gettin my ears pierced, i was just wondering if it hurts?
How do you stop back pains without the use of drugs/pain killers?
Is marijuana realy a pain stopper?
Does marijuana cause brain damage?
How bad is to take Vicodin on a daily basis?
If i stick a carrot up my nose will it clear my sinuses?
Sunburn. Any home made remedies?
Wat happens if i dont take a splinter out?
Need a name starting with "L" for baby boy..?
My height is 179cm or 5feet 10 n half inches. is my height abnormal?what is standerd height of a male human?
How do you become a parimedic?
Okay this is gonna seem like the weirdest thing in the world but..?
Who donates blood? What blood type are you?
What can I say to my 5yo so that he won't freak out about going to the doctor?
Baby sis got stung by bee,HELP!!!?
Whats the easiest way to give yourself a bruise?
I have SHOT myself in the FOOT blowing off one of my TOES!!!!!?
Yesterday my b-day, and 2day hang over what can i do??????
Besides HIV, what is the most physically damaging STD you can get?
Have you ever almost died?
Anyone else get restless leg syndrome?
Whats going on with my body?
POLL: Do you suffer with migraines ???
90% of people with AIDS?
How can i get rid of a headache without medication!?
Could there be something wrong?
Best place to punch some one to cause them the most pain?
What are other good menstrual cramp medicines besides midol and tylenol?
Stomach Pains? helppp?
Does getting your tounge pierced really hurt.?
Is it advisable to 15 years old boy to use cellular phone?
Am I dying?
How do u cure sore throat?
Suggestions for curing insomnia?
Is there a disease which makes me constantly tired?
I still feel terrible!?
My 10 year old still wets the bed even after we make him go pee several times before bed what could be wrong?
Does a person need a galblader to survive?
Is it mono or an anxiety disorder??
I need tips on what to do about allergies!?
My Face is Burning???
What are you allergic to?
Shampoo allergy? PLEASE HELP!?
What to do when im not feeling good?
Poison Ivy?
How effective is wool in making someone comfortably warm during winter?
I have severe allergy to ornaments such as silver and coated gold ornaments.?
Pet allergy HELP!!!?
I have bumps that swell on my eyelids to my forehead. They go away after a couple of hours.?
What is the worst injury you have had?
13 year old with joint pain....?
Any ideas of how to lose headaches?
Natural headache relief?
Please help,I got pneumonia!!!?
Why does it hurt when I pee?
I've taken 13 tablets of Extra Strength tablets within 12 hours so far in 12 hours, what will happen?
Why do i keep waking up on a morning with pins and needles in my hands?
Is it weird that i laugh when some one gets hurt like falling down the stairs or sumtin i cant help it
Why is lying down after you eat bad for you? thanks?
How long until blood pressure medication works?
14 year old with mild mitral regurgitation?!?
What are the negative effects of taking a diuretic?
Please help low blood pressure?
Can ranitidine cause high blood pressure?
What does a heart attack feel like?
How many times you broke your heart.?...!!!?
What do i do if i dont have my blood pressure medicine?
I have heart murmurs kinda often?
Chest pain, please someone help.....?
Should i tell my girlfriend i have herpes?
What to do about uneducated coworkers...?
Is there a blood test to detect hpv?
I just found out (4 days after i got married!) that I have mild HPV?? is this forever?
Im unsure about how you can catch certain STD'S?
I've taken 3000 mg of vicodin can i drink alcohol tonight?
I always have a sore back in the morning, what can I do?
Does this sound right?
Drinking tea without sugar added to it, is it bad for health?
Help! i can barely breathe?
Will you PLEASE answer this question?
What's a painkiller addiction?
Does anyone know if there is a correlation between sleep apnea and diabetes?
Diabetis question?
Am I diabetic?? (please Im really scared)?
Is this diabetes?
Bad sunburn....ouch!!!(need advice plz)????
Diabetes questions?
What could be wrong with my son?
Is itchiness a side effect from taking Tylenol 3s?
Just below my stomach it really hurts, feels like it's a balloon blowing up what can i do?
What is wrong with me? severe headache and vomitting?
How can I find out if my medication are OK with each other?
Can someone give me a list of foods that lower blood pressure please?
I've noticed some people refering to an ECG as an EKG ...?
Can an EKG detect a heart problem, even if no symptoms are present at the time of testing?
Am I just weeks from a heart related disaster?
Do I have low blood Pressure?
How do you reverse clogging of the arteries due to cholesterol?
I have been having palpitation for a week after a tooth infection. Will Amoxicilin help to cure the problem?
I need help with symptoms!?
Need help with silent heart attacks.?
Problems drinking water?
What is the Meth recipe?
How can u tell if someone smokes cigerettes?
What is the MOST worst health disorder? (or mental.).?
My mum had a blood test and it has come back as saying her potassium is a bit low. How is this treated?
What should I do? (Not very pleasant...)?
How the hell does something as easily corrected as alcoholism and obesity get classified as a desease????????
Recently I've gotten a job as a waiter, and my big toes are numb at the tip and are very painful when stubbed
What are some ways that you cope with schizophrenia.....serious answers only. This is a terrible disease.?
No hangovers from Jagermister.?
Whats wrong!?!?
I asked earlier what my chest pain could be, I have a pain in my arm/neck and I feel sweaty.?
When I sleep, I tend to lay on my hand and in the morning, my hand feels uncomfortably numb.........?
How do you reduce the pain from rope burn?
What's the best cure for sore nuts?
Taken an overdose of paracetamol..?
I swallowed my engagement ring. Im in pain what should I do?
I`m working tonight going to bed now. How you going to keep me warm?
Do you put your hand below ur pillow when sleeping?
Headaches ? :( does any one know how i can clean my head ache?
Aids (question really for someone with aids)?
Are all fever blisters/cold sores a sign of herpes? pls help?
Really Interesting Question ....?
Can STD's be found during a routine pap?
Can a baby be born without Hiv if the Father has HIV?
What are the signs on girls for chlamydia?
What is vsd?my 9 month old baby has a 5.3 perimembranous vsd with left 2 right shunt?will it close on its own?
My cardiologist suggests I do one more test, the test involve injecting a substance to make my heart race im?
What kind of food is good for decreasing cholesterol level in the body?
Anyone know what pains that are similar to a heart attack might also be related to (chest, back, jaw pain)?
What will happen if somone inject emply syringe in somone's vein?
Heart attack symptoms + no heart attack?
Is my heart rate normal?
Strange palpitation?
Heart Palpitations and Normal EKG?
My heart hurts so bad PLEASE HELP ?
What is that feeling you get with your nose that isn't caused by snot but you still can't breathe?
Does anybody have a home remedy for allergies that will work now?
What is the best home remedy for running nose and constant sneezing caused by allergy or change of weather ?
Air purifiers?
Why do i feel like i'm going to die or something? i feel horrible!!!?
Allergic reactions to Shrimp (Shellfish)?
What would happen if i take 5, 10, even the whole box of claritin?
Codeine always makes me nauseous and vomit, am I allergic?
Why all the allergies to peanuts all of a sudden?
Best eye hospital in UK or in USA??? plz tell me some name?
Help me i have a problem?
Is it true that the female orgasm is centred around pleasure , but the male orgasm is actually based on pain?
Is it worse to be?
Dose anyone know me?
Anyone got any good pain relief for back ache?
Will IcyHot cream burn my nuts off?
What are some home remedies for lower back pain?
How long does lower back pain last?
What Causes Lightheadedness?
Should i call my doctor??
How risk is the open heart surgery for the elderly people?
I am looking for an item; flax seeds by Bob's Red Mill on shelfs near baking ingrediants can u help?
I had a small heart attack 2 years ago. I am 58 years old now. Which "soft" style martial arts can I learn?
How is heart disease diagnosed?
How can we reduce our heart rate ? Does meditation helps ?
What is a heart rate?
Who Would Worry About Cholesterol-?
How can blocked arteries be cleared in your neck?
My heart hurts and I don't know why! I'm only 14! Help!?
Asking for help for a 2 week old baby, who just had open heart surgery?
How can you tell if someone is high? What are the symptoms, is it easy to tell?
How do i explain what a stroke is to a 5 yr old and an 8 yr old?
Whats the best way to cure or stem chronic diarrhoea?
Why can I constantly smell wood burning when there is no burning wood insight?
What are disorders that involve voices in your head?
Ok, look at your toes?
Off to the Doctors?
Vomting Dehyrdation and diarrhoea, along with abdominal pains?
Should i try smoking?
Where do i find doctor now?
Should I tel my partner I have CMV as most adults have it?
Can animals get HIV/AIDS?
Coul Someone Please Tell Me What The Doctor Who Specializes In HIV Is Called!!!?
Will the over-the-counter release of Plan B siginficantly decrease my chances of finding an STD-free husband?
How can I make sure the Doctor prescribes me pain killers?
What Am I Sick With?
What can help the pain?
Why am I never sore?
I wear a tote bag to school everyday and try not to put anything heavy in it, but my right shoulder?
Ive heard if you push a painkiller up your cornhole it works faster, is this correct?
SOAR THROAT; hurts inside and outside when i touch it?
I'm a 15 yr old female, and i'm just wondering what the SUPER bad pain in my heart could be?
Has anyone got any tips on how to make myself less scared about needles?
Diet and exercise for people with heart problem?
Chronic chest pain?
Having problems in getting my blood pressure down?
Does the acceptable cholesterol level change as we age?
I am 55 years old suffering from indigestion,hypertention could you help me?
Xanax, for anxiety?
Is Treadmill exersice advisable after the age of 50?
Is Pulse indicative blood Pressure?
Heart attack symptoms?
Does water come out of you eyes....?
I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease...?
Honey allergy?
Can you make regular earrings nickel free?
Allergies: fragrant soap /what are the warning signs?
6 months pregnant, bad scalp itch. Dr said u've got allery 2 shampoo. What can i use to stop scalp itch?
Will cabagge leaves cure a clogged milk duct?
I am lactose Intolerance and have a question about it!!!!?
Silicone in shampoo?
Why do you get a headache when you need a poo?
How do i relieve a headache when tylenol does not work?
My feet hurt so badly because of my new job....What should I do while at work?
Shall i burst the zit on the end of my nose?
If tylenol,duct tape and super glue cant fix it what can??
Very sharp pain in lower right side, under rib cage, kinda near lower right back?
Why does your head hurt when you cry very very much?
Does any body have a good natural cure for heartburn like something to eat to get rid of it?
Fishbone stuck in throat?
How do i sprang my ankle on purpus?
How dangerous is a heart murmur?
I was wondering if there is financial aide for parents who have to stay home with sick child in new york state
Something in my throat what is it? (Doctors and Nurses)?
I'm a 36yrold female & my bp reading is 110/90. I workout 5days/week & eat very healthy. Should I be worried?
How to fix an aneurism in the aorta?
My husband is on warfarin and wants to get drunk on his 70th birthday. Can this cause any dangerous results?
Heart problem - any cardiologists out there?
I am 8 and i found blood on my panties..I am embarrased to tell my mom...I'm scared I will die...Will I die?
WHats wrong with me?
Do you think as been stated the goverment made aids to kiil certain people?
When your heart speed up without you doing any excerise what does that mean?
I have had chest pain after quiting smoking. it radiated to my back. Is it consider a heart attack?
Anyone know what a heart attack feels like?
If someone took a pill for a std and threw up the water afterwards like 10-15 min and it taste like the pill
Is it possible for me 2 access my late sons medical records,?
How can I lower my cholesterol without using medication?
Severe leg , feet, and toes spasams???
When i'm in the store and buying oatmeal and healthy stuff, i see older, heavier people behind me with tons
If tobacco/nicotine kills insects how come it don't kill humans?
What is vertigo?
I am diabetic. What is the painful tingling I have in my hands at night?
Am I going to die soon?
Stone problem in kidney.. any removal advice without opration or laser?
Does anyone about a surgery that is being performed in mexico to cure diabetis?
I keep getting random dizzy spells, im fine and then i feel dizzy, faint and tired and have to lie down, any i
What all foods should be avoided as i am diabetic?
Help with diabetes just been diagnosed?
How do you get rid of a Cold faster?
Help only Dr's?
Do you have sympathy for Drug Addicts?
Is it Normal For Mucous/Phlegm to smell bad?
Type 1 diabetes?
Please help...serious problem!!!?
Sudden nausea and lightheadedness, this is weird?
I have gained 58 pounds.........?
Where can i get information on what list of medication is in the $4.00 list?
Is it normal to black out a lot?
Hi i feel dizzy and shakey?
Anyone else suffer from migraines??
I have a serious medical question, can you please answer?
5 day headache?
What is the dangly/wiggly thing hanging at the back of the throat called?
Quiting smoking is hard is there a shot to help?
I need a Doctor please?
Wots wrong with me how can i fix it?
Why does it burn when I PEE?
Does anyone know what this pill is?
Does anybody know any remedies that will help relieve my toothache?
Will cracking you knuckles give you arthritis in later life or is this just an old wives tale?
Throat just started hurting..why ?
Does herpes have to be on the mouth ?
Can someone tell me wtf an STD is?
My ex-boyfriend has HPV so I need to go to the doctor but I cant tell my mom what do I do?
Is an std a dissability?
Wats the difference in Aids and HIV positive?
Allergy Question?
Please help- my mum is in agony?
Lower back pain... serious answers only please?
I get a headache atleast once a day and I sleep a lot. What's the problem.?
Is it true that viagra, if not swallowed properly, will give you a stiff neck ?
Dry, Itchy Scalp-Is It An Allergic Reaction?
Headache. Hurts. Why me?
Why does my stomach hurting?
Why people are advised to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables?
Is it possoble to get artheritis in your neck?
I'm in chronic pain and can't sleep.?
Allergic Reactions...?
Which music is good to cure head ache?
I'm allergic to chlorine..?
Baby keeps on scatching face?
My lungs hurt?!?
Allergic Reaction to a metal?
Does rice contain gluten?
If fructose only comes from fruits how is it that high fructose corn syrup is fructose from corn?
Something is stuck in my gullet its been like this for a month it keeps going on and off?
Accurate blood pressure readings?
Is it possible I may have heart problems?
Why do post MI patient need to rest?
What are some ways to lower one's heart rate?
I just had a sonogram i am 5 weeks they saw the fetus but they didnt hesr the fetus's heart beat .. is that no
EKG results have elevated ST segments. What does this mean?
I got a ice box where my heart used to be?
A coffee question?
Explain aorta and its function in the heart?
Would this be considered a stroke or a heart attack?
What are side effets of masterbaition?
What do you find most relaxing? (Not as in stress relief, but as something that actually calms you down.)?
How to naturally get ridd of a head ache?
How can i relief stress during working hours?
What's happening with me? I've been having headaches everyday for almost a week now?
Migraines HELP?
What anti depressent makes you lose the most weight?
Does anyone have regular neck/shoulder pain and what do you do to sooth it?
Does the liver re-generate or is damage permanent?
Does anyone have any tips on relieving tension from a migraine?
I have bit the inside of my cheek and it's really sore. Does anyone a quick way to relieve the pain?
Is food poisoning contagious?
Tongue burn?
I found a tiny light blue, round pill.?
Yellow staining of bed linnen what can be the cause?
Suffering from severe chest pains for a week now, doctors cant help can you?
What is shingles?
Sometimes when I go swimming in a public pool I get itchy hives all over my body, whats this from?
Can the std chlamydia stay dorment in a person?
Som freinds and I are having a debate about...?
How is chlamydia tested, by blood or urine?
If something is 99.9 % effective, why can't it just be 100%?
MAGIC JOHNSON, Why is he still alive and extremely healthy?
I found out I had high white blood count but they never said what it was. What could it be?
Weird question but needs to be answered?
Heart Attack?
A child is born with a hole in his heart between the left and right ventricles. This condition must be .......
When is a coronary angiogram absolutely necessary?
Heart Attack/Panic Attack?
How much time do you have after congestive heart failure diagnosis?
Can breast milk be in any way cause death to your newborn?
Has anyone in the medical field watched a open heart surgery?
Heart Attack in Teenage????
Where can i find information about the heart being killed then shocked back to rythm?
Has anyone tried acupuncture?
Does it hurt when...?
Please help diagnose my mom!?
I am so scared of getting my wisdom teeth pulled?
Why do people get a headache when they cry a lot?
Ive just had a nap but when i woke up my left eye wont focus properly?
I think I have a migraine, what are symptoms of a migraine?
Dose getting your tongue pierced hurt?
What can I eat that wont make my gallbladder and me scream with pain???
How can I help my sore muscles to not be so sore?
How to prevent itchy throat?
Asthma/ allergies? connected?
How long do your springtime allergies last? mine usually go away after a month, not this year...?
How can I help an allergy to cigarette smoke..I am snorting, headache, congested and sinus pain after exposure
How can I get relief from allergies other than medications?
Why does cigarette smoke bother a persons sinus?
Food poisoning?
How do you?....?
Can you get a fever when you have allergies?
Where can i find bendryl-d?
Why does eating more saturated fat increase one's blood cholesterol level?
What is regular blood pressure supposed to be?
My heartbeat seems to be really abnormal when im extremely tired, what could cause that?
Can you help with ekg results report? Significance of the following:?
Say something on aids?
Transfats in margarine or butter?
My husband takes insulin and is on several heart med's, is it save for me to have a baby?
Hpv an std, husband swears never slept with anyone else?
Is herpes deadly?
Is the pain in my lower calves due to blockage of those veins or is it a blockage in the femoral artery?
What re two effective ways in reducing the rate of STD's in the United States?
My Husband Said That That bed bugs carry the HIV virus I told him he was full of it is he right?
Does dehydration cause headaches?
My neck and shoulders hurt is there any?
Headache please help?
Is ibuprofen same over the counter as the doctor prescribes?
Any remedies for leg cramp?
What happened to me last night?
What to do if one doctor says you need surgery and another says you don't?
What's your tried and true method for curing a hangover?
Does it hurt to get....?
What is water poisoning??
Is it possible to die of insomnia?
Can eating too much apples make u sick?
Why would someones eyebrows start to fall out?
What are the causes for people to sleep over 15 hours in one day?
Does mayo get rid or lice?
Is it very rare for a 36 year old to have a stroke?
Symptoms...doc cant find anything...?
Are you sleepy?
Can you just go to your doctors for a health check (checking cholesterol, liver function etc)?
Diabetis type 1 and 2 WHAT THE HELL?
What are the symptoms of diabetes?
Need help understanding pre diabieties?
How low does your sugar count go in order to go into a diabetic coma?
Blood sugar levels?
I have got diabetes now and need help with some support for this diseases.?
Can this be diabetes?? im only 18 and slim!?
What is the insulin in diabetic medication?
I have to take inslin because of gestational diabetes will it effect my unborn baby? thanks?
I was wondering how can a dr tell if someone has a clogged attery/ Like can they just tell by a ekg are they?
If a boy or girl age of 15 years old needed a heart transplant, should the donor be the same age?
When you are heartbroken and you have this terrible pain in your heart, what is the remedy?
Does drinking alcohol daily raise cholesterol and blood sugar levels?
What is cardiovascular disease?
How to prevent constipation?
What is cholesterol?
What is the indication for surgical ablation and (AV node ablation + pacemaker) for Atrial Fibrillation?
Is it normal for my pulse rate to be 136 bpm?
What are your thoughts on Euthanasia?
Decreased flow to the heart?
What is the difference between palpitations and tachycardias?
Why do i still crave a cigarette?
Would you go back to this cardioligist???
Kanker Sores?
Period pain...?
I'm constipated? What to do?
Constipated and nothing helps...?
My friend stopped me from drinking nail polish remover.?
Is toothache the worst possible pain you can experience?
Where can I get Vicoden without a prescription?
Is this really true?
What should I do when I have back pain?
Getting shots for middle school do they hurt?
After messing with a person with an STD how long does is take 4 u 2 contract the same Std?
Why do we treat people with herpes like they are the plague???
I have somthing i think its cancer but im 13 so its not herpes.?
Comming out of a club....?
Crotch itching and burning when i pee?
Do I Have Oral Herpes?
Does HIV/AIDS exist ?
Should they make every girl in middle school get the HPV shot?
HELP! HELP ME! How do I stop my feet from hurting so much? I became a waitress and the pain is KILLING me!?
My back is killing me!?
What causes your kidneys to ache?
Please help?? Whats the best way to get rid of gas pains?
What hurts more cutting your left arm or right arm off?
Ways to ease a sore throat?
I have painful bowel movements, any tips on how to make them less painful without meds or anything?
My husband has been prescribed diovan for high blood pressure. How long before they take effect please?
Would thunder and lightening affect a pacemaker?
I have another question, i can hear my heart beat in my right ear.?
Is Tylenol and ibuprophen the same?
I was born with a hole in my heart. What's it called and can you give me a little info about it?
Why dont I have unhealthy cholesterol levels?
Does anyone know if all blood pressure meds cause impotence(its called Toprol XL)?
Which is painfuller; cancer or internal bleeding?
In medical terms, what does abnormal ECG or EKG mean?
Headaches a sign of high blood pressure?
When I sneeze my heart flutters or bubbles!!??
Is murmur,a kind of heart disease curable?
Can mushrooms cause bloating?
Can someone not be allergic to dogs and several months later be allergic to them?
Does my four year old daughter have a cold or allergies?
Why does your nose run when your eys water???
Does Anyone Have a Remedy for Christmas Tree Allergies?
Peanuts & peas - any connection?
I use Revlon hair color. As soon as I started using it, I got my head itching, a lot blisters and some fluid k
Dairy free diet for hives???
Question about Allergy Testing?
How do I know if my knee is really injured?
I burned my finger this morning...how do i make it stop hurting?!?
Really bad tummy pains?
Last week my 3 yr old fell and scraped her knee.....?
I just cut off two of my fingers, how do I help it heal up?
I dislocated my left shoulder 2 days ago. i still can't move my arm and hand & its numb. is this normal ?
Does anyone know any remedies for a really painful neck?
Should I go to hospital?
How can my sister get rid of her migraines?
What exactly is 'piles' ?
If 1/5 of America is obese, how come 9/10 won't admit it?
Should I Go to Prom?
What could be causing my chest pain & what should I do?
When i pee it smells?
What can i take other than Tylenol or aspirin?
How can I help a guy i used to date get off drugs?
Has anyone experienced this ?
Painful kidneys after a heavy weekend!?
Will i pass a drug test if i someked a blunt like 3 months ago ?
Why are my hands shaking??
Threw out my back - which is better: heat or ice?
Is marihuana good for ADD in adults?
Summer and Winter i feel cold is there somthing wrong with me?
What is the usual amount of toes people have?
If you have a body part amputated, when you die and go to heaven, do you get it back?
Quick. I've got cramp in my toes? What the best thing to get rid of it? OWWWWWWWWWWWW!!?
What is the name of headache reliever that you simply roll on your head?
OK. how bad does getting your nose pierced hurt?
Are hot baths bad for your heart?
My mother suffers from exessive fatigue.?
Does drinking alcohol lower your cholesterol?
Stop smoking?
What is V-Fib!!!?
After cardoid artery surgery, what will be limited the rest of your life.?
Cardiomyopathy and pregnancy diagnosed at age 21?
Who should i speak to when my GP messes up administration of prescribed drugs in UK?
Is it true that heart attacks are more related to blood pressure than age?
Blood pressure questions?
HPV ? - need advice from professionals w/medical bckgrnd pls.?
How did I get an STD while pregnant and married but I never ever cheated!!!!?
What is ghoneria?
What are the odds of getting hiv or aids?
Whats the best way to get rid heartburn without medication?
Can I reverse a cold that I'm coming down with??
Pain Medications to get high?
What do you take for hang over?
Anyone know any good cures for Migraine?
Please! Need help! First answer=best answer! Have a huge headache and...?
My arm keeps hurting sharp pains what dose that mean?
Easy way to get rid of headaches?
Whats the best way to cure a bad day?
Whats is going on, stomach pain is killing me?
Why do i feel so tired ?
I can't sleep. What can help me fall asleep?
Is there a way to get rid of hiccups? i know they leave by themselves but is there a way?
Why is it that the people who produce cigarettes put 'SMOKING KILLS' but they still sell and people buy?
What do you suggest?
Why am i so tired all the time, even when i've slept for 8 hours???
What are symptom's of a heart attack?
My father needs to undergo heart surgery. we don mind going to any city for treatment. any suggestions??????
Chest pains but on my RIGHT side?
What does it feel like to have a heart attack??
Teen- High blood pressure?
What side is the heart on????????
My blood pressure is around 135/93.?
I had a heart attack 6 years ago, and a resulting Coronary angioplasty.?
Is it normal for a person's heart to hurt from time to time?
Can a man live when his pulse rate is 20 for 1minute?
Are their any remedies for a really bad toothache?
Back pain problems?
I am only 13 .What should I do about my bad back problems ?
What would happen if i cut my veins on my wrist?
Nose Bleeds?
I have very severe asthma and am severly allergic to dog?
Any good natural headache relief tips?
Oooo A dead body!?
Stuffy nose...help?
Why is my 6 year old boy getting these pains in his knees. He is crying in agony when he comes to stand up.?
What is this strange pain in my hand?
Is allergy season coming yet?
I've got a really thumping headache and nausea. Would hot or cold water in a hot water bottle help?
Tongue problems?
What are the easiest foods to digest? my friend has trouble with wheat.?
Lump on neck?
My 4 year old son has a lump on the side of his neck and its moved to the bk what should i do?
Relief for very, very dry nasal passages?
Does anyone else have problems eating beans?
What are the common food that triggers your allergy?
Why do my ankles keep going?
Mysterious Bump...please help diagnose!?
If you drink a cup of bleach how long would it take you die?
Please Help!?
Is my finger broken?
My dad hit his head really really hard URGENT HELP?
My heart rate stays well above hundred , and my blood pressure will go up and then down in a matter of minutes
How to i get my bruise to heal quicker?
Im in 12th grade and still pick my nose.?
How is this fair...(hospital bill/no insurance)?
Why check kidneys for high blood pressure?
Whatever happened to BIRD FLU. Why did the media go off it so suddenly?
I need some medical advise, can anyone help me, PLEASE?
My friend ingested methyl alcohol( methanol ) to kill himself,he survived but will he die or become sick?Help!
How to deal with your infant who has high fever at midnight?
This sounds dumb but it is serious.is there anything potentially wrong with me if i only crap 2 times a week?
Im anaemic? what food is good for my condition?
My finger was bitten by a kid pretty hard and now it's been numb for a few hours. Should I go to emergency?
Stomache Pain?
Male: Pain when urinating and after, feel like need to after but don't/only very small amount?
How many of you wash your hands after using the toilet?
I burnt my side with the iron! help?
Have u ever had alcohol? over18?
Why does cocaine mess up my sinuses and what can I do to clear them up?
If there is a big yellow ovalish egg in your head and you feel things crawling? is it lice?
Blood in stool but not very often... what could it be?
How can I get rid of the hiccups?
My stomach is so gross and im only 13 help!!!?
There's this cut right on my eye?
Should i ice or heat my swolen ankle.......?
How are Drugs Categorized?
Eggs and Cholesterol?
Should I have my thyroid out?
Can I have a heart attack at age 35?
My son had a thinning of the aortic root. Now four years later a different hospital did a 2d echo and they?
Would you tell on your friend with the STD?
How do you know if your boyfriend has herpes?
Is My Cholesterol Really that Bad?
I have herpes.. will I ever be able to have a normal relationship again...?
Is there a test for HPV?
Should I see a doctor?
Heart question?
Pace Maker?
What Causes Head Aches?
Can lack of sleep give me a headache?
What is a good way to get rid of Charlie horses in your legs if you are pregnant?
Why do us girls have period pains?
Iv always got earache?
I slept funny lastnight now am in so much pain!!!?
Last night i kiss a girl n in the morning my tongue had like lil bump's painful , what could this be ? plz
What is the worst pain you can imagine?
Help me im hungover?
Should a man put a watch on his left or right wrist , maybe it doesn`t matter ????????????????
Pipe smoking?
What cigarettes has the lowest tar and nicotine?
My wife Just quit smoking with no help -- she just quit?
Vomit From Smoking Pot?
Could chest pains be a sign of lung problems,?
Please list out the symptoms of asthama?
To all you smokers out there........ (smokers only)?
Where can I get free info on Asthma? PLEASE READ BOTTOM FOR EXPLANATION?
Coughing and cant stop and it hurts my chest and throat.?
What cause emphysema?
How can I help or convince my mother to quit smoking?
Can i drink alcohol if i broke my foot?
How many bananas do you have to eat every day to make it healthy?
I lost my voice. What can I do to get it to come back quickly?
Blood glucose levels?
Don't you just hate that?
I think I am pre-diabetic. Where do I find information on what are normal blood glucose levels?
Bee Sting???
Where do i find a good diabetic diet? one that is livable, not starving.?
Does having diabetes cause kidney stones?
Which is the best remedy 4 a 'swelling' due 2 insect bite???
Energy levels on a diabetic and how to overcome the lazinessand being tired all the time?
Is refined sugar a pure substance?
Can someone help me gain some weight?
Does good control of diabetes prevent the onset of eye complications?
Drinks with sugar?
What is the best time of day to check my blood sugar levels?
What medicines harm the liver?
How safe is silicone injections on buttocks?
What is a heart murmur and what should i do differently now?
How many milligrams of cholesterol per day is recommended for someone who needs to reduce intake?
Can a greasy meal make your blood pressure go up temporarily? I'm confused. I think I have HBP.?
Healthy heart?
OK, I take about 5 or 6 medicines a day, for high blood pressure, anxiety attacks, please read on?
True or False, Lipitor dosn't lower cholesterol, it forces your?
I can't breathe too well and my heart hurts when i sleep on my right side, do i have a condition?
Why am I having heart/chest pains?
Can dramatic loss of weight cause arrythmia?
How does drinking alcohol cause heart disease?
Kissing leads to HIV/STD?
II have been doing facials on my client for over a year now he is a gay male and has recently told me?
If you have hpv does your male partner have to be treated too?
Can herpes make one sterile?
My girl friend might have an std?
Do you die earlyer from getting herpes? " i dont have herpes a friends does"?
Herpes from someone?
I am sick, and have a show in 86 hrs. Should I cancel it?
Why did my spit turn so foamy?
Need to find out more about the immune system and how can i protect it?
I have this constant dry cough for over one month.. what should i do for it.?
I need serious answers for this.....??
What is the best way to treat pneumonia in three year olds?
What's the best @ fastest way to quit smoking specially that am pregnant?
Is this dangerous?
I am so ill :( what should i do?
Why in the old tv shows and movies if someone is hyperventalating do they breath into a paper bag?
I have a huge black area just appeared on my tongue. What is it??
My guy is an alcoholic and keeps falling off the wagon. Any intelligent solutions?
Is it true that someone died because he drank too much water and flushed out all the essential minerals?
Whats the easiest way to give smoking up?
What could numbness in the fingertips mean?
If tou have a brain transplant, would you lose all your previous memories?
Is it harmful to drink orange or grapefruit juice because of their acidity?
Can i be dismissed off work if i am sick?
Can I take it or should I wait?
Is it gonna Form a SCAR??
Sensitive skin - desperate for advice; thanx?
Bloody stool?
Really bad stomachache?
I got my ears pierced a week ago and now they're infected. What will make it heal faster?
Why is red meat making me sick?
Diagnosis for sore throat?
How do i cure autism?
All the time headaces?
How can i solve my helth problume?
How do i walk outside all by my big girl self?!?
My 18 year old son sneezes a lot due to some allergy. Any remedies please.?
How do i get rid of cold sores in a hour?
I feel sleepy but cannot sleep. What to do?
Help! i always wake up with cramp in my calf...?
I fell in a pile of grave and now i think i have kidney stones.?
How can I get rid of wrist and arm razor marks without waiting for a 3 days?
I have bad allergies and sometimes I wake up at night sneezing, coughing, wheezing, and have a runny nose....?
Is it true that it is more hygienic to lick a toilet bowl than to bite your nails? Gross!!?
What should you do for someone who tries suicide alone?
Cracking your bones...?
I got my tongue stuck to a pole?
Why do people get bloody noses?
Help! I've got something going on with my body but i cant figure out what or how to cure it!?
How do I cure a wrist ganglion?
Does it hurt when a bone is broken?
Does this look bad?
I have a serious burn...?
How long does it take to end?
Numbness on one side of the body?
I have a strong headache that makes me vomit continuously please what should i do?
Should I be concerned?
Cats and asthma?
Best medicine or non-Western treatment for allergies?
My daughter & Triptorelin (Decapeptyl 3.75mg)?
Can you give me some advice please?
Pressing sensation across breast area for over week. is this stress, cancer of heart related?
I have a hole in the heart (VSD) which the doctors expected would close up by the age of four but I'm now 14..
Lower Blood Pressure Naturally?
Heart Palpitations?
Should I go to the hospital?
What are the signs of a heart attack?
Is By pass surgery essential or is there any other solution possible?
How long can you live, if youre heart is only working at 12 %?
What are albuterol inhaler side effects?
My blood goup is B+ve and my wife's blood group is O+ve what are the side effects?
Any ex smokers please ?
In what type of patient is it not safe to to administer nebulisers via oxygen and why?
Good morning sir, i am suffering from gas trouble too much, pls tell me how to outcome from this?
Has anyone tried this method to quit smoking????
Really bad cough??
Why are people asking questions about the pros of smoking when it brings you right to "Respiratory Diseases"
Cystic fibrosis?
If u have herpes like cold sores and such does it mean u have gential herpes as well?
Is there any cure for aids?
Can you give blood if you have a disease?
Is there a connection between HPV and HIV?
Should I go to the gym tonight when i feel ill with a cold and have a headache?
I have bad back ache after going on the beer for the last few days..I never fell or anything..what's hurting?
Whats the worst physical pain you have ever felt?
Tylenol vs. Advil ?
What is the worst pain that you can feel?
If your stomach hurts wat do u do?
I get a ton of headaches! what could this be from?
Im 13 and i have been having breathing problems?
Lump on neck :S :(?
Swallowing mucus?
Only for those that smoke tobacco...?
When I get upset I seem to hyperventalate and It makes it hard to move. Whats wrong with me?
How do u inhale an air freshner?
Would a girl like to be helped when coughing?
Second hand smoking and cystic fibrosis?
Is bronchitis contagious?
How To Get Fid Off Hiccups?
Why are common cold symptoms worse in the evening?
What triggers asthma attacks in the winter?
What the name of the sickness that make someone vomit blood? and the way to recover?
How does Coronary Heart Disease affect the Circulatory System?
My husband has been having times where he said he feels like his heart is getting warm.?
What are the dangers of low potassium levels in a person with CHF ? what are ideal levels ?
My Mum had Heart surgery on Monday for a replacement valve & 1 blocked artery.?
Prescription for a broken heart?
What should I eat when I have high blood pressure?
What is wrong when you dream of playing a sport and wake up tired with your heart racing?
What are some good foods to eat to lower cholesterol?
Is is true that taking table SALT could cause hypertension, stroke and ballooning of the blood vessel?
What time do u get up in the morning?
What is best over the counter pain killer?
Does your brain feel pain?
Kicked in the groin question..?
What is tramadol hydrochloride and what is it used for.?
My ear is aching, the right side of my face is puffy, and I'm dizzy. Help?
I think i might have a migraine?
How can I enjoy more pain? Any more ideas?
How much pain can u tolerate?
What's the best way to get a child's body temp? A thermometer on his mouth or putting it between underarm?
How does having asthma make you more susceptible to colds?
Why do people start smoking?
How can i get rid of a headache without takin any meds?
Will Steroid drugs increase immune power?
How often do we need tetnis shots?
My 18 year old son drank 8 big glasses of beer in a party and then started vomiting and almost fainted.?
I took a chest x-ray and one of the findings is as follows:?
Find a garbage or just throw it?
I just burned myself with boiling water o my entire forearm. What can I do to ensure there will be no scarring
Ex smokers - did you get one cold after another when you stopped?
Infected earring? Best solution?
Does it hurt getting stitches taken out?
What is the most amount of years you have gone with out throwing up?
I've had this cough for 5-6 weeks, help!?
HELP, i cut my finger.?
Very Painfull Toe Problem?
Why is it bad for you to smoke around your chilren?
How long do most people with C.O.P.D live?
Arm Breaking?
My Urine Is Stong And The Neighbors Complain?
What would be the best steps to take if someone were shot?
What is wrong with me in the shower?
What is worst ,smoking pot are drinking beer?
My heart is broken, Will you help me?
Accidentally shot my son in the head with a bow and arrow, do not have health insurance. What should I do?
Help help i scratched my dads car?
What does it mean if your upper right rib hurts when you breathe in and lean forward?
Ingrown toe nail?
I'm always sick. I either always feel tired or lightheaded or achy all over. Does anyone know why?
Help please, I am having weird stomach pains.?
Can a person diagnosed with asthma smoke?
I got "some" om my eyes.. Will this make me blind or something like that? It hurts badly for me.?
Medical questions?
How to get rid of a common cold?
What health complications come with anorexia?
Death or not?!?
Can the Myocardial Infarction be cure ???
Symptoms of heart problems?
My dad is having a stent put in his heart next week. Should he be out doing stuff??
Signs or symtoms of impending myocardial infarction?
What effect does dehydration have on the long-term function of the kidneys?
Have You Ever Read The Article Why The Low-Fat Diet Is STUPID And POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS?
Is it true that cholesterol forms plaque in your arteries only when you are asleep?
My 73 year old father has to catheter himself and since yesterday he tells my mother that he has?
How do you make a heart on myspace and i dont mean this heart:<3?
Are there any reasons why heart palpitations would last for days?
Is there a list of people who are infected with HIV?
Are hives a sign of an allergy?
Clyamidia results...?
Allergy testing - amount of time you have to be off meds.?
Warts, are they Contagious?
How to get rid of hives?
I am taking zyrtec10mg for my allergies how ever it has not been working well. Is it ok to also takean allegra
Does anybody else have difficulty breathing after exposed to your allergies?
If you are allergic to your earrings, how long does it take to show up?
Just adopted adorable gray tabby and allergic?
My lil bro has a nut allergy. Is it fair therefore that I'm not allowed peanut butter in the house?
How come when someone gets shot they never cry?
Sick from too much pain meds?
I have been troubled with a pain for two days and would like to know if it requires medical attention.?
Bruising caused by boyfriend?
What does throbbing head pains mean?!?!?
How can i get rid of my head ache w/out medication?
What's wrong with me? It hurts to pee...?
Why wont my lower back pain go away? HELLLP?
Every morning when I wake up i always have phlegm and have to spit it out. What does this mean?
Has anyone ever went on a PCP trip???
Asthma or heart attack?
How do you get to sleep, when you have the flu?
My girlfriend just lost her sister of 23 to cystic fibrosis?
How can you ease a sinus infection without taking meds..?
Could i have asthma?
I had Bronchiolitis when I was a child, is there a chance of it coming back or does it just go away?
I am on prednisolone and gained a huge amt of wgt. how can I lose it?
Painful Sore Throat only in the morning.?
What causes hiccups and how do i get rid of it?
Has anyone ever drowned after falling asleep in the bath?
I'm nervous about being in the house alone at night.?
Plzzzz help!!!!its urgent!!!?
I sleep too much ?
Please answer - in sooo much pain...?
Does toungue peircing hurt?
Hurts to breathe; Chest hurts every once in a while?
I’m going for an MRI. I’m told I need to wear a helmet because of metal fillings in my teeth?
I stopped smoking but?
My boyfriend snores like the lion king, even with the nasal strips!?
Blood Tests...?
Annoying snoring boyfriend
Is it really that difficult to quit smoking?
If you think you have appendix problems, How long could you wait to go to the doctor?
Do you smoke Ciggarettes? ?
Strep throat with a severe cough?
Cure for bad back?
What are the effects of snorting deoderant or other inhaler type things?
What types of food and drink should you eat/comsume in order to releave sore throat and cough?
What is anterior myocordial ishemia?
Tonsillitis, question how bad have you had it?
Is there any sites or organizations that i can get heart healthy info from?
After you have failed to Succeed, What else is left?
Can anyone tell me how serious a heart murmur can be? What is it exactly?
Blood Presure 98/54?
Possible heart problems signs.?
Why do doctors ask you about any surgeries you've had?
Can someone live a normal life with 10% of there heart working?
My husband has high cholesterol and high triglyerides. What is the best way to help lower them?
Can not sleeping raise your blood pressure temporarily?
K this is a strange question?
Okay so im a [email protected]$$ and just sliced my finger open... help?
Seriously.... How do feel at this moment.?
I am really upset.. am i just overreacting..?
What does it mean to be constipated?
Is it TOO much to ask?
What to do for a jellyfish bite?
I have swelling in my leg and a little puss comes out from the wound...what should i do!!???
What is the best way to treat mosquito bites?
How can i get sleep?
Why do we feel pain?
Doctor's receptionist gives "treatments"..is this okay???
I got burned, bubble formed... and i popped it what do i do?
Im breaking out really bad ! advice please ?
My friend said she would give me 350$ if I broke or fractured my ankle or hand...how can I do this?
I actually slipped on a banana peel and broke my arm!! I feel like a dummy!!?
Pain in my wrist?
A ladder fell on my head last night?
I woke up with severe right arm pain that seems to be localized around the elbow. What could it be?
What is the best way to take care of a sprained ankle?
Pls help..cant get rid of haemorrhoids?
How long should one have explosive diarrhea?
Is it possibly to have diabetes and not know it? what would happen if it wasnt treated?
Irritable Vowel Syndrome can it be cured ?
Will the bird flu come to the usa?
Will it hurt when a kidney stone is in your tube going to the bladder and it moves into your bladder?
Can anyone help put my mind at rest before i work myself up into a complete state?
I take one co-codamol every night?
Does anyone know how to sucessfully treat IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)?
A question about blood glucose testing...????
Dripping urine. Diabetes ?
Is this fat?
Is this normal ?
How many Carbs should a diabetic consume per day?
When You Were Diagnosed with Diabetes . . .?
Does this mean I have diabetes?
Can type 1 diabetics donate blood?
Question about diabetes would like straight answers please?
What are two other names for insulin-dependent diabetes?
Whats the best cure for heavy menstrual cramps?????
I get migraines all the time... almost daily.... what medications work well and are they prescription?
I am a 28 year male with shooting pain down my right arm, its not constant.. Is it a nerve or heart thing?
Does anyone know of any good stores that sell shoes for....?
How can i make my throat stop hurting??
Does a Tetnis Shot Hurt?
What is hepertitas liver decease?
Havent been able to have a bowel movement in two days?
My mom has a pain under her right rib and she says it feels bloated?
The best way to stop cramp once it's started in my calf muscle? thanks?
Glyceryl trinitrates are used to treat acute cardiac failure.?
Is heart disease curable?
Stroke recovery?
What can you do to prevent getting heart disease ?
What diagnoses might require a pacemaker?
Heart Palpitations only happens when I am @ work.?
Does congestive heart failure hurt?
Can stroke be completely cured?
Is there a link between high blood pressure and heavy alcohol consumption?
My mom could possibly have a stroke.. she is in the ER now.. I don't know what to think or do at all?!?
I cut my foot on something metal (dont kno what it is). It's really deep and keeps bleeding.ER or not?
Is it possible to be allergic to onions? If so, what might the symptoms be?
How do you cure hiccups?
Why do I cough uncontrollably when my allergies are acting up?
I can squirt liquids out of my eye by putting them through my nose how is this possible?
I have a mosquito bite?
I have hives and rashes all over my body....?
Ring stuck on finger?
I have a question myself, how do you go to sleep when you don't feel sleepy?
Too much water?
Got really drunk last night and can't remember where?
What are some good, quick ways to get rid of belly fat?
I can't hear out of my left ear!!?
Am I allergic to my cat?
I have an ear infection, can I take a shower?