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Is there any poison in perfume? I accidentally spray it into my eye?
This question is for any women who have been pregnant and had allergy problems or for anyone knowledgeable?
Have you experienced this? Allergies in children.....?
Can 14K gold really cause allergies?
When you have a cold why do we get green snot?
SEVERE fatigue/diziness. sinusitis? allergies?
Will an air purifier in my living room stop it from smelling dank?
Do I have to go to the doctor if I have a broken collar bone?
Does it hurt having stitches out?
Right I've got a very serious problem and i need advice.?
Worst injury you've ever had?
My husband kicked my leg 3 months ago but...?
I can't feel my left arm but i can move it, what should i do?
My neck REALLY hurts when I move it to the left!!??
Please help!!! i can't find answers anywhere on-line... i have a very painful injury?
Help me please!!!!!?
What is worse, loosing an arm or a leg?
Tests are this week. I'm having a panic attack...?
My son has asthma!?
Help diagnose: smoker of 12 years coughing alot..?
What are some reasons for coughing up blood? This has been going on for a couple of years.?
I am having difficulty breathing, short of breath all the time do you know what it is?
My friend smoked weed for her 1st time how long will it be with her?
Why doesn't everyone smoke pot?
I have asthma is there anything other then inhalers that can help me like home remedies or such??? please help
I just coughed up blood.?
How do you know if someone has hpv?
Is hpv linked to cheating?
WIth the new Clorox Anywhere surface cleaner......does anywhere mean ANYWHERE? Like "down there"..........
How to cure sweaty palms?
Is there a type 3 diabetes?
Can a diabetic an saw this question please?
Anyone on metformin having worse neuropathy symptoms??
Does anybody if we can share glucometers (diabetes blood sugar testing)?
What do shots feel like?
Does this bother you?
Help with type 1 diabetes? Urgent!
What could lead to diabetes?
Does it hurt to get your blood drawn?
What happens when you drink liquor and are Diabetic? Best answer 10 points.?
I stepped in pee?
Is the illness 'M.E' real or is is just that they're lazy?
When someone feels lightheaded and almost faints from standing up suddenly, what is that about ?
I have a problem with bowel movement some times i cn't go for over a week help ! this includes constipation
How do you prevent ingrown toenails?
In all of history, the most destructive disease?
How can I get rid of this cold?
Ok , do this for me please :o)?
Is there a cat that causes less allergic reaction than others?
Blocked ear help!?
My daughter has a bloody nose so often, what can i do to stop it, and what can i do to prevent it?
I am being tormented by hives!?
Anyone been told they have polyps in there nose or sinuses?
Allergic to "free & clear" laundry soap???
Im having acute allergy.what should i do?
Year-round coughing - any ideas?
Allergic reaction?
Anyone know why I'd suddenly develop anaphylactic reactions to several foods at 37?
Help me!! ASTHMA?!?
If you have a cold or flu is it unwize to swallow flem that you cough up?
How do i know if i have emphysema?
Is it true?
How can i get rid of chest congestion at home?
What are my stop snoring options?
My husband has acute bronchitis and emphysema. What is the right medicines he can take to get rid of these?
What's best for severe post-nasal drip?
Why people can't stop smoking?
When you have a chest infection, do you go to hospital for 4 days?
Help need help!?
I got cheated on and he gave me an std. I went for a check up and I was postive. How do i confront him?
The Scientific Evidence for HIV/AIDS?
What's the best STD?
Deathly scared of HIV test...please help?
Does anybody have a good remedy to get rid of the common cold quickly?
What do you do if all the depression medication you take makes you feel sick and very tired?
My boyfriend has a blocked ear, anyone know a quick solution?
What is the number 1 killer desease in Africa?
Would u classify bulimia anorexia alcoholism as a disease or a choice?
If a child likes spinning objects and bangs his head when he's frustrated, are those signs of autism?
Can aids be transmitted by saliva?(Like when you kiss someone)?
Should I use EXTREME measures to prolong my father's life (advanced Alzheimer's)?
I think there is blood in my stool? What causes that?
I've been experiencing a undescribable lump in my throat for a while? What can I do to clear my throat?
Why is my one nose always blocked?
HELP!!! What Is An Over The Counter Allergy Medicine That REALLY works?
Can anybody give me advice on how to get rid of a sore throat and a cough?
I have been taking this protein powder for about a week...?
My 5 year old daughter was lactose intolrent and she use to have soymilk but now she is taking normal milk?
I keep getting this same cold, any suggestion on how to get rid of it as soon as possible and keep it away.?
Is there a cure for HPV?
Brief introduction about AIDS?
Terrified of getting an HIV test during blood test next week!!!?
I have to urge to pee even though i just peed.?
I need some help. I had a blood test a few months back and it said i had herpes.?
What is a good cure for a migrane headache??
How can i avoid jet lag?
Is it a Good Morning where you are...?
Is it good to have a slightly dirty house with rats?
Why does my doctor always ask whether or not I where my seatbelt?
Good ways to help you fall a sleep???
Do you think that a drunk should pay for an ambulance if they pass out because of their binge drinking?
Smoke from matches and candles?
Why do i get sick when i drink cold drinks or walk in the rain, or walk barefoot on tiled floors?
I am too scare of animals especially sheep what should I do ?
Can you cough up green pghlem with a normal cold?
Are they any ways of easing of curing ashtma?
When I breathe in, my chest hurts real bad. Is it serious or just some heart burn?
Can this ************ heat be a trigger for asthma?
Please do me a simple favor!!!! and simple 10 points!!!?
Is there a correct way to breathe?
Please???cant breathe in right?
Why do i feel nauseous in the mornings?
I have just been diagnosed with seizures, only when I am sleeping. any one have any advice on how to deal?
Has anyone here had surgery before?
My 16 yo son has been recently diagnosed with autism and is denying he has any problems, what should I do?
What happens if you smoke weed for one time only?
Have you ever seen someone have a seizure ?
Feeling low?
Lower stomach! please help me!!!?
Can cheese cure HIV?
A potential lover informs me of having herpes.?
Does AIDS have any external ... easy to spot symptoms ?
What is the most # of years you can carry herpes virus and not know you have it or who gave it to you.....?
My sister has a terrible infection down below?
Please dont laugh this is serious im scared how would i know if i had herpes?
Does weed mess up your breathing?
What is a way to relieve asthma (weezing) without an inhaler?
If someone has sleep apnea are there any natural remedies besides a CPAP machine?
Can a small air passageway be causing frequent sinus infections?
How do I stop my RUNNY NOSE!?
Itchy throat, itchy ear INSIDE! Is it allergies or not?
I can't breathe, but doctors won't help. Can you?
Breathed in small fly???
Is breathing voluntary?
I have asthma and i've been on prednisone for almost 4 years and?
I have the worst cough ever.?
What is my condition?
Ok, I'm a diabetic and I take 20 units of insulin everyday. I usually use the 1/2 cc needles.?
Could I be diabetic?
Whats the difference between novalog and humalog insulin?
Whats next with diabetes my blood sugar is staying between 311-385?
Diabetes and Sugar?
I just checked my sugar level and it was 123, I haven't been tested for diabetes yet?
Hi, I recently had a hemoglobin A1C test done and the result was 6.0. I would like to know what should I do?
Diabetic on insulin, blood sugar 526, never been this high before, take more insulin or consult a doctor?
Diabetic: Young and Diabetic, difficulty losing weight?
Insulin question?
Why do gay people contract HIV easier?
Who is a famous person who has AIDS?
What are the health risks for the long run if you have herpes and not treated for it?
Herpes question?
If being Gay is a disease, why aren't people more supportive in helping to find a cure?
I may have rabies, but no health insurance, what should I do?
I have been diagnosed with MS today, will symptoms get worse, and will I have another episode occurring?
Once in a while I get blurry vision and I feel like Im drunk, what could this be?
Help....this is driving me absolutly nuts!!!!?
Good food to eat with a sore throat?
What does it mean when your hands never stay still?
If 2 ginger people marry, are the children doomed to also be a ginger?
Sore joints are symptoms of what diseases?
Help!! This is really important!!?
Can your own carbon dioxide be inhaled by your own nose?
Does asthma go away and never come back?
After quitting smoking,is increased coughing and mucos normal?
What can make throat close?
What is the difference between air we inhale, and air we exhale?
How dangerous smoking is?I smoke up to 40 cigarettes per day.?
Should i still smoke?
What is the home remedy for urine infection, and how does it happen?
OK....how is it I get a sore throat....BAM...just like that.....no other symptoms.....?
Any eye drops i could use to make my eyes less swollen?
I got a red spot on my chest and back after i took vodka?
Red eyes, stuffy runny nose, sore throat?
What is a way to get an allergy free room??
If i am allergic to whey but i dont know it can i take a test to see if i am allergic if so what kind of test?
Allergy Headache?
Son broke out in rash 7days after starting amoxicillinwas it partof the virus or was itan allergic reaction?
What is the best allergy medicine?
Itchy, red, swollen eyes......???
Is the government hiding a cure to HIV/aids?
If ur girlfriend or boyfriend gave u a std would u still stay with them?
Can the hpv virus go way, not just the warts but the virus it self?
Does it hurt getting tats Describe the pain..?
Ive just taken 9 paracetamal tablets have i overdosed?
What 's the fastest way to fall asleep?? When I go to bed, it takes me max 4 hrs to fall sleep, any ideas???
I'm in a lot of pain, please help?
I think I'm addicted to prescription medications, what to do?
Does Smoking make you Fat?
Is it safe to drink Nyquil just to fall sleep faster?
A good way to fall asleep fast???
What makes you feel like an animal?
I have a cough I have never had before...?
What is it called when you lose your voice when you have a cold.?
How to fight cold naturally?
I'm afraid of doctors, is there a way to find out if I have asthma?
Smoking help?
TB testing question?
What is shortness of breath?
What can help a 3yr old breath through the night without gasping for air?
PLEASE HELP.....i have been sick since the 22nd. (be serious.)?
Does bronchitis cause wheezing?
A pain in my left forearm, what could this be?
Anyone know if there is anything you can take to stop you from feeling agitated and shaky please?
How can I eliminate kidney stones without a doctor?
Is Hepatitis C contaigous?
I have been reallllly tired and my vision seems blury. what can this be?
Tips on how to vomit?
Can HIV infected people have healthy children?
I am very scared to be put under for a procedure...how can I not be so nervous?
What should I do if I have to pee at school and all of the bathrooms are locked?
My toe nail is going to fall off! how long do u think it will take to grow back?
If i break my wrist should i tell anyone?
Do you think i should see the doctor?
I dont remember if i brushed my teeth this morning.?
I think I broke my toe...?
Cosmetic surgery.is it right or wrong?
What's a???
What can you put on a bee sting besides benadryl?
I want to knock myself out?
If you are HIV positive,....?
Help. I think I have AIDS?
Isn't cold out side?
I think im having an anxiety attack?
Why is it important to stop smoking before you have a surgical procedure?
Sleep apnea?
My mum is 64 and has a sore throat, a bad cough and an aching jaw, what could it be?
How to prove my mom?
Best climates for a child with chronic asma to live in?
What does it mean when your average pulse rate is no less then 100 at rest like just relaxing in a chair?
Why are they doing this scan?
I woke up with a huge spider bite on my eyelid?
Allergic reaction to tattoos possible??
How do I take an inhaler properly??
Am I lactose-intolerent? Need Easy Help! If i drink milk will i still get calcium?
Why are the insurance companies refusing sinus medication?
Why does my nose keep turning red ?
Allergic Reaction to Miralax? What to do?
Why does my throat itch after eatting sweets?
Does anyone know why my nose is always stuffed?
Is there a way to know if you're allergic to ecstasy?
Who thinks its unfair.....?
Can you help with a diet sheet for type 2 diabetes?
My sis is in Share,due to tension she eat less ,bcoz of which she has loss sme weight , can this give diabetes
Do you know how to bring down your blood sugar fast?
What foods can a Diabetic eat Thanks?
My son is 14---juvenile diabetes?
I cannot live without sugar & caffeine, what am I going to do?
My fiancee is impotent due to type 1 diabetes. He is only 36 and has tried all the various drugs?
What are the signs/symptoms of diabetes?
I think i have diabetes plz verify !!! read details?
Is the smoke from a burning incense same as second hand smoke from cigarette?
How do i reduce my high after smoking weed? how do i make myself stop feeling baked?
Is it ok to give your dog kids cough med my dog has been coughing really bad?
Is there a certain type of climate that is better for someone with asthma?
For some reason i just coughed and spit out a little blood. what is wrong with me?
Can i get disability for high blood pressure and sleep apnea?
Is albuterol addictive?
What should be the normal peak flow reading for a 40 yr old 5'6" non smoking female?
I am having a very hard time breathing...?
We like to smoke smoking the cronic?
I think I have OCD and it really bugs me, help!?
Please Help me with what you think!!?
What diseases can you get from making out with someone?
Can u get aids by dry seamen from 5 months ago if its some how goes in you?
Im worried!!! this might be a stupid question but..?
What r ther signz of mono?
What are the chances of getting HIV virus if you use the soap used by HIV infected person?
Does this sound like I'm lacking iron? or something else?
What can i do to get rid of wearing glasses?
Reality show with a kidney for a prize? Is this good or bad?
When I laugh I loose control of my bladder... Is this a disorder?
Doctors stare at me like i'm crazy when it comes to theses symptoms:?
I'm having shortness of breath... could the cause be energy drink?
Does anyone have a spouse with sleep apnea?
I have a horrible sore throat in which blood squirts from my eyes, yes eyes, when i cough. Is this normal ?
Is smoking Shisha (hookah, nargileh etc..) bad for you?
What helps you sleep better?
I'm tring to quit smoking,Ive heard of this new drug called "chantix" has anyone tried it , and does it work?
Are humidifires good or bad for asthma?
I get hayfever from mid june to mid july. what kind of pollen am i allergic to?
Do illegal drugs make someone cough?
I have sensation of sneezing but the sneeze does not comes is their a way to induce a sneeze?
Drowsiness from Zyrtec?
If i have a running nose am i sick?
How come whenever I'm feeling sick tea and honey always makes me feel better?
Any Ideas People?
What is a good Allergy Medication?
Can you be allergic to raisins and still eat grapes?
Is it safe to mix 2 antihistamines?
Can a allergy test reveal exactly what I'm allergic to?
How to get rid of a stuffy/runny nose?!?
When do you know?
Hola chica.......there was a picture of me, doin something i shouldnt, HELP!?
Confused about std tests?
If HIV is such a "fragile" virus wouldn't the natural salt on are hands kill it if we touched infected fluids?
What is it like to have HIV or AIDS...?
Does anyone know anything about the theory that AIDS is a man made virus?
How can i take off a mole from my eyelids?
For the past 4 years i have had this rash in between my breasts the drs said its a yeast infection and have?
Is it possible to give yourself " whiplash "?
Is my wrist broken or sprained or ok?
Is My fingernail going to fall off or what?
Hospital ???? answer please?
How do you cover up an ingrown toenail at a pool?
What causes bruising?
Do I need to go to the hospital or will it heal?
Cut on a finger?
A jacket hit my eye,it's been tearing,and it hurts, what do i do to make it better?
If someone is stabbed in the neck and the knife is still impaled in their neck...should it be removed first...
What's a natural cure for insomnia?
My stomache has been upset, all day & night, since July. I'm not w/child and Doc has no answer. Anyone?
Is there alot of sickness viruses going around?
Think my 14 yr old may be on meth.........Help?
Who believes in miracles?
Is my doc right or wrong?
I have a really bad sore throat, and it really hurts to swallow, someone help????
I accidently ate the head of a dandilion.... PLEASE HELP ANSWER QUICKLY! AM I POISONED??
Why are people with seizure disorders made fun of?
Does anyone know what causes asthma in an adult?
How do i stop my sister from smoking ????
Why would my asthma worsen so severely in the last 2 months? I live in N Florida- allergy tests show nothing.?
Can a emergency room refuse service to a patient?
I have short loss of breath and the air is always stuffy to me. is there something wrong?
I am suffering from soryasis, can y suggest medicine?
If I smoke a pack of cigarettes will I get addicted?
What kind of medicine can you take (over the counter) to cure post-nasal drip?
Why do smokers smoke?
MY gurl has a dude friend and she work out with him she dont wont to work out with me why is that?
Which is better tylenol or aleve?
How do i get rid of mariijuana out of my system using home remedies?
Is there anything bad with taking a cold shower?
How can you pop your ear and get air out of it?
Is it bad to smoke, to drink, to take drugs?? y is it so??
What is a good hangover cure?
If you was kill instantly in your sleep without waking up would you know you were dead?
I'm a Type 2 Diabetic and I'm having trouble losing weight. What can I do to yield big results w/out surgery?
What are the ways to minimize ciggarettes harming your body?
A diabetic, should i take oral medicines or insulin?
Worried About My Boyfriend's Health?
When you put your computer to sleep, does it make you feel sleepy?
What is the difference betweem type 1 diabetes and type 2 ?? so on..?
How does agent orange cause diabetes when it is heridity in the family, is veterans riping off the government?
Why cant people drink sea water? help us settle a debate please?
I am diabetic 2?
What kind of foods have a lot of Iron in them?
How many hours of sleep should I get on school nights?
Can i get pregnant if i have type 1 diabetes ?
How do I beat an drug test for diabetes for an job?
How do you get diabetes?
How should I treat my hamster if it has diabetes?
Is this diabetes? or something else?
My friend has hepatitis B and is going to marry. Should he reveal his disease to his bride. Pls advice?
Could you consider children a form of STD?
I have an ichy bumquack?
Combivent is being discontinued,can anyone tell me an equivilentplease sabutamol does not work for me alone.?
Asthma. medicines aren't working. Serevent and Pulmicort?
I had asthma at 6 months but it left before I was 5 years old? What type of asthma is that?
When your doctor gives you an antibiotic to gargle, does he mean gargle & spit it out or gargle & swallow?
I want to end up in the hospital. How can I get there?
Can snorting xanax cause bronchitis?
I have had pneumonia twice in 2 years - how can I avoid getting it again?
Severe cough for a year. been on high predisone for a year and nothing. doctors say they do not have any idea
I just spit up a massive loogie, what should i do with it?
Is there a melaria tablet that I can buy over the counter without a doctorsw prescription?
Stool Color?
Could a sore thraot that has lasted on and off for about a month now be from alergies?
Can u please name this Allergy?
I'm Scared of Allergy Shots or Immunotherapy! Is it really worth it?
Are peanuts actually beans?
What allergy medicine can I take for Ragweed?
Latex allergy? i have hives?
I like apples and carrots but I think I might be allergic to them. Is this possible?
How do you stop a runny nose?
I have small bumps on the sides of my feet (looks like blisters)that are filled with clear fluid what can I do
What does it mean when my face tingles sometimes while I'm eating.?
Help me diagnose an illness?
How do i stop my son from using cocaine?
Found a pill in my son's closet?
A guy I know is very fidgety and can't keep still for longer than a few seconds?
What do you call the people that think they have all diseases?
What foods can stop my heartburn?
Anyone had a brain haemorrhage and survived?
Is acid reflux disease curable?
A vaccination for the cancer causing virus for cervical cancer is now being given to women. Why not men?
Can you have herpes for years before your first outbreak ?
Aids..? (important question)?
Help Please Serious Health problem!!!?
Can you a STD from the public toilet. that's how i got mine.?
Is it true that?
Blood in my phlegms?
Does anyone know natural remedy for dry cough?
Has anyone used mucinex?does it work?
What is worse for you, smoking cigarettes or dipping tobacco?
Everytime i believe i get this sharp pain in my lungs....?
What is a good exercise to help shortness of breath?
My 8 week old has a runny nose and cough along with a high temperature?
Coughing up blood and gray and green stuff...?
What are some ways to nurse a sore throat?
In lot of pain! please help?
A good product or shampoo to get rid of dandruff??
What do you do when you have an in-grown toe nail that is really deep ?
Get rid of sock tan?
Is it safe to be electrocuted 3 times in a year?
What's a cure for psoriasis?
Does it hurt if a car moving slowly runs over the fingers of my foot?
What areas of the world is heart disease found in?
I cut my leg with a broken glass. The wound is deep, but it barely bled. Why?
How many fingers do you have on your left hand?!?
How can I get rid of acne scars?
LVH / Heart murmer / panic attack?
I bruised my big toenail and now it is falling off. Is there anything I should be doing?
I think I've broken a rib, advice?
Please help!What should I do?I have painful acne issues!?
Tachycardia, abnormal Cardiolite stress test, need info!?
How long does your brain think after your head has been chopped off?
Is lime alright for high blood pressure?
Metal in eye?
Would echocardiography show an old abortion?
Im am 14 and want to know if 118/52 is low blood pressure?
Holter Monitor question...?
Can teenagers get heart murmurs and why?
I need help re: hypertension from a medical expert??
SERIOUS QUESTION! Could this be bronchitis or asthma?
I've had a heavy cough for awhile and now I am having a hard time breathing. Are there any home remodies?
I never knew, the things i was never told about smoking?
If they are getting rid of the traditional asthma inhalers...?
How do you get rid of a sinus infection???
Is marijuana harmful to the health especially the lungs?
Help me please !! 10 points for best answer?
I smoke a little over a pack a day......?
I've had a vry very mild cough for the past year, and I'm a non-smoker . What could this be?
What causes us to cough?
Can you get diseases from sharing the same water bottle?
How do u get mono?
What are syphillus symptoms?
Can crabs turn into head lice?
Is there an std that can cause mouth sores?
Can herpes be transmitted thru a cup?
Questions about Allergy Testing?
Help! I don't know what the problem is?
If you're donating blood and you were stung by a bee......?
Runny Nose, Ear Popping, and Slight Sore Throat?
Has anyone out there been allergy tested? Is it painful and is it effective in finding out why ones nose is?
Does anyone know how to get rid of hives, completely???
Why does peaple have 2 eyes and 1 nose?
I got red and swell eyes when i wear contact lense. why?
Lactose intolerant question...?
Sty is reoccuring in my nose every 10 days....doctors advice pls?wat to do......?
Is second hand smoke worce than smoking?
How do I get to sleep now?
Is it safe to take advil everday for severe headaches?
PINK EYE PLZ HELP! not itchy but its only red.....?
Is PMS a self inflicted disease?
Im pregnant with a lump in my breast what can it be?
My son has green mucus coming from his eye. it hurts some and causes a headache. what should we do?
Is it possible to have a headache/migrane about everyday if not then every other day?
In those Ribena adverts, all the "Ribena Berries" drunk Ribena. Does this make them Cannibals?
I accidently mixed humalog into my lantus, is my lantus still good?
Should I be worried???
Do I need to see an endo?Newly diagosed T2?
Substitute for sugar?
Blood sugar problems?
If someone has Diabetes in the family, what should they NOT do to avoid early onset of the disease?
A question about Diabetes?
I have high sugar and I'm also in borderline for diabetes..... so i wanted to know what fruits could i eat?
Sugar found in urine?
Does honey taken with Lemon water acts loke a blood purifier??
Is pneuamonia contagious?
Panic attacts.. what to do?
What is respiration?
Sleep Apnoea...do you have to report it to the DVLA?
I had a tb skin test 40 hours ago and still have a redd spot does that mean I am postive?
Should I take the medicines? I am scared that the bacteria will become resistant to it... help please!!!?
What else is there for me to do to get rid of stuffed nose?
Sinus Problems?
Does smoking effect ur looks,?
What are the signs you have std's?
If someone told you the pool was closed due to AIDS, would you believe them?
Not your typical HIV question...?
Do you think Paris Hilton has herpes?
How Do I get People to Stop Smoking at My University?
Quit smoking and asthma got worse ! ! :(?
Has anyone ever died from smoking weed?
I had pneumonia 5 years ago, was told I have C.O.P.D. Could they have made a mistake?
Now how do i get an inhaler?
Ok what is the best way to tell if a girl has aids or and diseases?
12 yr old son diag w bronchit 6 wks ago had antib/cough med, stll bark cough, dr pt him on singulair.?
What is pleurisy?
Asthma Attack! Need Help!?
Is it ok to drink alcohol while taking antibiotics and prednisone?
Quitting smoking?
What do you do when your constipated and have a real pain in your side?
Should illegal immigrants be eligible for free healthcare?
My mom smokes every day and night even two or three cigarettes at once. Is she a chain smoker?
Would you go to see an autopsy being done?
I've got some bike oil on my finger, should I consider amputation ?
Allergy question...?
Petroleum jelly..ok for in the nose?
Coughing from seasonal allergies?
What emotional issue is attached to food allergy?
I have asthma but should it hurt to breathe?
Allergy (occurs with drinking alcohol)?
Does anyone suffer from hayfever?
I don't have allergies! The last 2 or 3 weeks the left side of my nose is stuffed and i sneeze every morning
Can a person get deathly sick as in not being able to breathe from a pet allergy?
What illness is it?
I have a 10 yr old boy he said when he peed he peed blood what could cause this?
How do i stop my dad smoking?
What is causing the dizziness and nausea?
How can iexplain the blue color for a blind man?
What are signs of a bad liver?
Bum shower question?
I feel like I cant sleep anymore. Is there a reason, and what are the symtoms?
A friend with Anorexia?
Can you get aids from hickeys?
Do i have an std?
Whats good for chapped lips?
Chicken Pox?
I Have a bump on my finger. Is it a bug bite?
Whats this under my arm??? Ahh!!?
I have little red bumps on the back of my toung any ideas of what they may be?
How would you treat a stye in the eye lid?
Help its massive!!!!?
Does drinking soda give you acne?
A big bump under my top eyelid?
Why do you think there is an increase of people being infected by STDs in America these days?
Female question-Bacteria Vaginosis?
Can a man get HPV? If so, what are the risks of giving it to another person?
Funding for HIV/AIDS, is this smart of stupid?
Question about STDS?
Im nearly 23 weeks pergnant and have been told that i might have diabeties ive been given a machine to monitor
My A1C results?
How to raise low blood sugar?
Is hiv/aids inter related to diabetes?
Im 14 male im over weight and my family has diabetes well my pops side am i ging to get it to?
I have been type 1 Diabetic for 21 years...?
What are the ranges for blood sugar levels?
How do you feel to have diabetes?
I am Diabetic, I have it under control. But I feel as if I'm am only 3/4 a person. Does anyone feel the same.
Guess my blood sugar!?
I have had dark faeces for the past few days, should I see a doctor?
Is meningitis deadly ?
Is there a cure for acid reflux otherwise called heartburn?
I have severe acid reflux which burns my throat and chest help?
What's the defining moment when a person who drinks becomes an alcoholic?
Why do I feel a little breathless and dizzy even though my Flu has gone?
Whats wrong with me?
If a person wanted to kill themselves, is there anywhere where they could go to donate their organs?
I gave up smoking 2 years ago. I feel no fitter, I don't have that much more money. When does this happen?
Am I allergic to peanuts?
Is there a shot for seasonal asthma/allergy problems?
Is there a name for someone who isn't allergic to anything? Just curious.?
In medical turm`s what it lumpen?
Has anyone heard of anyphylaxis in response to another person?
I cant breathe through my nose. been like this for 6 years!!! im soo angry grrrrr?
Help, I keep sneezing.?
Is there any quick cure for stammering with medicines etc?
Does anyone know why my throat gets itchy when i eat apples?
Heart stints?
Marijuana Withdrawal?
I have Uncontrolled H T N. My blood pressure is 196/101 I am now on 200mg. Tenormin and 5mg Lisinopril.?
Should I be worried about my EKG saying "inferior and anterior T wave changes are nonspecific?"?
I get these weird chest pains.?
Panic attack?
Would air injected directly into the heart kill a person?
Is it normal for a heart beat to go from 79 suddenly to 114 bpm?, is this something I should worry about?
Is this a heart problem? or asthma related?
I did a cholesterol test, i got 247. is that ok or high?
Why do people say they have herpes in singles ads?
For the hpv shot do they give u a shot or draw blood?
Should i go to the hospital?
What is wrong??
I think I broke my toe is it worth sitting at the hospitol?
Is my foot broken??
Ever Broke Your Nose B4?
Help i dont know what to do!?
What can i do about chronic back pain?
My FRIEND has had pains in her shoulder and neck what would cause this?
I cut myself shaving down there 3 weeks ago. How long does it take to heal and what can I put on it?
I just fell off the curb and got a bruise, can anybody give me some kind words?
Which do you hate more?
Have they found a cure for AIDS yet? How close are they/ what is taking them so long?
This morning I was cleaning the bathroom in the dorm and I got some stuff under my fingernails?
Can anemia give u wierd headeache dizzy feeling??
I seen to be able to levitate myself off the ground for a few seconds is something wrong with me?
I have very little faith in western medicine.?
I'm Worried?
Stomach Virus?
High IGE with no known allergies? Doctors are stumped :(?
Mold and illness??
Will wearing a mask protect against allergies to dusk/mites?
What's a good way to get rid of my sore throat?
I seem to get a migraine after root beer or oreos, what am I allergic to?
Can Anaphylactic attack in people who arent allergic?
Does anyone suffer from chronic inner nostrill sores?
I am finding myself allergic to my beagle is there any over the counter medicine for this they sell for rather
Disease with one partner?
I need answer URGENT!!!?
If a woman has herpes and has a baby, does the baby automatically get it?
Girlssssssssss please help me!!!!!?
How do you get rid of a thick, yellow discharge??
What is Warts? The STD?
Can you get herpies from swimming in a pool with someone who has it?
Diabetes- How does a diabetic drop weight quickly?
When you go for a diabetes test & if the count is 85 fasting & 170 after breakfast what does it mean?
Shd Diabetic take cholestorol and blood pressure meds as preventative for heart and kidney damage?
Diabetes Question Type 1?
When I drink more then one glass of water, juice e.t.c...?
Is consumption of honey safe for diabetic?
Can a diabetic take banana? what fruits is not to be taken ,.?
What is normal glucose levels?
How to avoid diabetes when it runs in the family?
What happens if a diabetic drinks a big soda with over 50grams of sugar?
What's the syndrome where women's breast grow abnormally huge?
I need to know the side effects from morphine befor I agree to let my doctor percribe for me.?
I have a swelling on my neck right next to my adam's apple, on both sides but the left side is bigger.?
Does anyone know what could be wrong with my son?
I have stomach pains that are getting worse than severe?
I am trying to detox my body but I CANT function without coffee.?
Can stress alone cause fever or there must be something else ?
Is anorexia and or bulemia a DISEASE... or abject STUPIDITY?
What causes a womens body to smell like rotten fish .?
Purple bruises on my leg from out of no where?
If you get your tubes tied can you have HIVaids?
What do you do if you get an STD?
Could I get HIV from someone giving me a hug and they had a scab on the arm.?
Is it safe to....?
Oral herpes or acne?
Is it true that the only STD that you can get through public restrooms is crabs by sitting on the toilets?
I had a yellow discharge?
Can i get cat aids from a cat?
If you are an organ donor, how do you feel about the possibility that?
How do i avoid reaccuring kidney stones?
I have a stomach ache almost everyday. How can I tell if it's nerves or a medical problem?
I'm kinda scared because I'm swelling and I don't know why!!?
Whats wrong with me?
Is it possible to be an alcoholic without actually drinking very often?
Should I tell a male friend who I've been talking to on line (we seem to hit it off) that I have MS?
I need help immediatly!!!!!!!!!!?
Teenage alcoholism. How can you convince a teenager who just started drinking to give up this dangerous habit?
Can high blood sugar (diabetes) cause headaches?
My husband has a cut between his toe what do i put on it to heal. (he has diabetes)?
How long does it take your body to regenerate 450ml of blood?
Average life span of people with type 1 diabetes?
What are your opinions on the rediculous claim that cow's milk will prevent diabetes?
My husband has type 1 diabetes and travels a LOT, how do I stop worrying so much.?
Type 1 and type 2 , whats the difference? is one more deadlier than another? is one easier to treat than the?
Why is medicine one of the most expensive products today.....?
What is the dangerous level of diabetes?
What effect does being obese have?
HELP im really worried?
What is strongest pain reliver?
Are you a smoker or non-smoker? easy question.?
My 2yr old son has had a fever for 3days. Dr says no virus. What could be causing it?
Where do you think we go when we die?
How can I stay awake at Night!?!?
When can I give my child honey?
Whar that happens to your body when you have an allergic reaction?
What is the best nose spray if you have a cold??
What are aids? how do you get them?
I burned myself on the stove cover plate and i'm using ice but every time i take it off it hurts?
Is there a certain amount of time that someone has to tell their lover that they have HIV?
I was bitten by our dog who has anti-rabbies vaccination. Will i still be in danger?
Contracting HIV?????
How do you know if you cracked a kneecap or tore a ligement or tendon in your knee?
Is it an ingrown hair or herpes?
Can you become infected with the HIV virus through breast milk?
Purple Bruises?
Can you get herpes from toilet seats with sleep depravation?
How do youget a baby?
What is the most annoying thing that someone can do to you?
Whats the hanging ball at the back of your month?
Help with an ADHD child?
Do you think my grandfather has dementia? This is what I have noticed in him:?
If you are late, is it wise to run for a bus while suffering from diarrhoea?
Will pot show up in my blood test and urine test if it is not specifically tested for?
I have some strange medical symptoms...what is wrong with me?
Can your feet shrink?
I don't know what's wrong with me?
Do one get AIDS by as* F**king?
What is wrong with me i feel so ill?
What would it take for you to call an ambulance?
How do you put on a Tampon?
Can I take out my own stitch?
I was hit at the back of my head yesterday by wood, do i need tetanus injection?
Help I accidenitly CUT MY ARM REAL BAD?
Is it true that if you stay up too late your eyes burst into flames?
Whats the quickest way to get cocaine and THC out of your system?
How do you get rid of hiccups??
What do you think about Tom Cruise planning to eat his unborn baby's placenta/cord? after birth?
Please help me, i've just been bitten by a raccoon what can i do?
How many people do you know with HPV?
What is so gratifying about questions and answers from complete strangers? Be honest!?
Will douching clean sprm from the body?
Why do people put themselves at risk for std and hiv on purpose, or they just don't care?
Whats a genetal?
Common cold?? helllp?
I've been having this weird rash lately and I don't know the cause of it.?
I need help with a major dilema. Pup vs allergies.?
ITCHY please help ?????
Do people born with allergies or they get it at a certain age ??
All you moms out there, can you please help with some advice!!!?
I am alergec to Ketsup please help?
Where to go for Diabetes?
What are some things that you're addicted to?
Have you ever cleaned the wax out of your ears with an ear candle?
Dealing with kids sunburn?
How low have you gone?
How do I get rid of a migraine headache without using pills/medicines?
Is this a normal BS level?
I was cleaning my ear with a Q tip and now it feels like it is clogged, like i can faintly hear, what do i do?
Is this a good breakfast for a type 1 diabetic?
What is the best thing for a skin burn from the hot stove?
Do you donate blood? If yes, why? If not, why?
I want to gain weight but can't why?
I was bitten by a spider while cutting my lawn in England I do not know?
Which is the best way to get good night sleep?
If someone has kidney damage in the early stages can kidney failure be provented/reversed or not?
Will a glass splinter become infected if I don't remove it from my foot?
What can i put on a mosquito bite to stop the itch?
Why is the gall blaadder is important?
Would my son qualify for Social Security Disability?
HELP! Why can't I lick my elbow? Do I need surgery?
Symptoms...Can you help?
I have extremely loose feces and stool, how is this avoided and should I be worried?
Has anyone here been healed of Herpes? ?
How can i make myself vomit? please let me know ASAP?
I'm worried about my little girl?
Gave up smoking 39days ago. I thought by now i would be feeling great but i just feel depressed. whats wrong?
Here are my symptoms, tell me what you think it is??
I'm freezing 24/7 WHY?!?!?
Why does my heart race after i eat?
How to cure a high fever for a 4 year old?
Serious answers only please.....?
Tongue piercing?
What can i put on my son's rash?
Ive got 2 warts.......................
Little red dots?
Can toothpaste give me acne?
How to reduce the smell of sweaty feeT ?
Demented toenail????
Why are maggots used in infected wounds?
What is the best pain killer?????
Pain in wrists?
What will help Take away my Bladder infection??? its late and it hurts so i need some relief?
How do you get rid of Constipation?
Im 17 and am having bad chest pains what is it?
If i have herpes will i be discharged from the military?
My eye is really bloodshot but doesn't itch or hurt?
If a person has HPV can it go away.?
If your allergic to sunscreen can you wear chapstick with spf in it?
Question for UK only.Does anyone know if the pollen count was high the weekend just gone?
I have a cut in my mouth but its not sore what is it?
I recently changed to semi skimmed milk and my daughter whos 2 came out in a blotchy rash on cheeks-why?
Developed allergy to the sun. Any suggestions for a beach bunny?
If a girl does stuff with a girl who has some form of hpv is she likely to catch it? ?
I cant sleep i havent slept in 3 years?
Does anyone know of good gluten free cereal?
Am i at risk of hiv?
Am i getting sick?
In the day im fine but what triggers allergies in the evenings?
Is there any way you can stop yourself from fainting when you feel it coming on?
Am I anorexic?
Who is to blame if someone gives an answer that seriously harms another using Yahoo Answers?
If your stools float what does it say about your diet??
How do u know if u an alcoholic?
Headaches....pounding behind one eye..is this migraine??
Be Kind... when i have a bm the toilet water appears to have an oily orange film? why?
What should I do reduce the swelling in my legs?
Name TWO sources of atmospheric pollution (air).?
Do sleeping pills work?
How many hours sleep should I get?
Right eyelid twitching?
Sleep is good for you allegedly?
Beetroot poo?
What is best to drink the morning after a heavy nights drinking?
I've stopped smoking for two but due to stress I need a ciggy now!!!! !Please help?
Help with heartburn!?
So someone smart out there tell me!!!?
What's a good way of getting up in the mornings?
Oww! how often do you bite your....?
How long do you guys and gals think I'll live?
What's the worst physical pain you've ever been in?
I have this weird high pitch in my ears what is it ??????
Can I die from an overdose of tylenol?
Can you die from a hangover???
Does anyone else have a horrible headache?!?
Do you burst a blister or leave well alone?
Im always sleepy, what can help?
How can I make him know that I'm not fat at all?
My lip is bleeding because I bit it. It has been bleeding for like 40 minutes-- how do i stop the bleeding./?
Can drinking gatorade all the time be bad for you ?
What is your last wish if god gives you one chance before the dead??
Door slammed on my hand?
How do you help ease chronic lower back pain (neuropathic)?
How can I stop the pain of a bee sting?
Std help??
Wuts wrong w/ me??
How do i get rid of a headache?
Is there any harm in taking 3 advil for a migraine?
When I woke up this morning?
I swallowed 4 Viagra help me?
Legit foot pain with no relief!?
What over the counter drugs contain morphine?
Throwing up?
I am only 46 but have pain in my joints?
I've been drinking a lot lately i think its getting worse?
When is it safe to start feeding baby raw peanuts?
What are these 2 big bug bites on my leg? HELP!
Can allergies, sinusitis, or post nasal drip (or combination) cause chronic sore throat and ear pain/ Thanks!
What would be the best non drowsy OTC allergy medicine for someone allergic to cats?
Why am i the only one in my house thats getting bit by fleas?
Is it possible to be allergic to red wine?
How do you know your allergic to milk?
Why are my allergies worse in the morning?
My doctor said that my hives are from my stamina?
Has any one ever had an amputation..???
Does it hurt to die?
My lower back has been hurting for about 6 months, What can I do to make the pain go away???
How can I get rid of my headache without taking pain killer?
What's that bubbling feeling in my tummy?
What foods cause heartburn?
Help please im scared?
HELP!!!!! I have to have a injection tomorrow and i'm terrified of needles!?
Who would I see for eye pain?
One of my best buds just died...how to handle the mental pain?
My toes are BLEEDING!!!?
Sunburn? Help!!?
I just stabbed myself...do i go to the hospital?
Do god can heel any sort of disese?if yes pls guide me bcoz my dad not keeping wel?
What is an anurism?
What to do for a nose bleed?
I ran out of xanax on Fri. and my DR. is on vac. I'm on it for panic attacks , anxiety. I am extremely nervous
How can you tell if your arm is broken?
When you listen to your voice recorded, do you find it funny and ugly, or is it just me?
A Lovely family member who is very near death?
I have insomnia bad!!?
Best way to prevent being bitten by mosquitoes?
Can anyone give advice on SEVERE constipation?
Have i got anemia?
Do these girls have an eating disorder?
Anyone suffer from anxiety?
My 8 yr old daughter has high cholesterol (206), she is NOT overweight and very active.?
How can i help my daughter with her constipation problem? She hates green veg.?
Does anyone what to do with a 80 yr old woman that can't stop insulting her grown children like idiots?
Where is a good site to prove that beer and alcahols are bad? And what alcahols causes?
Thus right to privacy & confidentiality include not to reveal that they are diagnosed w/ AIDS?
Why do I feel a burning sensation when I urinate? I have difficulty in urinating right.?
What is HPV?
How could you a person know that he/she has HIV/AIDS without going to the hospital and testing him/herself?
My glucose test reads 107 after not eating for 10 hours, is this good or bad?
Could it be diabetes?
Extreme dizziness on metformin?
Any good meal ideas for hypoglycemics?
Anybody got any good diet sheets suitable for somebody with diabetes type 2, at the moment i only eat 1 meal?
How do you know if you have diabetes?
How can I find out if I have diabetes without going to a doctor?
Why am I always thirsty when I wake up?
Best sugar substitute to use for diabetic desserts?
I tested my glucose sugar level with a test strip. is 127 considered good?
Can you use anesthesia while getting piercing?
What is the best way to take the pain of a tatoo?
Why do my legs hurt when i run?
Every bone in my body is sore (just painted outside of the house). Need pain killers and way to relax. How?
OMG, i'm in so much pain, i can hardley walk?
Whats your cure for a broken heart?
Every bone in my body aches, every day. whats wrong?
What is good for back pain?
Paracetamol and Ibuprofen are completely useless on me for pain relief, what other painkillers are effective?
Helppppppp!!! My moms HEADACHES!!!??
My head hurts...please read and answer?
REALLY bad migraine. anything to help??
Headache remedies?
Anyone have a quick fix for headaches?
What was your most painfull experience???
Sore chest! I have had a sore chest all day this mornng I couldn't take a proper full breath I also get a pain
Dizziness when I stand up ??
Hmm lunch what to eat?
Do you need to have a drink when trying to swallow tablets?
Chlamydia Help!?
Does Mr. Clean Kill Herpies?
My lips start solen sence 2 days ago?
Is HIV attacked for even a single attempt, if played unsafe?
Can you die from herpes?
Does any one know why my nose bleeds?
Does anyone know what the best medicine is for sinus infection?
Is this really a way to get rid of sinuses?
I have alllergies can you have swollen lymph nodes in neck from allergies?
My red eyes wont stop?
So I was peeling corn while it was also resting on my leg.....?
What to do about these allergies?
How do I get rid of hives?
Is there any possibilities that hiv positive people can be negative in future?
Help please!?
How does an orgasm feel like and pliz give a detailed answer?
I started having diarrhea, vomiting, pains in my legs and back, and now i have rashes on my back? Any ideas?
I'm depress, please help!?
Tylenol Overdose!!!Sorry for the annoyance.?
My 17 yr. old son has had a stomach virus for 5 days now .he is passing blood in his feces.?
How do you REALLY cure constipation?
I have a friend who has started eating a bath sponge is this harmful? should i take him somewhere about this?
Have you ever made fun of an obese person?
IM IN pain PLS HELP ME ASAP!!!!!!?
My friend just choked... what to do? he can't breathe... HURRY!!?
I have Tonsillitis hurts so much help!?
I got my hand caught in car door. How do I reduce the swelling?
Most excrutiating pain you have ever been through?
How do i overcome fatigueness?
How would I treat a skin burn caused by spaying hairspray and setting it alight?
Shall i pop or not?
I got bit by a spider- HELP?
How to avoid or deal with severe calf cramp.?
What is you favorite fruit,and why?
I tried vacuuming my åsshole for a long time and now I'm having trouble breathing. What's wrong!??!?
I suffer from a form of cramps in my legs at night the only relief I get is form smoking marajuana? pls help?
I was scrapping out the ice of my freezer with a knife and puncture it. A brown liquid/gas came out, what do I
Smoking while you are pregnant?
My leg hurts......?
Help, iv been kidknapped by...?
I asked the question Yesterday about me having cold sores I asked if this is herpes?
How can solve the problem of AIDS?
What are herpies some kids in school say i have it but im sure i do not wat do i say?
Was AIDS created to control the gay popuolation?
Why is AIDS so hard to cure?
Could i have HIV/AIDS?
How does a person really know they have human papilloma virus?
Have u ever broken a bone in ur body? if so, which 1?
I broke my 4th toe. help?
I have a roll of duct tape up my nose. What should I do?
I think some one is poisoning me but i can't prove it?
Will I start feeling better soon?
I cut my finger on a can lid, what are the signs of lockjaw and how long should I worry?
My daughter fell off her top bunk and her wrist is swelling and she is in pain. Should I go to the hospital?
I accidently cut my leg off while trying to cut my soy steak. It was a freak accident.?
What can be a good excuse?
Please help. i have a child with a severe earache i have used the pain ear drops and its not helped at all,i?
Whats the best aid to support stopping smoking?
I CANNOT STOP! please help me.?
What does cracking your knuckels do to your hands?
I am so scared? help me?
What is causing my headache?
Why don't I want to stop crying?
Is there an anti inflamatory and pain killer in one pill?
I don't know how to swallow a pill!?
My Friend hit me in the head with a guitar....?
If one has good teeth but rancid dog breath, is it safe to assume that one has a gut problem?
Allergies Help?
My upper left part of my lip is swollen and itchy?
Im sick all the time, here are my symtoms...?
What to wear when you have a cold??
I think I'm allergic to coffee... I start having constant panic attacks. Does anyone have the same symptoms?
Please help me figure out whats wrong....?
How can I save my hair??
My nose gets blocked whenever I switched on the air-con?
I m suffering from allergies. my nose always in cclod what treatment should i go please answer?
I have been dizzy for a week now and feel like I am unsteady not spinning can anyone give me info on who see?
Can you get sick/allergies from having air from the air vent hit you directly?
I feel like I'm being watched by everyone when I leave my house!?
I think I have the summer blues?
Am I convincing myself about having an allergic reaction with Peanuts?
I get diarrhea A LOT
Do you believe adhd is areal condtion?
Nose job help?
How do you avoid bites in a swarm of mosquitoes?
When you get nervous, do you feel physically sick?
Help, I have got bubble gum in my heir and I don't know how to get it out?
Sunburn pain...?
I just want my ears pierced and my dad will not let me...?
Is hand sanitizer as good as soap and water?
If your nose bleed can you use a tampon to stop the bleeding?
Whats good for a tummy ache?
Splinter removal?
Would it kill a chiuahua if you pick him up by the back of the neck?
Is it possible to die from a toothache?
HUGE HEADACHE, don't know what it means.?
Can i take ibuprofen with paracetamol?
Bad pain in my chest?
I have a headache...how do i get rid of it?
Living with constant pain from my back?
My throat hurts and i'm sick :( say something that could make me feel better?
I think i might die?
Help me plz the pain is killing me hellp i beg you it hurts!!!!!HEEEELLLLLPPPPP...
If you make out with someone that has AIDS can you get it?
What STI's can you get when you give a BJ?
Can it happen?
What deoderent smells the best?
How can I wake up feeling great and not tired, is there a trick to this?
Have you long fingers?
What's snot?
Can I tan safely with sun tan lotion?