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What are you doing right now?
What was the most stressful event in your life?
Whats best to take to calm my nerves?
Does the chlorine in swimmin pool affect your hair?
Is commiting suicide my only choice? because i cant find any others?
Have you ever had stomach problems from taking Ibuprofen?
What is it called when you eat a lot and don't get fat?
Is coffee bad ?
My husband spits up a lot of nasty phlem.?
I have had a tickly cough for a couple of weeks i've tried benylin dry cough bottle and it's not working.
HELP! my baby has a cough that wount go away......?
What causes anxiety attacks?
My mother has oral thrush?
Strange ilness help please?
A question for people whom have Asthma?
Pleases advice..I'm having a veri bad cough..wat cough mixture helps?
How is it possible for urine to enter the lungs?
Ear infection?
What cigarrette brand has the lowest tar and nicotine?
What causes high blood pressure besides bad diet?
I'm having open heart surgery in about a week and a half, and I'm scared...?
Lightheadedness..cause.se... ans pls?
I've been told that I have a memoir( some kind of heart condition) does anyone know how common this are?
Is that any ARTIFICIAL HEART has been discovered yet?
What is the tratment of hypertension?
My husband suffered a major heart attack 3 years ago he has changed does anyone else have similar experiences?
Is 100 bpm for a resting heart rate high for a 7 year old 48 pound boy?
Why is my heart rapidly beating?
What is the relation between DIABETES and DEPRESSION ?
How do i get the canadian diabeties association website or do they have one?
I am so confused can you help me help my child?
How do you know if you have diabetes?
Is a child with diabetes considered disabled?
I'm doing a research paper on diabetes. Has having diabetes been a more negative or positive experience?
What is the diffrence of type 1 diabeties and type 2?
What is 20/20 vision?
Where can i find state of the art diabetic retinapathy?
Can you catch aids or hiv touching clothes?
Help! AIDS question!?
Can you catch hiv after it hits air?
What can you do or buy if you have crabs.....BUT i cant go 2 the doctor about it!!?
How do you prevent STDs?
Does me b/f have an STD? he bleeds when he pees but he says its his kidneys?
Am i getting heart palpitations? easy ten points for first good answer?
What are some of the best meals to serve at dinner to a middle aged man who recently had a heart attack?
What is cardiac arithmeah?
What are symptoms of a leaky heart valve?
Is my heart rate considered High?
What will failure of the closure of the Ductus arteriosis cause.?
What is a heart cathrization?
Could you please give me symptoms if a person is sufferring a heart attack or stroke?
Heart pains im young tho???
Mine Blood Pressure is 133/106...is this high?
The membrane covering the abdominal organs is the?
When will i feel the benefits of quitting 20 a day cigs?
Can mold harm my child?
I saw a mist coming from my fathers mouth the day he died, was it gasses or spirits?
What disease is this?
Is this alergies or a cold?
What's better..a man that snores, or nose hairs hangin' out?
Which vegiterian food provides vitamin B12?
What alergy medication, if any can a woman nursing take?
I have a sleep problem, can anyone help?
Can allergies make you cough?
Asthma and Chest Infection?
Am i allergic to soap?
How to find out what is causing my chronic hives?
What am I sick with? Im coughing a lot but that's it.?
I have a concern about the air quality and water quality in my home, who would i contact to test this?
Have a cold .. help!?
How can you clean your eyes other than flushing out things with eye drops? My eyes are always red!?
Can u lick ur elbow?
Im highly addicted to canabis (weeed),is there any good ways to help quit?
Whats the best cure for inflatulence?
Is alcoholism hereditary?
Is IV painful?
Is it better to sleep on your stomach or on your back?
Why do my muscles?
Can you get AIDS by...?
Does the heat make you sick?
Can You Get HIV This Way?
HIV/AIDS Testing for females?
What age did you start smoking?
What can cause a pulmonary embolism besides surgery?
IM SCARED AS HELL! (Bronchitis??)?
Am I having a panicattack?
What is the best way to get rid of a sore throat?
How many times can a person be resuscitated by useing ventricular fibrillation?
Help! asthma?
Upon inhaling some cologne, few minutes later my chest hurt a bit more and felt irritated. Is this asthma?
Anyone else on their 2nd lot of antibitoics because of a chest infection?
Please help!!!?
Are people born with AIDS?
How long do you have to live if only half of your heart is working?
I have a friend who needs to know why her boyfriend always gets a cold sore after performing on her downtown?
Is it true that if your left hand numbs up then its a sign for a possbile stroke?
Heart attack,health,help
I Have a pacemakerrr and 2 mechnanical heart vulvesss.. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have heart pains and it occurs a few x a month and it feels like needles poking at it,i can barely breath?
My son joined the Marine Corps. and his wife is not being faithful whike he is in boot camp.?
Why do I get a chest pain when I get a call from work?
Is there a doctor who can answer this question... or maybe a lawyer?
My daughters side effects are...?
What are some symptoms of mono?
Does anyone know someone with their heart on the right side?
How can a heart patient control HDL and LDL with a balanced diet?
Is mastrubution dangerous to health ?
Why are we allergic to things?
What are the 5 most common things people are allergic to?
What is the best over the counter medication for sinus and allergy?
How long does it take for an allergic reaction like hives to show up after eating something?
Due to a allergy my eye lid is red and swollen, do I use ice or heat to reduce the swelling?
Doctor or Nurse Question?
Please help me!?
Does Allergy Medicine Go Bad?
How wud i get rid of this "redness" in my eye? been using eyedrops for redness but it wud come bak after few
I recently found an abandoned cat...?
Serious question I need a serious answer!?
What is occupation?
Can we all say "NO" to smoking and to cigarettes manufacturers?
What are some breathing complications that could arise following surgery.?
Asthma is a condition, not a disease?
Is Albuterol an alternative to steroids?
One of my friends smokes weed and complains about chest pains, nausea, sore throat...is this from him smoking?
Is three days of taking a antibiotic enough for a uti ?
Blocked Sinuses since November 2007!! ???
Can caffeine cause your pulse rate and blood pressure to be high?
Is it okay to go on roller coasters when you have orthostatic hypotension?
What's congestion heart failure?
I am female, 56, and was diagnosed with angina, and right bundle-branch-blockage,15 years ago...angina attacks
Do i need to be worried about this???
Pacemaker ?
Help! 911 911 911 911?
Can stress cause heart problems?
My wife has recently had a "minor" heart attack?
The hormone that prepares the body in many ways for stress, such as increasing heart rate is called?
I think my boyfriend gave me an STD. How can I confront him?
What year did AIDS first come to america?
How does one know after testing for HIV that he/she is possitive? How accurate are the tests?
I dont get it....does HPV ever just go away? or is it with you for your whole life?
I have a serious but weird question, can any women please help me out?
I had just read that a herpes vaccine and a hpv vaccine will soon be out. Is this a cure or just a treatment?
Dying from pneumonia or lunng failure.... please help?
I cant stop yawning?
My boyfriend is coughing up blood, having panic attacks in ashama attacks.The blood was just twice .?
I've been told that i've got a shadow on the lung. Please could u tell me what it may be?
I am so weak why cant I find the motivation to stop smoking cigarettes?
I cant sleep when he snores?
Which type of foods are notorious for triggering off asthma ?
What are the symptoms of Bronchitis and/or Pneumonia?
Question to Pot smokers?
How dangerous is it to breath in fumes from Varnish?
What does the bottom number of blood pressure mean?
Is rheumatic fever lead to death if i taken 1 peniciline injection per month for 10year after had an attack?
Who/where is the best surgeon/place for a "Mitral Valve Repair" and is the "robotic procedure" the best?
Is It a hinderance for me to get a job?
Can a person on pacemaker use treadmill for exercise?
Can someone tell me what the stats on blood pressure and pulse is? What is high what is low? What is normal?
Irregular heart beat? how do i no?
What is a good blood pressure number?
What is Angina? its somthing related to heart disease...shrinkage of a vessel.?
Some epi-pen questions?
Does anyone know of a good prescription aerosol nasal inhaler/spray for my allergies?
Twinject epi pen? peanut allergies?
Question about allergies?
What do I put on fire ant bites if im allergic to them????????
Who discovered codeine?
What's happening to you when you get an itch?
It seems that I have developed seasonal allergies....?
What causes the swelling following a Horse Fly bite?
Mucous in eyes...seems to be allergic related?
What is wrong with me?????????????/?
My ankle hurts. I have already put ice on it and i can walk on it but it still hurts. what should i do.?
Suiccide question...please HELP?
Help, I'm desperate! BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS! URGENT!!!!?
Should I be alright?
Cold sores!!!!!!!!!!!?
Gunshot wound on the arm or leg: does it matter where you apply the tourniquet, above or below the wound?
What could be wrong with my mom?
Need help fast?
How do you deal with a housemate who insists on having the central heating on maximum all day.?
When you give/donate blood, do they test it for HIV/AIDS?
I have hpv, how do i move on?
Why do you have to go to the doctor if your not sure you have a yeast infection but you cure it.?
I have a sore on my.....?
My hubby has no signs of hpv?
If someone infected with a cold sore kisses you on the cheek can you can you catch it?
How does aids spread?
Should I let my boyfriend touch me?
If you lost an eye, what would you choose, a glass eye or an eyepatch?
What's the best way to soothe a nasty sunburn?
Are there any side effects for being female?
How do I remove the dingleberry's from my anus without pulling my hair out too?
I have quit smoking for a week now yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........
I was bitten by a squirrel, should I be worried?
Do boys care if girls have hair on thier #####?
Which is better for you a bath or a shower?
HELPP!!!! PLEASE!! I JuST GOT BIT !!!!!!!!!?
I lost my voice! help?
Will chalk dust harm a fifteen month baby?
How do you get rid of a sore throat?
I've had the hiccups for 3 days and cant get rid of them, can someone PLEASE HELP.my chest is hurts?
Had a cough for 3 weeks and now have tight chest to go with it!?
Quitting smoking?
Part 2: Why do smokers get so offended when someone speaks of the negative aspects of smoking?
Chest pain?
My lips are really chapped--what can I use besides chapstik??
Are drugs bad?
How to get rid of smelly armpits?
I'm stopping smoking on 1st Feb?
HELP ME PLEASE!!!!! serious problem?
I think i hav genetial herpes, does anyone no how to get rid of them?
Can u get HIV/AIDS from dried up blood on a surface or on someones skin ..dried up blood period?
Where do you get crabs?
Can you get it?
What will happen if I taste blood affected with HIV virus?
What is the usual daily dosage/how many days of Amoxicillin (500 mg tabs) is needed for adult bronchitis?
Help-dont know what symptoms could be?
What are the top 3 reasons why you wouldn't fill your medication prescription?
I have got i have cold 365 days in a year some doctors have told me i have asthma ,sinus bronchitis etc?
Does anyone know if spirometry......?
Cure for fibro mylgia?
Quitting smoking?
Iv'e got man who is vommiting blood, and can't keep down much food or liquid.?
Both my daughter aged 9 and myself suffer with bad ear pain when flying?
Piercing and sharp chest pains, need to know whats causing it.?
Daiper rash and allergies....?
I have a really bad case of hives what should I do?
Benadryl and Claritin?
Hives Help?
White substance on the throat is on her toungn as well is that ok?
My ears will never pop, they always crackle, constant sinus pressure, i have tried claritin-D..causes more?
I'm so scared, WHAT CAN CAUSE HIVES?!?
Allergy question?
Allergies [eyes]?
Food sensitivity test?
Why do people smoke if smoking is bad for your health?
Do you belive in God?
What is the best way to quit smoking?
When was the last time you told your mother you loved her?
How can i calm a really sore throat?
Is it normal to have nightmares regularly?
How to be rich in 1 hour?
How long does it take for cannabis to leave your body to pass a drug test?
I quit smokinggggggggg!!?
How often do u take a bath (not shower) in a week?
Is facial paralysis from a minor stroke permanent?
Have you had your heart broken?
Could these be signs of hypothyroidism?
My son was just diagnosed with a heart murmur. He just turned 3 and I thought murmurs were diagnosed at birth?
What does a blood pressure of 134/127 mean?
What would you rather have..a stroke or a heart attack?
Does anyone know any foods that will help lower blood pressure?
I have anxiety and sometimes it feels like my heart will explode, will I be okay?
What causes clogged arteries?
Can execise and diet really prevent a heart attack that was about to accur, without medical intervention?
My mother was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes....?
Is Diabetes hereditary? What can i do so i will not get it?
My blood sugar is 11 on the a1a anyone else running that high? my dr has given me a schedule to increase my?
I have a question about SPLENDA. Is it ok to use it in place of sugar for a diabetic?
How to report someone that i no who is selling steroids?
Can you cure sleep apnea without using a CPAP machine?
What's bad about smoking weed?
Leaving cigarets in water can you die from drinking it?
What could it mean if i experience severe shortness of breath during exercise?
Is it normal to not be able to breathe through both nostrils?
I have to sing today and my throat has so much phlegm in it? what should i do?
My friend just smoked in a room, will that hurt me? she does it around twice a month in the same room as me!!?
Which is more dangerous self cutting or smoking?
Can you show me an easy solution to what appears to be a persistant problem?
I really want to lose weight but just working out makes me tired?
Are you getting enough water?
Need help - QUICKLY!?
What size drill bit do I need for a D.I.Y. lobotomy?
Do you feel happier if your house is clean?
There's a ghost in my closet?
Do i have to see a doctor?
Why are fat people called pig? There are other animals fatter than pig?
Does a fainted person breath while he remains in the fainted state?
This is embarassing. I was popping?
What could this be, if it's not herpes?????
If a nurse injects a patient, with a std like hv or hepatitis how can the patient prove it?
Does hpv go away on its own?
If you needed knee replacements (both knees), would you consider having both done at the same time?
How to get a gold ring off your finger?
Long cut on ankle from a mattress spring, should i get a Tetanus booster???
How do i get rid of this?
Have you ever broken a bone?
What happens if you sprain your ankle severely and don't see a doctor??
How do can some people put out a candle with their fingers?
Has anyone had an MRI before?
Should I get a tetanus shot?
What does it mean when your vitiamen d is low?
I have been diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation what can I expect?
How do Doctors determine a time when a person passes away?
Someone help me out?
Arterial graft vs stents?
Is this normal or do I have heart problems/asthma?
My blood pressure is high and i want to know how to bring it down naturally iam under a lot of stress and fear
Heart ultrasound?
Is there something wrong woth my heart?
How do I get my blood sugar back to normal?
What are good ways to get ride of asthma or get it almost completly gone?
I was recently at the doctors with a chest infection?
My roomate has cystic fibrosis, she does the hypersaline inhalation treatment. Does it affect me if i'm nearby
Could there be something wrong with my stepson?
The tissue that prevents food from entering the trachea is the?
Anxiety Attacks?
How do I stop my husbands snoring?
What is the best way to remove phlegm from my throat and chest...i can't cough it up!!!?
How to accelerate curing from Bronchitis?
Anybody out there have any tips on quitting smoking? I am a die hard smoker of 35yrs.?
Can someone smoke all his life and still not get lung cancer ?
I bit my tongue really hard... help?
Did you sleep well last night?
What do you do if you ingest bleach?
How do I get rid of a Hickey??
Can a doctor stitch a split lip?
Bee Sting Symptons, Whats normal?
Cigarette burn on finger?
How can I stop getting insect bites?
Can i take amoxicillin and tylenol at the same time?
I have a runny nose what do i do?
How come we have allergic reactions to things?
Cold or allergies?
My dog is constantly scratching and chewing on herself due to skin allergies not fleas?
Immunotherapy - does it work, really?
Getting a lot of dirt/bogeys in my nose?
Can I give my dog allegra D?
I wonder can allergies make a person ache?
Can anyone tell me why bright lights and sunshine make me sneeze?
My heart keeps missing a beat does any one no why?
Does anyone know anything about irregular heart beats and what causes them.?
Hypertension is eradicable, but not the way doctors approach it.Is anyone interested to know why and how?
What is the Medical Term for an Enlarged Heart?
Anyone out there have MITRAL VALVE PROLAPSE?
I have q waves in some leads. I take zillions of heart meds. Does this mean: WRITE THE WILL?
Signs of throwing a clot?
High Cholesterol....HeLp!?
Heart attacks?
CAN I GET AIDS/HIV by boxing someone?
Wat happens to sumone who has hiv/aids and has not got tested, do they just die are do they die frm being sick
Can u get herpes from kissing?
HIV will be SPEARED by during shaking hands?
What do you think about the statement "good girls don't get STDs"?
Anyone got a good solution for heavy snoring?
I have problems breathing, i can breathe but it feels like the air isnt going in..?
My daughter has had a fever for 3 days, blood shot eyes and a sore throat. What does this mean?
What would keep a pulse ox low on a hospital patient with emphysema who is on all the necessary meds.?
Hi. My 5 year old son does not seem to be able to get rid of coughing.?
PLEASE ANSWER .....Chest Pain????
Has anyone ever died from second hand smoke? Proof?
What is the circumference of a large neck?
Do you like to smoke, why?
Would you smoke if it was healthy?
How to cure a hangover?
How do you stop hiccups?
What happens when you burn your finger? how do you treat it?
What can you do to bring some cheer to an 86 year old depressed person?
I burned my hand with hot water and I had this big blister and the skin came off, now what should I do?
What is the best way to treat a minor burn with only house hold items?
My 9yr. old son is sun burned!?
Help i accidently burned myself-what do i do???
Have you ever taken something that caused hallucinations?
Is there a cure for HPV? If not will there ever be a cure?
Can a person contact herpes from touching,somking, or sharing anything together.?
Is it possible to get an STD if it's the first time for you and your partner?
If you've broke your thumb would you still be able to move it?
Quick question 10 points?
I have a question about cutting myself.?
OK..I think this will be the most disgusting question I have ever asked, but it hurts Please answer?
How to look after my injury?
How long does a burn scar last?
My 6 year old fell over on her face on tarmac - will it scar? Anything we can do to help it heal better?
I just got bite by a wasp, what can i do to relieve burn?
Gym Class Injury, Should I go home or stay?
Have you ever broken a bone in your body? Responses from people who have only!?
Can eating too much peanut butter while pregnant give child allergy?
What Helps a red Irrated nose?
Tell me if anyone has this and if so what is it.?
How do I prevent cat dander from getting into my bed?
Is this a sinus headache?
Can i avoid pet dander, and dust mite?
How to clear a blocked nose, i have a cold and want it to stop being so stuffy?
Please answer!?
Are there any web sites that show the colonix procedure??
Ive had a lung transplant 6 months ago, is bad to drink?
How can I stop coughing. Im coughing like crazy.?
Marjuana how long does it stay in your body and in the hair?
Is it bad for your knuckles if you crack them alot?
My husband was diagnosed with a chest infection ...?
Quit smoking 3.clean for 384 hours .with caughing or some times without i release some of the tar true?
Is diet coke good for my baby?
How is it that you remember to breathe when you sleep?
What is TSP?
If I don't eat much to save money, is it still anorexia?
I was working in the lab late one night?
Oh my god! I stung by a stingray fish. What should I do now ?
Hi! my boyfriend has a unbarrable bump on his buttcrack its swollen and it looks bruised. what could it be?
Does marijuana have any damaging side effects? by damaging i dont mean lung irritation.?
What can you put on a sunburn to make it go away fast?
How to cure a candy hangover?
How do you get your ear unclogged when you get water in it?
Major cough, weakness....what could it be?
Should I burst a BURN Blister?
What is the best way to get rid of congestion from flem on your chest?
I am a newlydiagnosed Diabetic, about a yr and half. Today my meter said to look at my keytones.?
Diabetic and scared....?
Is it normal to have high Sugar level in Morning for a diabetic person? Please advise.?
People with type 1 diabetes..? help?
Why cant diabetics have alcohol?
Can someone please tell me??? what are the syptoms of diabetes?
Why is an enlarged heart bad for your health?
Why does a stroke patient start to lose bowel control?
What happens when a person is shot with a gun in the heart?
What fruits are good for the heart?
My heart has double beats is that bad?
HELP PLEASE! I ate too much food and now my heart feels heavy and sluggish?
How to get over the loss of my mother who just passed away with a sudden heart attack...?
How does fish oil prevent heart attacks ?
My husband had blood in his pee and has a wierd rash and pain on it, does it mean a bladder inf. or an STD?
What should i do if i got daterape?
I thought i had it for sure!? mistake made on last question?
Is it unhealthy to re-use plastic single serve water bottles?
Why do the 999 emergency people keep asking questions?
Are you a shower or bath person?
If u knew somehow that u will die next week, what will u do in ur remaining days?
Uhmm .. my cousin swallowed a battery ..?
Is this gross?
Is swallowing a Match harmful?
What do you do to help you sleep?
I want to quit smoking but Im afraid of gaining alot of weight-any suggestions?
If you were to pooo in the shower...?
My Daughter keeps getting sty's in her eyes? does anyone know a cure or a cause?
Itchy throat??
How to you get rid of Dust Mites?
Reaction to dust?
What could be the cause of eye pain/swelling/tearing?
Can Ebstein barr virus cause severe asthma?
I cannot stop itching and it starts for no apparent reason. Help?
If you are allergic to penicillin and you take amoxicillin will you have an allergic reaction....?
If you are not allergic to poison ivy can you get it?
Whats a good cure for hayfever?
Are allergies and food-intolerances kind of like evolution in motion?
How to unplug and ear that is packed with wax?
My boyfriend tried to eat a beer can (actual metal) & cut his mouth open yesterday. Could he get an infection?
How do I get the itch out of a Mosquito bite?
HELP!! I got sunburnt pretty bad, Any thing i can do to ease the pain?
Have you ever broken a bone?
It is the morning after - How can I get rid of my hangover?
What's the best way to hide carpet burns on your knees?
What Makes U Happy?
Five yr. old daughter fell of bike and skinned nose and cut upper lip. she has vomited 3 times since fall.?
How many hours should a normal person sleep?
A sincere question to people who smoke...?
Wasp sting?
I can't sleep but i have to go to school tomorrow... plz plz help!?
What to do when at night, you try to sleep but you just can't?
I think that i'm bipolar?
What's the most excruciating physical pain you've ever felt?
What confirms the presence of a myocardial infarction?
How much word would a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
How cholesterol formed in our body when eating Fat?
I get heart palpitations when I'm stressed, and very breathless when walking up stairs. What can I do to help
Why are the muscles connected to my heart vibrating?
I have high blood pressure around 140/60-68 he told me to take?
Will I be screened for STDs during my annual pap test and pelvic examinations?
What are the correct foods for u to eat if you have high blood pressure?
High blood pressure what to do?
Ectopic beats?
My guy friends mom has herpes... could he?
Simptoms for high blood presure???
When someone says that they're really tired and 'have to go to bed or I'll colapse', is it something to worry
Are those little blood pressure cuffs that you place around your wrist accurate?
Why diabetics dont feel pain during heart attacks?
Where is the best hospital I can go to interview a heart surgeon?
It burns when I pee! What could it be and what do I do?
How can two people that have never had herpes contract from each other??
Do you know anyone who has ever had an STD?
Wat do u mean by a gold digger??
What do you think about when you wake up?
What is your favorite form of exercise?
You've been trained in first and you see a hobo collapse, do you give him mouth to mouth?
How do i get rid of a cold sore...Zovirax is crap!!?
If say you cut your hand...?
Why can't you have aspirin in a first aid box?
Is it safe for me to get my tongue pierced?
I recently got my second hole pierced at clares and now it is infected what can i do to fix it ?
How can you stop an asthma attack without an inhaler?
Do i have allergies??
How do you stop a runny nose fast?
Why are so many children allergic to common foods such as peanuts today? Why is this such a problem today?
Which is better oatmeal ?
Is there a Dr. that can tell me the difference between a sinus infections an allergies?
Conjunctivitis and contacts and treating a cold?
If you take two Benadryl how long does it take to wear off?
Could seasonal allergies cause an all over body itch, without a rash?
I am allergic to cats. Can I be allergic to one in the apartment downstairs?
Why do we get allergies?? any permanent solution???
Whats my mom done?? plz helpppppp?
Whats the best way to remove nylon stitches from a wound?
If your toe nail falls off...does it grow back again?
How fatal is a stab wound?
Why does my thumb hurt?
My bone is sticking out of my leg. It really hurts. Will a splint work, or should I see a Dr.?
When you get your stitches removed ... is it nomal to have like a bump?
Got into a scrap last night. A really freaky guy bit me. What do I do?
What will a doctor do for a fractured rib?
If somebody fell 40 feet from a building onto wet grass what sort of injuries do you think they would receive?
Heart Murmer????????
Worried about my heart?
Can you take 2 beta blockers in one day?
My blood pressure is 120 over 60 what does this mean.?
What is the best way to lower your Blood Pressure? Please let me hear your thoughts.?
Is feeling of soreness at heart or chest mean someone loves u?
Can a pain around left collar bone have any indication of a heart problem?
Where does a heart murmur come from?
How long a life without dialysis?
Does anyone out there know about lowblood sugar???
I know a 5year girl,her blood sugar was 420 Dr. said not to worry?
Average blood glucose readings of 120 to 140 (24 hrs), is that ok? i take metformin 500mg and actos 15mg?
Ultrasound on a liver? What are they looking for?
Very lightning sharp pains and red splotches on my lower legs,feet & unexplainable sores on my feet?
I need a diabetic dr close to mineral wells tx?
Am i diabetic?????????
Gestational diabetes?
When I cut, why doesn't the bleeding stop soon?
Can HONEY do me wrong?
Help! I have super glue on me. how do I get it off?
Do you keep a first aid kit in your house or car?
How do i get rid of hickups?
I got a marble stuck in my belly button & won't come out. Will this kill me?
I just got stung by a bee! I don't see a stinger, what to do??
Shower or bath ?
Does anyone have a remedy for sunburn, one that really works?
Who was the first person to get aids and how did it come about?
Is it possible to get your system flushed so that you won't have HIV anymore?
I mistakenly drank from a water bottle of someone with an std. do i have it?
I have been getting canker sores lately, does that mean I have herpes?
Would u date someone with herpes?
Can a man get a yeast infection from a woman and what do yeast infection look like?
I just chugged a bottle of NyQuil, anything major i should be concerned with?
How do I get water out of my ears?
Do tetanus shots hurt??
Why are the Republicans against general Health Care? What do they have against people who want to be healthy?
People, gimme your opinion on MALE nurses.?
Help me!!! I'm hungover.......... again!!!!????
Should marijuana be legalized?
Any home remedies?
Can I eat ice cream if I have cold?
What does very strong smelling pee (urine) indicate?
How can i find peace WITHOUT GOD!?
Ive been bit by a spider which has a red back my hand gone purple and keeps bleeding what should i do?
Please help me?
Could this be a 911 situation?
I have lower back pain. Should i apply heat or cold?
Are there any benefits to smoking?
Do you lot like me?
Question about Appendicitis..?
I can't stop vomiting... how cool is that eh?
Can u donate blood if u have mono?
Father and son bump into a pole and go to diffrent hospt's when the doctor came they said this is my son?
Is it legal for a hospital to refuse to remove a cancerous tumor because of outstanding medical bills?
Does anyone have any fast home remedies to get rid of a bladder infection?
Self harming?
My husband is a heavy drinker and after years of drinking has been told he only has 10 % of his liver left?
Help to lower my triglycerides/Cholesterol...
How long can a person with heart failure live?
What is the chance of a heart attack at age 21?
High Blood Pressure Question... Any doctors, nurses, or paramedics know what's wrong with me?
What do I do when a doctor tells me one of my quadruple bypasses failed?
Blood pressure is 104/71, is that normal?
Can anyone tell me what the after affects of a mini stroke?
Teen High Blood Pressure?
I had an HIV test done 10 days ago. Why haven't a doctor called me about the results yet? Is something wrong??
I want to know what is the medecine for my dog sick?
Allergies/Sinus Infection?
AUTISM&A.D.D;, caused from a milk allergy?
Does Chris Brown have STD's?
Medical precautions at festivals?
Allergic my friend have allergic she want to ask which vegetable and which fruit are good for her .please help
My son is rubbing his eyes constantly?
How many calories do you burn when you sneeze?
How long should swelling from a bee sting last?
If hpv is left untreated - can it come back / re-occur?
Best antihistamine?
Advice please on travel in France for a severe nut allergy sufferer.?
Hpv......did he cheat?
Is this a infection or allergy?
What is the chance of getting HIV when topping?
Are STIs and STDs not the same thing?
Is it true that a person that had STDs used a toilet and you used it after, you can contract the STD?
What supplement lowers cholesterol?
Blood pressure 91/70 too low?
Can exercise prevent heart disease ?
What is a code blue in surgury?
Why is there pain in heart in young ppl in 20's?
What condition of the heart has several normal rhythms, followed by a few fast ones?
What does it mean when your blood clots?
How do i quit drinking without having anxiety?
Signs of an alcoholic?
How do you lower stomach acid level?
Is this normal or not?
Someone help me. my boyfriend's suffering.?
I think I may have Down's Syndrome What is the Cure?
Why am I so thirsty?
My doctor says I may have gallstones - I'm only 24! Is this normal and is surgery always necessary?
Is fibromyalgia contagious if a share a drink with someone?
Can you be addicted to milk?
What could be prescribed for shortness of breath and bad allergies?
Who knows a good why to help pink eye
I have very little taste?
I heard that coffee helps throat swelling.. is that true??
My nose is stuffy and my eyes are watery and I'm losing my voice but I'm not sick?
Cold..or something worse?
What is the difference between having a cold and having allergies and do you know of any good nighttime cold/a
For those with seasonal allergies please help...?
What is the best way to clean up allergens left by cats?
Allergies or sick?
I heard smoking weed makes u dumb?
What is the best way to live your life?
Help to Quit Smoking?
How come every time i wake up in the morning i feel like im going to vomit?
My kid says he ate the mercury after he broke the thermometer. Is it bad? because he looks fine.?
How much does having your ears peirced hurt on a scale of 1-100?
What are the consequences of smoking weed?
Can HIV get through underwear?
What kind of doctor do i go to if i need to get my privates checked for STD's?!?
Can you still have children if you gential herpes?
Would you tell andybody if you found out you had aids?
Why is STDS hard to be control in Africa?
Following my pap smear a couple weeks ago, I just found out I have HPV. How common is this?
Could someone get in trouble, if they dont tell there partner about there std?
STD's from blow j's?
Can being fingered make you bleed despite having been fingered before?
Are these symptoms of heart attack os some disease?
Genetically High Cholesterol in Children?
Mitral Valve Prolapse.?
What's up w/ my blood sugar?
In the past month my blood pressure has skyrocketed from 120/75 to 180/86.?
Diabetic ulcer?
40 lbs to lose...... need some IDEAS.?
Is it okay to have a cough after heart bypass surgery?
Sugar addiction? diabetes?
What to eat with diabetes?
Do black people have high blood pressure because of our slave ancestors?
How many grams of sugar in a product is too many for a diabetic?
How much insulin should a 15 year old boy with diabetes & GCS of 12 get within 12-24 hours of arriving at A&E;?
I been having i dont know you call it but it only happens when i go to sleep..it my heart itfeels like im bout
Is it possible I may have diabetes?
What is the best " blood glucose meter" ? Thank you?
Can I continue to take vitamins while taking atenolol?
Insulin perscription expired and no insurance?
I have pain and numbness in my finger tips. What could this be from?
Am diabetic patient since 7 years?
I can't see out of my left eye very well, iT just suddenly went blurry and I don't know what to do.?
There is a tornado a comin what should i do now hurry?
Ok so i think i broke my finger but how can i tell?
I got a shot and my arm hurts realy bad and is swollen i cant go to the doctor for at least a week what to do?
How long do bruised tailbones last?
Are old scars supposed to hurt months after healed?
Today my cat cut my hand & I bleed. Not to mention aunt flow showed up. Any one having my type of a day?
Is it broke?
What would be the most -likely- cause of a (5p size) bald patch appearing at the crown of a female human head?
What hapens if i swollow my gum?
What's a very nasty disease with no cure?
Some people make fun of me because of my disability how can I make it stop???
Can You catch the chickenpox twice?
What foods will help my vision get sharper?
Are my thoughts about food and how gross it is and how it does nothing but make me fat make me a candidate for
Can i catch the flu again?
I want to join Procrastinators' Anonymous, but I keep putting it off. Do I have a problem?
Why do I lose my voice so easy?
Am I allergic to pineapple?
I have been getting hives for about a month, only at night. I have not changed anything. What's the cause?
Im having allergy issues helppp?
Food allergies???
I really want a dog but my dad is allergic any suggestions?
What will happen if you're lactose intolerant but still continue to drink milk?
Can't Breathe at night! Stuffy nose- WHY?
I'm scared!! ? (allergic reactions)?
Medical Term for Medicine Allergy?
Blocked nose???
Can men get PID?
Std info and help?
Do you really have to spleep around to get HIV?
I took the morning after pill and now I am bleeding?! Please help...?
What if there's a blood infected with aids.. and someone urinated on the blood. will the person be infected?
What caused ADHD?
Blood in stool?
Am I Bulimic or Anorexic?
What are the odds of having a child with Downs Syndrome?
I just had lasik surgery on my eyes, is it okay to smoke marijuana afterwards?
My hamster have bit me... what should i do!?
My blood is very dark red why is this like this....?
Ydo u think young people have an eating disorder?
What are the risks for crystal meth?
My husband did cocaine on Friday and today they did a drug test could it be in his system still?
What foods can i eat to lower my blood pressure?
Which doctor should i visit in delhi for high blood pressure?
My dad is about to have bypass heart surgery, what exactly do they do?
Why do they say panic attacks are not good for us, when excercise is?
Is it panic attack or a heart disease?
Are Barbell Squats VERY Good For The Heart?
Heart stop?
How serious is having 2 anurisms in your aorta?
Somtimes my heart races my pulse will stay over 130 for hours, anyone know why this happens?
Cardiac arrest/Arrhythmia?
PLEASE HELP US ! I dont know what or how to tell her....?
How do I tell my new boyfriend that I've had Herpes, and don't know whether I or my ex-boyfriend contracted it
Herpies.. just wondering?
Can you get an std from a virgin?
Do I have post nasal drip?
I have suddenly developed CHOCOLATE allergy....any remedies?
Im a desperate asthmatic person, i need help i dont have any medicine can u help me plsssss.?
Codeine Allergy need to know.....?
Ear Congestion how to get rid of it?
My eye is swollen almost shut but its not a stye! wat is wrong? wat should i do?
Is it possible i am allergic to the metal?
I have been coughing for 3 day straight it seem?
What are Antihistamines?
A child has a cut head which is bleeding heavily, but is pale and feeling sick, should the feet be raised?
What do u do if someone passes out?
Have you ever changed your pad or tampon in your car cause your stuck in traffic?
Did u ever feel like ending it?
How can I stop throwing up if I have had too much alcohol to drink?
Is it sanitary to keep a toothbrush out in the open air in a bathroom?
Do you have alcohol often? over 18?
What is recommended to relieve stress?
Why cant you see a bacteria with your naked eye?
What is the best way to cool down in hot weather?
Lump in my throat?
My doctor diagnosed me, incorrectly, with a devastating disease. Now that I know it's not true, what do I do?
4 year old daughter is sick?
How To Get Rid Of A Yeast Infection?
Does anyone know of any medical conditions where you're not allowed to drink alcohol?
What should young people do to help them abstain?
Hi i was just wodering how do u get rid of crabs?
Are teens at higher rist for STD; STI?
How does it feel to fall asleep under anesthesia? What happens?
Plzzzzzzzzz tell me ?
What area of the body is most frequently bit by mosquitos?
What are the early symptoms of HIV?
Do doctors ever cry when a patient dies?
I need help with falling asleep?
Anyone else hate the male species?
Any Tips to Make a Headache Go Away Quicker?
I am giving up smoking tonight..... Any tips??
I'm not tryna be funny, and not tryna be nasty?
How much sleep do I really need?
Am I gonna stay this short my whole life?
I am laid in bed with?
Antibotics makin me worse´┐Ż? is this a side effect?
I heard there was a doctor specially for nasal congestion and stuff what do u call these doctors?
Best dog for allergy sufferers?
How many of you, just can't wear contacts because of allergies?
What should my son eat in addition to having calcium enriched rice dream?
If your allergic to seafood, how are u able to eat seafood without a reaction?
How do i know if i'm sick or just suffering from allergies?
What is high blood pressure?
If you have high blood presure, when is necesary to go to the er??
I have heart and fatigue issues. Any thoughts?
Why is it dangerous to take multi-vitmans when your on heart meds?
How much caffeine does it take to produce an irregular heart-beat or other caffeine related illnesses?
How long does a typical heart by-pass surgery remain effective?
I am on blood pressure meds how often should I check blood pressure??
How do you know if you have a problem with your heart?
Heart muscles?
Possible heart problem?
My husband has been diagnosed with oral thrush, but I don't have it. Could he have been unfaithful?"?
He won't get tested...?
When we get natures fresh air what is the need of fan?
Can you get clomidya in ur mouth?
I am 14 and i am dying of anorexia. i don't want to die but i want to lose weight so so bad.?
Why do fat people smell like sour milk?
What is the "condition" called where a person can not name familiar objects, like a TV set, or an toaster?
My son hit his head yesterday pretty hard, almost knocked hisself out, this morning he is not feeling good has
What would these symptoms suggest?
My brother has a weird scab?
Do yo think people have the right to die ifthey are in chronic pain?
Does any boy know what causes a yellow tongue?
Tablet stuck in throat!!!!! ARGH?
Phamacy question are techs allowed to give early refills on deppersion drugs?
What will happen to your blood pressure if you have a clogged artery?
Type A personality is risk factor for heart disease,is it true?
My sister gets bouts of indigestion, low blood pressure and low heart rate. she passes out.?
Question about cardiac cycle?
Aortic eneurisum in upper abdoman surgery? is this fairly safe? as very worried-thank you?
What is good for high stomach acidity and heart born?
Chelation therapy?
Is My Blood Pressure Ok?
Question about CPR: How many compressions, how many breaths?
God, i think i made a hugee mistake [[i need help]]?
How did aids come to the usa?
I was just informed on something please help..?
My hands!! help!!!?
What is the best medicane for exteremlly bad allergies?
Help me with my allergy?
Are there crackers without oats, soybeans, egg, almonds,or sesame.?
I really have bad coughing and every time i cough my throat hurts bad what should to stop my coughing?
Why does my skin develop allergies.?
How can she wear this ring?
Canola Oil and Strawberries?
Allergic Reaction to Burt's Bees?
How to use nebulizer on my son ?
Is Herpes same as Aids?
Every time i eat junk food i get realy tired in my eye site is blury?
What's your very best food to beat the constipation?
I smoked pot twice in the past two weeks, if I drink lots of cranberry juice will I pass my urine test tomorro
Emergancy !!!!!!! ? My mum is burning up?
Should I go to the doctor?
Why does my C*O*C*K smell?
What are the signs of anemia?
How do I know if it was a migraine?
Whats the best way to get rid of the hiccups?
My friend is dying what can i say?
Can you help diabetes and paranoia??
My feet are numb after driving. What do I need to do?
Is there a diabetes test kit that does not use blood?
Does diabetic neurapthy affect the mind to where the person is become mentally retarded?
If one's blood sugar is in the diabetic range only once, are they considered to have a "history of diabetes?"
What are some funny mottos/slogans for tshirts for a diabetes walk?
What may happen gradually ,if a diabetic eats a ton of sugary items?
Can diabetes cause hair loss?
I have chest congestion that will not go away, causes breathing difficulty, what could it be?
Oh no! Is there anything I can do?
Is it normal to have a white secretion in my panties that smells?
How i stop smoke?
Gas or fumes that render you unconscious?
Should pre-nups and HIV tests be made mandatory for men and women before marriage?
I need a diagnosis!?
The kids in my class told me I have AIDS because?
Chest pain?
I Want To Be Castrated! How Can I Get It Done??
Can you live without one lung? or do you have to have both?
What causes Thrush and how do you get rid of it?
If someone has a lot of phlegm in their chest and it's causing breathing difficulties, how do u get rid of it
Is there really a cure for aids?
Can you get AIDS by drinking the blood of someone who has AIDS?
Is cracking your knuckles good for you? ?
How do you do?
Do you think its right for the national health not to treat people who are overweight or smoke?
Why does my throat itch bad when i eat apples, peaches, cherries? and my lips swell with mangoes and cherries
Do you use toe nail clippers on your finger nails...?
Is it healthy to sleep 4 hours at night and 4 in the afternoon?
Help me...i'm worried?
I recently "cut" myself and now i regret it, so how can i make the scabb heal faster?
I think i broke my finger tell me if i did?
If a finger nail is slightly broken off if left will it re attack its self?
What happens if you snap someone's neck?
What happens if you get a paper cut from a Get Well card?
Knee injury, but my parents hate doctors?
Healing bruises?
Can someone contract the HIV virus when getting a tatoo if the instrument hasn't been cleaned properly?
What is the fastest way to get rid of ankle pain, sore ankle?
Slow heart rate, what could it be?
What is cholesterol?
What is the best cholesterol Rx and dosage for someone with the following?
Wind around the heart, is this dangerous?
Do I have a heart problem?
I went to the hospital due to afibulation(? too fast) was put on Metroprolol. Now get dizzy lying down/get up.
Ive always become dizzy easily when standing up or standing stationary for a while.?
Congestive heart failure?
When we sneeze does our heart really stop?
What is meant by blood pressure?
Lungs hurt from smoking pot?
I wake up towards early morning with a pain in my left chest deep inside and my heart beating abnormally?
What is asthma?
How can I get rid of this bad cough?
Am i gonna get sick?
Can my doctor tell my mom i smoke ?
How do people in an IRON LUNG go to the bathroom?
What could be wrong with me?
Taking medicine I'm allergic to, is this a good idea?
Hi i think i might be alligeric to dairy products?
To reduce allergy to dogs and cats?
Not sure where to start.....?
Any one allergic to milk????
Unknown food allergy. Anyone had this too?
Constant phlegm in throat?
I've heard of itchy throught, but can the ears be itchy as well? with Allergys?
Can allergies cause hair-loss?
My husband is allergic to our little girls after they hold the kittens we are fostering and want to adopt.?
Any ideas on headlice tried all the products none work?
I have a phobia of identical twins?
How can I go into a coma?
What are the causes of anemia???
Blood in my stools when going to the toilet?
Should i have a beer or a cider mmmmmmmmmmm it a tough one this?
Did anybody else take a long time to feel ok after stopping smoking?
How do I tell a coworker not to take the magazines to the restroom?
Band aid has taken some skin off...please help!!!!!?
Can someone please give me advice. this is ruining my life?
Can a doctor see if you have an std through a pap smear?
How Serious Is the yeast??????!!!!!!!!!!!???...
Can the HIV virus be spread in prison?
I've been with a man.?
HIV in the shower???
Who spread AIDS to Africa?
What are the best cure for ashma?
My mother had a pacemaker in 2 months ago and within the last month I have noticed swelling in her feet and?
If someone had a stress test and failed and then didnt follow up,a year went by and went to another?
What could cause extreme pounding of heart while at sleep?
What medicine is good for GERD?
Can blood pressure be controlled by fasting?
Panic attacks?
Where can you get livestrong bracelets?
What should I do about my blood pressure?
Is it true that for every cigarret you smoke you loose 12 hrs of your life?
Occasional pain in the chest area?
I just quite smoking 3 days ago , now i cant sleep ,how long will this last ?
How bad, in the long run, do you think two cigs a day would be?
How can i stop smoking?
Any cures for asthma ? home remedies/cures?
Regarding coughing up green lumps....?
Puppy has kennel cough...?
My mouth has had a metal taste for a few days. Any ideas what this is from?
What kind of viral infection would cause these symptons in a 17 year old.she has backache,headach,tenderne...
Does anyone know how to get free breast implants?
Do herpes sore hurt to push on?
If 3 out of 4 people have HIV in the US, and we just hit 300M, how many cases of HIV/ AIDS are there?
Is metronidazole use to treat std? What kind of std does it treat. Thank you.?
How can i help my friend, he is having cold?
Why do i cough up flim all the time and yes i am a smoker,this started a few months ago.been smoking a long ti
Why do I cough up blood?
My babey is coughing up blood?
Smoking age?
Would my parents notice a few hours after I smoke pot?
Is endoscopy safe? I am scared Pls help.?
Im a 21 year old male having chest pains but im really scared to go to the er what could it be?
Do I have the Flu or something else?
Should I be coughing since I quit smoking?
Will smoking one cigarette a day hurt you alot?
How do you get rid of lice in your armpit hair?
Can i die?
For a better smell, is it better to take a hot or cold shower?
Does cracking your fingers/knuckles etc. lead to arthritis?
If you are a smoker, would you give it up for someone special???
What are the causes of hiccups?
Antihistamine question?
Fifths disease??
What in Cheerios causes me to run to the bathroom?
What are these symptoms? please help?
18 month daughter has multiple food allergies. Help me decide what to do next?
At what age can you have your child allergy tested?
What have I been getting so many nosebleeds?
How long can non-allergic rhinitis last?
Have one dog (no allergys) got new puppy too (allergys going haywire) Why?????please help!?
Lactose Intolerance vs. Milk/Casein Allergy?
What detergents did people use one hundred years ago?
I have a sinus cold and when I blow my nose black stuff comes out?HELP?
Cant sleep?
Smoking marijuana 24 hours before surgery?
Do people even bother with AFTERNOON naps?
Cramps in legs during the night?
I have a real problem. I'm at work, so make this answer quick. How do I make my farts sound louder?
Feed a fever and starve a cold, or the other way round ?
Smoking ???
WHY DO YOU SMOKE??? Even though you know that it is dangerous for your health????
Where to get an non rebreathable oxygen mask?
If your boyfriend gave you an STD, would you leave him?
My 10 years old son normally sleep quietly at night, however, a week ago, he started to snore during his sleep
Does anybody out there suffer from morning nasal congestion & what do you do to releive it?
What's the big deal with this whole TB scare?
Throwing up,gagging feeling?
What is the best medicne to cure STD?
Should I try smoking pot?
How addictive is smoking weed?
Is that safe to give water to the baby in a glass made of silver?
My rib/ lung area hurts REALLY bad, whats worng!!?!?
Does smoking affect your kindey?
I get really bad dizzy spells at times, why is this?
Does anyone know what actually causes Appendicitis?
Blood in stools?
Has anyone heard of a blocked tear duct?
How do you relieve constipation?
My 1yr old is constapated and when he does go his stool is solid, doc gave him med,but no help, any advice plz
Is this part of growing up?
.Would I be wrong if I refused medical treatment of a Muslim doctor?
Why does my chest feel tight?
How long does it take for TB to develop??
What is the worst thing that can come from Bronchitis?
What is albumin?
Can anyone help me on this dilemma?
Can you eat orange peals?
Hiccups...the breating ina bown bag ususully works but not this time? Anybody got another solution???
Im having an asthma attack!!?
Sudden problems with candles and asthma even though it was never a problem before?
Please suggest the fruits can be taken for 1 1/2 yr baby?
Are these allergie symptoms?
Gluten Allergy??