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Have you ever lost a fingernail or toenail in an accident........and how long did it take to grow back?
I got a wooden splinter in my finger?
Will they go away?
Should i be worried?
Does anybody elses nose start bleeding when picking boogas?
Cold, allergies, or sinus?
How do you react with criticisms?
Dr performs surgery on a pt--pt dies a few weeks later not from procedure- how does dr get pd by the ins co?
Am i allergic to codeine?
Daughter got severe hives last night, had been complaining of being itchy for days.?
Why does my heart beat fast when I take caffeine?
Runny Nose.?
Why are allergies worse after a move?
I need to know about a heart stress test?
How can people be allergic to dust?
Why does my neck itch?
How do u get high?
Most powerful antihistamine?
Should I be worried about frequesnt nose bleeds?
From what percentage of obstruction a heart surgery is recomended?
MYSTERYY?? anyone??
I had a tattoo five years ago.Covers one third of my right leg. The ink ate my flesh?
Can one have angina while you have normal blood pressure and normal cholesterol?
My baby neice of 5 months has eczema and we do not know what else to use/do?
I had to have a test for goenerhoea and chalmydia (sorry about spelling).?
What could a red rash o on testicals be from.?
Does sharing lip gloss really cause hiv/aids infection?
I just got a HIV test and i'm scared !?
Someone with cold sores used my lipstick.. Can I clean it somehow?
Can somebody get herpes by sharing lip gloss?
How to get rid of crabs?
What is so bad about herpes?
How can you or anyone live with?
Has anyone with INR instability tried vitamin K supplementation?
What happened to my heart?
I feel pain below my left breast(heart) 4 few minutes most of de tym,dnt knw wht's de prob?
High blood pressure at young age?
Is it normal to feel dizziness on and off when you stop smoking? I am on my third day.?
EKG Results along with blood test?
Where can i go to get a free blood pressure test professionally.?
Results from echo show thickened heart wall. Doctor doesn't seem concerned. He says its due to my high bp?
A leaky aorta?
Can anyone explain this blood pressure?
Cud this be hay fever?
Is my body intolerant to something?
How can I fix puffy eyes?
Nasal Spray and getting off it?!?
What is the treament for mono?
How is coughing asthma?
The blood test revealed my child has allergy, can you help?
Is there anyone who is allergic to water?
Earache and Mucus stuffing in the nose?
Do i have HIV?
Do you beleive this theory ? Mosquitos cannot transmit HIV virus .?
I don't understand why STIs have become so prevalent in the world in modern times?
If i had a Chlamydia andGonorrhea could i gove to him through Oral?
A question about smoking ?????
When you have a cold, which one of these is correct?
I am coughing up phlem but it isn't green, do I need to go to the doctor?
I'm partially disabled & live in NY.My employer is threatening to fire me because I've been sick. Please help!
How to treat hiccoughs?
I feel like Im coughing up glass?
Can asthma be caused by your environment?
It is said that smoking kills the why are cigarrettes still sold?
Why does my brother cough a lot when my grandma is around?
I have a question about my heart..i am a teenager.?
I have a weird feeling in my chest?
My grandmother is 82 years old and her blood pressure was 117/59, is that a safe blood pressure reading?
Blood pressure 40/80??
What is the best for hart bun?
How long i will live if i don't take any treatment for high LDL? I am 44 years?
Does alchohol make you feel anxious? help.?
I spent 10 days in the hospital because I was passing out. My blood pressure then and now are reading.........
Im having bad chest pains? what could it be?
A hole in the main blood vessel that couldnt be closed in time.?
Im 6'0'' and weigh 325 pounds, am i in danger of getting diabetes?
What are the symptoms of diabetes?
My glucose level is low should I be concerned?
Sugar free cake recipes please! Diabetics need something to eat at a carwash.?
I am having mouth ulcers very frequently every15 day. what should i do.taking medicine regularly?
Wheat Bread vs Whole Grain Wheat Bread? What is the difference in CARBS?
Insulin Pump?
Why is 1 side of my abdomen sensitive to injection?
Where can i find a prosthetic large toe?
Is sugar bad for you?
Should I be worried ?
Does holding your breath cause brain damage?? very important?
Ok i had my cherrie popped already but im wondering if i had it poppd 1s will i bleed the next time its rough?
Any good ways to treat a fat lip?
Ever broken a leg or anything else?
I accidentely cut off my own head while dying my hair...how long will it take to heal?
Should i go to the hospital?
Is it dangerous if you burn your wrist?
I slept on my couch and now im so sore?
Cracked ribs? PLEASE HELP?
What's going on with me?
I want to know about online advise about life after myocardial infarction, about span of medicines to be taken
If my heart is having hard palpitations, could it be caused by my asthma?
Would I be alone if I thought Lipitor was the medical hoax of the century?
What are the effects of stress?
I have a cold an sinus. i have mcus n my throat how do i get rid of it all?
What is the best treatment for hives?
I got allergy from more than 10 years?
Are there any permanent solutions to preventing a nosebleed?
What are the symptoms if you are wheat intolerant?
Adult runny nose while sleeping?
I am allergic to bug spray. What can I use instead?
? about being sick??
What was the cause of the hiv/aids virus?
How do i go into a clinic and ask 4 a checkup for stds?
How do I know if I have crabs?
What kind of painkiller for headaches?
Is there any reason why urine is really yellow at times and at other times not?
Can a full moon effect a persons sleep?
What can I do about headaches?
Please tell me swimming is better than walking, as exercises?
I work at high risk enviroment , how & what do i need to prevent an infection. any suggestion anyone?
How do you know if an electric fence is switched on or off without touching it?
How do I keep awake for the whole night?
Whats the best cure for flu?? NOT Beechams!?
What is the best action to take when someone has a nose bleed?
How do I stop?
Is it true???
What if i kiss a female and what are the chances of getting aids???
What can I use to stop?
I was just bitten by a spider?
A squirrel just bit my hand off. I put a bandaid on but its not working?
At what temperature should a parent take an 8 year old to the emergency room?
Ear piercing infection? should i take my earrings out?
Is it good to treat a bee sting with household bleach?
Please help me with a BP spike, low pulse and bad symptoms question?
The blood vessels that carry bood back to the heart?
I know that to much sodium causes high blood pressure,... But how does sodium make blood pressure high?
Can a 17 year old have a heart attack or stroke?
What happens to a boy when chlamydia is untreated, and what happens to the girl when chlamydia in untreated?
Can you spread std thru body contact?
Since egg white is highly allergic for babies and not allowed how would you suggest making the yolk?
Best cure for HORRIBLE runny nose????
What's the best way to get your throat cleared when you are sick with a cold or sinus???
Severe allergic reaction when working out?
My throat is sore/scratchy, and I can't figure out why.?
Can eating sugar or processed food cause hives on the skin which look like welts?
Best way to handle allergies from this filthy air we breathe?
PLEEASE HELP ME.. my eyes burn!! omg?
Food allergy?
What happens to the body with long time use of vicdons?
Anyone know how to treat pinkeye, without going to a doctor?
How does marijuana affect diabetes?
How can i avance to level 2 in here?
How can i tell if im diabetic without going to the doctor for labwork?
What is normal blood sugar for a child? is 243 high?
I am type 2 diabetic, will tingling and numbness go away?
Can you donate blood if you are an insulin dependent type 1 diabetic?
Erm... Is this okay? ?
I think i have diabetes?
My 56yr old dad has diabetes type2 with insulin dependency, will I get it too later in life?
Does smoking effect...?
Can 1 or 2 cigarettes a week hurt me? I am high in cholesterol.?
I am a asthmatic so if I went to the snow would my lungs freeze?
Is anyone on Advair for their asthma?
Help can someone please explain? Been taking antibiotics for a day and vomiting...?
Does anyone else get bronchitis this often who doesn't smoke?
Oh god i need a cig?
How does TB virus spread?
What am I sick with.?
Why we don't cough when we are sleeping?
Does drinking ice cold water harm your heart?
For those who suffer from poor blood cirulation, would you let that stop you from going to college?
How do I lower my blood preasure?
What is the rationale for defibrillating asystole?
Heart flutters with intense pain--Anyone else have this??
My heart problems are getting worst. what could it be?
2 days after a heart catheration there is now swelling and black and blue is this normal?
I want names of at least 10 heart diseases?
Can first heart attack kill someone?
Is it possible to have a blood clot if you have low 'good' cholestroal ?(spelling)?
Why are so many people so ignorant about HIV/AIDS?
If a guy "pulls out" does he have a better chance of not catching anything? even if he doesnt pre-ejaculate.
Herpes & Rejection?
Can a woman pass on a std to another woman?
Can a women give a man hiv/aids? i was told men give the diseas and the women carry it?
What happens if you place defibrillator pads in the wrong place?
What is the exact relationship between pulse rate and systolic pressure?
Heart /alcohol???
Is it ok for your heart beat to go faster suddenly, or right after coffee?
My son may need a valve repair, will he have that huge scar down his chest?
Should I just wait to find out what's wrong?
Can someone please help me? Where can I find the results of an autopsy for my mother?
My nephew stole some red wine vinegar from his fathers house?
Freshly oxygenated blood is first recieved by the ...?
What is an intermittent claudication? when does it occur?
I got jumped last night by a bunch of guys....?
Quick! home remedy for a bee sting please! made baking soda paste already sting is on foot?
Calling in sick - First month of job?
Please help me. it hurts. I NEED HELP>
I dont know what to do ? =[ please help?
I burned the inside of my arm on the inside of the oven door, what can I put on it to releive the pain?
I've just picked my big toenail. Is it OK to eat it?
Help...i just burned my arm from vegetable oil i was using to cook. Its red and already swollen. What to do?
I have just gotten stabbed in the stomach, I'm bleeding all over, what do I do?
What is the minimum hospitalisation time in cases of severe self inflicted injuries by self cutting?
Got a skin iteration...can your detergent you use cause this...if so what can be used in the place of it?
What allergy medicine can I take while taking Lisinopril?
Persistant cough but no fever or strep?
Hives symptoms?
Can you live without your nose?
What body parts are affected by allergies?
What remedy can i use for allergies with out medications?
Why aren't I having allergies this year?
Is wheezing associated with allergies??
What are stds?
What do you think about the HPV vaccination for children entering the seventh grade being mandatory?
Yeast infections?
Is there a home remedy for gonorrhoea?
How do i know i have an STD as a lady?
How do you know youre HIV positive without a test?
Have you ever fainted in public before?
Does anyone know a cure for night time leg cramps?
Can you drink rain water?
My dad has lately has been having frequent nose bleeds. What does this mean?
Charlie horse.... help!?
How do you keep cool in this weather ?
How many of you have changed your attitude in the last year, due to a tramatic event?
What is prolonged qt intervals?
Heart Attack After Care Gone Too far????
I have high blood pressure that is regulated by medication. can i eat licorice?
My friend joe has sothing wrong with him his leg are swallen so large it looks like grapefurit can't bend legs
At what age I can be a vegetarian to prevent heart diseases?
Colonary arteries problem?
Alcohol is it...?
A dip in my ecg result?
Is high blood pressure permanently removable? Any scientist recharge on it ? please answer me.?
Are they currently trying to find a cure for herpes?
I am only 15 years old, and i want to help the cause of poverty and aids in Africa.?
Question about STD's?
Slogans for aids?
STD from second hand clothing?
Ones in a wile i have strange smell.what can it be?
Is there decongestant in zyrtec?
I have been taking Zyrtec for over 8 years off and on now and my body is hooked on this horrid pill?
I haven't been able to wear contacts for a long time. Doctor said it's allergies but I want a second opinion..
My hives wont go away?
Is there anyway ot take away swelling of eyes after crying?
Why is gluten free bread so crumbley??
Allergies or just a cold?
Conjestion in nose?
Allergy shots ???
Can a person suffer from a heart attack and stroke at the same time?
What's the effect of taking high blood pressure medication when its not needed anymore, the side effects?
Hi got ecg done on mon was told by nurse should not be at work?
Non drug remedy for stress related high blood pressure?
Cholesterol level??high-control?
Enlarged heart?
Cortisol? Blood test? Heart? Doctors?
Could someone please tell me what causes a low platelet count and how do you treat it?
About how long do most people with bad hearts live?
What exactly causes AIDS ?
I am so angry, someone I was seeing gave me an STD.?
Question is about HIV/AIDS?
What are the food products which claim reduce Cardio vascular disease?
Heart condition...angioplasty?
Can you get a cardiac catheterization test done and return to work in two days or less?
I have missed my blood pressure pills for a few days but my pressure shows to be fine (Can i quit taking them?
What does left ventricular ejection fraction estimated at greater than 60% mean?
My father is having open-heart surgery in Dec. What can I expect?
Weird heartbeat, please help? dont ignore, please help!?
I have heart symptoms....?
Can chewing tobacco give you a high, or buzz? if so, how intense is it?
Any one that have diabetes type 1 under 15 years?
Is fasting dangerous>?
Is the diabetes fully curable or are there any authentic madicine available in the market.?
Diabetes information--Did you know?
Blood Work done but no blood came out?
What hormone is produced by the pancreas which plays a role in regulating blood sugar?
If i have blood sugar level of 300-400/but never have low levels--can i just be obese and insulin resistant?
What can I eat?
What are some solutions towards childhood obesity?
Diabetic Neuropathy?
Can a person be alergic to spit?
Am I allergic to metal (earrings)?
Is this an allergic reaction?
The legs swell when it retains water why?
Morning throat saliva mucus, best way to coff it out?
Strange noises below...?
Tmj,popping ears,sinus pressure and drainage,anziety attacks help!!?
My thighs sometimes itch when I get out of the shower. I'm not allergic to anything so any ideas?
Allergic to mosquitos? 3 yr old.?
Is it true or not that if you feed a baby a certain food when they are young they will become allergic to it?
Herpes: Curse from the underworld or the gift that keeps giving?
What would you do if I said I had the cure for aids and Ill sell you a dose for a million dollars?
I've been pulling One Night Stands at a bar all week and i just found out i have AIDS? What do i do? HELP!
Could I know whether someone has STD (like Herpes) or not?
There are these little bumps down there that itch and i dont know what they are?
What If I had a cut on my lip and was sharing a cigarette with an HIV+ girl? Could I get infected?
How long ago was it since your last eye exam?
3 hours to go.........?
Why am i always so tierd? i only work 36 hours a week and i am young its really annoying...?
When did you last take a bang to your elbow?
What sickness can you get from too much typing?
What causes cramps?
I did something bad....?
What is the worst Worst injury you've ever had?
When is it safe to go jogging after spraining your ankle?
What is clinical research experience?
If a person has a stent put in does it inprove your breathing and get rid of the pressure in your chest?
Do you know the seriousness of my problem?
How do I lower my cholesterol?
Pacemakers for the heart whats the procedure?
I smoked about 34 days ago do you think ill pass a probation drug test?
What can I do to help prevent heart disease?
Heart Problem.. Serious only please!?
Heart attack or maybe aniety? I am really scared!?
Does anyone have information about heart centers in emergency departments?
My wife showed up with hpv after 8 years of being together.?
What is a yeast infection?
Mold in my bathroom and my health??
Whats the longest you've gone without sleep?
What is smoking pot,like?
Why does it hurt when I hiccup?
Whats good to eat when having a sore throat?
Persistent Cough?
Can you sneeze while you sleep?
I had hiccups at work last night. Has anyone else ever had hiccups at work?
I looked in my medical notes when in hospital for asthma and it says i have dysmorphia what is that please?
If you are mute do you make noise when you cough??
Ive start smoking ciggarettes again my heart rate feels like it skyrocketed?
I have a serious heart condition. I don't smoke, but when others around me do, it hurts, can you explain this?
Why is it bad to smoke while on a respirator?
Werid heart beat when i lay down?
I am in 40's years old, i need good way to reduce TG (trigelcride)?
Last night I had a very spicey meal and now I have chest pressure and pain between my breasts is it GERD?
If someone were to have a mild heart attack how long would they be in the hospital? Overnight? Days?
I want to know the medicine for heart attack?
Is something wrong with my heart?
Dating a cardiac nurse - what should I know???
What do you think?
I need to know if doing cocaine will elvate your sugars?
How do I stop diabetes?
I am diabetic going on vacation, how do I keep my insulin cold?
What is the test for diabetes?
How many hours should i fast before taking the hb1ac test?
Another question for type 1 diabetics ...?
Is this the stuff i have to drink?
What is myocardial damage?
What can palpitations of the heart lead to?
After eating my heart beat missing?
High pulse rate...?
I've gone to the er about 4 times...
Pain right over my heart after i worked out last night?
I'm 30 years, suffering from hypertension and low blood pressure. Ayurved, homoeopathy or allotpathy.?
Heart problem? Please answer?
High blood pressure?
Boyfriend wants me to lick him after anal.?
Dose a vampire get aids?
Can you get chlamydia from kissing someone?
How come my pollen allergies get worse when I get home?
Any chronic sufferers of Allergic Rhinitis out there?
I haven't stopped sneezing for weeks?
Can fly spray cause itchy eyelids
Food allergy symptoms, but not allergic. what could be the cause?
Does Soy Milk mess up your hormones?
My chow mix constantly chews at his backside and benadryl doesn't help. What can I spray or coat it with?
Lactaid for lactoase and tolerance?? ?
How do I know if I'm allergic to eye make up ?
Does benadryl have withdrawal symptoms?
Can you sprain your wrist?
What is it called when your bones set after you die?
What can I do to take the pain away?
How can i break my arm???
Cut my finger deep with a knife?
I stepped on a nail 5 days ago and my doctor and hospital said I should be okay but why my jaw is stiff?
Should I run in my cross country meet tomorrow? (sprained ankle)?
Chest Pains On The Right Side?
Is it true that you can not work as a doctor or nurse if you've ever had an STD?
My ex boyfriend has been with a village 'bike'. Should i get checked out?
What is it Or What could it be?
What could be the causes for bleeding through the nose especially after getting up from bed in the mornings?
Cystitis - why is it reoccurring??
Why is the blood pressure more in legs?
I am a 13 year old and had constipation recently. Since then I got sharp pains near my heart and lungs.?
This is a bout my ticker (heart) again, while I was out a couple?
Cardiomiophaty>heart dease?
What are the benefits gained from execise?
Do I have heart diesase?
Are you supposed to feel it in your body when you get an attack of high blood pressure?
My brother in law had a brain aneurysm that burst in june and is now doing better thank you lord. but i was ?
What can happen if you take 7 adivl at one time and you only weight 90 or less?
2 yr old due for heart op on 2 weeks, any advice?
Can you get yeast infection from changing your partner ?
Herpes partner?
HIV question..again and again :(?
Will i ever find someone who likes me even though i have herpes?
My ex gave me chlamydia, is it possible to get pregnant again?
Should i still use it?
What is a good cure for fatigue?
I'm 26 and have never burped, this is not a joke, can anyone teach me?
My husband is allergic to cats?
Why do I wheeze when I drink alcohol?
Is true that ibuprophen is an anti inflamatory drug ??
What should i take for lactose and intolerant diahrea?
How do you get rid of red eyes?
What causes your face to turn red & burn like a sunburn after eating potatoes or apples? thanks!!?
Whats a good way of getting to sleep on a night?
Is it good for your back to sleep on the floor?
I suffer from bad allergies and chonic sinus disease. It's really upsetting for me. Any recommendations?
Okay, i cannot sleep at all !! anyways to help me fall asleep besides medicine ?
I have hard candy stuck in my air-hole (throat), how can i take it of!??!?!? VERYYY uncomfortable?
Homemade Recipe for Phlegm/Mucus Removal in Throat?
What is the best way to quit smoking ?
How much is a steroid shot? Without insurance?
Best type of pain killers?
HELP just wondering....if anyone.....????
Aspirin for heart care why is dose 81 milligrams?
Atrial Fibrillation - How do you deal with the fatigue??
What does the coronary enzyme CK-MB mean?
How do I take care/clean a cut on the inside of my upper lip from getting punched?Is it safe to smoke?
I is 47 y.?
I fell in gym and bruised my knee real bad. It was healing until I fell again and now its purple and it hurts.
Can common British house spiders bite?
What is the normal Heart beat rate ?
Sometimes i just feel like killing myself....PLEASE READ THIS!?
Cant get over it?
How to clean out arteries naturally?
How can I easily and quickly break my thumb by the end of November?
Am i getting ready to have a heartattack or a stroke soon?
Help.. I am in PAIN?
I need to break my arm really soon..?
Daughter has noise in heart, last night she felt dizzy faint and heart was thumping so much you could see it?
Someone I know passes out while she is sitting down! She is faking it, isn't she?
I am male, 23 years old, and my blood pressure is usually ~105/65, 75 p per minute. Is it too low?
HELP!!! STD's?
My doctor warned me against eating potatoes for fear of becoming diabetic. Are sweet potatoes the same?
How common is diabetes one? Is there anyone who has it with no family history?
Can you contract hep c with a sterile needle that u had to use more than once for insulin shots cause u ran ou
Do doctors usually require you to fast before testing your blood sugar or for diabetes?
Am i a bad diabetic?
Are peanuts bad for people with diabetes?
How to bring fasting blood sugar level to normal?
I have a corn on my toe what can i do to remove it?
13, just diagnosed type 1 diabetic...?
What happens if you stop taking medications for your diabetes?
What is wrong with pierced ears??
How do i get rid of a killer hangover????????? ouch?
I'm 13 and i like smoking, is it a good thing to smoke and u still 13 years old? ?
My daughter thats 12yrs old is pulling her hair out, this is leaving her with very thin hair.help!?
Laser Eye Surgery - Yes or No?? - I want to get it done but i was wondering what people think of it???
Do white people Always wash their hands?
What if you slept with a person- but the person knew he had HIV....?
Is a kidney infection a sign of having std's?
What kind of pill is doxycycline hyclate?
Home or herbal remedy for ear infection?
What is the best way to get rid of congestion?
How to get rid of a cough??? What are the best expectorant medicines???
Vomiting query?
I get a major headache from Beer. Even from just one.?
Why does having the flu make one act as if stoned?
Herb medicine?
Has anyone experienced an allergic or allergic-like reaction from spicy indian food?
Lactose intolerant...?
Does anyone know how long it takes Goldenseal to cleanse your system of THC or is it a mask?
Is there a cure for ashma?
How do I raise my HDL? it stays 40-50-All other Tests are ok?
How to stop smoking?
My mother had triple by-pass surgery one week ago and has not awaken as yet?
My mom is 42 and she is getting a pacemaker in how will this affect here? Do you.....?
TB Skin Test?
How much money does a cardiovascular surgeons make???
What time have you got to get up in the morning?
I think I may have asthma...do you think I do?
Too much tea, is it harmful?
Is Fish oil cholesterol good or bad? Answer, please.?
I want to get my nose pierced, anyone have any advice at all?
SMOKERS....why did you start smoking?
How to stop nagging?
What is indicated by a sudden drop in blood pressure?
Yester day I fell down a few stairs...?
I am 20 yrs old and I have bruises all over my legs. What is causing me to bruise so easily?
What can be the cause of coughing up blood?
What actually occurs in the heart that results in a heart attack?
Injured? 10 points for most helpful answer?
Help! ive lost my arm, do you know where it is??
My three year old has asthma are they allowed to take this?
What is the main reason of heart disease?
Got hurt. the wound, not very deep, has closed. just a scab. do i need to worry about infection?
When you get a sharp pain in your heart from walking up some steps what could it be?
High blood pressure?
Have you ever broken and thing.?
Help i fell donw stairs last week and landed on my coxis still in agony ??
Ear Piercing self done?
I just had a cheeseburger..will i get an std?
Healing herpes sores?
Arythmia is interfering with my llife...?
What can be done ..I pass out from A fib I take baby aspirin & channel blocker prescribed by my doctor?
Why is my heart rate so fast?
Heart pain?
Bypass surgery and options?
26 yrs ago my father was a vibrant 45 year old.He smoked cigarettes for all?
" abnormal movement left ventricle" confused\scared, please explain best/worst scenario?
Are You Aware INFLAMMATION Causes CHD NOT Cholesterol?
I heard that a crease in the ear lobe is a risk factor for heart attack. Is that true?
Help me please I have many PVCs (heart palps) and chest/abdominal pain after eating, any ideas?
Can you get hiv from this?
Does having an abortion cause an std??
I have pea sized bump under skin of my vigina?
Can allergies cause lymph node in the back of the neck to swell?
Dry throat?
I always get really bad allergies in the winter is there some sort of surgery i can get?
Caffine Poisioning?
Have you ever eaten grapes and got a sore throat from it?
I'm allergic to pollen and i'm having a horrible day what works best for this?
Sinus built-up question?
What medication is prescribed for people who are allergic to Bactrim (Sulfa-drug)?
Looking for an air purifier?
Does aggression cause high blood pressure?
My pulse is always 80-90, is that normal?
Heart attacks?
Humping problem!!?
Anybody HEEEEEELLLPPP please?!?
Do you think aids was released by the government to reduce population?
Lifestyle do's and don'ts living with 100% blocked carotid artery?
How do i know from first insttance if the perdson haves hiv or aids are there some apperence indicators?
Can it be circulatory problems?
How can you know if hpv is really gone?
What are things I should buy at the grocery store? watching cholesterol.?
How does HIV/AIDS relate to poverty?
What is a normal blood pressure reading considered to be for a 50 year old female?
HIV Issues?
Which way do you fall asleep facing and why?
Help painful ear ache?
If you fall asleep in the bath, is it possible to drown accidently?
I smoked last night my throat hurts when i breath and eat and the sides of my neck?
Trying to quit smoking?
I have just woke i have mega hangover cure anyone???
My eyes are itchy, I think I have allergies. What over the counter allergy med. do you use?
Is it normal to have to blow your nose EVERY day?
Experienced with Nasonex?
Does anyone have nose drainage from allergies?
Nickel allergy- I think I have an allergy to nickel. Anyone know if they make hypo- allergenic watches ( back?
Allergy to shaving gels?
What could happen if you eat mold?
What symptoms should i have if i'm allergic to cats??
Can someone be allergic to coke zero? ie, diarrea, bloating ...?
Where can i BUY AND HIV 1 AND 2 home test kit online?? 10 POINTS!!?
How does one going on living after having a herpes diagnosis?
Can u get hiv/aids/stds/stis from dogs?
So I ate this girl out and now my throat has been sore for the past 4 days....Do I have an STD?
Risk of Diabetes?
Could someone tell me what the restrictions are to a career in medicine when I have diabetes? Cheers?
I have type II diabetes, and when I first test it in the morning it is?
What amout of insulin would you say is normal to take on a daily basis?
Does too much sugar hurt/ kill you? why?
Where can I find info on foods that you can eat if you have diabetes, and high blood pressure?
Just under two hours after eating is a blood glucose reading of 161high?
Is my diabetes back for good?
Diabetic diagnosed mistake by doctors.?
What are some ways to lower blood sugar?
Husband is only using 60% of his heart per stress test will this improve?
Anyone in the medical field?? Specially cardiothoracic??
What causes rapid heart beats, are there any supplements that i can take?
High blood pressure and ringing n ears?
If I have a hyperkinetic mid anterior septum what does it mean?
I gave up smoking 3 months ago and could kill for a ciggie - how much longer do these cravings last?
What does ankle biter mean?
Can snorting an Altoid give you brain damage?
How can u tell you have a sprained or broken ankle?
Should I play Football this year?
Was your junior high or high school shop teacher missing any parts?
Please...can someone help with advice concerning lower back pain?
Have you any good scars and were are thay?
Stepped on a nail, what to do?
Am very much afraid of knowing my HIV/AIDS tsatus.Can you please help me?
How do i tell him he have me an std?
What could this be please help?
My Brother got H.I.V!!>:(?
Is there a cure for herpes?
Can you only get an std from someone who has it?
I have an allergy to vinegar. I am looking to make spiedies and need an alternative to vinegar.?
Is there anything I can do about allergies during pregnancy?
Allergies and Dizziness?
Allergic to dogs?
Bread is making me nauseous.?
Alergies? My skin gets so itchy after i scratch these bumps come up. ???
Swollen eye?
What do you do for allergies? Benadryl puts me to sleep, Dayquil keps me up, Sudafed makes me?
Is there such thing as an anti-mite blanket?
Any ways to get over post nasal drip?!?
What are ways and foods I can eat to prevent my risk of future heart problems?
How much blood does my heart pump?
Cardiac arrhythmias?
Is it possible to drink from your anus?
Does AIDS happen by using Public Toilets??????
Have you ever had an STD??
Communicable disease law; does a person have to contact previous partners?
What is Pulmonary Stenosis?
My step-father has thoracic aortic aneurysm that needs surgery....?
My blood pressure typically runs normal 120/70...?
Anxiety attacks every morning?
How sodium affects heart disease patients?
Why do you think they wouldnt let me go on the treadmill?
Chest Pains - should I be concerned?
Does heat or being hot raise your heart beat?
Wht would happan of the right side of the heart pumped faster than the left side of the heart?
My husband is 43 years old and has a 535 triglycerides level in blood?
Should I go to the hospital?
How to get to sleep every night when I go to sleep at irregular times?
How do I sleep?
How to get my ear to "pop" pressure help!!?
Im stopping smoking on thursday, should i use patches etc, or go cold turkey??
I'm 13 in 3 weeks and wet the bed practically every night, will i ever stop?
Do women feel physical pain less than men?
Free to minimal cost for STD testing?
Anyone have any suggestions for dealing with an allergy to cats and dogs?
My gums are swollen and i have the most horrid tatse in my mouth could any1 tell me what they think this could
Is it harder for females to give males hiv than vise versa?
How do I know non acidic food or fruits to eat?
Hay Fever Itchy Eyes?
Is this a yeast infection or what???? need advice?
Do i have asthma?
Am I alergic to orange juice?
Dose any one have a good remedy for sinus problem?
PLEASE HELP! I am having the worst allergies of my life! is anyone else having same problem?
I have POLYPUS problem in my nose. can any ENT doctor tell me best treatment of this.?
Problem due to hair dye!!?
Whats the best way to avoid asthma and dust allergy?
Can someone be allergic to a boiled egg even though they can eat eggs other ways?
Should I be worried?
High blood pressure?
I need advice on something serious!!!!!!!?
Can you get a heart attack with out any signs?
Why does my heart race when I stretch?
High blood pressure?
Can a doctor fix a broken rib?
Would you please pray for my daughter's father? He got stabbed badly ,?
Broke me little toe its still sore anybody know any quick fixs still a little swollen?
Why do my hands and feet keep going dark blue?
What is the worst injury you have ever had?
How long does it take for your tounge piercing to not be swollen anymore?
What to do when the doctor won't do anything about my knee?
· Your doctor has just told you that you have a month to live, what would you do in that stretch of time?
What do you call a guy with no shins?
My leg feels really numbed up like my blood/circulation. Please help me!?
Fasting blood glucose level 111 at the lab, but less with home meter?
Normal blood sugar glucose?
How do you feel about your insulin pump?
IS there a procedure , Where your bodys insulin , can start working the right way again ?
Can u tell me what is sildenafil tablets?
My mom just found out a couple of months ago that she is border line diabetic?
What happens if your not a diabetic and get injected with insulin?
Blood sugar over 300 before eating then drops after eating?
My wife is diabetic. In the morning, her sugar level is 43 to 49. in the evening, it goes up to 235.?
I think i got aids?
Dangers of an Orgy? Threesome?
What would you do if you found out you have an STD and are very happily married?
My lover has given someone herpes..?
Does exchange of saliva results in aids?
If your bf has hiv (and you dont) can your baby be born with it?
Can herpes be transmitted through spit?
Has you ever been asleep but still aware of your surroundings but unable to open youre eyes.?
What brand of headache medicine works best for you?
What causes the sound of air swishing inside your head?
Are you afraid of needles?
Chapped Lips!!!?
How to diet to reduce high cholestrol (280)??
Which of the following cardiovascular risk factors cannot be changed?
Does anyone in the medical community agree cholesterol is a myth and Homocysteines are the real danger?
What causes high blood pressure ?
What do you think of the new fire proof cigarettes ???
Can asthma be controlled or helped by diet? What sort of foods should or shouldn't be eaten?
PLEASE...i need alot of answers....could my cough be serious?
Isn't it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do "practice?
There no fire without smoke?
What dieseases are cuase by air pollution...sorry about the spelling?
If someone is ill and they vomit,shake,have chest pain,and trouble breathing,what's the matter.?
Why are colds common during the winter?
Would an asthmatic person have problems linked to the heart because of the asthma?
What can I do for my allergy problem of throat and nose?
Would sleeping with a down comforter cause me to suffer from allergies all day long?
Does anyone else suffer from severe allergy to E numbers??
How many colds are acquired from air conditioning or a highset fan?
My son has been diagnosed wheat allergy :(?
Any quick fix for blocked sinus?
Is there a difference in whole wheat flour verses wheat flour?
How best to prevent sinus headaches?
Can people have an allergic reaction to water????
Have you personally ever experienced a severe allergic reaction..?
Is it right that New York is making it mandotory for HIV testing?
My partner has chlamydia, will I defiantly have it?
How should my brother get rid of his bruising?
Can any one suggest any thing for back pains?
Should I get this seen to?
I'm very clumsy, what about you?
How do you naturally cure stinging nettle stings ?
HELP! What is immediate help for a concussion? 10 pts first answer!?
Where is the groin?
Tingly numbness sensation in foot?
Help I'm scared!?
Extra heartbeats, dizzyness, tired been to the dr!!!?
Would I have survived 2 days if a heart attack was coming?
Question about coming off blood pressure meds?
What is high blood pressure limits?
Cold blue face after pacemaker op?
Weird feelings..?
Serious answers only ... where did STD's originate?
Whats herpees?
Is it true that Magic Johnson doesn't have aids anymore?
Can i get TB from french kissing someone with it?
Do you think i am on the risk of catching HIV or any STD?
Hows the best way to tell your dad you need to get tested an STD?
I get hives every day--help?
Can eating oranges cause hives?
Sudden Headache/Cold Symptoms?
What are the symptoms for pink eye?
Bloody nose?????
Do Neti pots work?
2 weeks of dripping nose?
Peanut allergies?
Whats the cure for badbreath at the back of the throat?
Can i go to the army if i had a operation on my heart?
What is the cause of a broken heart?
I keep having shortness of breath and my arms get tingly.?
Sudden rise in blood pressure and pulse?
Will my mom with chf feel better ever? It's been a couple of weeks out of the hospital.?
Anxiety Attacks???
My 78 year old mother had a heart catherization with stent. Is it normal to be grossly fatiqued after this?
Put on metoprolol for Afib a week ago and still getting heart racing? why?
Anxiety attack, right now.?
Do I have a heart problem, or is this GERD?
My 4 year old is fine all day and coughs violently in the evening, Asthma? Allergy? Muscle problem? need Help?
When you are hyperventilating, why do you breathe in a paper bag? Why can't it be another kind of bag?
Can I give my 8 months old baby, CETRIZINE SYRUP? It was prescribed by a his doctor. He has running nose.?
Who would you call to have your home checked for mold?
Does chantix work as a "kick the habit" anti smoking drug?
What can i do to ease this annoying cough?
I've had a dry cough for 2 years now (not productive); it's making my chest hurt and my heart palpitate. Why?
How old were you when you started smoking?
Remedy's for a Head Cold and cough....?
How to avoid snoring at night?
Which fruits are good to eat when having diabetes?
Question about Type 2 Diabetes?
Nondiabetic...OK. I have tested my blood for a week ...the morning is under 90...?
Would taking glucose tablets help one ward off cravings or supress appetite?
Looking 4 food I can eat as much of as I want too,at any time,..Diabetes Issue's can you help?
Why is sugar level so high after waking in the morning?
What are the first signs of kidney failure? Only serious answers, please?
Blood pressure 150 /110 comment?
Diabetes type 2?
Any doctors out there? Diabetes question.?
If I stop smoking will it undo the damage?
Ive been smoking for a long time i want to stop smoking quiting cold turkey dint work for me please help?
What years did the doctors come to your house?
How can I stop my friend smoking?
Coughing up blood last night ? HELP?
I have been smoking and have started gettin a bad chest and cough what is it?
I have not had a cigarette in 4 days. Any tips to get past the cravings?
Sinus infection? i neeeed help please?
Extreme sore throat for months.?
Should i tell some one to quit smoking or not i do not know?
Should high schools have disease(AIDS) prevention classes?
My girlfriend contracted oral herpes, what should i do?
So I have HIV if I am a virgin, not an IV drug user, never been injected and my parents don't have it?????????
Can I get an STD from master*******?
Can you catch crabs?
Can someone with hpv be cured with the vaccine?
Can a man have a yeast infection and give it to another woman?
I have hpv. Should i tell my past partners so they dont infect their gfs?
What's the difference between Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 (HSV-1) and Herpes Simplex Virus 2 (HSV-2)?
If a persons blood pressure is 80/10..wats that mean?
Sometimes my heart murmur what could be the cause?
About risk of getting cardiovascular diseases?
B=3and c=-4?
Heart attack 14 year old boy?
Women and heart attacks?
When a myocardial infarction occurs, what is it characterized by?
Indications for stents?
Help with cigarettes and heart condition?
I have low pulse rate and hypertension in the morning.why?
Singulair is a?
Were you aware that 80% of smokers don't get lung cancer?
I wish I didn't snore!?
Exactlley what purpose does a humidifier serve for adults as well as chilren?
Isn't it about time smoking on the streets was banned! i mean bugga me ye can hardly get into the bar .....
Am I Sick?
Cigarette smokers...?
When you cry or are extremely stressed, what causes the feeling that you cannot breathe?
Calling all Asthmatics! What are allergy medications that work with your asthma?
What is the best way to get off nasal spray?
Could one have allergic skin reaction to polyester?
Why am i allergic to cats?
My dog has allergies and very dry skin need to know if there is a shampoo out there over the counter i can us?
How do I get something out of my eye?
I think my ears are allergic to silver (which my piercings are) how can I tell for sure?
What should i use to get rid of posion ivy?
Inexpensive Vacuum For Severe Allergy Sufferer?
What is the solution of nose odor? everytime i breathe, it stinks...?
Cat Allergies?
What are the side effects of niacin overdose?
Is there any way in which AIDS can transmit from a non infected person to a non infected person?
I just found out that i am hiv postive.Im scared,can anyone give me some advice about whats going to happen.?
Can Hepres be transmitted through dancing?
I'm still not convinced. We are told the only way you can get a "cold" is by virus and not going out in the
Should you sue someone that gave you and STD and knew they had it before they slept with you?
Herpes medication for poor peaple?
What are the first signs that a person has west nile virus?
What is a terminal patient?
I have had a cold for 2 wks. My runny nose is driving me round the bend esp at work. Any ideas to beat it?
Too much marijuana, really sore throat?
Give me suggestion how should I quit smoking cigarette?
Anybody have any home remedies for a sore throat????
Lm 49 years old, and my bones ache alot, why?
I’m 34 & ½. Is it too late to start an effective cancer prevention technique by eating right, exercising, etc
Steroids & high blood pressure?
Is 121 over 71 normal heart rate?
What does a Blood Pressure of 117/92 mean?
Heart arrhythmia?
How early can heart disease start?
The food for person who have heart problem?
Ways of reducing cholesterol?
Caffeine Overdose?
So i think i have a Urinary Tract Infection...advice please?
Whats the best way to cure a Yeast Infection.?
Black men and hiv?
If you have a colposcopy on you cervix to see if you have cervical cancer do you get any pain medication?
Is there a blood type immune to aids symptoms?
Milk intolerance???
Itchy nose? Help!?
MSG- Any way to decrease sensitivity to it?
Why do they use the term "sinus rythmn" ?
Am i allergic to alcohol?
How long does"24-hour" loratidine (i.e. Claritin) REALLY stay with you?
If you are noticing that you are developing new allergies all of a sudden, does detoxing help with that?
Anyone with experience have any receipts without milk of egg?
Why is the stacking up of books bad for people with allergies?
Glucose tolerance test?
What kind of healthy snacks can i take to work?
How can I tell if my daughter has blood sugar problems or is anemic?
Can someone who is diabetic donate blood?
Neuropothy in the feet?
Why shouldn't diabetics go about barefoot?
Gluten free and wheat free diet?
Is 250 a normal blood gloucose EVER for someone without diabetes?
What can cause a kidney infection?
What vitamins are recommended for diabetic people?
Since there are cures for AIDS why do celebrities still ask for money to find a cure?
How many people will admit it?
Can u get infected wit HIV through saliva?
Getting tested for STDs?
AIDS from needle??????
Can I get gential herpes if I kissed my boyfriend and he ate me out. And I had a cold sore when I kissed him.?
How do I stop myself from snoozing after my alarm rings?
What happens if you eat before you go under general anesthesia?
What does dying feel like?
Can you damage your ear with a quetip?
My friend's had a pain in the neck ever since he got married, any ideas what could be the cause?
I just did shrooms for my first time?
Heart palpitations, dizziness, near fainting, leg weakness--should I be worried?
Heart attacks and stints.?
History iregular heart beat having pain L side of chest, headaches, normal pulse could this be a heartattack?
Premature ventricular contraction?
Heart pains why do i get them when im only 19??
What can i do to prevent the effects of my Orthostatic hypotension?
What do I do about my hypertension?
If a stress test and echo come back fine is it safe to say heart is good?
How can i get valium, if xanaxes r bad 4 u?
What is the difference between thoracic and vascular?
Can someone be allergic to pork???
(UK) My hayfever started on friday, i live in the south, which pollen type am i likely to be allergic to?
Does anyone else out there get a stomach ache after eating cereal with milk?
Is it an allergy to dogs or food or pollen?
Poison Ivy! What Should I Do?
Seasonal allergies?
Does blowing your nose a lot make your nose bigger?
My best freind smokes and has a cat. I'm allergic to cats and smoke. What to do, what to do?
Eye!~ It itches?
My eye is really twitchy this morning. Any idea why?
My toenail fell off!?
Can i cut my swollen eye?
How do u hide a black eye after you've been punched?
Weirdest injury you've ever heard of...?
I cut myself.... what do I do?
My thumb has the sensation of being asleep, what is wrong???
Serious question....I've been stung by a wasp!?
If you forced a cotton bud (cue tip) up your nose could you really damage your brain?
How long does it take a cartilage piercing to close up?
If a person already diagnosed with HPv can they still get the Gardasil shot?
I'm having lower stomach problems like loud noises and discomfort, help please...?
What do mean by emergency?
Can liver damage, done from medication, repair itself?
Hidh-fat diets can cause atherosclerosis, a disease characterized by?
What are the effects of a person with a hole in his heart?
What are the signs of a stroke or a heart attack?
What should you do with someone you suspect is having a heart attack while waiting for the ambulance?
How much time before a meal should an anti-cholesterol drug be taken in order for it to be most effective?
Can liver failure cause a heart attack? also could you die of liver failure?
How did u get AIDS?
Can you get AIDS from someone who has tested negative?
What are the simptoms of STD?
What would you think if i told you i was hiv+?
Had a std test, it came back that i have a trace of gonorrhea,either false positive or first signs?
I requested my ex partners std results?
For diabetics, what insulin pump has worked best for you?
How much sugar do you have to take before you get diabites?
Why are diabetics not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages?
Shoudl I be worried and how often should I test?
Is it possible to cure high blood sugar problem using diet & exercise only, and avoiding medicines?
Does caffeine make sugar coma worse?
Can insulin pumps tell your?
Do glucose monitors show how low your blood sugar is?
Plz tell me to which blood group i can donate and from which group i can recieve blood?
I'm a diabetic and this is frustrating?
How important is the use of the Martel valve in the heart?
What is it called when a vein/artery has a "bloodpocket" which could burst?
What are symptons of low blood pressure?
Heart beating slow.. wierd?
British Heart Foundation best advert for ages?
Ekg, EchoCardiogram?
My heart rate is 125 and i am 24 years old is this normal?
Does Your Doctor Actively Perpetuate The Cholesterol MYTH?
Is an open heart surgery the only option to close a moderate VSD?
How do you tell if someone has had a stroke without going to a doctor?
Crabs??? i think i have it?
Can a mosquito give you aids or hiv?
Are hpv warts?
I am in so much pain i can barely move!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How many times a week do you take a shower or bath yourself?
Anyone know of a REALLY good cure for migraines?
Should I stop cutting my wrist?
Dark almost black poo?
Question about Gohneria....?
What does crack do to you?
Please reply soon!!!! my dog got severe allergic reaction from rabies shot?
Gluten free diet, what am I allowed to have?
My 3yrs sister just got burt by putting her hand on the engine of my go cart and i would appreciate ?
Can i get my hamster and cat sick from my sickness?
What's with my nose filled with hard blood?
I've had a constant headache for 2 weeks, could i be allergic to my dog?
My 3 month old daughter has VSD... information PLEASE?
Since becoming a vegan, my cholesterol levels have dropped way south. How low will they go if I continue this
Can The stent implanted in artery be taken out?
Why am i not feeling better when i am doing what i was told to do?
Help please its urgent?
Why can;t one of you geniuses find a drug that removes all plague from ones arteries. You will make billions?
Blood pressure?
How deadly is marfan's?
14 year old teen with Atrial fibrillation..?
Medical question.?
DOing a survey , r u a virgin?
What is the difference between HIV infected and AIDS infected person?
Why does a heart skip a beat?
Do you take Toprol XL and have unwanted side effects?
Can someone please tell me how to read ECG results?
Is 124 on cholesterol abnormally low and a cause for concern.?
Can heart failures be cured?Help me anyone?
What is the name of the pads used to (electrically) shock the heart when a patient flatlines?
Result of heart attack...?
Strong, fast heart beat?
So, WHERE Is The PROOF Cholesterol CAUSES Coronary Heart Disease - WHERE Is it?
What is it like to get a Heart Cath?
Is it weird that im too scared to ever take an aids test?
HIV - AIDS was created in a science lab?
Where did the HIV virus that causes AIDS originate from???
If someone broke there leg in two place's how long would they likely be off work?
I slipped on a sloping wet petrol station forecourt & broke my ankle..Pensioner, live alone.Can I sue company?
Is it okay to have a glass or two of wine while on an antihistamine med?
Is anyone else suffering with hayfever as much as I am right now?
Is it possible to get back your get up and go once it has got up and gone?
Why does my left nostrile keep clogging and unclogging?
Need help with Allergic Reactions!!! you can get 10 pointes for best best ANSWER!?
Can kissing cause AIDS???????????
I sprained my foot . is it best to soak in hot water or put ice on it?
Help! I have superglued my fingers....?
Has anyone who is scared of needles used an Epi-Pen before?
What is the most common injury in the home?
What is the fastest unpainful way to die?
45 yr old sister has Rheumatoid Arthritis,denied referral to Rheumatologist and prescribed Meds allergic to :
I cut my finger and green blood came out. Could I be evil?
How do i break my leg plz help i do not want to dance or swim or anything plz help?
Are these hives on my back?
What is the most painfull thing you think could happen or has happend to you is?
When was the last time you got stung by a stinging nettle?
A friend had a possible allergic reaction to shellfish, she woke up next morning with rash swollen face & lips
My upper back hurts! What to do??