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Is it possible to catch chlamydia if you are wearing protection??
I just got a TB test. How would it look if it's positive?
I accidentally ate candle (mixed in cake) so i am really worried will it effect anything on my heart ,lungs
Urgent - Throat Muscles Closing - Need some advice?
HELP!! My sister has trouble breathing, what can I do?
What can help shortness of breath?
Do You Smoke ?
I have a "hellish" cough.......?
I have been hurting in my chest and back cough a little bit low temp. started sunday what can it be?
Marijuana ?
PLEASE HELP ME STOP COUGHING!!!! please answer this question!?
Does marijuana smoking cause lung cancer too?
If there is a lump in your breast, what is the probability of cancer?
How to get grants towards cancer treatment?
Is sunscreen necessary?
Do you think with advances in medicine that we will ever find the cure for cancer?
Does my dad have cancer?
Has anyone "personally" been cured of cancer by using natural therapy?
Brain Tumor?
My mom has cancer?
What causeses cancer can you get cancer for watching alot of tv?
Would one contract cancer if they ate a malignant tumor?
What can I do? My doctor said that my son is allergic to dust.?
I was picking blackberries now I have hives....
Mobile phones and brain tumours?
What boosts immune system? i have allergies?
I ate shrimp fried rice from the chinese rest.and my throat swole up i went to the ER the gave me a shot i?
If god forbid i had cancer would?
Eczima problem.any cure?
Bad allergy attack, what can i take, im breastfeeding.?
What color of blood & stool is accosiated with colon cancer.?
I would like to know what the best way to relieve an itchy watery eye beside compresses and allergy meds is?
I'm allergic to codeine. How do I get Flu relief?
Skin cancer? if someone get's it how do they know they have it?
What and why do you get those white floating specks in your eyes sometimes?
Has anyone heard of Melaleuca? What is your opinion?
Im 18 and am scared that i have breast cancer after finding 2 lumps!! Can i have kids if it is cancer?
Is it possible to be allergic to another person?
I have a theory for a cure for aids?
Question about STI's?
Can you get and yeast infection by someone eaten your cookie?
I m 73 years &gone; through engeoplasty in june 07 .till then i take medicines regular and its quiet ok but fr
My heart keeps jumping like im scared?
Can an x ray of the heart show a doctor any signs of alchol abuse?
I have heart disease. my chlestrol is very high. i need to watch my sodium intake and lower my chlestroll i ne
My best friend has chronic heartburn- does anyone know any quick remedies?
Do i have a heart problem?
Fast heart beat?
Why do Pharmaceutical companies donate tens of millions of dollars to the AHA every year.?
Why do I keep getting heart palpitations?
Is aids gone?
Which diseases have you caught from shared cutlery ?
Why is it that there is still no cure for HIV/AIDS and the number of kids without parents is growing?
What is an acrobatic infection of the UTI?
When you cough up mucus, do u ever like to move it around in your mouth b4 swollowing it?
What is a good way to get rid of an ear infection if anyone knows anything to use thats good.?
My urine dip stick showed 0.3+ of protein what does that mean? please help me am worry?
Can the cold virus survive on lip balm?
Do i have to get vaccinated when traveling to china?
Please, please read...?
Sibling with diffrent blood type?
Chemotherapy patients - when you lose your hair - what do you wear?
Question about stage IV cancer?
A close family friend has Lymphoma, can anyone please help me understand what is going on?
If a person has liver cancer, and they are cut open during a liver operation, doesn't that spread the cancer
What will be the diet for a primary liver cancer patient?
Do electric blankets cause cancer?
Are there any other effective treatments for chronic myelogenous leukemia without using chemotherapy?
Why that people use cigerrettes even she or he knows already that cigarettes can cause a bad effect in health?
What are some foods that can prevent cancer??
Ways to help my sore throat feel better?
Is it possible change my nasal voice into a normal one?
I have trouble falling/staying asleep. Dr said it's sleep apnea. Is this a pat diagnosis drs give everyone?
HOW DO YOU PREVENT SNORING WHILE SLEEPING ? I hope I spelled snoring right?
Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cant breathe properly?
Shortness of breath ? Please Anwser !!!!!!!?
This morning my husband is phegming up blood?? burst vessle or worse?
HELP for 4 year old boy?
Help with coughs?
I have asthma?
Glass in my toe?
My ingrowing toe nail?
Most minor injury you've been to hospital for?
If ur girlfriend was in a car accident and she was in a wheelchair would you break up Withe her?
I feel like dieing?
Recently my friend shot himself in the foot. It has turned black. What should he do?
Quitting a job after one day?
What can make my knee feel better?
How can you tell if you arm is broken?
HELP!! idk if something is wrong or not?
Question about my blood pressure levels?
Whats a Heart Palpatation?
What will happen when you just stop taking medication for high blood pressure?
Hello my daughter is having her baby in 4 weeks time baby has double inlet right ventrical anyone no about thi
What is my heart doing!?
What does it mean when your heart beat is low to 40 and next day to 80 the next day what could be wrong.?
Anyone have pvc's with no other heart probs?
Heart Palpitations?
Does salt cause water retention?
What is wolf parkinson white syndrome?
Can you get AIDS from mosquito bites?
Am I the bad person in the break up?
Is it true that people with the rare blood Type-O cannot contract STD's including HIV ?
What effect would smoking weed have on my friend who has terminal liver cancer.?
How many loved ones have u lost to cancer????(********)?
How long does it take tolose allyour hair from chemotherapy?
Can skin cancer affect other internal organs e.g lungs?
Mom has Breast Cancer?
Tumour question?
I am ging to get a brain examin what should I do?
What will one cig a day do to you?
Grief Tips?
Why do some that are narrow minded feel as though having had cancer is a stigma, like the plague?
Will I get sick from eating a small amount of mold?
How do I keep my legs mostirized after I shave if I am allergic to every cream?
How can you stop deep nose bleeds?
Nose bleed,?
What would likely cause an allergic reaction to an empty house?
Seafood crab food poison?
Help with hayfever?
What foods dont have acid?
Do all people who smoke get some form of cancer?
What would you do if one of your co - workers were stealing food for the frig at work.?
How many people die yearly from cancer how many die each minute?
Who has cancer?
How fast does hair regrow after chemotherapy?
Are their any macmillan nurses out their and what do you think of the marie curie nurses?
How can cancer spread from a tumor and spread to other parts of the body?
Is their a cancer that starts with the letter M?
Has anyone watched a loved one in end stage cancer?
Gestational diabetes during Ramadan...?
Should I call 911???!!!!?
RECOMMENDED LIqiuds for diabetics.?
Help! I can't stop worrying, and I'm kinda scared.?
Why is blood type considered before transfusion??
Can blindness from diabetes be restored
My bf and I were fooling around tonight and he fingered me rather vigorously for a bit and i started to bleed.
Does anyone know of inexpensive health insurance coverage for someone who has been laid off?
Can doctors see STDS in urine samples?
How do you get Diabetes?
Is there a diffrence in blood glucose levels from country to country?
Can someone with Type I diabetes join the military?
Can the developing child can get diabetes if father is diabetic?
What causes a 3 year old to get infections in her private area?
Can shaking hand transmiting AIDS?
Is it safe to give my (1yr 6 months ) old son antibiotic often in about 2 - 3 weeks for fevers and colds?
Do You think I have Pink Eye? If not, any idea what it is?
What can i give children who have the flu to make them feel better?
Someone at my house has MRSA
Im getting 6th grade shots what do i do to avoid them?
Why is feces sometiems green?
Presence of puss in my urine?
Why do people snore?
Why a newborn baby turns to blue condition?
What does an asthma attack feel like?
The solution to smoking: anti-tobacco jabs! What do you think?
Quit smoking?
Can I spread bronchitis ?
What exactly is the difference between bronchitis and asthma?
My son's throat infection keeps coming back (started two months ago), he is better when he is on antibiotics?
Why can't people stop smoking when they try to stop it?
Describe the structure and the functions of the autonomic nervous system?
What causes high blood pressure?
Heartburn and an elevated pulse?
What could heart palpatations signify?
Why is my heart rate not slowing down so i can sleep?
What is angioplasty, and angiogram - is there a difference in the two?
Has anyone had a left-sided stroke with left sided paralysis?
Blood pressure-what is normal and what is too high?
The right side of my head feels numb?
Help me please..Breast cancer???? ;'(?
Could she have stage iv cancer?
What exactly causes cancer?
My cousin is dying of cancer (serious answers only please)?
My mom was just diagnosed with breast cancer. what is the risk of her dying? is breast cancer curable?
What would happen to someone if body fluid from a chemo cancer patient gets on them?
What can i do to fix my enlarged protate?
Is passive smoking steeling free smoke?
I enjoy your newpaper column, but couldn't your intelligence be better used by finding a cure for cancer?
What are easy ways to break my wrist?
Is this asthma??
Should I get checked out?
I have extreme spring allergies. I always have a runny nose & sneeze about 30 times a day. Recommended meds??
My Allergies have SPIKED, is it possible to become allergic to your pets?
Do they have to put any thing down my throat?
Does anyone have a cure for tinnitus its driving me nuts.?
I'm from the Philippines and I have perennial allergic rhinitis.What's the latest available treatment?
My son,7 got hit by a motorcycle while crossing the street.He has a bump in his head. Is this serious?
Any home remedies for running nose??
Random hive-like things on my arms?
What does getting shot feel like?
Is yellow pea different from green peas in terms of allergies?
Help! I bit my tongue and it hurts!!?
If I could voodoo someone for you, who would it be and why?
Why are so many people allergic to things that the rest of us love and eat all the time, like peanuts?
If I fell, would you laugh at me?
Swollen lymph node in my throat....?
How do u recover after a long turm relationship?
Where can I find information and prevention methods on Breast Cancer?
How do people find out they have cancer?
For anyone who knows about breast cancer....i need help?
Can eating baby powder cure cancer?
What do i do now?
What are some everyday things that can give you cancer?
How can i apply motivation to cancer patient?
Cancer in finger?
Who wishes to help me to help my daughter heal herself of cancer?
Can yo blood get tested for hiv?
How does aids look like?
Would you date someone that had HSV II?
How did she get candida?
My friend told me he has HPV, what is it?
How to loose weight having diabetes and heart problems?
Motley Crue breaks into my room and plays "kickstart my heart" every morning.?
Is anyone here aware of other websites than www.sostechnologies.com for CPR classes or CPR Training?
Can you be having a heart attack if you have low blood pressure?
What can I expect if I have heart failure?
How can i increase my blood pressure??
Is 120//74 a normal blood pressure...
What foodcan help lower blood pressure?
What does it mean when your heart beat soo fast?
Are there any dangers to using a CPAP machine on a regular basis once diagnosed with Sleep Apnea?
My Dad has cancer and?
Brain tumor?
My in law has liver his skin is yellow his kidney has just about to shut down . what are chances of living?
I am battling breast cancer and it very difficult. i am young with 2 small kids. recurrance twice.?
Has anyone heard of getting cancer in three different areas that were not related?
3rd generation cancer?
Can drinking green tea 2-3 times a day help smokers and non smokers reduce the risk of getting cancer ?
Does the caffeine in pop drinks give you esophagus cancer?
My friend has a stomach problem too?
Can we use homeopathy while treating cancer ?
Allergy and Sinus hell please help?
What do people get from smoking?
What would you give to cure your allergies and asthma? Seriously! What is it worth to you?
I've got hives all over my face, but my mom wants me to go to school today. I'm in highschool.?
Give me the easiest way to quit smoking?
I have alergies this time of year I now have dry bags under my eyes and I always feel tired, i need help!?
My two boys have asthma about every 6 weeks?
I have mouth ulcers very frequently.?
Is a fat lip an allergy symptom?
Any good quick ways to get over a cold?
Does my five year old boy have asthma?
Can an allergy cause the following:-?
What is Hooka (as in Smoking Hooka)?
How can you lose a cough without using any medecine?
Do higher altitudes make sinus problems better or worse?
My asthma getting worse now as it seems i have to use my inhaler every IS THERE TOTAL CURE FOR ASTHMA?
Is this normal?
Is Paris Hiltons "rash" a major Herpes flare up, or is it really Stage 2 Syphillis?
What food cause diarrhea?
Is this frequent (question in details)?
Do any of you suffer from cold sores in the nose?
Blisters on scalp eye infections been on penecilien for a month still got it,doc said it impetigo!!!!!!!?
Can a person be immune to AIDS?
Do you believe aids came from monkeys? or do you have another explanation?
Docters Nurses please answer this question!?
Cleanliness, germs and life.?
What's the worst accident or injury you've had in life?
Oh my god i just sat on my straighters and burned my a*ss, how long will it take to heal, it was my bare a*ss?
How do you get rid of sore legs?
Is there anything fun to do while on crutches?
My husaband punched a wall about 3 weeks ago his last knuckle is swollen and painful any ideas why?????
Am i the only oone who laughs when somebody falls over?
How come my hand hurts when I punch someone, shouldn't it only hurt the person who gets punched?
My toenail just broke what should i do?
How do you feel about Gov.Perry making the HPV vaccine manditory for school age girls?
I need to know about chlamydia?
Yeast Infection?
What can i take that's over the counter for high blood pressure and high cholesterol in a pill form?
I read that Banana lowers blood pressure, how many pieces do ypu require per day.?
Does alcohol affect heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature when consumed?
Hey! I have a few questions concerning HEART ATTACKS?
Is coffee bad for you?
Do EKG's see a blood clot in the heart?
Anatomy help?
What term refers to a period of time when the heart and breathing can stop from too much alcohol? please help?
Weird feeling in heart?? help me please im scared?
Why am I getting nauseous when I smoke? I've been smoking for 15 years, could it be my body telling me quit?
What is a holistic perspective in relation to nursing?
What harms can x-ray radiation can cause?
I might have to have a breast remove due to a malignancy, if I do, I am thinking to having both removed.?
How do thank my co-workers?
Please can someone tell me if they know any one who had brain surgery?
How serious.....?
After Brain surgery whats in place of the tumor???
Are vitarmins good for fighting cancers?
What are reasons for sudden elevation of blood sugar level?
What is the best exercise to lower your blood sugar?
Should diabetics use splenda?
STEM CELL THERAPY in India for TYPE I Diabetes.?
A new diabetic with a question?
I need to lower my blood sugar levels alot. How can I do this?
Does losing weight cure type 2 diabetes?
Do you think that microwaves are harmful for our health?
Why cancer treatment may cause burns And hair loss?
What is it call when you have a brain hemorage?
Is there a cancer or a disease that is completely incurable?
Wondering what you think about b17 raw apricot seeds for helping fight cancer?
What are the chances of my breast cancer returning I had a grade 3 tumour 3.6cm in length?
Can doctors refuse to give a PET scan to patients after cancer surgery?
Traditionally treatment for cancer advance stage?
What are the normal guidelines in hematology, i.e. WBC,RBC etc.?
Do people actually believe that dark colored cats cause more allergies than light colored ones?
Hatial hernia? Heart?
My daughters have allergies, and are thinking of buying a miniature longhair dachshund will they be allergic?
Tiny RED spots on neck, they DO NOT ITCH?
Does anyone Else's Doc want to get your cholesterol down to 50?
I need to know something! At my job all the employees are getting respiratory problems.?
I want to quit smoking!!! any tips?
Could my albuterol inhaler be causing this? Anyone Know?
What is yeast infection ???? is it allergy from yeast ???
Is there anything better for cat allergies then Benadryl?
Are You Aware Of The Statistical Contortionists With Statin Trials?
Does anyone know if sinus infections, or just sinuses, can cause ringing in your ears?Help!!!?
Help with panic attacks?
Anyone w/ perseration probs?
What are the symptoms fro Anxiety/Panic Attack? Is any treatment for this? What makes us to have this?
What causes a fast heart rate,like 120 per minute?
I take macrobid oral for an infecton and I just started getting hives right after I take it?
Could heart disease cause chest soreness to go on for over 2 months?
What does it mean when your heart is racing really fast that you have to go to the hospital?
Best cure for a hang over? I can't stop throwing up.?
I get blush when I drink alcohol. I heard Zantac 175 can cure the blush. Are there any other medications?
Tarnished silver earrings?
Does anyone know what would cause my whole chest to suddenly burn?
How do you act if you have been smoking weed? What are the signs?
Why do iget allergic reactions with Deodorant?
My husband & I have high blood pressure & control with meds. Is it safe to go into a hot tub?
Abnormal EKG - very scared?
Dying for a cigarette, what can i do?
I'm coughing up some kind iv thick white Flem that smells bad what is it and what causes it.?
!! How to know if you have a yeast infection?
Do you think i have a STD?
What does it mean if you have blood in your Urinalysis?
What's the best thing that you can do for someone going through Chemotherapy.?
My grandma has breast cancer and i dont know where or who to ask for support plz help?
Cancer.Hopefully cancer Surviver.?
Which month is Breast cancer awareness month, and what other diseases are for the other months?
Which cancer has the highest fatality rate?
Can you get cancer from touching the TV antenna too much or by the using the remote while it is pointed to you
My mother-in-law had cancer treatment and was given the all clear.?
Urinary tract infection?
Is cheese good for colds and sore throats?
Is ice cream good for a sore throat or throat infection?
What foods prevent the STOMACH FLU??
Do I need a Post Exposure Paraphylaxic (PEP) rabies injection?
How do u get rid of tonsilites and quik ...?
Is Mrsa contiages?
How can I know when chest infection is viral or bacterial?
Any ideas?
Why should I not have a food binge right now?
Blood sugar....help???
My readings are between 80 and 120?
My husband was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and is losing weight...?
What is collesterol?
When ever I eat sweets I get extremely sleepy and thirsty is this a signal of diabetes? Thanks!?
Diabetic honeymoon phase?
I have diabetes now i have bladder problem i have to wear diapers what next loseing a leg?
Diabetes question??
Can a diabetic eat currants?
Should i get tested for diabetes?
I think I might be allergic to something, but don't know what!!?
Other than getting hit in the face, why does our nose bleed?
Sneezles ! ! !?
Why do onions make our eyes tear up?
What is the strongest - best - allergy medication out there?
I'll interview you...in your own word what is the most common causes of food allergy?
I can't wear sweaters, they make me itch!!! Why is that?
Expired allegra for allergies?
Hello, I am wondering which foods, if any, contain antihistamine?
Chronic illness or allergy?
My boyfriend has a bad back ache, what are the best ways to releive the pain?
I am having trouble Sleeping, what will help?
Can being overweight cause short breath?
Any suggestions for hiccups my hubby has had them for 5 days besideds drinking water and holding breath?
What do you think causes my stomach to hurt every morning?
Help i tried one of my old rings on and it has got stuck on my middle finger?
I missed my doctors appointment today, i slept in, what do i do now?
HELP i got punched in the eye yesterday??!?
I have a persistant cough but i do not have a sore throat.Anyone have an idea of what is wrong?
WHAT IS WORSE: broken HAND or broken HEART?
How do I pull a stingray barb out of my chest successfully?
Asthma help?
Can you break your thumb by stepping on it?
How do you make a hickie go away?
Have you ever fainted or been knocked out cold before?
I sprained my ankle..?
Is pneumonia contagious?
Should pain -- Serious or not?
Respiration rate at 10 breaths per minute?
What would be the signs of a broken leg??
I sprained my ankle at a department store due to lack of lighting. Can I sue?
Can you explain asthma?
Sunburn Problem! And School Pictures today! Please answer now! I need to be at school by 7:30!!?
If you have coldsore(s) do you have herpes for shur?
What should I do.?
Do you get a warm tingly feeling when...?
Lungs x ray.if you have a lung infection ,does it show up?
Have you ever caught a STD?
If you had HPV, would you tell your partner about it?
Can you visibly tell whether your partner has herpes or not?
Chlamydia and trying to have a child?
I once a week slept with the same girl,she's my girlfriend.is there any chances that we can have any disease/
Should i be afraid to get tested for hiv?
How do I quit smoking?
Anyone have a cure for lazy?
What do YOU do when you're at work and you just...can't...wake...up?...
How do you pierce your tounge yourself?
You can't live without your....?
Getting wed ext Saturday and got a great big spot appeared on my upper lip!!! what can i use to get rid of it?
This hurts so bad,I need your help,please click........?
Real bad sunburn?
Is it wrong ????
Fibromyalgia and smoking pot probably isnt the best combo right?
What is a quick way to lower your blood preasure? How long will this last?
Why does sublingual mean?
Does anyone know an estimate of the number of cases of infectious diarrhoea in UK every year.?
Chest pains due to...?
How do i get rid of this HORRIBLE sore throat?!?
Best way to kill lice ??
If the person with hypokalaemia also has heart flutters (prev. dx as benign xtra beats), should they be in Hos
I seem to be getting unusually fatigued these days should I be worried?
Sore throat?
I am 13 and have valvular heart disease what can i do to prevent it of getting worse?
Will you get the flu vaccine? Why or why not?
I have high blood pressure, is it good to exercise a day before i take my blood pressure?
What long term effects are there with Spinal Meningitis?
What can I do to avoid getting conjunctivitis?
What is cozaar prescribe for?
Rusty nail=[?
If a hiv person spit in a negative person eye, and it is rinsed with water soon after, is hiv transmitted this
Is there a safe way to dispose of antibiotics?
Where did Aids come from?
Need answers about HPV?
When you take a pap test, do they test you for everything? Other than std's do they test u for hpv?
Can you get any std's from drinking another persons drink who has aids stds or herpies?
Can u get HIV/AIDS from sharing razors with a close family member?
I wana go for an std test, but at the hospital, i dont know how i will expain it.?
Are you tested for Chlamydia when Pregnant?
Allergies, fustrated.?
Dust Mites?
Can anyone tell me more about Lactose intolerance in babies?
Does anyone know if Air France serve peanut snacks on their flights?
I've been experiencing overall discomfort, neck tightness (on/off) for two months? What could this be?
Does anyone know about Celiacs disease?
How do you know if you have a big nose?
I have been having sinus problems for a while? has any one ever done anything that made a huge difference in?
Allergy tests??
Is there any way to stop an allergic reaction?
Does sleep apnea and excessive snoring go hand in hand?
Best medicine for my four month old COUGH. Please help.?
Do you have any compassion for the TB man? Do you think he will survive?
Do I have high blood pressure?
Smoking tablets?
Is she going to die :(?
I have a dry & itchy throat with mucous which is blocked & does not come out. Give a solution in naturopathy.?
Whats an over the counter medicine that will help with shortness of breath, tightness of chest, and wheezing?
My aunt tested positive for tb. My three year old and myself are around her at least once a week.?
Important question about smoking pot?
How to control Blood Pressure?
Blood Pressure is very danger:?
What is done to correct moderate to severe mitral valve insufficiency?
What happens if you stop taking your a statin drug?
80 per cent blockage in heart can be cured without medicine or surgery?
Would u do medical trials ???
Blood pressure problems and heart rate out of control?
What is a Mini Stroke?
Heart problems?
Heart Palpitations?
I hate needles but have blood test tomorrow. will it hurt really bad?
I get light headed, eyes blurry and abit faint sometimes when i stand up. wat is this?
Afternoon tiredness?
What can help me sleep?
Hi, What time do u go bed to sleep if u work for 9am the next morning.?
What could fatigue be a symptom of?
He dont have anything on his lips , so we kissed and now my throat is starting to hurt?
Do you think there is a cure to AIDS?
Is there a cure for AIDS?
Is it normal to have a burning sensation while having intercurse?
STD Test????
If you had the cure for aids would you sell it on ebay?
Damn, do i have herpes?
How come whenever i sniff my right ear gets clogged up?
I am allergic to tree pollen and grass, is there anything like a tea (natural) that helps allergies.?
I think i had a food reaction?!?!? PLEEASE HELP! im gunna cry!?
If I am allergic to milk, can I still consume it in the cooked form?
What causes excess mucus, sneezing, and congestion for weeks? These symptoms remain for weeks after cold.?
What are good remedies to help stop mosquito bites from itching?
I dont have flew so why is my one nostral blocked?
My MIL is suffering from pollocks a nasal problem.suggest permenant cure?
Whats some good OTC medicine to block Cat Allergies?
Ok what if??
My eye!!!!!!!?
What is the most inapropriate activity for somone with a suspected broken ankle?
I just got hit in the back of the head with a hockey puck.. would there be obvious symptoms of concussion?
How do i break my arm?
Should I sue? yes or no?
I'm a nurse, "Have you had your bowels open today "?
How do you know when youve broken your hand?
What is a good snappy answer?
What Happens When A Toenail Turns Black?
Help me, i have hurt myself !?
How contagious is this staph infection?
Tips On how to know for sure if your illness is strep throat or tonsillitis?
Can you catch anything from a public swimming pool?
HCV Antibody test Report?
What is ammonia the sickness?
A friend of mine travels a lot?
Does typhoid fever cause brain damage or temporary insanity?
Ear Piercing??
RED STUFF COMING OUT OF VAJJ..im soo confused.?
WHY dont "P O R N STARS" get AIDS?
What does herpies look like?
Do you think that there is a cure for aids out there somewhere but they're not telling us?
I heard this kid lost her virginity when she was like 8 very sad?
Do you have to go to hospital if you've had a fit?
I have an irregular heartbeat - what causes this? (possibly one for Dr Frank!!!)?
High cholesterol?
31 yr old female/have variant angina/having attacks everyday/meds not working should i go to er?
My uncle who is aged 63 years recently found his blood is thickened causing some problems in blood circulation
Left sided heart failure?
Is my blood pressure too low?
Would you ditch your doctors, who are also old friends?
I have triglicerides 307 , ldl 115,hdl 22 .how can i get all these numbers in normal range.?
How long must i 'fast' before taking a blood test?
Diabetes, cure/treatment, what alternatives are there?
Can a person that eats alot sweets get diabetes if they are not obese and have no genetic predisposition toit?
What causes diabetes?
How much sugar are you suppose to have in a day?
How much sugar is too much?
I have type 2 diabetes and havent taken my insulin for the last 5wks how come i'm still ok?
I'm A Type One Diabetic When My Blood Sugar Is High I feel Shakee Just Like My Blood Sugar Is Low But It Will
Help I have type 1 diabeties?
I am not sure if i have diabetes i am 14 and i way 46kg i no dat is not alot but i eat alot of food with sugar
Insulin Resistant or Type 2 Diabetes, Which Do I Have?
Do you have to suffer a previous allergic reaction to have anaphylaxis?
What is the best prescription medicine for allergies?
I am Lactose intolerant and have found the Lactase supplement. Has anyone tried it? and does it work?
DOCTORS,HELP ME!how can we know we got alleriges towards dust without going to a doctor?
I think i may be allergic to beef. does anyone know anything about this?
Cure for an Nasal Allergy?
Have you ever caughed so hard you saw like lights swimming around in your eyes?
How to get rid of itchy throat?
Do you have relatives that got cancer that had exotic cats living in their homes?
What are the five common food allergies in young children?
I recently had a mild stroke. I am a mother of three kids.My vision is affected and its been hard any advice?
It's been two days without a cigarrette do I got it beat?
Can anyone explain to me about blood presure?
Mild heart pain that comes and goes?
Blood pressure after workout is 90/54 hr 56. Is this abnormal?
Help with fluid and electrolytes PLEASE?
Does your heart produce more blood when you age?
How long do bypass's last I had a 4xbypass at age 34 going on three years now with no problems?
What does irregular ekg mean?
Are YOU Aware That The War On Saturated Fat Is POLITICAL And NOT Backed By Scientific Evidence?
How to help a urinarie track infection?
Can u die from mono?
Ok so lately ive been feeling weak, and like passing out and i look yellow. what can i possibly have?
Plz prey my kid sister is ill (paralysed) plz prey for her?
Can strep cause nightmares?
What does the word malaria mean?
Quick question, how are drinking alcohol and hepatitis C related?
What is causing these symptoms?
What time did you wake up at ?
How much slepp do you really need?
Extremely TIRED!!?
OMG, how can I get rid of this headache?
Is john lennon dead?
Why is it that when you get out of a swimming pool, your urine is hotter when you use the restroom?
Why does it hurt to drink pop?
I have an extremely sore throat _ what is the best thing to take?
HPV what does it mean?
Is this herpies?
Would the doctors call right away if somethin was wrong?
If you found out you had a STD, what would you do?
How do you?
STD's ....please help!!?
I have Bronchitis and I don't know what kind of specialist should I go?
Can you die from smoking marjuana for the first time EVER!!!!!!!?
Is there really any cure for rheumatoid arthritis in any branch of medicine?
Who knows what the new regulations are for doing cpr on a casualty?
Any herbal or natural cure for frequent occuring of cold and cough.?
Where can i get online medical advice for free?
Panic attacks?
Snoring I need help?
How do u smoke weed without coughing everytime ?
I cant remember what its called!! Its like pneumonia and starts with an L,if you get it u end up in hospital..
Do home air purifiers really work?
Help...I'm allergic to my dog?
Suddenly my nose got all plugged, and am all stuffed up?
What Cold and Allergy medicine can a person with high blodd pressure take?
Please help me with my serious nasal problems....cuz I just can't take this anymore...?
What am I allergic to??? (food?)?
Tree & Grass Allergies?
Could this be just allergies?
Cat allergies?
I am diabetic and craving something sweet?
I'm an athletic 19 year old male, paranoid about having diabetes. Am I over-reacting?
What number should I aim for to keep my blood sugar in check?
Is the attraction of ants to urine a sign of diabetes?
Is there a natural substitute for Lipitor? eatable plants or herbs that will lower colestrol?
Weak and shaky...?
How does diabetes affect your life?
My dog is Shakeing, not eating, or drinking. what can I do?
Blood sugar seems fine...maybe?
How bad does your arm hurt during a heart attack?
Danger of a blood clot in the leg?
What is ventricular fibulation,and any advice about it?
32yo male:Did the dr fail to diagnose a transient ischemic attack? Sending me to eye doctor.?? Please help.?
Can a Aspirin a day be helpful to someone with high blood pressure? If so, what kind?
In regards to Heart Attacks....?
Is it possible to drop cholesterol from 236 back to normal in one month?
Why does my heart hurt if i lean on it or if i miss one brethe?
I have an aneurism in my pulmonary artery. The Heart Surgeon said he had never seen one. What to do??
Dried hiv blood on oil-fried surface?
I just accidentally a girl with HIV, is this bad?
How can I tell my parents that I may have an STD?
My boyfriend has HIV?
What are std's ??????
Why do we give billions of dollars to africa to fight HIV/AIDS?
Did You Know HUman Atherosclerosis Is NOT "Mud Inside A Pipe" It Forms BETWEEN INNER And OUTTER LAYER OF The
How long does an average bypass surgery take?
Effects of low blood pressure?
What are the effects of high blood pressure?
My blood pressure is 91/58.......is that normal? What can you tell me about my health from that?
Can congestive heart failure be mistaken for COPD ?
I can feel my heart beating at night. wtf?
Heart care.?
Alternative to statin drugs?
Does high blood pressure cause people to sleep more?
A serious medical question -?
Why do people self harm? What drives them 2 do it ?
How many sugars do you put in a cup of coffee/tea?
This may sound stupid......................
I have an open sore on my buttocks...should I go to the doctor..?
HELP! make it stop bleeding!!!!!!!?
Omg help me please will i be ok?
How do u get a burp bubble out of ur lung.?
My arm is bleeding...?
How do U handle it when a doctor makes U feel bad for being sick? It's not yr fault, is it?
Smoke in my lungs?
Why did I suddenly develop a food allergy?
What does it mean when you cough up blood??
Allergy Shots??
My skin feels dry near the region around my lips.plz help??????
Is it possible to have an allergy to tobacco?
How do i prevent waking up with congested nasal passages and sinuses?
Healthy snack for picky and allergic toddler?
Why do my lungs burn and i start coughing when i run?
Is second-hand smoking of marijana harmful to someone who is pregnant?
What is copd?
Pro and Contra about smoking?
Do lungs have water in them?
3 hours ago i smoked marijuana and im class what can i do tostay awake?
My boyfriend is 55 and has COPD.He is having a hard time quiting smoking. What can he do to have some energy?
How do you smoke.....?
I have asthma and my current medicane?
My cold has become cronick?
Chance of passing herpes?
My ex husbad pass me a herpes what i can do to make feel better?
For those familiar with pacemakers...?
Will alcohol make your heart speed up or slow down or nothing at all?
Heart Disease?
Can heart problem be cured by some homeopathic treatment?
How to overcome hypertension without using medicines?
I have a head cold and a little in my chest i am having cartoid artery surgery tommorow should i reschedule?
Has anyone had a child born w/ an innocent heart murmur?
Which is an ideal antihypertensive?
Medical professionals..help me understand the difference in diagnosis?
Paediatric surgeon need more insight?
If you donate blood at a blood drive is it tested for HIV?
How long does it take for an STD to show up in your body?
What kinds of things can happen to you at a foam party?
I have chronic contact dermatitis, does anyone know of any treatments for when it erupts?
Whats the chance of growing out of a nut allergy?
Anyone allergic to chocolate?
Strange Feeling in my throat?
Does MSG have wheat in it?
Is anyone allergic to ALOE VERA?
Is corn starch gluten free?
Is there anyone who knows something about medicine can help me?
Prescription Claritin vs. OTC Claritin
My 11 year girl is having really bad pains in her heart.?
I have rly bad cramps?
Any one got a good cure for hiccups....please...hic.....
Me & 4 kids live in a 2 bed house. i got ants everywhere what do i do ive tried evrything.?
Does anyone have a cure for hiccups?
Quick ways to get better?
I took 2 pulls from a joint 1 week ago but haven't smoked in 90 days before, will i pass a hair drug test?
Can drinking a lot of water raise blood pressure?
Today my doctor told me I had a heart murmur?
How much does it cost to have a polygraph test?
He does not want to take lipitor, help!?
What is the prognosis for someone with a left ventrical ejection fraction of 20-25% and cardiomyopathy?
Diuretics are often prescribed for hypertension?
Can a person get an angina pain from stress, even if there are no blood or heart disease present?
Can an ecg be wrong?
A close friend of mine recently died suddenly and unexpectedly. What can I learn from his post mortem results?
What do I do with extra brand new diabetes monitors?
How many carbs can I have a day on a low carb diet?
I currently have diabetes, how bad is it to smoke when having this disease?
Could insulin dependent diabetes patient be changed to drug?
Does eating to much sweets cause you to get diabetes???
Sweet treats for a diabetic friend???
Ok i am freaking out here all i have on my mind is diabeties!?
What is HASHIMOTO a Medical Condition?
Is it true that Type 2 diabetes can be cured by herbal medicines?
Should I Cut Out Fruit?
Blood test and AIDs?
Can I kiss someone if i have herpes?
When will people understand that HIV does not causes AIDS???
Are these the symptoms on hiv?
Do you die from HIV or AIDS?
Which country has most AIDS people?
What does this mean?
Did I have a heart attack? I'm only 25!?
Has anyone had a baby that had to have heart surgery?
If a person has a high number on the top and a low number on the bottom should that person be conserned?
How can you tell if someone has had a heart attack ?
Does regular tobacco have nicotine in it?
Please help, heart attack at 17?
I need help with my blood pressure reading.99/63?
Vegetarian with high cholesterol?
High Blood Pressure At Young Age!?? Help Pelase!!?
If Nitroglycerin is an explosive, then why don't people who take Nitroglycerin for heart conditions explode?
Help my !!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is wrong with my hands???
How long can the brain do with out oxygen before it starts to die?
Whats the best treatment for burns??
Broken Tailbone?
My mom smashed her index finger with a hammer two days ago. She complains it hurts. What to do?
I got hit in the kidney a week ago, now I'm peeing blood. Should I go to the doctor?
Sprained/Broken/Fractured wrist? Any ideas?
How do i know if i broke my arm???
What should I do for my daughter's bruised, swollen finger?
Is it possible to know it all?
STD Testing question?
Can HPV be spread person to person just by going to get a bikini or brazilian wax?
Can you get herpes from kissing someone on the cheek? I kissed a girl on the cheek a few times and Im worried.
Help!! Yeast infection....?
HPV question?
What is the...?
I think I have an STD, HELP!?
So I'm allergic to citrus acid and Ive been dehydrated alot and i need to drink more water and I hate it HELP
Am I Allergic to Metal ?
Why do bananas make my mouth sting?
Im getting rashes on body?
Allergic reactions to bee stings?
Vitamin therapy for hives!!! ?? 10 points!?
Frequent nosebleeds?
My boyfriends eye is itching and burning and is red. I have poison ivy...?
How much does blood pressure medicine cost?
I am scared I have just been told I might have angina?
My blood presure?
Sometimes, at random times, my heart starts beating really quick, almost 2x faster than normal???
I have high blood pressure, under meds but sometimes get readings close together ex 109/88 or 99/79?
Is heart attack a genetic disease?
I think i gave my girlfriend crabs, how should i tell her?
HIV*Aids wht makes the difference?
Can you get herpes of the mouth by sharing a cigarette/ lipstick/ glass?
How can I get to sleep?
I need to get a doctors note for work before tomorow. the thing is my doctor won't give me one?
What's the worst pain you've ever experienced?
Im in agony with toothache. taken max dosage Of paracetamol, not toUChed it what can i do now....HELP!!!?
I would like your honest opinion?
What's wrong with me???
Is it normal for family members to howl, bark and meow? Mine are?
Help i need to get to bed in 5 min?
Can someone please tell me why it is so hard to lose a sister to a heart condition?
I have been told i have a very fast pulse. What effects will this have?
Do nitroglycerin tablets help with ulcer pain flairups?
Reading an ECG?
Should I go to the gym despite my condition...?
What means vasodilator in Human Anatomy terms?
Does it always mean that if u have a normal blood pressure, u also have a normal cholesterol?
How long before I can drive ?
Where can i find the best web sight on heart disease?
Heart problem?
How can you get a ring thats stuck on your finger of?
What is the best way to gain weight?
Is it bad if I swallowed the metal top from a Pepsi Can?
What do you eat when you have a cold?
How painful is it getting blood taken?
Is it bad that my son swallowed a crayon? If so, what should I do?
My tongue hurts. one of the taste buds on the tip is swollen and the pain is getting worse, what should i do?
Mosquito bite!! EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHH...
What's the best way to treat a burn with things one has at home?
Hard swollen area under daughters armpit?
This needs to be answered immediatly!!!!?
Does anyone know any home treatment for broken ribs?
How can I break my leg fast and easy?
Have you ever burned yourself with hot water?
Should i claim for whiplash injury as someone hit my car from behind last week ive been al sore. is it worth?
Does being decapitated hurt and would you know about it and still see even if only for 10 seconds or so?
I injured my hand while i was drunk?
Whats the difference in runny nose thats green and a runny nose that is clear?
Am I allergic to cold water, drinks icecreams ?
Can i feed my son crab?
Milk allergies?
Allergist says I'm not allergic to milk?
Why do I have small, red, painful, fire-like burning bumps that just appeared under my arms ALL of a sudden?
For the past 6 days I've had a bad sore throat. Last night my sinus completely blocked up! Is there a remedy?
Anaphylactic shock and antihistamines?
If you accidentally eat food with mold on it... ?
What are the chances of her getting diabetes?
Can you dring beer if you have diabetes and you take insulin???
If you can survive with one kidney why do people get a kidney transplant?
Controlling blood sugar?
Some helpful lemon facts?
Is intense itching?
I am a insulin dependant diabetic. People tell me that I have a shortage of iron.Anyone recommend iron tabs?
I have been put on medicine for diabetes what if i dont have it?
This is probably a dumb question since I am a diabetic, but other than my own case and my mom's (who is VERY
Does anyone know what causes extreme thirst only after large meals?
I had a pap smear done?
How do I take care of myself when I have a boyfriend that I am crazy abut that has Herpes?
Is std can be cured? once a person has an std does it will remain to him forever?
My family found medicine that can prevent AIDS, but they keep it a secret what sholud I do?
If you have HIV/aids do you get strich marks?
Is hpv curable?
Life Is Terrible?
Will you go for a walk today?
Im tierd, but carnt get to sleep...any suggestions?
How do i beat sleeplessness at night?
We (my wife and I) sleep 10-12 hours a night, is this healthy?
Do guys htink visible hip bones are attractive?
Quadruple bypass?
Racing pulse in my lower left rib?Heart problem? HELP!?
Any medical majors out their?
Why do they call bypass surgery "cabage" sp?
Friend rushed to hospital for what I thought was a heart attack?
Recently my stomach seems like beating like my heart beat. is it normal?
5. A 45-year-old man who has had a myocardial infarction is found to have a serum cholestrol of 6.4 mmmol/l.Hi
Low blood pressure, high pulse rate?
I need to write a term paper on a pathological condition, does anyone have any suggestions ?
Im having heart palpatations off and on, what is it?
After i makout with my bf like 2 days after i get bumps in my mouth is that normal?
Can you get HIV/AIDS from an uninfected person?
Can an HIV infected mother trasmit the virus to her unborn baby?
I have AIDS....what should i do?
This is probably a stupid question but im so confused?
Can someone with Herpes also have HIV/AIDS?
Is it safe to take one half of a benadryl each night to help seasonal allergies and to help one sleep?
My daughter wheezes at night and albuterol doesn't seem to work.?
If a child is allergic to mosquitoes, can it cause diarrhea?
Could anyone tell me why the water in my humidifier would turn black? I tried to search online but can't find
Why do lips swell up? Does prednisolone work for this?
What is a good way to calm your allergies without medicine???
Is there a certain hamster that people with allergies can have?
Dr. says I may have Celiac disease but I'm allergic to corn... what would I be able to eat?!?
I have very bad allergies and nosespray is not working-- How can i cure my stuffy nose so that ican breath????
Red bumps on skin, swelling of lips and tongue??
Can anyone tell me the signs of a pending heart attack? I'm experiencing something, but I'm not sure.?
Why heart beat of some old woman gets doubled fron 57 to 120 or so age about 75 years. what can be done?
I am 40 years of age and i am on hypertension drugs from the last 4 years can i stop taking them?
Signs of high blood pressure?
Can you get a home test for chloresterol?
I have serious question ok so?
What is the 'best' food to consume regularly to help with high blood pressure?
How safe is taking all these drugs?
Is there and external reason for high blood pressure in healthy young people?
Im kind of worried..........?
My cousin just caught AIDS from a guy she was messin with for 5 years, What should i tell her to comfort her?
Burning scrotum?
HIV and AIDS? Help please?
Drivingg is scarry.?
WHY does blood flow?
I have high blood pressure what other cold medicine can i take besides coricidin?
If the heart doctor tells you your valve is leaking and cant be repaired, how long can u live?
Apart from Omega-3 -6 and Garlic is there anything else to take to keep your heart healthy?
Can heart problems cause your teeth to hurt?
Cardio question?
My 1yr old daughter has had primary value sysmosit heart problem sents the day she was born.?
Atrial Fibrillation what is it? I went to the ER last week with a racing heart doc said my EKG was fine.?
Is there such a thing as not getting enough chloesterol in your diet?
High blood pressure?
What's in tanning lotion that i could be allergic to?
If im allergic to henna; if i get a medical treatment against that allergy, could i get a tattoo someday?
Will a food allergy in a toddler show itself immediately or is it possible it could take days?
Swollen nose from sneezing too much?
4.)How could you communicate, over the telephone, to someone they may be allergic to a food color dye?
Sensitivity to caffeine or aspartame?
What must i do if every months when perriod time, allergy come aut to my face?
My doctor perscribed me pills?
OMG, What's happening to me!?!? (RASH)?
Why do people get stroke?
What type of doctor specializes in dealing with High Blood Pressure?
High blood pressure and I'm just 19?
What types of food can lower cholesterol?
How do doctors put repeat on prescriptions?
How do Antioxidants prevent of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and macular degeneration?
How long can a heart attack last?
What can be done immediately if someone gets cardiac arrest or heart attack, and there is no medical help near
My partner has high blood pressure, he is on medication but,?
Are there any cures for aids?
My boyfriend has oral herpes and I don't what should I do?
Should I cut my hair?
Is it true that when someone jumps from a tall building they die before they actually hit the ground?
I think i blacked out and collapsed to day but not sure..?
My cat just bit me, now what?
To pop or not to pop the question of the blister?
I think i cracked a rip on my chest but im not sure?
There is an eyelash in my eye?
Help i think my 5 year old broke his neck?!?
How do u brake an ankle?
What do you do if you get Vicks VapoRub in your eye?
Does anyone no any good exuses for not going to school?
How to get rid of bad headaches?
Should I take up smoking?
Why do smokers still smoke when they're sick?
Medical question- Women please dont read unless you are doctor or nurse - thanks?
Uuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm can someone please tell me wat is going on before i pass out with agony?
Why are people ashamed of passing gas?
Has anyone ever taken stitches out at home? My daughter has 3 stitches and I want to take them out myself.?
Is 5ft 10 in?
Why do woman get an abortion?
Whats best for a burned hand?
I got really sunburned what is the best product to put on sunburn?
Eating carrots causes one to become yellowish(the skin,eyes,etc.) Wtf do you say to this?
What does it mean if you get blisters on a sunburned area after being in the sun? Is this bad?
What do you take for a migrain?
What is myocardial ischemia ???
Can I stop taking my high blood medicine if my pressure is normal after I stop for 5 days?
Dilated cardiomyopathy?
Blood presure?
Could my heart problems possibly be caused by sleep apnea?
Can I get social anxiety medicine my first visit to the doctors?
Giving up smoking?
Are these heart attack symptoms?
The name of the person who had the first heart transplant in the u.s.?
What is a heart murmur can it hurt you?
Can u get hiv by eating a smal amout of blood with a a small cut and picking your nose?
How do you tell your partner you just found out you have a non curable std?????
I was raped and now my doctor tells me that i might have herpes?
Plz help?????
I hav STd and i do a hIV test wil the hiv test come out clear?
How to protect one self from HIV Aids?
Chest diseases and its associated allergies - causes, symptoms and treatment?
What to do when my child has pink swollen cheeks?
I think i got allergic, Please help!!!?
It's normal that your nose bleed in the morning because of the cold weather?
Carrots and soy milk each upset my stomach, why?
Can U get an allergic reactoin to the chicken pox shot?
How can my friend be more comfortable around cats if he is allergic to them? He is trying to adapt.?
Cant breathe right through nostril?
Cat Allegy Drug Relief? bad wheezy chest?
What could be wrong if I am using the bathroom alot for the last month. Could it be some type of kidney dieas
I went to clinic for anual pap and was told i have ketones in my urine. Retested 3 wks later, still there.?
My daughter has had 2 seizures in 2 days. Now she is having panic attacks. Is this normal?
My symptoms are irratic EKG, Adema of the legs, Shallow breathing, and protein in my urine what could this be?
If someone has acute emphysema and a small amount of asbestos in lungs is this the reason for the emphysema?
Should they concentrate on makeing a safe cigarette wot a happy world it would be?
How do I count carbohydrates if I have diabetes?
Do I have symptoms of sleep apnea?
A 14 year old smoking...?
Can you donate blood after you have become an insulin/cotrolled diebetic?
What is the longest time someone has ever been in a coma?
Silly question ... but can you live with only 1 lung?
First signs of dibeties??
Am I gonna turn gay if I breathe in a room full of gay people?
Does having low glucose levels make you agressive?
Can doctors tell I smoked?
Do you need antibiotics when you have no fever but nose bleed with green mucus?
What's the TOP three risk factors for having a heart attack?
I been having pain in my left side close to my heart.?
Mitral Valve Prolapse?
My husband has a life threatning illness what should i do??????????
What could make an ekg go from normal to abnormal in two weeks?
Can high blood pressure cause swelling?
Just recently my heart feels like it pumps funny every now & then???
Question about blood pressure?
Can a pacemaker extend someone's life for a long long time?
My heartrate goes way up while I am doing cardio, regardless of if I am breathing hard or tired. Any ideas??
How do you know if you have HIV without going to go and get tested?
Why is it that so many men are willing to bang Paris Hilton even though she got herpes??
Can you give someone herpes if you have a cold sore and eat them out?
I was at a party and i gave a guy head and nothing eles.i think i got herpes from him? what do i do?
I have aids!?
How do you no if you have broken your little toe?
Is it true that if a woman does too much heavy lifting her womb will drop?
I hit my knee on the table...how do I make it feel better?
I got a serious papercut... I think I saw some blood. How many stitches will I need, and will I get an IV?
Answer this if you can?